Troops and a Steyr 4K 7FA armoured personnel carrier of the Nigerian Army. One observable trend in the theatre is that, unlike the standard Browning M2 12.7mm machine guns with which these Steyr APCs are normally associated, many more Steyr APCs such as this unit pictured above, now field DShK 12.7mm machine guns.

By a very wide margin, the most widely deployed machine gun in the NA is the Singapore Technologies Kinetics CIS-50 12.7mm HMG. These can be seen on landing craft and river gunboats in the Niger Delta, on APCs, MRAPs and gun trucks.

Next on the perking order is the Browning M2 12.7mm HMG which is mounted on Panhard VBL armoured cars, most Steyr APCs, some Otokar Cobra APCs and on gun trucks.

The DShK 12.7mm HMG, almost certainly the Chinese-made variant thereof, has most visibly been fielded on dozens of Chinese-built river gunboats of the Amphibious Forces. Until recently, no DShKs were visible on any armoured vehicles and gun trucks.

The Nigerian Army are also increasingly having their combat assets upgunned with twin-barreled 14.5mm and 23mm guns. This commendable practice never used to be the case until the outbreak of hostilities in the Northeast, something which has bolstered creativity and improvisation on the part of officers and men of the Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NAEME).

NAEME are quietly working in the field to keep tanks and armoured vehicles moving, weaponising hitherto unarmed APCs, fabricating gun shields and reconfiguring utility trucks into gun trucks.

A Panhard VBL M11 armoured car(foreground) and two MOWAG APCs (in the background) of the Nigerian Army at ALAGARNO.



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  1. Its good that we are looking inwards more. Looking to see when we start doing some higher tech modifications and improvements. By the way I came accross the Badeh aerospace center website recently amd assuming its under the airforce?

  2. freeegulf says:

    it is really a thing of joy now that NA has shed the old archaic habit of being under powered in terms of firepower. it is truly commendable that the army has embraced new tactics and techniques for the battlefield.
    gone are the days of 7.62mm MGs on APCs. even the less potent M2 .50 BMG cal is no longer the most widely available HMGs, rather, it is the formidable 12.7mm ‘.51 cal’ that these APCs are being up-gunned with. welldone NAEME.

    • ozed says:

      Actually calibre wise, both 50 cal and 12.7mm are virtually identical. I guess the main difference lies in the length of the 12.7mm cartridge which is probably slightly longer allowing for an increased propellant charge and thus more range.

      Or what are the views of the ‘men wey sabi’ on this blog?

      • freeegulf says:

        yes oga ozed. they are actually both 12.7mm. its the length that is different. and the russian 12.7mm gain the notoriety of being called .51 cal since the shorter browning cartridge was already labelled .50
        its the same thing as the soviet 82 medium mortar vs american 81, and nato 7.62 and soviet 7.62 cartridge

  3. jimmy says:

    To all my OGAS like the American civil war we are seeing a lot of on- the- job improvisation on the part of the NAEME,, WHILE COMMENDABLE this type of improvisation must continue after the coin phase of this war is over, Veterans of this war must transfer the knowledge of what worked and what did not work to the R&D in order to prepare Nigeria for any future conflicts.

    • ozed says:

      I guess we need to be forgiving of the slow progress of NAEME. Their Army central workshop in Kaduna which was set up to handle heavy engineering needs of the Army since 1978, was shut down and abandoned for years.

      It took the emergence of an Engineer (Ihejirika) as COAS for it to be resuscitated in 2012 or thereabout. They have just been re-empowered so i guess we should see more and more from them.

  4. buchi says:

    in about a year time we would see a far reaching totally different NA and NAF.Godwilling
    by the way i am hearing rumours about alreay made orders of SU-30 by NAF
    oga beegz any confirmation

    • CHYDE says:

      Oga don doro buchi, abeg no make person catch cold despite the fact say heat dey o. SU30 hehehe

      • buchi says:

        easy bros nah rumour ohhhhhhhhhhhh.nah y i need confirmation from my superiors in the house D;

    • colloid says:

      Oga buchi, i thought na only me get the drift. I saw something like that on oga beegs twitter handle. Seems him dey discuss with Don k….(forgotten the name) that a new NAF have been born. He specifically says SU30. Check oga beegs twitter

  5. colloid says:

    Oga beegs, abeg come spill the beans ooo if this rumour true or not. I dey gentle for now oo cox i dey patiently wait for those Wings before i bcum arrogant oo. The day this thing materializes, i go do vigil throughout that night… Hehehehe

  6. Franky says:

    I also got something about the SU 30 from an uncle who is a military contractor based in Moscow.. But unconfirmed though.. Keeping fingers crossed, sha.

  7. Henry says:

    On the Igirigi APC and Inkas LAPV in Nigerian military service, I contacted Sipri on the production of these APCs to get clarifications on wether they are produced here in Nigeria. Here’s the reply i got.

    Dear Henry.

    Our understanding is that the Igirigi was designed by the Streit group and that at least  some are produced or assembled in Nigeria. The number of 10 transferred is a pure estimate, very likely a significant underestimate. We do not know how many have been ordered and how many more are planned to be delivered.

    Another armoured vehicle of Canadian origin is the INKAS LAPV. It is possible that also these have been assembled in Nigeria.

    As usual Nigerian arms procurement is relatively secretive and our open source derived data can only be an indication of the true scope and volume of Nigerian arms imports.

    We are always searching for more information, but we only use open sources for our database. 

    best regards
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Pieter Wezeman
    Senior Researcher
    Arms and Military Expenditure Programme


  8. Henry says:

    Oga Augustine, what this reply states is, the number of Tanks delivered to the Nigerian military could also in retrospect be a gross under-estimate.

    • chynedoo says:

      Welldone Oga
      That means possibly NA or even NAF parade more hardware than ‘outsiders’ not in the know of NA and NAF deals know…
      That in a way is good. But again, not so good…
      Just out of curiosity is there any sign the new administration could up the momentum on modernising the army, and air force?

      • Henry says:

        Oga Chynedoo, that’s what the email clearly states. Nigerian military equipments have always been grossly under-estimated.

        The good thing is, we now know that both the Igirigi APC and Inkas LAPV’s in N.A service are Produced/assembled in Nigeria.

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks oga Henry

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • buchi says:

      Oga beegz hope u saw the NtA 9pm report on the return of idps to gwoza…nice report enough show of aerial capabilitiy especially of our MI-34m nd 24p……tanks and IfV plus morale in high number…
      We can authoritatively confirm…..that gwoza is 100% in nigerian hands ,controlled by NA nd NAF..haters and tongue twisters can go to hell

    • jimmy says:

      Is it possible to alert the incoming administration to this?

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Ola says:

      This was 2011, if I remember correctly.

    • saleh says:

      a nice bargain, it will be cool if we can mop up the gazelle and apcs

  9. dndynamite says:

    Not to talk of the vessels…Giveaway prices..

  10. Are James says:

    These were apparently in very goid shape. NA aviation should snap up more and make half of them night capable. The Gazelle also has impressive pilot training usability.

  11. schearbeek says:

    waoooo this vessels is a bomb,this is a nice bargain for NIGERIA NAVY,cant get better than this,how i wish we can buy this vessels ,,OGA beeg call you people to snatch this deal ooooh. ūüôā

  12. schearbeek says:

    @ GILES

  13. Franky says:

    Oga Beeg, My Uncle told me that a Nigerian military team is in Russia to buy Fighter Jets.. Please confirm if it’s the SU 27 or SU 30. He did not tell the spec.

  14. Franky says:

    Oga Beeg, My Uncle told me that a Nigerian military team is in Russia to buy Fighter Jets.. Please confirm if it’s the SU 27 or SU 30. He did not tell me which spec they are procuring..

  15. jimmy says:

    Why don’t you meet beegs backstage or talk to him on his twitter private message this is very sensitive information.

  16. sabatino9 says:

    I was able to confirm two things,

    Firstly there is indeed a push for 8 units of SU-30, but the origin is not Russia, it remains classified for now according to my source.

    The second is, a buffer for C130 flights I set earlier in the year was flagged this week for a flight returning to Pakistan via Saudi Arabia. While I wouldn’t want to speculate, the content of the C130 is unknown. Lets keep our ears on the ground, but please don’t disclose the country next time you have any information related to Military procurement, until the deal is finalised.

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