A well-kitted Nigerian commando in a Landcruiser gun-truck

A Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service commando deployed to the frontlines

A commando of the Nigerian Air Force’s Quick Response Force

Nigerian Army Special Forces commandos at the frontlines

A Pakistani-trained Special Service Group commando of the Nigerian Army

Battle-hardened and well-equipped; Commandos and REVA MRAPs of the Nigerian Army Special Force’s 72 STRIKE FORCE celebrate the liberation of the former BH caliphal HQ of GWOZA

A Nigerian Army sniper engages in house clearing during mopping up operations after the liberation of GWOZA

Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service commandos & German counterparts training together in Nigeria

A Nigerian Army Special Forces commando at the frontlines



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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. there is something awe inspiring about these pics. however why in the world is the sniper doing house to house clearance. i feel a sniper’s job is to provide cover fro those doing the clearing and his weapon is unwieldy for such a job, he’ll be dead before he can bring it up if there is a hostile in that hut with a weapon.

    • Colloid says:

      It’s pictures like these that make the Military more attractive and captivating. These really make my day, honestly. Seems the tavor is now the mainstay of SFs.
      These boys are working/fighting/training tirelessly, we bid them Godspeed.

  2. Ola says:

    great pictures sir beegs! Is the Tavor now the std issue for the Nigerian armed forces SFs?

  3. Akin Oges says:

    NA SF with Tavor? Hmmmn… I thought they got issued with the Beryl. Anyhow, great pictures General Beeg. The dust and beards on these guys tells the story of the brutal, relentless and unforgiving life of the SF. However, I am sure the terrorists were wild eyed when the last thing they saw were bullets from these guys. Nice stuff.

  4. Eeben says:

    Well done NA!!

    • Colloid says:

      Oga Eeben, we’ve seen the “Result” of the training the Strike Force went through. Good work sire. We really look forward to more training from you and your crew.
      *Train Hard, Fight Easy*

      I think i have a like for that ‘relentless pursue’ tactic, i have developed my own slogan for that:

      *Pursue Hard, Defeat Easy”.


  5. Deltaman says:

    Great images! really proud of our troops!

  6. Oje says:

    Nigeria’s military resurgence,

  7. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Great Going, Now is the time that the tactics and actual field application by our finest should be documented and incorporated into the training regime of others that would follow this line, That way we should start preparing a core of Officers who would train the trainers. At the end of this conflict or it’s present state , we have become the most recent military to apply the tactic taught in actual battle. so we should adapt and improvise to meet our objectives. ( We now have more recent filed experience than our trainers and also intelligent frontline officers that can analysis and evaluate for records and for further “in House” training in later years or down the line. TRADOC should be very awake to synergize and merge relevant tactics.

  8. Are James says:

    Pakistan, the strong silent and TRUE Friend.

    • doziex says:


      A friend in need is a friend indeed.

      We must buy the yf-17, and the al khaled tank to show our appreciation.

      Let’s not go start patronizing the defense industries of those that preached at us, rather than help us.

  9. buchi says:

    feeling so proud of what we have been able to achieve thru the flames..
    we have been fired in the klin of conflict,forged and beaten to pure strenght.we are nigerians
    oga doziex easy now
    jf 17 yes
    al khalid tanks hmmmm a big no to that we had better build partnerships with them on how to maintain,upgrade our jf 17and obtain tech transfer possibly engage them in a modenization program for our T-55 and T-72 with nigerian made upgrades

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Our special forces have followed a very big tradition of being “Born in Battle” .
      Might Proud of this guys, they have a very big image that they must live up to now, both in and out of combat, All young people would see them as role models, Hence they must be Lords of Discipline in all matter.
      God protection and God’s speed, you have made us proud and held our head up in front of all Nations

  10. beegeagle says:

    I was informed that the NAF QRF also use the X95

    • Ola says:

      Way to go! Actually, the X95 is the most suitable for SFs. It’s very compact and lighter. Good for mobility and close combat situations.

  11. news of ongoing attack in Maidugury

  12. Roy says:

    If this is true, I am shocked!
    Anyways I am sure they will all be roasted like they deserve.
    Godspeed to our men.
    We are with you guys in prayers.

    • rka says:

      Another made up article with Naija bashing. Shebi BIR initially thought they could handle BH?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga rugged7. I respect your hustle sir.
      HAHAHAHAHAH; this Lindsey Hilsum of the Guardian has no chill at all, wow; talk about bamboozling; damnn, these people just want Nigeria to lash out at any neighboring country, any means by which they achieve that, they care not; better we engage in a war of attrition than foreign invasion; trying to conquer for a penny, hehehehe. Nigeria don wise pass all those tins, abegi. They can yan about how so called Elite B.I.R and the battle hardened Chadians are the ones killing arerams, the people who know the grand plan care not. Nigeria is the freest and the most liberal democratic state in all of Africa, nothing Lindsey can say that our own so called journalists haven’t said 1000 times over, on radio, tv and newspapers, most are even more imaginative than this chick from Zelevet. I mean common, Lindsey the kangaroo wants to poke the Lion into a fight with the tortoise, hehehehehehe, abeg Lindsey, shak some Origin cool ya head.
      PS: To the new government, please do not let the hawks and war mongers cajole you into a war with a neighbor, it will be a war of attrition. If we must fight a war, it cannot be on contiguous borders with Nigeria; aim for the real source of the creation of these fanatics, aim for the head, far away from Nigerian borders. We must continue to fight smart. Some haters want Nigeria in a war with either Chad, Cameroon, or Niger, which ever, we will exhaust ourselves, because you cannot unilaterally quit a border war, unless you have nuclear weapons, even then, its tiring; hehehehehehe.
      France is itching for this confrontation with Nigeria, one only has to watch France24 to see the constant Nigeria bashing, on a weekly basis, provoking Nigeria into a regional war; with puppet master pulling the strings of the sit tight dictators Biya, and Derby. France has been preparing for this confrontation a long time, complete with bases, surveillance drones, fighter jets, and seamless collaborations between all french speaking neighbors of Nigeria. An open war with any of these neighbors will be a war between Nigeria and France, simple. Whichever way though, i root for my country till i die. Nigeria has to democratize Chad and Cameroon, this is in our strategic interest, we have to do this as quietly as possible.

      • buchi says:

        mschegaz God bless u it seems you were reading my mind totally.somehow somewhere somwtime am sorry to say this one of this neighbours of ours is going to over step their bounds to test us once,twice and thrice then we will have no excuse not to retaliate..
        the exact scenario will play out.
        we need to place our prorities straight now
        we need to at least get our indigenous defense industries to mid level capabilities
        (at least assemblage and fabrication then development)
        we need to build our airforce to deterent level,we must begin to move a part of our emphasis from AGM missions to Air to AIr capabilities (our last dogfight and kill was during the civil war)we need to build hunter abilities in our pilots..even limited airframes can achieve a lot with the right tactical and intel abilities
        but more airframes
        We need to saturate our ADS (air defence) systems capabilities to a very capable level as well as put innovative ideas in place to protect our limited SAMS when we get them from been wiped out by SEAD strikes
        we need to build noctural logistical pathways incase of an eventual overun to keep us in the fight

        NA is modenizing we have developed capabilities lacking in our tradoc and orbat
        we need to improve on them
        More number of T-72,T-90s..an ingrown development of armour for the tanks (our own ERA)
        development of an indigenious effective anti ATGM system on these tanks to beat even the concentrated IRDS on the missles
        assemblage and fabrication of the parts to a certain degree if not totally
        improvement off our Mechanized divisions.
        indigenious improvement of our BVP 1 IFV,
        with our own capabilities,
        investment in the IGRIGI APC and improvement in varients, transfer of most APC in use in terms of content modification
        improvement of SF squads and SSOF squads
        an improvement in gunnery and issued weapons to both infantry(AK-74 or an improved version of AK-47 would do)
        SF (beryl RIFLES,scars,Tavours,Qbz with a minimun amount of local input or content)
        continous improvement in kitting especially AMmo level per trooper
        development of the NA airwing cos NAF will be busy in such a peroid..
        for the NAVY..
        our ASUB capbilities need to be giving a chance to showcase by getting more frigates and vessles capable of it.Toperdo boats will also do well in aiding us
        as well as either getting the harbin helo quick or getting our not so good agusta helo configured for it
        get at least one SUB.deterent level improvement..dedication of duties to our various naval commands.
        improved logistical support even thru underground means.
        MAny more things we should do preparing for such an eventuality
        Unequal combat is what is percieved in such a situation we should learn to begin to study our abilities and threat levels from the top to the bottom
        i certainly hope nobody crosses the line

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Very disturbing, means they are going to filter back, The reason to hit this BH/beasts with a sledge hammer right now, massive troop deployment, more reason they should not be allowed to retreat. If they are as cunning as they have been, they would have identified the area where they are failing for artillery shelling – they would break into small detachments spread over a large area, hold no grounds and have the initiative in making attacks and contact. (no concentrated targets, but most importantly they would try to counter the air strikes for which they now have no answer with advise and assistance from IS ( who has undergone such), the greatest fear is that they should obtain MANPADs from the ME which is a strong possibility. We have them now, we should be totally relentless in pursuit as taught and trained by Eeden. There must be no round No-2. Being seriously over looked is the CJTF/Local Hunters, they hold the key to containing and quickly locating this small attack teams of BH, has any sort of training for the CJFT to work more effectively with the Military been introduced. they can at least quickly identify this urban suicide units quickly. BH retreating with the bodies of their dead comrades is not a good sign, we need to see them in total disarray. No Round 2, strictly knock out like the Tamil Tigers. Pls I should not be misunderstood that I do not acknowledge the magnificent effort of our Fighters on the field, Now they need support of the planners in the HQ to re-supply with fresh resources ( Men and Equipment ) to stay on BH’s case.

    • Sir Kay says:

      And how did they know those killed were boko haram members? Could have been Al shabab . Just saying. What’s the proof that they are boko haram members.

      • Sir Kay says:

        And it’s also irrelevant if they are, or even receiving training. The middle east is a breeding ground for terrorism, they thrive there.
        But in Nigeria, not so much, either way they will have to live in forest with little food to eat, in the longest run, they can not sustain it.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        If true or not , either they are found in Libya, Mali or Somalia, they need to return back here if still alive and see meet grave sites of their former comrades, find the destroyed towns changed into new and thriving communities, who are more security aware and not sympathetic to a lunatics cause.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        That question is odd and erring on the side of dangerous.

        Oga, do you have proof that boko haram members are not in Iraq? Or do you have proof that the Iraqi’s (in their own country) do not know the difference between al shabab and boko haram? Or do you think the average non-African cannot tell the physical differences between a Somali and a West African? Etc.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Kola Adekola.
        What’s odd in asking a common sense question? All i said was how do they know the people they killed are boko haram.
        Did the people they killed announced themselves and which group they belonged to as they were being killed or ambushed? Its a simple question, I don’t care for its answer.
        Its irrelevant whether they are in Iraq or not, when they get back, if they do, they will meet the same fate as their loser cousins in the ground.
        And how on earth do you think most Iraqis can differentiate between a Somali or a Nigerian? lol, dude, some people even think Africa is a country. Just because you might be able to tell the difference, don’t expect foreigners on another continent to be able to, most can’t even point out Somalia on a map.

  13. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram: on patrol with Cameroon army
    – Lindsey Hilsum

    • Sir Kay says:

      I’m surprised they dispatched that many men and assets to escort this journalist. oh well

    • Sir Kay says:

      And this is what also happens when a country has no identity database. With so many people in Nigeria, we don’t know who is a nigerian or who isn’t.
      No date of birth for most people, no paper trail, nothing.
      Its like having millions of ghosts in that country.
      No threat is more bigger than that.
      Ever soul in that country should have a birth certificate, State and National ID cards. Its a matter of national security

  14. beegeagle says:

    Can everyone weigh on John Campbell on his TWITTER PAGE. ANOTHER DEVIOUS tirade on South African mercenaries is out

    Find him at @JohnCampbellcfr

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Boko haram is John Campbell’s life passion. His writings are the spearhead of the agenda against Nigeria.

      My Oga, my suggestion for what we really need is a crap debunking website that is very well researched and which everyone can reference.

    • Lordfej says:

      I have given him a dose of his medicine

    • Eeben says:

      A long time ago, I wrote that Nigeria was a prize. This prize is not only targeted by armed force but also by propaganda, disinformation, sanctions, coercive diplomacy and so forth.
      You only need to look at who writes what to determine the agenda and what part they are playing in the attack on your country.
      The NA men we were honoured to work with are good men who have a deep desire to end the conflict. What they did, they did with dedication and will. However, their role was a small part in a larger NA effort.
      Do not be misled as the efforts of the NA/NAF were what turned the conflict around.
      Insofar as STTEP is concerned, I only gave ONE interview and that was with SOREP. All other media reports were lifted off SOFREP and the journos then used their imagination and were at pains to expose their agendas all the while intimating they interviewed me, which they didn’t.
      I say again, only Africans can solve Africa’s problems.

    • Eeben says:

      Insofar as STTEP is concerned, I only gave ONE interview and that was with SOREP. All other media reports were lifted off SOFREP and the journos then used their imagination to fill in whatever they wanted and were at pains to expose their agendas all the while intimating they interviewed me, which they didn’t. Some have even tried to create the impression that they attended my talks at the Royal Danish Defence College and that I discussed STTEP in Nigeria. They didn’t attend my talks and I certainly did not divulge the NA’s campaign strategy, operational design or tactics.
      All the negativity that is written is aimed at creating a poor perception of Nigeria and thereby hoping to erode the will of the populace.
      We all know that Nigeria has problems, as does South Africa. But show me a country that can claim they have no problems…even those whose media viciously attacks you have major problems. They just don’t want anyone to know…
      I say again, only Africans can solve Africa’s problems.

      • Ola says:

        Mr. Eeben, thanks for this post. May I suggest you do a rejoinder on two leading media outlets to let the world know that you’ve been falsely quoted and you did not grant anyone any interview? One would be a Nigerian platform, Channels TV for example, the other CCTV or BBC. I’m sure their journalists would be scrambling over themselves if you volunteer to give them 10 minutes interview time.

  15. Sir Kay says:


    you know what they say, Egypt punches above its weight, we punch below ours. We gotta wake up fast.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      No new “interesting” link from Huffingtonpost or cfr.org? Or photo of soldiers in Niger camo tagged as “Nigerian commandos?”

      Yeah, “we gotta wake up fast!”

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, are you mocking me or something, I’m confused as to what you are saying.
        Don’t worry, i don’t work for Huffington or cfr

    • Colloid says:

      Lol… Help me ask him oo. So, the 3locations are nameless? Their glory seeking stunt is still ramming their head.
      We are CALM over this but we are CALCULATING. We need to get our priorities right before we launch deterrent salvos on these lousy neighbours.
      I really want to know those so called NE Nigerian towns Chad claim to bomb.

  16. igbi says:

    The western media and its allies are giving us the treatment they have been giving to north korea. Needless to say that 99% of what the westerners say about northern korea is a big ridiculous lie. Now we can analyse how the north koreans are dealing with the western sponsored propaganda against their country.

  17. igbi says:

    I have been warning about the western sponsored media and the propaganda meant to destroy Nigeria and land it under western controle. I have been more than disapointed in the attitude of many Nigerians who side the propagandists on its mission to destroy Nigeria.

    • Are James says:

      This is a respected journal but unfortunately the article covers the spectrum from open admiration to mild suspicion. At least he is active. For too long we have been the country that things happen to instead of the country that makes things happen.

    • Ola says:

      Thanks for sharing this. Derby is just another pawn in the hands of his western allies. They will use him today to achieve their goals, the day they are done with him, they will eliminate him…he should learn from Ghadaffi! If the modernisation of our military is honestly, and rapidly done, if we look to Russia and the east for even more training, acquisition of various equipment of all calibre and development of our domestic industry, we need not bother about what France and US are tumbling over themselves to do with and in Chad. After all, those are crumbs!
      Also, Nigerian government should make hay while the sun shines in securing the border of Nigeria once and for all. BH fighters that are being sighted in other regions of the world, are they not easily transiting through Chad and Niger? The day Chad will go burst is not far, the people, innocent and terrorists will sometime soon in no distant future rise against their government. The people because they are tired of oppression and the terrorist because they want a new caliphate. Even with a secure border, it will be hard to contain the spill, let alone when the border is as it is right now. Also, the return of BH foot soldiers from their foreign training should be made next to impossible by securing our borders with Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

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