A Vickers Mk.3 Eagle tank seized by Nigerian troops from Boko Haram seen here in Bazza, after the Nigerian military recaptured it from the insurgent group.

Perils of a soft-skinned vehicle: A military vehicle pockmarked with
bullet holes is seen abandoned along a road in Bazza

PHOTO CREDIT: Akintunde Akinleye/REUTERS


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  1. That pick up truck is literally shot to sh…! The perils are very clear. I think every Area command of the NPF should have a couple of Armoured vehicles for major confrontations. In Lagos I think this is already happening due to d security trust fund interventions. Godspeed to our men in Uniform

    • colloid says:

      Not only Lagos. Osun state have lots of “eye-popping, mouth-watering” APCs. They are quick bigger than REVA MRAPs and am still not sure which one is “bigger” and more “dreadful” between it and a Bigfoot MRAP. Even robbers will think twice before robbing a bank in the state- the mere sight of it will keep one “freezed”.
      Am sure it’s not an MRAP but it have lot of what an MRAP lacks. Day or Night, one cant see the occupants, the windows were all meshed, has an observation camera at the rear that rotate 360, can dispense hot water(anti-riot gear), plethoria of lights, has these “bulldozer-like” blade at the front. So many things i cant list here.
      So, i believe NPF can invest in getting Armoured vehicles for its personnel esp. those at the banks and those following bullion vans. Even Anti-Robbery Squads should not be going about in hilux and ford rangers to confront Robbers–it’s just suicidal.

      On the Truck up there, i believe the occupants must have used the vehicle as shield while under attack as that may be the ONLY reason why the vehicle was pocked from the front to the rear, even the tires are not left out.

      As other ogas have said, APCs should be the standard transport vehicle in volatile area.

      • colloid says:

        “Quite” not Quick.
        “Poked” not Pocked.
        The bumpers of the vehicle were not left out. Another reason it was used as a shield.

      • I dougbt they are bigger than MRAPS ooo! they are quite large but I am yet to see any in Lagos as big as an MRAP.

    • colloid says:

      You dont doubt when you haven’t seen one before. BTW, i didnt mention Lagos, i was referring to OSUN STATE. You can just come and see “things” for yourself than doubting in absence.
      Morealso, i didnt mention it being bigger than a BigFoot MRAP, but AM SURE it’s bigger than a REVA MRAP. I can’t upload the pix cox am using mobile to type.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Lol..why do you think it is a police vehicle? Troops in that sector, particularly special forces commandos in that sector use black-painted vehicles aplenty.

    • Boss, I was not assuming it was a police vehicle. Was just trying to say that our police need armoured vehicles. It was an aside to d initial part of my statement.

    • Henry says:

      I also think it’s a police, or a local vigilnte vehicle. N.A vehicles aren’t usually painted in black. It either desert camo or lemon green.

      Anyway, that Hilux sure has seen better days.

      Oga beeg, how about the MRAP Proforce were planning on producing, did the company shelve the project?

    • Ola says:

      It is upsetting to troops riding at the back of pick up trucks like this in thie era. There are so many APCs out there that will carry twice as many trrops and offer better, all round protection. Which one is cheaper? The cost of an APC or the lives of troops+the cost of training them+the time cost it’s taken to form them into an army? I wonder if those doing the economics of the army are thinking at all. I wonder why the NA is not using the Casspir APC or RG-12 carriers, licence built or can’t the NA simply make an Extended chassis version of the Igirigi? Or even a new line of vehicle dedicated to troop transport and having the capability of carrying a higher number of troops, something like 2+14 or 2+16 sitting formation vehicle dedicated to the infantry. It only takes a more powerful engine+ a raised, wider and heavier chassis to build this and many truck platforms offer this!!!!!

      • FortB says:

        Answer to your question is simple. MONEY. Can the govt be convinced to resource it? Has not worked so far

  3. Ola says:

    That pick up truck looks like a Mitsubishi L200, 2004 edition to me. That is what happens when a military does not value the lives of their troop. I wonder why the NA does not make an APC the basic transport platform in a combat area.
    I will continue to say it. All Hillux and all other vehicles in its class should be donated to the police by the military. All Land-rovers that are being used as gun trucks should be uparmoured, could be either done in house or contracted to trust worthy hands like proforce. Recce and scout vehicles as well as basic troop transport in volatile areas should be APCs. I continue to wonder why the government/army has refused to mass produce Igirigi, or locally build build some of the MRAPS being acquired now?

    • FortB says:

      Wrong. The military value its own personnel lives. But it does not control the national purse. That’s the difference

      • Roscoe says:

        You are right, we have to keep it in mind that the military does not fund itself. The Govt funds them.

      • Ola says:

        Hey FortB, I disagree with you on this point. Yes, the military does not control the government purse, and the government may not be spending enough on the military, but then the little the military gets, how judiciously is it being utilised? What is the yearly allocation of the military and how effectively is that being used? Don’t you know shady, 3rd party and back door procurement through faceless contractors that the army does is a big drain to the army’s purse? If the army wants to honestly go about her procurement, they should push government to enter into a state agreement with suppliers and let a transparent purchase be done. Also, the army can increase the percentage of their allocation that goes into R and D and local manufacturing. Let’s say it as it is, the government clearly needs to allocate more money, but the amount that goes to the army, how judiciously is it being used? Look globally at armies of comparable finance/size ratio to Nigerian armed forces, take a look at what they do with what they do with their budgetary allocation and ask if NA cannot do better than it is doing now?

      • FortB says:

        @Ola, it is unfortunate that I cannot publicly give you facts as I have it since I am still serving, but let me just repeat what is already in the public media. In 2014 budget, the NA got a paltry $4.8m for capital expenditure. This includes repairs and building of barracks, and procurement of equipment and ammunition. The Chief of Budget and Accounts (Army) publicly complained that the amount cannot even buy frag jackets for the whole personnel of the NA. You talk about judicious use of what is allocated. If you were the COAS, what will you buy with $4.8m in a whole year for a force fighting an insurgency and assisting the police i maintaining security in almost all the sates? Remember that even this paltry sum budgeted is not even released in bulk at once. It is released in bits quarterly. Now you have an army that do not even have troops carrying vehicles, not to talk of armored vehicles. And you must move your men especially since the bulk of your troops are saddled with IS duty in almost all the states. I bet you, you would have gone for the same Hilux vehicles, a few frag jackets, renovate a few barracks, instead of buying just 2 or 3 APCs and maybe 2 tanks with the money. I actually pity the service chiefs. We should commend the current service chiefs who had the courage to confronted the minister of finance last year after the budget was passed if you recall. That unpresidented confrontation eventually led to the $1bn intervention loan.

      • Ola says:

        Hi FortB, thanks for your response. I am however surprised at the figure you quoted is was allocated to the military in 2014! The so the billions of dollars we read the FG is pumping into the military is not real you mean?
        Meanwhile, I say thank you for your service to the nation. I’d simply We’re brothers in even though we march under different colours, I suppose you can read in between the lines :). For the NA, In God alone is our victory, right? God bless!

    • alade says:

      its a ford ranger XL….

  4. beegeagle says: that, Adetayo’s Blog.

    Well,how is this kind of spectacle supposed to lift the morale of soldiers who see that vehicle, knowing that an APC or MRAP would not have been so thoroughly perforated?
    Wen dem dash, una go say ‘cowardice’. Military service is not an automatic death sentence.

    It is only in this country that our legislators imagine that acquiring Hilux and Ford Ranger trucks and rifles amounts to hardware procurement.

    DHQ must make a clear distinction between COTCOIN operations and IS OPS if they intend to draw the line somewhere. Because I see nothing interconnected between IS OPS to separate Fulani and Eggon fighters and a war against BH entailing the use of landmines,RPGs,IEDs,AAMGs,APCs,artillery and tanks by the enemy.

    CTCOIN is not IS OPS o. If DHQ do not redefine, they might continue to have soft-skinned deathtraps dumped on the military, all in the name of mobility.

    • These deficiencies are soo glaring that its alarming that the DHQ seems blissfully oblivious ( or @ least seemed so). I agree with U Oga Beegs. When the Humvee was created it was amromoured it dint take long for that to change. We too like fire brigade approach, we shld be more proactive and pre-empt issues. There shld be a think tank planning for possible future contigencies no matter hw implausible they seem. 10 yrs ago no1 imagined suicide bombings cld hapn in Nigeria………..! I still maintain that with proper planning and logistics our previous hardware shld hv dealt with BH. For crying out loud all the had were Aks, RPGs and Machine guns. Truck mounted AA guns came much later and they managed to capture our tanks and APCs.

      • igbi says:

        No tank was lost before the boko haram AAs came along. Also what you are not taking into account is the fact that the Nigerian military dealt with boko haram several times. But the fact that boko haram had safe heavens and recruitment centers in countries bordering Nigeria and non cooperative meant that boko haram could come back to life.

      • igbi says:

        Also, I think it is necessary to point out that it is not all our tanks and apcs which were lost to the terrorists. Only a few. I think that is what you meant, though your language wasn’t precise enough. I also want to precise that on every given battle field in human history, loss of equipment from one side to the other has been observed.

      • well the tiny details can be a problem. yes we lost “a few” i so not know the specific number of apcs and tanks lost but i think its still shameful. a few self propelled guns too were lost.. every now and then the DHQ reports that armoured vehicles were destroyed or recovered.I am guessing no less than 10 armoured vehicles, APCs and self propelled guns have been recovered (the NO cld be significantly higher) and there may still be more in the hands of BH.

      • igbi says:

        Only a few tanks and apc were lost.

      • igbi says:

        don’t assume that all the lost equipment was lost by Nigeria. Indeed, cameroon, niger and chad lost some equipment too.

      • Are James says:

        It is childish comments like this that causes us to quarrell. You should not br saying ..”not all Nigerian tanks were captured by Boko Haram” at this day and age on a respected blog like this. I believe the word for describing such a statement is ‘lame’. Just saying.

  5. gbash10 says:

    A lot of Boko yeye guys met their Waterloo in Marte some weeks ago when they came to terrorize the town for the 3rd time, “Victory is from God”
    # Never Again!

  6. Williams says:

    OMG…..that Pickup truck has been “Bulletcized”. I only pray no soliders life was lost during that attack.
    but then, looking at the picture again, the main target was the drivers seat. seems to be the back was empty………Judging from the concentration of the bullets holes

  7. Deway says:

    The pick-up truck – Without any doubt, the most simple and most evident reason why we lost a good number of young officers and men i.e. for anyone with clear vision and understanding. πŸ™‚

      • ozed says:

        Obviously, (and i think i have made this point somewhere on this blog before), very few armies in the World can afford to have all their top line infantry in APCs. A rough estimate – for an army of 60,000 infantry and mechanised infantry combatants you would need on the average 6,000 APCs.

        Given our other needs even within the Army, never mind the other 2 armed forces, this might not be achievable in the medium term (except we develop a 100% homegrown and cheap alternative, which may then fail in the area of quality).
        This raises the question, how do other Countries do this? How do we ensure the 2nd and 3rd lines of advancing troops in soft skinned vehicles never encounter heavy fire.
        I suspect this would require, a truly professional approach in the maneuver of our troops, accurate intelligence etc. to ensure we dont constantly walk blindly into ambushes and major firefights.

        We need to have enough APCs for our spear tip units, but the reserve and second line troops must be moved in such a way that they are dismounted long before the enter the combat zone.
        Obviously i haven’t put this into practice before, so some people may accuse me of theorizing. However, it does appear the logical approach to me.

      • Analysis on Point sir Ozed

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Sir Ozed .Very realistic, sensible and logical observation, 6000 units x cost in USD is astronomical for purchase, then there is maintenance and repairs, spares,etc

  8. Number one says:

    @ Oga Ozed uparmoured 5 or 10 ton trucks together with blast pans modified to carry upto 16-24 troops + a HMG station.options are Sinotruck,Kamaz,or Skat trucks.

    • Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Beegeagle’s BlogSent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 18:51To: tiiboy1@yahoo.comReply To: Beegeagle’s BlogSubject: [New comment] FIELD IMAGERY FROM NORTHEASTERN NIGERIA

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      Number one commented: “@ Oga Ozed uparmoured 5 or 10 ton trucks together with blast pans modified to carry upto 16-24 troops + a HMG station.options are Sinotruck,Kamaz,or Skat trucks.”

      • ozed says:

        Great creativity!! Wish our boys in NAEME/DICON/NA central workshops would be let lose on this challenge.

  9. FortB says:

    Gentlemen, it is good for everyone to understand the root of the problem we face in terms of equipment. Our army is properly structured as a fighting force. We have in my opinion adequate numbers of motorized/mechanized infantry and armoured units as well as artillery units; the teeth arms of the army. Why then the problem associated with our operations? Though a number of reasons can be traced, I will focus on the major one. Resourcing the necessary equipment to function as a fighting force.

    The major problem lies in their level of equipment holding. None of these units have up to 5% of the approved table of equipment (TOE). For example, a mechanized infantry unit should have as a minimum, 2 of its 5 companies fully equipped with APCs, a total of 40 APCs. The fact is that before the recent purchases, none of the mechanized NA units had any functional APC. The polo all leaders are not just ready to resource the military the way it should. The units consist of just men and rifles. As long as we continue this way, we will face the same challenges we have faced with the BH insurgency. Unfortunately, in a democracy, all the military leaders can do is to continue to make presentations to the political leaders. If past experience is anything to go by, the politicians will keep paying lip service to the need to equip the force to a minimum of 30% TOE holding for each unit.

  10. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    I might be wrong but I believe making of prototypes, designing to match SOWs can be done by Military establishments, mass manufacturing is the civil sectors area. Notice the advantage in creativity and maintaining production line by the West/US over others in production of military hardware.

  11. jimmy says:
    The day Nigeria becomes 100%food sufficient security wise the seeds were laid by this man Congratulations.

  12. jimmy says:

    oga FortB
    May you continue to serve with distinction, when childhood friends take you into confidence and are senior ranking officers you realize how careful you have to be in releasing information because 20 year/.30 year careers are on the line.
    i do not want to sound argumentative or contrarian because a lot of us view from the outside and do not really know what is going on in the inside
    I have heard the phrase used sometimes that “God is a Nigerian” the phrase i would use is that the average Nigerian officer is very highly disciplined and is made to endure an incredible amount that would break the back of most soldiers.
    The Nigerian army needs to be equipped just to average standards I SWEAR TO GOD/ALLAH am I CURSED to say boko haram was a blessing no it was not it was and is a curse on al Nigerians but before 2014 and even now life was tough for them and yet we rained abuses on them.
    Nigeria can afford t buy planes worth $50 m but we cannot equip our soldiers with enough APC
    in the coming months Nigeria is going to have to ask herself from very difficult questions in terms of how much capital expenditure should be spent on the Military.

  13. lachit says:

    a very good original OP ed on how research took off on one of the most VERSATILE missile systems of the world. challenges faced external and mainly internal (eg corrupt military/politician/govt individuals) to weaken deal/country for personal benefit).

    read it. an eye opener on challenges to expect if nigeria decides to go for own home grown/JV missiles.

  14. lachit says:


    Personnel and cargo are protected behind integrated ceramic armour, and protection from landmines or roadside explosions is provided using special geometric frames, mine protected seating and next gen. armour panelling.seating capacity 18.

    Typhoon-K’s protective capabilities have been confirmed after arduous testing, during which the vehicle was fired upon from different angles using various types of weapons, and subjected to several explosions, imitating real-life combat situations. Test results concluded that any individual inside the vehicle would not receive any life threatening injuries

  15. alade says:

    its a ford ranger XLT….

  16. Sir Kay says:

    Looks like a hitch free hand over, Congratulations to all Nigerians, History has just being made.

  17. buchi says:

    ex president goodluck ebele jonathan,u came,u saw u conquered some,knocked some and lost some
    many have different opinions of you,good bad ugly,u made your mistakes as a human,truth is for me you stood up to the exigencies of our enemies internal and external,u re-awoke our sense of patrotism,pride and belief in nigeria,most time things went wrong,the gullible and simple blamed you without proper understanding and in most situations ur inaction could still be blamed.uve started the transformation of our armed forces which i hope president buhari will continue and bulid upon.i have many words to say,many feelings to express.i just want to say goodbye mr president the near future i hope you learn from your mistake and finish up the elusive second term.Adios el presidento

  18. Kola Adekola says:

    Wow! I’ve not been able to post for two days now! I had to purge every last wordpress cookie. 😦
    Congrats to our new President, we pray that you succeed for the good of Nigeria.

  19. schearbeek says:

    Breaking News,There are indication US arecprepared to send Military Trainer to Nigeria

    • igbi says:

      the usa are very funny. Did Nigeria ask for usa trainers ?
      In iraq, usa trained soldiers keep failing everyday. And the americans want to bring their reciepe for failure to us !

    • rugged7 says:

      They should keep their rubbish trainers to themselves

    • Henry says:

      How have U.S trainers fared in Iraq?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Schearbeek. I respect your hustle sir.
      I believe Nigeria can chew and walk at the same time; If i’m correct i doubt Nigerians have any ill feelings towards Americans, their equipment’s, and training in general, but what Nigerians demand is transparency, localization and diversity of assets, such that Nigeria cannot and will not be held to ransom when she decides to take a decision based solely on National Interest. We want no part of a situation where pilots cannot fly for whatever reason under the sun, until and unless humanity ceases to exist. Nigeria must continue to learn to seek corporations with all willing and able partners, geopolitical friends and foes alike, we give no damn, if you can deliver technology transfer, we want your corporation. respect isnt dished out with jollof rice and chicken, it is earned. Nigeria must continue to improve on its capacity to construct its assets from the ground up, all avenues to achieve this agenda is on the table; i mean all avenues πŸ™‚

  20. Williams says:

    Please I have two questions I need answers to

    1. why is the US now offering to bring in their trainers just after Buhari has been sworn in?
    2. why is Spain until 2 days ago just Labelled Boko Haram leader wanted for crime against humanity?
    3. is it wise for Buhari to have ordered the relocation of the Miltary command center to Abuja knowing fully well that the command staffs are non combatant plus the centre controls the entire Nigerian security and not just boko haram……I don’t think this is wise

    These Questions asked really scares me because I only but wonder why such a decision by both the US and Buhari had to take place at the same time. Buhari hasn’t even been briefed fully on what the military situation is and he already relocating the NIGERIAN COMMAND CENTRE that houses top military codes,Intel, telecoms equipment?

    • Sir Kay says:

      And how did you know he hasn’t been briefed? you work in Aso rock?

    • asorockweb says:

      Command Center for the activities against BH.
      He is not relocating Army HQ.

      Good move.

      Maybe, finally, DHQ will appoint an overall commander to oversee all efforts against BH.

      IF the chief of the Army thinks he is the one that leads the fight against BH, then he should move to Maiduguri.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Asorockweb, moving the commnd center to maiduguiri isn’t the solution, infact it isn’t even a good move.

        All the Infrastructure needed to collate, analyse and interprete Intel is in Abuja. Nigerian military fusion center is in Abuja, would the center and it’s infrastructure be sent to maiduguiri? I don’t see how sending non combatants they are not infantry personnel but experts from various fields would help the actual fighting on the ground.

        It is a poorly thought out move.

      • asorockweb says:


        That was completely lacking in the GEJ admin.

        The relevant commanders that can move to Maiduguri should move to Maiduguri.

        In NATO’s Afghan campaign, the ISF commanders where in Kabul, even though some missions were run from as far away as Qatar.

      • igbi says:

        @asorockweb, I would have you informed that the GOC of the 7th division was already based in maiduguru. I think it was good enough that way. Politicians should not overstep the same way hitler did and screwed up his army. buhari needs to know that he is no longer a soldier, he hasn’t been one for more than 30 years now.

      • asorockweb says:


        As patriotism fades, all becomes clear.

        The King is dead. Long live the king? No?

      • igbi says:

        euphoria is not the best state of mind to think.

      • Are James says:

        I suspect the command center Buhari intends to move is the NetEnabled Control, Communications and Command room dedicated to Boko Haram that is currently in Abuja. The move is technically impossible to achieve With “immediate effect”. The idea is to put pressure on the top command. If this center had been established in Maiduguri since the beginning, the war would have ended. There is something about the threat if being overrun by bloody civilian insurgents that would have made the military handle it with urgency.

    • jimmy says:

      Let me answer questions 1 and 2 Question 1 .Spain is a member of the EEC by law any person wanted for a crime as heinous as crimes against Humanity will be wanted in the Entire EEC.The implications for some people who still do not believe these people to be criminals is clear. Buhari is the only Head of State to fight in the civil war as well as invade another Country (Chad).Courtesy of a team of twelve people who worked on Social Media 24 Hours a day, there is nothing going on Security wise that he was not made aware of the next day. The center of gravity of Book Haram is the North East to bring this war to an End means deploying Maximum resources including Men equipment and your most senior and effective commanders and Logistics personnel to the North East.Abuja has enough personnel.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  21. Williams says:

    Error….I meant he relocated the command centre to Maiduguri……..the war front

    • igbi says:

      My respected compatriot, some people are under the effect of euphoria and won’t use their brains, nor will they listen to reason. Right now they will argue against anything which contradicts their euphoria, it doesn’t matter how logic you are. So try and have a tablet of paracetamol next to you if you want to have a discussion.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, why do you often feel there is a need to insult people? They won’t use their brains or listen to reason? Time and time again you expect every one to bow to your opinion, who made you God? Wow.
        Contribute, let your opinion be known and keep your peace, no need to be insulting people.
        I’m older than you are, for example, and I’m sure there are others on here that are as well, so because we can not see each other in person ( online blog) doesn’t mean people should be constantly disrespectful to others. Take am easy.

  22. Kola Adekola says:

    Gbagaun! A Nigerian has claims to have conquered strong artificial intelligence.

    Here is some info on strong artificial intelligence;

  23. Williams says:

    Sir Kay…….as long as he wasnt the president of Nigeria until today he can never be given full insight to the military operations in the north east. So also anyone who is not involved directly or indirectly in the security formations in Nigeria.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I disagree with that, are you kidding me? A man that’s about to take office, and he wouldn’t know what’s on the ground? I’m pretty sure they’ve filled him in.
      It’s called security clearance.
      But of course this is my opinion, you might be right

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Sir Kay. I respect your hustle sir.
        The commander in Chief’s reservoir of information is always unequalled and unparalleled. He has just been granted the highest security clearance there is; Up until a day ago, he might have guessed some things but now he can confirm and affirm. I’ve heard the news in the media about some purported relocation’s to Borno/Maiduguri, well, all i can say is that, speech is speech, action na action, and it will be presumptuous of us to confuse the two. In this freedom loving democracy we enjoy, the president has just assumed the other paramount sit of your highness; Chief High Lord Number One Political Juggernaut of Nigeria, so, we must look to separate words and speech from real and decisive action. This i say all too confident because the former president was lampooned and almost crucified on major issues, so we expect to see a clear and distinct departure; honestly, what i’ve seen so far, names i’ve heard so far πŸ™‚ still benefit of the doubt extends on, but can only extend so far before the Hunter becomes the Hunted; we all know how it goes. Politics is, and will continue to be arguably the hardest endeavor humans have ever undertaking; hence there’s no time to waste; must hit the ground running. My opinion, #PrintNairaForInfrastructure. get young people working, no need to borrow dollars.
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build 4th mainland bridge,
        we do not have to borrow dollars to #RailroadAndFenceNigerianBorders,
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build 2 million houses every year
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build underground sewage systems
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build underground metro systems
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build grand shopping malls in each state
        we do not have to borrow dollars to build 100 kms of railroad each year
        Just imagine, this is what we can do with the power of Naira and our local capacity alone, namely Cement, Sand, Gravel, Bitumen, Oil, Water, Steel. No need for imports o.
        If the mantra of change, accountability and icorruptibility the new government chants is true, then i don’t see why Nigeria cant easily hit double digit growth next year πŸ™‚

  24. chynedoo says:

    The new administration has a lot of goodwill from Nigerians, expectations are high as always, and it must go to work straight away because the task ahead is daunting. Buhari should avoid the mistakes of past leaders:
    -He should be wary of advisers. Listen to what they have to say but do what must be done!
    -He should surround himself with fresh thinkers, proven and rising stars in their various professions rather than career politicians who are more like Allen Avenue girls. For these politicians, anyone is acceptable once money and power are involved
    -Buhari should avoid being a captive of the state! The enormous walls of security, pretentious and overtly servile and loyal officials who’d never tell him the truth and who would do everything to prevent him from knowing the true state of things in the country he governs. Buhari should refuse to be ostracised from reality of the country by being surrounded the sort of luxury and comfort that very few people in Nigeria could afford. Once he falls into this routine, he’d be living in a paradise in the midst of unimaginable anguish.
    -Buhari if he must succeed should never lose touch with the grassroots, with the ordinary people. Thus he has to try to balance the need for the walls of security around him and the measure of risk it takes to re-connect with fellow citizens
    -And one last thing, Buhari should avoid like Ebola, all kinds of stakeholders, elders, religious groups and socio-cultural organisations especially those who suddenly arrogate to themselves the power of attorney on his behalf. These groups are professional pot-lickers, they care very little about the president, the country and fellow citizens, they have no loyalty to god or man other than money and power!
    Buhari must do what must be done. He should never accept failure as normal nor agree that less is ok for a country like Nigeria, nor accept any justification for mediocrity where other countries aspire for perfection nor tolerate the lack of integrity in the conduct of government business.
    Buhari should remember that those before him also enjoyed the unflinching support, faith and goodwill of Nigerians and yet Nigerians presently use their names as curse-words. As they say, if fire could consume the tortoise with a chain coat mail the fowl with a feathery gown stands no greater chance of survival. Unless of course, the fowl finds a away to tame the fire. Nigeria is a complex country and requires a determined, well organised, and hard-working, disciplined individual to tame it, to make things work.
    Will Buhari make a difference where many were swept away with the tide?

  25. ozed says:

    I for one do not envy they guy Sha!!!

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