Soldiers and an Otokar Cobra APC of the Nigerian Army at the frontlines

Quad-barreled anti-aircraft gun system seized from insurgents at an army base. An APC and Autokraz SOLDAT trucks of the Nigerian Army are visible in the background

Nigerian soldiers look out for hostile movement at the frontlines

A D30 122mm artillery piece of the Nigerian Army

A soldier and a MOWAG Grizzly APC of the Nigerian Army

A Nigerian soldier

A Nigerian soldier with his grenade launcher handy

NAF 565, a Super Puma helicopter, crated in 1997 & upgraded by Eurocopter Romania in 2012. Up for the challenge.

Nigerian troops patrol in a liberated area of N.E Nigeria

Protecting civilians at CHIBOK

New to the inventory: a weaponised Mi-17 assault helicopter


An AA gun system seized from BH fighters



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  1. The NA has undergone serious upgrade, plenty more work to be done for the NA and other branches

  2. Ola says:

    Great pictures again! The soldier taking aim in picture 6, is that AK 74 he’s holding? It’d be great if Nigerian armed forces adopts AK 74 as a standard issue instead of AK 47.

  3. Are James says:

    Check out the field observation glasses. Quick daytime observation with visual ranging.

  4. rugged7 says:

    “They forced us to kill, otherwise we would have been killed,” says Djibrine, a 12-year-old from eastern Chad

  5. beegeagle says:

    PLS for as long as we consider our aged T55 tanks battleworthy, we need to beef them up.

    Why should our T55s be this way

    whereas those operated by Burundi look like this?

    Are the lives of those who fight in our own T55s expendable items? How much does it cost to acquire applique armour in Ukraine or China?Na wa o

    • Seems that for a long time the NA ws not forward thinking or more likely successive governments refused to support the NAs forward thinking and planning

    • Are James says:

      *aping Igbi *
      That’s not a Nigerian Tank.

    • Ola says:

      Well, how can people who send troops out in soft skinned Hillux to chase terrorists with HMGs, AA and PRG see anything wrong with the way the NA T-55 Tank is? To them, IT’S A TANK!

      • Ola says:

        I mean RPGs, not PRG. The inability to edit wordpress posts at times leaves one with embarrassing gaffes!

      • igbi says:

        One other problem is that when the military asks for things such as refitting its equipment, the military gets met with accusations of corruption. If the military asks for armour for its tanks, the political cllass, the media (and common Nigerians incited by the politicians and the media) will turn it into ridicule and say that the generals are trying to steal money. Because as you said to them a tank is a tank, also to them putting armour on a tank is just like paying a lot of money to paint a simple picture on a tank.

    • igbi says:

      The black and white painting on the t55 means it is most likely one of the t55’s the Nigerian army recently liberated from bht dirty hands.

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