Nigerian troops and a T72 M1 tank on the road to recapture BAGA

A T72 tank provides fire support at Baga

Armoured vehicles enter BAGA

A communications centre installed by Boko Haram

Nigerian troops step in to mop up after the rout of BH



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  1. OriginalPato says:

    Does NAF have ELINT capabilities? Looking at the fourth picture, it’s possible to locate major camps/communications hub and knock them out.

  2. beegeagle says:

    The NAF do own the most advanced ELINT airframes in sub-Saharan Africa. Initially, these were Alenia ATR 42-500 MPA Surveyor planes.

    Late in 2013, both surveillance planes were upgraded with ELINT equipment in Scotland, further boosting their capabilities.

    At this time, only Nigeria, Angola and South Africa possess any ELINT assets in all of sub-Saharan.

  3. Kay says:

    This demons even own a comms unit. Na him dem no trace their I.P, pinpointing it’s geographical location by triangulation and sending them a missile with ‘safe journey to hell’

    • Naijaseal says:


      Those are satellite links, they do not go through any of terrestrial links whose traffic is intercepted by our little Isreali aided setup.

      Someone techy must be aiding these folks, normally satellite providers wont turn up a circuit willy nilly in a country.

      • Naijaseal says:

        Another thing, satellite bandwidth cost a lot of money. Also, those are fixed antennas showing BH was fairly settled down in this place and has a set of good IT/Telecom hands.

      • Kay says:

        Interesting. I think we should step up intelligence efforts in this area then. Once upon a time, their favourite past time was destroying mobile telephone masts. Seemed to have evolved to satellite comms. Not far fetched, they’ll be on satellite phones too. I don’t want to believe it’ll be too difficult to track them though.

  4. Colloid says:

    What an Irony! BH claim “Western Education is a Sin”, yet they made use of western comm gadgets to propagate their terror.
    These Satellite dish unit, i believe BH made use of them as Receivers for their C4. These are ways which they upload their videos. Uhm…tapping Nigeria Space Signal and still fighting them.

  5. jimmy says:

    Bomb blast @ 3rd Div Jos

    • engineerboat says:

      The blast in Jos Barrack is not Boko Haram blast, the Army are trying to transport unservicable equipment for destruction in the bush, when some of them explode.

      • jimmy says:

        Okay I was not sure as you can see from my statements .I did not mention bh by name I i just said “Bomb blast in Jos @ 3rd Div Jos.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    That communications centre will give Nigeria a complete idea of who boko haram was communicating with, what satellite(s) or terrestrial masts (likely) that they were using etc.

    • tbite says:

      Yes we need to be more strategic and precise. In the past we have been known to cut mobile service across state areas, leaving residents to utilize services from neighbouring Cameroon.

      We shouldn’t be executing such extreme measures. Our people should be monitoring frequencies, jamming signals, tracking the whereabouts of these people when we see fit. It should be a game of controlling the stakes…not one of excessive measures.

      We need to eliminate Boko Haram, but that comes with knowing who they are. You cannot defeat somebody that you do not understand.

      We keep complaining about Boko Haram regrouping or evading us etc. We need to know what they are doing…it is not enough to impede them. So in this situation, we need to know why these satellite dishes were there and what information was being relayed.

  7. Roscoe says:

    The coms setup speaks to very advanced command and control. This is y2k tech… not shortwave or otherwise. They prolly have encrypted signals. Signals int units in NA should look to intercepting their sat signals in future engagements. This is why bh is comfortable destroying masts. Cjtf or some other local forces are using GSM signals to Co ordinate. But bh does not need gsm.

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