A T55 tank in Boko Haram hands destroyed by the Nigerian military (AFP)

Securing a landing site for an incoming helicopter at a makeshift landing strip

Commando of the 72 Strike Force and a REVA MRAP(in the background)

Nigerian soldiers on patrol near Chibok (AFP)


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  1. Manny Aydel says:


  2. i hope the hard Lessons are well learnt now. #neveragain shall we degrade our own fighting capability by ignoring defense needs.

  3. Heard today Nigerian Armed Forces launched a Radio today called Defence 107.7 FM for Reporting on Military news. I think it’s a great idea. Dey should also make it accessible Online too. In this new climes the more info u put out u can control narrative

    • rugged7 says:

      Very nice one

      • BUCHI says:

        step 1
        step 2 should be at least a dedicated television channel on an of the cheap terrestrial platforms avaliable..
        we crawl then we walk

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Buchi. I respect your hustle sir.
        With digitization coming into full swing in 18 months; a dedicated DHQ television will be almost impossible to ignore because of the relative cheap financial outlay as compared to terrestrial. Analog as become very expensive when compared to more modern modes of mass transmission. I envision a situation where that digital TV station will engage in propagating interesting and intriguing topics, including but not limited to, war analysis, war history, country-by-country military analysis, tactical/strategy plans. Should be engaging. Kudos to DHQ for the radio station.

    • Roscoe says:

      They should stream it online for diaspora and for PR internationally (journos will tune in and report)

  4. ScouseNaija says:

    Don’t like that we are still seeing the Widowmaker Hilux and Ranger trucks in battle but we shall conquer

  5. Ola says:

    Sadly interesting to see that Boko haram is actually helping the NA to clean out T-55s from their arsenal. When will the legislatures (legislooters) in Nigeria wake up and work with defence people with brain in their head to buy and develop arsenals of the future? Today NA is celebrating T-72s and I wonder how many of those NA even has.
    Still waiting for a proper restructuring of the military. Waiting for a time we would see NA haul in current and future equipment in significant number in their numbers. Waiting for a time the lives of our soldiers would actually be treated like something of importance and their basic mobility would be igirigi APCs not hillux, Waiting for a time we would see NAF fly 4+ gen and 5th gen, formidable jets, complete with their plethoria of armaments, waiting for a time we’d see NN be a capable, blue water navy.
    Waiting for a time the Nigerian armed forces will be a determinant force in terms of strength and equipment, not only to boko haram or our neighbours, but actually nations that are capable.
    I could recall the capabilities of Libya in the 80s -according to history books-even the US was nervous to fly SR-72 over Libya because they had capable air defence!
    Just thinking aloud this afternoon!
    The armed forces now seem to be starting off again on the right track, I hope the incoming administration will hit the ground running and do the needful. Training SF in Pakistan, India, Russia and the US is one thing, providing them with the right tools to work with is another thing. It takes years to build a capable military, Nigeria is running our of time now that the economy is growing ahead of the security!

    • Are James says:

      We will soon get our standing back. We have had the to tell hard truths to ourselves and looking in the mirror to see a not too good picture. Aling the line a few people have cowardly denied the truth . The T 55 tank you saw in the picture, i woild soon remember the exact thread, date and time some “intelligent” contributors to this blog denied that any tank of the NA was ever captured. Even the Hilux vehicles were explained away as normal for mist militaries. Well only the militaries of the US, Kenya, UK, S. Africa and increasingly Cameroon and many others won’t use those vehicles to transport soldiers they have spent thousands of dollars to train.

  6. Ola says:

    I just pity those soldiers the way they swam that hillux, struggling to get in and piling on the back. God forbids that such should happen, those guys make a very vulnerable and easy target for a machine gunner! Our soldiers deserve better than this!

    • As in its so annoying, despite d fact that we r going cheap by using soft skinned vehicles we cant provide enough of them to carry troops in dignity. They are crammed on like sardines. God forbid they encounter a BH team armed with and RPG who gets a lucky hit, we’l loose a bunch of valuable lives.

  7. schearbeek says:

    Happy birthday beeg, longlife and properity.

  8. jimmy says:

    Is reporting on the fate of the mutinous soldiers,
    Confirmed that the Brigade Commander @ Yola was acquited- this was to be expected
    This is a super sensitive issue with the military both for the Non -Commisoned and the Senior officers involved, it is not expected that any of the Soldiers will be Executed.
    Of all the trials the most Sensitive will be that of Brig. Enitan Kuti,
    Indirectly I contacted two red necks, his fate will be decided not just by the GCM but may go up the food chain to GMB.
    BAGA not Monguno not Damboa represents the lowest point of the Campaign both red necks independently spoke the same language that Brig KUTI was supposed to hold ground, there is other stuff that may be revealed during the trial or it may be held in Camera because of the highly sensitive nature of BAGA,
    Also represents why the Military heirachy will never ever trust the Chuds

  9. schearbeek says:

    Breaking news ,report says Abubakar shekau captured, Again

  10. Russellinfinity says:

    The soldier from the 72nd strike force in the second picture is the way every NA grunt should be kitted. Appropriate webbing, stuffed with eight mags, a radio for comms, commando combat knife and gloves…these should not be the exclusive preserve of our special forces especially the webbing and extra ammunition.
    Heck even organized terrorist groups are well kitted (Hezbola, IS, etc) How much more the fighting ground force of the largest economy in Africa!
    It’s heart warming to see flack jackets and helmet become a staple in the NA. However the ante needs to be upped pretty fast.

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