Just wondering between us three musketeers backstage what this means at a time when this blog reported on the hunt for Sukhoi Su-27/30s on that April 2015 day when a Nigerian delegation departed Abuja for Russia.

As far as we know, this helmet is mostly deployed by MiG 29 and Su-27 pilots.


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  1. Sir Kay says:

    Might be a new bird about to land Oga beegs. Let’s be hopeful right.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Obix who is on ground in the Russo-Ukrainian axis where he is a long-term resident affirms that the lettering is in Russian and that the guy’s name is YAKUBU.

    Our F7s and accessories came via China so this photo of a helmeted NAF pilot with the lettering in Russian appearing at a time when we own no Russian jets is of very special interest to some or all of us. The helmet is especially associated with Su-27 and MiG 29 pilots and the NAF do not operate any of those jets.

    My measured take is that this NAF pilot is probably training in either Belarus, Ukraine or RUSSIA.

    For the avoidance of doubt, on that APRIL 2015 day when I got a high-level tipoff as a Nigerian delegation set off for Russia to look at and possibly sign a contract for Su-30s, I did drop the hint here and on my Twitter page.

    Again shortly before the handover in MAY 2015, I was alerted to the departure of a Nigerian Army delegation to an Asian country which I chose not to name. The delegation was led by a Colonel of NAEME who is of southern Nigerian extraction. They went for evaluation and shopping for armaments

    • buchi says:

      oga beegz i dont if i have offended you in any way or manner which i may or may not know,if so pls i would like you to let me ,or if u are deliberately ignoring me then please suffer me no more by letting me know the reason.haba i hve been asking you if ur mail
      is still active cos for weeks i have been trying to reach you but no action.
      pls if you have changed you mail kindly resend me the new one you are currently using.thank you big bro

  3. beegeagle says:

    And the tapering shape of the cockpit, judging from the glass canopy above the pilot’s head, only registered as Su-27/30 in my head.

  4. Henry says:

    What does this mean?

    I initially thought this was the helmet that came with our F-7s until i was alerted to the contrary.

    The question is, what does this mean for the NAF?

  5. Sir Kay says:

    Could be the SU-27

  6. CHYDE says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  7. Oje says:

    Na wa o…l no go talk anything.

  8. Oje says:

    I thought the freedom of information act has been enacted by act of legislation, why is it so damn hard to get information on Nigeria’s military hardware..

    • Chukwuyere says:

      Because information bordering on national security and defence are exempted from disclosure under the FoI Act.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Like I said earlier and based on what I see from here, I suspect that this is a 2-seater variant of Su-27/30. That is the ‘spreadeagled side-and-tapering-nose’ shape of that jet.

    The shape of the FT-7Ni is linear, so this is not it apparently.

    Also, I believe that this is a trainee pilot and he is clearly training in a Russian-speaking country which can only be either Belarus, Ukraine or Russia. Of the lot, I suspect BELARUS uppermost and RUSSIA next.

    What does it portend? It p means that the battle which we have fought since 2010 to get the NAF to think big for once and stop baying for benign, unambitious assets is almost over.

    If they are training, the jets are probably just about in. At this stage in 2010, 63 pilots, flight engineers and technicians were training in China ahead of the induction of the F7 jets.

    To be sure, I believe that we shall be getting pre-owned Su-27/30s. Whichever it is, we only need to have a mix of 12 FGA variants and 4 trainer variants. Those, with upgrades, can be wrapped up for about US$200m. That is the real entry point we need, not the high fallutin talk of jumping from F7s to Su-35s in one hope.
    Familiarity with and dexterity on the Su-27 family jets attained, we can then begin to induct Su-35s in quadruples, every other year with effect from 2020.

    • Are James says:

      I am still evaluating the picture at the Are James analysis spylab.

      Nigerian pilots have developed a knack for taking pictures. It is within the bounds of reason that a Nigerian F7 pilot undergoing training in China in the maddening cold develops brain cramps, takes permission from an instructor and then hops into a Chinese SU 30 taking pictures to post on his social media . It is remote but possible. Joke aside.

      • beegeagle says:

        Russian Su-30 instructor in China meets Nigerian F7 pilot in China, eh? Hmn…perhaps?

        However, the training cycle for F7 pilots was concluded Jan-pr 2010 or am I missing something? I know a Wing Commander who was part of the China-trained pilots. This is NOT a 2010-vintage photo.

        Thereafter, the Pakistanis have handled the retraining to stymie attrition rates mostly, in Nigeria.

      • mcshegz says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂 Oga, you too much, nevertheless, your pessimism is very healthy though, with the kind of secrecy DHQ’s known for, i wouldn’t blame anyone who decides to find an alternative explanation to the still image. Naija we hail thee
        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Henry says:

        And some how, his name is not written in Chinese but cyrillic. LOL!

      • CHYDE says:

        If China Are James, why then is the pilots name written in Russian language?

      • saleh says:

        it possible but then it will be unlikely for his helmet to be personalized with his name

      • beegeagle says:

        Infact, you are So wrong, Are James

        How come his name and not that of a Russian is engraved on the helmet? How come it is written in Cyrillic and not in Chinese or Roman lettering?

        I dare say that ‘YAKUBU’ is almost exclusively used in West Africa and mostly in Nigeria and to a lesser extent, Ghana. Sadly, this is not a Ghanaian pilot.

        So what gives?

  10. igbi says:

    Excuse me, I am not willing to derail, but I just remember this video (noticeably Major General Buratai is on the video):

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    Wont say anything till the birds come in. But what i do know is that oga beeg’s predictions come to pass most of the time. Heard Mr president has ordered the sale of 9 aircraft from the presidential fleet. I true, cant some of this aircraft be given to the nigerian airforce? The augusta helicopters can be weaponised.

  12. rka says:

    I will be keeping my thoughts to myself this time regarding a 4g jet. I have been left severely disappointed on too many occasions.

    Naija, I tire o! All this secrecy. God dey.

  13. Oje says:

    Looks like a browning machine gun on those vehicles. Whats the name of that Tank with the short turret?, or is it a Tank?

  14. jimmy says:

    Too many times and at this stage I am exhausted in the fight to get the 4g birds.

  15. mcshegz says:

    Amnesty International refused to Join military led investigations – DHQ

    “The military requested Amnesty International to provide a member for the investigation panel to look into the allegations but the invitation was not honored by Amnesty International. The essence of offering Amnesty International membership of the investigation panel was to guarantee fairness and justice while proving to the world that the military has nothing to hide or cover up. The office of Attorney General of the Federation was also carried along in all the investigations.”

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Very interesting. Yet, we have folk who want us to cede our independence, or in the very least, move our decision making “offshore.” Because they claim that the Nigerian system is unjust and foreigners can give succour to our poor and weak. Strange stuff.

      Some would also rightly pick out of a million woes with our system, only to single out our army for special punishment, ICC trials and Amnesty Internationals mockery. Mixing truth and falsehoods is a dark art for those skilled in subterfuge; mixing outright falsehoods with truths confuses the weak mind and makes those falsehoods more believable.

      Our army doubles as the most united arm of our fractured society and the defender of our sovereignty as a nation, so the plot to undermine it is very sinister indeed. All hands must be on deck to foil such plans.

      As you would say, Oga mshegz, “I respect you hustle.” 🙂

    • mcshegz says:

      John Campbell, Nbc, Usual suspects. Nothing coming out of their mouth should surprise anyone. Give a topic, list out these usual suspects and we can confidently ascertain word for word their response as concerning Nigeria. Its no big deal, We need all the haters we can get, it builds character. hehehehe :-/
      Oga emereuwa. i respect your hustle sir.

      • emereuwa says:

        My hand dey up for you sir. I nearly burst an artery out of anger while reading the trash.
        Imagine the dolts saying the Nigerian Military is still not a good fighting force.

  16. beegeagle says:

    Buchi, na wa for dis drama o. I emailed you on the first day that uou sought to email you. Are you checking your email at all?

    • buchi says:

      big bros I don check tire sotey tire don become my buddy.nah the way wet I dey ask since nah e make me think say issue dey abeg oga beegz resend the mail abeg I don suffer for mail daemon abi sender thread packet vex oga ni how body

  17. rugged7 says:

    Brazil’s Embraer sells five Tucano attack jets to Ghana
    Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:46am GMT
    SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil’s jet maker Embraer SA said on Friday it signed a deal to provide Ghana with five A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircrafts, including training for pilots and mechanics.

    The planes will be used in advanced training, border surveillance and internal security missions in Ghana, Embraer said in a statement.

    The contract takes effect once certain conditions have been met, Embraer said, without giving details.

  18. emereuwa says:

    Nigerian Airforce bombs suspected militants hideouts in Calabar.

    What gives people?
    How come they let Boko Haram run free in the North East and bomb peaceful calabar?

    • igbi says:

      Didn’t a bunch of pirates recently rub a police station in calabar ? The same pirates who rubbed a bank in Lagos.

      • emereuwa says:

        Yea so why not bomb Lagos too if we now deploy the airforce to bomb criminals who rob police stations and banks.

      • igbi says:

        Well the criminals have no identified hideout in Lagos. To me it seems obvious that the airforce has to bomb a place where the criminals are present.

      • emereuwa says:

        Were you an eye witness to the robbery or you are just quoting what you read on the internet?
        can you point to one report prior to this bombing where the military reported the activities of these “suspected” militants in calabar.
        Note the report has gone from militants now to pirates.

      • igbi says:

        Look, you can call them what you want, militants or pirates. What matters is that they do engage in piracy. Depending on what they are currently doing, they are called militants, murderers, kidnappers, rapists, or pirates. And look the discussion is over. You seem to have a lot of affinity for the pirates, and it is on that basis that you are commenting. I have better things to do with my time.

      • igbi says:

        I am a little bit angry at this discussion. I don’t see why your comments addressed to me on the same subject are all scattered everywhere. I can’t keep having the same discussion. Here and there and then we restart again. So my last words on the matter are these: Once upon a time there was a band of pirates, the pirates kidnapped, raped and murdered. Then the pirates were bombed by the airforce during a military operation aginst them.
        I am not trying to antaginize you, and I wish you the best, but being from the south-south, nobody can come and tell me that the pirates do not exist. My uncle was attacked by those potheads not too long ago. So hopefully you would stop defending the pirates.

      • emereuwa says:

        Hahaha, clever way of dodging the question.
        Glad the discussion is over because you can’t prove the villages bombed were inhabited by militants or pirates or rapists etc and you can’t provide even one link to substantiate your stand.

        Have a great day bro.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Emereuwa. I respect your hustle sir
      How do you mean “they let Boko Haram run free in the North East” are you privy to some information that we do not know about, can you please share? please elaborate and expatiate for further analysis abeg sir.

      • emereuwa says:

        Oga mcshegz and Oga Igbi, I respect your hustle sirs.
        Please kindly tell me what boko haram has been doing since may 29.
        While I support our military 100%, I fail to see the justification for this bombing campaign in a peaceful town while the real battle is in the north.
        Why divert our needed assets in a bid to impress?

        While I do not want to use the word vendetta at this moment, it would be interesting to know why the C-In-C authorised such an action at this time.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga emereuwa. I respect your hustle sir
        There is absolutely nothing wrong with the precise bombings of identified, ascertained and evaluated targets. According to the press

        “”Amosu ordered deployment of the M17 gunship helicopter to survey and bomb all suspected hideouts of militants and sea robbers along the creeks of Calabar.
        This was disclosed by Commander of the 207 Special Mobility Group based in Calabar, Air Commodore Charles Ohwo.
        A witness said the air attack lasted over one hour.
        Speaking to journalists, the commander said the exercise will be continuous.
        He said they were able to bomb suspected targets in the entire creeks of Calabar waterways up to Bakassi and environs and that the raid would extend to creeks in Akwa Ibom State.””

        So its obvious this sortie wasn’t a carpet bombing of the whole Calabar like you are insinuating sir. Apparently, you make it seem as if arerams are the only ills the nation has to contend with, DHQ didnt learn to bomb because of arerams Oga, hence when there is the need to eliminate difficult to reach targets, you bomb, you bomb precisely.
        NOTE: No innocent lives were lost in this bombing campaign, do not forget that sir, or are you suggesting that we weep and wail over the supposed death of armed killers?

      • igbi says:

        You should be happy at the sight of pirates being killed. It is not the entire Nigerian military which is in the north-east. If the pirates thought they the entire military was in the north-east so the land was fertile for pirate activity then they were mistaking. Please you should know that the Nigerian military is still conducting its operations in the north-east, this is not even going to distract the nigerian military.

    • igbi says:

      The military is not letting boko haram run free.

      • emereuwa says:

        You and mcshegz seem to get it all wrong here. I never insinuated a carpet bombing of calabar. Also bombing suspected hideouts of militants who were neither fighting nor robbing people to me is very wrong, except you can prove they were up to no good.
        The only report we heard of militants in calabar is the one coming from the military. And I stay within the region. So how come Calabarians never heard or experienced the activities of these militants and all of a sudden you BOMB not even raid and arrest. Then come out with a story of no innocent lives lost.

        Do any of you guys stay in the creeks of ever visited one, if ever you did, then you will know that most of those enclaves are actually small hamlets or fishing camps used by the locals. In peace time such as is obtainable now in the ND, the so callled militants simply live within the communities themselves. So how come no innocent lives were lost?

        Anyway, we will get the full picture in the days to come. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


      • igbi says:

        My friend this report as well is coming from the military, or were you an eye witness of the bombing ? “Also bombing suspected hideouts of militants who were neither fighting nor robbing people to me is very wrong, except you can prove they were up to no good.”, first of all the word “suspect” is grossly overused by our “journalists”, the military doesn’t go around bombing places with mere suspicions, these are indentified targets. And as well, I would like to fault your reasoning which implies that armed criminals should not be hurt unless they are in the process of committing a crime. Look these pirates are well armed and they have killed policemen and civilians. These pirates rubbed a police station not too long ago, they carted away all the weapons and ammunition of the police station and killed a few of its officers. Did you also not hear about that ? Now, I would like to fault your belief that once the hideouts of the pirates have been identified, the military should adapt a police approach while the criminals are heavilly armed.No, they have to use a lot of firepower to reduce the survivability of the pirates and also to reduce military casualty.
        ” In peace time such as is obtainable now in the ND, the so callled militants simply live within the communities themselves.” You seem to know these “militants” very well, please tell me if rubbing a police station and killing policemen and civilians was a peaceful act. Please if you know a place where pirates are then go and tell the police and tell the civilians to vacate the area, let the place the authorities kill those pot head pirates.

      • igbi says:

        As for your question “So how come no innocent lives were lost?”. I will answer that no innocent lives were lost because the camp was a pirate camp and that is that.

      • igbi says:

        Don’t forget to give your informations to the police if you are really interested in helping. I am fed up of the wave of mmurders, rubbings and kidnappings. I am also from the south-south, it is time to get rid of the pot head pirates.

      • because a town or a vilage or hamlet looks peaceful does not mean there is nothing sinister going on under the surface. looks they say can be deceitful. I used to pass through Majidun area of ikd regularly. there were rumours of bunkeriing but nothing extremely solid. and the area did not look like it, but after a raid by the navy and NA it was a different story. I have never in my life seen soo many kegsn there ws virtually a sea of them there. you gotta look beyond the surface

    • Are James says:

      You need to use imagination to solve this riddle. The current leadership of NAF seats in a meeting with the new President and hears the phrase ” see kiwoor de kontiri ” over and over again . He knows that the pirates in Calabar who were remnants of a group of militants so dastardly they were killing Cameroonian soldiers aplenty some years back could not be left running free with a new administration that would soon hear the horror stories of high sea theft and kidnapping we were getting sensitized to with the departing administration..The Navy also knows that they had done Jack to counter pipeline vandalization and oil theft compared with the number of gunboats they were equipped with by the last administration…. hence these new offensives we see in conjunction with the Army.

    • Roscoe says:

      Nip wannabe pirates and robbers in the bud. Why are you asking about bh? Haven’t you been watching ? Zaman Lafiyya is ongoing also.

  19. rugged7 says:

    “Boko haram is winning”
    -According to John Campbell- former U.S ambasssador to Nigeria

    Sometimes i wonder where this chap’s hatred for Nigeria starts and where it ends…

    • beegeagle says:

      That guy, John Campbell, is a racist denialist who is stuck in a Cold War time warp.

      Anyway, who cares? He spent 2011-13 pretending that BH are a local problem. He is always off the mark.

    • Are James says:

      How can any respected individual say this?. Truth is the American public is so ignorant of the world around them that this kind of mis information is only effective in that country. So let them stew in their ignorance.

    • Roscoe says:

      Campbell should go and at one for his misdeeds, never heard him assess a situation honestly, always playing to the gallery.

  20. mcshegz says:

    Oga’s abeg please help analyse this picture, not to take anything away from our New Bird from the east though 🙂 #YakubuFlyItHome

    Is this one of the assets from Israel scuttled by America, or is this some really good Photoshop?
    just stumbled on this while doing some research.

  21. beegeagle says:

    So they are keeping ALL those aircraft? Unbelievable. Wrote extensively about this on TWITTER.

    * Keep the Eagle One for PMB. No need to pull any populist stunts by making the President travel on commercial flights

    * Keep one plane for Mr Vice President who ofteen goes on tour of the states or represents the country abroad

    * Keep a third plane for the joint benefit of the Senate President and the Spreaker of the House of Reps

    * The rest of the planes are unwelcome baggage and surplus to requirement

    • Number one says:

      Good evening Oga beegs.The President should have 2 aircraft so that one can act as a backup.Retain one aircraft for the use of the ministry of foreign affairs.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegs, because of the unfortunate divisions in our society, it might be important for the security of the President, that there are several planes, several cars etc. That way, anyone with grizzly plans can be kept at their wits end.

  22. buchi says:

    I may be wrong mschegaz but I think this may be the rumored chinooks bought during IBB time that were reported to be grounded.i still don’t know if we have them or not 2 was the total numbe we had on ground

  23. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, having mercilessly trawled all fighter jet canopy photo’s I could lay my frenzied hands on, I can say that this unfortunately is neither a Mig-29, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34 nor Su-35 canopy. 😦
    Thankfully is not a Chengdu F-7, it is also not a JF-17 Thunder.

    …So, what the devil can it be?

  24. Sir Kay says:

    Money alone don’t defeat terrorism, funny how these people didn’t ask the USA how much lives and money it has lost in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still there and strong.

  25. Sir Kay says:

    just put these two side by side, there is some similarity

  26. Sir Kay says:

    Credit :Pascal Viola /Youtube

  27. beegeagle says:

    Imperious 2,422 mile combat radius on the Su-27. Compare that to 450 miles for the F7. Dang…what have we been doing for real?

    Believe me, this would be a monumentally smart move. Training and maintenance synergies can be done even with dear ETHIOPIA where the costs would be lowest. Would show the NAF how an African airforce can undertake deep maintenance on a world class jet.

  28. mcshegz says:

    One thing always bugged me about the Yakubu selfie though; it kinda made me doubt this was a SU-27, the mistakenly supposed column above Yakubu’s head? this supposed column made the SU-27 usually no-column clear canopy look like it had a column in the middle, which in-turn made the cockpit canopy look a lot different from what we’re used to; that’s until i unearthed this picture from a Russian video of the Su-27IB Combat Trainer

    Notice the mistakenly supposed column right in the middle of the canopy, exactly where it is in Yakubu’s selfie; This is apparently some sort of canopy shade? this also implies that Yakubu was sitting upfront in this Su-27IB Combat Trainer. Oga’s abeg correct me if i’m wrong.

  29. zachary999 says:

    There is no order or training for any Mig or Sukhoi… We have pilots training in the states on tne T38. But not aware of any other platform…

  30. Sir Kay says:

    This is another pic, the one with Yakubu and the other pic is of MIG-29

  31. beegeagle says:

    God knows I struggle to make sense of the strategic choices made by the NAF.

    At a time when the Western world are waiting to try Nigerian generals for war crime, an effort which is almost certain to fail, the USA are bound to cite that as reason for not selling an unlikely F16 jet to the NAF.

    So why are the NAF wasting time inside T38s? We are going to wait a further five years to have a real airforce? Where did this servile disposition originate from?

    Other than Egypt which got F16s cos of the Camp David Accord and Morocco which are in a special relationship with the West ala Gulf states, 75% of 4G jet operators in Africa did not get theirs from the USA. Think Algeria, Angola, CHAD (while we dither ad infinitum),Eritrea, Ethiopia,Sudan and Uganda. Even a more Westernised South Africa went for the Saab Gripen.

    Is it not almost sadomasochistic for us to continually queue up and wait for goods which never arrive, even after the same orbit saw us walk into a short-circuited deal for Jaguar jets? As recently as six months ago, they were blocking our attempts to get second-hand, second-rate helicopters with which to save ourselves?

    Yet we continue to sell ourselves short for a mess of porridge? What are we doing in T38s and where is that confounding, dead-ended move supposed to lead us? Another queue until the ICC have tried Nigerian generals, something which might never happen, thereby giving the USA another easy excuse to block any attempts at getting F16s?

    Why are we so unsophisticated and seemingly unaware of the way the world revolves? Always craving validation from the USA which never ceases to let us down, officially and unofficially?

    Is this seeming desperation for F16s about pursuing Nigerian national security interests or is it about creating opportunities for self-serving trips to America?

    Nigeria have a very, very long way to go. It is a near-futile mission indeed. What are we waiting for next, Apache Longbow helicopters? Last I checked, our dear NAF were threatening to buy a Textron COIN aircraft which is even not yet in production, just because it is US-made?

  32. Sir Kay says:

    See the footage at exactly 3.02 mins into the video, it has a canopy like the one yakubu is in

  33. sabatino9 says:

    Pic 1: Yakubu’s picture which is the reference point.
    Pic 2: L-39 Cockpit with similar canopy at the back of the pilot. Same arches like Yakubu’s
    Pic 3: SU 27 cockpit with canopy, but different arches but same helmet.

    I’m sorry to say this comrades, but Yakubu was in an L-39 Albatros.
    Now the question is, why is he wearing a customised SU-27/SU-30/MiG 29 helmet?

  34. lachit says:


    the aircraft in the picture is possible L-39 Albatross .(only god can be 100% sure hehehe)
    what gives it away is the

    1.HOOD COVER OVER THE PILOT HEAD : The L39 is a trainer and was designed to “simulate” failures from the rear cockpit facilitating the training of rookie pilots. The front seat pilot has a hood to block his external view to simulate instrument flight conditions as the rear seat instructor can induce failures to train the pilot.
    the trianer sits in the rear and the learner in the front and as seen in the picture the yakuba tagged pilot is in the front seat with a WHITE HOOD COVER HIS HEAD.

    mig 29 sukhoi series 2 seater aircrafts DONT have these HOOD COVERS.

    2.RUSSIAN ZSh-7 HELMET are available for buying in online shopping sites.
    so no big deal for a civilian to acquire these. seen in the picture canopy is opened sideways, not retracting upwards type like in mig 29 and 3u 30 pretty obivious from the photo.
    and L-39 Albatross also has side hinged canopy.

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    • lachit says:

      typo it should be

      the trainer sits in the rear and the learner in the front and as seen in the picture the yakuba tagged pilot is in the front seat with a WHITE HOOD COVER *OVER* HIS HEAD.

      • lachit says:

        pilots are eccentric people
        they try to get the best
        civilian pilots want to be like the military pilots
        and theerefor try to acquire military grade stuff from former soviet break up countries/russia , china other countries etc

        when they acquire the so called stuff like helmets etc they get it etched/marked/labelled with letters from the country of origin to get the AUTHENTHIC FEEL.
        and of course helmets like under garments are strictly personel stuff so they have to be marked

      • lachit says:

        also depends on where the pilot was flying/training

        his use of Cyrillic letters on the helmet may indicate another possiblility
        that he is flying in east european or russian speaking countries.
        lots of flying clubs there with L 39 .
        so inorder to prevent equipment misplacing the lettering is done in the common language of the country .

      • sabatino9 says:

  35. Are James says:

    So consolation-wise speaking, where are the Nigerian L 39 aircraft sef ?.
    We also need info on the MB 339CD.

    • lachit says:

      @are james
      “where are the Nigerian L 39 aircraft sef ?.”
      sorry did not get the meaning
      can u be more clear.

      • Are James says:

        We actually fielded the L-39 and MB 339CD in days long gone. I was merely asking what happened to them?

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        did not know that
        also L 39 is a good aircraft
        it is one of the most popular aircrafts in the hands of private aviators which says much for its maintenance and operational avaibility
        with proper upgrade can be used for light attack and even for surviellance and reccon missions

  36. lachit says:

    The V-280 Valor is a third-generation tilt-rotor vertical lift helicopter being designed by the US-based aircraft manufacturer, Bell Helicopter Textron.
    The V-280 Valor helicopter will integrate a clean sheet design with a V-tail configuration and fuselage of composite construction. The wings will be made of large cell carbon core.
    The helicopter is designed to carry four crew members and 11 troops. It will feature two spacious 1.83m side doors for convenient entry and exit of armed forces. The aircraft will be fitted with a conventional retractable landing gear for better control during take-off and landing.
    The V-280 helicopter will be equipped with triple redundant fly-by-wire flight control system for precision aircraft handling and better safety. The system helps to reduce the workload of pilots and weight of the aircraft while minimising the maintenance costs as compared to traditional flight control systems.
    The aircraft will offer greater fuel efficiency resulting in smaller logistical footprint compared to other aircraft. The smaller logistical footprint helps to minimise the logistics support needed to move and maintain a warfighting force.
    he power plant of the V-280 Valor helicopter will include two turbocraft engines coupled to three-bladed tiltrotor and drive units. The non-revolving and fixed engines will make the helicopter more stable during hover mode, and will provide better control.
    The engines will be placed at the tip of the helicopter wings. The helicopter will be able to operate with a single engine in the event of loss or damage of the other engine.
    Single-screen V-280 Cockpit
    The V-280 Valor helicopter will have a maximum cruise speed of 518km/h. It will have a combat range of 500nm to 800nm. The helicopter will offer twice the speed as well as range of the existing vertical lift helicopters.
    It will be capable of operating at very hot temperatures of up to 95° and flying at an altitude of 6,000ft.
    The helicopter will be a self deployable platform, unlike other helicopters requiring logistic support for shipping to area of operation. It can be strategically self-deployed to a range of 3,889km

  37. zachary999 says:

    MB 339 were taken to Italy for mid life update but are still a subject of litigation in court. We miss this planes in the ongoing insurgency in the NE. They would have come in handy for light attack. The L 39 are still based in Kano and used for advanced flying training after you graduate from basic flying school in kaduna. They are operational.

    How you know the NAF is in a mess is when you have Group captains undergoing basic flying training in places like ilorin simply because his course did not produce any pilot during the dark military days when NAF was grounded.

    The Su 25 deal proposal(exchange for Cobra helicopters) is still on the table and should be reviewed and approved quickly. There is still a school of thought that the U.S. can approve the cobra sale because we have done or put in motion most of what was asked by the state dept that encouraged them to block the deal.

    I would go for the cobra deal with a strong caveat that the numbers be increased from 20 to 50 ($5m each) and the balance $50m for upgrade by elbit systems jointly here in kaduna with the Air Force institute.

    That annoying NAF Boeing 737 lying in storage at Abuja airport should be sold. This transport mentality has ruined the NAF. Imagine NAF wanting to start an airline ? Have you also seen their convention centre in Abuja ? The proceeds from the sale of the excess articles in the presidential fleet should also go to the NAF. We should use the funds to buy the super tucano or more UAV from China. The pilots are not presently happy with the CH-3 because of endurance and payload limits. They want us to move to the CH-3A and if possible get some CH-4 platforms.

    The north central region is gradually getting out of hand and we need this air power as a deterrence.

    I suggest oga beegs open a new thread to discuss this 2 options that we know for sure are on the table of NAF/NSA/Presidency.

    • Are James says:

      The departing CDS should not have been a military man. He would have done very well in any other field of endeavour, rising in the professions, business or politics with his risk free, pally-pally, kow towing to existing power and being on everyone’s good side style.
      Unfortunately Nigeria needed an irascible, strongly convinced, visionary and offensive minded military man heading the Airforce and now coordinating the overall defence posture of Nigeria. In these rather uncomplimentary climes, the man actually had the time to write his memoirs and actually get some choice VIP s to attend and give congratulatory speeches. May God continue to help this country.

      • igbi says:

        The CDS is certainly not departing. And he is a very good officer.

      • Are James says:

        For a patriot you have modest ambitions for your military. Here we are talking of somebody who is not even a military man. Anyway I don’t have words to exchange with you. You are just here to defend persons and narrow interest not principles and you knowledge of the defence and security sectors is as limited as your overall knowledge of life.

    • Henry says:

      What about the T-129 ATAK Deal, What’s happening with that?

    • ozed says:

      Oga Beegs don vex!!!

      This whole Su 27 thing which fizzled out into a limp L39 matter really shake the guy.

      Oga Beegs fara bale eh? E go still better within our lifetime.
      Nigeria matter dey turn belle sometimes but we must forge ahead.

      • Are James says:

        You nko, you no go vex?. Only kiddies junction commentators like @igbi are comfortable with the kind of mediocrity that we are seeing. Alpha jets and F7s. Not in one’s worst nightmare did such a state of affairs ever project itself. At some point we were selling oil and >100/barrel yet nothing was done and now we are in a situation where we are thankfully relieved that the story of Chad ‘s MIG 29s bombing Nigerian towns may not be true.

      • ozed says:

        Bros Are na soo.

        But wetin bring Igbi into this matter again naah? Na you de find im trouble now oooo!

        The next 40-50 lines on this thread will soon be between you and Igbi, with Oje and possible Chynedoo throwing a punch or two from the sidelines.

        Abeg count me out.

      • Are James says:

        I just can’t understand why you have a situation where Nigeria does not have a worthy airforce and someone posts a one liner without supporting arguments praising the same people responsible for the problem.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Haha, I know right. Its all good, i think people are simply passionate about their own point of view, which tends to get heated up.

  38. rka says:

    So all that talk of pilots training in a small country not in Africa etc. was a whole load of baloney?

    I will really not believe anything unless it is seen on the ground or our Armed Forces join the modern world and announce Government to Government deals or RFI from leading manufacturers and stop all this underhand nonsense through agents that are totally unnecessary.

    • Sir Kay says:

      The thing tire person no be small. smh

      • ozed says:

        Well on the bright side.

        If an administration led by an avid anti-corruption crusader like Buhari, ex-military to boot and in the middle of a shooting war cannot address this warped approach to procurement, then i guess its curtains for us.

        Lets watch and see, its just that things are moving ever sooooo slllooowwly.
        Its like watching grass grow.

      • rka says:

        It boggles the mind that at a time of war/insurgency/terrorism, one that has been ongoing for a few years, no proper modern procurement of CAS aircraft or FGA aircraft of at least 4G has been made not to talk about a modern MBT or mult-purpose Frigate or similar class vessel to protect our off-shore installations.

        The excuse of procurement being blocked rings hollow with China & Russia forever willing. Instead, we pride ourselves with Alpha Jets all these years with the excuse we are used to it. This lack of ambition is truly scary. Instead of looking at brand new Cobra below, if still obsessed with American equipment, we are looking at tired and worn Israeli Cobras and a small number of over-inflated SU-25 aircraft.

        Una try o! Carry on with this and we will continue to be made a laughing stock by our neighbours.

      • rka says:

        *Cobra helos

      • Sir Kay says:

        That’s right, a giant must not be an empty vessel. We have to back it up.
        Our military leaders should be almost paranoid and see threats every where lol, plan for it , arm up and put containment measures in place.
        The moment countries around us are doing something big, we are supposed to see red and act asap to match and surpass what they are doing.
        Instead we seems to relax, because all is well.
        We shouldn’t be second to none within sub-Saharan Africa.
        Priorities priorities.
        You said it well “Its like watching grass grow”

      • Sir Kay says:

        And before i get called unpatriotic, I did not say Naija be empty vessel ooh .
        I’m saying we must not be one.

      • Are James says:

        One thing that has also gone without comment is the inordinately large helicopter inventory on order. What threat assessment basis has informed this large number when long range large weapon load jets and at least a squadron of fighters are the identified gaps. The NAF is soon going to become the NHF before our very eyes.

  39. lachit says:


    “The pilots are not presently happy with the CH-3 because of endurance and payload limits.”

    however info from wikipedia pakistani forums and other chinese military websites we have

    CH-3 range given as 2400km
    speed 220km/hr
    endurance 12 hr
    max take-off weight 640kg
    max payload 80 kg

    my question is how is it even possible to control/guide the CH 3 at these very long ranges (2400km) without SATCOM datalinks forget about exchanging navigation data in real time.the CH 3 does not have SATCOM terminals.
    also the range of its ground control station is only 200km

    does this claimed range capability make any sense to u all.

    also i have the brochure from poly technologies the maker of this CH 3 uav where the details given are as follows
    max operating range = 200 km
    (so from where did the 2400 km range come from ??? and CH 3A has a satcom terminal.since CH 3A is the same CH 3 frame with the addition of SATCOM terminal only with no *structural changes*,so then what about the fuel requirements to go to 2400 km.where is the additional large amount of fuel being carried. )

    cruise speed 222km/hr
    cruise altitude 5000 m
    max take-off weight 630kg
    max payload 100 kg
    navigation accuracy < 50 meters
    (man this is hilarious !!!!
    at ranges of 2400 km with this kind of navigation accuracy plus the inherent navigational drift which always creeps in when operating at such long ranges will make the CH 3 miss its target by miles)

    every body except the americans are struggling to make decent long range uavs (forget 2400km range even 1000 km range is problematic enough ) including russia who have the worlds best designers of efficient aerodynamic frames have not been able to design such long range uavs.
    LOL make me wonder and dont u guys wonder too ???

    • Are James says:

      The CH3 won’t achieve 200km range with missiles on its hardpoints. Don’t forget the craft is powered by rotary internal combustion engines with fuel tanks built into the airframe. Control signals (by radio) also have a range . I initially said and still maintain that these CH3s are only useful for defensive air strikes on invading insurgent forces trying to take Maiduguri or a major military base. They will not hunt, track down and kill insurgents hunkered down somewhere far away.
      We need to get them in very large numbers especially the satellite comms capable ones with some improvement in range. They are also good mobile nodes for net enabled warfare and we should start experiments and trials using them as a platform.

      I also want to actually see these craft shoot missiles or rockets as claimed on you tube. The structural dynamics of that would be interesting to see with a weight of 630kg, that power and that speed.

      • lachit says:

        @Are James
        “The CH3 won’t achieve 200km range with missiles on its hardpoints. ……………………
        ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… They will not hunt, track down and kill insurgents hunkered down somewhere far away”

        very true the CH 3 is good for observation and limited strike purpose.

        “We need to get them in very large numbers especially the satellite comms capable ones with some improvement in range. They are also good mobile nodes for net enabled warfare and we should start experiments and trials using them as a platform.”
        in a way u r correct, but u missed the bigger picture

        to operate long range UAVs (1000 km onwards) u need to have a robust and redundent military communication satellites constellation in space preferably 3 nos with 1 as back up to cover nigeria and her neighbouring countries.
        now if u want CH 3A uavs for surviellance alone it is okay .however arming it with missiles is not preferable since its payload is already limited.better would be to mount a more comprehensive sensor suite which include SAR, iSAR capable sensors, GMTI, Hyperspectral sensor etc etc.
        also armed UAVs are used only for providing attack capability for high-risk missions .
        CH 3A simply does not have that optimized aerodynamics/electronics profile to carry out deep penetration into enemy areas.
        the chinese are producing predator type UAVs for a reason.
        and the marketing of a armed CH 3 / CH 3A for attacking a some what well defended nation is a total hog wash. since the UAVs will be detected by a good radar and fighters will be scrambled to blast these slow moving UAVs from the sky.LOL

        what i want to stress is utilizing these long range UAVs from stand off distances for surviellance is the best and most feasible idea which makes need to put it to harms way.
        also these UAVs can be used to carry out discrete and stealth strikes against terrorist but not against another country who will easily detect it depending on the radars they use.
        also if u r okay with loosing some UAVs u can use it for swarm attacks to force the enemy country to reveal its radar location sites which can then be destroyed by accompanying fighters.

        the best platform for conducting unmanned stikes are the STEALTH UCAVs like X 47B which are almost like a fighter aircraft in cababilities.
        if u have noticed u will see most drone attacks have been done on countries with limited or non existant air power or after their airpower has been destroyed.

        also military SATCOM JAMMERS are available which will easily spoof the long range UAVs.the iranians did it to a US UAV which had intruded into iran.

        finally i dont think the chinese will sell CH 4 or other long range UAVs to other countries.
        very few countries make UAVs and the chinese wont want any one to become a potential player.
        if i know the chinese, till now they have sold weapon systems which are not in use by their own military especially the technically critical ones.some in service weapons which have been sold are downgraded varients which have been long replaced in the army.

        al khalid->type 90IIM not used by china
        jf 17->FC-1 not used by china
        CH 3/3A -> replaced by CH 4, sharp sword etc
        and many more

        in short inorder to operate long range UAVs (serially) and launch military grade communication satellites long range UAVs geared for surviellance only
        3.research into non degradable and highly secure multiple redundent datalinks and associated electronics.
        3.after gaining experience and building necessary infrastructure and capability acquire STEALTH UCAVs for launching attacks into enemy areas.

        just my 1 rupee thought

      • colloid says:

        @lachit **finally i dont think the chinese will sell CH 4 or other long range UAVs to other countries.**

        i quite disagree with you on this. Here is a article claiming that Iraq has gotten CH 4B, yeah, not even 4A but “B”, the armed version.
        Read here:

        Let’s go for this also since we know uncle sam wont sell any ucav to us. China is willing to supply any willing customer. In US widest imagination, they wont have imagine Nigeria could lay her hands on Armed drone this early. They are virtually pissed off. Abeg, Nigeria, haba! Advance na. Why do you dislike modern and advance stuff? Ehn Nigeria?

        In the article, di you find an African country on the interest list? Yeah! ALGERIA.

        I QUOTE:
        In 2014 there was also a report stating that a CH-4 craft was undergoing tests in Algeria.
        End of Quote.

        So, what stopping Nigeria from acquiring “better” assests?

      • lachit says:


        thanks for the link
        well i think my statement about CH 4 is kind of misplaced but not in the light of the bigger picture because this means chinese military have started operating far better UAVs that the CH 4 and hence have cleared it for they have done so with other weapons

        yes by all means buy it
        but also try to send military commm. satellites in to space to realize the full potential of these long range UAV otherwise operating radius will be under 300km or so only

  40. Kola Adekola says:

    Just when I had started believing the Su-27 story, di tin con turn to L39! Chei!

    My Oga’s at the top, get us decent aircraft; long legged, angry, sci-fi style things, with tanker aircraft and AWACS to match. Our “understated” weaponry is an embarrassment to say the least.

    To defend those aircraft, get us S-300’s, S-400’s or HQ-9’s and the other bits that go into forming an integrated, networked umbrella.

    There is no joy living like a malnourished pauper, chewing sticks and armed with a bloody blunt cutlass; while the IMF, CIA World Factbook etc rate us as the 21st biggest economy in the world.

    • lachit says:

      @kola adekola
      “My Oga’s at the top, get us decent aircraft; long legged, angry, sci-fi style things, with tanker aircraft and AWACS to match. Our “understated” weaponry is an embarrassment to say the least”

      “To defend those aircraft, get us S-300’s, S-400’s or HQ-9’s and the other bits that go into forming an integrated, networked umbrella.”
      man u got to understand how SAMs work
      with the S-300’s, S-400’s or HQ-9’s, what will u shoot down B-52s,TU-160s ?????
      agile fighters like su 30 ,mig 29,f16 ,f15 etc will out manuver these SAMs with ease unless the pilot falls asleep in his cockpit.

      u have
      MANPADS upto 5-10 km
      E-SHORADS upto 15-35 km
      MID RANGE SAM upto 50-70 km
      LONGE RANGE SAMS 80-150 km
      EXTENDED RANGE SAMS 150-400 km
      ANTI BALLISTIC (ABM) SAM 250-500 + km
      (just rough indicative values)
      each of these SAMs are independently required and made for a very specific purpose to plug specific gaps and cover up inherent deficiencies of each other.

      in order to provide full proof air defence to the air space from every threat possibility u need a TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE FULL PROOF MULTI LAYERER AND NETWORKED COVERAGE provided by all these different categories of SAM.

      if u have got only the S-300 installed in the country (as suggested by u)
      enemy aircraft will simply fly below the radar zone (since there is a low altitude detection range limitation) of the surviellance/engagement radar of S-300 to evade being detected/targetted by the S-300 missile.
      also suppose the aircraft is detected in the higher altitude, the S 300 missiles lacks the lateral acceleration to close in on a highly manuvering fighter.
      do u know a S 300 missile round utilises command guidance with a terminal semi-active radar homing (SARH) mode.
      a fighter with a good and powerfull external jammer pod will be able to jam the command guidance signal and semi active seeker.
      also some S-300 missiles use track-via-missile guidance method with secondary infrared terminal such cases the fighter will do simultaneously jamming from a powerful externally mounted EW pod or release expendable active decoys and flares to decoy RF-guided missile / the targetting fire control radar and spoof the infrared terminal seeker.

      if suppose everything fails the fighter will simply jettision all the weapons and fuel tanks and turn on the afterburners and go into a steep dive/out manuver away from the in-comming missile.
      therefor chances are slim that it will be shot down.

      s -300 type sams are good for shooting down bombers and high flying uavs and ballistic missiles.
      however the performance of the fighter and the pilot is essential otherwise still it might get shot down.

      s-300 plus point is its deterence value

      i hope u found it useful and dont mind me pointing it out to u.

      • lachit says:

        as a first step
        buy this

        9K333 Verba man-portable air defense system (MANPADS)
        9K333 Verba missiles are guided to their targets using a “three-channel optical seeker, which operates in the ultraviolet, near-infrared, and mid-infrared wavelengths,” a feature that increases the weapon’s accuracy and speeds up its target acquisition and only one till now in the world.
        9K333’s targeting system is specially built to fool its targets’ anti-missile systems, because the warheads contains three infrared sensors that are constantly cross-checking against one another, it is “even harder for a target aircraft to disrupt the system using decoys.” The missiles’ “seeker” also allows projectiles to better distinguish between aircraft and heat pockets that might throw off a less-advanced weapon’s targeting system.

        buy around 3000-8000 9K333 Verba missile rounds and around 1000-1500 launchers.
        it will provide 1st tier protection from low flying helicopters and even low flying highly manuverable fighter planes.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @lachit, i was about to ask you about that Manpad, ha, was reading about it yesterday in the news, saying the Russians have a customer for it and no one knows who the customer is.
        Seems to be quite the heart breaker. I think rebels in Ukraine now use them too, pics showed them posing with a few.
        We need to befriend the Russians more.

      • lachit says:

        @Sir Kay
        i think the customer may be a east european country one with close ties with kremlin.
        this missile is unique with 3 channel optical seeker others use single or dual band (in infra red or uv )

        man have u noticed all over the world the pace with which some countries are developing new weapons and arming themselves.
        high time to build a bunker and i suggest the same to u all 😀

        recently russia has developed a new microwave based energy weapon to shoot down UAV and precision guided munitions.

        also i came to know india has recently made significant progress with a EMP BOMB ie a Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) bomb based on a magnetic flux compression generator and has been designed to yield more than 100 megagauze( actual figure is a secret and what i heard is that the EMP output is scalable into much higher ranges.)
        funny thing is in the last test the bomb had fizzeled out only managing to destroy the cellphones of the scientist and visiting military personnel.
        hehehe LMAO
        i hope the scientist get thrashed for destroying the cellphones. 😀
        thank god i was not there

      • Sir Kay says:

        Some scary stuff going on out there huh, bunker is a wise idea ha

  41. colloid says:

    No comment for now. Even the fact that it’s not a flanker kill the joy. Abeg, lemme siddon dey read comments, i can’t get HBP over the issue of “Hardcore” assests(4giv dat word) when those @the top are boasting of being the Superpower. I was almost dancing when feelers came in that “my joy is nofin”. Until we have a serious FG/Military top brass, ICC,US,AI will still be defaming us. Abi no be one uncle sam guy wrote that stupid article i read up there that our force na shamble and no beta dan an hunter?? Abeg, spare me d tutorial, anyhow anyhow, na naija we dey.
    I cant imagine how many time patriots here have ASKED-FOR, BEGGED FOR,PLEADDED-FOR, CRIED-FOR, WEEP-FOR,HELD VIGIL FOR, PRAY FOR, etc….. (evrytin for for for) “string pulling Assests( for all tri-services)”, Yet we are back to square one.

    BTW, what is with Nigeria snail-speed development? Is Nigeria DefSec on Auto-pilot??

    See how people are in jeopardy when the “rumoured” chad mig bombing in Nigeria went viral. Those guys could lcome as far as Aso rock and no Dog will bark. Where are the assests to Protect and Defend our interest?
    To be frank, NIGERIA HAS NO AIRFORCE. By now, we should be flying/cruising in Sukhoi “whatever”, fixed and rotary assests, uav,ucav(fixed nd rotary), SAMs,ADS, AWACS, LRBs, Air refuelling Tankers etc, but see where we are: JOLLIFICATING IN F7s and A-jets.
    The NAVY is just the only “slightly” deterring force– but they too, No Frigate,no lpd,no sub,corvette—in short, No MISSILE firing vessels etc?? You said ARMY?, lol…. That’s another story for another day. No modern MBTs,MRAPs,LAVs,APCs,tracked and wheeled platforms,amphibious assests,ATGMs etc
    I read in Col. Eeben’s interview that “We surely gave them some gray hair as WE ARE FOREVER BEGGING FOR WEAPONS”. Am not sure if “weapon” is the right word he used though. But, what is the essence of a country that cant protect its interests the world over? I tire oooo


    • Sir Kay says:

      Careful, don’t be labeled unpatriotic lol. But i agree with you 100%, funny how many people want to dance and gloat over past glory, today is what matters , not the past. And we seem to have certain leaders in certain sectors with no vision at all.
      It’s upsetting, how can we call ourselves giant when we can’t %100 defend our own country? Thugging in old jets and some see that as awesome, and never try criticize the so called Ogas at the top, then you become the enemy of Nigeria.
      We criticize because we know what our potentials are, we know where we are supposed to be, and we ain’t there. We have an emergency on our hands, and we seem not to act like we do.
      A power must dominate its environment to the extent that the next powerful nation can’t even look at you in the eyes and say ” What can you do”.
      Oh well, i can’t really say too much before i get my head bit off.

  42. colloid says:


  43. Roscoe says:

    Our expectation will not be cut off, either this govt or the next, eventually some one who cares about projecting power and military primacy will have an opportunity to lead our procurement and long term military strategy.

    • colloid says:

      Egypt is taking delivery of Another Frigate. will hand over the FREMM (Frégate Européenne Multi-Missions) frigateNormandie(D651) to the Egyptian Navy on 23 June at the company’s shipyard in Lorient, Western France.
      The ship will retain its pennant number, although despite reports suggesting it will be re-namedAl-Cairo, its new name is still to be revealed.
      The ceremony will take place in the presence of Rear Admiral Osama Rabie, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Navy, and Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the French Navy.
      The 5,200-tonne ship was scheduled to be the French Navy’s second Aquitaine-class frigate, with delivery to the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) on behalf of the French procurement directorate Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) originally planned for late 2014.
      However the development of a government-to-government arrangement, that culminated in an agreement signed on 16 February 2015, saw the ship heading for Egypt instead.
      The arrangement will see DCNS undertake outfitting work including translation of man-machine interfaces into Arabic, and the delivery of logistics support, spares, and maintenance services, as well as training activity alongside DCI-NAVFCO.
      The ship will retain its original SYLVER A43 vertical launching system (VLS) (for Aster 15 missiles purchased by Egypt); the Sagem Vigy MM fire-control system; Thales’ UMS 4110 CL and CAPTAS 4 sonar systems; the Nexter Systems NARWHAL 20B remote weapon stations; DCNS’s Contralto-V anti-torpedo decoy launchers and Sagem’s NGDS multiple decoy launchers; and launchers for MBDA Exocet MM 40 Block 3 anti-ship missiles and Eurotorp MU90 Impact lightweight torpedoes.
      DCNS will, however, remove both its own SYLVER A70 VLS (that fires the MBDA Missile de Croisière Naval [MdCN] long-range land-attack cruise missile) and the Elettronica Radar-Electronic Counter Measures (R-ECM) system.
      The frigate will sail for Egypt around 20 July, before taking part in Egypt’s new Suez Canal inauguration ceremony on 6 August.

      Nigeria where are you in ALL THESE STUNTS??

      I believe Egypt drive for armaments is driven by Algeria non-stop heavy asset pile-up. Egypt getting Antey 2500 ADS, frigates, Rafales, f16 etcs isn’t all about deterrence alone, it all boil down to counter Algeria growing military strength. I believe no Arab nations in the ME is a threat to them, so they must have seen something forthcoming that makes them to re-arm at such rate.
      One wonder what makes El-sisi to ally with Russia than US. Isn’t it obvious Russia is more RELIABLE a partner to trade with than US??

      What we want is a Glorious Nigeria, a country that fields Modern and Advance Jets,Vessels,MBTs and not someone fielding A-jets and T72 as mbt.

  44. With current upgrades of Airforces all around Nigeria, u have Angola with its SU30 fleet, Uganda with its SU27 fleet, Chad and its Mig29 fleet and even Niger and it coming fleet. Nigeria’s power projection has grown weak as its current fleet of fighters wud not grantee safety of it critical assets and infrastructure as well as the safety of it ruling class. It wud also be counter productive on the Negotiating table for Nigerian diplomates as they simply can not play Brinkmanship, their options on the table wud always be limited. Now all of Nigeria’s Neigbhours wud be afraid of an angry Nigeria which cud easily acquirer all it needs and mobilize over million men on the March. If I was a Neigbhour, a disjointed and divided Nigeria wud continue to mean my strength

    • chynedoo says:

      Corruption and greed is our downfall. Why is it those who are in charge of procurement for the armed forces, when they want to buy a car for personal use they buy latest Range Rover Sports 2015, Bentley Continental 2014, BMW Alpina B7 2015, some buy the latest Gulfstream G550 for personal use yet when it comes to procuring for national defence, they start buying platforms that are more or less relics of the second world war, T72 tanks that many countries in Europe use as display tanks in Museums, Alpha Jets that are now being collected by private individuals in Europe and America for entertainment. The whole things is down to the attitude of our officials, Nigeria as far as many of our officials are concerned is just an easy means to a good life.
      If our officials at the highest levels appreciate the importance of acquiring modern cars and jets for their own use, why can’t they apply the same thinking to national defence?

  45. Oje says:

    For power projection you need heavy airlift assets like like Lockheed’s Hercules C 130 aircraft. the Alennia G.222 aircaft and a fleet of landing crafts,. all this we have in abundance. But you are right, our strike assets is beyond ridiculous.

    • Are James says:

      Your air force has about many helicopters in inventory. Hundreds of choppers are also on order books and wish lists. These include MI 35, MI 171SH from Russia, Pumas and Gazelles already supplied by PMCs, A109LUH doing nothing and Cobras and T 129s being recommended for procurement. That air orbat does not inspire confidence at all. They obviously are still in the business of ”providing air support as required by sister services and conducting the air element backup to internal security operations”. In other words they are a glorified air police not ready to provide power projection in pursuit of national strategic objectives.

      • Sir Kay says:

        That’s because we don’t have global thinkers in power. We tend to act naive as if the world isn’t on fire today, but it is. IS is right on our doorstep, and two-faced unfriendly nations acting like friends.
        And some would think everything is alright. hmm. Hope we don’t become the prey

  46. lachit says:

    i was e-manhandled 😀 when i proposed mounting RCL and small calibre MRL on igirigi apc
    this is the latest photos of chinese rapid fire mortar gun mounted on what a jeep LMAO.

  47. lachit says:


    guys can u guess what these RATS from AFRICA are doing???
    man i will salute the guy who tells me the correct answer 😀

    • Sir Kay says:

      lol, these are mine detecting rats no? They are being trained to detect landmines. Read about this. Perhaps not these particular rats lol

      • lachit says:

        @sir kay
        yes these perticular rats are mine detecting rats sent to cambodia.
        right now in the picture the rat is being trained just like a dog
        if he detects a mine he is rewarded with food
        u can see the guiding rope and the mine he is sniffing.

        i am more interested in animals who can utilize their (sixth) senses to detect potential and active terrorist,criminals etc

        i know CIA and KGB used psychics to kind of peek into future / track people etc
        and other brain scanning program which used/tried to use human brains as portals to bypass time to sneak peek into future,since brain is not restricted by laws of physics etc.
        very interesting
        similiar thing done by sages in ancient india

        by the way can u tell me is it possible for a man to
        1.voluntarly/conciously stop his heart beat for a period of time
        2.control his body temperature by consiously increasing his one half body temp. by 10 degree centrigrade and simultaneously decreasing other half body temp. by 10 degee centrigrade.
        3.conciously manipulate brain waves which are produced when only in deep sleep/dreaming state.
        4.manipulate physical bodies/things even without touching them

      • Are James says:

        We heard of psychics trying to use their skills for mine detection and clearing once. Tremendous progress was made in the research…. some dont have legs at all now and some are still limping .
        However a great scientific hypothesis was unexpectedly proved – buried high explosives are no respecters of persons.

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        believe be oga and all other bros
        i am a avid reader on subjects related to harnessing the brain and its capability
        science has its limitation and boundries set by the physical world like time,space etc etc

        lets make it more understable to u all

        “a man who is a part of a system cannot make judgement/observation on that system,
        as all his reading will be incorrect, why ?
        because the man himself being part of the system gets influenced by it and in turn influences the system which leads to inaccuracies”

        a brain is a isolated system
        but many of u will say that our senses influences the brain.
        yes that is true for ordinary people like us.
        but thousands of years ago people used techniques like meditation etc to isolate the brains from the influence of the senses.
        it then become as infinite as the universe and as small and elusive as the quarks ,bosons etc

        i will give u a real example

        a soldier from US had lost his right hand in the vietnam war.
        and one day when he was in his home porch reading the newspaper as was his life long habit.
        his wife came in and set down a cup of tea and then she turned back to go inside
        but the wife suddenly turned towards her husband,
        and was amazed to see that he was sipping tea from the cup while the left hand was holding the newspaper.
        the man had unconciously used his non existant right hand to raise the cup to drink the tea.

        how is it possible.???

        brain has 2 part
        1.concious/voluntary part : this helps in our day to day interaction where we make the choices
        2.unconcious/involuantry part : this deals with functions which is embedded in the brain and we dont have any role to play.

        the above man was born with 2 hands and the unconcious/involuantry brain had this info stored away since his childhood.
        when he lost his right hand the concious/voluantry brain was aware of it since we are in control of it
        however unconcious/involuantry part of brain still thinks the man has his right hand because we cannot influence the unconcious/involuantry brain.
        so just for a moment the mans unconcious/involuantry brain took control when the man indulged in his habitual past time of drinking tea while reading the newspaper.
        just like we kill a mosquito sitting on our body without even looking at it.

        all things in this universe is a manifestation of energy, including the brain
        the above mans brain simply accessed this energy to transform free/available energy around him to render it in to a physical manifestion of his right hand as per the blueprint stored inside his unconcious/involuantry brain.
        BRAIN is the ultimate boundaryless lab without constraints of time ,space ,real world limitations. point is when will humans realize its potential or will they ever?
        i know a small but significant part of the answer which can be the first step but it will not be wise to reveal it because many will not agree with me.

        by the way did u all find it interesting huh? 😀
        i guess u have all watched the MATRIX
        it has a possible concept on how brain works or it implications

      • Are James says:

        I know of Schrodinger’s principle in physics and the Observer effect which says something like; ” you cannot observe or try to measure something without changing it in some way”.
        Maybe that is why the senses confuse the analytical organ which is the brain. The brain also works in a ”scattered” way in over 99.7% of humanity. It is constantly multi tasking and must multi task so that we can lead normal productive lives. Anybody who claims his brain does not work scattered has not studied it.

        Anyway the kind of concentration required for what you are suggesting is not possible in a lot of humanity for genetic, social conditioning, cultural and aesthetic reasons. So while I concede that seeing things not visible and moving objects without touching them is possible , we cannot tap those qualities because we don’t nurture them.

      • lachit says:

        @are james

        “Tremendous progress was made in the research…. some dont have legs at all now and some are still limping .”
        hehehe 😀
        “However a great scientific hypothesis was unexpectedly proved – buried high explosives are no respecters of persons.”
        heeHAHAHA 😀 😀

        scarcasm + comedy = deadly comedy 😀 enjoyed it very much keep them comming

        but seriously many of what i have said is based on facts
        and have relevence to snipers to deep undercover operatives , to intelligence collection etc etc

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        “Anyway the kind of concentration required for what you are suggesting is not possible in a lot of humanity for genetic, social conditioning, cultural and aesthetic reasons..”
        on target
        u r tapping into my brain 😀

  48. lachit says:


  49. lachit says:

    sorry the smiley is too big
    i did not realize the size

    • lachit says:

      these are giant rats from africa which have been trained to detect mines.
      especially anti personnel mines,the anti personnel mines are very sensitive to pressure.
      and in cambodia these anti personnel mines are planted in a sides ways position almost inclined at 45 degrees so that the pressure prongs are tilted at similiar angles.
      this is done to hamper de-mining operations since the bomb disposal personnel will come dangerously close to the mine while being completely aware that the mines pressure prongs are closer to him than he thinks.
      these rats weight is not enought to set off the mines even if they come in contact with the tilted or normally placed mines.
      after these mines are detected by the rats they are disposed from far distances.
      really effective and safe
      nigerian army can take a look at these.

  50. zachary999 says:

    Please what did the $1bn emergency loan buy ? We need some accountability…

    A lot of the hardware we have fielded recently are not part of the loan. They were approved and paid for before the loan e.g Reva, T-72,MRLS etc

    • saleh says:

      True. Stuff from the loan would obviously be from the home country of the facilitator and there is nothing new from Russia or China.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We don’t need accountability. So i heard. Right on Oga Zachary999
      Not even that, it was estimated we’ve spent about 23 billion dollars in 5yrs on security.

    • jimmy says:

      Honestly I do not think that Loan has been used.This credit facility would of been drawn upon a Russian Bank on to RoboExport for Strictly Russian made products. This has not been the case.I also have not seen anything Q1 2015 coming in strictly from Russia. The last piece of information about Russia was the signing of MOU between both countries but for what is now open to clarification. We have to wait and see what the Outgoing NSA told his incoming NSA.

  51. lachit says:

    also there are additional expenditures like ammo,spares,servicing/maintenance etc
    for the t 72 MRLS reva bigfoot etc
    mi 17 gazelles puma mi 24 helicopters need aviation fuels, lubrication fluids ,parts have to be replaced after certain operational usage, engine overhaul ,payment to external technicials for training / maintenance etc

    all this will easily take off a good chunk of the 1 billion dollars.
    because the nigerian military was in a overdrive during the last few months.

    this miscelleneous but important day to day expenditure is often overlooked.
    also spares for legacy/non production equipments are often very expensive because they are not in active production.
    this is my personel view with no bearing on the 1 billion dollar loan.
    just wanted to attact ur attention to this miscelleneous expenditure .

    • Lordfej says:

      Please lachit can you continue with the layers of air defence I wanna learn and can we also have an estimated cost. I am so interested in the topic

      • lachit says:

        sure i will post it withen 30 hrs
        getting the estimated cost will be really difficult for me
        what info is available in the open source on weapon related costs is just a tip of the iceberg.
        a weapon may be sold to one country for say 5 $ and to another for 10 $, and neither will be wiser.
        i will post the only the technical aspects
        so plz dont mind

  52. Manny Aaydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, I’ve followed the debate here with keen interest and been equally disappointed at how a seemingly promising acquisition of the SU-27 fizzled into the airframe of an already acquired L-39 Delphin (albatross) light attack aircraft. I wonder though why the pilot would train for that aircraft in an eastern country (its built by the Czech Republic and the NAF has very good in-situ training facility for it, including, I believe, instructors and simulators right from the days of flying the L-25 which were eventually gifted to Ghana to make way for the acquisition of the L-39s during ECOMOG). The international security system DOES NOT EXIST! We used to have just one or two major wars on the average, over a space of three years, with a dozen or so low intensity conflicts in the same period but for the past three years, we’ve had at least six (Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine). You still have other relatively serious ones like Sudan (Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and South Kordofan, with a ‘frozen’ conflict in Darfur), Somalia, Afghanistan, DRC, CAR, etc. These conflicts may escalate to increase the intensity and join the big league. The Euro-Atlantic powers are fatigued, the UN is fractured and regional organisations are themselves overwhelmed. Thus, each country MUST have sufficient deterrence capability to increase its chances of discouraging unwarranted attacks. Hello, is Abuja listening? Now, perhaps we on beegeagleblog need to shift our discourse more towards the policy side of things (threat perception, behaviour of our neighbours / allies, our own strengths and weaknesses etc.) to provide a redoubtable complement to our persistent and strident calls for airframes. Nigeria has concentrated too much on the protection of its offshore oil assets, overlooking threats from a non-existent northern border. We are now particularly vulnerable to threats from Libya and Mali. ISIL is closer to Europe (via Libya, possibly just 3 hours across the Mediterranean sea) than ever before. Should ISIL decide to gravitate southwards, will Nigeria be expecting Niger to be a robust enough bulwark to halt that threat? If our political leaders and military brasshats cannot see the urgency for the Nigerian Air Force to have a post haste capacity to hit distances as far away as Mali and Libya in 2015, then there could monumental tragedy waiting to afflict us (God forbid)…and as has been argued on this blog by those more knowledgeable than I am, it is not the F7-NIs and the Apha Jets that would go that distance and do the job. A word, they say, is enough for the wise. We no go give up sha! Long live the Nigerian Armed Forces. God bless Nigeria!

  53. igbi says:

    I think we are making a great mistake by establishing the MNJTF head quarters in tchad.

    • ozed says:

      Igbi, absolutely unrelated matter but might be interesting to you nontheless, thus far unconfirmed reports have it that the Principal of the popular Chibok girls school has just been recommended by the Bornu State Govt for the post of Commissioner of Education.

      If this is the same person who recently played a role in the loss of over 200 girls, and these girls actually exist, i would expect the parents to parade in sack cloth and ashes before the office of the Governor and the House of Assembly till this travesty is reversed!!!

      Anyway i hope this is either a rumour or if true i hope the Governor was misled and quickly reverses himself.

      • igbi says:

        If this were to happen then to me it would look like shettima set those chibok girls up. Right from the beginning I wondered why shettima singlehandedly disregarded the advise from the military to close that school. Now we see the head of that school being rewarded insted of being thrown into prison for gross negligence.

  54. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga igbi, your point is worth discussing and I hope others will contribute, though the deed is already done. Personally, I just wonder how a Nigerian General in charge of the MNJTF would feel, surrounded by Chadian guerillas, sorry, soldiers, lol

    • Are James says:

      Now that is a valid point. If the President of a country disrespects Nigeria I wont put it past rank and file soldiers to do the same. Chad is even lacking in basic institutional and physical infrastructure to host a regional military hq. I think they drew that hand as a trade off for not heading the body. There is also the contrary fact though that Nigerian Army officers have long experience leading multi national military operations in hostile territory but it everything would have distanced Abuja from the action of the President had not ordered the regional hq to Maiduguri. Anyway I concur that it was not smart to have agreed to site the hq in Chad.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Didn’t i say the same weeks ago, and someone on here said there is nothing wrong with it. Not Igbi by the way, some other person

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Manny Aaydel. I respect your hustle sir.
      I honestly do not see anything wrong with this arrangement. Gentlemen, we are talking about Nigeria’s neighbors, these countries will always be Nigeria’s neighbors whether we like it or not, economically solvent or absolutely bankrupt. So better we take this chance to cultivate military working relationships with these partners. HQ outside of Nigeria is just a minor price to pay compared to the gains of having a regional force funded and headed by Nigeria. Nigerian’s must stop exhibiting such low self esteem as we have absolutely nothing to fear from our neighbors. We can talk about clandestine operations tailored to achieve specific goals, but short of secret operations, there can be no conventional confrontations between Nigeria and her neighbors. It can only lead to economic suicide, and a never ending war of attrition, of which afterwards Nigeria will still have to talk to her neighbors, so what was the war for? In fact, i believe the more military alliances and bases Nigeria can secure outside Nigeria, the better. OR? isn’t that the point of power projection 🙂 This is a win gentlemen and ladies.

  55. Mr Zee says:

    Beegs Kindly check your email. i sent something to you. i would appreciate if you could reply. thanks.

  56. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria: ‘Poor Intelligence Network Responsible for Rise in Terrorism’- Nigerian Airforce officer, Air Commodore Benson Omoyungbo, has said.

  57. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga @ Manny, you are quite true in your deductions in a logical sense, but we do not have all the facts that led to the selection of Chad, I am sure the planning team have access to a lot more than any of us here. Is Chad really the problem. France (and now US teams) along our bother, I assure you there has been lots of ongoing covert deep penetration of our country land mass for months, going on for years by (non- African ground forces, even using manned aerial assets to insert and extract). The French forces and aircraft do not engage BH, so who do you think they there to deter. Like Iraq ( very close allies of the US), Like the troublesome Idi Amin regime and many others “Villain / Corrupt” taken out by (whether right or not, whether true or not ) a coalition of ” The willing” countries via the security council ( western controlled) was mobilized against them.
    It amazes me that people cannot get grasp of the gravity of the obstacle hinthering to our breakthrough and progress to a world stage, As long as we are dilly dallying, Russia would not sell you any top gear ( SU27/30), our purchase is of no major financial value to the Russian economy and they are conviced enough that we would be able to ascertain ourselves as an independent nation, (our UN Security Council voting in matters that have no strategic value to our nation is not helping matters, Gbagbo, Ghadafii and other issues). We did need and received Russian equipment only for us to be seeking US validation for our actions ( Does that sound like a serious and focused nation or policy).
    Nigeria is more historical aligned to UK than the US, you would note that UK as not been too overtly negative towards Nigeria, The senseless push in our present direction was initiated by “trained in US guys”, the education there does not tolerate outside views and designed to program graduates as blindly pro US, what was wrong with the Sandhurst training and discipline that we acquired earlier..
    Even after a former US Ambassador to Nigeria confirmed that BH members families were allowed to live in Chad, the west still don,t have any problem with it. The truth is that with the current state of our Military, the west would love us just to just attack any of our Franco pone neighbors. You would then hear narratives like ” Nigerian bully, corrupt, Nation , takes the opportunity of BH to attack little Chad that has been trying to help it stem the destruction of BH” , after then we would know for sure that France & Co are there as trigger points, Go ask Gbagbo how his Air Force was destroyed in a day for collateral damage suffered by the French soldiers during an air raid, who happened to be at the front line in Yamoussoukro ( All his SU25s in Adbijan were destroyed and his MIG23s were denied access and grounded next door country).
    Gentle men let us go after BH, our leaders are not stupid at all, diplomacy is a game of giving and taking. In this case we do not know what was given or received. There is a hidden bigger picture.
    NAF’s ability to defend our airspace, carry the war to anywhere in our area of influence,(Tactical and strategic posturing plus viable capability) must be built not only to deter Chad and our Neighbors, but to convince the ” foreign triggers” that they would suffer significant losses, before they can re-enforce and that Nigeria would have the support of other powerful global nations.
    If you want to be a world power and you cannot ( chosen) manufacture your weapons to fight , then you had better pick your friends and source carefully, not the ones talking of our country breaking or expect us to be subservient and requiring their validation or approvals.

    Military spending needs all Nigerian (Military /Civilian) to understand the Justification, Motivation and Sustenance,
    – justification is to defend the economical and social well being of the Nation (Prosperity)
    – Motivation is the well being and opportunities that will be available to both Civil and Military
    Families/relations by a strong military maintaining our safety and security (peace).
    The Leaders and Civil populace need to have ownership and believe in our Military to be necessary for prosperity, which is provided significantly by the economic activities of the Civil populace.
    – They Civil managed economy provides the funding for equipping the Military
    – The Military provides peace and security for the Civil economy to succeed in generating funds
    We do not need the validation of the West, all we need is the cooperation and respect ( not fear) of the Nigerian populace at all levels working together for the same goal.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Very deep and excellently laid out post, Oga Capt Tobias Wilcock.

    • mcshegz says:

      “The truth is that with the current state of our Military, the west would love us just to just attack any of our Franco pone neighbors. You would then hear narratives like ” Nigerian bully, corrupt, Nation , takes the opportunity of BH to attack little Chad that has been trying to help it stem the destruction of BH” , after then we would know for sure that
      France & Co are there as trigger points, ”

      True talk Oga; this i believe is the crux of the matter; that certain powers are so blatantly naive in their analysis as to expect that Nigeria will start a war with any of its neighbors; this is the height of madness, and anyone suggesting this is equally foolish or a willing tool in the hands of said puppet masters. Proxy wars are the new WW3, everybody knows that, its just too damn expensive to conquer and overrun nations conventionally, well, why not pay rag-tag elements, give them a cause and make them fight for you; its cheap, it works sometimes and plausible deniability is assured. Nigeria is just so diplomatically astute that, she has used this supposed attack of calumny to her advantage, she has used the collective aim of areram-elimination to get the ever timid dictators and despots to drop their guard and embrace their ever growing big-brother; this is the way to live with neighbors, not gung-ho manic;
      Agreed, Nigeria has to continue to domesticate its military industry, that’s the only way to truly sustain the security of Nigeria’s territory.

      “If you want to be a world power and you cannot ( chosen) manufacture your weapons to fight , then you had better pick your friends and source carefully, not the ones talking of our country breaking or expect us to be subservient and requiring their validation or approvals.”

      Oga. Nigeria is already a world power, based on the size of its economy and its people, some people either just don’t want to know it or their too caught up in their little bubble that they refuse to see the world change around them. Yes, Nigeria still has issues, can we name a country that doesn’t have issues but it doesn’t mean that Nigeria isn’t improving daily, we get some things wrong, but whenever Nigeria gets it right, its big, decisive and everlasting. This is the beauty of democracy, its tough, grueling and a lot more difficult than building spacecraft and computer chips; democracy is always the hardest task humans have ever had to undergo.
      Sir kay. I respect your hustle sir.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you

  58. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga Wilcock, points noted and taken. Let’s hope we will see a shift in this direction with the coming on board of new helmsmen / women in the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs. We can’t keep dithering!

  59. lachit says:

    what we are interested in is an IADS (integrated air defence system) which is essentially a series/set of independent platforms/subsystems, which when working together are tasked with providing air defence over a specific or a large area or both.these individual platforms or subsystems can be ground-based air defence (GBAD), maritime-based, or airborne, or a combination of the above.nowdays Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) is considered a part of an IADS.

    basically an IADS comprises a chain of inter-linked assets.These are
    1.sensors:The sensors are used to detect and track targets control:for optimal firing at targets
    3.command:Command makes the decisions on which targets are to be engaged and when
    4.communications:comms relays information and orders back and forth between the other three.

    Surface to Air missiles can engage the enemy under specific circumstances most of the time, unlike interceptor aircrafts they cannot always maneuver (critical time factor) to place the enemy aircraft in the section of the highest Pk (Probability of Kill).
    The Surface to Air missile (semi-mobile/static) requires the enemy to fly within its range and within its engagement envelope.
    The mobile Surface to Air missile units are usually hampered by range limitations and are unable to target high flying aircrafts.

    also depends on how effective is your C4I (Command, Control, Communication Computer and Intelligence) network which is supporting the IADS.

    major vulnerable nodes in the C4I network are those nodes dealing with
    1.Connectivity:it is the whole of the IADS which shares information with each other in an organised way through a specified chain of command.
    2.Synchronisation:it means that the IADS co-ordinates each of its assets to engage the threat optimally.
    3.Systems Redundancy:it means 2 things firstly, that the various systems back each other up and secondly points to layered SAM coverage ie shorter range SAMs are placed within the lethal envelope of a medium range SAM to give low altitude coverage to the medium range SAM System, which is in turn placed within the envelope of the larger High altitude SAM system. This means that no matter where the threat aircraft is it can be engaged with maximum Pk (Probability of Kill).

    The importance of command and control can be appreciated by considering the penalties for its failure.
    In a tactical engagement, failure in command and control may result in a tactical defeat, because a commander was unable to bring all his forces into action, or to apply them
    efficiently and effectively, or to prevent them from blue on blue engagement.
    At the strategic level, failure in command and control may result in catastrophic and irreversable damage to the IADS.
    Also swamping a Missile Engagement Zone (MEZ) with a coordinated combination of stand-off weapons and ECM to attack the SAMs radars and C4I nodes, is very much expected line of action from the enemy. Thus an effective SAM defence should contain as many layers as can be provided.Without these additional SAM layers,the only solution is more interceptor fighter aircrafts, thus u can see it is all a question of a balance of investments.
    As each of these nodes can be targetted to cripple the IADS.carefull planning and resource utilization keeping in view the whole air threat picture (present/future) is necessary.

    A chain of radar stations to is be positioned in a selected area to provide early warning of impending raids at maximum range and provide required information such as strength,heading, altitude, speed, and if possible, the aircraft types.Air defence systems can also be linked to civil air traffic control nets, so that civil and military aircraft can be shown on a common display.Modern radars are usually mobile in nature or semi mobile at best, although huge radars are usually static.

    capabilities needed/sought in a radar
    1.Advanced computer control and signal processing which makes use of range gated pulse doppler techniques,combined with wave form modification to track beams and permit targets to be filtered out from their clutter environment.
    2.Incorporation of techniques such as “burn-through” or the concentration of transmitted power on a specific sector, for enhancing the radar’s performance against deliberate jamming or to improve range in a perticular sector.
    3.Sidelobe emission control measures which will improve jamming resistance, since to be at its most effective, a jammer must be either within the main beam of a radar or within one of the main sidelobes. The use of electronically scanned antenna producing pencil beams rather than larger fan like beam spreads improves jamming resistance.
    4.Incorporation of advance techniques such as variable emission strength or zero emission over certain sectors can also assist, together with the use of frequency agility, to make the capture of signals by an approaching anti-radiation missile (ARM) much more difficult. Another means of reducing vulnerability is the placement of strategically-sited decoy emitters within the area of the radar.
    5.Inbuilt capability to use random transmissions so that hostile electronic support measures can be denied their initial targeting data capture and also incoming missiles can be either confused or decoyed away from the radar by temporary shutdown of the radar transmission.

    additional radar types

    1.Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR) which uses the ionosphere as a mirror in the sky to bounce the transmitted radar signal off the upper atmosphere and to use the same path for the scattered signal that returns. But OTHR is not without its problems. For a start it has no close in capability,as it is designed to detect targets 1000-4000km from the site. This is fine for giving genuine early warning of activity and to help build up a picture of potential raid but it is too far away for an attempt at detailed control of the air battle.There are problems, too, with propagation conditions. The degree to which radar waves are reflected is a function of the state of the ionosphere.
    2.High frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) Another radar system designed to defeat the effects of the horizon is the HFSWR. In this case a vertically polarized radar signal is transmitted at high power across a sea surface by using frequencies in the HF band. This surface wave can be made to stick to the curvature of the earth for ranges up to about 100NM.This is best installed in coastal areas facing the sea.

    Two points must be remembered that is their is no such thing as unjammable radar, and for every measure taken to improve a system, a counter will eventually be produced.
    A major disadvantage of any radar is that the enemy can always tune in to the transmitted emission, analyze it and then devise a way, either to confuse the receiver or blot out the signal altogether with high power electronic noise on the same frequency.However, the avaibility of very high powered processors has meant that techniques, like frequency hopping, very narrow beam widths, bi-static and multi-static radars, phased array, three-dimensional radars and AESA radars are available to be used in a combination most suitable to negate the percieved threats.

    BEAM RIDER BASED SAM : These missiles follow the radar beam from the radar to the target. Since the radar is a long way off, it’s easier to decoy or jam it. Chaff will cause beam-rider missiles to lose “lock-on.” Once the lock is lost, they continue flying in a straight course. the aircraft can also dispense a bundle of chaff, while simultaneously changing course if the missile is coming straight at it from the rear or from the front to lose it.
    SEMI-ACTIVE DOPPLER BASED SAM : These are much harder to shake. They use a Doppler detection system that’s extremely good at detecting targets moving toward or away from the source. They also have a small radar transmitter built into the nose of the missile. As the missile gets close, it can burn through jamming and see through chaff. Chaff alone won’t fool them.To defeat this type of system,the strength of the Doppler system is used against it. Since it’s very good at detecting targets moving either toward or away from it, the aircraft turns so the missile is directly off to one side. it maneuvers so that its path is at a right angle to the path of the missile. This keeps the aircraft from moving toward or away from it as much as possible.
    ACTIVE SEEKER BASED SAMs : use of concurrent Active jamming and broadcasting deception signals to break the target lock while persistantly manuvering out of the radar range of the active seeker is enough to avoid such type of SAMs.
    Active jamming consists of transmitting a very strong signal on the same frequency back to the enemy radar. This powerful signal overwhelms the radar and prevents it from determining the exact location of the source.
    Deception signals receive the radar signal, store it in memory for a few second, and then transmit it back to the receiver. This gives the receiver incorrect range and altitude data and is extremely effective.
    INFRA RED BASED SAMs :the infrared countermeasures system is very simple. High-temperature flares are used to decoy the heat-seeking system away from the aircraft.

    all this will act as a primer to better understand SAMs and factors related to their useage/selection.

    @ Lordfej and all
    hope u all will find it useful
    will post the 2nd part in the nextt thread.

  60. buchi says:

    this message this pic conveyed gladdened my heart a little this morning

    • Sir Kay says:

      Is he tying her shoes? can’t see it well lol, but looks like it.
      See, this stuff, as minor as it seems, is what our media should spread all over, but of course most will overlook it.
      The media have a job to do in boosting Nigeria’s image, not just the job of the government or citizens, media’s participation is also very critical.
      Like with this war going on now, dedicate a few minutes every night during the news to showcase one hero or two. Soldiers that is, that would go a long way and people will appreciate these guys more

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Buchi. I respect your hustle sir.
      99% of our security services personnel are humble and continue do their job with dignity and pride. We must celebrate them whenever we see them. And must continue to identify and shame those that willingly go against the sworn ethics of their jobs to perpetrate evil. Please note, identify and shame, not blanket and rain curses on the whole institution based on certain infractions.

    • Are James says:

      This is the way to do civil military relations.

  61. buchi says:


  62. mcshegz says:

    Drones, aircraft to be deployed for surveilling oil installations – NSCDC
    “Dr Ade Abolurin, Commandant-General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), says the Corps had concluded plans to deploy about 500 drones and aircraft for proper surveillance of oil installations in the country. Abolurin disclosed this on Monday in Abuja at a meeting with senior officers of the Corps as part of efforts to strengthen its operational strategy……
    He said that some drones had already been deployed on a test run basis in some areas in the Niger Delta region such as Bayelsa, to test its efficacy. Abolurin also said that officers of the corp’s anti-vandalism unit had also undergone refresher training in line with international best practice to deal with the menace”

    • Sir Kay says:

      500 drones and aircraft?. I wonder where they are gonna get that high number of drones from, is this feasible .

    • Sir Kay says:

      You wanna stop oil theft? Make it a federal crime, if it isn’t yet, post pictures of the convicts all over the media, and let every one know that they just received 50ys in prison for oil theft. You bet others will think twice before getting involved.

      • Bunkering is a federal crime. however i “speculate” that the greatest problem we face in fighting the menace is that there are some Nigerian “BIG MEN” that benefit from and have vested interests in it. so security forces are railroaded into tight corners most times. only the fry get arrested the Big fish remain untouchable.

      • emereuwa says:

        My oga even the military is deep in the bunkering and oil theft business. Here in the ND both high profile oil theft and small “cooker” bunkering activities are perpetrated with the support of the military boys.
        Fact is this country needs a total revamping.

      • saleh says:

        Illegal bunkering you mean

      • Are James says:

        Many years ago my men involved in the oil and gas activities in the eastern Niger delta woukd spend fear filled days going to oil installations to do their work. Attacks on them sometimes happen. Anyway the most ‘interesting day’ was when they sailed in opposite directions to a party of scary looking speed boats manned by dangerous looking militants shooting in the air. Suddenly one of the boats broke from the group and headed towards the company boats containing oil workers. The man who came out was none other than the bearded rich militant who later became very visible in the last government. Why he broke from his men was just to ask my innocent guys to tell the navy commandant who was supposed to be protecting my guys from his militant boys to see him unfailingly that evening in his camp.

        The question on everyone’s lips was -what could be the link betwee the navy and militants?. Was the obvious commercial conflict of interest not inimical to the safety of innocent workers?. How deep had the rot gone?. What senior officers were possibly involved? . A lot has not changed since early 2004 but the bombing of a growing militant camp in Akwa Ibom and evidence of better surveillance of the area due to the chatter observed in miltant networks that many camps are about to start buzzing agsin is pointing to better days ahead

  63. jimmy says:
    @ oga Henry
    I do not know whether this will answer your question but @ the Moment this is the closest we can get with regards to an Answer. I know you hate when people speculate about PROCUREMENT so I will not go there the best I will offer is with the cash crunch going on in Nigeria and the Need for Nigeria to solve the lack of ADEQUATE helios and Air planes, it is possible that because Turkey apears to be a willining partner some kind of loan/ credit facility can be worked out G2 TO G2 b/w Nigeria and Turkey.

  64. jimmy says:

    The OUTGOING NSA Col Dasuki Sambo ( RTD) will be replaced as early as the first week in July 2015. This is not in doubt, Col Dasuki Sambo has done a commendable under very difficult job conditions which include lack of adequate funding, constant civillisan interference, and lack of real support from his overall bosses till his Father-in- law LT.GEN GUSAU ( RTD) became the defence Minister in 2014.
    History will record him as making the right call despite receving outright condemmnation from all quarters about moving the election back by 6 weeks, History will also record his chatham speech as being the right speech , because every thing he said was backed up by the Chief of ARMY staff after the recapture of BAGA.
    However he was also one of three Cols responsible for arresting PMB,. The INCOMING NSA barring any surprises wil most likely be LT GEN DUMBANZUA (RTD)

    • igbi says:

      I am yet to see a speech of Buhari saying that he will be replacing the NSA. And I think it would be dictator-like for the president to go on a revenge mission, therefor since the president is a reborn democratic figure, I don’t think he will do that. But what I think doesn’t matter. the fact remains that the president didn’t say he was replacing the NSA. Many people keep using the expression “outgoing” on officers and officials while the president himself is not using that expression. Please let us stick with facts and do away with rumours. Dasuki is the current NSA, not the “outgoing” NSA since the president didn’t say ha was “outgoing”.

      • jimmy says:

        sometimes pause before you write stuff and read more than once an opposing view. i READ AND RESPECT YOUR OPPOSING VIEW.
        Secondly as a Mathematician spend less time on the emotion and dwell more on the facts I already gave you the facts not the emotion also the NSA position is a position that does not go throught the NATIONAL assembly it is one per our constituion that our President gets to select.
        For the PRESENTATION OF facts Col Sambo Dasunki( rtd) who has done a commendable job is outgoing this is not a rumor, the presence of LT ,GEN DAMBANZUA @ every SECURITY meeting and every official trip confirms . IGBI those are the facts you can reseearch the pictures
        Have a blessed day.

      • igbi says:

        Jimi, you confuse facts with speculations and rumors. I have no emotional attachment to the office of the NSA whatsoever. I am only irritated at people who keep using the word “outgoing” while the president who is the only person who could actually say for a fact if the NSA is to be replaced didn’t say that. I think it is important to be accurate, and I hate when people take speculations and rumours as facts and when this is taken to the whole new level of calling the current NSA “outgoing”. You should wait for the president to announce his plan before dubing a guy “outgoing”.

      • igbi says:

        Let us say things as they are, not as we speculate them to be. You have the right to think that the NSA will be replaced, but it is fraudulent when you start dubing him “outgoing”. Because you are mistaking your speculations with facts and you are not leaving any room for others to think otherwise. In other words you are dictating to other people what to think. Facts matter. Only the president can say that the NSA is “outgoing”. The last time I checked, you were not the president.

  65. jimmy says:

    *Civillian interference*
    *LT .GEN Dambanzua (RTD)*

  66. jimmy says:

    No hard feeling IGBI

  67. jimmy says:

    Let us compromise you are right.

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