NNS OKPABANA F93 during a sea training exercise with the German Navy

Two Landcruiser gun trucks bring up the rear of a Nigerian military convoy

BigFoot MRAPs of the Nigerian Army.

A F-7NI AirGuard of the Nigerian Airforce



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  1. Oje says:

    What are those on the wing hardpoints? External fuel tanks or free fall bombs?

  2. xnur44 says:

    Nigeria order for two (2) 24m patrol boats with SSM & short range SAM launchers and two (2) 35m patrol boats with SSM & short range SAM launchers. These four boats will also be equipped with 30mm & 12.7mm guns.

    • Deway says:

      Is there a reason why they dont load these jets onto a carrier and ferry them to Nigeria? These long flights surely are stressing the engines.

      • Are James says:

        Valid point . Some of these ferry flights are the equivalent of up to 300 flying hours if you consider all factors. That’s some significant life lost when you consider that a sortie in current operating environment is probaby around 3hours

    • jimmy says:

      Flashback to Last month
      And when OGA Zachary said it people howled and called him all sorts. NAF475 will be arriving shortly. We are still waiting on our JF-17 As Fela would say twenty eight days we dey inside we dey wait.
      OGA Fort B I specifically am addressing you I feel your pain it is hoped that the Army will be able to ” ASK AND Receive” in the near future.
      May GOD/ALLAH
      BLESS Nigeria.

  3. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Ogas, From the USA the ferry flight is about is under hrs per platform. They fly cross to Canada, Iceland, UK, Spain, N/Africa. (about 25 hr legs). The cost of a heavy freighter to do lifting, ( 1) Positioning, 2) Tasking , 3) De-positioning is easily using AN124 or IL76 aircraft estimated at about $1.5M.

  4. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Pls correction my PC is having a mind of it’s own
    Dear Ogas, From the USA the ferry flight is about is under 25 hrs per platform. They fly cross to Canada, Iceland, UK, Spain, N/Africa. ( 3.5 hr legs). The cost of a heavy freighter to do lifting, ( 1) Positioning, 2) Tasking , 3) De-positioning is easily using AN124 or IL76 aircraft estimated at about $1.5M.
    Pls correcrtion my PC is having a mind of it’s own

  5. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Interesting development for the G222 fleet

    Finmeccanica gunship payload remains on target
    Italy’s Finmeccanica used the
    IDEF exhibition in Istanbul earlier
    this month to unveil its
    20mm palletised air-to-ground
    gun system, which its Oto Melara
    unit has designed for installation
    aboard transport aircraft.
    The gunship system is intended
    to provide fire support for troops
    including special forces personnel.
    It can also be used against
    ground vehicles with up to medium
    armoured protection, and to
    strike lightly defended outposts.
    Designed to be self-contained
    within a standard single military
    cargo pallet, the system comprises
    a Vulcan 20mm gatling gun mount
    and servos, electro-optical fire control
    system, gunner workstation
    and 750-round magazine. The total
    weight is 1,550kg (3,200lb) including
    the operator and full magazine,
    but excluding ballistic protection.
    The gunship payload can be
    rapidly loaded aboard an unmodified
    tactical transport such as a
    Lockheed Martin C-130 or Alenia
    Aermacchi C-27J using a forklift,
    and be self-powered within about
    30min. The weapon is installed to
    fire through the aircraft’s left hand
    paratroop door, and has a maximum
    rate of 4,000 rounds/min.
    Financial backing for the development
    has come from the
    Italian defence ministry’s research
    and development department,
    in accordance with the nation’s
    special forces requirements
    for airborne precision and longendurance
    fire support.
    A prototype system was delivered
    to the Italian air force’s flight
    test facility in Pratica di Mare last
    October for certification with the
    C-27J. This was achieved in late
    February, before airborne live firing
    tests. Analysis is ongoing, but
    the gunship system is expected to
    be fine-tuned for a final accuracy
    of better than 4m (13.1ft) when
    fired using a 2,000m slant range
    from an altitude of 5,000ft.
    Other possible customers will
    be offered use of the prototype to
    support evaluation or training in
    the near future. Production units
    could be delivered within 12 to
    15 months, Finmeccanica say

  6. jimmy says:
    Can someone please check into this , This is the second time Marte is said to of FALLEN there was no battle or anything? I am not trying to be an Alarmist I am just trying to find out what is happening.

    • Sir Kay says:

      “It also asks the US to vigorously investigate, prosecute, and bring to justice perpetrators of all past and future incidents of sectarian violence and terrorism; and as well develop effective conflict-prevention and early-warning mechanisms at the local, state, and federal levels using practical and implementable criteria.”

      Imagine that, i hope these idiots realize that Nigeria is a sovereign Nation. I hope this new incoming President hammer that point home, these relentless incursions into Nigeria’s domestic affairs is alarming

  7. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    This BH insurgency we are facing is still the surface of a very serious matter if it is left go as is, There is a need to crush this bug with all the military might available, some people want it to become something else. They have not given up on their prediction about our country for 2015, they are well focused and would keep trying to make it come to pass, Now we are winning and they are unhappy, when we were at the receiving end they were happy and offering training and counselling. The Might of the Military, with a heavy surge in personnel and equipment is necessary now, before BH recovers. We need to end BH matter like yesterday and unite and consolidate all sections of the nation, because bigger challenges are being lined up for us. we must be ready and set in battle array to meet this challenges when they come. Oga papapata coming in No shaking o

  8. Oje says:

    Oga Tobias, what we are facing is not Boko Haram but regiments of Chadian forces in a clandestine covert operation against Borno State in particular to cover the tracks of Chadian military activities. Boko Haram have lost thousands and most Northern Nigerian youths in the affected areas have long fled into safer towns, where does Boko Haram get a never ending supply of fighters? This is Vietkong all over again. Does anybody find it weird that long Silent Boko Haram suddenly launch an audacious and daring attack on Maidugury 48 hours after Idris Derby publicly said ”The War against Boko Haram is far from over”. Yes we have taken back all lost territory and ever swept the Sambisa forest clean but until we eject all foreign troops (MNJTF) on Nigerian soil Boko Haram will not be incapacitated to the extent they cannot launch futher attacks, they have endless supplies and Intel from Chad. Beats me why despite the obvious Nigerian troops are yet to wrestle control of the 11 Nigerian Towns under Chadian occupation. These guys can send in Tanks to Boko Haram and nobody will know about it. Nobody.

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