A T55 tank of the Nigerian Army at Konduga, a gateway town to Maiduguri which has thus far been heroically defended THIRTEEN TIMES by men of the 103 Battalion, supported by commandos of the 72 Strike Force, from spirited onslaughts by Boko Haram insurgents

A Steyr 4K 7FA-G127 APC of the Nigerian Army at Konduga

Emblematic of Nigerian swagger; a confident commando of the 72 Strike Force of the Nigerian Army at Konduga…death before dishonour.

A Lockheed C130-H30 of the Nigerian Air Force deployed in support of ongoing counterinsurgency operations

Ammunition boxes stacked up for relentless offensive and defensive operations


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  1. engineerboat says:

    Very Refreshing Image. Kudos to NA. I think its a good idea bringing in VICE NEWS at this point in time. An indeed VICE NEWS is doing the job very well. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!!

  2. #Never Again!!! By the way I believe I saw a C-130 inbound Lag airport this morning and I noticed during d pres elections that the only planes that passed were NAF transport planes

  3. engineerboat says:

    By now the NA & NAF should think of how to properly consolidate this victory on this rag-tag virgin hunters. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!!

    • holtabt says:

      Kenya building a 700KM wall along their border with Somalia as response to the Al Shabaab attack on Kenya University. When will our leaders learn to move as fast as this? Fence our borders immediately. Hope president elect is listening.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Building a wall with what? I hope not bricks or concrete, that’s a waste of time.
        Building a wall is one thing, another is not to monitor it 24/7, if they do not, wait till people start punching holes into it and enter anyways.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga holtabt. I respect your hustle sir.
        #FenceNigerianBorders. With time, i’m sure we’ll see the paramount need to adequately, and physically encapsulate Nigeria. Kenya is now at that point India was 5-10 years ago, i.e, the headache of constantly monitoring an wide, open area is just too painstaking, and simply not preventative, neither is it proactive. 9ft wall your borders, then patrol those borders to ensure that when holes are punched in according to Sir Kay its quickly repaired. A country hoping to sustain its long term counter-insurgency activities without proper borders, replete with concrete fences, and day/night cameras/radars is on a fools errand. Word for the wise

  4. engineerboat says:

    I think with the coming in of VICE NEWS into this war zones and Reportage of NTA news is the game changer for the NA & NAF public image from the traumatizing Propaganda of the western World news outlet (Aljazera Chad president is now lying low, now more picture for Him to show. The NA commando in that vice News part 2 gave the current Moral High of the NA & NAF men. Once again kudos to the C-in-C, NEVER AGAIN NA & NAF Men.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      No i think its becos of the man he sees in Buhari. Chad president has never been oblivious of the truth!

  5. buchi says:

    pls can someone provide a link aside youtube.dat I can download this video.on my cellphone abeg

  6. egbeigwe says:

    they should have cut out the part the soldier said “I slaughter boko haram with this”. it can be miss-interpreted

  7. beegeagle says:

    When VICE NEWS report, you can see that they choose to dare to be different. They clearly arrived in the AOR with a view to experiencing what actually goes on there. The narrator is clearly an ex-soldier or is highly military-savvy and he is having fun.

    Compare that to CNN, VOA, Channel 4 and the rest who glaringly struggle to find a balance between the surprising things that they see in the field, the predispositions which they approach the subject matter with and the need to secure political mileage for their preferred interest group. That is why he clearly understands the scale of the violence, the threat matrices which suffice and that is also why he clearly appreciates the sacrifices made by the men at the Konduga front.

    Reportorially, VICE NEWS are a breath of fresh air. I cannot appreciate them enough. They have practically turned this series into a movie!! Truly well grounded and professional stuff.

  8. chynedoo says:

    This Vice News report is very professional. They are not interested in sermonizing about all the usual things most western and their Nigerian proxies do. While the others try to rationalise or even add bogus explanations to what they barely understand, Vice News simply do their thing, they get down to brass tags, just like going hot on an enemy, they focus on the ball. I have watched Vice News documentaries on Syria, Russia, Ukraine and they did a good job on the issue focusing on what is important leaving politics to politicians
    For once, Nigerian soldiers are being shown the way they are, fighters to the core, rather than the way someone wants to portray them from the standpoint of a pre-packaged, biased narrative….
    As one of the soldiers said in the Vid ‘All the soldiers here (Konduga) are willing to die protecting the place’. That’s more like the Nigerian spirit: No retreat no surrender!

    • beegeagle says:

      I read you five by five, brother.

      All those incompetent passersby are clueless on the militarily relevant details and so lapse into distasteful political diatribes. Then they have to ensure that the reality which they see does not water down the political rhetoric which they seek to advance.

      Recall how that infamous VOA report quoted a faceless Western diplomat as having said that “mercenaries do the heavy lifting at night while the Nigerians stroll in at dawn to claim the victory?”. That was the most uncharitable and moronic stuff I ever read on the VOA but it does not surprise me because I have always stated that the hogwash about the purported neutrality of the VOA amounts to a lie insofar as the USA remain an organ of the US State Dept. On that ridiculous story, the State Dept and the CIA were probably doing propaganda for their preferred candidate ahead of the presidential polls.

      Between January and March 2015, the VOA, REUTERS, AFP and AL JAZEERA did an awesome lot to bring themselves to reputational ruin. Coincidentally, the BBC put in their best performance in a decade over the corresponding period.

  9. jimmy says:

    I want to commend VICE NEWS that has as it’s executive producer BILL MAHER.I want to also commend HBO short for Home Box office it is no coincidence that over here in America they were the T.V show that produced” The wire”. A show that highlighted the acting prowess of African American , Nigerian Actors and Sierra Leone actors on the way to stardom by just doing the right thing
    I am not surprised by Vice not at all., this is what they do this is what they are known for and this is what they have built their hard earned nitty gritty reputation on.
    I want to make a couple of observations in part three we have now seen two brand new HINDS with their serial numbers NAF 260 AND NAF 261.
    Another observation till now I have kept quiet about a lot of the fighting has gone on at night once the NAF started to rule the Skies 24/7 , CAS, the enemy adapted. initially it was a struggle for the Nigerian Army to adapt . I have worked weeks of Night shift and trust me the body rebels during the day when you should be sleeping, this type of specific training of mandating SF AND COIN INFANTRY whereby they are deliberately trained to sleep during the day and stay up all night has to become standard NDA training. This is a new dawn of warfare and it is finally beginning to show itself to the world we are equal to the task.
    Last observation this bh has highlighted two very important things:
    1) The combination of Military and political leadership is very important IMHO as much as I admire the procurement that took place in late 2014 till present it is emblematic that those who surrounded GEJ synchophantically let him down, it is important to note despite this being GEJ ‘s last days he is determined not to leave the cupboard bare for GMB to his credit Nigeria has shifted EAST and we are likely to see more Russian JETS landing in Nigeria 2015/2016.and more lethal procurement History will be kinder to him
    2)The Nigerian police CTU needs to be trained to much higher SWAT LIKE STANDARDS to take on the remmnants of Boko haram and the rest of the operation must now center on mopping up/ Sambisa forest and securing Nigeria’s borders.

  10. Oje says:

    Never been this proud being a Nigerian.

  11. seal67 says:

    I was in Konduga last week. If the video makes you all proud, then speaking to the men of 103 Battalion one-on-one, brought tears to my eyes no lie. Telling line, “as we are, even if one of us wants to run away, we will shoot him”.. I beg of the NA to give those men the automatic promotions promised. Warriors all.

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