A T72 M1 tank of the Nigerian Army at Gwoza

Nigerian Air Force pilots at Gwoza

Major General Chris Olukolade, Nigeria’s Director of Defence Information. In the background is an Agusta A109 LUH helicopter of the NAF

A Mi-35 attack helicopter at Gwoza. This unit was delivered to the NAF in August 2014


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  1. the whole situation leaves a pleasant taste on the tongue and its wonderful to see that soo many people feel confident enough to return to the town. it says volumes for what the NA has achieved.
    God bless NIgeria
    God bless the NA

  2. SO italy wants to weigh in on the fight against BH lets see what they come up with if anything.

  3. jimmy says:

    oga Adetayo it is a good thing pleaser understand there is still athinking in the west that if enough aid is giving and 100%employment is achieved in the North east there will be no boko haram.
    It is very important that they show the idps returning and praising OUR MILITARY being praised for doing the actual work because there are people in the UN WHO WOULD LOVE TO BESMIRCH THE REPUTATION OF THE NA

    • If education and employment were the silver bullets for extremism then ISIS wld nt have so many western Jihadists in its midst.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Who should praise our military? Italy? Hmm, i don’t see that happening, more should have been done from the start and the government dropped the ball, Nigerians and foreigners alike realized such lapse, though things are turn around, the mistake made has cost so many lives and destruction that i don’t see any western government coming out to praise our troops. Only us can do that at this moment.
      We’ve embarrassed ourselves for years regarding this insurgency.

      • Its nt about praise, no1 is even asking the west to praise any1.

      • jimmy says:

        oga Sir kay
        You took my words out of CONTEXT i said it is important for the NTA to show/ feature prominently the IDPS ( INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS) not ITALY who were shown praising Nigerian troops, the interview shows a resident from GWOZA telling the journalists that he has nothing but praise for the Nigerian Soldiers … that if they were not here they the idps would not of returned to Gwoza……… this is coming at the time where some misinformed UN OFFICIAL is still saying human rights abuses are going on.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Oga Jimmy, you are right, sorry, thought you meant Italy praising our troops lol.
        Well stated.

  4. NJOKU OUJ says:

    You are right on the money @Oga Adetayo. Alluding to unemployment and lack of education as the cause of extremism is only scratching the surface. Geopolitics cannot be ruled out in its entirety. Good to see our troops doing the garrison duty in this town.

  5. jimmy says:
    I HOPE THIS IS TRUE……. I just wish sometimes our lazy ass journalists would do their job properly it does not help to have discrepancies in your story his name is LT. COL MUSA SAGIR not LT. ahhh.
    More on this later when other papers confirm.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Black sites needed, the capture of high ranking terrorists like these should sometimes be kept under wraps until they are done mining him for information, followed by raids

      • jimmy says:

        I actually think he was captured last week……. last week there were hints that a HVT had been captured this was just in whispers however this is a tabloid which is not the best of sources but it is obvious this mofo is one of the Nigeria’s most wanted but we need confirmation from dhq.

      • You never can tell, he may have been captured long ago

    • Kay says:

      There needs to be a list of the most wanted terrorists leaders with their pictures if they got them or their name/aliases published. The effects of the war in the NE can be found in Lagos where refugees have set up shanties after getting chased out of their villages. Nothing stops a former BH top man from dropping his guns and slipping back into a normal civilian life in another part of the country.

  6. Kay says:

    Part 1 of Vice documentary is out!

  7. ugobassey says:

    Interesting Vid. I wonder if the alluded case of military contractors was directed at Nigeria or her neighbors. It seems it is a forgone conclusion that MCs were involved…but by which country?

    • Kay says:

      Vice, whilst a guerrilla journalism outfit. They’ll slip in their own views especially with the slow pace of events regarding the fight against BH. There’s no hiding we have foreign contractors on ground now though widely exaggerated on how much they do. Key here is the insight into probably what we never see; from arty popping off every night from Konduga, ied deactivations to the soldiers doing the street to street clearing.

  8. beegeagle says:

    I really dunno what the hue and cry is about military contractors. The 72 Strike Force was mentored and trained on TACTICS by STTEP – ground troops and air wing alike. Those are the Gazelle helicopter guys. They have also advised HQ on tactics.

    East European trainers are also in the theatre training troops on recently acquired hardware which got deployed straight to the frontlines. These include BVP-1IFVs, T72 tanks and RM-70 MRLS. That has necessitated training in situ rather than at the Infantry Corps Centre at Jaji, Armoured Corps Centre at Bauchi and Artillery Corps Centre at Kontagora. None of those places is close to BORNO as can be imagined…Bauchi is situated at a driving distance of 455km from MDGR, Jaji is situated 750km away and Kontagora is situated well over 1,000km away from MDGR, whether you choose to go there via Kaduna-Birnin Gwari or via Gidan Waya-Jere-Suleja axis.

    By whatever consideration deployed, it is expedient and makes perfect sense for the tacticians and trainers from Eastern Europe and South Africa who have been providing training on air assault, commando tactics and on new assets ranging from Gazelle helicopters to BVP-1 IFVs, BTR-80 APCs, RM-70 MRLS, weaponised Mi-17s and T72 tanks and REVA MRAPs.

    BTW, I believe we should move on from these overblown PMC tales. It was wilfully exaggerated by the supporters of a presidential candidate to score cheap points and create the impression that all has fallen apart. The polls have now closed.
    BANCROFT trained and mentored Ugandan and Burundian troops right at the frontlines. The hypocritical West did not scandalise that because the beneficiaries are the West’s gendarmes in Somalia. The USA used BLACKWATER in Iraq. No comets were seen.

    Finally, the Mi-24V attack helicopters, Mi-17 helicopters and Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft of the Chadian Air Force are almost entirely flown by Belarussian and Ukrainian mercenary pilots. REUTERS and NYT tried to scandalise the PMC effort in Nigeria whereas nobody would tell you that about the Chadians.

    • Eeben says:

      Well said, Beeg! It is a sad situation that many in the West believe that Africans who have some success behind them are not allowed to help Africans who call for help. It appears Africa must use people who have their failure at heart – then everyone beyond our shores will be happy.
      Let me categorically state that the NA men we trained and mentored were part of a team. The NA in the AO we were worked treated us like brothers (which we are) despite political niggles but that is beyond us. When we left, we left friends and brothers behind.
      Successes achieved are NA successes and no one else’s.
      We left in late March but if ever we are called back, we will be there.

      • rugged7 says:

        Well done Oga Eeben. You guys handled everything professionally.
        Quite impressed.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Eeben great job! Only Africans can solve an African problem. This is our mother land, our Home, and there isn’t anywhere to run to.

        Eeben, my hope is you harped/stressed on the need for much greater load-out per man.

      • Akin Oges says:

        I am actually delighted that it was the Great Eeben and his team who trained and mentored our valiant troops at the frontline. And the training and mentorship have proven invaluable, because NA/NAF went out and kicked some serious ass. Again, I believe it will go down as a record the swath of territories recovered by the NA/NAF at a knife edge timeline. Nigerians have proven again their resilience and resourcefulness. Thumbs up NA. Thumbs up NAF. Thums up NN Commandos. Thumbs up MOPOL/ATS. Thumbs up CJTF. Thumbs up to that individual at the levers of power who flicked on the light switch at last. Thumbs up to our friends, Eeben and team, the Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarus et al for standing by us at our moment of difficulties. Never Again!!

      • buchi says:

        mu able oga Eeben.i doff my hat of for you…your tireless effort is yielding is painful the profiling africa gets and is getting on the issue of capacity.coupled that continental geo politics have blinded us to the reality that all on the continent of 54 nations are brothers and should believe in ourselves and each other….just imagine how africa would be if we stuck to each other with mutual respect and a thirst to evolve and recreate africa.but alas just as chidoka once fits into the wests agenda…the indirect rule ,divide and conquer..i look forward to an africa where every problem is solved first on the home front before a loud mouthed UN is even given a whisp of the situation but the biggest problem is
        DO we believe in ourselves as Africans….

      • jimmy says:

        Well done oga EEBEN
        From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping our brothers and sisters. I did not expect anything less from Nigerian brothers to treat you and our s’African brotherswith the utmost respect.
        While you were away dept:
        1)Quite a few of us went on a well known S’ African defense blog ” D.W” myself, yagazie, 100% black, and rugged7 to explain we had your back from day one,anytime they printed an article we responded, we are also aware people in the govt viewed our responses, in a lighter moment on one article i snarled relations between S’Africa and Nigeria might receive a setback if there are any prosecutions.I was already “working “on Nigerian citizenship and passports for a couple of fellas LOL
        2) Later on S’AFRICANS were genuine surprised as to how strident we were i told them as Nigerians we were not surprised because there is a relationship that had been formed even before the biz aspect came into the picture .
        I don’t think deep down ……. you guys know the magnitude of what you guys did…….. while others (nations) talked you guys walked the walk, I will leave it at that………. but on my way back to Nigeria I will travel to South Africa.
        It is hoped that you will keep the relationships with the Nigerian Soldiers on the bigger scale it is important that S’Africa and Nigeria have a meaningful and fruitful defense related relationship.

    • Eeben says:

      Thank you all for your kind words.
      Despite all the rhetoric that the war against BH was being won by others except the NA, this false narrative must and will be exposed.
      I can tell you that STTEP left feeling that if ever we were able to train and equip a special unit, we could turn them into some of the best soldiers in Africa. Despite the many challenges we faced “our boys” did themselves and the NA proud. We are pleased to have been associated with them and they will forever be etched in our memories.
      Thank you too to those who wrote to an SA Def Blog and pointed out their false reporting and agenda-driven comments. Had STTEP been staffed by non-Africans, the world would have cheered. But, we ALL need to understand that the attacks on Africa will never stop until we take responsibility for our continent.
      To Oga Beeg and the rest of you who show your love for our continent, keep up your good work.

  9. Oje says:

    Sentiments aside, as more videos like this emerge its increasingly looking like the Nigerian military is miles apart from its neighbors…i mean not just equipment’s now, by the marriage of technology and doctrine has turned Boko Harram running with its tail between its leg.

  10. freeegulf says:

    welldone oga Eeben. finally NA troops and SA guys manage to harness skills and experience. this relationship has been residual since the ECOMOG days in SRL.
    nigeria has always been the chief target of these western concept of ‘globalization’ in africa. its a shame our leaders allowed politics and primordial sentiments to blind them of this emerging reality

  11. Martin Luther says:

    When Last Did Any Nigerian on this Blog Recite the Pledge or think about its lines? “I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful loyal and honest, to serve Nigeria with all my strength ……….”

    Sorry, just thinking

  12. Oje says:

    Well done Oga Eben, truer words have never been spoken.

  13. Lordfej says:

    Can’t eebens group mentor recruit training

  14. Lordfej says:

    What I mean is can’t they handle all NA recruit training or better still a train the trainer school for non com

    • I beleive the training was specific to the new platforms acquired which the NA was unfamiliar with. it would therefore not be necessary to establish a school for such training except we are alleging that the NA has not gained enough expertise regarding the use of the equipment.

    • Muyiwa says:

      The Puma belongs to the Presidential Air fleet, am told.

    • Are James says:

      The crash is being falsely reported. It appears more like it was caused by human error during taxing after landing from a training exercise. For an outside enthusiast there is a perverse positive tone to these incidents, it means the NAF is more in the air than on ground. It also seems training is getting its deserved emphasis in the best traditionsme of what we used to have in the past.

  15. jimmy says:

    This is very important, because this is where bh lead many a rail to steal dynamite from the factory and to kill many innocent form the lafarge cement quarry
    job well done

  16. Deewon says:


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