L-R: A Toyota Landcruiser truck serves as a prime mover for a 105mm artillery gun, two of a batch of recently acquired RM-70 modular 122mm Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and a MOWAG APC

Also new to the inventory: a BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

A Eurocopter Super Puma of the Nigerian Air Force

An air assault squad of troops bearing down on potentially hostile territory from a EUROCOPTER Super Puma helicopter


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  1. beegeagle says:


    I just flew back from ABJ and I am at an Officers Mess to watch the African Youth Championship final match. Seated next to me is a senior officer of NAEME who has been operating in the Yobe-Gombe axis. Gentlemen, NAEME are doing their jobs. My brothers,
    I am looking at photos in the officer’s tablet and in huts and under thatch sheds in the field, NAEME are repairing MOWAG and STEYR APCs, T55 tanks, Scorpion tanks and 105mm howitzers in support of the war effort. They are configuring gun trucks in tandem. I cannot tell you how much improvisation is going on…mehn. How come nobody is highlighting such diligence?

    Fitters, machinists, improvised foundries all keeping the job moving. They are even now able to use the widely available Hilux trucks as prime movers for 105mm artillery

    Hmn..I just learnt that T55 tanks it was which defended the town of BIU when the town came under attack a few months ago. The officers here appear to be in agreement that Colonel Agim of Biu deserves to be honoured for his efforts.Using dug-in but immobile T55s in places, they were able to mount an effective defence of Biu, ripping apart BH technicals.

    • jimmy says:

      No wonder you have been very quiet , you were knee deep in stuff it is all good, Meanwhile we honestly need another thread a lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes with the transition, I know say you dey gather o! this much I CAN HONESTLY TELL YOU.
      One thing I humbly requests now that the silly election is over we need a thread it appears there is going to be a definitive shift in Nigerian -American relations while it is not one of my favorite subjects it is something we cannot ignore it is going , Aburo please mo be ni can we have a thread, also I advised oga franky to contact you offline about the sensitive info regarding the su27s I hope he did,
      Lastly you mentioned the T-55 wetin them boys tell you about the T-72s?

    • buchi says:

      Oga beegz what about our.little.discussion.u haven’t yet feedback….waiting for.Ur.reply

    • Are James says:

      Fitters, machinists, foundry technicians …that is the way to go In tterms of skills.
      Nigeria had them in the 000s in the NRC, NaVal Dockyards, NPA workshops and the NAEME yards in Lagos and other state cspitals. We are fortunate thst the naira has fallen against the dollar and the FG has started challenging our technical professionals. We are going to see wonders in the next few years.

  2. beegeagle says:

    THIS is the POINT in paraphrasing those excerpts. Obviously, we do not come here to drop embellished stories on you.


    They are even now able to use the widely available Hilux trucks as prime movers for 105mm artillery


    • jimmy says:

      And somene was saying we did not need tanks in this conflict ?
      SMDH 😦

      • Are James says:

        Some of us said we did not need tanks for Boko Haram.
        Did we know what we were talking about?, No.
        Did we even admit that we did not know what were talking about?…No.
        All I personally saw were urban insurgents taking on the army in the cities in 2013. The “tanks were going to be sitting ducks’ i said.
        The real generals knew that at some point a number near conventional encounters were going to happen and they quickly re armed for it. Now tanks are being more effective than MRAPs and even the Chadian type of heavily gunned armoured vehicles. The other part of the answer lies inthe terrain. The Naw is aidesk tank country.

      • Are James says:

        *the north east is tank country*

  3. May the Momentum of acquisition and re arming and re tooling and indigenisation never wane. Well done NA, NAF and NN and the MPF

  4. Oje says:

    With an average estimated $6 billion security bill yearly NIGERIA should be able to modernise it’s armed forces first centering on immediate necessity, but after that a peace time modernisation driven by long term plans. That is when I think Nigeria will aquire 4th gen strike/ground attack aircrafts and Submarines for the Navy to protect NIGERIA vital economic infrastructure.

  5. russellinfinity says:

    Good find beeg, it’s been a while. However NAEME should as a matter of urgency get a modern tank/apc overhaul and repair facility. This facility should be replete with heavy duty cranes, welding machines and have its own power generation unit.

    The main objective of such a facility should be to carry out advanced primary inhouse upgrades of our tanks and ifvs. The long term goal will be the acquisition of the necessary skills and technology transfer required for the production of Nigeria’s first indigenous tank.
    My two cents

  6. Colloid says:

    Good. NAEME are working behind the stage. Alot of improvement since the start of this COIN war. Hope say 4th gen jets are still on NAF “to-do-list”.

  7. lachit says:

    and if things go well,
    in a few months nigeria will have a oto malera 105mm gun mounted truck (GMS)
    cheers to that

  8. tim says:

    Am beginning to feel, to a certain degree, the deployment of some assets in the north-east, which might sould like an over kill for BH, might be a means to deter our neighbours, from considering to take advantage of our alliance against boko haram, to encroach on Nigeria’s intergrity

    • Sir Kay says:

      Overkill? Here we go underestimating these people again.
      They took over more than 40 towns, nothing is an overkill in eradicating them

      • jimmy says:

        IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT A PORTION OF Nigeria’s ARMOURED DIVISIONS must be stationed towards our borders also our NAF.It is not overkill o!
        it is the prudent thing to do.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Thank you Oga Jimmy, last thing we need to do is underestimate these low lives.
        And what show of strength are some talking about? Chadian troops were on our soil, dropping bombs on our towns, where was our strength then? please.
        We need to sit tight and massively re-arm, then we can talk about show of strength, Boko haram embarrassed us no be small

    • Are James says:

      Very astute deduction . I came to that conclusion weeks ago as well. The current level of deployment is partly anti Boko and partly a display of strength to deter Chad.
      We actually have a six-week belligerent neighbour deterring military manoeuvres/exercises on going as we speak.

      • asorockweb says:

        “We actually have a six-week belligerent neighbour deterring military manoeuvres/exercises on going as we speak”
        Not sure what that means

  9. COLONEL NGR says:

    NAEME has done well in improvising equipment for the NA. It is one of the corps where many officers are not combat trained. I mean most of its staff are sourced through the Direct short service where civilian engineers from are universities and polytechnics are encouraged to apply. They can do more if they can be provided with modern workshorps and more trainings arranged for them to gain more tecnical knowledge. There is currently a shortage of combat officers at the lower rank. Read a statement by a brigadier general who is in charge of the cadet brigade at NDA where he told final year cadets that many of them will be commanding companies immediately they are commissioned.

    • jimmy says:

      @COL NGR
      if you may recall at the commencement of the Nigerian Civil war new commissioned officers of the 1966/67 class were immediately made platoon commanders some were made platoon commanders and later on went and took the course..
      I want to bring up a topic : In recent years we have seen the NDA change into a 5 year degree awarding University and without discouraging it we have also seen academic prowess begin to dominate in terms of getting promoted to the senior ranks, I am talking from the ranks of LT.COL to COL upwards
      OGA SALEH, HENRY , XNUR, BEEGS COL NGR,RUGGED in light of what happened @ Mubi, ,Baga ,Bama,and Gwoza should more emphasis be placed on Combat prowess ( let me explain i do not just mean because you proved yourself in combat as an officer you should automatically be promoted, but shouldn’t this count MORE as part of your peer review?.I am saying this because the young captains and majors of today that faced the brunt of boko haram should not have their careers stalled at LT .COL because they were deemed not”academically qualified enough” however in battle they have been tested and gone beyond the call of duty the same for some of our boys in the airforce and Navy.

  10. jimmy says:
    This is becoming a financial obligation with Security implications.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria is blessed with ”Natural Resources” and we don’t mean oil and gas. This money comes in every year from all over the world form young Nigerians whose parents (or themselves) have spent lifetime savings to educate in world class local and international institutions and are currently working abroad. The money will overtake foreign exchange oil earnings in the next three years.
      You now begin to understand everybody’s anger when a govt spend five months to negotiate with ASUU over salaries and that they haven’t yet gotten into the groove of the fact that skills are the most valuable ‘commodities’ on sale now. Even war making skills and technology is now a multi million dollar business, just ask DHQ how much we have shelled out to people just to do what Nigerians if we’ll trained would have done. The richest Nigerians now own universities and skills development institutions. Welcome to the new age.

      • asorockweb says:

        Most of our educated folks, that send money home, were actually trained by the government of Nigeria through subsidized educational costs.

  11. rugged7 says:

    Readout of the Vice President’s Call with Nigerian President-Elect Buhari (April 15, 2015)

    THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Vice President Washington, D.C. | April 15, 2015

    Vice President Biden spoke with Nigerian President-elect Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him on his victory in the recent Nigerian elections and affirm that the United States stands ready to expand collaboration with Nigeria on issues of common concern, including economic and security matters. The Vice President commended President-elect Buhari for his leadership in helping to ensure the elections were conducted peacefully and urged him to continue to foster a smooth, inclusive, and peaceful transition with President Jonathan. The Vice President expressed the United States’ support for Nigeria’s efforts to counter Boko Haram, recover hostages held by the group, and protect civilian populations. The Vice President also expressed the willingness of the United States to partner more closely with Nigeria to strengthen its economy.

    • rugged7 says:

      This is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.
      What exactly are these yankees playing at??
      Why can’t they leave Nigeria alone?
      Nigeria is at risk of becoming America’s poodle at this rate…

      • Sir Kay says:

        Imagine , the amount of interference in Nigeria’s affairs by foreign countries , especially the West is really alarming. Even when we hold local elections, these people are there to monitor it and complain about it.
        Can Nigerian officials complain when New Yorkers go to the poll to elect a Mayor? These are local elections , but yet the West is there.
        Then we have their ambassadors always criticizing and getting involved in things that doesn’t concern them. , unreal

    • tbite says:

      and the Americans will say that they are promoting democracy. I don’t think the Americans know the meaning of democracy. Interference is NOT democracy. It is totalitarianism. Maybe America has a rogue regime, like the ones we see in the Middle East.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA TBITE
        if you believe that I have got some swamp land I want to sell you.
        President OBAMA visited GHANA ,S’Africa last year and pledged $7B for the power sector in INVESTMENTS ( Please do not call such s–t aid) apparently the Ghanaians were very happy to learn that 33% of that ($23B) will be spent in Nigeria.
        Every Country looks after it’s own interests that is why before the year is up Saudi Arabia will put boots on the ground in Yemen to crush the Houthis and as civillians are being bombed there will be not a peep from the Western world.

  12. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, Shekau made Times list of top 100 most influential leaders in the world – page title reads “TIME 100 Leaders” before the mention of Abubakar Shekau..
    There’s a global chess game being played and Nigeria is the pun From #BringBackOurGirls to the open complaints that the Nigerian government was very protective of Nigeria’s sovereignty. I wonder how much has been battered in political trades?

    • Sir Kay says:

      I think you are misinterpreting what that list is all about.
      His name wasn’t there because he was a good guy, it was there because his actions have impacts on so many lives, basically his action brought change, negative ones, and people talk about him, that’s why he is on that list. Osama made such list in the past i believe. So don’t take it as some conspiracy against Nigeria.
      Isn’t Kim jun un (spell check) there as well, the North Korean leader, what has he done for humanity? Nothing. So that’s just it.
      I get how weird it is to call such people influential, would have made sense to have a separate list for low lives and do gooders

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sir Kay, you are falling into danger of hastily making excuses for the obvious.

        The author of the article on Shekau is General Carter Ham. At the foot of the article is the note on the authority by which he made his assessments of Shekau as an influential leader. The note says, “Ham served as chief of U.S. Africa Command from 2011 to 2013.”

        Do you see the link from both political and security angles now?

        And just in case you think the list does not reflect a global chess game, take a look at the other authors – there is a very strong thread of commonality:

        Obama wrote the entry for Narendra Modi.

        Petro Poroshenko wrote the article on Angela Merkel

        King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein (Saudi Arabia) wrote the one on the late King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Saudi Arabia)

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sir Kay, you are falling into danger of hastily making excuses for the obvious.

        The author of the article on Shekau is General Carter Ham. At the foot of the article is the note on the authority by which he made his assessments of Shekau as an influential leader. The note says, “Ham served as chief of U.S. Africa Command from 2011 to 2013.”

        Do you see the link from both political and security angles now?

        And just in case you think the list does not reflect a global chess game, take a look at the other authors – there is a very strong thread of commonality:

        Obama wrote the entry for Narendra Modi.
        Petro Poroshenko wrote the article on Angela Merkel.
        King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein (Saudi Arabia) wrote the one on the late King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Saudi Arabia).

      • Sir Kay says:

        I’m not saying its wrong, boss. I’m saying the list isn’t calling such individual like Shekau a good guy, that’s why i said they should have placed them in a different category, instead of calling them influential.
        As i said before, this happens , pretty much every year

      • Sir Kay says:

        Not saying you are wrong*

      • Roscoe says:

        Hitler was Time man of the last century, its just saying he made an impact on the world and changed our view as we know it. He is the face of the second most threatening Terror org in the world, displacing AQ and its franchises, Al Shabab, FARC. His 15 minutes are up. Al Barnawi is a bigger HVT than Shekau could ever hope to be, plus Shekau is dead at least twice, dude may have started as a man, now he is just a mask to propagate terror.

  13. Kola Adekola says:

    In 4th pic, the gunner is holding a machine gun that is suspended from a hook, which in turn is attached to a strap across the door.
    This sort of arrangement while fast and cheap to implement is evidently dangerous (gunner might end up lifting the gun and be unbalanced or tired out by the recoil) and possibly inaccurate (again due to recoil). I am sure NAEME can manufacture proper pintles, both for local use and export, and in such quantities that they are always within easy reach to bolt unto a chopper.

    • freeegulf says:

      haha oga kola, it is the other way round. the pintle is too rigid. having a strap is the proof of gun prowess. there is nothing new here my friend. i m sure some really old hands advised them on this. this skill is a lost art from the days of the vietnam war.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Heheh! Oga freeegulf, in that case, more grease to our guys. Dem be real Rambo!
        I just wondered after seeing the set up in quite a few of the more recent pics from the war front.
        #Never Again.

  14. jimmy says:

    oga rugged
    while I share your concerns I believe under the vision of us as Nigerians or Nigerians we are missing the big picture.
    Let me repeat this very careful because I sincerely respect your opinion as well as asorock and even arejames whom I have tangled with in the past,
    * Nigeria has the No.1 economy in Africa SANS foreign aid, it is projected that if the leaders get just the power supply right to 24 hours a day 365 days a year ( right now close your eyes and picture having power supply 24 hours a day in the most backward village in Nigeria) Nigeria will very likely in less than 10 years have a TRILLION DOLLAR ECONOMY,this is what concerns America, this is why they meddle
    * *The trade between China and NIGERIA this year alone will hit $20B this money that is not going to the US or any country in the World except Nigeria.
    ***Nigeria with South Africa ensured that no MEANINGFUL AFRICOM base was situated in AFRICA to counter China’s growing influence.This is real.
    **** The gay rights story and agenda based on what I was told IS REAL if Nigeria legalized same sex marriage under Jonathan then it was open doors with Buhari that door is firmly shut.
    ***** The job of secret service agencies is always to track where the money is flowing i posted a link from the World bank stating that Nigerians remitted home $21B there are implications to that , one of them is this if the books show $21B multiply that by 2 just tell you conservatively what the books do not show $50B in one year and yet the f.g. is set to borrow $2b, trust me it is in their interest to follow the money, please do not believe all the stories about the 419 Nigerians in the US, Nigerians are the highest educated immigrants beating out the ASIANS in the US which led to a controversial best seller book by TIGER MOM
    Militarily, on record Nigeria is the only country to kick the Americans out trust me it woke them the F–K up, Nigeria’s NSA went to Russia and signed what is now appearing to be a Multi -Million/Billion Dollar whatever the price of the deal it was not TORO , SISI TYPE OF MONEY ( TRANSLATION three pence,six pence type of deal),when your country outside of ALGERIA buys 200 +tanks you will start to grab people’s attention If we on this blog know that Nigeria is on the verge of buying with cold cash su-27 trust me the Americans know and just like they are trying to reset the badly damaged relationship with Egypt they are wont to do the same with Nigeria.
    I am going to speak more extensively on this subject but for now I will close here remember Oga rugged no permanent enemies no permanent friends.
    OGA BEEGS Please sorry about the derail please can we have a thread on this recent lovey dovey between Nigeria and America

    • giles says:

      I don’t trust buhari nor d west.
      for all does clamoring for change I pity you .

    • Roscoe says:

      I second OGA Jimmy again o, new thread on our American lovers! MUAH kiss kiss make up. But na girlfriend runs o, don’t worry you and Russia can compete for our affections while we also runs China. We are married to ourselves lol

  15. jimmy says:
    We talked about this yesterday unfortunately I do not remember the thread it was on.

    • Are James says:

      He don dey hapoen o. @zachary999 may not be wrong afterall. We need to replace our frog eyes for real open eyes.

  16. NJOKU OUJ says:

    My Ogas: Kola Adekola, Jimmy, Sir Kay, Tbite, Rugged7 you’ve all spoken well but my worry concerning the Time magazine’s 100 most influential people is the character of Nigerians that made the list. These people appear to have some axe to grind with the Nigerian state. 1. Oby Ezekwesili of the nebulous Bring Back Our Girls hashtag. 2. Abubakar Shekau the BH terrorist and 3. Ngozi Adichie the novelists who’d rather promote gay marriage in Nigeria. As far as the Nigerian state is concerned these are ‘warty’ characters!

    • lachit says:

      @NJOKU OUJ
      my friend always remember that

      “The media is NOBODYS friend, view them as SMILING assassins”

      part of a larger sinister gameplan

  17. lachit says:


    guys 2 or 3 threads back i read comments posted by a blogger with the username Eeben.
    looks like he the real life Eeben Barlow, founder of the Private Military Company (PMC) Executive Outcomes and now STTEP .he sure is a true african nationalist.
    below is an extract from his interview posted at

    *****************When asked about the tactics that STTEP mentors their Nigerian counterparts to use, Eeben Barlow, the company’s chairman, replied, “The strike force was never intended to hold ground. Instead, it operated on the principle of relentless offensive action.” Barlow has previously indicated that this tactic is key to waging an effective counterinsurgency.

    In the doctrine Barlow advocates and made use of in Nigeria, relentless offensive action means immediately exploiting successful combat operations to keep the heat on the enemy. This strategy relies of the synchronization of every asset brought to the battlefield, and applied on multiple fronts against Boko Haram. One of those tactics includes the relentless pursuit of enemy forces.

    In most recent conflicts, the enemy uses guerrilla hit-and-run techniques, striking when and where he chooses, hoping that the media will act as a force multiplier by replaying news stories about the attack over and over again. Barlow’s approach emphasizes turning the tables on the enemy by running him to ground, exhausting him, and then killing him with overwhelming firepower. Barlow’s key points to utilizing relentless pursuit include:
    •Troops eating while on the move
    •Combat tracking the enemy at a high rate of speed
    •Having the ability to leap-frog ahead of the enemy via helicopter
    •Utilizing communications
    •Emphasizing aggression
    •Maintaining proficiency in night operations
    •Outgunning the enemy

    The tactical employment of relentless pursuit involves light infantry moving at high speed with the minimum amount of equipment needed to accomplish their task. Combat trackers follow the spore left by the enemy. “Good trackers can tell the age of a track as well as indicate if the enemy is carrying heavy loads, the types of weapons he has (this is identified when locating enemy rest points), if the enemy is moving hurriedly, what he is eating, and so forth,” Barlow points out in his explanation of this lost art.

    Once the enemy’s direction is determined, troops can leap-frog forward, carried by helicopters or riding in armored vehicles the way SADF Koevoet trackers did during South Africa’s border war. Once those troops become tired, they are quickly replaced with a fresh squad. The enemy is pursued relentlessly during both day and night. Once spotted, enemy forces are engaged at the soldier’s maximum effective firing range with RPGs, machine guns, sniper rifles, or 60mm mortars.

    “Troops need to develop their aggression level to such a point that the enemy fears them. Aggressive pursuit is aimed at initiating contact as heavily with the enemy as possible,” Barlow wrote on his website about relentless pursuit. “We did not develop the strategy to destroy the enemy,” Barlow elaborated. “This was done by the Nigerian Army division commander in the area of operations who gave us his intent, guidelines, and restrictions.”

    STTEP then developed the tactical application for the strike force in order to support that strategy. It was then the Nigerian military’s responsibility to consolidate the terrain taken by the strike force. “Holding ground was the responsibility of the division where we operated, as was the exploitation of operational and tactical gains.”

    STTEP also brought an air wing to the table with its package of trainers, advisors, and mentors. The air wing is an organic asset of the strike force and takes its orders from the strike force commander. The pilots fly a variety of missions to include CASVAC, MEDVAC, resupply runs, transporting troops, and even providing air support for the strike force. For instance, the air wing was “given ‘kill blocks’ to the front and flanks of the strike force and could conduct missions in those areas,” Barlow said. This means that the air wing dropped ordnance to create blocking positions, which would prevent the enemy from escaping the operational area that the strike force was patrolling in, essentially isolating the objective area.

    As would be expected, all of this is also supported by an intelligence package. “We have our own small intelligence component that liaises with the Nigerian Army, but that has also extended its tentacles to focus on target-relevant intelligence. This ‘section’ coordinates all incoming information and intelligence and gives its intelligence product to the Nigerian Army for action,” Barlow says. A small team that focusing on targeting intelligence is the sort of task that former SADF Recce soldiers would excel at.*********************

    also worth noticing is this following comment
    ************* “It is also no secret that Boko Haram has been the beneficiary of some training and equipment from ISIL,” Barlow continued. “Prisoners have told us that Boko Haram is and has been supplied and supported by ‘Europeans’ who have arrived in their safe areas by helicopter.”***********************
    and also this
    ********************“The West assisted and trained ‘rebels’ in the now ‘democratic’ Libya. Some of these rebels originated from Nigeria, but in the haste to destroy Gaddafi, no vetting or checks were carried out on who the rebels truly represented or where their loyalties lay,” Barlow said. “As is well known, many of these ‘fighters for democracy’ have found themselves in other conflicts on the side of the Islamist forces. Some of the Nigerian ‘freedom fighters’ from Libya made their way back to Nigeria. It is also a fact that weapons from Libyan and Malian arms depots made their way to Nigeria.”******************************

    What anti-government force maintains helicopters—which would allude to a state sponsor—is unknown. As usual, there are more questions than answers.

    nigerian intelligence should really probe this because if it is true then its ramifications are dangerous now and in the future.u got to block all chances of BH regrouping in the future with the help of these unknown foreign collaborators.

    weapons are smuggled or even openly transported from Libya to other conflict zones in North, East, and West Africa through this ancient trans-saharan trade routes.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      “Relentless offensive action.” “Emphasizing aggression.”
      Damn it! 🙂

      Oga lachit, the 72nd Mobile Strike Force is the one Oga Eeben’s company trained. I believe that is the group Private Jeremiah Friday who is known for the most inspiring words in the Vice News video of the Nigerian Armies boko haram campaign:

      “I am Private Jeremiah Friday. I’m fighting for my country. And if I die for my country, I know I died for my country.
      …Train hard, fight easy.
      …Train hard, bleed less”

      Photo courtesy

      Thanks to Oga Eeben (72nd Mobile Strike Force) and Russia’s Spetsnaz, we now have elite commando’s that are among the worlds best. There needs to be greater cooperation between Africans to grow this continent, the proof is before our eyes.
      boko haram can never understand the shock and blinding velocity of their defeat. Di tin do dem like winsh! (translation for Oga lachit: “to boko haram, it must have been like witchcraft”)

      God Bless the gallant Nigerian Army
      God Bless Nigeria.

    • jimmy says:

      Yes some of us on this blog have had a relationship with him for a while now.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  18. Roscoe says:

    On an aside: Abeg I miss Peccavi. I still read his blog but I do hope he comes back. May post a link to his analysis on post BH threat assessment.

  19. lachit says:

    @Kola Adekola

    all the problems in africa can and should be solved by the african people and african countries themselves.
    u must have heard of the story “The Camel’s Nose In The Tent”

    friendship between two persons and friendship between two countries are not the same thing.
    i have feeling that foreign tact covert support may have provided to BH with the intention to either dislodge or to force the president goodluck to fall in line.

    • Roscoe says:

      Our intel should know who the sponsors of BH is, there is a lot of literature on their financing and supply routes, the question of helos is something that confuses me, unless Military units from Chad/Niger and maybe Cameroon are supporting them I do not know how they would get helo support. the US had fingerprints all over the Ukrainian issue. More likely the US foreign policy is incompetent and incoherent, and arm their own enemies, see the latest clusterf@@k with Al Nusra Front absorbing “moderate” rebels, when the f@@k did we start having moderate jihadists? Another evidence of their mistakes with terror (Bin Laden and their current support of Ukraine is another illustration) A blind man could have seen this storm coming 3 years ago. Al Nusra now has lots of anti tank weapons. Obviously a lot of people were shouting stop it stop it hence the lack of providing Syrian Rebels with MANPADS. US policy is short sighted and they are a relatively big sponsor or terrorists (fine we can say inadvertently via stupidity but I am giving them a lot of credit). I doubt they supported BH. Jona was a big thorn in their toe but they had other means of applying pressure.

      The US is not as prescient as we give them credit for, the lumber along quite a bit.

      • lachit says:

        any rational observer of United States interventions all over the world that runs from Libya to Afghanistan would come to a simple conclusion: U.S. military action/intervention covert or overt leads to LARGE SCALE CHAOS AND DEATH OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

        helicopters can be painted to any national colors to blend or to offtrack intelligence agencies.
        also almost none of the countries have adequate surviellance radars to keep track of helos flying in and out.
        so getting a helo to airdrop supplies is easy
        my guess the helos are somehow connected to libya many BH operatives fought there and looks like they have called in favours from their former collegues.
        it makes sense too considering the war in libya and nigeria is based on jehadi brotherhood bend on spreading all over africa.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga lachit, many have reached the conclusion that there is tacit support, but Oga Eeben’s words point at direct support. It is very alarming indeed. Quiet as Goodluck Jonathan is, he seemed to be just too stubborn and protective of Nigeria’s sovereignty to the powers that be.

      For my fellow Nigerians, I will always emphasise and reemphasise that our lack of clear cut, dogmatic identity is our greatest security risk. In that light, our current constitution is the gateway for malevolent forces to foment insecurity through division (Christian against Muslim, North against South, ethnic group against ethnic group). Perhaps we missed a trick in not shouting out louder about replacing the current constitution with the results of the National Conference.

      Everything Africa needs is within Africa. Oga Eeben mentioned tracking; this “lost skill” as he put it, is the fort of the San people of South Africa. Some Africans would spit on such skills (again, the identity problem), whereas, they have formed the fulcrum of the devastating tactics employed by the 72nd Mobile Strike Force. Oga Eeben recognised the potency.

      When will we begin researching things like the powders our native doctors and traditional healers blow?
      When will we begin teaching our kids from early school about fractals which is an advanced maths discipline our forefathers used as the foundation for existence, but which many now call witchcraft?
      It is only through fractal math that you can learn the true meaning of “as on Earth, so in Heaven,” which the Dogon used brilliantly to decode patterns around the Dog Star, long before modern science could. Let us properly identify ourselves and the sky will be the limit.

      Watch the video of this oyimbo mathematics professor going on about African fractals, yet he doesn’t know so much:

      • Kola Adekola says:

        ‘this “lost skill” as he put it, is the forte of the San people of South Africa.’

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        plz dont get me wrong but i feel the power distrbution between the federal government and the states is not ok in tackling the BH and for ensuring its complete eradication.

        ******************”that BH formally emerged in Nigeria’s Borno state around 2002 as a sect
        led by Muhammed Yusuf, a charismatic Islamist preacher. The group clearly drew inspiration from puritanical islamist ideas, but was also nurtured in its early days by Modu Sheriff, the former Borno state governor. An opposition governor from the All Nigerian Peoples’
        Party (ANPP), Sheriff partly relied on Yusuf and his nascent BH militant wing – drawn from the large urban poor – to provide a buffer against the political forays of rival politicians from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), which ruled at the federal level.”**********************

        as u can see BH has risen to such prominence with the support of some vested entities.
        especially since the BH is on the backfoot, the federal government must have more power to intervene in the affairs of the state in the case of national security to root out dormant political sympathisers etc.
        after all aspects of destroying BH are carried out then the normal federal and state power distribution should be resumed.
        “desperate times call for desperate measures”

        plz note this is my personal view only

        as regarding the christian and muslim divide.i think the ground situation is not so bad
        as the narrative below clearly demonstrates which is indeed a good sign for nigerias future

        *************************In early 2013 Boko Haram began to notice that in northeastern Borno and Yobe states thousands of ****MUSLIM**** and ****CHRISTIAN**** young men were enthusiastically joining the CJTF to provide security from Boko Haram violence and provide information to the security forces about who Boko Haram members are and where they are living. In response Boko Haram openly declared war on CJTF members and threatened to come to their homes and kill them. Most CJTF members cover their faces while assisting the security forces. While the Boko Haram threat certainly terrified some CJTF men (who generally have no firearms), the leadership publicly defied the Islamic terrorists over the threats. The CJTF often operates with heavily armed police or soldiers nearby (ready to move in arrest Boko Haram suspects the vigilantes identify or fire back if Boko Haram attack). By the end of 2013 the army had begun to use the volunteers to replace troops at checkpoints. There are still some armed soldiers nearby, in case Boko Haram tries to attack the civilians, but this new policy has enabled more checkpoints to be set up and more through searches of vehicles to be conducted. This made it more difficult for Boko Haram to move around, plan and carry out attacks or to resupply the few men they still have in the cities. By the end of 2014 some CJTF groups were launching attacks on Boko Haram, and usually winning (because they knew the area and people better and often were able to launch a surprise attack at night).**********************************

  20. Oje says:

    There is already ranch between President elect Buhari and Chadian strongman Idris Derby, I forsee Nigerian Tanks rolling in Chadian villages to take out Boko Haram, Intel has it Boko Haram’s primary base is no more the Sambisa but in Chad, where they have an appreciable ability to recruit.

  21. chynedoo says:

    French paratroopers being dropped into Niger to be headquartered in Chadian capital. Their mission: to help in the fight against Boko Haram. I hope the Nigerian authorities are aware. France appears interested in getting its fingers on the pie

    • jimmy says:

      They could of driven from Chad so why the expensive part drop?.Does that mean Niger is defenceless or is France trying to send a message and to whom Book Haram? it cannot be to Nigeria whom they have excellent relations with.Maybe a routine exercise.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • asorockweb says:

      People, please note that the release says NORTHERN Niger. I read interdiction of Boko Haram supply lines.

  22. rugged7 says:

    Nigerian watch

    Nigerian Army mount final ground offensive on Sambisa Forest to finish off Boko Haram
    Sunday, 19 April 2015 10:52

    NIGERIAN troops have begun a massive ground invasion of the Sambisa Forest in a last-ditch push to dislodge Boko Haram terrorists from their hideout and rid the country of the sect once and for all.

    Since 2009, Boko Haram has being waging a war against the Nigerian state and at one stage was in control of 14 local government areas in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States. Since the beginning of the year, however, the Nigerian Army in concert with its Chadian, Cameroonian and Nigerien counterparts has succeeded in reclaiming a lot of territory back.

    Limited to a few havens in Borno State, Boko Haram has been on the back foot over recent months but despite the losses it still has the capacity to set off bombs. Also, there has been no sign of the over 200 Chibok girls abducted last April and Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau remains elusive.

    To try and flush out the terrorists, Military authorities have mounted an operation to liberate Sambisa Forest, which they expect to last for about a week. According to a military source, the sustained aerial bombardment by the Nigerian Air Force for weeks now have now made it possible for the army to move in today for ground operation.

    One military source said: “The operation is nearing its conclusion and the army will be moving in today, so I am sure that in a matter of days, if plans go accordingly, the operations will be over. Nigeria’s Air Force has been bombarding the area for weeks now and with the right kind of weaponry, the army is ready for the final onslaught.”

    According to the source, even though there is no concrete evidence that the Chibok girls are in the forest, finding them will be the top priority of the military during the operation. He added that there is a fear that some of the girls might be amongst the women killed in Bama and other parts of the liberated towns.

    Over the last eight weeks, the Nigerian Army has recaptured over 90% of the territories that were once under Boko Haram occupation with the exception of Sambisa Forest. Within the last two weeks alone, several towns leading to the forest including Allagano have been confirmed liberated.

    Nigeria’s chief of army staff Lt General Kenneth Minimah, said that the battle with Boko Haram terrorists is almost over. He added that with the expected recapture of the Sambisa Forest the Chibok girls might be rescued.

    “I will tell you that militarily, they have been defeated but as armed groups, thieves, armed robbers, or people who go about to steal, burn markets and loot to go back to the forests that will continue for a while. By the time we capture Sambisa Forest completely, we will be able to find out where the Chibok girls are,” Lt General Minimah said.

    Nigerian military authorities had assured the public that Boko Haram would be finished off by the time the tenure of the current government ends on May 29. President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, who is due to take over, is regarded as a tough general who will clamp down hard on the terrorists.

  23. tbite says:

    So are these Revas definitely owned by Nigeria?

  24. jimmy says:

    That Boko Haram will try to re-establish a cell in Cameroon in Amichide / Maroua

    • Roscoe says:

      The fight of the future is in Cameroon. Unfortunately Cameroon has an illusion of stability, its a tinderbox waiting to explode. BH is already embedded in there and that is there death ground.

  25. rugged7 says:

    Our “Battle-hardened” chadian “friends” seem to find it hard to secure just 1 village.
    Revelations et al

    Dibussi Tande @dibussi
    According to @LOeil_du_Sahel, Chadian troops return to Gamboru after yet another #BokoHaram takeover.

    • Kay says:

      I’m not sure what exactly is happening along this axis. It’s now stuff of comedy. Is it that the Chadians keep getting ‘beaten out’, regroup outside and reattack or they simply vacate the town soon after only for Boko to resurface there?
      Whatever it is, please…
      I think we should also make plans to station our own troops there or a form of armed units permanently.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Perhaps that town is empty. If it isn’t, then it isn’t Chad’s responsibility to protect our people, its ours. Regardless if they are there or not.
        We can keep blaming them for a sloppy job, but why aren’t our troops there securing the place if the Chadians aren’t doing well? Or the lives of those Nigerians living there don’t matter? smh

      • Are James says:

        valid point. We should not have had Chad there in the first place. I believe that town is empty and any occupying force is a sitting duck for sneak attacks. Only Nigeria has the surveillance assets to fish out the staging areas of Boko in the neighborhood and take them out through air strikes and special forces . Until then please let us stop gloating that Boko Haram is beating the Chadian army from a Nigerian town that they occupied. The beginning and end of that yabis just dont sound nice.

    • Are James says:

      Argentina found the cash, that is a surprise.

      • lachit says:

        they are going to regret it in the long term
        not cash but soft loans and land lease agreement for a long period 50yrs i think
        they just dug up their graves with never ending interest+intallment payments quigmire and surrendering their foreign policy to their paymasters.
        win win for china loss loss for argentina

  26. solorex says:

    @Lachit- Its actually a Win-Win for both parties- Argentina as a fairly developed Aviation industry that will be responsible for assembly and maintenance of bulk of this platform- I am sure in the next few years we shall see home made upgrades tailored specifically at UK threats as it concerns the disputed island. The platforms are cheap, China is a supplier who is not susceptible to Western pressure ( recall- that this is the Fourth time an attempt to buy jets have been scuttled by western influence- Kfir from Israel,Mirage from Spain,Grippen from Sweden) More,So the deal is most likely going to be partly loan partly batter ( exchange of goods)-Recall Russian had agreed to exchange Upgraded Su-24 for beef initially). For China, this gives them a strong much needed foothold in South America Aviation sector to compete with regional giant-Embraer/Brazil. FAB used to be a competitor of Embraer and with Chinese technology ( possibly investment) they may once again be able to rise up again.

    • lachit says:

      some of ur points are valid but u forgot THAT THE DEVIL LIES IN THE DETAILS.
      assembling fighter aircrafts is just nut and bolt technology, it does not contribute in any way to develop the nations aviation industry.more so, all the parts and equipments like assembling and test jigs, LRUs, electronics etc will have to be procured from the chinese OEMs therefore indirectly benefitting the chinese industry.
      i am not against the buy,every nation has a right to look after its defence needs,i am only trying to remove the misconceptions.
      for a 3+ generation aircraft(many will disagree with me on this but let us just agree to diagree) which the chinese airforce itself refused to buy (plz dont say china has no requirement for this jet after spending millions on it) the cost being paid by argentina is way over the top.
      also jf 17 is not the jack of all u really think it will give them any sort of advantage.
      britain will just deploy 3-4 Type-45 destroyers and the jf 17 will stay put in their bases.

      “***China is a supplier who is not susceptible to Western pressure*** ”
      assumption is the mother of all f**k ups.britain can always force the chinese or the pakistanis to part with the jf 17 radars frequency profile just like it forced france to give up the exocet missiles secrets.only time will tell.


      any neutral observer can see that Argentina is mortgaging the resources of the country to China in the name of sticking it to the West in order to maintain an unsustainable system that impoverishes its people and which in turn will inrease the rampant corruption which already thrives in argentina.
      But the reality is that swooping into resource-rich countries where no other country dare tread and shoving/negotiating harsh terms down desperate/culpable leaders throats is at least a good example of extreme form of (MAO inspired??) capitalism (MOVE OVER US AND WESTERN BLOOD SUCKERS hehehe!!!).only time will tell who is the worse


      The currency swap deal, as well as a secretive deal for a Chinese satellite-tracking station in Argentina have raised suspicion about China’s motives from many in Argentina itself.

      By undertaking currency swaps and commodity-backed loans, China protects itself to a large extent from default behavior from Venezuela which is indeed a very clever move on the part of the chinese and overlooked my many analyst.

      Furthermore, sources report that conditions are exceptionally harsh and would require Venezuela to increase daily shipments to China from over 500,000 barrels per day to over 600,000. More than half of current exports already go towards paying back loans.

      looks like they got more than they bargained for huh

      plz note this is my personal opinion only

      • solorex says:

        Great, but given the tight corner wherein Argentina has managed to put itself-its options are very very limited-only China or Russia! Its either you wait for a decade to get your finances right by which the world would have forgotten your claims for the Malvinas or get what you can and remain in military contention while you get the finances right.

        The Argentines understands what it takes to go up against a world power and the JF17 will most likely carry C802 or Condors 3 which are both fearsome even to a world power-They will also probably heavily upgrade and retrofit whatever they got-Your Exocet story taught them alot-remember that was why they developed the Condor Missiles and US had to pressure them not to give the Technology to Iraq in early 90s.

        The game here is not really to tilt the balance of power( even 5 dozens of Fourth gen Fighter will not do that)- The Game is to stay in contention militarily ( this has great political implications at home) and slowly build up ability to frustrate the hold of UK by scaring International oil companies and potential investors in the lucrative natural resources deposit-JF 17 is more than good enough for that. The US factor is still there-remember the A-4AR Fightinghawk upgrade was to actually prevent them from looking east militarily-now its has dawned on them that English influence is too great in the West and only the east can provide succor.

        Its not all thieving China- they also have a measure of noble intention- they are pledging an investment of $7.5b into Argentine Energy Sector and rail as soft loans( believe me-no one else on earth would do that at this time!). Deal also comes with local manufacture of Norinco VN1 APC ( with locally sources parts) and 5 nos PN18 OPV (anti sub version) with enlarged deck . Norinco VN1.

        See China knows that Brazil is too Pro West to give it a strong foothold (despite been there largest trading partner- they(Brazil) are also there largest competitor weapon sales wise) by partnering with Argentina (recall FADeA already assembles Z11 for civil market in South America) They can split the Latin American market and make good returns while lifting Argentina form the doldrums in the process!

      • lachit says:

        thank u i really liked the way u explained pt by pt
        and plz understand i wish good tidings for argentina and its people many of whom i presume are same like me.

    • asorockweb says:

      Good analysis.

      As Sensor and Missile technology improves, Fighter jets will take on a greater role as high speed missile platforms, improving the kinetic energy profiles of missiles.

      Argentina was left with little choice; it can’t compete with the UK’s influence in the western world.

      As the western world’s military technological base gets more integrated – mainly through acquisitions – it will find that it’s potential export market will also be narrowing, because each member nation of the technological base, has different security and “human rights” concerns.

      For example, if Brazil decides to help Argentina rearm, some western nations may start embargoing technological transfers to Brazil, which, in turn may force Brazil to substitute said tech with Russian or Chinese alternatives.

      Meanwhile economic power continues to shift to Asia.

      It’s all very interesting.

      • lachit says:

        yes argentina was left with little choice.
        but there is great merit in trying to FORGET somethings(eg FALKLANDS DISPUTE etc) in the interest of larger long term goals especially when it concerns the future generations of ARGENTINA.
        in a indviduals life one has to face many undeserved insults and wrong doings by more powerfull people but because of his family or some other reasons he chooses not to retaliate.he FORGETS about it, but NOT COMPLETELY he waits for the right time when the power equilibrium shifts towards him he takes his vengence.
        same is with a country,it cannot force the pace of geo political games being played about,it has to wait for the right time and right conditions.


        “Meanwhile economic power continues to shift to Asia”
        yes it is true but it is full of danger.
        china is by far the most powerfull in terms of economy 2nd only to japan
        but financial collapse of either of the two will lead to worldwide chaos that the world has never witnessed before.

        CHINA is sitting on trillions on US dollars worth of america issued BONDS.
        dont u think AMERICANS are losing sleep over this.
        what happens to america if china dumps all this in the open market.
        the whole us economy will collapse including countries dealing in dollar.
        this was the precise reason why EUROPEAN COUNTRIES PROPED UP THE **EURO**.
        IT WILL ACT A BUFFER AGAINST ANY FALL IN DOLLAR.isolating their countries against any financial meltdown.

        any future war between US and china will be due to this only.if US feels its economy is going down due to the chinese they will initiate hostalities under the guise of protecting taiwan,japan,korea south china sea etc maybe it will also insert itself on indias side in any future sino india conflict.who knows

        ***************PRESENTLY THE REAL JACKPOT IS AFRICA**********************

        sometimes i feel sad when people all of the world conveniently forget that it is a african mother who is the proginator of all the present human race now in existance all over the world.(it has been proved scientifically by profiling the DNA samples talken from various parts of the world and back tracing it)

        the african people hundreds of years ago were a lucky go guy type( like me :D)
        there needs were simple,nature was their god and sustainer,
        it was a marriage made in heaven.
        there was exceptions to these peaceful nature but the wars fought were less horrendous than those fought in other parts of the world.
        meaning the wars in europe etc made total mockery of “civilized nature of humans” which the european claimed to be and was quite opposite compared to their view of people in africa, asia etc as being “uncivilized”.
        says a lot about f**ked up superiority mentality huh

        but the problems now facing africa are its own creation
        age old belive in clans/tribe has led to mindless bloodshed.dumping of weapons by countries have increased the killing manyfolds.

        many people especially in remote and undeveloped areas have yet to grasp the concept of nationality.

        education has brought changes but still lot is to be done.
        also there is misconception that educations solves everything which is not true.
        first people must evolve the way of thinking they must change their attitude towards each other.they must believe in common good and universal brotherhood irrespective of tribe, clan, language and regional boundries.
        people really need to move on.
        and the single most important cause for unrest in africa today is another factor.
        logical, pragmatic and clear minded people will know this factor which i am referring to.
        i just wish the african people of bygone ages had the foresight to see this and had taken appropriate measures.

        only time will tell where we all will end up but the fun part is we are all gonna be together whether anybody likes it or not.

        plz note this are my personal opinions only

        *********because each member nation of the technological base, has different security and “human rights” concerns**********
        i really loved the way u put it i.e the different parameters of human rights concerns suiting each countries own vested needs.
        u took the bull by the horns slapped it a couple of times and simply rode it to ur home.

  27. zachary999 says:

    Would you rather get a squadron of F-16C from the boneyard and Nigerian pays for the Mid life update or buy a squadron of Su-30mkII (half of the examples already with hours and half brand new) from Russia ?

    • Henry says:

      Oga zachary999 always dropping information on code. It would be better to get a mix of used and brand new jets from Russia, than F-16C (upgraded) from the U.S.

      Although, the F-16’s can be upgraded by many firms, including TAI of turkey which carries a comprehensive upgrade, U.S foreign Policy on Nigeria cannot be trusted. This is the same U.S that refused to brand boko-haram a terrorist organisation and blocked the sale of 30+ year old Cobra Helicopters to Nigeria. They (U.S) would be cozy with you today, only to slam sanctions on you tomorrow.

      My only problem with the SU-30’s is maintenance, however, if we can get a good maintenance agreement with a Russian firm and a contract that ensures the availability of spares, the SU-30 would be perfect as it guarantees full operational sovereignty over an F-16 flying with a cloud of sanctions over it’s head.

    • jimmy says:

      This question requires a thread and deep thought.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Are James says:

      please give us the whole 411. You don come again with one liners and cryptic talk requiring ten pastors and twenty prayer warriors.
      As for your question, i would go for both.One does not preclude the other. The smartest countries in the world are India and Saudi Arabia.

  28. lachit says:

    i presume u were asking my opinion.

    from the point of view of easy maintenance and continous UNINTERRUPTED supply of spares i will select the F16.
    F16 is operated by many countries so getting spares and various upgrades including MLU (mid life upgrade) is relatively easier than SU 30.
    also the operational availability of F16 is way higher than SU 30 .

    but all the advantages of F 16 ends here.

    US is known to arm twist less powerful countries by threatening to stop spares supply and restricting the use of US MADE platforms.
    simply put u buy the F16 with ur hard earned money but u dont get full operational soverignity/control over it.
    also the relationship of US with nigeria is like a pendulum,so i dont think it will be wise to invest money in US made platforms.
    keeping in view the long term goals and strategic interests of nigeria, SU 30 will be the best buy.

    also the F16 and SU 30 are entirely 2 different class of fighter planes.
    SU 30 belongs to the heavy weight category and is 2 engined
    F16 is light weight and is single engined.

    generally the norm with many air forces world wide is to operate two types of platform.
    one platform which is the main workhorse(generally single engined) and another which is ur premium platform(generally two engined).

    the advantages of SU 30 are
    1.full operational soverignity
    2.double engined which means double chances of survival of the platform incase one of the engines fail.
    3.long range much more than the F16
    4.more than double weapons load compared to F16
    5.get a HMDS and combine it with R 73 Air TO Air missile,it will give the F16 nightmares.
    6.integrated IRST which cannot be jammed unlike the radar
    7.highly manuverable platform and with carnards and TVC will be virtually unbeatable in the WVR combat with F16 etc.
    8 if u manage to buy and integrate the lightening pod and israeli jammers,u can be sure of complete air superiority, unless the pilots falls asleep.lolzzz

    so in my view u should go for the SU 30 aircrafts.
    and also why buy old platforms, in the process to save a few millions u will end up losing much more in the long run.

    buy around 10-12 new SU 30 in the first tranch and then when u have enough capital but another 12.
    but be sure to have ironclad gurantees with russia regarding the supply of spare and maintenance.

    also u have the option of fitting the SU 30 with nigeria specific equipments which is a real plus point.
    also u can take the help of all the countries already flying the SU 30 like india,malaysia,vietnam,russia etc etc to train ur pilots and develop combat techniques.

    also u can get spares from india,they have inhouse developed many SU 30 components and can provide MRO related services at a lower cost and withen a lesser time period.

    also nigeria should buy the 2 seater SU 30 .its advantages are many.having a dedicated WSO helps the pilot to concentrate on flying and the WSO can concentrated on targetting enemies on the ground and air if necessary.
    also the PESA BARS radar is so powerful that it can act as a mini AWACS,it can detect priotize targets and handover coordinates of enemy aircrafts to other fighter planes for seperately engaging the enemy plane.(ie buddy mode)

    and i sincerely hope that nobody fell asleep while reading this lengthy comment. 😀 😀

  29. freeegulf says:

    hmm oga zach your reliability is top notch. this F-16 issue again. we are all ready to match to aso rock and get the sukhoi deal o. this is us playing another bad hand. F-16 since 1986, now we are crawling on all fours for boneyard scrap. may God save us. we dont have shame these days, its truly pathetic.

    @oga lachit, i find your remarks about argentina extremely offensive, and damn condescending. i expect you to know a bit of history on geo politics in south east asia.
    now asking argentina to stay numb and wait for your proverbial right time means you still do not understand grand strategy.
    like oga solorex allude to, the JF-17s are not necessarily for destroying RAF, just to put enough flame under the pot for now. argentina will rebuild her economy and her armed forces, and there will be no oil exploitation by uk firms in the malvinas/falklands if she plays her cards right.

    your fear of china should not turn you into a western puppy. yes, india is courting the usa and japan now to counter china, i dont blame her. back in the days, it would have been the ussr. now with china spending in excess of $45 billion in pakistan and a deep seaport at gwarda to link china to the ME directly, her peal of strings strategy is slowing surrounding india. however, to then use that lens to view every chinese deal wherever and whenever, shows lack of sagacity. the so called friendship with the usa is all surface, these westerners will do anything to stay on top. japan on the otherhand, still havent figured out whether they have a political destiny or not. good luck with india-usa friendship. it always end in tears, sorrow and IMF vultures.

    • lachit says:

      “oga lachit, i find your remarks about argentina extremely offensive, and damn condescending.”

      i meant nothing of that kind
      maybe because i was stressing on economic reforms u thought so.a matter of perception.

      lachit says:
      April 20, 2015 at 9:12 pm
      thank u i really liked the way u explained pt by pt
      and plz understand i wish good tidings for argentina and its people many of whom i presume are same like me.
      this was my last reply to solorex do u see anything extremely offensive, and condescending

      try to look at the time stamps when reading comments because sometimes replies are haphazerdly inserted and they end up creating misunderstandings.

    • lachit says:

      once bitten twice shy
      i think i am going to go stealth mode
      i concede defeat .
      and in future i will never allude to china pakistan india us argentina russia etc

    • Are James says:

      Gentlemen, this crazy Chinese railway passing from CHINA through most of PAKISTAN to the sea also deserves another thread . Some countries just seem to want to own this new century and nothing is going to stop them.

  30. lachit says:

    the advent of the anti-ship missile has increased the vulnerability of modern naval ships.
    ASMs can be launched from OTH (over-the-horizon) distances, at sea skimming altitudes just above the top of waves and have sufficient ECCM by which they can counter at least some of the countermeasures applied by the ship. eg harpoon exocet URAN etc
    in addition to the sea-skimming altitudes, their high transonic speed makes early detection hard which translates into a very short response time for the appropriate countermeasure.
    the response time is further reduced by the advent of anti-ship missiles with maneuvering capability at supersonic speeds. eg brahmos
    the threat is even worse if a number of these missiles are launched from different platforms
    simultaneously ie coordinated attack to saturate the air defenses of the target granit, bazalt(WOLF PACK MODE)

    the above picture shows how wars in the future will be fought.

    some of the ASMs are capable of locking on to the radar emissions of a ship. most modern missiles have anti-jam capabilities and either shut off their seekers and continue on the previous path or lock/home on to the jammer (Home On Jam) if jammed. also many missiles are capable of locking on to the IR signature of a ship making them even more dangerous.newer ASMs are capable of differentiating between the chaff and the ship by using pulse doppler radars in their seekers.

    u must understand that radar can act as a homing beacon for some ASMs and thus cannot be relied upon totally as it may have to be shut down in case the missile locks on to the radar emissions.
    the other method of detecting the ASM is the ESM on board the ship. using the forward scatter of the missile radar, it should be detected at long ranges. although most sea skimming missiles do not go active until they are fairly close to the target they do have to operate their radar altimeters all the time. a part of this signal is reflected by the waves in the forward direction and could be picked up by a ships ESM systems if they are sensitive enough to detect this forward scatter . this opens up the possibility of jamming the altimeter frequency.
    also a missile not using the altimeter continuously would have to operate at higher altitudes and thus become vurnerable to the anti air missiles.

    however, if the missile uses passive HOJ or locks on to the IR signature of the ship it would not be detected by conventional ESM. also the use of spread spectrum techniques in the missile radars makes them much harder to detect by ESM. the problem of stealth used by some missiles nowdays can be overcomed by looking for them in the IR region due to that fact that they cannot reduce their IR signature especially if they go to higher operating speeds. thus the IR detection systems will allow us to detect the ASMs.

    also missile like NSM use stealth technology to reduce the RCS and thus reduce the reaction time of the defender. these advance missiles have various ECCM techniques incorporated and thus the ships ECM is rendered useless.

    there are 4 stages involved in a missile attack by a ASM

    1. the first phase depends on first detecting the target ship. one has to locate and identify where the enemy ships are. this is the surveillance phase. radar is one type of sensor which is used for surveillance. the surveillance radars may in some cases be land based but can also be mounted on satellites, aircrafts uavs etc.

    2. the 2nd stage is the deployment of attacking launch platforms and selection of specific targets for missiles or gun fire. this is called the targeting phase. the radars employed in targeting are usually aboard the ships or aircraft that launch the Anti-Ship Missiles.

    3. in the third phase, i.e the mid course guidance phase occurs after the missile launch. the midcourse portion of the guidance phase may or may not use radar sensors. some anti- ship missiles use inertial guidance untill they approach the target, then turn on their radar and acquire the target.

    4. the fourth phase is the terminal guidance phase, in which the missile radar/IR seeker is actively
    tracking the target ship, and attempts to home on the radar echo/heat signature.
    thus for a anti ship missile to be successful it is necessary for each of the stages to be successfully negotiated.

    in order to effectively engage the missile, detection and tracking of the missile has
    to be maintained by means of active and the passive sensors.
    1. aactive detection includes radar and laser.
    2. passive detection includes detecting the missiles active radar, electronics, acoustic, thermal IR emissions and other power sources from the target.

    passive detection ranges are much greater than the active detection ranges due to the one way propagation of the electromagnetic wave in the propagation medium. after initial detection and identification is gained, a targeting solution is obtained by employing specific location of the target. once the targeting solution is obtained the anti-missile weapons can be launched. active detection and targeting sensors are in turn subjected to passive detection by the enemy defence providing alert and warning. the best solution is of course to destroy the missile launch platform. however, this is not always possible.

    one way of putting the enemy at serious disdvantage is to make them shoot at nothing i.e use decoys, electronic warfare, and even hack the enemy network to create illusory targets. 3 layered defence envelope is necessary to shoot/seduce the incoming missile with
    1.anti-missile missiles eg RIM-162 ESSM , Barak 1 & 8 etc
    2.close-In Weapon System eg Phalanx , AK-630M , Type 1130, OTO Melara- medium calibre guns etc
    3.decoy systems (chaff, flares or active decoys are employed to seduce attacking anti ship missiles by creating false targets.)
    eg MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft Kill System) shipborne decoy launcher system: MASS is a compact, reactive and fully automatic soft-kill launcher system deploying programmable multi-spectral Omni-Trap decoy rounds with radar, IR, laser, EO and ultraviolet payload, thus providing protection against against anti-ship missiles employing radio frequency (RF) microwave, infrared (IR) and/or electro-optical (EO) seekers.
    also Off-board Corner Reflector (OCR) decoys can be utilize to provide an improved capability against anti-ship RF seekers.

    above picture of MASS (Multi Ammunition Soft Kill System) shipborne decoy launcher system

    above picture of Corner Reflector (OCR) decoys

    however in a fast paced sea battle u can run out of anti missile interceptors, since they are carried only in small numbers.another option is to use laser weapons or electromagnetic rail guns, which are kind of unhindered by the no of reloads.
    also modern ASMs capable of turning around and searching for the ship again if it has been decoyed by a chaff,IR decoys etc and has not hit anything. Thus we can see that ASMs are getting more and more intelligent and becoming difficult adversary to deal with.

    SBX Radar to berthed at open seas though mainly for ABM these could be useful for OTH targetting.

  31. freeegulf says:

    oga lachit, you of all peep know you are always welcome with open arms. maybe its just your paternalistic tone towards the argentine situ and the backhand chinese swipe that made me call you out. anyways, do not see it as me trying to suppress your freedom of expression. i m in no way trying to do that.

    the argies have a difficult situ right now. yes, they should face their economic issue. however, in the face of british oil exploration in the islands, it would be counter productive to ignore the military reality of their country. they have just china and russia to turn to. in fact, if the usa decides to sell them 4th gen jets, they should say NO. with china comes lots of economic assistance. of course, this is not free aid, they are merely soft loans, the type no other industrial power can beat. that is the reality of china. we should not forget that. russia dont have the economic might that can sweeten such deal. the argentines are trying to work both on their economic situation and the re-capitalization of their military. that is why china is at the forefront today.

    personally, i had go for the J-10B. i prefer it to the joint fighter. we all know the argentine air force delegation visited china. they did their evaluation, for some reasons, be it technical or financial, they decided to go for the JF-17 (that is if the deal is finalized yet) so they must have had some prudent reason why they chose the latter.

    as for the pivot asia policy of the usa, the chinese need to constantly watch out for their economic progress. bad economic performance would mean them ending up like the soviet union. continued economic growth and its resultant political influence would mean imperialistic ambition. their leaders surely have not forgotten the major sticking points that led to usa-japan conflict before WW2. they the chinese have a vast border with loads of hostile countries that the americans can swing to their camp. the high art of strategy matters more here than any tactical move or operational manoeuvre.
    india should just play their own game without being forced into the american camp just to counter china. oga lachit, please feel free to express your opinion on whichever subject matter.

  32. Roscoe says:

    Good discussion from Freeegulf and Lachit, here is my 50 cents.

    The Malvinas/Falklands will end up being Argentine, however this may be anything from 30 years to 150 years. In the short term it will not happen and Argentina should forget about it, The UK will never negotiate with them without Argentina being in a position of strength, there will be no more conflict over the Falklands, it will either be a peaceful hand over or a violent defeat for the Argies. They cannot and should not fight for it. They can protest and what not to forge national identity and patriotism but they should not distract the populace from what is important.

    Argentina needs to go about the business of nation building, economic indices should be the key thing, even if they cannot access the global financial market they can work within themselves to source products to start exporting with creative financing, while working with neighbors and friendly countries.

    Russia is using Argentines boisterousness to needle the UK, hence the Sukhoi SU – 24 lease situation, its all part of the Eastern European saber rattling over the Ukraine and Russian breakout/Containment. The issue of Russian containment is a very old European foreign policy (since before the Napoleonic wars) and will not be addressed in this post, let us just say that for several reasons Western Europe fears Russian breakout, and this may be a justifiable fear based on the experience of the old Soviet bloc.

    The worst thing Argentina’s leadership could be doing is taking the Falklands issue seriously, strategically its just too far from the UK and it must be returned eventuall, the UK is aware of this. However if Argentina never becomes a regional power and UK stays a pseudo major power, meaning if they never deal as equals at the very least. The Falklands will always bear the Sigil of Great Britain.

  33. asorockweb says:

    Zachary999 asked:
    “Would you rather get a squadron of F-16C from the boneyard and Nigerian pays for the Mid life update or buy a squadron of Su-30mkII (half of the examples already with hours and half brand new) from Russia ?”

    Wow Oga zachary999, you have come again.

    Well, let’s consider.

    First of all, the 2 fighters are not of the same class:
    The F-16 was designed as a tactical fighter while the Su-27 was designed as a heavy air-superiority fighter. The F-16 has 1 engine, the Su-27 has 2 engines. Nations that take their defence seriously have both tactical fighters and air-superiority fighters.

    Than there’s the case of 10,000 lives:
    There has been many estimates about how many lives were lost during the Boko Haram rampage. What I know for certain is that the fight back by the Nigerian Army was delayed until the NA could acquire adequate systems to ensure a sustainable offensive.

    If the US allowed Nigeria to buy the protected mobility that we asked for towards the end of 2013, 1000s of Nigerian lives would have been saved. Did the US block the sale of Super-Tucanos from Brazil?

    I will place the loss of 10,000 lives squarely on the shoulders of the departing GEJ government, but any nation that acted as a stumbling block to the rebuilding of our armed forces cannot be trusted with the lives of Nigerians.

    Nigeria must leave the fold, but only to return as an individual nation:
    Nigeria must chart it’s own path. We must prove to ourselves and the rest of the world that we can thrive in this open, free and dangerous world. Only then would we be seen as an “adult” and only then would we be treated like an “adult”.

    Finally there’s the JF-17 from Pakistan.
    The Su-30s will be a nice compliment to the JF-17. The F-16 and JF-17 are both tactical fighters so I would not buy both of them.

    Let’s go for the Su-30s and let’s stay out of US politics for at least 2 decades.

    That’s my thought on the issue.

    • Are James says:

      Let is buy the two if we have the option. Your argument about the engine redundancy advantage on the SU 30 over the F16C does not hold water with accumulated experience and almost global standard status of the F16. There are just almost no more engine failure related crashes anymore on that bird. Basically there are no technological advantages that the SU 30 has over the F16C, the point for tge Sukhoi is that the SU is a more powerful air craft in terms of national power projection than the F16C. We can also do a lot more with it without political restrictions.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Well said, Oga asorockweb.
      We need to steer our own path in this world, being neither an eastern nor a western lackey, and that means making wise choices, from policy to weapons.
      We must never lack the ability to project ourselves both within our neighbourhood and across Africa; whether through controlling foreign sanctions or local ineptitude. This is of paramount importance at this time when Africa rudderless, completely lacking any form of leadership (a situation heightened by both boko haram in Nigeria and rampant xenophobia in SA).

      For potent war planes, we must choose those that are sanctions proof.
      SU 30’s or forget it. Perhaps, in the distant future when we are too big to be tossed about we can buy American war planes to balance out our relationships.
      Whatever happens, we must call the shots in matters of our destiny and sanction susceptible F-16’s do not further that noble aspiration.

  34. Roscoe says:

    With regards to India.

    India is a major regional power, a nuclear power and is working on being a sea power to project themselves, they are bounded by Pakistan on one side, and China on the other…. American interests are unimportant to them, If however allying with America gives them a strategic advantage over the Chinese , they will jump at it.

    Note that there is a long running border skirmish between China and India, with a major issue of undefined borders, as well as the minor issue of India – Pakistani relations, which is a more existential threat that has entered into the realm of terrorist arracks combined with the explosiveness of Kashmir. The US takes India relations extremely seriously and are actually courting them actively.

    If China cannot accept another major power in their back yard, not just a military power but an economic power and naval power, without America interfering China and India will be hostile to each other. This need not be but will need them to start buddy buddy now, and the issue of the South China Sea and the border issues need to be addressed. China cannot be hostile to India, Japan, Australia and the South East Asian nations at the same time, they need to buddy buddy with them and figure out how they can all grow together. There is no reason Australia and China cannot have a Defence pact together.

  35. Roscoe says:

    Zachary999 asked:
    “Would you rather get a squadron of F-16C from the boneyard and Nigerian pays for the Mid life update or buy a squadron of Su-30mkII (half of the examples already with hours and half brand new) from Russia ?”

    According to my knowledge, they are both Multi Role air superiority forces. They should fulfill the same purpose, we do have to look at our current supply chain, pilot training, maintenance plan, planes we maintain and all that.

    Which one should we get? Which is the better deal? Which has the better maintenance contract? Which one fits our strategic vision for the next 10-20 years. Are we getting the radar system also with the Su 30MKII?

    I would prefer we face East. Are the engine issues noted by the Indians resolved? What is the uptime of the SU -30? The West will play politics with weapons sales, they will delay parts in the case of any imagined or real issues. We know this as a fact. They have done it before and will do it again.

    Before we get a set of planes that wont fly because of spares or Leahy or some other imaginary issue. Lets face East. I have more confidence that we can get Russian and Indian subcontractors into Nigeria in a pinch.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Roscoe, class wise, I believe it’s:

      F-16 vs MiG-29


      F-15 vs Su-27

      That’s how the Soviets designed it in the 70s.

      • Roscoe says:

        Ha, thanks for the insight. Since the Su-30 is derived from the Su 27, it should be a “heavy” variant. In that case F-16 vs SU-30 can regarded as two different class of planes.

  36. Roscoe says:

    View story at

    Some background on the bearing failures noted by the Indian air force. Does not seem to be a big issue, but we need to understand the uptime of this aircraft.

    • Are James says:

      When we talk about reliability issues some people shout us down but operability issues are very key in buying combat aircraft. Some of these engines are thousands of parts in millimeters of clearances rotating at thousands of rpm at temperatures of thousands of degrees. Big issues almost always solved through technical ingenuity and hard work but every acquisition decision has to be very deliberate .

    • jimmy says:

      I have to reply to someone so I chose that person to be Oga Roscoe, it could of easily been OGA HENRY , AREJAMES, RUGGED OR ASOROCK, XNUR, RUSSEL INFINITY, DOZIEX, COL NGR
      Going back down Memory lane I coined the phrase “Go East my Generals’ this was @ the height of the Serious down turn in relations between Nigeria and America.
      This is the first time I have actually struggled to write on BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG because these people that i mentioned especially i hold their opinions with respect and i do not want them to perceive me to be inconsistent with my views or to bring the blog into disrepute, I am also aware people from both parties the PDP and APC VIEW THIS BLOG.
      The facts as we are aware of is that
      1) Nigeria has almost certainly signed a contract for at least a squadron of SU27/ 30 from Russia
      2) At the handover date / First week in June MAY31ST/ First week in June2015 ,Barring any tree huggers in America and Nigeria, Nigeria is CERTAIN to receive LETHAL AID from America.
      Nigeria’s situation:
      There is a movie called “Shawshank Redemption” .In it an Ex- Convict after being released from Prison attains a job in a supermarket bagging groceries, He does his job very well so well he literally ask for “permission” from his boss every time he has to use the restroom / Toilet eventually his boss tells him, you don’t have to ask just go.
      The F-16C and the well trained pilots arrive together with the parts what happens during the course of usage we need PGMS?, Renegade elements of the chad army have teamed up with the remnants of BH and are attacking Baga, Doron Baga and the islands of LAKE CHAD do we ask permission before we can piss? both Countries have to answer this question.
      The su27/ 30 based on what the Indians have not only said but done ( swapped some back) have indicated this is a high maintenance birdie which is surprising because coming from Russia but this is real, what is also real is that Nigeria needs a 4th gen jet Yesterday.
      The Americans know how to take care of their planes there is nothing like bone yard to them or else they will not insist on still flying the B52s and the same C-130S that the Nigerians fly.
      Nigeria’s needs
      Nigeria needs to have a DOCTRINE of Reliability and Pragmatisim for that it is in Nigeria’s best military interest to have:
      A squadron of SU27/ 30 with parts, pgms and technical assistance and future technical transfer
      This statement is attributed to Lord Palmerston a former Prime minister of Britain
      There are no permanent enemies or permanent Friends just permanent interest.
      It is a credit to both Nigeria and the US that Nigeria has 7/8 active service C-130S Upgraded C-130S in the AIR and judging by Nigeria’s current needs will need at least two more, I am using this as an example because these birds were crucial in ECOMOG and more recently in the North East plus Nigeria needs more ,it is also in Nigeri’a interests to be pragmatic and acquire at least 6 X F-16C as soon as practical with spareparts , pgms, training and the aid that comes with it , it would be helpful to both Nations and in both their interests if a C-130 AND IED detection equipment is part of the deal.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy, there are American boneyards for all sorts of weapons and all sorts of planes.


      • Roscoe says:

        Nice1. Pragmatism does say we get both. That way we get the uptime of the F-16 and also the no baggage of the SU-30.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        No F16s are coming

      • jimmy says:

        No one actually said they were coming, Oga Zachary as is his won’t with his cryptic analysis asked for an objective analysis on the F16C and the reported SU 27/30 Incidentally Oga Zachary has been spot on his sources he is not one to speculate. Lastly it was not a Nigerian who initially brought this subject up it was the US Sec of State Kerry who on his last visit to Nigeria made this public statement about the US contemplating selling an “Aircraft” after the peaceful election.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Sir Kay says:

      Gen Buhari might just overturn this

    • Are James says:

      This guy went on public TV (I watched it) and gave a contrary view to the Presidents plan for the way the NPF would work with INEC. He also whole heartedly supported the card readers at a press conference when the PDP were already pressing the president to dream up a way to stop their deployment. Also, the opposition party.was just too in the know of so much confidential information that I am surest many people high up switched sides a few weeks to the election. What we are seeing is the punishment for perceived disloyalty….I would definitely do the same if were in this position as well.

      • Are James says:


      • Sir Kay says:

        Perhaps, but its petty, the man have what, 6 weeks left in office, so its pointless. My own opinion of course

      • asorockweb says:

        You are saying the IG should have taken sides with the PDP?

      • Roscoe says:

        @asorockweb, much respect, I would not deign to speak for Oga Are James, but nowhere did he say the IGP should “take sides with PDP”. He just said this is retaliation for perceived loyalty and said he would do same if in the same position. If I selected a guy and he seemed to support the opposition party, yes… he should go and find another job. Its my place to give him the job, its my place to remove him. IGP is more a political appointment. Its not a merit based civil service position, if I appointed an AG and told him not to defend a case, I expect him not to defend the case, unless she wants another job.

      • asorockweb says:


        The IG is the head of the nation’s ONLY police force.

        He is appointed by the president, but the post of IG is NOT meant to be political.

        You should only fire your IG if he undertakes unethical or illegal behaviour. You fire your IG if he is not effective. But you DON’T fire your IG for not supporting your political ambitions.

        Question: Why didn’t GEJ fire the IG when he made statements saying that he doesn’t recognise the Speaker of the House?

      • Roscoe says:

        I believe the point being made is the IG seemed to be in support of certain things that were not in the ruling parties favor. Rather than remain “apolitical”. So while I agree that the IG should not be fired for supporting my party, it should not look like he is supporting another party either.

        In this case, the appearance was that he was supportive of APC items, he should have just not said those things publicly. At best he is a political neophyte, at worst he is in cahoots with the opposition party. I don’t know the answer but disloyalty was perceived, many a competent official has been removed for perceived disloyalty (see the Sanusi fiasco)

    • Kay says:

      This police chief was also once doing the rounds for the government Including trying to bar The Speaker access to the National assembly. Whatever happened after that made him switch his allegiance is unknown. However, we should strive for apolitical head of services or at least don’t go carrying your masters issues on your head.
      It’s good he’s getting kicked out anyway if even for other reasons than for disobeying then court orders about restoring security details.

  37. lachit says:

    @ oga freeegulf
    i hope u realize that there is always two sides to any story
    so plz go through the narrative below to understand my POV
    and also plz note that a smart fellow/country always tries to see the 2 sides of the coin so that he/ country can take decisions which benefit them and not the other way round.
    and also i am not anti china or pro china.i am a simple ordinary person who just wants to exchange ideas with others for mutual benefit.i have nothing to gain or lose except knowledge.and also i am not a internet warrior who wants to thrust his views on others.
    the call is yours.
    Aravind said

    I am currently stationed in Mauritius and I will concur that everything you have said about how the Chinese operate is 100% true.

    Here’s the most simple case study I have for you:

    The Chinese are currently building a highway and a dam here. Both projects are extremely high profile due to the budget & nature of the terrain involved. The Chinese company’s name is Sino-Hydro.

    Four years ago, the Mauritian Government had announced with great fanfare that the chinese investors would bring jobs etc and galvanize the economy.

    Fours years on, the chinese contribution to the local economy has been ZERO. Let me elaborate: I use the mentioned highway everyday to commute to work everyday..and the chinese are still here, working..why?? Well simply because a portion of the highway has collapsed and they are now repairing it. The repair works will go on for another 18 months! Hell, even the dam has gone grossly over-budget because the soil at the site is very porous, hence useless for dam construction. The Chinese knew about this. So what did Sino-Hydro do then? They brought in another company (chinese of course!) to blast rocks from a neighbouring mountain to fill the site!

    Another Chinese company completed a new terminal at the airport just last year…& what’s the problem here you ask? The budget allocated went through the roof.

    Everybody involved be it an engineer or a chaprasi is imported directly from PRC. Even the guys who sweep the streets after the heavy duty trucks pass are chinese & not locals.

    So are the Mauritians stupid? Nope, that’s just how the Chinese operate. They look after their interests ruthlessly. I was previously posted in Mozambique and the situation with Chinese Co.s there is identical! Look at what they are doing in Angola, Uganda and everything will fall into place.

    As a result the newly elected government here no longer wants to deal with the chinese. The newspapers here say that Modi smelled blood and promptly visited Mauritius a month back & as a result ALL the next big ticket projects in Mauritius have gone to Indian companies namely the new cybercity, the second capital city, the construction of a harbour and an airstrip on Agalega island etc. Mind you, this has major implications since all these projects had been earmarked for China when Hu Jintao had visited Mauritius.

    What PAINS me is that the Indian media is clueless about this. Now, it could be because the media here is overwhelmingly in French but i suspect that is only half the story. 🙂

    To conclude i would advise my Pakistani friends not to count their chickens before they’ve hatched. Just look at Mauritius. Haven’t you been burned by the chinese before that your’re getting so excited? Each one of those $46 billions will flow back to China!

    P.S.: The previous Chinese loving PM of Mauritius is now under arrest and awaiting trial for corruption and money laundering. Here’s what investigators found at his residence :

    Worse, his girldriend left the country on the night the electoral results were anounced. She left Mauritius with 12 suitcases filled with money. Interpol arrested her in Italy last week:

    So finally, where did all that money come from? just connect the dots 🙂

  38. lachit says:

    @Are James says:
    “Gentlemen, this crazy Chinese railway passing from CHINA through most of PAKISTAN to the sea also deserves another thread . Some countries just seem to want to own this new century and nothing is going to stop them.”

    About the infrastructure development in PoK as part of the project to link gwarda port through PoK all the way to china is not a childs play, as it is the Karakoram Highway is open for only 4-5 months in a year. Construction of all-weather roadways will involve extensive tunnelling in a seismically active/unstable area that itself will provoke several more earthquakes & landslides.Therefore let us not come to any premature conclusions & instead wait for the conclusions of the feasibility studies now being conducted by Chinese geologists based in Peshawar.
    also there is the overhanging threat of terrorists trying to attack the chinese workers.
    also how are the other regional players like the saudis,iran,india,afganistan and global players like us eu going to view this project.only time will point in counting the chickens even before the eggs are laid and by the way the hen can always be replaced.
    Iran has traditionally felt much more comfortable cooperating with India than with Pakistan. If Afghanistan, India & the US agree to promote Chahbahr as the main entry-port/exit-port for promoting trade with central Asian Republics, then Iran/india/arabia/africa stands to reap tremendous spinoff economic benefits, which in turn will help every concerned countries economy to reap benefits from access to new markets in central asia.also India further wants to import LNG through an undersea pipe originating in southeastern Iran & then going to a LNG terminal in Oman & from there proceeding towards Gujarat. and from their tonwards to various other destinations.
    with the signing of the us iran deal, things might just get more interesting.

  39. lachit says:

    Spares for all military equipments of Russian origin have to be sourced through Rosoboronexport. The end-user cannot bypass Rosoboronexport & go directly to the Russian OEM/third party vendors like ukraine/india etc.
    the end user must take prior permission from Rosoboronexport to do so.

    • Roscoe says:

      Thanks for that, this should be included in the negotiations. The Indians have done some innovation on the planes, we should be able to talk to them and dual source some components if needed.

      • lachit says:

        there is a english version russian magazine named just google it and go to their english version website.
        then click on the archives tab .
        here u will find lots of pdfs with info on russian jets and helis.
        just download the latest 4 pdfs and u should find all info on su 30 series

  40. jimmy says:

    One thing is very clear whether it is Belarus, or any former Soviet bloc republic You still have to “feed the Bear” do not feed the bear do not expect any honey.

  41. jimmy says:
    This is very important , please oga Beegs,HENRY, XNUR, ZACHARY does anyone know who Gen .Cyril Iweze is?
    Gen GARBA the recently retired GOC or the one responsible for putting down the Orkar Coup?

    • freeegulf says:

      maj gen CY was chief of staff during the ECOMOG landings and liberation of monrovia. abacha retired him as a maj gen.

    • Are James says:

      Guy man no go fit do all these world leader stuff. Let us stop deceiving ourselves. Total core values is equal to zero. Strong Ideological fidelity non existent. No social conscience, no urge to solve a pressing human problem, no psycho social hangups that obsess the mind and deny sleep. A regular Joe, your favourite neighbour down the street, the man you sit to next to in church. God wanted to prove something and he has done it now let the West look for a demoCrazy poster boy elsewhere.

      • Roscoe says:

        Lol. You harsh gan o. We as human beings go through multiple stages of personal development, I think GEJ’s failure is a teachable moment for not only him, but for all of us, we need to demand excellence in our selves. Note: I believe he is capable of serving as a global force for good, he can be coached and he can develop, and he can become a symbol for democracy. He did some good things, not signing the EU trade agreement, procurement against BH, putting systems in place that help in procurement and supply chain. Let him be a poster boy, if not him. Who?

      • giles says:

        jonathan was never a failure. pls if i may in wot aspect did he fail

      • Roscoe says:

        @Giles. I meant failure during the elections. Not his failure at anything else.

      • Roscoe says:

        His failure during the elections was due to the electorate holding a very high standard to governance , and saying that what he had done was not good enough.

      • ozed says:

        My bro i see that you have tons of beef for the guy. However, bear in mind that that position is the hottest seat in Arica, possibly in the World. Not many people come out of it with their reputations intact.

        Lets watch the new man and see how his popularity runs after 1 year. The same guys who are shouting Hossana Hosanna will soon shout crucify him!!! he has even not done himself any favors with his plenty promises.

        I have followed Nigerian transitions actively since 1983, both democratic and military, trust me you need to be circumspect in judging those brave men who bear the mantle of leadership, e no easy!!!

      • ozed says:

        @ Are James

      • Are James says:

        You need to feel strongly about things generally to drive change, we have not seen that yet in the Man in six years. However, his political career has only just started with his term over as president which is strange but very true. Such was the speed of his promotion within Nigeria’s arcane political system that he actually started at the very top yet he is still young so we are going to be seeing a lot of him in the next so many years locally and maybe sub regionally. May be even another run as president possible after some years. Definitely, he will not be allowed to go quietly somewhere.

        If he tries again for public office, hopefully we will get a more passionate person with a good hammer in his pocket this time to knock heads ….the heads of his friends.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I smell a constitutional crisis.

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