On the road to BAMA: a T72 M1 tank (foreground) and a T72 AV tank of the Nigerian Army loom large as troops prepare to advance on.BAMA

A Bofors FH77B 155mm artillery piece prepares to open fire on targets at Bama from Konduga

Two Eurocopter Super Puma helicopters of the Nigeria Air Force are visible to the left and right(foreground) while a Gazelle helicopter sits in the background

A quad-barreled 12.7mm machine gun on a Nigerian Air Force Mi-24 attack helicopter being prepared for offensive action

Blood and guts for God and country; a combat helicopter pilot of the Nigerian Air Force alights from the cockpit after another successful outing



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  1. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, I suggest that we build epitaphs at KONDUGA and Gwoza in honour of our heroic soldiers.

    The special forces guy (Konduga) in the Vice news video really makes me so proud; “train hard, fight easy” “train hard, bleed less.” …Ol’ boy! See SWAGGER!

  2. G8T Nigeria says:

    I see 6 air assets in the second picture. The first Puma, another helo or jet close to the building. The 3 helo just trying to land above the tree. The 4th is a Gazelle helo, the 5th is the second Puma and at its tail end is another helo.

  3. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 19h 19 hours ago

    A group of #BokoHaram fighters going for a raid from Sambisa forest killed by Nigerian forces in an ambush southwest of Damboa

    • Kay says:

      If from reports, it means the terrorists are kinda surrounded at Sambisa. Bama, Konduga and Gwoza are on the edges or close to the forest. Not sure who’s in charge of the Damboa Gwoza road but if the army is in charge of both towns then I wonder what’s stalling the push on the forest.
      Perhaps the girls and trying to tread carefully?

  4. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 15h 15 hours ago

    Nigeria Alpha Jets saturday striked BokoHaram vehicles & bunkers been used to guard chokepoints along roads leadin to & from Mandara Mt.

  5. colloid says:

    Yeah… Nice images. These makes the Military more attractive. My head don dey swell….
    Nigerian Military: A Model In Fighting Insurgency.

    Dont worry, we would soon write the REAL war manual on how to fight terrorism within weeks.

  6. buchi says:

    damnn seeing this images every day warms my heart immensly…..we are telling our story…finally and the world is listening
    Oga colloid I think that manual should be named
    six weeks down..the guide to a successful COIN

  7. COLONEL NGR says:

    my belle just dey sweet me. NA abeg carry go.

  8. 6 weeks, hmm!!! Remember when d CDS stated sometime ago that BH wud be over in 3 months? Well beats my imagination that he was sure of what he was saying. I did not believe him then. My question now is, why did d armed force wait till 2015 and 6 weeks to elections when it seems they could have always cleared the area in 3 months over a year ago?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Tell me about it, and we are supposed to be here dancing that they are finally doing something they should have done years ago. Why wait till the very last minute, its most weird.
      And it sad to align fighting terrorism with politics, when lives have been lost, over and over.

  9. rugged7 says:

    Former head of Pakistan’s ISI on Al jazeera.
    Adamant that Pakistan is at war with the U.S.
    Yet the U.S turns around to sell them Hellfire missiles and Tiger attack helicopters?
    While to sell 30 year old cobra helicopter to 9ja na problem?
    Diaris God ooo

    • eyimola says:

      The US does not have a coherent or equitable foreign policy, when it comes to this things, which is why I wonder why Nigeria is even thinking of flying Apaches or any other pice of tech that re

      The US regularly bans the export of weapons to certain arms of the Pakistani military. The wiki entry of the Leahy act actuals states that. …. While the U.S. Government does not publicly report on foreign armed force units it has cut off from receiving assistance, press reports have indicated that security force units in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakistan have been denied assistance due to the Leahy Law.

      One of the possible reasons that the purchase of surplus Apaches (?) from Israel was pulled by the US, is because the NAF does not actually have pilots who are trained on the platform, and therefore might have to rely on ‘others’ to operate the aircraft. Obviously this would lead to a degree of opaqueness, that could come back to bite them in the ass.

      • FortB says:

        Who said we wanted to but Apaches? My brother it was just normal unit infantry weapons for the unit they were collaborating with our own instructors to train and some Cobra Helis from Israel. Meanwhile, we had pilots being trained both in the uS and Israel for that purpose, only for them to pull the plug when delivery was to be made. If you have any NAF contact, verify the pilot training piece.

      • eyimola says:

        Yeah. The Cobras i meant not Apaches.

    • lachit says:

      my personal take on this (which is actually very true)
      any equipment US sells to other countries are the downgraded versions.(eg the radar on the indian P-8i Poseidon radar has downgraded capabilities than the original APY-10 multi-mission surface search radar)

      especially the pakistani US souced weapons like f-16 have vurnerabilites built into them.
      one of the reasons is to stop them from carrying nuclear weapons.
      even the pakistani air force acknowledges this.

      the sale of AH-1Z Viper, 1000 Hellfire II Missiles to pakistan is part of a gameplan to stop them from buying russian assault mi35 helicopters
      days after the US deal was announced pakistan suspended talks with russia to buy the mi 35.

      and the funny thing is pakistan is the end loser in all these because the pakistan army aviation will become dependent on the US for spares,maintenance and relifeing of these helis and missiles.
      US can therefore be able to do anything in pakistan to secure its interest and pakistan will have no option but to look the other way.


  10. eyimola says:

    First paragraph should have read:
    The US does not have a coherent or equitable foreign policy, when it comes to this things, which is why I wonder why Nigeria is even thinking of flying Apaches or any other pice of tech that require supplier maintenance

  11. lachit says:

    can anybody guess the purpose of the bags lying on top of the t72s ???
    plz provide explanation with u answer.

    • Are James says:

      Poor man’s passive armour inserts. This little improvisation takes care of early generation RPG rockets maybe not the new types.

      • lachit says:

        about half of the bags are sitting on portions already covered by ERA blocks
        why so?

      • lachit says:

        PG-7V or similar unitary HEAT projectiles will be stopped by the exploding ERA .but the exposed armour becomes vurnerable to a 2nd or 3rd strike by the unitary HEAT projectiles at the exposed spot, which might end up in the penetration of the armour.
        THE SAND BAG AIMS TO DISPERSE THE EXPLOSIVE SHAPE CHARGE EFFECT SO THAT THE ERA TILE DOES NOT will depend on the angle at which the rpg round hits the sand 0 degree the projectile will easily explode the targets ERA but at angles more than 30 degree the chances to do so will be less.

        against newer tandem charge HEAT round like PG-7VR, the precursor 64mm shaped charge will go through the sand bags most of the time but again at angles of more than 40-45 degree might fail to penetrate the sand bag due to the dispersion of the shaped charge over a larger area and hence the exploding ERA will block the primary 105mm charge from penerating the armour.

        @Are James
        ur correct

      • lachit says:

        the picture above shows 6 types of RPG Projectiles
        no 5 and 6 are very unique and many might not have even heard about it.
        can u identify the types

      • sazulu says:

        Serials 1-3 are HEAT of different calibres and weights. Serial 4 is Tandem HEAT, Serial 5 is thermobaric 105mm 4.5kg, Serial 6 is HE/frag 40mm 1.76kg

      • lachit says:

        1.(Egyptian Cobra) unitary HEAT
        2.( PG-7V) 85 mm unitary HEAT
        3.(PG-7VL) Improved 93 mm unitary HEAT
        4.(PG-7VR ) tandem charge HEAT round
        5.Type 69/DZGI-40 (Chinese-manufactured) HE Airburst projectile features a warhead that operates in a similar fashion to ‘bounding’ anti-personnel (APERS) landmines. When the 75mm warhead strikes the ground, it is propelled upwards by a jump mechanism, and detonates at a height of approximately 2 metres. Somewhere in the region of 800 steel balls and fragments of the case are propelled outwards, giving the warhead a lethal radius of 15m. The projectile is 825mm in length, weighs 2.8kg, and has an effective range of up 1,500m. These projectiles are, unsurprisingly, designed to be employed in an anti-personnel role. They are typically outfitted with a Chinese ‘DREOI’ fuze
        6.OG-7V 40 mm anti-personnel projectile.These projectiles are designed to engage enemy personnel, disabling them through a combination of HE and fragmentation effects. The warhead has a point-detonating fuze, is 40mm in diameter (the same diameter as the expelling charge/rocket motor), and has an effective range of 180m, and a nominal maximum range of 900m`. The 2.0kg projectile contains approximately 210g of A-IX-1.

        u have got all correct except serial 5
        5 was the tough one it is a uncommon round-75mm HE Airburst projectile

      • sazulu says:

        I think you should be doing this more often. Pls also allow some time for those of us who may not be immediately available.

  12. rugged7 says:

    Certain elements in the west are campaigning for a negotiated settlement with Boko haram
    They want to set Nigeria up such that Boko haram can re-organize and cause more mayhem.
    May that not be our portion…
    And the newsreport is peppered with outright lies as well- which intelligence have these hypocritical westerners ever given us????
    Now that the elections are over, military troops should be transferred to the North East. With multiple helicopter-borne “hunter teams” dedicated to hunting down these animals like the dogs they are.
    There should be no room for any negotiation.

  13. jimmy says:

    Let me put your mind at rest based on what i know behind the scenes it is very unlikely that come May 29th GMB will allow any negotiated SETTLEMENT with bh, it is likely to be the opposite
    BH has made a concerted effort to have him killed, and has repeatedly told him they want him dead
    it is very likely Nigeria will witness an upsurge in bh after may29 just so they can prove themselves, this will be followed in the months leading up to the 29 an upsurge in activity.
    Do not look for GMB to travel to CHAD anytime soon look for more not less stepped up coin activity, look for a more hardline, more importantly look to see Shekau’s bullet riddled body sometime between 2015/ 2016.

  14. jimmy says:

    Sorry typo
    GMB will NOT allow any negotiated SETTLEMENT

  15. jimmy says:

    Also the hunting season for the remaining rats has already begun.

  16. lachit says:

    i must say i am kind of surprised at the lack of 73mm and 106mm recoilless guns in the nigerian army.
    they are lightweight, portable, cheap and easy to maintain.they are still in use in many countries even japan employs them still.
    eg the SPG-9 73 mm, B10 82 mm, M40 106 mm etc
    they are good for anti armour and anti personnel role
    they can be mounted on mobile platforms from jeeps to tracked vehicles for mobility.
    a truly versatile weapon

    they would have been truly effective against the BH

    • ozed says:

      The army has a few of these, but i sense that they still do not solve the range issue of dealing with the biggest threat ie. the BH’s 12.7mm mounted guns.
      The range addressed by the RRs are well addressed by the new Auto Grenade launchers.

      My guess.

      • lachit says:

        my friend rest assured that the 106mm guns will eat the BH’s 12.7mm mounted guns or any other technicals for breakfast easily and will still have appetite for more at launch and dinner.LOL

        HEAT rounds for this weapon is capable of penetrating more than 700 mm of armor.
        Maximum firing range-6,870 m
        Effective firing range-1,350 m
        it totally outclasses the Auto Grenade launchers.
        also these 2 weapons belong to totally different categories.cant compare them with each other.

    • beegeagle says:

      The B10 is the Super Bazooka. Last I heard, the NA had 200 units of those and they do have the M40 106RRs. Back in the day, even as recently as the 1980s, those could be seen mounted on open top Landrovers. A LOT of 106RRs featured during the Civil War beginning from the Nsukka-Obollo Afor-Eha Amufu sector where they were used alongside Saladin, Panhard AML and Saracen armoured vehicles.

      • lachit says:

        are they in active service.?

      • sazulu says:

        The NA has all these, including the ones you mentioned and yes they’re still in service and the NA has a lot of them in its inventory. For reasons I’m still yet to understand, the NA has never really been too confident of RRs. The general notion is that RRs are legacy anti-tank weapons which are usually affiliated to motorized infantry battalions. The new ORBAT of the NA favours mechanization to keep pace with the mobile armoured battalions as this was the future of warfare. By implication, this sees ATGWs as a standard. Due its long barrel, it will be difficult or cumbersome fitting these RRs in an APC and expect to use them in a direct fire role which is the only role they can be employed unlike ATGWs which are more compact and does not need to be aimed at the target. Additionally, it’s difficult for it to score a hit on a mobile target compared to the ATGWs. In fact, ATGW enabled variants of Steyr APCs and Scorpion CVRTs (FV102 Striker) were muted to have been acquired for the purpose of making all infantry and armoured battalion level anti-tank weapons to be guided. For the infantry platoons however, the idea of carrying RRs in tow was dropped in favour of shoulder fired weapon – RPG. Generally, the use of RRs are regulated to demos and taught on a general information basis. So that is the predicament of RRs in the NA.

      • lachit says:

        it was only to satisfy my curiosity
        thanks for the explanation

    • Jaspo says:

      Wasn’t it a Recoilles rifle that was used to take out the Biafran made tank that Nzeogwu and Ojukwu’s brother were riding in?

  17. Dario says:

    Don’t quote me, but watch this space. Some of us are working to use our corporate resources to bring this beautiful piece of journalistic work by Vice News to the very centre of public consciousness.

    It might not be direct, mind you but that’s the whole point of communications practise. You always work the angle and be subtle.

    This is going to be good.

    As for the Nigerian Armed Forces…I have no words for you guys. You allow foreign media to rubbish you thoroughly for months, and then you pull this kind of joker out of the hat and make the entire foreign media narrative look like the schoolyard trash it is.

    I think this will teach some of us on this blog a little humility, myself inclusive. Our armed forces are run by some truly brilliant minds and as it turns out, they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    Whether Jonathan lost or not, Nigeria has finally crossed that rubicon. It’s happening right here before our eyes.

    • Jaspo says:

      That was great. I have been waiting for this for weeks.

    • egbeigwe says:

      Great video.
      If you look at the full lenght video closely at 26:46 to 26:47 you can make out a Caucasian in the mirror behind the reporter. Some can argue that it is the camera man. But the scene in 27:00 to 27:03 is clear. The hair of the pilot and his hands are clearly Caucasian. We don’t know about the other choppers at least one was flown by PMC.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        So you saw the pilots hands?!!
        Oga, pilots WEAR GLOVES.

        The Vice news reporter also said very clearly that there were only Nigerians in contrast to the (false) news reports about contractors fighting for us at night or doing most of the fighting. I’m very sure the Vice News guy can tell a Caucasian pilot from a black one too. Just to repeat sha, pilots WEAR GLOVES.

      • Jaspo says:

        Yes, I saw this. I did not see his skin but I saw the hair of the pilot. So at least one was flown by a PMC. I have to admit it, I cannot escape this fact. I’m pretty certain we have our own Hind pilots. Perhaps this specific Hind was flown by a PMC. In any event, this one issue has to be resolved/understood by those of us who care about the specifics.

  18. buchi says:

    VICE News 19 hours ago
    VICE News traveled to Nigeria to embed with the country’s army as it ramped up its fight against Boko Haram, whose rise has caused a state of emergency. As the only journalists on the front line in northern Nigeria, we witnessed the beginning of the largest military insurgency to date.

    Watch “The Human Cost of War in the Central African Republic” –
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    Arthur Manson 15 hours ago
    What the…?
    Reply ·

    Edward Bernayse666 13 hours ago
    +VICE News good job on this documentary.
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    Jase SideFX 16 hours ago
    drones with night vision will sort most of the night time shit out.
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    Shahi Hajo 18 hours ago
    Train hard fight easy
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    Dillon Reid 17 hours ago
    +Shahi Hajo and when you train hard, you bleed less.
    Reply · 41

    GAflyer 13 hours ago (edited)
    +Dillon Reid Has anyone googled “Wing Commander Chimda Hedima”? Up most respect for their military and what they stand for. Great Footage Vice!
    Reply · 6

    David Higan 9 hours ago
    +Dillon Reid A badass quote, those two statements need to be incorporated into Nigeria’s military slogan.
    Reply · 1

    ImKolja2 6 hours ago (edited)
    +Shahi Hajo “Train hard fight easy” it is a Russian military motto formulated by general Alexander Suvorov in 18 century/ Seems like they use Russian weaponry (AKs, DSHKs, tanks and MI24) and picked up Russian military wisdom too.
    Reply · 1

    11BMark 3 hours ago
    +Shahi Hajo I heard the same thing in Infantry school at Ft Benning in 03.
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    NoThanks 16 hours ago (edited)
    This private at 10:00 is really cool.
    “Train hard, fight easy”
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    Travis Davids 14 hours ago
    +NoThanks You train hard, you bleed less.
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    Morti 1 1 hour ago
    +NoThanks “Slip like freudian, your first and last step to playing yourself like accordion.”

    I don’t see many madvillain fans so sorry for seizing the opportunity XD
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    Pickleman 18 hours ago
    “bring back our girls campaign was very successful at raising awareness”
    In other words it was successful at making the people who parroted that slogan look good, while actually accomplishing nothing that would actually help the girls.
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    KnightOWarfare 17 hours ago
    I don’t get why people do hashtag campaigns it is not going to fix the problem
    Reply · 12

    Ritvik Miglani 16 hours ago (edited)
    +Pickleman And then people in politics and leaders started to use the hashtag, and i’m just like, wtf, you are supposed to bring them back, not use a hashtag.
    Reply · 8

    anyvideostuff 101 15 hours ago
    +Pickleman while the intention is good, i gotta agree, they are practically useless
    Reply · 11

    Edward Bernayse666 13 hours ago
    +Pickleman most people weren’t hearing about boko haram in the news and this brought attention to it.
    Reply · 1

    Wise Lum 2 hours ago
    i wouldn’t say it was useless, awareness means political pressure, and in this case it worked out well to pressure the nigerian government to act quickly against boko haram although i agree a campaign like that doesn’t fix the issue, it can perpetuate action to fix the issue
    Reply · 1

    pendejo298 33 minutes ago
    +Wise Lum Im pretty sure the government faced a large amount of poliitical pressure, not because of a hashtag but because boko haram was in their country lol. I doubt there were citizens oblivious to the fact that boko haram was a threat. So yeah the hashtag did nothing but let people like us find out whats happening in nigeria
    Reply ·

    pendejo298 32 minutes ago
    which obviously didnt help the issue
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    Cookie Killah 15 hours ago
    Great documentary, well put together and well presented and very interesting, good work VICE! 🙂
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    Egržvýd Chálobodor Shared on Google+ · 9 hours ago
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    Georg Tirebiter 7 hours ago
    brave vice reporter!
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    DM 19 hours ago
    Kaj is the best journalist for Vice
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    Kyle Kearney 13 hours ago
    +DM hamilton morris
    Reply · 2

    Victor P. 6 hours ago
    +Kyle Kearney he’s high all the time
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    Ruairidh Steele 14 hours ago
    One of the best documentaries yet, great job Vice
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    Ghost of Belka 19 hours ago
    They certainly don’t lack in courage and fighting spirit. I wish them success.
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    Ravello 1111111111111111111 (APPLEEATINGMAN) 18 hours ago
    They are fucking amazing
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    TacticalDrunk 18 hours ago
    +Ghost of Belka if we had this type of soldier to work with in the middle east we would have been done in less than 2 years in and out. i AM very impressed by these soldiers and i wish them all the best and hope the fuck those dirtbags up!
    Reply · 8

    Christian Garcia 18 hours ago
    +TacticalDrunk if we didn’t have the ROE we would have been done a lot sooner.
    Reply · 2

    Edward Bernayse666 13 hours ago
    +TacticalDrunk our soldier are fine as far as being efficient. the middle-east and afghanistan are a lot more complicated than this situation.
    Reply ·

    David Higan 9 hours ago
    +Edward Bernayse666 No, you dont know complicated till you get to Nigeria, for example Nigeria has a higher population than all the countries the US has fought in the middle east combined, it has the most diverse population in the continent (and third most diverse in the world), it has 250 DIFFERENT ethnic groups with a combined 600 languages spoken. Nigeria (much like India) is a case study of the idiocy of the British in creating artificial borders with no thought on the people who live inside those borders. Nigeria is the ultimate complication, unlike India the Muslims haven’t broken off which is why the country is so unique in its nearly split of Christians and Muslims. If Nigeria succeeds nobody will ever have a right to say that Muslims and Christians cant coexist.
    Read more
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    TacticalDrunk 6 hours ago
    Guys, i meant the afghans and ANA, watch the documentary this is what winning looks like by VICE. i wasnt talking about our soldiers i meant the ones we were there to train. most of them were nothing more than rapist drug addicts looking for money.
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    The only easy Day was yesterday 19 hours ago
    Kaj is trying to re-live his SEAL days by the looks of it.
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    Louie G 17 hours ago
    +KnightOWarfare except for Thomas Morton, that little fucker goes anywhere hahaha
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    DiamorphineDeath 13 hours ago
    +Louie G I love Thomas, he doesn’t look natural in any of the environments they put him in, but I’m stoked whenever he covers stories, he makes it relateable.
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    BBPINEAPPLE 17 hours ago
    The founder of Boko haram at 2:35 looks like Usher.
    Reply ·

    HorstEwald 17 hours ago
    +BBPINEAPPLE no… not really^^
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    wrc3 15 hours ago
    Better get that reporter some new pants to fit the size of his nuts. Holy Shit.
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    Morti 1 19 hours ago
    it says a lot about our world, when 3000 people were killed by boko haram but it was overshadowed by je suis charlie. it really says a lot.
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    Pickleman 18 hours ago
    +Morti 1 not really. more telling is when things like celebrity news is getting more attention
    Reply · 2

    Morti 1 18 hours ago
    +Pickleman That’s more normal i suppose though.
    Reply ·

    barakah 18 hours ago
    +Morti 1 You’re so right, I didn’t see muslims manifesting for the deaths of the syrians nor nigerians
    Only countries like France started donating and arming the people who fought Isis

    But i saw a lot of muslims manifesting against charlie’s cartoons
    Reply · 1

    Ritvik Miglani 16 hours ago
    +barakah ” the people who fought Isis” The people who fight ISIS are mostly Muslim btw.
    Reply · 5

    barakah 16 hours ago
    Yep, it’s inhabitant…
    Or shiit”s from foreign countries with an agenda
    Reply ·

    barakah 16 hours ago
    i mean shia, in french shiites..
    Reply ·

    Ritvik Miglani 16 hours ago (edited)
    +barakah Everyone. Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Kurdish militias. Most people hate them in the region. Btw you can edit comments on Youtube if you make a mistake in speling
    Reply · 2

    Edward Bernayse666 14 hours ago
    +Morti 1 the mainstream press in the usa never likes to talk about sub-saharan africa for some reason. i don’t know exactly why that is but that’s still the way that its always been.
    Reply ·

    p algorab 13 hours ago
    +Morti 1 Of course it’s more important in the news because it’s closer there’s nothing strange about it
    Reply ·

    empathy 8 hours ago
    “We are all brothers” -amen
    Reply · 2

    Morti 1 19 hours ago (edited)
    enjoy the comments while you can, the white supremacists will take over here before long…
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    a guy whos angry (Tripp3r) 18 hours ago
    +Morti 1 you mean 4chan.
    Reply · 6

    Tommy Gunz, II 17 hours ago
    lol I.was just thinking this
    Reply · 2

    777Dubliner 10 hours ago
    +Morti 1 WHITE FLOWER!
    Reply · 1

    Pușcașu Marin 1 hour ago
    +Morti 1 I like original african people.What I don’t like is nigger attitude.
    Reply ·

    RossBoss 10 hours ago
    Classic. The christian part of the country is peaceful and helps the country grow in wealth, where as the muslim part of the country seeks to bring the entire country into anarchy and chaos
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    Zedek 10 hours ago
    +RossBossPretty sure it would be the other way around if the Muslims had the part of the country with resources. Never mind though, it’s probably a waste of time trying to reason with people like you.
    Reply · 1

    qudus kassim 10 hours ago
    +RossBoss ok? wat does dat has to do with anything?….. Prior to 4 years ago when the south was facing militant problems and kidnapping people and d north was peaceful, we did not make it a religion thing …. please dont bring that blind fact here…. ignorant fool
    Reply · 2

    RossBoss 10 hours ago
    +Zedek You can blame a billion things, but the facts don’t lie. Wherever muslims go, development of society dies
    Reply · 2

    Zedek 10 hours ago
    There are plenty of facts, but your biased bullshit doesn’t qualify as one. Idiot.
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    qudus kassim 10 hours ago
    Really?… so what happened to places like dubai?… when the west went to destroy the middle east but hey its d muslims … idiot
    Reply ·

    RossBoss 9 hours ago
    +qudus kassim You mean the UAE? Lmao dont even talk about them, they violate every single human right. There’s slavery and thousands of executions by beheading in that country. Women can’t even drive there LOL
    Reply ·

    qudus kassim 9 hours ago
    Execution by electric chair n injection & beheading ….wha5s d difference?…. you still killing someone ….U have no arguement…. do ur research b4 u start talkn…. peace…..
    Reply ·

    RossBoss 9 hours ago
    +qudus kassim The difference is executions over adultery and executions for murder. Clearly you dont get it since youre muslim
    Reply ·

    qudus kassim 8 hours ago
    the last time i checked, the bibke has a doctrine in it that sayz kill adultrious people. So u have no point….. If that is d appropriate law for them then follow d law…. u want muslims in the west to follow d west laws right?…. btw u have to be so fxcked up to think adultry is really nothing to be punished
    Reply ·

    remraf44 7 hours ago
    Funny thing is most women that get punished by husband and family members are innocent, if the husband commits adultery, all he has to claim is that she did it, they won’t believe the wife because mussies don’t respect women, never did and will never get punished . But as with all religious goons you’ll keep going until u die, if you take religion outta the fight, what then….peace
    Reply ·

    Fitk Olco 3 hours ago
    So you still try to hâte muslims even if u saw what everyone said in this commentary ? How ignorant will you be ?
    Reply ·

    Toaster Smuggler 2 hours ago
    +RossBoss i guess you didnt watch the docu. Boko Haram had no allegiance to any religion. They slaughtered both Muslims and Christians like pigs.
    Reply ·

    Humboldt710 13 hours ago
    “If you train hard you will bleed less in war time.”
    Reply · 2

    Edward Bernayse666 13 hours ago
    does anybody have any theories as to why the mainstream press in the usa is always reluctant to do stories about sub-saharan africa?
    Reply · 2

    Godwin Ikenna 5 hours ago
    So the dick suckers and pussy eaters can tell African Americans never to go back to Africa. That its a jungle.
    Reply ·

    Pickleman 18 hours ago
    that tanks a t55 not t72
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    FINNISHTBAGGER 16 hours ago
    +Pickleman nope. See the frontal slope and the triangle shaped driver hatch. It is a T-72
    Reply · 6

    Pickleman 15 hours ago
    +FINNISHTBAGGER i dont even know tanks well anyway, ill take your word on it
    Reply ·

    abyssinia4ever 14 hours ago
    +FINNISHTBAGGER Could be an updated version.
    Reply ·

    +FINNISHTBAGGER It is a t-55, they just added the reactive armor plates.
    Reply · 3

    Pickleman 13 hours ago
    +XSWEGMESTERX CLASSIFIED yeah the turret is large like a t55 but i aint arguing
    Reply ·

    ebiekem 50 minutes ago
    Yeah the first tank shown was a T-55. The rest shown were T-72AV and M
    Reply ·
    this is what you get when you tell ur stories offence for the annoying post by some individuals here

  19. buchi says:

    Reply ·

    tubething1980 16 hours ago
    Gerald and Kaj, please stay safe, you’re doing such good work.
    Reply · 1

    Rickard Johansson 13 hours ago
    Nigeria is kicking some ass for a change.
    Reply · 2

    Joseph Griveas 8 hours ago
    Americans should do the same
    Reply ·

    Lord Piggsworth 8 hours ago
    “Goodluck Jonathan” man, Nigerians have the most badass names, cool people (well except for the Boko Haram nutters).
    Reply · 3

    GAflyer 13 hours ago
    One things for sure, like “Wing Commander Chimda Hedima” these men don’t lack the fighting spirit one bit. I wish them well in their quest to wipe out Boko Haram.
    Reply · 2

    Backfrom Thedead Shared on Google+ · 12 hours ago · Shared to Secular Cafe
    African Coalition force[edit]
    After a series of meetings over many months,[5][6][7] Cameroon’s foreign minister announced on 30 November 2014 that a coalition force to fight terrorism, including Boko Haram, would soon be operational. The force would include 3,500 soldiers from Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.[209][210] Discussions between the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) about a broader based military force have been scheduled.[211]
    French and British assistance[edit]
    France and the UK, in coordination with the United States, have sent trainers, and material assistance to Nigeria to assist in the fight against Boko Haram.[212] France planned to use 3,000 troops in the region for counter-terrorism operations. Israel and Canada also pledged support.[213]
    Chinese assistance[edit]
    In May 2014, China offered Nigeria assistance that included satellite data, and possibly military equipment.
    Read more
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    Nodrog666 11 hours ago
    Good. I hope this task force grinds those murderers into dust.

    Dražen Aranđić 15 hours ago
    Thanks to Russia, Nigerian army is equipped with attack helicopters. USA halted previous sale because they must review “consistency with US policy interests”…
    Reply · 2

    Hans Blitz 7 hours ago
    There is no reason to ask what they’re fighting for in the Nigerian military. It is clear-cut that what they’re doing is right. Can’t say the same for many other conflicts

    ThePatrioticGamer 5 hours ago
    These Nigerian soldiers are awesome, especially that intelligence officer, kudos to them.
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    Reply · 1

    Ray Curiel 12 hours ago
    That Ranger guy and his unit are an example, muslims or christians they don’t care, they just want to live in peace together, period.

    Godspeed for the Nigerian Army, because Courage.. They already have it. “When you train hard you bleed less in war time” mark those words.
    Reply ·

    Syndicated23 15 hours ago
    Once again a well presented documentary unlike the crap they show on TV.
    Reply · 1
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    otiwa ogede 6 hours ago
    wow. thank you Vice. a real departure from the nonsense from the mainstream. Nigerians can be proud of their military.
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    kendo512 6 hours ago
    “Train hard, fight easy”. Some serious wisdom there
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    eply · 3

    Rachel Jeong 18 hours ago
    Kudos to vice for such thorough and honest coverage of this story.
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    eply · 3

    Rachel Jeong 18 hours ago
    Kudos to vice for such thorough and honest coverage of this story.
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    zwitterion 9 hours ago
    Great documentary fro a brave man, excellent journalist!

    For once we saw the true Nigerian military, their fine fighting men ready to sacrifice for peace in their country and most importantly, we know their victories were not a fluke as John Kerry et al. would have us believe.
    Reply ·
    Venting Show 9 hours ago
    Real journalism here, much respect to Vice!

    Nbc, Faux News, Cbs, take note while you spew agenda-driven bullshit from your comfy, air conditioned control rooms.
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    emfederin 9 hours ago

  20. buchi says:

    seems our new maxim is getting the peeps in the west jittery and gaining respect

  21. Deewon says:


  22. buchi says:

    a gazelle light attack helo flies past a super puma helicopter of the nigerian airforce
    (either returning to base or circling a target of interest)

  23. buchi says:

    men on board.
    (a nigerian airforce gunner with a GPMG alongside a nigerian Army trooper view the scenery from a super puma helicoper) below a herdsman navigates with his cattle..

  24. buchi says:

    two nigerian RM-70 MLRS sit side by side in a location in the NE flanked on their left by a mowag APC and on their right by a toyota landcruiser and what seems to be a 83mm hotwizer (towed)

  25. Oje says:

    Nigeria has arguably the most powerful military in Sub Sahara Africa.Some will say South Africa but I just don’t see how that is true. High tech, YES but in the area of battle field experience, Counter Insurgency operations, Electronics intelligence (Statelites, Spy planes, Drones), heavy lift transport and educated officers the Nigerian military will take them to the floor and beat them. In the Naval aspect we may be far behind but that may change soon. We already have the most advanced OPV’S and our Warship NNS Thunder is second to none in Africa when it comes to range and endurance. It’s remarkable a Nigerian Warship and crew will make it to Australia and back, even China had a hard time getting it’s warship to Libya and the Small coast and when it happened CCTV celebrated this as the furthest any Chinese Warship has ever gone in its 3000 year history. Trust me if that $8 billion yearly security budget is used for its purpose and not looted NIGERIA will have a military more powerful than that of Egypt.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      We would do well for our selves by constantly using this types of field activities to conduct SWOT analysis and apply ways of improving are capabilities, too much self praise is not patriotism, but actually counter productive, everyone here must admit that we need a lot of basic things to be put in place. All people in this blog are serious professionals in their core areas. I would feel great, if we were fielding more manufactured in Nigeria equipment not buying from South Africa, being trained by them ( meaning being taught something we do not understand), Not the end of the world, how ever lose our sizable pool of experienced combatant officers, pilots.etc. Pls lets focus on ourselves for now and use this medium to get messages and observations across (knowing the Ogas on top read it every now and then).

  26. Dario says:

    This will be the acid test of whether Buhari is a Western puppet or not.
    If he does not tamper with this project, I will change my mind forever about him.
    Time will tell as it always does.

    Nigeria, Russian firm stake N16trn to build four nuclear plants

    on April 14, 2015 / in News 12:41 pm / Comments

    By Michael Eboh
    Nigeria has signed an agreement with a Russian firm, Rosatom, to build four nuclear power plants in the country valued at $80 billion, about N16 trillion.

    The power plants which will have a combined capacity of 4,800 megawatts, are expected to come on stream between 2025 and 2035.

    Speaking at a forum in Kenya Tuesday, Mr. Franklin Erepamo Osaisai, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, said the building of the nuclear plants would be financed by Rosatom, which will then build, own, operate and transfer the plants to the government and people of Nigeria after a number of years.

    • rugged7 says:

      We obviously need the nuclear reactors for both electricity and development of a nuclear infrastructure.
      My problem is about siting, security and maintenance of these reactors.
      It will take just 1 terrorist attack or mistake to render half the country uninhabitable.
      And which state would accept hosting the reactors, knowing the possibility of nuclear fallout??

      • Dario says:

        If you read the article, you will notice that it is specified that the Russian firm Rosatom will retain ownership and control of the nuclear plants. Based on their safety record in Russia, I am happy to let them site plants in Nigeria.
        As for states “accepting”, that hardly comes into the issue because the FG is involved.

        As for the threat of a terrorist attack, it is my opinion that the increased risk will make it further impossible for any future Nigerian government to be lax on DEFSEC matters. This can only be good for Nigeria in so many ways, not least the fact that it takes us closer to Russia, which is where we need to be right now, NOT the West.

        And Nigeria is a largely flat and undisturbed country with almost zero seismic activity. In fact the Nigerian inland regions are among the best places on earth to construct Nuclear power stations. I cannot see a single negative here.

      • The fear you expressed are understandable. and its easy to whip up sentiment in the host community against the citing of a nuclear power plant. Security is an issue now hopefully by 2025 it wont be such a big issue our maintenance culture is another issue but we can get past it with concerted effort. its really a dicey matter and i find it hard to decide whether to oppose the idea or support it

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Dario, i’m all for facing east.
        In fact i’m one of the greatest advocates of eastern alignment.
        BUT, humans are not infallible…Chernobyl??
        Even Germany is closing down all its nuclear reactors for Green energy…
        The Mambilla dam, if it had been constructed by now, would add 4000 to 5000 megawatts…easy
        Coal from Kogi and enugu would top another 5,000 megawatts STAT.
        Gas is still being flared- Harness all the gas.
        Solar energy, Bio gas. The list is endless.
        And the weird thing is that Nigeria has them all- In abundance

      • U are hitting the nail on the head. the only problem with coal is the pollution that follows. but hydro, gas and wind are still viable options. in the uk as of 2010 they had an installed wind power capacity of 5 gigawatts. that is enough for Nigeria and the UK is sop small compared to Nigeria and that is less than 20% of the total generating capacity of the UK

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Rugged, you are 100% right, very good to have the technology, not too good to put all are safety in the hands of foreign operators, as you point out, nuclear energy for domestic use is a fading idea, Why would Germany close down it’s own plant, am sure it is not just to impress the Green Peace guys, There most have been an established danger in the future, Let us first exploit all on ground first, before taking on high risk affairs.

      • Are James says:

        To second your view, Nigeria is proven to have 50000MW untapped in hydro electric energy resources – Mambila and about four other mega dams will give half of that alone while many of the other minor ones will bring up the rear. The Governor of Kano State is almost quietly generating about 70MW from dams in his state alone to support his irrigation and rural electrification schemes – he is doing t his by merely sticking hydro power electric turbines in existing irrigation dams that were built during the days of the military and put under RBDAs.
        If we start on three major dams this year, we employ thousands of people and Dangote alone will make enough money selling us cement for them that he can stick more of his plants in five more African countries within the next die five years.
        Hydro electricity does not suffer pipeline vandalization,, does not destroy the environment and we don’t need to worry about waste products like in nuclear energy that requires 200 centuries before the the radioactivity stops so that we have to pay some advanced country to store the spent fuel. More importantly, culturally we are not ready. We pamper service providers and political office holders a little too much here, regulation is difficult and this private company will get away with blue murder during the operations phase that another round of international embarrassments might just ensue. If you leak radioactivity in Nigeria you will kill hundreds of thousands of people over a period of 50years so t is not about western puppetry but hard headed risk management on the part of the international community.

      • I agree with your view by and large. would like to correct the notion that dams do cos damage to the environment. in fact they permanently alter the environment. Every Dame creates a massive lake that permanently floods land over a large area to the point that entire villages have to be relocated. the kainji lake that was created by the kainji dam has a surface area of 1, 200 square kilometers. that was dry land that became flooded, arable land in fact. the funny thing is that to my knowledge kainji dam has never operated at full capacity because all the turbine spaces were not utilised and i think this applies to almost all other dams. also by design most irrigation dams have a secondary electricity generating capacity that we just do not utilise. our wind power capacity is almost unlimited considering that you can have off shore wind farms. before we go nuclear we should exploit the easier to manage options.

    • Jaspo says:

      We don’t need nuclear, nor the headache it brings.
      There is enough gas being wasted by flaring in the South and enough Sun all over the country to power the nation ten times over. I beg I no want.

  27. jimmy says:
    The silly election is now over , there are no more distractions for the Nigerian Military specifically the SF It is of the uttermost importance that all the resources and I mean all the resources must be brought to bear to destroy everything connected to boko haram when it comes to the Sambisa forests intensive operations must be mounted to rescue the GIRLS AND THE kidnappers must be captured and apprehended.

    • Dario says:

      You actually believe that some “girls” are being held somewhere in the Sambisa forest?
      I thought you guys on this blog were supposed to be intellectually sharp, no offense.

      • asorockweb says:


      • Are James says:

        @Dario; We actually want to partake of your obvious superior intellectual endowments, please educate us further.

      • Thats kinda below the belt. No one can say for sure where the girls are. no one can rule anything out. Its BH we talking about almost anything is possible.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Dario na wa 4 u o!
        I must say i had the same doubts as you earlier on. In fact, at the back of my mind, something still doesn’t ring true about these kidnapped girls.
        How is it possible that in 1 year all the satellites and sentinel surveillance planes-U.S, U.K have not identified the location of a single group of these girls?
        How is it possible that in 1 year, specific military intelligence(HUMINT) on their locations have not been garnered by Nigeria, chad, cameroon or Niger??
        Not one signals interception on any communications (SIGINT) between the terrorists has revealed any significant info on locations?
        Something stinks to high heavens folks….
        But then again, we have also seen certain ???classmates of their’s who “claimed” to have escaped and are studying in the U.S.
        Infact, i don tire.
        With all due respect, the only 4 entities that know anything about those girls are…God, the devil, salkida and our brothers upcountry…

      • emereuwa says:


    • Dario says:

      @Adetayo’s Blog, I’m sorry if it came across as somewhat shirty, but the fact is that at this late stage, we cannot still be letting our narrative be defined by a false and hollow narrative. It is my very firm conviction that the purported abduction was either ridiculously exaggerated or completely fabricated.

      After defeating Boko Haram completely as we are not far away from doing, the foreign media narrative expectedly will switch to “they didn’t find the girls” and will ignore all that our military has achieved before that point. Can you people honestly not see what is going on here?

      This “Chibok Girls” thing is a chimera and a distraction and it always has been. The biggest smoking gun about it is that foreign journalists seem to know much more about it than any Nigerian, even those who live in Chibok! This thing is a diversion and you should have the discipline to ignore it and focus on the bigger picture.

      The supposed abduction of 300 girls even if it happened in an alternate universe somewhere, is hardly the worst thing to happen in Nigeria even within the last 5 years. The only reason that the “Chibok Girls” has become a “thing” is that Michelle Obama and a bunch of other agenda-driven Western slavemasters held up a placard with a silly little twitter hashtag on it, and then the rest of the world being the lemmings that they are, jumped on it (until they got tired and moved on to whatever now tickles their outrage-porn fancy, be it “Je Suis Charlie” or Venezuelan students mimicking dead Kenyan students).

      There is a war going on. The object of this war is to secure all Nigerian territory and secure Nigerian borders. The object of this war is NOT to “rescue” a group of phantom schoolgirls from an evil forest and then march them to Abuja with NTA cameras and a bugle going “ta-ta-ta-ra”. And frankly, if you have such fantasies then you need to grow up because that is not going to happen.

      Mental discipline is key at this stage. You can’t allow your focus to be derailed. The aim is to defeat Boko Haram first. Then to secure Nigerian borders and territory second. Then to massively arm up the Nigerian Armed Forces and build up a severe deterrent third. Then to project ourselves beyond Africa in the medium to long term. What we should be discussing now are things like the SU-30 deal which Beegeagle confirmed on twitter and the new Russian nuclear power deal which opens up a whole new range of geopolitical variables for Nigeria.

      Those are the things to focus on now. Not a Hollywood event.

      • @ Oga Dairo, While agree that we should focus on winning the battle against BH once and for all and also that looking at the Big picture , the kidnap of the girls pales in comparison to the many atrocities of BH. It appears the Nigerian Govt dint wake up to the enormity of the task ahead till the Chibok Saga. About the kidnap being a farce, if this was true I find it hard to believe that our intelligence services hv nt been able to prove it so by nw. If d kidnap was a farce by now it shld hv been exposed. Getting the girls and any other kidnapped person should b a priority too, these are Nigerian citizens and we must look for them and secure them. Our Power projection starts @ home, by dominating our territory totally and being responsible for all Nigerians then we can talk about projecting power beyond our borders. My 1 penny

      • Are James says:

        I am watching France 24 now somewhere in one of the GCC countries and we are waiting for another one of the more than 100 interviews i have seen so far on Chibok. The man is avChristian pastor call Mark who lost two daughters in Chibok. They have jus interviewed one of the sisters of the misding girls who in her not too good english put a human perspective to the syory. Why i bowed to your high intellect before just now is that it appears our problem in Nigeria is not on that plane at all but in the spiritual, there can be no other explanation for the sherr cowardliness and denial that we display in Nigeria in many issues. .. and let me tell you, the spirit that was full of denial in Chibok would also be cowardly in meeting the challenges of confronting Boko Haram and would be extremely cowardly in even defending itself in the public sphere in the things they are doing right . That attitude will not defend Nigeria or make it great.

      • zachary999 says:

        It is this same stupid mentality that has cost over 30,000 Nigerian lives over the last 5 years. All sort of tales when it was glaring that BH was growing in strenght. No it is APC sponsoring BH or it is a lie no one is dying in the NE !

        Why do we live in denial ? have you not seen video evidence at various times of the girls ? Did some parents not identify their daughters ? No, it is the kids of the BH fighters in the video when we think like PDP people….

        And who told you that there was no ISR on the location of the girls ? Did your CDS not let the cat out of the bag and incur the wrath of the brits and americans helping out ? Did the BH guys not change tactics after clanger ???

        At a time we should be praying that our troops map out a strategy to ensure there is not a lot of collateral damage when the assault takes place, some idiots are still thinking like Kema chikwe, Onyeka Onwenu and co

        The honest truth is that we do not share in the pain of this families because we live in our comfort zone in Abuja or Lagos and write all this nonsense..


    • Dario says:

      Thank you for proving my point further. “France24”.

      That really says it all.

      • Are James says:

        Yes and since the government and person that they dnot like is leaving office, they must be very wicked to still be doing this to thatvpoor innocent man who just wants to elgo and enjoy his retirement. Let us forget the girls firstborn a minute and concentrate on this poor man they are still embarrassing..abi?
        We very intellectual people.
        Less intellectual people are also saying that before, during and even after Chibok many girls must have been kidnapped for sex slavery and menial jobs including young boys for that matter…. but then all that is for low IQ people. All we want is for the whole world to shut up about it already. The elections are over and nobody is missing. We get it.

    • Dario says:

      Oh please spare me the sermon. “Living in denial”? How about the denial that your hero whom you have been championing on this blog got into the military through fraud and perjury, and has successfully bullied an entire country into bending its own laws for him to contest and win the Presidency using the threat of violence from his fanatic supporters?

      Is that kind of denial valid?

      Or is it when at least a million Nigerian children who were victims of the civil war found themselves in Gabon and Eq Guinea and no Nigerian government ever made any move to intervene since then?

      Did that denial which impacted on literally MILLIONS of Nigerian families disturb you?

      Of course not.

      But AKPD starts a twitter hashtag campaign about an event which is totally impossible to verify and glaringly easy to fake involving “300 girls” and all the outrage in your body are sweating now?

      And I’m the one in denial?

      Abeg find your way back to twitter and continue posting your hashtagged drivel. Whether na #BringBackYourGhosts or #SaiMagician na you sabi, I have a right to call B.S. on this giant charade.

      When I see you pushing #BringBackOurOneCivilWarGirls then I’ll take you and your type serious. As soon as Buhari is sworn in now and foreign media decides to forget that a place called Chibok exists under the sun, I can bet your life that you won’t be here with your faux outrage again. You’ll move on to whatever they’ve moved on to.

      You are a lemming just like the rest of them. Don’t for one second think that being an articulate sheep makes you better than a regular sheep. You’re still a sheep lost in herd like the rest of them.

      • chynedoo says:

        When someone else’s corpse is being ferried across in a hearse, to the passer-by, it only feels like a log of would until the day their own corpse is carried in same manner, and of course someone else somewhere also thinks it is a log of wood….
        Point is, when people argue about whether the chibok girls was true or not, it simply reflects the analogy above: It happened in an obscure town, with an obscure people, to probably some unimportant families. When Okonja-Iweala’s mother was kidnapped, at least many people heard it, no one questioned it because it was ‘somebody’s’ mother. When some girls are taken, a lot of people either out of ignorance, self-denial, or partisan leanings questioned (and still question it), but that’s not the issue. We lose sight of the main problem, that there are children in our country who could easily be taken captive away from their families, and that as a country, as a people with morals, and some dignity, we shouldn’t let that sort of thing to happen. The fact that all we could do is bicker whether it happened or not is even worse than self-denial. It is simply a lack of ‘self’ in the first place. In a sense the Chibok girls were the lucky ones because the boys in Yobe, about 50 of them who had their throats slit in their dormitory were not so lucky. In a sense, the Chibok girls issue has been turned into a political hand wringing game by all the sides involved and trust the western media and politicians love of vainglorious heroism, and our own home activists harlotry, and also the worrying fact that our officials from top to bottom irrespective of political party are as detached and unresponsive as a brick wall when it comes to issues affecting ordinary Nigerians; it becomes obvious every side involved in the issue cares very little about the girls as much as they care reaping from it.
        The only important thing to note, using the morbid corpse example once more on a wider analogy of the Boko Haram issue, is the question what if: What if someone dear to us disappeared from home taken by Boko Haram? What if a son, daughter, friend, cousin, relative, brother, mother, father etc was taken by Boko Haram?
        The ‘what if’ question is the reason we need to make it clearer, and insist that those who have been given the means to defend and protect the country are given the tools to do it, and are left to do their jobs as professionally as it was possible. If NA were given the right tools, I’m sure by now the truth of whether the Chibok girls were taken or not, alive or dead would have long been solved.
        In the days before a part of Nigeria stopped killing twins, the fact people didn’t understand how a woman could give birth to two babies or more appeared unnatural. From self-doubt to incredulity, it simply became something that either did not happen or should not happen. It’s surprising to see that in the 21st century, a lot of our countrymen still choose to think like our forefathers. Anything that simply defies natural, common-sense logic didn’t happen. That’s very unfortunate

      • Well said @ Chynedoo

      • Roscoe says:

        Dario. You are patriotic and clear in your beliefs, yet a little leaven leavened the whole lump, You suffer from the worst kind of delusion. A denial of reality. You deny the existence of the Chibok girls? Why? Because it does not fit your narrative? The leadership had bad information from the ground, obviously they did not get their intelligence or were lied to by the operators on the ground, hence the political powers thought that the Chibok kidnappings were a defamatory exercise, we know BH kidnaps hundreds if not thousands of young men and women for slave labor and sex slaves, we know of Massacres in Bama, Damasak, Buni Yadi, we know of families split apart. All this we agree on, but since the West saw our nakedness and our shame was exposed we now try and cover up by saying no , the emperor has clothes on. Let us accept our shame and make it right. We are in a hole of credibility, let us stop digging and start making it right.

        Even if we never recover the girls ( a real possibility). We must never deny their existence, this kind of convo should be left to the real of the speculative and the conspiracy theorist, saying the Chibok girls do not exist or were exaggerated is insulting on the hundreds of girls who were captured, Is giving a pass to those who committed the crime, and excuses the apathy and cowardly self interest of the state and security apparatus that allowed it to happen.

        You are better than that, human lives should never be trumped by national interest and patriotism, the purpose of the state is to protect the people and make them prosperous, when the y fail at that, the state must be changed by the people.

  28. we really need more documentaries by rebel news agencies like vice. the documentary is really an excellent piece of work, i have a feeling that news agencies will now be fighting for the opportunity to do such work. whatever we do we should not give the mainstream western media such an opportunity. Also NTA should do more in this regard, make enough noise and other local stations will follow the Nigerian narrative

  29. eyimola says:

    Strange claim from Sipiri, apparently Nigeria and the UK are the ONLY countries to have been sold UCAVS. I quote

    While the USA has used armed UAVs (also called unmanned combat aerial vehicles,
    UCAVs) intensively for the past decade and other countries have expressed
    widespread interest in their acquisition, UCAVs have been sold only to the United
    Kingdom and Nigeria. Between 2007 and 2014 the UK received 11 MQ-9 Reaper
    UCAVs from the USA and has used them in operations in Afghanistan. Nigeria
    received (probably in 2014) an unidentifi ed number of CH-3 UCAVs from China and
    has used them against Boko Haram rebels.

  30. freeegulf says:

    well done my marshal. brilliant job. your effort and sweat would surely take center stage in national recognition by the FG. the military brass cant ignore this blog. we need more of this patriotic driven documentary to highlight the service, bravery, and heroics of our sojas.

    after the complete sweeps and liberation of the remaining terrs strongholds, TRADOC need to go back to the drawing board to assess t tactics, re-assess perfomances, and come up with a new ORBAT for the NA.

    my premiere advice on orbat would be on battlefield innoculation. the army MUST adopt a more aggressive fighting style. nothing, i repeat, Nothing, beats aggressive attack in war. absolutely nothing. when we strike, we need to keep striking, keep hitting the enemy and do not give him room to recover or regain his balance. this important tactics, has always been our biggest weakness.

    we attack, flush the enemy, celebrate, and rest on our laurels. this of course, gives the enemy time to breath, and unleash. we need to be able to smoother this phase. once an attack phase begins, it should only stop until the enemy is completely out of the fight. this necessitates an aggressive fighting style which we must inculcate inorder to press home our advantage.

    combine arms tactics has to take top spot in our orbat. flanking manouevres, constant unit rotation on the offensive, these will go a long way in providing the excellence will crave as a professional military.

    the keyword here is HIGH TACTICS. our TRADOC should simply not be a place for conduction army exams. they are the thinking power of the NA. its time they start playing that role. without these forms of sophisticated manouevres, the army will continue to find it hard to annihilate a threat while keeping casualties far far lower than the oppo forces.

    a huge well done to our boys in konduga and damboa. they where never demistified. they showed that it was not just about flushing the enemy, but also luring him in and annihilating him also. this is the kind of tactics that is expected from a mature institution of this calibre of the nigerian armed forces.

  31. zachary999 says:

    It is this same stupid mentality that has cost over 30,000 Nigerian lives in the last 5 years. All sort of tales when it was glaring that BH was growing in strenght. No it is APC sponsoring BH or it is a lie no one is dying in the NE !

    Why do we live in denial ? have you not seen video evidence at various times of the girls ? Did some parents not identify their daughters ? No, it is the kids of the BH fighters in the video when we think like PDP people….

    And who told you that there was no ISR on the location of the girls ? Did your CDS not let the cat out of the bag and incur the wrath of the brits and americans helping out ? Did the BH guys not change tactics after clanger ??? Did we not get HUMINT at various times ?

    At a time we should be praying that our troops map out a strategy to ensure there is not a lot of collateral damage when the assault takes place, some idiots are still thinking like Kema chikwe, Onyeka Onwenu and co

    The honest truth is that we do not share in the pain of this families because we live in our comfort zone in Abuja or Lagos and write all this nonsense..


    • Are James says:

      It is the one year anniversary of the abduction and even the incoming government is already putting out a we will do all we can but dont expect miracles story . That is very unacceptable. An incumbent inherits assets and liabilities and no spin doctors should doctor a bland narrative for the president elect. Nigeria has to be more than a country of 1000 MVPs and 170million unimportant ones. If we dont define the Nigerian the way an American or French would define themselves, 50 more idiots on Forbes list are just that.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.
        heheheheheheheh. “don’t expect miracles” democracy and politicians at work, before you get in power you express vehemently how you do this and do that, you oppose every action taken by the current government, you let the world know how ineffective and incompetent the current government is, only to get in power and start giving excuses as to why it might be impossible to achieve, hahahahaha, we see this the world over, funny and good enough, we welcome Nigeria to the league of real Democratic Politricking, same as America, Britain, and India; Opposition is a vital and key component of any democracy, hence, the government-elect had better brace up for the tsunami of opposition to any and every action taken, that’s after all the de-camping though, lololo. Naija, we hail thee.

      • holtabt says:

        I have said it before and I say it again. Miracles is what I expect from the coming government as this is what was promised. We had an earful during the campaign period, the bashing of the Nigerian Army, politicians made Nigerians the laughing stock of the international community all for the selfish aim for power. We where made to understand that five years in power is enough to provide all basic resource for the poor, why the change of tune now? I am no supporter of the out going government neither am I of the incoming. I am just sick and tired of politicians lying to the public thinking we are fools. Enough is enough. We must see tangible result in the first term of the incoming government. My knife is on a sharpening board getting ready to vote them out if their promises are not kept. Nonsense.

  32. NAF pilots defy injuries to combat B’Haram – Air chief

    Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, has said the pilots of the Nigerian Air Force have displayed a commendable degree of courage by defying gunshot wounds to carry out aerial bombardments of insurgents hideouts in the North-East.

    Amosu said this during the winging ceremony of 15 fighter pilots of the Nigerian Air Force in Abuja on Tuesday.

    He charged the new pilots to emulate the outstanding exploits of their counterparts involved in the counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations in the North-East.

    The Air Chief described the pilots, waging the aerial component of the campaign against Boko Haram as daring, bold and intelligent.

    He noted that the new pilots were left with no other option than to display the set qualities of their senior colleagues having been winged at a time the nation was faced with a challenge to tame the threat of terrorism in the North-East.

    Amosu stressed that in spite of the fact that the Alpha jet pilots and their F7 counterparts sustain regular injuries during operations, it had not deterred them from going for air missions designed to dislodge the terrorists.

    He said the Air Force and indeed the country were expecting the winged pilots to perform their duties in the North-East in accordance with the nation’s expectations, which had spent so much to train them.

    The Air chief added, “You will therefore be required to bring your training to bear as you put in your utmost best in responding to calls of duty at all times.

    “Let me quickly remind you that you have come to join a crop of pilots that have intimidating CVs.

    “The pilots you are coming to meet today are very courageous, very intelligent, very bold and very daring. So, we don’t expect anything short of these attributes.

    “We expect you to be very bold; we expect you to remain knowledgeable, and we expect you to be courageous.

    “You have come to meet us at a time when we are fighting insurgency. Let me quickly remind you that those pilots you see out there, the Alpha Jet pilots, the F7 pilots, regularly come back with bullet wounds.

    “This is not to scare you, but to tell you how courageous your predecessors are, regularly they get gunshot wounds and they still go back to the forest.”

    • rugged7 says:

      Make our Ogas at the top forget this “responding to calls of duty at all times” stuff.
      In fact, bullets no suppose dey touch them self.
      They should give our fly boys Excellent, protected, resilient platforms for air to air and air to surface engagements.
      To train pilot no be beans…
      If u lose any one of those boys, it is a tragedy and an investment wasted.

    • Henry says:

      This article shows how obsolete NAF F-7’s and Alpha jets are in the modern battle field. It is also this self-gratification that has left us weak in assets, proper platforms and a badly bruised ego.

      Nigeria ought to have a Defence review every decade.

      • Jaspo says:

        Decade? Oga Henry, I think we need one more frequently. More like every 5yrs. One has to be nimble and paranoid. Abi?

      • asorockweb says:

        I guess you mean in terms of training, doctrine and equipment. But If you ask me, every battalion-sized unit must prove it’s effectiveness against the tasks that it was designed for once a year.

      • eyimola says:

        Absolutely true. There should be a strategic defense review every decade.

  33. ugobassey says:

    BH is currently ranked the 2nd most dangerous terrorist organization in the world; Second only to ISIL. While ISIL is currently occupying the second largest city (Mosul) in Iraq, BH has been beaten back from their previous strongholds to where they are presently in total disarray by the Nigerian Military and while we acknowledge the limited assistance from Chad and Cameroun, no doubt we can say without fear of contradiction that the Nigerian Military honor has been fully restored. Our reputation as a strong, organized ferocious military institution second to none in Africa has been preserved. I salute our men and women in uniform.

  34. Ola says:

    I just read this.
    Could somebody please read into this and inteprete it?
    In my huble opinion, this is not the time for a government to kowtow to the US. Govt should speedily focus on speedily modernising and reorganizing the army, development of domestic technological platforms that are of military importance, see to the acquisition of state of the equipment and complimentary technology transfer to all arms of the military and lastly, make the military grow to at a faster projection than our economy. Largest economy on the continent should feature the strongest and one of the best armies on the continent and in the world. In my humble opinion again, US should not play a frontal role in this. There is no nation in the world that has been able to develop her domestic military industry by relying on the US. Even Japan and South Korea have had to restrategise in recent times because of the rising threat from China while their romance with their US ally has left them backward. US is only interested in selling their weapons to you, if they like you. They will NEVER help your domestic development militarily. Meanwhile, the day you offend them, they ground your entire army with embargo on spares!
    Even our dear MoD in the UK is slowly realising dependency on the US only keeps you back and we would see the UK military slowly reducing it’s dependence on the US and NATO and re-awakening their domestic military industries in the next decade. I hope Buhari will not sell out Nigeria as a “thank you” to those who helped to bully and blackmail Jonathan out of office. Please note that I don’t have any political affiliations and I honestly don’t care who wins in an election, so long as the person moves Nigeria forward and does the needful!

    • Ola says:

      Line 4 should read “…In my humble opinion, this …”
      Line 7 should read “…see to the acquisition of state of the art equipment…”

    • eyimola says:

      Not sure if restoring military ties with the US or any other country is synonymous with kowtowing to them. Its just a higher level of diplomatic contact. I don’t however believe that the relationship will ever be as amicable as some would expect, especially when you consider the crap that usually goes on during the US electioneering season (Foreign Policy is always used as a political tool, and candidates have no reason to desist from inflammatory or disrespectful comments). When you couple this with the actual nature of the main candidates, then what we are in effect looking at is a potentially ignorant incoming administration. No matter which party wins.

      • Ola says:

        Restarting the training means buying US made equipment for the training. The FG stopped the training because US demanded that NA provide equipment of US specs, yet didn’t sell those equipment to NA, this is according to the military attaché to the Nigerian embassy in Washington. Now if the training is restarted on US terms, it means;
        1. US dictates again that you use their equipment.
        2. We buy equipments from them, definitely downgraded versions of whatever they are offering to sell to us, meanwhile.
        3. On the long term, we are tied to them for spares and maintenance and the day our discussion with them turns sour, they put embargo on supply of replacement parts and required munition, NA ends up with a pile of expensive junk in their storage!
        Watch it, in the next 2 years, US will sell equipment to Nigeria because “Mr. Integrity” is the president of Nigeria. Meanwhile, unfortunately too, Buhari does not seem like the type of person to look to Russia for arms and I am not sure he will be keen on tech transfer.

      • If I rem correctly the FG suspended d training cos the trainers demanded equipment that was needed @ the front and the FG ws nt inclined to depriving soldiers on d front of d equipment. The US had been training us in d past but we feild very lil US equipment, so hw ws d training done. Most nations @ Flintlock feild russian equipment too. I hv no issue with the training as long as we not buying US equipment

  35. Dario says:

    Yet another emotional sermon this time attempting to link rational skepticism to twin killing. What will you link it to next? Holocaust denial maybe? You’re not far away.

    Again I repeat, there is not a single shred of EVIDENCE to support the “300 missing girls” international fairytale/soap opera/sponsored twitter hashtag campain.

    When Boko Haram attacked a school in Yobe and killed a number of male students and kidnapped female students, there was plenty of evidence to prove that it happened within a few hours. The “300 Girls” TV show has been on for 12 whole months without a single picture or a shred of credible evidence to prove that this event actually took place. The key character’s story is always changing and the school itself was burnt down which is a textbook method of erasing eviddence by destroying the crime scene. We have seen this kind of grand international media production less than 12 years ago when every media outlet was united in talking about Saddam Hussein and his mythical “WMDs” and how Uduay Hussein and Qsay Hussein were a threat to global peace. They named sites with WMDs and showed satellite pictures, they quoted “Senior Intelligence Officials”, they even named the type of WMDs Iraw supposedly had. As a 13 year-old in Lagos reading my dad’s TIME magazine, I was rooting for the US military to take out the “evil dictator”. And then what did we later find out? The entire thing was a fabrication created to support a geopolitical agenda. Someone has been screwing with us on an EPIC scale yet again and you are simply too mentally weak to resist the force of propaganda and think logically through this issue.

    Boko Haram has been abducting people for years without any single of you getting your panties in a bunch about it. The only reason you care so much about “300 Girls” is because it has become an international soap opera, not because you genuinely give a crap about young Northern Nigerians who have been kidnapped or killed by Boko Haram. If David Axelrod had not created the #BringBackOurGirls franchise as a highly successful campaign tool for his client the APC, it is unlikely that the subject of abductions would ever have come up for discussion on Beegeagle’s blog because to put it bluntly, NONE OF YOU WOULD CARE.

    So please carry your sermon and preach it to the man in the mirror because he needs it more. You are actually the one in need of creative thinking ability because it appears too difficult for you to visualise that someone can successfully deceive the entire world with the use of compromised/copy-and-paste media, twitter and connections to the White House. That is why till tomorrow people like David Axelrod will continue running rings around you – your mind is not big enough to appreciate the power of ideas. Ironically, you turn around to accuse me of exactly that, which incidentally is a textbook reaction of people living with cognitive dissonance – they project their own failings and insecurities onto others.

    There are several young Nigerians who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram and used as mules and soldiers, or who have been trafficked for money or for use as sex slaves. My heart goes out to these real victims of this barbaric insurgency which Goodluck Jonathan’s government severely underestimated for years. Jonathan himself has received the natural payback for this by losing his election and one day he will face his maker and explain why he ignored intelligence reports about these things since 2011.

    I sympathise with these victims whose story has been trivialised and hidden by an international media production directed by AKPD Global Associates featuring Michelle Obama and 100 million+ mindless social media lemmings. It’s as if something happened in Africa and then Universal Studios decided to make a blockbuster movie about it. Now everyone around the world is concerned about the movie and no one cares about the people in the real story.

    And by the way, just FYI Mr Mary Slessor, twin killing in the ancient Efik/Ibibio/Annang culture was because of a spiritual belief, not because of some mental deficiency as you implied. Twin killing was stopped because another spiritual belief (Christianity) was introduced to replace the previous one, not because your Oyinbo Oga used a crowbar to widen the skulls of Calabar people.

    • What you are saying amounts to saying that BH has kidnapped nobody throughout their reign of terror, because frankly by your reasoning, there is no shred of evidence that anyone has been kidnapped either. Where is the evidence that the boys were kidnapped and used as mules. Cos if you reject all accounts of witnesses parents siblings of the Chibok girls then u reject all accounts of any Kidnapping by BH and also you imply that the Nigerian Government its armed and intelligence services have no idea what’s going on…..or what was going on in the NE. Cos with all the resources at their disposal they seem to agree that the girls were kidnapped.

      • Dario says:

        What witnesses? Ahmed Salkida? What parents? What are their names? Have you ever actually seen these people? Or is it the woman Oby Ezekwesili gathered to cry at Unity Fountain in Abuja? You don’t know that those are paid protesters? Where have you actually seen any of these people?

        Or because you saw some people on AFP and Reuters claiming to be “related” to these “girls” whose existence up till now has not even been proven, that makes it true?

        You don’t seem to realise how easy it is to set up a fake scenario like this. Have you ever heard of the infamous Nurse Nayirah and the Kuwaiti babies story?

    • giles says:

      everyone saying GEJ underestimated BH normally get me annoyed did d north support him? no,let’s not forget dat even buhari was shouting and accusing GEJ of genocide of his northern Muslim brothers forgetting dat wen BH started it was d northern xtains n southerns DAT were been killed.d elders of the north even threatened to talk ihejirika ICC for war crimes. and above all let’s not forget dat d northern elder n dear traditional n Islamic leadership never condemned BH…
      wot pains me the most is dat dis chibok gals are xtains and so it’s no northern business.

    • chynedoo says:

      You doubt the Chibok issued happened because you could not see any ‘evidence’ because you haven’t seen a picture, you have not seen some gory YouTube video of the girls being taken, or some media corroboration that fits your own version before you could believe the Chibok girls kidnap happened. Chibok girls kidnap didn’t happen to anyone who is unwilling to even consider the issue objectively. Does it mean the parents who came forward to say ‘their daughters were taken’, is not an evidence? The Chibok community leaders version of what happened is no evidence? The accounts of the abductions by some of the Chibok girls who escaped from BH captivity would not be classed as evidence? All the newspaper reports both in Nigeria and elsewhere are not evidence enough to your taste? If all that has been said, and written about the Chibok girls are unconvincing evidence, I doubt your definition of evidence would be the same thing as its very meaning. Maybe you could try to go to Chibok to find out, or even try to make a freedom of information request from WAEC so you can verify if the names of the girls taken are the same as the ones who sat the exam of the date the were reportedly taken.
      The truth is, you only see what you choose to see, people believe what fits into the narrow picture of the world. Since you mentioned ‘Holocaust denial’, I must say it is very ironic, because Holocaust deniers also refuse to acknowledge all the documentary and visual evidence produced since 1945 to date which shows what happened. Needless for me to point out the similarities with the Chibok issue.
      The Iraqi WMD affair has no bearing to the Chibok issue, I mean it someone couldn’t understand that Boko Haram is able, and has the capability to ferry 200 girls around, I guess it will be pointless delving into a more complex covert op and intrigue filled diplomatic mission that was planned to the minutest detail. Besides, half the events happened before and the Iraqi invasion were never reported, would never be known outside a few state department officials, and White House insiders. So even if the whole facts are exposed, I bet a lot of people would still be in denial.
      Whether Chibok girls were taken or not is not the issue, rather the attempt to rationalise a problem by denying it would never bring a solutions. When Boko Haram started, both the government, and the citizens especially people from the North were in denial. When Boko Haram was targeting churches, a lot of northerners also lived in denial, eventually it became everybody’s problem rather than a few churches and some Igbo and southern traders in the North. When Boko Haram started using car bombs we lived in denial, some even argued it was just a one-off. But they graduated to suicide attacks. It is not only Nigerians that live in denial when things go wrong on a national scale. The US, UK and other western countries lived in denial of the consequences of training, arming and using Mujahedeen fighters to counter the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1970s and 80s until they could no longer deny it when the very skills they taught those guys were used against western interests. Then the war on terror started. However as a nation, we have to understand denial rarely offers a solutions but rather makes a problem to ferment further. Trying to deny the chibok girls were kidnapped is like trying to deny that Boko Haram doesn’t exist. I think you should look in your mirror and tell yourself the truth.

      • Dario says:

        “The Iraqi WMD issue has no bearing on the BH issue”.

        I like how you neatly dismissed the biggest parallel situation in the past two decades with one throwaway sentence in the midst of yet another emotion-laden diatribe which as usual was completely off-point and did NOT address the simple issue of whether in actual fact, Boko Haram ferried 300 girls away from a school in the dead of the night and has been holding them hostage for 12 months in a forest pending when a military force will “storm” said forest with T-72 tanks and marching bands.

        You can keep your “truth” to yourself. Your definition of “truth” is a fairly ludicrous one and I have no need of it, thank you very much.

      • chynedoo says:

        You are starting to get agitated now…a glass of cold water might help. We are only having a conversation brother. There is no point to roll up your sleeves and wave a clenched fist yet.
        I still maintain that if you couldn’t understand something as simple as the Chibok issue how can you even grasp the complexity of the Iraqi WMD affair given that there is very little ‘evidence’ to corroborate or deny what really transpired.
        Besides, we are talking about Boko Haram, a group of people who have no moral bearing, and are a law unto themselves. To call a spade by its name, it is completely brainless to argue that the same Boko Haram who were able to slit the throats of schoolboys at random, who raid villages that catch their fancy burning such villages to the ground killing mainly males and taking women captive, the Boko Haram that raided military barracks at times attacking the same location multiple times with little or no resistance, to say that the same nut jobs who were able to attack and hold some towns and several local governments for months could not have been able to ‘take 219 girls captive’ and safely move them to a specific location simply smacks of infantile nonsense. Pray which is move difficult, to attack a military barrack, beat back soldiers, take their hardware or to simply stroll into a ‘school in the dead of night’ in a convoy of commandeered and stolen cars, buses, trucks shoot a kill and few guards on duty, herd the frightened teenage girls into the waiting vehicles and head out into the night.
        It’s brainless to say the least to present an illogical argument like you have done either out of ignorance, partisan inclination and sentiment, and yet be more than willing to infect people who could actually think with such absurdity, to say the least hedges on arrogance mixed with the most potent brand of ignorance.

      • Dario says:

        “Whether Chibok girls were taken or not is not the issue”.
        Is that right?
        So the goalposts are shifting?
        So if in fact the Chibok saga is a fabrication as it is in my assessment, the issue is no longer about whether some people are using a lie for maximum geopolitical mileage, but that people like myself refused to believe the lie because it was publicly perceived as true? That is now the issue?

        Please just keep exposing yourself here. This is very nice. I hope everyone is watching.

      • chynedoo says:

        Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy!

      • Dario says:

        Yes, O enlightened one.

      • OriginalPato says:

        @chynedoo, every man has his price and a lie constantly told will be accepted as the truth.

      • chynedoo says:

        It is a fallacy that a lie told constantly becomes accepted as truth. First, people are able to make their own judgements. Some years back, we were told eating red meat is good for you. Well, it was someone who did a bit of work on that and came forward to say ‘nope’ this is not completely true. Years ago people said that Nigerians cared less who there leaders are, but in 2011 they showed that was a complete fantasy. Centuries ago, people were told the earth is flat, but this was proven to be wrong.
        A lie told so many times becomes so threadbare that even an idiot could see through it.

  36. startrek says:

    interesting !
    interesting ?

  37. Oje says:

    She-cow has been eerily quiet, that’s not a good sign. We need to pull in resources to find him as I suspect he is up to something. Trust me on this that man has something up his sleave in cohort with Chad and ISIS. If you think for once France and Chad are happy with Nigeria’s progress so far think again. Buhari, the Dinosaur is as clueless as uncle Joe. We must be on a hair trigger alert, the silence is not good.

    • Dario says:

      Good ol’ flip flopping Oje.
      One minute Buhari is the messiah from heaven.
      The next he is a “dinosaur as clueless as Uncle Joe”.
      One minute Nigeria is the country from heaven and the beacon for the Black race.
      The next it is a useless country that should invite America to colonise it.
      One day you will make your mind up and decide what you actually are.

  38. mcshegz says:

    In my opinion, France24 is the self appointed official media wing of the are-rams, i think its safe to say that anybody who wholeheartedly believes anything coming from there without equally considering this fact is not at all being thorough in their analysis. They are always the first to break with are-ram propaganda videos, they have equally as many shows concentrated on the are-rams as related to Nigeria and the region at large; apparently, France sees, and knows that its economical grip on this area will eventually capitulate to that of Nigeria’s. As per the case of the kidnapped girls, i believe its totally possible and plausible, as to if it happened exactly how most people are saying it happened, that i cannot corroborate because there are just to many gaping holes in the story line, but again, i will draw our attention to this picture of Nigeria’s “borders” with its neighbors, if we can call it that, more like “no man’s land”

    so, the question now is, if indeed these girls were indeed kidnapped from their school. after a directive had been given by the federal government and relevant security agencies to relocate such pupils into more secure areas, but owing to the promise of the state governor, this security directive was discarded, then shouldn’t someone be prosecuted for gross negligence of human lives; instead of hoping to rescue kidnapped victims only through twitter hashtags, more than one year on, shouldn’t those parents and others who truly feel pained have filled lawsuits in a federal court of law so as to get to the bottom of the issue, i don’t know, maybe i’m so old school as to believe that a federal court system might be somehow effective as well, but again, this is predicated on the fact that there is indeed a valid case believed to be true and ready to be argued by the prosecutors. So is there indeed a valid case of kidnapped girls? why haven’t these people gone to court? One may say its far easier to fabricate, and fight vehemently for a phantom case on twitter without any fear of recourse, because all you sacrifice is characters on an electronic platform, nothing more. But fighting for a case in a federal court of law will mean that you are ready to sacrifice all you have to get to the bottom of the truth, it means that you are so convinced by the evidence in your possession that, presenting these in court will lead to more truths that will reveal more actors and most importantly the kidnapped girls. So, therein lies the crux, we have some people who want us to believe that they are the only true lovers of human rights and all that is good, but when it comes to rendering all you have for that cause, they’ll rather only sacrifice the bare minimum. If they so believe that these girls have been kidnapped, someone has to pay for this, no? start filling lawsuits, against all the people you believe are culpable in this issue, so that no one else experiences this agonizing pain, everything else is just noise, and posturing if no one is tried and convicted. Again i am not taking a side as to whether people have been kidnapped or not,with our “no mans land borders” anything is possible, my logic is why not sue, why not make someone pay by getting your whole story out in the federal law court? the #bringbackourgirls don’t have lawyers? Ibrahim Abdullah is a lawyer belonging to this group but to the best of my knowledge hasn’t filed a single law suit, how come? if hin no get money shey mama Oby no get money too? former minister? hehehehe. This is how you know people who really believe in a cause, you put your money where your mouth is, tweeting will only get you so far 🙂

    • lachit says:


      say if i am a intelligence officer tasked to locate the girls
      i would either
      1.not give away any info regarding the locations of girls/progress in the investigation to the public
      2.will spread general misinformation or confusing signals to cover my tracks/progress in tracking the girls.
      because BH will be on the lookout for news and they will get alerted and might take drastic steps.
      and i am sure SALEKU (the BH commander) is keeping these girls to negotiate with nigeria.
      because this piece of shit( saleku) knows the value of these small girls as a bargaining tool
      in order to create diplomatic pressure through the intervention of human rights groups, us etc

    • lachit says:

      hiding or relocating 300 girls is easy if u have the knowledge and means to do so.
      there are many ways to do it.
      and to locate them u will need persistence survillance platforms working 24/7 days a week .

      Deception attempts to create a fake picture of reality in the mind of the enemy. This is accomplished using false information, demonstration attacks, diversions,
      dummy means and works, etc.

      Camouflage and concealment are two means used to deceive the enemy.

      There are three basic types of deception.
      1.The first type attempts to cause the enemy to focus his attention on the wrong place.
      2.The second type tries to make the enemy waste his resources in unimportant directions or on dummy targets.
      3.The third type of deception is used to surprise the opponent and catch him unprepared for action

      • chynedoo says:

        At least it is a fact that Boko Haram had the whole of the NE in panic. The NE is a very large arid, agrarian, impoverished part of the North and Boko Haram knew how to improvise on soft targets. They have been attacking schools in about 3 NE states before they even went to Chibok. The attacks fits into the idea that western education is against their brand of Islam, so they were targeting schools for a number of reasons to disrupt the education system of the NE, to create fear, and to kidnap teenagers to be used as fighters (for schoolboys), and the girls to be used as wives, maids, and slaves.
        Boko haram fighters knew the terrain of the NE well enough, they had the gear, hardware, transport and men to attack rural villages hundreds of miles away from any resistance. So it is not in doubt that Boko Haram had they ability to move these girls around, some recent captives have also claimed they saw the girls in captivity. Why it is difficult for some people to be objective enough to say even if they think this did not happen, at least there was a possibility that it might have happened. It is impossible that a whole village would be able to sustain a lie about the Chibok girls for such a long time. Besides what about the parents who keep crying out for their children to be returned? For the deniers, does it mean these parents just made up the story?
        It’s difficult to understand those who are in denial of the Chibok issue from just one perspective: Logic. I mean, if Boko Haram could usurp the authority of the federal, state, and local governments by annexing various towns in NE, how difficult is it to take 200+ girls in the dead of the night in proportion for the capabilities the Boko haram have shown up till that point?
        Truth is, a lot of these BH fight is being mixed with senseless politics, ethnic sentiment and all the usual nastiness that dislocate, distort and disable the capabilities and power of the Nigerian state

      • lachit says:


        after going through all the comments i kind of find that,
        the different interpretations being made by the various bloggers about the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls is a clear cut case of the RASHOMON EFFECT .

        It is named for Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon, in which a crime involving four individuals is described in four mutually contradictory ways

        The RASHOMON EFFECT is contradictory interpretations of the same event by different people. (viewed live / viewed remotely ie tv newspaper etc)

        simply explained the Rashomon Effect is the phenomenon by which observers/commentators of an event or a percieved event can produce very different but entirely plausible accounts of what happened. This is because every person has a unique set of life experiences that cause him to pay attention to things in his own way. Physical position and personal relationship to the event, as well as psychological makeup, determine how a person will perceive it.
        i hope u understood what i just said 😀

        by the way try to watch the film Rashomon .it is interesting and though provoking u will not be bored.

      • Just like the story of 3 blind men who camein contact with an elephant and each described as follows, like a tree cos he touched the leg, like a snake cos he touched the trunk, like a wall cos he touched the side.

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog

        why did i not think of the elephant and 3 blind men in the first place
        now nobody is going to read my RASHOMON EFFECT

  39. Williams says:

    honestly I also don’t believe those girls were kidnapped.

    there is just to evidence to support this fact. all we have seen are reports by “unknown person” claiming to be parents or relatives to the girls. I mean 300 girls equals 300 families right? so are you saying that the 300hundred families cannot be interviewed or form a group?

    why is Madam APC campaigning in Abuja? can’t she gather this 300families together in Brono and stage a protest or least organize a prayer section with them in brono state? why is she using jobless Nigerian youth for her campaigns…..?

    Boko Haram cannot move easily 300 girls in an environment heavily watched by Ground soldiers, Drones and airplanes.

    This was all a hoax brothers and even if girls where abducted from Chibok, they certainly not up to this amount.

    besides, so many Nigerians have been killed and kidnapped. the chibok girls only constitute about 3% of the atrocities committed by the terrorist.

    RIP to those killed and Gods protection to those in captivity.

    • Roscoe says:

      Study to show yourself approved. 16 soldiers were court martialed for this. Parents were interviewed, videos of the girls shown by BH, escaped girls testified! This is all publicly available data, why must you strain so hard to accept the data? Why do you hypothesize and speculate and preach to us to do the same.

      • Sir Kay says:

        I tire for these people man. Lord. This blog is being run down. To those that think no girls were kidnapped need to have their heads checked

  40. Kola Adekola says:

    Concerning Chibok girls? All na wash! Just a few reasons:

    1. One year after, still nobody knows the exact number of girls “kidnapped.” WHY?
    2. The Chibok girls seem to have the most laid back parents ever! No special church services, no mass weeping and wailing, no action taken whatsoever to recover their daughters. WHY?
    3. The girls were purportedly about to sit a WAEC physics paper. However, ALL of the “escapees” have been Hausa speakers with next to zero command of English. Whoever heard of physics students who cannot speak English? Wetin dem tek teach dem di physics na? Abi na magic? Or is someone telling us they were hoping to write WAEC physics in Hausa?
    4. 300 girls in the same age bracket will have about 600 parents. Why have we never seen a photo with even 200 parents? The Chibok parents that visited Jonathan were less than 100.

    Someone should (AS A MATTER OF PRIORITY) also try to trace this girl (Mercy Paul) who seems to have mysteriously popped up in an American school with claims of being one of the kidnapped girls:

    Questions to ask about Mercy Paul:
    1. Who exactly is she and who exactly are her parents?
    2. Is she Nigerian?
    3. Why is Jubilee Campaign which claims to have put up the money for her boarding school in America so connected to the British establishment? Let nothing at the link below escape you:

    The most important question though is, how come Chibok school was open when the FG had closed down all schools in the area?

    Na scam. Maybe a few girls were kidnapped (or more likely, GIVEN to boko haram) and then released (“escaped”). If that is the case, then the fact that Shekau released a video to seemingly augment the #BringBackOurGirls campaign puts things in extremely sinister perspective, because it suggests synchronisation of efforts at some level.

    Quite clearly, #BringBackOurGirls campaign was aimed at regime change to a more subservient govt. Who else would campaign at Chatham House?
    Anyway, ayam hia desperately waiting for David Cameron and Ed Milliband to launch their campaigns at Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua Centre, Abuja. If someone says “Oh, the UK is richer and more influential than Nigeria, so don’t be ridiculous!”, then I will tell them, “ok na! I am patiently waiting for David Cameron and Ed Milliband to launch their campaigns in Beijing and Washington!” After all, China and the US are far richer and more influential than the UK. It just takes a “special type” of “leader” to campaign in a foreign land, so its mission accomplished for boko haram and the Chibok “kidnapping.”

  41. Roscoe says:

    Our denial is sad. But of course deniers are among us. We have turned a very real issue (Kidnap and trafficking of young girls in the NE warzone, specifically from the Chibok area) into an epistemological exercise of the limits of our knowledge, deception, truth and politics.

    It is unfortunate that we even have to address deniers and that Dario calls this “rational skepticism” . If you study skepticism you will understand that yes, you can never truly observe what happen, you can only observe what did not happen, but that does not preclude what you did not observe from not happening. This is the flaw in Dario and Williams argument, it is an argument of belief, faith and hope. They believe and hope that the Chibok girls were not kidnapped, they believe and hope that it was all a fabrication and a hoax. Yet they do not offer anything except allusions and claims of paid off actors to back up their claims.

    We offer no such allusions, we have the words or parents, some dead, some alive. We have the words and lives of escaped girls , some who are spreading their tale, we have the court martial of officers who refused to defend the town. We have the testimony of the officer who fought for hours with 12 men holding off the Boko Haram assailants, we have the testimony of escapees from prison camps who said they saw the girls. We have the words of BH themselves, we have videos of captured girls.

    SHAME ON YOU DARIO, SHAME ON YOU WILLIAMS. no curses or ill words will come from me, the reality is clear yetyou deny it, I will engage you as needed… But I WILL BE DAMNED IF I DONT FILL A BURNING SHAME that we as men, cannot see that we have failed, that we as a nation have failed and we need to make it right.

    We need to make it right. And not trivialize lives, real human lives, held in slavery.

    • Roscoe says:

      We have roll calls from the school, video evidence from our enemies, testimonies of principals and vigilantes lists, testimonies of escaped girls, testimonies of individuals who escaped from camps. smh.

      You have hopes, wishes, insults, an interesting conspiracy theory that will not hold water, and you ask us to swallow your tall tale because you are patriots, and as fellow pariots we should march lock step in the story of an infallible government, an infallible military. I would speculate on what you are. But that would put me on the same stage at which you are acting.

    • Dario says:

      Shame on you for telling me shame on me.

      Let it be known that I did not fall for this AKPD PR stunt.

      I will say it again, I am a PR consultant and I recognise PR when I see it.

      “The Chibok Saga” is a stageshow.

      If you don’t agree with me, that’s alright. People once shouted “SHAME!”and excommunicated Galileo when he stated that their worldview was literally inside-out.

      Your caps-lock enhanced text can only stay here on Beegeagle’s blog, it’s hardly going to make a difference to me, you or anyone.

      Perhaps some of you “Ogas” who come here promoting your supreme knowledge and intellect need some perspective.

      You really aren’t important at all.

  42. Roscoe says:

    That does not preclude what you did not observe from not happening.

  43. Oje says:

    Oga Dario,

    It’s not flip flopping, it’s called reaction to change and events. I have no preconceived notion or point of view, inflexible and rooted like mmany seem to do. When their is change and improvements we cheer, when their is evidence of ineptitude we criticise, I represent the vast majority of Nigerians, I’m not an arm chair critique, you guys don’t respond well to anything I say. Buhari gave the impression he had policies in place that might work, which back then sounded good and a welcome change to 6 years of stale military progress. Weeks after his election victory you get disturbed when you hear words like ” Eliminate Boko Haram with what? I am not a magician” , or “we must restore militaries tie with the United States”, ties that were severed when it was obvious the United States would do all it takes the keep Nigeria mired in turmoil and violence. It’s one thing no being able to articulate well before the camera, it’s quite another having contradictory foreign polices, makes its obvious we are just recycling leaders of the past. The future of this country can be made great again without the United States.

  44. Oje says:

    ….and some times we should not be negligent on the politics of things, focusing solely on weapons and acquisition. Without a good leader with a robust foreign policy and understanding of geo politics the armed forces will be affected in its capacity to carry out military operations. Just look at the Iraqi Army, blistering with American Apaches, M1 ABRAMS they were at the top of their game 5 years ago, fast forward today, with a weak and often corrupt central leadership the Iraqi military is once again a shell of its formerself. It’s crazy ISIS was all to make just kilometers shy of of the Capital Baghdad untill F-18 Hornets from the USS Abraham Lincoln be gain to hit ISIS positions, effectively grinding their advance to a screeching stop.b

    • Roscoe says:

      The equipment does not make the army, the commander does. As the fall of Bama, Monguno and Baga showed. Leadership was key, once 7th div got the right leadership the men acted like a new unit. We have to keep an eye on the leadership and celebrate them when they do well (like GEJ did in the last year with acquisitions) Condemn them when they screw up, like we excoriated the 7th div when they went into a defensive shell before the Feb 14 offensive, and analyze all their moves, procurements and a defense against foreign powers social media manipulation.

      As we watch them, of course.. They watch us. It would be naïve to think that DHQ does not have some presence on this blog , as is clearly known they do! and that is a good thing. Do political actors also have a presence on our blog? Same as foreign powers, It would be a failure on their part not to, they will not like it when we prod them, Then again we are not here for their convenience, The State is more important than any one politician. The safety of the state more important than any one commander. We on this blog request the same thing of the Sovereign or the Commander , a high standard of excellence.

      • lachit says:

        “It would be naïve to think that DHQ does not have some presence on this blog”
        i agree with u 100%.

        if anybody asks me how?
        i wont tell

  45. jimmy says:

    Thank you OGA ROSCOE for your kind words.
    The National Security Adviser gave a briefing stating they are going to do everything within their power to locate the missing 219 Chibok Girls.
    The Chief of Defence staff alluded to the fact that the Chibok girls were missing and were probably in the Sambisa Forests
    The Army chief of Staff Sanctioned and approved the court-martial and imprisonment of a LT.COL who lied about withdrawing from Chibok.
    The Chibok high school that was burnt to the ground was recently visited by the Finance Minister and she pledged federal funds to rebuild the school.
    The Borno state govt has the exact list of the names of the 219 girls from Chibok who were kidnapped.
    Two girls who were kidnapped on the day of the kidnapping escaped and have given their testimony.
    The parents of the girls who were kidnapped have met with the President at Aso rock.
    The recapture of BAMA and Gwoza showed clear cut physical evidence of Women who had been kidnapped and killed ( Bama) and kidnapped and locked up in a concealed house (Gwoza) they were rescued by the 7 div.
    If the girls are still together they are suspected of being in the Sambisa forests while there is speculation that they have been sold off there has to date been no physical evidence to support the theory.
    OGA DARIO your attempts to rewrite History is Regrettable, borne out of a lack of comprehension of events actually taking place on the ground it is not however surprising because just like the cut- and- paste -western journalists you have already written your narrative you are found once again to be in denial and in the minority of cognitive thinking a place familiar to you alone.
    May God help the Nigerian armed Forces to rescue the Chibok Girls.

  46. jimmy says:

    THE ARMY DHQ spokesperson has actually visited this blog to announce the recapture of Gwoza.
    We also have compelling evidence of people from the presidency and also people from the opposition have quoted our words directly with no editing.

  47. zachary999 says:

    One of the Lt Colonels on Court martial is going to be ADC to C in C….

    • ozed says:

      Yeeee! Mo gbe!

    • Are James says:


    • asorockweb says:

      Does that mean that the court martial has been halted?

    • Akin Oges says:

      Signs of strange things to come still? Very worrying indeed. Migraine dey split my enemy head right now. Oh dear…. Musing

    • Roscoe says:

      Utter nonsense is this is the case, more of the same cronyism.. smh. However which LT. COL is it?Its not public knowledge yet so any info you can drop would be appreciated.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA ZACHARY999
      Rarely do I go against your grains of impeccable sources, it could be we have our wires crossed the LT . COLONEL who according to the Chibok fiasco for lying was a Yoruba person because this CM of course is subject to appeal I will refrain from digging deeper and mentioning his name.
      Before people go haywire there are three officers who were involved the case of the lt cols and I believe another officer were shrouded in controversy,
      one officer was charged with dereliction of duty and lying about rescuing some girls
      one officer was charged with withdrawing troops from the Chibok area
      One officer was charged under highly unusual circumstances with going to Chibok engaging boko haram under extremely tenuous circumstances i.e His squad was seriously undermanned and under equipped .
      There were at least three or more officers charged in the Chibok Saga so it is difficult to tell you who you are referring however I will wait till I hear from you.
      OGA ZACHARY on another note thank you for responding to oga dario it is important that good men stand up and give an account of what is truly going on with regards to the Chibok girls sans the political baggage.
      The court martial proceedings have been suspended more than once, and this might be an implicit acknowledgement that some of the reasons as stated by the men of lack of equipment and enough personnel has now been substantiated by events since then with the enormous amount of equipment, change in the leadership at the GOC level and the political synergy between both the political (President GEJ & Gov Shettima of Borno) and the Military ( ARMY, NAVY, and AIRFORCE)

  48. Oje says:

    I do not wish to sound b melodramatic but I do wish to impress upon you that it will be next to impossible to rescue th missing girls without heavy casualty which will be more devastating. Even the U.S Navy Seal o British SAS will b powerless. This is not some compound in Pakistan with a single target and no risk of collateral. It’s a tall order rescuing 200 girls , mostly dispersed around several camps with vicious battle hardened drug addicted fighters. It takes drugs for one to believe there are 7 virgins waiting for each of them in Heaven. We saw how disastrous it was for British SPECIAL Forces when they attempted a daring rescue of a single target in NORTHERN Nigeria.

    In a nutshell before that ingrate Aisha Sessay keep blowing her mouth about the 200 girl not being rescued after a year she should tell us how it can be done without dozens of these girls being n killed. SShe should give us examples of successful rescue operations of over 200 persons , just one. It’s impossible and they know know it. These CNN clowns keeps sensationalising it to secure more ratings, it’s not only a selfish act it’s almost criminal and wicked, keeping a story alive fo ratings, giving the parents of these girls false hopes. Funny it’s a fellow African anchor woman spearheading this smear campaign, she’s surely have ambitions for promotion and recognition. They did not sensationalise Nigeria’s victory over Ebola, the did not sensationalise the hundreds of Nigerian doctors sent to S-LEON and Liberia to help in the fight against Ebola. The did not sensationalise the lightening speed at which % 95 of territories were recaptured by Nigerian soldiers in less than a month. They did not consider the fact that BOKO HARAM is second only to ISIS when it comes to destruction . Nigeria has more population than the combined population of all the countries in the Middle East America has been fighting for over a decade yet receive zero international support. Nigeria defeating Boko Haram is a slap to Americas face.

  49. jimmy says:
    I believe this issue warrants another another thread ogabeegs there are a lot of things happening.

  50. jimmy says:
    This is coming from a f.g. official with close ties to ongoing military operations.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We sat there and allow terrorists to take over more than 40 communities, something is truly wrong here, unreal.
      But now they are mostly all retaken, that’s the good news.
      As for the girls, if they are in sambisa, If the girls are there, it’s gonna be a difficult mission, but i doubt all of them are there anyways .

  51. Are James says:

    Whatever explanation there is to be made, the point remains that you just don’t move somebody from the chains and leg irons of CM row to become ADC to the CIC like that.
    Institutions don’t operate that way.
    Even if such a person came with the best of references or was found to have been indeed been a hero at some time (which I doubt in this case), there has to be a ‘watch period’ of at least two years that you spend observing the person closely before developing the confidence to thrust responsibility on that person. This rumour if true would be an institution degrading move. Some retired personage ex- army is obviously starting the dirty sectional and parochial games of the past all over again and I think i know who. We are watching closely.

  52. asorockweb says:

    Before we rain condemnation regarding the choice of ADC, let’s remember that the new C-in-C is not in power yet.
    In transition periods, there is always a lot of “name dropping” going on,

    • jimmy says:

      LET US ALSO REMEMBER OUR HISTORY VERY CAREFUL AND LOOK BACK AT ALL THE ADCs that have been chosen, based on the history of all those who have been chosen, TRIBAL or ethnic interests has played very little if any role in the choosing of the head of state’s adc going all the way whether civilian or Military.
      Two have paid the ultimate price ( Bello, Akinseinwa).
      Two have also been beaten to within an inch of their life due to their loyalty to the H.O.S.
      I agree with ASOROCK a lot of speculation till MAY29TH there are no hiding places, WE ON THIS BLOG AIM TO ENSURE THERE IS TRANSPARENCY regardless of who is in power..

    • giles says:

      his selection will surprise many.even d Yoruba leaders dat supported him.time will tell

  53. russellinfinity says:

    Lets not take general dairo and any who have contrary opinions regarding the chibok saga to the gallows, they are entitled to their opinions no matter how “extreme” they may appear. One thing every concerned observer should know is that the chibok incident was a means to several ends, which I won’t go into for issues of national and personal security.

    • Roscoe says:

      Its not just a contrary opinion, its revisionist history. Any one can table their opinion but I condemn it. I understand that the abduction was used to attack the outgoing president, but that was only due to the meanness of the presidency’s reaction. If there are machinations on the part of BBOG or the incoming Executive, this is the appropriate forum to expose it.

    • chynedoo says:

      Yes. It is only fair that people should have opinion. Dairo is entitled to his own opinion, no one is saying he is not but the fact he has that right doesn’t mean he has to throw it in order peoples face. He believes what he chooses to believe, fair enough, but not when does so in a fanatical way dismissing what other people believe in even in the face of contrary evidence. That’s what makes it insulting. Besides, on this forum, a lot of the more reasonable generals here tend to discuss facts and defence related issues. It is simply arrogant for someone to deny what they don’t understand simply because it is difficult, or too real for them to comprehend the event in question.
      Strong opinions not backed by facts or superior, convincing logic is not a right nor an entitlement. It is simply what it is: subliminal ignorance. Dairo should have been a little bit more circumspect rather than trying to grandstand on hollow reasoning that stands verifiable facts on its head because of a personal complex bordering on an illusory, escapist utopia. Emotions could never be substituted for facts nor can politics replace reality.
      It would make more sense if we could discuss facts rather than sentiment. When people bring regional, religious, and ethnic politics to the discussion on here it simply distorts the depth and logic of the intellectually stimulating issues discussed on this blog. I hope Dairo would at least understand this simple fact.

  54. Roscoe says:

    If we want to discuss Chibok abductions, I Second OGA JIMMY in that we need another thread. The fallout is still with us.

  55. Kola Adekola says:

    People shouldn’t be sounding so desperate to shout Oga Dario down.

    His point of view is very valid, there are too many uncomfortable questions about the Chibok “kidnapping.”
    …Or was it just a voluntary sacrifice of mainly Christian girls (of unknown, but vastly exaggerated number) to Shekau for dark ends yet hidden?

    • jimmy says:

      Please let us at least correct one of his inaccuracies. Chibok is a mixed community as a result the kidnapped girls belonged to both the Islamic and Muslim faith. Also no one is shouting him down his narrative is just full of too many inaccuracies, which have been extensively detailed by myself ,Oga Roscoe, and Zachary it is not his view that is being questioned it is his blatant regard for now regarding the truth as being sacred.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Roscoe says:

      The point of view is invalid, again the allusions are coming out, let us speak plainly… if there is anything any one knows for a fact let it be stated. State your position and defend it, do not let stalking horses , conjecture, hearsay and conspiracy carry the day. Speak your mind, I have spoken mine and stated the facts as I know them. No the Chibok “kidnapping” is not an opinion, it is a fact, verified, backed up with data with witnesses. What dark ends do you mean? What personal and national security issues must be hid? Iran Contra was exposed, Watergate was exposed, Philby, extra judicial killings in Nigeria, all this was reported and the state did not end, let us speak clearly and not hide under security clearances we do not hold.

      This is not about Dario or any one else, this is about disingenuous speech, revisionist history, narratives and unfounded conspiracy theories when 219 girls were kidnapped, their kidnapping is not more heinous than the death of the Buni Yadi boys, or the bombings in Potiskum, Biu, Maiduguri, or the Massacres in Damasak and Bama, It is not more important than the kidnapping of many in Gwoza, Baga and parts of the NE for sex slavery or labor, it is a symbol that was raised to draw people to the cause, it exposed BH for who they are to the rest of the world, no more could US state dept say one thing and try and call them economically deprived, no more could Tribal elements defend them , BH became demonized and the Nigerian fight became righteous, it also exposed the apathy and smallness of the previous presidency, who were so concerned about re election that every criticism was thought to be personal, they did good with procurements but their reaction to the abductions was at best tone deaf, at worst small minded.

      I cannot ask any of us to be better than we are, we are who we are. I would be derelict to sit safe and whole, yet not have the stomach to speak up and condemn those that would wish away the event by claiming it did not happen. We seek excellence n our military commanders and leaders, we must seek excellence within ourselves. I honor those who lay down their lives when I did not , I must not dishonor myself by letting this slide, let this part of Nigeria rot in hell and die, we must no longer the apathetic, small minded and deny reality because it is inconvenient.

      • jimmy says:

        Preach when the truth stares you in the face preach I will follow you to the gates of Hell and break them down.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Jimmy and Oga Roscoe. All you are doing is attempting to shout down logic with emotions. Please change style and respond to logic with logic, or it seems desperate.

      Please give me blow by blow LOGICAL answers to the following questions:

      1. One year after, still nobody knows the exact number of girls “kidnapped.” WHY?
      2. The Chibok girls seem to have the most laid back parents ever! No special church services, no MASS weeping and wailing, no MASS action taken whatsoever to recover their daughters. WHY?
      3. The girls were purportedly about to sit a WAEC physics paper. However, ALL of the “escapees” have been Hausa speakers with next to zero command of English. Whoever heard of physics students who cannot speak English? Wetin dem tek teach dem di physics na? Abi na magic? Or is someone telling us they were hoping to write WAEC physics in Hausa?
      4. 300 girls in the same age bracket will have about 600 parents. Why have we never seen a photo with even 200 parents? The Chibok parents that visited Jonathan were less than 100.
      5. 100 parents (approximately) makes for a realistic number of circa 50 girls “kidnapped.” This number strangely tallies with the number of “escaped” girls. WHY?
      5. ONLY 3 PARENTS recognised their children from Shekau’s video. That makes at least two Chibok girls and at most three Chiboc girls. WHY?
      6. The most important question though is, how come Chibok school was open when the FG had closed down all schools in the area?

      • Roscoe says:

        There is no desperation here, The only dog I have in this fight is veracity, and my personal decision to stand up for this issue, We cite facts… you ask questions. Is your question whether it happened at all or how many were kidnapped?those are two separate questions . Have you accepted it occurred and simply need validation of the #’s? Take a stand.

        If you want clarity honestly and are not seeking to muddy the waters by throwing questions in the hope of confusing the discussion.

        1) 219
        2) How did you go about deciphering the emotional state of the parents? and who said lack of mass wailing is an indication of laid back? You are not qualified to state whether they are laid back or not. Frankly , no one can easily state the emotional state of any one with any degree of accuracy.
        3) English as a second language, Hausa is the lingua Franca in the NE.
        4) Perhaps the answer is simply only less that 100 were representing the rest, just because a certain # visited Aso Rosk does not mean there are not more Parents, again in epistemology and Logic you can only observe what did not happen (a certain # of parents did not show up) that does not mean a certain # of parents do not exist. Meaning you fall for the fallacy that since we did not see it, it does not exist.
        5) Again only 3 parents said they recognized their children, refer to above logical fallacy
        6) This was a failure of the State Security apparatus, schools in the region were shut down, the school the girls were in was advised to be shut down but did not, this is a failure state and LGA threat assessment.

        I await a rebuttal.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        1. What is the authority on which your 219 figure is based, so unbiased observers do not conclude that it is propaganda you plucked from thin air (like most boko haram reports)?
        2. If you do not know what the emotional state of the parents would be, then you might not be equipped enough to argue this matter. It is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine that parents who have lost their children in such a manner would simply seat back and fold their arms, instead of carrying out some MASS action, such as demonstrating or employing one of our many lawyers that would take up their case even for FREE. Children are very precious, they are not things we can pick from shop shelves; so the lack of any concerted MASS action by the Chibok parents is very telling.
        3. The girls cannot speak English. I challenge you to paste a link (from a Nigerian source) of any of them speaking English. You cannot learn physics in Hausa in any Nigerian school. Abi na winsh teach dem?
        4. It is funny how you can build an argument on the word “perhaps.” My friend, that is the very definition of fallacy. The Chibok parents were given free transport and funds to make their case felt at Aso Rock, to seek the highest advocacy possible in the land from Nigeria’s Sovereign, the President. Yet, less than 100 showed up! People who brought up their kids with enough love to be sitting WAEC suddenly don’t give a sh*t that they are missing? Na wa!
        5. Only 3 parents recognised their kids in Shekau’s video, BECAUSE ONLY THREE PARENTS RECOGNISED THEIR KIDS IN SHEKAUS VIDEO. Simples! In fact, several Chibok people claimed that those in the video, apart from a couple were not from Chibok. (a) Common sense says that less than (or approximately) 100 parents would have approximately 50 kids in WAEC age band.
        (b) The number of “escapee” girls, 53, very neatly tallies with the number of kids of the same WAEC age band that less than (or approximately) 100 parents would have.
        (c) The above two points imply that less than 60 girls (if any) were taken (or “given” by 5th columnists to Shekau).
        (d) Since a good many of the 53 Chibok girls that “escaped” had already done so before Shekau’s video, it stands to good reason that only 2 or 3 were available for the video if those “kidnapped” (or “gifted” to Shekau) numbered less than 60,
        (e) Just 3 parents out of an expected 600 recognising their kids in a video makes it a mere 0.5% of the expected figure. There is something called Gaussian or Normal distribution that regulates chance occurrences, derived from that is the 68–95–99.7 rule. The 68–95–99.7 rule puts the 0.5% achieved for your figure of 219 girls around the 3sigma points. This crashes 219 as the number of “kidnapped” girls as an empirical (scientific) impossibility, a logical fiasco, and a nebulous concoction.

        6. How can you claim that the State Security apparatus failed if it ordered the closure of schools in a federating unit, but that federating unit refused to comply? Lastly, with your conclusion that the “school the girls were in was advised to be shut down but did not, this is a failure state and LGA threat assessment,” why do you think it is right to transfer the blame elsewhere? Its called giving a dog a bad name, just so you can kick it.

        Anyway, I de go drink my garri jare.

      • Roscoe says:

        Google is your friend, repeat after me, google is your friend, now go and type in a search and read. I don’t have to spoon feed you the information. The girls came from multiple areas to school in Chibok, 276 were kidnapped , 57 escaped. You can do scientific research by cross referencing multiple sources. You don’t need a teacher to teach you. Aude Sapere.

        The parents are not all from Chibok, for fear of retaliation some are quiet, retaliation is perceived, even on this thread, hence all the people claiming conspiracy but they claim they cant talk for fear of so called national security.

        People do not react like you expect, its called diversity and uniqueness, I may be in pain yet be stoic. This is a larger topic , go and study it. In recent times it is called Psychology or personality typing.

        You are asking me questions and trying to drown me in a flood of words. applying a Gaussian to a quantity (people reacting to their kids kidnapped) that is an extreme situation. can your Gaussian predict the probability of this event happening again? Gaussians are useless for anything but normally distributed data. Even manufacturing of components will not give you a perfect distribution yet you come to use it to bamboozle me. You expose the gaps in your knowledge or you live in a purely theoretical situation.

        Let me give you a hashtag since you are trying so hard. Maybe that will help people see this argument for what it is. #Epicfail #boughtandpaidfor

      • Roscoe says:

        The state and lga that refused to shut down the schools are not absolved of blame. I am not shifting blame. I said the reaction of the outgoing executive to the kidnapping was mean, you can also add misinformed, theatrical, incompetent and sad. They did exactly what you are doing. They denied it happened. And the Nigerian people saw it and understood that they cared more about reputation than about lives.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Roscoe, how can I be “drowning you in a flood of words” na?
        We are simply trying to prove or disprove the accounts of the strange happenings at Chibok.

        I provided a Normal distribution (Gaussian), which is something that perfectly fits… Well, normal distributions, like say 600 hundred parents. It is scientifically verified stuff. Then you claim I am trying to bamboozle you and counter with Google!!! My Oga, dia ris God O!

        I am really shocked and surprised that you are claiming Google to be your source for figures on the “kidnapping” sha! My Oga, Google cannot be the answer to logical question which fellow Nigerians are asking one another. Google leads to several links with packed with PROPAGANDA. Which of the PROPAGANDA pages do you suggest, sir? The one where Idriss Deby says Chad has captured Gwoza or has rescued the girls?

      • Roscoe says:

        You can stay where you are in the dark. Your Gaussian cannot be used in this issue. Your own propaganda is rather poor. Again you offer no proof it’s a hoax, but switch and cherry pick as it suits to attack my presentation, offering no witnesses of your own. Which is it? The number or that the incident never occured? National only you Waka come? Present your case that it’s a hoax. Present your own case let us examine. Pele. … you have none.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        General Roscoe, no de vex like dis nau. My original accusation was that you guys were attempting to bury Oga Dario’s arguments in a hail of emotion which seemed like a desperate ploy, or at best a gang up to shut someone up. You are still doing it and completely avoiding every single point I raised, while washing me down with different emotional/verbal missiles. Na wa o!

        The “copyright” on the behaviour of the Chibok parents isn’t even mine, Oga mcshegz first mentioned it and backed it with quite powerful logic, you avoided it.
        Seriously speaking, going emotional against logic never works.

        Please be guided by Oga Dario’s initial words while we say goodbyes:

        “It is my very firm conviction that the purported abduction was either ridiculously exaggerated or completely fabricated.”
        – Dario

        Maybe its just a long day, but you can also check the following post for further guidance about the thrust of our arguments;

        Anyway, it was nice talking. We learn new things everyday; I am now studying Google like a champion, while quietly washing down my cassava bread with Alomo bitters. No doubt, sir, with your Google guidance, I will not fail. Thanks for sharing.

      • Roscoe says:

        Nice talking to you. Have a great weekend.

  56. jimmy says:

    It appears the army is set to reverse itself on the Death Sentences

    • Roscoe says:

      I cannot actually remember this case very well. But it does not seem to be the soldiers who fired on then GOC (Maj Gen Mohammed) it seems to be the group that refused to take part in retaking Damboa mid last year.

  57. Roscoe says:

    Still on the abductions. Apologies but i think this is important both for the integrity of the commentators of the blog and to understand how that issue became a battering ram that disrupted the outgoing presidency. Doyin Okupe is speaking with half mouth right now twitter, at least he is not denying the abductions ( at least not yet) . Let him speak clearly. BBOG is a political actor, this is clear. They took advantage of a poor response. The allegation that they somehow created the initial opening is only useful if they could have predicted the response. This would have been pretty intense political infighting and spy craft with too many variables and too many actors for it to remain secret.

    We are aware of agents of foreign govs, agents of dhq. Naira land clearly evidenced paid Internet actors for political players, there are no coincidences in life. There are legates of political actors on this blog, operating without disclosures. I will do a full disclosure. I am not affiliated or in contact with any parties, ngos, offices or individuals.

    We are not beating a dead horse, we are conducting a post mortem that was provoked by claims that the abduction was a hoax, nobody trains a special military unit to combat a hoax, or spends 1.2 mill to massage pr for a hoax, You ignore a hoax, you don’t feed a troll. The truth cannot be avoided, it is inconvenient. Obviously it was thought to be a hoax, and ignored, but it was a truth and would not be hid.

  58. Oje says:

    Anybody who thinks a hoax of such magnitude (abduction of 289 school girls) can be perpetuated in an era when access to information is as easy as taking a glass of water is in denial.This is a big smear to our national psyche but 8 e we have to get over. It’s just so bad people don’t take negative critism of our country lightly. At one point in time Boko Haram and news of the kidnapped girls was the global headline, the world was focused on Nigeria. We are not sophisticated enough to pull of a hoax and keep it secrete. CIA and FSB are rookies compared to Western journalists in their quest for information. If this was a hoaxes it would have been reported by now, a scandal of such magnitude is what he Western media lives for.

    • chynedoo says:

      Incredible! How could anyone be so blinded sentiment to stand facts on its head? It is illogical to think it is impossible for Boko Haram to kidnap 219 girls even though it is the same bloodthirsty group attack police and army formations sacking barracks, that same irrational savaged that annexed whole towns, and local governments, sabotaged and disrupted primary and secondary school education system in Yobe, Bauchi, Borno, and Gombe and parts of Adamawa, levelled Bama killing thousands of people, a group that went as far as attacking the UN building in Abuja, police HQ in Abuja, group that killed 50 schoolboys in Buni Yadi, a group that attacked governors, emirs, churches, mosques, hospitals, a group that is so irrational that nothing is off limits, a group that have no morals that they are willing to attack anyone who does not agree with the narrow views including the insisting that the earth is flat and that rain comes from Allah rather than through atmospheric evaporation
      To think any reasonable person would hide under some vacuous regional political conspiracy in the face of documentary evidence, and established, verifiable modus operandi of BH smacks of unthinkable absurdity.

  59. Oje says:

    Meanwhile 20 Cameroonian citizens were killed by Boko Haram in a remote Cameroonian village. Cameroon elite BIR shock troops are barely 4000 in numbers, it is virtually impossib’e for 4000 troops to secure or even police Northern Cameroon , that’s an area nearly the size of Ireland as well. The next front line against Boko Haram will be in Cameroon and Chad.

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