Nigerian troops in a DShK 12.7mm HMG-armed Landcruiser gun truck patrol the streets of Mubi

21 April, 2015

Two soldiers were killed in a Boko Haram rocket attack on a military vehicle in the northeast Nigerian town of Baga, residents told AFP on Tuesday.

Six other soldiers and a civilian vigilante were critically injured when their vehicle hit a mine planted by the Islamists just outside the town in Borno state on Sunday, they added.

The attack and the mine explosion happened as the military escorted some 1,200 people from Baga on a brief return visit to their hometown from the Borno state capital, Maiduguri.

Boko Haram seized the town on the shores of Lake Chad on January 3 and is suspected of killing hundreds in what was feared to have been the worst massacre in the six-year insurgency. Nigeria’s military said it had recaptured the town in late February, as an operation also involving Chad, Niger and Cameroon stepped up to drive out the militants from occupied territory.

“Boko Haram fired a rocket-propelled grenade on a military van in an ambush in Baga which killed two soldiers and destroyed the vehicle,” said resident Karimbe Maina. The soldiers were driving back to their base outside Baga to mobilise more troops to help drag an armoured vehicle stuck in the mud across town on the shores of Lake Chad, he added.

“Following the attack which killed two soldiers there was a prolonged gun battle between soldiers and the Boko Haram gunmen, which forced the gunmen to flee,” said vigilante Haruna Shuaibu.

The attack disrupted the tour,forcing the residents to leave their badly damaged and pillaged town as quickly as possible, said Musa Bulama who was on the visit. The visit was initially planned for Sunday but was temporarily stalled after a military vehicle set off a mine in Kauyen Kuros village, six kilometres (four miles) from Baga.

“We had to spend the night in Kauyen Kuros as a result of the explosion which injured six soldiers and a member of the civilian vigilantes giving security cover to the convoy,” said Bulama.

Military spokesman Chris Olukolade said on February 21 that troops had to clear landmines planted by Boko Haram before being able to enter Baga.

Nigeria claims to have Boko Haram on the run and that troops are poised to storm the group’s Sambisa Forest stronghold by the handover of power to president-elect Muhammadu Buhari on May 29.

But with increasing talk of some of the 1.5 million people forced to flee the fighting returning home, the Baga residents said the area was still infested with militant fighters.

“Boko Haram are still in the bushes around Baga and move in and out of the town unchallenged because soldiers confine themselves to their base in Mile 4 and only carry periodic patrols of the town,” said Maina.

Bulama added: “The area is still not safe. Boko Haram are very much around in the surrounding areas. No one should contemplate moving back into the area because it is dangerous”


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  1. doziex says:

    Old habits die hard.

    NA cannot go back to the old ostrich defensive posture.

    You have to use aggressive purposeful patrols to dominate the enemy’s lair.

    This disrupts their decision making or planning cycles.

    Recon and patrolling is the name of the game.

    STTEP should be given a longer term institutional training and advisory contract.

    Let’s not again underestimate the resilience of this foe.

    Now is the time to track, stalk, and finish the reminants of BH.

  2. There is no silver bullet for insurgencies, it takes time and a multi pronged approach to deal with it for good. Some of the returnee indigenes cld b BH for all u know.

  3. ozed says:

    The Army has almost concluded its key mission i.e. the conventional battle. DSS and police anti terror units must move the covert intel gathering mission back to high gear, to identify and root out the covert BH cells which have doubtlessly blended back into some of the liberated towns.

    Meanwhile re the picture above, why the boy mounting the DHSK tie eye like batman?? Hehehe.

  4. Roscoe says:

    The Soldiers are fighting as they have trained, barracks for defensive shape with little recon or show of force patrols. One unit took the town and moved on, another is occupying it. This shows that if the men are well trained they will fight well. This is however not just a military issue. The Local Government must be constituted, the police force built up. And of course CJTF militia. Good governance must come to our border towns so as not to leave a power Vacuum that can be exploited.

    Watching ISAF FOBs, small drones, daily patrols backed up by mortars and arty, daily sweeps, raids every once in a while in known enemy territory, air strikes once the enemy is identified, clear rules of engagement.

    • Roscoe says:

      2nd paragraph was describing ISAF FOB and how they operate, however the ISAF has the same issues we face, few forces to defend large areas, plus civilian centers do not make the most defensible areas.

  5. Bigbrovar says:

    On the contrary Oga Ozed.. This war is far from concluded.. time and time again we have seen BH regroup restrategise and come back stronger. Operation Zaman Lafia major achievement is dislodgement of BH from major (and minor) towns and villages.. It has still not been able to inflict a decisive defeat on BH.. most of BH elements tried to avoid direct conflict with NA and just withdrew back to the Mandara mountains where they are hold up.. regrouping and hoping to creep back.. The only solution has doziex suggested is relentless reckon and patrolling.. We need to continue to track, stalk and attack BH over and over again.. We can not afford to give them breathing space. With the election over, my fear is that we would see a return to status quo. the garrison mentality which has failed us in the past.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    RIP to the fallen.

    Boko haram has basically taken over the whole of northern Cameroon, so they can still strike our border areas, only to pull back and regroup in a safe haven.
    We need to sweep into Cameroon or at least be able to dominate a 2km stretch into Cameroon from Nigeria.

    AGGRESSION is the solution.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga’s, can we not dominate Northern Cameroon from a standoff point through drones (armed and surveillance) and highly mobile artillery systems, especially MLRS?
      Please, correct me or make suggestions with your expert opinions. I be civilian.

      • jimmy says:

        It is not that we cannot do that but there are crucial things that have to be taken into consideration:
        1) International Law must be seen to be obeyed prior to any Military engagement
        2) There has to be a combination of Political / Military / and Secret service Intel that literally fuses together so the ” three handed” person knows what the left hand is doing the right hand is doing and the left/ right hand is doing this has to work especially at these god forsaken border regions, building multiple layers of WALLS DO NOT WORK, ASK ISRAEL ASK the US People who are coming to do bad things in Nigeria will simply dig a hole under neath the fence, the problem is not the wal the problem is the surveillance and elimination of such people the price for such people to come into Nigeria must become very expensive, Nigeria shares borders with four Nations it will be almost useless trying to wall yourself in Saudi Arabia and Kenya are about to find that out.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy, lobbing artillery and rockets into Cameroon does not require their political cooperation (which never existed in the first place). Secondly, it will standoff action, not be a physical invasion, so there is no scope for treating it as a war and invoking International law (basically like purchasing a shotgun to kill an ant and getting mulled by the cost of the rounds). Lets not forget that boko haram is a terrorist group and nobody’s national asset.

        So, if we can dominate Northern Cameroon from a standoff point through drones (armed and surveillance) and highly mobile artillery systems (especially MLRS), lets go for it.

        About Israel’s fence not working? The opposite is the truth. That wall has kept out terrorist actions on mainland Israel very effectively. Israel’s wall is a raging success. Nigeria MUST do the same.
        73 suicide bombings were carried out in Israel between 2000 and July 2003 before the wall was completed. When last did anyone hear that a suicide bomber was able to cross into Israel? More details here

        Not fencing Nigeria will only make us weaker and boko haram stronger, especially if boko haram is a tool employed by our neighbours to destabilise us. It will be sacrilege not to fence Nigeria.
        Even your house get fence, abi? Will you destroy it to “improve” your security?


        We no send pesin.


      • giles says:

        uav +mrls/artty =very good strike.i tink it time we combine dem both for accurate strike

  7. jimmy says:

    I see Cameroon suffering long term in this mess created by three countries, moving forward, NIGERIA has to make it to her known TO HER Neighbors that SAFE HAVENS will be taken out whether it is Amichide or whether it is one of those Islands that straddles both sides of the border between Chad and Nigeria.
    For the conclusion of this War to take it’s last breath the LEADERS OF Boko Haram must be Captured alive, this is extremely important alive no one effectively takes their place dead someone gets moved up.
    As the ogas have said relentless patrols and interdiction missions must be continuous, but consign the soft skinned vehicles to Nonvolatile areas also the NA should expect blow back with their ongoing operations in Sambisa Forests.

    • Roscoe says:

      Ungoverned spaces must not be allowed to exist in the border regions, or else another force will simply take BH’s place after their leaders have been eliminated, Extreme North Cameroon is going to have to do threat assessments. If BH is not already in situ it is only a matter of time.

    • freegulf says:

      @oga kola, which israeli security wall? voilence ke, reduction ni. look at saudi and their wall, its already getting shredded by the houthis residing close to the border.
      the major reason the violence went down in israel has nothing to do with the wall specifically, it has more to do with the pushing out of hamas militants from the west bank.
      the PA is in charge of the west bank and abbas have chosen a non-violent route. like oga jimmy mentioned, those coming to carry out nefarious activities will simple bore through the wall.

      there is no silver bullet for countering terrorism. it is a long steadfast game. we simply have to destroy their conventional and semi conventional capabilities, that’s NA work done. then the police and SSS take care of the insurgency part. yes, the army will need lots of FOBs and aggressive patrolling. and to answer your question, it would surely be the right thing to launch cross border attacks into any of the 3 bordering countries with or without their permission.

      from now on, intelligence will be playing the biggest role. surgical strikes, HUMINT, SIGINT, ELINT, these are where we need to start spending our resources if we want to eradicate this vermin.

      as for the fence and walling, except we want to mobilize the civil defence corp, and arm them to man the fences (which i highly doubt we can pull off), i see it as a waste of scarce resources. fencing the entire northern border is not a cake walk, i suggest we look more comprehensively, the devil is always in the detail.
      with good police work, aggressive fighting patrols from the NA, cooperation of the civil defence and security corp, the communities, DSS, NAF, and good ol’ management and zeal, we would defeat these terrorists in detail.

  8. jimmy says:

    COURTESY DonKlericuzio

  9. jimmy says:

    courtesy Don Klericuzo

  10. jimmy says:

    I just read on twitter that there are Nigerian Army men and women training in ALABAMA ,USA, i do not know how far this is true can anyone substantiate this?, by the way the lady is Nigerian

    • Roscoe says:

      For sure there are/were Nigerian Military personnel (I know of Air force personally) training out of AL. I believe it was in Montgomery (Maxwell-Gunter AFB) also Helo training goes on in Central AL, and there are some bases out of Northern AL that have combined arms training. But I am unaware of any Nigerians outside of Montgomery.

  11. jimmy says:

    Is it possible to transfer water to LAKE Chad from the Central African republic?

    • Roscoe says:

      The Chari river is currently the largest source of water to Lake Chad, running From CAR down… Unless there is some restriction which we want to negotiate its removal, it Is not possible to add more water to Chad from Chari because we are downstream from it, we cannot pull more from Chari but they can deny us the water by damming it up or otherwise.

      However, there has been long running plans (since 1929 according wiki) to divert water from Ubangi river into Lake Chad also in CAR, LCBC has started some preliminary approvals, so yes… It is possible if this diversion is executed.

  12. Williams says:

    Hello Brothers…sorry to derail from this thread headline but something really is not okay with this new found love between the president elect and the US

    please I want us to analyse this report–dokubo–others-persona-non-grata/207445

    To me this is the most stupid act of the US and this clearly shows that there is divide.

    all the people mentioned in the list where they the only once who made war comments? how about Amaechi, Atiku, Buhari & Lai Mohammed? in as much as I don’t want to involve politics in this blog but we cannot avoid it.

    Does this mean the US folded their arms are watched our brothers and sister been killed in north and they refused to help because Jonathan was in power?

    this act alone has clearly shown a division in Nigeria by the US. the US are indirectly tryin to cause a split in Nigeria……. South against North.

    we should all voice out to this and reject the US.

  13. Williams says:

    Yes you right but they should totally stop making comments about the political scene in Nigeria. it’s not nice at all. some people are still healing from the loss they had during the election and statements like this from the US and media houses in Nigeria should quit.

    let them go an find solution to the mess they have put the middle east into.Now they are kissing Iran’s feet because of Iran has made more advance in Nuclear technology than they have.

    I just don’t trust this two-faced American government. they are smelling of insincerity

  14. Williams says:

    I believe that the soldiers on patrol or escorting should always be on an heavy armored vehicle In the north east due to the volatility of the region.

    meanwhile my 20year old cousin has just been posted to the north east……details about his posting are not yet clear but I am certain he wanted this.

    RIP to brave men.

  15. Meanwhile………Oga Beegs abeg lemme have your email addy

  16. Meanwhile………Oga Beegs abeg lemme have your email addy pls

  17. buchi says:

    basically,this will happens from time to time as a reaction from entrenched ambushes if we fail to massive show aggressiveness towards patrols especially of the urguarded pockets at our boarders..there is nothing more to add coss my ogas above have already disected the issue properly.
    however our intel lines and sources especially off the borders must be sharpened and expanded…SA must be high..recons should be aggressive,not only motorized but i think mobility recons with squads equipped to partially engage and report status should be given priority too.
    i have a bad feeling that the biggest losers ahead will be the camerounians and chadians..

    • Roscoe says:

      With no visibility of the deck of cards (9ja dey too code) we have no idea where his Abu Mojahid dude lies in the hierarchy , or the name itself is a nom de guerre ??. That said, do we have a deck of cards or similar nomenclature for BH and its affiliates. I heard of a list of 18 most wanted but never saw it, any one has a link to it? I know the US have Shekau, Al Barnawi and Adam Kambar. SSS tell us who this people are in case we see them randomly strolling on the street in Jos or Damaturu.

      • Roscoe says:

        I meant to say US has named Shekau (Deceased) , Al Barnawi (alive) and Adam Kambar(?Deceased?) and there is also one Nur (?alive?) dude that his name floats in and out of Ansaru/BH discussions. Our own country has lists but they are hiding it some how, expose the exposable! Don’t tell us who they are after they are dead.

      • buchi says:

        PGA roscoe u mean mahman nur .
        a camerounian leader in the hierarchy of by.formerly a major player in ansaru.if fists are anything to go by..he aided the disintegration of ansaru and betrayal of Khalid al-barrawi to security forces around 2 to 3yrs ago…
        basically I think if he is alive nd still active.he must be the head of cameroonian oops section and from an article I remember I think in thisday news paper after the UN house bombing he specifically was fingered as a demolitions expert of the team…our crazy awol boko haram annoying excuse orbs friend fulan nasrahluh.seems to have good Intel.on those three figure head..shekau,barawi nd nur…
        Is it me or has anyone noticed our little friend has been in ghost mode since October last yr..hope.he wasn’t the camera man killed in riddiance

    • OriginalPato says:

      @Roscoe obviously Abu Mojahid is a nom de guerre

  18. rugged7 says:

    Are they rescuing children or helping boko haram escape back to chad???
    Basically cleaning up…
    Diaris God o!

  19. Sir Kay says:

    I wasn’t gonna comment, but just had to.
    I mean, seriously? Escorting that many people on some tour? When the environment hasn’t been secured? Talk of recklessness, these people can wait a little longer, not saying its easy, but isn’t it better to be a refugee for a while until the area is cleared and secure, than dying on some tour.
    No need for such, not now, that’s still a hot zone for Christ sake. smh

  20. rdokoye says:

    It’s really funny how the media tries to portray itself as having more knowledge and understanding of what’s happening than the actual military. So Boko Haram are moving in and out of Baga at will and the Nigerian military are apparently completely oblivious to it, but the media, seem to have the heads up, like they have surveillance drones flying over the region.

  21. giles says:

    @ DonKlericuzio
    1 Nigerian Navy SBS Commando Breacher was lightly
    injured in a successful joint SOF Assault team raid
    on a #BokoHaram safe-house today

  22. ugobassey says:

    I think for now, most of the towns in the north east should be heavily militarized (ie: turned into military cities/towns) while the original residents be allocated new (Safe) areas to start and rebuild. Its not a clever idea to try to quickly resettle these civilians in these war zones even if BH is currently on the run. Which one of us on this blog would want their mama, papa bro and sis to go back to such places. Resettlement will take time and federal, state and local governments should work on trying to bring their lives back to normal.

  23. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram terrorists out of arms, ammunitions — DHQ –
    By Ndahi marama
    MAIDUGURI—AS troops continued their mop operations to rid the Sambisa Forest of the remaining Boko Haram terrorists in the forest, the insurgents are said to have run out of arms and ammunitions, an escapee and military sources have revealed.
    This is even as the Director Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade confirmed to newsmen in Abuja that ground troops with support from air strikes have stormed the forest, smoking the terrorists out of their hideouts.
    Although, Olukolade did not disclose whether the troops have succeeded in killing or destroying terrorists’ camps in the ongoing raid which began yesterday, an escapee from Tabe village in Damboa Local Government Area said “the Boko Haram terrorists have run out of arms and ammunitions as the military have intensified attacks on Sambiza Forest”.
    “You can find more than 500 of the insurgents with only few of them having rifles and even when one or two of them have rifles, they have no ammunitions. It is just like somebody holding a stick…, as they have run out of ammunitions, because the usual supplies they get are not forthcoming.
    “I am optimistic that the military will succeed by killing many of these sect members who have been terrorising residents in the past three years from the forest,” he stated.
    According to him, “the Boko Haram terrorists have only bow and arrows, matchetes, daggers and other local weapons, as they have run out of arms and ammunitions and were roaming about in the bushes of the villages along the fringes of the Sambiza forest.”
    Another resident of Yamtake village told Vanguard that, “ As a result of the recent aerial bombardment on the Sambiza Forest, many of the sect members including their commanders have fled into the nearby bushes in Yamtake.

  24. lachit says:

    when a country faces home grown insurgency the best way to cope with it is adopt either of the 3 strategies ie EXTREME RUTHLESSNESS ,PIN-POINT ACCURACY ,DRAIN THE SEA or any combination of the above three stategies.
    *****************************************************************************************************************1.the aim of the EXTREME RUTHLESSNESS strategy is to act in such a violent manner that no one is willing to support an insurgency for fear of what the consequences might be.when the decision is made to strike, it must be terrifying.In order to maximise the effectiveness of such a strike, it must then be publicised, without regret or excuse, so as to make it the best possible demonstration to the population of the consequences of supporting an insurgency.
    “In other words, the true objective of your strike is not to kill people per se. Rather, it is to display your ruthlessness and your willingness to go to any lengths to achieve your objective.”
    2.the PIN-POINT ACCURACY strategy of counter-insurgency aims to ensure that violence is kept to a minimum, that the only people hurt by the counter-insurgency efforts are the actual insurgents, and that the problem of insurgency is treated, as much as humanly possible, as a criminal matter, rather than a military order for such a method to succeed, the counter-insurgency forces must have extremely good intelligence, and above all must be highly professional and disciplined so as to ensure that they will exercise discrimination and exercising extreme self-control the counter-insurgency forces attempt to ensure that they do not alienate members of the local population, and thus that they do not increase the local community’s support for the acting in this way, the counter-insurgents can also come to be seen as the protectors of the community, rather than a threat to them.
    3.The DRAIN THE SEA strategy takes its name from a quote attributed to Chairman Mao, who suggested that in order to be successful a guerrilla must be able to move through the people like a fish through the water.the main idea of the strategy is to prevent this sort of movement by identifying the sections of the local population that are likely to support the insurgency and then relocating them to places where they can be closely watched or controlled, and thus where any insurgent activity among them will be easy to spot. those insurgents who remain after the supporting population has been relocated will be much easier to locate and deal with due to their isolation.

    given the complexity of nigerias fight against BH it will prudent if nigeria takes the following steps to counter BH hide and seek tactics fllowing its defeat.

    1.a consistant political decision to defeat BH, including willingness to go for cross border raids into BH camps in neighbouring countries.

    2.strengthen control over the reclaimed territory from BH

    3.priotize intelligence ie counter BH through relentless

    a.Psychological operation (PSYOP)
    b.Military deception (MILDEC)
    c.Operations security (OPSEC)
    d.Counterintelligence (CI) operations
    e.Counterpropaganda operations
    f.Public affairs (PA) operations

    Sun Tzu said “If I am able to determine the enemy`s disposition while at the same time I conceal my own, then I can concentrate and he must divide”.

    4.isolating the territory(inside nigeria/outside nigeria) within which BH seeks to operate i.e. to ensure that there is no safe haven to which BH may return to rest and recover, and cutting off their access to external expertise, weapons, and financial backing).

    5.multi-dimensional cooperation between local/national intelligence and security forces operations.

    6.separating the civilian population from BH in all aspects.

    we must not forget that BH can also conduct intelligence ie obtain information from watching the daily activities of a military base, phone tapping or speaking to locals.u have to keep an open mind to all possibilities regarding the capabilities of BH,because IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

    also NA “clearing-out” the BH dominated areas is not going to be the end of BH, the NA will be well advised to now familiarize themselves with the reclaimed areas in order to obtain information on – the possible enemy hide outs, terrain and routes used or likely to be used by BH and prepare the necessary profiency in ORP, OP and ambush tactics in order to counter operations of BH in the these areas from hide-outs inside nigeria or by infiltration from neighbouring countries.

    as far as i understand the aim of BH was not only to kill people and ban western education but to spread parallel government to establish their own legitimacy. Hence, the aim of the NA forces should be to make conditions suitable for establishment of a effective government machinery in the northern areas for total nigerian by give equal emphasis on winning hearts and minds.

  25. lachit says:

    i would so love to see the wannabe BATMAN armed with DShK in action.
    maybe it is his personal PSYOP effort to stun BH .
    (he,s even got a cloak and a mask sort of OMG!!)

  26. Oje says:

    Disturbing news, but i see this as nothing but an act of desperation to become relevant. That said i am firced ti ask this question. If Chadian troops decide to clandestinely arm Boko Haram how will be Nigerian army be able to detect this? Our government has basically gifted a huge chunk of VILLAGES AND TOWNS to Chadian troops by refusing to send Nigeria troops the area of operation under Chad. Boko Haram may be weakened, but this wont be the first time, we need foreign troops off out soil if we are to encircle the remaining Boko Resistance and starve them to surrender.

  27. mcshegz says:


  28. Number one says:

    This entails heavy spending and recruitment.I think we’ll need to remain on a war footing for the next few years.Northern Cross Rivers state should have a detachment of mountain troops and a scout helic squadron to patrol that portion of the mandara mts. .

    • Number one says:

      @ Oga Lachit

      • jimmy says:

        I believe you meant Adamawa State.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • lachit says:

        @oga Number one

        ” This entails heavy spending and recruitment ”
        not u utilize ur resources ie both money and manpower depends on u.
        carefull planing and resource allocation will cut down expenditure in a big way.

        u will notice that i have emphasised on all kinds of INTELLIGENCE GATHERING /OPERATIONS .here u will definately have to recruit additional manpower who are highly trained and skilled in various forms of INTEL sourcing and analysis.u can take the help of friendly countries to train ur operatives in Psychological operation (PSYOP), Military deception (MILDEC), Operations security (OPSEC), Counterintelligence (CI) operations, Counterpropaganda operations, Public affairs (PA) operations.
        however the no of such operatives will be small since nigeria has its own well established intelligence agencies.u can easily absorb them in these new units.
        also these will serve not only against BH but will infuse much needed capabilities into the nigerian intelligence community.they will definately have a important part to play in the future because terrorism has no boundries u will always need to be alert and councious to new treats which can only be done through timely intelligence.

        @ oga Number one

        ” I think we’ll need to remain on a war footing for the next few years.Northern Cross Rivers state should have a detachment of mountain troops and a scout helic squadron to patrol that portion of the mandara mts ”

        to understand the realities of war/counter insurgency operation u have to think like a military man.
        staying garrisoned inside fortified postions will not achieve anything,since the enemy is out in the open among the civilians.
        u have to conduct AREA DOMINATION PARTOLS FREQUENTLY so as to inspire sense of security among the population and to check the activities of the terrorists.
        and also to familiarize themselves with the reclaimed areas in order to obtain information on – the possible enemy hide outs, terrain and routes used or likely to be used by BH and prepare the necessary profiency in ORP, OP and ambush tactics in order to counter sucide bombings and ambushes on civilians and security BH from hide-outs inside nigeria or by infiltration from neighbouring countries.
        so simply speaking u have to preemptive or atleast try to preemptive any possible BH attack.

        as far as i know the helicopters are owned and flown by the NAF.
        when the war against the BH is over, the remaining BH terrorists will indulge in hit and run tactics.they will attack in small groups of say 3 – 5 men.
        the helicopter tactics used against the BH during the regular war is applicable against counter terrorist operations as well.but the hard fact is that these helicopters have a certain operational life after which they have to be discarded.
        now if NAF helis starts chasing/conducting patrols after these each and every numerous 3-5 member terrorist cells they will quickly run out of the shelf life.
        as such the helicopters will be called in during important missions only.
        therefore the primary responsibility of counter insugency operations to eliminate these isolated terorist cells will be that of NA especially the eeben trained group 72 operatives who are expert in fast paced relentless persue and engage operations.

        many people seem unaware of the fact that if regular army troops are kept engaged in peace keeping and counter terrorism operations over prolonged period of time they somewhat lose their efficiency to engage in regular warfare which is their primary job. reason being regular warfare require different set of skills and everything-form rules of engagement to operating procedure, everthing is different.there it is advisable to withdraw the army from CT operatons as soon as proper replacements in the form of paramilitary forces,counter terrorism forces draw from various civilian law enforcement agencies are found.

        they best and fastest way to train CT forces is to embedd civilian law enforcement forces with the regular army troops conducting CT operations.
        in that way they ” train hard and fight easy ” i.e QUICK BAPTISM BY FIRE.

        my knowledge about nigerian states and geography and army area of operations is not good so i cant comment on this
        ” Northern Cross Rivers state should have a detachment of mountain troops and a scout helic squadron to patrol that portion of the mandara mts ”


  29. freeegulf says:

    good job oga lachit, after the successful conclusion of the conventional phase of this WoT, i intend to write a thesis on the army’s order of battle for contemporary challenges.

    and yes, you are correct, cross rivers should have some mountain troops. infact, there should be a composite div that encompass rivers, cross rivers, and the old gongola state AOR. this div would have organic air mobile, amphibious, and mountain components.

    the geography in those areas are so diverse. the country is unique in its geograpy, and the army should be able to take full advantage of this gift. only few countries in africa have such diverse landscape. therefore NA formations could easily cover every known habitats other than the tundra.outside of arctic warfare, we have no reason to be unprepared for any other type of warfare in any chosen terrain.

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