A T72 M1 battle tank

A Huey helicopter

A Bofors FH77 155mm howitzer in transit

A pair of Chinese-built BigFoot MRAPs at the frontlines

Gunners and a Bofor 155mm howitzer

An assortment of REVA MRAPs of the 72 Strike Force

A column of armoured vehicles with a BTR APC in the foreground


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  1. Akin Oges says:

    Just wondering if “72” represents 72 units of REVA MRAPs acquired by the NA? And thumbs up to the Beeg One for these pictures. Nice Sir.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Akin, that’s the name of the Mobile Strike Force, not the number of vehicles. The “72 Mobile Strike Force” are from the 72 Special forces battalion based in Makurdi, Benue State.

  2. I think the Jonathan really equipped the army for this fight. Buhari should please consolidate on this, God helping us we will one day exterminate this marauding terrorists.

  3. NIgerian Army day will be marked from 1st-6th July 2015

  4. lachit says:

    in the picture of the chinese big foot MRAP.
    u can see the interior of the passenger cabin.

    now u all know that one of the prime responsibilities of MRAP is to safeguard the travelling troops from life threathing injuries due to mine and IED explosion.

    can anybody spot a deficiency/provision which has been neglected by the manufacturer which would have provided additional safety from mines and IED blasts to the troops travelling inside.

    hint: look inside the MRAP

    • ozed says:

      Given the risk of RPG detonation against the sides of the MRAP i would have put the troop seats back to back in the middle of the cabin facing the windows, not with their ‘backs against the wall’ so to speak LOL and facing inwards like we see in the picture.

      My view!

      • lachit says:

        my question was with regard to mines and IED going off under the ur answer is not correct.

        ur answer was with regard to a hit from the sides and
        in light to a side ways hit from a RPG etc
        ur answer/solution is very correct. 😀
        infact significant western MRAPS implements ur idea of “troop seats back to back in the middle of the cabin facing the windows”
        it provides additional safety from sideways hits.
        good thinking by the way.

        now if u can reason some more u will surely get the correct answer to my question where i asked what modification/feature could have be implemented to ensure safety from mines and ied blast underneath the MRAP.
        when a mines goes off the shock waves will travel upwards.there i gave u a hint lol 😀

    • emereuwa says:

      Oga lachit, Am still waiting to get the answer to your own question on the deficiency in the MRAP design.

    • saleh says:

      the chairs ought to have been suspended from the ceiling

      • lachit says:

        saleh u got it right man
        hip hip hooray to u 😀

      • lachit says:

        the most optimized position/configuration of seats in a MRAP is to place the seats back to back in the middle of the cabin facing the windows and the seats should be suspended from the ceiling.

        if the seats are fixed to the bottom the shock waves are propogated through the seats much faster and amplified in magnitude thus causing serious injuries leading to death.also the feet of the troops remain in contact with the floor of the MRAP which is the reason why leg injuries are most common in mine blasts.
        suspending the seats from the ceiling isolates the seated troops from the upwards shockwaves somewhat. and also the feet no longer remains in contact with the floor of the MRAP.thus isolating the legs from shockwaves due to explosions underneath the MRAP.

        another easier way to understand is to imagine the shockwaves being absorbed/conducted by the hull(usually V shaped hull) away from the central alley of the cabin ie deflected outwards or in some cases minimized by crumple zones of the hull all the while the central suspended harness is isolated because the shockwaves are weaken /absorbed wholly / deflected outwards by the time they reach the suspended harness connected to the ceiling portion of the MRAP.

        imagine the shockwaves like electricity seeking the easiest route to the soldiers via the MRAP frame. u can ignore the propagation through the air because that would be absorbed mostly by the hull.

        lol i hope i did not invoke too imagination 😀

  5. lachit says:

    also the bofors could go in for some upgrades
    maybe upgunning to 52 calibre to increase the range almost thrice.
    by the way where is the muzzle velocity radar.
    cant spot it.
    does it not have one?

    • Are James says:

      …disconnected as any sensible army should when the object is just a bunch of half trained fast moving zealots and criminals.

  6. lachit says:

    is it me or did anybody notice the COCA-COLA crate 😀 being used as a makeshift seat in the huey helicopter. lol
    god forbid but if that huey helicopter hits turbulence while in flight , the person sitting on that crate is going to need a parachute.
    better to rip a seat from a car and bolt it down to the heli frame together with the restraining seat belt.
    even a low swivel pedestal chair with seat belts bolted on to the frame would do.

    just my opinion

    • Are James says:

      The gunner goes under the belt and he stays secure. Also I don’t know if you’ve ridden in a chopper before but the turbulence is not the kind you get on fixed wing. Finally, these pics are not to show a neat and tidy, they are to show the reality of military operations unfolding. Things would not be much different if you were photographing the US or British Army personnel in an actual on going war. The pictures from Vietnam and some Afghanistan pictures were actually worse than these but the ruggedness was all the more attractive.

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        about the coca cola crate i was just concerned about the safety aspect,nothing else.
        better to be safe than sorry. i understand off the field improvisation,and if it serves the purpose good enough.
        and about the turbulence in a heli lots of dead people can testify to that lol
        i just hope u did not take my opinion in the wrong sense lol 😀

        without a muzzle velocity radar u will not be able to get accurate gun laying at long ranges .
        first 2-3 shots fired at long ranges without adeguate info is going to send the ” half trained fast moving zealots ” running all over for cover since it will be inaccurate .
        even with manual laying guns without adequate info like muzzle velocity, range etc it requires minimum 2-3 shots to get a rough idea where the shells are landing and only then will u be able to get resonable accuracy.thats why the Fire Observaton officer concept was implemented in the first place.
        maybe the muzzle velocity radar got kaput,and due to unavaibility of spares it was removed.resonable since these guns were bought in the 80 if i am correct.

  7. lachit says:

    The total effect of all interior ballistic factors (like Tube wear, Manufacturer tolerances, and Reaction to recoil etc ) determines the velocity at which the projectile leaves the muzzle of the tube, which directly influences the range achieved by the projectile, which in turn effects the accuracy.

    This velocity, called muzzle velocity (MV), is expressed in meters per second (m/s). Actual measurements of the muzzle velocities of a sample of rounds corrected for the effects of non-standard projectile weight and propellant temperature show the performance of a specific weapon for that projectile family-propellant type-charge combination.

    The resulting measurements are compared to the standard muzzle velocity shown in the firing table of the gun. This comparison gives the variation from standard, called muzzle velocity variation (MVV) for that weapon and projectile family-propellant type-charge combination. Application of corrections to compensate for the effects of nonstandard muzzle velocity is an important element in computing accurate firing data.
    hope this clears what i was trying to say with regard to importance of muzzle velocity radar.

    however the absence of muzzle velocity data can be compensated by using air-bursting rounds/proximity rounds they have a wider kill zone than normal rounds.
    the older guns world wide did not have MV radar so they had to practice enough to minimize the no of rounds to be fired to get the accurate gun laying info.additionally the fire observation officer was roped in to provide fire corrections as and when necessary.

    • lachit says:

      also detailed muzzle velocity data is helpful for indicating

      1.Tube wear : The greater the tube wear, the more the muzzle velocity decreases
      2. Damaged propellant grains : propellant grains can get damaged due to cracking and splitting from improper handling, which affects the rate of burn and thus the muzzle velocity. is high time to clean the barrel/projectiles : an increase in bore resistance to projectile movement increases the pressure developed within the tube. Generally, this results in a dragging effect on the projectile, with a corresponding decrease in the developed muzzle velocity.this is caused due to excessive deposits of residue within the cannon tube or on plz get the brooms out 😀

      and many more

  8. Oje says:

    I once had an Indian girlfriend, Fond memories…..

    • lachit says:

      Fond memories of a indian girlfriend…..
      r u sure she was indian? 😀
      come to india and have a GF here
      u will be spending rest of ur life in an asylum or in jail 😀 LOL
      any girl from anywhere in the world except indian girls (some exceptions are always there) are good as partners.
      this is from my and other acquianted peoples vast and hell like experience.
      (eg if a girl in india thinks that u r staring at her she can send u to jail for 2-3 years . also the no of men and their parents who have committed suicide due to abuse from their wifes is more than half of such cases happening worldwide )
      i think russian/soviet block girls are best kind of my opinion 😀
      middle east girls are also good but are too docile for my tastes. 😀

  9. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, please excuse this digression.

    The latest news is that the F-35 was VERY soundly beaten in a dogfight by a 70’s/80’s era F-16, despite the $1trillion dollar plus F-35 budget! Jesusuuu!

    To make matters worse, the F-35 flew with nothing under its wings or in its internal weapons bays, while the the F-16 was hampered by under-wing external fuel drop-tanks, putting it at a very strong disadvantage manoeuvrability-wise.

    If anything, this offers grim lessons on how not to build our military industrial complex whenever we get around to doing it.

    • Are James says:

      F 35s were not built for dogfights. Dogfights are so medieval. F 35s are about getting quickly to a battle field, seeing you first without been seen and farther out than you can see it, killing you at a range you wont believe and getting out fast. Now there are serious issues with early failures on some components of the aircraft but to make a blanket statement about its lack of capabilities in its own battle field niche is being very amateurish. In the arcanely mis informing world of defence reporting, these stories are quite likely being pushed by the Americans themselves to confuse opposition or just people opposed to that amount on spending on a defence program. The F 35 also has versions for the army and navy. The nasalised versions would take off vertically, suoercruise to target with the minimum observation and accomplish objectives. I am not a particular fan of the F 35 especially against the F 15 Advanced Eagle or its more capable cousin, the F 22 but we have to be careful about unproven in-capabilities because of some restricted context engagements

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, those long range things are just nice to have theories. They are impractical (as stealth is too) against comparable armies. Each side would have the time to neutralise the other with equally long range counter strategies. Such strategies would be close to 100% successful at long range; therefore, there will be a need to exploit weaknesses (climb rate, max altitude, speed, pitch rate etc).

        The greatest flaw of the F-35 that link hints at is situational awareness (the reason the F-16 could sneak up on it). My Oga, you know that is a fatal flaw in any military formation or weapons system.
        If an F-35 cannot detect an old bird like the F-16 creeping up on it at short range, then it is not of much use at long range. This is because, the square of the areal sizes of its blind spots would increase in proportion with distance (inverse square law).

        If dogfights are outmoded, then the US army which is a highly professional outfit by any measure, wouldn’t be bothering to do dogfight simulations neither would it be “being very amateurish” for doing so.

        By the way, who do you really think would be getting fooled by false stories of failure, considering the regular news of the staggering successes of hackers from diverse countries like Israel, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia etc? Those being “fooled” almost certainly already know what is what.

      • lachit says:

        guys we need to delve into history
        remember the zero fighter
        it was good fighter which the americans where finding it hard to handle.
        untill they laid their hands on to a working zero fighter.
        they flew it around extensively studying its weakness and strengths.
        and rest of it is history.
        the zero was no competition after that.

        any fighter has its own strength and weakness.
        we cannot simply overlook it because of some supposed flaws.
        also not wise to have opinions based on media reports.

        also f16 has been around for sometime so pilots have perfected its flight operations and tactics same cannot be said for the f35.
        but given time maybe f35 will leave it up to its reputation.

        also dogfighting is not is still relevent today.the only 100% gurranteed way to kill ur opponent is to close in and get into a dogfight.

  10. lachit says:

    heres a tutorial on how to interpret all the data produced in a F16 cockpit incase u all someday get to fly a F16 or if u what to make ur dreams more realistic where u all are shooting down chad MIG 29s 😀

    the primary technology that a fighter aircraft uses to lock and track an enemy aircraft is its onboard radar.aircraft radars typically have two modes: search and track.
    1. In search mode, the radar sweeps a radio beam across the sky in a zig-zag pattern. When the radio beam is reflected by a target aircraft, an indication is shown on the radar display.
    2. In search mode, no single aircraft is being tracked, but the pilot can usually tell generally what a particular radar return is doing because with each successive sweep, the radar return moves slightly.

    below is the picture of a fire control radar display for an F-16 where the radar is in a search mode

    here each white brick is a radar return. because the radar is only scanning, not tracking, no other information is available about the radar targets.
    (there is one exception:the Doppler shift of the radar return can be measured, to estimate how fast the aircraft traveling towards or away from u, much like the pitch of an oncoming train’s whistle can tell you how fast it’s coming at u.this is displayed as the small white trend line originating from each brick.)

    also note that the cursors are over the bottom-most brick (closest to ur aircraft).finally u all waanabe pilots 😀 are all set to lock up this target and this will put the radar into a track mode.

    In track mode, the radar focuses its energy on a particular target.because the radar is actually tracking a target, and not just displaying bricks when it gets a reflection back, it can tell the pilot a lot more about the target.
    the picture below shows what the F-16’s fire control radar display looks like when a target is locked:

    along the top we have a lot of information about what our radar target is doing:
    1.Its aspect angle (angle between its nose position and our nose position) is 160° to the left,
    2.its heading is 190°,
    3.its airspeed is 450 knots,
    4.and our closure rate is 828 knots.

    with this information, u all pilots gets a much better idea of what the aircraft is doing, but at the expense of information about other aircraft in the area.
    just make sure to have me as ur wingman LOL 😀

    also note that in the above picture, the bottom-most (closest) target is locked (circle around it), the two targets further away are tracked (yellow squares), and there are two radar returns even further away (white bricks). this is demonstrating an advanced feature of modern radars, situational awareness modes.
    a radar in SAM(situational awareness mode) combines both tracking and scanning to allow a pilot to track one or a small number of “interesting” targets while not losing the big picture of what other targets are doing. In this mode, the radar beam sweeps the sky, while briefly and regularly pausing its scan to check up on a locked target.

    it is better to remember that all of this comes with the end, a radar is only as powerful as it is, and you can put a lot of radar energy on one target, or spread it out weakly throughout the sky, or some compromise in the above photo you can see two vertical bars spanning the height of the display — these are the azimuth scan limits.its the aircrafts way of telling u, “OK, I can both track this target, and scan for other targets, but in return, I’m only going to scan a 40° wide cone in front of the aircraft, instead of the usual 60°.
    Radar, like life, is full of tradeoffs.
    just like girlfriends/wives 😀
    how many of u agree with that???

    an important thing to note is that a radar lock is not always required to launch weapons at a target. For guns kills, if the aircraft has a radar lock on a target, it can accurately gauge range to the target, and provide the pilot with the appropriate corrections for lead and gravity drop, to get an accurate guns kill. Without the radar, the pilot’s own judgement must be used.

    as an example of that,u all can take a look at the F-16’s HUD (heads-up display) when in the process of employing guns at a radar-locked target:

    It is really simple: the small circle labeled “bullets at target range” is called the “death dot” by F-16 pilots. Basically, it represents where the cannon rounds would land if u fired right now, and the rounds traveled the distance between u and the locked target. In other words, if u want a solid guns kill, simply fly the death dot onto the airplane.Super simple.hehehe 😀

    But what if there’s no radar lock? LOLZZ Well then the HUD looks like this:

    no death dot — but you still have the funnel. the funnel represents the path the cannon rounds would travel out in front of you if u fired right now. the width of the funnel is equal to the apparent width of a predetermined wingspan at that particular range. So, if u didn’t have a lock on your target, but u knew it had a wingspan of 35 feet, u could dial in 35 feet, then fly the funnel until the width exactly lined up with the width of the enemy aircraft’s wings, then squeeze the trigger and fire away to ur hearts content ,just dont spend all the ammo or jam up the gun 😀
    but on the hindsight i am 100% sure most of u guys will do just that 😀 😀

    any ways happy hunting guys
    even if it is in ur dreams shooting down chad MIG29s or even other neighbouring SU 30s LOL 😀

  11. lachit says:

    now that u all are expert in shooting down aircrafts with the guns of the F16
    now i think it is time to learn to use the air to air missiles.

    for heat-seeking missiles, a radar lock is only used to train the seeker head onto the target.
    without a radar lock, the seeker head scans the sky looking for “bright” (hot) objects, and when it finds one, it plays a distinctive whining tone to the pilot.the pilot does not need radar in this case, he just needs to maneuver his aircraft until he has “good tone,” and then fire the missile.
    the radar only makes this process faster.
    say r u all suprised at the use of radar for firing infrared missiles 😀

    as u all know radar-guided missiles come in two varieties passive and active.
    Passive radar missiles do require a radar lock, because these missiles use the aircraft’s reflected radar energy to track the target.
    Active radar missiles however have their own onboard radar, which locks and tracks a target. But this radar is on a one-way trip, so it’s considerably less expensive (and less powerful) than the aircraft’s radar. So, these missiles normally get some guidance help from the launching aircraft until they fly close enough to the target where they can turn on their own radar and “go active.” (this allows the launching aircraft to turn away and defend itself.) It is possible to fire an active radar missile with no radar lock (so-called “maddog”); in this case, the missile will fly until it’s nearly out of fuel, and then it will turn on its radar and pursue the first target it sees.This is not a recommended strategy if there are friendly aircraft in close proximity to the enemy.
    and even if u all beg me i wont be ur wingman if u all wanna go all “maddog” 😀 LOL

    also we have semi-active radar homing missiles where a launch platform targets the enemy with its search radar, while the missile that is about to be fired is powered up. the launch platform then “paints” the enemy target with radar waves, which the missile follows to the target. Locked on in this sense would mean the radar of the launch platform has “painted” the enemy target with radar waves and is ready to launch a missile at it. this process of “being painted” can be detected, and is a way to know that you r about to have a missile fired at u.

    and now to ur own protection,since our dreams are realistic and so chad MIG 29s might try to chew our ass in a big way.
    so dont worry i have got a tutorial for that too 😀
    plz plz no need to thank me for being so concerned 😀 😀

    if ur F16 is in danger because a radar is painting it or locked onto it.there are ways to evade it. radar is just radio waves, and just as ur FM radio converts radio waves into sound, so can an aircraft analyze incoming radio signals to figure out whos doing what.this is called an RWR, or radar warning receiver, and has both a video and audio component.
    below is a picture is a typical RWR display

    although an aircrafts radar can only scan out in front of the aircraft, an aircraft can listen for incoming radar signals in any direction, so the scope is 360°. a digital signal processor looks for recognizable radio “chirps” that correspond to known radars, and displays their azimuth on the scope. a chirp is a distinctive waveform that a radio uses. See, if two radios use the same waveform simultaneously, they’ll confuse each other, because each radio won’t know which radar returns are from its own transmitter. To prevent this, different radios tend to use distinct waveforms. this can also be used by the target aircraft to identify the type of radar being used, and therefore possibly, the type of aircraft.

    In the above picture of RWR display, the RWR has detected an F-15 (15 with a hat on it indicating aircraft) at the 7-o’clock position.the strength of the radar is plotted as distance from the center — the closer to the center, the stronger the detected radar signal, and therefore possibly the closer the transmitting aircraft.

    also detected at the 12- to 1-o’clock position are two surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites, an SA-5 “Gammon” and an SA-6 “Gainful”. these are Russian SAM launching radars and represent a serious threat.the RWR computer has determined the SA-6 to be the highest priority threat in the area, and thus has enclosed it with a diamond.
    hope the chads have SAMs.i meant in ur dreams. hehehe 😀

    RWR also has an audio component.each time a new radar signal is detected, it is converted into an audio wave and played for the pilot.because different radars “sound” different, pilots learn to recognize different airborne or surface threats by their distinctive tones.the sound is also an important cue to tell the pilot what the radar is doing: If the sound plays once, or intermittently, it means the radar is only painting our aircraft (in search mode). If a sound plays continuously, the radar has locked onto our aircraft and is in track mode, and thus the pilot’s immediate attention is some cases, the RWR can tell if the radar is in launch mode (sending radar data to a passive radar-guided missile), or if the radar is that of an active radar-guided missile.In either of these cases, a distinctive missile launch tone is played and the pilot is advised to immediately act to counter the threat.
    now plz dont get too coocky and start buzzing the chad air defence systems even in ur dreams because i forgot to mention that the RWR has no way of knowing if a heat-seeking missile is on its way to ur F16 and u all might end up kissing the chad dirt. hehehe 😀

    so to detect infrared missiles ur aircraft needs to have IR and Optronic sensors.and also its threat display screen is almost similiar to RWR display.most IR and Optronic sensor systems are capable of automatic/autonomous actions by launching flares and initiating countermeasures by themselves while simultaneously alerting the pilot of the direction of the incomming threat.
    just make sure that u all dont fall asleep even in ur dreams where u all r engaging chad MIG 29s/others SU30s in a dogfight LOL 😀

    fun apart did u all find it interesting and informative?
    i did enjoy very much posting it 😀

    • lachit says:

      all the above info is equally applicable to almost all fighter aircrafts because they share the same basic design/operating philosophy be it the HUD or the display or the various warning systems only difference is their level of capability and level of high technology usage into the aircraft

    • buchi says:

      damnn interesting oga lachit, its been long since i played my Simulators Flamming Clips, highly informative, just to add for active radar guided missiles on most painting mode the target aircraft receives a single beep at intervals of 3 seconds(FA 18,mirage 2000,FA 14,KAfir ) while Russian jets receive dual beeps within the same time, Most mirage modification go a little bit further by incorporating a user friendly hammel signal indicator which appears on one of the HDD (left or right) displaying missile threat warning quote,
      on the same goes for a radar lock the above mentioned aircrafts go into a hyper beep mode(two beeps 2 seconds more like a climax in a horror movie, well dogfight aint no turkey shoot, russian aircrafts indicate theirs by a single consistent ascending beat(differs)..
      simple question lachit
      what is the easiest way of making home made flares

      • lachit says:

        i presume u meant smoke flares aka smoke bomb
        it is easy, u need a fuel and a oxidiser
        for fuel we have sugar
        for oxidiser we have potassium nitrate commonly known as saltpeter (i use to use KNO3 for making glue for binding books when i was a child .good old days hehehe)
        just mix kno3 and sugar in a 60:40 ratio and heat it over medium flame untill u have a paste.
        then pour it into a cylindrical tube with a piece of rag inserted into it .
        when it solidifies u have ur smoke flare.
        before lightining the flare better to sprinkle some petrol on the rag.then it will easily ignite the flare.otherwise u will end up inhaling half the smoke while trying to light the flare.

        i do subscribe to ANARCHIST COOKBOOK u know 😀

  12. Eugene4eveR says:

    Judging by the current trend in Northern, sorry Nigerian poliTRICKS, what will the businessman be receiving?
    A: 2 to the chest, 1 to the head or
    B: a very long jail term or
    C: a political appointment.

    • Martin Luther says:

      Emmm, Emmm, Emmm, if I answer that question I will fail.

      Most importantly, did you hear the treading news of NFF crisis?

      Come on, Maiduguri is so far away, lets just sit and ensure that Nigerian football is safe

      After all the National Assembly is a nice movie to watch in our spare time

      I wish Nigeria and Nigerians the best of what they wish for their neighbours

  13. Oje says:

    Oga Kola, what’s the purpose of that information? To celebrate because an F-35 was beaten by an F-16 in a dog fight? In simulated exercises Indian Migs have beaten American F-15’s, French Raphel fighters have beaten an F-22, in exercises 1 American F-22 shot down 12 F-15’s in a single engagement, heck even a South African submarine have slipped through a NATO task force and torpedoed a carrier…yes it appeals to national pride but it’s useless and whoever goes to war banking on results from training will find our the hard way the enemy does not play by your rules. What most people don’t mention or don’t know even is that these training exercises are tweeked erase the capability of certain systems and make the playing field level in other to test the capability of another system. A Naval exercise involving carrier task forces and submarines usually entail the two Submarines riding shotgun of any American Carrier is removed, it’s AEGIS system are turned offline and the carrier put in a disadvantage. These tests are conducted to test systems capability, it’s never a competition. America has 500 F-15’in service, an almost equal amount of F-16 fighters and nearly 12 thousand Drones, with these assets why the hell should an F-35 be dogfighting. The F-35 was built with one thing in mind, to take down strategic assets and trust me the F-35 have more capabilities than even the Raptor. U.S war planning defers considerably from what is obtainable elsewhere. A strike force involves the use of AWACS, Electronic jamming devices and stand off systems even before the fighters reach their targets. They now have Drones armed with anti radiation missiles. These are designed to take down air defense sites. If the missile bate commanders turn off its radar these missiles hover around the target area for a full one hour, changing altitude altitude, the moment they turn back on their radar to travel know for enemy aircraft they are toast. Word of advice, you have no business going to war if you do not have aerial supremacy.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje, you do not need to read all posts about America out of context, even though you obviously an American (or have a close association in the very least).

      The reason I posted that is very clear from the post. We must not build our military industrial complex in such a way that trillions of dollars get spent, only for the result of that effort to be soundly beaten by 40 year old technology. There are huge lessons in the way money is thrown away in unfeasible defence projects in the US; we cannot go that route.

      No drawn out argument about AWACS, Raptors, AEGIS, NATO is going to wash away the numerous fatal flaws of the F-35.

      The F-35 is either going to be scrapped in the long run, or fundamentally changed; if not, yet more trillions will be spent trying to beat a bat into an eagle. The F-35 aptly illustrates all the traps any future Nigerian military industrial complex MUST avoid. One of the F-35’s co-designers is quite adamant that the F-35 little better than a rock, fundamentally flawed, even after a trillion dollars, watch the video below:

  14. Eugene4eveR says:

    @Gen Oje. The dog fighting tests and other tests with degraded systems are meant to test HOW the platforms will behave / survive in such a degraded scenario.
    Example: how will a carrier battle group defend against a diesel electric sub AFTER surviving a brahmos / kitchen missile bashing that knocks out the mighty aegis and sinks part of the escort screen?
    After the downing of American satellites & AWACS and in a massive ECM environment, how will d F 35s survive a swarm of Mig 29s or Flankers, IF they never trained for dog fighting?

    • Are James says:

      Point taken but let us forget dog fights in a modern encounter involving superpowers and middle powers. The planes would be hunting in packs for one thing, they would be interacting in an ecosystem of satellites, AWACS planes, nearby aircraft careers and all that. The missile that will kill and enemy aircraft, that pilot does not know what beam it rode from far beyond bvr positions. And then there is ECM and counter ECMs , there is the ECM that confuses on board instruments instead of just dumb jamming. The advantage with stealth is not that it is invisible , it is not totally invisible. The advantage is the complete absence if the pilot chooses of electro magnetic emissions and effective masking of infra red emissions. So the advantage is always there when as we said before the hunting is in packs and the atmosphere is very dynamic. Looking at it plane on plane alone is a very big mistake.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      In response to a post by Oga Oje (above), I posted a video of a very illuminating interview with Pierre Sprey, co-designer of the F-16. He calls the F-35 a “useless” plane, a “turkey” etc and goes further to say it would be beaten in a dogfight by any 1950’s plane.

      Pierre Sprey specifically mentions the MIG-21 will wax the F-35!
      Dat one mean say our Chengdu F-7 sef get chance!
      After $1trillion+ dollars?!

      It is doubtful many here can argue with someone of such fighter jet pedigree as Pierre Sprey, who notably point out dogfighting as one of the F-35’s weaknesses and one of the design goals against which the plane was built. So, those who are saying it wasn’t designed to dogfight are strictly on their own. It doesn’t even make sense for a fighter jet that can’t dogfight to be built.

  15. Oje says:

    Os Kola, you are obviously a Russian (or have a close association at the very least). I have posted countless negative remarks on America’s foreign policy and hypocrisy you never tagged me American, but the moment I say something positive about the U.S you come blazing with all kind of unecessary barrage. The problem you have staying objective and nog letting patriotic sentiments cloud your sense of judgement is exactly the problem with Nigeria as well. You are fixed and rigid on one ideologue regardless just beca use its the rave to do so, it’s childish and uncalled for.

    You posted something wacky and generic, I countered you with facts. A consortium of the world’s most tecunologically advanced countries built this aircraft. Even none partners like Japan and Australia are seriously pursuing aquisitiona, not because they are dumb ando blind but because the capability of this aircraft is just too advanced nothing else comes close. You know nothing on aerial warfare you are stuck with this world war 2 dodgy fight kind of concept, sorry to bust your bubble thata so extinct. There is a marked difference between a ground attack aircraft and an Interceptor. The F-35 was built to deliver ordnance to the most heavily defended targets and back, the F-22 Raptor incorporates both tasks, the Raptor can fight it’s way to a target, deliver its ordnance and fight it’s way back, that’s what she was designed to do. On the F-35, the relatively transparent nature of Western society and a culture of accountability means if something is wrong somewhere it becomes public knowledge, In Russia or China they will simplying sweep the under the carpet and fool the public, just for the motherland.

    And why are you bitter on the amount spent on the fighter. The West does not compromise it’s security over money, that’s why they always stay ahead. America is the best in attack weapons and the Russians are the best in defensive weapons. Latest generation anti aircraft weapons being fielded by Russia means legacy fighters like the F-15 will have a hard time a completing it’s mission without suffering aircraft losses….This was why th÷ F-22 and F-35 was built. The F-35 incorporates such ground breaking technology there surely will be glitches that will be fixed, same with the F-15 program in the eighties and the F-22 just recently. , While you yab another country for spending heavily on its defense what has Nigeria’s tiny defense spending cost us? That’s right, 18,000 civilians killed, hundreds of soldiers KIA. I wish Nigeria will spend sover much in defense like others do., a trillion dollarso spread among 12 countries is a fair price to pay for its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje, the current argument has nothing to do with Russia. Both the new fangled F-35 and the 41 year old F-16 are American planes. It also has nothing to do with the F-22 (except we bring up the costs that led to its scrapping).

      Rather, this is a story of wanton waste, of paying a dog to catch its tail, of being very busy doing nothing, of underlying corruption.
      I pray Nigeria would never waste a trillion to service corruption through setting wacky goals. Whenever we get around to building our military industrial complex, we must put the right relationships, information access, processes and persons in place to avoid spending a trillion dollars to build an extinct dodo.
      Hanging a countries future security on a trillion dollar plane that can neither fly nor defend itself is the sort of tragedy that we see in our current military spending. There are lessons to be learnt here.

      For your info, sir, the Pentagon has responded and NOT disputed the results of the test, they only gave the usual “political” excuses; and of course, they are investigating the leak of the report. The story surely didn’t come from Russia or any other exotic land.

      Please, for your arguments on the potency of the dodgy F-35, refer to Pierre Sprey who as co-designer of the F-16, is certainly no push around. He calls it a turkey, pilots call it dead meat. Yet $1trillion has been spent! Contemplate Pierre Sprey’s damning verdict:

  16. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jun 29

    200 CJTF Vigilantees fighting #BokoHaram has so far been integrated into Nigerian Army, about 120 into DSS, 40 into Nigerian Airforce

  17. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Jun 29

    603 CJTF Youth Vigilantees assisting Nigeria Forces fighting #BokoHaram so far died trying to stop suicide bombers by wrestling em aground

  18. Are James says:

    @Kola Adekola
    This guy you are posting his interview is just an old fashioned airframe designer from the era when they were still using slide rules in engineering. Please always consider context and motive when you are quoting other people. That is the whole point of intellect.
    This man and his statements are no different than Comrade Mikoyan Gurevich thrashing the PAK FA which by the way is copycatting of a new concept in air warfare by even the soviets. Even the Chinese have jumped on the stealth bandwagon and have an aircraft in the works nor much different than F 22 / F 35 in concept and overall paradigm. The SU 30 will beat PAK FA in any dogfight I we then to conclude that PAK FA is thrash. The paradigm has changed in air warfare. Ask Gadhaffi. It was a “network” of planes that bombed hos capital when Reagan was in power and made a mess of his MIG 25s (fastest plane I’m the world then) and his Sukhois. I imagine the air traffic controllers on an aircraft carrier and AWACS planes hundreds of miles away directing everything did so many real time threat assessments and “hand-offs” that it probably took some time to remember which plane eventually dropped the bomb that killed Gadhaffi ‘ s adopted daughter. There is no airplane designer of this man’s generation including the Kellys and Burt Rutan who would have ever envisaged this kind of air warfare i just described which has now been further enhanced by data processing improvemens and communication technology. Let the Americansame continue to thrash their planes because of politics, loss of contract during the competitive design and development by another consortium of companies , cost and employment competition by states. However if you are going to thrash F 35 then you have to thrash the Russian copy and the Chinese fake of the Russian copy as well.

  19. usmanusk says:

    The Nigerian Armed Forces Radio will start its test transmission today on 11825khz on the 25 meterband and 13775 khz on 21 meterband Short Wave  from 7.00am to 8.00am (local time). Reception coverage area includes Nigeria, West, Central and Southern Africa. The programne content includes traditional and  Nigerian military musicalsas well as the station signature tune and salutation to C-in-C, CDS, Service Chiefs and gallant officersand men of the Nigerian Armd Forces and the good people of Nigeria.  The broadcast languages include English and Hausa. Please let’s keep a date with this new raadio station. Sent from my Samsung device

  20. Kola Adekola says:

    Oga Are James, do you really think sliderules were used to design the F-16? Even if they were, it only makes matters worse for the F-35, because the F-16 can outmanoeuvre it in a dogfight.

    Mikoyan Gurevich would not rubbish the PAK FA concept, especially as the Chinese stealth planes are descendants of the Mikoyan Project 1.44. The PAK FA is also more manoeuvrable than the SU-27, SU-30, SU-33, SU-35 etc that came before it; so lets just say an F-16 stands little chance against it in a dogfight, unlike the F-35.

    Concerning “copying,” the US, Russia and China have radically divergent philosophies for range of engagement, use of kinetic energy, stealth etc. For example, the US has the only advanced military industrial complex that has immense faith in stealth, Russia and China have more faith in supermaneuverability for close-range dogfighting instead. With such radically different design philosophies, their planes cannot be more different; indeed the F-22 is the first Western plane to copy supermaneuverability (of course, it was copied from Russian planes).

    Further on stealth, the concept was conceived by a Russian, so it is quite wrong to say that they are copying something they invented. It should be the other way round, with America copying stealth from the Russians. here is an excerpt from a wikipedia article on the matter:

    “Lockheed incorporated into its bid a text written by the Soviet/Russian physicist Pyotr Ufimtsev from 1962, titled Method of Edge Waves in the Physical Theory of Diffraction, Soviet Radio, Moscow, 1962. In 1971 this book was translated into English with the same title by U.S. Air Force, Foreign Technology Division.[16] The theory played a critical role in the design of American stealth-aircraft F-117 and B-2.[17][18][19] Equations outlined in the paper quantified how a plane’s shape would affect its detectability by radar, its radar cross-section (RCS).[20]”

    As for “networked planes” hitting Ghaddafi’s Tripoli, that is also not true. The Us and Britain fired the first salvo of 112 US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to take out Libya’s air defences from surface ships and a submarine.
    Tomahawk Cruise Missiles are terrain huggers that fly below the radar umbrella.

    Anyway, regardless of the arguments, Nigeria must learn valuable lessons about how not to waste money building crap weapons. We need to have the lesson of the F-35 in mind when we pitch idea’s for our military industrial complex. Nobody should be allowed to get fat of our taxes or leave the nation in a dire security state after spending a trillion USD; Nigeria’s last budget was $22.6 billion, to put things in perspective.

  21. NJOKU OUJ says:

    @Oga Lachit thanks for the tutorials, especially the one on survivability of our Chengdu F7 (which some one in this blog speaking tongue in cheek referred to as refurbished Mig21). The import is that with the right doctrine, deployment of technology and pilots skills, the Chadian Mig29 can be contained and even defeated…talk of Goliath biting the David dust! Quite impressive to come up with such counter measures. I hope our cyber generals discuss this point further looking at the F7 NI and Alphas.

    • lachit says:

      capability of a aircraft is an important criteria
      but more important is how capable and fimiliar is the pilot is with his aircraft/op. doctrines
      which enables him to run tactics which will allow him to position the enemy in the highest probable kill zone.

      good example is the battle between syrian mig 25 and israeli jets (F4 ? cant remember the exact type) during israeli-arab war.
      mig 25 are were flying at high altitudes for reccon missions and there was nothing the israeli jets could do ,since mig 25s could fly at the highest altitudes and also by the time israelis arrived the mig 25 would switch the afterburner and get away.
      untill the israelis decided to ambush them and when the mig 25s appeared in view the israeli jets switched on the afterburners while their jets were still climbing vertically.this enabled them to snap (gain considerable altitude) at the mig 25s which were then shot down with missiles.
      the manuver was like that of a cobra striking ,a cobra makes a fast movement and simultaneously tries to stands tall on is tail inorder to gain height and then snaps in to bite the prey. may be black mamba is a better example since it makes similiar movement inorder to squirt venom at the preys eye.
      therefor superior training / tactics / operational planning go a long way to make a considerable difference.

  22. Eugene4eveR says:

    @ Oje & Are James. You guys speak of the wonderful force multiplier effects of American Network-centric warfare but forget 1 basic fact. In a shooting war with the Russians, Chinese, Germans or any first world army, such assets will be taken out FIRST.
    When the satellites, AWACS and computer networks are down, THEN we go know who sabi James Bond moves.
    In a previous thread was a post from a Russian general about their EMP style weapons, when those gets deployed, its the cannon and dog fighting abilities of aircrafts that will carry the day. When the GPS gets fried, na paper map reading things or soldiers go loss for bush.

  23. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Eugene, hmm, EMP deployed in A2A, that’s imaginative hehehe. The deploying aircraft would be the 1st to do down! thus, everyone had better hope their parachutes work and their martial art skill work! Perhaps na Jet li moves them need perfect.

  24. ifiok umoeka says:

    Go down sorry

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Oga Kola
    “…With such
    radically different design
    philosophies, their planes
    cannot be more different;”

    This post counters ur argument . They were both designed with different purposes in mind. I certainly didn’t need that demonstration to know that the Falcon will out maneuver the Lightening. Their trust to TWR and wing design will tell u that! The Falcon is 9g capable while Lightning is 7.5g for it B, 8g for it C and 8.5g for it A variants! Let’s say that their support assets are taken out and there is an equalizer, the Lightning has 1st look, 1st shoot and this by a wide margin whether by Radar or EO! The Lightening has so many things that a Falcon doesn’t and singling out one weakness to condemn and entire project is…

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga ifiok umoeka, one of the primary design goals of the F-35 is to match the manoeuvrability of the F-16. That is because the F-35 is meant to fulfil the roles of the F-16 and replace it. They were designed for the same purposes, or an evolution of the same purposes, so there is no excuse for the new plane to be beaten by the old one. Otherwise, what is the point of replacing the old one?

      The “radically different design philosophies” I mentioned was in respect to American planes versus Russian (and Chinese) planes.

      If the F-16 can creep up on the F-35, then the many things it lacks compared to the F-35 might not matter that much. Indeed, if the F-16 is tooled up, then F-16 vs F-35 would always be a guaranteed F-16 kill (if it already isn’t).

      I can see the US scrapping the F-35 and kicking off a giant probe. They can rip the avionics/network integration gizmo’s out of the F-35 for installation in the F-22, which is a much better aircraft; then find ways to restart production in a cost effective way. One thing that’s certain is that Australia, Israel, Canada and other countries that have lined up to buy the F-35 will pull out, so now is the time to sweet talk them into buying upgraded F-22’s.

      Do you know they even have to heat the fuel to a specific temperature before it can be pumped into the F-35? My Oga, na gbese be dat o!

  26. ifiok umoeka says:

    The problem with the Lightning is asking it to fulfill too many requirements covering all the forces and those of allies with the intentions of saving cost while basing these projections on computer simulations! Problem is, 2days PC are more capable than the computers used in those simulation. And this represents the biggest problem with the Lightning. Had they used more traditional methods then, they would have discovered the issues and solved it.
    Also, another problem is corruption…yes I said so! The bribery that goes into any major defsec project in the US is unimaginable. However, they call it lobbying and the legislator’s benefit is not a GMG bag filled with money like ours but reelection coming from jobs created by the project in the constituency. Thus, the manufacturing process is uneconomical and expensive. This is not limited to the Lightening alone!
    Finally, like someone said, they don’t have a closed society like others. For example, who knows the cost of the Pak fa or the J20 yet? Who knows the weaknesses (and every system has a weakness)? Who knows how long and how much it will take to fix them? But we know those of the Lightning because the their system embraces scrutiny even within the concept of security! More so, fixes are developed into the program (which in turn cost more money) to mitigate.

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    This is one lesson I would love us to learn otherwise, if these weaknesses are not know, people will die and objectives will not be met. We were told that in 1999, in the thick of battle in Freetown or so, our soldiers discovered that their ballistic helmets were not better that motor cycle helmets, casualties amounted to the north of a hundred a day for a few days! Procurement secrecy cost us lives!

    “Anyway, regardless of the arguments, Nigeria must learn valuable lessons
    about how not to waste money. building crap weapons. We need to have the lesson of the F-35 in mind when we pitch idea’s for our
    military industrial complex”
    This I agree with. Mistakes have been made while designing the Lightning (tons of them) but these mistakes are being sorted out and the Lightning is not crap by any means.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      John McCain called it a “scandal.” In fact, American military experts have been calling it a scandal since like 2012.

      The combat ready date for it comes up this month (July),

      That alone says it should have beaten the F-16 handily. $1trillion+, yet it can’t fly or beat a 40 year old plane? Oga, na crap be dat na!

  28. In a real situation, whats the possibility that an F16 would get the opportunity to even get into a dog fight with an F35. if you throw both aircraft into a fight F16 will probably get killed every time before it sees the adversary. for it to get to a dog fight scenario u will probably need a swarm of F16s. the F35 has been fraught with many troubles but in the long run its still more likely than not to be a success.
    Its been a while the world saw real dogfights in actual combat. so almost everything we say is theoretical. Combat may just throw up a number of nasty surprises.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      The F-16 is no slouch. It was easily the superior fighter before the advent of the Flanker. It can still hold its own in combat today. I am sure many US pilots would rather be in one than in an F-35.

      It doesn’t matter that the F-35 can see the F-16 from far off, so long as the F-35 is slow, lumbering and carries fewer weapons against a highly agile foe. BVR is notoriously ineffective

      There were dogfights in the Gulf War (I990-1991) and in Kosovo (1999), and we still have basically the same planes flying today, so the next war of roughly equal armies will feature dogfights. Both the Mig-29, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18 that served in those battles are still in service.
      The notable new planes are the Eurofighter, F-22 and Su-27 descendants.

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Leave McCain alone

  30. ifiok umoeka says:

    By the way, are u implying that $1tn have been spent on the Lightning so far?

  31. here’s what the us has to say on the dogfight matter. by the way by this artice the lightening is a $390 Billion program .

  32. The makers of one of the most expensive weapons programs in history went on the defensive today, saying a recent report on the F-35 fighter jet’s failures in old-school dogfighting against a decades-old, much cheaper legacy fighter “does not tell the whole story.”

    The report in question, posted on the national security news website War Is Boring, was based on an internal five-page brief in which an F-35 test pilot wrote a scathing criticism of the next-generation jet’s abilities in a January dogfight with an F-16, one of the planes the F-35 is designed to replace. Essentially, the pilot reportedly wrote, the F-35 was no match for the F-16 in close-up, high maneuvering fighting — whether the F-35 was trying to get the F-16 in its sights or trying to evade the F-16’s mock weapons.

    “The F-35 was at a distinct energy disadvantage,” the test pilot reportedly wrote. “There were not compelling reasons to fight in this region.”

    This morning the Pentagon’s F-35 Program Office did what the actual $138 million jet apparently couldn’t: fight back.

    In an email to reporters, Joe DellaVedova, a spokesperson for the F-35 office, attempted to provide context in defense of the fighter jets. First, DellaVedova wrote, the F-35 in the demonstration was only designed for “flight sciences” and was “not equipped with a number of items” that the jets currently coming off the production line have. For instance, it didn’t have the sensors that “allow the F-35 to see its enemy long before it knows the F-35 is in the area.”

    He said that the Lockheed Martin-made F-35 didn’t have the stealth coating that regular F-35s have, making them “virtually invisible to radar,” and the test jet wasn’t equipped with “the weapons or software that allow the F-35 to turn, aim a weapon with the helmet, and fire at an enemy without having to point the airplane at its target.” (According to War Is Boring, the test pilot complained the size of the helmet made it too hard to see behind the plane.)

    But none of DellaVedova’s comments directly address the central claim in the War Is Boring report -– that the plane isn’t good at maneuvering in close-up dogfighting –- likely because DellaVedova said it isn’t really designed to be.

    “The F-35’s technology is designed to engage, shoot and kill its enemy from long distances, not necessarily in visual ‘dogfighting’ situations,” he said.

    The F-35 is also primarily designed to attack targets on the ground. It’s the duty of the F-35’s next-generation counterpart, the F-22 Raptor – which had its own share of dogfighting difficulties – to take on other fighter jets in the air.

    Still, DellaVedova said in a follow-up email to ABC News that the test pilot’s report is “the beginning of what engineers and software designers may need to address in the future.”

    “As the F-35 is still in the midst of the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase, much work is on-going to improve the capabilities and deliver them to the warfighter,” DellaVedova said. “The F-35 of today is not what the F-35 will be in the coming years.”

    The F-35 is one of the most expensive weapons programs in history, with each jet costing around $138 million and the entire program running up to $339 billion – well over an estimated $1 trillion in operational costs over the next 50 years. It’s also woefully behind schedule; the first planes were supposed to have gone operational three years ago.

    Despite DellaVedova’s comment about intense testing still being done, the Marine Corps, one of the F-35’s customers, expects to field its first aircraft this summer.–abc-news-topstories.html

  33. Kola Adekola says:

    The pentagons defence is just “politics.”

    The F-35 is a multirole fighter. It is designed to be able to dogfight, which is why it was tested for that ability against the plane it is meant to replace (F-16). It failed the dogfight test very badly.

    They claim the F-35’s technology (not the F-35 :)) is designed for long range detection and kills. What if long range doesn’t work as might happen against an agile foe, or if long range aids like satellites, electronics etc have been taken out? Either run (its not fast) or surrender, or die!

    They say the stealth coating wasn’t on. That’s just something to deceive the public with, stealth will not work against a plane like the F-16 or any plane in its class. Stealth will not work against any advanced armies air force.

    ‘Still, DellaVedova said in a follow-up email to ABC News that the test pilot’s report is “the beginning of what engineers and software designers may need to address in the future.”’

    That’s the admission right there; the F-35 is a lesson on how not to build a plane and a lesson on how corruption can destroy any lofty effort. Two years from now, there will be no F-35, it will go as soon as Obama steps out and the next US president steps in – politicians like to be seen to be cleaning things up.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      “advanced army’s”

    • U say stealth wont work against any advanced military…….yet all the advanced Militaries are actively pursuing the concept vigorously. F35s poor dog fighting abilities do not mean it wont get the job done or dt its stealth does nt work or its many other abilities are “shot to shit”. Am nt a fan as such but it cld b a bit early to declare d aircraft dead

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Stealth doesn’t work, it is a just very good selling point for less advanced armies – aircraft companies need customers. The entire concept of long range kills (against advanced armies) is a bit of a fad, but one that’s also good for selling.

        Long range engagement against a capable opponent will fail for several reasons. For example, BVR too doesn’t work with any efficiency. Further, radar pulses might have to bath the enemy in order to acquire target lock, a dead giveaway to the target. If satellites are relied on instead, then with a capable air force, they would already have been jammed or taken out.

        Here is a solid article on stealth, BVR etc;

        With equal armies, dogfighting will always be the final decider, so if the F-35 can’t dogfight at this late stage, then its dead. Multiplied questions from US citizens who would now view the F-35 as a pyramid scheme (which it is) and customer flight would now bury it.
        The F-35 is meant to be delivered to the marines on July 10 (a week from now) of course, after this test that will not be happening.
        In my opinion, the only thing keeping the project alive is the fear of the repercussions (for all involved in the long chain) of having spent so much.

        The US already has a superior plane in the F-22, you can bet that voices clamouring for upgrades to it in place of the F-35 will only get louder.

  34. jimmy says:
    If PMB has to change the culture of impunity and secrecy that EXISTED in the Nigerian Army
    *2009- FEB/March2014 : Very Little was done in terms of Real PROCUREMENT in fact as far as the ARMY nothing was done
    March 2014 : is WHEN PROCUREMENT Began. The current administration HAS TO GET IT RIGHT from the get go. BEFORE YOU buy anymore WEAPONS IT has to
    1) Governmenr to Government G2- G2
    2) It has to be Transparent by now it is an open secret the REAL REASON why the actual numbers are not known is simply because certsin PEOPLE WANT TO STEAL
    if the Nigerian Army ordered 100 TANKS @ $2 M THAT IS =$200M
    so when we go to APAPA we should expect 100 TANKS
    The Nigerian Navy since 2000 has been the most transparent and it IS NO coincidence it is by far the most progressive and most advanced it ironically in the 1990s was the post child of everything that is wrong the trii service.
    The Nigerian Airforce with HELP from the LAST TWO ADMINISTRATIONS did not buy a single 4th gen AIRCRAFT the LAST TIME they bought any aircraft was 2008
    In 2014/ 2015 Fruitless efforts so far have linked them to Russia ( su27/ 30) , Pakistain ( JF -17) and China ( YAK-130) The one thing that has come of this IS ABSOLUTLEY nothing. The roles have been reversed the NAF despite great HEROICS in the BH camapaign has not been able to translate that into anything meaningful outside the battlefield it also needs to be said especially in light of yet another embarassing scandal that any procurement deal involving the airforce must be
    a) Transparent
    b) G2- G2
    I aware of repeating myself but this incoming adminstration has to do a much better job.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, you spoke my mind.

      Nigerian military procurement is deliberately hidden under the cloak of secrecy to cut off accountability, transparency, honesty, efficiency, and reality.

      • Are James says:

        Eventually I imagine Nigeria will be gifted 4 gen/4.5 gen without paying for them. This is the quality of ideas what some strange people in government have been known to play around with.
        They find suggestions to that effect easier to make to civilian leadership than sitter down racking brains and producing a convincing memo with value case for buying say 24 nos of a good combat aircraft

    • Augustine says:

      Gentleman and ogas, unless President Buhari appoints a new defence minister based on TECHNICAL COMPETENCE OF MILITARY MODERN EQUIPMENT and modern science of modern military power, we will not make much progress.

      Last government got itself thumb-printed out of Aso rock because it had a good central leader who appointed wrong ministers and advisers. Square pegs in round roles mixing corruption with incompetence and lack of patriotism.

      Why did that airport madam not buy Proforce armoured car for $150,000 instead of buying approx $1.5 million armoured cars for herself with Nigeria’s money during a war when soldiers where dying like flies inside soft skin Toyota Hilux?

      How did FG appoint a war time minister of state for defence who quit and abandoned the post in a few months after appointment, to go contest governorship election? He did not see any honour in leading his fatherland in war time to victory, his heart was glued to personal desire for glory as a potential state governor.

      President Buhari should interview the next minister for defence, if he does not know the meaning of ATGM, PGM, BVRAAM, MBT, IFV, ASW, SAM, ECM, FLIR, AShM, LGB, then that candidate does not know military needs, he is NOT fit for the job of revitalizing and rebuilding Nigeria’s ailing defence sector.

      My 2 kobo.

      • lachit says:

        “appoints a new defence minister based on TECHNICAL COMPETENCE OF MILITARY MODERN EQUIPMENT ”
        now bro u and i are sure 2 very diffferent kind of operators.
        one straight forward
        and another one very crooked (thats me 😀 )

        if i were in charge of say a x country i would appoint a new defence minister who holds alot of clout with the president and the cabinet.the smooth operator kind of guy who knows how to gets his job done efficiently anyhow and is also a good listener.

        and also any thing related to military procurement is best left to the military who are in the best position to judge the merit/demits based on tech. parameters / trials since they are the end users.
        it is the militarys job is to recommend a system satisfying all laid down parameters and
        it is the defence ministers job is to get them as soon as possible after realistic and transparent deliberations with the involvement of concerned parties.

        i am not suggesting anything to anybody/any country
        just a passing thought which crossed my mind that i decided to share
        (i should be safe now 😀 )

        my 2 rupees LOL

  35. Augustine says:

    People should stop deceiving us that 100% secrecy is to prevent arms sales embargo. No country will normally sell from it’s own arsenal, another country’s military product to Nigeria without informing the manufacturing country. How did USA know Israel want’s to sell Cobra helicopters? Normal request for permission based on original agreement about re-exporting what you import.

    Do people think Russia did not know we were buying T-72 tanks from here and there? Russia knows.

    Secrecy about Su-25 Frogfoot for NAF, why? Is Russia going to block the sale to Nigeria? No. The secrecy has allowed a politician hijack the procurement and inflate prices of the jets, if the story is true as alleged, the FG never denied it, and Janes Defence already published the story. That is why the western media blamed corruption for the failure of Nigerian military in the loss of 45 towns to Boko Haram.

    A political associate was said to be ‘settled’ with a desperately needed combat aircraft in the middle of a blood-shedding war, ravaging Nigeria, killing tens of thousands of friend, foe, and innocent civilians.

    Can’t government find Abuja construction or purchasing and supply contracts to settle their political supporters instead of using defence sector to reward their party members? NAF pilots were using their flesh and body to swallow Boko Haram anti-aircraft bullets inside Alpha jets and get beheaded with Boko Haram axe while Su-25 armoured air to ground attack jet aircraft purchase was being played with like kiddies video game.

    Where is patriotism? It’s killed by greed and selfishness of our people.

    Secrecy about Su-30 Flanker, is Russia going to block it? No, I hope it’s not another over-invoicing plan like the Su-25 Frogfoot/Scorpion version.

    Secrecy about T-72 tanks numbers and prices. Why? Many of those tanks Nigeria imported are 1970s old armour RHA and rickety rackety units with crooked ERA blocks, looks like those are the types Ethiopia bought for $ 500,000 per unit. Only few of our T-72 tanks are neat clean hull and ERA, those I could say go for about $ 1.5 million per unit.

  36. Augustine says:

    Boko Haram war: Tension in military as Buhari demands records of weapons procurement

    There is palpable uncertainty in the Nigerian Army as President, Muhammadu Buhari, is said to have ordered the military chiefs to furnish him with documents detailing how monies released for arms procurement to fight Boko haram were spent.


    Thanks to Oga Jimmy for bringing up this news report, I got the lead from his source.

    Nigerians know why they voted for the new president, things like these are among the reasons.

    We want full explanations for all our war money o ! Documents, Tenders, Quotations, Purchase contracts, LPOs, invoices, bills, physical count of military equipment and ordnance that arrived, is in transit shipment, or expected later.

    Approx $6 billion yearly defence budget for 2013-2015 = $18 billion.

    Direct and compulsory deductions from all North East states under emergency rule every month of the emergency period for war chest funding according to the constitution, millions of dollars !

    The special funds $2 billion specially released for Boko Haram war by FG.

    Shugaban kasa Buhari, dan Allah, please clean up this mess without any mercy for mismanagement of public funds, no single kobo must miss o ! All invoiced cost of equipment/ordnance procured must reflect true market prices.

    If you bought $1 million T-72 tank for $ 2million or $5 million Eurocopter helicopter for $10 million, you have question to answer Buhari.

    All unspent money must be traced to the bank account to prove they are not missing already.

  37. Augustine says:

    After FG finishes this accounting and audit for procurement funds, C-In-C Buhari should move to how many soldiers we truly have? All these excuses of huge salaries and pensions must be cleared.

    Physical verification and bio-metric proof of who is a serving Nigerian soldier or retired on pension, how many are they? How many are the ghosts we pay salaries to every month for many years?

    Next chapter will be technical incompetence vs competence.

    If you are the one who likes to order IFV for $ 1 million with zero ATGM, ordinary $10,000 anti-tank missile you fail to add to the purchase order, or you buy Mi-35 Hind for $ 15 million and zero ATGM to arm them with, not even one $10,000 air to surface missile on such an expensive helicopter, or you buy lot’s of transport aircraft with no single 4th generation aircraft to defend Nigerian airspace, FG should sack you for incompetence and exposing Nigeria to security risk with foolish arms procurement specifications.

    Oga Buhari, let me tell you sir, extend your microscope, telescope, binoculars, and periscope into Nigerian ministry of defense, there are many guilty people there o ! Guilty of funds mismanagement and technical incompetence, not only in the army, navy, air force, deal with the top level civilians inside that ministry of defence who handle military equipment procurement.

    Did I say all that? I better go inside my underground bunker.

  38. jimmy says:

    OGA Augustine
    You have told the truth, REGRETABLY in the past we have had people who were defence Ministers who quit there JOB in the Middle of an insurgency to go run for another JOB.
    oga LACHIT, oga augustine is right Nigeria’s next MINISTER ofDEFENCE must show competence @ Procurement and Transparency.
    The Minister when HE swears ALLEGIANCE on the Koran or Bible it is to Nigerian, the person who will be Minister must let the President know upfront whether they have another AGENDA on their Mind.
    Until Maj Gen Adeoshun was made the GOC, Logistics, Material procurement was a Nightmare, inevitably corruption seeped in. One really wonders how these BASTARDS could say they loved Nigeria and served the President from 2009-2014 .
    The DEF Minister has to be a man / woman of integrity or PMB might as well keep the Porfolio in the interest of Transparency .Nigeria for once deserves the GOLD standard when it comes to this appointment.
    Transparency must come to the Nigerian Army with BIO METRIC and Finger print verification this is done with every country in the First World it was done for every Nigerian who wanted to vote.
    The only people at this stage inthe Nigerian Army that do not want BIO METRIC verification and Finger printing are those who have something to hide.

    • lachit says:

      “oga LACHIT, oga augustine is right Nigeria’s next MINISTER ofDEFENCE must show competence @ Procurement and Transparency.’

      my thoughts were also on the same line.
      only point i was sceptic was the following line
      “if he does not know the meaning of ATGM, PGM, BVRAAM, MBT, IFV, ASW, SAM, ECM, FLIR, AShM, LGB, then that candidate does not know military needs, he is NOT fit for the job of revitalizing and rebuilding Nigeria’s ailing defence sector.”

      a minister is ultimately a politician .
      and a defence minster must be able to use his politican acume to influnce the president and finance minister to clear deals for the military in a clear and transparent manner.
      for that he **need not** or **can be** a defence expert because he will have lots of defence experts on his call.
      same reason we have a dentist ,a cardiologist,a eye specialist etc.
      any country needs a defence minister who is honest and has good politican clout to push thought the requirements of his military by bulldozing any anti national ,corrupt opposition.

      all in all any x country needs a honest and visionary go get it all by hook or by crook type minister who has the determination to fight and stand by the militaries needs.

      also better to be realistic since majority of politicians are no bodies friends
      or maybe i am mistaken.
      and whatever suggestions u me and augestine are putting forth are towards the same goal albit 2 different paths.only point is which path is better/safer.

      again these r my POV regaring no perticular country / person

  39. jimmy says:


  40. jimmy says:

    Right with BH following ORDERS from ISIS to be as blood thirsty as ever in the most recent artrocity. Nigeria at this stage does not need yet another POLITICIAN to be def Minister , Nigeria needs someone whom they CAN TRUST
    Below is what is now an acknowledgment that the US will sell/ give LETHAL aid to Nigeria
    it has to be G2 TO G2 anything less will ENSURE it’s failure.
    This govt has to ensure that transparency when it comes to procurement is their password

    • lachit says:

      yes it goes without saying that guys who are living in nigeria and understand its governance will be better equipped to suggest remedies.
      and as u see i can only suggest solutions based on my insights of my countries governance .
      u have to take / reject best / detrimental ideas from all over or some and modify / implement it wholly to suit ur countries needs.
      but such things are easier said than done

  41. Sir Kay says:

    Nearly 150 killed in suspected Boko Haram attacks in NE Nigeria

    This is sad

    • Augustine says:

      Go fence or trench your NE borders, see those towns on the map….near border. Where did the attackers enter from and exit to? Thin air?

      Go fence or trench all motor vehicle passable roads on Nigeria’s North East border or else you live for many years with these hit and run guerrilla attacks, don’t think your MNJTF are super spirits that will defend every inch of our soil.

  42. ozed says:

    Sad news reports of 2 massacres in mongonu and on other place in bornu state. Like i feared when a essentially defeated BH on the battle field 6 weeks ago. We needed to start the intelligence battle led by DSS and DIA to identify BH cells in the urban areas as well as sub-conventional cells in the rural areas, with the military providing strike teams once the targets have been identified.
    We dont seem to have done any of this, and we are practically being taken apart by suicide bombings and brazen slaughter of innocents in the rural areas.
    Lots of fanfare about the new MNJTF, movement of the command center to Mdguri and shopping lists from the G7, but precious little progress on the ground.

    What the —- is going on?

    • ozed says:

      Sorry i meant ‘ one other place in bornu State’ and—— ‘like i feared when we essentially defeated —-‘

    • Oje says:

      Oga Ozed, how did i miss this before making my post. You are absolutely correct, Intelligence is the key. After 9/11 the first arm of the U.S to respond in kind was the CIA. Most people dont know that weeks before American troops went to A-STAN CIA black ops team was on ground, taking down key strategic assets and mapping out targets and routes before the Marines came in. The Taliban fell in 4 weeks, this is what the Soviet Union could not do in 8 years.

  43. Oje says:

    Its attrition warfare again, weve given them time to heal their wounds, re mobilize and restrategise. Ive said it before the key to Boko defeat is a robust Intelligence capability, this action reaction conundrum is costing us lives and money. Where are the majority of Boko fighters from? Whatr is their Command structure like, where is Shekau? How do Boko Haram get supplied? (Some speculate buy helicopter), if the Nigerian army have been compromised who are the moles?, What are the activities of Chadian military personnel on Nigerian soil in the area was known as a major weapons conduit point, If weapons,medical kits and personnel are smuggled in how come they are not detected by French Drones? if they by some miracle evade aerial surveillance how do they evade the ”Highly experienced” Chadian troops? these guys write the blue print for the word ”Toyota war”, similar in scope to what Boko Haram employs.

    These are the key to defeating an enemy that does not play by the rules, not more weapons. Forget what the pundits say, on paper the current arsenal of the Nigerian military is incomprehensibly too much for any army in the sub region to handle, yes even that of Chad. We are talking about the most extensive and technologically advance fighting force in the history of the sub region. From the T-72 Tank variant to the BTR APC the Palmaria and Bofor artillery to the ATR airborne surveillance aircraft’s integrated with the five satellites the Nigerian government currently have in orbit, This is not counting an army of close to 200 thousand men, an air force of 15,000 men with an airborne paratroop division of close to 3 thousand men and a defense budget of $7 Billion, hell Nigeria can afford a defense spending of $10 billion and we dont even need to spend a dime, a huge chunk of this can be paid for with Oil, a favorite mode of payment for the Chinese government. Then we have our 3 glory hunting neighbors Niger, Chad and Cameroon involved in the fight. So how the FUCK is Boko Haram able to take on the three military superpowers in the region consistently? We blame the West for its negative reporting on the conflict, but this is ridiculous !!, no its beyond ridiculous it is borderline insane !!, this defies the laws of logic..June alone nearly 200 people have been killed, yet we keep talking about buying more advanced weapons to satisfy our patriotic ego. Do we even think about what the families of those being killed are going through? We might be fortunate enough to be far away from ground zero but those being killed are Nigerians to, the infrastructure being destroyed will affect us one way or the other. Its time we cut this patriotic nonsense we keep preaching and ask our selves the question we subconsciously do not want to ask.

  44. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    We all read about the part played by the CJTF involving their willingness to fight BH with incredible odds against them, young men not paid any special allowance or provided fighting kits, wrestling BH suicide bombers to the ground in an act of self sacrifice. You need to co-operate very intimately with them, At least so says principles of COIN engagement in close and populated areas ( Local Source, the word Kommando is Afrikaneers for local fighting force, that was adapted to define fast mobile and local fighting force after the South African /British wars). BH those not think the battle is over until it is over, we are losing the window of opputunity, once ISIS lose in ME and think they can gain more recognition in Sub Sahara Africa it will be a different game, the Nigerian Military must mobilize this assets.

  45. Oje says:

    ISIS will never commit to black Africa, these mofo;s are racist, for once i thank God for making them racist.

    • lachit says:

      that is some real original thinking
      but i cant agree with it.
      africa is ripe for picking. many countries are not capable enough
      it will supply the countless expendable foot soldiers ti ISIS
      slavery will raise its ugly head all over again.
      presently men from africa r fighting for isisi.
      black white african american etc dont matter.
      either u subscribe to their band of religion or u will die

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        It is not only what we think or wish, it is what is planned and sequenced to happen, BH do not see themselves as defeated, the main aspect of insurgency is time, they feel they have control of time, when, where and how. they are masters of attrition and believe they can wear down an organized or stronger force. Their mind set is not to seek peace, but to thrive in an atmosphere of constant arson and in security, they relish the fear they create on the populace and consider such as little victories ( Suicide bombing, slaughter of unarmed civilians, soft target, etc). Intel indicates that ISIS finds Sub Sahara a very interesting area, where they can fight a proxy war, using Africans to attack western interests ( resources that would in turn affect there raw material demands at home). They learn about the asymmetric war fare cycle, –
        1) urban insurgency,
        2) Guerrilla warfare units in the field,
        3) Semi convectional warfare leading to taking territory or establishing bush bases, when they get bashes, they simple revert back on the building cycle or start again. there most vulnerable point is when they are strongest ( Semi Convectional warfare) because they lose there cloak of invisibility, structure is exposed as well as there cadres are out in the open. this also provides a window of opportunity to deliver a massive blow to break the cycle. In order to prevent the degraded BH forces from regrouping, the COIN Ops must be on two fronts.
        Combat Operations – Must be to take away the element of TIME and in turn deny BH the initiative , ( As thought by Oga Eebeen) relentless pursuit to deny time to re-group or organize, .
        Urban Security Operations – Cutting off returning BH operatives and fighter from urban areas, where they are seeking to regain the element if TIME to regroup and retake the initiative . You need to have an invisible counter force to identify returning cadres before they can integrate into the populace (become invisible again), the CJTF is a very useful asset that we have and must use to break the cycle ( No such force exsit in Mali and also a crude form of it was used effectively though brutally in CAR – Anti Balakas), if we don’t seize this window, we might still be at this in the next 10 years, it is okay for all us that it is restricted to a certain area NE, if it should spread to other populated areas, we will be in real trouble , because of secondary factions (religious, political, ethnic groups, etc ). There would be no attention given to 4 th generation fighters. Fire is best put out or effectively contained before it spreads or re-ignites.

  46. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    One thing that is very certain about this F-35 programme is that it is damn very costly and the American tax-payers might still be ripped of some more billion dollars in the name of modifications to the fighter design inorder to meet up with the drawn out specifications. The F-35 will definitely fly in combat-ready mode but by then,the Indo-Russian PAK-FA and the Chinese J10 would have also achieved substantial breakthrough in pre-deployment tests(at least),thereby,reducing any capability gap that the Americans might want to project.
    The American fighter-culture has not been one that emphasizes on maneuvreability i.e close-quarter dogfights. This is evident in the fact that prior to the advent of the Raptor,the Falcon(with the aid of fly-by-wire)was the only truely highly maneuvreable bird of the U.S able to pull 9G+ with relative ease.
    Whereas,the Russians had the Mig 29 which was ‘super’ maneurvreable(without fly-by-wire) and the venerable Su-27 family which can out-turn anything flying today.
    It is even on record that the super maneuvreable F-22 Raptor,that vectors its thrust on two planes is still no match for the Su-35 that does same on three planes. Certainly,America has much faith in it’s ability to engage in network-centric warfare with the aid of its galaxy of satelites and other support systems that would guarantee it the ability to take out hostile targets at a distance so great that the enemy might not even be aware of the impending threat. This might work against a vastly inferior enemy,but it might not span out as planned against a competent foe as Russia, which has its own galaxy of satelites,anti-satelite missiles and very potent long range SAMs to take out these same range of threats. When all the chips are down,Russia definitely has a marked advantage in close-up within visual range fight with the aid of its Flankers and Migs. Then,the only weapon that would really count will be the 30mm fast firing autocannons coupled with the ability to make quick and instantaneous turns.
    America is still number one over-all,but Russia has many number ones in its kitty…America will continue to avoid a frontal confrontation with Russia- good and self-preservatory reasoning dictates so.

  47. Oje says:

    Oga Maduka, maneurvreable type aircraft while good for dancing ballet in the skies and airshows counts for nothing when used in real combat scenario;s. If Su-27 does the cobra dance it bleed airspeed and within that time frame it might be toast. Russia fighters are more maneuverable yes so is the F-15 or the Euro fighter. The difference in maneuverability is not huge enough to offset the advantage American aircraft’s have. Superior radar and fire control systems. Also better tactics using AWACs and combined arms. In todays world an airwar will not be the way the Russians will want it. Today’s American fighters were made to take out an enemy aircraft from a long distance and avoid a dogfight, this started with the F-15 Silent Eagle. The Russians want close in fights and the U.S will not allow it, America wants BVR combat and the Russians just wont allow it, at the end there must be a balance and it all comes down to training, experience and technology. Yes the PAKFA or Flankers are very good dog fighters but that doesn’t mean that American fighters are losers/wimps when it comes to dogfighting. A Russian air commander was invited to the annual RED FLAG exercises in the U.S, in his words ”Dogfighting skills don’t do anyone justice when the other aircraft has superior “over the horizon” kill capability” Diplomatic niceties perhaps but there is truism in it, thats why China will go to great enghts to steal U.S technology, they already have Russian tech and even beat the Russians in avionics.

    When people salivate over Russian maneuvearability (fuck so hard to spell) surprises me because its pretty obvious, hey i would rather watch an SU-35 in an airshow than an F-15, who wouldn’t? but AWACs, far Superior radars, superior training and Superior weapons systems give Western Aircraft the edge. Since Vietnam the guys at the Skunkworks went back to the drawing board, we say the dramatic change in the Arab/Israeli war, the Persian gulf war, NATO war in Yougoslavia and even today, U.S fighters have always held sway. Americans have soon come to realise the great advantages in network centric BVR interfaced with technology to kill from a distance, The Russians however believe that BVR is not humanly possible,all combat would degrade down to a close in turning dogfight and the Fulcrums and Fighters clearly was designed with that philosophy in mind. We will never know for sure. Remember %40 of the worlds RnD is by the U,S, they attract the best minds from the U.S,Japan,India and many more…

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje, all sides spy on the other, its about keeping alive. The claim that China is stealing technology is just a wild claim, they and Russia do not share the Wests battle philosophies. For example, China stole the F-22 and F-35 blueprints, yet their stealth jest are based on the Mikoyan project 1.44. Its most likely that they were just looking for the strengths and weaknesses to compare their own planes against.

      The US and NATO too are, just as interested in China and Russia and hack every bit as much (maybe even more) than their opponents.

      Anyway, all the stuff about mega hacking should tell us one thing; any system that relies on computers is a weak system when confronted by an opponent that knows a thing or two about programming. Its always best for the hardware to be able to pull the stunt without help from any computer. On your most interconnected, super integrated day, DEW, EMP, jammers and the rest of that cosy little lot become your “friend,” just before the inevitable meltdown. 🙂

  48. Sir Kay says:

    NTA News ‏@NTANewsNow 16h16 hours ago

    #HIGHLIGHTS: Nigerian Army concludes arrangements to relocate to Maiduguri for this year’s Army day celebration.

  49. LeIrBaG says:

    Pakistan wins first JF-17 Thunder order at Paris Air Show.

    Pakistan has won the first-ever order for its
    JF-17 Thunder jet fighter, an air force
    spokesman said Monday, as the revamped plane
    dazzled crowds at the Paris Air Show.

    Pakistan has been years without a buyer for its
    first home-made jet, which was designed with
    the help of close ally China.

    Commodore Syed Muhammad Ali, spokesman
    for the Pakistan Air Force, confirmed an order
    for the plane had been finalised.

    However, he declined to give any more details,
    citing sensitivities for not naming the client, the
    number of aircraft or the date of delivery.
    The latest model, which is capable of Mach 2.0
    (twice the speed of sound) with an operational
    ceiling of 55,000 feet, roared over the crowds
    on the first day of the Paris Air Show soon after
    the confirmation.

    A report on the aviation website quoted another senior officer,
    Air Commodore Khalid Mahmood, as saying the
    sale had been made to an “Asian country” and
    the delivery would take place in 2017.
    Pakistan’s large and well-funded military has
    long been a major importer of defence
    equipment, particularly from China.

    But Pakistan is hoping the updated JF-17, along
    with Pakistani-made tanks and surveillance
    drones, will help increase military exports and
    bring in much-needed foreign exchange.

    – ‘An affordable product’ –
    Analysts say the plane’s design and construction
    has generally been a success, and it has been
    promoted primarily on cost, which is likely to be
    substantially less than the $16-18 million
    pricetag of a US-made F-16.

    Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik told reporters
    “the JF-17 is an affordable product based on
    cutting edge technology.”
    However, a number of factors have prevented it
    from finding buyers.

    “Any country entering the defence market will
    find it’s very, very crowded,” said James Hardy,
    Asia-Pacific editor for IHS Jane’s Defence
    Weekly in London.

    “No one has a bad word to say about the JF-17.
    It’s very good at what it’s designed to do — as a
    low-cost, multi-role aircraft. But there are

    Some of those are political and logistical.
    NATO countries are not keen to buy a plane that
    won’t work easily alongside jets from its US and
    European allies. That may be why a mooted deal
    with Bulgaria has failed to make progress.

    Myanmar was considering a purchase, but may
    have backed away as its relations with China
    turned frosty in recent months.
    Pakistan also faces tough financial realities,
    Hardy added.

    “It is up against countries that can provide many
    sweeteners,” he said, citing France’s shrewd deal
    with Egypt in which it secured the sale of 24
    Rafale fighters by underwriting loans to pay for

    And the JF-17 is not as proven,” he added.
    Even Pakistan has yet to use the fighter jet, still
    preferring to deploy its ageing fleet of F-16s in
    operations against militants in its restive

    But Malik said Pakistan noted that three
    squadrons were now using the plane, with a
    fourth due by the end of the year, and it had
    been inducted into the country’s elite fighter
    training school “so it could be truly employed
    for any combat”.

    Pakistan historically depended on US imports
    during its wars with India.

    After the Cold War ended Pakistan began to
    deepen defence and economic ties with ally
    China, culminating in the test flight of the jet’s
    prototype in Chengdu in 2003.

    The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) just
    west of Islamabad is capable of turning out 25
    of the aircraft per year.

    Pakistan has never revealed the full sales price,
    which is always complicated for fighter jets given
    the large amounts of maintenance service and
    potential add-ons that can come with it.

    Having unveiled the second generation JF-17 last
    year with improved avionic systems, air-to-air
    refuelling capability, additional weapons
    capability, PAC is already working on the third,
    with rumours it will add a second seat, which is
    popular with international buyer.

  50. chynedoo says:

    It’s everywhere, those willing to exploit national security for personal gains…
    View story at

    • Kay says:

      Just like the saboteurs were caught. I pray same treatment of sentences, fines would be meted out to those those illegally profiteering off the country especially at war time.
      Seeking to buy fighter jets and military hardware for almost two times the market value. Bastards!

  51. jimmy says:
    To the new Director
    Personally I do not give a damn where you were born
    NO, 1 Protect the President .
    NO.2 . Restore the DSS to what it used to be Non Partisan , neutral organization, an example is very few Nigerians know the head of the SSS AND DIA because they do not get involved in politics
    NO3. Reform the DSS and that will include firing / demoting people who were promoted with less than a month left in the previous administration.
    NO.4. if you cannot fire/ demote people in the DSS Please put in your papers.
    NO5. Marilyn Ogar , once a brilliant officer well respected spokesperson by all Nigerians she became the face of everything that is wrong with the DSS , no it is not enough to transfer her to some god forsaken place along the SEME BORDER she needs to go either this agency is going to change by letting go of Partisan Officials or the – rot, the CANCER will continue.
    NO.6 The job description does not include hunting down PDP officials or people who make useless comments about the President , the job situation right now includes the internal security of Nigeria
    NO.7 Hunt down the ACTIVE BOMB MAKING CELL / ACTIVE cell in MAIDUGURI that is an immediate priority transfer 100s of officer doing nothing in Lagos , Calabar, Port harcourt, Kano, Sokoto,Zamfara,, Oshun, Ilorin ,Bida, Enugu, Benin who are able and willing.
    I will stop here
    Good luck on your Mission.
    May ALLAH be with you.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Jimmy, it might be better for any changes to be done in phases based on a strategy of continuity and stability in the secret service. There is also a need not to alienate sections of the country with lopsided appointments; let everybody be involved and have a stake. It is our country, the more people there are to build, the better.

      While inertia, turmoil, chaos and entropy rage around our government, the only beneficiary has been boko haram.
      Nearly a thousand innocent souls have been lost to the terrorists within the last 4 weeks alone in a sharp acceleration of their murderous activities.

      • Are James says:

        Well now that we have finally discovered (miraculously) that the current incumbent is not the founder of BH we should now settle down to some hard counter terrorism offensive based on cold hard professional thinking.

        Boko Haram has lost as a conventional war opponent of four standing nations in the region but has now morphed again into rural genocide and urban bombings. The work remaining is for the new DSS i would opine. The existing structures for doing surveillance on terrorist cells should be revamped, i actually think the SSS should be purged of the rash of new appointements and promotions that were made in the last two years. We need hard core intelligence officers not those who are fighting turf wars over body guard duty. We need an improvement in information gathering at the local government level. This is not fancy surveillance technologies but HUMINT. It is cheap, very hard to do will help other areas of government in terms of raw information and we should get started on it immediately. I think somebody should start now connecting the dots as to how the promised N5000 stipend for unemployed youths can be used to improve information gathhering and human surveillance.
        All these should be a completely local effort and the objective should be to have at the local level a structure of survelliance and security reporting as a key compnent of security architecture. When we have these in place we would be able to interdict almost any cells of terrorists no matter how small and careful and further protect our people.

        On a more positive note, Pakistan has recorded IMPRESSIVE gains in clearing out terrorists from its border areas with Afghanistan without US help. The conventional component of the effort is being driven by its powerful army who admirably continue to display an intolerance for being influenced by corrupt, decadent politicians masquerading as elected officials. Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where its military would have a joint venture in developing a combat jet and the money spent is still probably well below $4bn.
        Anyway the counter terrorism component is also recording success led by the ISI. All the actions are home grown, Pakistani led and though we have not heard any of the positive news in the western press at least they have been denied the glory of claiming they were the ones who liberated Pakistan from terrorists.

      • chynedoo says:

        DSS needs urgent reforms. In the last couple of years that agency has become a total embarrassment to many right thinking Nigerians by becoming partisan to the point its spokesperson went to town before the elections to tell the whole world a computer that wasn’t even connected to the internet had been hacked. It was so embarrassing, it made the Civil Defence Commandant’s ‘my oga at the top’ look ordinary. So we shouldn’t be talking about continuity in an agency where there is no professionalism. It’s tantamount to trying to run before one has learned how to work

      • Unfortunately thats what happens when you build around personalities and weaken institutions. Building around personalities render institutions prone to abuse and manipulation. Our institutions must b strengthened so they function as they shld irrespective of who is at the top. But our politicians have deliberately weakend institutions so when they hv a “yessir” man at the Helm the entire institution bows to them.

      • eyimola says:

        Just saw a comment about Pakistan clearing terrorists from its border without US help. That’s just untrue. I’m not suggesting Nigeria goes the same route, but Pakistan received over 1 billion USD in military aid last year alone, and has been receiving similar amounts for the last 10 years. Indeed its unlikely that the Pakistani economy would stay afloat if not for the regular infusions of cash it receives from her allies in North America and the Middle East

      • Are James says:

        My comment refers to close US involvement on the ground in the unfolding operations not monetry help. That ground tion has been ZERO from the US and the Pakistani Army and ISI have made great gains without them.
        The comment is based on discussions I had with flesh and blood Pakistani friends I see and interact with everyday for the past 3 months not from Western news agency so you choose the one you want to believe.

      • eyimola says:

        This is not about news agencies, but facts. Just last year there was a conversation on this blog about the uneasy relationship between the US and Pakistan, despite the fact that the US does provide them with a lot of military hardware + political and financial support. Thats just a fact. If you are stating the lack of US personell on the ground, or assets in the air, then I will ask you, ‘exactly why would a country that has a functional government allow a foreign power to deploy troops on the ground to fight its own domestic insurgents?

        Pakistan has an air-force, Pakistan has over two thousand MBTS, Pakistan has half a million active military personnel. What do they need US troops for?

      • Are James says:

        The original post was to warn against the tendency in government circles to think US, the west and multi lateral actions when COIN and anti terrorist issues are being discussed. I was reinforcing the point about the local HUMINT side that no foreign country can help you with as well as the fact that even on the COIN side countries like Pakistan are recording unreported successes without the US
        To your point, Iraq has a lot of tanks and aircraft too but they are been embarassed daily evenwith US and Iran help fighting ISIS.
        To summarize; get foreign country political involvement down to a minimum out of your country, for short term capability gap bridging use PMCs, violently and punitively root out corruption from your defsec sector and know your own country by doing HUMINT locally- Homeland Security.

      • lachit says:

        @Are James
        “On a more positive note, Pakistan has recorded IMPRESSIVE gains in clearing out terrorists from its border areas with Afghanistan ”

        really ?.how do u know about it. from reports comming out from pakistan.
        if things r so rosy then why is the army and air force using attack helicopters and fighter planes to bomb targets daily.
        why are the troops are not being called in to eliminate them in surgirical strikes after securing the target areas ie ground holding missions.
        many have no idea of the level of penetration of the jihadis into the pakistani military.
        September 6, 2014 their naval assets almost got wiped out due to one such attacks led by naval officers and ratings incollusion with the jihadis.
        not to mention the orion MPA and the erieye AWACS which got destroyed in another such attacks with the involvement of military personnel .
        also starting from the previous 1-2 weeks, a spate of arrests have been made overseas of several naturalised citizens of Pakistani origin throughout North America & Europe.
        including a Pakistani suspected of being involved in the Peshawar market bombing, one of the country’s bloodiest attacks,who was arrested in Rome, Italian police said to Reuters. The man, who has been living in Italy, is accused of taking part in an attack on the market in Peshawar in 2009 in which 134 died. He was held at Rome’s Fiumicino airport after stepping off a flight from Pakistan. Anti-terrorist police believe he also hid a “suspected suicide attacker who was supposed to carry out an attack” in Italy.
        allegedly he is reported to have made statements regarding involvement of officials from ISI and military .

        also Hillary Clinton was advised to quietly take action against Pakistani military leaders who gave support to al-Qaeda and its affiliates, an email sent to her when she was secretary of State shows.The emails released by the State department are the first batch from a pool of more than 50,000 pages turned over by Clinton from her private email server.

        so how do u eliminate jihadis if they are a part of the state machinery itself ?
        and really any missions against such jihadis are only to subdue certain groups who dont toe the line as dictated by the ISI and military.given there is no such thing as good and bad jahadis.

        also if any of u have links to nigerian intelligence my ” alleged unquoted off the record advice” ask them to moniter the people moving to and fro bet. nigeria and pakistan ,they might just get some interesting info on narco-terror activities including financials.
        another interesting fact many of nigerians caught on drug related charges in other countries have been found to have visited pakistan at some point of time.

        some might say i am a indian so i am being partisan but u all are free to cross check any of the info posted above except the last narco-terror tip.

        the world is surely becoming one shitty place. lol

      • lachit says:

        correction from the above post

        also if any of u have links to nigerian intelligence “my alleged unquoted off the record advice” ask them to moniter the people moving to and fro between nigeria and pakistan ,they might just get some interesting info on narco-terror activities including financials which might have implications to nigerias ongoing war against BH.
        infact BH has been linked to dawood ibrahim the drug/terror financer who enjoys the patronage and protection of ISI and military.
        also another interesting fact : many of nigerians caught on drug related charges in other countries have been found to have visited/stayed in pakistan on route or at some point of time.

      • Are James says:

        My comment was limited to conventional military action in a particular region of Pakistan. Whether the success of that action against insurgents led to an increase in urban terrorism short-term is open to individual interpretaions . There are many interests acting up in Pakistan but the big problem is corruption and lack of patriotism in their political class not much different from Nigeria. Every good thing is possible when leadership is good.
        There were also some interesting theories and strong opinions roping India into some of the terrorist activities in the region with deep questions asked about the credibility of mosque bombings by ‘Islamic militants’ and India’s almost comical opening of consulates in Afghanistan along the border with Pakistan . The question was; what is India doing with Consulates in obscure areas of a near medieval country like Afghanistan?.
        I am not on any side on the issue, i love India and what Nigeria to have strong military ties with them. I also know from history that an Indian emperor once ruled the region including Nepal, the whole of what is now Pakistan, Bangladesh, all the way up to the southern parts of Russia so cultural ties might have informed the consulates….only he get as he be.

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        u r my friend like all others in this blog
        so i am only tying to post info which looks into points left out by the bloggers
        i am in no way trying to brainwash anybody.
        everybody has a brain for a definte purpose na 😀

        “There were also some interesting theories and strong opinions roping India into some of the terrorist activities in the region with deep questions asked about the credibility of mosque bombings by ‘Islamic militants’ ”

        pakistani ISI has a dedicated public relation desk called ISPR which indulges in propaganda and misinformation tatics.
        and all of such COMICAL AND RUBBISH reports are comming out of there.
        there are many such COMEDY/IDIOTIC reports eg

        1.last month there was a heat wave in pakistan where 1000s of people died
        and reason given :INDIA CAUSED THE HEAT WAVE and ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR ELECTRICAL BLACK OUTS/SHORTAGE according to their energy minister.

        2.6-9 months ago there was floods in pakistan and indian kashmir.guess who was responsible INDIAN RAW according to their ministers.

        3.there was a earthquake in pakistan 1 and a half years back guess who was responsible INDIA and RAW according to their foreign/external affairs minister

        4.400 school childrens killed in peshawer who was responsible guess RAW according to army chief.

        5.gang warfare and lawlessness in karachi and pakistan who is responsible RAW according to police chief

        6.a helicopter with 2 or 3 ambassadors shot down inside pakistan by jihadis who was responsible INDIAN was claimed the MANPAD was a type used by india which is laughable at best.shows the idiocracy of the people who have no knowledge of weapons in service with india. to the recent BBC reports about india helping the MQM.the story is total hogwash.
        Reports of the supply of some $2.5 million in 2011 to 2 MQM-owned bank accounts in Dubai from a person with a Hindu name is indicative of Hawala(black money laundering) channels being used for sending monetary remittances by India-based relatives of the Pakistani Mohajirs after the devastating floods of 2010 that ravaged Sindh. This therefore cannot be construed as constituting some form of official Indian patronage of MQM. so this Pakistani allegations being parroted by the BBC must be challenged by india and a case of defamation filed against BBC.

        During a recent visit to Washington, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary had said that Pakistan had evidence of India’s involvement in such activities.And as always the US State Department said that there was no information if any such proofs had been shared by Pakistan.LOLZZZ
        all the while pakistan has being shooting its mouth that india is responsible for everything bad happening in pakistan it fails to submit any proof.pakistan for the last few years have been talking about presenting PROOF to UN / america but guess what, we are still waiting and waiting and waiting……………..
        the morale of the story

        @are james
        “India’s almost comical opening of consulates in Afghanistan along the border with Pakistan”
        there is nothing comical about it. the 4 consulates in Afghanistan were opened because
        1.india wanted to continue helping the NORTHERN ALLIANCE which was/is fighting the pakistani backed taliban forces.
        2.india has made massive investments in afganistan in social, healthcare, industrial, infrastructure sector, afgan administration is weak at best so to enable completion of these projects these consulates are being used as staging/control centers.
        3.many of terrorist in kashmir are talibans who have been trained and armed by pakistan.
        so these consulates also houses intelligence officers who r trying to infiltrate the taliban and ISI to stop them from getting into india to carry out terrorist strikes.
        4.geo-political positioning : afganistan has many central asian countries as its neighbours in which india is tajakistan where india is leasing / renovating the farkhor airbase to house a military hospital.also in future conflict with pakistan might base the india SU-30 MKI to strike the pakistani nuclear some of these consulates facilitates activities in the CIS countries.
        5.CHANAKYA SAID “ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND” so india is well withen her rights to help the afgan army turn into a powerful force which will someday threaten pakistan.just like PAKISTAN IS USING CHINA TO THREATEN u see anything wrong in that? tit for tat LOL

  52. Are James says:

    BH executed their own members in a village in northern Nigeria recently. The executed boys were planning to escape from camp. There is much work to be done in human software terms where missiles and artillery shells cannot go. HUMINT needs to be improved.

  53. buchi says:

    • lachit says:

      by the way what r u going to do with the flare ?
      smoke some rats outs lol

      • buchi says:

        crazy u lachit lol, just tinkering with a small old laser designator i got from an old friend who just arrived from the US, trying out my theory on Local ECM flares

  54. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    The Jaguar Cat is the most viable strategic and strike platform the NAF ever had, it does things no fighter can, when properly equipped and used, it will fly as well as our pilots are trained and experienced handling it, it’s sale to Nigeria was considered a mistake and all effort were many by the West ( lead by France and Britain accused of not considering a fellow Euro members interest in the region -Franco pones). The IAF knows the Jaguar’s capabilities to act as a break and deep penetration asset and occupies a special place in it’s battle order. Using very accurate Inertia navigational systems that do not require the primarily use or relying on the GPS satellites , unmatched low level handling which is enhanced with it’s wing position and configuration to provide high speed stability at extremely low level flights, good endurance and operational combat radius with effective ordnance loads. One pass strike by a single Jaguar with proper weapons load is equivalent to that of 4 x Alpha jet ( BH convoy on the roads would have been toast).

    • lachit says:

      nice write up
      jaguar has good flight handling at low altitudes therefor suited for low level deep penetration is more optimized as a bomber with characteristics of a fighter.
      arm the jet with systems like CBU 97 self homing submunitions cluster bombs and SDB small diameter bombs with autonomous homing u can wipe out a tank column in a single pass with a single jaguar.
      also can carry 2 air to air missiles on overhead pylons for self defence which frees up space for more bombs underneath the fuselage.
      do u have detailed info on DARIN III upgrade?
      if u interested give me a shout
      i will be happy to oblige.

  55. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    It is not only what we think or wish, it is what is planned and sequenced to happen, BH do not see themselves as defeated, the main aspect of insurgency is time, they feel they have control of time, when, where and how. they are masters of attrition and believe they can wear down an organized or stronger force. Their mind set is not to seek peace, but to thrive in an atmosphere of constant arson and in security, they relish the fear they create on the populace and consider such as little victories ( Suicide bombing, slaughter of unarmed civilians, soft target, etc). Intel indicates that ISIS finds Sub Sahara a very interesting area, where they can fight a proxy war, using Africans to attack western interests ( Western sought resources that would in turn affect there raw material demands at home). BH has learned about the asymmetric war fare cycle, –
    1) urban insurgency,
    2) Guerrilla warfare units in the field,
    3) Semi convectional warfare leading to taking territory or establishing bush bases, when they get bashed, they simple revert back on the building cycle or start again. there most vulnerable point is when they appear to be strongest ( Semi Convectional warfare) because they lose there cloak of invisibility, structure is exposed as well as there cadres are out in the open. this also provides a window of opportunity to deliver a massive blow to break the cycle ( As done by Siri lanka and the Tamils). In order to prevent the degraded BH forces from regrouping, the COIN Ops must be on two fronts.
    Combat Operations – Must be to take away the element of TIME and in turn deny BH the initiative , ( As taught by Oga Eebeen) relentless pursuit to deny time to re-group or organize, .
    Urban Security Operations – Cutting off returning BH operatives and fighters from urban areas, where they are seeking to regain the element of TIME in order to regroup and retake the initiative We need to have an invisible counter force to identify returning cadres before they can integrate into the populace (become invisible again), the CJTF is a very useful asset that we must use to break the cycle ( No such force exist in Mali and also a crude form of it was used effectively though brutally in CAR – Anti Balakas), if we don’t seize this window, we might still be at this for the next 10 years, it is okay for all us that the hostilities are restricted to a certain area of the country, the NE, if it should spread to other populated areas, we will be in real trouble , because of secondary factions (religious, political, ethnic groups, etc ). There would be no attention given to 4 th generation fighter aircraft , we all loveto dream about. Fire is best put out or effectively or contained before it spreads or re-ignites.

    • Are James says:

      I think we have failed so far at pro active Urban Security Operations. What should be happening is the state government getting out of its anti FG hand folding now that power has chamged hands and setting up an office to coordinate the CJTF. There is almost infinite treasure trove of information possible on Boko Haram using the CJTF. Somebody should sit down, read though his old notebooks on military intelligence and HUMINT and design a system to get information using existing structures and resources.

      • Are James says:

        Rwanda ‘s president is the poster boy of good leadership in Africa but if his General did commit genocide then he should go for it. We have to come to terms with our weaknesses in this continent and criticise ourselves the more. Face hard facts. Are Africans risking their lives in the thousands to get to Europe or not?. If the answer is YES then we are a very very stupid continent peopled by low minded , low IQ people.
        When you admit that and start from that fact that is hard to swallow then you begin not to tolerate things and you direct the anger where it should go. Not at the white man who looks down at you but your brother politician who made it happen.

      • lachit says:

        “.We have to come to terms with our weaknesses in this continent and criticise ourselves the more. Face hard facts. Are Africans risking their lives in the thousands to get to Europe or not?. If the answer is YES then we are a very very stupid continent peopled by low minded , low IQ people.
        When you admit that and start from that fact that is hard to swallow then you begin not to tolerate things and you direct the anger where it should go. Not at the white man who looks down at you but your brother politician who made it happen.”

        real straight forward and hard hitting truth
        even if 10% of africa starts thinking in the same way.
        things will change fast and for the good.

  56. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, pls can u clarify this SSS ‘partisanism’ issue, perhaps placing the recent pass vis a vis with the military era

    • jimmy says:

      oga IFIOK UMOEKA
      I will refer you not only to my posts but also to OGA ARE james posts and also oga AREJAMES ‘S posts
      1) The DSS UP untill 2014 was viewed by neutral Nigerians as being impartial and very professional with the Gospel coming from the BRILLIANT MARILYN OGAR in fact more than once I stated that she could give lectures on S ocial Media interaction to the Nigerian Army the Climax was how they coordinated with the Army Brigade of Guards to ruthlessly put down the attempted break out at the ABUJA Prison
      By q1 2015 everything seemed to change :
      The DSS instead of now chasing after the heads of BH were more interested in car chases of APC MEMBERS and dubious raids onthe offices of the Opposition, it did not help that the very face of the DSS marilyn Ogar became the chief pit bull. Meanwhile bh suicides have continued unabated this is what they are supposed to do this is what OGA AREJAMES means by HUMINT . THE US cannot do it for you , you have to do it yourself, the DSS has failed in this regard, more importantly by failing to STAY NEUTRAL they crucially lost the confidence of the President, this is the damming piece, this is ironically happening in AMERICA at the same time with the head of the US secret service forced to step down or risk being fired.
      The head of the DIA and other secret agencies in Nigeria kept out of the ELECTION whalala and as such have not been touched. The reasons i have given whether it is a political decision or Security decision ultimately belong the President,
      IMHO there needs to be more HUMINT on the ground to stop the incessant bombings, we are hearing now that a village onthe outskirts of Maiduguri is being attacked where is the INTEL?

  57. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 21h21 hours ago

    Nigerian forces engaged #BokoHaram / Iswap terrorists on horse-back & bikes in a shootout near debiro moments ago.

  58. lachit says:

    china just lost $2.36 trillion. That’s almost the size of the US government’s annual budget . . . and it’s been wiped out in a matter of two or three weeks!

    “What happens in China will turn out to be far more consequential than any sting that Greece may deliver over the coming weeks or months,” said Frederic Neumann, co-head of Asian economic research at HSBC Holdings Plc in Hong Kong. “As China’s equity markets lose their roar, the risk is that demand more broadly on the Mainland could take a hit. That would knock out an essential engine of world demand over the past decade.”

    Zero Hedge notes:
    What is most troubling is that … this clear bubble bursting is not done with the government’s blessings – as should have been the case since a crash was clear to anyone – but despite the government constant attempts to intervene and prop up the bubble.

    It all started with appeals to buy and hold because, well, it’s patriotic: “Fan Shaoxuan, a senior executive at Weibo TV who has more than 12,000 followers on Sina Weibo, posted a photograph showing the slogans: “Hold stocks with confidence. Win glory for the country even if you lose the last penny.”

    now if Greece goes under, the Eurozone is headed for ultimate disintegration. If China’s economy hits a brick wall, the single largest economic engine in the world breaks down. If both happen together . . .happy times LOLZZZ

    • chynedoo says:

      There is an article on Business Insider that as much as Greece and Puerto Rico have serious financial issues that may affect the international financial system, the real threat to the world economy is China. It is the nation that everyone should be worried about, the article concludes.
      It was quite surprising given the fact that there was very little hint about problems in the Chinese economy until now.
      Do we start stocking up on Chinese made goods before the wall of China starts crumbling real fast?
      I think I need to start building an underground storage bunker 🙂

      • lachit says:

        when u finish building the bunker just tell me okay
        i am going to join u 😀

        there were some signs that thinks could go south with the chinese economy.
        one major factor is the secrecy and lack of transparency on financial issues on the part of the chinese goverment.the chinese people have no way to know of the state of financial affairs.the chinese people have billions of money invested so if there is even a rumour of liquidation they will start selling everything like bonds, shares at low prices.this will have a casscading effect which will ultimately devalue the yuan and as a result billions of dollars will be lost and simultaneously foreign investors will start withdrawing all investments fromchina.we r talking of losses in the range of trillions of dollars .this will in turn force the chinese goverment to sell the 1-2 trillion dollars worth of US issued bonds in order to raise hard cash .and this will create panic in the US government because US does not have that much reserve cash in hard currency.
        it then has 2-3 options
        sell off its assets ie barter
        or default
        or go to war with china over a flimsy issue to save itself from economic collapse

        funny thing is this is kind of similiar to the arms procurement situation of NA.(all info from reading comments on this blog)
        ie lack of accountability and transparency.
        no of assets bought ?
        quality of assets bought ?
        remaining/residual shelve life of ammo bought ?
        market price versus price paid ?
        warrenty issued ?
        spares and maintenance included ?
        all above facors are interlinked and have a stacked effect ie one mistake creates/leads to another.

        all this has a significant impact on the troops using the assets on the battlefield.
        poor procurement will/has lead to
        more soldiers being killed
        breakdown of assets during battle
        poor performance of assets
        shortage of spares
        maintenance problems
        ammo miss firing / jamming
        recurring expenses due additonal replacement at inflated price since replacements have to be bought at short notice.

        all views expressed are my personal opinion

      • chynedoo says:

        I think I will build this bunker in a dense forest in my village in full DIY mode so that it wont draw unnecessary attention. I will search the web for ideas…I might even consider adding some counter measures, sneaky home made manual to auto missile sys, and AA station in case , possibly add a airforce one type anti-nuclear weapon capsule…and a few concealed traps to suck in some wild animals for regular supply of protein, might have to look up some Swiss army survival manual, and learn a few bushwacker survival skills to update the one I learned growing up…
        This war might be going down soon if China starts crumbling because since China already has plenty supply of enemies right on its backyard, in the west, and even across its borders with Russia…India is not China’s friend either…Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan then add the west to the list. If China loses its economic muscle, war would mostly likely be a certainty because it will upset the geo-politics of the world in a way that will make pre-1945 world look so tame. On a second thought, I might have to see if there are any enthusiasts thinking of building a ship to the moon as a safe bet should things get out of hand
        How secure is India’s space programme? Is India capable of getting a craft to the moon? If so, is the space programme well fortified? Might think of which countries space secrets are easy to steal…might be worth outsourcing info acquisition on how to put together a ship to the moon to Russian freelancers and maybe some Guy Fawkes groups the job…PLA unit 61398 don’t accept outsourcing deals, woulda been easier
        Well appears the bunker might after all be the best option 🙂 🙂

      • lachit says:

        LOLZZZ 😀
        what happens if ur spaceship made from outsourced ideas goes BANG in the middle of its flight and u end up landing smack in to a warzone in CHINA. hehehe
        i hope u can run fast 😀

        and with ORBITAL WEAPONS in existance and new ones being developed armed with nuclear weapons.
        me thinks even if u get ur spaceship into space u might be in time to see ur new home being blown up into thousands of astroids by a malfuntioning orbital nuclear weapon LOLZZ. 😀

        underground bunker best bet .
        dont decorate it too much or u might find half of africa trying to get inside ur bunker 😀

      • chynedoo says:

        I think I factored the mid-air break up scenario, so would have a space suit with flags of all the nations of the world that are in space sewn into it…and I might have a Chinese dragon custom, a paper lantern and a bowl of chow mein and some Chinese tea in tow. Well I’m thinking of adding a few SR-71 features, and may be copy a adopt some of the vital features of X-37B so that if the moon proves to be too unpleasant, then I might have to turn back and re-enter the earth without any serious troubles. And yeah I found Galapagos islands a decent place to land a spaceship/spaceplane assuming it re-enters the earth in one piece

      • lachit says:

        Galapagos islands hehehe
        man u will be eating phosphorous for breakfast launch and dinner

        instead of having the flags of all countries pinned to ur suit,which will only get u shot by all the countries better idea is to dress up like a alien and paint ur selve blue and claim to be a nabi from avatar 😀

      • chynedoo says:

        Lol. I will claim to be a returnee American Alien residing at area 51

  59. Sir Kay says:

    US to provide lethal weapons to Nigerian military

    The United States government has restated its commitment to assist Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram and rescue the Chibok girls.

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and the Commander United States Africa Command (USAAFRICOM), General David Rodriguez, made this known in a joint online press conference.

    Thomas-Greenfield said President Muhammadu Buhari is going to be in Washington later this month for meetings with the administration.

    “And we will have discussions with him on what we can do to continue to assist Nigeria and their effort to fight against Boko Haram.

    “Part of that discussion will be how we can provide the equipment and support that Nigerians require.

    “Part of what we will do is to engage with the new government, we will have discussion on what we can do to continue to assist Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram.

    “Human rights are an important value for the United States and in any place that we are providing lethal weapons.

    “We want to know that the miiltaries that we are providing those weapons to do not use that in a way that violates the human rights of ordinary civilians so we will have that discussion moving forward,” she said.

    Thomas-Greenfield said the U.S. government will discuss these issues with the Nigerian government, adding that they will also discuss how to better prepare Nigerian military to support communities.

    “And build confidence in communities and not be victimised by the efforts of the military in the fight against Boko Haram.’’

    Thomas-Green also said that the rescue of the abducted Chibok girls is high priority for the U.S. government.

    “This has been an extremely high priority for the U.S. government to assist in bringing these girls home and also hundreds of other girls and young boys who were forcefully abducted by Boko Haram.

    “We will not let up on our efforts; we will continue to work with the government.’’

    She commended Buhari and his wife for visiting their families and letting them know they have not been forgotten.

    On his part, Rodriguez said the U.S. has continued to share intelligence with the Nigerian leadership, about the Chibok girls as well as other people who have been taken by Boko Haram.

    “We will continue to do that and pursue the effort of rescuing the girls.’’

    The commander said the U.S. will continue to promote peace and security in Africa as a priority and that was why the command exists.

    He said the command supports peace keeping efforts and strengthens the capacity of Africa military through partnership.

    “The United States government is commitment to assisting African countries as they build their capacity to counter terrorism, which AFRICOM is key to providing such assistance.

    “In Nigeria we continue to share intelligence with the Nigerian military in the fight against insurgency.’’

    The officials further expressed concern that growing extremist violence undermines the peace and stability that Africa needs to strive and to prosper.

  60. Ola says:

    It’s a shame to see the spate of suicide bombings rising again. Even the most inexperienced security experts know that terrorists would splinter into small, defragmented units that would either operate independently or semi-independently and use lone wolves to carry out dastardly acts like suicide bombings. This has been the experienced in Nigeria for 6 years and the country does not seem to be effectively dealing with it. This is a failure in civil protection, it is a failure of the police. Just as the army, the police does not have enough men and those they have, they are ill equipped and under paid.

  61. Sir Kay says:

    NTA News ‏@NTANewsNow 10h10 hours ago

    Nigerian Army Dares Boko Haram, to Relocate Army Day Celebration to Maiduguri for a show of force

    • Sir Kay says:

      Show of force they say. Citizens are dying like flies, they want show force in a parade. oh boy

      • Are James says:

        These people are drawing ‘wad’ every step of the way. They were happy when Buhari said move to Maid. and they are happy even more now extra budgetary instructions AFEs, single source contracts and quick procurement of things that should normally planned and bought in a structured way would cost twice as much. Each Army day is x000 of $$$s . Members of the public are probably going to be invite for a static display but is Are James going there to watch it?…God forbid.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oh well , we shall over come

  62. Sir Kay says:

    NTA News ‏@NTANewsNow Jul 2

    #Breaking; President Muhammadu Buhari sacks the Director General of the SSS, Ita Ekpenyong, appoint Lawal Daura as new head of the agency

  63. Sir Kay says:

    Nigerian troops battling Boko Haram outside Maiduguri: vigilante

    Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Several “huge” explosions were heard on Friday night as Nigerian troops engaged Boko Haram fighters in a village outside the restive city of Maiduguri, a civilian vigilante said.

    “Hordes of Boko Haram gunmen are currently locked in fierce battle with Nigerian troops in Zabarmari village, 10 kilometres (six miles) outside Maiduguri,” vigilante Danlami Ajaokuta told AFP.

    “We have been hearing huge explosions coming from Zabarmari since 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) as troops fought to push back Boko Haram gunmen who are trying to invade the city,” he said.

    “There have so far been more than 10 explosions,” he said, adding that frightened residents of Zabarmari had fled to Maiduguri.

    He said civilian vigilante fighters who have been assisting the military to battle the insurgents were “on alert and ready for any eventuality.”

    Zanna Shehuri, a Maiduguri resident, told AFP the Islamists were not finding it easy to enter the city.

    “The city is tense following news that Boko Haram are now in Zabarmari trying to come into Maiduguri but are are facing stiff resistance from soldiers,” he said.

    “From here we can hear explosions coming from the direction of Zabarmari. I spoke to my cousin who lives there on the phone and he told me he and his family are on their way to Maiduguri. He said everybody was fleeing the village,” he said.

    The latest incident follows a wave of attacks by Boko Haram militants since Wednesday that have claimed some 200 lives in killings which President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday described as “inhuman and barbaric”.

  64. Ola says:

    Just watching the Kenyans dealing with Alshabab here.

    May be the NA can learn a thing or two here. The Nigerian armed forces could have dealt with BH like this from the beginning. There is nothing that Kenya deployed against Alshabab that Nigerian armed forces did not have already. What was in the inventory of the Army at any time was enough to defeat BH, what was lacking was strategy and the will power to do it. A significant portion of equipment used by BH to wreck havoc in the country came from the military afterall. I hope this new administration will start putting their promises to work. The military doctrine has to be rewritten. The armed forces need more men in all arms, a lot of more modern equipment and most importantly, intensive training of new intakes and retraining of old hands. I hope the present president, being a former military man will be bold enough to significantly spend money on the military and the defence of Nigeria in general. Every business man knows you invest money to reap profit. Invest in security and infrastructure, reap the reward of a rapidly growing economy, rapidly increasing GDP and happy citizens.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA OLA
      I do not want to pour cold water on KENYA ……… but considering the massive AID THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING:
      Garissa should not of happened
      It took them four days to get rid of four MILITANTS ( WESTGATE)
      Please the KENYANS cannot really teach Nigeria anything beyond PR
      They have struggled in COORDINATION, in taking back place held by as few as four people, I do not want to get into a dick measuring contest. ALgeria we need to learn from, Kenya no.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Jimmy, I appreciate your comment. You got one of the points I am trying to make here. See the PR that Kenya put into what they are doing? It was well coordinated. Now tell me, would any Kenyan not be proud of what their soldiers are doing? Also the press, did you notice it was the local press in Kenya that actually embeded with their military and reported live on the situation of things? In Nigeria, even the local press were busy copy-pasting the speculations of CNN, NY times, BBC and others.
      Another thing is this, you notice that Kenya threw in so much of military power in to this? they simply overwhelmed Al-shabab by throwing in all they’ve got. I am sure they learnt this from the US. Nigerian armed forces could have turned the case of BH to an over kill right from the beginning and let the police come thereafter to clean up what they have stabilised. Instead, they put in few men that were also demoralised and were running away from BH, dragging the name and image of NA in the mud. If all the T-55s that BH got from NA were instead turned on BH by the NA from the beginning together with our vintage Saladin and Panhards in their numbers, BH would still have been routed. Do you know that Kenya still has those vintage vehicles and they use them? just look at that video again. They featured Panhard, Puma and Casspir and BMPs for troop transport. Kenya only has a fraction of what is in the inventory of Nigeria, even without the later acquisitions, and you can see that the fight about pushed them to the limit of what they have but they still threw in everything all at once and of course, their soldiers were in high spirits! That is strategy. There is no way rag tag foot soldiers operating on motor cycles, vans and open back hillux, mostly wielding AK-47 will be able to withstand all the armour and bullets thrown in at once by Kenya. The same NA could have done with BH at the beginning instead of gifting T-55s and vikers, among others to them and allowing avoidable mass casualty and bad press.

      • saleh says:

        I agree that the initial response and will to defeat BH was poor and intelligence was even worse. However, regards the embedding of local news media in NE operations. I am yet to hear of any local news media complaining of not been allowed to cover the operation. our news media are more interested in covering politics and award nights. Additionally,the situation of Kenyan Al shabab crisis is very different from what is obtainable in the NE. Al shabab was never well established in Kenya and is actually a spill over from Somalia. Ours is a home grown crisis that established roots before it was even noticed.

      • Ola says:

        On the media coverage, I blame the media and the military. The media because there is a very low sense of patriotism and interest among them, coupled with a high level of ignorance and poor training. Just by reading what they write (e.g referring to helicopter as fighter Jets and APCs as tanks just to mention a few) it is evident that they lack the most basic skill set in war correspondence. Now the Army has a PR department and media. If the Army journalists had gotten things right, they would have had seen through the weakness in local media. This should have prompted them to invite local media at a very early stage and work with them in embedding with the military. Till date, the most comprehensive coverage we saw from the NE came form Vice media.

      • saleh says:

        I don’t think the media was interested in been embedded for any ops. Lest the brief time channels tv covered the ops and the media tour of some journalist in the mpa nothing else have been heard from local media. That is why the Military PR dept had to establish a radio station since the media were interested in other stuff

  65. mnl01 says:

    Pakistan wins first JF-17 order at Paris Air Show: PAF

    After high expectations for a deal to pull through, Pakistan was successful in securing its first ever export order for its JF-17 Thunder fighter on Monday at the first day of the International Paris Air Show.

    Air Commodore and Pakistan Air Force officer dealing in sales and marketing, Khalid Mahmood said “A contract has been signed with an Asian country.” However the name of the country was not disclosed and deliveries are likely to begin in 2017.

    The report added that 80 people were promoting the JF-17 in Paris this year, reflecting a significant marketing push.

    Read: Pakistan eager to secure first ever-order for the JF-17 at Paris Air Show

    Due to security concerns and client sensitivities, Mahmood chose not to specify the name of the customer and the number of aircraft it will obtain from Pakistan.

    Further, speaking to AFP from the Paris Air Show by phone, Air Commodore Syed Muhammad Ali said an order for the plane had been finalised but declined to give details.

    “That’s the case, we’ve finalised the order,” he said, citing sensitivities for not naming the client, the number of aircraft or the date of delivery.

    Mahmood further stated that the sales for the JF-17 had been delayed due to the political turmoil in numerous countries in the Middle East.

    Having brought three aircraft to the show this year, one of them will make its flying debut.

    Commenting on the success of the show, Mahmood said the choice of venue in terms of meeting prospective customers from French speaking countries is a good one.

    Analysts believe the major selling point of the JF-17 is its cost, which is likely to be substantially less than the $16-18 million cost of an US-made F-16.

    The latest models of the jets, which are locally produced in cooperation with China, are lightweight multi-role aircraft capable of Mach 2.0 (twice the speed of sound) with an operational ceiling of 55,000 feet.

    With a total 11 countries including Pakistan, China also markets the aircraft.

    Updating the guests and media on Pakistan’s induction of the type, he claimed that a total of 54 examples of JF-17 have been delivered till date. Out of which the first 50 were delivered in a Block I configuration and an update of these to a Block II standard is underway.

    The Block II configuration features improved avionics and better software, and adds a fixed air-to-air refuelling probe. The JF-17 is powered by a single Klimov RD-93 engine.

    An addition of Block III configuration with 50 aircraft and 46 aircraft delivered in the Block II configuration is expected to push Pakistan’s fleet to 150 examples, aiming to be delivered by the end of 2018.

    “Though the aircraft’s developers are still working out the specifications of the Block III aircraft, upgrades are likely to include an active electronically scanned array (AESA) or Passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radar”, Mahmood said.

    Further, the configuration could also include an infrared search and track (IRST) sensor, stations under the forward fuselage for various pods, and expanded precision weapons capabilities.

    With the aim to serve mainly as a trainer, a two-seat variant is also planned by the developers. Pakistan produces 58% of the airframe and China 42%.

    Pakistan was eager to secure its first-ever order for the JF-17 at the international event as Canada’s Bombardier is particularly hungry for sales, after its new C Series aircraft struggled through development delays and difficult market conditions.

    Airbus has also confirmed it will display its A400M military transport plane for the first time since a fatal crash in Spain last month caused by a massive engine failure.

    With air passenger numbers set to double to six billion annually by 2030, the world’s premier air show in Paris will next week focus on green issues even as the aircraft sales war remains centre stage.

    The Paris Air Show brings together some 315,000 visitors and 2,260 exhibitors from 47 countries, with much of the attention focused on which big manufacturers, particularly Airbus and Boeing, will land the most orders.

    Pakistan’s large and well-funded military has long been a major importer of defence equipment, particularly from China.

    The Paris Air show runs from June 15 to 21, with the final three days open to the public.

    • mnl01 says:

      A recent Pakistani media report suggests that the first export order has been confirmed and signed with the Sri Lanka Air Force, according to Pakistan-based 92 News. The article goes on to say that deliveries are likely to begin in 2017. According to the report, the order will be for around 18-24 aircraft, potentially confirming claims made at the 51st Paris Air Show last week that the first contract for the sale of the JF-17 had been signed with the Sri Lanka Air Force.[115] , However, industry experts confirm that the manufacturer remains secretive as to the buye

      • lachit says:

        sri lanka is not buying JF 17 their airforce has already issued a official statement denying any deal.
        nobody is buying JF 17 from pakistan at the moment.
        as i said 2-3 threads before on this blog burma(myanmer) has signed a deal with china to buy FC-1.around 20-25 planes.this deal was cleared recently after india took out militants in burma.after that china has agreed to arrange soft loans for the FC-1 deal.
        i really cant understand all this misinformation being peddled by the pakistanis since they are in no way involved in the FC-1 deal between myanmer and china

  66. Oje says:

    Oga Ola me i no understand the point you are trying to make o, especially on a video from Youtube. Nothing is impressive on the video and even at that they look inferior, look at what they use as front line Attack Copters. Kenya’s range of operation does not exceed a few hundred kilometers.The Nigerian army’s theater of operation exceeds an area the size of Scotland and even at that there have been repeated devastating attacks on the capital. From people throwing grenades on buses to 12 AK-47 wielding men holding the entire country’s army hostage and killing over 60 people, it took a detachment of British special forces to finally break the seige. Boko Haram has never been very successful in staging large scale attacks in Abuja, this is not luck trust me they try. This is the wrongest place to post this video. Watch the full lenght Vice documentary on Boko Haram then make comparisons.

    • lachit says:

      ahem !

    • Are James says:

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.
      While I agree that the maps don’t do the scale of Nigeria’s problem justice you cannot fault the Kenyan robust approach to the problem.
      This is the Kenyan army in a foreign country for Christ sakes. They saw tge need for and started using MRAPs far before we did thus saving a lot of lives. Their columns were always thoughtfully arranged with the best profile to reduce ambushes and their modest airforce has performed well so far with F5 jets and MI 35 choppers. We first suspected Kenya was going to do something in Somalia when porste s hijacked a ship carrying T 72 tanks for their army and they had to endure the negative publicity. Nigeria’s T 72s then we’re only on paper- never bought or the money chopped.
      Compa ring to Nigeria, I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but i would rate them far better with the lesser resources they have.

      • Are James says:


      • Augustine says:

        When Kenya grows to have 80 million Muslims on their homeland as resident Kenyan citizens including millions of radicals and fundamentalists, then we can judge the Kenyan military capabilities better if a Jihadist insurrection of 20,000 well armed fighters run in and out along 1,000 km of Kenyan border doing what Boko Haram has done.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Oje, here is my point. The Kenyans took had a robust response, throwing all they had into the fight. Are we saying that without having to buy additional equipment, what the NA had was not enough to deal with BH from 2009 till 2014? Let’s look at the inventory of the NA up till the 2nd quarter of 2014 for answer. It is not about throwing in the newest, shiny weapons, it is about using what you have to get the job done!
      Secondly, Did the NA give the right response at the beginning? No! Even if the entire country was under siege by BH, an organised, better strategised NA could still have responded better than the response the NA gave to BH in the NE. Was BH not a bunch of rag tags before they got abandoned heavy equipment from the NA? The glory of BH not being able to strike other parts of the country repeatedly is shared by all the security organs in Nigeria. The police has worked a lot and many of the things they do are not even in the media. Nevertheless, how many attacks has BH carried out in Abuja?
      I am a Nigerian and I am happy that the NA response came at last, nevertheless, I will not be blind to their flaws. Kenya only has a fraction of what we have but they used all they have to invade another country and crush the enemy.

      • doziex says:

        Oga ola you are right about the KDF.

        I said it a thousand times on this blog, this always bothered oga Beegeagle (lol)

        But it’s the truth.

        The kdf model in op linda nchi, the french model in mali and 72 strike forces model authored by colonel Eeben Barlow of the PMC STTEP all have strong similarities.

        NA on it’s own simply performed badly up until the election pressure brought in pmc ADVISERS and weapon infux.

  67. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga Are James, just an addition to your comment. Those T-72s were not for the Kenyan Army (which does not use Russian equipment). They were bought for the SPLA of South Sudan (at the time Southern Sudan-now the Republic of South Sudan- was a semi-autonomous territory in The Sudan and could not officially obtain such equipment).

  68. Kola Adekola says:

    There are a lot of vagaries in our handling of the MNJTF that worry the mind.

    Firstly, they demanded just $30million, but Nigeria pledged $100million, that is $70million more than is required. What would the extra $70million be spent on? Is it “meals for the boys,” or money to keep foreign interests at bay? Even when our neighbours tabled the bill, they added Central African Republic to the countries affected by boko haram, making it obvious that they were on a dollar fishing trip.

    Secondly, now that $21million has been disbursed, how and to what end is it being used?

  69. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, an item in our inventory doesn’t mean its serviceable. A B2 bomber that can’t fly is slightly different from a museum piece!
    How many of our alphas were flying? Haven’t u wondered why our eagle MBT never showed up why the T55 made a late entry and that in piecemeal! The same can be said of virtually every piece in that inventory saved perhaps the cobras and of course our desert camo hilux pickups.
    I say the army (airforce, MPF and DSS and our entire leadership) where all ill prepared for the insurgency! This manifested in the area of leadership, training and equipment
    Sir, we didn’t have what was needed then, we don’t have it now

    • Ola says:

      If the inventory of NA is made up of nun-functional equipment, how come the ones BH captured from the NA were functioning? In my opinion, it is a case of ill-preparedness as you pointed out, coupled with nonchalance, among other things.

  70. chynedoo says:

    If BH has as much as 20,000 fighters, maybe its time this conflict is redefined as a civil war being executed by BH on a mix of guerrilla and conventional warfare?

    • Augustine says:

      @chynedoo, Boko Haram at it’s height was said by analysts to have about 20,000 fighters estimated. Easy mathematics oga sir.

      45 towns held as Islamic caliphate for many months with Boko garrison that needed a near battalion size NA to dislodge, so 45 towns x say 400 Bokos is already over 16,000 men, then Maiduguri kept facing attacks from about 600 to 1,000 Bokos, then Konduga attack repeated with say 500 Bokos, then Sambisa forest HQ had say 1,000 Boko fighters who make up their mobile squads and guards of captives, garrsson for arms depot. Oga chynedoo, Bokos had about 20,000 fighters.

      It took 30,000 NA troops and estimated 3,000 MJNTF foreign troops to defeat them, and yet Boko Haram is still fighting today.

  71. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy the SSS and the NSO b4 it has always been a tool in the hands of the sitting gov. Interestingly, our rulers have always viewed the opposition as enemy of state (since they view themselves as the state) and Buhari as a general did it, IBB, Abacha and oh yes Baba too. U see, I don’t selectively 4get. The SSS has thoroughly failed us along with our entire intel community. But, the political class have failed us more. A lot of actionable intel and leads were produced by these guys but politics and not security decide the responses. We all know that. U still think that those financing and supporting this war logistically and politically are ghosts? Come on!
    Truth is since the players in our security and intelligence community are not from space but nigerians in their diversity, brother, all our organizations had long been penetrated and sadly, it didn’t start 2day but since the days of the khaki.

    On the other hand, how do u resolve this ‘partisan’ issue by bringing back a retired operative from ur ‘village’?

    • I guess its as simple as “he who pays the piper dictates the tune”. Until we rise above petty and tribal politics and until our institutions become bigger than individual. Until its possible to hold a president responsible for abuse of office things like this will go on. whenever u try to hold a public officer responsible for his irresponsibility his kinsmen rise and shout witch hunt or discrimination and defend him because he is their son irrespective of his evil deeds.

      The conduct of the DSS leaves a lot to be desired no doubt but it cannot be divorced from the disposition of the president. When the president gives an order what would you have the director of DSS do? Nigerians are not known for using the resignation option, often because the trappings of the office, the power and the riches are just too attractive.

  72. ifiok umoeka says:

    Sir kay, the questn 4 me wouldn’t be what weapon but HOW MUCH (and I’m not thinking cash) and WHY NOW?
    Also, we will end this war when our leaders get tired or Nigerians ‘get them’ to get tired. Maintaining a squadron of MALE drone (perhaps armed) and 2 squadron of armed assault (mid size) copters and a flight or 2 of ready to go strike bird would deny them this freedom of movement and this is the song we’ve been singing for a long time.
    However, why all these attacks since the probe ‘threat’ from the president was voiced?

    Oga Ola, if 20% of our T55 are operational and half of that is deployed in the NE, BH capturing (or elements of the NA gifting the items to BH for political, religious, ethnic or financial considerations) 3 or 4 of them dents a huge blow to the NA. Isn’t that detrimental too?

    Oga Chynedoo, 4get moon, if the earth goes down, no more supplies (except u can grow ugu in space). I like the bunker idea but it must be radiation proof.
    Flags from all nations will draw flaks from all nations
    (Real thoughts, I think we’ve gone bunkers Lol)
    However, a broke China is arguably the world’s worst nightmare.

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