L-R: New hardware all round – REVA MRAP, a BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and a T72 battle tank

T72 tanks and a REVA MRAP


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  1. Alibo says:

    Hopefully after the war, a portion of Sambisa Forest will be used as a military zone – Guerrilla and woodland training ground as well as a weapons proving area.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Should be re-stocked and maintained as a natural game reserve, there are enough training locations.

  2. DEATH MACHINE says:

    we love smoke

  3. Kola Adekola says:

    Islamic state says they plan to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan for use in attacking the US.
    Their hypothetical means of smuggling that weapon into the US starts from getting it into Libya, then into NIGERIA, before crossing to Central America.

    This is why we continue to scream, FENCE NIGERIA’S BORDERS!!!

    • Are James says:

      Ha ha ha…Fence the borders to prevent the transit of nuclear weapons to ISIL. This is getting funnier. I believe we could actually use this to shakedown the west for the money to do it and buy some top of the line weapons. Maybe it could really work. Almost 2000km border length between Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

  4. Trigger says:

    Why do i get the feeling that the Reva, T-72 and the bvp-1 would become the mainstay of the NA’s armoured force.

    • Henry says:

      They would not.

      The BVP-1 is already obsolete and doesn’t have a place in the Army’s future plans, I expect the Nigerian Army to dump the T-72 for more modern Tanks when the service is ready to overhaul it’s fleet. The T-84 OPLOT and T-90 would be the more realistic replacements.

      The Reva has a lot of competition from both the chinese and local defence supplies to mount any serious challenge.

      In all, the Reva, BVP-1 and T-72’s are all stop gap/interim buys.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Henry, there is a very strong argument for the T-14, because of its next generation radar and electronic warfare systems (even though it’s not battle tested).

        The T-14’s radar has a range of 100 km and can detect air threats, yet the tank costs about $8 million only. It could form an unorthodox mobile air defence system, plus its other stand off capabilities. We could get full spectrum for cheap.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        …The dominant blocks for “full spectrum for cheap.”

      • Trigger says:

        You guys sef! You where shouting ‘buy T-72 tank’ now theyve bought it now you’re shouting T-90 tank na wa o. In Nigeria stop-gap equals semi-permanent. Someone even said T-14 Armata. I doubt if our leaders have even heard of T-90 not to talk of T-14.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Kola, the Russians aren’t planning on exporting the T-14 until they can satisfy first, their own requirements. We are talking 10-15 years.

        With Nigeria’s slow pace at adopting new technologies, I do not see us purchasing the T-14 until 30 years time. The usual suspects, India, Algeria, Venezuela, Azerbaijan would naturally be the first export clients of the T-14 when it goes into the market in 10 – 15 years time.

        So, realistically, Nigeria’s most likely replacement for it’s Tank fleet are the T-84( Ukraine), T-90 (Russia) and Altay (Turkey).

        To avoid any “High B.P”, i’ll advice you take your thoughts of the T-14.

      • Ola says:

        Mr. Henry, of Reva, BVP-1 and T-72, the only one I think the NA needs and should keep in perspective for long term is the Reva MRAP. NA should let that vehicle be the basic troop transport. Reva and igirigi in their hundreds should be the Jeep for NA, not hillux, Land Rover or even. Few landcruiser gun trucks should remain, the rest and all the hillux should be donated to the Nigerian police.
        Also, Nigeria needs to reach for at least 250 T-90, to start with. All customised to our climate, proper cooling system and air conditioning! 150 to be shipped in and 100 brought in as KD to be assembled here in Nigeria by Russian and Nigerian Engineers.
        I don’t see Russia exporting the Armata for another decade, at least. They will not sell out their secret so fast because they know the west (US in this case) is always after Russian equipment to understand the secret and develop a solution to it.
        In place of the BVP-1 which is obsolete, Nigeria should reach for 150 pieces of BTR-90 and 150 pieces of BMP-3. There is a need for both untracked and tracked IFV and “tank killers”, our best options are the BTR-90 and BMP-3, respectively. Major maintainance and upgrade lines for all these platforms should also be negotiated.

  5. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    How about thinking optimistically of us producing something in 15 -30 yrs time, the younger generation I hope do have more real self confidence in them selves, not just mouth/vocal optimism of National technical progress, but practical activities as manufacturing. who says that a tanks would still hold sway us with the development of exo-skeletal robotic devices

  6. Roscoe says:

    We should have our own MBT program. After T 72 it should be Nigeria Armed Forces MBT program (Elesin Export Name TBD) Platform should also be the future of our AFV, APC, IFV platforms (tracked).

  7. lachit says:

    just taking a small break from my studies
    a belated happy birthday to u
    and wish u all the luck in all ur endevours

    rustom-1 armed with two 3rd generation helina missiles with cooled imaging infrared (IIR) passive seeker that ensures a high-hit accuracy in both top- and front-attack modes with lock-on after launch capability with tandem warhead.range 7-20 km

    T-14 and T-90A pics for comparison

    t-14 detailed

    @Capt Tobias Wilcock
    “who says that a tanks would still hold sway us with the development of exo-skeletal robotic devices”

    • lachit says:

      it is good to see that majority of the bloggers are in favour of “MAKE & DEVELOP IN NIGERIA”
      but u must realize there is a natural order of progression in these sort of technology build up.u cannot sort of jump the learning curve.

      for the land forces the T-72, BMP-1 and the IGIRIGI should be the platforms to start work on.this will be the first step to build up necessary skills for the future.

      and here is my take on the ***T-72 INHOUSE UPGRADE***

      1.ERA research should be done by a joint team of NA and professionals from leading universities.
      if possible a open competition inviting new innovative ideas from students,retired army personnels etc should be held on ways to upgrade existing ERA blocks and then progress in immediate future to use it to develop new passive NERA (non explosive reactive armour ) blocks.
      the new ERA blocks should be lighter,resistant to sharpnel,bullets hits and should be conformal type ie it should be able to be moulded into the countours of the turrent.

      2.CAGE armour it sounds simple but believe me to design a all-round and multiple hit redundent cage armour utilizing light weight material is not so easy.
      the cage armour should be easy to install on/off the field, modular in design so that the damaged portion can be removed easily without dismantling the whole cage armour.
      it will be nice if the scientists can additionally insert thin walled plates adjoining the inner cage armour filled with electrically charged gel based nano compounds which on experiencing any impact solidify into many parallel plates to disturb the penetrating hot copper jet from shaped charged anti tank warheads.(this is my idea which i have thought of and which i think is very would be fun if somebody or NA manages to develop it)
      NA in the future might find itself engaged in urban warfare and going by the experiences of syrian and iraqi tanks in urban areas ie their vurnerability to RPG, tandem warheads these CAGE ARMOUR will surpress these threats by atleast 40-60 % together with the reactive armour plates.

      3.360 degree situational awareness by installing forward/backward and sideways looking ruggedized cameras for the commander and the driver.
      for the first time t -14 armata has these installed.

      4.installing banks of smoke grenades on rotating mounts installed on either side of the turrents.
      benefits are that even if the gun is in the process of engaging a target,it does not have to break target lock ie move the turrent around to launch smoke grenades at the direction of impeding enemy threat.

      5.install a remote contolled weapons mount for firing the air defence gun/medium machine gun.
      utube is full of videos where isis snipers have be shooting down the commander trying to man the co axial manual machine gun mounted on the turrent.wont be long before BH etc start catching the idea.

      6.install a APU (auxillary power unit) to run the electronics in silent mode.
      good for ambush tactics as the tank will not show up on the thermal detectors of the enemy tanks due to its engine being shut off.

      7.install laser detectors and IRCM preferably with israeli hand holding.
      the laser detectors and IRCM can be tied with the rotating grenade launchers which will automatically direct the grenade launchers in the direction of the threat for suppresing it.

      8.a commanders panaromic sight for the hunter killer suggestion would be the israeli COAPS.all it requires is a simple drop down installation and provides excellent detection capability in all visible and thermal spectrum.

      9.finally i am not proposing any APS active protection system for the T-72s because the interior of the turrent is conjested.
      but there is a walkaround if u install SAAB LEDS mongoose APS it might do the trick because its space requirements are minimal.again nigerian engineers would work with SAAB learn the nitty gritty of the APS.

      if NA manages to implement my above suggestions it would bring the NA t-72( code named by me as BIGEAGLE 😀 ) capabilities above the t-90,al-khalids,chinese MBT3000 (VT4). since all these are nothing but upgraded t 72s.even a layman knows this.

      well guys my short break is over.
      see u soon

      • jimmy says:

        Please continue to stay involved your comments are very much appreciated.

      • Henry says:

        Welcome back!!

      • jimmy says:

        Did you see my recent comments I mentioned you.

      • lachit says:

        guys as much as i want to continue blogging
        but my father is going to kick me out
        if i dont manage to crack the exam for the government job this time
        so i have been off the internet (my father pays my internet bills)
        and have to do so untill the exams are over and i get the job
        india is a tough place country to get a govt. job especially for us/me since we are 3rd grade citizens without any job qouta/reservations.
        hope u guys understand

      • lachit says:

        ***T-72 INHOUSE UPGRADE***

        10.a Track Width Mine Plough (TWMP) or a Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP) to be attached to the T 72s to clear concealed or buried mines and IEDs found within the path of the full track/width of the T-72.

        11.a BMS ( battle field management system) ,nothing very complicated at the beginning but a simple and effective interface to provide networking between a 20-30 tanks atmost and uploading/downloading terminals for information exchange from uavs and higher commands especially theater level command.

        12.IFF (interrogator friend or foe) SYSTEM not absolutely necessary but can be looked into as it will nullify blue on blue engagement/ the thick of batlle blue on blue incidents are very common.US military lost 30% of its personnel/equipment due to this.

        possibly in end of june or july i will do a write up on upping/upgrading the IGIRIGI,also will break down IGIRIGI into 2-3 varients for dedicated/specific role oriented tasks.

        and take care

      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, thanks for your contribution. I disagree with the chosen platforms though. Just as CAGE armour will do well on BMP-1, the same way it will do well on BMP-3 or BTR-90. The upgrades you suggested on T-72 can also be done on T90s. Even if T-72s are the test bed for tech development, it doesn’t stop the country from having T-90s. We need to remember that upgrades are secondary protection on top of the main platform.
        In general, I don’t believe Nigeria should belabour itself with upgrading obsolete equipment. The path to rapid development will be for Nigeria to splash out some money to haul in state of the art equipment, simultaneously develop local industrial bases to meet her current needs and pump money into R&D to meet your suggestions above and a lot more other things to be done. You know an automated gun turret has been tried of igirigi for example? The army industrial complex can work more on that and make it standard on some variants. There are some T-55s that the army can use to practice by converting them to mine sweepers for example, but that doesn’t mean the NA has to stick with T-55s.
        Some of the things you suggested there will take years of researching to develop and perfect, this is where R and D comes in.

      • Ola says:

        The T-90 is not just an upgrade to T-72 as you lightly stated here. Yes, it started off as a fusion of features from the T-72B and T-80, but the drive train, armour and gun, apart from other major components in the tank are new and unrelated to either of the two tanks it started from. Just as India has been getting licenses to build Tanks from other countries starting with Vijayanta (Vickers) and Ajeya (T-72), while learning from the various cloning experiences and working on various domestic projects simultaneously, the same way I believe Nigeria should go. For such a path, equipments that are already obsolete are not good to start with.

      • Ola says:

        The T-90 is not just an upgrade to T-72 as you lightly stated here. Yes, it started off as a fusion of features from the T-72B and T-80, but the drive train, armour and gun, apart from other major components in the tank are new and unrelated to either of the two tanks it started from. Just as India has been getting licenses to build Tanks from other countries starting with Vijayanta (Vickers) and Ajeya (T-72), while learning from the various cloning experiences and working on various domestic projects simultaneously, the same way I believe Nigeria should go. For such a path, equipments that are already obsolete are not good to start with, I think.

      • lachit says:

        thanks for ur reply and i want to clarify ur doubts

        my counter to u

        1.TIME FACTOR : is there a definite time frame withen which the T 90 for the NA will be procured if so how long 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.
        the whole testing, evaluating and financial dealings with take 6-12 months or so even if the decision to buy the T 90 is made today.the russians will take another 6-12 months to procure various raw materials, logistics etc etc to kick start production of brand new T 90s.
        so it aint that simple.we r not ordering cars off a commerial assembly line.also in any tank factory due to low or no production rate various components which are sourced from other companies or countries cannot be procured all of a sudden it has to go through a length process which takes time.
        but if u r willing to buy 2nd hand t90 then the time frame will be much less but will simply defeat the NA capability since the older t90 will have inherent deficiencies even after upgrade.i will not go into it.
        so my point is in this time frame what ru going to do count the stars.LOL

        2.T72 : the t72 stock with NA is considerable and in the near future will require upgrade because as u all know the pace with which new deadly anti tank weapons are being developed these NA T 72 tanks will cease to be effective much like the t55 of today.
        so in the future are u willing to send ur countrymen in these un-upgraded T72s to their certain deaths.

        3.the T90 or any other tank if procured will be the core of the armored thrust into enemy areas,this much u will agree i believe. while the un-upgraded t 72s will do the job of ground holding.supposing the enemy finds a weakness in the flanks and pivots a counter assault then then the main brunt will be borne by the un-upgraded t72 without any help .in such a scenario how long will the un-upgraded t72 last .they will be decimated (worst case scenario)

        4.and my good oga suppose u have a car which u have been driving on for last 5-10 years and a brand new car which u only got yesterday. which car would u be more comfortable to tinker/upgrade(based on ur own indegineous ideas).99% people will choose something they are already familiar with.which is very natural and logical .so choice is t72 against brand new t90s

        5.and if i read ur comments carefully i think u wanted/hinted at upgrades for the t-90s.
        if u r going to add new technologies to the t 90s why not ask the russians to install them in the first place at the beginning when u start buying the new army will go for upgrades of its equipments in the first 2-3 years of its procurement.because if it did so then it just wasted the countries money by buying under rated products.
        indian army is a exception certain officials together with corrupt politicians are to be blamed.the t90 were not evaluated for indian conditions, the t90 major electronics were being burned out due to intense heat, also gun barrel bending/bursting etc etc and lot more other problem .
        therefore india had to go for indegineous upgrade even at great loss of money since it had no other options.the global norm for mid life upgrade for tanks is 4-5 years to recover the cost of procurement etc etc. but if u r super rich like the saudis then be my guest.

        6.finally the GOLDEN TRUTH will u unwittingly said
        ie “Just as India has been getting licenses to build Tanks from other countries starting with Vijayanta (Vickers) and Ajeya (T-72) ”
        i left out the cloning part and parallel development projects because these are not correct.
        india only license produced the Vijayanta and ajeya with some amount of upgrades to remove obsolence due to aging and these upgrades are not so effective.the indian armour is in a bad way totally mismanaged.
        so india even after 30-40 years of tank manufacturing finds it difficult to upgrade t72 and t 90s
        so u can think how much trouble NA might run into if they dont start with something easier and more fimiliar to them technically.that is the t 72 which has to be upgraded at some point of time.and after perfecting the tech implement it on the t90.which is the only logical way to go forward.

        slow and steady wins the race and most importantly look before u jump dont overestimate ur capabilities.otherwise it will lead to cost overruns and long delays.

        by the way what is ur take on arjun mbts of all indian products i like this one. it will hold its own against leopard abraham ztz99 challenger anyday. 3 israeli APFSDS rounds at 0 degree at the same place at point blank range was not able to penetrate the primary armour.only the import lobby in the army is playing spoilsport.

        ps:i made only a generic statement about the t72 being the base for t90 al khalid mbt 3000 which is true and it is obivious that some difference will be there otherwise we would not have the t90 alkhalids mbt3000 LOL

        nice talking to u hope to continue further discussions after my exams
        bye and take care

  8. Ola says:

    It’s not impossible and it’s ablout time for Nigeria to have her own home made MBT, SAM platforms, AFV, APC and IFV, agreeing with Roscoe above. There are three things needed though; the technical expertise, the industrial complex to support it and the materials to build it, this is why I suggested that Nigeria should buy T-90s supplied in complete and knocked down forms. If Nigeria buys T-90s in KD form, there will be a need to build an industrial complex to assemble it. from there, the physical facility and the technical skills will come in at the same time. This is all possible in one year, it only takes the will power of the government to negotiate the deal and put in the money. China and India learnt to build their own tanks that way from Russia.
    Frankly speaking, Nigeria cannot achieve this by depending on imported steel. That means that all the steel industries in Nigeria have to be revived to made competitive. There is a need for high grade and military grade steel (ballistic steel grades). Is the government willing to see this done? Is the government willing to upset those profiting from the steel importation in Nigeria?
    Once the expertise and industrial complex and resources are there, the rest is easy. It’s all about buying engines and some other needed components from reliable companies in Germany or Russia.

    • Ola says:

      Thinking back to the riffle issues people talked about in one of the recent posts, one of the reasons I believe DICON is not able to meet the basic needs of the armed forces is a lack of local industries to supply the quality of steel needed. Major industrial revolution and ability to domestically meet a significant part of the needs of the armed forces will not be realised until there are local steel industries that are meeting the demands. And thinking of it, if a significant percentage of the amount being paid by the armed forces to import some basic things are spent locally, the armed forces will get more volume of those items and at the same time, and a good deal of money goes into the nation’s economy too!

    • Are James says:

      Steel, foundries, CNN machining centers, labs. Centrally managed hard and long mental effort involving a lot of people working assiduously towards a goal, all managed with vision.
      This was how we built our great big empires and this is how we are going to do these ones as well. Short term thinking, crude selfishness, corruption, immediate gratification all a no no.
      We will continue to preach.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Very wise talk and analysis, The rich man’s (sellers) heaven (our current situation of always buying) is the poor man’s ( Buyers/us) hell, So expect nobody is going to revive the steel complex accept we do it, why would the sellers close a good market for themselves down

    • Ola says:

      For Nigeria to become independent and fully developed, three things are needed. The human capital, the mineral resources, and the hunger/will.
      There are skilled Nigerians at home and in diaspora who can meet any skills demand in Nigeria today to move the country to the next level, so this is not lacking.
      Nigeria has the mineral resources to meet all her needs;coal and oil for energy, steel for industries and transport like rail and ship building.
      Nigerian leaders lack the vision and will to speed up things, that is why the country is held back. Today, the economy is growing largely due to the effort of the masses! If the government will develop the will power to eradicate corruption, meet energy needs and use the mineral resources available in the country, Nigeria will transform into one of the 10 largest economies in the world in 10 years, this is what the western world cannot even imagine! Imagine if we can produce enough high grade steel to meet our need in defence, rail and shipping industry? Imagine if Nigeria can meet her need for fuel from the crude oil pumped out daily form Nigeria? Imagine if the government develops and implements a master plan of road construction from our cement and bitumen (2nd largest deposit in the world!). Imagine if Nigeria can meet her need for high grade steel for rail construction across the country? Imagine if Nigeria can meet her need for power with gas, crude oil and coal which Nigeria has in abundance? Imagine if Nigeria produces enough refined fuel to sell to African markets? Imagine…Trillions of dollars will flow into Nigerian economy with lightening speed.
      At the end, it depends on the government of Nigeria to do the needful and if they fail at it, it depends of the Nigerian masses to demand the needful from them and hold them accountable!

    • Number one says:

      A ‘Nigerian company’ in the Lagos/Ogun axis produces steel and even exports to Ghana,that was like 2 years ago.

      • Ola says:

        I never knew this. What grade of steel do they produce, if I may ask? Could you please name them so that I can look them up? Thanks!

  9. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    They talk about all this buying this, buying that, as if with the amount of knowledge and academic qualifications within our country’s technical corps/persons is just for show. All our national sectors are improvising and effectively adapting to meet their demands, starting with the Nigerian medicals, that we used to look at with suspicion, They stopped Ebola dead, The Petroleum industry which we so much depend on for cash to finance this projects, they too have looked inward and done the same with their local content policy, THERE IS NOTHING in designing a tank that cannot be down in Nigeria, except that our patriots do not understand that funding plays a big part in developing our own in house capability, people jump at every opportunity to fund other countrie’s industries, then we turn into cheerleaders after buying the product produced with our money. We are the hope of our children (sub- Sahara race can follow us or renstate their slave chain back on their own necks) even though a lot of us pay only lip service to it, Our default setting on most matters is that we are subconsciously subservient to non Nigerian or white products.
    I believe a lot us here attended the top global institutions and came out tops, some are also currently top lecturers in western institutions.In most cases, It has taken a non Nigerian on this blog a number of times to draw are attention to Nigerian products, Two boys who built are rocket and made a very serious composition of sugar to fuel it’s flight ( fueling a rocket is a very complex, sensitive and dangerous process). Igirigi should be primary vehicle for the Nigerian Military, Tell me what complex in the design of the REVA vehicles, we are speeding the cost of 3-4 locally assembled for the importation of every one of the IFV/APU. The persons that designed this things are not 100 ft tall. For the UK’s new UAV design, they have launched a competition within the high schools, not RAF, they have given their young guys the statement of work and expected capabilities. I am sure we would see the spectacular designs that would come out of the project.
    Pardon me for digressing away to the issue in a the report about NAF personnel beating up a FAN staff, I believe we should have gone past this issues, similar to men in uniform burning LASG buses, did they think or put Oga in the barracks reaction into their equation ( or they just don’t care or respect his authority). Officers must address this type of behavior, if left it would grow, it would lead to other forms of indiscipline, what could make a recruit point a gun at a general,s convoy.(even if he sent them on a one way mission, after all as wrong has it is BH sent it’s cadre on such). Being a killing machine has nothing to do with being without restraint, We all saw how calm the our poster hero SF Commando was during the Vice interview, A soldier’s Soja

  10. jimmy says:
    Speculation will be on what kind of Military aid was agreed upon.

    • Are James says:

      This is more of a secret “help us bring our stolen money back” trip. The UK has plenty to gain however in a resumption of defence exports to Nigeria but then again that is one cagey customer of a nation. Do you know the largest aircraft carrier in the world is under construction and is British?. Very perfidious underhanded people. They are definitely not very nice people with a decidedly PHD (pull him down) mentality to themselves and other nationalties.
      Defence cooperation areas:
      1. T-129 Chopper acquisition wont happen without thetheme UK.
      2. Jarguar upgrades and revamp.
      3. Time to unleash the TORNADO for some long overdue W.African service. If the Saudi’s can use them then why not Naija
      4. Naval cooperation.

      • jimmy says:

        Nigeria wants to join the BIG BOYS CLUB PART 1 If you want to join please follow my copyrighted proverb ” AFOJU KO LE MUMI koja TITI” A blind man can not lead me across the street. It is commendable that the types of visits are now taking place, as expected @ the inauguration on Friday May 29th 2015 expect to see Not one but at least two prime ministers from Britain there Cameron, Blair, and maybe Brown. Critical area of cooperation needed from the British Critical training on A SOF akin to what happened in the retake of Mubi Critical communications military wise between field commanders I believe this was less about money but more about security , and mutual defense issues. This might be the first G2 TO G2 related BIZ dealings stay tuned.

      • Ola says:

        The HMS Queen Elizabeth is not the largest Aircraft carrier in the world. It’s tonnage would be ~65,000 tons. Much smaller than what the US has and same size as the Chinese and Russian aircraft carriers.
        The UK cannot single handedly sell the Tornado to Nigeria because it was co-designed with Germany and Italy. Germany did most of the work actually, so authorisation has to come from Germany as well. Nigeria should learn not to buy anything that someone’s sanction would kill immediately.
        In my opinion, going back to the Jaguar would be a set back. They have been grounded for a long time and it would cost an insane amount of money to bring them back, unfortunately. Who knows their storage condition? That money should be poured into new and more modern fighter jets.

      • jimmy says:

        Agreed on the Jaguars @ this stage unless proven otherwise. The jags are nothing but scrap.Hopefully the F.g. is serious about the Su 27/30.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The tornado is way to expensive and would not match up with the current stable of fighter aircraft available, apart from having serious software problems, Al Yamani deal of the 1980s saw the birth of the Tornados was just a job for the boys and let aid the queen deal, with Prince Charles and co. it is a good jack of all trade and master of nothing. it operating cost makes nonsense of what ever it might what to deliver. I thought we were thinking of being independent. The T129 deal has nothing what so ever to do with UK, It was a condition sort and obtained by the Turks before buying the manufacturing rights of the Mangusta, the only problem might be the US again in terms of the engines, though the they sort full waivers on this as well to sell the T129 (which all other components, avionics, weapon systems and armaments are all Turkish) They manufacture their own ATGMs instead of buying from other countries at $80-100K a piece. GMB should visit whom ever he deems fit, but must not left his gaith down to anyone, even at the point of death. We have stood on our two feet and we need to continue to stand that way. ask yourselves does a serious nation need to be singing chorus to “lean on me”, Do the Brazilians, South Africans, etc do this ( By the way the Brazilians now have formal rights to assemble and manufacture the Grippen Fighter. they were also granted rights to sell to third parties by the Swedes

  11. Kay says:

    Countries with lesser gdp than ours already have running defence industries; Serbia, Pakistan, Ukraine. Enough of looking up to western nations for our next set of bandoliers. These guys have let us down and this is from me normally relaxed to western support.
    Our 72 strike force have been more effectively trained in a short time than all those year long training from Uncle Sam and co.

    For our population size, shame suppose to dey catch anyone still saying we should buy ‘xxx’ or expect westerners to activate once sanctioned hardwares. Time to move on, I hope we have learnt enough from this ongoing BH bullshit. Time to start our own thing. By hook, crook or whatnot.
    We should continue from our drones, apcs, ship building to more advanced programmes.

    • jimmy says:

      i honestly agree with you but the HARSH reality on the ground is a completely different story OGA HENRY remember him has repeatedly asked for the Igirigi to become the mainstay of our LAV It was recently disclosed that in 2014 Twenty – five were manufactured, these are underwhelming numbers, especially when such a country is fighting a coin insurgency on it’s home turf, More needs to be produced In order to do that Nigeria has to give birth to a Military -Industrial complex whereby the Military and Private Corporations come together to determine Nigeria’s immediate needs, till then we are going to have as a matter of serious necessity and urgency depend on both the EAST and WEST, National pride is one thing reality is another.

      • Henry says:

        Oga jimmy, like you rightly pointed out, I have begged and begged for the IGIRIGI to be the main stay of the Nigerian LAV fleet. I remember completely de-railing a thread started by Oga beegs on the Otokar Cobra 2.

        When i read Nigeria only received 25 units of the IGIRIGI in 2014, I was completely disappointed. You know why, there is absolutely no rocket science involved in building the IGIRIGI or any other MRAP for that matter. I mean an Agro allied company in Namibia builds military grade MRAPs for exports.

        There is absolutely nothing to it, only difference between the IGIRIGI and Proforce LAPV is, the Proforce is mounted on a Toyota chassis, while the IGIRIGI on a Ford F150. So, the weak numbers were completely disheartening.

        I’ve also advocated for the use of the Proforce LAV , I mean, the Egyptian army recently launched a similar vehicle, the Ukrainians use a less capable Kraz Cougar for COIN operations, Sudan also has a local type they use, Chad use a similar vehicle for COIN. The Indians have the much smaller mahindra.

        In all, I pray daily that the company Proforce becomes successful, they are my only hope. I remember reading an article were the GMD said Proforce are working on an IFV with a French company, to be unleased in 5 years time, that was 2 years ago. I just hope the development is still on.

    • Henry says:

      Kay, we have not learnt anything.

      • Kay says:

        We have to have learnt a huge lesson Ogas Henry and Jimmy. These uneducated twats exposed our rear due to neglect over the decades.
        Its not too much to ask for a blueprint for long term strategic planning in the area of hardware. A mega ind complex built by Serbia + equipment and machinery to build arty systems, trucks, apcs and more only cost them about 15 million Euros to construct. At most, it’ll cost us 40 or a bit to have a big enough complex to start building more igirigi, shells and other development.
        We can start from buying licenses and learning on the job. Some of this stuff we got were even ill suited for our hot weather, how about our army mechanics also have inputs in that regard. Specs especially to our own needs

  12. igbi says:

    Nigeria is becoming a colony again. And nobody seems to care.

  13. igbi says:

    Although, what was I thinking. I thought we all valued independence, but I was wrong.
    perharps it is because of tribal bigotry, or shall I say tribal racism, that some are more than willing and happy to dash away Nigeria’s independence, and don’t care when they see it happen before their own eyes. It is official, Nigeria is now a baby country incapable of taking care of itself. We apparently need the british to “fight corruption”. And let us just hope that the british would not rather be interested in fighting against all those who stand for an independent Nigeria, or those who do not agree to trade exclusively with uk and america! Let us keep living in a fairytale in which britain is a “force for good” which would come and “save us”, rather than saving its own interests.

    • Are James says:

      My parents lived pan Africanism and anti neo colonialism and all that stuff in early 70s all the way down to the 80s of IBB. I read Karl Marx and Hegel when i was 14.
      The towel was thrown with IBB regime with the realization that Nigeria is part and parcel of the western world. The country itself was actually colonized by a trading company acting like government until they actually became govt. I personally was denied a lot because we had to live the pan Africanist life. It therefore irks me when a younger person posts anti neo colonialism stuff from far away in France when he should be making the kind of sacrifice my parents made for this thing.
      Also interestingly Nigeria has experienced unbelievable capital flight in 6 years to the UK more than any other country. A lot of it by govt officials and politicians . For soneone to now type that Nigeria is going BACK to neo colonialism is the just the kind if lie a particular generation (the only un radical generation the world has known ) is well known for.
      The new government will engage the world with maturity and independence (Buhari has stood against the west before and some people in the other party srstill brought it up against him). China, Russia, India are already lining up and have sent envoys. However from the UK we need to get our money back. Interestingly Buhari was not alone on the flight, a certain lady minister who used to do the trip weekly to the COLONIAL master was also there going for weekend shopping. Please shiw gravity and profundity when you are posting and continue to wonder why it is the 1200something’s and 30something of Nigeria now that dont protest in public, worship wealth and the west and would rather a corrupt act go unprotested if the tribal conditions are right.

      • igbi says:

        What I find funny is the selective amnesia. If you want to consider buhari a person who stands against the west, shouldn’t you also consider him a dictator who rules by decree ? Are you blind or can’t you see the numerous times buhari keeps praising the usa and uk ? Why would someone who is about to become president of country A keep praising countries B and C a,d even be going on several trips to country B. Please stop being a hypocrit. And my being in france is irrelevent to whatever the discussion is. I could be in an other planet if I so wish and it will still not stop the fact that my blood is Nigerian. Though, perharps you should start looking for other ways to defy logics than always emphasizing that I am younger than you (although no proof has been given yet) and that I leave in france.

      • igbi says:

        It is hard to talk to you given that you almost never make sense. And given also that each time things have to be repeated to you. Nigeria is becoming a colony again because the president elect is too attached to britain and america. He even did a part of his campaign in the uk, for the uk public. He was also in the usa to deliver speeches to the public he wanted as political allies. I can go on if need be.

      • jimmy says:

        “The new government will engage the world with maturity and independence (Buhari has stood against the west before and some people in the other party srstill brought it up against him). China, Russia, India are already lining up and have sent envoys. However from the UK we need to get our money back.”
        There are times when it is really, really tough to sit down at a computer and explain to someone like OGA IGBI what is really going what is more laughable if not sad is some of the ill- informed comments OGA IGBI makes iwth out regard to the real financial facts of what is really going on.
        The financial capital of Europe as far as Nigeria is concerned is England, during the last couple of months leading up to the ELECTION, The money that was leaving Nigeria @ one point was more than $2b / month and it is estimated in the month of March/ April $6B left Nigeria financial shores.
        Nigeria’s finacial commitments don’t just end because we do not like the way a certain country talks to us,.The financial deals concerning General Electric run into the billions as well as the deals with China and Russia and there are financial penalties when we back out.
        We have had two Former British Prime minsters visit our President Elect since the election result was announced these people behind the scenes still weld CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE.
        The Chancellor of Germany who recently slammed the door on Saudi Arabia has personally implored GMB to come to Germany.
        If Nigeria wants to play with the big BOYS SHE BETTER LEARN HOW TO DANCE, this emotional rubbish honestly needs to stop..We need to learn how to diversify , we need our Money back/ to stay in Nigeria and most importantly we need to follow the money.

      • igbi says:

        look @jimmy, I am sorry, but first of all how does what you are saying relate to what I said ? buhari’s campaign was conducted by the uk and the usa. The propaganda those two countries did against the Nigerian army was meant to make the president look clueless and therefor serve buhari’s ambitions. Please stop acting like if I am the only one who saw american and british papers saying that buhari was the only solution to Nigeria’s problems.

      • igbi says:

        @jimmy, what I understand is that you want to show support for buhari and you are even ready to contradict yourself. The fact remains that we all saw usa and uk interfer in Nigerian politics (which is illegal enoough and which is against Nigeria’s democraty), and they did that in favour of buhari. And now we see buhari constantly praising them and constantly visiting the uk. Why would he do that at this momment when the inauguration is very close ? The bund between buhari and the usa and the uk makes buhari a …

      • Henry says:

        Oga Jimmy, on this matter, Oga IGBI is completely right.

        IGBI, you should learn to articulate your thoughts into a single post, instead of spamming the thread with multiple short posts. Give others space to respond to your posts.

  14. igbi says:

    Those who don’t value freedom, don’t deserve it.

  15. igbi says:

    ok, I have had enough, buhari is a puppet. He is a uk and usa puppet. arejames and jimmy, your attempt to disguise what buhari himself is not even hiding is shameful.

  16. igbi says:

    buhari’s party incited soldiers to commit mutiny. buhari’s party delayed the loan needed to equip the armed forces. buhari’s party brainwahsed Nigerians into saying an equivalent of “heil hitler”, and that is “sai buhari”.

  17. igbi says:

    An independent president elect would rather be thanking the countries which didn’t put the Nigerian armed forces on a silent embargo, eg: China, Russia, Czech republic, Pakistan. But instead buhari keeps praising the countries which put the Nigerian armed forces on an embargo. And instead of buhari to commend STTEP for the good training they offered to the 72 mobile strike force, and also to commend the 72 mobile strike force, he went on to tow the line of the british and american propaganda and disgraced the army and the trainers from STTEP. As a guy who is supposed to lead the army, buhari’s actions are funny.

  18. igbi says:

    @jimmy, many people are holding their tong, but still they know what is what. You can not use your cosmetic write-up to change reality.

    • Roy says:

      Oga Igbi, l must say l agree with you on this. But l also agree with Jimmy’s idea of diversification.

      Yes, president elect has made some mistake in his statements. But diversification of our foreign relation is key because your friends are your friends today because there is something in for them.

      Tomorrow they may be your worst enemy, so DIVERSIFICATION is the right thing to do.

      Disgracing our military (NO) but visiting David (YES)

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