3 June, 2015

The Nigerian President,Muhammadu Buhari has held his first meeting with the National Security Council, made up of Service Chiefs and other security top shots. The meeting took place at the Defense Guest House, Maitama, Abuja.

Speaking to State House Correspondents after the meeting, Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin said the Service Chiefs were on the verge of relocating the military command to Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in the North East; adding that it was a Presidential order that had to be obeyed as quickly as possible.

Vice Admiral Jibrin noted that the military would sustain the tempo of the recent successes against the Boko Haram sect calling for more assistance from members of the public in terms of intelligence gathering.

“All Nigerians should continue to support the military and provide us with the needed intelligence, any suspicious movement should be reported to the police of course the police will make that available to us. You know as we continue to put pressure on them, in the Sambisa area, they will try to run away from there and then create further problems, using improvised explosive devices”. he said.

On the details of the meeting with the President, Vice Admiral Jibrin said: “Since he was inaugurated as our Commander-in- Chief, this is the first time that we are formally meeting him to give him general security briefing of the country,and that went very well, we have been able to provide insights into the security situation of Nigeria”.

On the issue of Boko Haram, Vice Admiral Jibrin said; “The Boko Haram issue, like I told you we have just given him general briefing with respect to general security situation. Specifically on Boko Haram, with the level of successes being recorded, we want to maintain the tempo, and sustain it until they are rooted out.

Other Service Chiefs in attendance at the meeting were Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Kenneth T. J. Minimah, Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal A. N. Amosun and the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase.


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  1. freeegulf says:

    was this not the same idea i suggested during the dark days of BH marauding borno and adamawa. my idea was that the CDS move his HQ temporary to the NE, at least it would help him be at the helms, but no, we have a defence chief that is more concerned about airline than combat.

    hopefully with this new govt, the seriousness and deft tactics that this WoT deserve shall be fully applied and implemented.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Between May 29th and June 2nd, Boko Haram have struck five times in Maiduguri alone(five times in four days). That has not happened since the SoE declaration when uprooted urban guerrillas fled to the border districts.

    What do you think accounts for this upswing in the level of violence and why now? Are BH returning to the old ways of urban terror?

    • buchi says:

      a small answer to your question.relevance ,to create the impression that they still retain their already faded fearsome there are annoying report seen and whispered about politicians in borno and some prominent individuals of northern extraction canvassing for amnesty for the group…locals in maiduguri believe that this is also part of the factors responsible..many are postulating that there shady backers are trying to knock off low key…the next few days will be crtical something is brewing behind the scenes.

      plus oga beegz is your mail still functional?

  3. Oje says:

    Desperation, trying to remain relevant. These people will bomb goats and cattles if only to remain relevant and on the news, I just wish the mainstream media will see through the viel. Boko Haram has be decapitated, it’s recent video clearly n shows Shekau has been knocked out, they now claim to be ISIS of West Africa. If recent past developments have shown anything it is that Boko Haram is highly succeptible to aerial attack and gets confused when bombarded from the air. It’s hard to hide from an aerial attack in a mostly flat terrain, their home the Sambisa have been cleared, where to next? Desperate media campaign lol…These guys are sore poser, this is but the beginning. Where is Shekau?

    • Ola says:

      This is extremely insulting and annoying. For the second time, Nigeria is winning the fight against Boko Haram, AI is kicking. Has AI so easily forgotten the doctored document and lies they told the world about Baga?
      I will start listening to AI the day they start calling for the trial of George Bush, Tony Blair and heads of NATO forces that participated in the invasion of Iraq. There are living witnesses who will testify to what the ISAF, mainly US soldiers did in Afghanistan, including yours truly. Entire villages, women and children were killed in senseless raids on villages either by foot soldiers or drone attacks. Let AI talk about this first. Let AI talk about the violation of Geneva convention by ISAF forces, let AI talk about the atrocities of french soldiers in Mali and CAR. Most recently, a UN staff leaked a UN report that documented the raping of children by French soldiers, YOUNG BOYS, some younger than 10 were raped in CAR and Mali. They went there to sodomise those children and all UN did was to issue a statement to claim they were still investigating the case and that their staff who breached the confidentiality of UN in releasing the report has been sacked. What about the French soldiers?
      What the government can do is work together with the UN to provide witness protection for “Nigerian citizens and senior military officers” who have given this information to AI. Let them testify openly and let the government diligently investigate their testimony. What AI did in this video were “reconstructions” and from the accent, most of these actors are not Nigerians. If the Government fails to drag AI into hot water by bringing in the UN and opening investigation under which witnesses can securely testify, AI will continue to lie. If the government does this on the other hand, Nigeria can find holes in the reporting of AI that no one will be able to defend, Nigerian can then open a class action suit against AI for libel and even rope in their senior members for boko haram sponsorship or partisanship as we can rightly see.
      Lastly, if Buhari likes, he should better not attempt to buy weapons from any of these guys who want Nigerian money but not Nigeria’s progress. They will sell overly expensive pieces to Nigeria now as if they have not seen this report and soon after refuse to sell service parts and munitions based on this same report by this whore called Anna Neistat. Time for Nigeria to also use her influence in AU to bar some elements from getting visas to visit most AU member states, if not all.

    • rugged7 says:

      Amnesty international is as credible as boko haram.
      They can go jump in the nearest lake with their report…

    • mcshegz says:

      hahahahaha. Omo amnesty tohh badd. These people never seize to amaze. But one must be rest assured this string will be pulled before Nigeria dreams of getting any of those shinny new western toys; to all yea western lackeys and never-say-die optimists, once again, America and Europe cements its antecedents as a puppet master albeit a dying puppet master, always bent on making you dance to the beat of their drum,
      “Prosecute all those generals or you get no equipment’s from us, ” even though we are the mothers and fathers of all human rights violations in the world, fighting wars in foreign lands, on false pretense just so that we can continue selling weapons to the most despotic and theocratic regimes there exist, so long as they do as we say, we’re fine 🙂
      What next will they want, an Africom military base in the North east? KAI
      Abegi Nigeria, look east, at least does guys do not pretend to be the bastion of every rainbow and everything good.

      • mcshegz says:

        Nigeria is a continental power-house, you just cannot dictate and expect obedience especially when such directive goes against national interest; The first international visits by Nigerian president and Vice-president, Sudan, Niger, Chad respectfully probably signify that Nigeria’s freedom and independence will continue to enjoy robust and cordial relations with all, irrespective of so called International warrants by ego thumping ever increasingly irrelevant powers.
        If there exists a need for investigation, so be it, but definitely not because some foreign government organization says so. This directive by Amnesty; lets call it what it is, a directive, an order, can be considered a show/non-show of allegiance to puppet masters that will signify where the present Nigerian government stands,
        *For the ever increasingly decadent and impotent powers OR is Nigeria truly Independent, free to choose its relationships based solely on national interests. The past Nigerian government was so blatant and non nonchalant in its disregard for wannabe international powers, hence Nigeria in the midst of a war against terror, witnessed persistent media bashing at every turn. The Nigerian government must know when to stop politics and think Nigeria.

    • rugged7 says:

      Please and Please, NA should deport ALL amnesty international staff in Nigeria. NONSENSE

    • Jaspo says:

      They are not serious.
      “Based on years of research and analysis of evidence”. Sure.

      Are they going to investigate Sheaku and his ilk or war crimes?

  4. gbash10 says:

    Please no reasonable Nigerian leader should even listen or read and then act on this rubbish demand at all from AI,banza!
    Nigeria is a sovereign state,no bullshit pushing around by any power ,or organization.

    • Ola says:

      On the one hand, I will agree with you. But then, Nigeria needs to give AI a dose of their own medicine. Nigeria needs to organise a team of lawyers who know their job, launch a high profile investigation into AI’s report and bring the UN into the investigation. I strongly believe the AI blackmail would be exposed. The FG can then go ahead to launch a suit against AI while the top military heads lied against in the report should independent launch a parallel lawsuit against that whore Anna Neisat and her dog (that bald boko haram sympathiser working with her, who’s either Sudannese or a Nothern Nigerian).

  5. Sir Kay says:

    The Islamic State group claims it could purchase a nuclear device from Pakistan and transport it to the United States through drug-smuggling channels. The group, also known as ISIS and ISIL, would transfer the nuclear weapon from Pakistan to Nigeria or Mexico, where it could be brought to South America and then up to the U.S., according to an op-ed allegedly written by kidnapped British photojournalist John Cantlie and published in Dabiq, the group’s propaganda magazine.

    The op-ed said that Boko Haram, the Nigerian jihadist group that announced its formal allegiance to ISIS in March, would make their efforts to transport a weapon to the U.S. much easier, reported Nigerian newspaper Premium Times. ISIS claims the Nigerian army is in a “virtual state of collapse” because of its war against Boko Haram.

    While U.S. officials have dismissed the ability of the group to acquire or transport a nuclear weapon, Indian Minister of State Defense Rao Inderjit Singh said at the Shangri-La regional security conference in Singapore last weekend that “[w]ith the rise of ISIL in West Asia, one is afraid to an extent that perhaps they might get access to a nuclear arsenal from states like Pakistan,” Bloomberg reported.

    Cantlie describes how ISIL would hypothetically call on supporters in Pakistan to “purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region,” after which it would be “transported overland until it makes it to Libya” when “the mujahedeen move it south to Nigeria.” It would then be moved to South America in the same method that “drug shipments bound for Europe pass through West Africa,” according to Premium Times. After transporting the device through the “porous borders of South America” to Mexico, it would be “just a quick hop through a smuggling tunnel” to bring the nuclear bomb into America.

    Since his abduction in 2012, Cantlie has appeared in multiple ISIS propaganda videos, including the series “Lend Me Your Ears.”

  6. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber generals, Amnesty International have fired the first salvo, signifying the beginning of hostility between the Great People of Nigeria and whoever they are representing.
    Please the new administration of PMB should not entertain any non sense from AI.
    National interest should come first, even if there are abuses by our military, investigation should be done in country and any security service personnel found wanting should prosecuted according to our own laws.

  7. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, don’t you think we are heading for parallel structures in the army with the movement of service chiefs to Maiduguri? Who will fill their shoes in Abuja? New people? If so, who will these people answer to?

    These questions, coupled with Amnesty Internationals salvo, make me feel uneasy about Nigeria’s future. Are they linked in any way?
    We might be heading for a few years in which our army will be fractured, demoralised and destabilised.

  8. Kola Adekola says:

    Nice one!

    Nigeria to step up military role in Boko Haram fight: Buhari

    NIAMEY (Reuters) – Nigeria’s army will take a bigger role in the effort to crush Boko Haram, by taking over from soldiers from Niger in occupying towns liberated from the Islamist militant group, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Wednesday.

    Niger and Chad played a leading role earlier this year in driving the insurgents from towns in northeastern Nigeria including Malam Fatori and Damasak, in part because of the weakness of the Nigerian army.

    “I renew my commitment to track Boko Haram into a corner, to destroy it. Five years of the presence of this evil sect is enough,” Buhari told a news conference with Niger’s President Mahamadou Issoufou.

    He was speaking during a visit to Niger that is his first trip overseas since winning elections in March in Nigeria, which has the biggest population and economy in sub-Saharan Africa. Buhari said he would visit Chad on Thursday.

    “On the issue of the Niger military positioned in cities of Nigeria … I think in the next four weeks we will be able to replace them with Nigerian forces so they can return to their country,” he said.

    A new multinational force of 8,700 troops from Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin to combat the insurgency in the Lake Chad region will become operational in the coming weeks, Issoufou said on Tuesday.

    Buhari said the other nations would provide weapons and help restore infrastructure destroyed by the insurgents. He also thanked Niger for hosting as many as 150,000 refugees who fled insecurity in Nigeria to Niger.

    “Niger is ready to finish with Boko Haram and protect its borders, its people and their property,” Issoufou said.

    Boko Haram launched its insurgency in 2009, attacking towns and villages and killing thousands of people in pursuit of a state adhering to strict sharia law. The militants’ abduction of 200 schoolgirls in April 2014 provoked outrage across the world.

    (Reporting by Abdoulaye Massalaki; Writing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg; Editing by Andrew Roche)

  9. Emmanuel says:

    Boko is on rampage with suicide bombings! Another blast some minutes ago…..Will Buhari hurriedly rush back from his trips to console victims since it was reported he’s to return on Tuesday? The previous administration was Hounded, harrassed and criticised for visiting Chad and Niger at least twice or thrice in quick succession in 2014, I await comments and reactions from our media and social media activists in this new administration!!! By the way, where are the 1000 snipers and high profile politicians listed to be assassinated then as alleged by OBJ??….

    • abdulrahman says:

      It is also worthy of note to state that PMB is now seeking the assistance of our neighbours. GEJ did the same thing and some people saw that as a weakness.

    • Are James says:

      The NSA remains the same that is why we seem to be seeing the same approach at play. There is an indication that there is a final series of assaults being planned finally against Boko Haram if body language alone is to be read.


    Nigerian Major General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has been appointed the Force Commander of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF). He has assumed duties at the new Headquarters in N’Djamena, the Capital of Chad Republic. The reorganised MNJTF arrangement is in line with the decisions of member countries of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) which include Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun, with Benin Republic as a honorary member. The arrangement has the backing of partners in the fight against Boko Haram namely; France, the UK and the USA.

    The MNJTF has now been sectionised into 3 Sectors to achieve more effect in its operations with one of the sectors Headquarters retained in Baga.

    The MNJTF was formed as a result of the need by the LCBC member countries to pool their effort together in a bid to provide a common and coordinated solution to the security challenges in the Lake Chad Basin region, especially the security challenges posed by terrorists in the region and beyond. The MNJTF will work and collaborate with the forces of the member countries in the fight against terrorists.

    Major General TY Buratai was a Director at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja before his new appointment. He had at various times served as the Commandant of the Nigerian Army School of Infantry and sometimes the Brigade Commander at 2 Brigade, Nigerian Army as well as Commander, Joint Task Force, Operation PULO SHIELD.

    • Ola says:

      Good news! When the Chadians, Nigeriens and Cameronians were mouthing off in December and January, y suggestion then this. Let the Nigerian armed forces take over the MNJTF, form it into an organised force and head the body. That way, Nigeria will play the leadership role rightly expected of her and at the same time do some press and image damage control, but no one in the last administration thought in that lie then, or may be our neighbours did not agree because Dr. Jonathan is not a Moslem? Now we see that happening.

      • Ola says:

        Now I hope Nigeria will take all the help the force can get from World backers at this initial stage, but I hope Nigeria will quickly wean this force off western donations by taking over a bulk of the funding. Nigeria should have a goal of increasing the strength of this force to 10,000 men, recommend a special uniform for this force that is different from what all member armies currently use, provide a good training doctrine in house and organise the body into a fighting force that is apolitical. MNJTF will be needed for a long time to come. Boko Haram will still be around for quite some time, especially in Cameroon, border security is paramount and the MNJTF should be constantly engaged in this to check the flow of foot soldiers of BH, dictators in Chad and Cameroon will one day fall and when these countries implode, or try to embrace democracy, there will be a need for a stabilising force that is neutral and capable of maintaining peace, order and internal security, MNJTF would be the regional force to do this. Lastly, it is time for a director of information to be announced. An experienced and senior military officer from the honorary member state can be appointed to fulfil this duty since it may be unfair if this key position also goes to Nigeria and the other members are more eager to sing their own praise than actual facts and reality.

  11. jimmy says:

    Let me answer a couple of questions based on what has transpired in the last couple of days,
    1) Regrettably the spate of bombings will get worse in the next coming days due to two reasons !) There is an active cell running amok in Maiduguri and the DSS has not located the armourer yet
    2) The leadership of bh is under severe stress based on what is happening in the sambisa forests, I watched one video two weeks ago it has not been seen on any mainstream media it is extremely graphic, in order to prove themselves worthy of anything they have resorted to suicide bombings
    3) The hard line approach by pmb has prompted fear in the ranks of some of their ex sponsors who are trying to desperately seek some kind of amnesty , it is not going to happen . PMB it appears wants the leaders.
    4) The visit to Niger first is no coincidence it appears bh ( NIGER) has been severely crippled by the hundreds of arrests that have take n place as the noose tightens border wise desperation sets in..
    When PMB ordered the army hq to relocate this is what the guys doing the actual fighting wanted . ABUJA TO Maiduguri is 889 km and a lot seems to get “lost over the phone” communication wise.
    @ AREJAMES the NSA is on his way out you do not need to worry about him , the approach you need to worry about is PMB and his highly speculated NSA TO BE LT. GEN DAMBAZUA ( who though not shown in the picture was probabley at the meeting.
    In addition to what you had suggested almost 1/2 years ago, in this writer’s opinion , PMB within the coming weeks will direct ARMY UNITS to move closer to the border ( in force)and leave the urban centers. places like GAMBORU, NGALA, LAKE CHAD, MANDARA MTNS. In order to seal the Nigerian side of the border.

  12. jimmy says:

    The failure of the previous to order the arrests and subsequent detention of as***le marked a turning point fo a lot of impartial observers as to how serious Nigeria was in the WOT.
    i had opined that for bh to die a miserable death this mofo had to be arrested, this is more than the EFCC He needs to be made to squeal.
    GOD bless Nigeria.

  13. jimmy says:

    * this*

  14. chynedoo says:

    While I think Amnesty International has become more political than being a rights group, we also need to look at why our military institutions are constantly under the radar. If we must call a spade by its name, we have to be very conscious of the way the armed forces relate to civilians during peace time and in times of conflict. We should not gloss over the fact that the military have on many occasions been unprofessional. People who have been arrested as randomly dispensed with even when there was no need to do so.
    There are videos all over the internet of Nigerian forces extra-judicially executing prisoners. If truth must be told, this has been going on for a long time. If we must fight Boko Haram, the military has to be more professional and above board rather than use the same tactics as Boko Haram in terms of dealing with suspects of even identifiable members of Boko Haram. Our judicial system is equally to blame as much as the military. In Cameroun and Niger, captured members of Boko Haram have been publicly charged to court, convicted and sentenced to various jail terms. In a way, it is disturbing that nearly 6 years into the conflict, very little effort has been made to try thousands of Boko Haram suspects being held. Apart from the trial of Kabir Skototo, there is almost no effort to try Boko Haram suspects, nor even any attempt by the government to open maximum security holding facilities to process these suspects. Sometimes the way we do things in Nigeria, we appear to box ourselves into all sorts of difficult corners thus drawing serving up our civil and military institutions for organisations such as AI to trash at will.
    The British abuse Iraqi prisoners and citizens in Iraq,, just as the USA’s infamous Abu Gharaib torture. Although Amnesty International released some reports, the UK and USA quietly handled the issue, of course applying the usual ‘damage control measures’ by swiftly setting up inquiries, and then once the report was passed to the government, a few officers were tried. Thus deflecting the scandal.
    In Nigeria, the authorities appear very clumsy and out of touch in terms of containment measures when these scandals come to light. To show how bad things are, in a recent Vice News report, a Nigerian soldier was quoted saying ‘I slaughter Boko Haram with this knife’ while another soldier was shown very drunk on the frontlines. Ordinarily, a more proactive military institution would have disciplined the soldiers identified in the videos, or at least would have moved to correct the image these soldiers paint of the force. We need to start thinking smartly, our forces have to realize the will be measured by standards of conduct expected of a professional force and rather than something less.
    My point is, before we point a finger at Amnesty International, or any other interest group, common sense warrants that we put our own acts in order. Those in charge of the soldiers on the frontline must lead by example and at the same time enforce discipline in the force. For a long time, the Nigerian armed forces been made to believe they are above the law as witnessed in Odi, Jos, and of recent in Lagos were soldiers simply went on revenge missions against the civilian population because a fellow solider was either attacked or killed. There are numerous documented cases of soldiers detaining police officers, civilians, beating up citizens, journalists and even business and rival lovers of senior and junior military personnel. At the MMA sometime ago, a man was beaten into coma by some Naval personnel because he had a minor disagreement with them. In all honesty, Nigerian soldiers lack discipline under normal non-combat situations, one only wonders how these soldiers would react under the immense pressure of the battle front in the north east. Of recent, soldiers simply walked into a filling station ignoring the long queue just to fill their own tanks while a naval officer beat up a female police officer after jumping the queue at a petrol station.
    As patriotic bloggers, I think we have a responsibility to try to balance patriotism with reality and facts, we have all witnessed the awful manner soldiers treat civilians in various Nigerian cities in non-combat conditions, being objective doesn’t mean we are not patriotic but at least it would help raise the issues involved in a balanced way.
    Nigeria is under the radar of many countries who may not be very comfortable with the fact that the country may in the distant future be a direct competitor in their spheres of influence in Africa and beyond. Thus, the least opportunity to demonise and denigrate Nigerian institutions, and by extension the Nigerian state, becomes very appealing. As Nigerians, we should dispense with this perennial ‘siege mentality’, and stop trying to act as victims all the time because it is a ‘cup out’ to blame others for exploiting our weaknesses because we allowed them, because we exposed ourselves, because we put ourselves in that position rather than striving harder to prevent such from happening. Confucius once said ‘we should not place a burden on others which we would not choose for ourselves’

    • Ola says:

      Mr Chynedoo, while your point of view is very candid and justifiably so, considering the relationship between members of Nigerian security and armed forces and the citizens, don’t you think AI is political and pro-dissident in their reporting. The UK case you mentioned, AI was not involved in it. Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) were the ones who did it. They have also been working on something similar for Afghanistan, just that this time around, their effort is being seriously frustrated. These guys actually go to places themselves to make investigations, they organise witness protection with EU member states so that witnesses can openly testify and they even send letters of invitation to as many members of the armed forces that served active duties in those war areas of investigation as they can possibly reach, inviting them to openly come forward to testify if they have evidence of abuse/breach of Geneva convention and promising them witness protection. AI never does this. AI is a bigger body than PIL and if they want to be honest about their activities, they can go the way of PIL. My submission is this, AI very quickly jumps into conclusion and present personal opinion as facts. Personal opinion may or may not reflect the reality on the ground and are usually distorted. If the president and the NA do not act on this report, I think they will be failing the country and giving AI more voice. My opinion remains that the government should organise a high level investigation team of lawyers and retired military experts within the country to investigate this. Let the government also bring in the UN for transparency and credibility, let the government provide witness protection for Nigerians in that region and serving members of the armed forces who are willing to testify to what AI has reported. Sure at the end, some truth would be found. Let indicted soldiers be punished in house. One obvious fact we can see coming out from the begining is that AI has cooked up stories and blaoted reality in this report and it’s high time the government and army took them to court for libel, blackmail and defamation of character.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Chynedoo, has raised some very important points here, AI or Not, these are things that need to be addressed by the Nigerian Top Officers. The Soldiers are suppose to be the lords of discipline by his very professional calling. Irrespective of BH accusations, discipline devoid of emotions is the bedrock of the military. certain events have been very worrying and disturbing
        – How do, we explain the burning of Lagos state Government Buses while wearing the
        – Driving on the wrong side of the road and soldier vs police over civil and domestic
        – Beating up of a FAAN security persons while the Government is preparing to pass an
        ICAO security audit.
        – Police DPO shot to death in Satellite Village are during dispute with Soldiers.

        If we do not want the International community nosing into our affairs, then the Officer Corp and RSM will have to up their act. I worry if they would take orders straight from Officer when alone with them on the field, The worst demonstration was the Maiduguri event with the CO. Discipline has to be instilled through training and repercussion right from the induction of anybody into the armed forces, this is very well spelled in the manuals of NDA. I am not sure if the Officers are just not concerned or afraid when outnumbered by the ranks in the field. the standards of discipline in the Nigerian military was very high during the days of 3MC and the civil war. You misbehave and then you have to content with Black Scorpion. To the Officer discipline should be extreme respect that exist even if he is not present, this is as opposed to fear.
        Were the Soldiers burning buses in the streets of Lagos not afraid of the fact that their CO would get to know about their acts or they just simply don’t care about his presence and the authority it signifies. Do you believe that some people feel that the BH fighting is a strictly between the Military and BH, as long as they do not touch civilians, That means a lot of disconnection between the Civil populace and our Military.
        The Military most be seen at all times to protect the Nigerian People and obey the Laws of the Land. This will bring extreme respect to the uniform, not fear.

  15. doziex says:

    We will hand over our generals to be tried by AI, right after the united states hands theirs over.

  16. chynedoo says:

    It is definitely in Nigeria’s interest to investigate the allegations against the armed forces in NE. After all, the people that Amnesty International allege were victims of rights abuses are Nigerians. There is a duty on the government to protect all Nigerians so if we cant investigate allegations of abuse against our own people by the armed forces then we would giving others the opportunity to internationalise the issue by drawing the UN and the ICJ into the fray and the whole thing could potentially blow out of proportion. Again if the govt fails to act, it’d be putting Nigerians at greater risks of being abused by other countries because the government would have lost that moral authority to insist that other nations respect the rights of Nigerians in their territories.
    This AI report is a product of decades of institutional decay and indiscipline in Nigerian armed forces. We have to sort it out. Reforming the armed forces has become very critical to Nigeria’s survival. When we argue for such reforms, we shouldn’t focus or re-arming and upgrading hardware alone because arming an undisciplined for is a recipe for all manners of security problems.
    It is embarrassing to witness how for decades Nigerian forces whether the tri-services, police, civil defence, DSS and NIA operatives simply treat other Nigerians worse than the British treated the Mau Mau. The other day, a police officer stopped me in Owerri near the govt house on one of those illegal roadblocks in the evening demanding bribes after checking my vehicle details without finding any faults, he still insisted on being gratified which I flatly refused and drove off. I wasn’t even aware he had followed me to a friend’s shop having commandeered an bike taxi. To show how brazen he was, he cornered me, his gun ready to be used and he insisted that the amount had now doubled and I had to follow him to the station. In fact he went ahead to state clearly he would frame me for a hit and run accident in Okigwe even though I have never driven that car anywhere near the said location. He only backed down when stranger from a uniform background intervened and threatened to personally report him directly to both police zonal hq Calabar and Abuja, and the fact he was outnumbered. It’s completely wrong that Nigerians have to be treated this way in their own country and yet we pretend that this doesnt happen. I once argued for hourts at Frankfurt with the German police in Frankfurt. The police in Germany did not threaten to beat me. Same experience in Cotonu and Manchester. In fact in Manchester, my lights werent turned on. The police stopped me and pointed it out. I apologised but my lights on and continued on my way. The only time I have had a decent treatment with the police was in Rivers State. The matter was treated professionally yet one officer still asked for egunje.
    To be honest, the armed forces we have in Nigeria is what we deserve. When we desire a more professional, modern effective armed forces then we have to start speaking out, we have to call a spade by its real name, we have to stop pretending and face the reality, we have to ask questions, challenge authority in a more thoughtful way with superior reasoning, we have to insist on things being done properly. Has anyone bordered to ask why Nigerian officers perform so well when they are sent overseas? Because when the go to other countries the follow the rules and focus more on the task than spending time trying to exploit the citizens. Same thing happens when many of our over-pampered, grasping officials travel outside the country, you see them queueing up in shops, at the airport, in cafes, at the petrol stations, they obey the traffic, most dont even have anybody guards or crowds of heavily armed soldiers and police who make it look like Jesus Christ was in town.
    It is time Nigerians insist that every official from the least public official all the way up to the president should and must obey the law just like everyone else. Simples.

    • Roscoe says:

      As part of COIN ethos, our armed forces do need to change their approach to the Nigerian Citizenry who they protect.

  17. Manny Aydel says:

    President George Bush (jnr) officially signed the order for US forces to ‘waterboard’ suspects. What has happened to him? Is AI unaware of this? An aircraft full of civilians was shot down in Ukraine…where was AI? Mexico keeps killing several civilians in the so-called drug war…where is AI? I do not justify violations but this pontification by AI must be challenged.

    • chynedoo says:

      You raised valid points. But we all know that whether Nigerian govt acts on the AI report or not, heavens wont fall. Yet if you look at all the countries you mentioned, the difference between them and Nigeria lies in handling. While other countries go out to actively counter and diffuse the allegations including making some of its officials to take the fall we simply just carry on as if there is nothing that could be done.
      When Bush left, Obama revised, canclled and discontinued some of the contentious policies, at least so it seems. USA army is the bloodiest military in the world yet they are able to handle accusations of rights abuses just like water down a fish’s throat. We should learn to diffuse issues before they get out of hand. Before AI published this report, several representations were made to the Nigerian govt with documentary evidence of rights abuses but true to type the govt ignored all. It’s good to see that the govt is now trying to contain the problem by agreeing to investigate such allegations. This is the way to go.

  18. Deway says:

    Before we all go ga ga on AI, we must ask rge vital question: who are those saboteurs army hq and MOD that provide confidential info to AI? Why was this not done during previous regimes?

    • Are James says:

      Good question. I also asked the question once -who permits NA grunts and even junior officers to go into the front with their smart phones?. These are the typical issues with local , in-country insurgencies we have to manage. Every thing is always tricky abd depending on the immediate development in the field, the erstwhile professional soldier may role himself as a mere policemen, protester, whistle-blower and politician as the mood strikes sometimes.

      • Roscoe says:

        Some units comms on the front is dependent on GSM. @ least earlier in the insurgency, hence the proliferation of smart phones.

  19. lachit says:

    in previous thread many suggested mounting a RCL gun on IGIRIGI apc

    well i decided to oblige them .

    the most practical solution which i could think of was a pedestal type mount with screw type jack assembly to raise or lower the RCL and and the upper carriage mount out of the APC.
    the RCL is mounted on the upper carriage mount which has a hydraulic based jack to elevate the gun along the pivot of the carriage mount.
    when the gun is not in use it can be retracted back into the apc and the hach covers pulled over .and the apc is ready to travel again.

    theroritically gun can fire in a 270 degree arc but practically it should be limited to 30-45 degree firing arc on either side of the gun at 0 degree position for all purposes.also the gun has to be brought back to the 0 degree position to simplify ammo loading.

    additional blast shields can be provided for the protection of the loader from the blow-back effect.
    3 crew members to man the gun
    3.ammo handler
    to simplify operations and ensure fast loading and firing of gun.

    crew seated on height adjustable harness for comfort and better handling
    compartmentalized ammo boxes for safety

    crew provided with personel arms for self defence
    the pedestal mount and gun can be removed easily for maintenance purpose on/off field conditions.

    enough bunking on my part
    see u all later
    tell me ur views

    • lachit says:

      open in new tab for clear/detailed picture

    • Deway says:

      Quite innovative Lachit. Doing so much with very little technology.

    • Bharat says:

      You are mounting the RCL in the middle. What about the back blast cone? Will it have any effect on the trailing portion of the roof?

      • lachit says:

        back blast cone,any effect on the trailing portion of the roof??
        1.if u meant the recoil .it is negligible hyraulic dampers will absorb the small recoil generated.
        2.if u meant the black blast that is generated due to firing :
        the gun is mounted on the top with good clearance from the roof of the apc.the back blast cone is generally less than 60 degree cone.depends a lot on the quality of ammo propellent used and workmanship of the gun however with these the back blast cone comes down to less than 50 degree cone.
        a innovative way to reduce its effect on the roof ie trailing portion + surrounding portion is to have fire proof foam like mattress soaked in water together with perforated blast shields
        it will reduce chances of damage from backblast to the roof ( or the loader if by accident) by guranteed three quarters.also firing heat signature on sighting is reduced by considerable level.
        during trails optimal position of the gun position can be calculated for minimum effect
        of the blast cone.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Very nice, Oga lachit. I de hail ooo! Thanks for bringing my suggestion to life.

      The one addition I can suggest is that the hydraulic and screw jacks should be backups to electric systems. Electric motors can be quite cheap and will take away the added stress of manually adjusting the weapon while in an adrenaline packed war situation.

      If we start small like this, we can slowly graduate to using the blowback from the recoilless rifle to automate loading, maybe through powering an alternator (or other energy conversion device) through a turbine.

      Its all about multiplying the firepower of the Igigirigi without stressing its frame.

      Next stop? We put ROCKETS on the it and turn the Igigirigi into a small but dangerous beast of prey. Heheh!

      • lachit says:

        the picture is self explanatory should clear the doubts

        @Kola Adekola
        my pleasure
        another modification can be is to mount 12 or 24 barreled 73 mm calibre or near about calibre MBRL.
        it will be quite effective and feasible for rapid fire support

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        ur suggestion about removing the screw jack is good .i choosed it because it is cheap reliable and mechanically simple.
        however installing electric servo motors/drives will be very expensive and require quite a bit of head ache.but if wanted can be done, electric drive technology is usually implemented in modern MBTs and only available with select few countries.
        better will be to replace everything with hydraulic based mechanism and plug it to a central control mechanism which utilises joy stick type controllers for raising the gun platform and for elevating the gun in the vertical plane.all this will be done by the loader.

        also nowdays u have integrated laser range finders and laser designators this can be calibrated with the gun and provided to the gunner for high 1st round hit probability.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, what about instead of a servomotor; two ordinary electric motors are used, both being controlled by simple switches? Nothing fancy at all.
        The switches can be connected to a cheap board that can take altitude and azimuth and flip the switches off when the conditions are satisfied. What do you think?

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        yes it can be done.
        u see the traverse mechanism both horizontal(limited) and vertical will be done on gears and thrust bearings and to control their movements servo motors can be used.industrial grade commercially avalaible options can be utilizied with little bit of improvisation.
        ordinary electric motors i am not sure. they are limited by operating parameters which may not be suitable for ruggedized operations.i have very limited electrical knowledge.if ur a electric engg or have experience in the field then ur option is definately better.

        “The switches can be connected to a cheap board that can take altitude and azimuth and flip the switches off when the conditions are satisfied. What do you think?”
        yes easily doable.

        altitude = vertical traverse/elevation
        azimuth = circular traverse/horizontal traverse
        u r using aircraft terminology with land systems
        r u pilot or in aviation industry

        u seem to be interested in such system .
        many here lament on lack of indigneous weapons solutions
        why dont u guys who r interested get together and pool resouces to
        develop innovative solutions for addons to existing weapons nothing fancy at first.
        if u manage to get it going lots of money to be made, millions may be billions and plus personal satisfaction.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I’m not an engineer, just a person (IT) who is deeply interested in technology (especially drones). I’ve seriously started thinking about what you suggested though, because there are huge gaps in our systems that even the simplest tech can plug in certain cases.

        What about you? How did you come about the vast amount of knowledge you have? I’d been under the impression you were an electronics person from a discussion you had with Oga Jimmy some months ago.

      • lachit says:

        @kola adekola
        i am a electronics guy
        but i have previously worked in many domains/fields.
        also have to thank a nigerian friend i met on this blog
        who wanted some help on a project he wants to start.
        and thus i ended picking up some tit bits .

  20. Oje says:

    I have been waiting patiently for 3 years for Amnesty International to accuse Boko Haram of War Crimes and demand for its leaders to be brought to justice, it never happened instead they train their guns at Nigeria. In the early stages of the Boko Haram conflict when the Nigerian army clamped hard on Boko Haram with brute force and captured its leader who was ;later executed the same Amnesty International condemned the Nigerian army’s heavy handedness and accused them of violating the ”Human Rights of Terrorists”… again e don happen. You see each time the Nigerian army makes ”unexpected progress” Amnesty International suddenly from no where comes into the fray.What do these people want, total abdication of Northern Nigeria to Boko Haram?

  21. rka says:

    Looks like NNS Aradu may soon have her re-fit…

    “He said the decision was borne out of the desire to equip the navy for local building of ships, just as he noted that the firm which will be domiciled at the Naval Dockyard, will take on the rehabilitation of Nigeria’s flagship, NNS ARADU, six strides boats, and build some interceptor boats, to ensure the emplacement of adequate security within the nation’s waters.”

    • Deway says:

      Interesting, movements on all fronts: While the NN has contracted the China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company to upgrade its PH naval dockyard to handle construction of OPVs and carry out maintenance on vessels, an MOU is being signed/has been signed with Prinvest for the upgrade of the Lagos Naval Dockyard. Nice.
      However, there’s very little information on Prinvest, their website leaves much to be desired and I hope they’ve previously handled ship maintenance and overhaul, the size of Aradu. Onward!

  22. chynedoo says:

    Bomb rocks Yola Market. This is getting serious. Boko Haram appears to have regrouped, or are simply focusing on striking at soft targets

  23. Trigger says:

    People say ‘there are no bad soldiers only bad officers’. We live in a world now where everybodies actions is seen from across the world. Unfortunately our leaders are to lazy to understand this, AI is not indicting our top brass because of their personal actions but because of actions of the men under them. Despite all the rhetorics most of us if not all must have had a bad experience in the hands of our military. This guys takes the law into their own hand all the time, soldiers bullied their way in a petrol station, they beat up FAAN staffs, burnt public bus, burnt police stations. This are all facts. Its not like the military havent commited genocide before so why are we surprised. Our love for our nation shouldnt blind our eyes to the truth. I know my country, there are certain ills that needs to be addressed, maybe AI might just be the savior we are waiting for. I personally disputes the figure given by AI because it is near impossible but then i remembered that the HUMAN RIGHT WATCH made the same observation few years back. It cannot be coincidence. We all know the truth.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Its simply a lack of discipline, years ago a soldier got into a fight with my cousin at the gas station, simply because he couldn’t get in line to get gas, he got beat up, then he went to the barrack and came back with a truck load of soldiers and they start beating up people.
      Now how come no one here ever asked a very simple question, who is in charge of these soldiers? How are that many troops able to leave the barrack without permission from someone with higher rank?
      Yes soldiers do commit atrocities, and yet it seems as if there is no one to call them to order, i find that weird.
      Right there in the north, unarmed people were laid flat on the side of the road and gun down in broad day light by security officials, in what normal country will you see that?
      I beg let’s always be honest about these things.
      Its simply a lack of professionalism and a broken down chain of command.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga, you are mixing things up.

        The people lined up and shot outside a police station were not people killed by soldiers. The police did it and several officers were tried and punished for it.

        You cannot punish our army generals for the crimes of the police. Both services wear uniforms, but a police man is obviously not under military command.

        You also cannot to attention and begin punishing the police men involved for a crime they are already being tried for, just because some funny “reputable foreigners” have published a prejudiced, low quality report.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        “you cannot jump to attention”

  24. mcshegz says:

    Oga Trigger. I respect your hustle sir.
    My honest opinion is that, this chain of thought smacks of crass rascality; so lemme get this right, you allege, just like Amnesty that the supposed infractions caused by soldiers are to be blamed on the very top brass of the security services? but as with allegations, you have to be able to prove without reasonable doubt that the top brass knew about such infractions and did nothing to stop them; that burden of proof lies with those making allegations.

    “This guys takes the law into their own hand all the time, soldiers bullied their way in a petrol station, they beat up FAAN staffs, burnt public bus, burnt police stations. This are all facts. Its not like the military haven’t committed genocide before so why are we surprised”

    So we should charge the Generals to court too because supposedly haywire soldiers run amok in a filling station? we can impress upon commanding officers and generals to met out punishment to offending soldiers or better yet, as a citizen, it is your right to ascertain the names and rank of these soldiers and file a complaint or charge them to court yourself. would you charge a general to court when you have no evidence that he gave orders to ransack said filling station?

    isn’t that like jailing parents for the sins of a child? are we in the 12th century?
    And as to your claims of genocide, i have no idea what genocide you speak of, could you kindly elaborate.

    “People say ‘there are no bad soldiers only bad officers”

    You are misquoting and quoting out of context oga. That saying is in relation to soldiers led to accomplish a certain task, and is not in any way related to soldiers knowingly breaking rules of engagement. In that sense, the sole perpetrators should be brought to book, not their commanding officers and definitely not Generals, unless you have evidence to the fact that they either directly ordered those atrocities to be committed or that they knew about those atrocities and did nothing to change or punish perpetrators.
    One of the directives claimed to have been given was for the soldiers to “eliminate all arerams in the area” if a soldier then goes in the theater of war killing anyone in sight, how is that the failure of the commanding officer, let alone the Generals.
    I will advise that we do not let our emotions cloud our judgement, Love the soldiers or hate them, that doesn’t change how the rule of law works; anyone can make allegations, amnesty can make all the claims they like, it will not in anyway reinvent the way court procedures are followed. Make all the allegations you like, back it up with evidence or proof of wrong doing, do that, or keep shooting yourself in the foot as regarding the pursuit of human rights.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga mcshegz, it is precisely because Amnesty Internationals allegations were nonsensical that they were thrown out the first time. They will be thrown out this time too, because when you read through their allegations, it is clear that they are baseless.

      Someone has paid Amnesty International to use the good name they garnered over the years as an evil propaganda tool.

      Why is it only the Nigerian army they can see, and none from the Middle East, Europe or America? Its all racist nonsense, yet Oga Trigger is suggesting that we see Amnesty International as a saviour! Haba! Pesin wen wan kill us na im we go call saviour?

      • Trigger says:

        When those soldiers where rampaging, didnt the ogas in Abuja hear about it. But what did they do? Nothing. That is the basis for the indictment. Their inaction, they didnt call their men to order numerous times. Everybody knows via those top brass where not on ground with the marauding soldiers but did they discipline them afterwards? No, instead they resort to denying it. Something the whole world saw on video. Im all in for a better Nigeria and if outside media should increase the awareness on a social ill in Nigeria, i think its a good thing.

      • Trigger says:

        When those soldiers where rampaging, didnt the ogas in Abuja hear about it. But what did they do? Nothing. That is the basis for the indictment. Their inaction, they didnt call their men to order numerous times. Everybody knows that those top brass where not on ground with the marauding soldiers but did they discipline them afterwards? No, instead they resort to denying it. Something the whole world saw on video. Im all in for a better Nigeria and if outside media should increase the awareness on a social ill in Nigeria, i think its a good thing.

      • saleh says:

        Oga Trigger there is actually no army that is in combat without cases of HR abuse. let AI first go and investigate US drone strikes whereby hundreds of innocent people are killed because they intend to kill just one person. when its the west and their drone strike is called collateral damage. rubbish

    • saleh says:

      @Trigger, when AI go after Bush and his UK counterpart for crimes in Iraq as a result of the invasion based on an imaginary WMD they should come back with their allegations on Nigerian military

      • Roscoe says:

        @Saleh, I do not believe we need to respond to AI, I think we need to have clear ROE and have the military be accountable, like you said, there is no Army in combat without cases of HR abuse, this is a fact. AI is not the issue, I think folks are coming out of the wood work and saying the military needs to do something about this because of our own interactions with members of the NA, said interactions showing a high level of belligerence and ill disciple by the majority of armed forces personnel , Plus in this war, the Military needs to win the hearts and minds aspect.

  25. mcshegz says:

    Boko Haram: HURIWA Frowns on Amnesty International Report

    Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

    Following a report released by Amnesty International on Wednesday accusing the Nigerian military of war crimes in the ongoing counter-terrorism war against the Boko Haram insurgents, a pro-democracy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) on Thursday said the conclusions of the report were not only nebulous, but also defective.

    The National Coordinator of the group, Mr. Emmanuel Onwubiko, stated this at a press conference in Abuja.

    According to him, based on the doctrine of Superior/Command which rules out top level military commanders who had not involved in directly commanding the operatives in the war front to commit war crimes or violate fundamental human rights.

    Onwubiko stated: “HURIWA has taken exception to the sweeping indictments of war crime made against Nigeria’s erstwhile Chief of Army Staff (September 2010-January 2014) Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejerika; Lt. Gen. Ken Minimah; the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, and Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, the Chief of Defence Staff between October 2012- January 16th 2014.

    “Based on the well known doctrine of Superior/Command Responsibility which rules out any direct criminal liability for top level military Commanders who had no knowledge or indeed not involved in directly commanding the operatives in the war front to wantonly commit war crime or violate the fundamental human rights of detainees or enemy combatants and in this instance the armed terrorists in the North-East of Nigeria,” the group said.

    HURIWA equally accused Amnesty International of indirectly harassing President Muhammadu Buhari who recently gave clear and unambiguous directives to the military to frontally confront and decimate the insurgents who had continuously wreaked havoc and committed large scale violations of the right to life of innocent Nigerians.

    The Rights group questioned the timing of the release of the jaundiced report, which it said was at the period the new government vowed to commit more forces to the military in order to defeat the armed terrorists who were responsible for the mass killings of over 15,000 innocent Nigerians since three years now.

    HURIWA queried: “Who is Amnesty International working for? Why is Amnesty International just releasing this report exactly at this time that the Federal Government has stated a renewed resolve to crush Boko Haram and why is Amnesty International intervening and interjection with this one sided and substantially hear say evidence based report just few days after some suspected political sympathisers in the North under some contraption of Northern Elders had called for amnesty to be given to Boko Haram?

    “Is it possible that elements within Boko Haram have infiltrated Amnesty International? Why is Amnesty International not exhaust local judicial and internal mechanisms before submitting this one-sided report to the International Criminal Court when the Rome Statutes clearly recognized the sovereign powers of local jurisdictions of nations to handle matters of alleged violations of rights of citizens during armed conflicts?

    “Why is Amnesty International naming top Nigerian Generals for indictments for alleged offences committed by field operatives far away from Defence Headquarters when there are abundant precedence like in USA where soldiers who allegedly committed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan were individually tried and convicted in the United States even as no American military Generals were prosecuted for alleged offences of their subordinates?”

    He submitted that the action of AI was rascally and smacked of racism.

    “This is rascally and smacks of racism on the part of Amnesty International thereby rendering this report a hogwash and invalid,” HURIWA said.

  26. buchi says:


  27. Trigger says:

    When are we going to have a Nigeria where we feel comfortable with the military men. Because of the virtue of a gun this guys feel like they are superior to the rest of the citizens. Like they were not civilians before they enlisted. Look its not like i dont support the military, contrary to that their consistent undisciplined attitude is tangential to the ultimate development of Nigeria. We have a collective responsibility to straighten out the crookedness in vestment of our society. Please if The Nigerian military does not mistreat civilians then prove me false.

  28. Kay says:

    The bigger picture here is the treatment of POWs or suspected BH recruits.
    The crux here is that there seems to be no riot act regarding the treatment of prisoners in the aftermath of a battle or attack. The same treatment got meted out to yusuf.
    Yes, AI has motives and very selective with whom they show aggro towards, but there’s a message here.We can’t just sweep all said away. These are the deaths of our fellow citizens!
    If we can’t ask for inquests surrounding the death of our own then why should we question other countries for questionable deaths of our citizens abroad.

    Only thing I’ll just ask of AI is when they’ll start referring other country’s generals to the ICC. They can’t be selecting whom to refer to as they lack credibility in my eyes. They should also start referring the drone operators wiping off families, soldiers raping and therefore indict their ogas at the topmost level to the ICC too.
    We can start by carrying out own internal reviews and punishments for those carrying out these heinous crimes but ICC?, please!

  29. rka says:

    Let he who is without sin in conflict and war cast the first stone.

    • Roscoe says:

      Let us clean up house, there has to be a better way apart from extra judicial killings, we do not want to be that society where any one considered an enemy of state is executed without recourse to the legal system. Terrorism can be a charge with a death sentence, let them at least go through the motions of charging people before executing them, then go through the actual activities of presenting evidences (even witnesses) before condemning the terrorists to death.

  30. Trigger says:

    How come everybody has suddenly turn this into the USA VS NIGERIA thing. As far as i know AI just RECOMMENDED the investigation of the ogas. Which to be really frank is a good thing if things like this dont happen this guys wont take human right issues seriously, since there will probably be a change of leadership in the military the new ogas might just understand that their actions or inactions is in full glare of the world. BTW last week AI pressured the Nigerian police through international media to release a young man who has been incarcerated for more than 10 good year for stealing gov. Uduaguan handset, the guy was 16yrs when they arrested him and the stupid governor ordered that he should be killed. This is what i believe they stand for. We shouldnt throw away a diamonds for shiny stone. Our soldiers are reckless and wild without proper discipline That is a fact. If this is untrue then prove of wrong.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Bro, if you are waiting for foreigners to save you, the big risk is that you become a slave in your own land.

      There is absolutely nothing to be gained from Amnesty Internationals jaundiced and racist report. Na becos dem be oyimbo? Some of us Nigerians never learn. Why haven’t Amnesty International pointed out generals closer to home than Nigeria? After all, the British and American armies have much worse human rights records than Nigeria’s.

  31. Trigger says:

    The most annoying part is that even though they were caught on camera, the ogas will still deny it vehemently. They will say its not Nigerian soldiers. E.g the lagos BRT saga all those little incidents will pile up and end up giving Nigeria a bad name.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Who was caught on camera, bro? If you have the video or photo of these rampant executions, lets challenge you to post it here.
      After which we will also challenge you about why you are not rooting for Osama Bin Laden’s “human rights,” like you are for boko harams. Bin Laden was executed too.

  32. emereuwa says:

    Now where is that ‘Like’ button when you need it?
    @ Oga Kola Adekola, abeg take one Orijin joor.

  33. Trigger says:

    ‘If you have the video or photo of these rampant executions, lets
    challenge you to post it here.
    After which we will also challenge you about why you are not rooting for Osama Bin Laden’s “human rights,” like you are for boko harams. Bin Laden was executed too.’

    I cannot post gruesome videos. Its on the net.

    Please when did i root for boko haram human right?

    Osama bin laden was killed in a raid. He wasnt executed, he was even given a proper burial.

    War will always come and go, the reason for The US invasion or Iraq is not the point OR ISSUE here. THE POINT IS, DOES NIGERIAN MILITARY HAVE HUMAN RIGHT ISSUES OR NOT?






  34. Trigger says:









    • Deway says:

      I hear u Triggar. I understand your point. There are fundamental issues that have to be addressed around how our soldiers treat the civilian populace. No one here can deny this fact. Lets forget about AI, BH and the US. Trigger’s point is spot on. Can anyone here say he has not been a victim of army/navy/airforce brutality? Or hasn’t witnessed it? Or you know someone who has experienced it? Examples abound in our society. Code of conduct has been thrown out the window. One that quickly comes to mind is the poor lady that was harassed and stripped by naval ratings in VI while their high ranking oga watched; or is it the airforce men stationed at the airports harassing folks nowadays? Not one of them has been disciplined or called to question. Or is it police harassment? Make we leave mata abeg. My only grouse is that within the military itself, people are ready to sell confidential information to a foreign agency.

  35. Kola Adekola says:

    All who support Amnesty International, I think you are missing a vital point. I will illustrate with an example.

    Throughout this year; we have seen several quite violent race riots in America, caused by police brutality resulting from racism.

    Do my Nigerian brothers who are Amnesty International supporters not wonder why black America is not urging Amnesty International to take American generals to the International Criminal Court?
    The reason Americans will never ever make such a deeply unpatriotic and absolutely self-debasing call, no matter what, is due to; pride in identity, self-pride and dignity.

    You keep your fight within the family. When you disrespect yourself by calling in foreigners, they will help to multiply that disrespect and then extend it to everything you stand for, because you have proven to have little self-worth by calling them into your private matters.

    Nigeria’s biggest problem is that many of us lack any sense of identity and are willingly ignorant.

    One more thing, every single account of the way Bin Laden died is quite clear that it was an execution. He was unarmed and seen to be unarmed. Abi na bikos na oyimbo pipo kill am?

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I didn’t even realise Igbi had posted so many videos to drive home the point, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Those videos offer more than enough proof.

  36. igbi says:

    Wiki Leaks brings proof of death of 109000 civilians by the usa military:

  37. igbi says:

    US Police Shootings Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and America Cops: Police Brutality Edition!

  38. rugged7 says:

    Repeated mass murders by american troops have never been investigated by amnesty international…
    Bunch of hypocrites

  39. chynedoo says:

    Amnesty regularly releases reports of rights violations around the world. While I do not agree 100 per cent with some of Amnesty’s tactics, yet nothing could ever justify alleged extra-judicial killing of Nigerians by Nigerian soldiers. Again, it is not true that Amnesty has been silent on rights abuses by the USA or any country for that matter. Information on Amnesty’s yearly reports is on their website, just google Amnesty’s yearly reports and search by country or you could download the full report via this link:
    If you want to see the report on rights violations by the USA see page 393.

    We shouldn’t forget that Boko Haram became uncontrollable in 2009, after its leader at the time, Yusuf, was captured alive and then executed (possibly to cover up his links to some people in government) thus denying Nigerians valuable intel that could have been gleaned from him.
    Amnesty International investigates and documents rights abuses around the world, and so Nigeria is not a special case.
    See various reports by Amnesty International about rights abuses around the world:

  40. Trigger says:

    Wait! Let me get this right, are you posting videos of USA military’s extra-judicial killing to justify Nigeria military’s human right issues.

  41. igbi says:

    I am posting videos to put things in context and to open people’s eyes to the fact that their point of comparison is utopia land.

  42. igbi says:

    Also, please use the words “alledged” when referring to the AI rubbish. On the part of the usa, it is no longer alledged, there is proof provided by wikileaks.

  43. igbi says:

    We keep using soldiers to do police job for which the soldiers are not trained. And then when a guy is told to do a frog jump you say the soldiers are not professional.

  44. igbi says:

    Let me repeat this: SOLDIERS ARE NOT TRAINED FOR POLICE JOB ! That is why there is something called the police and an other thing called the military.

    • Trigger says:

      The tasking of the military to do police work is very unfortunate. But thats how we do things in Nigeria, haphazardly. That is not a good reason why the military should have human right issues, if they had acted professional in all situations AI wouldnt have had reasons to call for investigations.

      • igbi says:

        AI always has reasons to call for investigation. That is what they do. They alledge the worse on those fighting against terrorist organizations, especially if the armed forces are not western. Now, soldiers are not more trained for police job than stark brokers are trained for police job. Police job is even incompatible with soldiering training, the two doctrines cancil each other. That is why most countries avoid sending soldiers on police jobs.

  45. igbi says:

    When deployed to do police job, the Nigerian military does a better job than the usa police. Now amnesty international is alledging that the Nigerian army killed 7000 disarmed bh terrorists. Well there is proof that the usa military killed 109000 civilians, and an allegation that the usa military killed 1.3 million civilians in its war against terror.

  46. igbi says:

    Besides AI allegations don’t make sense, indeed the red cross has been inspecting Nigerian detention facilities. And the red cross never came up with these allegations. The thing which many people who blindly defend AI don’t know is that AI defends terrorists and has been doing so for a long time now. There is even a case in which a terrorist was being judged in the united states and he was defended legally by AI. To make things short, AI is acting as boko haram lawyer here.

  47. Trigger says:

    @igbi Please answer this simple question for me.

    Has the French military of French police ever asked you to do frog jump?

    If your answer is no, then ask yourself why is it okay for Nigerian military and Nigerian police to ask people to do frog jump and it’s not okay for French Military or French police to ask people to do frog jump.

    Denial will only harm Nigeria further.

    • igbi says:

      In france I have been arrested for being black and being in a protest. I surely think it is impossible to be arrested for being black in Nigeria. The french justice system is extremly racist, and the french police is very brutal when it comes to non white people. In that protest I got beaten up and arrested after being beaten up. In france it is an open policy for the magistrate to never contradict the police and to never punish a policemen (the reason given is that it might affect the motivitation of the force)

    • igbi says:

      Look, I don’t know how old you are, but I think you are being extremly naif. Ask yourself about how soldiers get punished when in the barracks or in training, then you will realize that frog jump, press ups, standing upside down, crawling in the mudd, standing in a hole full of shit to the level of your neck … is what they get. Now when you send soldiers to do the job of the police, a job for which they are not trained (and they can’t be because it would destroy their soldiering doctrine) then they punish offenders with the easiest punishment they have been met with. You should better tell the politicians to stop sending the soldiers on police job, why don’t the politicians go on police job for a change ? Why don’t ordinary civilians go for police job for a change ? Most importantly, it would be highteime to start appreciating the sacrifice of the soldiers who are giving their lives so that you can condemn them in the internet. I hear the civlian jtf is recruiting, please join the civilian jtf and show the soldiers how to stand between the bullet of a terrorist and the head of a civilian while being professional.

  48. igbi says:

    It makes me sick how people are so eager to call any foreign big mouth a saviour and condemn the people who have given their blood to protect Nigeria. It is very simple, amnesty international is boko haram’ s lawyer. So it is an insult to memory for anybody to defend the amnesty rats.

  49. igbi says:

    Instead of complaining about armed rubbers, cultists, drug dealers and those who commit fraud, some are more interested in fighting and condemning the only people who manage to keep the country on its foot. Up untill bht was given publicity in the foreign media, in many countries, the impression was that every Nigerian were a drug dealer or a yahoo yahoo boy. Now you can add terrorist to that list, and that seems to overshadow the rest at this momment. Let us forget about the bht problem for the momment, and let me ask one simple question: why do so many Nigerians have a problem abiding by the law ? please let us start encourageing the police and the military to do a good job rather than enabling criminality by constantly condemning those who go after the criminals ( especially for being too tough on crime ).

  50. igbi says:

    If your army is fighting against a terrorist organization and amnesty international is not going after your army, then your army must be doing something wrong.

    • igbi says:

      Because amnesty international defends terrorists, that is their job ! the only reason amnesty international would not go after your army would be that your country is either a western country, either western backed either you are fighting the terrorists with flowers rather than bullets.

  51. igbi says:

    As a Nigerian, I can say this: whoever wants to go after the Nigerian military will have to do so over my dead body. The Nigerian military gives its blood to protect us, it is time to return the favour. Enough with the “Yekini treatment” in which patriots get punished for serving the country well.

  52. Trigger says:

    After reading all those stuffs you wrote my first reaction was to ignore you and the argument totally,

    Until i realized something. After looking through your subsequent argument,
    argumentum ad baculum is your best method of getting your points through. The fallacy of ‘might is right’.

    You pointing out my age, calling me naive and trying to give the impression that you are older and thereby wiser is an example.
    It is unfortunate that this is your only method of argument.


    Racism is everywhere on planet earth so your illustration doesnt count since nobody knows the offence you committed.

    • igbi says:

      Look, first of all i wasn’t trying to look older nor wiser than you, I only remarked that you were very naif and I thought it my be related to a condition of very young age. Second of all, I can see how eager you are to give excuses when the forces in question are not Nigerian. And also it is funny that you don’t think it is relevant as a black man that in france you get discriminated (in the justice system and by the police) for being black, while in Nigeria you can’t be discriminated for being black. I am talking as a black man, not as a man with no colour. And if you are a Nigerian as you claim then you are also black. If you want to ignore racism as easy as that then I hope you don’t end up in a place like libya where they were lynching black people for fun during the nato invasion. And when you say things like ” your illustration doesnt count”, it really feels that you see all this as a game. And again that brings me back to the condition of “very young age”. Also for your information, the french military don’t get sent on police duty in france, so your question is irrelevant. By the way we all saw what happens when you leave french soldiers with children, I think rape is the word.

    • igbi says:

      And for your information, the only thing I did was being black. And the judge had to release me and pronounce me not guilty because I had not committed any offense, I even threatened to sue the policemen, but my lawyer told me that it wasn’t wise to sue the police in france.

  53. igbi says:

    ofcourse not all french policemen are racist, but their attitude is racist, for example, in a protest, instead of arresting the violent people, they would rather first arrest the black people they can see.

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