The extremely rugged SOLDAT, pictured here at MUBI, has lately been enjoying phenomenal sales success with major deliveries to the armies of Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria and Laos during the course of these past six months.The SOLDAT is also fielded by the armies of Ukraine, Angola, India, Indonesia and Yemen

The AutoKrAZ range of trucks first entered Nigerian service in 2008 when the Nigeria Police Force acquired a total of 100 units of the plucky 4×4 KrAZ 5233BE trucks which immediately got deployed to the Police Mobile Force and Counter Terrorist Unit formations.

MEANWHILE, mechanics and drivers of the Nigerian Army completed a two-week training in the operation, maintenance and repair of special KrAZ truck during Q4 2014 in Ukraine.

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  1. COLONEL NGR says:


  2. Deway says:

    Very rugged truck, Can be used to comfortably tow any size of artillery available in our inventory. Its known as a tractor truck and also used for hauling the S-300PMU-1 air defense missiles. With a flat bed trailer attached, it can easily carry a T72. However, I hope we are expecting them in good numbers not 4 or 6.

    • sazulu says:

      That mechanics and drivers were sent to Ukraine for training, this implies that the NA intends to acquire the vehicle in large quantities.

    • lachit says:

      The military truck tractor differs from other trucks due to possibility of its use in combination with semi-trailer.
      The AutoKrAZ range of military tractors are these KrAZ T17.0EX, KrAZ-6446 type 2, KrAZ-6446 type 1 .
      and the soldat is a not a tractor truck in the strict sense actually it is a platform truck.

      and because soldat has centralized tyre inflation system and has a powerful turbocharged engine,i agree with u that it will be useful for towing artillery guns from 105mm onwards to the massive 203mm artillery systems.
      a good choice

      lockable inter-axle and inter-wheel differentials together with centralized tyre inflation system makes it a ideal choice for mounting artillery guns.
      also its 1.5 m long bonnet provides the crew added protection to survive ied/mine explosion under the cab.

  3. zachary999 says:

    Package should have included reactivation of the steyr assembly line in Bauchi to assemble this trucks for both military, paramilitary and civilian use. Gubi Dam can generate the necessary power needed for this plant to operate. All our tractors for agriculture should be from bauchi…

    We lack foresight wallahi..

    • jimmy says:

      What are your source’s telling you any delivery dates on the su27s and now that Amorika now loves us are we likely to get F16s like the one that caught fire in Indonesia?

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Here we go again F16s, Who comes up with this fantasy and diversion of our focus from what is real and someone’s imagination, I love the Wests focus and incredible how African are like the moth and the flame (west). you are not white and you are not getting the F16, period

      • Sir Kay says:

        Aba, Chief, no worry now, our F-16s go come with fire extinguishers I guarantee it. lol

      • igbi says:

        Quite frankly, I am giving up on Nigeria. I would like to uphold Nigeria’s interests and even come back hoe and help our development. But if we keep intentionnaly shooting ourselves on the leg then count me out. This new found love with the americans who starved our military by not only refusing to sell weapons to us, but by refusing to buy our oil (they used to be our biggest costummer) and by warning brazil, and israel not to sell weapons to us, and who refused to share vital intelligence with us and even refused to sell us zmapp. I don’t know in which planet any Nigerian who has Nigeria’s interests in mind would think it is a good thing to be buying F16s. I am sorry but to me Nigeria’s independence is not negociable.

      • igbi says:

        Sorry, I am not giving up on Nigeria, but the self immolation has to stop. It is time to move forward and do things which work. Even General Gowon came out to say it loud and clear: “The USA is not Nigeria’s friend”.

      • zachary999 says:

        Bros, would revert on this next week…

      • jimmy says:

        Thanks Bro I will be looking forward to it

  4. Henry says:

    Video footage from the Nigerian Airforce Hand launched Ichoku class UAV.

    • Kay says:

      Impressive. Wow. Seems it’d been operational for a while. Na him dey hide am like say na one top secret. Like the footage it takes too.
      Seems like something that can be launched at battalion level. Landing can be achieved by parachutes

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This is always the problem, why do you need a foreigner to build you the smallest type drone, there are lots of Nigerian Youth, not to talk of Engineers that can build this, Always going out without using the home crew will be the ultimate undoing of our military,It is interesting to see Lachit’s comments on the fabricated weapons, look at the security kept around the launch, of cause the foreigner would keep the secret better than a Nigerian and would never tell any western Government the level of development within the Nigerian Military. Until the Nigerian Military trusts and integrates with the Nigerian populace they are protecting, without alienating them to carry out developments military developments, we would be behind. Even the East Bloc has learned this secret to the West’s success. How many of the recently equipment, praised to high heavens on this blog were bought from other militarys ( Not Russia, Not South Africa, Not Ukraine and even now China and definately the fantasy F16s are not manufactured by the USAF)

      • Henry says:

        @ Capt tobias, whatever you mean by foreigners building a small type drone, or how you came by this conclusion.

        That vehicle was built buy engineers of the badehareospace center, not foreigners. Foreigners launching the drone, doesn’t mean they built them.

      • Kay says:

        There are ways to get things manufactured.
        a)get (steal,bribe,poach,buy legally) blueprints and build yourself
        b)get technical support and collectively build with locals
        The important thing is the knowledge and experience gained. eg our second opv under construction here.
        All these were built on our soil with Nigerians playing roles in its building;hardware, software, whatever. Nothing inferior to feel, its better than seating and letting our best brains sit behind tables waiting for what next overpriced weapon to buy.

    • Ola says:

      While it’s good that we’re rapidly adopting different technological platforms, I think Nigeria should think more of domestic techs at home. If NA/NAF introduces a competition for drone developments in our Universities and polytechnics and offer a $ 10,000 prize money with a completion time of 10 months, you will be amazed at what the Universities will produce. Shell has proven this with the solar/energy efficient car concept.
      NAF does not need Indians to do this!

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        My Bro , you are right on, Why do you need a white man to launch it, while the rest of the Nigerian are hanging around to make the ” White supremacy” narrative, I in particular have extensive technical and operational experience in the field with surveillance drones ( up to MALEs )and know that the battery powered drone being launched is not an original Nigerian design, maybe assembled there. We have not learnt a lot after all this our heart ache and acquisition trauma. All countries that go through arms embargo turn out better with home grown industries, If you check the local/civil population manufacturing advantage is what puts all US equipment ahead of most other countries.( the Us military does not manufacture any of it’s equipment from boots /rifle up ( they only provide the SOW and carry out evaluations to meet their task specifications).
        There already more devastating and usable weapons than the Nuclear bombs, Believe me they were not developed or designed by those countries military. We have bought a lot of different equipment, there is no standardized APC or IFVs, not to talk of trucks and all sorts, any learned technical person would already know this is a logistic nightmare that has far reaching economical outcomes, Police purchases is another matter on it’s own, no central coordination ( diverse manpower skills, spares, operating procedures, etc). is enough to ground any army.
        I have spoken to various Nigerian technical persons and visited some centers of excellence in Nigeria, many of these places and persons are not taken into consideration in the current planning . You need to see technical sketches of APC and tanks some of these young guys have.
        Our buying has to be strategic with long term planning or else we will end up with Vickers type situation and a lot of equipment we would not be able to maintain in the future. My Country, it is time to look inwards.
        South Africa facing more stringent sanctions built Tanks, IVF ( which is no rocket technology), Missles, Helicopters and has even exported it’s old Cheetah Mirage fighters which it upgraded from the Bush war era configuaration to a South America – Equador as a front line asset .

    • lachit says:

      it is hand held tactical uav so its use in NAF is limited and therefore i kind of wonder why u labelled it as “Nigerian Airforce Hand launched Ichoku class UAV”.
      actually i think this project should be handled by the nigerian army since this uav will find application with the ground troops and they will be in a better position to lay down the relevent design parameters and operational requirements.

      • Henry says:

        Lachit, that’s not an RQ-11.

        That drone was designed by engineers of the Nigerian airforce OLE(optimising local engineering) center.

        The drone was launched same times as the Gulma in 2013. It is called the “Ichoku”.

      • Ola says:

        Henry, I honestly do not buy your argument. It’s like saying the US military or Boeing built a drone and then they filmed some EUropeans or Chinese doing experimental flights with it. Why were foreigners not filmed testing the Gulma or Amebo?
        The fact is this, this is a clone of the RQ-11 -at least in structure- and this has probably been done by a small company with some Indian staffs or these Indians are contractors/middle men selling military stuffs and reaping their percentage off it. They have come around to demonstrate one of the equipment in their stocks and eventually, they will convince the NA/NAF to buy at exorbitant prices. They probably have middle men too who would recommend them and bring them in through the back door. This is one of the problems in Nigeria. Shady deals always! It upsets me to see this. I still insist that NA/NAF can get a lot of inspiring ideas and innovations within a few months from our higher institutions of learning if they create a competition for Engineering departments across the country. And those who made Gulma should be able to miniaturize it if given money to explore on the design.

  5. Sir Kay says:

    Well, let’s hear what some people have to say now, another 160 hostages has just being freed again by our troops, so to those counting, that makes how many? those that live in denial, should continue doing so, there are tons of hostages in the hands of boko haram, with an estimated 2,000 people kidnapped. that’s for those calling the previous rescued girls the original ones missing, they aren’t, they are just a few out of many captives.

    Rest in peace to the soldier that died rescuing these people

  6. igbi says:

    I like the way the usa floaded the egyptian weapons industry with usa made weapons. Like that they pushed every rival away and made sure Egypt became dependent on the usa. Al Sisi is trying to change that and that is why he is trying to deal with Russia and other sources.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Pardon me Bro, they should F/Off, they now what part of the glory, they can go to Libya, Syria or Yemen to do there stuff, the world is changing, Nigeria did not go to the rocks as planned. Even a smear job was done on Yahoo about the Presido elect’s man have drug connections. this turned out to be false, I am very annoyed. they started with Ebola, BH wars, Elections but they got their narrative wrong. Nigeria will Rule the World of Man

  7. jimmy says:
    Please General Chris Olukolade, it is VERY Important that after the video photos have been filtered and also the photographs have been cleansed that certain portions are released to the public not out of Morbid fascination it must be done to counter the false narrative been peddled out there, now that Sambisa forests is on the verge of being completely liberated please let the stories of our gallant men and women be told.
    This fighting has been ongoing since last week WEDNESDAY with some Soldiers literally not sleeping @ Night because of heavy fighting the only story that was being peddled up until two days ago was how Nigerian Soldiers retreated in Sambisa Forests, please let us tell our story and let us tell it well.
    OGA Zachary when you broke the story about Nigeria buying the upgraded Alpha Jets coming from America you were openly castigated and called all sorts of things I now know how you feel.
    The last airplane procurement came from the US, and no OGA IGBI I am not a radical TIBETIAN Monk nor am I into self immolation I just deal with the facts on the ground
    1) The CAS went to Pakistan and did a lot of sight seeing with the bird……. alas no concrete proof of a contract being signed because the PAKISTANIS who are more than eager to sell their bird have not told us anything
    2) Nigeria has an open line for a $1b loan from Russia an MOU was signed between the NSA Col Sambo (rtd) and his Russian counterpart in late q4 2015 in a deal to include Helios and almost certain to include fighter Jets and Tanks
    3) Fast forward Q1/ Q2 Nigerian officials went Back to Russia and OGA BEEGS himself announced that this visit is to do with the SU27/ 30.
    4) As we sit here and pontificate reports on twitter and Beegeagle are stating that Nigerian Army personnel are being trained in Montgomery Alabama , USA .
    I did not make these Facts up this is what is happening and by June 2016 , this is what is likely to be purchased
    SU27/ 30 (First)
    Either a base model of the F-16( Second).
    JF17 Block 2/ 3 ( when they decide to make it a priority, right now calling it third will be…… fill in the blank)
    In short do not kill the messenger. Please direct your anger at those who should take the interests of Nigeria more seriously.

    • igbi says:

      My statement was a general one and it was addressed to all Nigerians who love to forget the recent past, not you in particular. It is a fact that if we buy too much usa products then we would be the great losers becuase they will ground our assets when ever we vex them or their rela friends (saudi arabia, france, israel,and so on), and they get vexed very easily. What I meant was that Nigeria should stop shooting itself on the leg .

  8. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    I authoritatively say and repeat that we should take the F16s out of the equation, it is not coming, it goes beyond the US president and congress. Did anybody miss the statement published by a US spokes person saying, go and buy your stuff from your traditional suppliers. The Alpha jets were decommissioned much earlier and sold with civilian registration, they were later re-equipped to function as military training assets operated by a Deleware registered owner. They were not deemed as lethal platforms.

    • Are James says:

      Don’t rule out second hand, extended lifed, early generation F16s. The procurement would be merely for scare value of course with most advanced options likely removed, but if the political conditions are right they will let Nigeria receive some from a willing pre-owner. The US would probably never supply NIgeria from American based stocks or even bone yard. The question then becomes “why even bother”?.

    • jimmy says:

      Yes , yes and we saw the US made GPMG M40s being used to the Youth corpers to train with. US Air or whatever they call themselves need permission from the US defense dept,US State department, and the White House. To underscore that point,the NAF477 was flown by a serving USAF pilot. Drink some water my Captain it is not personal it is just Biz nothing but Dead Presidents talking.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        It was not flown by a serving USAF Pilot, he might have been an Air national Guard Pilot weekend warrior, He flew on private ferry flight contract. The aircraft were registered to a US Company called Alpha Jet Limited who had interest Air USA, a civilian contractor to the US Defense, who operated the aircraft under civilian registration under experimental category after it’s purchase from Europe( it however was given a special certification by FAA to operate support services for the DOD , it was subsequently flown out under a certificate of export/ C of A. ( I would like to bet with you for $100.00, which I will send to Oga Beegeagle if the F16 come, are we on ?) and Thanks I just had my glass of water

      • jimmy says:

        An Air National Guard Pilot is legally regarded as a member if the Armed Forces.So let us put this out of the way. Let me also clarify this to the best of my ability it is in Nigeria’s best long term interests to get the Su27/30 followed by the JF 17 but the longer the JF 17 do not show up the more the increased likelihood that Nigeria based on their short sighted – memory loss history will turn to the Yankees for a cheaper version I.e. The F16.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Jimmy, lets put our Money where are mouth is are we on for the $100.00 , F16 bet. Also may I also inform, that 75% of the United Capt/Pilots and Americana airlines flying commercially into Lagos are members of the national Air Guard (Weekend warriors/reservist), There difference as to regular USAF pilots is that they remain civilians at anything till they receive call up signals or put on their formal uniforms as specified in their National Guard Duties. Air USA explicitly confirms that ferry flights were carried out by their servicing staff in his capacity as a civil pilot. This ex- Luftwaffe aircraft incurred slight controversy during the filing of the flight plans by company “Air Routing International” through Reykjavik Iceland en-route to Manchester ( flew 2 hr legs). The clearance company was asked in particular to specify the nature of aircraft, its crew, nationality and reason, it carried a non ICAO civil registration in International air space ( This was resolved through FAA export C of A and de-registration documents.The transaction was entirely private ( without the US Government involvement). If a serving USAF pilot flew the aircraft, he would go to jail for a very long time. He flew in civil capacity It was cancelled from the FAA register on 26-11-2014.

      “The Nigerian Air Force has acquired at least two second hand Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet trainer and light attack aircraft as it continues to expand its aerial fleet.

      One of the jets was seen passing through the United Kingdom on 25 March, having travelled from the United States via Iceland. It then continued to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on its way to Nigeria, reports Air Forces Daily.

      It was flown by an Air USA pilot, the company specialises in military air combat readiness training and flies Hawks, Alpha Jets, MiG-29s and L-59 Super Albatroses. The Alpha Jet seen transiting the UK was cancelled from the United States register on 19 March together with a second Alpha Jet, both originally flown by the Luftwaffe before operating in the States.”

  9. Are James says:

    Slight diversion. Qatar buying Rafales. Just 24 pieces for £3.6bn . What magic does this aircraft perform to be priced so much?. France should pay Iran a lot of money for unknowingly doing business development for them in that region.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This statement in the write up is very interesting;
      The Garuda-5 exercise is scheduled to be held 10 years after the Cope India 04 exercise between the US and India in 2004. During the Cope exercise, India’s Su-30MKs emerged victorious with IAF pilots winning more than 90 percent of the mock air engagements conducted against U.S. Air Force F-15C jets from 3rd Wing based at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.
      According to the Pentagon, several limitations reduced the chances of victory of the Eagle drivers against the Indian fighters.

      • lachit says:

        @Capt Tobias Wilcock

        i will try to give u a insight on these exercises.

        Since the cold war, there has been the general assumption that India is a third-world country with Soviet technology, and wherever the Soviet-supported equipment went, it didn’t perform well. That myth has been blown out by the results of these air exercises.
        In Cope India 2004, an air combat exercise that took place near the Indian city of Gwalior, US F-15s were eliminated in multiple exercises against Indian late-model MiG-21 Fishbeds as fighter escorts and MiG-27 Floggers. In the 2005 exercises in Kalaikundi air base near Calcutta, Americans were most impressed by the MiG-21 Bisons and the Su-30 MKIs.
        The Su-30 MKI “is an amazing jet that has a lot of maneuverability,” Capt. Martin Mentch told an Air Force publication, AFPN. Maneuverability is key for missions of visual air combat.Yet, while the Indian Air Force designed the exercises to India’s advantage – forcing pilots to fight “within visual range” rather than using America’s highly advanced “beyond visual range” sensing equipment – both observers and participants admit that Indian aircraft and personnel performed much better than expected.
        Maj. Mark A. Snowden, the 3rd Wing’s chief of air-to-air tactics and a participant in Cope India 2004, admitted that the US Air Force underestimated the Indians. “The outcome of the [2004] exercise boils down to [the fact that] they ran tactics that were more advanced than we expected,” he told Aviation Week last year. “They had done some training with the French that we knew about, but we did not expect them to be a very well-trained air force. That was silly.”

        But according to Aviation Week and Space Technology, [April 10, 2004] “Two major factors stand out: None of the six 3rd Wing F-15Cs was equipped with the newest long-range, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars. These Raytheon APG-63(V)2 radars were designed to find small and stealthy targets. At India’s request, the U.S. agreed to mock combat at 3-to-1 odds and without the use of simulated long-range, radar-guided AIM-120 Amraams that even the odds with beyond-visual-range kills.”
        One USAF controller working aboard an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) plane told reporters at Kalaikundi Air Base that he was impressed by the speed in which Indian pilots responded to target assignments given them by AWACS. The AWACS, while operated by Americans, was acting as a neutral party, feeding target assignments to both Indian and American pilots during the exercise. In most cases, the Indians responded to target assignments faster than the American pilots did – a surprising fact, given that this was the first time Indian pilots had used the American AWACS capability.
        But u must realize that we’re not talking about a single aircraft. We’re talking about the overall infrastructure, the command and control systems, the radar on the ground and in the air, the technical crew on the ground, and how do you maximize that infrastructure. This is where the learning curve takes place,and also points to how much effort indian air force has put into developing these.
        only a humorous tone this has make USAF to rethink on its fighter tactis and is amplified by the following statement of a US airforce personnel “We try to replicate how these aircraft perform in the air, and I think we’re good at doing that in our Air Force, but what we can’t replicate is what’s going on in their minds. They’ve challenged our traditional way of thinking on how an adversary, from whichever country, would fight.”

        Moreover even the Indian jets faced several limitations during these exercises.
        IAF jets weren’t equipped with the AESA radar either and they were Su-30MKs, less advanced than the MKIs that the Indians did not want to dispatch to Cope India.
        The Flanker wasn’t the only aircraft that the Eagle’s drivers faced in mock air-to-air combat: “The two most formidable IAF aircraft proved to be the MiG-21 Bison, an upgraded version of the Russian-made baseline MiG-21, and the Su-30MK Flanker, also made in Russia,”

        Draft copy of the exercise Cope India report says: While the superb performances of IAF Sukhoi-30s were somewhat anticipated, the performance of MiG-21Bison came as a major,unpleasant surprise to the USAF officials.Inherently the significant positive attributes enjoyed by MiG-21s were their dog fighting ability in WVR (Within Visual Range) combat. Even the earlier models had a low corner velocity of 556 kilometers per hour and at Mach 0.5 had an instantaneous turn rate of 11.1 degrees per second. The MiG-21Bison with more powerful R-25 engines not only considerably bettered this performance but it may also be credited with ?jackrabbit? acceleration, a very critical attribute in WVR combat. Among many fourth generations attributes added to the IAF MiG-21Bison design, the incorporation of HMS (Helmet Mounted Sight) and high-off-boresight R-73RDM2 NBVR/WVR (Near Beyond Visual Range/Within Visual Range) AAMs (Air-to-Air Missiles) have turned it into a Great Equalizer in the WVR combat scenario. Conceptually a small number of MiG-21Bisons maintaining, radar silence can be guided towards their aerial target by a couple of Sukhoi-30s by secure data links in accordance with MFFC (Mixed Fighter Force Concept). Upon entering into an WVR combat envelope the MiG-21Bisons armed with HMS and deadly NBVR/WVR missiles had the capability of destroying even fifth-generation fighters alike F/A-22 Raptor as assessed by high-profile Fighter Analyst Ben Lambeth of RAND Corporation. According to Lambeth in visual combat everybody dies at the same rate. F/A-22 also has to slow down if forced into a WVR combat scenario and loses the advantage of its super-cruise attributes. The situation further complicates if the IAF Sukhoi-30s have acquired the capability of providing target illumination for RVV-AE (AA-12 Adder) BVR missiles being launched from IAF MiG-21Bisons at extended ranges.
        But the 9:1 kill ratio achieved by Indians pilots against USAF fighters during the Cope India 04, was also reached thanks to their skills as USAF Colonel Greg Newbech said: “What we’ve seen in the last two weeks is the IAF can stand toe-to-toe with the best air force in the world. I pity the pilot who has to face the IAF and chances the day to underestimate him; because he won’t be going home. They made good decisions about when to bring their strikers in. The MiG-21s would be embedded with a (MiG-27) Flogger for integral protection. There was a data link between the Flankers that was used to pass information. They built a very good (radar) picture of what we were doing and were able to make good decisions about when to roll (their aircraft) in and out.”

        NAF should make a case study of all these fighters which i am sure they are doing, to develop and keep pace will new tactics and SOPs.

    • jimmy says:

      This if my maths is right equates to $150mil which will make it @ least the second most expensive plane in the World behind the F35. France has struggled to sell this plane the only other customer is Egypt who signed their Contract last month,this was followed very quickly by the US very publicly stating that The F16 that they have held up from selling to Egypt for almost two years will now be shipped to Egypt Asap. @Arejames the only reason for the costs of this being so high could pricing due to R&D and could be their is a tech transfer agreement. France is desperate to get into American territory and their customers, so this will be interesting.Oga Igbi stick around.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • igbi says:

        To the best of my knowledge the rafale is a very expensive fighter jet and that is why france has been having difficulties to sell it. It has nothing to do with technological transfer, which france is unlikely to do.

      • igbi says:

        qatar is buying it for prestige. There is nothing magical about the jet. The enginears who built it just lack imagination to make their product less expensive.

      • lachit says:

        i dont know about the other countries,but regarding the indian buy this much i can assure that the rafale buy is just a tip of the iceberg.
        i am sure that the deal is a sweetner for indian (covert ?) acqusition of french nuclear submarines barracuda SSN technology and access to french fusion testing facility (megajules) for refinning indian thermonuclear weapos aka hydrogen bomb

      • jimmy says:

        First time disagreement @Lachit.Right now India knows they overpaid and may have this deal on shaky ground France can not tell the world with a straight face this is one of the best planes in the world heck @ 150 it should be

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • lachit says:

        hehehe no problemo
        let us agree to disagree
        u see if u go over the deal of last batch of 42 su 30 mki india ordered from russia, the money paid for it was way over the top.considering these 42 su 30mki are hardwired against emp waves from nuclear blasts and configured for delivery of air launched (nuclear tipped ?) brahmos.still the money paid for these is way more.unless india was trying to get some restricted tech from the russians like the seals used for cannisterized launch of ICBMs, in this case the agni 5.
        now how does a democratic country which has many high powered vigilence agencies and nosy media and snooping foreign intelligence hide its money trail for procuring covert does so by paying a inflated price for weapons platform sourced from other countries.the price difference is used to buy services like covert consultancy or acess to restricted testing facilities in these countries.
        india has been doing so for many years,china uses a different method it uses HUMINT,ELNIT resouces ie spying,hacking,hiring laid up scientists,illegally procuring weapon samples etc etc to get the relevent technologies.since it is communist country nobody in china will ever dare to raise questions.

        in short u got to have a DEVIOUS mind like me to see all these possibilties

      • lachit says:

        “To the best of my knowledge the rafale is a very expensive fighter jet and that is why france has been having difficulties to sell it. It has nothing to do with technological transfer, which france is unlikely to do.”

        u r correct in ur assesment.
        but u got to understand any geniune 4++ capable platform will be expensive.
        u must surely know that around 30-40 % of the cost of a 4++ aircraft is taken up by the electronics component ie radar,EW suite,Electronic warfare suite,internal electronic jammer etc etc.
        aircrafts like euro fighter rafale will always be expensive because they are not been produced in large nos.
        while similarly capable f18,f16,f15 are less expensive because of cost reduction due to a long production run.
        SU 30 series aircrafts are less expensive because of the large no of aircrafts which have been produced also the base line SU 30 does not have the cutting edge electronics and so its cost is less.
        however if u include western/israeli tech into these SU 30 aircrafts the price will go up by as much as 20-35%.

        by the way if u have read Il Principe i suggest u now watch the movie Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa.
        it will give u a different perspective on the theories put forward by Niccolò Machiavelli

        it is just like having ur favourite beer will a sliver of ginger or a crushed olive.
        a different perspective beer hehehe

      • igbi says:

        @lachit, sincerly I think the money spent on the rafal is not worth it. Even the french military didn’t want it, but the law obliges the french military to buy it. I am sorry of being direct, I am not a fan of making long comments. And thanks for your suggestion.

      • igbi says:

        @sorry, I see a possible misunderstanding, I meant the money for the rafale is too much for the services provided by the rafale.

    • lachit says:

      u could also try to design arm badges for these commandos
      just like SOG group in vietnam.

      one for recon commando
      one for para commando
      one for marine commando
      etc etc
      just a suggestion

      • mcshegz says:

        Yes, oga, will do what we can. hehehehe
        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir

  10. gbash10 says:

    @Are James,yesterday morning, three F-7Ni flew out of TAC heading towards the North at supersonic speed, each carrying two drop-tanks.

  11. jimmy says:
    UNRELATED but it is important to the financial security of Nigeria.
    In the last two days I have posted to threads concerning the financial implications for Nigeria moving forward.

    • Roy says:

      The battle of Sambisa is making insurgent stray into neighboring towns.
      The military must ensure they don’t cause havoc in this town.
      Report reaching me, is that a part of Gwoza was attacked last night and some people were abducted.

      God bless the Nigeria military.

  12. Sir Kay says:

    “President Goodluck Jonathan, pledges to ensure that all Nigerian territory still held by terrorists are totally liberated before May 29 2015”

    What’s the obsession with this May 29? troops should do their job without some political pressure, if this fight stretches into the new admin, so be it. I hate the idea of putting time frame on stuff like this

    • Are James says:

      Legacy is everything.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah sir Kay,
      All of a sudden, the man is in a hurry.
      When we implored him for years to act with haste, with respect to military procurement, he was lackadaisical, believing the crap his handlers were feeding him.

      Oga GEJ, too late sir, you have to live with this legacy. You could have done much better had you adopted your current attitude, 2 years ago.

  13. Julius says:

    Question is this….Did the military guys allow these evil guys escape as we can see in the video?

    • igbi says:

      That is an aerial video, showing the terrorists running away from an imminent battle with Nigerian soldiers. It is terribly wrong and misleading to ask this your question and to suggest it. We can’t keep blaming the military for everything happening under the sun.

    • igbi says:

      I know you are just curious and that is why you are asking the question. In all irony, my comment is more intended to those replying you than to you. So excuse me, asking a question is a natural thing and I encourage asking questions.

  14. buchi says:

    a MIL 24 flew over my area at aprrox 14.53hrs over my area at low altitude approx 2000feet i guess.enought for me to make out unguided munitions on stations 2 nd 4 pylons..30 minutes later an F-7 followed suit much higher…..

    • Are James says:

      wow. I would arrange for alternative accommodation if I were you. you seem to be living close to Sambisa or Gwoza. when you can make out weapons on a flying combat aircraft from the ground, that is not so good.

      • buchi says:

        lol bro u can be sacarstic all u want.what I saw is what I posted.for ur fly pass my area 2 times a week mostly on Fridays nd Tuesdays.I see them always on this two days I only posted it due to how low it was flying yesterday nd then the aftermath of the F-7 u cnt mistake the fishbend wing camber and plus I got a glimpse of the mil from a the top floor of a four storey building.hope u get all the circumstances nd standing situation .have a nice day bro

  15. buchi says:

    innovative configuration of Ground control system of the gulma UAV

  16. Oje says:

    This is hilarious !! Can someone tell these ill informed and uneducated Chinks to keep their opinions to themselves?

    • Dario says:

      @Oje I don’t see a “Chink” here. I see a typically miseducated and brainwashed American kid who thinks being able to stand in front of a camera and move your lips means that you should, and that having a decent grasp of the English language is more important than making sure what is being said actually makes any sense.

      I have lived with real Chinese people from the mainland and HK and they are typically much smarter than this. It’s not in Chinese culture to stand up and make an ass of oneself in front of the world. Actual Chinese people are just too intelligent to do things like this.

      As I keep saying, some of us know for a fact that you are a plant here. Your agenda is too transparent. We havent forgotten your Jonathan face-palm propaganda video. On a thread where we have been discussing Chinese hardware and cooperation you now show up to insult China and throw a racial epiphet at them.

      You aren’t fooling anyone.

  17. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    This a typical American kid, who would even deny their Asian origin, that explains the warped view and confused analysis, If she has any intelligence at all, she would relate her views ( or the view of her puppet master) to recent events (demolition of BH in 6 weeks and current onslaught in Samisa, rescue of persons) in contrast to their narratives. This is an American View definitively nothing to do with the Asians/Chinese. Action speak loader than words

  18. Oje says:

    @ Dario

    ”As I keep saying, some of us know for a fact that you are a plant here. Your agenda is too transparent. We havent forgotten your Jonathan face-palm propaganda video. On a thread where we have been discussing Chinese hardware and cooperation you now show up to insult China and throw a racial epiphet at them.

    You aren’t fooling anyone.”


    Mr Dario i see you have joined your fellow compatriot igbi to castigate anyone who doesnt dance to your stupid Kumbaya ideologue or have a permanent stand be it left or right. And of course no one here raises dust to your stupid assertions.. so tell me , who planted me here? CIA?,FSB? or BOKO HARAM? You are gradually turning this platform into a one sided propaganda machine i i. Na your pri I will not waste my time doing painstaking research or making contributions here again, a waste of time its pointless.

  19. Kola Adekola says:

    …Just to while away time with wet dreams of Nigeria buying 300 of these. 🙂

    • giles says:

      wet dream indeed, will our over myopia leader go for dis? no once dey see Vickers n t55 dey believe all is well

  20. Tbite says:

    I have updated the Nigerian army wiki page with this entry

    and also added the newly inducted MRAPs.

    I have not put any numbers though…and I just realized I have not added the Samil truck.

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