Nigerian armoured column on the move with a Steyr APC following a MT-LB multipurpose tracked vehicle


A T55 tank used by Boko Haram Islamic militants captured by Nigerian troops at Uba, North East Nigeria, 01 March 2015.
(Henry Ikechukwu/EPA)

A soldier walks past a burnt building in Michika town, after the Nigerian military recaptured it from Boko Haram, in Adamawa state May 10, 2015. (Photo: Reuters)

A Landcruiser gun-truck of the Nigerian Army at MUBI (Photo REUTERS)

Nigerian troops on the move

Attending to the conflict-affected


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  1. Sir Kay says:

    Nigerian Troops Kill Boko Haram Commander and Others, Foreign Currency Recovered Posted by Major General Chris Olukolade”>Major General Chris Olukolade on May 25, 2015 PRNigeria displays offensive picture of mangled bodies of terrorists to clear the doubt of sceptic readers who doubt successes of Nigerian military operation against terrorists. Below is a official release from the military. THOUSANDS OF FOREIGN CURRENCY FOUND ON DEAD TERRORIST COMMANDER SUSPECTED TO BE A FOREIGNER AS TROOPS REPEL ATTACK ON DIKWA ON SATURDAY Thousands of Euro currency was found on the body of a terrorist commander after troops successfully repelled a terrorist on Mafa towards the border. The terrorist who is also an Amir by status and believed to be of foreign descent, is among about 30 terrorist fighters who died in the encounter while many others fled with wounds. The terrorists also lost a number weapons and equipment including the captured 13 rifles, a machine gun, rocket propelled grenade tubes and several other assorted ammunition. A Toyota Bufallo vehicle was also recovered from the terrorists. Two of their armoured vehicles were also destroyed in the battle. The only casualty on the side of own troops was a damaged equipment. Mopping up operations is ongoing in the general area. Meanwhile, the offensive on all terrorists hideouts is continuing in many fronts. Chris OLUKOLADE Major General Director Defence Information

    Credit : PRNigeria

    • beegeagle says:

      If Nigeria’s SSS had accused the many journalists in the electronic media who do propaganda for terrorists of being sympathetic to BH, I am sure the US State Dept would be the first to cry ‘human rights’ and ‘press freedom’

      Remember when Yvonne Ndege would interview supposed Nigerian soldiers with their backs to the camera, claiming to have witnessed the execution of 3,000 persons at an unnamed village, never mind that neither HRW or AI are in the know about such supposed mass murders because they obviously did not take place? Was it not Nigerians who also string for many Hausa Service radios organising these things to create a soft landing, propagandnda-wise, in their bid to wrest power ffrom Jonathan at all costs?

  2. rugged7 says:

    U.S “TRAINED” Iraqi troops running from fight in Ramadi.
    Yeah, right , we see where the U.S “expert” training has taken the iraqi army.

    • Henry says:

      U.S training has always been “booohooo”…… Nothing to write home about. U.S trained forces never actually do well in combat.

  3. i thought i had read so much about the Nigeria Civil not until i picked up ”the Last Flight” By August Okpe. It is a well written book that documented the civil war from the POV of the Biafran Airforce. I was thrilled to read about the first plane highjack in Nigeria

    An aside
    Since last we i have been sighing contrails from high flying jets when driving to work in the morning. Can anyone in the house corroborate ?

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Capt August Okpe is a living legend, a colleague and close friend, That is why I wonder all this step back from standards and capabilities that were achieved that far back. Everyone needs to get his hands on the book and read. In fact he had offers from Hollywood to make a movie out of it . He is in Lagos.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Pls also kindly read a book called Tragedy of Victory by (Rtrd) General Alabi Isama, then you would see what stuff Nigerian Army Officers were made off and how the training of the 3rd Marine Commando was done without foreign help.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Thanks to the power of the media, EVERYTHING about the US military gets overhyped. The reality always falls short of the overstated potentials – Seal Team 6, Seal Team 10, Green Berets bla-bla. What have they accomplished in Afghanistan and Iraq where their asymmetric warfare prowess ought to have shone through? US-trained forces worsted in Mali, Yemen and now, Iraq!

    Nigeria ABEG, explore your options. Too much academy make-believe and little mileage on the battlefield. STTEP have been INFINITELY more productive and valuable to Nigeria than any military or PMC trainer from the West and Israel involved in Nigeria.

    When the story of this war is told, I suspect that the guys trained by STTEP,Pakistan and Russia shall get the most plaudits. Nigerians need to shine their bloodshot eyes. They are all eyes yet they cannot see…always amenable to being led by the nose and unwilling to find out for themselves how our world really works.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs, good topic you brought up here! Here is my take on it, US training is not crap, it is just not suited to the nations adopting them. Simply put, the US military follows an integral doctrine of aggression and heavy reliance on equipment. The US army field some of the strongest and resilient men I have seen in combat, but then, the US army has one fundamental flaw, that is their over reliance on equipment. Only a very rich army can do that. Bear in mind that the US army has long been like that. During the second world war, European armies were finding ingenious ways to counter German U-boats, the US instead were building ships “faster and in greater number than the German U-boat can sink”. That is the issue. US throws excess fire power and equipment into everything they do but the armies they train cannot do that, hence a failure of the US doctrine in those places. I give a modern day example in Afghanistan. Many villages and their people were almost wiped out by the US forces in Helmand before the British took over the responsibility of the region from the US. It was a tale of destruction beyond description that you never read about or see any where because no journalists were allowed into the area to cover what was happening or what had previously happened! These guys were calling in air strikes like fun while their coalition counterparts (especially the UK, France and Germany) were actually thinking about minimising collateral damage. Apart from the fact that a few middle level officers were silently reallocated to some other duties or forced to retire back home, no one was punished for the atrocities because that is just the way the US army operates! Soldiers are not trained to fight their battles on their own with limited resources, relying only on team mates standing right next to them…so? The best units in the US army who can actually do the jobs are not sent out to conduct training usually. So, an army that does not have drones and enough helicopters and fighter jets that can be called in at will cannot effectively implement the same doctrine! That is why Iraq and the rest of them are crumbling. I may be bias here, but I will turn to UK, France and Russia any day for tactical training and COIN rather than the US. This is why I like the way Nigerian SBS is patterned after their british counterparts. I hope NA will also imbibe the doctrines of SAS for about half a dozen units (teams) at the core of the NA SFs. Some SAS guys were in Libya during the uprising, they did what they were supposed to do and got out without any noise and I can reliable inform that these guys operates from anything from plain foot to bicycles to motor bikes and HALOs, they would be the last forces on earth to call in air strikes or get inserted in the enemy territory with an overwhelming show of force. Those are the type of guys needed to fight the like of ISIS, BH and any other terror group, unfortunately, those are the type of guys that Yemen and Iraq do not have!

      • FortB says:

        Sound argument. Well done

      • @Oga Ola, I agree with you. the US always uses a bigger stick than its adversaries. they bring an overwhelming amount of fire power that everyone they have fought against since the end of WW2 cannot match.

  5. buchi says:

    oga beegz your still talking about ramadi,sinjah province total disarray.opposition units trained by the us attempted to attack Isis target on the. outskirts of palmartia guess what they fled after been dealt heavily by artillery

  6. buchi says:

    oga beegz your still talking about ramadi,sinjah province total disarray.opposition units trained by the us attempted to attack Isis targets on the eastern outskirts of palmaria guess what they fled after been dealt heavily by artillery and flanking attacks

  7. buchi says:

    I don’t know if any one can cofirm this it seems the attack on mars must have galvanised NA.snippets seem to suggest MARTE is been counter attacked by NA.can anyone confirm

  8. Are James says:

    US military training is confirmed crap. I have had discussions with ex marines who descibe SEAL training with something close to awe but when you listen carefully to everything they yap about, it is just ‘routine ruggedness’ in the jungles of Biafra, Liberia and now Sambisa. All the talk about biting the head out of some little wild animals te eat raw in jungles of the Phillipines …and the point that niggles in your mind is, yes the tribesmen who taught all you that must be way tougher than you. No matter how you look at it.
    What the US has that we should lust after is technology – innovative, effective and often reliable making first to detect, first to kill possible at stand-off distances.

    Now for Iraq, something else is happening. The country’s Shiite led government is working towards a geographical division. They will not defend Sunni areas from ISIL and they will not make major efforts to take them back even if the Iranians push them from now till kingdom come. This is not an act of cowardice, the generals deliberately left the area under-resourced.

    There are so many things to blame; artificial Anglo-Saxon imposed borders, removal of stabilising dictators, rise of intra – religious divides in Islam, Iran-Saudi tensions, CIA plotting, many uncountabe things but no world power can teach an Arab the will to fight. When they want to fight they will die doing it when they choose not to, it is best to just watch them.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Training – Intelligent and educated observation by senior officers should lead to improvisation, adaptation and overcoming challenges, this can be done by our military, especially us that now have the foremost experience in this field of asymmetric warfare. All the foreign training should be observed and analysis ed against the issues on ground, documented for application/training for field commanders, troops and perfected during exercises and then evaluated during operations. I think we have received a lot of training to expand on

    • interference in the middle east, just turns everything on its head. its best to watch them play their drama out and provide aid if you can. all the mad anti American sentiment there dates back mainly to desert storm 1 and America’s r/shp with Isreal

    • rugged7 says:

      “Reuters was unable to independently authenticate the footage and Boko Haram could not be reached for comment.” ??? WTF
      These foreign news morons.
      They continue to break new records in idiocy…

  9. mcshegz says:

    Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.
    i have always wondered without cease why countries in dire need of infrastructure think that they cannot print paper-money to achieve such developmental heights, how about collaborative human-labor, almost 200 million strong; Nigeria needs to start thinking outside the box to achieve greatness within a short period. Nigeria requires bridges, roads, railroads, houses, fences, all infrastructure with one or two required components which are all locally sourced and manufactured, which do not require any foreign currency. Whats wrong with the fed printing paper-money to build these urgently required infrastructure, all we need is the Naira, nothing else; pay Dangote for cement, pay the established contractors, pay the host communities; to the best of my knowledge, you need cement and steel to build bridges, railroads, and fences, even if we include electric wires, Coleman Wires & Cables Nigeria manufactures that too, pay NNPC and Oando for petrol, so what else do we need, permission from God? hehehehehe. Once the houses, bridges, railroad, and Fences are built, then the fed can tax, and receive payment for usage of such facilities, which will last for minimum 50 yrs
    In order to make #FenceNigerianBorders more economically attractive, i would suggest that we couple the border fence with border railroads, such that we have a Sokoto-Katsina-Gashua-Damasak-Bosso-Gambaru-Gwoza railroad; this will ensure that we derive not only the security impact of a border fence but also the economical impact of a border railroad, serving Nigeria and its neighbors; Niger and Chad. So i will modify our hashtag to #RailroadAndFenceNigerianBorders. Nigeria needs to continually build to develop, President-Elect does not need foreign powers or money to do that, all he needs is the power of the Naira. Build, Buhari, Build.
    PS: What can anybody do to America if and when it decides not to service its loans or devalue them like it has done for over 50 years: NADA, NUFFIN, ZILCH, they will just cry and go home, and that’s foreign held bonds o, why? because even amongst gross corruption and wastage, America has used all that money to build arguably the most potent military deterrent to its existence, not all the countries subsidizing the unending binge of the American government understand this. China understands this even better, that’s why China spend billions building roads, railroads and dams all over the world. Nigeria must build to survive, its not borrowing when its your’s, the Naira is ours,
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build 4th mainland bridge,
    we do not have to borrow dollars to #RailroadAndFenceNigerianBorders,
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build 2 million houses every year
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build underground sewage systems
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build underground metro systems
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build grand shopping malls in each state
    we do not have to borrow dollars to build 100 kms of railroad each year
    Just imagine, this is what we can do with the power of Naira and our local capacity alone.
    If the mantra of change, accountability and icorruptibility the new government chants is true, then i don’t see why Nigeria cant easily hit double digit growth in 2 yrs 🙂

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      You need to see how the Ghanaian railroads work was done with Oga Papa Jerry Rawlings in the lead of the works ( May be I miss out, I did not see any foreigners in the video).

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Emmanuel, this is a interesting article about how we are generally viewed, It is a fact that the US economy trives or covers up it’s deficits with war, so ever president must seek out it’s global military action. Now Africa is the new target. This extract are quite interesting.

      “One evening, over a dinner of tamales and chocolate milk in the makeshift mess hall, a group of Nigerian commandos swapped stories about encounters with Boko Haram. They belonged to the Special Boat Service, which shares its name with the British version of the Navy SEALs. These men were trained by the British and the Americans to help safeguard oil in Nigeria’s watery south. Now, however, they were stationed in the country’s sere north to fight Boko Haram. Other than the occasional flash flood, there was no water, and their maritime tactics were useless.Bawa Muse, a rangy guy in a black V-neck T-shirt, boasted that he had survived about 20 gun battles with Boko Haram, including an ambush from which he ran away. In Diffa, he learned that the best tactic to use in an ambush was to fight through it. “Now, I’ll stay,” he said. Still, he didn’t think Nigeria needed American soldiers to defeat Boko Haram. “This is our time, and we must fight it out,” he said.”

      How about the US navy SEAls in Afghanistan, Iraq, it must have been very close to the wells or Oasis or swimming in the sands

      “Despite the reliance on the American planes, drones and dollars, it was the Ugandans who trained the Americans on how to survive. To show how the L.R.A. worked, the Ugandans gave the Green Berets a lesson in tracking by setting a field on fire, marching through the ash and then covering their tracks. The Green Berets tried to follow but found it impossible. The Ugandans also taught the Americans how to find water by looking for muddy spots in the forest floor. “Water is a struggle,” Caleb said. Whoever needed less of it held the advantage. The fighters lived in this bush. They ate roots and could find water anywhere. The Ugandans could stay out on missions for 30 to 60 days. The Americans could last as long as four before needing to resupply. The worst part, however, was the bees”.

      Guy lets get to reality and stop this the grass is greener next do mentality, this article speaks of teaching Africans how to hold there rifle and other basis and ridiculous tactics.
      The idea of this AFRICOM contacts is to demystify the African soldiers in terms of their ruggedness and learn from you while we are made the fool

      • every terrain has its challenges. you cant train a man to fight in every terrain around the world with equal effectiveness. you cannot survive a terrain better than people who have lived there for generations and whose bodies have become optimised for the environment and whose knowledge can be traced back hundreds of years. Any smart soldier knows that in new terrain the locals are your best bet if you wanna learn quickly. not signing for the yanks but thats just not an apt description of failure

  10. ozed says:

    I just read in a news blog that Nigeria is about to sign a 20 year development agreement with the British Army for the retraining of the NA.

    Frankly dont know what to make of this.

    It is arguable if the British Army has as much successful recent experience fighting insurgents in Africa as NA does. So what is our problem? Are we just too lazy to distill the various experiences into a doctrine?
    Just as we are too lazy to harness our tech skills to build a proper defense industry complex?

    What will the British Army be teaching us under this agreement that we cannot glean by organizing joint exercises and sending our key bright officers to defsec conferences?

    Am sorry but it just sounds like we want to be spoon fed. God forbid we ever encounter a full blown embargo. It might just be curtains for us if that ever happened!!

    • Ola says:

      One word, RIDICULOUS!
      20 year master plan of re-colonialism? Just that this tie around, Nigeria is begging for it. I hope this is not true! The british army is good, but Nigerian sovereignty and growth should not be jeopardized for any reason whatsoever. In my opinion, a few dozen men from NA SFs that have trained in Russia, India,Pakistan and 72 strike force can be selected for a small, commando style force. This force can do joint exercises and extensive training with SAS, nothing more. Never a whole army!
      I just saw a clip on youtube that I suspect is from 2014 OBANGAME, this clip shows two things;
      1. there are competent men in our service. Their training has come at a high price to the armed forces and these men should be valued. They should also be used to spread similar doctrine across the entire armed forces!
      2. It supports the opinion I posted above about the US army. Their marines at that exercise were actually learning from SBS!
      Here is the video.

      • igbi says:

        Although, the video was posted in 2011.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Ola, This fantastic and more like it, all this training, training to carry rifle, training to track foot steps, (which is a skill any of the local hunters can teach, if you respect and recognize them). All this lack of self confidence in what we are capable of delivering by our own military, needs to stop or else very soon we shall be Iraqidized ( US training on endurance and long distance inter city marathons, how to sprint fast and dodge bullets) know and looking for the magic bullet. It would be nice to read the book mentioned earlier here “last Flight by Capt Augustine Okpe” and also the tragedy of Victory by (Rtrd) General Alabi Isama. This show what our core of officers should be emulating during this period. The confidence and innovation showed by the SBS Lt in the video needs to emulated and embraced, He does not need snior Officers and policy people killing his spirit

    • Ola says:

      Thanks Mr. Igbi for noting that, I didn’t notice the date on the video before I posted it, so I am wrong, it’s not OBANGAME. It was an excercise conducted in Senegal in 2011, however, the fact still remains that the Nigerian SBS was teaching US Marines.
      To me, this is still an insult. the Counterpart of the Nigerian SBS that should have been at this excercise from the US is the Special Warfare Group, not the marines. The Marines are inferior in training to the SBS.

    • we have been fighting an insurgency for about 6 years. If TRADOC has its act together by now we should be writing the book on fighting insurgencies in africa. w have the most recent and relevant experience. anything a foreign force wants to teach us was learnt on the feild, while adapting to the strategies of the enemy. we should be teaching the rest of africa by now with the wealth of experience we now have. our tactics should have naturally evolved to the point that we can write a manual that is fresh and relevant.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Adetayo, that is the most rational view, I am getting sick of this training issue, what can anybody be teaching us except we have acquired new equipment. That video posted by General Ola (though old) tells it all. we are not without brains to be able to Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. Look last time I read a total 1200 soldiers were sent to train in Russia, why not send only the “train the trainers” team, the soviet environment and social issues, terrain, weather ( hence clothing/kitting, outdoor techniques) is very different from ours, when students graduate, their lecturers do not follow them into their employments to do on the on job training, It is assumed that if the training is good enough you would be able to apply it to all live situations you meet if you initially meet the standard. From what I see in that video, we have confident and “sure of themselves”, world class guy’s who have the capability to teach “lessons learned”, Are they being given a chance within the system or held down by policy and bureaucracy ?. something is wrong here , I hope we are not developing a kind of complex/attitude about anything that is initiated locally or preaching loss of self confidence. Same goes for football , foreign coach, whereas the only coach that has got us to a sensible level in the world cup is a Nigerian

  11. beegeagle says:

    Please OZED, can you also post this on the thread titled “SETTING THE AGENDA?”

    • igbi says:

      “Travelling in April by bus, taxi and finally on foot, he reached Konduga in Borno state”,
      no civilian would go so near the sambisa forest without military escort,
      especially not a someone who doesn’t know the area and doesn’t speak the local language.
      “The objective, he said, was to collect testimonials – unfiltered by military spokespeople ” If this actually happened,
      it would be espionage.
      “Closer ties with the West” so the “journalist” “objectively thinks” closer ties with the west is the strategy Nigeria needs.
      “Nigeria proved for a very long time that it had a very effective and very strong army but a lot has been lost due to corruption,
      especially over the last five to six years” Meaning that jonathan is the sort of guru of corruption,
      because this crook st-pierre just took the exact period of jonathan presidency,
      and he didn’t even have the hinesty to say so.
      “”Hopefully Buhari, as a former great military man, can restore the military’s prestige,” St-Pierre said.””,
      now this is starting to look like a political campaign for buhari,
      indeed, notice the use of the word “great” to describe buhari.
      “t-Pierre said such claims were consistent with his own research”, see how the crooks validate each other.

      This is what we saw, when a journalist actually went to konduga to interview troops without any “filter”:

  12. igbi says:

    Now, I am getting worried to see westerners combine propaganda against the Nigerian armed forces, pro-west propaganda, and pro-buhari propaganda.
    And again, the westerners use that trigger word “corruption”.
    It is pretty clear that the trigger word “corruption ” and the western agenda are twins.
    The westerners basically create a perception of corruption, through their propaganda/media and that is it. Now is it buhari’s party which is telling the westerners to do this ?

    • igbi says:

      and by “this”, I mean all this pro-buhari, anti-Nigerian army, anti-jonathan and pro-west propaganda. By the way that news24 has also produced quite a few boko haram propaganda. I wonder if this is not just an other one of them.

      • ozed says:

        My brother Igbi cool down.
        Lets ignore them, from Friday, mere ‘blame gamming’ will no longer suffice for anybody in govt or out of it (whether the govt in power or its apologists).

        GEJ is no longer an issue he has been voted out and now belongs to the historians for study purposes. If the new govt is able to show him to be guilty of any particular proved corrupt act they are free to jail him (i will even support them in that event). However, such probes MUST be extended at a minimum to the beginning of civil rule.

        However, if they cannot prove any specific acts of corruption, trust Nigerians, patience will quickly wear thin if no tangible changes are seen. Don’t forget they have built very high, in many cases, unrealistic expectations which Nigerians will hold them to (mainly out of ignorance).

        The race begins Friday, and we watch with bated breath!!!

  13. Ola says:

    In my opinion, Nigerian special forces should stop joining in ridiculous exercises like FLINTLOCK. FLINTLOCK should be for the regular infantry man in the army, what is offers is not in the calibre of what the elite forces need. Let the government put in money to send our special forces on highly specialised, unpublicised training with their colleagues abroad. I have seen Indian guys that I suspect are their elite guys coming to the UK for joint exercises with SAS, meanwhile small units of SAS do go to Germany and France at times for joint exercises with their colleagues. Their colleagues from USSOCOM also come around for joint exercises regularly. That is the league where the Nigerian SBS belongs, not the marines.
    I still hope Nigeria will create a special warfare group recruited from the elements that have received specialised training in from places like Russia, Pakistan, India, STTEP together with some selected from the NNSBS.

    • ozed says:

      One sometimes gets the impression that the concept of a central special forces command (which would allow for specialized equipment and training for the SF) still does not enjoy the support of many big wigs at the top of the Armed forces. Left to them the Special Forces would be pressed into service along side the regular forces.
      This is not unusual, the US and UK suffered same challenges after WW2 when some segments pushed for the dissolution of the special forces e.g. commandos, Rangers etc. before painful experience during the colonial wars taught them otherwise.

      One would have hoped that our military leadership would learn from those as well as our experiences at the beginning of the Boko haram crisis.

    • I still think that by now Nigeria should have a manual or training facility on fighting insurgencies that @ leats the whole of africa should refer too. Its been 6 years of war. we should by now bee looking inwards at our men who have fought endlessly against these dudes to tap their wealth of experience and develop our own tactics. Tactics develop from experience and critical thinking and analysis of engagements. we have the brains we have the experience………why do we wanna go to sokoto to look for what is in our Shokoto.

    • rugged7 says:

      Chambas: Boko Haram pushed to the corner, Mohamed Ibn Chambas,…

      The UN Special Representative to West Africa, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, tells Stephen Sackur that despite a recent spate of suicide bombings, the militaries of Nigeria and neighbouring countries are winning the war against the militants.

    • igbi says:

      bbc “journalist”, since when does chad have an efficient military ?
      The last time I checked, there were still a lot of child soldiers in the chadian army.
      The last time I checked, the chadian army totally compromised the fight against seleka.
      The last time I checked, the chadian army ran away from Baga before the fight even started.
      The last time I checked, chad had severally made claims of liberating territory which was later discovered to be a big lie.
      Oh, I forgot, the chadian army showed willingness to die for france in mali, therefor the “objective’ west must tell its version of “reality”.
      The last time I checked, the chadian military were efficient only on western papers, not on the battle field.
      The last time I checked, the chadian army had only one chadian tribe represented in it, and that is dictator derby’s tribe. Meaning that it should be called “derby army”, not “chadian army”.

  14. igbi says:

    Going through western media/propaganda, I noticed one thing:
    when the Nigerian army had setbacks, the westerners blamed it on the Nigerian army alone (and this was done with a lot of foul language), however when the Nigerian army had huge success, the westerners gave credit to chad, cameroon and niger. 3 western client states.
    So basically, the westerners laugh when Nigerian armed forces have setbacks and when the Nigerian army has success, the westerners come and claim it for their lackeys (cameroon, chad and niger)

    • the thing tire me ooo. they are even more critical of the NA than they are of the Iraqi army that is falling apart like a pack of cards. they are so unwilling to say a good word about the NA. I liek the NA’s response. its letting its fighting do the talking

      • engineerboat says:

        The worst of all is Tinubu Media House TVC. Since last Saturday all their news about nigeria now, is all about BH in 50 convoy kills 42 in about 5 hour raid. Habaaaa Nigerian (Tinubu ) TVC. Even during the NA, NAF success exploits in sambisa this people all they could say is Rubbish. Well now that their Ogas are their lets see what they will be reporting. Shm

  15. rugged7 says:

    “…which has been starved of funding under Jonathan’s administration”…
    Is that really true??
    A lot of misinformation and foreign propaganda ongoing…

    • jimmy says:

      if they were flying over the Mediterranean sea with fully loaded weapons and refuel tankers in flow and they were spotted in Malta, the probable destination is Libya.

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