A trail of destruction left behind by Boko Haram terrorists

Apprehending a suspected insurgent in the beautiful Mandara Mountains town of Gwoza

Nigerian troops and an Otokar Cobra APC near Gwoza

Nigerian troops and a T72 M1 tank at Gwoza

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  1. kola says:

    Victory is from God alone….never again

  2. alade says:

    there’s something i noticed about most of this soldiers, there are bearded even with moustaches… when did Nigerian soldiers started to keep beards???

    • FortB says:

      Apart from the excused shaving cases operational exigencies may not allow time for shaving at the front. In such situations, it is excusable

      • Sir Kay says:

        A guy that lined his beard has no time to shave it? ha, lining your beard takes more time than shaving the whole thing off. Look at the guy in the last pic. That was obviously done on purpose, it was perfectly lined, not rough all over the place. Its just style, nothing more. Soldiers wanna show their rugged side, can’t complain.

      • beegeagle says:

        Lol..FortB is right.

        It either has to do with operational reasons or medical grounds. I cannot elucidate on the operational reasons but a lot of things are happening below the radar.

        What manner of style when your non-stylish RSM would not brook the sight of even a sprouting bristle on your chin? You go tell am say you dey maintain Na extra duty you go just enter.

        The only real reasons why this would be permissible are what FortB and yours truly have tried to shed light on.

  3. alade says:


  4. beegeagle says:

    Covert operations or excused on medical grounds. Let’s keep it that brief..hehe

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