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4 July, 2015

Woke up this morning and decided to tune into Shortwave Radio.Fortuituously, starting from where the dial of my radio set sat last time I tuned in, I heard a most pleasant call sign as follows, ‘THIS IS THE NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES RADIO’

The station were broadcasting local Nigerian martial music and also airing their identification signals and frequencies.

Unlike the new DEFENCE RADIO 107.7FM which came on stream in May 2015 and airs in Abuja and environs only, the all-new Nigerian Armed Forces Radio broadcasts on the following SHORTWAVE RADIO FREQUENCIES

11.825 KHZ (25M BAND) and
13.775KHZ (21M BAND)

What this means is that the radio station’s signals can now be received across Nigeria and around the world. It is a very good step towards challenging the useless, foreign-inspired narratives which are mostly broad on generalisation and short on specifics.

SMS NUMBER: +234 814 8366 886

Yours truly was a first-time listener and I monitored the station’s output between 0702hrs and 0758hrs Nigerian Time this morning, Saturday 4th July 2015. My measured guess is that their broadcast time (or is it morning broadcast time?) is 0700-0800hrs Nigerian Time (GMT+1)

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  1. STARTREK says:

    That is the positive imagination of a quiet, focused and dedicated patriots while some dumbbell politicised fellows mouth off their ignorance even in a DEFSEC forum.

    Meanwhile, good morning Chief…

    • Are James says:

      Really? . This idea was taken from this blog. I could even tell you the date, the thread and all those who supported it.

  2. Ola says:

    Good step!I will try to find them on the net.

  3. NJOKU OUJ says:

    Way to go! Nice work! This time round a good avenue to source credible news and information about goings on in the DEFSEC space.

  4. saleh says:

    Good step. There will now be wider coverage

    • buchi says:

      Definitely there will be a much wider coverage and we can now get to tell our stories with no additions or subtractions free from political insinuations and with the sole purpose of information desimmination in the defesec space

  5. Omonon says:

    Na now una con arrive. The best is still yet to come. Good job there. Kudos to the Nigerian armed forces. Kudos to Beegeagle’s Blog.
    God bless Nigeria!!!

  6. Omonon says:


    Patriotism is a virtue to be cultivated by all. So Nigerians can now turn to the correct source for a reliable information.

    God bless Nigeria.

  7. jimmy says:

    Good Job as Oga Arejames said .The idea was lifted from Beegeagle’s Blog but we bear nothing but love.Carry on.

  8. ozed says:

    Great development!! Long may they sustain this.

  9. ozed says:

    On the not so good side,the army yesterday managed to repel a two pronged attack at Bama and a town called Jere. It was no raid, it was an offensive aimed at holding ground. So there you have it guys!

    There you have it, because we were unable to keep the pressure on, BH is rebuilding and consolidating. So much for the MNJTF, command center movement etc.

    • buchi says:

      not only that two early morning attacks at the same zabamari village and another village in monguno LGA were repelled, heard that the RM-70 MLRS of NA chewed off a detachment boko motorized infantry(bikes and hilux) at a very good distance.still i think the uncertainty this present Administration bears is seriously affecting Chain of command .make no mistake clashes of interest have already began, spoke to a friend two days ago and from his own opinion a lot of people are not comfortable with individuals like Dambazzau and a couple of others who seem poised to run defesc.under this admin.
      I held this view before and it seems a lot of people hold this view,in all Something needs to be done to revamp our offensive cos they have been static Formations around on ground ,Probing does not mean putting the Military at Standstill at all

  10. STARTREK says:

    Are James I wish I have time and liberty to banter.
    I can equally tell U due date and time this blog and its precursor was embarked.
    unlike U I work, play and live in the cyberspace. my only is that I do it under OFFICIAL BRACKET again the BEEGONE MY Complement.

    • Are James says:

      Point taken. Congrats to Nigeria and all sincere patriots. This radio should be beamed ceaselessly into the airwaves of northern Nigeria as well. The message should be love, inclusiveness and that Nigeria offers a better alternative to the crazy ideology of death and enslavement of the human soul.
      90% of people in this region have the radio as their sole asset so the work should be easy . The NIA, DSS and DMI should recruit the best message crafters and let the media bombardment begin.

    • beegeagle says:

      I greet you too, my brother.

      The Army PR boss actually left a message to alert everyone to this nee development a day earlier on July 3rd. The message got stuck in the moderation queue. I saw it after I posted this thread and approved it. Now I cannot even find the comment or the thread where it was posted!

      The comment was actually detailed and would have expanded the body of knowledge contained here.

  11. Maduka Oluwafemi says:

    This is long overdue,anyway,it is a welcome developement. The military can now tell its own side of the story to a listening audience. So much for re-orientation and morale boost.
    Atleast we’ll no longer be left in the dark and skewed stories would be shot down before they travel far.
    God bless Nigeria.

  12. Oje says:

    In the age of the internet, social networking and a network concentric lifestyle this changes little. Relying on the military for information on developments carries its own risk of distorted realities.. Nigerian journalists are lazy and cowardly, its not fair the best news we’ve ever had from the front lines come from foreign journalists.

    • Are James says:

      Point taken

      For now the balance is too slanted agsinst Nigeria for now in the information space so we welcome this balance weight.
      What is more important though is internal mass communications. Imagine special programs on this radio with respected clerics railing against Takfiri- sm daily and tslking about true Islam with quotes from the Koran. Government spokesmen speaking glowingly of government youth programs. This will sow doubt in the minds of prospective recruits and weaken the organization just as much as bullets.

  13. STARTREK says:

    mr America?
    U have no idea the magnitude of the POWER of Radio in Africa and Nigeria in particular.
    Ur opinion is as always gleaned from an American perspective than a Nigerian one specifically…
    The Decision, Reason and Purpose for NMR was vetted at the highest Authority possible.
    Lets not carelessly turn this into another amnesty-like- Rambling thread…
    Regards to all the Bloggers.
    long live the the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  14. STARTREK says:

    Mr Are J. U have my Vote and balance on this One

  15. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:,
    Arm the Villagers with Shotguns, they would hold there own at close quarters at night, they also know the terrain and they can incorporate and work a system of networks with neighboring villages, this was demonstrated in the Rhodesian Bush wars and Guinea Bissau after their Nations”s independence against bands of roving rebels.The Villagers would stop BH’s impunity , deny them access to supplies, food and degrade them each time they venture to attack ( in ammo and men).
    If they keep riding over this villagers, they would soon out of self perseverance and safety of their families start supporting BH, by offering food and cover. People change out of feeling of neglect or inability to protect themselves and there family. There is more to this thing, pray they do not spill out of the North East. The armed Villagers should organize Night watch at outposts to be able to alert the community when intruders are detected (and stop being caught in their sleep like livestock), they can at least run into the bush, let the state Governor spear head this move ( I am aware there was a purchase of DB and shot guns that was blocked from being distributed much earlier.into the conflict), This this impunity by BH must not be allowed to fester longer, this kind of combat can carry very high tolls, even the Mighty and well equipped Syrian military as been degraded over time to tossing barrel bombs out of helicopters
    There is a chance to stop this now, if counter attacked with the same ferocity as given by BH, the Anti-Balaka in CAR achieved a certain level of stability, We cannot keep leaving this Villagers as turkey shots, they need to be given means of defending themselves or they just might turn. we have 20,000 CJTF use them as the shock troops to blunt attacks and constantly and relentlessly hunt for the BH. Learn from other conflicts and use all resources, not time for pride. Even the economy is under strain

  16. Oje says:

    Who are you calling Mr America? And how does my comment lean towards America? What is wrong with all of you and this ”America” complex? jeez!!!!

  17. STARTREK says:

    Oga !!! Scroll back to your first comment Read it, take a deep breath and then read again…

  18. lachit says:

    i guess u all know the radar on JF 17 ie KLJ-7 MMR
    KLJ-7 MMR is actually a re-named version of a pertcular radar.can anyone tell me the name of this radar and who developed it .

    • Are James says:

      Copy of a copy of a Russian pulse doppler radar.

    • lachit says:

      the KLJ-7 MMR is actually the Zhemchoug MMR, which was developed by Phazotron NIIR of Russia in cooperation with Chinaโ€™s AVIC for both the J-10 and FC-1.
      It is a version of the Zhuk-M MMR with CETC-developed IFF. Substantially lighter than the Zhuk-M at just 180kg, its planar-array antenna helps keep down costs and weight compared to phased-array designs. It can detect simultaneously 20 targets, select the 4 most dangerous of them and track them.
      Detection range is 80km, and lock-on range is 60km.
      but still the parameters are debatable due to lack of hard evidence

  19. lachit says:

    another interesting question
    can anyone differentiate the microprocessor chips / technology being used on MMRs & digital flight-control computers & mission computers by russian , china , india on one hand and those being used by america on another.
    any difference?

    • lachit says:

      man u guys r expert at ignoring the tougher questions. (i would also do the same hehehe)
      reminds me of school days ๐Ÿ˜€

    • gbash10 says:

      @ Lachit,let me try a little, the microprocessor chips used in recent Russian and Chinese radar and computer signal processing is the Gallium Arsenide,GaAs microchips used in telephony.

    • lachit says:

      as far as i know legacy Intel 386 and 486 microprocessor chips are still being used on MMRs & digital flight-control computers & mission computers designed by russian , china , india.
      and the US is probably using far far advanced Pentium 9/10/11 chips on its advanced platforms & weapons and they will become public knowledge only 10 years from now.
      russia china india dont posses the tech. and qualified manpower to compete with intel ,amd they are still using these legacy COTS micropocessor chips in their military systems.
      one plus point is they are hardened to radiation and are ruggedized and are easily available ie not subject to US technology restriction.
      eg the us space shuttle still uses the intel 486

  20. lachit says:

    another one
    according to u all
    which one going to be the best , powerful and versatile platform
    SUPER-SU30MKI (next gen. upgraded version of su30mki) or SU35
    and why
    and say nigeria wants to buy either one of the 2 than which one should it select.
    plz give resonable explanations if possible

    • Are James says:

      You as an ” India-man” would say MKI , I as a Nigerian would still say MKI. The Russians are not ready to mass produce SU 35. Some human resources, industrial management and capability issues. China for all their faults are going to overtake Russia I’m aerospace technology in five years.

    • lachit says:

      i am a different kind of “india man”
      i am very critical of india.because i want her to improve.she has slept too much on her job.

      super su30 mki or su35
      the answer is not definate because it will depend on what ur looking for and the preference of person with respect to aerodynmics ,electronics capability ,radar ,super manuverability etc
      one clear edge that super su 30mki will have is the incorporation of substantial and better western ,israeli origin electronics on it.

      The glass cockpit avionics package, developed by Russiaโ€™s Avionica MRPC and Tekhnocomplex Scientific and Production Centre, will include new-generation hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) controls made by KB Aviaavtomatika, panoramic active-matrix liquid crystal displays, and a compact OLS infra-red search-and-track sensor developed by the Ekaterinburg-based Urals Optical & Mechanical Plant.

      The mission management avionics package will include dual redundant core avionics computers developed by the Defence Research & development Organisationโ€™s (DRDO) Bangalore-based Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) and built by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL).

      The open-architecture IDAS has been under joint development by DARE and Germany-based Cassidian since 2006, and will include the AAR-60(V)2 MILDS F missile approach warning system, the EW management computer and Tarang Mk3 radar warning receiver (developed by DARE and built by Bharat Electronics Ltd), a countermeasures dispenser built by Bharat Dynamics Ltd, TsNIRTI-developed expendable active electronic decoys, a reusable fibre-optic ABRL active radar towed-decoy using suppression, deception and seduction techniques, and an internal EW suite supplied by Elettronica of Italy (the very same Virgilius suite that is on board the MiG-29UPG).

      The Virgilius family of directional jammers, which are also used by the Eurofighter EF-2000, make use of active phased-array transmitters for jamming hostile low-band (E-G) and high-band (G-J) emitters, and is considered an equivalent of the AESA aperture-based jammers of THALESโ€™ Spectra EW suite.

      Other new-generation avionics to be installed on the Super Su-30MKI will include the RAM-1701AS radio altimeter, TACAN-2901AJ and DME-2950A tactical air navigation system combined with the ANS-1100A VOL/ILS marker, CIT-4000A Mk12 IFF transponder, COM-1150A UHF standby comms radio, UHF SATCOM transceiver, and the SDR-2010 SoftNET four-channel software-defined radio (working in VHF/UHF and L-band for voice and data communications), and the Bheem-EU brake control/engine/electrical monitoring system, all of which have been developed in-house by the Hyderabad-based Strategic Electronics R & D Centre of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). The digital air data computers and flight data recorders and their automated test benches will be supplied by Bengaluru-based SLN Technologies Pvt Ltd.

      the above is tentative list of electronics upgrades (i have only incomplete/partial info as of now) which is being implemented however it is subjected to change and may in present/future be replaced by superior systems as mandated by the requirement to keep pace with ever evolving technology.

      and it is given that the Su-35 will/has systems intended for the PAK FA, while the super su30mki will get systems that will ultimately end up in the FGFA (indo-westernized PAK FA).

      many be Plasma stealth ๐Ÿ˜€ will be incorporated on super su30mki .i remember reading that india sent some scientists to work with the russians on plasma tech. some years back.not sure but looks like some of the tech ended up in missiles.
      The plasma stealth is nothing but ionised gas which must be generated in front of the aircraft to be effective. Electromagnetic waves are not deflected by the cloud, they are absorbed by the ionised gas which reduces the signal strength. The thickness and ionisation level determines how effective it is at absorbing the energy.
      it is reported to have been tested but as far as I know it has problems at high speed as the air in front of the aircraft could not be ionised to a level that was useful before blowing past the aircraft in the slipstream.It also absorbs radar and radio energy so it would effect emissions as well as incoming signals.

      also personally i think Su-30mki aerodynamically has better pitch/yaw rates than Su-35 since its design is more unstable like the triplane/canard concept of Su-37.
      the su 35 lacks canard but maybe because the comparatively light-weight of Su-35( aprox. 15ton empty) vis a vis Su-30MKI(18.5 ton empty) coupled with better thrust have resulted in their omission of the carnard from su35.
      also the TVC of Su-35 is more advance than the TVC of MKI. But point is will it improve the pitch, yaw, roll rate when compared with highly unstable canard equipped Su-30MKI.
      maybe Sukhoi deliberately left it to reduce the RCS of Su-35 while trying to make it more closer to the 5th gen planes and the eurocanards.

      gonna call the sukhoi design burea some day . lot of questions pending
      any one wants to lend me their phone ? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Thanks for sharing, Interesting article

      • lachit says:

        “Admiral Murtala Nyako, a former governor of Adamawa, said he saw a military helicopter supplying items to people inside a bush he believed to be terrorists and that he advanced towards the place and that the military people warned him against that, which was how his problem started. Do you think it is possible there is a collaboration between unscrupulous elements within the military and the terrorists which has frustrated the effort of the government towards winning the war? ”
        ???? was it investigated. did media not raise hell over it

        “If there was anything the police was proud of, it was his baton and torchlight.โ€œNigeria Police is perhaps the only police in the world that is too sophisticated to do foot patrol. If you go to Britain from the airport and I have been to 97 countries in the world, you see police men on foot patrol, their hands at their back. So, if you have that, there could still be this suicide bombing once in a while but not daily occurrence like we have in Nigeria now. ”
        oh man !!!

        the interview of the general is a gem, down to earth and no holds bar.
        especially liked the point on the foot patrol by police never gave it a thought and now realize its importance.

  21. doziex says:

    Hehe he

    Better late than never.

    I wonder if the corrupt. Ogas at the top would dominate the whole thing out of self aggrandizement.

    You now the way they dominate the pages of SOJA magazine.

    I beg we want to know about the rank and file, not just the fat connected bosses.

    I heard PMB is finally calling NA brass to account for allocated funds that was meant to equip our hapless boys fighting BH.

    I remain irate and indignant on this issue.

    Nigeria has been humiliated by these thieving generals.
    NA has lost all it’s hard won prestige because of them.
    Young officers and men has lost life and limb fighting with meager resources in the midst of plenty.

    We had several fights on this blog about this issue.

    As i said then, before any soldier can be shot for cowardice, these theiving generals must be tried for treason as well.

    Generals got fat, while the rank and file were been outgunned by bh.

    PMB , the dead soldiers and the dead victim’s of bh are crying out for justice.

    • freeegulf says:

      a very interesting read. the general is quite in-depth in knowledge and extremely versatile, very enlightened. enjoyed every piece of the article

      @oga doziex, you can see that some of our officers do know a thing or two about COIN and modern asymmetric warfare, its willpower and illicit business that hinder thorough doctrines to be implemented.

      the general touched on every critical aspect of security bedeviling this nation, simply brilliant, @are james, thanks for sharing this awesome article

  22. beegeagle says:



    The Nigerian Armed Forces Radio will start its test transmission today(July 2nd, 2015) on 11825Khz on the 25 meter band and 13775 kHz on 21 meter band Short Wave from 7.00am to 8.00am (local time).

    Reception coverage area includes Nigeria, West, Central and Southern Africa. The programme content includes traditional and
    Nigerian military musicals as well as the station signature tune and salutation to C-in-C, CDS, Service Chiefs and gallant officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces and the good people of Nigeria.

    The broadcast languages include English and Hausa. Please letโ€™s
    keep a date with this new radio station.


    • Kola Adekola says:

      General Beegs, is there any chance that it will eventually cover Europe and the US?

      This is quite a huge development that can propel the country forward if properly harnessed. We must be careful not to fill the airwaves with typical “big man” stuff, the station should really reach out to prime all who are hungry for our country. Our Oga’s at the top, please light the fuse!

      • Are James says:

        Let us not do Europe until we have quality content.
        You read the post yourself – “The programme content includes traditional and Nigerian military musicals as well as the station signature tune and salutation to C-in-C, CDS, Service Chiefs and gallant officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces and the good people of Nigeria.”
        This is not what we want to be broadcasting into the airwaves of Europe. You could try of course, but it would have the entire effect of my ancestors trying to listen to classical music. Don’t forget radio dials are so annoyingly easy to turn to the OFF position.

        We need frenzied propagandists delivering our message in clear unambiguous ways on air before a global audience.. We need convincing arguments marshalled on air by well prepared panellists on specialty discussion programs on this channel. We should also provide this channel for occasional disinformation to confuse Boko Haram sponsors as well. . This is the quality of material we need for any planned penetration of Europe or indeed anywhere outside Nigeria. In any case the internet is a better channel for all that. For now we should do local programming targeting youths and rural dwellers.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        I believe local dwellers need means of defending themselves or else they might get turned by BH, the Military cannot be in every location, if this new momentum needs to be stalled at it’s root. DB and Shot guns ( limited threat at 40 meters plus distance engagements on the battle field) are very effective defensive weapons at close house to house combat at night, let this villagers defend themselves, not brought out of the house and lined up. BH is a determined adversary

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Just my humble opinion, would the fund utilized not have been better to address related field communication and command and control issues, Propaganda and Radio is best left to the professionals with the core competence, this is one of the issues pointed out in the General Enahoro’s interview. even during the civil war, there was no army radio, the Government needs to speak through one voice, look Nigerian are very discerning and exposed. the Military is acting like a self estate with Silo mentality, protecting it’s own issues without carrying along the populace. the current crises is a Nigerian problem. If the FGN media and medium are not performing call them to order. Even ECOMOG radio was a united voice for the entire mandated entity not the Army or Navy or Air force. here we are being told field commanders are in some cases using mobile phones.

    • rugged7 says:

      I don’t see a reason why they can’t broadcast in French.
      Nigeria is practically encased by francophiles.
      Information dissemination/propaganda in french to reach these areas is critical.

      • Are James says:

        Valid point targeting citizens of our francophone countries. ..anybthing value adfing than playing boring Nigerian martial music and running biographies of Buhari and Minimah or history of the NA and think you are doing propaganda.

  23. Kay says:

    What’s up with the current state of security in the NE. Resumed escalations of attacks,suicide bombings is the new scenario. I’d wanted to think Buhari had already started planning for continued oppression of these boko elements as seen in the the tail end of Jo’s administration.
    I expected by now measured efforts to destroy whatever skeletal networks feeding terrorists would have been applied.
    All fine we are awaiting weapons supposedly but not exactly an excuse to relent. What happened to the Sambisa offensive? What’s the status of the recaptured communities, how about we know what’s going on in the NE?
    If Buhari’s government got nothing as answers to the current crisis, please…! We need proactivity!! This is crunch time!!!

    • lachit says:

      the private sector is doing very good and has a good future.
      the modi govt has removed all red tape and bureaucratic hurdles.
      as a result private companies like
      Ashok Leyland
      Bharat Forge (Kalyani Group company )
      Mahindra Defence Systems
      Tata Advanced Systems
      and many more
      have got access to a level playing field and have opened up for FDI.
      as a result foreign arms manufacturer from US ,EUROPE ,ISRAEL ,RUSSIA have started investing tech. and money into these companies.

      Kalyani Group company got these 2 artillery systems in less than 2 years.
      Bharat-52 is a long-range 155mm/52 caliber gun. It is the first indigenous solution of its kind designed and developed in India. Bharat-52 is a futuristic towed gun, providing a highly maneuverable field artillery solution. It has been designed for accuracy, stability and reliability during moving and firing maneuvers, and is based on the requirements of the Indian Army.

      Bharat-52 is capable of a range exceeding 40km and utilizes self-propelling capability and automatic laying mode. The Anti-backlash drive for elevation and traverse make it a truly unique system and a robust solution for superior battlefield operation.
      It is designed to operate as an all- weather system and has superior all-terrain mobility. Extremely easy to deploy, it takes a team of six crew members to deploy the system within one minute during day time and 1.5 minutes during night time. Bharat-52 in self-propelled mode is capable of achieving a mobility of 30kmph using its own diesel engine and electronic steering system.

      Garuda-105 is ultra-light gun system which utilizes the high end Soft Recoil Technology. This allows the weapon (gun) to be placed on light vehicles and nonstandard platforms, including aircraft and coastal and river patrol watercraft. This high tech system which was developed and manufactured in a record time of 08 months is a force multiplier for the forward forces and will prove to be a complete game changer in the realm of weapon system.

      The TATA Kestrel is a modern amphibious armoured personnel carrier developed by Tata Motors in less than 1 year.

      The armour is made up of applique and composites along with welded steels. Additional armour kit could be applied in heavy firing zones.
      The hull floor is further strengthened to defeat mines and similar explosives. The seats are attached to the roof for improved blast protection. Fuel tank are placed outside the troop compartment for additional safety.
      The 8X8 wheel configuration is set on a hydropneumatic suspension utilizing double wishbone arrangement. All wheels have run flat capability to allow the vehicle to move even after suffering punctures
      .A standard operating crew of two including driver and commander, with a full mechanized squad of 12 members.Engine is placed at front left. Passengers are placed in the centerline in a back to back fashion each facing a firing port. The seats are very comfortable as compared to other BMPs.

      The Kestrel has high power-to-weight ratio for mountainous terrain. It is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine of 600 hp. This armored personnel carrier is fully amphibious. On water it is propelled by two waterjets
      The standard turret installation can accommodate a roof mounted remote controlled Konsberg Protector MCT-30R(RWS) fitted with a 30mm autocannon. This cannon could fire Armor-Piercing Incendiary (API), High-Explosive Incendiary (HEI) and Armor-Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot Tracer (APFSDS-T) rounds.
      It has an effective range of 3,000 m. It is also fitted with 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. The RCWS adds a heavy 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. It also has option for adding up to 2 anti tank guided missile launcher in quick fire mode.

      WHY I POSTED THESE PRODUCTS.( dont accuse me of hawking indian products ๐Ÿ˜€ )


    • lachit says:

      @are james
      FYI the bharat-52 gun attracted the attention of many african countries.
      there was a long line at the pavilion.LOL
      the cost of the gun is 30% less than similiar systems.given a large order the cost could drop down to further 35-40%.also all the electronics are from ELBIT company from ISRAEL and therefore makes a good alternative to chinese systems.

      i hope to see the gun in action in africa.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.
      I will concur with you statement but redefine it as such; “why we should go with commonsense.” I stand to be corrected, but i doubt anyone on this Blog doesn’t support the Make in Nigeria mantra. This is the real essence of an industry, without which sustenance becomes dependent on other countries whose national interests may intersect with ours one day. What do we do then? beg them to forgo their national interests because this world is made of rainbows and lollipops? we need to continue to clamor for continued patronage of local capacities, while building on the solid foundations we already have in aspects of our military industry; this is just commonsense, and many countries know this.

    • Ola says:

      Warning! Long post!
      Interesting article. I have said it here many times that Nigeria needs to develop the willingness and boldness to go “Made in Nigeria”. India is the country with the highest number of poor people in the world, yet we’ve seen how India over some decades now, has continuously befriended all and played all to bring in technology from all over to achieve their national dream. India has developed their military and space programs, riding on the back of Mostly Russia and to a lesser extent, European nations. Today India is a country to be recognised militarily. And the “use your money to feed your poor” condescending mantra that the “west” has sung to us is never sung to India. If Nigeria wants to make a domestic MBT, sophisticated missile systems and artillery platforms, become a blue water Navy and have domestic fighter jet program, it’s all possible within a decade. It only costs 2 things; 1. will power and then; 2. Money.
      Will power comes first because the military and the government need to wake up to the fact that a new dawn has to rise, things must not be business as usual, government to government deals have to be signed, we need to develop deep military, Industrial partnership with Russia. Our destiny lies in our hands, not in the hands of any foreign government. Russia has been the choice of countries that have weaned themselves off others to become military power, Russia continues to play that role and that is why I chose Russia.
      First, the government needs to immediately spend significant amount of money in buying some up to date equipment for the military, but much more, the money needs to buy trust and developmental programmes for the country. Talk of signing contract for 300 MBT. 200 imported, 100 brought in as KD and assembled in the country. Or signing eye watering contracts for the SUs aircraft family and leading to a state of the art service and turn around center being built in Nigeria for the SUs aircraft or make Nigeria the hub for service and support for the Mil helicopter family, second only to the service you’d get in Russia. There is an amount of contract that can be signed that will bring about such trust that leads to long term partnership and tech. transfer. The government needs to make hard choices to make sure, for once to make electricity and other energy sources more available and improve road infrastructure as well as education, especially tertiary and technical education. The government needs to work with the military and tertiary institutions in Nigeria to carry and drive a fully domesticated military focused, industrial program. The government also needs to provide more conducive, fair and clean playing grounds for investors and private entities to come into the bigger Nigerian dream in terms of making other industries thrive to form the supply source of our industrial military ambition (high grade steel, electronics, various extractive, to mention a few). Additional benefit would be diversification of the economy.
      The government needs to develop the will to put Nigeria forward and stop playing chicken and running after the “big boys” on the world stage to the embarrassment and detriment of the country.
      Nigeria does not need to borrow to achieve greatness today, our officials just need to spend our money in a more honest and purposeful way. $20 billion spent on power in recent years, according to report and there is nothing to show for it. This amount will light up the entire country if honestly spent!
      Sorry I wrote a long post, it’s just heart wrenching to see how resources is wasted in Nigeria and nothing is being done.

      • lachit says:

        u got it right.

        “It only costs 2 things; 1. will power and then; 2. Money.”
        if generalized these 2 are the most important factors.
        but if u want to elaborate further u have to add
        1.high tech and top notch universities.
        2.high tech and up to date industrial base
        3.good management manpower
        4.quality control and standardization facilities
        5.good foreign policy that allows u to take the help of other countries to acquire tech and know how.

        take the bofors gun for example, it is more than 30 years old and at some point of time u got to replace it .
        say if the requirement of the army is for 300-400 guns of 155 calibre will it be prudent to buy it off the shelve for say near 1 billion dollars at the least (total life cycle cost).
        what other options do u have ? a new gun from scratch.
        2.acquire necessary tech. from other countries and use to build a gun indigenously.

        this will depend on many factors like
        1.metallurgical know how and facilities/capability
        2.weapon grade steel manufacturing facilities/capability
        3.latest and upto date electronics fabrication and design facilities/capability
        4.high end hyraulics and electrical sub systems design and manufacturing facilities//capability
        5.testing and integration facilities/capability
        6.productionizing and quality control facilities/capability

        all these will take time(running into 10-15 years or more), money(billions of dollar), resources(vast), manpower(lakhs of qualified and trained personnel) and political will(very strong and persistant).
        but once done, will ensure that u have the capability to build and design ur own weapons at will without interference from other countries.

        this is the easier route and will cut down on required required to develop point in trying to reinvent the cycle is it.
        3.trained can be provided by the patner country which will cut down on cost and time and ensure uniform quality.these trained people can in turn form the base to train more people in the country.
        4.manufacturing facilities can be shipped from partner problems during manufacturing since these facilities are already certified and tested in their country of origin.
        5.R AND D facilities can be bought from partner country and attached/provided to universities for conducting research and now shortens the cycle of R & D.
        and provides the base to conduct UPGRADE programs on the weapon inhouse independently.


        these r my own opinion.

      • buchi says:

        Lachit in response to your 2nd statement right now in Nigeria am sorry to say this our universities are no where near top notch in technicality and technological innovations, the polytechnics are and unfortunately they are not accorded any sort of importance

  24. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Does anybody see similarity in tactics with ISIS, explosive laden trucks is IS’s answer to Airstrikes, used very effectively to level defended city blocks during their recent offensive, it is now showing up Maiduguri. I hope the new station would talk the talk and walk the walk, we should be doing the hunting/offensive not fending off attacks, at this stage after all the victories achieved in past months. This thing is not over till over, BH beleive the are in control of time and are taking the initiative again, far cry from the group running helter skelter in the Sambisa Video. If this thing not stamped out now and spreads out of NE, we will be in real trouble. 4th generation fighter would be useless

  25. lachit says:


    can anybody identify what this is.
    i believe 99% of u never saw this or a similiar thing before anywhere.

    • mcshegz says:

      “99% of u never saw this or a similar thing before anywhere”
      Do you mean 99% of humans? or what? i’m not sure of your exact point , but whatever the point, can we please endeavor to be non-presumptuous and condescending in our language, it benefits no human.
      I personally do not know what that thingi majigi is :-/ but 99% ? scientifically, how did you arrive at that statistical value. Please, Oga, continue with you valuable contributions devoid of the supercilious tone.
      Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir

    • eyimola says:

      Thats the power plant of a nuclear submarine

      • lachit says:

        untill u pointed out i did not realize that my framing of the sentence was all wrong
        sorry for that
        surely u do realize by this time that have i been condescending in my comments ever?.
        but thank u for pointing it out .
        will be careful in future
        and what i meant was that 99% *chances* are u never saw this picture or *similiar thing related to the object in the picture* before.
        eyimola got it correct
        this is the only picture in existance in public domain of the 83mw reactor of arihant nuclear submarine.this is the land based prototype.

      • lachit says:

        actually to tell the truth i was trying to pip up the readers/bloggers interest in the picture.
        but because of shitty sentence the effort back fired on me.
        so embarrassing
        LOL gonna take a break to prevent reoccurance of such similiar glorious moments ๐Ÿ˜€

      • lachit says:

        u rebuttal reminded me of the only time i was hauled before the entire morning school assembly and made to hold my ears before them.
        #$#% $#^ ๐Ÿ˜€ && %^&#@ ๐Ÿ˜€ %^&&*!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • lachit says:

        now we r even ๐Ÿ˜€

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Lachit. I honestly apologize that i came on too strong; i saw something wrong, had to set it right, i should have asked if you truly meant the literal interpretation of your words or maybe you meant something else and the words came out wrong. You, and every other person on this Blog are valuable assets, and i wouldn’t let my ego spoil a perfectly viable venture.
      “surely u do realize by this time that have i been condescending in my comments ever?.” No sir, you have never come across as condescending.
      “LOL gonna take a break to prevent reoccurance of such similar glorious moments”
      No sir, you are not permitted to take any break.. heheheheh ๐Ÿ™‚ your contributions are always engaging, please disregard my head-master approach. Again, my apologies are in order Oga.
      Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.

    • mcshegz says:

      “now we r even ๐Ÿ˜€ ”
      No sir. I still owe you one big cold bottle of beer. hehehehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ . I admire any individual who possesses the emotional stamina to remain humble in the face of palpable antagonism.

    • Martin Luther says:

      i like this guy called lachit

  26. Oje says:

    This Oga Lachit will be a good Sales man.

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    @ Oje! On point. Perfect sales men…or PR men, both of them. Hehehehe. Lachit, I like u man. Mcshegz I gbadu ur parole!
    Now this is what this blog use to be known for, passionate debates by intelligent patriots (across national boundaries) no holds barred…done by gentlemen, who respect themselves as well as other members of the blog. Gr8t sportsmanship.

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    This General knows his business. Then again, he isn’t the only smart general we have. What he said are just so obvious and urs truly have said same in the past since 2013. From actionable timely intelligence and unified command to heliborne shock troops to troop welfare etc. People-centric police and uniforms were superb points too

    The point remains, why haven’t they been done b4 now? And this is the trillion naira question

    If I were PMB, I wouldn’t talk about probe now, I would focus on fixing the structural and systemic issue and belay book keeping for 3yrs. When u push a large pool of generals with soiled hands to for a survivals club, that’s dumb. Remember, the best way to cook a living frog is not to throw it in boiled water, just normal water while turning the heat gradually.

    “…I am not
    criticizing the current, but
    the truth is that the Nigerian
    military was never planned,
    is not planned and must be
    planned. And it does not
    necessarily mean that you
    are going to throw away the
    present military. No. You
    will also consider the
    present military from what
    we call the forces in being a
    factor in arriving at your
    new plan.” What the general said that made sense the most!

    Oga Beegz the gr8t, I’m still wondering what the army radio’s audience would be! Is it the army, Nigerians or neibours (or combination of the above). Perhaps more important is what their message and the all important question of content would be. Depending on purpose, wouldn’t it have been better to run programmes on NTA, AIT, Channels and their radio derivatives seeing they already have the audience? Just questions bothering me

    • lachit says:

      read it already
      as i have said countless times indian media is shit when reporting on almost all matters, especially defence.
      also this news report came out after the 2011 tender was cancelled, since this effects many foreign countries, it is safe to assume that it was written at the behest and interest of these foreign arms companies to strengthen their case.majority of indian press is called as “PRESSTITUDE” for a reason back home. LOLZZZ

      also the 2011 MCIWS rifle RFI was an impossibility and no one in the world will dare to induct such a weapon.the indian army was day dreaming when they framed its requirements.
      also no country wants any other country to improve it indigeneous defence manufacturing capability for obivious reasons.

      as regard to the rifles in indian army here is the TRUTH

      the 5.56mm Excalibur has been selected for replacing the INSAS, after competing against the Amogh. Similarly, the 7.62mm Ghaatak has been selected after competing with the Trichy Assault Rifle.
      The JVPC/MSMC carbine too has been selected. All 3 will now be series-produced for fulfilling the reqmts of both the armed forces & CAPFs, which run into millions of units.

      what new happened here was that the DRDO was allowed to design a conceptual weapon and then hand it over to the various OFB factories to do the detailed design and fabrication with customised refinements for competitive evaluations. and this excellent and world-wide followed norm was then used for evaluating the Excalibur against the Amogh, and the Ghaatak against the Trichy Assault Rifle.

      also the newer inservice varients of INSAS rifles are excellent in performance and all its issues have been ironed out .since all the reports are written by jurnos who have no technical profiency, such reports are better taken with a pinch of salt and also because they are PRESSTITUDES always available to the do the bidding of the highest bidder.


      Modern Sub Machine Carbine (MSMC)/Joint Venture Protective Carbine (JVPC)

      the ghataak 7.62 mm rifle

      Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System (MCIWS)
      The assault rifle is configured to fire in 5.56 NATO, 7.62ร—39 and in 6.8 Remington SPC.

      insas small calibre arms family

      so u all judge weather the report is all about truth or misinforms the the reader thought clever writing

    • Are James says:

      Over to you. Let us see you sell this one . Your economy is as good as can be yet you can’t equip your troops.

      • lachit says:

        better picture of MCIWS

        and as ola rightly said in his post above
        other countries will try any means to discourage and prevent u from developing ur own capabilities.
        like โ€œuse your money to feed your poorโ€ condescending mantra etc to bend ur will.
        or use PRESSTITUDES who sell themselves for few amount of money eg media (some)
        or politicians who will butt in in guise to help the military but actually doing the bidding of the arms dealers.

        it is will take sheer guts and will power for a countries leader to overcome the hurdles and stick to made in country mantra.
        nigeria is specially has to walk the extra mile becuase it faces multitude of poblems which are inter linked and external interference has only aggrevated the problems.

        and by the way did not nigeria develop a rifle of her own. can somebody post info on it.
        or better still we could try to design one (one paper atleast CAD MODEL) based on it.
        it will be fun and worthwhile. instead of shooting our mouths ๐Ÿ˜€ we will be doing something concrete.
        what r ur thoughts on it.

        @Are James
        “Your economy is as good as can be yet you canโ€™t equip your troops.”
        seriously u came to this conclusion by reading media reports hehehe.
        as i said before india media reports are far from truth.PRESSTITUDES remember.
        indias official defence budget is near about 50 billion dollars per annum and actual budget runs in almost double of that.
        and these does not include the weapons procurement cost,that is allocated separately.
        read my above comments u will understand .
        foreign countries use the home media as their mistress to spead misinformation.
        and really the decision is best left to u all.
        i am actually not interested in defending the indian army/government.(stupid and useless job and serves no purpose and also unpaid) ๐Ÿ˜€
        i want to discuss military products/equipments/doctrines/tech. etc

  29. jimmy says:
    Another Soft target
    More resources from the DSS need to be put in place in two areas JOS and Maiduguri

  30. chynedoo says:

    Suicide bombing almost on a daily basis in the NE and now extending further toward Jos. What is really going on? Are we surrendering all the hard worn victories of the past few months? It is very disappointing to listen to the new president talk about negotiating with Boko Haram even though he promised to ‘demolish Boko Haram’. For the president who described ‘Boko Haram as ‘godless murderers and kidnappers’ to talk of negotiating with them is not good for our resolve as a nation to tackle terrorism. Why does these leaders believe Boko Haram wants to negotiate? While the president was preaching negotiation, Boko Haram was busy slitting the throats of villagers, attacked Maiduguri, Jos, and Yobe and by the time they were done, at least 200 people were dead and injured. This is not the way to fight a group that do not even belief in the authority of the Nigerian state

  31. Roscoe says:

    BH has no interest in negotiating. I am confused as to the Presidency’s comments, we can win all we can, we need two to tango. Bloggers who follow BH closely like Salkida and even some other bloggers have made it clear multiple times, BH does not believe in negotiating with the current status quo, terror is actually their end aim, they hope that said terror leads to Govt collapsing before them. their aims are to administer savagery and hope the polity collapses on itself.

    IF they seek a negotiated settlement, unfortunately that is the way most wars end. AT the negotiating table, all that matters are terms, total disarmament and prosecution of war crimes is a good starting point, we can just treat them as enemy combatants.

    This presidency over rates its strategy, with the amount of bombings it is clear that the intelligence apparatchik has not penetrated BH. And Kukawa was attacked! I was shocked cos Kukawa is basically a front line and I would have anticipated garrisoned troops would respond. The current battlefront scenario stinks, BH has gone asymmetric and NA/DSS is playing catch up, even though every one on this blog predicted this all of February to May, once they are chased off territories they will go back to bombings.

  32. zachary999 says:

    What is DIA doing ? Radio Biafra is still broadcasting !!!!

  33. Obix says:

    A little information:
    Ukraine gave a breakdown of her military exports for the year 2014. Interesting to note the details of her export to Nigeria (apart from what we know already from SIPRI).
    12 units of T-72 tanks,
    6 units of D-30 122-mm howitzer,
    10 units of BTR-4EN,
    2 units of Mi-24V choppers.

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks Oga Obix you have done very well.Those Helios, I am sure we’re later christened NAF 260 and NAF 261.Not trying to sound like an Ingrate but is there even just a sliver of hope about the SU 27?

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Obix says:

        Oga Jimmy, you are right about the serial numbers on the helios. Frankly, there’s no word yet on any SU-27 deal ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Evaluation was made though…………

  34. STARTREK says:

    Gen. Obix on the Caucuses good hearing from you. I believed U left out a little nimble item, perhaps on purpose?
    anyways stand firm and hold steady…

  35. Oje says:

    Shots fired……man down!!
    Just in: Boko Haram attacks Nigeria’s largest city of Kano. Its official, Boko Haram has regrouped !!. Boko Haram vs Nigeria Season 13. The ferocity of these attacks all in a couple of days is alarming. If Boko Haram (ISIS West Africa).solidifies its ties with ISIS we are fucked big time.

  36. ifiok umoeka says:

    Could it be that the PMB probe threat has the Generals pushing back with their hands behind their backs (do nothing and let the pressure pile so he can remember that he needs us?
    While we have inadequacies in our intel community, we’ve always had more than enough actionable intel, we seem to be forgetting the personal and collective interests (political and economical) dimension of this war!

    • lachit says:

      as u have all said that the army command has been moved to maiduguri in the north recently.this will impact the operations a little bit, untill everything has settled down and the command has everything firmly in place to start operating with 100% efficiency.

      more ever after halting and taking down the BH in a war, things have moved to the more difficult phase that is counter insurgence operations.

      CT operations r never easy to do.u learn new things everyday.every operation is almost won by shedding blood.
      u can prepare and train for war in peace time
      but in counter insurgency operations u prepare and train in real life operations.
      in CT operations world wide tanks and heavy equipments are rarely used.
      but instead operations based on actionable intelligence is carried out.
      the goal is always to cut the snakes head off ie take out the leaders be it the organizational heads , squad leaders , financial heads , intelligence heads and manpower recruiter etc
      with the leaders out of action taking down the stragglers is a much easier task.

      as a retired general said in a interview posted above patrolling is a most important aspect of CT operation.
      because hinders free movement of terrorists
      2.generates confidence among civilians
      3.inspires confidence among troops and keeps them alert and horns their capabilities.
      4.area domination results in more chances of acquiring actionable intelligence and assets
      5.chances of intercepting terrorists outside crowded places also increases and thus minimises risks to civilian populations
      6.sucide bombings are considerably reduced.

      one of the most successful operations of the CT unit of indian army was to insert 7-9 member team laden with ammo and food for 7 days into suspected areas of militant movement.after insertion the team was on its own for 7 days ,they would remain concealed and make minimum movements.there was even no radio contact except for emergency.sometimes most of the members would be on tops of trees without comming down for 3-4 days at a stretch.
      ( one officer recalled how they wiped out a 5 member terrorist group by jumping onto the terrorist and using the knives to hack off their heads.the officer said since the pathans are more than 6 f in height they usually found it difficult to reach the pathans neck for a silent kill, so they used to jump from trees to reach the terrorists neck for using the knife or garotte. )

      u need to be able to adapt , learn and implement new tactics almost everyday because the militants are also doing so everyday.staying one step anead of them is the only way to having a complete victory.

      • lachit says:

        also i forgot to mention another thing about the indian army CT unit was that all the members of that unit sport long beards and wear dress similiar to those worn by the terrorists.also the weapons and even radio sets are same as those used by the terrorists.
        even the call signs over the radio are same as those used by the terrorists and further the members are also taught to converse in the language mostly used by the terrorists during their deployed.
        the advantage is even if they are surprised ,the militants will hesitate thinking that they are their fellow mates.also many times the militants took them for their own and even lead them to their hideouts.LOL

        small things matter in CT operations.

        but the most important thing in CT operations is ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE without this u can do nothing except wait for the militants to strike first, ie make the first contact.
        it is prudent to form a specialised MILITARY INTELLIGENCE UNIT embedded with troops involved with CT operations.its members are to be drawn mostly from units familiar/deployed in the area of CT operation, with liason officers from DSS providing inputs with regard to information sourced from outside the concerned area of CT operations.also the MILITARY INTELLIGENCE UNIT must have overridding priority in the national intelligence setup with regard to resources, manpower and finance for it to be successful.

  37. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Na wa oo, I think we need to walk the walk and before talking the talk, propaganda alone has never won any wars, The Viet Cong say Talk Talk , fight fight. If things are not arrested quickly, this guys have taken the initiative back. pray they do not decide to expand their area of Ops, if the Governments can negotiate with them, what stops the Villagers from doing the same for their own safety. 20,000 foot soldiers is no joke. ISIS is showing interest and supplying this gooks via Libya, I hope MANPADs would be prevented from the arena, they are determined to wear down the Military, They beleive that time is on their side, and are using it to retake the initiative, a new front might be starting in Cote De Ivoire.

  38. chynedoo says:

    The problem with fighting Boko Haram is a lack of understanding of what we are up against by the leadership. Or if truth be told, a tendency for Nigerian political class to resort to that sordid ‘patronage’ politics, that is to say, our politicians tend to consider, value, and prioritise first ‘political patronage’ above everything else. So decisions are taken based on emotional considerations rather than on any rational basis. If you look at present and past government decisions on ‘negotiating’ with Boko Haram, these are so identical even coming from two presidents whose personalities and background could not be anymore dissimilar. Again, these two leaders also come from two different political parties yet they appear to have almost the same viewpoints on ‘negotiating’ with Boko Haram. While the previous government knew perfectly well from OBJ and later Yar’Dua years that ‘negotiating’ with BH was completely impractical and pointless, yet the last government spent precious time and resources skidding around that line of thinking. The experience of the last government on attempting to negotiate with these savages are still fresh, which one would have expected the current government would have drawn ample lessons from, but no, it is heading toward the same road to nowhere. We still recall the efforts to negotiate including the ‘fake ceasefire’ brokered by Idris Derby of Chad, the same individual the current president flew out on his first few days (abi first day in office) to meet on Boko Haram. It is as if the current leader is happily willing to make the same mistakes of the last government. We recall during the elections, the current president rightly questioned the sense in relying on ‘weaker, smaller African neighbours to fight Boko Haram. Yet he is doing same thing. Why do we as a country keep repeating the same mistakes, and yet expect a different (better) result?
    I think our political class spend more time dreaming, chasing shadows, they deploy resources to the wrong things, the put more energy to things that will lead all of us to the threshold of disaster than try on things that appear harder and difficult but which provide the required results.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      There is little basis to compare the anti-terrorism strategies of the last government and the current one. The last government made many mistakes, but the current one is not even attempting to tackle the problem.

      The strategy of the last government with “negotiations” had some rhyme to it. They had caught several top boko haram commanders (eg Ibrahim Konduga, Kabiru Sokoto), killed their spokesmen (eg (Abu Qaqa) and much more.

      They were trying to drive deep wedges between the splinters of boko haram by propping up one side negotiate with, while leaving the other in the cold. If you recall, there were even threats by Shekau that his faction would kill the spokesmen of the other faction if he persisted with negotiations. That attempt was scuppered when all the top Northerners involved (including Buhari) pulled out, because it had been leaked that the government was planning to trap and double cross them.

      In the second attempt, the government was pressured by the Chibok affair to listen to Idriss Deby and Modu Sherif; however, every evidence says both men promised what they could not deliver – I do not doubt that amounts of money would have changed hands to seal the deal.

      Before that, there was no coordinated intelligence effort, because all the services had had a long history (from the inglorious days of military rule) of competing with and sabotaging each other. Massive restructuring had to take place to fix that problem and unify the efforts of the DSS, SSS, police, army, air force and navy.

      The current government on the other hand, has done absolutely nothing, but twiddle its fingers while the NE melts down in an ocean of innocent blood. Nobody has been arrested, we don’t hear of any terrorists being killed, the massive gains made up till May have been reversed with boko haram attempting to capture ground again. Everyone is on the back foot, yet the present government is mentioning negotiations “from a position of strength.”

      Unfortunately today, so much more has been reversed; the tradition of the various services feuding with each other is returning with the army being put at loggerheads with the DSS. Further, Buhari has instigated a probe of our army generals for “human rights abuses” at Amnesty Internationals behest.
      Then in the thick of battle, the army was ordered to relocate its headquarters to Maiduguri, increasing its workload, dividing the focus of commanding officers, thus creating avoidable delays and inertia.
      The only winner in such circumstances is boko haram as intelligence gathering efforts falter and stumble under diversionary pressure. The result is horrifying carnage.

      • buchi says:

        i am going to be sincere right from day one, i have had no faith in this current administration ,they built their campaign on falsehood and propaganda and unfortunately the marriage of strange bedfellows is falling apart.
        As i always tell my pals i still pessimistic rather than optimistic until a real definition of a leader is seen, hate the last administration or like them .On the short run they are proving to be better off than what we are currently seeing, also do not forget that the C-in-c has always been a figure head and never a leader, if u doubt me ask tunde idiagbon (RIP) he would tell you more.
        My greatest fear will be the stalling of any negotiations as regards new Platforms for NAF under an ill conceived and half hazard anti corruption war(reminds me of 1984 debacle with Navy chiefs).All guns blazing will lead to all things packing, Wisdom is needed in handling corruption in an institution like the Military learn from the chinese

      • chynedoo says:

        So you do not see a similarity in the pattern of thinking in terms of negotiating with Boko Haram between the current government and the last one? Again, do you not see the same questionable optimism of both the last president and the current one in insisting on dialoguing with a group that has severally declared it will never negotiate with the Nigerian government because it does not recognise the authority of the Nigerian state? The patterns are simply ominous. We are headed to another alley of utter failure

      • Are James says:

        Between May 29th and now you have currently reached this conclusion? . The man has not even unleashed one tenth of things in his kit bag yet. Just two months and you are jumping to conclusions not based on effort but based Boko Haram”s desperate attempt to pre empt what is coming at them. Let me tell you the damage inherited from the last administration;
        1. Boko Haram was allowed to grow un-checked, even here one of the contributors s used the expression “Boko Haram don plenty like sand” or words to that effect based on what serving soldiers told him.
        2. Corruption in procurement – you just saw the list from Ukraine above, do you really believe that we got good value for money?
        3. Where is your airforce and why have they stopped interdiction flights? . Answer: Money for operational expenses like av gas.
        4. Military high command movement – though necessary will be hampered by the NigerIan factor.
        5. I am almost 100% ertain the PMCs have been given a backseat because of Buhari’s anti corruption profile. The invoices we have been signing will almost make you faint I have been told.

        I am thinking two Chiefs of Staff should go immediately against my earlier views on the subject. Only the Army Chief is a true combatant and even he is slacking due to imminent retirement.

        On the incumbent ‘s leadership credentials, why are you rapping what you don’t know? . How old were you in 1983. The only few offensive actions taken by the Nigerian military were undertaken by this man you are saying is not a leader . Those actions inspired institutional culture in a generation of officers that saw us through Sierra Leone and Liberia. They practically invited him based on his credentials to be CIC when civilians were going to be overthrown . When people like him were were heading army divisions and leading the country our army was not turning tail and running.
        So you are entitled to your politics but don’t fudge history. We knew when the slide came and who was responsible and whilst two months is admittedly enough to start turning the tide we must remember that BH too is expecting that and would do dastardly act to try to awe a new government.

      • jimmy says:

        The LAST GOVT:
        * did not buy any tangible heavy weapons ( HEAVY ARTILLERY, TANKS APCS) till 2014 ( 4YEARS)
        * refused to buy a single aircraft of value despite being in power for 6 years
        * Falsely told the Nigerian public what they were buying in terms of weapons and refused to buy anything specifically for the ARMY AND AIRFORCE (2009-2014)
        * Did not have a defence Minister for a full year 2013- FEB 2014
        * From 2009 till Q1 OF 2014 did not buy a single tank till they bought a 18 tanks ( T72 from Russia/ Ukraine)
        * Slashed the meagre def budget 2012/2013 by 25% despite a raging insurgency
        *in 2013 the NSA went public to the newspapers to disclose his office had not allocated the alloted funds for that quarter.
        * Was given the opportunity by Russia to ACCESS a $1b loan there is no tangible evidence AS OF 2015 that ihas been ACCESSED
        * When the reality that the imminent loss of an election was on the HORIZON decided to but GAZELLES second hand
        * Towards the End of 2014 was embroiled in yet another AIRFORCE scandal involving shady MIDDLE MEN who were going to sell a couple of SU-25 , and some pumas instead of DOING G2 TO G2 , just cannot will not do the honest thing
        * Some of the ARTILLERY SHELLS being used were manufactured in 1971
        Other than these ” few mistakes” they werer a okay

  39. ifiok umoeka says:

    Still on conspiracy thoughts mode, is it that “the Niger-delta got amnesty” is driving this wave of attacks! Its too coordinated and things like this take a while to set up. Is it that the intention is to make ‘talks and deals’ palatable?

    • ozed says:

      I shudder to imagine any politician would be as blood thirsty as that.

      No i believe its ‘good old’ Boko haram re-energised by funding, material and manpower from ISIS, and taking advantage of the obvious slow down in NA operations in the course of the transition in govt.

      Hopefully the Govt can pull thumbs out of their —–( you know where) and get to work to retake the initiative.

  40. buchi says:

    a ch3 drone of the Nigerian Airforce

  41. jimmy says:
    Thanks for the information.
    In other news:
    Confirmed sources are indicating in recent days that the Nigerian Army has been hunting down and relentlessly killing scores of BH insurgents
    Confirmed Sources are indicating that this has led in return reprisal soft target , sucide bombings.
    Confirmed Sources are indicating that the Nigerian Army has thwarted quite a number of VBIED
    INTEL sources are concluding that the recent attacks on border towns are indicative of the lack of food and other meaningful logistics outside of suicide bombings,
    With very few NA weaponry left in their possesion this is what the BH will resort to
    in the last two weeks under – reported is the number of extensive fire fights that have been going on on both sides , with both sides suffering casulaties.
    Oga BUCHI
    If you gave the previous Administration Six years , dont’ you think it is a little premature to give up on an administration, thirty six days into it’s tenure.
    This war based on my sources is moving into the most difficult phase of Coin Soft Targets.
    The US two weeks ago was attacked by a terrorist and he succeded in killing Nine people
    KUWAIT was attacked last week and despite STRINGENTsecurity anothe Soft target a Mosque was obliterated
    The Houthis have made an absolute MOCKERY of Saudi Arabia and the $4 B border program w with u tube beint their Favorite program.
    As OGA OBIX showed us , Nigeria despite a raging INSURGENCY bought 10 BTRU in JUNE2014 .Please read how many IRAQ bought a country that has a much smaller purchasing power than Nigeria, for all the talk of Love from Russia, where did Nigeria go ? broke ASS Ukraine.
    Please temper your remarks because there is a LOT GOING on behind the scenes that is not disclosed specifically how much the previous ADMINISTRATION said the purchased and how much was actually purchased,
    If you were actually the President of Nigeria you would MOVE SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY especially if
    One of the premier security org the DSS has been COMPROMISED
    There is A DISCONNECT between ARMY hq and some officers in the field, let me give you A HINT: What makes a LT . COL fight harder than a Brig GEN, what makes a COLONEL fight harder that a Brig GEN.
    A BASE was lost and the entire support staff escaped is that not odd to you. Some officers cannot be rotated out because they just happen to be the best as a result some of them have been in the North East for 13, 14, 15, months without seeing their Families.
    Bh does not hold a single piece of Nigerian Territory at this point in time no LGAS nothing, what is the impatience about,
    There has to be a way out for those who are tired of fighting , 11 BH boys, teenagers were beheade last week , Those want to surrender need to have a corridor to surrender.

    • buchi says:

      Oga Jimmy we both Have Like Minds on Many Issues, i have Learnt an Important Lesson in Life Never Talk To Much Let your Actions speak..He Spoke To Much and Contradicted Himself on Many Occasions and even Berated Destructively The same Men Laying their Lives Down, We berated Him on This Blog For His annoying Comments
      I know You may call It in the Heat Of Politics but i simply Believe in The Law of Reciprocal Action, An yes i Have Also been Hearing About the Knockout Bh is taking, That is why they have resorted to Plan B. The Mending of Fences between Sister Agencies must commence to put Plan B out of Mobility

  42. jimmy says:

    11 BH boys who were on the verge of surrending were Beheaded last week.
    A SOFT TARGET no matter how gruesome it is a soft TARGET and peerversly indicates a weakness on both sides
    IT indicates a failure of HUMINT ON BEHALF OF DSS, ARMY, SSS, DIA, and CTU
    It also indicates a weakness on bh it is much easier to blow up a church, mosque, a resturant a place or worship a near abadoned Village than to attack an ARMY BASE ( last weekend was just a suicide run)
    With screaming headlines that is what they want however now facing A VERY RUTHLESS NIGERIAN ARMY soldier HEAD ON is not something BH contemplates
    The Nigerian ARMY held it’s day of celeberation in Maiduguri, what was bh response sucide bombing with three fire fights which quickly turned out to be suicide runs for bh.
    Please let us not get carried away ,More weapons are coming and do NOT MEAN IN TRICKLES OF TWO, THREE, TEN EITHER

  43. jimmy says:

    I do not mean
    please forgive my typos..

  44. jimmy says:

    As oga AREJAMES
    IF Nigerians truly knew how much was said to of been procured and what was actually procured from 2009- early 2015 they would weep
    @ OGA Martin Luther
    Please tell me how America has allowed Ten CHURCHES to burnt to the ground and they have not solved a single CASE HOW THEY LOST CONTROL.
    This is supposed to be A DEF blog where weare supposed to be cold blooded with the FACTS and DISCERN THEM for what they are a soft target is what it is a soft Target.
    GEJ despite everything said about mubi, baga, monguno, ASKIRA, DAMBOA did not lose CONTROL my GOD ABUJA was ATTACKED twice under his watcxh with A PRISON outbreak that was ruthlessly put down , I do not recall you saying GEJ had lost CONTROL , please let us be balanced in our comments or else we begin to turn this blog into a mockery of what it is not.

  45. buchi says:

    Oga Are James you may be right about how old i was in 1983 indeed i am a young man not born in that era, however i am very fortunate to have a father who went thru the perils of the Nigerian Civil War as a combatant in the third marine Commandos under the black scorpion Himself, Fought under Buhari’s Formation at Onitsha Lost Two Cousins at the ill fated River Niger Crossings and earned Himself a double Promotion For bravery,
    He served under the 3rd Armored Div Jos When Buhari was Made GOC when Northern Nepotism Had began to take Root,My dad and other Southerners were Left Hanging in the balance, till date My dad has his Recommendation Letter written By his Batt CO then recommending For the Rank Of Lt.Col after staying stagnant at the Rank of Lieutenant alongside Many Southerners Who were Treated Like Outcasts while His Northern Colleagues Had become Brigadiers Gens.
    Last Straw was the Promotion To Brig Gen or Maj Gen (cnt remember)of Jeremiah Useni despite the fact that he had no capable qualifications and was a driver in the Logistics Corps yet because he played the Northern Game he blew passed Men who Sacrificed Body and Soul to Keep Nigeria together placed in Limbo(now Under whose Era and whose Recommendation Ur president’s) He and A lot of Others Simply Voluntarily Withdrew From the Army. Now that’s a story For Another Day the past is the past, My family have tasted the bitter pill of Military Injustice and moved On.
    As i said i don’t want to jump the Gun that’s Why i am Pessimistic if he can Prove my doubts Wrong Fine, at least he would learn how to keep His mouth in check and Promises within the realm of reality. My dad will tell me Sincerely that his is Sorry for Nigeria(with all Sincerity) Forget Military Crimson definitions,the Man’s Simply has the belief that his is a one man Rambo squad and only realizes His mistakes When called to order by an equally stubborn Man(idiagbon an example).
    With the Caliber of people Round Him i simple Pray he succeeds,i don’t Want to call him tribalistic thats obviously to Much.but that’s buhari For you u cant Change him, i remember an operational Story of Him that was covered up by top brass to save his Rep but i leave That aside. Oga Are you may think i want to twist history .Who writes History? People Of course but the Individuals Not in the Scope get Forgotten, or are you Blind to the Nepotism that went on in the Military immediately After the coups,
    As to the Issues.Bh was left to fester,you’ve forgotten that the individuals who harbored BH in their back yard and let them over grown their Range have Finally Found their Voice,oh yes simply Refusing to actively Provide support(physically or Vocally) to the Fight, you seem to have Forgotten the sordid Tales during JTF times of villagers selling out Troops Intel to BH, you forgotten that the side actors never raised a Finger to aid The FG in that war until the Hunter became the Hunted. indeed Mistakes were Made By GEJ and i acknowledge That, i acknowledge that Intel between the center and the area of operations were bad,most time distorted in reality.
    i also Admit that the Governor Of Bornu state should have bore the brunt of Tirades Directed to the center for the inability to Carry out a simple action that could have saved us some Embarrassment but he never did, Nigerians never analyses things sometimes, the amnesia gets to a lot of People.
    indeed you seem to have Forgotten that we got much more than what is written on the Official Ukrainian Export list then Autocraz Streint APC(i may be wrong) come from here,we got much more Btr-4s than stated that i know,what of the Military Trucks (Forgotten the name),a much More Number of T-72 deal sweeteners that were never mentioned.
    i am in no way justifying the Mistakes of the previous Administration,i indeed acknowledge that Some Things were Not Done Right, but lets call a spade a spade,
    I may not be in line with your views, my opinion May not matter, i may be termed Crazy,paranoid, but i don’t Follow the Crowd, This is the Man(Buhari) and His shadow.
    If he Proves Me Wrong i will be the First to Come here to acknowledge His Success and Praises ,Personal Issues or Not i am A Proud Nigerian and Will support Him If He convinces Me,For Now He simply Isn’t Looking Convincing.
    There are Many Things i would Love to say but am a little Pressed For Time Being at Work. i Plead non of My Big Ogas in the House Find My opinion Offensive.
    Forgive me any typographical errors cos i cant review This, everybody has his own story to tell

    • ozed says:

      My brother told them!!!!

      The point is that ‘Kick GEJ’ has for a long time now become the refrain in many circles.
      The new administration and the party behind them were SOOO uncharitable in their push for power, that they deserve the lack of patience they are experiencing now.

      Oga Jimmy talks about huge armaments coming!!! Let us be fair and ask who has paid for these arms? If they are handouts from the G7 then i would give no credit to the present govt for them. Reason is that a good part of the challenges the past admin faced were willfully caused by the G7, led by the US. Thus any thing they give/sell us now are at best a Greek gift.

      It is early days yet, and i would LOVE to be proven wrong, but i dont have high hopes for this govt.
      We shall watch things unfold patiently, and please no one should ask me to waive my rights to say —–‘ I TOLD YOU SO’.


    • Are James says:

      First of all. The injustices meted out to some of the most creative and hardworking ethnic nationalities over the years we have paid a high price for. May be we are still paying. More than 50 years nothing is working. So i have just written two lines and it is clear how puerile it sounds compared with the kind of generational pain I personally can’t imagine. My parents also had issues in the civil service worse even for the mum who was both south westerner and woman at the same time but story for another day.

      Now on this Boko Haram I don’t subscribe to the view that we should take it easy with the current government. They came in with the promise of quicker and more effective action and we should hold them to it. Why I am holding on to some hope is the ‘outsider’ profile of the new man in the context of Nigeria’s stiff necked corruption culture and the fact that he promised delivery in a direct and verbal way.

      The NA and NAF continue to disappoint big time. Not enough jets, jerky unsustained offensives and reactiveness.
      The only consistent and effective action from this side in a long time has been with PMCs. I may be wrong in that but we need serious people running the airforce..
      @Jimmy is saying there is unrelenting action ongoing against the terrorists and we hope that leads to something
      Having said all that we should try to be more objective and eschew tribalism.
      My issue with the last regime was the CIC himself and not his tribe. I rate him very very low in many things (not very important just a personal view) and jokingly if he had been a relative someone would have died in the family out of fracticide or frustration.
      There were always two governors in the eastern states, two in the Niger delta and almost all the ministers from the ruling party who you knew would do the job far better than the man in office. I would mention their names – Akpabio, Peter Obi, Amechi et.c would have done far better. So that was my only reason for being hypercritical then based on the fact that the Presidential system of Government in the context of our constitution calls on strong human qualities which were absent in the man. If I were wrong in that I have some apologies but at least believe me when i say if the ruling party had thrown up any of the names I just mentioned in the last elections they would have gotten my vote.

    • buchi says:

      correction *My dad told me immediately after the election result were declared that he was sorry for Nigeria having elected Buhari*
      the recommendation for Useni was Given by Buhari

      • Are James says:

        So there is a history of tribalism and sectionalise. I am not holding brief but this disease may have been cured by experiences in life. The anchorman of his last administration was essentially not a core northerner, it was northerners that overthrew his government and finally it was southerners that gave him the last successful shot at the presidency at the very last minute. Surely the old gears mist be turning and change becoming internalised.

        The only concern I have is on the need to calibrate of actions in relations with the US and Europe. We should know what we are doing and receive before we give,
        Secondly, he is used too used working within institutional frameworks perhaps more than any other leader excepting Goon and OBJ he is the institutions man (since age 16 when he joined NMS it has been government institutions in quick succession), this confers an ordered bureaucratic way of doing things which is going to be slow and grate on our nerves until a young dynamic Chief of Staff is appointed.

        Aside from that decisiveness, strategy skills, courage, sacrifice, leadership by example are some of the many things we might be happy with. I am not holding brief o.

      • Are James says:


  46. mcshegz says:

    How does that happen? shey na okada? Isn’t the F16 supposed to be fool-proof? So much for the so called “superior technology” propaganda; can’t spot a freaking Cessna? Newayz RIP

    • Oje says:

      You sounding like a baby. There are air crashes every day in ever part of the world. So because an F-16 crashed its suddenly a useless aircraft? Jeez !! grow up.

    • mcshegz says:

      Hahahahahahahaha. :-/ truth hurts
      Oga oje. I respect your hustle sir.

  47. jimmy says:

    Story #1
    Thank you both for your statements, Let me clarify this before I go on . i am from the South Specifically from Lagos State and despite vehement protests from my junior brother who absolutlely detested GEJ from the word go. I wanted GEJ to become President like a lot of Typical Naija households it was black and white Mumsie was very clear it was GEJ or bust ( Typical Abeokuta woman tell it like it is AHHH not another ( HAUSA) Northern, in anger one against fivemy junior BROTHER who was too young to understand BUHARI’S go around cursed that we would all regret it voting based on Ethnic lines.
    Story #2
    Maj . Gen Buhari comes to power in 1982 among the notable southerners who supported him were Brig OLA ONI, Brig Chris UGO? Brig Idiagbon, That same year He ws warned in order to curb Corruption he needs to look closer to home : handed a list on the #1 Brig IBB #2 Brig Gusau.AHHH no I cant do that the majority of the people on this list are Northerners …….. Brig Idiagbon was warned do not go to Mecca, gotta to go I am A muslim He went.
    Story #3
    There were three officers who arrested Buhari all were from the North : Umar, Sambo and I believe Gwadabe?
    Story #4
    Buhari and Idiagbon were practically in the same jail cell for 40 Months
    One of the people whom he trusted the most was a female officer ( coursemate) from the Niger delta she served both of them food every day. Buhari divorced his first wife…. her offence ? because she went to IBB to ask for Financial Aid
    Story #4
    PMB chairs his first security meeting, the person closest to him is Dasuki Sambo …… if it was a question of an emotional knee jerk reaction he would of been the first person GMB would of fired …… and he did not fire him.LT GEN KTJ is still the COAS could it be unlike his predecessor he has a reputation of being very candid unlike his predeceesor, afterall he is from River why not quickly fire him and replace with a Hausa guy.
    Story #5
    I got into many a heated discussion with an infrequent BLOGGER called Menatta, His position was LT . GEN iHEJIRIKA despite his good deeds by thetime he had spent 4 years at the Helm a lot of people were glad to see him go , because he became part of the problem regrettably I took the opposite view, events later on proved him right and myself wrong with his succesor ANGRILY having to reorganize a 110,000 + army , Fire the GOC OF 7 DIV, and build a completely destroyed relationship with his AIRFORCE counterpart and oh by the Weapon at the same time yelling to the PRESIDENT we need more WEAPONS

  48. Kay says:

    Jonathan has gone and quite rightly he went. I know its early days but if according to the rhetoric we heard from Buhari and his crew, we expected better than this. This is technically a ‘war’ and it is expected that any serious President would know the alacrity it requires. The past few weeks looks like someone suddenly took their feet off the gas.
    Last we heard was the Sambisa offensive and then suddenly blackout, now we are faced with barrages of daily attacks.

  49. Kola Adekola says:

    I am in a real quandary about how the lack of movement by this government can be classed as “doing the groundwork.” That sort of “groundwork” has to have magical qualities if there is no one in place to do it.

    The signs of fraying from inaction are visible all around us.

    boko haram attacks are not just increasing, but spreading geographically as well, the death toll is in just a few short days is staggering. We need people in place to check this, to encourage the populace, to talk to Nigerians. But we only have the President and his two spokesmen, which gives the impression (rightly or wrongly) that no one cares and nothing is being done. Impressions matter, especially when actions are weighed against the rapid increase in boko harams wanton spilling of blood.
    The value of the Naira and stock exchange are falling at an accelerated rate, due to lack of foreign confidence, because there are no ministers to deal with and there is deep uncertainty about policies to guide transactions; these two areas pose another source of instability.

    Indeed, in a time of war, there is no defence minister, no finance minister, the apparatus for intelligence gathering is splintered with new inter-service rivalries, while the military high command is distracted with defending itself against FG probes instigated by the deceitful acts of Amnesty International against Nigeria and having to move its headquarters to the war front.

    We need proactive, decisive steps in this battle. God Bless Nigeria.

    • Nnamdi says:

      I feel a bit different.

      Problems facing PMB is huge and more than Defence issues alone. Somehow, most of these issues are interlinked, thus much inertia is expected. I only would hope he gets more assertive with DSS quickly; if he’s going to sack people, do it immediately and let it heal and move on.

      But holistically, I think things will only begin to take a strong bite around Oct-Nov. He looked to me like a very thorough and methodical administrator. In project and enterprise planning, it is not abnormal to have “teething” problems or “early mortality”. With good planning regime, it smoothens out as the system matures.

    • Ola says:

      To me, this administration came to power ill prepared. They took advantage of the security situation in the country and ran a campaign of calumny against the last administration and of course the US and UK supported them simply because GEJ didn’t want to kowtow all the time, this, I believe is the reason why it was the campaign company that worked for Obama worked for APC/BUhari.
      Now after winning the election, they suddenly found themselves at the helm of affairs without being really prepared. It’s easy for anyone to mount a podium and talk to shine in the spot light, it’s easy to do campaigns, putting words into action especially in a complex environment like Nigeria is never easy if you don’t have a plan. They campaigned for almost a year that the security is bad, military is underfunded, there is corruption, they will bring back Chibok girls, e.t.c They had a year to talk about this, why didn’t they map out their strategy throughout that entire time? Does it mean they never had a plan on how to immediately start the revamp of the military? As a past president, Buhari had access to security information and in general, highly classified information regarding the state of the nation, this is what they basically go to discourse at the council of state to which all past heads of state belong. They knew they were vying for administration of a country in crisis, yet they had no plan of what to do when they get there, that is why things are like this now. Soon they would be in office for 2 months, yet nothing has been done and the nation seems to be on a kind of autopilot and just drifting. They have not been able to form a cabinet up till now and no one knows when that would be done. Nigeria being very hierarchical in governance, shouldn’t a contesting presidential candidate have been thinking of those people he would want to work with in his cabinet if he wins an election? There is a reason why ministers are appointed, there is a reason why key administrators and principal officers are appointed. It is to have someone who is trust worthy to be directly responsible and accountable for managing specific areas and taking special duties for government in those areas because the presidency cannot do it all. Now, I believe this administration has not been able to do that partly because the party often influence this process heavily. Since the APC is a bunch of disgruntled elements from other parties, these unlikely bed fellows cannot easily come to terms and reach consensus with one another, holding the nation hostage. Nigeria is still drifting on the established routines of administration from the previous government and we cannot see an end in site soon.
      Another thing I fear is that we would see this man likely building another Borno/Northern empire there. I said this looking at the two, key appointments he’s done. The new SSS DG and INEC chairman.

    • Are James says:

      There will be no new ministers in a hurry. The ways of doing things in Nigeria just started changing and we have to deal with it. The ministries are going to be collapsed to simplify and cheapen the cost of governance no ministers for now. We are saving billions already due to that fact. Nigeria’s exchange rate does not depend on ministerial appointments it is driven by import export. The last government gave import licenses for forex depleting things like PALM OIL and RICE so your Naira stays the way it is until the new government gets a handle on i . It is time to start getting a new paradigm going. There is a manual guiding governance now written by the transitional committee . Anybody who has seen the manual may be able to predict next steps. Meanwhile the legislature was adjourned and nobody saw that as a problem . The only alarming thing to me is Book Haram’s offensives against civilian population centers not that some APC gentlemen were not appointed as ministers till now.

  50. schearbeek says:

    Nigeria Military gets wooed by Indian Defence industry,

      • Ola says:

        Sorry, that was supposed to be a different post, not a response to your post here. In response to your post, everyone wants to milk Nigeria. To be honest, if Nigeria is serious enough, Turkey, India and Pakistan are not mature enough to sell sophisticated hardware to Nigeria. The only thing I support buying from Turkey would be Cobra, but we have enough of those, besides I would support the Idea of Nigeria putting more money at home and mass producing the Igirigi.

      • lachit says:

        weather any nation wants to buy or develop arms with another country is her decision.
        cant comment on that.
        but i do take exception to ur comment on clubbing india and pakistan at the same level.
        any worth while defence expert would see the vast difference in military industrial complex of either of the two nations.
        can u name 1 company from pakistan which is world class?
        pakistan is atleast 2 decades behind india in development and R&D.

        plz dont mention the jf 17, burraq uav and their missiles
        jf 17 is chinese fc1 which they license assemble only, by the way has pakistan ever released pictures of the CAD drawings , manufacturing jigs , aerodynamic and flight profiles , stess and thermodynamic profiles , various subsystems cad/ performance drawings ?
        answer is no, all these has been released by china only, why? because they had developed it and hold the IPRs.

        BURRAQ uav is nothing but CH3 in service with nigeria, compare yourself.

        as for the missiles look at the north korean and chinese missiles ,every thing is well documented.and why does not pakistan have a space launcher if they designed the missiles themselves?it should have been easy and satellites ? forget it nigeria is ahead of pakistan.

        as for india seach the net for CAD drawings , manufacturing jigs , aerodynamic and flight profiles , stess and thermodynamic profiles , various subsystems cad/ performance drawings of LCA and u will have the answer.

        any similiarity of arjun tank to other tanks in the world (al khalid is chinese mbt 2000)
        any similiarity of AGNI MISSILES to other missiles in the world
        any similiarity of hypersonic SHAURYA ballistic-cum cruise missile to other missiles in the world.
        how many radars has india developed and how many has been developed by pakistan, none?
        how many destroyers and frigates opv corvettes has pakistan developed and how many has india developed ?
        and what i have mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg .

        even the fission based nuclear bombs of pakistan is based on an old chinese design .lol

        weather u want to believe or not is ur decision .i just did my part to rectify the errors.
        rest is on u and the readers

      • Ola says:

        Mr. Lachit, I knew I was drawing fire from you when I wrote that, but then I would tell the truth all the same. ๐Ÿ™‚
        What both India and Pakistan have done and are still doing is this; go to Russia and any nation that is ready to part with tech and bring same to their country. From tanks to missile techs, they both learnt and brought the tech home, the same thing I advocate for Nigeria to do. I have never advocated for the JF-17 on this blog if you have noticed what I write, my advocacy has always been for Russian platforms.
        To be honest, India has come a long way, but India is not yet mature on these techs. India has been learning primarily from Russia and Europe. The Arjun you mentioned for example are mostly made up of foreign systems sought from different suppliers in Europe and brought together with some locally sourced components, that does not mean it is not potent or not a great effort on the part of India. Your other tanks are Russian, now upgraded domestically. Your heavy artilleries are techs bought from Bofors in Sweden and Switzerland, your airforce and Navy are Russian based too, just to mention a few. Pakistan has basically done same just that they deal more with China, Russia and US. If Nigeria decides to revolutionise and invest heavily in defence, it will stake Nigeria about a decade to get to where India is on all these things.
        Nevertheless, I would rather have Nigeria look to India for troop training and joint military exercises, rather than buy weapons from India. It would be beneficial if India and Nigeria forge a relationship, similar relationship to sino-Pakistan relations that has given birth to Khalid, JF-17 and the likes. But then Nigeria needs to bring something to the table in order to establish and sustain mutual respect, Nigeria needs to first develop the will power and up her tech a bit in order to do that.
        Lachit? I am not here to foul the hegemonic air of India on this blog, just talking from the perspective of a Nigerian who has the interest of Nigeria at heart ๐Ÿ™‚
        Nigeria can work together with India to achieve a lot, but I believe this is only by joint tech developmental programs, not weapons procurement.

      • lachit says:

        no problemo
        everybody has his or her way of looking at things.
        i was not defending india or projecting her perse
        but only showing/laying down all the cards down at the table.

        yes no denying that some techs were acquired.
        but there is vast difference between acquiring/learning tech to build indegenous weapons using it as base and acquiring complete systems and re-painting it as indegenous.

        anyways we can always agree to disagree

        “I am not here to foul the hegemonic air of India on this blog”
        WHATTTTT ๐Ÿ˜€
        u have broken my tongue
        it should have been
        “I am not here to foul the hegemonic air of lachit on this blog”
        then u would have won my nicotine laden spare heart. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Obix says:


      The 15 man Composite Delegation of the Indian Defence Industry has visited the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, to establish a defence relationship between the two countries through presentations that gives insight into the capabilities of the Indian Defence Industry and its benefits to the Nigerian military. The visit was a follow-up to the Joint Defence Co-operation Committee meeting (JDCC) held last year.

      Defence industry is considered to be an instrument of national sovereignty and pride which comprises of all industrial undertakings engaged in the production of hardware and services for use by the defence forces. The origin of Indian Defence Industry, which was traced to the establishment of shell and gun factory, has thirty nine (39) Ordinance factories and eight (08) defence public sector undertakings today. She is expanding her defence relations to spark substantial charges in her strategic relationships and ultimately its trade in the global Defence Industry.

      Speaking at the visit, the leader of the delegation Ravin Kulshrestha thanked the Nigerian Military authority for its warm reception and noted that the two countries need to take a step to a higher level of defence production through various institutional mechanism of defence co-operation in the various areas of mutual interest.

      In their presentations, the delegates, who are representatives of different indigenous member industries of the Indian Defence Industry, presented thousands of defence products that showcased the countryโ€™s Indigenization of industry and acquiring advanced technologies, the vision, convergence, speed, upgrades, innovations, and modernization of countryโ€™s defence indigenous products and technical development. This included state of the art , matured and obsolescent Defence systems, design, development, repair, overhaul and manufacture of air crafts, helicopters, ships, missiles, vehicle armours, special applications, engines, simulators, defence constructions, sensors, bridging systems etc .

      In his remarks, the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh expressed appreciation for the presentation and encouraged them to interact more closely with the three arms of the Armed Forces in their area of interest.
      – Defence Headquaters.

  51. its early days yet to judge this administration but Nigerian rightly expect a lot and i subscribe to keeping the pressure high on the current administration lest they fall into complacency. the nature of suicide bombings is what it is? when a person is ready to die…he is hard to stop. but our intelligence services should please work harder.

    assuming but not conceding that this administration is failing, it does not in any way justify, or validate the failings of the previous administration. for each administration that fails, the ballot should be the judge. if this one fails it will be booted out in time. The country must move forward. whoever is in power whether he got my vote or not will face criticism from me where i feel it is necessary.
    In other news i think PMB has gagged the military PR unit, so we no longer hear news of successes.

    • ozed says:

      My brother trust me, in the area of PR and media management, this APC led Govt is in a different class from the previous govt. If GEJ scored 55% in PR management APC and their team have a straight 101%.
      So in summary if there had been ANY success AT ALL worth mentioning, it would have been trumpeted from the roofs.
      — We are in decline as far as the military posture on this war is concerned, hard cold truth!!!

      • Are James says:

        A decline in just two weeks ?. Let us be objective. We are actually in the effects phase of period of previous policies.

        As for political media management I seem to recall noise about WAEC certificate , health and previous records of human rights abuses running everyday on a local TV station and front line newspapers. So the two sides played the game. For the opposing side there were practical negative things to show to back up their propaganda and a carefully chosen “change” slogan.

    • Roscoe says:

      I agree that we are in the effects phase of the policy of relatively poor intel, militarilly the previous administration tried to get things going (very very late and they were rightly castigated for tardiness).

      Still, if we have to redevelop intel infrastructure from ground up this will take a few years to sort out, the good thing (unfortunately) is that they are hitting soft targets and not over runnings FOB’s.

      Still shocked that Kukawa was raided. I mean, that place is right where the drama started .

  52. Oje says:

    Imagine the insult and derogatory terms used by a Chadian General on the Nigerian army.

  53. Oje says:

    Scroll to 8:50.

  54. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Are, I have learned to practice wait and watch and I will reserve my comment about this present government (I hope I don’t get to comment my reserve).
    That said, pls SCRATCH Akpabio and Amechi from that list, I beg u in the name of God. Pls.
    As for Peter Obi, I have a personal liking for the gent but I would rather that our Anambra brothers have a say

    Again, may I ask what these western ‘gifts’ will cost us (again, I’m not talking money).
    Institutional man or not, ‘we’ voted him on his ‘magician’ CV. Oga, u must perform magic o and pls don’t remind me of …what’s the French President’s name again!

    Oga Nnamdi, did u mean defense or security? Cos its on the grounds of the later that Mr President was elected remember! The DSS in but a reaction to the problem sir, right on the fringe but not quite there. Its the politics (domestic and foreign) that holds the key

    • Are James says:

      This post is a little aggravating. You are saying I should scratch A and A from the list . This is extremely annoying to me. Most Nigerians don’t know JACK about leadership and tribalism is a serious sub conscious disease. I will now take it from now that your judgement is poor in most things. The ex-yhis that you rate higher than these people is the most bereft of leadership of all people most people have seen.l. I actually scoured for info on his employment history , role in civil society, published articles, speeches, concrete achievements recorded before being quadruple promoted to high office. NOTHING.
      Only in Nigeria does that even happen. In most democracies they will shine light into things – a business you ran successfully, a battle you fought heroically or a social service you took up with passion…here NOTHING.
      A selfish old man imposed two men on the country and we are now saying they were the best when facts to the contrary are staring you in the face.
      The two people I mentioned practically changed their states which they did not have to if their predecessors in office were their standard. For all their fulls they were dogged and stubborn in stead of tail wagging the dog that we got with the other guy. Anyway the euphoria of the first SS head of state is still in the air maybe if we had more people from that region take office we would realise what a great risk we took in the last few years and the number of better material that were passed over by Ota Farms.

  55. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, I think that I have been bitten by the conspiracy syndrome. A lot of people place their bets on an imploding Nigeria, well a certain Mr Jonathan made a phone call too early and messed up things…for a lot of people. For people who had dug trenches to fight only to be handed the prize without one, how do u go from camo to suits in zero time, this my friends is the conundrum my able Mr President faces.
    My President, pls don’t think for once that those ‘white’ supported u for love, its called interest and this interest (calling shots in Africa and cutting down all opposition) remains. I do hope Sir that since ’85, u’ve learned REAL POLITIK

    Oga me Are, did u just say saving billions. Let’s take it a step further, scrap the gov and save us some trillions. My Oga, pls add investment to that list

    • Are James says:

      The government is a huge drain pipe so I am enjoy ing the NO MINISTERS a lot for now. Service delivery is being gotten from career civil servants who have a lot to lose if they are wasteful or continuingly corrupt. Jail, loss of pension, loss of position. That is very gratifying to me. Contrast that with a president finding it difficult to remove three key minister last year because of loyalty. Each minister employs about 20 aides, charters flights and ride a convoy of at least five cars depending on the size of ego. Depending on gender and complexion they may also have preference for armoured BMWs. I am kind of enjoying the pain of the decadent political class and I hope it continues. Foreign reserves appreciated modestly because some crazy woman minister is no more there approving import licenses for unnecessary things and giving waivers from import duty on top of it. Nigeria had shiploads of Palm oil and rice come in last month – the Palm oil importation was to kill Palm oil farmers in the country, the rice was to destroy rice farmers as well. All well crafted the former filling party.

      When leadership is weak and supine, there is a need to buy loyalty and support which is otherwise not forthcoming on the basis of personal integrity and charisma. So while Naira stay close to N250 to a dollar you need not look too far for answers why. It is acceptable in Nigeria and the defence would always be that Abacha and IBB did worse and got away with it.

      The way this has played out in defsec is determined and ceaseless chopping along the entire defence value chain from buying weapon to training and operations. I am.sure even invoices for PMCs are already causing trouble now. Very seriously sick country with problems aggravated by tribalism.

      As for investments the new government in attracting into solid minerals, textiles and agro allied. Iron and Steel maybe revamped and metallurgical industries required for industrial take off.

  56. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, Pakistan is well behind India yet, if we were @ Pakistan’s level militarily, I would be most happy. While I am more incline towards India, India has had it share of strategic partnership and I would look @ made in Pakistan weapons the same way I look @ Indian license built weaponry. More so, without taking anything from Indian prowess in military tech, Soviet (now Russian), French and Israeli help has been indispensable to say the least and like Oga Ola said, I would be glad if we tow this line.
    However, India has learned a lot from these partnerships and is in a position to commercialize the products of their learning (although, I’ve long lost my lost for the LCA, u see India cost me points to argue with as an alternative to the Thunder, Lol).
    Again, for years now, I’ve been advocating that we pay close attention to India goes about her business! 10- 20 years ago, India was still drawing the flak we are drawing now and how India got the west to fall over themselves to get in the line to make deals with India is something we should have been taking not. Today, ‘antagonizing’ India is not in any Western nations interest

    Oga Ola, it will take well over 25-30 year to get to where India is 2day. Bro our universities aren’t anywhere near there yet, we don’t even have a proper metal or petrochemical industry yet except u want to call on Nigerians in the diaspora and they will have to make calculations to respond (it could go either way). Also, the khalid is Pakistan buying Chinese hehehe. So, if say India (allowed by Russia) sell us 2 squadrons of the SU 30MKI on favourable terms wouldn’t u be glad to buy?

    • Ola says:

      Lol Mr. Ifiok. I do see your points though and I agree with most of the things you said here. However, the only thing standing between Nigeria and getting to where India is now, within the next decade is only lack of will power. If you have your money and can play proper politics, you can buy strategic friendships that can in turn yield accelerated, phenomenal development. If you consider the rate at which space research has grown in Nigeria in the last decade, you will agree with me that Nigeria can be where India is in one decade.
      Again, I disagree with the fact that Nigeria does not have good Universities. Yes, education is underfunded in Nigeria and many programs in Nigerian Universities suffer because of this, yet there are good Universities in Nigeria and there are a lot of intelligent Nigerians who can do wonders if given the freedom, resources and opportunity. We just have to call on the right people in the right institution. I have met so many Nigerians who have come here to do their Masters and PhDs and they excell. If you consider the fact that these guys did the BSc and MSc. in Nigeria only came for their postgraduate degrees, yet they win awards of excellence and make distinctions, you will agree with me that they are not just brilliant, but they also had good foundational education back home. Just mention one leading organisation in the world today that does not have at least one Nigerian occupying an important position in that organisation, yet almost all these Nigerians school at least to the level of BSc before leaving Nigeria.
      Here is what the government can do;
      1. Nigeria already has an industrialisation plan on paper, modify it and invite Nigerians in Diaspora to come back home to work. Guarantee their safety and give them proper incentives. Also, there is a need to change the terms of issuing scholarship in Nigeria. Most nations of the world send their citizens abroad to study on scholarship on the terms that they return to the country to work for at least the first 5 years after graduation, Nigeria does not do that and the vast majority of Nigerian who have gone abroad to study on various scholarship never return home. They contribute to the pool of experts in those countries while leaving Nigeria at a loss.
      2. Create excellence cluster in different fields and make sure those clusters are free of politics and have specific frame work and time line within which specific targets are reached.
      3. Reach out to various countries and Industries to partner with Nigeria and Nigerian companies while operating under the local content policy. So, source your personnel and materials within the country. Set up and enjoy a tax break for the first 3 years.
      4. Put an end to export of raw materials of any kind from the country. No matter what, export good should at the minimum be semi processed.
      5. With a focus on defence, decide on spending $20 bn in the next decade. Deal primarily with Russia, Sweden and Germany here. Look to Russia for purchase of significant and sophisticated hardwares, complete with tech transfer. For example, buy dozens of some fighter jets or hundreds of armoured tanks on the terms that we’re trained to keep them operational locally and in future we do all upgrades domestically. Look to Sweden for metallurgy technology and Germany for military automobile. Companies in all the countries I listed here will do business with you without government interference if the money is right.
      I can continue without end but I stop here.

  57. lachit says:

    @ifiok umoeka , Ola and all

    guys plz bear in mind that i am in no way asking anybody to look favourable at india etc.
    frankly india has her faults and has committed plenty of goof ups along the years.
    india will always look at her interests and nigeria will look at hers.
    what future holds for the relationship bet. the 2 countries is something nobody can forsee.
    niether will it be wise to see the reationship of nigeria with india vis a vis her ralationship with pakistan.nigeria as a soverign country will persue her realationship with any country that suits her no need of any clarification on this.

    and i am the last person who wants to invoke our western neighbour, the only reason i posted comments above because i wanted to lay down all the cards on the table.
    a smart person always tries to weights in all info at his disposable and is mature enough to see through propoganda and false claims.
    internet has become a playground of jignoistic people who repeat a lie so many times that in the end we all see it as the truth.

    more so a true nationalist is one who can see the ills of his country first and is vocal about it.truth hurts but it also opens new and better ways/options .

    personally i always believe we must learn from experience, either from ours or from others.
    same is applicable in the case of a country.
    why make the same mistakes when u can learn from other countries failures and success.

    and the most sad part of all this is my laptop LCD display got fried up and is now adorned with green pink altenate strips.and to add to the misery half my keyboard keys has stopped working.using virtual keyboard.
    pakistanis must have used vodoo / black magic on my laptop ๐Ÿ˜€ .i have used 3 laptops since last 7 yers and nothing like this ever happened to me.
    oh man! i wish i had myfingers on the nuclear missiles firing button right now,i tell u.

    • Ola says:

      Lol Lachit, I love your spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ Matter of factly, I have nothing against you or India.
      May I say here that I was in service (not Nigeria) and, I once had the privilege to do joint COIN excercises with Indian soldiers. Your guys are good and I have good acquaintances among them. By doctrine, we trust India and Indian officers come here for training. I am just one guy here trying to update my qualification and get myself a decent job again, I am not a decision maker in Nigerian politics so whatever comments I make here would probably never influence Indo-Nigeria relations ๐Ÿ™‚ Nevertheless, I am patriotic towards Nigeria and I only suggested things that I believe would be good for Nigeria and India, not like Nigerian politicians listen though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  58. ifiok umoeka says:

    Point 2 and 4 are they big problem my brother. The rest are perfect
    The excellence of Nigerian students abroad has little to do with our schools my brother. It has to dp more with the ‘I refuse to lie on my back’ attitude of 9jans. We study under extreme conditions, with or without lecturers, power or no power, we just read it up. Thus, when this ‘hardman’ shows up in a world where everyone has it cool, he easily cruises to top position almost without trying. This is why we top it out there.
    U have rightly outline the solution and until the industry invest in their discipline (eg, fishermen in fishery…ok seriously, say PAN, in mech engineering, etc), we will not make headway. 4 now, only the petroleum and marine industries seem to be doing something in that regard. We need the military, govt, private sector and universities coming together (to establish a R&D department with DARPA as template) to make this happen. However like u said, it must be driven, and will power and visionary leadership are key.
    As for the funding of universities, them ASUU dudes are fast beginning to look like the national assemble

  59. ifiok umoeka says:

    My Oga Are, too much emotions na, take am easy! As for me, I will continue to rate ur judgment as top notch and ur post worth debating (based on the content of ur ideas). Brother, I can form gorilla and say that I don’t condescend to racism in any form.
    Did u also dig deep to Akpabio’s past, saw his ‘achievements in business, military, social service etc? Pls I would really love u to share

    we really have been traumatized by our leaders. U know that when a WAEC official marking exams sheets comes across a student’s sheet who scores 27%, his face lights up…if he has been seeing bellow 13% all day and…27% is still F9! Sorry, I will not celebrate my cook if he/she uses 20% of what I gave him/her to prepare my meal and pockets the rest or shares with his/her friends and family. Enough said.

    When the BMW story broke, I ran into serious argument with a number of my friend. Why? My position was that the BMW cost perhaps $2m. @ the same period, we were told that $10/20bn (which ever) and that illegal bunkering was costing us $10bn annually. I just couldn’t understand why we were all fixated on 2 BMWs instead of seeing how we could recover billions in dollars! My ex gov bought 2 private jet for crying out loud and still fly in one now and then even as a senetor!

    These waivers are questionable, I totally agree and on procurement, u know my stands already
    The Naira is 197 to a dollar I think and if the new gov attract investment, praise God (though the last gov attracted investments too)

    By the way my Oga, I’m from Akwa Ibom and have lived in Uyo since 1999

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