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  1. beegeagle says:

    Noticed the new type of camouflage uniform. Good morning.

  2. Henry says:

    This is the Nigerian Army’s best camofluage yet. A multicam, multi terrain pattern. Nigerian made MTP should ordinarily help reduce the proliferation of multiple camo types in the North-East theatre. Similar to UCP, MARPAT, Soldeir2000 and CADPAT, it is the direction mordern armies are now taking.

    Many soldeirs in the Adamawa AOR already field this Camo pattern, it is sure the best way to go.

    • johnbest1 says:

      That came you see is one of two the army fields oga Henry. If you notice during the independence day celebration which featured a weapons parade and combat March every soldier is on the jungle version. This came features a little green but is the desert version of that. The same jungle came us worn is delta state., warri to be precise and also in edo state but not in large quantities.

  3. freeegulf says:

    if they can standardize this camo, it would be excellent.
    its a thing of joy to see the army brass finally appreciating individual and squad type fire power. now they are taking good pragmatic steps in updating NA orbat. this is awesome, crew serve support weapons and individual weapons, if married up with the right tactics would have far more impact than even the full platoon of old. a single soldier with a multi grenade, or crew equipped AGL can provide more fire support that would convince the oppo forces that they re being attacked by a whole platoon.

    welldone NA, slow but sure progressive steps forward

  4. Tobey says:

    Am quite sure that is Adamawa..that camo is peculiar to that zone. If only it can be standardized for Operation Zaman Lafiya. Troops wearing multiple shades of camoflague is not very ok..That’s what you get when contracts for uniforms are given to multiple companies. Even at the start of Operatio Iraqi Freedem, U.S Marines and U.S Army troops wore different camos even though they fought alongside each other.

  5. Alibo says:

    Excellent to see an automatic grenade launcher in the arsenal of NA. This in large quantities would have stopped BH in their tracks during their attack on Giwa Barracks.

  6. Ola says:

    The beryl is a good rifle, at least I think so. I wonder when the NA will standardize the kit for the entire army. In my opinion, it should be like this:
    Let DICON get a licence to manufacture the Beryl or AK 74 in house and let that be the standard issue of the NA. Even though Nigeria does not produce gun metal, if the NA would be buying ALL her standard issue rifles from DICON, that is talking tens of thousands of riffles to be produced by DICON over a few years. If DICON then calls for tende among suppliers of gun grade steel, the overall cost of production would still be lower than the cost of importation of these rifles.
    I wish NA would field
    1. Beryl or AK 74, complete with GP-25 as standard issue, especially for infantry.
    2. Tavor MTAR or CTAR for all the SFs and airborne regiments.
    3. H & K MP5 for artillery or multirole infantry guys.

    Let ALL the units have Beretta 92 as standard side arm. DICON should also obtain the licence to produce this
    This solves 3 problems.
    1. Standardization of arms within NA
    2. Cost reduction of acquisition by the NA
    3. Much needed revenue generation and expansion at DICON since this would probably lead to the production of between 150,000 and 200,000 of riffles and pistols, not to talk of production of accessories, body armour (ballistic vests and helmets) and ammunition.

    On the Uniform, I really agree that the cammo should be standardized in the NA. The only uniform really that should be different among different operation commands are ceremonial kits. Except for the SFs who may chose to dress according to the needs of the mission, all infantry should have the same standard kit.

    Well, where there is a will, there is a way. I hope someone will someday look inward in terms of basic supplies for the military.

  7. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria deploys 700 soldiers to Liberia

    No fewer than 700 officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army are set for deployment for peace keeping operation in Liberia, just as the Army authority has warned the troops to prevent Ebola through hygienic living

    The troops were warned to avoid any act capable of dragging the image of Nigeria and Nigerian Army to the mud, as the army will not accept a situation where its soldiers are seen as soft targets.

    General Officer Commanding (GOC) 1 Division, Nigerian Army, Major General Kenneth Osuji gave the warning while addressing the troops at the graduation ceremony marking the end of their pre-deployment training in Jaji, Kaduna State on Friday.

    ‎General Osuji who is the GOC of the 1 Brigade, which is made up of the Nigerian Battalion (NIBATT)36 in the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) said, they must work with the rules of engagement of the mission and respect the cultural and religious sensitivity of Liberia people.

    According to him, “Be reminded that the Nigerian Army will not accept any situation where its troops are seen as soft targets or conducting themselves in unprofessional manner such as trafficking in illicit substances of any kind including alcohol and drugs.

    “Additionally, you must respect the cultural and religious sensitivity of the people of Liberia. You must exhibit the highest sense of personal/environmental hygiene as Liberia is just emerging from an EBOLA epidemic,” the GOC stressed.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We are at war at home and busy sending that many number of troops on peacekeeping mission? Oh well. Wouldn’t it be better to train these people to secure their own country? How long are we going to do this for? Or they’ve ran out of young men over there?

  8. Sir Kay says:

    Don’t Provoke Nigerian Military Into Turning Its Arsenal On The N/Delta – Badeh Warns Oil Thieves, Criminal Gangs.

    “Badeh said the military had received major platforms and other hardware for the Navy, stressing that naval operatives were stationed in the blue waters.”

  9. ifiok umoeka says:

    As far as uniforms go, especially camos, the terrain should decide. Thus, if in savanna or desert, we need a camo for those, if its jungle, that would require a different set of camo. The same goes for urban environment. After all its camo…camouflage, to conceal should come first while identification (oops) should come next.
    Again, it depends on intended usage

    2 months ago, I saw a nice design in Ikom but I thought that the were too many bright colours and couldn’t imagine one concealed in those (definitely not where I saw them)

    On the contrary, the camo the immigration SF (@ least that’s what they call themselves) spot was really cool, perfect for a place like Yobe and Bornu

    This one is cool though and if Adamawa is like Taraba, then its good

  10. ifiok umoeka says:

    This guy is SF I guess. He is not fully kited but I really like that he has a side arm on. The Beryl is an ok rifle based on the AK74 with m16 modifications. It should have the advantages f both less the weaknesses. The poles are resting n their oars, the have a modular design in development and should be introducing it. Its called the MSBS Radon. Maybe we don’t need it but I’m keen to see how it will perform. Its instructive to not that apart from Poland and Nigeria, no one else has bought this rifle and I wonder why that!
    On the other hand,I like the Serb M21 which is very similar but is in use by a number of armies spread across 4 continents.
    Taiwan has a tidy assault rifle called T91. Its compact, light, rugged and accurate @ about $500. A few hundred thousand are fielded by armies (some even Beijing’s friends) across the board. Its far fetch but what if…

  11. ifiok umoeka says:

    To cap it, I keep on insisting that we look @ it in terms of systems, borne out of purpose to fulfill an objective. For example, if its to improve the capacity of the individual soldier, we need to know what we expect from him vis his present ability/capacity. Then how to grow his capacity will come next be it training or equipment.
    Economics will always remind of that we don’t have the whole world, so the when to implement it comes about. Do we start with a unit fully equipped or do we spread a component of the system across?
    Where will he operate in? What will he need? What camo? What of food? So, beyond the personal rifle and side arm, what kind of knife, NVG, personal computer (if needed), navigational and comm gear, etc will he/she need and why? If he has electronics, how ill he charge it in say Yobe? This will in turn require that the vehicle (amour or otherwise) he ride in need have charging ports and a battery/alternator sys that can support this. In other words, we need an INFANTRY COMBAT SYSTEM but it must start with WHY? We need to stop haphazard procurement!

    By the way, Ola made very good sense, standardize and think number. 1 or 5k of Beryl is but a drop in the ocean anyway u look @ it. License production makes sense to. Perhaps we can expand it to cover different variants of the rifle to cover requirement (and distinguish it from those of the military) of interior formations like immigrations, Custom, police etc that way u are talking of nothing less than 500k. That’s when it gets cheap

  12. ifiok umoeka says:

    As for the 700 Liberia bound, would want to think of it as rotation. Honestly if u let me, I maintain that our boys engaged in PKOs are better of in every way than those following oyibos, politicians, bank managers and business men around or manning many ‘unnecessary’ check points across the country.
    That we have trouble at home doesn’t mean we don’t get to do other things! Managing both is the sign of maturity. I doubt it very much if those 700 (or all our foreign deployed) boys deployed to the NE would make any difference. We all agree that our major problem starts with our head(s).

    • Sir Kay says:

      700 men won’t make any difference at home? I disagree. As i said before, for how long are we supposed to do this for, not the first time. Better train the liberians using fewer troops and they can take charge of their own security, that’s better in my opinion. Send 50 or 100 guys and train them/recruit. And in a few years they will have a solid army for their country atleast.
      Just my own opinion, respect yours

  13. Kola Adekola says:

    The trend in camo is to use fractal patterns on specialist fabrics (eg United States MARPAT and Canada’s CADPAT). Camouflage with fractals is low entry level technology, making it is an excellent area we can use to build up our local know how and synergies between universities, military and industry.

    Fractal theory is a branch of mathematics that is closest to the patterns found in nature, this is an area the mathematics departments of our universities can work on to produce patterns that are effective across several terrain types. This can also be bolstered by materials research in our universities Materials Science departments to produce fabrics that are weather resistant and comfortable across our geographical regions.
    Such an approach will be low cost, will cut costs, create high tech uniforms, create export potential, tailor our camo to our needs with the bonus of cutting out proliferation of uniforms.

    The university research effort can be financed by a company whose earnings in turn will come from military patronage, manufacturing and exports. All guaranteed by the FG.

    My Oga’s, if we follow such a simple path, we will be stunned at the technological spillover we will reap.

  14. doziex says:

    Methinks that the 500 beryl rifles we recently purchased, this new camouflage, and the sino made grenade launchers, all belong to some NA SF battalion.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Doziex I believe you missed one digit the initial consignment was for 5,000.The contract also called the possibility for 5,000 more.
      Incidentally does anyone know how well they have performed?

  15. Oje says:

    Poland! The only country in Eastern Europe the Russians keep their distance from.

  16. jimmy says:

    @ Oje .Sorry to Correct you. Poland was carved up like a Turkey by the Russians and the Germans. The one Country Russia prefers not to mess with is Finland.

    • Are James says:

      So the Poles have improved since then. That’s one very well run country now btw. Lech Walesa would be very proud. One of the few examples of successful western nose polo g into a country’s affairs. Yes Finland Russia is afraid of a conventional encounter with Finland in that their sub zero neighbourhood. They will get a pasting from the most peaceful countries in the world – I cam to that conclusion watching on TV the Finnish Army watching Russian manoeuvres.

  17. Oje says:

    Oga Jimmy eh I know, I’m talking of now. The Poles are about to unveil what might turn out to be the world’s most advanced and capable Tank.emphasis on “might turn out to be”. At a time Western Europe is soo scaredo to stand up to Russia and too afraid to antagonise her Poland is home to critical U.S infrastructure for its missile defense shield, they are home to hundreds of U.S tactical cruise missiles and are never afraid in their condemnation of Russia yet Vladimir Putler don’t say shit.

  18. Oje says:

    Oga James, the Russia of 45 is not the Russia of today. Finland will be overun in less than a week in a war with Russia. With 15,000 Tanks Finland does not have sufficient anti tank missiles to put out of action % 10 of Russian Tank’s.

  19. Oje says:

    Yes but not strategically enough to alter the ridiculous numerical disparity in scale, personnel and fire power. Russia has more Tanks that the U.S and China, think about it, and they don’t have to worry about logistics, all they need do mass the Tanks at the border, Finland will surrender.

  20. freeegulf says:

    the poles have traditionally been stubborn and militarism is nothing new. guess what, this has always put them in trouble with regards to prussia (later modern germany too), imperial russia, and the Bolsheviks. the poles need to learn true diplomacy, they push aggression to the forefront without the means to actually hold out when their big neighbours decide to carve them up

  21. jimmy says:

    INTERESTING Conversations minus the EMOTION i am loving it, OGA FREEGULF no mention of Mighty mouse Finland? surely they will figure a role in all this. OGA OJE you are correct in one assessment, Russia could for a while overrun FINLAND……… but as they say in Game of Thrones ” Winter is Coming” the Finns are one country that can out winter IVAN with Horrific Casualties’ this is something @ MINUS 32 DEGREES below cannot be taught in any MILITARY ACADEMY .
    As for the Poles one thing is apparent they are building up a very good Military Industrial complex.
    I have to give them credit for that.

  22. Oje says:

    Oga freeegulf, the Poles have never been what you characterise them to be, rather they have been a continous victim of European adventursim (something countries with cold weather seemed to enjoy until the advent of nukes). In WW2 Poland was invaded in an unprovoked attack, not because they were aggressive or threatened Germany but because they were unfortunate enough to be sandwiched between two of the world’s greatest evil men: STALIN and HITLER. The Russians today beat their chest as part of the allies of WW2 but in reality they were complicit with Germany. STALIN signed a treaty with Hitler which entailed carving up Poland in two with the Germans controlling the North and the Russians the South. As Hitler launched his Blitzkrieg onot EUROPE Russian factories and trains sent an endless supply of iron, metal and oil to Germany to prosecute it’s war effort..It was only when Hitler violated the treaty and attack Russia did the Russians then joined the Western alliance against the Third Reich. Crazy what cold does to the mentality of man.

    • Are James says:

      Wrong man. Read your history. There is nothing as proud and and tubborn as a Pole at least within the context of Europe and its people. The Soviet empire actually cracked from there of you know your history. The greatest resistance to Hitler from any of the numerou Jewish communities scattered around Europe was from Polish Jews. Their exploits in one such community was the theme of a very interesting book in the 80s.
      The polish army was a walk over for Hitler not because of a lack of courage and pride but because of a new thing then called blitzkrieg invented by German military intellectuals and master strategists. They also had German industry working in sync to deliver the hardware that matched that new doctrine of offensive warfare.

  23. Oje says:

    Errr Oga Jimmy name true you talk. But no be the same weather patterns the two countries get? Same way Russia used the cold to defeat the Germans despite say Germany already controlled % 60 of that vast Russian territory. Talk of bitting more than you can chew.

  24. ifiok umoeka says:

    Real wars don’t happen that way my friends. Russia will not line up 15k tanks, tank them up and drive to finland. They don’t even have 25% of that active! Most are in storage (some like the T80s will never be fielded again except…)
    Secondly, pros think logistics, have u looked @ the map of where finland is? Supporting 5-8 (anything less will make the finns a good meal) combine arms div will take everything Russia has. Think fuel, maintenance, ammo, think medicine,food and water etc Remember, all the defenders will have to do is wait. The chain is shorter for the home team

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    Have u notice that BH couldn’t succeed in attracting even 20% of the NA to theater! They where and are many other threats facing this country, some even worse than BH. Well, the same goes for mother Russia. In fact, the Rodina has more to fear from China than Nato! With Nato, its about sphere of influence, with China, its Russian territory (oil, gas, gold, land and the likes). Then talk about jihadist on it south b4 u talk about the west. Don’t let headlines fool u. Russia will not commit @ ANY TIME, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE 10% of her force on some finnish adventure (and can on temporarily claim superiority not supremacy in the baltic till the Finns and Swedes are taken care of). That’s why the need deterrent like Nukes, Iskander, S400 and other A2/AD asset. Problem is, they alone don’t custody these systems, analogous systems are own and operated by the opposition, NATO specifically. Thus, whatever they can muster to theater will be within the Finns capacity to deal with.

  26. ifiok umoeka says:

    Wars are not open ended, they are about objectives! That’s what limited war is all about! So I have x objective and my strategy is A. U objective y is to thwart my objective and my strategy is B. Because the world is not static, I need to achieve my objective b4 so time frame other wise I can’t win as new fact on the ground would mess up my strategy and render my objective in-achievable. I have to achieve it b4 my logistic clogs up. The question then is, will Russia be able to achieve it objective or would Finland manage to wreck havoc to their plans! By the way, NATO will not show up with sun glasses and pop corn to watch they show, they (especially the Baltic nations, Sweden inclusive) will act…because they know that they are next!

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    Finally, can they afford simultaneous high intensity wars running concurrently spanning two continents? Tell me, what happens if Japan begins to pressure them in the east, Ukraine explodes and NATO comes out to play? And oh, China will not automatically fight on Russian side, except it benefits them. But, then again, China will prefer a weak and engaged Russia…weak in Siberia and engaged in the west. India? Nope! At the end, Russia will not win even if it grabs so of Finland, it will be a pyrrhic victory, leaving them vulnerable else where.

  28. Oje says:

    Easy Bro lol, did somebody offend you?

  29. Oje says:

    I’m not much a fan of Russia but I wouldn’t write them off easily if I were you. You mentioned logistics, Russia will have less of a logistical problem than NATO. IThe will take NATO weeks to fully mobilise for war, in that time Russia would have control over Finland. These are the inventors of MASKIROVA, we are talking about deception and deniability here, before we NATO realis es what’s happening it will be too late. See how easy they fooled NATO and took Crimea? They have perfected the strategy of MASKIROVA ,tailor-made for creating confusion among defending armies trained to fight a conventional.

    As for weapons, I can tell you categorically Russia has 15,000 operational Tanks. Russia relies heavily on Tanks for conventional detterence, besides Nukes Russia’so only detterence against NATO was its Tank force, there’s no way NATO as a whole could match those. Russia’a new Tank, the ARMATA supercedes any current Tank in capability and fire power. The ARMATA use Dopplar radar to detect incoming projectiles like rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles. Once detected, the active defenjes will then launch an intaceptor rocket that destroys the incoming projectile.This new Armata incorporates counter mine defenses and a suite of high rez video cameras. These cameras would allow the Armata operators to have full 360-degree awareness around the body of the vehicle. In a conventional war scenario it will take NATO nearly a month to mobilise just 30,000 men and material to the front for combat, Russia can mobilise 150,000 men in just 24 hours. Russia’s inferior weapons will not count, Finland will be toast.

    • Roscoe says:

      @ Oje, in this case Ifiok is correct, Russia cannot fight a war on 3 fronts. Even if they win decisively in two directions, they will probably be at best stalemated on the 3rd, and then the first two fronts will become an ongoing Partisan Nightmare, remember the Russians lost in Afghanistan and were given a very bloody nose in the first Chechnya war. The advantage Russia has come in the event of a defensive battle , they will trade space for time and wear out the opponent with a mix of maneuver and attrition (Soviet Deep Battle Doctrine). The Jihadists are a big threat to Russia, and FInland will never be attacked again except for significant strategic purpose, the Fins schooled the Russians how to fight winter war during the last invasion on the 1930’s and the Fins go out of their way currently to show they are not a threat to Russia. But the Fins will fight and the Russians bear will bleed, the Fins have very well developed (non mechanized) winter warfare tactics..

  30. freeegulf says:

    oga oje, poland have always been aggressive and the one fact most people overlook is their militarism in the 20s and 30s. in fact, the reichswehr spent so much truppenamt exercises on planning to contain their neighbour to the east. they, the poles, looked up to france in the 20s and much into the 30s as the guarantor of their peace. however, never for once did they try to settle their greivances with germany without threatening fire and brimstone because of the support they had from britain and france.

    the problem is that most of the eastern european countries do not truly pursue diplomacy to its fruitful yield. historically, they where conquered and rule by the Teutonic knights and much later czarist russia rule. this has always made them sort outside help to protect them from the two big powers, germany and russia. the poles with napoleon, later the victorious allies of WW1 and today, the USA. rather than learn how to balance both sides and coexist with amicably with their much stronger neighbours, they end up becoming agent provocateur.
    there is so much about the german-poles relationship that ignited WW2 that the victors decided to air brush. but the poles being innocent, thats far from the truth.

    germany and russia are a reality in europe. with germany as the most powerful country in central europe, and russia dominating eastern europe. the smaller states have to seek an amicable way to co exist.

  31. Ola says:

    Sorry to digress, I found this interesting chat and I thought may be we would find interesting that an American takes a stand against “an expert” who knows much about Nigeria.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Damn. I applaud this. He put that fool in his place. old clip but still golden

    • Are James says:

      Now what this Louis Farrakhan guy is saying is not cause to gloat. This is actually a call to arms to every Nigerian to declare war on corruption by ourselves so that the mouths of the west will be shut forever. We should not be the parent quarelling with neighbours who make jest of the bet wetting teenager in his home and does nothing to the young adult.
      Nigerian corruption is killing Nigeria and will do that until there is nothing left of it.

    • Oje says:

      Lol wow. Wish all African American’s will take it upon themselves to defend Africa and it’s twisted perception. Love this guy.

  32. freeegulf says:

    @oga Jimmy, finland of the 30s is very different from modern finland. after the great depression, most pf europe came under the influence of extreme ideologies, left or right wing. finland was not exempted from this. the country was pushing extremely right wing until field marshal mannerhiem came in and took control of the reigns. he saved the country from full fledged facism (there was more than a faint trace and just a little bit less than Franco’s spain) but kept the fiercely nationalistic elements of facism.

    with this trace of facism, they had an enemy as a neighbour with an opposite ideology that was viewed as an existential threat. communism and facism where at each others throat. so it was easy to have a strong and fiercely independent finland.

    today, all that is nothing but nostalgia of the past, they do not have the stomach for that sort of struggle with giant russia. they have neither the extreme ideology to bind them for the struggle, or the armament to sustain their struggle if hypothetically russia decides to invade.

    ideology counts a lot in armed struggle, it is the difference between victory and defeat. the difference between a strong disciplined army and a weak corrupt one. a good illustration will be the ARVN of south vietnam and the PAVN of north vietnam. now, all we know which army was superior on the battlefield. same goes for the ROK army during the korean war. the govt of the day fostered that sort of rugged army and they indeed distinguished themselves in the mountain areas of nha trang and ensured the communist left them alone in their AOR.

    lastly, do not also forget that the bolshevik army that invaded finland in ’39, was a shadow of what the likes of marshal tukhachevsky designed in the early 30s. the great purge of ’37-’38 had rendered the red army hollowed, with loyalty surpassing competence.
    the lessons of the winter war ensured that stalin immediately started reforms and did everything to please hitler in a bid to postpone judgement day. alas, he was unsuccessful with that and we all know how facism and communism entered into an existential struggle.

    • Roscoe says:

      Very good analysis, especially on the conflict between Fascism and Communism. Politicizing the Military weakens them, I have little confidence in Russian offensive adventures with Russia watchings its forex and not able to procure heavy weapons and next gen air craft en masse.

  33. jimmy says:

    VERY GOOD PROS AND CONS as to why IVAN will not go beyond East UKRAINE

  34. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Ogas,
    Sorry for the diversion, I think you need to see this, it speaks of formation dril and discipline on the parade that can be interpreted into serious control of menand ability for the mind to take orders in combat.

  35. prinx arthur says:

    the Russia that messed up in Afghanistan is not the same current Russia of now and America knows that,even if the polish Army line up their ATGM to equal Russian tanks perhaps it ‘ll be carried by soldiers who has no 7inch thick steel to defend them against heat rounds and by the time soldiers ve found out what’s going on they will call for a retreat giving Russian ways to penetrate deeper into their territory

    • ozed says:

      Besides Afghanistan does not count, as no one has ever won a war there ask the British Army, the Soviets and now the US and her allies.

  36. Oje says:

    America knows what? Lol the U.S Navy alone has more fighter planes than the entire Russian airforce. The SU-35 is goof but too few to survive an attrition rate with the US. Russia’S Navy is below that of the British ROYAL Navy ins size , capability and power projection. Anyone who watches Putins hard line posturing and concludes Russia has an appetite for war with the U.S need to think again. The fact the U.S Navy has a presence in the baltic sea is enough said. If Put8n chooses the nuclear option well its MAD, there are Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines this very minute patrolling the coastal waters of China and Russia every blessed day for the past 45 years…think about it. Even the U.S Presidents not privy for the knowing the location of the subs. One of these subs is armed with enough weapons to turn the entire Russian Eastern seabed into charred radioctive carbon.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I’m sure you realise that there are Russian subs patrolling off the US coast too. Its not a one way thing. The only somewhat vulnerable world power today is China, but that too will change in a few more years.
      To further muddy things up, in maybe a decade or so, India will be where China is today; another new power to worry about.

      A multipolar world is a blessing.

      • lachit says:

        @kola adekola
        “To further muddy things up, in maybe a decade or so, India will be where China is today; another new power to worry about”
        😀 😀 hehehe

  37. trigger says:

    World war III will never happen not. In my life time, with the knowledge of Mutally Assured Destruction (MAD). nobody dare use nukes.

    Here is an excerpt from a anonymous high rank Russian officer on possible tactics incase of open conventional conflict.

    (weapons X, Y, Z)

    Firstly, today we use digital radio communication with local
    encryption. You can intercept it, but you cannot decipher it.
    The code changes in 50 minutes, an hour, an hour and
    twenty-two minutes – on arbitrary unpredictable schedule.
    Ukrainian military and the armed forces of Novorossia are
    using an old analog model, which you can listen to. And the
    Russian army now has communications which was
    previously only on secure communication lines, – you can
    only hear the crackling and a characteristic murmur.
    Secondly, if the Russian army appears in front of UAF, it will
    be easy to determine.
    The first sign – failure of all means of communication, full
    discharging of batteries in vehicles, tanks and other
    equipment, at the same time, discharge of batteries in
    mobile phones, the targets, and radio stations. Then, there
    is a rapture of electric circuits throughout all the equipment
    – all of it. This is EMP. All engines stall, no way to restart.
    World war III will never happen not in my live time. With the Knowledge of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) nobody dares use nukes.

    Russian is the future in modern warfare.

    This is how the Russian EMP system works, with a blast. range of up to 20km.
    complete failure of all systems using LCD monitors,
    the failure of all target-locating devices of the air defense
    system. This is how the complex “Altair” works (this is a
    known complex in the world).

    Third – a failure to deploy any kinds of guided missile
    weapons – from MANPADS to PTURS [anti-tank guided
    reactive missile]. Upon launching, the ammunition liquidates itself.

    This is a battalion complex “Z” – on the basis of MTLB
    [multi-target light armored transporter]. Range – 15

    it is impossible to use a drone and low-flying
    aircraft. Their on board electronics will fail. This is system
    “Y”. Then there is a complex “Avtobaza”, which can forcibly
    land a drone.
    What will happen next? Dozens (hundreds, if necessary) of
    the latest combat helicopters, flying over all the roads, start
    hunting for single armored vehicles, trains, cars. Railroad is
    paralyzed, bridges blown up. The lights go out on the home
    front – electric stations are out of service. Civil and military
    headquarters on the home front and separate leaders
    simultaneously are liquidated by the recon-subversive
    This is roughly how the Russian army would conduct military
    operations today. Therefore, the wet dreams about the
    “hero-cyborgs”, spitting flame on hundreds of Russian tanks,
    are better left to science fiction writers.”

    • lachit says:


      “Third – a failure to deploy any kinds of guided missile
      weapons – from MANPADS to PTURS [anti-tank guided
      reactive missile]. Upon launching, the ammunition liquidates itself.”

      😀 well fancy words have been used here but in real world it is more akin to real time jamming of all kinds of electronic fuses eg proximity fuses, timed fuses etc used for detonating the warhead so that the warhead explodes prematurely or fails to initiate the warhead .
      this tech is available with quite a few countries.

  38. Oje says:

    You sound as if Russia has a monopoly on EMP, which I’m sorry to say is not the case. One has to look at A-STAN, a country just across the border the Soviet Union lost 38,000 men in just 6 years of fighting, by contrast the U.S is able totally topple the Taliban regime 3,000 miles from home. In the first Chechyan Russia had its nose bloodied and lost 75 Tanks, not by enemy tanks but RPG and aircraft. In Georgia just recently they lost 2 strategic bombers and nearly a dozen Flankers. Russia can never and WILL NEVER fight a war 500 miles away from home territory trust me. It’s one and only ever attempt and projecting power fighting thousands of miles ended in a complete disaster in its war with Japan. Ww2 for Russia was all about Germany, Baltic States. By contrast the U.S was fighting the Japanese in the far East after Brits abandoned Singapore, they fought the Germans in Europe…….Russia is a defensive force while only offensive armaments are it’s nukes and Akula subs which means Russia cannot afford nor have the capability to engage the United States. It’s highly advanced air defense systems are at best a minor inconvenience, they will never be in sufficient quantity to protect Russia’S vast territory, you are talking a country so large it has 14 different time zones yet just 140 million in population. For Russia to ever be considered a great power by all indices they sh8uld focus mainly on their economy. In the 60’s down Russia was on par with the U.S technologically yet had a very good working base with innovative thinkers, sound economic management system and lots of literary icons…its sad to see today Russia is still a developing country or emerging economy. China knows the source of great power and dominance comes with a very strong economy….39 years of reforms China is today considered a Super Power not because it has nukes but because it’s the richest country on Earth as a speak with over a trillion dollars in “cash” reserve, a growing technological base, China now produces microprocessors, high speed rail lines, cars and 3rd civilian aircrafts for the aviation industry. Russia is still playing cold war rhetoric bragging about inducting 40 new ballistic missiles that will never be used. The economy has always played second fiddle to the military in Russia, that is what hinders Russia from real greatness.

    • ozed says:

      The Russian military has undergone significant reform post Chenya. Sort of like US post Vietnam. Anyone planning based on the chenya experience may have a rude shock upon commencement of hostilities.

  39. lachit says:

    This is the Assaulter which is comprised of the hull of a chinese WZ551 6×6 armoured personnel carrier armoured with a 105 mm gun mounted in a three-person turret. It has similar firepower to a tank, but is more affordable and easier to maintain, albeit at the expense of armour protection.
    and i dont know if u guys knew it
    that the Assaulter is already in service with Cameroon and Chad

    this is the picture of the russian Polyus Orbital Weapons Platform, which carried a megawatt laser, in 1978.
    the the Energia launch system at first was supposed to carry the Buran into orbit but later it was reveled that it actually launched the Polyus Orbital Weapons Platform into space in secret.

    also with to regards to above comments posted above it would be wise to keep in mind that fighting a conventional war and fighting a assymetric war against heavily armed terrorists bottled up among civilians inside urban areas requires completely different set of skills and mindset and therfore not wise to judge any countries warfighting capability based on that.
    during war u have licence to kill without remorse anything that moves (unspoken truth)
    however during CT operations inside ur own territory u have to hold back ur firepower to minimize collateral damage and prevent civilian backlash and civilian sympathy from tilting towards the terrorists.

  40. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jun 28

    A Ghanaian #BokoHaram spy apprehended at IDP camp in Damaturu by by Idp’s has confessed to #Military been on a spy mission. Moved to Nguru

    • chynedoo says:

      Spies are everywhere, but people will confess to anything if they are ‘processed’ naija style in the hands of any of our ‘uniformed’ people who are quite skilled at making even the Pope confess to being an area boy in his former life. Take such confessions with a pinch of salt

      • Sir Kay says:

        I get your point, but you don’t know that, so keep an open mind and not dismiss it as an impossibility. Terrorists can come from any country and terrorists do have spies, so it shouldn’t be too hard to believe that this is false.
        But since i do not know the situation, i will simply keep an open mind about it.

  41. lachit says:

    also what i said regarding the first buyer of jf 17 being myanmer several threads ago, it has been almost confirmed recently.
    lol as the joint developing country of jf 17, pakistanis are sure clueless ,their media was full of stories about sri lanka being the customer,brainwashed totally.

    and i have a sneaking believe that the NAF is playing a wait and watch game.
    also how good has been the all round performance of the j 7s in the NAF service will certainly hold some clues ,wheather jf 17 will come in sooner or later or if at all.

  42. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga Ojes says – “The economy has always played second fiddle to the military in Russia, that is what hinders Russia from real greatness”

    That is the Military / Civil synergy in Production and Manufacturing that comes from Economics which is still hindering Nigeria path to greatness, this was also implied in Oga Kola Adekola’s statement made earlier above that;

    “The university research effort can be financed by a company whose earnings in turn will come from military patronage, manufacturing and exports. All guaranteed by the FG.
    My Oga’s, if we follow such a simple path, we will be stunned at the technological spillover we will reap.”

    Igirigi would the Military effectively fund this product and would a civil entrepreneur invest as a junior partner ? The Country needs serious Synergy,

    Now we are being told that the safe is empty,(though not that bad) but how do we fund the NE war effectively, how do we maintain our equipment, How many other upcoming world powers ask for help, (even Brazil which was the worst borrower in the 70s-80s). This is the Magic of the Western Nations they have excellent Civil Military relationship and operate as one. China, adopted this to a large extend and has reaped from it, Brazil did the same with their Military industry, India and Pakistan gradually following up and adopting the same synergy of purpose within their nations.

    We need to wake up.

    • lachit says:

      dont mind but u kind of under stated it
      “China, adopted this to a large extend and has reaped from it”
      the chinese have mass productionized this concept from 1980s onward. lol

    • lachit says:

      and as much as it hurts me to say but india is not even in the picture.
      it has only taken baby steps and the results of these will only be evident in the comming 3-5 years, in the practical sense considering that technology is not developed overnight .it has a life cycle associated with it running into years R&D, firming up requirements ,hardware realization,trials,productionizing,optimizing etc . it kind of requires a long long development and gestation cycle for realizing high tech research.

      but i agree with u it is high time nigeria starts bulding up the fundations for this sort of academic and industrial collaborations .
      for starters it might be a good idea to send a few observers to china as soon as possible,

    • lachit says:

      and sir plz dont mind my above comments
      there is lot of misinformation in the defence domain
      especially about south asian countries
      so just tried to give every body the heads up

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Lachit, just a little diversion, pls did you see the post of the Indian Amy on parade, can you elaborate on the exercise being executed. it is very impressive

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Just posted a bloggs above I meant Indian Army

      • lachit says:

        @Capt Tobias Wilcock
        those men are not from the indian army (100% sure).
        to me they look like they belong to one of the state police force

        u should see the drills of the gokhas with the khukri or the nagas with the daos(machetes)
        u will be really impressed.

  43. chynedoo says:

    ‘Chibok Girls now kill for Boko Haram’ says an ‘eye witness’ interviewed by BBC. I’m starting to doubt whether these Chibok girls are really what we think. I mean, every girl found in Boko Haram custody either kept exclusively for some of the mullahs temporary enjoyment while waiting for their so of the harvest of virgins (those BH guys wiped out in Konduga are probably still waiting for their own virgins :)) or married off to the savages, are now regarded as ‘Chibok girls’…pray, how do we know who is a Chibok girl and who isn’t since anyone now can claim to be a Chibok girl, just like anyone now claims to have seen them in Boko Haram camps yet no one still knows where they are. Again, the BBC, and a host of foreign media appear to be exploiting this confusion and lack of verifiable evidence to determine the ‘authentic chibok girls’ from others just to expand and sustain the same narrative. Besides, isn’t it annoying that thousands of Nigerian girls and women are kidnapped, rapped and killed by Boko Haram yet the foreign media and even the journalists at home simply appear only interested in the Chibok girls. Are the other kidnapped women and girls less human than the girls from Chibok?
    There appears to be an uncomfortable, slanted narrative about the Chibok girls that is starting to just make other victims of Boko Haram’s brutal savagery appear expendable

    • ozed says:

      Rationalize these, i certainly cant because e dey make my head spin;
      – 200 girls kidnapped, though 100 escaped. i.e. about 300 girls kidnapped initially
      – These girls were writing physics and were SS3 students ONLY!! so what is the total school population plus arts students???
      – Dont know when you went to school, but my own school which was a big unity school did not have more than 100 physics students and it was a mixed school in the South
      – How is it that so many girls were writing physics in a Northern school where girl child education is not so high?
      – How come none of these 200 girls have turned up since then in spite of so many rescued by our gallant boys in green.
      – How come the leader of BBOG has just been appointed as chief of staff by El rufai? coincidence maybe?
      – how come the whole BBOG narrative seems to have vanished?
      – how come the chibok girls principal’s name came up for appointment in the Bornu state govt, an allegation that has been hastily denied but not without bringing to mind the ‘no smoke without fire’ adage.

      Plenty questions my brother!!!!!

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Ozed, which Unity school did you attend? Just curious, but don’t worry about it if you want that confidential, went to a Unity school as well

      • emereuwa says:

        That Chibok story is what it is, A STORY!
        Pure SCAM.
        I don’t care what anyone says about it.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      The entire Chibok kidnapping na wash.

      We will just continue hearing story after story to explain their seeming disappearance from the face of Earth and why their parents (or most of them) don’t seem to exist.

      It was done for political reasons.

  44. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Oje, the armata as much as I like it is still in fine tune state, they don’t even have a battalion worth of the tank. The once we all saw were for show, one even broke down. I believe that WHEN its done, it will be the tank to beat.

    Haven said that, it can’t be use 2day, or 2moro, or next month! Perhaps by the beginning of next year. For now, the Russian army will have to depend on the T90s and T72 upgrades and those are not up to 3000. Like I said, the T80s are out and will only be used in extreme circumstance.

  45. ifiok umoeka says:

    On the mobilization, we don’t know that. Bear in mind that only between 30 – 45% of the Russian army is pro (contract). Constript have never made good invaders or occupants. But like I said, its not the 1st day alone that decides, its the days after and logistics it is. The western military district covers the Baltic area as well as the northwest to the north pole. That formation can’t take on NATO alone. They will get reinforcement from the central military district (as will the southern military district, think ukraine, georgia etc). Now grab a map and drink in the logistics involved with the sea route out of question. Agreed that the soviet era infrastructure is still in place and it was designed to move the then soviet army west. However, eastern europe was Warsaw-pact. 2day, it is NATO. Also, the rail system in place is ok…barely. We have to remember the Russian economy only boom for 10 years and this is not enough to right the wrongs of decay that happened from the late 80s.

  46. ifiok umoeka says:

    Ukraine: we all knew what was coming,(Georgia was a sign), we where only surprised @ how easy it was for Ukraine to capitulate! Then again, if u looked at the state of the Ukrainian economy, the decay in the military with no serious step to address it, how their capabilities were gradually eroded intentionally while the Berkut SF where propped up, corruption, one can only conclude that Ukraine lost to Russia in 2010 when Yanukovych was voted into power. But then again, who says the Russians won? Who’s to say that all these is not some (here we go again conspiracy ±^¤). However, if u remember that the soviets lost the cold war and the economy that reign them in when trying to out spend the west in defense, ally support, space tech etc, as well as the Afghanistan money and men pit( and of course their unsustainable economic model aside). Who is to say that the US is not setting this up expecting a similar out come!

  47. ifiok umoeka says:

    Back to Poland and Finland, these guys are not sleeping sir. They are the keenest observers of what the Rodina is doing exercise wise and have already began to implement counter measures. There will be no strategic or tactical surprise for Russia, sorry. What’s the use of putting on a mask if the wearer is already know? No, Maskirovka will not help.
    Finland has already reviewed her defense and adjusted it formula. The same can’t be said about say Sweden. Go back and look at the responses of both when mystery subs appear in their waters or Russian probing flights!

    @ Oga Prinx perhaps a better point is that Russia is not USSR. Do a rough comparing of Russian and the USSR and u would be stunned! Enough said.

    @ Oga Trigger. Check this out – CHAMP(
    Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project) as well as Direct-energy weapon. By the way, EMP doesn’t discriminate, it will affect Russia (allies) too except the strike is deep inside ukraine, if used in east ukraine, then both side should prepare to fix bayonet

    Gen Freegulf, are u comparing Finland 2day to South vietnam and S. Korea of the 70s and 50s? Come on!

  48. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Capt, while ur points a ultra valid, Oga Oje has made a lot of sense. When u make the military the bases of a nations existence, give it enough time and u will either have a USSR or a N. Korea!
    However, look at the Chinese model (oh and yes their thieving, its the vision I’ve been talking about) and their balance…perhaps it come with all that Taichi and kunfu or common sense. Today, Russian keeps turning out some mind blowing stuff but need outside patronage…a Chinese or an Indian buy to take it from R & D to production. That’s what happens when u have a fixation for military to the exclusion of all others. Like the say ‘its the economy stupid’, in this world, have bucks will travel

  49. Kola Adekola says:

    There is no European country that can withstand a week of war with Russia. That is the sad truth and comes out in all in-depth analysis of NATO’s capabilities. America, with the worlds most powerful army (at least on paper) is the only worthwhile counter to Russia. Against Russia, war in Europe will be done in a few short weeks according to European/American analysts.

    All European countries look up to America for protection; that includes Finland and Poland. It is the same for even Europe’s strongest like Germany, France and the UK.
    This is the main reason we must not overestimate the potency of NATO. Indeed, if tomorrow, Russia were to roll tanks across Eastern Europe (including NATO countries), the response would be limited to sanctions – far from military; then you will hear all sorts of political denials about what the NATO treaty really means, or who (outside the US) is ready to stick their necks out for it.

    We can only safely say two things about the two most formidable military formations the world knows:
    1. the US and its allies have the worlds most powerful military alliance (NATO),
    2. Russia has the most innovative military brains on Earth (practically every new weapon type is invented there).

    Any claim beyond both points above exists in the world of the unknown.

    • Are James says:

      Russia is nowhere near as innovative as the US in military technology. Let us get that straight. You have been reading the wrong things or maybe not reading at all and putting your wishes on paper. Also you are underestimating western Europe because of the civil business orientation that came from being capitalist democracies. Please do your research and put actual numbers down. Apart from tanks and nuclear weapons (which we are not talking about here)there is not much that is an advantage to Russia . As for tanks every experienced armoured general knows their limitations.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, pardon me, but you have managed to sound angry without getting your points across in a cogent way.
        I find addressing your post difficult, because it just seems a mangle between anger, “civil business orientation that came from being capitalist democracies” and nuclear weapons (which you have concluded we are not discussing). Mek we tek am easy, na early morning now!

        Russian innovations have provided by far the most advances to current weapons tech.
        Anyway, here are a few examples of epoch-making Russian tech:

        1. Multiple launch rocket system (MLRS, BM-13 Katyusha)
        2. Ground effect vehicle (GEV, Ekranoplan)
        3. First living thing in Earth orbit (Laika the dog)
        4. First satellite (Sputnik 1)
        5. First hydroplane (Sikorsky)
        6. T-34 tank (no explanations required of its military import)
        7. T-72 tank (same as above)
        8. T-14 Armata (same as above)
        9. Reactive armour (eg ERA)
        10. First ballistic missile submarines (SSB, Zulu IV class)
        11. First Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM)
        12. First Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM, R-7 Semyorka)
        13. First space station (Salyut 1)
        14. Missile boat
        15. Rocket propelled grenade (RPG)
        16. Anti-ballistic missile (System A, V-1000 )
        17. Stealth technology (math algorithms)
        18. Supermaneuverability (Su-27, Mig-29)
        19. Thermobaric weapon

        I’m now a bit tired of providing examples, so I’m gonna stop here.

        My Oga, what did you say about reading again? 🙂

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Just add “first” to anything I forgot to prefix with first in the list above.

      • Are James says:

        The only innovations here are the super MANEUVERABILITY and stealth-busting technology through a purely theoretical (mathematical physics) approach to the problem. The Russians are best in ” dy/dx” (as we would say in secondary school) in the whole world. They would use theoretical math to figure out what an American would do with numerical techniques/ super computer analysis or just plain computer based stochastic analysis to answer almost any problem. The American approach is more robust and the system rewards innovation more than any other country in the world. They have $$$bns flowing into dual use technologies everything driven by profit motive. American R&D budget alone is more than Russia’ s entire defence budget for two years. What they have started working on now we don’t have enough time to go into it nor is it out purpose. Let us just pit it simply by calling them game changing technologies. So your Armata, and new supermaneuvreable jets and helicopters ?…well they are a little too late to the game.

      • saleh says:

        You didn’t add the most reliable rifle in the world. The AK series

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Heheh! So true, Oga Saleh.
        I also didn’t go into electronic capabilities (eg jamming and hacking), which is one area of immense importance where they have displayed powerful examples of lateral thinking.

  50. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    It’s quite misinforming to state that the US navy has a higher number of aircraft than the Russian airforce has in its inventory. Based on the figure gleened from wikipedia:
    Us navy- 2,641 aircrafts
    Us airforce- 5,638 aircrafts
    Russian airforce- 3,175 aircrafts;
    Also,statistics for the two navies:
    Royal navy-
    Size 32,880 Regular
    3,040 Maritime Reserve
    7,960 Royal Fleet Reserve
    77 ships & 144 aircraft.

    Russian navy-
    133,000 (2005), incl Marines;
    280 ships
    254 aircraft.
    From the foreseen,I think the capability gap between the two counyries is quite obvious.
    Also,you mentioned the presence of the Ohio class sub in the Baltic. Have you heard of the Akula(largest sub in the world)and Borei classes subs?

  51. ifiok umoeka says:

    Greetings gentlemen.
    @ Oga Kola. Yes the Russian navy return only recently to combat patrols. However, for now its symbolic. The active subs and submariners are too few.
    No european nation? It took Russia a 8 days to settle Georgia in 2008. Yes Russia has improved much since then but this bear will take a lot more and a lot longer in the case of finland or poland. These guys are not Georgia or Ukraine!
    Then again, the again collective effort is the point in alliance! If Poland (Estonia, Latvia and lithuenia may be different pie) is attacked, they will get support as they can hold till reinforcement comes.
    If u go back to my earlier post, I talked about objectives and time lines! Thus, if it takes 2 weeks for reinforcement to arrive, the Russia looses if the can’t achieve their objective in less than 2 weeks! This is how wars are fought these days. Go back to the Gaza are or all the middle eastern wars and see.
    Russia is very innovative. The US is too (as well as UK, France, Japan, Israel etc)! But the point is not just birthing the idea, its growing it to maturity so as to deploy it. Again, today, Russia depends on India and China to buy before they can induct it in meaningful numbers. Brother, there’s price for 1st position if the tech can’t benefit u.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga, no European country can give Russia any sort of tough time. You guys keep using the 1930’s and Georgia (when Russia was just recovering from the breakup of the USSR) as template.

      Sir, those templates are faulty o! The T-14 is the closest thing to a battle ready robot in existence today; the turret is already remote controlled, weapons are autoloaded, its got video camera’s all round… Its just a small step away from being a highly potent unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). Perhaps, it already is a UGV is disguise. The days of Georgia are long gone.

      As for the arguments that Finland knows cold weather most, well Russia has Arctic missions. It is the country with perhaps the most potent Artic capabilities, with vessels both on the surface and below the ice crust. Finland has nothing remotely comparable. The US is the only country that can give Russia a black eye, but it would acquire one from Russia too.

      Russia does not need India or China to develop its weapons. RSK MiG and Sukhoi are commercial companies, so they need customers like any other business. Their customers don’t have to be China or India. The Russian govt buys from them like any other customer would (albeit a very highly privileged one).

      • Deway says:

        You are quite right Kola.

      • Are James says:

        All these are low technologies. You are talking of fighting that’s already a late comer . Where is the computing power coming from anyway. A lot of the knowledge for these things come from the business world R&D and the universities. Where do you find the best of those?. Manufacturing technology prowess belongs to the Germans and the Japanese. Indeed the only under estimated power in Europe is Germany . The only thing we think they have is money but look under the radar.
        Anyway UGVs from Russia are late to the game and we would like to see them operationalise an unjammable , unconfirmed-able system soon without bugs. Data processing and communication technologies now rule the world. How are they planning to develop all the data comms stuff that makes everything work seamlessly, what is the size of their GLOSNASS system of satellites and how robust is it as a backbone?.

  52. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Maduka, its not just the number u have, its the number that’s available for use. Like I said, get the real number of their active systems and the state of the non active one (and how long it take to bring them back to life). Moreover, majority of these systems are very old and where practically abandoned in the 90s. Add to that the fact of soviet era manufacturing techniques (the philosophy of mass producing cheap). This has been my objection to pre-1990 built tokumbo flankers and fulcrums. These delay is across the board from Typhoon class SSBN to the Kirov CGN, Sovremennyy DDG. They have only 3 of the Borei class SSBN and about 10 deltas are operational, Akula 10. The bulava SLBM have only fairly been passed as they have been failing until recently.
    The same for our military. If u just look @ the numbers quoted for us (Nigeria) and the number that are serviceable, u will see. Thus, its what u can use to affect the outcome that is the issue

  53. freeegulf says:

    oga ifiok, i dont understand your argument. are you in anyway insinuating that russia, the second most powerful country in the world cannot fight? or that they cannot invade either poland nor finland? is that the angle. if it is, then i find it extremely strange coming from you.

    as the second most powerful country in the world, you really think japan would open a new front while russia is busy dealing with either finland or possible. pray, tell, which japan? where would they get the mobilization from. even with nationalist policies of Abe, do you know how difficult it is to turn their geo strategy around. for a country with such a high GDP, joining the military is never the first option for the brightest talents. the military find it hard to recruit the best and the brightest. is not like nigeria that our military dont do paid advert with glossy action vids, and still end up getting thousands of hopefuls for openings that need just a few hundreds.

    even the militaristic japan of the WW2 era did not open a second front in siberia in spite of the plea from their fellow axis powers. and that was the hardcore japan, now you want these youths of today that know nothing about selflessness or budo spirit to then invade the siberian wilderness, common.

    there’s is no country that will give russia much trouble in europe, non. not france, not the UK, nor germany, how much more those air heads small republic that re waiting for washington to deploy training battalions in their territories. without the USA, europe is an empty shell, defence wise. they would need to have a strong EU force with germany back as control master of europe for the continent to ever get that strong militarily.

    sweden has traditionally been better armed than her neighbour finland. but here is a country that is wise, smart and do not get sucked into anglo american string play. they are well armed and everyone respect them for that. but please, do not mess with the russian bear. the likes of poland have always played the tragic role and get crushed or smashed after the house of cards come down crashing.

    wrt finland, i was explaining ideology and politics, and how they act as flame and steel for the strong armed forces, or wick for the less cohesive and weak armed forces. it was this lack of strong ideology that destroyed the ARVN, and ensured there is no south vietnam today. finland do not have the same strong ideology of the 30s, so please do not expect another fire and ice from them. the fire would mostly be coming from the russian direction.

    ps i would hardly classify myself as pro-russia, while i have an immense respect for the russian armed forces, my first choice with obvious bias will always be the Wehrmacht. dont think the world would ever have such a fine army anymore, ever!!!
    one of the rare occasions where the human will, brilliance, general staff institutional excellence, complete obedience and subservience to the state from both the officer corp and other rank, first rate technology, all came together to forge one of the greatest armed forces that ever matched to the battlefield.

  54. ifiok umoeka says:

    My Chairman Freegulf, u and I know that I’m not insinuating that Russian can’t fight! I’m a keen respecter of Rodina myself but let’s not generalize fighting. The issue @ hand is how Russia would manage an invasion of the Baltics, with specific regards to Finland and or Poland! And I have taken the pains to raise the issues they must overcome to be considered successful! No one has countered my points on the above! Russia is not going to load up her entire military and head west, just like we didn’t load up our entire military and head North-east. They have the western military district for that. One would expect that support will come from the Central and Southern military district with the later’s commitment in Ukraine, Georgia, as well as managing Amernia/Azerbigan.
    The point remains that in my opinion, the ability of these formations to achieve their objective (occupy Finland and or Poland along side Estonia and co in the bid to seize control of the Baltic, neutralizing NATO baltic command before meaningful reinforcement arrive) so as to negotiate from a position of strength is doubtful to say the least

  55. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Oje, Indian movie or real? Lol

    @ Oga Lachit, u didn’t applaud Oga Saleh, he got the answer right with regards to the big foot. They sits are fixed to the floor exposing the occupant to full shock from a blast instead of handing from the roof.
    Also, back to back sitting also betters awareness and increases the arc of fire (360• With the forward and rear machine guns) if there are firing ports.
    Thanks for the refresher in practical physics. I agree it u, those 155 could use upgrade and the Israelis are good at it. New and longer barrels, new FCS, GPS, C4i and turn half to truck based SP artillery. The Israelid, serbs, even the Chinese can do this.

    By the way guys, happy new month (quarter, half year) . May the sunset on out enemies and may 155mm shell (multi purpose shells) rain on them

    • lachit says:

      just got online
      and sure did a big hip hip hooray to saleh 😀
      why ru posting here it should be in the next thread LOLZZZ

      oga oje is sure one lucky man hehehe
      given that he is still alive and in full command of his faculties and among us 😀
      i would rather cohort with a female cobra than with a girl from my country. hehehe

      my best bets are on the israelis and serbs

      • lachit says:

        also while i was going through the comments above its seems that i am no longer the only one privy to the fact that russia is concerned with chinas military rise and its long term implications on russia.
        u also seem to share the same thought.

  56. doziex says:

    Oh my !!!
    Look. At the wealth of information folks have to spew about russia, Finland, china et al.
    Yet we aint got a clue about our own military due to their antiquated secrecy.

    Long live The Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

  57. freeegulf says:

    Louis Farrakan the fire brand hehe, he gave that guy a good dose, dishing out real humble pie lol

    @oga Ifiok, you do have a point, my grouse with your argument however, was the japanese angle and a new front in siberia while pseudo NATO forces are being demolished by russia.

    i will repeat it again, no COUNTRY in EUROPE have the capability to face RUSSIA, not germany, nor britain or france. these countries cannot stand russia in the battlefield. so forget about the likes of poland and finland, the bear will swat them like annoying flies.

    most of these countries including the baltic republics lived under the sickle and hammer, they remember with feverish the way the red army overran the whole of eastern europe and created the largest land empire. so this posturing from poland is nothing new. the poles have always been shortsighted when it comes to diplomacy, and in the end, they will always end up holding the shorter end of the stick.

    Czech republic and poland are both sites for USA missile shield program, but look at the vastly different way the czech are going about the issue, compare with the poles that are mouthing off at every single opportunity they get.
    this countries have to live with the might of russia and germany. nothing will stop germany being the masters of europe. rather, it is the approach that will be a concern, germany is the diamyo in europe.
    russia is the second most powerful country in the world, they would always keep a buffer along their borders. so politics there is nothing new. the small countries simply have to learn to balance diplomacy on both sides.

    @Oga Doziex, nigerian army and unnecessary secrecy, this is now becoming counter productive. what they have, and their capabilities, they are now discovering that it is far different from the contemporary reality. our TRADOC is non functional as the supposed brain of the army. hopefully, after the NE campaign, the army will overhaul their thinking and orbat.

  58. doziex says:

    Now that we have some mi-24/35s and some other helios, would it kill NAF to put the entire fleet in formation, for photo op purposes?

  59. freeegulf says:

    @ozed, we only hope that NA dont go back to their familiar situation and rest on the laurels. maybe this war was long due. the fire in NA has been lit, this burning flame has to rekindle a lot of good ol’ professionalism and war like mentality. they say they train an army for years to fight for a single day. we need to get to that serious way of conducting war

    @oga doziex, the NN understand and try with their lean budget to implement good strategic planning. and if given the necessary funding, will astutely procure ocean going vessels in good numbers for war. the NA, is 50/50 they move, then stop, then move, they are lucky their TOE isnt as expensive as the navy’s
    NAF on the other hand, they are way behind. the funding is not just their problem. it is their total lack of comprehension of modern air warfare. from planning, to acquisition, to tactics and strategy. they seem uninterested in contemporary progress in full spectrum war.
    its is distressing, and my fear is that they will continue for a long time as the weak link in our defence chain.

  60. ifiok umoeka says:

    My Ogas, sorry o, I came in late and after some rest decided to check in, pardon my misplaced post.

    Oga, did u say cobra? I know a good number of people who’s childhood fantasy had been marrying and indian girl (don’t blame them though, had to do with those Indian movies I guess, 4 me, an india movie was 3 American movies, I prefer the later. Though I did like India Commando, 50 50 and Tofan lol). I hope ur experience has not led u to give up on Indian women.
    As for the Russian/ Chinese dynamics, theirs is a marriage of convenience…they were cold war enemies remember. I would think that the position is obvious.

    Oga Doziex, na so we see am o! We what with what we have. I’ve always maintained that the secrecy isn’t about national security, its about personal security. If u don’t know, how will u disagree or protest? One of the few +ve (if it could be called that) is that the insurgency gave us a gleams of the state of our military. Let’s see how PMB goes about it

  61. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Freegulf,
    Poland is not pseudo NATO force, its a NATO force! Finland perhaps fit that description. Ur repetition is ur opinion sir, just as my maintaining that Russian invading the Baltic (Finland, Poland and co) is wishful thinking. There are not in a position to do so! In fact, they don’t have the capacity to achieve their objective if it is to occupy this region. The mere fact that most of this region lived under Soviet rule means they will fight to death not to live under it again! This will give them purpose to die or live.
    Red army over ran Eastern Europe? My brother, I know u remember ur WWII history and u know that Finland for one gave the Soviets then a sound trashing…2wice! Poland was a different matter as Germany had done most of the work. The Red army waited for 2 main reason;
    I. They like I said b4 wanted the German to do the hard part. They delayed till the Poles started withdrawing to Romania b4 attacking. As such they barely faced resistance with over 90% of polish forces drawn to the German threat.
    II. They had problems in the far east with Japan in the Siberia area. A few days after signing a neutrality pact with Japan, they felt free to attack Poland.

  62. ifiok umoeka says:

    Japan. Let’s look @ Japan. 1st, I didn’t say they would open another front in Siberia. Apart from the fact that Japan will side with NATO generally and the US specifically (they have a mutual asist def-pact), we must remember that Russia and Japan have a long standing territorial dispute in th Kurils. The southern part of these chain of Island belonged to Japan till they were sized by the Soviets after they violated their Neutrality pact as Japan was crumbling as a fighting force. In fact this happened after the USAF drop ‘little boy’ and ‘fat man’ on Japan.
    During the cold war, the Red navy’s eastern fleet was the 2nd most powerful as the region remains strategic. Japan and Russia fought at the turn of the last century and these orientals don’t 4get their history.
    2day, Russia has increased it military presence and activities in the area as has Japan! Both are constantly testing each others capacities and responses. It takes only an incidence to light up a crisis. How long punches will be thrown (if any) before cooler heads prevail is anyone’s guess. Russia can’t dismiss this in their calculation and no they will not respond it nuclear bombs. The japanese will also have to contend with whether China will seize the moment to make it move in the South or N. Korea will start up trouble. Serious minded thinkers measure their actions and response vis the actions and responses of other players in a hi octane strategic game. It happened in 1971 Indo-pak war as well as in the 73 Israeli-Arab war!
    Given that Japan will not just start up a front to support NATO, but if an opportunity presents itself and they are convinced that they can weather the cost, they will take it especially this present Japanese administration.

  63. ifiok umoeka says:

    On Czech/Pole difference in approach, how does that translate to weakness in the later? Do the Czechs share border with Russia? Russia is not silent either, both side understand they use of propaganda.
    Russia being the 2nd most powerful nation on earth, is that with regards to it nuclear or conventional forces? If its the second alone, the Chinese will contest that

    Lest we 4get, may I keep reminding that Russia is not the Soviet Union! And the capabilities of both don’t match

  64. Manny Aydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, we don lef 9ja begin talk Russia and America o! Me I no respect this hustle at all (apologies to McShegz), lol

  65. Manny Aydel says:

    @Gen Beegs, on 15 March 2013 you opened a link on Beegeagleblog with a title that expressed the disquiet of the then CAS, Air Marshal A. Badeh, at the ‘slow pace of work’ for a hangar meant to house an ‘unspecified aircraft’ in Benin. Is there any update sir? Or is it the ATR that was being expected (seeing we already had our complement of that aircraft type delivered by then).

  66. freeegulf says:

    hehe oga ifiok, which NATO? it is when poland is being swallowed you would see NATO shifting the goal post. collective defence ko, eastern europe defence ni. forget those guys, they only find it easy to intimidate 3rd rate power. they will never fight russia. the day you hear that, please make peace with your creator and kiss this earth goodbye as we know it.

    neither washington, nor london, nor berlin will start armargeddon over the same useless poland that played a roll in the greatest catastrophe of modern history, WW2. the germans definitely wouldnt. the poles still have alot of issues with them. forget about direct shooting war involving russia and the united states.
    this was how some funny scientists with rand institute where trying hard to craft a strategy that involves a winnable nuclear war! imagine the madness.

    as for japan, you still getting the whole picture wrong. from a geo strategic point of view, it is totally distorted. you are still betting on japan fighting a conventional war against russia. which japan, the one you re hoping abe will build? or the japan of the stagnant 90s?

    they will need to dig deeper to rekindle their budo spirit. NATO is not fighting russia, so there will be no japan-nato alliance. except a far weaker russia than today. and even that will be more dangerous. because an unstable russia, with rogue republics within the fractured federation, and nothing to lose, hmm, nuclear winter for the world.

    japan and russia fought at the beginning of the 20th century and japan won. then the more militaristic japan of the 30s decided for one more round and where soundly beaten by georgi zhukov. what zhukov started, vasilievsky completed with the invasion of manchuria and complete vanquish of the kwantung army.
    and those islands you referred to, they have been a subject of dispute for centuries between both countries. russia ceded it to them after they lost the 1904 war, and regained it back as part of the great manchurian strategic offensive. so its not so one sided. moreover, you make it sound like the red army where stealing victory. no they weren’t. from the onset, when the allies where pushing for the soviets to declare war on japan ( and the japanese where doing everything to renew their pact ), stalin promised to launch the war 3 months after defeating the nazis. and that was exactly what he did. the great manchuria strategic operation was is one of today’s forgotten offensives. however, for students of war studies, that offensive was one of the most brilliant ops of the 2nd world war.

    the long and short of it, NATO will always be absent in the eastern european theatre. its the economic and political sides russia would have to contend with. as for direct military confrontation, it goodbye mother earth if any stupid leader decide to become a nutter.

    • Are James says:

      “NATO will always be absent in the European theatre” . Why do you guys post these things?
      The only country that does not believerify this is the Russians themselves. NATO has been moving irresponsibly eastwards since the late 90s. It does not pay to be posting wishes as fact.

  67. ifiok umoeka says:

    Hahahaha Oga Freegulf! Just saw this one, but I will let it slip (so that Oga Manny will not bit off my head).

    Let me just say this, I came across this art work, a bird swallowing a frog while the frog had its hands wrapped round the birds neck choking it…(smiles)

    Oga Obix sorry o, didn’t see the post “…like the way u use the name Rodina”, Tom Clancy, of blessed memory (along with Robert Ludlum, Harrison Pine etc) is responsible. Thank u

    Oga Freegulf, I’ve made peace with my Creator…(smiles again)

  68. freeegulf says:

    oga ifiok, abeg no make any peace yet, enjoy life and all the goodies. but the moment NATO and russia gets crazy enough to start a direct conflict, then it is goodbye to mother earth!!
    with others, i would rarely push this topic. however, you, oga ifiok, your knowledge of geo politics is deep, so i will keep saying this, do not take those little eastern european states serious. great powers have been tossing them around for centuries. washington is no different.
    russia needs her buffer, and only a drunken buffon like yelsin would have allowed the nonsense of the 90s to take place without unsheathing the sword!

    @oga are james, yes NATO is expanding, and it is exactly for this reason russia is taking steps to keep her buffer. no serious power would allow an alliance run by shadowy powers to surround her, that is an existential threat.
    have we ever sat down to ask the real question, why do we have NATO? what is the use of NATO today? this is an alliance that was originally formed to counter soviet aggression. so why is the alliance still in play today, a quarter of a century after the dissolution of the USSR? NO, they just keep trying to reinvent themselves to stay relevant. it was a tool for continued american footprint in europe, today, it has a more sinister use, for globalist policies. putin is doing what every serious leader would do. if china decide to build military alliance in latin america, with anti missile shield et al, i believe the USA would react too.

    having a single super power is not good for the world. most especially in today’s world where our politicians are simply mere puppets to shadowy economic figures at the background.
    as a ‘statist’, its my view that national sovereignty should supersede MNCs and their globalist agenda. a strong russia, and a strong china would always keep america balanced. china will not be overtaking america as superpower anytime soon. but they should be strong enough to keep the USA in check. so should russia, who re quite timid when it comes to imperialism. just like germany, europe is their main centre of action. so poland or the baltic states are not going to stop this reality, NATO or not.

    • Are James says:

      I agree with your statist posture. If God wanted world government and uniformity in every thing he won’t have created different races and kingdoms . As far as I a concerned, coke, jeans and the Internet are just enough as far as globalisation is concerned.

      Funny enough the Europeend also have the same attitude to American influence. Very funny. The same arguments we have seen about Buhari and western influences on his regime also plays out in Germany and France whosee people often feel like vassal states as well. So who is really pulling strings . A few weeks ago it was self deprecating articles in France about US spying directly on the French Presidential palace and more revelations about German Chancellor phone snooping. Who really is pulling strings?
      If it is the US , Presidential elections are soon coming and /not doing things like Europe” will start again being the sing song from the Republican party.

      I am now convinced that if there is a globalism agenda it is not being pushed by so called western nations but by a multi- national group of people (not states) and almost all countries west and east are being brow beaten to toe the line.
      Nigerian attitudes to gay marriage are not different from what obtains in at least 52 states of the US, many European countries are in just as much debt per GDP as African countries and more conspiracy theories about globalisation come from the US than any other country.
      The only thing we should be doing as a country is getting rid of attitudes that weaken us – corruption, micro nationalism, sentiment coming out of negative events in history.

  69. freeegulf says:

    @oga manny, once once we need to dabble into foreign affairs. we might think they dont affect nigeria, but one way or the other, these things do have their ripple effects across the world.

    who would have thought NATO would launch a war of aggression against libya. this is the alliance, not just individual states.
    NATO is steadily metamorphosing into the enforcement arm of shadowy powers. tomorrow, we would have quarrel with our neigbhour, while expecting just france, we might end up with the whole alliance on our 6.

    take nothing away from what is happening right before us. not since the 70s has the world witness this level of conflagration in such diverse hot spots. slowly, nation states are being eroded. we are being told that it shouldnt be a big deal. hmm.

    for an alliance that continue to expand, and no one seems to ask them ‘hang on, who are you protecting these little states from?’ a resurgent russia? iran? superpower china? who? there is definitely a seismic shift currently in global governance.

  70. ifiok umoeka says:

    Aye aye, Oga Freegulf, good morning

  71. Alibo says:

    A digression. Just read on social media that the US is now willing to sell Nigeria 8 Apache Attack Helicopters worth $500 million. How true is this?

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