A BIGFOOT MRAP performs escort duties at CHIBOK

A Landcruiser gun truck at MUBI

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  1. Oga Beeg, do you have an idea how many IGIRI APCs there are in service and what their performance has been and any challenges regarding their operation

  2. beegeagle says:

    We were very reliably informed by a leading player in the Streit-NAEME collabo which developed the early production variant by NAEME into this improved vehicle, that the production run for the vehicle type last year amounted to 25 units.

    This vehicle, like the Streit Spartan Mk.3, was built on the proven and sturdy driveline of the Ford F550. The big man told me that pointedly.

    Are they durable? I can only guess so. If we are not getting reports of below par performances from the Spartan APCs, whether assembled by the Streit Group in the UAE or by AutoKraz in Ukraine, and widely deployed for combat in Nigeria, Libya and Ukraine, I do not fear for these improved Igirigi APCs .

  3. beegeagle says:

    Again, I am aware that the IGIRIGI APC has been photographed whilst on field operations in places as far apart as Mubi, Abuja and Banki

  4. lachit says:

    a very interesting concept of operation theatre comlex on wheels .This complex comprises five vehicles, namely, operation theatre, pre-operative room, recovery/post-operative room, sterilisation and store room, and a generator vehicle.

      • rugged7 says:

        Very interesting Lachit.
        I think this is one area we haven’t really discussed on this blog.
        Post trauma management of battlefield injuries, field management, medivac, equipment,systems, HR…
        Primary, secondary and tertiary management systems…

      • Are James says:

        You can demobilise in 5 minutes and change locations.

    • Colloid says:

      I dnt even for once believe the “over run” of marte by BH and “retreating” of soldiers from Sambisa forest due to mines considering the NEGATIVE MEDIA BLITZ we witness with this “Hammer and Anvil” onslaught and the fact that the Army had met,seen, and conquered stiffer resistance(by BH) and mines/ieds ridden towns had been retaken by NA.

  5. buchi says:

    colloid…..what else do stunned haters do..
    marte is still fluid

  6. Defence Headquarters

    22 mins ยท

    Series of stories being generated to paint a resurgence of terrorists activities in certain parts of the operational area are being orchestrated to prop up the seriously degraded capacity of terrorists. All checks in Marte have not confirmed their presence or activities in the area, where some reports claimed the terrorists chased out soldiers during the weekend.

  7. The reports by some media outfits claiming that terrorists are now in control of Mafa in Borno State are false. The truth is that an attempt by a group of fleeing terrorists who strayed towards the town and engaged in their typical suicide attack was duly repelled by troops. Similarly, the claim by some media organisations that terrorists chased out troops and took over Marte cannot be verified as troops were busy elsewhere during the said attack.

    However, all efforts to track the terrorists who were reported to have attacked the town have not indicated their presence as claimed. Surveillance activities are however ongoing although there has been no indication of the large number of terrorists as being claimed in some reports attributed to anonymous sources. The terrorist are certainly no longer capable of that level of coordinated action by thousands of terrorists as reported.

    Also, troops have not retreated from Sambisa forest as claimed by same sources. Rather, the operation is progressing and gaining increasing momentum towards clearing all terrorists hideouts in the forest.

    It is noteworthy that it is becoming common for stories of attacks on some remote settlements to be fabricated and attributed to anonymous or unidentifiable source in remote places. This is apparently the work of terrorists sympathisers or propagandists.

    Military operations to eliminate all terrorists hideouts are going on well and the terrorists are being seriously decimated. They will continue to be pursued and prevented from constituting danger to civilian population in their desperation for survival, suicide or publicity.

    The media is advised to ignore fabrication being churned out by some terrorists sympathizers trying to encourage the terrorists who are in disarray. The truth is that the operation to decimate them from Nigerian territories is progressing well. The military will not be dissuaded by the resurgence of false reports on the operations. The progress will be prosecuted as necessary.
    – See more at:

  8. rdokoye says:

    If it sounds unbelievable, then it likely is. If Boko Haram had that many soldiers (2,000), then they would have used them in defence of Gwoza.

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