Troops at the wrecked palace of the Emir of Gwoza

Door gunner on a Super Puma on combat patrols in northern Borno

Rearing to go…no guts, no glory!!



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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Good to see bulletproof vests on many soldiers so far and well kitted men on the frontlines! Hope to see better rifles and a uniform camoflague style

    • igbi says:

      Be careful not to wish the army into depending on a rifle which Nigeria does not manufacture. If you thik the embargo on weapons which the west imposed on us was terrible, then imagine how it would be if we depended on rifles which we don’t produce.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        @ igbi , very sensible talk, the tested and proven rifle is very essential basic tool, their is nothing wrong with the AK47 ( if well maintained) and it’s newer variants, the newer Israeli made Tavor rifle on display does not have a very good field report and may not do so well in a prolong field use. The AK 47 kills just as well or better. Anyway our Oga blogger with more core competence in this area would be better advised on the issue. Overall that is no issue or advantage over BH. The political point on embargo is very valid point.

      • Are James says:

        The Nigerian Army in the field does not use Nigerian manufactured AK 47s in wide number. The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported.
        As for embargoes, no country can embargo AK 47 rifles. The very notion is so impracticable, it probably does not even enter into discussions. The rifle probably has hundreds of versions and a supply chain network of unbelievable resilience. I think we should actually expend energy being self sufficient in major weaponry and technology than the AK 47s.

      • igbi says:

        arejames and his crystal ball have spoken. How does one get to say “The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported.” without any sort of proof. Just mouthing ! Dicon produces the ak47, and arejames claims that the ak47 our soldiers crry are all imported. arejames, simple common sense is not your friend.

      • igbi says:

        this is why sometimes one can really have the feeling of wasting his time, when you see some bloggers who keep talking against logics.

      • saleh says:

        Its really appalling the way you rush to insult. Oga Are James is actually right. Yes DICON makes OBJ 06 version of AK 47 however, the bulk of AK 47s in the NA are foreign made. this is not because the Nigerian version is of lower quality (Its a good rifle) but because the NA have so much foreign AK 47s in stock that it doesnt need to acquire more. there are even some seized from the Biafran during the civil war that are still brand new and in boxes. Please learn to be more polite to others. Hopefully one day Oga Beegs will arrange a situation for folks to meet, it wont be cool to be enemies before meeting in person

  2. igbi says:

    I wonder if some bloggers are not trying to destroy this blog on purpose. Why tell such obvious lies, arejames, why tell such lies. And I shall recll that arejames has been caught several times while he was telling other lies.

  3. Sir Kay says:

    @Igbi, and how do you know that those Ak47s our soldiers are using right now are produced by Dicon? Or even in Nigeria, just curious if you have any proof of such.
    I’ve seen many of those Aks and they look pretty old, not all of course, but quite a lot of them.
    And no need to insult arejames over the comment he made, you guys are about to start another argument with that.

    • igbi says:

      Nigeria has 130000 soldiers, how many pictures of guns have you seen. And also you may want to revise your notion of old. Perhaps you should use the word experienced. Eg : there are two sporting outfits which I bough at the same time. Let A and B be the two outfits. I use A to do sports very often. So if you would compare A to B then you would see that A is much more experienced, and you may think it is older.
      And it is highly illogical to say that the ak47 used by our soldiers are imported while we actually produce the rifle. The most funny part is that there is no document stating that Dicon couldn’t produce enough ak47 fot the army. So why would one just say that the guns were imported ?

      • Are James says:

        The AK 47s you are seeing are all imported. I don’t know whether you don’t read between the lines of news that is freely available or ate not capable of assimilating things outside the skeletal Drame work that they seem have.
        Nigeria has an on going capability to make rifles going on 50years. Murtala Muhammed regime. We are also making a small number of An 47s is what I said, Obasanjo even out his name on some versions of it. We reportedly have a production line working in fits and starts making a few hundreds. We don’t make them in large numbers, our soldiers don’t just don’t like them out. Our soldiers would rather not use them. Pure and Simple. I am not insulting Nigeria by saying it, we don’t have comparative advantage to make them cheaply enough to compete with imported AKs. The current thrust is to keep developing improvements to the Nigerian version but we are not there yet.
        Go and do your research and tell me if I am wrong.
        It is not even astute to be producing AK 47s and I will advise the production line to be shut down. If that is shocking to you and read up on some strategic management before arguing over things you don’t know. There are many more important R&D capability areas to spend money on including continuous improvements to any rifle we buy from abroad but manufacturing AK should be kept at current levels or stopped completely.

      • igbi says:

        arejames you tell too much lies. I used to be naif and think that people were only ignorant and confused, but I have to reallise that some people are just telling lies. All you are saying is a terrible lie. And your suggestion that Nigeria should stop making its guns is just like your suggestion that Nigeria should not secure its borders. This is your trademark: To advise Nigeria on a path to hell.

      • Are James says:

        How does a suggestion become a lie my dear young man?.
        Please let us even get serious – rifle making is not rocket science. It contributes zero to national prestige. We started our defence manufacturing at the same time with Brazil. Nigeria was producing better rifles than AK 47 shortly after independence. I am merely saying three things, our local production is low, there are quality problems and don’t be carried away by AK as a rifle of choice. I have also said that the particular rifles that you saw in the picture are not Nigerian made. How does that make me a liar?. Should you not be the one to do your research about production levels at DICON and DHQ importation statistics?

  4. eyimola says:

    It doest matter if they are imported or not. The initial statement is quite valid. The AK-47 can be maintained domestically. Strategically speaking that’s got to be the way to go

    • Are James says:

      I disagree. There are too many rifle types available. We should continue reverse engineering of the very best available and current version AK 47 is not. DICON started with SLR manufacturing in the early sixties but we never stopped buying rifles from abroad and won’t stop. At the current time a locally manufactured AK is not the rifle of choice by a NA grunts going into battle and I am sure it costs more to manufacture.
      Let us get the Beryl factory to start something in country or an even better rifle type.
      The major point is that AK 47 manufacturing is no priority defence target because compared to other rifle types that rifle is crap and also small arms are not embargo-able so why all the fuss about a non value adding enterprise.

  5. igbi says:

    The last time I checked, the ak47 was the cheapest rifle toproduce. I guess someone told an other lie. Guess who.

    • Are James says:

      In what country is it cheapest to produce sir?. What are the manufacturing processes involved?. – CNC stamping, forging, machining. A complete proprietary kind of production line for the bullets and cartridges that I am sure you can only get from an established manufacturer. Raw materials like high quality steel , chemical compounds for bullets, machines for catridging. Diesel for powering everything maybe .

      I am sure there will be many automatic rifle assembly line clips on you tube. Maybe you need to watch and use your imagination to work out the managerial economics from what you see. If you still conclude it is cheap to make AK 4 in Naija then I won’t belabour the issue
      The point is we should rather struggle to make the real high end stuff instead of every body’s rifle. Something even ND militants were rejecting offers for because they had too much of. All millitant groups in Nigeria that the NA is going against are using AKs so some of you people who want the NA to operate on the basis of parity we are merely saying that is not acceptable to some of us.

  6. igbi says:

    Sorry bloggers, my words are very harsh today (with ni sugar cutting). Take care folks. We will discuss an other day.

  7. Sir Kay says:

    @Igbi, all i asked from you is proof that the Ak47s our soldiers are using now are produced in Nigeria, rant is not proof, just because DICON can produce them doesn’t mean all our troops use DICON produced Ak47s, and there has been reports of soldiers talking about using rusty Ak47s to fight, just saying.
    whether its produced locally or imported, all i asked for is the proof. Its quite that simple.

    • igbi says:

      Let me just answer this before I leave.
      1) There is no report of the Nigerian army buying ak47 abroad.
      2) DICON does produce AK47
      3) I am yet to witness any genuin report of soldiers saying that they are wielding “rusty ak47”.
      4) The question in it self doesn’t make sense, do you want me to go and look for the receits of the more than 260000 guns of the army ? I am not the one who made the claim. A fellow claimed that all Nigerian army guns were imported. WHy don’t you ask that fellow to produce proof. WHy are you asking me to produce proof for pointing out that not only he doesn’t have proof of what he is saying, but that it is highly illogical. Ask him to prove his claim.

      • Are James says:

        So you are the real liar. The figures have even been bandied about on this blog. A few public newspapers and magazines since when Danjuma was defence minister have even carried it as routine news item m
        It is so common place that i go so far as to say that AK 47 and its ammo has been the only common item on Nigerian defence procurements. They have simply been writing that rifle first then adding APCs, tanks, helicopters and so on to it.

      • saleh says:

        Why do you think every thing about Nigeria Military is online

      • Are, your being unfair to Igbi. Asking him for proof of manufacturing of AK in Nigeria, yet you have not produce a proof of the importation of same. Well, OBJ 006 is widely used by many NA troops even in the NE….and that rifle is produced in Nigeria.

  8. igbi says:

    @kay, Try logics.
    Someone makes a very illogical claim with no proof. I point out that it is illogical. And yet I made no claims and you, ask me to give you proof. Rather you should be asking arejames to give you proof, because that was my original quest. I have provided proof that DICON does make the ak47. What else do you expect from me ? It is counter prouctif for people to be making illogical statement without any single proof and then asking anybody who points out how illogical those claims are to prove the opposit. When you say something, you bring proof, it is that simple. The borden of proof is not on those who remark how illogical your statement is. I have already proven logically that the statement is illogical. Now provide the empitical proof of what you are saying.

    • igbi says:


    • Are James says:

      The proof is on this blog my friend . Flick the webpages and Google can help. I seriously dont like this attitude of dragging irrelevances and what is this logics crap?.

    • Are James says:

      DICON makes AK 47 is not proof that is relevant to the argument. The argument was not about whether Nigeria makes AKs.Everyone knows Nigeria does. The argument is on numbers, quality and customers preference.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Try logics? What’s your point exactly, Arejames said the Ak 47s are imported, you said they aren’t, because DICON produces them, and I’m asking you where is your proof that the Ak 47s used by our soldiers are the ones produced by DICON as you claimed.
      Perhaps i read you wrong, but there is no way all the Ak 47s we see out there in Nigeria are produced locally, that would be a delusional way of thinking.

      • igbi says:

        àkay, why are you not asking arejames to provide proof. Or is it only those you don’t like who have to produce proof ? If you recall this is my statement exactly “arejames and his crystal ball have spoken. How does one get to say “The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported.” without any sort of proof. Just mouthing ! Dicon produces the ak47, and arejames claims that the ak47 our soldiers crry are all imported. arejames, simple common sense is not your friend.”. So what are you talking about @kay ? What are you talking about ? Why are you still not asking arejames to provide proof since he is the one who made a claim ? You are even going further to support his claim and without proof, all you have is just a general statement. provide proof, I have proven mine. My claim was that Dicon does produce the ak47 and I proved it. My other claim was that arejames’s claim which you openly support (now after pretending to be neutral) is ridiculous and illogical, I have proven that as well. SO now please you guys provide your own proof.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, he said they were imported Ak 47s, you said they were not imported.
        Now looking at our own history, what exactly do we produce in large quantities?
        My question to you is, are you saying that the Ak 47s our soldiers have been using for years, are produced by DICON? If that’s what you are saying, then that’s not true.
        DICON produces these guns, yes, but are they in enough quantity to cover every single soldier?
        The reason why i did not ask Mr James to provide proof is because i agree with him to some extent that most of those Ak 47s are imported, our defense industry is pretty young, and some of those Ak 47s are more than 10yrs old, you only have to dig for pics to see some pretty nasty looking Ak 47s, they look ancient.
        I know you hate it when people don’t praise every thing Nigerian, but we shouldn’t be too blinded by patriotism and not know what we have and what we do not have.
        You do not love the country more than i do, but i will trash that same country’s leaders if they are wrong about anything, as i have the right to.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga igbi. I respect your hustle sir.
      I have always cautioned against people making statements without adequate proof. When someone utters word like
      “The Nigerian Army in the field does not use Nigerian manufactured AK 47s in wide number. The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported.”
      One wonders why the author of such words cannot immediately come out with evidence to put to rest such blatant theories, maybe because its not true and once again emotions get the best of us. When one makes a categorical statement and is confronted to give evidence to back up such claim, guilt sets in and the invariably deteriorates into a shouting match. Support with evidence your claims, its easier than typing an essay of rebuttals.

      • igbi says:

        My thought exactly. The way some people talk is not even worthy of my worse students.

      • Are James says:

        They don’t.
        You yourself look for the proof against that statement. The body of the rifle kept rusting, the wooden butt was (is) dodgy and it was disappointing to some units in action. Nigerian newspapers have reported Nigeria soldiers saying all these and more. We did not go for the Beryl rifle on a whim.
        There were forerunner rifles to the AK 47 manufactured in Nigeria that never had that problem so it is not a case of someone not being patriotic. Before the surge in arms procurement, we saw NA officers carrying the Nigerian made G3 and the NR 1(FAL). So it was a case of actually going back to the old reliables because of issues with the small number of locally made AK 47s available. Indeed the production lines for these other rifles as well as sub machine guns/machine guns are probably more established than AK so what is the bother.Now there are things the AK 47 could do that the others could not do and I assume that was what informed continuing importation.

      • Are James says:

        It is also very childish and amateurishly nerdy to be asking for proof of things that are obvious and in the public space. This is a defsec blog not a Sophomore class of law students trying to act intelligent. I hear stuff said about Chad, US, Russia, S.Africa without proof and we accept them without proof because they fall within a range that is considered probable.

        The more established production lines producing FN rifles in Nigeria were 10000pcs per annum in capacity, never achieved because of raw materials and another things and that was when we were serious about local manufacturing of basic weapons. The AK 47 production was nowhere near that. I am really getting worried about am getting that this argument is dragging.
        If you think for instance, that the NA did not even receive AK 47 rifles as recently as this year as imported items part for the COIN surge then I am getting worried.
        It means this blog is lacking quality defence observers.

      • Sir Kay says:

        So, i have a question, the boots our soldiers wear, are they imported or made locally?
        Just curious.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Are James, I respect your hustle sir.
        Here we go again with the dilly dally; why on Gods green earth will one venture into making claims that cannot be easily corroborated never seizes to baffle me all the time; wondering why one seeks to toe the path of arduous difficulties rather than the universally acceptable evidence led, and resources based agenda. One point comes to mind all the time; we are most times led by our heart, emotions run deep for most Nigerians, and most humans in general, so it takes extra caution to guard against slip-ups such as these. To err is human, but when one does so blatantly and without regard for the basic resource of evidence just makes ones motives seem sinister.

        “It is also very childish and amateurishly nerdy to be asking for proof of things that are obvious and in the public space” See, this is where it becomes obvious that ones thoughts are deliberately in-genuine; obvious in what public space? please provide proof.
        “If you think for instance, that the NA did not even receive AK 47 rifles as recently as this year as imported items part for the COIN surge then I am getting worried.” Again, its not about what you think or feel, its about what you can proof without a doubt 🙂 one brings unnecessary attention to oneself when one makes statements that cannot be backed by facts, simple.

        As per Oga Sir Kay’s question. “So, i have a question, the boots our soldiers wear, are they imported or made locally?” Global Smartfit Nigeria Ltd produces boots for the Nigerian military, but its not unlikely that we do import some boots.
        A totally irresponsible response would have been; “all the boots you see soldiers wearing are all imported.” As this opens me up to obligations of proof that i cannot completely gather 🙂

      • Roscoe says:
        The NSA has come out severally and said we buy small arms and ammo on the black market. A known arms dealer who interacts with conflict regions moved 40K pieces of AK to Nigeria in 2012. It was reported (unsubstantiated) in various sectors that the AKs were for the police.

        Weapons manufacturing is relatively low tech, but its not cheap… Economics of scale and the materials the parts are made up of, make up a large part of the cost. I do not think Are is almming DICON,again the lack of transparency in weapons procurement is leading to all of us here arguing, The US has local AK makers, yet a lot of AKs are imported. Actually most countries in the world make AK’s , even the Afghans, there are so many variants and flavors of AK’s that there are aficionados who can distinguish between Chinese, Czech and Russian versions.

        The key I would focus on here is that there is a lack of transparency, Are could be right, and he could also be wrong. Unless he points out a marker we cannot say the for sure the ones in the pictures are foreign made, we do know that we import small arms (and a lot of it) and ammo (a lot more that) including AK’s (@ least 40K in 2012 for the police force). I would bet good money we have a crap load of foreign AK’s being used by the NA, and my odds are higher than yours that I am correct.

        Procurement transparency is the key!

      • jimmy says:

        In 2012- 2014 Sipri records indicated that Nigeria bought small arms from Serbia.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  9. Abioye Dayo says:

    igbi is a small boy with low level of maturity.Always assertive and insulting anybody’dat oppose him

  10. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria army press briefing
    2388 soldiers of regular troops completed training and to be injected for COIN activities.
    481 mixed special forces operators-army, airforce, navy police already in action in NorthEast.
    151 special forces battalion injected into COIN activities recently
    2 additional special forces battalions 152, 153 rounding up training
    Army headquarters task force group(AHQ TFG) at the tail end of their training
    Tank training of armoured personnel intensified in Bauchi
    IED disposal experts training ongoing in UK, USA
    Na wa o!
    Trouble dey o!!
    Boko go hear am…

    • Are James says:

      Very good news.

    • jimmy says:

      1) INTENSIVE TRAINING @ BAUCHI means the batch comprising the 200 T-72s have arrived and more “Tankers” are being trained.
      2) 151,152 &,153 special forces battalion means 3 battalions together with at least two that are already under GEJ does this mean the NA is finally on its way to forming a Special forces Brigade? it still is very good news.
      3) “IED disposal experts training ongoing in UK, USA” Pragmatism wins out

  11. Ola says:

    Interesting pictures. Pity the palace was lost to the conflict too!
    Just wondering on the belt suspended MG. While it looks ingenuous and very practical for a small airframe because it gives a lot of flexibility to the gunner and recoils are not transferred to the airframe. But then, something more robust can be fixed on the super puma for safety and convenience…hopefully that MG will not be able to slide off that J hook under any circumstance!
    I hope in future, we’d see all serving member of the armed forces wearing ballistic vests and helmet, these are supposed to be standard issue!
    On AK-47, yes, DICON makes it but the different variants we see in pictures suggests to us that they may not all be coming from the same factory, this definitely brings the thought of importation to mind. It’d be better if Nigerian armed forces actually moves on to its more recent brother, the AK-74 or AK 74M which are lighter, and also very rugged. This would be a good standard issue for the military. The more ammo an infantry man can carry, the better and the AK-74M gives room for a lot more ammo carriage. On the economy of scale, it may not be cheap, but let’s look at it. If DICON gets the license to produce it and makes 80,000-100,000 rifles, that is a huge volume that will solve cost issues. I am not sure the Łucznik Arms Factory made up to that volume of beryls.

    • freeegulf says:

      brilliant piece oga ola. the sling hook has been in use for decades, and old hands consider it a test of gunnery skills. yes its dangerous if they lose control, however, its part of bragging rights for gunship crews to sling-hang their MGs

  12. G8T Nigeria says:

    The total admission that all the AKs in the pictures are imported is alarming. On which assumption, conclusion, sources or NA broadcast stated that my friend. If Nigeria produces AK 47 then it must be wrong to posit that all were imported. Nigerian Army is fielding it’s own igirigi, mobile kitchen, mobile surveillance equipment in various local war theatres then why can’t we also assume that some AKs were ours. Except for low production capacity per strenght, have you tested it to assess it’s quality? Why do you then see it as low quality? I remember some citizens allege that a pilot and a heli gunship firer were Caucasians. Some went on research to study the hair patterns to ascertain they were foreigners. Pls don’t be too justified to limit the capabilities of your country. For Igbi I thank you for always standing up for Nigeria in good or bad situations. This is what American citizens do. The CAN DO spirit must be total not on condition. Legitimate criticism is good but uneccesary mocking of your nation is good only for the enemy. Except for the polish rifle and the mounted MG. It’s safe to assume we made the AKs. God bless Nigeria.

    • Sir Kay says:

      No offense Oga, which American citizens are you talking about? Same ones that publicly burn the flag of their own country? Or those that protest at the burial of their own fallen soldiers and chant ” Thank God for dead soldiers”?
      Give me a break, Americans criticize everything about their own country, i live here, i Know.
      The only time they do come together as one, is when hit with disaster.
      Criticizing your own country’s shortcomings is not unpatriotic, when will Nigerians understand this? No wonder there is so much corruption, they give you a loaf of bread and keep the remaining 99% to themselves, you say thank you and go on your merry way, not thinking that those officials just cheated the masses.
      The point of this AK 47 discussion on my part is this, who on this blog can say with certainty that every single Ak 47 being used by our troops, past and present are locally made, not a very hard question.
      Its like asking how come our lawmakers in Nigeria are busy spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying furniture from Italy , for their homes and offices, when Nigeria is full of Carpenters. Common sense.

      • Sir Kay says:

        My best friend is in the military, let’s just say i won’t mention the corruption he talked about on here.
        Fact is, our house is in disorder, we all need to come clean, be honest with ourselves, analyze what we need, don’t have and how to do things better, some here want the world to believe Nigeria is perfect, not even close, and its not perfect because the very few at the top are ruining it for every one else.
        So hiding the truth won’t get us any where, exposing it will, because only then will the bad be fixed. Done talking about this.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Sir Kay. I respect your hustle sir.
        “The Nigerian Army in the field does not use Nigerian manufactured AK 47s in wide number. The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported”

        This is the issue at hand, not corruption or an American agenda. One thing humans do when backed into a corner of logic is to branch out eternally into ever deeper holes of irrelevant non-topics; lawmakers, Italy, Furniture, Offices, Carpenters? hahahaha, i mean what has this got to do with the issue at hand. One needs to get a grip. Please speak to the issue at hand, not carpenters in Italy, Abeg.

        “The Nigerian Army in the field does not use Nigerian manufactured AK 47s in wide number. The stuff you see in the pictures are all imported”
        You support this statement as truth; provide evidence to that effect. The burden of proof is on who makes such allegations. The above statement is an allegation, not fact, simple.

      • Sir Kay says:

        As i said, I’m done with this topic, you can read right? Have yourself a wonderful day.
        I’m not the one living in some fantasy land. Peace

  13. beegeagle says:

    This rugged ‘ole bloke, BEEGEAGLE is a year older today..I THANK God for life!

    • mcshegz says:



    • Sir Kay says:

      Happy Birthday the Beeg one, may God continue to bless you and yours, Cheers

    • igbi says:

      Happy birthday Chief. I wish you a very long life.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs! Happy birthday to you! We celebrate you today! We hold you dear for being a window into what’s happening at the heart of Nigerian security organs and the situations in which they operate in, I wish very many happy returns!

    • jimmy says:


    • majorohis says:

      Happy Birthday!!!

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Happy birthday Oga Beegs!
      You are an inspiration to all patriotic Nigerians.
      God Bless.

      Abeg, tek 21 gun salute jare!
      Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza!
      Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza!
      Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza! Gboza!

  14. startrek says:

    I am humbled by your Dedication and Challenged by Conviction…

  15. Oje says:

    Happy B’day Comrade Beegei Beegeirvich. May the sacrifises you have made for Nigeria be recognised, Oga Beeg, hero of the Nigerian nation.

  16. Oje says:

    On now, Al-Jazeera documentary on Chad’s war with Boko Haram by a French journalist.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
      The usual French propaganda, poking the Giant of Africa, sentences include: “battle hardened Chadian troops” “Chad is a free country, we are free men….. hehehehehe” “This is Chad, not Nigeria, we will not run from arerams” France24 and the French journalists paid for this aljazeera piece are so blatant in their disregard for Nigeria, its laughable. But, as Nigerians, we are so used to the pin-prick bashing its predictable and definitely will not achieve its purpose.

  17. G8T Nigeria says:

    Happy Birthday Gen Beeg, the knowledgeable one. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

  18. mcshegz says:

    Yemeni tribes launch retaliatory attacks on Saudi border cities
    Yemeni tribal forces have launched a series of new attacks against two Saudi cities on the border in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s ongoing aggression against the impoverished Arab country.
    Latest media reports said several rockets targeted military positions in the border cities of Najran and Dhahran al-Janub on Wednesday.
    The latest rocket attacks came hours after a Saudi soldier, identified as Hassan Someili, was reportedly killed during cross-border clashes with fighters from the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Jizan Region of southwest Saudi Arabia.
    Meanwhile, local Yemeni media outlets have released footage of the latest tribal fighters’ retaliatory attacks on Saudi cities near the Yemeni border.
    According to sources, the tribes fired at least 90 rockets and mortar rounds on Saudi military bases and installations located across the volatile region.
    Some reports also say the Saudi troops suffered heavy casualties during the clashes. Unconfirmed reports say at least 11 Saudi soldiers were killed.
    Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen started on March 26 – without a UN mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthis and to restore power to the fugitive former president of Yemen, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh.
    The latest retaliatory attack came after Saudi warplanes launched nine airstrikes on the Jabal Marran mountainous area and the districts of Malaheedh and Dhaher in Sa’ada Province in northern Yemen.

  19. igbi says:

    Chief, please consider writing a book on defence and on the Nigerian military.

  20. G8T Nigeria says:

    Sir kay thank you for your Response. Edward Snowden, Hilary Clinton are good examples to support your solid argument. However, in the profession of lies, truth is hidden or managed in public domain. No good man should be honest about his marital issue in public to save that marriage so also no true citizen shd be so steadfast on (LET’S BE TRUTHFUL TO OURSELVES) in public domain. The truth is a weapon against our will. This is what the real enemy fired at our troops in the early stages of the war on terror. They subverted them using some truth mixed with lies. Now, is to force us to accept foreign mercenaries were fighting our war. If you don’t know, Nigeria is one of the free-est nation where you castigate issues of national security without been silenced or monitored. Don’t be deceived, people are killed and poisoned everyday if they possess threat sense to national security in the developed world. there are people in the west studying your own tribe as a tool of destructive propaganda in the future. In matters of National Security, you must be constructive to manage weaknesses and maximise strength in public domain. This is why the owner of this blog is love by many officers. Thanks kay

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well said Chief, Whatever we as a nation manufacture, or produce is worth celebrating.
      That is my point all along, if we manufacture our own weapons, that’s great, I’m not saying i want them imported, of course not, that’s madness.
      So i believe we shouldn’t pretend that our flaws aren’t there, they are, and the only way to fix them is to let the leaders know that we are aware of these flaws and they should do their job and fix them, while the people also do their part. Enough said, lord.

  21. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    To our very own Nationalist Hero OGA, Sir, Shogun, Beegeagle, Happy birthday and many many more to come, wishing God’s protection to you and your family, his Guidance in all you do, his blessing in all that you ask and plan. You have done the Country Proud in your own way, once again God bless you.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, gentlemen. Much appreciated. Good morning all

    • freeegulf says:

      Happy birthday to our great Khan, marshal beegs, without your steadfast struggle and unsung work ethics the face of the nigerian armed forces would have been far more mortifying.
      a day will come when the apex office of the land would sing your deserved praise. you make your country proud. our military has a brighter and glorious face by your continuous and selfless work.
      some of the top brass might not know it, or chose to ignore it, but hopefully, when they come to endorse full spectrum warfare, they will appreciate that you have been in the trench fighting the good fight for a long time.

      blessings and guidance should continue to mark your steps. good morning my marshal

  23. beegeagle says:


    • Martin Luther says:

      This is what I expected: foreign offshore training, the experience just cannot be the same especially when troop are trained in substantial numbers and with the same platforms they are expected to use on return.

      And talk about the Russians, they were able to put down an insurgency in Chechnya effectively after the lessons from their 1st try, those lessons would be most invaluable

      Happy birthday Mr. Beegeagle, your efforts and concerns for your Country’s wellbeing are respectful and honorable

    • igbi says:

      We need to send more men for this training.

  24. freeegulf says:

    i find it sad that we are busy fighting over breadcrumbs about whether we import AKs or use rusty assault rifles. its denigrating and simply dragging the quality of this great platform down. of all the stories and news about the armed forces that we can discuss and argue respectfully about, its the AK?

    @oga igbi, yes you are a patroit, and i know everyone has their own individualistic style of expression and opinion, but please work more on your people skills. the fact that someone holds a different opinion does not mean you should call them names. disagree, argue, and state your fact but no need the name calling or slandering or defamation. from the way you write, half the time you use these slanderous words without malicious intent, but it would be way much better to simply context the idea rather than name calling.

    yes we have liberals here, we also have hawks, but i m very certain that majority of the contributing bloggers here love this country. we all just have our different ways of expressing it. and before you cram my entire statement in a single canvas brush, yes there where (still are) some who came here with their do-gooder mentality, HR nonsense, and misfits micro nationalists. but i m sure they are very few contributing anymore and most where called out by oga beeg himself, their agendas obvious and quickly spilled to the surface. you can argue with ogas oje, saleh, are james, without calling anyone a liar or silly. hope you have a fulfilled day monsieur

  25. Oga Kola, why did u highlight that pic?

  26. Akin Oges says:

    Oga Beeg, Happy Birthday Sir. You have started something genuinely altruistic, refreshingly different and generation changing with this Blog. As you selflessly put yourself out for our great country, Nigeria: may the Good Lord continually expand your ways; your well of wisdom will not run dry and Grace will know you and your generations. Remain Blessed Sir. You are a true patriot!

  27. Olumide says:

    Happy and very hearty birthday greetings to the C-in-C of Nigerian DefSec gurus! May the Lord continue to visit you, your household and connections with His blessings and grace. Amen

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sorry guys, this is unrelated. Has anyone noticed that the major foreign newslets have kind of blacklisted report on yemen? Since it involves Saudi, BBC, France24, DW, even Al Jazzera is tip toeing! But for press tv (who are accessories), we would have a complete blackout. When it was Israel in Gaza (not to mention bh), they wouldn’t let us rest, now perhaps more damage and lost of lives recorded yet they are all talking Burundi, Ramallah, Rahundi refugees and faulty airbags! Hmm, just wondering.

    • Are James says:

      This is very correct . I am currently doing some work in the GCC and even ordinary citizens on the streets have noticed this as well. This very topic came up in a discussion with colleagues yesterday. There are some clear Yemeni rebel gains and there are also indications that collateral damage among civilians are rising but nobody is going to go against big money Saudis reporting ‘uncleansed’ news.

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Rohingya refugee, sorry, thought it was spelled as pronounced

  30. ugobassey says:

    @ Oga Beegeagle
    Happy Birthday and many more fruitful years ahead for you.

  31. gbash10 says:

    @Gen. BEEG, Happy Birth Day

  32. beegeagle says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for this outpouring of best wishes and prayers. I wish you God’s continued protection and providence

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