A PUMA SOCAT, originally French, license-built and weaponised in Romania.

In my humble opiniom, thus is the real template to be followed. The panoply of weapons on can be replicated cheaply through the use of commercial-off-the-shelf systems – cannon, rocket pod, FLIT pod etc and contracting an Israeli or South African firm to have the weapon systems integrated, right here in Nigeria.

It is already a known fact that the Nigerian Air Force habe weaponised a few Super Puma helicopters which is a highly commendable step.

A rocket pod affixed to NAF 567





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  1. lachit says:

    nice way to go!
    i really liked the second picture
    next step is to include laser guided rockets assuming if they are not already in the procurement.many low cost options are there in the market especially turkey.
    gives u great ONE ROUND ONE TARGET capability.

    and the first picture shows the weapons pylon from the mi series helicopter

  2. Oga Beegs abeg what weapons exactly were added to our PUMA helos. From what I have noticed rocket pods and side mounted machine guns. But do u know the full scale of the weaponisation?

  3. saleh says:

    Regards cost and capability. Is it a better deal than procuring a Mi 171 off the shelf?

    • Are James says:

      They should be court martialled and shown the door.

    • Are James says:

      The prices we heard before were padded prices for refitting airframes that were in storage . The Puma would never be a combat helicopter and Boko Haram is not the sole reason we are re arming . As for the rockets in the picture, these are actually very tame. They’d better be for high precision strike (collateral damage reduction purposes) otherwise they look too light to make a difference on the battlefield m

    • beegeagle says:

      The last time we were in the hunt for four units of USED Super Puma B1/C1s, the average cost for a unit was US$25 million. We railed against that profligate choice which blunted our chances of getting multiple platforms for multi-tasking

      Indeed, for US$100 million, we could have got twelve off-the-shelf units of Mi-17 transport helics(US$50m) and eight weaponised variants, complete with FLIR pods(US$50m)

      So this cannot be a better bargain than the larger, more rugged and more heavily armed Mi-17. A Puma carries 16 troops, a Super Puma carries 24 troops. A Mi-17 carries 33 while a Terminator carries 37 troops

  4. Henry says:

    We should also look at the number of air-worthy Super-Puma’s we have in service. The Rocket pods mounted on NAF 567 seem to be of chinese origin.
    Another point to look at is the inability of the Romanians to execute this contract seeing the high-level tensions in that part of europe. Socat would most likely be too busy fulfilling local demands.

    The MI-171SH seems the most logical option to take.

  5. Oje says:

    We are sliding down the path of improvisation again on assets that should not. The Super Puma is not meant to fight, weaponisation without counter measures or sturdy protection is not the best way. The money should be used to procure more Russian attack helicopters, there is no crime if Nigeria operates 100 Helicopter gunships or a whole new wing of army aviation is created.

  6. Oje says:

    Nope, it’s not. That was just wishful thinking. Not many African countries can afford an air arm for its army.

    • I think Nigeria can afford tgive the NA an air wing but nothing indicates this course of action for me (except i am missing something) all the helics procured were inducted into the NAF. no mention of the NA inducting these assets

      • lachit says:

        by the way wanna bet on it @oje And @Adetayo’s Blog ?
        i am going to claim the bet even if it takes 1-2 years assuming i am still here blogging.

        u all should know that it will easily take 1-2 years to formalize the new command.

      • saleh says:

        Army pilots are being trained presently

      • lachit says:

        pilot training is always a ongoing process.
        1-2 years time i mentioned is for setting up infrastructure like maintenance, weapons,spares depos in army controlled airfields/helipads, in or close to existing army bases.

        more over teams of airforce personnel will be sent to selected countries to learn from the time tested and in-practice concepts of operationalizing/expanding the scope of the NA aviation wing which includes
        1.standalone anti armour tactics,
        2.special ops heli borne operational tactics,
        3.combined arms tactics with mechanized infantry/armour,network centric operations
        4.CT operations which are being evolved regularly
        5.and better coordinations between airborne assets and ground forces by utilizing the various secure communication links to achieve effective fire control/situational awareness from unit level onwards to theatre level.

        all this will take time and will be persued in a concurrent manner.
        u got to think with a professional military mindset.

      • saleh says:

        Yes I know it’s a lot more than training pilot. I just wanted you to know that have started. additionally some officer were trained some years ago for army aviation wing which didn’t start off most are also on refresher courses. The seriousness attached to it this time around is a lot

      • lachit says:

        more over teams of (***airforce *** typo error) army aviation personnel

      • lachit says:

        thanks for the head up on the additional info

  7. lachit says:

    and more impotantly the NA army is thinking and obiviously NA aviation wing is the logical next step .an integral air wing will be able to support the army operations in a seamless manner.training procedures,SOP,combat doctrines, heli borne troop insertions/extractions etc will be much more utilized and effective.
    the crucial time factor for time critical response/operations will be lowered.
    u all should keep in mind that air force personnel are trained to fight from the airforce perspective, which is quite different from the army way of conduction war/CT operations.

  8. jimmy says:

    Based on the recent pictures coming out from three independent sources
    1) VICE NEWS
    2) OGA EEBEN
    3) Edward @ Don Klericuzo
    There is solid physical evidence that the NA has INDUCTED some kind of Army Aviation wing now it may be small in SIZE but it has definitely been inducted. The chaps shown headed to Mandara Mtn were all Army and there was no evidence of any NAF chaps involved, it also appears that the choppers that were bought i.e. the Gazelles , will most likely forma significant part of it.
    Based on the performance of the Super Pumas NAF 567 AND 56? it will do the F.G. to do a G2 to G2 deal directly with the French Govt to either buy second super Pumas or Brand new Pumas, the ones we have have proved themselves in this war.

    • eyimola says:

      You are more likely to be correct. From an interview by Eeben Barlow :
      Instead of social-media activism, they held a selection program for the elite Nigerian military unit they were to train while the main body of STTEP began to arrive. “It is a mobile strike force with its own organic air support, intelligence, communications, logistics, and other relevant combat support elements,” said Barlow. He declined to name the unit they were training, but an open source investigation strongly suggests this unit is the 72 Strike Force.


  9. I tend to agree with Oga Oje though regarding the improvisation. Granted that teh exigencies of this period meant we had to grab what we could, going forward the NAF and The NA should go for dedicated aircraft. Having the ability to modify a flexible platform like the PUMA will always be a good thing sha.

  10. rka says:

    According to Beegs on Twitter, the NA Aviation Corps has started taking shape. Apparently, 5 Gazelles were assembled by the NAF in Lagos last saturday.

    • Are James says:

      Its $2bn borrowed just to pay salaries and buy diesel to run FG offices. I restrain to comment on the politics but we need to know that N15bn or much more is probably being burned monthly on the BH containment war. We are very lucky we have an ongoing long term LOAN endorsed for defence procurement.

  11. ugobassey says:

    As much as I see the need for Helos with regards to COIN, I wonder why the heavy emphasis? The next major engagement we might see most likely could be with a hostile nation where deep strike assets are needed. I think we should place emphasis on fighter jets for the NAF, while creating one or two Helo air wings for NA specifically for the purpose of COIN.

    • Helos are not for COIN Ops alone, they have a place in symetrical warfare, thats why every decen military power invests in them. They tend to be very effective against armoured enemy assets and ground forces especially where u have acheived general air superiority. They can also hug treetops in flight making surprise Ops a bigger possibility.

      • ugobassey says:

        Assuming they can escape radar detection 🙂
        Sure we need them. They just turned the tide of war against BH. I’m just saying we need to invest plenty on Deep strike assets like Jets and medium range MRLs.

  12. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Anything to drag us down, they failed in Ebola, Boko Haram, Election and now another angle

  13. zachary999 says:

    The super puma weaponisation is a short term emergency measure. Our attack helicopters been expected are the TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK helicopters from turkey.

    Also worthy to note that the Nigerian Army Aviation corps has been resourced with a few pilots trained by Gen Bamaiyi when he was COAS and the corps should start functioning very soon in operational terms.

    • zachary999 says:

      Same line of thought with the acquisition of additional Alpha jets. Pilots and engineers are readily available and understand the platform.

      • jimmy says:

        As usual you kept your word, One last thing any word as to when we will get the SU27/ 30 ?

    • Kay says:

      Oga Zachary999,
      Thanks for these heads up! Interesting that this was chosen. Still a relatively new attack helicopter, Any idea on numbers?

    • Is that a fact that we are buying that particular helic? Hadnt heard anything along those lines

    • Personally my Bias would go with a proven Russian platform

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga, does that mean we have abandoned our Mi-35 Hinds?

    • Deway says:

      Would have preferred we pile up on the Mi-35M, upgrade our Mi 24s to Super Hind versions and add a squadron or two of Mi-28 havoc. NAF may just be going the way of the army – as stated in wiki – an overabundance of foreign suppliers with complicated logistics. Calculating the size and scope of replacement inventories alone is impossible given the menagerie of equipment in use – Helicopters alone: Agusta series A109, A109 LUH, AW 139, Puma, Super Puma, Gazelle, Mi series – 24, 35, 171 and now the Mangusta/T129.
      Trainers – Alpha jets, Albatross, MB-339.
      Maritime patrol crafts, heavy and medium lift crafts, in addition to the purported incoming 4G fighters.
      Food for thought.

  14. Sir Kay says:


    And some people want to spend billions building a fence, we can’t even properly care for our own people, quite sad.

    • jimmy says:

      I take GOD beg you make we move on.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      What does that have to do with building a fence, sir?
      Please, do not get in the habit of insulting people with a different point of view, especially when you have no counter view.

      How do you even know who those people are? We should not be slavish to reports in the foreign press, many of which have proven to be outright falsehoods.

      How can you be preaching for Nigeria to care for its people, while preaching that Nigeria should not care about protecting its territory? Would you live in a house without a fence? Why should Nigeria be different?

      By the way, for those who don’t know, the Lagos section of the Nigerian border with Benin Republic is fenced and there are soldiers and other security agencies in the bush behind that fence. Lagos was obviously fenced because it used to be the capital under military govts. If Lagos can be fenced, why can’t Borno state, Adamawa, Kano etc be fenced Are the people there worth less?

      • saleh says:

        Lol the border in lagos is not fenced

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Saleh. It is fenced.

      • saleh says:

        Which portion because I worked in badagry for some years and most of my weekends was in cotonou

      • Not fenced ooooooooo!

      • Kola Adekola says:

        There is a fence to the right of the border post. It extends deep into the forest with a road running along the outside. On the Nigerian side, there are lots of soldiers, customs people and police (and smugglers too). Across, on the Benin Republic side, there are house and one school (if I recall rightly).

      • saleh says:

        Soldiers ain’t deployed at seme border. The fence I think u are refering to does not extend far and was a creation of seme NCS command.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I don’t know if soldiers are currently deployed there, but the army used to have a heavy presence there in the past, even with vehicles deployed in the bush behind the fence.
        I also can’t be sure if it was built by Seme NCS command, but there is a fence. The one thing I am sure of is that the fence doesn’t extend to Idiroko in Ogun state.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oh now they aren’t Nigerians? haha, lord, i hear you boss.
        What I’m talking about is priority, let’s feed, shelter and take care of these people first, we have over 50,000 Nigerians in neighboring countries right now as refugees without adequate care, now some have been given the boot.
        Point is, you aren’t rich or important until your people are well off.
        As Oga Jimmy said, moving on.

      • igbi says:

        yeah, you are right ! the best way to take care of those people whose misfortune is due to the fact that there is no physical border is to not build a physical border and bring them back to their border villages with food. And then we just have to hope that when an other north-eastern related insurgency/terrorism starts (lets say in 10 years time) , the terrorists will not come and kille these people and their children and grand children precisely due to the fact that there will still not be any physical border. The physical border is not for decoration neither is it a way to show off. It is for SECURITY !

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga sir Kay, it is a curious position to be in; scouring the internet for derogatory links about Nigeria to get hysterical over, yet being dead set against the cures for the very weaknesses the foreign press is taking advantage of.

        If there was a fence to stop boko haram coming in from Cameroon, there would be no refugees in the first place.


  15. jimmy says:

    Kano State witnessed unprecedented INFRASTRUCTURE dev under the outgoing GOV Kwankwaso with some of the Roads built to international standards it will be very important for the GMB Adminstration to listen to this man whomever is going to be the finance Minister is going to be very busy.
    The Easiest short – term route is to cut EXPENDITURE by SLASHING by 50% of the NASS
    this is easy Capital expenditure for three CRITICAL areas has to be done almost immediatly
    1) POWER – It takes Four years to build and make a power station OPERATIONAL
    2) Military Procurement – G2 – G2 it takes at least a year with the bh winding down we need to seek out from our Reliable PARTNERS ( Ukraine, Russia, China, Pakistan Israel) what exactly we can do with them Long term. For Example we need to ask the Ruskies to have a simulation KIT OF both the Hind and the MI-17 built and installed in LAGOS and MARKUDI
    3) Job infrastructure has to go on in the North East – short term / micro loans with MINIMAL INTERESTS to FARMERS IN BN, AD AND YOLA. long term will need to explore the Oil drilling in the Lake Chad Basin ( Please hold the emails if we do not do it the Chuds will do it from their side of the fence so long as it is proven by seismograph charts that they are profitable fields (>50,000bpd) let us put this fools to work.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga, please stop posting political propaganda.
      The only way out for Nigeria is to restructure the country. Hero worshipping will only get us into the ditch with people who don’t have the basic knowledge required to run a subsistence farm. Politicians go to Abuja to STEAL OIL MONEY. Period. And praise singers who seem in love with suicidal paths urge them on.

      Again, the only way out for Nigeria is to restructure the country. Relying on oil (a commodity we have no control over) is a fools game that will only keep us under the control of foreigners and victims of insurgencies like boko haram and MEND.

      When will Nigerians learn?

      • jimmy says:

        Please wait a while before roundly condemning what I post:
        I always out of deference to beegeagle and the other members I always try to put POSTIVE Financial news about Nigeria on the blog , and I start with unrelated Sometimes like any other Democratic Govt, the Govt of the day A country will face a crash crunch it does not mean the World is coming to an end / or it is a pdp or apc thing it is a biz thing that is all.
        America experienced a Cash Crunch during the year 2008
        Great Britain experienced one in the 1990s
        Just like them Nigeria is expected to recover by the end of 2015, and even America is now admitting that Nigeria is headed towards a Trillion Dollar Economy- with the implication that sooner or later it will have an Economy bigger than some First world European Economies ( that is a story for another day)
        The person I mentioned was the outgoing commish of Finance it is not propaganda or hero worship he just happens to belong to the APC.
        In the near future I will be writing a piece on the Anambra state Gov Tony Obiano who incidentally once worked for my mother he belongs to the APGA, and also is responsible for turning the financial fortunes of his state around to make it the second richest state in the Nation this is my interests in the matter.

    • Sir Kay says:

      haha, people just firing missiles on this blog lol. Oga Jimmy, you get yourself a “Stop order” lol.
      Let’s discuss without fighting, right? Its not that serious.

    • Naijaseal says:


      This is pure political properganda on behalf of the incoming govt. Support your man, but please dont insult our sensibilities.

      Explore oil in Chad afresh? Do u know how man dry wells have been drilled there since about 1978? Who will fund the oil search? IOC’s? NNPC? What is the breakout point for crude right now? Abeg no insult people here. Is that the best way to spend Nigeria’s little available funds?

      Also, what is the part of the state govt in rebuilding these BH infested states? What have they done with their unaccounted security votes and FG allocations? You guys want to pour all the money into the NE. We are watching. These is how you guys NEVER blamed the NE governors for the issues there, it was all the fault of the FG.

      • Are James says:

        There is Oil in Chad basin. So it is my turn to tell you the hidden secret. Dont let anyone fool you. The geology is consistent and the discovery you see exploited in Chad and Sudan all belong to the same system of rocks or superstructure. Exploring for oil there is an investment worth doing but it is not what i advise the FG to do on its own. The company that discovered 100bn barrels of oil under Heathrow Airport used some pretty high tech and was well resourced in terms of risk management .

      • @ Oga James I think Its “near gatwick airport” u intended to say

      • jimmy says:

        Please OGA Naijaseal
        With the greatest amount of respect I sincerely have for you, please remove the emotion and the political bs. The seismic results do not lie do you know how many times they DRILLED of the coast of LAGOS?
        The Oil Companies + the F.G. + the other three countries ( Niger, Chad, and Cameroon) + the INTERNATIONAL BANKS will fund it.
        The break point for crude in that region that will have very low LABOR costs except for high security costs could be as low as 35,000 bpd.
        Considering that the Pipes will be at some of the highest points of ELEVATION in Nigeria, Expensive pumping Machines will be Minimal Gravity will be used.
        The GOVT of Bornu state is reportedly spending close to N300m a month in addition the F.G through NEMA who are spending >N500M a month.
        When the F.G. pours Money into the NE the other states are not deprived of their Share this is part of NEMA’ allocated BUDGET
        The GOV of Bornu who has been Implicated by the DSS , SSS , Nigerian Military Intelligence is the previous Gov AL MODU SHERIFF .He is most certain to be arrested and questioned after MAY 29TH 2015.
        Please I have a lot of respect for your comments next time remove the emotion whether it is GEJ or GMB who is in power I will castigate them when the incumbent GOVT does stupid stuff . Q.E.D.

  16. Oje says:

    Oil prices has risen to $60 a barrel, while that’s comforting we must admit the fact we are heading for some crunch time, this war should be done and over. How do we know when we’ve won? This bitter war of attrition o’s threatening to be a decade long. No more Boko Strong hold, technically don’t you think we’ve won? Boko Haram have not made video since they swore to allegiance last March.

    • Are James says:

      The fundamentals did not push oil to $60 dollar value did. If the Arabs invade Yemen, which is possible before September then we go back to $100 + very quickly.

      • jimmy says:

        @ OGA AREJAMES
        Thank you for your balanced comments. The oil in the Lake Chad basin has the topography and Similar Characteristics as what we have down in the South – South region. The Technology used these days is actually very simple 3D seismograph which will tell us whether there is oil or not
        The second thing that it will tell us is whether it is a marginal field <10,000bpd or it a profitable one 100,000- 250,000 bpd.. From a Security point of view of the of the Four Countries involved only Nigeria has the financial MUSCLE and Collateral to do both the two Critical phases
        1) Exploration -which during the Recent Lagos Find at it's peak reached $1m a day considering this is in the North the Costs will be much lower.
        2) Marketing- The cost cannot be quite configured until the NE is COMPLETELY pacified.
        IMHO. It is in Nigeria's best interests to explore PROFITABLE oil fields especially in the areas where SEISMIC TECHNOLOGY has indicated it to be so .Chad being our Neighbor will almost certainly do so if they had the muscle.
        The recent oil find in Lagos is off the Dahomey shelf and the Epe shelf it is expected to help with Domestic Consumption.The same basic technology that was used there minus the deep Atlantic ocean can be used in the Lake Chad Basin.

  17. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    A combat helicopter has certain attributes incorporated into it’s design and performance, the Puma was never designed as an attack helicopter and does not have the maneuverability of one, Let me give a field example of the same platform , when the SAAF needed an attack helicopter, they did not modify their SA332 into AH, but made it into “Oyrx” designMedium utility transport helicopter, the reason was they saw the limitation in it’s design and performance and had to further modify /build the Rooivalk.as a dedicated AH
    What do we think would happen to that contraption if it was operated in a serious AA,SA environment. I have had the opportunity to run and task the Super Puma against the M171 series in the field, and I assure you their is absolutely no comparison between them and the Mi 8/171 the Mi 8/171 series simply out classes the SA332 super Pumas in all aspects ( don’t be fooled that the Mi171 ShS are converted from basic transport assets, they are serious powered and capable of Hot Heavy High ops that the Puma would not even dear. The Mi171/8MTV are super agile when without load, they still are were not classified as frontline or core AH helicopter( Just armed variants able to lay suppressing fire to assist assualting elements – Assualt /tactical helicopters). I have taken on Eurocopter /Manufacturer test pilots and they have admitted the Puma’s limitation. (maritime Exocet and other anti -ship missile carrying variants of the SA332 operate in an environment that they do not expect heavy anti aircraft fire, they launch their ordinance at ample stand off distances or they might be inserting boarding teams/troops into unarmed with light arms carrying personnel ships.The SA332 / Super Pumas have very temp/performance limitation once near the top margins of it’s operating envelope.

    The question is when did we become a nation that is using band aids to fix our needs, instead of a dedicated ground support aircraft or strike aircraft, we keep celebrating and talking about 2 x Alpha jets, Instead of having proper squadrons of RW for attack and utility tasks we keep going back to Gazzelles with machine guns hanging from the door. In all honesty what do we think is their life expectancy in a hot zone ( not fighting BH, but proper trained military with their own aircraft and defenses). Without proper and correct selection of air assets to make a reasonable/modern battle order, without any serious air superiority on the battle block, how long do we think the ATRs would last in an environment with enemy fighter aircraft ( Ask they british about their Nimrod or the Americans about the C130 gunships losses in the M.East theatre). Why are we celebrating our backward movement to things we had done years ago ( after all when we bought Alpha jets they were bought them brand new, now we are buying 3rd examples). F7 are not the best battle field suppression platforms for small and mobile targets interdiction.( they make wonderful interceptors to protect our air space and point defense assets) You know it would HURT a lot if any of our aircraft are shot down in any type engagement, because we ( as a nation) have not given our young and brightest guys (Pilots. Crews), they best and affordable tools to do the work.

    • beegeagle says:

      Nice one, Captain. A question for you and my brother, Zachary999.

      1. Why would a smart Pakistan opt out of the T129 aspiration in favour of Mi-35Ms, even with incentives entailed?

      2. This panoply of armamemts looks to American for comfort or do we have Chinese clones of same coming to us instead?

      THIS is ominous

      * AGM-114 Hellfire, BGM-71 TOW, Hydra 70, Spike-ER,

      * AIM-92 Stinger or Mistral or AIM-9 Sidewinder

      What say you?

  18. beegeagle says:

    Before I start to answer questions, let me say that this precription pertains ONLY to the weaponisation of Super Puma helicopters.

    Between a Mi-171Sh Terminator & a weaponised PUMA, the Terminator retains the clear edge. i mean, its windows can withstand 20mm flak. Come on..you know what gives.

  19. lachit says:

    i have been reading u guys talking about the pros and cons of fencing the borders
    and here is my take
    border fencing is a solution but not the ONLY definite 100% solution.
    border fencing will be less effective in a standalone mode.
    border fencing has to be done in conjuction with other intrusion prevention methods to provide a overlapping and fail safe cordon without compromising the natural flow of legitimate people involved in trade and other mutally beneficial activities.
    border fencing is a costly affair.it will reduce the chances of intrusion but can be breached at will if not patrolled 24×7 days a week which frankly is a big ask in terms of manpower and overhead costs.

    installation of eletronic intrusion detection systems is ok but will increase maintenance payload and will be prone to false alarms going off due to animals,technical faults etc.

    massive investment in roads and power grid infrastructure will be required since all this will have to be built along the border fences for patrolling,maintenance purposes,supplying electricity to the outposts, the installed electronics surviellance systems and the soldiers accomodation etc.

    long range aerostats can be the second tier of cordon to provide early detection of intrusion.again the no of such installed systems will be huge and together with the maintenace, training, procurement cost the bill will be huge.

    then there is the weather factor.i dont have much idea about the weather conditions in nigeria.if there are storms,heavy rains, landslides,dust storms,thunder stroms,flash floods etc be sure to expect damage to ur fencing and related infrastructure,provision has to there for airlifting dozers,heavy equipments,repair crews to repair the damage at the earliest.again a costly affair.

    third tier of intrusion detection can be the people living along the border areas.the people in the border villages can be trained to identify the illegal migrants and apprehend or inform the border security forces of their presence.especially the migratory people who engage in grazing of their animals in remote border areas can provide reliable info on people trying to get in through remote border areas.this is the most effective intrusion detection system which is cost effective and reliable in the long run.

    terrain is going to be another hurdle ,leaving huge gaps in ur fences which might be exloited at some period of time,of course u may install guard posts at such posts but putting posts over a large area will be self defeating because humans are prone to errors and also because one or two outposts can always be taken down with ease without alerting any body.
    at some places along the international border u might have to put ur fences way inside nigerian territory thus giving up on ur precious land to the adjoining country.

    and why should u belive me?
    because i have been to the LOC in kashmir.
    they have the 3 tier fencing with the most modern israeli,indian detection systems in place which will detect even a bird flying in from pakistan.also it is the worlds most heavily patrolled zone.
    but still terrorist sneak in.

    and finally plz dont come at me with bricks and bats because i have a neutral stand on the fencing issue.
    i have tried to point out the challenges u will face while fencing ur borders.and have given some pointers to additional intrusion detection methods to help u out if fencing is taken up.
    if u manage to overcome all this and include my other suggestions then kudos to u all.

    • saleh says:

      Very true. Really wonder how the electrification aspect will be done.

    • igbi says:

      “they have the 3 tier fencing with the most modern israeli,indian detection systems in place which will detect even a bird flying in from pakistan.also it is the worlds most heavily patrolled zone.
      but still terrorist sneak in.”
      Yes they “sneak in”, they don’t come in thousands with heavy weaponry such as tanks and they don’t come in heavy numbers. They can not use border tactics neither. That is already a strategical success.
      N.B: For long comments, perhaps making a PDF would be better, I say this because it is always interesting to read what you write, but reading a long text on a computer screen is too painfull.

      • lachit says:

        “N.B: For long comments, perhaps making a PDF would be better, I say this because it is always interesting to read what you write, but reading a long text on a computer screen is too painfull.”
        u just gave me blunt force trauma hehehe
        but unfortunately and happily i wont comply to ur advice.writing a long text onto a computer screen is too painless and tooo easyyyy.if it is a problem dont bother reading.i wont complain.

        “Yes they “sneak in”, they don’t come in thousands with heavy weaponry such as tanks and they don’t come in heavy numbers. They can not use border tactics neither. That is already a strategical success”
        lol u are mathematician arent u ,ie by default u should be a clear cut and logical thinker but still u missed a most obivious point that if intruders come in thousands with heavy weaponry such as tanks and come in heavy numbers a thousand fences will not be able to stop them.

        before jumping the gun it is better to read and understand from the beginning to the end my/anybodys LONG LONG comment very clearly.
        note i already said that i have no locus standi on the fencing issue i only highlighted the challenges to be overcomed as shown below

        “and finally plz dont come at me with bricks and bats because *******i have a neutral stand on the fencing issue.***********
        *********i have tried to point out the challenges u will face while fencing ur borders***********.and ***********have given some pointers to additional intrusion detection methods to help u out if fencing is taken up************.
        ************if u manage to overcome all this and include my other suggestions then kudos to u all******************.”

        also i dont want to impose my views on others they can except or reject my opinions at their discretion.
        and i will stop posting long posts if it is a popular demand or if beegeagle asks me to do so.

        again @igbi
        my apologies for the long post but the blame rests on u for this one

      • igbi says:

        1) I wasn’t given you an order to not write long comments, I was only giving you an advice, so there is no need to be vexed about it. the only reason I gave that advice is because I liked reading your comments in the first place, but my eyes can’t take too much of reading long comments on a computer screen. If I recall well it is not the best for ones eyes to read a long text on a computer screed because of the technology involved. That is the reason why I bought an Ereader in the first place.
        2) I sense you have some anilosity against me, I guess it is because I stated clearly that the rafales are too expensive for the services they offer. And that the french military didn’t want them but were forced by the french law to buy them.
        3) The point you are missing is that the fact that the terrorists needs to spend time and energy on overcomming the physical border is already a strategic success because it give you more time to detect them. Also if you are familiar with what I have been saying then you will notice that I never said “fence alone”. I always called for a combination of ideas and things. Apart from a fence I also called for ditches. the ditches will not allow for tanks to maanoevre over them. In the case of a fense, depending on the type of fence tanks going through will take a very long time and make detecting the breach easy.
        4) I thought you were more mature than this.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      lachit, the fact is that India chose a fence as the best method to dissuade Pakistan from encroaching.

      The great thing about a physical barrier is that it will serve to:
      1. Block entry
      2. Slow down a determined force.
      3. Channel enemies into readymade kill zones
      4. Severely limit numbers that can cross at any one time
      5. Enable tighter control of border communities
      6. Stop heavy weaponry (tanks, APC’s, artillery etc) travelling across wide open borders.

      As a huge bonus to the above, fencing will limit illegal cross-border activities, which will make for better economic planning. For example, right now, Nigerian fuel subsidies are being reaped across the entire West Africa and Central Africa, curbing that alone will make up for the yearly cost of a fence to keep Nigeria secure.

      Because of the Indian fence, regardless of how flimsy or not it might be, Pakistan cannot simply drive massive weapons like tanks into India. The terrorists coming into India from Pakistan too have been stopped by the wall, they prefer to smuggle themselves into India through the airports or on boats.

      • lachit says:

        did u not notice my humorous tone in my reply to u

        “I sense you have some anilosity against me, I guess it is because I stated clearly that the rafales are too expensive for the services they offer. And that the french military didn’t want them but were forced by the french law to buy them.”

        LOL as if i am going to fly the rafales or earn commission from the deal
        i am not a blind nationalist i am a “common people & pro poor” nationalist if u get my POV.

        and u convinently forget that i always try to engage in conversation with u time to time.
        and so there is no question of hard feelings toward u.
        man u r thousands of kms away what do i gain by holding anmosity towards u.
        to err is human if i hurt u, i apologize
        and again
        my apologies for the long post but the blame rests on u for this one also.

        @Kola Adekola

        man where did i write against building a fence im my comment.
        i said that i am neutral on the fencing issue because nigerian people are the best judge in this case.i only pointed out the 3 tier overlapping intrusion detection system for fool proof and effective cordon.
        also i only highlighted the hurdles to be faced.i even gave out some pointers for additional backups to the fencing.

        if u work in a project,one of the first thing which is done is to sort out the hurdles/impediments so that they can be factored into ur planning at the start so that implementation of the project goes on smoothly.

        “Because of the Indian fence, regardless of how flimsy or not it might be, Pakistan cannot simply drive massive weapons like tanks into India”

        fences are not the deterence for the tanks,it is the threat of massive reciprocal retaliation.
        fences are for stopping infiltration by terrorist only.
        kashmir has more than 5 lakh soldiers stationed so to stike high value targets inside india terrorists have to infiltrate into india by different route like sea etc and not through kashmir.

        and all the hurdles/problems i pointed out are infact from my observation of the indian fencing along the LOC.every point i made is present in the LOC fencing plus the 3 tier system i suggested is also implemented there.however i left out some details so as not to compromise the whole system.


      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, I didn’t think you opposed fencing Nigeria, the topic is just one that requires strong positions.

        True a fence will not stop a tank, I mixed up the use of “physical barrier” and fence in my post (keyboard gremlins). India has a lot of natural “anti-tank” defences and barriers to infantry in the area; from horrible weather, to mountains, to glaciers in the Siachen; so lone terrorists and artillery fire might be the biggest worries. In which case, a fence will do to keep out the lone terrorist.

        In Nigeria’s case, we have a brewing threat from ISIS. Yes, we will defeat boko haram in the short term in our North East, but boko haram has not quite clearly moved into our neighbouring countries from where they can rebuild with the help of their parent ISIS to make a further thrust at carving out a new “caliphate.” It would be hell if people begin travelling from all over the world to join ISIS/boko haram as they now do to Syria.
        It is important for Nigeria to have some sort of enduring system of barriers to limit the mobility of present and future terrorists across our borders.

        In my opinion, a fence would do for highland and rocky areas that are inhospitable to tanks, but ideal for terrorists on foot; while ditches can be used for flat areas which are natural tank territory.

    • lachit says:

      @Kola Adekola
      thanks atleast u did not misread my views

      yes ur correct,
      when the decision to fence is taken
      everything has to be planned with a thorough geographical survey,intelligence inputs,identifying possible hot zones for infiltrations,figuring out budget outlay including day to day expenditure,judicious implementation of support infrastructure etc etc.
      all this because once u got ur fence and related infrastructure up any rollback due to say some errors in some sections in ur fencing will lead to loss in money/political backlash etc

      first step is to identify border villagers and migratory people who engage in grazing to utilize them as 3rd line of cordon believe me u will be surprise at the results.
      simultaneously in priority basis build up ur fences across most porous border areas since budget allocation will be in area/sector(say 300-400 km) basis as the money involved will run into nearly 400-500 million dollars.my assumption is based on the total life cycle cost for 300km and includes everything infra, manpower salary,electronic devices,surviellance systems et etc.
      then slowly but steady increase the coverage of the fences as money is made available.
      concurrently look into aerostats to provide 400km + surviellance range for early warning.
      infact they will be of dual use it will provide security to the airspace also.

      the project of fencing is a project of huge magnitude involving lot of money and will provide security to comming generations .but the best way to sort it out is to have a national debate on it involving all of nigeria so that the is no room for doubt or confusion or ambiguity.
      plz dont bash me my views are hypothetical lol
      and i want to write so much but out of consideration for igbi i am keeping it short ie only for today hehehe

  20. Sir Kay says:

    Additional 25 women and children rescued from Sambisa forest following continuous assault by the Nigerian Army; Defence spokesperson says

  21. lachit says:

    u got to get glasses which are purpose build for working before computer for long durations, without stressing the eyes.
    infact i have been using them for quite some time.

    u got to maintain proper distance from the computer screen.generally the length is one and half of ur arms lenght.i hope u dont have unusally lengthy hands lol.

    use ur system on a desk and sit on a chair never in the bed in lying position.

    take break every 20 minutes or so

    do the yoga excercise for eye ie use ur open palm to gently rub ur closed eyes 5 times clockwise and again 5 times anti clockwise repeat it 5 times.

    shower ur eyes with cold water before going to bed and place 2 cucumber on ur eyers during sleep will do wonders and in the morning u can eat them .

  22. igbi says:

    This is a PDF which I wrote not too long ago: The work is not finished though.
    These are a few of the advantages of making long texts into PDF:
    1) Easily printable
    2) beautiful printing
    3) the text can be read on an ereader (like this, one doesn’t need to spoil his eyes to read the text).
    4) This will most likely filter the readers and only serious readers will read the text.
    Although if one writes a PDF file then make sure what you write is a serious reflection if not you might enrage the reader, and I am not joking.

    • lachit says:

      i dont think i am going to write in a word doc then convert it into pdf and then upload it to my google drive and then post the link here.the effort is not worth the trouble.
      enough to drive me offf this blog LOL
      why dont u try following the suggestions for the eyes which i have posted above.
      and just for u r sake i am going to include the following at the beginning of any of my long posts to give u a early warning.
      it is going to be as follows

      this should do the job perfectly
      and igbi plz no need to thank me 😀
      i only doing the needful
      anything(except a PDF) for a bro

      • igbi says:

        I already knoow your position, this which I posted is not about you. I am making a general suggestion. By the way I don’t use word. I use LaTeX. (Don’t ever use word to write a scientific text).

      • lachit says:

        the pdf u posted is in french
        trying to get even with me huh LOL

    • Tbite says:

      I am going to give Latex a shot myself..I am currently writing a paper which I will publish to an International Journal.

    • lachit says:

      nice !!!
      how about
      (a nigerian sof commado says)
      now mcshegz how about sending me a ORIJIN via western union pronto hehehe

    • buchi says:

      nice one oga mschegaz.only painful that the dude in the pic is KIA.a corporal.rest in peace bro..u image lives on

    • But seriously, wetin Senegal dey find? I read that its not their first deployment in the kingdom. the 1st though smaller deployment 24 yrs ended in tragedy as 92 of the soldiers died in a plane crash, though the deployment was snot conflict related.

      • FortB says:

        From reliable sources, they are looking to using the deployment to equip their force as some gulf and western powers will equip the units

      • jimmy says:

        For a fistful of dollars, it also shows the inherent weaknesses of the Saudis. Who will do the nasty house to house fighting? The air campaign cannot persuade a regime change among the Houthi rebels.

    • rugged7 says:

      Francophonies are extremely weird. They reason like the french half the time.
      Same people have not sent peacekeeping troops to the ongoing conflicts in Africa.

  23. Oje says:

    Strange people Francophone Africans. That’s all i have to say.

  24. lachit says:

    there are various technology available for perimeter intrusion detection used on fencing
    1.fence vibration detection system
    This system seeks to detect attempted intrusion through a perimeter fence.The vibration sensors fasten to the fence fabric and detect vibrations caused by climbing the fence or by cutting through it.
    and r installed on most fences, including chain link, welded mesh, barbed wire or razor mesh.
    This vibration system can be linked to a Perimeter Control Center (PCC) that analyzes data from the sensors while filtering out false alarms.

    2.Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System
    This very effective perimeter detection technology uses fiber optic cable as the medium for detection. Any deflection in the cable is reported by the control unit.The optical fiber cable can be attached to a structure or buried in the ground to detect deflection caused by an intrusion.plus point is covert detection.

    3.dual intrusion Detection System ie combination of Microwave and Active Infrared Detection.
    this uses a unique combination of complementing microwave and infrared technologies to ensure extremely low false alarm rates. intrusion attempts are identified by the dual activation of infrared signals and microwaves.In extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snowfall or fog, when signals are attenuated, aautomatic de-activation module disconnects infrared sensors. In this de-activation mode, microwave beam sensitivity is decreased automatically and the system functions using a single technology.

    4.Infra Red fence
    based on opposite dual transmission technology. Each pillar is equipped with infrared optic able to transmit and receive and is absolutely identical to the others.Each barrier realizes a virtual wall consisting of bi-directional multiple infrared beams. This assures an efficient sun-light blinding immunity.Only two wire connection between all the system devices, allowing them to exchange all data with high speed duplex communication, without electrical or magnetic interference problems.this provides extremely low false alarm rates because it verifies at the same time all the four infrared rays forming a beam, thus avoiding unwanted alarms caused by insects, birds, flies, or small objects.

    5.Passive Infrared Detectors
    it is a long-range passive infrared detector, designed to provide reliable intruder detection at distances of up to 150 meters. Detection of human body movements is achieved by monitoring changes of far infrared levels in the sensor’s field of view.The Infratronic detector ensures accurate detection in low visibility and extreme weather conditions. The detection algorithm compensates for slow temperature changes as well as other sources of false alarms such as bird flight crossing sensor path etc.

    • Are James says:

      These are what we are advocating. Not one built around concrete or ‘temporary access prevention ‘ physical access prevention that is costly and wont work. It is all very academic anyway. Nigeria is not going to build a fence .

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        the technology behind intrusion prevention systems is very interesting.
        they have other lots of uses like securing high security buildings,nuclear power plants,oil refinaries,military bases,homes etc

    • igbi says:

      @lachit, take a map and measure the lenght of the border, what you are proposing is certainly not suited for such a big border.

      • lachit says:

        i did not propose anything for the nigerian fencing
        i only presented a case study of israeli fencing and available technology for intrusion prevention system
        i wanted u all to view it like a control model similiar to one we use in chemistry experiments to compare differences with the experiment model to get a better idea of the nitty gritty of large scale fencing

  25. Sir Kay says:

    People, quit wasting time on fencing that won’t work, before you fence, are our borders even properly demarcated? No. Quit wasting your time on stuff those at the top won’t even dram of.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Not long ago Cameroon is still claiming the Obudu ranch as part of its territory. So what are we fencing exactly

      • igbi says:

        Ok, so now we shouldn’t consider closing our borders because not long ago cameroon was claiming part of our land. That is the most original excuse I have heard so far.
        I have heard:
        1) ecowas freedom of movement won’t allow it (that was a lie)
        2) it won’t work ( no logical argument given)
        3) Nigeria is artificial (so we should all listen to the little biggot in all of us)
        4) too expensive (actually not doing it is much more expensive in ives and material and money and enregy and time)

        I am waiting for the next excuse to not do something that logics order.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, you must think we are all here to please you, don’t ya
        Excuse? I don’t recall telling you that i live close to any Nigerian border town, if the Government like it can fence it, or not, that doesn’t bother me, so why would i be making an excuse against fencing our borders.
        If you read my comment right, I’m saying there are certain parts of our so called boundaries that are being contested. get that?
        And i don’t recall saying I’m a government adviser, so y’all can keep wasting your time on fencing some border when it will actually never happen.

      • igbi says:

        If you like, we can carry bets on the fact that the Nigerian borders will soon be physically protected. (I give it less than 3 years before the work starts).

      • Are James says:

        Very few countries have fenced borders. China tried it unsuccessfully many centuries ago but only across part of its extremely long border and only to keep out the possibly the most dangerous enemy any nation could ever have in history. However that enemy was EXTERNAL to China. The only Known modern application of ‘physical borders’ are in Israel a limited application to keep out an ‘external’ enemy that they have completely surrounded within their own country even then the most effective components of the fence are not concrete structures but observation devices. It has absolutely not kept Israel safe. The US-Mexico fence is still a proposal depending on how loaded the lobbyists being paid by those who have to gain from it are – cement firms, construction firms and security surveillance equipment manufacturers. There is no physical fence in the Korean DMZ.

      • lachit says:

        @Are James
        good and accurate observation

        except for the korean dmz remark
        the korean dmz is lined with electrified fence
        and heavily mined with heavily armed bunkers cum observation post at regular intervals along the border.
        this situation is unique to korea only and not applicable any where else ,since they are at high state of war all the time in the DMZ zone

      • FortB says:

        @Are, you are absolutely wrong. The Israel border has been a huge success. Did you say the US/Mexico border is not a reality? I can send you pictures My took if you provide an email address

      • FortB says:

        “I took”

      • lachit says:

        the israeli fence has had a sucess rate of around 90 %.it has not been fool proof all the time.
        this rate has been achieved because the israelis had backed it up with reccon satellites and real time UAV surviellance and effective HUMINT intelligence .the israelis have been aggressively, constantly evolving and adapting new strategies and tactics in view of the emergence of varied threat situations at the fenced areas. this flexible and fluid approach of the israelis have infact largely managed to keep the fences worthwhile and effective.
        also the ever vigilant home land security forces near the fenced areas had a major role to play in the sucess of the fences because on numerious occasions they neutralized the intruders who had successfully breached the fence without alerting anybody.
        also the proactive preventive measures taken by the israelis like launching large precision airstrikes on launch pads of intruders near the fenced areas have had a big role to play in the effectiveness of the fences.also worth mentioning is the ground based armed forces intervention for elimination of prospective threats which include the intruders as one of the threats.

        the us mexico border fence has been up for a long time now.and everybody knows that especially if they watch hollywood movies.

        ” The US-Mexico fence is still a proposal depending on how loaded the lobbyists being paid by those who have to gain from it are – cement firms, construction firms and security surveillance equipment manufacturers. ”

        i think are james by the above statement meant the new fencing (aka VIRTUAL FENCE) based on the so called project 28 prototype which has been cancelled recently and replaced by a new proposal by BOEING CO. which will consist of a series of new towers together with fences which are to be equipped with advanced communications systems, cameras and better radar capability.one of the aims of the proposal is to provide electronic detection of movement along the fenced border areas and the real time transmission of a camera image to agents patrolling the area.

    • Roscoe says:

      I think fencing the border, in areas where it makes sense, In combination with ISR capabilities, patrols and watchtowers (mini forts). Would be a good combination.

      We would not expect this to be fool proof, and it may be a long term program, We should assess it, I do not think its a “must do” , but it should be assessed critically and compared with other options to determine which is the better option.

  26. Sir Kay says:

    What Nigeria need above all, is a strong intelligence gathering capability.
    One to two terrorists is all they need to cause some serious damage.
    Terrorists don’t need to sneak in tanks and AA gun trucks, all they need is one or two suicide bombers and that mission will easily be accomplished by devastating populated areas.
    This is where a good intelligence comes in, stop those single suicide bombers before they hit.
    And to those talking about fencing, we have home grown insurgency, the enemy is not out there, its within. And within, they have all they need to kill people, again, intelligence is needed.

  27. Sir Kay says:

    NAF Plans 3 Additional Forwarding Base To Patrol Nigeria Airspace – Amosu
    — May 7, 2015 5:58 pm | 0 Comments

    The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu, on Thursday said that the Nigerian Air Force would establish more forwarding base for effective patrol of the nation’s airspace.
    Amosu made this known when he briefed newsmen as part of activities marking the Nigerian Air Force 51st Anniversary in Abuja.
    According to him, the NAF is expecting three more additional platforms that will be fitted with forward ‘infarite radar’.
    He also said that ‘’the good news about the radar is that they can equally operate in the night.
    “We have already established some Forwarding Operation Bases (FOB) to complement the maritime end.
    “We have one FOB in Badagry, one in Mubi already established and we are still going to construct additional bases in Muguno.
    “It will help us to position tact helicopters in those locations for effective border patrols.
    “The maritime area is very vital and most people don’t pay attention there because those equipment they could be smuggling in to fight in the North-East could essentially come from the maritime area.
    “So, we need to see what is going on there. How do we derive funding for the nation? It has to do with port activities and we need to pay attention to the maritime area.’’
    He said since his assumption of office, NAF had been able to acquire more platforms to support the counter terrorism operations.
    “We will keep on agitating for technology as soon as the operation is concluded.
    “My recommendation is that we must be progressive because we have competitive demand for the scarce resources we have,’’ Amosu said.
    He said “my dream for the NAF is to have sufficient platforms located in strategic locations so that when there is a distress call, the NAF will be there in 20 minutes.
    “When we show up in the 20 minutes the land forces… will marry up.
    “The NAF is a good force to invest on and you invest not so huge but the results are enormous.’’
    The Air Force chief said the NAF had embarked on elaborate training of its personnel and also ensured that their barracks were well secured.

  28. jimmy says:

    * The first clear cut evidence that the NAF will have more HELIOS in it’s Arsenal.

  29. lachit says:

    Angola is set to be become the third operator of the Sukhoi Su-30 series twin-seat fighter jets in Africa, following Algeria and Uganda
    Angola signed for its 12 (some sources say 18) ex-Indian Su-30K (mod.) aircraft in October 2013, part of a larger, $1 billion (U.S.) deal with Russia. Angola could afford to pay only in small quantities over time, hence the slow execution of the contract.
    the Irkut-controlled Russian Avionics company added some“technical insertions” from the Su-30KN and developed other “added value” programs for the ex-Indian aircraft.These include replacement of some analog instruments with MFI-68 multifunction 6- by 8-inch displays. The airplane’s targeting capability is improved by an additional module in the N-001 radar, referred to as the bypass channel. This add-on has its own data-processing capability through the use of a modern onboard computer belonging to the Baget series. It allows for introduction of additional working modes, including simultaneous firing at two airborne targets with guided missiles; digital mapping; and “ground surface observation” modes. The Su-30K (mod.) can also carry an expanded range of air-to-air and air-to-surface guided munitions, turning an air superiority fighter into a multirole aircraft.

  30. Oje says:

    First they acquired an aircraft carrier, now this. Who is Angola gonna use these weapons against? They have zero external threat, they are not keen on peace keeping operations and are certainly not the heavyweight in the region. They are gonna spend hundreds of millions maintaining these hardware that will likely never see combat.

    • @Oga Oje, i guess thats what petro dollars can do to you. it comes in such a rush that you just start ;looking for where to spend it lavishly and wanna start making money statements. Same goes for Ghana the petro dollar sickness is infecting them too

  31. however when you consider that in 2005 non of us cld proly imagine Nigeria being in a major conflict of any sort. just preparing for possible scenarios. conflict and extremism is on the rise in africa

  32. lachit says:

    guys good luck to u all
    see u after 4-6 months

  33. rka says:

    “Another technology that falls within the NEC, he said, is the T129 attack helicopters, which “we are trying to acquire now, and once the pilot is on flight with the forward looking infra red, he does not need to come back home before striking. As the enemy is being detected, he gets directive to continue the strike, and that makes the strike easy.”

    • Are James says:

      So it is the poor man’s Mangusta:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TAI/AgustaWestland_T-129
      Gentlemen, Nigeria is probably not going to be receiving and Russian Choppers in 2015
      It is going to be Pumas for transport and Gazelles/Mangusta for attack. I am now also beginning to think only JF 17 Block 2 is narrowly possible in 2015

      • rka says:

        I still think the Mi-35Ms & Mi-17s will arrive as they are from previous budgets/agreements.

        Unless the strong leads from trusted sources are wrong, then surely the Su-27/30 are imminent. JF-17s will surely follow in future.

        I think the CAS is just playing for additional funding with the new administration coming in.

      • Henry says:

        @Arejames, contract for MI-35M and MI-17 Helicopters have already been signed. The 1 billion dollars loan(in equipment form) approved by the senate and house, includes 12 MI-35’s from belarus.

        I don’t know where you are drawing your own conclusions from.

  34. Sir Kay says:


    Remember me saying this yesterday? A single attacker or 2, is all it takes to cause mass casualty, i said it that the enemy is within, and today’s incident just proved that, luckily no casualty

    • igbi says:

      the sleeper cells are not a new thing, the president and the service chiefs even talked about them. Fun fact: there are also terrorist sleeper cells in paris, in new york and almost every country on earth. It was terrorist sleeper cells which did the charlyhebdo attack, and the attacks in the usa.

    • igbi says:

      terrorist sleeper cells are just evil minded people who live among the masses. They are not different than ordinary criminals in their capacity. They can be dealt with by civilian vigilante and the police.

  35. zachary999 says:

    Better to have a platform that gives you higher availability, less operational problems than one with reduced MTBUR and higher operational costs.

    recall one of the “new” Mi-35 that fell like a stone in Yola after exploding. Gearbox issues, overheating are frequent with the platform especially with our harsh weather.

    Its not just weapons system that matters but operational considerations also play a key role

    • Zach, u took the words from my mouth. Operational consideration is very critical. Its not a bad bird….my only fear is that it carries American missles…..make dem no come arm twist us later. I hope we sign a good deal with Turkey….training, maintenance and tech transfer.

      • yesso, the american armament is a big issue

      • Are James says:

        There is a wholly Turkish version with a Turkish helmet display shooting Turkish missiles and rockets. Anti tank missile range of 8km. Hows that for stand off. This chopper was made to kill Boko.

        The CAS is also implying a nav/attack suite almost up to LANTIRN level. So pilot can naviigate by FLIR with the same system they use to kill the enemy on the ground.

    • sabatino9 says:

      I expect nothing less than the deal Turkey offered Pakistan for the T-129 ATAK helicopters, which included tech transfer.

      Anything short of this offer, then we should jéjé go for the Apache and accept the fact that the US has us by the balls.

    • Are James says:

      The design feature which makes a platform excellently operational in Russia (keep the heat in the gearbox or engine housing so the lubricant will flow properly or engine runs at the best operating temp) is almost always the OPPOSITE requirement in Nigeria & ME – keep the heat out so the lubricant does not burn and the engine air inlet is cool and dense enough for optimal engine operation.
      These contradictory requirements are why we must be careful drawing up specifications. Presently, maybe we should insist our MI 35Ms and SU-30K have the requisite design modifications to make them suitable for the theatre before we even buy them, let us learn from India.. Most of the issues are not because the Russian systems are not good but because Russian weapons have been designed for the North European theatre a little too much. Afghanistan was an eye opener.

      • Deway says:

        Nice one Are James.

      • Roscoe says:

        that may explain some of the Indian failures on the SU-30MK1 (bearing seizure) Oil film may have been reduced by the increased temps (ambient + engine operating condition), leading to particles “bridging the gap” on the bearing shaft. Probably simplistic on my part, but thats the only thing that came to mind.

  36. Oje says:

    Oga James good point, I always respect your analysis. On the sue of Russian weapons I doubt being designed for Northern European theater but more to do with actual combat experience. The United States have the distinct advantages of using previous combat operations to improve on its weapons system and then testing them in actual combat and the circle continues. The Vietnam war forced the USAF to discard the idea of using air to air missiles only for fighters thinking close range dog fights are a thing of the past with the advent of jet engines and air to air missiles. Mig fighters were able to,evade a host of missiles, close the game and engage the Phantoms with guns. High velocity gatling guns were added to all U.S fighter Jets afterwards. In Iraq bad dusty weather showed the USAF how useless Statelites guided missiles were in desert environments, they switched to laser guarded missile thereafter. You can be sure American systems will trump anything Russia throws at it because they have actually been tested in live combat and proven proven to work. Russian smart weapons are not guaranteed to work in an ”unmanipulated” hostile enviroment. The Flanker is good for dancing ballet in the sky and air shows but no one knows for sure how they will fare against the F-15 silent Eagle.

    Actual combat testing is what gives American weapons the edge.

    • gbash10 says:

      @ Oje,the Ethiopians have been using the SU-27 Flanker without a problem,and it has been tested in battle as well.
      You are too bias towards Uncle Sam!

      • Are James says:

        How many times in the air my friend, ….how many times in the air?. That is the question.

  37. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Asking Price and Operating Cost some military heavy metals
    Asking price / average cost per Flight Hour
    Predator – S13M / $1500.00 per hr
    A10 WartHog – $19M / $11,500.00 per hr
    Osprey V22 – $72.4M / $72,000.00 per hr
    F35 – $101M / $32,000.00 per hr
    F22 – $144M / S44,000.00 per hr
    F16 C/D – $45M / $25,000.00 per hr
    F16/Blk52 – $50/45M / $ 5000 per hr (flying only 200hrs a year)
    B2 – $810M / $144,000.00 per hr
    Mirage 2000 – / $5000.00 per hr
    Rafale – $220M / $14,000.00 per hr
    F15 – / $17,000.00 per hr
    Gripen NG – / $3,000.00 per hr
    MIG29 – /$5,000.00 per hr
    SU27/30 – $50/79M / $17,000.00 per hr
    Euro Fighter – / $73,000.00 per hr
    This should give an idea how much we need to have budgeted to make the pilots operational proficient and with necessary flight and weapons experience to be operational sound.
    Apart for type rating and conversion time, each pilot should be able to put in at least 200hrs per year a squadron of 12 platforms should have at least a minimum of 18 set of crew (dual seat cockpit) or 18 pilots (single seat). maintaining a bigger pool of pilots would be great for meeting up with any platform increase. Consideration do we want a larger number of platform which might equate to less funds for ( actual pilot flight time, more maintenance costs, spares, etc) or have a moderate fleet that matches our challenges, with more funds for pilot to fly more operational sorties, a bigger pool of trained pilots that can be deployed to meet increase in platforms (if security situation warrants), more funds to be used in engaging in operational/tactics training, missiles and weapons firing. less money expended on the maintenance of a big fleet (not required outside a war time threat/status. Highly Trained Man Power in adequate numbers for a compact and well equipment fleet fleet is better that a large not highly trained Air force ( Arabs vs Israel scenario). We must not forget, that the civil sector must also perform their own part to enable the economy be able to sustain the amount and size of military necessary to protect it. Guess it is all a cycle.

  38. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Asking Price and Operating Cost some military heavy metals
    Asking price / average cost per Flight Hour
    Predator – S13M / $1500.00 per hr
    A10 WartHog – $19M / $11,500.00 per hr
    Osprey V22 – $72.4M / $72,000.00 per hr
    F35 – $101M / $32,000.00 per hr
    F22 – $144M / S44,000.00 per hr
    F16 C/D – $45M / $25,000.00 per hr
    F16/Blk52 – $50/45M / $ 5000 per hr (flying only 200hrs a year)
    B2 – $810M / $144,000.00 per hr
    Mirage 2000 – / $5000.00 per hr
    Rafale – $220M / $14,000.00 per hr
    F15 – / $17,000.00 per hr
    Gripen NG – / $3,000.00 per hr
    MIG29 – /$5,000.00 per hr
    SU27/30 – $50/79M / $17,000.00 per hr
    Euro Fighter – / $73,000.00 per hr
    This should give an idea how much we need to have budgeted to make the pilots operational proficient and with necessary flight and weapons experience to be operational sound.
    Apart for type rating and conversion time, each pilot should be able to put in at least 200hrs per year a squadron of 12 platforms should have at least a minimum of 18 set of crew (dual seat cockpit) or 18 pilots (single seat). maintaining a bigger pool of pilots would be great for meeting up with any platform increase. Consideration do we want a larger number of platform which might equate to less funds for ( actual pilot flight time, more maintenance costs, spares, etc) or have a moderate fleet that matches our challenges, with more funds for pilot to fly more operational sorties, a bigger pool of trained pilots that can be deployed to meet increase in platforms (if security situation warrants), more funds to be used in engaging in operational/tactics training, missiles and weapons firing. less money expended on the maintenance of a big fleet (not required outside a war time threat/status. Highly Trained Man Power in adequate numbers for a compact and well equipment fleet fleet is better that a large not highly trained Air force ( Arabs vs Israel scenario). We must not forget, that the civil sector must also perform their own part to enable the economy be able to sustain the amount and size of military necessary to protect it. Guess it is all a cycle.

  39. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Gentlemen, should we not have the Gripen in contention, courtesy of the lowest operational cost for any NG fighter, we equipped for air defense , cheap enough to accommodate the operating expenses for higher flight time for pilots. equally modern avionic/warfare suite

    • Roscoe says:

      We need to do open tenders, mix platforms (East , West) Have two warfighter platforms. AND yes, the Saab Gripen should be part of the party . All are invited to see who will give us the best package (tech transfer including assembly, CAD models, software, firmware and Radar)

  40. sabatino9 says:

    I support your line of thought concerning the Gripens. The only new generation jet with below $5000 flight cost and also flexible enough to work with most NATO missiles, low maintenance cost. The Canadians are also considering dropping the F35 in favour of this bird.

    • Roscoe says:

      The Gripen is one of my fav warfighters. Cheap to operate and they will do full tech transfer (its an open secret that Saab are extremely desperate). Nigeria should do open tenders for next gen plat forms, fine we should get SU -27. But after that the JF 17 and then what? Or are we just fooling ourselves and we get some modded alphas, borrow some f 16s and go back to sleep.

      • The Gripen uses US armaments too sidewinders amraam missiles. The US would still be able to squeeze us and hold us to ransom.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Sweden has always been flexibility and independence, reason why they developed their own jet instead of buying off the shelf solutions. The Gripens are designed for easy modification of armaments, one of the reasons why it uses most of the available missiles. Maintenance is made easier by easy to access systems utilizing plenty of “off-the-shelf” parts. A team of six can refuel and rearm a Gripen within 10 minutes. Not only that, but the Gripen can operate from a mere 2,400 feet of straight highway, and get serviced from a truck.

      • sabatino9 says:

        **Sweden has always been focused on flexibility and independence

  41. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Computer generated Comparison of Gripen Vs closest known threat aircraft type Chadian MiG -29s, Our aircraft would need a serious standoff/ BVR armaments for air to air engagements in order to defeat the Mirages, which we may encounter around our borders. The Gripen can use a mixture of East and Swede designed Missiles, we could cooperate with some Non aligned nations to modify and customize the working modes and frequencies.

    We could be decked out with
    Ground Support Assets – SU25 (dedicated ground strike and COIN support)
    Multirole Fighter – Gripen or F17s
    Air Superiority – SU30 ( It is electronically touted as defeating the Rafale)
    MU Helicopetrs – Mi171 series
    Attack/Tactical Helicopters – Mi 35 series.
    Scout/Recce/Attack Helio – T129
    Strategic Bomber – Best still remain a refitted or Indian upgraded Jaguar, could be extremely manually aggressive employing it’s low level high speed penetration capability carrying serious ordinance load. This ability depends more on pilot training than electronics, If you train well and focused enough, you can even beat the manufacturer at his game
    Most of the other fighter/bombers rely still on electronic systems purchased off the shelf and weak spots are available to our adversaries. They also lack the ability to do high speed penetration and ultra low levels.

    Computer generated comparision result
    Saab Gripen JAS 39B

    Winner !


    Mikoyan MIG 29K Fulcrum


    Our key adversaries are MIG29 & Dassault – Rafale/Mirage that are at our borders

    • Lordfej says:

      What about heavy lift aircraft for logistics. To me logistics is key the airforce has to be able to supply and support ground troops where ever they find themselves. The airforce has to learn para drops off equipments and supplies. Heavy lift helicopters for carry artillery and recce vehicle . We also need a dedicated para brigade and quick response battalion that’s ready to strike anywhere in our sphere of influence. The navy needs a marine force of 1500. We also need a new division in charge of special forces, eg para battalion,rangers, mountain warfare and tier one operators from all service groups. West Africa should be our sphere of influence before we project to africa. Then I strongly believe that a pilot pool should be formed from all services and there must be a uniform rotary aircraft that any pilot from all services would be able to fly
      Gen beegs thanks fr this platform
      Cyber generals my regards
      Oga lachit I really enjoyed reading your contribution
      God Bless Nigeria

  42. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    There could be a general qualified trained crew pool, but operational pilots would all have specialized training to perfect the capability on specific platform/ tasks. ground strike – Low level handling, strafing , ordinance delivery, Nap to earth navigation, ground troop coordination with Forward observers, Air Superiority High altitude and High G engagements, tactics, air to air, weapons, characteristics and tactics of adversary aircraft and pilots, etc Navy Pilots, maritime navigation and identification, Instrument flying, Army – nap to earth navigation, etc.
    For transport – we have a fleet of C130 ( civil versions), G222 all western aircraft, it will be nice to have a squadron of Brazzilian KC390, which have a longer foot print and good payload, less controversy

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