LAGOS, April 22 (Xinhua)

Nigerian troops combating Boko Haram militants have killed notorious top terrorists commander Abu Mojahid in northern Nigeria’s Borno State, a military spokesperson said Wednesday.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Defense Headquarters Major General Chris Olukolade said in a statement reaching Xinhua that the commander and other terrorists had staged a daring attack on troops who were on patrol on the outskirts of Alagarno area on Tuesday morning.

He said a number of terrorists died as the troops repelled the attack, adding that some Rocket Propelled Grenades as well as vehicle mounted Anti-Aircraft guns were either captured or destroyed in the encounter.

Olukolade said the military operations
are continuing in the form of offensive action on identified terrorists in some forest locations.

He said aggressive patrols, mopping up as well as cordon and search are also continuing in the other locations in search for weapons and terrorists. According to him, improvised explosive devices planted by the terrorists to deter the comprehensive offensive by the advancing troops are also being carefully cleared as troops continue to pursue fleeing ones.

The military spokesperson said the
operations especially in forest locations are progressing in defiance of obstacles and land mines emplaced by the terrorists.


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  1. Roscoe says:

    Does any one have the deck of cards for BH/Ansaru ? or is that deep classified? We know SBS/SF is hunting them and know who they are so I think it would be good. Or at least an article on the 18 wanted members and their current status. It would be scoop if this blog got and Longwarjournal or some other blog broke it.

    • Roscoe says:

      If this blog got it instead of another blog, and who the heck is Abu Mojahid? Battalion/regimental level commander or just an administrator.

  2. alade says:

    Now the elections has come & gone…shldnt Nigeria conclude on which fighter jet she wants to induct? I’m very curious as to wat happened to the Russian deal & the Pakistani jf-17thunder….

  3. why are our security services always so short on info, we have nothing beyond a name and dt he is a commander.

  4. Sir Kay says:

    Nigerian special forces prepare to fight Boko Haram in Diffa, March 26


  5. COLONEL NGR says:

    Nigeria has always been good at keeping info. We wont get more than a name. Its the same way other info about boko haram is kept secret. I am just waiting for sambisa to be cleared. The army will soon place advert for recruitment into the army for combat officers and professionals. Known as DSSC/SSC, i want to see if there will be new guidelines to stem the tide of those who join the army just to get a job.

  6. freegulf says:

    @ sir kay, those are nigerien troops not ours.

    @oga roscoe, at a certain level, we dont want these bastard terrs glorified, on the otherhand, you are quite right, we are too secretive for our own good.
    outside of the 4 major names, its hard to pinpoint who these idiots are. its not the job of the NA, rather it should be the DSS job to hunt these rats in every nook and cranny. how many of them are actually living under the rock. their arrowheads might as well be driving around in convoys and nigerians would be non the wiser. this whole WoT is not are streamlined as it should be.

    • Roscoe says:

      Not giving them pr is the right thing, however descriptive info is not pr. US state depth said it was due to Nigeria asking not to give bh pr that they did not initially designate them a terrorist org. Obviously that was the wrong call.

  7. drag_on says:

    On the Navy front,

    Senator Iroegbu in Abuja
    The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, has stated that the Nigerian Navy has adopted
    a double-pronged strategy towards acquiring ships to carry out her operations.
    Usman disclosed this when the Minister of State for Defence, Col. Augustine Akobundu (rtd) visited the
    Naval Headquarters, Abuja, in continuation of his familiarisation tour of the military services.
    On the one hand, he said, ships are being acquired from some friendly countries and on the other hand, the
    NN is complementing the foreign acquisition with domestic construction of ships.
    He said that the success of this two-pronged approach was in the commissioning of four ships into the
    Service of the NN in February 15.
    “The NN also received five interceptor boats (K-13 Boats) early this year that were constructed in the
    Netherlands. On the domestic front, the NN constructed its first 31-metre Seaward Defence Boat, which
    was commissioned by his Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR, on 1 Jun 12.
    “The construction of a second Boat is at advanced stage. In the same vein, the NN Shipyard Port Harcourt
    is presently constructing an ocean sea going tug boat”, he revealed.
    Additionally, Jibrin said, six NN ships including NNS Ayam, Barama, Brass, Ekun, Ogue and Yola are
    currently undergoing refit at the NN Dockyard, Lagos.
    The Naval Chief expressed Navy’s confident that its local refit efforts will contribute to NN capacity to
    patrol the nation’s vast maritime environment.
    “It is worth mentioning that the Nigerian Navy has just signed an agreement with PRIVINVEST, a ship
    building company in the United Arab Emirates to come to Nigeria and partner with us, so that we can
    upgrade the Naval Dockyard Lagos in order to begin local construction of capital ships which will meet
    international standard”, he disclosed.
    Jibrin informed the Minister that PRIVINVEST has the capacity of constructing ships of Air Craft Carriers
    class and other assets for effective service delivery which can guarantee adequate security in our maritime

  8. ugobassey says:
    If the Sambisa forest is indeed saturated with mines, air raids alone wont be able to solve the problem. DHQ needs to deploy as many mine sweepers as possible also where intelligence indicate heavy concentration of BH, MRLs should be used with devastating effect, I think the battle for Sambisa might be the likes of Iwo Jima. Expect casualties because this is their last stronghold.

  9. Martin Luther says:

    Interesting, it took 12mins for Kenyan SF to neutralizes the Garissa attackers, 1hr to fly in the SF from Nairobi, 13hrs to get them to the plane in Nairobi and at the end only 150 students plus killed. Just as it took 6 weeks to crush BH after six year in Nigeria. We as Africans should learn to celebrate right thinking and right doing

    • Roscoe says:

      Response time was too slow. Even the state acknowledge the Intel and response time failure. Siege was too long and casualties too high, police should have been first responders. Significant failure for Kenyan security forces. The terrorists achieved their aims.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Aren’t we talking about 4 terrorists here? Not like they were in the hundreds, and yet their goal was achieved, that was some high death toll

  10. jimmy says:
    It appears increasingly as speculation begins to mount more intensely on this blog that
    LT.GEN.Abdulrahman Dambazau, (Rtd) is most likely to be the Next NSA as per the US constitution He / gets to see the President As early as 6.a,.m in the morning and is regarded as one of the President’s most trusted men or Women
    I intend to write a piece on LT. GEN Dambazau, the first Army to be called rightfully a Doctor , very interesting fellow, it is indicative of this man who has always found away to express himself and get in and out of trouble is once again in the news for one of the most sensitive positions.
    Let me say this about GEJ I have been one of your most Strident and most VOCAL critics , but the lat two months you have exhibited in my opinion nothing but the highest amount of class despite the frustration of some of your most trusted people letting you down,,
    in the US it is said as a proverb that the Basketball playoffs have not begun till the home team loses a playoff game on it’s home court for the un- initated the equivalent in soccer would be for Nigeria’s Eagles to lose in Lagos in the first leg to Ghana and have to go to Ghana and beat them in Acccra to qualify for the World Cup.
    i have no proof but from the Body language of both the President and President- Elect just like the NA did in a six week Period it appears GEJ is more than determined to ensure the DEFENCE CUPBOARD IS NOT BARE come May 29th
    I expect to see:
    Continued Procurement on a G2- G2 basis
    ANDONI 2
    The completion of the second ship type P-18 ship by 2016.
    Inevitably it appears that Nigeria will go for the Russian built SU27/ 30.
    GEJ will warn GMB about America’s duplicity but look for a resumption in aid/Military training with the US by July , POTUS has pegged July to visit Kenya. For Nigeria look who attends the inauguration from the American / British side for clues
    The Addition of a brand new SPOC division headed by a previously retired 2- STAR GENERAL
    speculation though unreliable will center around Maj .Gen Chris Iweze (RTD), inevitably also speculation will also center now that he lost the Kogi gov election it will also center around Maj Gen Sarkin y. Bello ( rtd) . My opinion would be to find a role for Air Marshall Paul Dike ( rtd) who should of been made CDS

  11. jimmy says:

    *Army Chief of Staff to earn a doctorate*

  12. jimmy says:

    Breaking news:
    GEN beegs mo beni WE NEED A THREAD
    Breaking news
    who is Gen Lawal JAFARU ISA.?

    • There have been soo many rumours regarding the list that I just ignore them now. What wld b the point in creating a thread based on something that may be a farce.

      • jimmy says:

        While I agree with you there have been many list, this list was sent to the National Assembly as well as the Security Agencies for background checks. Also it contains the name of General Jafaru Is a who to the best of my knowledge I did not see on any of these list.Hence I asked who is he? If he is going to be Defence minister we on Beegs need to know ,not arguing with you or disagreeing just curious.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • I’m still skeptical especially regarding the submission of the list to the senate. I assume Buhari will want to send his ministerial list to the new senate rather than the current senate especially when u consider that his party wld hv the majority when the new senate is inaugurated. I dont know ur sources and u may be right just airing my thots

  13. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria military says still in Boko Haram stronghold despite mines


    (Reuters) – Nigeria’s military said on Thursday it was still advancing in Islamist group Boko Haram’s last known stronghold, dismissing reports that land mines had forced them to retreat.

    A pro-government vigilante and a security source had earlier said troops pulled back from the Sambisa forest after three vigilantes were killed driving over an anti-vehicle mine.

    “It’s not true that our troops are retreating, in fact we are still marching forward in Sambisa. Our troops are still in there,” Defence Spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade said by telephone.

    Earlier, a soldier who asked not to be named said: “The soldiers have retreated to Bama because of mines. They had been on the road but that made them vulnerable, so they moved to the bush but there are mines planted there (too).”

    The Sambisa forest, a former colonial game reserve, is about 100 km (60 miles) from the village of Chibok, from where Boko Haram abducted more than 200 secondary schoolgirls a year ago.

    Intelligence officials believed they were being held in the forest, but U.S. reconnaissance drones failed to locate them.

    “Three of our boys were killed by a landmine as we progressed into Sambisa. We’ve suspended going farther,” Muhammad Mungonu, the vigilante, told Reuters.

    The militants controlled an area the size of Belgium at the start of the year, but have since lost much of that ground after a concerted push by troops from Nigeria and neighbors Chad, Niger and Cameroon in the past two months.

    A Chadian military source said a joint military operation involving forces from Niger and Cameroon was expected to begin to encircle the Sambisa forest next week. Chadian troops will go in from the Cameroonian border, where they have been massing.

    Over the last six years, Boko Haram have killed thousands and kidnapped hundreds in a battle to establish an Islamic caliphate. President Goodluck Jonathan’s failure to crush the Islamists contributed to his defeat in Nigeria’s March 28 election.

    (Additional reporting by Madjiasra Nako in N’Djamena; Writing by Helen Nyambura-Mwaura; Editing by Tim Cocks and Andrew Roche)

    • jimmy says:

      I never believed they left Sambisa in the first case,the saw the same Ieds and tunnels at Gwoza and Bama they did not leave.Why would they leave now?

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Roscoe says:

        Different forces, probably led by a different man, units may not have capability. Since it seems the men are fighting the way they are trained, there is still some knowledge inherent to certain units. I mean Baga for example was recovered swiftly despite significant IED presence.

      • Roscoe says:

        I doubt they pulled out of Sambisa, they may be bogged down by the IED and ambush tunnels tho.

      • lachit says:

        does the NA use mine ploughs fitted to t 72 or other tanks to clear mines

      • lachit says:

        also sniffer dogs should be utilized to detect ieds and tunnels and flame throwers should be used to clear out tunnels. very effective

  14. COLONEL NGR says:

    The army pulled out 17 Maj.Gens and 14 Brig.Gens today. They were all retired this year. This means that new postings have been done. I really wish we can get the names of the new branch chiefs at the headquarters.

  15. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria Army in Sambisa Forest

    • rugged7 says:

      Credit: DHQ

      • rugged7 says:

        The ubiquitous hilux vans again.
        Where are the Igirigis??
        DHQ, una dey try but make una do the needful.

    • rugged7 says:

      I also humbly encourage DHQ to do voice-overs describing picture sequence events so that JJCs can follow the narrative.
      Better film qualities will also be useful.
      But overall, good idea on DHQ’s part to rebut these animalistic foreign media who never see any thing good in Nigeria.

    • asorockweb says:

      The Helicopter does not look like a Gazelle, but the troops are looking more uniform in their uniform.

  16. Colloid says:

    I don’t agree the Army pull back or retreat. They had so many encounters with IEDs and Mines in past missiøns yet they push forward and decimate those scumbags. So, who are these “amateur” reporters telling lies to? Same NEGATIVE media blitz they almost run Nigeria down with before the HQ turn all of ‘them’ to look like a fool with VICE NEWS documentary.

  17. jimmy says:

    I pray they give this tape to Nick George.

    • Sir Kay says:

      As per my comment on Yahoo regarding this article, I’m sick of reading from these idiots always using the word “Fled”, normal military term should be “Retreat”, or am i wrong.

    • Sir Kay says:

      And if they fought from night till the following day, what ever happened to air support?
      Know what, I’m done talking about this trash, nothing over there makes sense any more

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Where could boko haram have suddenly found 2000 armed fighters and how did they get to Marte, except from across the border?

      Each time we hear Chadian troops are massing, a boko haram raid follows. Coincidence or what?
      It has happened numerous times at Malm Fatori, Gamboru, Damasak and a couple of other places.
      The propaganda leaflets French helicopters dropped in the Adamawa area were written in Chadian and Niger Arabic. Another coincidence?

      It is well known that a great proportion of boko harams commanders are Chadian. We need to be getting to the root of this and pre-empting any massed attacks on our weaker flanks.

  18. freeegulf says:

    @oga jimmy, farewell to gen Bakut. but in my opinion he was too lenient and shouldnt have been FC at that critical stage of the liberian crisis.
    maybe as FC after the ’97 presidential elections, yes he would have been a good choice, but in ’91 ’92, it was a tragic decision on the part of IBB and it would cost the lives of thousands of monrovians.

    gen bakut and gen kupolati were too lenient and diplomatic, if it wasnt for the likes of gens olurin and malu, ECOMOG would have had a very ignoble end.

    farewell to the general, he was above all a thorough professional.
    RIP sapper

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