HOW TO keep an army supplied: a usable assemblage of three T72 tanks and two REVA MRAPs…both vehicle types new to the arsenal

NAF 260, an upgraded Mil Mi-35 attack helicopter delivered August 2014

A Nigerian soldier walks by a secondary school destroyed by Boko Haram.This is in the insurgent group’s former stronghold — just retaken by Nigerian forces. The entire city has been demolished.


A Boko Haram anti-aircraft gun destroyed by the Nigerian military during the liberation of MONGUNO



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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. saleh says:

    Happy Birthday Oga Beegs. Hero of modern Nigeria

    • Colloid says:

      If I could hold the Rainbow, I would have write your name on it and put it back in the Sky, so that the World could see how Colourful Life is with You.


  2. KKY says:

    Happy Birthday Oga Beegs.

  3. freeegulf says:

    105 howitzer

  4. joeaso says:

    Happy birthday boss!

  5. stormslim says:

    Happy birthday Oga mi

  6. May we never forget the sacrifices of these men

  7. Happy Birthday moi General.

  8. odion777 says:

    Happy Birthday beeg, enjoy reading your write up

  9. Obix says:

    Happy birthday, Beeg One! С Днем рождения!

  10. Augustine says:

    Happy birthday Marshal Oga Beegeagle !

    May God reward you and your generations for all your good work and patriotism towards Nigeria.

    You stand out among the crowd, first among equals. May God bless you, amen.

  11. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, Happy Birthday!!

  12. Akin Oges says:

    Oga Beeg, Happy Birthday Sir. You have started something genuinely altruistic, refreshingly different and generation changing with this Blog. As you selflessly put yourself out for our great country, Nigeria: may the Good Lord continually expand your ways; your well of wisdom will not run dry and Grace will know you and your generations. Remain Blessed Sir. You are a true patriot!

  13. Tbite says:

    Happy Bday Brother…nothing do you.

    May you prosper, the blog and all your endeavors….and may your defsec dreams for Nigeria prosper as well.

  14. Roscoe says:

    Beegs. When a man actualizes not only his dream, but also the dreams of the collective. He is a great man. Success is accepting your own dream, Greatness is other people accepting your dream along with you. WIth this blog you have actualized the dreams of patriots, weapons systems aficionados and military historians in Nigeria and the Diaspora.

  15. rka says:

    Happy belated Birthday Oga Beeg.

  16. buchi says:

    so we actually share the same birthday month oga beegz.
    (i celebrate mine anytime money dey sha laughing)
    happy birthday MAY born.
    you alone have been an inspiration to hundreds if not more online and offline,u almost made this blog an addiction and attraction to me(lol)
    ur selfless service at great personal cost has enormously improved the psychology of many Nigerians as regards our service branches and men and counter the false narratives echoed around.
    you have created and avenue to bring to the fore the creativity and innovativeness of enthusiasts and Patriotic Nigerians and near miss Military Personnel. thru insightful additions of input from the depth of our hearts and mind
    More importantly you have used this platform to severely criticize,counter negativities and project positives of our great Nation.
    Together on this blog we have argued,quarreled,blamed,insulted,debated etc constructively and objectively sometimes emotionally on issues all to achieve a greater agenda
    we have been blessed with your rich library of facts,narratives and ever evolving opinions on the way forward…
    more importantly we have been heart warmed to see our words re echoed on the ground and in the field by the power to be..who place fellowship on this blog..
    like i once told you oga Beegz your blog is a blessing
    you are a blessing to me and this generation
    plus our Defesc endeavors…
    i hope to personally meet you in person one day to let you know the lift you have brought to me on a personal basis
    probably you will be my guest of honour at my WINGING ceremony one day i believe..
    Happy birthday in advance to my other ogas on the blog
    Lets keep the ball rolling

  17. ifiok umoeka says:

    72 Gunshots for a true Nigerian patriot. May u see many happy days and may ur enemies remain sad. Happy birthday akwa owo.

  18. buchi says:

    by the way my comments have been going AWOL anytime i post and it is becoming frustrating..most times.after putting up a heavy write up it just simply vanishes..whew i really need some help here

  19. Manny Aaydel says:

    “Laymen talk strategy, Generals talk logistics.” You’ve talked the talk and walked the walk. Many happy returns Gen Beegs. Happy Birthday…Bon anniversaire!!!

  20. buchi says:

    The brigade commander of the 23 Armoured Brigade in Yola, Adamawa State, Victor, Ebhaleme, has been acquitted by a general court martial holding at the 9 brigade officer’s mess, Ikeja cantonment.

    Mr. Ebhaleme, a colonel, was accused of failing to ensure that support weapons approved for units under his brigade were collected.

    He was arraigned on a lone count charge of negligent performance of military duty under section 62b of the Armed Forces Act.

    A military source told PREMIUM TIMES that available evidence in court showed that there was no such approval for the weapons.

    The colonel was arraigned alongside 21 other officers including a Brigadier-General, J.O Komolafe, on January 19.

    The investigating officer of the case against Mr. Ebhaleme told the court that the brigade commander was never indicted during the entire investigation.

    Following this, the colonel’s counsel, Femi Oyebanji, a retired Major, representing the Falana and Falana chambers, made a no case submission at the close of the prosecution.

    He said essential elements to prove the charge was not established, he therefore urged the court to discharge and acquit the officer.

    The General Court Martial headed by S. D Aliyu, a Major General, upheld a no case submission and subsequently discharged and acquitted Mr. Ebhaleme.

    Also, a different general court martial convened to try a Brigadier General, Enitan Ransome Kuti, and four other senior officers, blamed for the loss of Baga in Borno State, to Boko Haram insurgents in January, is expected to resume sitting Thursday.

    The court adjourned May 4 due to some issues raised during its inauguration.

    Mr. Ransome-Kuti, his Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel G.A. Suru, and some other senior officers, were arrested for failing to repel Boko Haram attack on the headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force [MNJTF] in Baga.

    Mr. Ebhaleme is the first publicly known senior officer cleared by the military in its trial of hundreds of soldiers accused of misdeeds in the fight against Boko Haram.

    • Are James says:

      The NA is displaying high standards of military jurisprudence in these trials . I also like the fact that a large number of soldiers were arraigned for trial with the risks properly managed . The institution has proven itself resilient enough in terms of to do this without this fear of anarchy or spreading mutiny.

  21. Number one says:

    Happy Birthday Oga Beegeagle.

  22. Deway says:

    Oga Beegs, happy birthday. The Lord will continue empowering you! I know say e no easy!

  23. Olumide says:

    Happy and very hearty birthday greetings to the C-in-C of Nigerian DefSec gurus! May the Lord continue to visit you, your household and connections with His blessings and grace. Amen

  24. Are James says:

    HBD Beegeagle, MHR, LL&P.

  25. COLONEL NGR says:

    Happy birthday beegs! The only true patriot trying to better our security system. Keep up the good work!

  26. igbi says:

    Please Chief you need to write a book on all matters concerning defence in Nigeria. Too many western european 419s are writing books full of lies on this matter. It would be refreshing to have a genuin book, written by someon who actually knows what he is talking about.

  27. Emmanuel says:

    Happy Birthday Beeg! This blog has become an addiction……Beeg UP!! 21 155mm howitzer rounds for you jare!!!!!!….

  28. chynedoo says:

    Happy birthday general Beeg
    The pace parts of Syria and Iraq (Palmyra in Syria and Ramadi in Iraq) have fallen in recent days to ISIS is disturbing. 200 Isis fighters chased away a larger army in Syrian Palmyra while American equipped Iraqi army also met the same fate. Given the BH allegiance to ISIS, the NA should be on the alert for copycat terrorists in NE

  29. igbi says:

    The usa approach to fighting against terrorism is unhealthy.
    I said a few days ago that the usa alliance in iraq is not doing well at all and I even conjectured that the americans might be trying to copy Nigerian military methods. And also, it is relevant to point out that given the failure of the usa alliance, it is quite funny that the western media keeps bashing Nigeria. Up to now, I am yet to witness a country trained and equipped by the usa which was able to defeat an insurgency or even a regular ennemy (except israel, but again the case of israel is special and shouldn’t be considered the norm)

    • igbi says:

      And the israel I am talking about is the israel of the yomkipur war. The israeli military of today is not usa trained.

      • Colloid says:

        Good points. I concur. US approach in tackling is ineffective for the terrorism of today. The terrorists have also devise a way of countering Counter Insurgency. Sending large troops alone without proper coordination/intel to quell insurgency may not work effectively as these “guys” have devise a way to go around it. Knowledge is on the increase everywhere.
        The reason why the Nigerian approach to terrorism is effective, efficient is not because of the training received,ammunitions and hardwares procurement only, but also because they used a new “trick”, devise a new strategy, made a new tactics and developed a new plan to effect the turn-around. Such is the alliance of Nigerian neighbours to close the borders with soldiers ready to strike any targets, the tactics of what i will call “push-to-me i-push-to-you”, a tactics where those idiots were pushed to the border and were pushed back to effect a “strangulating/Circulating strikes” on them.

        Americans approach of engaging ISIL in Airstrikes alone can’t do the magic as these scumbags have developed a new strategy to counter the strikes. In the wake of the airstrikes, what they did was to pull in(from sneaking/prying/spying eyes of airplanes) all heavy hardwares so as to lessen targeting them.
        I also believe that US are more interested in preserving their interest than actually fighting ISIL. Despite the conspicous “lags” in US-led coaliation strikes, the media are still living in denial of the fact that the approach is outdated. Terrorism have evolved and will continue to evolve.

    • igbi says:

      I know the israeli were equipped by the usa back then, but I am still not sure they were trained by the usa back then, I just suppose it.

    • Are James says:

      “..i said a few days ago that the usa alliance in iraq is not doing well at all and I even conjectured that the americans might be trying to copy Nigerian military methods…..”

      That the US is not doing well in Iraq has been clear for months ….even to lay men.
      What i would like you to clarify are what exact “Nigerian methods” that the US are copying.

      • igbi says:

        Here comes the negative one.
        What thi guy means is this: “how dare you say anything positive about Nigeria ? you want fight ?”

      • igbi says:

        “the negatove one” is a quote.

      • igbi says:

        For the avoidance of any doubt, my “negative one” is just a joke and it is even a quote from my favorit comedy.

  30. Mr Zee says:

    Happy birthday beegs!

  31. chynedoo says:

    You raise some valid points. None of the countries the US-led coalition is helping fight insurgency have been able to achieve any form of stability. This could be for a variety of reasons. The Americans fight terrorism like conventional war, with heavy firepower, troop surges and airstrikes. This approach has so far been ineffective. It has been said that American presidents could go to war but they can’t fight for long because American voters don’t want another Vietnam. Again it might be that America has other interests to protect other than to fight terrorists in some foreign land. There is also the angle of money to be made by big American defence companies who win lucrative contracts to supply these conflict ridden, terrorists-swamped countries with American weapons. After all, Uncle Sam is still the biggest arms dealers.
    But then, whatever theories that are out there could barely justify large units of Iraqi and Syrian soldiers being vanquished by smaller bands of isis fighters. Again, what stops Iraq and Syria form a kind of fighting alliance to tackle isis the way NA and some neighbouring countries did to BH?

  32. Number one says:

    Just going through the news this evening,by the end of 2015 the NAF would have winged 58 pilots.

    • jimmy says:

      that is good news IT IMPLIES THE Ghosts of Horrors past have been laid to rest and we can expect more aerial platforms.

  33. jimmy says:

    I am going to say this to you because I believe of all the people. You are going to be very surprised. There are two people who served BUHARI ,One is from the Niger Delta and was one of the first Female officers in the Nigerian Army, the second is married to my first cousin. You are going to be surprised in the coming months ahead.

  34. egbeigwe says:

    The narrative is changing for the better when the foreign media is faced with indisputable facts.

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks for putting the article up.However the author needs to be contacted.His numbers are way off. A full fledged battalion that went to Mali consist of 776 men and approximately 76 Officers making for a total of 852.A Brigade at full strength can total 3000 men. Owning to the fog of war and units going on ops for instance The brigade @Monguno reputedly had 1,500men. The 7 div prior to the election postponement had three brigades in addition to extra Artillery units..By early March 7 div had swollen to at least 10,000men as they stretched from Maiduguri to Bags,Bama, and to the Nigerian side of Lake Chad. This is the part he got wrong.I did not forget to mention on going operations by 3 Din in Adamawa State and the 28 task group. Based on my estimate of the battle field at the height of the battles Early March in the North East alone estimated totals would be close to 20,000.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Roy says:

        I think the president has confirmed that they were here to train our personnel on the use of this new platforms. And oga Eben has also made statements on this blog. In any case, if the president and Colonel Eben lied.

        What matters to me is that Boko haram is on the run and raping of women, slaughtering of people, shooting at civilians, destroying of livelihoods, rendering people homeless and hopeless is on serious decline.

        When territories fall we blame the military(fine) but when they make progress we say it is mercineries (unfair) what matters to the people whose hope of life was almost dashed, hope of education almost chattered and whose hope of happiness almost battered in the north east only care about result.

      • Roy says:

        This is my take on my president elect statement.

        Assuming that Mr President and Colonel Eben lied
        1) What is his definition of success in this case.
        Eliminating Boko haram or protecting the pride of Nigeria.

        My perception of things is that Nigeria was ill equipped for an asymmetric war fare meanwhile they had an over bloated public perception. In fact some guys believed that the Nigeria army was the best in the world and they were ready to argue it for days. BEST! with what kind of riffle, tank, bullet proof vest, defence industry, budget.

        When Boko came around, the fowl buttocks could not be hidden anymore.
        We had to do a reality check and l guess the result was shocking than shock.
        The only reasonable thing, was to arm up seriously and train seriously.
        And because of the reality of the time, the training has to be done in the field.
        Common sense tells me that, this means they can also be involve in the fight if Boko comes during training.
        In any case whether I am right or wrong.
        BH is on the run and HALLELUJAH.

      • Roy says:

        I sympathize with our generals, who would be disappointed at what the president elect said
        Few days ago.
        They should realize that Nigeria is still a work in progress and such things are bound to happen. Nigeria is still a country where people compare 14 to 774 as if the size of all local government in Nigeria are the same in size, level of education and religious bias etc.

        The fact that the president elect said in the statement that he just got to know about the South Africans involvement, shows that some of us here are better informed than him on this Boko haram issue.

        GOD BLESS Mr President
        GOD BLESS MORE Mr president elect.

      • jimmy says:

        It is very unlikely at this Stage and( yes it can be said now) There is very little going on in the Military Heirachy that GMB is not aware of.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail M

  35. beegeagle says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for this outpouring of best wishes and prayers. I wish you God’s continued protection and providence

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