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  1. Akin oges says:

    Now ya talking. Those are beasts of the COIN battlefield. Thumbs up NA.

  2. Are James says:

    Twin turrets ..and look at the guns. Are there any models with roof mounted IR observation posts?.

  3. zachary999 says:


    Only about 14 T-72 tanks have been accounted for. Where are you getting 72 units from ? There are only 14 T-72 tanks in Nigeria as we speak…

    • Are James says:

      If I suggest prison terms for some DHQ people newly retired , their friends here will rise to their defence. This number of tanks is the entire number you require to round up a group of grannies disturbing a small village. No wonder BH is bold.

    • Kay says:

      Chai. I don’t want this to be true. Remind me how much was released again for the military campaign?!

    • saleh says:

      yes only 14 T 72 second hand tanks were acquired

      • Men this is some serious sh*%

      • beegeagle says:

        NOTE that Ukraine have listed their sales to NGR for 2014…14 T72 tanks, 6 122mm arty, 10 BTR-4 and two Mi-24Bs.

        Move over to 2015..we saw tanks airfreighted by EXCALIBUR from Ostrava in CZECH REPUBLIC to Nigeria. That already nullifies any belief that only 14 T72 tanks were acquired, doesn’t it?

        NOTE again that all 58 units of T72 acquired from Hungary by EXCALIBUR are believed to be destined for resale to NGR

    • Obix says:

      @Oga Zachary, it’s on record we got 12 units of T-72 tanks from Ukraine and 16 units from the Excalibur Group, Czech republic.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Zachary999, I thought we were supposed to have purchased 58 T-72 tanks from Excalibur Defense Ltd, this year, of which 16 were shown in a widely published photo leaving for Nigeria from Ostrava airfield in an Antonov 225?

      There was at least one other T-72 shipment (by ship), with the photo’s of the ship with tanks in its hold published on this website (beegeagle) and in 2014 we also bought 77 (or so) T-72’s from Ukraine.

      This are the numbers I have read (or heard) about before. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • beegeagle says:

      It is IMPOSSIBLE that there are fourteen T72 tanks in Nigeria

      14 units of T72AV came in from UKRAINE in 2014. Later that year, the Hungarians sold 58 units of T72 M1 to EXCALIBUR. Those were meant to be upgraded and resold to Nigeria.

      In January 2015 alone, EIGHT T72 tanks were flown in from Ostrava. Later, other consignment arrived by sea. One consignment which came through PHC and was moved overland through Aba in.broad daylight, had SEVEN T72 tanks. Soldiers of 144 Bn stationed at Aba who handled security told me so.

      That alone has pushed the tally to 29 units delivered..15 units drawn from the 58 units acquired from Hungary

      • buchi says:

        Oga beegs abeg how u dey..every where seems to have gone cold, hope ur doin gud and lest I forget I did not get ur mail informing me of ur New mail.meanwhile what’s ur take on the Turks shooting themselves on the leg by attacking PKk

  4. Joe says:

    To the best of my knowledge,Nigeria got more than 14 t72 tank,recently the Ukrainian govt published their govt weapon transfer that indicates that Nigeria got 16 t72. From Ukraine this is apart from those we got from poland

  5. COLONEL NGR says:

    Zachary what is happening to the Annual SSC/DSSC recruitment? It seems there is something happening behind the scenes.

  6. Colloid says:

    Fast forward to this time, i could remember someone here asking what Nigeria will do if a Nigerian got abducted and killed by ISIS, and what “RETALIATING” Step(s) the Military will take to respond as the Egyptian AirForce did in Libya.

    Now, there are several reports(can’t confirm its authencity but even radio stations here in the SW are airing the news) of a Nigerian Man with two other African allegedly held by ISIS in Libya and their profile were put on the internet by ISIS. Well, if it’s true( frankly, i don’t doubt the report), then we have found ourselves in a tight box– where we cant launch a counter back at the marauding enemy. No Deep Strike Asset(s), oh! Forgotten we have F7s and A-Jets in our Arsenal. Oh!! Lawd av mercy.

    The vermins at home are proving stubborn and we have another Mole testing our RESPONSE “Mode/Mood”(aggressive or suyaing). I could remember Egypt’s Ambassador request for alliance with Nigeria in confronting Terrorism in the North of Africa. We all know the only barrier between Nigeria and Libya is Chad(a suspected financer/trainer of BH). Is it Chad(with its weak military, oh sorry! The “ALMIGHTY, BATTLE-HARDENED” army) that will stop ISIS from entering into Nigeria POROUS, BORDERLESS AND FENCELESS BORDERS???

    Don’t think those at the helm of affairs know the Dangers at hand.

  7. mcshegz says:

    Can someone please identify these APC’s purchase by Osun state last year, can seem to find the make.

    • mcshegz says:

      Apparently about twenty units were delivered to the police.

    • colloid says:

      Oga McShegz. That APC has the capacity of carrying 20 personnels at a go. It bigger than a REVA but not up to a BIGFOOT, has surveillance instruments with real time networking(comm) with ground stations. Apart from OSUN, no other state has something near this APC.

      • colloid says:

        The procurement of the Carriers was reached when the state was at the height of robbery in the state. I think, it was when robbers raided 4banks in Osun, precisely in IWO, where a policeman was gunned down and has his stomach ripped with knife by the robbers that the government decides to change the APCs in the state to these Carriers. That robbery incident was hell on earth that day, those guys came and jammed the comm gadgets of the bank to the police station in town–if not for a lady cop(far away from the bank) that used her cell phone to notify the station but there’s nothing the cops can do to confront them. They have to send for cops from the state capital, but those guys have finished their operation before they arrived.

        It was then the government decided to do something tangible where the local police can confront robbers in the comfort of their vehicle(s) without having to seek state capital help.

        I really dont know how much a unit cost, the info on it is little.

  8. joweezee says:

    • Are James says:

      They are advising that arms procurement goes back to MOD, still feel Boko Haram has penetrated government and yes they will interfere big time in Nigeria’s military. Opportunity Cost is a relevant word here.

    • Naijaseal says:

      The African dog is about to be tossed a bone by his Western master in Washington.

      • jimmy says:

        I do not think my country Nigeria Sir,should be called the African Dog.
        Ihave two prayers for you
        1) You should know someone who is very influential in the Miltary who is NOT RICH and has not Embezzeld any money not A DISTANT relative OR A FRIEND OF a Friend,then you will understand the average frustration of the AVERAGE HIGHLY intelligent military officer.
        2) Someone who is extremely wealthy whom you know personally that you can personally trace his wealth
        When you talk to these type of people they will give you INFORMATION that you HONESTLY cannot repeat
        Two things happened last year that you should ask Friend #1
        $1b was asked for from the NASS and delivered for procurement where did the bulk of this money go for the AIRFORCE? the NAVY? the ARMY
        The Russians offered us a $1B line of credit there is no FACTUAL EVIDENCE despite a MOU agreement signed ( Confirmed by MULTIPLE sources) by the EX – NSA sambo ( low caps my emphasis signifying diminished authority) that this money was accessed
        OGA Naija Seal the overwhelming Majority of NIGERIANS OF EVERY ETHNIC GROUPS despite economic challenges are DECENT HUMAN BEINGS NOT DOGS we walk upright , look for a restroom before we ease ourselves, and despite our major cultural, religious ethnic differences intermarry and carry on with our lives ,boko haram notwithstanding.
        The EX -NSA it appears will have a case to answer , so also will the outgone service chiefs,
        q1. If no money was stolen, How much money was actually allocated to procure WEAPONS
        q2. Where are the 40 HELICOPTERS? so far we have only verified two NAF260, &261
        q3. The NSA should tell us, what he did with the huge sums of money finally allocated to his office.
        q4. The NSA should tell us why the S’african Govt sent $15m back to the ONSA one day after he was removed why did they wait
        q5. The Finance minister , Petroleum minister were allowed to Travel, why do they consider him a travel risk?
        q6,He should come out like the Late Brig Tunde Idiagbon ( r.i.p.) did and declare to the Nigerian people whether he did or did not Embezzle any money.
        q6. The previous two army chiefs of Staff, the Airforce Chief of Staff and the Navy chief of Staff need to tell the Nigerian public where the money for procurement went.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        What I find difficult to comprehend is how a line of credit offered for the purpose of buying weapons could have been “accessed.”
        Russia offered to give us weapons on credit, that’s what the $1billion line of credit is as I understand it.

      • Are James says:

        I really don’t know what you hus want?.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:, Quotes
      However, the US refuses to sell weapons to Nigeria because of concerns over its army’s human rights record.
      President Buhari will also seize the opportunity to seek US assistance to recover billions of dollars from bank accounts in the United States, Switzerland and elsewhere.
      The US and other G7 countries had promised to assist Nigeria discover the money – if the country could provide evidence that it had been stolen from the country.
      Nigeria will also need US assistance in the fight against corruption, which is one of the issues the country’s president had promised to tackle during his campaign days.

  9. doziex says:

    Badeh, ihejirika, gej and co, have a very serious case to answer concerning the looting of allocated defense funds.

    This includes the so called 6 billion dollar budget that allocated 700 million usd to the army, and just under 500 million usd to the air force and navy respectively.

    Furthermore, the 1billion dollar loan to fight bh has to be fully accounted for

    14 T-72 tanks, a handful of helicopters and the gej/arthur eze deal all wreak of corruption and dont come close to adding up to 1 billion usd.

    Remember emir sanusi is on the record as saying that gej requested a huge sum from the central bank to buy helicopters which never came.

    Not quite sure what case DSS has against former NSA sambo dasuki.

    Remember, nigerian villages and towns were sacked and burnt.

    Nigerians soldiers and civillians were maimed and slaughtered just because NA was inappropriately armed and oriented.

    That is the opportunity cost of this corruption.

    • Are James says:

      People have already absolved these people of corruption. Either they can’t do math or the problem with Nigeria is serious moral cowardice . See the truth and run. ThE ex President knew the kind of one to one hand-over he had with the incoming man that he started predicting that his ‘people’ would be “persecuted ” when he leaves office. The new President ‘s recollection of the one to one hand overs was one of “30 minute affairs” with the man leaving office not saying much.
      Heavy wahala is brewing.

    • No be small thing ooh

  10. ozed says:

    There is way too much talk going on and way too little action.

    Defense contracts in Nigeria have unfortunately always been opaque (which means it is easy to underestimate or over estimate). Can we just stop with the conclusions and allow the government to do their investigations properly and bring culprits to book with incontrovertible evidence.

    I hope this happens quickly so we can separate sheep from goat.

  11. Naijaseal says:

    If anyone has been stealing DEFSEC allocation, the PMB administration has every right to go after them in a LEGAL and TRANSPARENT manner. Granstanding will not work, raiding houses like in dictatorship will not work.

    What we are seeing is a lot of rhetoric and playing to the gallery. By the time the lawyers step in, we’ll realise how much time and effort has been wasted in this ojuju calabar antics.

    Let things be done in a proper manner. Simple

  12. makanaky says:

    Politicians hide under Ethnicity, Religion and Political affiliation to continue to rape the country bare.
    People are already criticising the present administration when it has not even started work but they forget the humiliation the country underwent and its still undergoing in the last few years in the hands of pockets of untrained animals called BH and people have the audacity to defend past Military chiefs with no vision.
    For over three years or more there has been clamour for SU-27 and Su-30,JH-17 Thunder, Tucanos, T-90 tanks etc.
    What did we get ? just a hand full of outdated T-72 tanks while it was announced that over a billion dollar was earmarked for the purchase of weapons. Why are people saying the present administration is on a witch hunting exercise?
    We don’t have shame, how can BH capture Baga, Monguno, Dikwa, Mubi etc and the military chiefs still had their jobs?

  13. jimmy says:

    How do you suggests we go after someone who was shown a search warrant and still refused his house to be searched? this is the problem with Nigeria.
    dasuki Sambo comes from a rich family doesnot make him extremely wealthy , those are already known to the INFORMED Nigerian populace at large where the Wealthy Northern Families are well known , his is not one them,( ADO BAYEROS, BANGUDU, , DANTATA, Estu Nupe Family of BIDA to mention a few, twenty years ago he fled to America, it is very likely if he tried any Country in the G7 he most likely will be arrested, this is the ASSHOLE we are defending????

    • Roscoe says:

      I have been reading whats going on with the NSA and acquisitions, and slowly the curtain is being drawn back, I agree that this must be swiftly investigated and any corrupt procurement deals prosecuted, but I am also aware that na Naija we dey, so there fore.

      If we cant get justice I want vengeance. For Monguno, Baga, Damasak, Mubi, Bama, Kukawa and Gamborou Ngala, Gwoza , Banki, for the bombings in Kano , Kaduna, Gombe for the Takfiri raids on Damaturu. I want vengeance for the tens of thousands of Nigerians who are displaced, those who are dead, those who lost loved ones. If any one stole money meant to defend them, if by the actions of the shepherd the sheep were lost, let them be hunted down, humiliated, their names forever tarnished and their own lives taken away.

      In this world or the next, let them pay for what they have done.

  14. Naijaseal says:


    You dont have exclusive preserve to being Nigerian.

    Personnaly i dont care a hoot about the former NSA or service chiefs. When all this grandstanding dust by PMB settles, then we’ll understand that there are rules and refulations when tackling allegations of corruption. This is a democracy, not George Orwell’s animal farm

    • Naijaseal says:

      Also, this frenzy of “they are guilty, shot them all even before trial” belongs in social media, not here. I decide to abstain from twitter cos things like that, only to find same here.

      Let me keep my peace

      • jimmy says:

        We are telling you factually that they bought UNDERWHELMING weapons
        We are telling the BASTARD called Dasuki signed comtracts worth MILLIONS and yet YOU CALLED Nigeria a dog NATION call the PEOPLE who are RAPING Nigeria with NO vaseline dogs.
        Please do not call my BROTHERS AND SISTERS who ride in THIN SKINNED HILUXES dogs one of my personal trucks is better suited for the N/EAST of Nigeria than what those ass holes bought Nigeria.
        Iam from Lagos State IF I see Bode George on the STREET I will call him an ASS HOLE if he talks to me .YOU shoulkd likewise when you see someone from your Ethnic group if there is mounting evidence of incompetence and STEALING. It is not a Muslim/ Christain thing nor is it A HAUSA/ Igbo/ Yoruba/ Efik thing/Fill in the tribe thing.
        There is no shame in Nigeria because a real NSA worth his GUTS would not ride AROUND in 5 bulletproof/ Heavily armoured cars with Run flat tires while a certain COL K burnt to death in AMBUSH.
        Get of your lilly livered ass when POOR COURNTRIES are out spending Nigeria in buying planes, tanks, ships it means the motherfucker called the NSA, THE TRI-SERVICE chiefs and those resposible for keeping our soldierss safe are NOT BUYING , THEY ARE STEALING.
        And yes you are right I DO NOT HAVE A MONOPOLY on Nigeria I am just sick and tired of the people not just stealing but the people WHO ARE OFFERING up excuses for them not to be arrested because he is igbo, hausa, yoruba, efik, FILL IN THE blank, arrests anyone as long as he is not from my tribe.
        1. We do NOT have 100 +TANKS
        2. We do NOT 40 HELICOPTERS
        3. We do NOT HAVE SU27/ 30, JF17, TUSCANOS
        4. We do not have Missle guided FRIGATES
        5. We do not have Substantial COMMUNICATION Equipment for COMMUNICATION between the troops .
        6. We have access to build at least 100 Nigerian made IGIRIGIS we did not because the people in power decided it was a GREED THING not enough MONEY TO BE STOLEN
        7. Better to use SLEAZE BAGS LIKE ARTHUR EZE we can then STEAL Q.E.D.
        The line of credit meant we could pick and choose whatever Russian Equipment we wanted
        Case in point would of been the MRLS systems we bought AN UNDEWHELMING SIX
        ANGOLA, UGANDA, BANGLADESH, are countries that do not have the SPENDING POWER OF Anambra+ Kano + Lagos State combined and yet they are outspending us.
        I do not give a dammn about PDP , OR APC WTF do you give a dammn about?
        BESIDES CALLING your country A FOUR legged ANIMAL?

      • doziex says:

        My oga jimmy.
        Egboh mi, thank you sir.

        It’s time for truth telling in naija lets call a spade, a spade.

        Nigeria’s cancer of corruption must be excised.

        As PMB said, it’s either nigeria kills corruption, or corruption kills nigeria.

        No grey area folks, it’s white or black.

      • Are James says:

        You need to face TRUTH. It is not easy but it brings peace and rapid progress. All the retired leaders in the defsec arena are going to be chased to the ends of the Earth to get our money. The new government has key motivations to do this:
        1, it’s own security
        2, vengeance
        3, money to pursue it’s own programmes while oil stays at $34 a barrel which generation disrupting price it is going to assume when Iranian oil floods the market.
        4. western pressure.
        5. public pressure – Nigerians will press the new President to deliver on his promises and he will press these guys until all the dross is out for money.
        It is going to be an interesting 8 years and I probably am the only one alive who will enjoy the pain coming to these guys. Please don’t spoil my fun…it is going to be court, hospital, EFCC hq, DSS hq and back to hospital for them as they spend their middle age years fighting not to go to prison.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        if money has been stolen, by all means the guilty should pay, but things must be done according to the demands of morality and civilised norms.

        So again, Oga Jimmy, by what method do you claim the line of credit provided by Russia was stolen? Let flesh be put on these accusations in order to maintain credibility.
        It is wrong to run a Spanish inquisition or give a dog a bad name and hang him .
        “Russia offered to give us weapons on credit, that’s what the $1billion line of credit is as I understand it.”
        How is it possible for a line of credit to be stolen?

        If I recall rightly, it was also from the Russians that we heard that a contract for up to 40 helicopters was in place. This happened just last year, so it is possible that the helicopters are still being manufactured, it is also possible that the deal was cancelled amongst other possibilities; we just don’t know until we hear a credible counter story. These are not light matters for which we can call people names or hang them without proof.

        Before you become judge and jury to hang a man, where is the paper trail of his crimes? That is what we demand to see in the least.
        Tell us also (in exact terms) what the army received and how much that cost, as well as how many salaries were paid and what that cost too. Then factor in what was actually spent on (or by) the army and where it was spent.

        Before hanging anyone, provide proof. This is a democracy.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Quite a few Nigerians don’t realise that doing things outside the rules is itself corruption.
      It won’t do anyone any good if this kangaroo court style continues much longer. There are rules, laws and civilised norms.

  15. lachit says:

    would have been a good idea to replace one of the turret guns with a rapid fire automatic grenade launcher (machine gun).just a thought
    know from …

    the first 60 seconds or so of a contact (during patrolling / movement / transportation / ambush ) usually decides which way the battle is going to swing 60 % of the time.
    one thing i came to know is that the machine gunners most of the time fire their guns using their instincts or reflexes in the even of a surprise and unexpected attack and they are lucky if they manage to get a hit or get anywhere near the target at the first burst itself.
    so a area effect weapon is considered a perfect compliment to a machine gun, since it has a wider zone of kill even if it lands far from the target which is the case most of the times in the event of a surprise attack.concussion, shock waves from the blast will stun the targets good 20-40 meters away while a machine gun bullets well will be useless.

    good night

    • Are James says:

      Thanks for your contribution but as you can see there is a civil war ongoing on the blog for now…lol. We will see you in our bandages later. You will be the red cross.

      • colloid says:

        Oga Are James, don’t worry, i will tell the world about you guys and make sure the Ambulances arrived on time. I will be on the sidelines watching the WWE raw. Hahaha.

      • buchi says:

        been on the sidelines for the past two months watching ,the worl war nigeria is getting interesting colloid abeg notify medivac choppers tooo

  16. Kay says:

    All these revelations reminds me of that pic of helicopters at the airport, imported for the Nigerian police along with a Bentley.

  17. zachary999 says:

    The approval memos have started coming out…enjoy some of them here

    • ozed says:

      Good start.
      Next i would expect an evaluation of the status of the project by EFCC or SFU etc..
      -These are approval memos, has funding been released?
      – If funding has been released what is the status of project delivery? is it in line with the project plans?
      – If the issue is that due process was not followed, since we have a due process Act, apply whatever penalties are stipulated in the act.

      That is the process to follow, before any arrests are made. Otherwise the accused person’s lawyers will have a field day and once more we shall be laughing stock as the accused persons walk home free laughing all the way.

      For once let us do things properly. Especially in this instance where there is a lot of room for this to be described as witch hunting and political vendetta. If not we shall waste government resources running round in circles and there will be zero to show for all the effort and expenditure.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thank you Oga ozed; “due process” those are the key words.
        I looked at the documents, but could not find any evidence of criminality, perhaps evidence exists, but he fact is that the case has not been made, because “due process” is not being followed. Without “due process” we will have a witch hunt and abuse of power; these things too are corruption. We cannot fight corruption with corruption.

  18. chynedoo says:

    The level of waste in the Nigerian system is beyond comprehension. But the irony is that government agencies responsible to doing what they have been statutorily empowered to do appear to be only interested in paying lip service to the issue of plugging leakages and exposing corruption. From EFCC to ICPC, police, ministries and departments, our system of government promotes personalities above institutions. For instance, if Buhari is not showing interest in fighting corruption, or stopping these leakages, all these agencies that are not pretending to be doing something would all have been silent. We need strong, powerful institutions because that is the only way we could have any semblance of good governance where corruption would be reduced to the barest minimum.
    For instance, two recent events simply show how weak our institutions are: The NDLEA’s siege on Kashamu’s home and a few days ago a repeat of same on Dasuki’s house. In all honesty, the manner these raids were conducted lends an overwhelming credence to the narrative of political witch-hunting even if this is not the outright intention of these actions.
    Kashamu so far has been able to circumvent what might have been a note of warning of individuals who may choose to simply play the ‘the big oga’ card when serious legal issues are involved. The DSS by laying siege on properties connected to Dasuki any specific intel or insider knowledge exposes the agency as being overtly political and unprofessional. Raiding the property of a highly connected individual like Dasuki when it is obvious DSS has not actionable intel on any particular issue defeats the purpose of such raids. With access to quality legal representation, Dasuki like Kashamu will walk free. The EFCC like NDLEA, DSS, ICPC and the police (see visit of the police to NASS regarding Ekweremadu’s fogery allegation) all appear obsessed with ‘showboating’ as a way to impress the presidency and Nigerians in a manner that ‘portrays’ these agencies as fighting corruption.
    In reality, they are all messing up the fight against corruption because the simply hand these individuals who would otherwise have had strong cases against them their freedom on a platter of gold by creating ‘legal leeway’ for the courts to simply throw out any cases brought against these individuals. It’s an irony the very agencies that should be fighting corruption are simply helping corrupt people either by ‘omission or commission’ to escape justice!

  19. Manny Aydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, I wish to appeal to everyone to let us return to our pastime-analyzing trends and offering suggestions to the powers that be on how to make our country safer. True, we cannot ignore these allegations of corruption and efforts to investigate, accost and prosecute alleged culprits but let us discuss those in minimal ways, believing that all those accused would get a fair trial and those who think their rights have been violated will resort to the courts. This, afterall, is still a democracy and if Senator Kashamu (I cite his case with all respect) could get a reprieve, anyone should. Most of our troops have benefited from policy changes and a rejigged orbat (no matter how minimal) as a result of the wise intervention, debates and analysis of you Cyber Generals here, so let’s keep it going. We remain one on this blog. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria…Viva Africa.

  20. Kola Adekola says:

    How true is this headline below? The man had been detained without any charges.

    CSO Under Goodluck Jonathan, Gordon Obua, Reportedly Dies In DSS Custody

  21. eyimola says:

    Corruption is endemic in defence procurement all around the world, in most cases, involving the inflation of contracts and kickbacks. Nigeria is one of the few countries, where people who have no stake in the matter come out to come and defend those who we trusted with out lives, security and territorial integrity.This blog like many other normally attracts people who are nationalist and patriotic by nature, but that doesn’t mean that we should accept everything the state says at face value, especially when the facts don’t appear to fit the rhetoric.

  22. Naijaseal says:

    A lot of folks are here hyperventilating, accusing one of defending alleged corrupt DEFSEC officials based on perceived religious or ethnic sympathies.

    I just laugh when i read some people comments here. On the earlier thread, someone was saying i was too young to know Nigeria’s history. Lol. Believe what you want.

    Again, Nigeria is not a jungle, you can not correct a perceived (real or imaginary) wrong by committing another wrong.

    No matter how you spin it, the current action by PMB’s government will come across as a witch hunt because they are behaving like a bunch of thugs.

    If someone is alleged to have stolen money, go about it the proper way, provide concrete evidence, (not money in safe, bullet proof cars, infantile sort of rubbish), charge them to court and let the law follow its course.

    Personally, i have no dog in this fight, but you guys can shout “crucify ex NSA and service chiefs” all day long. I don’t care about that. All i want is for due process to be followed.

    This same behavior of rhetorical action before retracting and behaving properly has been the hallmark of this present administration. It ought not to be so. It smacks of unpreparedness, ignorance of rule of law, or worse still, simple vendetta.

    A lot of folks here are letting their emotions get the better of them. Normally sober people are acting like a mob. Totally uncalled for behavior.

    Again, Nigeria has rules and regulations. It does not matter whether your favoured party or candidate is in power, those rules MUST be followed. That is how institutions are built, not a cult of personality that so many people have built around PMB.

  23. Naijaseal says:

    And please @Jimmy, lets refrain from calling people bastards.

    If we want to engage in roforofo fights, we know where to go.

    You can hate the former service chiefs and NSA, but its totally uncalled for calling people bastards. It just cheapens you. Thank you

    • jimmy says:

      People who died /are still dying , Nigerian soldiers are currently using their personal phones to communicate in the middle of intense fire fights,some soldiers have not seen their wives and families for 15+ months and the EX NSA IS WHINING ABOUT NOT GOING TO MOSQUE FOR sallah.
      You called Nigeria a Dog of a Nation take it back, when you do take it back I will stop the roforofo, blood has already been spilled on the ground.
      I don’t personally hate the service chiefs, I hate when I start to hear that some of the most expensive houses/ mansion in Abuja are owned by a service chief. one of my child hood friends is an officer 20+ years his wife works, another is a senior officer 20+ years his wife my first cousin she works,these are not them say them say people
      There is no expansive mansion for the average senior officer in the Nigerian armed forces ( and I do not mean those who come from wealthy families)
      IT DOES NOT CHEAPEN ME IN ANYWAY by calling them bastards they let Nigeria down they swore an oath to protect and serve Nigeria and you and i paid for their entire Education and Salary and meanwhile once they got to the pinnacle of their profession we found out that some of them were just plain thieves,
      I cannot and will not be a praise singer to people who let themselves down , who let their presidency down and more fundamentally who let their Country down, may the hottest place in hell be reserved for those who stole money reserved for the soldiers who have died so i can sleep in my bed at night may they always sleep uncomfortably and by GOD if they were truly corrupt as the evidence continues to mount may GOD / ALLAH TAKE CARE OF THEM
      No shaking

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Well, if you truly hate corruption the proper thing to do is stop screaming for window dressing; put your emotions and muscles behind the restructuring of the country. So long as we have all Nigeria’s money flowing into Abuja for “kill and divide” we will have corruption.

        Nigeria’s current system is like a person leaving their money on a table in the middle of a busy market and hoping to find it when they come back. The table is Abuja, the busy market is our headless “federalism,” the money is oil proceeds.
        Solution? Devolve the Nigerian economy, let each state or region pay its way and see how corruption and illiteracy will fizzle out as accountability and need to “seat up” inevitably set in.

        Our President claimed very strongly that “corruption is stealing and stealing is corruption.” In other words, we elected a man who doesn’t know the definition of corruption to fight corruption. There is no definition of corruption in any dictionary that says it is stealing. Our leader is confused about the meaning of corruption, that is why there is an increasing mess today with witch hunting, abuse of power, more confusion and chaos on top of the already heavy doses of confusion and chaos. Some cannot see the deep irony that these shortcuts to nowhere are themselves corruption, because like our President, many in our population cannot comprehend the meaning of corruption.

        The first thing to do is sit and ponder why the members of your states House of Assembly and NASS (Senators, Reps) do not represent you, but are beholden to Abuja. Then go to the market and wonder why meat can be sold on the floor in the most unhygienic conditions. Let each of us do these things then ponder our own state of mind, all in an honest manner; at the end of the exercise, the answer to the madness in Nigeria will hit us in the face like a knockout punch – the only countries that share our fake federal structure are banana republics, ruled by banana’s, peopled by banana’s, overflowing with corruption.
        No progressing country is structured like Nigeria.

        We have to learn to do things properly.
        Since Nigeria is structured to feed patronage and exploitation, why are we surprised that there is corruption?
        You reap what you sow.
        How can jailing people fix corruption in a system that is inherently corrupt, in a system that by its very nature breeds corruption? Therein lies the dangerous hypocrisy (or ignorance) of those who call for an end to corruption, but turn a blind eye to the rotten “federal” status quo.

      • Roscoe says:

        Nigeria does not practice federalism, plus we have states that should not be existing (they cant support themselves fiscalism) , we are like some deal made between Tribalism and the Military to figure out how to keep the masses happy (instead of bread and games we get Tribalism and religion pushed on us) The US, Switzerland and Germany are not Banana republics so if done correctly Federal system will be what we get (like Kola is citing below).

        We need to sort out the twin bogey men of Corruption and Tribalism, they are the major issues facing us as a Country and are responsible for most of the ills we see daily.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Roscoe, we can sort these things by implementing the result of the national conference we held last year. It will give us proper federalism and a solid framework within which each region, section and individual to flourish and feel represented.
        The direction we are headed in right now is lawless, reckless and scary.

      • jimmy says:

        One of the results if the National conference calls for more states to go from 36 to 55 Another calls for State police .Right now possibly only three states can handle that 18 out of 36 states begged for the bail out money. One state (Oshun) is still asking it’s workers to take 50%.Honestly is that what we want. On your side of the argument for true fiscal reform it would mean collapsing unsustainable states into Six Geographical Zones. In this scenario money will be God followed by Agriculture and Commerce this means landlocked areas like the SEast will have it tough. The North With its Bread basket and the Coastal states will create a financial imbalance. Personally if the recommendations of the National conference are followed, very quickly people will realize across the Six zones who the true wnners are.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  24. jimmy says:

    July 20th, 2015
    To the National Security Adviser
    Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA)
    Major General Mohammed Babagana Monguno (Rtd)

    Dear Sir,
    Please allow me to congratulate you on your recent appointment as the current National Security Adviser to the Federal Government of Nigeria.Nigeria is truly blessed to have you as the current NSA especially at this trying time,
    I feel pained to write this letter to you on such a public forum but in the interest of Nigeria it is of great importance that I am compelled to do so. Moment of disclosure before going on into the subject discussed, I have no favor to ask,nor job or contract to beg for. I am comfortable making a good six ( 6) figure salary as a chartered Civil/ Structural Engineer.
    Personally no one knows the struggle and the toll of the Boko Haram war more than you do , with the kidnapping of your own father and other relatives it has been a nightmare,
    The recent house arrests of your predecessor Col Dansuki Sambo ( rtd) and subsequent findings by the DSS and SSS has cast a very dark shadow on the Office of the National Security Agency (ONSA).It has become inevitable that in order for you to successfully prosecute this war on terror “Charity begins at home”
    The last year of the GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan Presidency (2014-2015) witnessed unprecedented Illegal procedures in acquiring weapons for the BH INSURGENCY
    1.*The embarrassing fiasco involving the ONSA using a delisted South African company that was not legally registered or licensed under current Legal South African laws to trade in weapons should be a starting point.
    2. The MOU that Col Dasunki Sambo ( rtd) signed won behalf of the FGN IN Q1 2015 with the Government of Russia needs to be investigated.
    3. It is extremely important before you commence anything that cannot wait, , your office needs to do a forensic accounting audit handled by an independent chartered accounting firm that within thirty (30) days will tell you personally how much was spent legally between 2014-2015,
    4. It is extremely important that all your staff need to be financially audited before being given the privilege to work with you, because some of them inevitably were handovers from the previous regime they may or may not share your vision of running a corrupt free agency.
    5. Please review every financial contract signed by your predecessor in excess of N100m form JAN 2014- Present with the help of independent financial auditors.
    Please do not look at this as an exercise in futility, your critics will shout from the roof tops as to how you have embarked on a witch hunt, when this happens please remember these following things and you will be okay:
    A. Remember your background , your family, your upbringing, remember the people of Monguno, , Bornu State, and Nigeria
    B. An Architect creates a Building based on plans that come out of nothing but his imagination, his faith , and his God given ability, The same can be said for the ONSA , ..
    C.The majority of the God fearing Nigerians who hate corruption and stealing with impunity are behind you and will support you INSHA ALLAH / BY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY GOD , YOU ARE GOING TO SUCCEED.

    Yours Sincerely,

  25. Naijaseal says:

    I will not engage @Jimmy et al anymore till you all come to your senses.

    Have a wonderful day

  26. lachit says:

    @are james
    is it safe for the red cross to come in now ?
    looks all calm to me ………..
    or is it the silence before the storm

    huh, on 2nd though maybe tomorrow

    PS : reminds me of my younger days at indian forums fighting over sickularism, corruption, regionalism, reservations for jobs/education, inequality of gender….
    untill i realized the truth that we r nothing but puppets on a chain, dancing to the tunes of the master puppeteer whatever/whoever that might be..
    who was i kidding to think that i could change people, governments, politicians, movers and shakers of the society, with my keyboard.
    untill and unless we are the integral and all-powerful participent/part of the system/government that actually makes the decisions, we can do jackshit.
    thank god a very senior gentlemen from peru who i met on a blog was nice enough to explain it out to me wih his real life experiences.he was a ex-politician.
    stupid stupid me. LOLZZZ
    but he also said we can always hope, whats the harm in hoping against hope as long as u remember this ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God’ and be realistic at the same time.(actually till now i am clueless on what he actually meant by that)

    sorry just musing and i know it all sounds a bit silly 😀
    i think i getting old 😀

  27. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oh my! Came to this party very late. My apologies.

    My Oga Are, pls make the suggestion
    of prison terms, I’m with you all the way. However, I would even go further and add that the penalties be stiffen, but the least MUST BE EXPANDED beyond a few DHQ newly retired to include politicians who’s job it is to supervise the military and intelligence to make sure that funds released were accounted for as well as the SPONSOR (both in and out of gov) of this insurgency in the 1st place. Also, I would add that the scope be EXTENDED beyond the period spanning the last 5 years to periods from 1999 and beyond. We MUST NOT STOP @ DEFSEC but all GOV EXPENDITURE!

    Again, I recommend the highest possible sentencing for TREASON for all those found guilty irrespective of religion, ethnicity and political affiliation. I take for granted that the process resulting in these sentences would be carried out within the rules of NATURAL JUSTICE

  28. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, I’m in total support of a thorough microscopic probe of the $Bns on security (not just defense) funds in question but I must not be limited to last year. Also, we must go back, way back and seek to know what happened to all our stolen funds and not just what happened in the last few years. Otherwise, we will be again opening another pandora box and setting a dangerous precedence that will take this country into the abysses.

    This is 2015, we can’t descend to guttery dictatorial politics when the stakes are so high. We are in a cross-road and the BH dog is about to out grow it current masters and go along with other stray dogs who’s rabies is even more venomous than theirs.
    If blame is the game, it must cut across both sides. Enough of cursing the police and celebrating the thieves, in my books, both deserve blame and must be held responsible.

  29. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Ogas, all I’m asking is that things be done right, if that equates to ‘defending them’ well, I can live with that. U see, its my country too and I’m grateful that non of these fellow hails from my state.

    Again, its amusing how we celebrate our new found selective amnesia. We seem to be out doing the former adm in the game of ostriching! No one remembers the action of military commanders who sold out their institution on politico-entho-religious grounds or the file who just out right went over to the opposition (BH). Obviously, those on who’s slot they gain admission into the army placed a call. I will say again, investing all in treating fever will never cure malaria or ebola.

    Oga Jimmy, search warrant? U mean the ‘go in and get incriminating evidence (perhaps plant some if need be)’?. I like this kind of warrant. Like I said, I don’t know the guy, can’t vouch 4 him, but I will continue to scream, LET THE RULE OF LAW HAVE IT COURSE, this is the change we want, it must follow natural justice…ie, justice must must not only be done, but seen to be done in all fairness, equity and good conscience. $mn is different from $Bn or are u saying he sign all of them?

    • colloid says:

      Oga Ifiok, says:
      Yeah, totally in agreement with this.
      Oga Lachit, abeg it’s not time for you to come in, except you want some punching and kicking from the ongoing war. Haha
      @ Oga Jimmy, Hahaha, nice “view” but “bad” presentation. What i mean by Presentation are those VULGAR words you post up there. Frankly, you dont want us to dampen your respect. I agreed with most of your “surgical” points and i also support your view on Investigating past NSA and his cabals that run down the military.

  30. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    A real NSA worth his salt will not ride…??? After the president, that is perhaps the next priority to an enemy perhaps even more than the president. Haba, Oga Jimmy, I’ve been reading ur post and nodding here and there and a little now and then, I shake my head in disagreement. Pls don’t through away ur intelligence just because of anger or ur support for a particular point of view!

    By the way my Oga Jimmy, from the little I have seen u post, I know that u are better than all these vulgarism!
    I strongly recommend that u save this letter to the NSA in soft copy, u may need it again when another NSA shows up. Smiles…
    Like Oga Doziex has said, way too many people have lost lives, love ones and livelihood because of this! We can’t afford not to get it right and squander yet another golden opportunity on the alter of myopic ego saving vendetta. We are @ a cross road, I can make it count!

    Saw the news of GEJ CSO yesterday or the night b4, its not suspect

    Oga Kola, now u are looking for trouble and I’m still trying to patch my flak jacket and helmet, much less do reinforcement for u! Respect ur hustle

    Ogas Ozed, Naijaseal and Chynedoo, search of what to say to u, came up with God bless u!

  31. lachit says:

    Recently this radical proposal has come from a ministry of defence (MoD) panel tasked to review India’s defence acquisition procedures.
    ***Ministers should stay out of defence deals — generals should be allowed to take the call***

    On its proposal to keep the political class out of defence purchases, including the biggest deals, the panel says: “Whereas primacy is accorded to the political executive in all decision-making and especially on strategic national security issues, in matters of defence systems and equipment based on user preference and tactical and operational doctrines, the Armed Forces must have a decisive role.”

    forgive me i am not a nigerian but still i dared to think that this holds some relevence to nigerian defence procurement also.
    worthy of a look-in.
    can be rejigged to 70% military and 30% politican opinion, that too only in major defence deals of national importance, otherwise on other deals military opinion holds total primacy.
    that way u will know
    1.where the deal went wrong.
    2.aso the army being the end user will get the weapons of its choice.
    3.any short commings in any deals will be accountable by the military

    this r my views.

  32. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Mcshegz, I suspect the ZFB 05 or the VN3,both chinese. However, both seem a little smaller or lower than this

  33. to fight corruption you must put systems in place that make corruption difficult. however due to the fact that these systems will be manned by people who may not be incorruptible…. you must follow up by making it difficult for people who are corrupt to go Scott free and/or enjoy the benefits of their corruption. In Nigeria the corrupt will always play the ethnic or religious trump card. However due process is key lest you shoot urself in the foot and leave loopholes for pple to escape through.

  34. jimmy says:

    I will listen to the voice of the elders on this FORUM and I sincerely apologize for using the word B—-D and A—— frustration has seeped in.
    oga Colloid thank you for your words I am grateful for them , it has been a tough week, weekend, but I resolve to be more restrained, it is my sincere hope ,Nigerians will understand what is currently going on, United we stand divided we fall, whether we are Muslim, Christain, Traditional worshippers, the only way people who enjoy corruption can continue with a level of impunity is when Nigerians keep quiet.

    • Kay says:

      Lol. I normally call BH as ‘bastards’ sha. Hope say people no dey vex for the use in that context.

    • Roscoe says:

      Its all good Oga Jimmy, we have all lost our tempers at one time or the other on this blog, its good you apologized and we can all move on.

      At the same time , realize that the indignation is sometimes needed, even Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple with a scourge, he didnt wait for due process, we can call for both justice and vengeance, and watch as it is meted out to those who turned against their positions as protectors.

  35. Naijaseal says:

    God bless Nigeria.

    OBJ has come and gone. GEJ has come and gone.

    PMB is here today, he will leave max after 8yrs.

    Nigeria remains.

    Let us push for building institutions that will outlast any leader in a just, fair and equitable Nigeria.

    I no dey talk again.

    Let the experts give us DEFSEC analysis so that people like me that come here to learn can truly learn

    • Are James says:

      Building strong institutions is another refrain for let us have another president who is unsure of himself and most things except $$$s mostly when they are flowing into private pockets.

      We study and have taught this before. There is spectrum between strong institutions and strong leadership and Nigeria should locate itself right in the middle. We need strong leaders with core values and fanatical adherence to ethics just as we need strong institutions.
      Funny enough , the one surprising country with strong institutions rivalling western Europe in terms of minimization of individual ego is China mmmyet when the crunch come it is the inner sanctum of the communist party where a few leaders keep a tight rein on themselves that keeps the country running m

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Combining a strong leader with weak or medium strength institutions will produce either a dictator or a tyrant. In both cases, any “good” they do will end with their reign. After their reign, the people will seek their pound of flesh and sink the country farther from the path of development (ask Chile and Pinochet for instance). A country’s destiny must never be tied to the destiny of an individual.

        The Chinese Communist party is a very strong institution, which is why it can produce good leaders.
        Nigeria on the other hand has no institutions, not even its political parties. Comparing our situation to China’s is comparing oil and water.

        The only way Nigeria can build institutions is to decentralise/weaken the FG, go back to regions that can fend for themselves and account to their people. That way politicians will have no huge pile of money to rush off to Abuja to steal. Until this is done, we will continue to have a society that naturally elevates psychopaths and mediocrity while we knock our heads on the floor in frustration against “corruption.”
        The type of leader Nigeria needs is one with brains, not the agbero psychopath type that has the sort of brawn to wade through rivers blood for a peace of the loot in Abuja.

      • Roscoe says:

        If we can enforce the laws of the books that is step one of strong institutions, the next is that people need to be held responsible for their performance on the job, do a bad job…out the door, on to the next one.

        Zero tolerance for corruption. This will require the psyche to change at a national level, right now it is permitted to be corrupt because “every body is doing it” , we need Exemplars that can serve as illustrations that no, not every one is doing it. I think folks like El Rufai and Nuhu Ribadu have been clear exemplars against corruption, Buhari is another Exemplar (hence the adoration in some quarters).

      • Kola Adekola says:

        In the past, we used to have armed robbers shot in public. Did that stop people from becoming armed robbers? No. Why? Because society encouraged armed robbery with its omission’s.
        Taking lessons from the armed robbery saga, we don’t need any so-called “exemplars.” What we need is a proper federal structure that is truly representative, progressive, is non exploitative (above all) and therefore, will not breed rogues.

        We just had a national conference. Why are those who are baying against “corruption” scared of the results? Its a mystery, except we consider that they are more of the same, simply engaged in window dressing and cosmetics to fool simple people.
        Any sincere fighter against corruption would implement the findings of the national conference to decentralise the country. It is a self defeating irony for anyone to rail against corruption instead of the implementation of the national conference which will cure all our ills once and for all.

        I don’t understand how any Nigerian that craves progress can be scared of the national conference.
        We keep dreaming of a military industrial complex under which various segments of society can be integrated; well, the people across the country need to have a single purpose and vision for such to be achieved. We dream of double digit growth too. The national conference results will give us these things as well as a permanent cure for corruption. So, why aren’t people calling for the results of the national conference? Why the empty calls to fight corruption within a national structure that is a conveyor belt for the corrupt to flourish? Why not change the national structure instead? Who is fooling who?

  36. jimmy says:

    One of the things that needs to be urgently set up by either the Americans, Russians or British is a jJoint operations Center (JOC)
    THE AMERICANS have called it a fusion Intelligence center, in reality what it is a huge intel center where officers from the TRI- SERVICE , DSS, SSS AND DIA come together everyday 24/ 7/365 to disseminate threats to NATIONAL SECURITYand take the appropriate action ( bank robberies and armed robberies are not part of this).
    This fusion center should be located in ABUJA OR LAGOS with Sub fusion centers in the SIX GEOGRAPHICAL ZONES OF NIGERIA, namely the SW. SE, SS, NW, NE, Middle belt region.
    Right now the Heirachy of the MILITARY acts in a Conventional, orthodox manner which honestly is fine but the security problems confronting Nigeria whether in the Niger delta, Plateau region or the NE have one thing in common and that is they are unconventional in nature and are mostly asymetric interms of warfare that in most cases require better response times or else the initative is quickly lost, it is hoped one of the outcomes of this meeting between PMB AND BHO will be the creation of a from the ground- cut no- corners creation of a JOC
    Good Morning Gentlemen.
    Good Morning Oga Naijaseal please I humbly request your presence if the only voices i hear in the room are the ones that agree with my views then I JIMMY am the VILLAGE IDIOT.

    • Roscoe says:

      I think we will need to come up with home grown or hybridized solutions at this time (maybe study how Americans or Russians do their or work with Egypt/India) I do not see the US Nigeria relationship being one of deep sharing (there is a fundamental lack of trust at a political level, this will probably improve as both sides observe the other).

    • ocelot2006 says:

      You probably mean NIA, cos DSS and SSS are the same (2 names of our domestic intelligence service).

  37. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, I’m proud of u Sir. Maturity is when one recognizes that he’s step on the line and rather than proceed across in blatant reckless abandon, he pulls back and says, I’m sorry. He still has his ‘masai’ (some hausa I picked up in second sch…means respect) intact because he knowingly says it knowing he could have chosen not to. Oga, like they say, I respect ur hustle

    Oga Are, a certain Yaradua (RIP) once in the face of strong pressure from his party, religion and tribe doggedly determined to let the RULE of LAW take it course. Took death to stop him. Ironically, GEJ stepped in and the rule was separated from the law. I’d like to think that the late gentleman was sure of himself

    We actually need strong leaders to birth strong institutions and as these institutions grow into maturity, they will in turn birth the best leaders as the need for strong men will become redundant

    Perhaps the biggest problem we have is that the only ideology our parties have is ‘grab power and better my and my family’s lot to the exclusion of all others’

    Perhaps I will call China INSTITUTIONAL DICTATORSHIP…that’s if the committee is an institution

    The decentralization may not be the best solution until the necessary checks and balances are in place. Case of note are the SS (and in a way Lagos) govs with their non existent legislators

    “…we need exemplars…” Worth gold Sir. We desperately need to shift the qualifiers of what we call values to non money and material to virtues. This way one’s village people will not think that one is mad for returning someone’s misplaced money, turning down and reporting a bribe or telling the truth without minding that one is hurt by it. Pls scratch El Rufai off that list…until we get to know how he amassed N90bn (reportedly)…then again, that’s my self-serving opinion

    If u allow me Oga Jimmy, rule of security should still apply and compactmentalization rules should follow. That way, if the system is penetrated, it will have a way of fishing out the culprit

    Oga Kola, I think we need to start from somewhere and we will need pioneers to set up and sustain the structure until the system matures

    Vision comes after unity, unity after trust. I really wish GEJ convened it earlier and published it resolution.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Ifiok Umoeka, all the sweat, grunt and groundwork for restructuring the country has already been done, so we only need a practical person to implement it. Not a strong one or intellectual either, just practical. We already have the right tools in the national conference result to end corruption for good, all that’s needed is the workman and time.

      As for starting somewhere, instead of chasing the wind Buhari can:

      1. Announce a time frame and modalities for the change to the tenets of the national conference to be abided by.
      2. During this transition period, all states and regions will be expected to produce feasibility studies to finance their self sustenance.
      3. The identified strategies will be financed by the FG, using a package based on oil money (that is Nigeria’s only source of money and I am sure the oil producing communities will understand – all regions, including oil producing communities, are all in the same mess through no fault of the ordinary person).
      4. Penalties for states or regions that still need FG assistance at the elapse of the transition period.

      Just the above would create an incredible buzz of support across Nigeria with people suddenly positive, filled with purpose and possibilities, believing in themselves and our collective project again.
      If Buhari does this things, I promise to be his most vociferous unpaid ambassador. Without doubt, his popularity would hit the roof on every street and his name forever written in gold.
      For a person in Buhari’s position, its not that hard and it will be a more fruitful exercise than churning up entropy, jailing people without trial, kangaroo courts and the impressions of negative prejudices that will be perceived by those with feelings of injustice.

  38. mcshegz says:

    Okay, after the Hollywood action movie’s over, the popcorn and the soda’s done; we get back home and see the headline :-/
    U.S. Army Special Operations MQ-1C drone has crashed in Iraq
    A U.S drone crashed in the desert of Samawa province in southern iraq earlier today
    A photo posted on Jul. 21 on Twitter shows some people taking shots around a crashed (still largely intact) MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) sporting U.S. Army markings.

  39. doziex says:

    All dis yeye political correctness some folks are trying to use and cover up the sins of our defsec brass. Haba !!

    Oga Jimmy you shouldn’t be apologizing for calling these callous thieves names.

    This blog paid close attention daily, to the handiwork of these folks.

    Nigerians have had enough. Beginning. With the mutineers at mailariama barracks.

    There is corrupt everywhere, but no other country steals with the callousness of nigerian politicians.

    For us to go forward, there must be an accounting.

    PMB should launch a probe by forensic accountants of all regimes since shehu shagari.

    Bring your loot back, may be you get some clemency.

    The crime is not just the theft of billions, it is the resultant damage to real people.
    The puperizing of the masses, the disintegration of our institutions, e.g the military, education etc etc.

    We need to open a thread on this blog that in the tradition of sirius black posts the pictures and stories of our gallant soldiers that are KIA.

    Let’s see if we can trace the circumstances of their demise, to the thievery of our corrupt officials.

    Nigeria did this crap in Liberia and sierra leone decades ago, and buried it.

    This time it ain’t gonna fly.

    Over my dead body.

  40. jimmy says:
    No more hiding places
    If an official (s) have stolen money that indirectly led to the death of Nigerian soldiers they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
    As the evidence documented contiues to mount, including documented evidence of the Ex NSA’S dealings with the Director of NIMASA it is increasingly becoming apparent that something untoward was going on.
    OGA DOZIEX thank you for your kind words it is said For evil to flourish it only requires for good men to remain silent. That DOZIEX will not shall not happen.

    • Ola says:

      I hope Buhari will reopen the Halliburton case and then extradite Dick Cheney to face trials in Nigeria for corruption. That will be interesting! I also hope he will invite William Jefferson to tell Nigerians the role of Atiku Abubakar in the corruption casea of iGate and co. Meanwhile, Atiku is one of the big wigs in APC that financed the last election, right?

      • Are James says:

        1 million barrels a day going to someone’s account. Multiple foreign accounts opened in the names of government officials or through proxies?. This is more than Buhari’s problem. God has stepped into it. This was why Obama could not stand GEJ and i have mentioned it on this forum . There is colour and black peoples solidiarity and there is ideology. Jonathan and his government were worse than slave raiders who sold their brothers to distant shores. I don’t care if you see a gentle obliging liberal man..all I see is what he represents at deeper levels. I don’t know what they thought they were doing …all those funds are marked, there are databases, data mining toold and advanced analytics monitoring fund flows + everyday human activities connecting all dots …and you only get yourself into trouble at the end of the say.
        At this point i will stop commenting about corruption on this forum.

        Now let us talk about posible defence acquisitions from the US in terms of quantity and quality and it’s possible impact on the sub region.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Extradite Cheney? Not in this life time will that ever happen

  41. Akin oges says:

    This news is trending on the social media. I seriously doubt the value of it: the US will not sell us Apache helicopters. Anyhow, enjoy:

    PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has secured a major concession from President Barrack Obama during his ongoing visit to Washington after the US agreed to sell Nigeria Apache Attack helicopters to facilitate the fight against Boko Haram.
    During the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, the US rejected repeated requests from the Nigerian government to sell it the helicopters, raising objections to the human rights abuses of the military. It is believed the US was also fearful that the corruption within the Nigerian military made it likely that the helicopters could end up in the hands of Boko Haram as several soldiers were leaking secrets to the terrorists. This lack of equipment, according to the Jonathan administration, was responsible for the slow reaction of the military in the fight against Boko Haram. However, it appears that having got assurances from President Buhari that human rights abuses will be looked at and corruption will be fought, President Obama has decided to unblock the sale of the helicopters.
    US law forbids the sale of certain arms to militaries accused of gross human rights abuses. Amnesty International had accused the Nigerian Army’s leadership of complicity in the death of about 8,000 detainees in the battle against Boko Haram.
    Grant Harris of the US National Security Council, said: “We’re looking forward to what we can do with a president who has staked out an agenda that we think is the right agenda at the right time.” It is believed that the US has agreed to sell eight advanced Apache attack helicopters to Nigeria in a deal worth around $500m. US political analyst Goldman Anthony, said: “Privately, the new security commanders are warning of no quick fixes. They are arguing that Boko Haram infiltration of the army and civilian structures is a major unresolved difficulty.”

    • like you I sincerely doubt it. and short of using foreign pilots the helos wld not enter the fray against BH any tym soon, cos it would still take too long to train our pilots to become combat proficient with them. we have never flown them before. The US dint even sell them to their proteges in Afghanistan and IRAQ (i may be wrong).

      • Kola Adekola says:

        True about not entering the fight soon, Apache’s are particularly difficult to fly.
        They are also notoriously complicated (and quite expensive) to maintain. So, in addition to long training time for pilots, there will be long training time for maintenance engineers too.

    • rugged7 says:

      Extremely doubtful.
      Lots of false info floating around the internet these days

  42. Akin oges says:

    My Ogas, Adetayo’s Blog and rugged7, thanks. My conclusions precisely.

  43. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    All round applause but calling name will not automatically jail anyone, would it.
    Why even stop @ Shagari, why not reach even earlier, people like Obj should tell us about OFN and his farm as well as the missing N3bn that Buhari himself oversaw back then.

    U don’t need to go back too far to see my stands on the corruption and how it has affected us. I have had my fare share of shouting about corruption.
    To the point that I look like a loyalist to the opposition party. Wisdom came to bear when cooler heads advised that we stick to proffering solutions and resist partisanship. Those words of wisdom (can’t remember but I think it was from the Gr8t Beegz himself) still ring true 2day.
    its ok to be disappointed with the GEJ adm, but singling it out to the exclusion of all others amounts to immorality.

    The castration of the nigerian military has been systematic and has taken a while. While we can start from the freshest scent, anything short of going all the way will be seen as double standard and bros, this will not be a solution.

    We are on a cross road and from here Nigeria can go either way. To go the right direction, we have to do things the right way, otherwise we will never arrive @ the right destination. U see, I’m a firm believer in the means is as important as the end, in fact, the means decides the end.

    Oga Doziex, u are so right that in my heart of heart I wish I was the one who said what u are saying. However, my head interrupts again and again. I believe that victims of corruption across the board will prefer that everyone involve will get to account and that getting them to account will not leave them (the victims) filling as if they are benefiting from money gotten from selling babies

    All I’m asking is simple, that justice must not only be done but seen to be done

  44. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    The apache is the best gunship out there. But I think it will take too long to become operational within the 18month time frame of defeating BH. Then again, @ $500mn, it think its a bit too expensive (without doubt its worth every cent) but if I had that money, I wouldn’t spend it on apaches. If I had to, I would get excess British apaches, (the best apache variant) and with spares and maintenance factored in, we’d get more value.
    However, I’m not particularly a fan of American ‘favour’, it usually cost too much (again, I’m not thinking money).
    Personally, I would stick to Ta129 and Mil series and get them in numbers

    • Are James says:

      Possibly no Apache. The Cobras are almost sure as far as choppers go.
      A 10s and Scorpions are also almost sure but the Scorpion is not ready so we take that one off the list. There is almost no way they won’t offer upgraded F5s to Nigeria and the answer should be a firm NO…we are too big for that stuff. Let us ask for F/A 18 in stead.

  45. Naijaseal says:

    Nigerians sef. So, the Obama admin will sell us Apache choppers that as far as i know, we do not have any trained pilots for. Will the US also lease or borrow us pilots too?

    Oga beegs used to have saying that is something like, “Nigeria strives to get the unattainable from the West, while ignoring the reachable from elsewhere”

    Lets keep on dreaming that we’ll soon see Nigerian pilots flying Apaches in the NE.

  46. Naijaseal says:

    Some people on this blog are either too biased or filled with hatred to talk objectively about corruption. When we take people on here, they say we have started.

    Can we talk about gulf oil windfall? Can we talk about the Northern turks that milked PTF during PMB control of that agency? I dare anyone here to dig through Nigeria’s 55yrs of independence and compile a list of allege corrupts acts. Then lets talk.

    No be to dey hyperventilate anyhow.

    • Naijaseal says:

      I dare PMB to go all out and charge everyone that has ever stolen a kobo from Nigeria, starting from the past head of states, governors/milads, head of federal agencies.

      Let him start from after the civil war. Let justice be done and be SEEN to be done.

      Anything else will be an Orwellian Odyssey

      • asorockweb says:

        It seems your real interest is to protect the last regime.

        So, because of our past, we can no longer prosecute criminals?

        What’s your plan?

  47. Eugene4eveR says:

    PLEASE, what is the purpose of President Buhari’s trip to America? It can’t be Security because the Service Chiefs and Boko Haram afflicted governors are not with him, neither is it Economical, since he has NO ECONOMIC TEAM with him!! Maybe, its a family vacation, since he has his son with him or an APC sight seeing based on the number of APC dead weights with him. Note: Gov Ambode of Lagos is not there.

    • eyimola says:

      Well he just got an interest free loan of 2.1 Billion USD, and banished the memory of the last inept appearance of a Nigerian president on an International TV station.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I doubt any one can call an interest free loan of 2.1 Billion USD an achievement.
        It is even worse when you consider that it is to rehabilitate an area that is a war front, whereas the enemy has not been defeated. My Oga, that “interest free loan of 2.1 Billion USD” has unanswerable (perhaps even poisonous) questions attached to it.

      • eyimola says:

        I don’t think you understand the state of Nigeria’s finances. And yes it is clearly a vote of confidence in the new President

      • Are James says:

        The war and rehabilitation will go together. We need the two pronged approach to stop the militant production factory.

        On another note I am beginning to suspect that American military pilots (retired USAF) under a PMC arrangement may be flying newly supplied equipment (mostly choppers) very soon.

      • eyimola says:

        Wont be surprised. The company that delivered the replacement alpha jets a couple of months does have an interesting history. Not sure if Nigeria needs US helicopters though. I have a lot of respect for the MI35s

    • Are James says:

      You need to understand that this suits the President and the US just fine. The man has travelled with civil servants and all bilateral agreements requiring endorsements must have been signed during private ceremonies. Possibly more was achieved during this trip than all the other trips by Nigerian presidents combined. . ..and btw no gay marriage ban repeal for those who want to know

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        @Are James. Please how is going to America, collecting a loan and being dumped in a guest house the best achievement by a Nigerian President on American soil?? Last time the “mumu”GEJ was in America, he got direct investments into the Nigerian Economy. There is NOTHING LIKE AN INTEREST FREE LOAN, conditions are always attached. You either pay in cash, kind or pick up the soap.

      • Are James says:

        I actually have a pen in hand and ready to write down the investments that GEJ brought back from the US with his 450man delegation in 15 their private jets. It would also be interestin to ntoe what those investments contributed to GDP, employment, Boko Haram war, naira value or even international reputation
        Somebody has been lying to you that business men and govs must always travel with the President and it is their presence that brings the investment. This is not true. Investment l was not the main thrust of the visit and you know it . It was Boko Haram and setting international traps for people who have stolen money. The latter is self explanatory with the CBN governor in the delegation . For BH , the CIC and his yet to be announced defence chief was present.

  48. Number one says:

    With the seal of US approval on the present administration we can do defense deals with the west.For example Israel is retiring her F-16A/B,we can get them together with Israeli weapons.On the issue of corruption,either the FG investigates and prosecute the past administration or they let them be.

  49. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Iraq just got it 1st 4 falcons. Who knows, used f16 A/B could be could be offered. However, we don’t need them. They have said that they will not offer us weapons yet…human right records remember. This doesn’t change over nite (real reason is to avoid being ask why the last administration was not given arms but this one was…culpability.

    The US will NEVER offer us something that will alter the balance of power until the stop perceiving a strong Nigeria as against their interest. PMB would be dumber than GEJ if he thinks that its a ‘love affair’. Confidence? Pls, this time 5 years ago, Mr Obama was similarly confident. Let’s see how this plays out in three years time

  50. Kay says:

    Has the American government given us a thumbs up though in relation to weapons. Cos right now just watched a speech where Buhari asked the US to give assistance without strings attached. The speech also is kinda indicative that the Americans are still insisting on being puppet masters as Buhari stated ‘ the longer the delays…’ I still do not understand why we are grovelling for Uncle Sam’s approval so bad.

  51. Trigger says:

    This Nigeria’s neverending issues. I usually avoid talking about political issues. But if i’m to contribute, i’ll say all successive government should probe all outgoing ones.

    The way Nigerian society is structured makes it easy for corruption to strive, 95% of all politicians are THIEVES. Why are we even arguing about this fact?

    Secondly, we seems to forget that politics is first of all an occupation and appointment is automatically a job. Campaigns is a high-risk investment. And maximum profits is the agenda. It’s just like saying a BANK is there to help people, BANKS ARE THERE TO MAKE PROFITS NOT TO HELP YOUR SORRY LIFE.

    All outgoing politicians should be probed . SIMPLE!

    Look at the state of the country! This country is messed up and far gone, most people just walk around dazed, like zombies. Some are half dead, some are just existing for existing sake or maybe they can’t afford the cost of new ropes. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead on old ropes.

    Look at the military, l live in Kaduna airforce base, the premier airforce base, so i hear stories.
    Do you know that most of our dornier 228s are grounded except for one used for training? And the stories about our albatross fleet is not funny at all.

    With the way the military is going Angola and Ethopia would soon overtake us by 2017.

    Nigeria’s huge population is now fast becoming a liability since the country can’t take care of them,

    the opposite should have been the case.

    Nevertheless, we just have to keep on hoping, because it’s free. we have no alternate country to run to if Nigeria collapses.

    TBH I’m not a big fan of PMB just because he is too old for my liking (personal opinion) and he has been a head of state before with little to show for it.

    Lets be honest, 4 years from now most of you will still criticize PMB even if he manages to deliver on all his 82 (and counting) miracles and promises.
    Notwithstanding, he is now the president and my allegiance is to him 100% and i will stand in front of a thousand bullet for him if it comes to that.(i pray it doesn’t come to that in JESUS name amen! I haven’t built my dream house).
    Yesterday i witnessed formation flying for the first time, though most long time resident here says they see it all the time. I was awe struck, saw two pair of propeller driven aircraft in close formation. 2 infront, 2 at the back, not really accurate but i’ll give them a pass mark at least 80%. Didn’t quite see the make of the planes.

    The episode gave me some hope about the Nigerian future. When i remember that there are some people somewhere doing there best to safeguard Nigeria even with the meagre resources available to them.

  52. Naijaseal says:


    Protecting the outgone admin? Did they feed my family? Employ me? U guys sef. Must everyone bow and worship at the feet of PMB?

    Lots of folks here are behaving like judge, jury and executioner. It is not acceptable.

    PMB can probe all he wants, but it must be fair, legal and covers a sizeable chunk of past regimes in Nigeria.

    The current PMB posture towards the US is like a dog and owner thing, very uncomfortable to watch and hear utterences from the president of the largest black nation towards the USA. Very serf like.

    The Pakistani’s, Indians, Egyptians, Algerians and even South African have never gone to this extent of grovelling before the USA.

    Again, the USA will toss us a few bones and people will be celebrating. Whatever we need to totally defeat BH can be gotten from other sources without such shameless grovelling.

    Maybe Gowon ought to repeat what he told GEJ to PMB, cos i dont think PMB got that memo

    Anyway, to everyman is own.

    • asorockweb says:

      It seems that you are unwittingly indicting the past administration.

      In their 6 years in power, which politician was prosecuted for embezzlement by the GEJ administration?

      Why didn’t GEJ prosecute the members of the gov’t from the OBJ era?

      Why didn’t GEJ prosecute the members of the transitional gov’t that came before OBJ?

      An administration that spent 6 years in power, in the Nigerian system, didn’t find any corruption? that speaks volumes.

      Maybe this was the hope then: don’t prosecute anybody and then insist that nobody prosecutes you.

      No society survives that way.

      This is why we have a multi-party system – the opposition takes up the mantle of power and examines the efforts and the results, and the missteps of the prior administration.

      “You chop and I chop” only works for 0.001% of Nigerians.

      Going out of your way to examine the misdeeds of your political opponents is part of politics.

  53. Sir Kay says:

    So much for not talking politics on this blog, smh.
    Will check back again when the convo changes.

  54. jimmy says:

    1. Let me interject being a Nigerian- American and I want to refer to:
    Oga Eugene4eveR, Arejames and Eyimola
    Please have an open mind and Eugene4 ever do not think i am attacking you personally I am not
    No one honestly knows what kind of Aid both Financial and Economical Aid that America is willing to give Nigeria but there are COMPELLING INDICES AND POINTERS as to what is likely to happen:
    Indicator #1. The $2.1B Loan is a starter, The World Bank has as it’s largest contributor America who hand picks the Chairman apologies to NOI, this is where they start from. America gives the nod and the loan over a period of 30 years is really nothing but an acknowledgement meanwhile it is a line of Credit that can crucially be tapped into to start the IDP
    Indicator #2 The first person PMB met was POTUS signalling America is willing to do buisness with Nigeria both Economically and Military wise ( they do go together) , Regardless of this it is anticpated with the TRM of the 4 refineries and when the Dangote Refineries come online plus the current Massive GE project inthe SE .Nigeria will sooner or later have 24 hour power supply
    why is this important? the turbines for the power stations being built are all American made and the Source of Investment must meet with the…….. Treasury Department’s approval and who was in the room? Jack Lew Sec of the Treasury
    Indicator #3 The most influential PAC that the Republicans pay homage to is the United States Chamber of Commerce they are very right wing in their views and any President who ignores does so at his peril , They hosted PMB to a working dinner, signalling to the republican membership in both the house and the Senate they can do BIZ with Nigeria.
    Indicator #4 It is considered a honour for a visiting President to address MembersIt is considered a honour for a visiting President to address Members of both the House and the Senate for someone who has been in office for less than two months this is how serious they view this in the audience would be either Sen Leahy or one of his most senior P.As
    Indicator #5 PMB is scheduled to meet with the most senior officer in the United States
    General Martin Dempsey the Chief of Staff of the Enitire US Armed Forces there is no one else above him besides the Sec of Def , who is out of the Country.
    Indicator #6 PMB will be hosted to a lunch/ dinner @ the US WAR College by his Former Classmates this represents the cream of the influential Military Society who exert considerable Influence an Alummni Gen Colin Powell ( RTD) who has extremely good relations with BOH
    Indicator #7 The body language between PMB and BOH is good.
    Indicator #8 American law stipulates that any procurement of weapons must be cleared by the State Dept before any thing can be done . PMB met with Sec Kerry yesterday.
    Summarizing look for Relations to improve on a gradual basis not on a fast paced basis.
    1) The likelyhood is Military aid already coming will be gradual ,more INTEL being shared, more EQUIPMENT VIA US AIR
    2) The extradition treaty is a big deal not just in America but also in the G7 expect that to be used in the coming weeks
    3) IMHO I would expect to see Pilot training for the Sea King Helicopters
    4) I would expect to see Nigeria put in a request for pilot training for the F-16
    5) I would expect to see the infra structure for the fusion center for the JOC to be pushed forward.
    6) Despite the divergent views expect the prosecution of certain Individuals in the previous adminstration on charges of corruption and embezzelment to proceed.
    Lastly PMB brought with him 31 /33 people with him out of which were 5 perm sec one of which was the perm sec for DEF , this was no coincidence it is expected any defence deal with follow the strict G2- G2 DEAL which I am sure everybody on this blog wants.

  55. jimmy says:

    i have tried to post my comments it is still AWAITING MODERATION.

  56. Oje says:

    America needs new leadership. A weak and confused America is driving the world down the path of Armageddon. ISIS,AQ,Yemen,Iraq,Syria,A-STAN,Crimea,Ukraine,Putin,China,Alshahab,Boko Haram,…jeez its a global free for all !!! America lacks the capacity or will to be a decisive player in the war against Boko Haram. We need to sort this out ourselves, its not too hard. This country makes $200 million ever 24 hours. Why hasn’t there been a new offensive to dislodge Boko Haram? What is the plan? do we have a strategy? a plan? in the absence of a multinational force how long should foreign troops be allowed to remain in the country in the absence of any meaningful input. We have a standing army of 150,000 and a paramilitary of nearly equal the same number. What is the hold up? why is the government waiting on a promised 8700 AU force, which in itself is a dent on the perception of Nigeria being an African powerhouse.

    Defeating Boko Haram is nit difficult, something as mundane as a troop surge of about 50,000 men is more than enough and even represents an overkill. Im suprised, why are Nigerians not asking questions or demanding action? It took our commander in chief nearly a month to make his take his very first action by moving army HQ from Abuja to Maiduguri. It took another month to make the next move;replacing the incompetent Service Chiefs, injecting new blood into Nigeria’s military operations. At this pace we will have to wait till November before any major offensive is launched against Boko Haram.

    • A troop surge wont end BH. i cant think of an insurgency that has been ended by a mere troop surge. it could help reduce the spate of attacks but it will not in itself end this insurgency. I dont think the solution to BH is simple or mundane. it going to be drawn out and a number of strategies would need to be evolved.

  57. Oje says:

    Imagine a coalition of 12 countries including Syria, spearheaded by the most powerful army in the world taking fighting ISIS yet ISIS momentum continues to garner speed. ISIS is building a HOTEL, imagine that !!! They just set up a new office block in West Africa, and have Boko Haram managing it for the time being. Is this the America or West you think is willing to help Nigeria without crippling conditions or concession demands? Naa..I just dont understand why we have allowed the initial momentum built by the rapid successes and gains recorded by the Nigerian army fade.

  58. Oje says:

    Why is everyone not angry, or demanding answers. One can only analyse and discuss procurement for so long, its meaningless if actions on the ground leaves more to be desired.

  59. Are James says:

    No American arms for Nigeria , Leahy Law is unfair – Says Buhari.

  60. Ola says:

    Looking at the events of President Buhari’s visit, the US will not sell anything to Nigeria, mark my words.

    Americans are so arrogant, they hate stark truths and confrontations like Buhari has presented like in his visit. They will not sell him anything.
    I hope the president will think of significant acquisition of platforms that our men are already used from Russia. People do not really understand this yet. Even lethal platforms coming other countries in a Government to government transaction can be easily blocked by the Leah law so long as those platforms contains any technology developed and patented in the US. For now, only Russia, China and Germany are really not affected by this and Germany may not want to ruffle the feathers with the US. Buhari should look to Russia for large acquisitions of sophisticated platforms like Tanks, AFVs, fighter jets and helicopters and the armaments, and work on tech transfer from other countries such as Sweden and the German speaking states on artillery and small arms. This man needs to face the reality of the current situation and only hope that in 4 years form now, through his hard work, honesty, discipline and dedication he would have moved Nigeria forward to the derison of the nay sayers and more importantly, he would have made the lives of Nigerian much better than he met them. Then he can talk of the review of Leah’s law. For now, he should strategise, use what he has and what he can immediately get to fight insecurity in Nigeria. He should rather focus on industrialisation of Nigeria and diversification of economy by bringing European and American companies in under controlled condition, not the usual business where they come, get everything under corrupt condition, they are the first to offer bribes and then the first to later accuse Nigeria and the officials of the country of being corrupt.

  61. Ola says:

    Looking at the events of President Buhari’s visit, the US will not sell anything to Nigeria, mark my words.
    Americans are so arrogant, they hate stark truths and confrontations like Buhari has presented like in his speeches during his visit. They will not sell him anything.
    I hope the president will think of significant acquisition of platforms that our men are already used from Russia. People do not really understand this yet. Even lethal platforms coming other countries in a Government to government transaction can be easily blocked by the Leah law so long as those platforms contains any technology developed and patented in the US. For now, only Russia, China and Germany are really not affected by this and Germany may not want to ruffle the feathers with the US. Buhari should look to Russia for large acquisitions of sophisticated platforms like Tanks, AFVs, fighter jets and helicopters and the armaments, and work on tech transfer from other countries such as Sweden and the German speaking states on artillery and small arms. This man needs to face the reality of the current situation and only hope that in 4 years form now, through his hard work, honesty, discipline and dedication he would have moved Nigeria forward to the derison of the nay sayers and more importantly, he would have made the lives of Nigerian much better than he met them. Then he can talk of the review of Leah’s law. For now, he should strategise, use what he has and what he can immediately get to fight insecurity in Nigeria. He should rather focus on industrialisation of Nigeria and diversification of economy by bringing European and American companies in under controlled condition, not the usual business where they come, get everything under corrupt condition, they are the first to offer bribes and then the first to later accuse Nigeria and the officials of the country of being corrupt.

  62. Naijaseal says:

    PMB should avoid falling into the same US trap GEJ naively fall into: being dribbled about arms supply till things got out of hand.

    It is advisable for PMB to stop this begging attitude towards the US and pivot swifty to the Eastern block. Every delay is costing Nigerian lives. GEJ failed massively by delaying till the later part of his admin.

    I would have thought a retired general would be swift, knowledgable and decisive in taking actions. I have not seen such behaviour in this admin thus far, not in defsec, not in economic policies.

    Nigerians deserve better than the expired excuses being peddled since May29 2015.

  63. Oje says:

    The problem is not America. Most Americans have a hard time reconciling in their head why their commander in chief would refuse or block arms sakes to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram, despite the public awareness of the #Bring back our girls campaigne, yet deems it fit to provide arms and training to two of Africa’s longest serving despots. He is doing the same in Syria, trying to bring down the legitimate regime of Syria by providing arms, weapons and Intelligence to ”a group of Rebels”, which allways ends up in the hands of ISIS anywayz. The world has witnessed the carnage caused by the power vacume that exists after toppling a regime with no clear cut strategy of what to do after that. They took out Saddam and disbanded the Iraqi army, calling term Baathist sympatisers. What followed next? Iraq is a failed States with dozens of militia’s fighting for control. They took out Gadaffi, again with no post regime change plan, what happened next? the proliferation of arms but big and small on a massive scale, effectively turning the African continent into another Middle East. This has been a blessing for Boo Haram. Now they are at it again, crippling our war efforts by allowing Boko Haram free reign. Our commander in Chief just failed his first test as Commander in chief by coming up with nothing after his Shuttle Diplomacy. Why do we even need American arms anyway? In the golden age of the Nigerian military less than %5 of its hardware were American. We have never incorporated American weapons into our military, what kind of weapons is Buhari seeking? Helicopters? we have those. What ever we need we can buy from nearly a dozen countries, and not just China and Russia.

    • amazing part of the leahy law is that it operates against state actors, therefore if a group of anti BH militants arise from the sahel, they would be entitled to and will get support from the US. thats why they are free to arm so called “moderate” forces in Syria and Iraq. the think just dey mind boggling

  64. Ola says:

    Thank you Buhari for saying some truth here!
    Isn’t it also true that the US dirty politics in blocking Nigeria’s effort to secure arms, not just from the US but from so many other places, including South Africa is supporting Boko haram?
    Joathan’s problem increased significantly with this gay law in Nigeria
    Now with Buhari knowing and openly saying all these, what is his way forward?
    I would expect this administration to move at lightning speed.
    If I had the means to advice Buhari, I would tell him to;
    1. Strengthen the Judiciary in Nigeria
    2. Bring in none partisan Nigerian experts, academic and technocrats in to my administration to form my core management team.
    3. Use some of these team of highly skilled Nigerians to review all contracts signed in the power, oil, construction and military in Nigeria from 1999 till date. The review must be transparent and be buffered from influence as much as possible.
    4. Open the father of all probes and bring all the Nigerian politicians and foreign companies involved in all the dirty deals ranging from power corporation to oil companies like Trafigura and construction companies, From America to China before the probe panel and everyone found guilty should be forced to pay hefty penalties. I will be ready to convert assets of individuals and companies (local and International) to state assets where necessary.
    5. Immediately create an open tender for defence supplies of advanced platforms for all arms of the military. Budget an expenditure of $20 billion for 5 years, with a possibility to spend more.
    For companies that have sailed through the tender process, sign a government to government/supplier defence deals with them and integrate a local content policy into their service to us especially in the area of servicing and assemblage/manufacture of some platforms, the areas of training man power to operate and sustain the equipment for a minimum period of 25 years.
    6. Work with the military brass hats for a complete restructuring of the armed forces starting with recruitment, to NDA and training doctrines and kitting of our security personal. The goal would be to have increased the number of our armed forces personnel to 250,000 in 4 years, to have an army in which every serving member is fully ans smartly kitted. Basics like radios should be part of the standard issues and the standard issue riffle should be made locally. We should feature an army that whose inventory in 4 years time is at least 30% domestically sourced and supported.
    We should feature also police whose inventory is 80% locally sourced. (I once heard that Nigerian police even imports batons, it’s a shame if this is true!!!)
    7. Put a policy in place to ban direct export of raw goods while at the same time putting policies in place to free up our mineral resources exploration in a controlled manner.
    8. Ban all serving government officials form having off-shore bank accounts and there must be a public declaration of assets for every government employee and political appointees form the level of a permanent secretary upwards.
    9. Review our foreign policy to be NIGERIA interest FIRST A policy of neutrality on world stage.
    10. Promote competition among local military industries to meet the need of the armed forces and policing. Encourage them to partner with leading defence companies globally to bring tech and innovation into Nigeria.
    11. Continue on the current path of agricultural revolution and make sure that we achieve self sufficiency in many sectors including poultry and meat industry while we reduce rice importation by at least 50%
    12. Restructure and open up the educational sector to industries and third party funding of researches and innovation. Push for clusters of excellence to be created among universities and create a new, strong sector in which education is commercialised and the industries are the ones directly funding it and also reaping the fruits. This will create tailor made approaches to education as well as creating a large pool of highly skilled educated experts in many fields…the bed rock of an industrialised nation. Educated Nigerians in diaspora should also be involved in this.
    enough said…

  65. Ola says:

    President Buhari spoke some truth in his speech at the USIP:
    He also said hinted at the US dirty politics in blocking Nigeria’s effort to secure arms, not just from the US but from so many other places, including South Africa and indirectly called the US a supporter of Boko haram:
    Joathan’s problem increased significantly with this gay law in Nigeria and again Buhari rejected the idea, so? Buhari and Nigera, you’re on your own!
    Now with Buhari, what is his way forward?
    I would expect this administration to move at lightning speed.
    If I had the means to advice Buhari, I would tell him to;
    1. Strengthen the Judiciary in Nigeria
    2. Bring in none partisan Nigerian experts, academic and technocrats in to my administration to form my core management team.
    3. Use some of these team of highly skilled Nigerians to review all contracts signed in the power, oil, construction and military in Nigeria from 1999 till date. The review must be transparent and be buffered from influence as much as possible.
    4. Open the father of all probes and bring all the Nigerian politicians and foreign companies involved in all the dirty deals ranging from power corporation to oil companies like Trafigura and construction companies, From America to China before the probe panel and everyone found guilty should be forced to pay hefty penalties. I will be ready to convert assets of individuals and companies (local and International) to state assets where necessary.
    5. Immediately create an open tender for defence supplies of advanced platforms for all arms of the military. Budget an expenditure of $20 billion for 5 years, with a possibility to spend more.
    For companies that have sailed through the tender process, sign a government to government/supplier defence deals with them and integrate a local content policy into their service to us especially in the area of servicing and assemblage/manufacture of some platforms, the areas of training man power to operate and sustain the equipment for a minimum period of 25 years.
    6. Work with the military brass hats for a complete restructuring of the armed forces starting with recruitment, to NDA and training doctrines and kitting of our security personal. The goal would be to have increased the number of our armed forces personnel to 250,000 in 4 years, to have an army in which every serving member is fully ans smartly kitted. Basics like radios should be part of the standard issues and the standard issue riffle should be made locally. We should feature an army that whose inventory in 4 years time is at least 30% domestically sourced and supported.
    We should feature also police whose inventory is 80% locally sourced. (I once heard that Nigerian police even imports batons, it’s a shame if this is true!!!)
    7. Put a policy in place to ban direct export of raw goods while at the same time putting policies in place to free up our mineral resources exploration in a controlled manner.
    8. Ban all serving government officials form having off-shore bank accounts and there must be a public declaration of assets for every government employee and political appointees form the level of a permanent secretary upwards.
    9. Review our foreign policy to be NIGERIA interest FIRST A policy of neutrality on world stage.
    10. Promote competition among local military industries to meet the need of the armed forces and policing. Encourage them to partner with leading defence companies globally to bring tech and innovation into Nigeria.
    11. Continue on the current path of agricultural revolution and make sure that we achieve self sufficiency in many sectors including poultry and meat industry while we reduce rice importation by at least 50%
    12. Restructure and open up the educational sector to industries and third party funding of researches and innovation. Push for clusters of excellence to be created among universities and create a new, strong sector in which education is commercialised and the industries are the ones directly funding it and also reaping the fruits. This will create tailor made approaches to education as well as creating a large pool of highly skilled educated experts in many fields…the bed rock of an industrialised nation. Educated Nigerians in diaspora should also be involved in this.
    enough said…

  66. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    My brothers Oje and Ola,
    The US and France will try all the can to stymied our growth and they have largely succeeded as our last president had infantile perception strategically and surrounded himself with worse. I expect PMB and his advisers to see that the US will always advance their interest. As it is, they (rightly or wrongly) think that a great Nigeria is inconsistent with their interests in Africa. They will rather have a Nigeria that is in perpetual crisis mode.

    2ndly, the US needs french support in caging Russia and China as France (followed by Italy to a lesser extent) is the only western power willing to path with the most advance military tech to China and Russia. Israel use to be, but the US have been too eager to fund Israeli defense R&D for a purpose…to veto the sells they don’t like. Look @ the Chinese aerospace achievements and apart from Russian influence, u would see French, Israeli and Italian imprint all over. The same goes for electronics, marine and tank engineering.

    • Ola says:

      Now with Buhari, what is his way forward?
      I would expect this administration to move at lightning speed.
      If I had the means to advice Buhari, I would tell him to;
      1. Strengthen the Judiciary in Nigeria
      2. Bring in none partisan Nigerian experts, academic and technocrats in to my administration to form my core management team.
      3. Use some of these team of highly skilled Nigerians to review all contracts signed in the power, oil, construction and military in Nigeria from 1999 till date. The review must be transparent and be buffered from influence as much as possible.
      4. Open the father of all probes and bring all the Nigerian politicians and foreign companies involved in all the dirty deals ranging from power corporation to oil companies like Trafigura and construction companies, From America to China before the probe panel and everyone found guilty should be forced to pay hefty penalties. I will be ready to convert assets of individuals and companies (local and International) to state assets where necessary.
      5. Immediately create an open tender for defence supplies of advanced platforms for all arms of the military. Budget an expenditure of $20 billion for 5 years, with a possibility to spend more.
      For companies that have sailed through the tender process, sign a government to government/supplier defence deals with them and integrate a local content policy into their service to us especially in the area of servicing and assemblage/manufacture of some platforms, the areas of training man power to operate and sustain the equipment for a minimum period of 25 years.
      6. Work with the military brass hats for a complete restructuring of the armed forces starting with recruitment, to NDA and training doctrines and kitting of our security personal. The goal would be to have increased the number of our armed forces personnel to 250,000 in 4 years, to have an army in which every serving member is fully ans smartly kitted. Basics like radios should be part of the standard issues and the standard issue riffle should be made locally. We should feature an army that whose inventory in 4 years time is at least 30% domestically sourced and supported.
      We should feature also police whose inventory is 80% locally sourced. (I once heard that Nigerian police even imports batons, it’s a shame if this is true!!!)
      7. Put a policy in place to ban direct export of raw goods while at the same time putting policies in place to free up our mineral resources exploration in a controlled manner.
      8. Ban all serving government officials form having off-shore bank accounts and there must be a public declaration of assets for every government employee and political appointees form the level of a permanent secretary upwards.
      9. Review our foreign policy to be NIGERIA interest FIRST A policy of neutrality on world stage.
      10. Promote competition among local military industries to meet the need of the armed forces and policing. Encourage them to partner with leading defence companies globally to bring tech and innovation into Nigeria.
      11. Continue on the current path of agricultural revolution and make sure that we achieve self sufficiency in many sectors including poultry and meat industry while we reduce rice importation by at least 50%
      12. Restructure and open up the educational sector to industries and third party funding of researches and innovation. Push for clusters of excellence to be created among universities and create a new, strong sector in which education is commercialised and the industries are the ones directly funding it and also reaping the fruits. This will create tailor made approaches to education as well as creating a large pool of highly skilled educated experts in many fields…the bed rock of an industrialised nation. Educated Nigerians in diaspora should also be involved in this.
      enough said…

      • Are James says:

        Thank you for all these. Very well thought out.

      • ozed says:

        My brother that will be difficult.
        You know the ‘rot’ GEJ left is so terrible, you need to spend 50-60 days just staring at it in wonderment before you can even appoint your special advisers not to mention ministers. That is our new way, the slow and steady approach!!!

      • Are James says:

        Ministers appointment has nothing to do with it. Nigeria currently has people performing the role of ministers and the government is up and running. The thing about ministers is there are groups of pepole who spend years laying ambush for our resources. People actually plot and sheme ministerial positions 5 years before the act in cabalistic planning that will make the mafia proud. Buhari is just like Obj in a way …he knows the game and he is going to use shrewdness and patience to destroy the “career politicians” and serial office holders. If one of them is your uncle you have my sympathy. Expect a supplementary budget that will signal new policy directions soon and some quick wins to dazzle the public even though I font believe in government by populism.

  67. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Ogas Naijaseal and Adetayo, the US can largely survive with or without it current crop of ‘friends’ in Africa but France don’t stand a chance. Its survival for them. Its here that French interest clashes with Chinese interest (best example is in Cameroun)and China still needs them for a few things and will do for a little longer.
    Russia is largely unconcerned with Africa except to act as a spoiler. If the French were to out rightly take a stand and act accordingly with regards to Ukraine, then it would be in Russia’s interest to mess with French interest where ever. For now, the French are not interested in a Russian enemy (and vice versa) and are largely being dragged along by the Americans.
    The same is largely true with Chinese-Franco relationship.
    I do not see China and Russia rushing to our aide EXCEPT WE MAKE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE! Problem is, are we in a situation to offer it.
    U see, our local power men didn’t factor this in, otherwise no one would have played this card!

  68. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    America is not trying to bring down Assad, they just want him and his allies (as well as his arab enemies) tied down. The strategy is clear to me now and freedom to pivot to the east is the goal. These guys have bested my imagination. They do a deal with Iran that ends up freeing Iran to unless it oil and Gas and drive down the prices of these commodities which their enemies have been using to grow economically while they get to pay less. They also drive the Arabs into their arms to re-arm creating more business for their defense-industrial complex. Win-win for them and a loose-loose for their enemies and frienemies like the rich-fat jihad sponsoring Arab.
    ISIS is 80% politics local, regional and international and for a while Israel has some rest. Israel didn’t start or create this, the sunnis did. But Israel is reaping the benefit. For the Sunnis, its counter balancing Iran and Hezbollah. For the US, its occupy till I come and its business. Iran will NEVER be allowed to control Iraq and no one will be allowed to gain supremacy in the region, Persian or Arab, no one! This has been the policy for close to 50 years!

    As for Ukraine, Russia’s bid to re-arm and reposition can not happen along side Ukraine. The Russians can’t back down from Ukraine now as their influence (what little is left) will evaporate. They can’t depend on their traditional client because they have either been poached by the West (like India), they have been destabilized (like Iraq, Syria and Libya…had Gaddafi not gone, BH perhaps would never have reached this point) or they have grown to meet their needs locally (like China). Add to that, their dependence on Ukraine for certain tech like matured shipyards, engine tech (ship, rocket, helicopter etc). Its fallout from Soviet days planning.
    Add these to a rapidly graying population, rapidly depreciating commodity price, a rapidly growing and bolder jihadist up-surgense in the south and the red dragon. I say, the US have played their hands too well and Putin has no option but to remind all that they are still a nuclear power.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Ifiok Umoeka, the Russian military industrial complex is projected to have a growth rate in excess of 10% this year and next, with an acceleration toward 2018. They are not relying on customers for military expansion/modernisation.

      As for Iran, it is already in control of Iraq with Iranian generals commanding Iraqi forces.

      All America has done is dump the Middle east since they now have an abundance of shale oil and won’t need strategic oil imports ever again. China and Russia now have the US’s unwavering focus as they plot using various sideways methods to unseat America as the worlds only superpower. In its battle to maintain potency, America only needs allies it can work with in places like the Middle East and Africa, otherwise they just couldn’t care one bit.

      The only things that might interest the US in Africa are rare Earth metals which are used in the manufacture of advanced weapons and electronics. The US would want to protect access to these metals, especially by preventing China stifling American access (particularly in a war situation) in those countries where China has influence. China already controls 97% of the rare earths market.

      Guess what? Nigeria has rare earth metals (as do Kenya***, Ethiopia***, South Africa etc).
      The starred countries are the places Obama is visiting this week.

      To further complicate matters, two countries; Nigeria and China have been cutting into French profits in Africa. France is a strong ally of America, so there is pressure on America to keep them happy, so a Nigeria that is groping in the dark is caught in a bind between a tripod of giants (US, France, China) who each don’t care so much if we live or die, so long as their interests are served.

      Some background here:

  69. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    The US (and the West) have succeeded in putting Russia here whether by design or happenstance. They seem to be having everything wrapped and tidy.
    This is not ignorance to me

    However, something always happens when one is walking in cloud nine. He gets proud, over ambitious and begins to underestimate his enemies and sooner or later, he makes a mistake and the other guy prepared and waiting smiles.

    Question is, will we ever be prepared over be thinking in this direction?
    When the European financial crisis started, we were so blind. While we had opportunities to cut deals that would 4ever benefit us, we where busy thieving and playing myopic self serving sectarian politics. Italy and Spain were ripe for the plugging as well as most of eastern Europe. But alas we’ve been cursed with baby leaders. A wise man once said “… Wow to you, O land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning” Eccl 10:16. We seem NOT TO HAVE LEARNED

  70. kassim abiola says:

    Sir beeg pls d last comment I made I used my bros email address pls can I have ur mail address! u definitely know my new email address. Kassim abiola ur boy!

  71. jimmy says:
    It is going to happen, kicking, screaming, crying let the precedent be set
    Let the kleptos FAIL TO SLEEP AT NIGHT lest they rejoice.
    In a country where people reaching the pinnacle of their careers decided Nigeria was an ATM
    Nigeria is no longer an ATM
    Corruption will be killed because it CANNOT ,WILL NOT KILL Nigeria
    I have just read about a Soldier who was killed recently on TWITTER , I say to him and all the Soldiers fighting you are gone but not forgotten, you belong to the ages, you fought the good fight, you have run your final race, well done thy good and faithful servant.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      You jail all the “thieves” today, but what will happen tomorrow when the same oil based, Abuja centred patronage system that bred the thieves (and will breed more) is still in place?
      All jailing can do is narrow down the pool of thieves to a privileged few, with the same amount (or even more money) being stolen each year.

      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.
      This applies firmly to Nigeria – our government structure is insane anyway, so it isn’t surprising.

      The “anti-corruption” noises we are hearing are all window dressing. Fluff to occupy and distract minds, while we continue walking in circles as we have done since 1960.
      Let us blame the deaths of our soldiers (and babies from bombs) on the negligence of those who could have done the right thing for the country, but failed (or are currently failing).

      I pray that Buhari will pleasantly surprise us by setting up solid framework to decentralise Nigeria. That is the only way forward.

      • jimmy says:

        There has to be a beginning the fear of STEALING is the beginning of Wisdom, when as a GOVT OFFICIAL you know your tribe/ father/ religion will not save you from doing hard time it makes that GOVT official put the pause button before stealing.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Fear can never replace solid policy. Take the example of armed robbers, in the past they were shot in public, but it did nothing to curb the crime.
        So long as the system that breeds stealing is left in place, employing strange shortcuts such as fear will only limit the stealing to a privileged few.

        So why not change the system instead of effectively chasing the wind? Decentralise Nigeria, implement true federalism through the results of the national conference and watch as corruption fizzles out and dies. Fear is a primitive tool that will bite both the country and its user – a road to nowhere

  72. Kay says:

    Back to square ‘zero’.
    Lamentations ain’t going to do us much now.

    Let’s proffer a new course forward from here…
    All I’ll just say is, let’s work with what we got. If Nigerian was being attacked like the forces facing Syria, I wonder…
    I’ll just pray they look heavily into logistics this time. Many dynamics of the war are not known to us due to army blackouts of the battlefield. However, one thing we seldom hear about, are advances stalling because of minefields or mine related deaths. We need mechanised ‘mine sweepers’ or line clearing charges.
    Uparmour our shilkas and even our tanks for increased protection in close quarters. See example of mods by embargoed Syria

    Others can suggest or so…

  73. Naijaseal says:

    My angst against PMB is very very simple. Pre election, i asked EVERY PMB supporter i met to give me high level economic blueprints of PMB in just FIVE sectors of the Nigerian economy. I got nothing or infantile rubbish.

    The confusion we are witnessing currently now in the Nigerian DEFSEC sector is a complete mirror of the same situation. Zero plans pre May29.

    In the UK, there is a shadow cabinet in place to study an existing government in case the opposition win and know what to do ahead of time. What do we have in Nigeria right now? A “plan as you go (slowly)” government.

    When there is no substance, people will chase shadows. PMB is currently chasing shadows. He was never prepared for governance, rot or no rot in Nigeria.

    PMB is a retired general. He should be strategic thinker. He should have had a strategy pre May 29. Can anyone please tell me if you have seen any ANY signs of any sort of strategy from PMB? Economically? DEFSEC?

    I don’t hate PMB. I am very very angry that man that had so much burden of expectation is now having outlets like Bloomberg write uncharitable things about his state of unpreparedness.

    Anyway, make we siddon dey look.

    • Are James says:

      You won’t see what you don’t want to see.
      Solid minerals, agricultural devt with government buying all produce from farmers, manufacTuring and targeted stuff in hydro power . The new VP gave a series of highly a claimed roadshows on this but you won’t see it-you were looking at trains. Buhari had a successful session with the textile industry in Kano. Apparently $5bn is the potential size of that industry now, employment within the value chain of 800000 people.
      However i am there is no high level economic blueprint even necessary anywhere. For Nigeria it is simple developmental economics. It is for a country to generate power, attract investments, govern with first class institutions, collect correct taxes, educate it’s people and do health care. The only new thing APC need to add is their social welfare programs to reduce poverty and stimulate local demand. When this starts, Dangote had better open up more indomie factories. Nestle and Cadbury too.There is no keynesian economics or advanced monetary policy making necessary here..m just get serious, stop stealing grand children’s money, it is cursed… and follow a five year development plan for infrastructure. I don’t know why we can’t just accept that our problem is in the human dimension.
      For blueprint in economics and defence we already had such documents from the time of Obj. Indeed I would be very angry if after a cabinet his announced the next thing they do is to radically change what was in existence with the exception of social welfare- unemployment allowances, school meals, skills acquisition.

  74. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    It is Naive to have expected anything else from the US visit, As mentioned by one of the bloggers what extra capacity would the so called UN Arms bring to play, The Apache does not have any greater capability than the Mi24/35 in a COIN ops, as a matter of fact the troop carrying capabilities of the MI 35/24 is a plus for special forces Ops, also MEDEVAC/CASEVAC and the mid ship gunners is also a tactical plus. ( the Cobra is a light no starter against the Hind, cannot carry as much ordinance, not armor protection for the crew), also is the hourly operating cost (DOC only) of the Hind at less than $3000 an hour against the $7000 plus for an Apache, the round and rocket costs is another thing. A recent competition ( held a few months back) to select the best all round rifle, ended up being won by the AK series and it’s variations and developments (AK74s, etc). Is the he Nigerian Military expected to suddenly start brainwashing M16 , restocking on bullets calibre.
    Why has’t American cars taken over the African Market, because their engines are not as reliable and much more expensive to maintain or repair, same goes for the IFV or Hummers as some of us expect, ( If you see any body driving a hummer in the streets in Nigeria,ask him how he manages to keep his SUV on the road in comparison to a German or Japanese SUV. Don’t be surprised if we get bounced by the Russians because of our indecisiveness. F16s, Apaches, Hummers, M16s, Drones, are dreams.
    Do you not think it would be nice for them to have a small cut to size in small vassal state , remake of Nigeria, That would stop interfering in the regional trade and power balance ( with France and it’s vassals). recently the age long management of the West African flight corridor designed and technically found prudent and safe to be handled by Nigeria and Ghana control has be refused by Francophone states, who now insist that flights passing for fractions of minutes through their area must be done by a French /Franco phone Organization, the President of Ghana had to step in to prevent a close of that flight corridor to Anglo-phone West African states after agreeing to new financial terms.

  75. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Sorry Typo, meant ” US arms”

  76. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Typo again ? ,”Branishing M16s”, I am not sure if some how the contents of our plogs are intercepted and modified.

  77. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    How about made in Nigeria MRAPs or IFV, Machine Cannons and non lethal Beechcraft Aircraft decked out by Nigerian scientist to meet ISR specs, then we would not need to carry out intellectual debates on another man’s law and position on us.

    Here are just a few of the thousands of Black-Sub-Saharan African inventors/scientists who currently hold registered United States’ Patents:

    1. Kunle Olukotun:
    He is well known for leading the Stanford Hydra research project which developed one of the first chip multiprocessors with support for thread-level speculation (TLS). He is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Stanford University. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. He is the founder of Afara Websystems (later acquired by Sun Microsystems), a company that builds servers surrounding a custom high-throughput CPU architecture and develops IP traffic management systems for high-throughput, low power server systems with chip multiprocessor technology.

    2. Cyprian Emeka Uzoh
    He holds more than 126 United States issued patents and over 160 worldwide in semiconductor technology including U.S. Patent No. 6709562 “method of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips” which earned him the inventor of the year award in 2006 from the New York Intellectual Property Association

    3. Aloysius Anaebonam
    He holds 12 U.S. Patents

    4. Ume Ifeanyi Charles:
    Five (5) inventions with five corresponding U.S. Patents.

    5. Olu Atanda.
    Holds numerous U.S. Patents.

    6. Ndubuisi Ekekewe
    He is credited with the development of microchips used in minimally invasive surgical robots. He is the founder of First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Ltd. He holds a U.S Patent on a microchip used in minimally invasive surgical robots and was part of the team that created the XL sensor inside the iPhone and iPad.

    7. Emeka Nchekwube
    Holds 4 U.S. Patents

    And many More home based “Proforce” and many Nigerian based under 20 Yrs Genus.

  78. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Kola, if I made 2 tanks last year and will make 3 tanks next year, that’s a 50% growth rate but still leaves me with 5 tanks!
    The Russians will for a while need customers, even the US does, otherwise apart from cynical purposes why is the Lighting a multi country project? It drives cost down and if parties like India can partner, investment money comes! Russia’s scientists and technologists have been churning out brilliant designs after designs but have not been able to develop much less induct them, competing funds. Its a problem everywhere.
    Russia needs marine turbines like yesterday for example and apart from the ones produced designed and produced by Ukraine, they don’t have any gas turbine for their new projected destroyers and frigates. The option I see is either invade Ukraine and capture it before they destroy their industrial complex or go with nuclear propulsion. otherwise, they will have to design the engines themselves and create the necessary facilities to build them. Only problem is that it will take time (design, test, debug, redesign, debug, accept, mass produce) and their program will slip

    Iran doesn’t control Iraq, it controls a large part of Iraq=2 different things

    To the US, shale gas is more a spoiler. If the price is high, they profit, if its low, they benefit. Sounds like win-win to me

    On rare earth, u are correct. Add Congo to the list, though no visits. However, the US have always though in terms of problem solving and non possession of rare earth hasn’t stopped them so far!

    China and Nigeria cutting into the profit (and more problematic to France competing for influence) of France

    Oga Are, I agree. Look what Nigerians have achieve in spite of successive governments (or the lack of it). However, its not sustainable if fairness is not at the corner of development. We need a system that is predictable in a positive way, where impunity is a distant rumor and Justice is natural and normal and not a by product or an exception

  79. Oje says:

    Cameroonian Special Forces(BIR) training.

    Boys Scout?

    • tim says:

      What is in this video that isn’t being done in NMS?

      • ozed says:

        Only thing i believe they have going for them from having seen their clips previously is a very high level of equipment and kit uniformity.

        We should strive to achieve a similar level for our special infantry as well.

    • Are James says:

      I don’t think they ever controlled less than this number.. .forget all the election driven KPIs churned out by politicians. The proof is the dastardly attacks conducted across borders as recently as about two months ago , attacks that we are still seeing now. We don’t have the force structure (maybe 30000men required) to secure territories from an agile semi conventional operator who measures victory by how much harm they can do to civilians and is not restrained by Geneva conventions and Leahy Law.

  80. Ola says:

    Hi guys, look at this video.

    Watching the fate of this lone soldier made my blood boil. I am glad he was a man till the end, as he probably did not make it. A lot of things come to mind in this video. Where are the remaining member of his units, wipped out? Why was there no back up? Why did they have to fight till the last bullet before retreating? I salute the bravery of the Nigerian soldier, a british marine will not get to this point before retreating, yes I said it as an ex-RM. Honestly, I feel like every Nigerian politician should be held against a wall and shot. Also, I feel like the commander of this guy should also be shot and the head of TRADOC in Nigeria should be skinned alive. Soldiers don’t usually fight till the last bullet these days. There are some rules that I think have not been ingrained into the training back home and it shows in this video.
    1. A soldier does not survive alone on bravery, a soldier is trained to live for as long as possible on his ammo ration, no matter how low your ration is.
    2. It is required that you make every bullet count. When low on ammo, like it could be with recce work and light patrols, you don’t engage your rifle in full auto, even when ambushed, you do short controlled auto engagement.
    3.Save the last bullet or round for the extraordinary circumstances. That would be when the only thing you need in life is that bullet.
    4 We are all trained to do tactical withdrawal when low on ammo! The tree lines is just about 50-60 yards behind the soldier, I don’t know any reason why that guy (may be with his unit) should have been caught out alone in the open field like that he could have retreated in there before he ran out of ammo.

    I got this video from a Nigerian friend in the US who is passionate about what’s going on back home. Based on experiences from Iraq and Afghanistan, the gentle man and my humble self are very willing to provide additional training assistance for Nigerian troops as our contribution in this boko haram war. Please note that we’re not military contractors, we are not charging any money, we’re not interested in coming home to play politics later and there no strings attached, we’re just passionate Nigerians whose parents have benefited from Nigeria when it was better than it is now. We’re not interested in talking to any politician but if any military officer reading this is willing to engage with us, fine! I feel at this stage that I owe other Nigerian soldiers in the line of duty like this Nigerian soldier in this video a help.

    • Ola says:

      And yes, boko haram is a bunch of rag tag! See the bunch of them just like 150-200 yards away and yet couldn’t take out a target, the size of a man with all their rifles and even an RPG! Why is the Nigerian army not defeating these guys? From this video again, I see a bunch of people that Nigerian soldiers should be able to engage in a ration of 20:1 Boko haram to Nigerian soldiers, if only the soldiers are well equipped and supported. Just in front of that water line, on the other side where that soldier was running, there seems to be a fallen soldier. Why! Why! Why!!!!!
      A soldier with his only riffle and enough ammo would have wiped out those guys. It’s just not right!

      • Are James says:

        The big yawning gap is in the air. If you can’t deploy 30000 men better have 12 Gazelle choppers in the air. Two per sector doing a minimum of two hours in the air. This is big money however . A responsible approach from the FG is to introduce security tax on high margin businesses and high salary earners locally to finance the platforms and operational expenses for these things now that corruption is going down maybe we can justify it to the public. In the UK we are used to 40%tax …very painful but at least a corrupt public servant knows what he is risking .
        The current state of the airforce is simply unacceptable but I think the people in charge still don’t know better.

    • jimmy says:

      Very old video late 2013/early 2014 has nothing to do with what is going on right now.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Sir Kay says:

        Not sure why he’s even posting that vid here

      • Ola says:

        Hello Jimmy and Kay, I have to admit I was mildly irritated when I read your comments. If you read the comments I wrote before and after the videos I posted, you’d understand why I posted them.
        Secondly, these videos were from August and November 2014, therefore, they are not old.
        Anyone with the most basic understand of military operations would see the myriad problems facing the army in that video. I posted some of these problems in my comment and that was why I volunteered to do something to help. And if you say it has nothing to do right now, it surprises me, it doesn’t take extensive thinking to realise that those still fighting the boko haram guys now are the colleagues of the soldier in this footage. They have been trained to behave in certain ways and they are ill equipped for the tasks at hand. If the problems evident in this video (some of which I commented on) are no longer there, why are we still here clamouring for change, restructuring and equipment for all armed forces?

    • Roscoe says:

      Training gaps, fire control, ammo supply chain, all end with a man facing down a group of BH unarmed.

      • Ola says:

        Mr Roscoe, I might have misunderstood your comment here. My opinion though is that the man on the firing line is a product of everything that affects his army. Starting from the recruitment process, to training and equipment, he largely reflects what he has been fashioned to be.

  81. Naijaseal says:

    I just watched a video about PMB during his recent US visit.

    Asked by a lady in a Q&A session about what he would about the Niger delta, amnesty, integration of that region etc, PMB answered:

    “In all honesty, i can not treat the areas that voted 5% for me the same as i would treat the areas that gave me 95% of their votes”.

    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

    Apparently, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others

    Make we siddon dey look

  82. Naijaseal says:

    To be fair to PMB, the man is saying upfront how he will run Nigeria. Now who is sounding like a sectional leader?

    • Are James says:

      Well depends on the way you look at it. Jonathan also devoted very little to the ND and we just heard that NDDC is a looted body.
      So some facts and figures ;
      13% derivation = ××××
      NDDC allocation = ××××
      IGR from MNCs (Shell etc) =××××
      MNC budgets for community devt = ××××
      Local Government Allocations = ××××
      UN programs / NGOS = ××××
      PTDF projects / scholarships =××××
      LNG special programs = ××××

      The Niger delta has cornered 65% of all funds and resources flowing into Nigeria since 1997. The region should do a lot of social psychological stock taking. Tackle corruption, educate kids, build a middle class and stop social ills. It is not just the NE that is a basket case.
      The problem with Buhari is that he finds it very difficult to tell lies. If you had asked me as President I wont have been this blunt, i would have put 400 words together in a beautiful verbsl prose that will make Obama jealous but the words would generally add up in meaning to the express ..”you guys go f××× yourselves”

      • Naijaseal says:


        You statements shows why we need to decentralize Nigeria. Serious cognitive dissonce signs you guys are showing.

        So, just that i get this straight, it is right and correct for PMB to intend to favour one region above the other because they did not vote for him? Is that your supported stand?

        It’s like David Cameron telling Scotland they wont get much from him. Will such statement be acceptable there?

        It is not your or PMB’s prerogative to tell people who to vote or note vote, nor is it your right to tell folks Mr X did nada for u, so why vote him? It is a democracy after all.

        The oft repeated mess in the NDDC, 13% allocation etc is just laughable. So, they are stealing money right? Yes, its a crime. Pls what are your respective state governors doing with their own share of oil generated revenue? Kano? Osun? Enugu? Lets do a thorough analysis. Who is holding everyone accountable?

        How come it is only when it comes to derivation and oil allocations you guys suddenly develop eagle eyes about what the ND gets?

        Also, by your analysis, a balanced spread of developments will be PMB alienating his core voters? Who reasons like this?

        Four yrs is not a long time, we will see how things pan out

      • Are James says:

        No politician annoys his political Base by saying otherwise. Jonathan even said worse before elections.
        On spread, there has been no balanced spread of developments since we abandoned regionalism. Since the military came Lagos and Ibadan used to be favoured, then things moved to Abuja and then to the Niger Delta in that order. We need some semblance of regionalism (true federalism with full resource control ). As for fund flows, my figures were actually conservative regarding fund flows to the Niger Delta… there were years when 80% of all funds into Nigeria (not only government revenues) flowed to the Niger Delta. The mega projects in oil and gas had community development components as high as 5% in some cases. Thst is something like 5%of billions of dollars. Also I have said already that GEJ said worse about opposition states and federal support when he was in govt. Why are we conveniently amnesiaic over a very well reported news item and not using the same standards to accept this one.
        It is sad that everything keeps running back to north versus south when evil people are stashing funds abroad.

    • jimmy says:

      “In all honesty, I can not treat the areas that voted 5% for me the same as i would treat the areas that gave me 95% of their votes”.
      Let me undesrstand this correctly as it was said he is supposed to politically risk his political life for people who did not want him to be President in the first case he should Alienate the NE, NW, NC significant portions of even the SE , SW, and even portions of the S/S to satisfy a disgruntled few so some crimminals can continue to blow up pipelines at Night and collect N65,000 every Month ,
      Oga Naijaseal you are going to continious contradict yourself, the NDDC is a mess, with some of the S/S states being amongsts the poorest in the Nation since the Ammnesty began. BAYELSEA ranks up there with EKITI and ZAMFARA
      PMB visited the S/E six times
      GEJ visited the S/E once and they voted for GEJ despite the fact he could not bring himself to build a bridge the same size as the one in LEKKI , which isa cash cow for the LAGOS STATE
      PMB has repeatedly said that he belongs to everybody and nobody.
      Outside of the NE ,the South South is the Kidnap central of Nigeria
      Honestly take the blinkers of being dissapointed witha leader after 6 weeks is laughable.
      You were not disappointed with a leader after six years that is a joke
      Good Morning

      • eyimola says:

        Well said Jimmy. I am not surprised that this issues are now being discussed, despite the indisputable nature of the landslide that brought PMB into office. I expect him to do his best for the country even the the sections that did not vote for him. Whether that would be enough to satisfy some, is a completely different story

  83. Roscoe says:

    We have to keep an eye on this and watch how it goes, Clearly he is saying his base is the most important to him politically. There can be no sugar coating what was said. Note the caveat of constitutional blah blah blah, He does not consider himself President of areas that did not vote for him? The bogeyman of Tribalism rears its head again o.

    • jimmy says:

      That is not what he meant , He meant you do not alienate your core base of 95% of the people who constitute your stronghold of support to appease a certain 5% who do not want you to be President in the first case.
      Let me give you two critical examples
      In Lagos State there is a thug by the name of Gani Adams in the last days leading up to the election he was given a lot of MONEY by the PDP and BOGUS MUMU contract that the PDP never intended to honor doing pipeline surveillance, in return , he mounted a parade now called the ” show of shame where the useless area boys paraded around LAGOS openly with pump action 12 guage shot guns.
      As soon as the APC took over one of the first things given to PMB as the useless CONTRACT expired was to kick those BOYS of the land
      Example #2 A lot of S/E have repeatedly called for the Second Niger Bridge @ Onitsha / somewhere feasible in Anambra state , this is something NGIGE., ROCAS have told PMB these are part of his inner core of 95% that want him as President He is going to build the bridge it is not a tribal or ETHNIC THING it is the POLITICAL expedient thing to do he needs votes in the SE and SS the next time around.

      • Roscoe says:

        The Lagos example is pertinent, I do recall OBJ freezing out Lagos (some say the whole SouthWest) in his first term since they didnt “support” him and vote PDP.

        Fine, Its not Triabl, its Political. But Politicians need to take a more nuanced people, everybody needs leadership, not just those who supported you.

  84. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    The great Oga Are has spoken. O yes the S.S. Gov did steal the region blue. The 65% sha is one of ur “make Obama Jealous” contraption I guess.

    • Are James says:

      No politician ever makes that mistake. It us a trick journalists play. They asked Obama too I think the Fox News people. It was a stubborn and dogmatic NO. I will not treat people who did not vote for me equally. Your dear Dr Jonathan even before elections..”if governors are belligerent and keep insulting me and opposing me I won’t give Federal aid to such states “….carried by major news papers.
      The point about my earlier post however is that the fiscal inequalities in the Nigerian state via a vis resources and where they are produced have been rectified. Your last state governor made it count in spite of his many faults, some that i won’t mention did not.

  85. Naijaseal says:

    I think it was @Adetayo that has been talking about a need to decentralize Nigeria as means to reducing corruption. I totally support that.

    Let regions develop and finance themselves, so that one man sitting in Abuja will not be able to threaten a place like Awka Ibom or Oyo or Kaduna about allocations.

    In the same vein, someone will not take your monthly salary, give you 13% of it and ask you what you did with 13% of YOUR salary. Is it not your family’s place to ask you what you did with ALL your paycheck?

    In PMB’s mean statement of intent is a mentality of spoils of war, to be shared to favour the “victor” .
    The fact that some people are actually justifying this ugly statement is actually much more worrying considering that the PMB got 15mill votes vs GEJ’s 12 mill. Are 12mill Nigerians on the wrong side of PMB’s admin? Time will tell.

    • Are James says:

      What monthly salary?
      Let us be careful here. Monthly salary evokes rewards for doing work. In the context of oil and gas production that is something like $1bn risked funds by some people primarily abroad, drilling in dangerous geological formations , building surface facilities, commissioning and then operating over 35 years bybhardworking peopke to make money for all stakeholders.
      What does not qualify is migrating to a place just five centuries ago through social displacement, then sitting on your ass for another century on top of a resource you never even knew existed, being lucky to be paid rent on it by the people who have risked their lives and investments and you call that SALARY. I choose to call it JACKPOT. So the point really is that depending on the country you are in even your jackpot is taxed and you are not permitted to do anything criminal with it.

  86. mcshegz says:

    Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) To Nigerian President Buhari’s Mis-Directed Criticism Of The Leahy Law On Human Rights

    “Rather than suggest that the United States is at fault for not funding murderers and rapists in the Nigerian military, he should face up to his own responsibility to effectively counter Boko Haram. He should direct his attention to the Nigerian military, and the Nigerian courts, and clean up the units implicated in such atrocities.”

    Nigeria; how great thou art.

    • ozed says:

      While we come back from US and attempt to erase history by denying widely recorded statements. The backlash has come swiftly from a Country well versed in protecting their public image.

      Who is the laughing stock now?


    • rugged7 says:

      All this abuse and insults from the americans, while our “leaders” are grovelling and begging in the sun.
      Pray, when did Nigeria sink this low???
      Nigerian leaders will never grow a brain…
      When your so-called American “friends” start calling your military “rapists and murderers”, i think it is definitely time you start looking for new, more reliable friends.
      I think they hated Goodluck Jonathan for daring to stand up to their borderline racist and hypocritical antics…
      Well, I don’t blame their father sha, i blame our leaders who have let this country down, again, and again, and again…

      • ozed says:

        Put in another way, — the fault is in us not in our stars that we are underlings.
        Cassius to Brutus (Julius Cesaer).

      • Are James says:

        Goodluck never stood up to anything and you know it. In any case we have discussed this before.The US has evidence of some human rights abuses and maybe indeed there is no way to do COIN operations in our context without some abuses anyway. The army should seize the opportunity to prefessionalize and i think it is good for locsl political history that the new government too was not given weapons so it is clear there was a principle (however flawed) behind it and not because of one man.
        I have done a study of ghe weapon tyes that we need and the countries coming g to mind are ; S.Africa (Rooivaark ), Turkey T 129, Ukraine / Belarus (SU 25)
        Canada (MRAPs) , France (Gazelle ) China and Pakistan.
        The NAF chief especially praised Ukraine and Pakistan for bombs and rockets recently. So if we follow through, act professionally ( Americans should not be teaching us to treat our own people well) make our budgets count by not stealing money, this tHong can be over in 3months

      • rugged7 says:

        This place don turn political blog sha…
        Buhari vs Jonathan… SMH
        So of ALL the pertinent comments i made, your grouse is that i said Goodluck “stood up” to the states?
        Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion, i stand by mine…
        My comments are quite valid and apolitical.
        I won’t go into any biased political arguments.
        Worshiping everything that the U.S says is ludicrous.
        No army in the world is perfect. Yes, our army needs to improve but not through condescending borderline racist, degrading comments by Leahy et al.
        Other countries the U.S has sold weapons to have committed worse human rights abuses on a far greater scale.
        Hypocrisy comes a dime a dozen.
        Too many Nigerians have become adept at relegating themselves to a “slave mentality” and a “stockholm syndrome” complex;
        Where they are hostage to a non-existent inferiority complex.

  87. jimmy says:

    OGA Naija seal much respect for your comments
    “It’s like David Cameron telling Scotland they wont get much from him. Will such statement be acceptable there?”
    Like I said and OGAAREJAMES will back me up on this
    At first DAVID begged then he went to his 95% STRONGHOLD
    * He told SCOTLAND there will be no future financial bailouts like the last time $34B prompting the bank of Scotland to declare if the referendum passed the Bank of SCOTLAND would move to London
    ** In line with majority of his parties wishes he told Scotland they could not use British Currency they would have to use their own currency – and crucially it canot be latched to the pound.
    *** They would have to form their own police force, army, navy and Airforce
    This is what the 95% conservative people told him and this is what he delivered to Scotland.
    The pity is not in what happened to the previous Administration but how people in high ranking position both from the South, the North, the East did their very best to destroy GEJ – and he allowed them to succeed.
    There was a $20b LNG PROJECT that was to be built q1 12015 in the Warri delta area between the GOV who on Monday was ISETKIRI and on TUESDAY was Ijaw, The Treaty which held so much potential of being a cash cow was never signed , GEJ a decent man to the last did his best to sign it, he was threatened by the ” SHON OF THE SHOIL” so he stayed away to avoid bloodshed.
    This is the reality it really is not about TRIBALISIM but G-R-E-E-D
    The NIGER -DELTA coastal highyway never got built
    Meanwhile KANO is sprouting highways and flyover all over the place. A 10 lane superhighway will be coompleted next year and NNEWI in Anambra State is moving closer
    into $B Territory

  88. jimmy says:

    10 lane highway between Lagos and Badagry

  89. Augustine says:

    I know you all my Ogas are aware of this news circulating…..

    The National Economic Council (NEC) has warned that Boko Haram insurgents are waxing stronger in the North-east, adding that the terror group has captured five local government areas in Yobe and Borno States.

    Briefing State House correspondents after its meeting yesterday in Abuja, the council said the occupation of the five local government councils was confirmed by the Governors of Yobe and Borno States — Ibrahim Gaidam and Kashim Shettima — respectively.

    They also informed the NEC that the insurgents were still hiding in Sambisa forest, the stronghold of Boko Haram insurgents, and called for increased military deployment and provision of sophisticated military equipment in those areas.

    The disclosure was a disappointing departure from the accomplishments of the Nigerian military and the neighbouring armies of Chad, Cameroun and Niger, which recaptured all the territories occupied by the sect and had the insurgents on the run before former President Goodluck Jonathan handed over to President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29.

    ……but is it true or false ? How can Boko Haram overnight come back to re-capture and now control 5 local governments in Nigeria? We just finished them Caliphates off 3 months ago naa !


    Does anybody here have President Buhari’s number or that of his closest associates?

    I think it’s time to finally stop begging America for weapons and put our G-7 weapons wish list back in our pockets forever, and now quickly use our Russian credit line, get 200 fairly used BTR-80A IFV’s with 30mm cannon and 50 T-90A tanks to the Nigerian army units in the North East.

    A stitch in time saves ninety-nine o !

    • Augustine says:

      Nigerian army’s limited capacity to do high speed hot pursuit also needs to be solved, we lost in the high speed guerrilla hit and run war last year, we only succeed in static battles for captured territory, but once Boko gets fluid and ghost-like again, we begin to lose control.

      Solutions needed, NA should get it’s tactics right because we now have two Boko styles in operation, we cannot always wait for them to hold territory before we win. If they want to hit and run, Nigerian army should have a new strategy for that…..and it will involve rapidly deploy-able light platform air power that can fly light aircraft to cover any sudden trouble spots across the North East in quick time response to urgent distress calls from any remote town.

      We need a very capably, technically savvy cum patriotic and incorruptible minister for defence, why Buhari Buhari Buhari noise all the time, how much can one man do?

      Let Nigeria not move backwards from full victory to half defeat…I pray hard.

  90. Augustine says:

    If Nigeria does not want to use a basket to fetch water trying to fill up a tank for 20 years, let President Buhari start thinking about those our porous borders from northern Cameroon to Niger Republique or else we will be victim of many years of hit and run guerrilla warfare with Boko Haram.

    You don’t have money to fence border, you don’t want risk of land mining borders, then use cheap domestic labour of civil engineering contractors with earth movers, bulldozers, diggers, and graders to dig impassable trenches to block every road that crosses the border to stop inflow of illegal heavy weapons and vehicles used by Boko Haram.

    Else you will use basket to fetch water forever, Nigeria has been constantly attacked from Chad/Cameroon/Niger by armed bandits, raiders, invaders etc since the days of Lt. Gen Aguiyi Ironsi till today 2015 !

    Ancient Benin kingdom built border walls inside western Nigeria without university education naa !

  91. Oje says:

    Em Oga Augustine, i do not share your view. This is not about tactics, its either gross incompetence, willful nativity or some conspiracy, it defies logic. It is a hundred times easier to tackle Boko Haram terrorists in the North East than it is fighting militants in the Nigeria Delta. The former features sparsely populated featureless terrain, perfect for surveillance. To put things into perspective, the U.S has over 16,000 Satellites in orbit, but it was a Nigerian Satellite NIGCOM SAT 1 that took the first photo’s of the scale and destruction of hurricane Katrina. Why cant we have real time satellite imagery with movements on the ground, we are suppose to have Drones right? and the ATR Surveillance aircraft, Bofor artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, Where is the nearest airforce base to the theater of operations?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
      “To put things into perspective, the U.S has over 16,000 Satellites in orbit, but it was a Nigerian Satellite NIGCOM SAT 1 that took the first photo’s of the scale and destruction of hurricane Katrina.”
      Please sir, can you reconfirm those numbers.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Lord, seriously? 16,000 Satellites? Na sardine?
        There are About 1,100 active satellites, both government and private. Plus there are about 2,600 ones that no longer work. Russia launched the first satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957. The oldest one still in orbit, which is no longer functioning, was launched in 1958.

  92. Kola Adekola says:

    July 24, 2015Press Release

    The Nigerian military on Friday recaptured Dikwa town in Borno State following a collaborative effort between the army and the air force, the spokesperson for the air force, Dele Alonge, said.

    He said a combination of the air force’s alpha jet and surveillance aircraft jointly destroyed three ambush points heavily fortified with vehicle-mounted Anti-Aircraft Guns.

    The operation by the air force paved the way for ground troops to move in and recapture the town with less resistance.

    A cordon and search operations by the army is currently on-going in the town.

    Also, the Chief of Air Staff, Sadique Abubakar, an air vice marshal has concluded his tour of operational units to acertain the state of equipment and morale of troops, especially those involved in the counter-terrorist operations against Boko Haram terrorists in North-East Nigeria.

    Mr. Abubakar said the purpose of his visit was to obtain first-hand information about the operational readiness of the personnel and equipment with a view to enabling the NAF requip and re-strategise for operational efficiency and effectiveness.

    Among units visited by the air chief include 64 Air Defence Group, Makurdi; 75 Strike Group, Yola; 97 Special Operational Group, Port-Harcourt, and 99 Air Combat Training Group, Kainji.

    • Are James says:

      The solution is the airforce. There is no money to build any fence in the desert. It looks like a simple issue but when you get a map and start thing about it. It is just more sensible to get air assets and do surveillance /bomb the insurgents from the air.
      Nigeria Airforce needs to double in size.

      • jimmy says:

        Tell them o I don tell them tire.I beg make you go take picture of the $4B useless wall whey them useless Saudis build wey be say stark illiterate from Yemen dey take do jumping practice everyday . $4B!!!.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James and Oga Jimmy, the massive size and sophistication of American and British air forces have failed to defeat Taliban in Afghanistan, F-16 jets, F-18 jets, A-10 jets, Tornado jets, Apache helicopters….analysts conclusion is that as long as Taliban fighters can run in and out across border with Pakistan, the war on terror in Afghanistan will NEVER end.

        Let us learn from the mistake of others.

        Buy NAF all the jets, helicopters and surveillance aircraft you want, we cannot maintain day/night 24 hour air surveillance along an approximately 1,200 km border from Kano to Yola every minute of the year. When your spy plane flies to Niger border, Boko Haram Toyota has driven across Cameroon border towards Chibok at midnight.

        Nigeria will NEVER be free from northern cross border invasions until you physically make it impossible to drive cars across at random locations without control and check points.

        You do not need a fence/wall to cut off intrusion on Nigerian borders, a long trench will do it, deep and wide enough to require an army with bridge launchers to cross, then I will see how Boko Haram will get heavy duty mobile bridge launchers and still be a fast moving guerrilla force.

        Not all Nigerian borders need a trench, I have said this again and again. The Adamawa mountains are impassable natural barriers and no Boko Toyota will climb over that. The bush areas are impassable for vehicles, another natural barrier. Lake Chad is impassable for a normal vehicle unless you do big floating slow rafts that can support heavy weights, another natural barrier.

        You will be left with perhaps 600 km of dry land on plain landscape that vehicles can drive across illegally, that is where you block.

        If we are not ready to seal off our Kano to Yola borders, then we should stop complaining about Boko Haram and live with the problem every time it changes face from Chadian army to Chadian cattle rustlers to Maitatsine to Sharia law mercenaries to Boko Haram, please let us stop complaining and live with the problem we have refused to cut off from source.

        Keep cutting off branches of the tree and leave the root there to regenerate by getting constant supply of nutrients and water from underground.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Jimmy, can you please tell us with sources how Yemeni rebels jumped over the Saudi Arabian border walls in jumping practice everyday? We need proof of that jolly ride you credit to Yemenis.

        Before you reply, let me give you facts :

        1. The Saudi-Yemen barrier is a wall, not a trench. You may push a main battle tank through a wall, but you cannot drive a tank across a trench of right size. You need an armoured bridge launcher.

        So, how many battle tanks and armoured bridge launchers does Boko Haram have?

        2. The Saudi-Yemen barrier was never completed, it was stopped for political reasons.

        Most of the Saudi-Yemen border is still open with NO barrier today.

        3. The 2015 Yemeni attack on the Saudi border was stopped at the same wall/fence that you think is useless, the battle took place at the barrier. The Yemenis could NOT enter into Saudi Arabia and rape, kill, kidnap innocent Saudi civilians like Boko does in Nigeria.

        The wall actually worked ! The Yemeni tanks and APCs were detected (Wall has electronic surveillance) and the fight began with Saudi border guards at border posts, not inside Saudi towns and cities like in Nigeria.

        The Saudi border troops defeated the Yemenis at the border and it all ended at the border. ZERO civilian casualties, great job done by an effective barrier.

        3. How many Saudi civilians have been killed by Yemeni cross border attacks? How many times have Yemenis entered inside Saudi Arabia? Compare that with 10,000 Nigerians killed by Boko Haram and hundreds of cross border attacks that Nigerian military failed to stop till today.

        4. I need a scientific proof and logical analysis that Boko Haram will retain it’s guerrilla speed and mobility with an impassable trench in place from Kano to Yola at the needed points where vehicles can cross.

        Let me see how Boko Haram men will carry super heavy 14.5mm and 23mm cannon on their heads and walk 50 km to launch attack and run Olympic race to escape back again 50 km across mountains or to the banks of lake Chad to enter a speed boat. Last time I checked, they drowned inside the water or met the MNJTF waiting for them on the other side.

        I need proof that Boko Haram has the engineering capacity to move vehicles and heavy weapons across an impassable barrier, or they can fly in the air?

      • Are James says:

        Have you even considered the cost or feasibility? . Where are you going to get the money to do this ? Where are you going to get the equipment to do this?. Where are you going to keep the poor workers doing this and who is going to keep watch over them? .What is the life cycle cost anyway and who will be doing the maintenance of it.
        That’s a sandstorm prone area as well so how long is a ditch of say 10m wide and 10 metre deep going to last?
        For labour you could use the option of prisoners in a chain gang kind of arrangement but you are still left with security issues which will take from your manning levels in the actual fighting against BH. The Nigerian northern physical demarcation is complex enough but suggesting for AfPak border is downright insane Thats a very long and massive mountainous region that militants have been climbing for sport for years. The problem there is that the physical God made barrier has been breached by the only creation permitted to do it -man himself. No wonder the idea did not fly. Socio culturally speaking as well, I would actually like to see a wall rise and last separating Pashtun tribes both sides of the border and see what happens.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James, what is the “cost or feasibility” of the war against boko haram? Are Nigerian lives and weapons free?

        The argument against the fence on cost reasons is circular and unviable. We have lost several thousand people, a number that is unquantifiable in dollar terms; the economy of the NE is now non-existent. We have spent billions of dollars for equipment.
        It will take decades for the trauma to lift and the economic conditions of the people of the NE to lift.

        In the face of these, the cost of a wall pales into insignificance. Why fight a cross-border occupying force when you can simply (and cost effectively) fence them off?

  93. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    I thought the new mantra was change or I’m I mistaken? What has been rectified? Fiscal inequality? Oga Are, my former gov made what count?

    As for ur “never even knew existed” perhaps u need to take ur issue with God who put the resource there, sorry my brother. Maybe we should hang the Saudis too for having all these oil! By the way, no country tax “jackpots” by 80%

    The ‘Caliphate’s’ is no where near. They Turks spent more time attacking the PKK and 3 ISIS targets (100%) were hit. @ this rate, it’ll take 100 years

    Oga Augustine, I agree that we need to do something about our borders. It needs to be a hi/low tech mix…drones to ditches, manned and unmanned solutions, fixed and fluid in nature. Let’s wait and see.

    By the way, is anyone following #SomeoneTellCNN?

    • mcshegz says:

      Military Repels Attack in Dikwa…Keyword; Repel

      “The military with combination of aerial bombardment and ground assault successfully repelled a daring Boko Haram terrorists attack in Dikwa town early yesterday.”

      “He said that a combination of the Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet and surveillance aircraft jointly destroyed three ambush points heavily fortified with vehicle-mounted Anti-Aircraft Guns.”
      Nigerians and her journalists enjoy the freest freedoms in the world 🙂 and i guess we’ve learnt over time that media headlines and body of content necessarily need not correlate. hehehehe
      Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.

  94. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    I want to think that PMB is smart and has a strategy. He perhaps needed PBO to say no so he could be justified to seek weapons else way. It would now be very immoral for the US to try and block arms sells they way he did last year, @ least certainly with non american component arms!

    Thus, perhaps the likes of Romania, Poland, Czech, Serbia etc would be free to sell. Also, G7’s offers need to be explored. If PMB can also quickly clear that up by visiting and getting a decisive response, we would then be free to go seek alternatives.
    Haven look @ this play, I’m not disappointed, if GEJ had taken this approach, perhaps he would have been forced to seek alternatives way earlier and we would have been better 4 it. The issue now is, is this PMB card or is it just another opportunity to be lost. Will it be too much a task to expect of his genius?

    Intl politics is played with skills not brute force. PMB can’t afford to go Russian (no matter how much I wish he should) now. Playing the victim publicly has it selling point

    • Are James says:

      I agree with you on this. I ask the question, how did the world hear America was not going to sell arms to us?. From Buhari himself in a very well publicised speech. There was no typical politician’s fear of seeming fsilure and no diplomatese of saying “we will continue to explore areas of mutual defebce cooperation whilst working on internal human rights improvements” …Nothing of the sort. Just an African leader shoutubg out loud that no US weapin supplies are being provided against an ISIS aligned organization. His speech infact stopped just short of saying the US itself was arming Boko Haram. So that is one very important box ticked. …”let them not say we did not try.
      The next few steps should be watched carefully . I think there may be significant weapon receipts from Europe and/or emergency supplies from Russia/China. Whatever happens this is not a set back just a confirmation of status quo as US supplies are concerned .

  95. jimmy says:

    oga Henry is reporting that that the second type NN Andoni is nearing completion
    It is also appears with irrefutable evidence that the NAF has acquired some scout Eurocopter helicopters and Iam not talking the PMC ones there is a current picture circulating around with one of the birds still undergoing installation.
    And yes Nigeria does have her armed hehe.

    • Are James says:

      Not surprised. The taking out of ambush AA gun emplacements recently signaled some added capability. Those things are hard to detect minus some really good sensors and using AA guns for ambush meant they were ready to start blasting 1km away.
      Nice to know the Europeans are making good their promise.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      At 13 million Euros a piece for an Eurocopter “Light”, utility (armed ) helicopter, no crew protection, purchase cost is equivalent of a couple of Mi series, is an tech and operational evaluation done or it is just to please the West that we are still for them side. Second ISR platform is still AOG due scheduled checks and no where the capabilities of the T129 ( which is between the Super cobra in Performance and Apache in ordnance delivery), are we having another era of pilots flying sustaining and flying with bullet wounds.

  96. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    I don’t think taking out ambush placement represent new capabilities

    • Are James says:

      Detecting them may be new for NAF. We had reports of ambushes in previous encounters that were reported on this blog. An ex HOS son was wounded in one of those encounters , i think i recall three of them and we all asked the question. ..were they not seen from the air?. Now it seems the answer could be yes.

  97. mcshegz says:


    “Military sources who spoke to THISDAY yesterday dismissed the claims that were made during the National Economic Council meeting held in Abuja on Thursday as “alarmist and a political gimmick for patronage”.

    “They noted that politicians were trying to mislead members of the public by falsely claiming that five LGAs are under the control of the terrorists.”

    “One of the senior officers clarified that the prevailing situation on ground, saying, “in some towns, Boko Haram have some presence and launch guerrilla attacks from time to time, which is different from holding a town.”

    He added: “I don’t know where they get such LGAs from. I mean they should have named the local governments and let us verify, if they are sure of their claims. That Boko Haram makes a hit and run attacks in one or two towns does not in any way translate to holding any ground.

    • Are James says:

      Mischievous photographer. Everyone was standing up at the same time. Nothing here at all.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        That looks like a Central Bank Governor having to cower in fear. The man is terrified, leaping to petrified attention despite having never been a soldier in his life.

        Buhari is obviously entertained by the event and is enjoying it with a smile on his face.

        That is a Central Bank Governor. Before becoming CBN Governor, Emefiele was Chief Executive officer and Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank Plc, a tier-1 bank in Nigeria.

        There are also stories about Buhari rudely throwing out the businessmen Emefiele brought in to interface with the Americans (some of whom have since met Obama and his business entourage in Kenya, despite being Nigerian)

        My Oga, the world is watching.

      • jimmy says:

        The person you are talking about Jim Ovia was not part of the Invited People despite the Hos repeatedly warning his aides. Jim was snuck in. Our previous Hos had an entourage of over 100+ people with drunken parties the order of the day.Thereover are two sides to every story. Start from the previous visit. Jim Ovia’s post is irrelevant. When PMB goes to China sometime this I do not expect him to be part of the entourage.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Are James says:

        There is nothing here. Everyone was getting up at the same time including Amechi who is uncowerable before anyone (u are making me invent new words now) and the Ambassador who is ready to leave office and is just doing the remainder time out of patriotism.
        The camera caught everone unawares As for the gate crashing business men , the lesson is that the cronyism of the past is over. The tail must not wag the dog again..agbedo (dats another new one).The President is everybody’s and nobody’s.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        …My Oga, the world is watching.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy, a large part of our DEFSEC failures are due to doings improperly. Buhari went to the US with hopes so high that even those of us who were sceptical about success felt we would at least get “F16 wen no get bullet.” As it turns out, we didn’t even get F16’s in castrated mode, we got absolutely nothing.

        Not just that, but things went so badly that our relations with the US are now possibly at their lowest ever. On a state visit, the visitor somehow managed to accuse the host of supporting boko haram. Incredible. We are talking here about Heads of state meeting, an occasion of gravitas, decorum, civility, interest pushing and utmost diplomacy… No be Twitter or Nairaland style o!

        Just look at that picture of Emefiele our Central bank Governor and tell me what you would think about our beloved country if you were a foreigner. There are now also arrests without charge or trial, probes that are more of mudslinging and the highly unfortunate 97%-5% remark. Lets hope no one dies in detention or other circumstance that involves the state, otherwise things will go belly-up so fast that boko haram will seem like a joke.

        We are painting a picture of an ally of the west that cannot be relied on. Yet we are grovelling for both weapons and validation, painting a picture of a nation that cannot manufacture a toothpick to save its own life – and failing to prosecute even so low a project.

        So now, we are going to spring these same failed, unpolished tricks on China (and maybe Russia) next and hope to come back with SU-30’s or J-10’s?
        We urgently need OGBUNIGWE from the major arms manufacturers for short term power projection both to save ourselves from the looming ISIS threat and to back our economy with muscle.
        Neither opportunities wasted drinking tea drinking nor tourist photographs will save us, indeed crudity at local and world stages will sink any hope.

  98. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Israel ‘gifted’ Jordan 16 (some say 26) cobra gunships starting last year

  99. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Good question, ask PBO

  100. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James, if the cost of digging border trench is too much for Nigeria to pay and secure our lives and economy, then let us calculate the cost of building Abuja since 1980, calculate all the billions of dollars spent there and calculate the cost of the fence said to have been proposed by Late Chief Awolowo in the same 1980 era.

    The result will prove to you why the white man remains smarter than the black man since the slave trade era till today 2015.

    • Are James says:

      There is nothing smart about it. It is an archaic way of looking at problems and unwsmugglets 95% of countries don’t have fenced borders as we speak, fences are the exception rather than rule. Apart from a few places, bitter enemies even co exist without fenced borders. The few places it they had them, either the pepole smashed it down themselves or it merely existed to separate conventional armies facing themselves across some UN administered line.
      Awo wanted fenced borders for personal reasons because he was tired of contesting elections against an “elastic opponent” in the north – the NPC who could mobilise any number of voters on election day from what he suspected were the neighbouring countries. Fenced borders have ultimately not protected Israel, Saudi Arabia, old China, France or any country whatsoever from conventional or non conventional enemies.
      It is a matter for debate I admit but this is probably a five year project at best and there will be hell to pay in terms of security and finance to get it done. The envisaged gains of stopping Boko Haram and smugglers does not justify the cost or risk. It is even a nightmare to think about- best approach maybe 100 starting points with massive trenchers, concrete pourers and labourers working non stop in a war zone for Chris sakes. If you say you want to use deep and wide ditches , our friends would love to have a go at the dynamite stores you need to blast your way through .
      Please bring back the idea when there is peace and we have 1 trillion dollar gold reserves . For now it is just theory.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        95% of countries don’t have fenced borders? Heheh!

        99.45% of countries don’t have boko haram.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kola Adekola, no mind our brothers arguing about border fence/trench, go check out the houses these our two brothers built or bought in Nigeria, the fence around their own homes will stop King Kong !

      • Augustine says:

        Are James says:
        July 25, 2015 at 4:30 pm
        Fenced borders have ultimately not protected Israel, Saudi Arabia.

        Oga Are James, you are very very very wrong !

        Fenced border has stopped 99% of Arab terrorists physical incursions into Israel, reason why Hezbollah switched to artillery rockets, does Boko Haram have rocket artillery? Will Shekau sit down in Cameroon to launch rockets on Nigeria and FH-77 Bofors will not reply him from Nigerian army boys?

        Israel would have become like Borno state if the border fence was not there.

        Next, I just proved to you and Oga Jimmy earlier today that Saudi Arabian fence is working, it has kept away Iraqi terrorists, and stopped Yemeni T-55 tanks at the Saudi border where those invaders got demolished by Saudi forces with zero civilian Saudi casualties.

        Stop saying wrong things and misleading people Oga, no vex me o !

        Saudi border fence is the grave of Yemeni invaders ! Yet the fence is a very short one, not a full line border fence, it’s just a few dozen kilometers long.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      A Modern day French Magimot Line, static defense or World war 1 tactics, All that is required is an electronic wall ( passive and invisible Barrier, “see you before you see me”) made of sensors, Aerosat Balloons, Quick reaction Air mobile units, MALE category drones and interconnected live to central control units with NIGER SATs 1,2 & 3 dedicated to providing constant streaming / connectivity but being placed in orbital positions that are 8 hrs apart. It will cost fractions of any “pit” or Wall and can be put up in a matter of months, many times more effective. if we build the statics concrete wall or start digging pits, Shekau ( if still alive or has another clone) would release another video about this and the modern world would have a great laugh. The solution is taking the initiative and aggressive and relentless pursuit,( denying the BH time tom regroup, recoop or plan by being truly the hunted, hence they loss all initiative and start to blunder, dis agree among them selves and make mistakes) that is why Great O Ebeen formed the highly mobile unit with it’s own quick deployed aerial platforms to support the chase/hunt. Not doing these things, will only make the conflict persist indefinite circle.

  101. Sir Kay says:

    Nigerian Army to adopt offensive disposition, quick response to terrorism – Buratai

    The Chief of Army Staff, Maj.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, on Friday said that the Nigerian Military would adopt offensive disposition to eradicate the menace of insurgents in the country.

    The Army Chief made the remarks at the combined graduation of 105 personnel under the Basic Air bone Course 37 and Basic Rigger Course 23 at Jaji, Kaduna State.

    “The era of waiting in defensive position for criminals to come and attack and runaway must stop.

    ”We must take the battle to them and dislodge them wherever they are.

    “ In line with these, we must learn to adopt offensive disposition and respond quickly and appropriately to all situations, taking into cognizance our rules of engagement.

    “In view of our current challenges, our primary assignment in contributing our quota to national service is inline with my vision to strive towards eradicating the menace of terrorism from our nation.“

    Buratai said the Airborne Course is one of the Special Forces Courses, whose activities he had always followed with keen interest.

    “This underlines my utmost desire to ensure the continuous improvement of the Airborne training in the Nigerian Army.

    “During my tenure as Chief of Army Staff, training in all aspects of our professional duties would be accorded its rightful place in line with my vision for the Nigerian Army to have a professionally responsive Army in the discharge of its constitutional roles.

    “With the degree of motivation in you that I have seen this morning as well as the display of the commendable professional attitude, I am highly convinced that you will successfully execute all assigned tasks as far as Airborne Special Operation are concerned.

    “Together we shall make a difference in our Army and our nation.“

    Buratai urged those who completed the training not to relent in ensuring that quality and high level training remained the watch word of the Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Jaji.

    The COAS, who was one time Commandant of the School, commended the Federal Government for the support being given to the institution and the Nigerian Army in general.

    He commended the Jaji community and the Nigerian School of Infantry for the effort in ensuring the success of the event.

    He pledged the support of the Nigerian Army Headquarters to the training of Army personnel at the school and the other training institutions.

    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that 71 cadets and 34 Army volunteers graduated from the training .

    Meanwhile, the Army Chief has supervised the graduation of 658 personnel of NIBATT 37 UNMIL after pre-deployment training at the Nigerian Army PeaceKeeping Centre (NAPKC) in Jaji.

    Buratai warned the personnel not to tarnish the image of the Nigeria and the Army during their stay in Liberia.

    “The Nigerian Army will not accept any situation where its troops are seen as soft targets or conducting themselves in unprofessional manner such as trafficking in illicit substances of any kind including alcohol and drugs as these practices negate the United Nations (UN) ethics”,he added.

    Buratai reminded the personnel of the UN zero tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse and warned that both the Army and the Federal Government would not tolerate contravention of the policies.

    “You must exhibit the highest sense of personal and environmental hygiene as Liberia is just emerging from the Ebola Epidemic.“

    • jimmy says:

      oga sir kay
      Thank you for digging this up
      What critical aspects can we get from FRANCE?
      The answer may lie in the Helicopters especially the Eurocopter while it is impolite to advertise another WEB LINK it does appear the French are already helping Nigeria
      I would personally like to hear whether the French are willing to upgrade the SAGIES for us,
      Job weil done SIR KAY
      parle vous fracais?

  102. Sir Kay says:

    India on Thursday pledged to deepen its military cooperation with Nigeria to enhance the capacity and capability of the Nigerian military.

    A statement from the Indian High Commission in Abuja said a delegation from India had discussed with the Nigerian armed forces to enhance the defence cooperation.
    The statement, issued by Capt. Gautam Marwaha, the Defence Adviser at the Indian High Commission, Abuja, said the delegation held extensive discussions with the Nigerian armed forces on military hardware and software.
    It said that other areas of discussions included simulators and training, which India pledged to offer the Nigerian military.
    “A 15-member composite Indian defence industry delegation visited Nigeria on a three-day visit and held extensive discussions with the Nigerian armed forces.
    “The discussions focused on military hardware, software, simulators and training which the Indian industry could provide to the Nigerian armed forces.
    “This visit was an outcome of the ongoing Nigeria-India Defence Co-operation Programme,” it said.
    The statement said Nigeria and India needed to take a step to a higher level of defence production through various institutional mechanism of defence cooperation in the various areas of mutual interest.
    “The Indian defence industry included global giants like TATA, Larsen and Toubro, MKU besides specialised defence companies like Goa Shipyard, Bharat Electronics, Hindustan Aeronautics and several Indian ordinance factories.”
    The statement said that the Indian Defence Industry showcased hardware and software including state of the art defence systems, designs, development, repair, overhaul and manufacture of aircraft, helicopters, ships, missiles and armoured vehicles.
    It said that the delegation interacted extensively with the Defence Headquartres and respective service headquarters in Abuja.
    It also discussed with the Air Force Institute of Technology and the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna.
    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Indian High Commission, Abuja in January celebrated the golden jubilee of the Nigeria-India Defence Cooperation.
    The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established in January 1964 in collaboration with the Indian armed forces. (NAN)

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Was There any mention of Nigerian Private Companies, the answer is no, because they might emerge as a challenge to the Indian and French companies, has anyone considered how much the Pro-force people must have invested in the Defense industry without adequate Government support or high level patronage, The Indian and French are here to sell, so they list their own companies TATA, Larsen, etc while Nigeria as always is there to buy and pay lip service to tech transfer and seek help, we could not field any business men.( Manufacturing is not the Military’s core area). We definitely do not believe in our selfs

  103. Mubanks Mohammed says:

    I just came across this article on the Indian Airforce upgrading its Jaguar Jet fleet.

    How I wish we would do the same……

    • Are James says:

      We discussed this. The Indians have also sent two delegations to Nigeria on defence materiel and training . I am sure the memos are still on somebody’s desk. The man who is likely going to be MOD is not a bureaucrat thankfully. We need maverick leaders in the Defence ministry not businessmen in uniform

  104. lachit says:

    this is a very long detailed 3 part post which highlights the jaguar upgrade programme and shows how easy 😀 and time consuming it is to develop an upgrade from scratch.
    only those interested in technical details and project/technical knowhow of a aircraft upgrade should read it, otherwise dont read it or you might fall asleep.
    dont blame me 😀

    PART 1

    JAGUAR was developed for close air support and deep penetration bombing primarily for the French and Britain forces is a very reliable piece of hardware. The jets were originally inducted as trainer jets in 1960. Soon the need was felt for using the jet as a fulltime war machine and thus the jet was equipped with supersonic capabilities, recon pods and tactical nuclear capabilities.

    A major attraction of Jaguar had been its avionics suite. RAF’s Jaguars were fitted with the NAVWASS (NAVigation Attack Weapon Aiming Sub-System) from Marconi-Elliot Avionics Systems Ltd, with a Head-Up display from Smiths.
    RAF had let India know that the Marconi equipment had very low reliability to the extent that during operations no aircraft could be expected on the flight line after just six (or so) sorties each. In 1975 Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) in Bangalore had tested the full NAVWASS on an HF-24 and rejected it.
    But the NAVWASS was standard equipment on the loaned Jaguars and there was no quick way to replace it on the DS aircraft. The RAF wanted to upgrade the Inertial Navigation System (INS) with the Ferranti FIN 1024 INS and share development costs with IAF. But the IAF was offered its export version FIN 1024E. The catch was in the E, which meant that the gyros used in the system were inferior to those for the RAF.
    Thus this led India to consider an upgrade on its own as early as possible.

    To develop the DARIN I project, Inertial Nav-Attack System Integration Organisation (IIO) was specially set up at Bangalore under the aegis of Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO).
    With IIO as the project office, Sagem (France) was designated Prime Integrator and HAL the prime agency for work on the aircraft. Specifications for various equipment and interface documents were drawn up at IIO. The task of selecting the equipment to be integrated as a Nav-Attack system was completed quickly by IIO in consultation with ASTE which already had the experience of flight trials on Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Head Up Displays (HUD). The major subsystems selected were Sagem Inertial Platform, Smiths Industries HUD/WAC, Ferranti Combined Map & Electronics Display (COMED), Crouzet Air Data Package and SFIM Flight Test Instrumentation Package – all to be integrated using dual Mil 1553B standard Digital Databus. The Sagem ULISS 82 box handled primary Navigation and weapon aiming functions, with Smiths HUD/WAC computer taking over if the ULISS failed. Target range was provided by Jaguar’s original equipment, the Ferranti Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker. Ranges derived from radio and barometric altimeters were used in the secondary and tertiary modes.

    British Aerospace was the official “Design Authority” for Jaguar and was therefore involved throughout with the project. For the modifications in India, BAe vetted draft specifications, installation drawings, ground and flight test schedules, electro-magnetic compatibility and test results, etc. Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) were first cleared by vendors and then moved to a static integration rig at Pontoise by Sagem. After about a year the integration rig and models of LRUs were transferred to IIO at Bangalore. This rig played an active part in integrating flight-worthy models and troubleshooting during subsequent phases.

    Direct Supply aircraft JS-102 & 103 were ferried & delivered to IIO in 1981 for modification and trials. Items to be rendered redundant by the upgrade were removed by HAL. The new Smiths HUD gave trouble in installation due to its volume. Its high-tension unit was shifted to the avionics bay. COMED display installation also posed problems of access for removal and replacement. Avionics bay cooling was redesigned to ensure adequacy for additional equipment to be installed later, such as ECM, radar etc.

    On successful completion of all the modifications, the first flight took place at Bangalore on 17 Dec 1982. ASTE’s test pilots flew the aircraft for all phases.
    Navigation accuracy of the modified system was better than one nautical mile per hour called for in the specs. Weapon aiming accuracy trials were carried out at Indian Space Research Organisation’s Sri Harikota Air Range (SHAR) near Chennai.
    Photogrammetry was used to validate software solutions. The associated computer programmes were transported successfully.
    Film recording of pilot’s HUD display along with Radio Release Tone (RRT) provided the correlation with aircraft position determined by theodolites.
    Finally, live weapons were dropped at the desert range in Rajasthan. Initial Operational Clearance (IOC) was accorded in 1984 and Full Operational Clearance (FOC) a year later.
    The system now caters for manual or automatic release of a range of weapons. The pilot has the freedom of a wide release envelope from steep dives to toss bombing within a large speed margin. The reliability of the DARIN proved to be ten times better than the old system and was well received by the IAF. IIO also modified six Jaguars with Thomson CSF Agave radar and DARIN I system for maritime patrolling. These were enabled to use the Sea Eagle missiles

  105. lachit says:

    PART 2

    To extend the operational life of Jaguars by perhaps another two decades, further improvement of avionics suite is now in progress under project DARIN II. This involves a Sagem Ring-Laser-Gyro INS with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS). The combination is yielding a position accuracy within 100 metres, which does not degrade with flight time. Twin mission computers developed by DRDO’s Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) are installed, providing much better redundancy than in the original DARIN refit.

    An Israeli HUD from Elbit replaces the Smiths’ one and an indigenous Rear Warning Radar the original Marconi’s. The COMED has been abandoned, its task now being done by Smart Multi-function Displays (SMDs). An imported chaff dispenser has been added. On the ten maritime Jaguars the Agave radar is to be replaced by EL/M-2032 MMR from Israeli Elta Systems Group. Currently DARIN II upgrade is in progress on the 17 two seat Jaguars being produced by HAL. At least eight of these have already been delivered to IAF. In time DARIN II will first replace the NAVWASS on all direct supply strike Jaguars during their overhaul at HAL. An autopilot is also implemented.

    The Jaguar DARIN-II programme consisted of a comprehensive avionic systems upgrade, integration of new weapons, advanced weapon delivery modes, new sensors and incorporation
    of ‘hot standby’ philosophy using two mission computers. In all, a total of about thirty new LRUs and systems had to be integrated. The programme broadly involved the following :
    1.System design and preparation of specification documents
    2.Algorithm documents
    3.Software design and development
    4.Development of Mission Computer and related LRUs
    5.Testing and analysis, including Sub system level
    6.Software integration
    7.System integration on rigs and aircraft
    8.Flight tests
    9.Post flight analysis
    10.Weapon trials in the field

    A total of 377 test flights were carried out on the trial mods incorporated in the Jaguar Trainer and Jaguar Strike aircraft from the HAL Airport in Bangalore, ADE’s range at Kolar and also the Jaisalmer range of the IAF during the period 2003 to 2007. The entire programme was completed in record time, alongwith deliveries of production twin-seater Jaguars. The Mission Computer had one million bytes of source code.

    Design Drivers
    The total upgrade design was made around two Mission Computers working in Hot standby mode. The Mission Computer (MC) performs:
    3.Weapon aiming & release,
    4.Electronic Warfare (EW),
    5.Display and Recording functions,
    6.The Mission Computer (MC) integrates upto 32 diff erent units (number of units depends on the Version) covering Sensors, Display, Control, EW and Recording units to achieve state of the art Nav-attack system capability.
    7.The software is designed to provide fail-safe (no degradation due to single failure) mission activity using two MCs in hot-standby mode.
    8.The software is designed so that any one MC can be configured as 1553B Bus controller as well as Display driver for Head Up Display (HUD) and Upfront Control Panel (UFCP).
    9.Mission Computer Software is designed to suit the different configuration of Aircraft i.e., Single seater, Twin seater (Trainer) or Maritime version.
    10.Mission Computer Software is designed to ensure failsafe mission execution for failure of any of the interfacing unit.
    11.The software is designed to provide navigation information, guidance as per selected destination & flight plan and update of position and inertial errors.

    The Darin III allows the Jaguar can carry new generation weapon systems like new generation MBDA’s AIM-132 ASRAAM Air to Air missiles on Jaguar overwing missile launcher(JOWL) or RAFAEL’s Python 5 beneath the wings, including more powerful LGB/PGM’s with CBU-105 (Censor Fuzed Weapon).
    This is made possible by Raytheon developed munitions control unit (MCU), The MCU is a plug-and-play system that enables integration of modern weapons on legacy aircraft with minimal modifications to aircraft wiring and no changes to the flight and stores management software. Once the MCU is integrated on an aircraft, aircrews can employ both existing standofff PGMs and air combat missiles while using the aircraft’s existing weapons management system.
    the upgraded DARIN III Jaguar is likely provisioned to be equipped with two pod-mounted sensors: 1.the 196kg EL/M-20600 radar targetting pod (RTP) from Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) ELTA Systems Division,
    2.and RAFAEL Advanced Defence Systems’ Litening-3SU laser designator pod.
    The former integrates synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, ground moving target indication (GMTI) and precision target tracking into a single sensor. The RTP thus provides high-quality radar images of ground targets and terrain from standoff ranges, even through clouds, rain, fog, battlefield smoke and man-made camouflage, thus also catering for immediate post-strike bomb damage assessment (BDA).

  106. lachit says:

    PART 3

    Pilots of IAF have been very pleased with the flying characteristics and avionics fit of the aircraft. For many pilots, the Jaguar was a very welcome introduction to modern avionics – even the DS aircraft with the NAVWASS installed. Weapon delivery results for most pilots improved with this aircraft.
    Perhaps its most admired feature is the Part Throttle Reheat which allows selection of power all the way from dry idling to maximum reheat. The aircraft gives a smooth ride even in hot summers at low altitude. This is achieved despite strong thermals and the Jaguar flies better in these adverse conditions than any other IAF aircraft type.
    The only criticism against the aircraft is the lack of power at high altitude where flying is meant only for transit. This is the natural result of using a bypass engine for fuel economy to meet its designed low-level strike role.
    for DARIN III upgrade Honeywell is offering its F125IN, a 43.8kN thrust (with afterburning) turbofan, The company also proudly labels the F125IN as being a moduler ‘drop-fit’ design that requires no airframe structural modifications.
    The proven and mass-produced Honeywell Aerospace F125IN, in comparison, is 267.6kg (590lb) lighter than the current Adour Mk811 engines, while offering between 17% and 40% higher thrust, thereby offering the Jaguar a 2-tonne (4,400lb) payload increase over the original capacity of 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) which is much more than the payload carried by the 1950s Canberra bomber.

    In addition, Honeywell Aerospace asserts that F125IN-powered Jaguars will see a 23% reduction in takeoff distance, faster climb to 6,090 metres (20,000 feet) without utilising afterburners, and 36% extended range due to improved specific fuel consumption and reduced usage of afterburners. Also, the F125IN has been claimed to improve combat survivability by incorporating an auto restart feature while airborne together with a dual full authority digital engine control (FADEC) capability with automatic back-up operating modes (like continuous diagnostics/engine monitoring system, and fault detection logic).

    HAL carried out successful first flight of Jaguar DARIN III air force strike version in March 2015. But the primary mission stat reports are still awaited.

    again for the sake of clarifying
    the 3 part post is to give u guys (those who r intersted 😀 ) a rough idea on how difficult and complex a upgrade programme is even on legacy aircrafts.
    but the spin off are many if the project is managed in a time bound manner which actually has been a failure on the part on the indian jaguar upgrade.
    lazy bums looking to stretch it to their retirement.

  107. AOk says:

    It must be that time of the month that we get the usual ‘Jaguar reactivation’ comments. People, let it go.

    • lachit says:

      i am not asking for jaguar reactivation/upgrade etc etc…..
      it is not my mandate nor my business

      any person interested in technical defence matters will look at the posts i posted for points which r not too, too obivious to the uninterested readers ie related to technical upgrade details/ upgrade work flow for ANY, ANY legacy aircraft.
      i already said i posted it for people u r interested in technical details relating to upgrade programs of legacy aircrafts.i took the jaguar as a example, since nigeria once operated it.
      some of u dont know to appreciate the effort.

      anyway i will oblige u
      will not post any info on jaguar etc etc in future
      ur pain my gain 😀

      • mmekaa says:

        @ lachit….i think you covered the upgrade process/programme from scratch i.e from the beginning.i think copying the idea would be less strenuous for anyone determined to do so since in this case, someone else has gone through and correctly trashed out the technical details…..of course the cost would be a bit on the high side since you are also going to pay for the research effort but it can be done faster with the copy-and-paste approach….my opinion though

  108. Augustine says:

    NAF and FG should just take a final decision on NAF’s 17 units of Jaguar jets, it’s money tied down for 30 years.

    1. P.Buhari should do wish list for Britain, if any legal issue prevents the resale of our Jaguars to a 3rd party, first item on wish list is to grant us leave/permit to resell the jets.

    2. If India won’t buy, put them on world market for military enthusiasts and jet fighter collectors.

    3. Worth about $12 million per unit today, sell for half price for a total of $100 million.

    4. Use the $100 million to buy 3 units of second hand Su-30 MK 2 Flanker jets upgrade/re-configuration from Russian air force stocks manufacture date 2005 with 15 years useful life still left in them. Buy them with BVR missiles, Guided Bombs, and Anti-Ship missiles.

    5. P. Buhari’s next wish list should be to Italy on the fate of NAF’s 12 units of MBB-339 trainer/light attack jets stuck in litigation, get help to resolve the law issues and if we cannot get them back with full upgrade to MBB-339 CD version 4th generation aircraft, then apply for leave/permit to resell.

    The MBB-339 are worth about $100 million too and easy to resell, they are still in world market demand.

    6. Then put the second sales proceeds to buying another 3 units of Russian second hand Su-30 MK 2 Flanker jets and NAF will have a total of 6 capable top class jet fighters as stop gap till year 2030.

    7. I don’t know how Nigerian military top brass sleeps well at night with Mighty Mouse flashing Chad’s 4th generation MiG-29 air-superiority multi-role jet fighters with BVR missiles into the face of NAF F-7 toy jets that cannot even take off when Chad is flying her MiGs, except our pilots want an early obituary in the next day’s newspapers.

  109. AOk says:

    @Chief Augustine, whatever the legal issues (if any) around the Jaguars are, NAF have tried to sell the planes at least twice, mid 1990s and early 2000s. I suspect the ads are still out there in the ether and if I recall correctly, one had less than 150hrs TT.

    Until we get a transparent system where eventually the public (i.e us), gets to see historic contract details, this blog will just keep on guessing as to what the real issues are behind these jets. Maybe a Freedom of Information charter will help.
    Until then…

  110. Oje says:

    The United Nation should proclaim Nigeria as the 10th Wonder of the World. A world heritage cite where people from all over the world can come and study this unique paradox of a nation. In less than 6 years Nigeria was able to put five satellites into orbit, one of those satellites were built by Nigerian engineers from scratch,. A country that grew to become Africa’s richest ever nation with a norminal GDP of $1 trillion with an economy powered by generators. A country with an oil reserve of 40 billion barrels, an inexhaustible supply of natural gas and big waters yet unable to produce up to 5 thousand mega watts of electricity since Independence. A country that has the most educated people in Africa, the most literary icons and authors yet consistently produces leaders that have a hard time with articulation and clear strategic debt. A country that has been in a bitter war with an assymetric enemy who poses the biggest existential threat to its sovereignty for nearly a decade, spends more on defend than the rest of West Africa combined yet cannot buy a SIMPLE 4TH GEN FIGHTER JET. 6 years into the war we are still talking about MBB-339 aircrafts, Alpha’s and other airplanes private citizens buy for leisure and fun. $7 BILLION (SEVEN BILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS). This must be the Devils own country, its hard for the human brain to comprehend how things work in this country. My days of singing KUMBAYAYAYA KUMBAYA are OVER. Any one who sings praises to the government in the face of these level incompetence should be tried for Treasonl

    • Are James says:

      Tell them my friend. It is also the only country where everything is excused from a few people because they have a fancy title, come from one’s own tribe and ride in 10 car convoys. Big time cowardice in confronting issues, if excuses are on the moon, the average Nigerian will go look for it instead of blamingpunishing the right people. I bet uyu in the next few posts some one here will tell us that Nigeria would never buy jets and defend itself properly ..”until the country is restructured along the lines of true federalism..he he he”. That is to say all.other countries with good defence have solved all their nationhood issues..smh

  111. solorex says:

    Like my on time neighbor always sings- “Eyo ninu Oluwa Eyo”-meaning rejoice in the Lord, rejoice- I am certain that this shall be the song of NAF before the end of the year. President Buhari has said he considers NAF platforms (Mi 35s,F7s,upgraded Alphas…) an embarrassment and as far has he is concerned- they are next to not extant. I believe he intends a total rebirth , he also particularly mentioned poor training and lack of advance technology. This gives me a reason to thing big! Revamped Jags,Tokunbo Sukhoi’s,upgraded MBBs are not spirit in the air at them moment. We are thinking Hitech and West! I think we are about to take our right place on the continent.

    His Words:
    ““Our case is lack of capacity and effective Airforce.
    “The Airforce is virtually non – existent. The fixed wings aircraft are not very serviceable. The helicopters are not serviceable and they are too few.
    “We need Airforce to conduct reconnaissance and support the ground troops.
    “The arrangement made by the former government will soon expire.
    “We have made this clear to the Americans and we have made it clear to G7 and we need their cooperation. ”

    • Are James says:

      I was just about to post this.
      Finally we have a President who seems to know what he is doing. The only problem is I am now almost sure he went to the states to ask for something like F 15s….

  112. Augustine says:

    Oga lachit, your comments on Jaguar jet reactivation are welcome as long as Nigeria still has the jets in our hangers.

    Oga Beegeagle himself mentioned it just today, he said NAF can reactivate/upgrade the Jaguars and buy Su-30 Flankers to be our frontline jets above the Jags.

    Oga AOK is just expressing the frustration that many of us feel with western jet fighters, ask me too, I want no Jaguar jet in NAF fleet anymore. About $ 300 million jets wasted by USA/UK/EU sanctions.

    The technical details you posted are very useful eye openers for all of us, including the info you added that all is not very well with the Indian process of upgradation, some human made delays and bureaucracy, etc.

    Thanks for the enlightenment, it’s appreciated. Oga AOK means no harm, he is just frustrated like me and many of us here.

    • Augustine says:

      Nigerian navy also has 3 examples of Lynx ASW helicopters killed by the British sanctions, NAF has about 24 examples of MBB 105 helicopter gunships killed by Germany. The west/USA/EU surely knows how to castrate Nigerian military and render us impotent….they wrecked our entire fleet of 18 jet fighters and 27 helicopter gunships/ASW, they ruined Nigerian air force and Navy air arm !

      • Are James says:

        I am not sure the choppers were sanctioned. When we were in Liberia we could easily have revamped the Bolkows. The Navy Lynx choppers were also tame enough not to have been sanctioned. They were never really mounted with ASW sonars . Our problems were in the human plane. There is actually no country embargo-able. Too many dual use components, components bought through private companies and also those you can buy through friendly governments. Nigeria is a far more resourceful country than Iran, Libya and Syria combine yet thede people busted sanctions . Iran still flies F5s and Fq8s. Some people just got promoted far above their competence level and completely went brain dead. That was our problem.

      • Are James says:


  113. Augustine says:

    Oga Are James, I agree with your thoughts, I am also of the personal opinion that Presido Buhari asked Obama for stuff on a wish list including F-16 jets and Apache helicopters, Obama must have thought Nigeria is insane….probably F-15 and A-10 jets were also on the list, and the USA was laughing at Buhari’s star-wars ambition.

    That’s what you get from USA/UK when you as a black nation try to become great.

    • AOk says:

      @Arejames. Iran does not fly the F18, never has. I think you meant the F14 Tomcat, a machine which in spite of the US embargo, Iran has kept operational including complete rebuilds. The US Navy stood down it’s F14 fleet enabling a huge spares supply to become available on the market through clandestine means.

  114. Augustine says:

    Oga Solorex, CAS Petirin, Umar, Badeh, Amosun all CAS of GEJ era, made Jonathan miss a chance to make history by buying NAF a 4th generation jet fighter. Bad advisers make a ‘bad’ leader in the eyes of the public.

    P. Buhari needs modern minded advisers on NAF rebuilding, or else someone will tell him to buy F-8 Finback as replacement for F-7 Airguard jet.

    Matter needs a dedicated thread based on Buhari’s visible desperate hunt for new jets for NAF, wonder if any Buhari adviser reads this blog. The Jonathan advisers that read it just cherry pick what they personally like and delete the rest of what we say here.

    Meanwhile, Oga Beegeagle is still on his week long campaign for NAF to buy Su-30 jets on his tweeter page…..smoking hot aggressive campaign.

  115. Kola Adekola says:

    on July 27, 2015 / in News 9:38 am /
    By Emma Ujah, Abuja Bureau Chief

    President Muhammadu Buhari has painted a worrisome picture of the on-going war against Boko Haram , saying that there was not enough fire power to support ground troops to decimate the terrorists.

    He spoke on Good Morning Nigeria, a programme of the Nigerian Television Authority, Monday, in Abuja.

    He made the comment while failing to answer repeated questions on whether or not he was able to secure a commitment from the US to sell critical equipment to defeat the terrorists.

    His words: ” The US has high technology, and of course the other developed countries like China.

    “Our case is lack of capacity and effective Airforce.

    “The Airforce is virtually non – existent. The fixed wings aircraft are not very serviceable. The helicopters are not serviceable and they are too few.

    “We need Airforce to conduct reconnaissance and support the ground troops.

    “The arrangement made by the former government will soon expire.

    “We have made this clear to the Americans and we have made it clear to G7 and we need their cooperation. ”

    President Buhari also vowed to retrieve proceeds of crude oil stolen by corrupt Nigerian leaders.

    He said that crack teams of the Nigerian anti- graft agencies were already on the trail of such funds and that those involved would be prosecuted at the end of the investigations.

    President Buhari, however, reduced the quantity of the alleged crude oil theft to 250, 000 barrels per day.

    He had told Americans during his last week trip to Washington that 1 million barrels were been stolen daily.

    He failed to answer repeated questions on whether he got any commitment from America to sell military equipment to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.

    He only lamented that there were not enough serviceable Airforce fighter jets and other military hardwares to quickly win the war against terror.

    President Buhari also gave an insight into those to be appointed into his cabinet, saying that he would appoint only patriotic Nigerians who were knowledgeable professionals and technocrats who had not been compromised.

    • Are James says:

      PMC contract is expiring. Wahala be dat.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Apologies for reposting.

      What does the quote below mean?

      “The arrangement made by the former government will soon expire.”

      Could it be the arrangement with Oga Eeben? In which case, what happens to our highly effective 72nd Mobile Strike Force?
      If on the other hand, it is the line of credit Russia offered us, I strongly feel we should take it up.

    • asorockweb says:

      The statement about expiring “arrangement” seems to be in connection with the Air Force.

      It’s seems likely it’s in connection with the Ukrainians supporting the Hind Gunships.

      The Eeben contract ended awhile ago.

      • jimmy says:

        There still appears to be another contract which concerns the procurement and Mainteanance of some of these Eurocopters if you can discern only one of them has a distinctive NAF 301 marked on it. The rest are painted in white still with no markings.

      • Are James says:

        Those would be provide, operate and maintain contracts. I would not want to be a PMC contractor at the present time anyway. Payment delays is almost sure due to the recent transition.

      • asorockweb says:

        Also, there are contracts for logistical support – like the one given to the Georgian helicopter-based logistics company. Can’t recall the name right now.

  116. Naijaseal says:

    What the COAS is proposing as per SF sounds actually like an elevation of the “relentless pursuit” doctrine of the 72nd strike force that was highly effectively pre election (even though one funny blogger here implied no grounds were recovered during that period. SMH).

    Anyway, without an NA air wing or more rotary platforms for the NAF, i think it will be difficult to scale up the activities of the 72nd strike force guys.

    • eyimola says:

      Wow, Thats just spectacular.

      • Are James says:

        When you pull gs like that just taking off for practice just remember something called airframe fatigue.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      It is more of a demonstration of high thrust to weight ratio exceeding 1:1, in the vertical, no high Gs were involved ( Entry was not at high speed), the entire maneuver is seen through by pure engine thrust to over come aerodynamic drag force, It is defined as characteristics of a super maneuverable aircraft. ( partly secret to Cobra Maneuver of the platform type)

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Yes Oga Capt Tobias Wilcock, that is the Easts doctrine for use of kinetic energy which is the direct opposite to the Wests. The West believes that such manoeuvres will cause a plane to lose energy, slow down and become vulnerable; whereas the Russians (the inventors of this doctrine), Chinese and Indians believe in supermaneuverability.

        The battle of doctrines can be a beautiful, highly educative thing! 🙂

        The evangelists of supermaneuverability believe that an aircraft possessing it cannot be hit by any known missile, so long as the pilot is alerted to the attack. it also allows a fast moving aircraft to turn within seconds to take another shot if it missed a first one, or to take off at speed like a UFO if targeted whilst sitting still. Aside from outwitting missiles, rapid changes in speed can also cause Doppler fire-control radars to break lock. All these things combined will force a stealth jet to need to come within visual range to dogfight, where they will be at a distinct disadvantage since they lack supermaneuverability (aside the F-22).

        This short video is quite interesting with a Sukhoi rep talking about some of the benefits of the supermaneuverability doctrine as concerns the SU-30 (the T-50 PAK FA is even more manoeuvrable).

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Kola, Thanks nice Video.

  117. jimmy says:

    The arrangement about to expire is with the PMC flying the PMC
    Reading between the lines BUHARI/ IBB was responsible for procuring Vickers Tanks in 1979 for the Shagari Govt ,Prior to that He also had EXPERIENCE with the T55 with the Russians, Let me be emphatic here , Buhari was a GOC of the 3div which would of had the T-55
    When asked whether the US were willing to sell WEAPONS he refused to answer those questions, this implies as the DEAL for the equipment is still in the CARDS
    PMB like the some of us has come to the same conclusion we do not HAVE ENOUGH aerial platforms , I EXPECT one of two things to happen
    August 22nd marks the ONE MONTH anniversary since the visit, it is expected based on what he is saying if he does not get anything tangible from NOT just America but the G7 , he will NAF PERSONNEL to Russia for the purpose of training on :
    The SU27/ 30
    the MI 24/35

  118. jimmy says:

    The PMC euro helicopters
    He will send NAF personnel
    Buhari’s personnel read this BLOG
    The former Vice President ATIKU hired 12 people whose SOLE 24 HOURS a day was to scour the internet looking for both good and negative SOCIAL MEDIA
    Evidence that PMB’S social media read this page
    Two of the three TRI- SERVICE chiefs are using the language we have reapetedly used on this blog
    The COAS went as far as to say he will hold his commanders responsible if they are not aggresive enough
    The CAS has indicated that he wants the NAF to be more AGGRESIVE
    Finally one of the recently bought AUGUSTA AW101 HELIOS has been photographed in the N’ EAST.
    Stay tuned:
    The NAF is about to witness a rebirth whether it Russian or G7 I will take either one.

    • jimmy says:

      Wow $6b! SMDH

      • Naijaseal says:

        They said, he said, she said….

        Tired of all these 24/7 unproven allegations by the ruling party against the previous admin.

        Suddenly everyone under GEJ stole, but people like Ameachi with a rail line to nowhere are clean. Welldone.

        Work, they wont work, just throwing stories everywhere.

        PMB/APC, Bring proof, try the alleged looters legally or shut up.

  119. zachary999 says:

    The NAF Jaguar Fleet is gone.. it is beyond salvage. NAF had approached BAE systems some years back to see whether they could salvage the platform. After inspection, the British guys informed NAF that as far as they were concerned this was a wasteful venture as the platforms had not been put in the right storage and the airframes and other systems were in extremely terrible shape. They would not be able to do it at even 20m per frame and recommended that we either scrap the life upgrade or talk to the indians.

    NAF also spoke to the indians (HAL) who were very willing to do it but at a very high cost without strong guarantees for success.NAF wanted a water tight contract.

    The dilemma for the NAF was clear. Go for new platforms or spend money on this upgrade and have to retire this fleet in a few years. NAF had also not forgotten how expensive this platform was to maintain. Talk to our pilots also , they never really liked the jaguar even though that is understandable.

    As it is, the NAF has no luxury of options available to her for its front line fighter fleet. There is only one direction and that is east. We need to start planning the acquisition of both the Sukhoi 27 and 30. The price/performance of this fleet is the best we can get today. Our pilots would easily move from the F7 to both the 27 and 30mkII. The fleet also meets our strategic goals as documented in all the NAF reviews in the last 8 years. The sukhoi 30mkII had come tops in the last 3 reviews for acquisition of a front line 4G fighter aircraft.

    we can start with one squadron of each platform and then gradually increase the fleet. It would interest the house to know that the Alpha jets that were just delivered came empty with all the FLIR capability removed. We need to learn our lesson and look at the right direction.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Thanks for the info Oga zachary999.
      However, even the SU-27 is a dated plane. We should be getting SU-30’s at least.

      My Oga’s, DICON needs to begin looking at manufacturing things like FLIR, radar and optical systems. Rifles and RPG’s are great, but we need to move upmarket, by now we should have had our own Semiconductor fabrication plant and either become self-sufficient in electronics or be well on the way.

      We should also heavily leverage our decades of experience with Air Beetle assembly to build our own “Super Tucano.” Beef up the engine, airframe and avionics, increase the wingspan. The Air Beetle might seem like a toy, but there is a lot we can do with it.

      • jimmy says:

        The SU 27/30 MK are spawned from the same tree.

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Kola Adekola says:

        The SU-30 is a complete redesign of the SU-27. Better engines, better avionics, better airframe, better computer-human integration, better thrust vectoring etc.
        They are hardly the same plane.

      • Are James says:

        It is impossible for DICON to make FLIR. The fact that we are talking about defence and weaponry should not make us put everything into the same technologoval bucket. FLIR is not a pyrotechnic, it is about sensors that change their properties when exposed to heat sources, heat sources give out electro magnetics at verious frequencis and wavelengths and with FLIR we are particularly interested in the IR region of the spectrum. The signal processing is just as important as the detection, so this is the province of electronics.
        DICON is destined to go the way of Pakistan’s ordnance factories manufacting guns and artillery of various calibre and maybe land vehicles What we should be doing with electro optics is to start a small tech center under NAF for technology development, maintenance and reverse engineering. The technologies involved also find easy application in surveying, agriculture and agro allied industry.

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks Oga Zachary. At least for now the jags have been put to rest…….for one day.Phew! It looks kicking and screaming we will got to Ivan for the Su27/30……not so sure about our sense of Urgency. Now that we have An Air force Chief who on day one told PMB the truth. 1). How much does a squadron of SU27/30 cost? 2)How much does a squadron of Gazelles cost?

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  120. Are James says:

    India just lost a great man . One I have admired for more than thirty years. Every time I ever asked myself why I studied engineering, his name always popped up. Nigeria needed only two of him and we will get ours.
    @lachit should be proud. Great nationalist and engineer. Now what we’re discussing here again?… $6bn stolen and kept abroad or something? . ..pls remind me.

  121. Augustine says:

    Su-27 flanker is inferior to Su30 flanker. Su-35 flanker is superior to both of them.

    There are many variants of Su-27 and Su-30.

    If President Buhari wants to return NAF to it’s past glory, let him check history, Jaguar jet was introduced into British Royal air force in 1974 and Nigerian air force in 1984, means the past glory of NAF is to fly a frontline combat jet that is about 10 years technology in the arsenal of a world power.

    Su-27 is a bit too old for Nigeria, it’s 30 year old technology unless heavily upgraded. Su-30 early models are also dated over 20 year old tech, so the standard of NAF will only be up to past glory with Su-30 MK 2, Su-30 MKI, SU-30 M2, Su-30 SM variants.

    The best and most technologically advanced Su-30 today is the Su-30 SM variant.

    The thing is, Russians have the capacity to customize Su-30 to meet customer’s specific requirements, they make the thing and can almost do any kind of engineering magic with it.

    My opinion, NAF should go for Russian made Su-30 MK 2 variant with a 400 km range radar and new OLS-35 systems for detecting stealth jet fighters by using it’s long range TV Camera.

    If Uganda can use coffee and tea money to buy Su-30 MK 2 jets, why not Nigeria?

  122. jimmy says:

    The COAS is instituting another SF Battalion on Motorcycles. This is according to anyone have anymore information on this.

      • Are James says:

        The NA is no more a static force . This might just work. There are existing technical solutions to riding on sand and muffling the noise of motorbikes. This measure will out-Boko the Boko Haram -swift mobility, agility.
        It is very important to separate them from existing lines of authority/communication and their reporting should be straight to an officer olin DHQ.

      • This could turn out pretty well. however a few things must compliment these guys. when they deploy there must be air cover on call always. there’s a limit to how much heat they will be able to pack, Due to the noise of motorcycles we really should consider using electric bikes. There are a number of companies that are experimenting with military grade e-bikes. The only snag is that they seem to be mostly American companies. Also the e-bikes add to the logistical headache but it can be overcome.
        Basically these guys will be highly mobile, should be silent and must have air cover in the event that they encounter heavy weapons and AA guns.

    • ozed says:

      Great idea for the North East and such locations where distances are significant. It is generally used for infiltration/exfiltration, the idea being to drop them off at a rendevous and go into battle on foot.

      Also of course a man on a bike can carry far more ammo, water and foods hence capable of deeper infiltration.

      Benefits of having a Special forces guy as COAS.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.
      Interesting indeed. We need more out of the box thinking if we are to put an end to this scourge. Increased mobility and swarm techniques are definitely the way to go, out-gun, out-maneuver, out-run the enemy. Definitely looking forward to the implementation of this special force 🙂

  123. mcshegz says:

    Morgan Takes Over as the Defence Intelligence Chief

    The new Chief of Defence Intelligence (CDI), Air Vice Marshal (AVM) Monday Riku Morgan has assumed office with a promise to implement a blueprint that is proactive with a view to putting a permanent end to the menace of terrorism under his watch.
    Morgan gave this assurance on Monday during handing/taking over ceremony from his predecessor, Rear Admiral Gabriel Okoi, at the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Headquarters, Abuja.
    “I am just coming in, as you can see. We have just held a meeting with my staff; so, it would be difficult for me to be telling you about my vision until it is ready but this I can tell you now: my vision will be actionable and pro-active” , he told journalists.
    “My vision will help us to put an end to all forms of security challenges in the country. Nigerians would see my vision in what we will be doing”.
    The CDI used the opportunity to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for the confidence imposed on him and promised not to let him and the country down.

  124. jimmy says:

    I think one of the reason (s) why the COAS mentioned it because he wants to start sentisizing the public to the sight of seeing Army Soldiers on Bikes
    Attach bigger Mufflers to the BIKES is the way to go, they should be all terrain BIKES that can be used in swampy, muddy environments.
    Electric bikes like their Cars take to long to recharge the Battery (24-36 hours) not practicable.
    There movements has to be very secret in nature and should only be know by the head of the special forces
    Speaking of Special forces it is now becoming very apparent apart from the 7 div, Nigeria needs a structured BRIGADE, training school, infrastructure for the future Special Forces Division, there are currently three special forces Battalions in the ARMY, 72 ( MARKUDI) 176? out of Kure Abuja and one other one whose name 101?111?172? , anyways my point is theses SF need to be brought under one umbrella. The template i have consistently chosen is the British SAS
    my hope and prayer is that the COAS and PMB will come up with a long term solution to this.

  125. jimmy says:
    Brig .Gen Samuel Malu is the younger brother of the former COAS LT.GEN VICTOR MALU.

  126. Augustine says:

    This blog recommended Nigerian army special infantry regiments trained for COIN war on high power motorcycles and horses last year. The NA at that time avoided everything we suggested that did not look conventional like what they were taught in NATO elite military academies. They forgot that COIN war is not a major in those conventional war courses.

    Seems we have a new COAS Maj. Gen. Buratai who is willing to think outside the box, be flexible, creative, and innovative….ready to out-Boko the Boko Haram and beat them in their own game. The former COAS was reluctant to do any COIN innovations until the STTEP PMC arrived did we see a few cannon mounted trucks and LAV, this blog had suggested same things since May/June 2014, but the army brass hats felt that Beegeagle Bloggers are mere noisemakers. The things we said, which they did not do, led to their failures and limited performance.

    Boko Haram has always had a super force mobile force on motorcycles.

    Shugaban sojojin, General Buratai, well done.

  127. Roscoe says:

    ATV’s, Quads, LAV’s (dune buggies), pack mules, horses, motorcycles and even camel corps, everything is allowed. Small SF units should be able to decide how they want to infiltrate and exfiltrate.

  128. mcshegz says:

    Oga’s please take a listen

    She also makes a mention of the Anambra/arerams saga 🙂 all part of the NSA’s DERAD-COUNTERRAD program. 1:30:00

    Dr. Fatima Akilu 50:50 – 1:14:00
    Director of Behavioral Analysis and Strategic Communication, Office of the National Security Adviser, Government of Nigeria

  129. jimmy says:
    This is a recap from Beegs TWITTER
    I am EXTREMELY cautious to say this but it appears our prayers of having A GENERAL who will think outside the BOX, be unorthodox , be aggressive and absolutely deal with BH has arrived.
    Hopefully BEEGS will open A NEW THREAD
    Nigeria needs a SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION ( Fully Equipped)
    Possible names 12. DIV ( Nightwalkers) with a Wolf/ Lion roaring at Night with a full Moon

  130. Oje says:

    I dont know why we keep laying emphasis on acquiring Flankers like our victory against Boko Haram depends on it. Our corrupt Chief of Staffs will no doubt be thanking Obama now for the much publicized refusal to sell American aircrafts to us, because now they have the perfect excuse to steal or mess up knowing if things go awry we can always blame the U.S because they turned down request to buy American fighters. Its unfortunate that many here not only fell hook line and sinker for this criminal scheme, they are fervently propagating it here. The Nigerian airforce have never in its history be known to use American fighter jets, the closest we ever came was with the Jaguars. The CAS should tell us Nigerians the exact kind of aircraft that was requested. You cannot fight terror with F-15’s or F-16’s, our Pilots will need at least 3 years of training to be able to operate the Apache gunships in the ”HIGHLY UNLIKELY” event they decide to sell them to us, so who are our Chief of staffs kidding? do they think Nigerians are zombies? The USAF recently purchased 6 Embrae Super Tucano aircrafts from Brazil for COIN operations because its ridiculous hitting a concrete mud house or $5000 truck with $100,000 smart bomb. As we speak Angolan Tanks are in Russia fighting side by side with Chinese and Russian Tanks as a participant in the annual Biatlion Tank competition. The South African Navy participates in numerous NATO Naval exercises, where is Nigeria, black Africa’s biggest defence spenders?…oh yes, we are thinking about getting more Bi-planes or upgrading that trainser aircraft we call ground attack jet, maybe if we are lucky the JF-17, whats worse? we will purchase them in single digit numbers: 2 Alpha’s, 3 MI-35, heck if given the chance the NAF will allocate $1 billion for aircraft and buy 5 Albatross. We all have to come to the realisation that unless a revolution, its kind never seen in the history of Nigeria takes place this country fit no better again. We are sliding further down the ladder of a failed State status, in the same league with Libya, Syria,Yemen,Iraq…well theirs can be understood because they are fighting the biggest terror group ever with funds in excess of $1 billion and a thriving oil revenue base of 40 thousand barrels a day on the black market. But Boko Haram? bunch of rag tagged illiterate hungry looking Amajiri’s is holding the entire North East hostage. Is this a country?

    • Are James says:

      I like your attitude and your tone . This US basing to provide an excuse to low IQ, money loving and un exposed politicians by rankly unqualified was perfected to high art by the last administration. This blog joined I’m the same clueless charade and i was known to ask many times; where has there ever been am American combat aircraft I’m the NAF inventory? .Why would a buyer rain abuses on a seller who is not willing to sell when there are other shops in the market?. It was just rank amateurs wearing “patriotic” masks and spoiling good counsel. The long threads always went to the same conclusion; go East
      The questions I have are practical and down earth;
      1, what is the waiting time for Russian combat aircraft..I suspect that is the real problem, a waiting time of very many months
      2. Did it ever enter into acquisition options to lease combat jets with trained Nigerian pilots from Russia and Pakistan whilst waiting for jets on order?. I know of countries with robust defence policy where it is actually criminal to leave gaps unclosed in the Defence architecture especially if thorough threats assessment revealed such gaps.
      3. Are pilots already in training for the expected aircraft? If not then we have a 3-year lead time instead of this yearm
      4. Are ground support facilities and personnel already in training?
      5. Why have the true anti Boko aircraft that we always had in inventory; -L 39 za and MB349 CD still not seeing action? Why have they not been refurbished and deliversed after so many billions have been spent on the war?. If there are legal issues ongoing on them..who was responsible, gas he been punished and why have we not settled out of court paid the monies and gotten the capability? Why would a trained CDS and a trained CAS continue to lead forces with inadequate platforms when indeed those platforms actually used to be inventory and somebody’s inefficiency was the actual cause of the problem?
      This country was badly run in the defsec space by the last CIC, a very slow provincial and unexposed greenhorn constantly been misadvised by his mediocre band of transport plane pilots occupying the CDS and CAS roles. It is hoped that the new hands on deck will raise the standard of NAF back to the glory days AVM Yisa Doko and others. It is disgraceful that Angola, Chad, Uganda, Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya now have better airforces than ours in this sub sahara neck of woods.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        @ Are James, Very good question and food for thought, the answer may solve a lot of self inflicted problems.

  131. Oje says:

    Oga Roscoe, please i beg you in the name of God take down those pictures. 5 million people view this thread at any given time, they might not be participant but they follow this blog. Nigerian army riding horses ? are you f***ing kidding me?

  132. Oje says:

    You gonna go charging Crusader style on horses in the face of anti aircraft high calibre round and RPG fire? As Ronald Reagan once said: Mr Rosco, take down this picture !!

    • Roscoe says:

      What is wrong with it. You can use it for infil and exfil and dismount for main assault. Instead of wakaing. We are not bring back calvary charges.

      Btw…look closely at the pic poster.

  133. Naijaseal says:

    I like the SF on bikes idea; agility and speed.

    Things to consider:
    1. How many bikes can be in a “swarm”?
    2. Logistics of refueling, replenishing ammo?
    3. Can it be adapted/scaled in such a way, that in a particular ops, “swarm baton” system operates? This is bit like what Col Eeben talked about; BH will not be allowed to attack nor retreat nor rest.

    • Are James says:

      The advantage of bikes is not swarm tactics, swarm tactics are actuslly a disadvantage. The advantage is the innate ability to split up a company of them into three-bike teams, well dispersed but withim communication rangr and really faze enemy observers looking on with field glasses. They are also useful for quick resupply in battle, quick ferrying of snipers to vantage points, quick redeployment of mortar crews, sappers and even food supply . They provide agile flexibility in battle.

  134. Oje says:

    Randon interjection:
    Anyone see the video of the Chinese woman crushed by an escalator? workers had 30 minutes warning but failed to alert customers or close the escalator. Sad case, last week in a separate incident a kid almost lost his arm when his arms was stuck in an escalator railing.This wouldn’t happen in Nigeria. Chinese are one hell of an incompetent bunch of people.

  135. jimmy says:

    Pictures from DIKWA
    It appears the Virgin seekers were caught napping, the pictures are Graphic
    Haven’t decided whether to post it or not
    Very Graphic.

    • Kay says:

      God to see a bit of R&D. Still needs more money to be pumped into their operation. Chunky tracks to aid in mobility followed by greater powered hydraulic talon arms for heavier jobs. Pincers, sensors (modular) can be attached interchangeably depending on the threat.

      • Are James says:

        Well we have to commend the last administration on this one and many other small but pioneering efforts at self sufficiency. The new Buhari govt should go whole hog into incubation centers, reverse engunerring centers, machine shops and foundries. NASENI should be identifying few areas that Nigeria should have sufficiency and work towards it. Every Indian I meet boasts that everything in India is made in India and it rankles all the time.

  136. Kola Adekola says:

    Nigeria Army Frees Dozens of Women, Children from boko haram
    Army officials say the operation to free the captives took place in the town of Dikwa in Borno State

  137. sabatino9 says:

    Meanwhile, Oga Beegs is citing on twitter about an unconfirmed report from a reliable source of New Jets in the country. Not A-Jet, F-7.

    Oga @zachary999 can you confirm this information for us please.

    • zachary999 says:

      Would revert, most likely the Su 25 replacement for the cobra deal by Arthur Eze or our MB-339 returned by Alenia from Italy after the failed upgrade that would have cost just $80M.

  138. Are James says:

    Good guess = SU 25 or L 159.

    • sabatino9 says:

      SU25 looks more likely, or maybe the big brother SU-27/30

      • rka says:

        What isn’t good if it is true is that the same secrecy prevails, which isn’t a good sign for transparency moving forward.

        Although I loathe guessing these days, I would go with either the SU-25 or the missing upgraded SU-27s from Belarus.

      • buchi says:

        i keep my faith close to my heart, heard the news a bit all i know is that the so called alpha jet with no removed FLIR capabilities is in town, but as for new jets i dont want to speculate

      • sabatino9 says:

        I think the secrecy might be as a result of avoiding conflicts with our new found friends in the US. Speculation is rife that some form of approval has been granted for some assets. I pray it isn’t F16 at least for now till we get a more befitting SU30MKII.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James, Czech is desperate to sell off dozens of excess L-159 ALCA jets, but too much American control has blocked export, it’s now seen as a failed project by Czechs, the engine and avionics are largely American….how will Nigeria get it? Nothing is impossible, but we may regret it in future when USA sanctions ground the engine and avionics like the Jaguar jets. Same fear I have for T-129 ATAK Helicopters with American engines in a Turkish helicopter and Textron Scorpion Strike/ISR….NAF may just regret this kind of procurement in future. The 3 aircraft aforementioned, are very good and excellent for NAF needs, but what is the use of an aircraft Nigeria cannot use?

      • Are James says:

        The Leahy Law constrains a sitting US president more strongly in terms of exporting from the US than sovereign governments exporting defence products containing American components. Rule is law is strong in the US to the point of impeachment of the President otherwise immediate firing of the sec of defence when laws are breached. So even if Obama had wanted to he could still have gotten into trouble violating something passed by congress whatever good intentions he had…the Republicans are actually looking for any slip ups to use in an election year.
        The story is differentbfor foreign government exporting indigenous defence products with some US components , it is easy for the US President to look the other way when it comes to such citing sovereign rights. Reagan did this in a clumsy way with the contras and the US found itself committing crimes to keep their party supplied that was only why they ran into trouble.

    • Augustine says:

      Any jet fighter that arrives NAF fleet at this moment is likely a procurement by GEJ govt.

      • eyimola says:

        Likely is the wrong word. Any new Kit at the moment 100% has to be from the last administration. The earliest this Government can sign new contracts should be about Sept/Oct based on the current pace of things. This in itself is not necessarily a bad thing.

      • Are James says:

        We have heard. Let us not praise too much.

  139. Lordfej says:

    The Lrp of Sri Lanka are masters of the bike quick response squad and even fire rpg while on movement

  140. mnl01 says:

    Nigerian Defence Sector Deserves Only The Best.

    Nigerian Sets Record, Scores 5.0 GPA In Russia..

    The Federal Ministry of Education on Wednesday in Abuja honoured Dr Victor Olalusi who scored 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow (RNRMU) in 2013, arguably the first in the world.

    Olalusi, who was the best graduating student in the whole Russian Federation in 2013, studied in RNRMU under the Russia-Nigeria Bilateral Education Agreement.

    Speaking at the event, Dr MacJohn Nwaobiala, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry said a lot of Nigerian students were brilliant but Olalusi was a genius.

    He said Olalusi had become an ambassador not only to the ministry but to Nigeria and Russia.

    “We have to search the Guinness Book of Records for anybody who has achieved 5.0 in a university. It is curious and strange that all those that evaluated his performance could not find reason to reduce a point from him.

    “You should be the ambassador of the Federal Scholarship Board, Ministry of Education, Nigeria and the Russian Federation.

    “I look forward to the day you will stand before the President to receive your honour. We have recommendations to that effect, ’’ Nwaobiala said.

    He then urged Olalusi to continue to be a role model to young Nigerians and also called on him to explore opportunities in post graduate research.

    In her speech, Mrs Ifeoma Agunwa, the Director, Federal Scholarship Board, said Olalusi made 5.0 GPA in all the courses he took in the seven years he studied Medicine in Russia.

    She said “Olalusi never had a 4.99 GPA. Even in the Russian language class, he did not fall below 5.0.”

    In her citation on Olalusi, Agunwa said he ranked as one of the best students in the faculty which handed him a place in RNRMU’s Hall of fame for academic excellence.

    She said that Olalusi had registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and had the compulsory one-year housemanship training at State Specialist Hospital, Akure, Ondo State.

    According to her, he is presently going through the compulsory National Youth Service scheme in Rivers.

    Mr Artem Romanov, who represented the Russian Embassy, said that Olalusi’s feat was very significant for everybody in Russia.

    Romanov said “Nigeria is blessed with abundant human potential which is officially acknowledged in Russia.

    “It has been acknowledged in the Russian Ministry of Education that Nigerians have a lot of exceptional talents. Genetically, Nigerians grasp knowledge easily.

    “Olalusi is a hardworking person. It is not easy to achieve such in Russia; it goes with talent and hard work.

    “I urge you to engage your knowledge in the development of your father land.”

    While showing his appreciation, Olalusi thanked God for his rare feat and also commended the Federal Government and the Scholarship Board for the opportunity given to young Nigerians to distinguish themselves.

    Mr Olarewaju Olalusi, the father of Olalusi, said that his son’s achievement was as a result of hard work.

    Olalusi said his son did not attend high class schools but normal public schools which spoke volumes of the standard of education in Nigeria.

    He then urged parents to monitor their wards closely and make sure they were not distracted from their studies.

    Any of the Tri – Services Should pick this dude up and work on developing self sustenance and new frontiers in Military Medicine.

    • Are James says:

      I have not been suggesting close economic and defense relationship with India because I like curry. How much did the US ever buy from us max in terms of crude oil exports, 1.2 million barrels at the highest?. India’s 1.25 billion people and growing middle class have the potential to buy much more over a longer period…. not to even talk of China’s. However ,the more fundamental issues with the oil market is not just Iran coming in but new entrants like the xyz- stans of the old Soviet union. BP and a lot of smaller operators are drilling cheaply and producing fast to market in that region and that is big competition for us even for the Indian market we want to make niche. I understand we have discounted heavily to remain there.
      Generally, some more strategic thinking is required within the overall management of this country’s oil sector now that the shallow, cash and carry ‘traders’ have been booted out of government. Local refining capacity should be quadrupled in six years. This is doable by unleashing the refinery licenses that NNPC gave out but later frustrated just to encourage importation. Then we need to put some pace in gas development which is Nigeria’s bigger resource; 3 large LPG plants for export purposes would help in this regard , finally petrochemicals which is the GCC’s countries goldmine that Nigeria should give a run for the money.

      • Naijaseal says:

        @AreJames, you are smart fellow, but sometimes i just wonder about how you twist things.

        Number One:
        Nigerian crude export has been control by shadow entities (cash and carry people as you call them) right from day one. It did not start with the last government, and it is still ongoing.

        Number Two:
        The last round of refinery licensees simply refused to build refineries because of artificial government control of the price of refined products.

        The attempt by the outgone government to remove that artificial restriction in 2012 was politicized and resisted by the usual suspects. Nigerians are currently paying the price for that singular act of stupidity and crass ignorance.

        All these info is in the public domain

        Now you are talking about building those same refineries under the same conditions (i.e government controlled prices). Welldone.

        Ultimately, Nigeria MUST diversify from this crude oil rent mentality. We have too many intellectually lazy people in government, from LG, to States to Feds.

        On twitter i used to talk about #Comparative Advantage of the different states in Nigeria. I have stopped. Too many lazy folks in power.

        All that people are interested in is Oil rent money. I will be happy the day oil dries up in Nigeria.

  141. Are James says:

    The NA is going be looking different a year from now. I suspect an Orbat and doctrine profile harping on mobility and quick response much like the Chadian Army but with better equipment and more men.
    For the ND lots more gunboats may be bought to combat oil theft. They should not forget Army aviation.

  142. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Are, I hail o. U seem to really believe this leachy

    There are two versions of leahy’s law. One covering state department and the other defense. Leahy’s law has exceptions and it is flexible to allow the furthering of US interest and foreign policy objectives. Another exception is if the SoD in consultation SoS determine that the equipment or assistance is necessary in humanitarian or national (recipient) security emergencies. Also, a waiver is allowed in extraordinary circumstances as determined by the SoD. BH was world most murderous terr org for 2014. Isn’t that extraordinary enough?
    Leahy is supposed to affect specific units not the entire country or applied in a blanket manner

    My question is, isn’t leahy all about assistance? Does it cover items the destine country intends to pay for? Then, what about all this selective implementation?

  143. jimmy says:

    appointed JULY 13 ,2015
    Week 1 : JULY 13-20 Goes to feed the troops, do push ups , and tells the troops no more room for indiscipline ,oh by the way BH gave him a welcome present
    Week :2 July 20-27, Announces that all COMMANDERS in the N’East have to be more proactive, more aggressive , cannot andwill not be allowed to sit back in a defensive posture will hold them accountable for sitting back………. those words seem eerily familiar BEEGEAGLE ANYONE? oh by the way HE gave them a present in DIKWA and a little village called BURATAI
    he also announced the formation of another SF battalion, wait there is more, GOCs have been reassigned aka new blood.
    It is too early too tell but the question has to be asked has PMB found his General? Time will tell , but there are indices, it is……. beginning to appear the NA is …… beginning to move a lot faster , a lot quicker.
    Last oga Beegs is reporting that more STREIT APC of the stretch VARIANT are already in the NE.

    • Naijaseal says:

      This is good. I remember one of the issues folks on this blog had with Minimah was his seeming reticence for a while in engaging with BH. The understanding then was that Nigeria was expecting weapon deliveries during that phase. It was not a good phase in my opinion.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA Naijaseal
        It is very hard for me to critcize LT. GEN Minimah , because with the hindsight of HISTORY it is beginning to appear he was working with one arm TIED behind his back
        Now it is appears LT .GEN Ihejirika did actually leave the Army in shambles
        Prior to KTJ arriving it is now apparent the NAF and the NA were not on the same page he corrected that
        Some officers both JUNIOR and Senior were very unprofessional:
        He dealt with that no matter what we might think of his methods good or bad he dealt with it
        He REORGANIZED a 100,000+ Army bringing Veterans from the LIBERIAN and S/ LEONE wars ( Something IHEJIRIKA should of done), the results showed, Army officers were ordered to sleep with THEIR aks BETWEEN THEIR legs
        NVG and the #1 army in AFRICA in FIGHTING AT NIGHT
        He was as frank as any GENERAL could be and it costs him a lot of Enemies some of whom from day 1 were not working for him.
        He made his share of MISTAKES but his stamp of authority is that the NA is in a much better place than what he met .
        Frankly I wish he was more unconventional ……. but knowing what I know now less blame should be assigned to KTJ ……. more should be assigned to IHEJIRIKA and Dasuki Sambo

      • Are James says:

        Minimah was far far better than Ihejirika. The good commentary I keep hearing about Ihejirika shows how far Nigeria has still to go in accessing performance. The dumbest one was some warrant nonsense about when Ihejirika was there Boko was quiet then when they removed him Boko was emboldened ..or words to that effect. Local , village talk devoid of Frank analyses.

      • NaijaSeal says:

        It was a divided houws between NAF & NA under Ihejirika and Badeh. Reason, i dont know.

        As per leaving NA in shambles, we really dont know. We got 72div, BH was pushed out of towns under Ihejirika

        What is my point? Every incoming service chief builds on the success of his predecessor while trying to avoid the errors the last made.

        We hope the new guys will do much better, but i dont not subscribe that the last set left things in “shambles” or that they recorded no successes.

  144. lachit says:

    it seems Argentina has decided not to purchase the FC-1 Xiaolong 😀
    Argentina has seemed to have opted for Israel Aircraft Industries’ Kfir Block 60 as its next-generation multirole fighter. Though the Xiaolong’s lower price had been attractive, China refused to provide anti-ship missiles under diplomatic pressure from the UK, according to the Moscow-based Military Parade.

    fun part 😀 is Internet users from Pakistan are pissed big time and r mocking Argentina’s choice, saying the Kfir is an obsolete military aircraft introduced in the 1980s.
    from what i have seen and observed most of the so called alleged capabilities of FC1/JF 17 have been mostly propogated by pakistani internet warriors/ ” e-jihadis 😀 ” without substantial hard information backed by the OEM press/technical releases and audits (technical or otherwise). but it depends on the readers / bloggers discretion and i will leave it to them .
    Kfir currently serves with the Israli Air Force in a ground attack role instead of aerial combat. Additionally, Argentina will be buying previously used planes.

    @are james
    and Rogue Scientist A Q Khan has the audacity to say that Abdul Kalam was an ordinary scientist.

    yes mr. A Q “jamati” khan, kalam was a ordinary man, who could dream big and strive to inspire others,
    for the world needs ordinary men not great men, great men inspire only the few while a ordinary man inpires the many.

    • ozed says:

      Good move. It was always obvious that BH needed huge logistics supplies to undertake the conventional gains they had achieved prior to now, and so are just as susceptible to ‘cutting of supply lines’ as our forces.

      This is where mobile Special ops forces are key, identify these supply dumps (fuel or ammo) and move in swiftly to seize and destroy them.

    • Are James says:

      So we were right all along. There were never enough jets and operational funds for the job. Something drastic is required to uplift the airforce.

      • Augustine says:

        True, NAF never had enough aircraft and drones. It made me scream my head off for dozens of cheap D42 Diamonds to be bought and possibly armed. It`s the easiest and cheapest surveillance solution platform for NAF.

        NAF has only 2 units instead of 2 dozen units of the Diamond.

        However, if that road along the border had been fenced/trenched in the first place, Boko Haram will not be driving freely across the road smuggling fuel. Fact remains, if we don`t cut off Bokos cross border transit capabilities, we will be at war for many years like NATO did in Afghanistan because of the open border with Pakistan, war without end.

        Boko Haram will change fuel smuggling route to another road if we put a check point with soldiers on one road, best way is to make all those border roads impassable with huge trenches.

        NAF needs dozens of D42 Diamond surveillance aircraft with FLIR, Radar, and TV camera versions….that cheap plane sells for about $1 million each. Austria will sell if we ask. Even China is about to copy and build the planes locally on tech transfer deal with Austria

        When you see China pursuing something, value is there, Diamond has value.

  145. lachit says:

    i have one EVIL 😈😈😈😈 suggestion to the SSS operatives
    that is to infiltrate certain fuel smugglers and insert moles among them.
    the moles would add a special formulation **additive** to the fuel being supplied to the BH.
    these ADDITIVES are special chemical compounds (they exist in real world) which siezes up the vehicles engines and makes it unoperative and unfit for repair.
    such compunds exists and their formulation can be tweaked to show their destructive effects from time periods ranging from 1 week onwards to 1 month from the initial moment of being used to fuel up a vehicle.
    this will enable maximum number of BH vehicles to be infected for maximum damage.
    and when the BH TECHNICALS are caught with with their pants down en-masse.
    it will be happy hunting season for the NA and NAF. 😀

    and for the civilian fellows if u r angry with sombody who is in postion of power,
    best way to get even is pour sugar into fuel tanks or clog the exhaust pipe.
    but be prepared for a date in prison if caught 😀
    i did warn u.

    • lachit says:

      also will cause chaos and mistrust among the BH and the fuel smugglers, probably with a few of the smugglers being killed by BH for revenge.
      this will distance the fuel smugglers from BH.
      even if BH tries to use its own people for smuggling, it will be resisted by the resident (local) smugglers syndicates.
      basically it will end up in a DOG KILL DOG scenario.
      and nigeria will reap the double benefits.

      how about hiring me as a operative for SSS ?

  146. lachit says:

    to show the under water launch of brahmos

  147. mcshegz says:

    CH-3 Drones.

    We will soon acquire more CH-4’s as well, since the CH-3’s have been of immense benefit.
    For matters of sustainability, we should begin the process of reverse-engineering these babies ASAP.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga mcshegz, your point is seconded. Since the USA has refused to sell weapons to Buhari, and presido himself has said NAF/NA needs high technology, and that USA and China both have the high tech that he wants, I appeal to President Buhari to please buy 12 units of Chinese CH-4 drones armed with missiles for NAF and transfer all CH-3 drones to Nigerian army aviation unit to allow the army do it`s own surveillance rapidly, NA can send drones to spy or do battlefield targeting without waiting for NAF protocol and slow response time.

      America`s Predator not as good as China’s CH-4 drone ?

    • eyimola says:

      Whats with all the reverse engineering suggestions? That’s the sort of thing you do when you are not reliant on anyone for your defence procurement,

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga please expatiate a little further on your line of reasoning, as your two sentences does not adequately convey true meanings and intentions.
        Oga Eyimola. I respect your hustle sir

      • eyimola says:

        If you reverse engineer a product without permission, obviously the country in question will be wry about selling stuff to you in the future. In the case of Nigeria, it is clear that we can only rely on certain countries when it comes to buying complex military kit. Why piss off our few true friends. Secondly, without a reasonably sized local engineering and research industry, you cant actually carry out the transfer of technology that is needed to properly reverse engineer anything useful. In short, you are going to end up building a few demonstration units of obsolete technology.

        China is able to reverse engineer Western and Russian (allegedly, because nothing is proven) equipment, because it has a local domestic industry that can actually sustain its basic defence needs. Despite the closeness of the relationship between both countries, Russia is not going to sell China any kit in small numbers at any time soon. They have been bitten too many times on that score,

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga eyimola, we should test our boundaries always.
        You will be surprised that reverse engineering creates more opportunities than it creates “piss offs.” That is why both the West an Russia are in a rush to sell advanced items to China. For instance, the owner of the original product can limit the sales of reverse engineered spinoffs (eg China does not sell the Shenyang J-11 which is a reverse engineered SU-27), while integrating any alterations into the original product. That’s free R&D.

        Nigeria also bought Israeli Aerostar drones from Israel which were promptly reverse engineered by GEJ’s government, yet Israel remained one of the strongest allies of that period; they never ever stopped selling us weapons either. You can be sure that Israel will be in the know of all added capabilities to the Amebo and Gulma drones over the Aerostar. Its free R&D. Nigeria is likely not to be allowed to sell either of those drones too, However, the drone technology knowledge gained can never be taken back from the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Technology.

        My Oga, as they say; “who dares, wins “

  148. lachit says:

    what about the MTCR ?
    i believe UAVs over 300km range are banned from transfer
    CH 4 has over 300km range

    FC-1/JF 17 deal for argentina got cancelled because of UK govt pressure on china (over anti ship missile capability).
    US might play similiar spoilsport here
    but if buhari manages to play his cards well the deal might go through

    • Tbite says:

      I doubt the UK or US can influence China on Nigeria as much as Argentina.

      The trade growth between Nigeria and China is one of the highest in the world! Nigeria is a bigger strategic partner for China than Argentina!

      I hope you know that the largest Foreign Investment by China ever is slated for Nigeria? Yes Nigeria!

      China is more important for Nigeria than America and Nigeria is one of China’s key investment destinations. So I do not see why America should factor into the discussion.

      • Tbite says:

        In 2005, Trade between Nigeria and China was almost nonexistent, now fastforward to 2015 look at where we are! This is unprecedented! In the tenure of Obasanjo, where was the relationship?

        Now we do business on every level! USA our traditional oil buyers are nowhere to be seen! Chinese receive a large part of our oil proceeds. The Chinese receive one of our other major FX earners, Cassava. The Chinese are involved in our infrastructural capacity building! Nobody is involved in our key Rail & Road projects more than the Chinese. The Chinese have exported more of their military foreign content in the space of just 5 years than America has in decades. This relationship is powerful on so many levels. And it is one of mutual trust and respect. The Chinese are not politically motivated.

        Unlike America who is always interested in undermining sovereignty. So I find it a little bit insulting, that our greatest and most important strategic partner could be swayed by a less than relevant nation.

        Yes US have been able to pressure our other partners like Israel, but I think they would be biting off more than they could chew with China. I would like to see them try.

      • Are James says:

        The largest foreign investment for China is going to Pakistan. A combined rail/road corridor providing access to the sea – $75billion conservative estimates. Your point about Nigeria being far more important to China than Argentina is however supported.

      • lachit says:

        hehehe 😀
        ” A combined rail/road corridor providing access to the sea – $75billion conservative estimates.”
        only time will tell
        by the way mother nature will play spoilsport that is something a person familiar with the conditions of gilgit/baltistan tibet can always count on.
        last earthquake had destroyed the karakoram highway completely some 10-12 years ago.

        also actual dipensation of money has not been started only formal agreements on understanding have been will take time ie very very long time.
        and withen that period lot of bad things can happen.
        one thing i will gurrantee with my limited knowledge of economics is that pakistan will never come out of the endless cycle of recurring circular debt payment to china, ie it will always have to dance to the tune of china just like that of US(partly though).drone strikes day in and day out with blood money being paid in lucrative weapons dole outs like cobra helis, f16s, hellfires, financial aid while thousands of innocent civilians get butchered along with the terrorists.
        name one country apart from pakistan which is doing that ie exchanging the lifes of innocent citizens for blood money, strategic gains, personal gains of generals and politicians?
        anyways it is my opinion only.

      • lachit says:

        i understand ur POV,
        but politics in
        personal level,
        national level,
        international level,
        is very unpredictable and very selfserving.

        i remember having a discussion here many months back when the chinese-argentina deal was first made public with a guy from argentina (not sure that he was a argentinian but i got the impression he was)
        he was very optimistic but now where is the much touted JF17 deal and financial largesse from china ?

  149. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit, you talk like a lecturer, why should i solve quadratic equations to find X. Too much technical details in some stuffs you post.

    • lachit says:

      why do 2 person engage in conversation?

      1.because they share similiar interests
      2.because they share dissimiliar interest
      3.because they have concurring similiar and dissimiliar interest of varying levels.

      in a public forum,
      either way is it possible to judge the similiar and dissimiliar interest of the thousands of readers?
      so i try to be as comprehensive as possible for the general public and partly to fullfill my own interest in such info.

      if u dont have a strong foundation than pray how r u gonna separate the chaff from the wheat?
      so in short u will have to solve the quadratic equation 😀 to get the answer,
      most importantly to get the correct answer.

      @are james
      this time it will be a good idea to chide oga oje for a change
      he is the first one to raise the quadratic equation now 😀 😀 hehehe

    • Are James says:

      Uncle Alex once bought a civilian Boeing 767 with this same money that was not enough. He also bought two brand new air conditioned VIP helicopters which saw heavy combat duty on Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential campaign.
      If we had given him $1B-) for NAF , a full blown airline competing effectively against Arik air on the local and international routes would have been the result .
      Hello sir, You have been pulled out, please stay out.
      You never really could …and you did n’t …so we are not surprised.
      You did not buy combat jets and you did not train pilots but most regretful of all you did not find our girls .
      So once again we say “stay out”, we would not like to see you go from CAS to CDS and end up in NASS.

  150. rugged7 says:

    How Traitors In The Military Betrayed Our Troops To Boko Haram – Alex Badeh (READ)
    By Opinions | The Trent – Jul 30, 2015

  151. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit, what i said was in a humorous light, i think you are beginning to take the privilege of audience you have here for granted. Be not carried away, and quit this ”I am better than you” attitude of yours. Its one thing having meaningful and broad discussions and opinion, its quite another spamming the thread with Indian military technology.

    • lachit says:

      my smileys did not have any humorous effect on u ? 😀
      ”I am better than you” attitude of yours
      never ever in the past present or future.
      but as i always said u r free to have ur opinion

      i guess it is time to call quits
      thanks to everybody and beegeagle especially
      i guess i will be better off “spamming” indian defence forums.
      my best luck to nigeria for finishing the BH.

      • delvinmayan says:

        @lachit, I appeal to you to ignore Oje’s words. Hinging your decision on his attitude towards you will be a disservice to those of us learning from your posts. I assure you that I will be sad to see you leave over banters from an albeit overzealous person. Let bygones be what they are, looking forward to further enlightening post from you

      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, why leave? I think there is enough room for everyone on this blog and your opinions are relevant. Diversity in thoughts and opinions is one of the things I find interesting on this blog and each one of us is relevant and contribute to that diversity, we do not have to agree all the time, and the disagreement does not mean one person has to leave so please stay.

      • Seconded. I agree with Devlinmayan too. Dont let the words of 1 person push u out.

      • rugged7 says:

        Lachit, try and develop a thick skin on this blog.
        Don’t always take everything personal.
        You will always have the good, the bad and the ugly in every society.
        We should be enlightened enough to make our succinct points without bothering about ruffled feathers.
        Anyway, the spats makes it more interesting.
        I am actually missing Oga Igbi at this time..

      • lachit says:

        bros it is time to quit, nothing is fixed
        point being as nigerians u should stick together
        broadly speaking better not to trust indians 😀 chinese, americans, russians etc.
        everybody will look after their own interest one way or the other.

        funny thing is in the real world if u meet me u will be real dissappointed,
        i am nobody, zero achiever
        maybe oje is correct, maybe in the virtual world i am trying to over-compensate my real life deficiences by being “a better than u” smartass 😀

        as my last post i will tell u my way of collecting/researching info on military issues. i hope it will serve u all well.
        1.never watch defence related videos more than once unless published by the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) themselves. good way to get brainwashed by jiognistic propoganda/wrong facts.
        2.always try to google the 2nd time with the keyword “PDF” appended to ur search keyword , in that way u will end up with brochures pdf files published by the OEMs themselves.OEMs are the final authority on equipments manufactured by them unless u have actual experience operating it.
        3.use google advance search to find the elusive info u r looking for.believe me u will be surprised most of the time
        4.try to stay away from popular and well know defence related websites as much as possible since as a rule their opinions r most of the time compromised. inqusitive and use ur noggin 😀 to form ur own opinion and judgement
        6.always try to find faults in ur own country capabilities and suggest remedies for the same.fact is it is easy to praise but requires courage to critisize in a constructive way
        7.never have expectations from politicians and point in loosing sleep when u r not in the driving seat.but also never forget to crtisize and praise when due.
        8.and lastly always remember me everytime u follow my above advice or not 😀 😀

        another fact is that i am the common factor behind igbis dissapperance from the blog and other bickerings.
        and i think it is kind of becoming a regular bad habit with me.
        at this rate the blog will become as desolate as the sahara desert 😀

        and @delvinmayan never saw u before, i am sure there r hundreds like u.
        man u all should start posting ur opinions etc etc,
        new blood mixing with old blood will do wonders to this blog, and keep up a health spirit.change is important, and surely this blog needs some FEMALE bloggers maybe then there will be less misunderstandings (just dont turn it into a dating site 😀 or beegeagle will kill me LOLZZ if he finds me)

        and my last piece of philosophy for u all 😀 (hope i dont accused of trying to be a GURU )
        voicing writing opinions is all good but doing something however small in real life is much better.
        U ALL GUYS INCLUDING OJE AND IGBI ROCK and i will try to visit nigeria atleast once in this lifetime.

        may my million gods bless u all
        and may u r single god bless me ( millions times ofcourse 😀 ) in return .

        it was my pleasure and honour.
        😀 😀 😀 😀

      • jimmy says:

        oga lachit
        Do not go anywhere what happens when the INDIANS land in LAGOS
        do not forget the NIGERIAN LADY, and my brother who is already processing your residency so you can work for the Nigerian secret services , come on you are going to allow OJE who belives we should invade, Chad, Cameroon Niger and fill in the_ simulteanously to talk you of the blog come on stay with us and we will getyou that pretty lady + JOB what can be better than that, visa no problem.:)

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.
        The only person that has the absolute right over the citizens of this blog is The BEEG ONE himself, so, relax ya mind, sip on some cold beer, and ignore the talk from un-diplomatic individuals. Nigerians, like Indians are very proud and will sometimes come across as rude and arrogant, but do not fear, all we have for those who show us love is love in return and in abundance. In the spirit of democracy, the vote so far is 10 to 1 in favor of those who want you to stay; so there you have it 🙂

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Jesusuuu! Una de see dis yeye Oga lachit?! 😀
        Translation for the benefit of all Indians: Jesus! Can you people imagine how useless Oga lachit is?
        You tasted a Nigerian woman’s food (what “type” of “food,” I don’t know :D) and then headed over to this blog like a Nigerian.
        Now you are talking as if you are not accepted because of another posters unfortunate tantrum? Nonsense!

        There are many people who look forward to you posts for the depth of technical and intellectual content. I’m sure practically everyone here (even if not Oje) appreciates your posts. Lachit, you will not leave.

        Anyway, just imagine that Naija woman’s wiggly bum and you will be back here, PRONTO!! E go be like juju! 😀 😀
        Translation for the benefit of all Indians: Your reason for returning will seem like sweet enchantment from the woman.

        Next time Oje tries his stunts, just tell him to; “gerrrrrrrrout jare!”

    • mcshegz says:

      whishhhhh wan you dey seffff… ahannnn….. why you dey bully the guy na… 🙂
      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.

  152. Oje says:

    You know the world is crazy when millions of people are dying in hunger,diseases and poverty get little indept attention, but the death of a ”LION” is hitting front page with a petition of 100,000 people and animal activist now at the White House lawns calling for action.

    • Ola says:

      While it could just be “an animal”, I still think it is not right that this guy would leave the US and go to Zimbabwe to kill one of their major attractions and sources of income. Can a Zimbabwean just buy a ticket and go to the US to shoot an animal just like that? Are Zimbabweans less human than Americans? This guy should be extradited to Zimbabwe to face the law and do a jail term there because that exactly is what the US would do.

  153. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    My Oga Lachit, I would love u to stay on and keep engaging. Really enjoy ur posts (infortainment and diplomatic). And all those riddles, my! I hope u reconsider and stay.
    However, I respect ur opinion and decision and only hope that our paths will cross someday, online or offline!
    Cheers my brother! Salute

  154. Oje says:

    I have one question, why is it when Lachits feelings are hurt he threatens to quit then all of a sudden everyone starts begging and pleading and will demonise me if they have to, are we that desperate? The dude threw a jab, which wont be the first time, i respond in kind all of a sudden Oje the demon has done it again, lets beg Lachit. What kind of booty ass worship is this? This is the ”better than you” mentality he has, hes too important? This is Beegs blog where everone has the right to air their views, if the young man wants to go who cares? Beegeagle was doing well before he came, nothing changes if he lives. If you all have to demonise me in other to appease him to stay who cares either, everybody has to take a chill pill and stop throwing their emotional garbages on us. Its insulting. So i protect my pride and ego, like he does…relax men.

  155. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit, dont go. Come back. I promise no more fights.

  156. Ola says:

    Excerpt from the hand over note of Badeh:
    “Permit me to also add here, that nation’s militaries are equipped and trained in peace time, for the conflicts they expect to confront in the future. Unfortunately that has not been our experience as a nation. Over the years, the military was neglected and underequipped to ensure the survival of certain regimes, while other regimes, based on advice from some foreign nations, deliberately reduced the size of the military and underfunded it. Unfortunately, our past leaders accepted such recommendations without appreciating our peculiarities as a third world military, which does not have the technological advantage that could serve as force multipliers and compensate for reduced strength. Accordingly when faced with the crises in the North East and other parts of the country, the military was overstretched and had to embark on emergency recruitments and trainings, which were not adequate to prepare troops for the kind of situation we found ourselves in. It is important therefore for the government to decide on the kind of military force it needs, by carrying out a comprehensive review of the nation’s military force structure to determine the size, capability and equipment holding required to effectively defend the nation and provide needed security. This is based on the fact that without security, there cannot be sustainable development. The huge cost that would be required to rebuild the North East and other trouble spots in the country could have been avoided if the military had been adequately equipped and prepared to contain the on going insurgency before it escalated to where it is today.!
    I will encourage everyone to take 5 minutes to read the full handover note in order to see behind the wall of secrecy in NAF. We can also by logic, extend the NAF problem he has exposed to all other armed forces of the nation. I still give Kudos to the past administration for their secret efforts.

    • Ola says:

      More excerpts:
      ” As I finally disengage, I have this final message for my country men/women and the Armed Forces of Nigeria. I want to state emphatically that no nation can achieve its full security potentials by totally depending on other nations for its defence needs. The lessons of the civil war and the ongoing war against terror where certain countries frustrated our attempts to procure much needed weapons are very instructive. Again, as I have always said, when a nation is at war, it is not the military alone that is at war, it is the entire nation. Accordingly, every segment of society must see itself contributing to the overall war effort, by presenting a united front against a common enemy. Therefore, I appeal to the relevant agencies of government to mobilise the huge human and material resources we have in this country towards the development of a vibrant Defence Industrial Complex that would contribute to meeting our critical arms and equipment needs. This is crucial if we must reduce our total dependence on foreign sources of supply for critically needed arms.
      That is the only way we can retain our dignity as a nation in order to have freedom of action in international affairs.”

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Ola, The facts you have pointed out here is yet to be realized by the Military establishment, consider the fact that the Indian delegation was here with Private /Civil owned companies and the Nigerian side did not deem it fit to invite any private Nigerian companies to attend. The western military is very successful because they fight as a complete nation, USA, Israeli, UK, Germans, French, etc. Our Military must understand that manufacturing and innovating weapons is not necessarily their core terrain, this activity involves science, finances, political and diplomatic inputs in order to be successful ( which are all outside the core military training).
        I remember reading a blog a few days ago about an outstanding Nigerian Student in Russia and someone remarks he should be taken up by any of the Tri-services (to do what ?) instead of Nigeria’s foremost medical Schools or institutions to implant knowledge to back into his core area and the nation at large. A lot of our guys still have the colonial mindset and mentality as preached by Fela, there should be No “us and them” in a nation, my experiences in such conflicts around the world shows that when the “shit fully rains down” every body reverts back to his home and fight together military and civilians alike. Privately owned Military industries is the key difference and winning factor in innovations of the West over the East, the US Military , recognized as one of the strongest in existence does not manufacture anything by it’s self, it analysis, test and evaluate all product as the trained end user and requisitioner, but leaves manufacturing to the businessmen and investors, companies who have the core competence. I believe we might see the manufacturing of the Igirigi die slowly due high cost, low output, if not commercialized. ( with Proforce experience, who would risk investing and controlled over his own funds)
        The Nigerian Military is good at what it does (fighting) and the Nigerian Civil Entrepreneur are also good at what they do (Nollywood, Manufacturing, trading , selling, business negotiation, etc). The combination of both is what it takes. right now with the present attitude do not expect any Military complex very soon until we take out the elitist term ” Bloody Civilian” while referring to the civil population that funds are war machine that we swear to protect . ( OIl rigs, market women, traders (igbo), farmers, Cattle rearers, teachers, lecturers, doctors, economist, diplomats, etc).

    • why do they all wax lyrical philosophical and eloquent after being retired? nothing indicated that he gave the govt or the public any hard truths while he was in office.

      • Ola says:

        Hi Adetayo’s blog. I agree with you that the public never heard any concrete truths from his office while he was there, but we don’t have any evidence he was not working with the government on a clear, bare all ground. He did mention how things progressed under him and thanked the president then for accepting and supporting his ideas.
        I am just very sad that he has not mentioned specific platforms the pilots trained to “filled the generational gap” were trained to fly. He also did not mention any procurement for fixed wings. This is strange.
        By the way, do you have a link to the hand over notes of other retiring military chiefs? Please share. Thanks!

      • I dont have the link to their notes. i was speaking generally and using this case as a reference. my statement was as regards public office holders generally and not specifically military officers. i agree that we dont know for sure whether he was frank with the government. that’s why i said “there is no indication”.

      • Kay says:

        They should display his speech from Jan 2015 side by side with his handover speech. Disappointing to say the least. Bar the traitors, if he knew about the under equipping of the army, what steps did he take to assuage this? Many soldiers got death sentences for protesting lack of arms and here’s an outgoing Army Chief singing the same tune. Pity those that wore the shoes on the battlefield knew where it pinches most than a Chief sitting in an office. He was in office when £2 billion was earmarked for equipment as interim measures. Not a whole bunch was done!

  157. Ola says:

    From the handover notes of Badeh, it is obvious that the top military officers at the helm of affairs think in line with some of our posts here. Personally, I have advocated for aggressive R&D, start up of military industrial complexes, creation of research clusters and partnerships between the military and universities in Nigeria…
    Badeh mentioned all these in his notes. The question therefore are;
    1. Are we on this blog behind latest developments in the armed forces in terms of local capacity? I hope so!
    2. How is the dream of a dependent Nigeria influencing our procurement? I don’t know! If we want to have an independent Nigeria in terms of military technology, we honestly do not have to run after the Americans as we have seen in the past administration (until at the last minute) and again now Buhari.
    3. Which platforms are we going to see the NAF flying soon? This is obviously missing from his hand over note! Does that means NO PROCUREMENT of any fixed wings, unlike what has been speculated by Sir Beegs and others with insights into the activities of NAF? It would be sad if there are no procurements awaiting delivery!!!!

    • Ola says:

      I mean “…dream of an independent Nigeria…”
      It really would be an injustice if there was no procurement of any reasonable fixed wings under Badeh. 2 refurbished Alpha Jets do not count. And actually, it is only one that we have a delivery evidence for.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Do you really want to know the cost of this two civilian experimental platforms with all serious equipment stripped. I do not think so

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Ola, The facts you have pointed out here is yet to be realized by the Military establishment, consider the fact that the Indian delegation was here with Private /Civil owned companies and the Nigerian side did not deem it fit to invite any private Nigerian companies to attend. The western military is very successful because they fight as a complete nation, USA, Israeli, UK, Germans, French, etc. Our Military must understand that manufacturing and innovating weapons is not necessarily their core terrain, this activity involves science, finances, political and diplomatic inputs in order to be successful ( which are all outside the core military training).
      I remember reading a blog a few days ago about an outstanding Nigerian Student in Russia and someone remarks he should be taken up by any of the Tri-services (to do what ?) instead of Nigeria’s foremost medical Schools or institutions to implant knowledge to back into his core area and the nation at large. A lot of our guys still have the colonial mindset and mentality as preached by Fela, there should be No “us and them” in a nation, my experiences in such conflicts around the world shows that when the “shit fully rains down” every body reverts back to his home and fight together military and civilians alike. Privately owned Military industries is the key difference and winning factor in innovations of the West over the East, the US Military , recognized as one of the strongest in existence does not manufacture anything by it’s self, it analysis, test and evaluate all product as the trained end user and requisitioner, but leaves manufacturing to the businessmen and investors, companies who have the core competence. I believe we might see the manufacturing of the Igirigi die slowly due high cost, low output, if not commercialized. ( with Proforce experience, who would risk investing and controlled over his own funds)
      The Nigerian Military is good at what it does (fighting) and the Nigerian Civil Entrepreneur are also good at what they do (Nollywood, Manufacturing, trading , selling, business negotiation, etc). The combination of both is what it takes. right now with the present attitude do not expect any Military complex very soon until we take out the elitist term ” Bloody Civilian” while referring to the civil population that funds are war machine that we swear to protect . ( OIl rigs, market women, traders (igbo), farmers, Cattle rearers, teachers, lecturers, doctors, economist, diplomats, etc).

  158. NaijaSeal says:

    In as much as Badeh had his issues, i think it not fair to slam a blanket ‘failure tag” on him like some posters are wont to do.

    Badeh was instrumental in the nascent UAV program of the NAF. NAF has people trained at Cranfield uni for that specific technology.

    The statement by @AreJame “but most regretful of all you did not find our girls” is actually annoying to say the least. What girls? Are Chibok girls more special than all the girls that have been located and liberated? Did NAF assets not help in the release of these set of people.

    In my opinion, one of Badeh’s annoying mistakes was buying a civilian jet during a time of war. For what use?

    All in all, we must give honest praise where it is due and criticize where it is due, not politically motivated statements

    • Are James says:

      This idea independently suggested here on Beegeagle blog sometime ago beats foreign PMCs in effectiveness. There is a world of unfathomable possibilities in these deployments.

    • Are James says:

      Badeh was not instrumental to UAVs even though he put his name on one of the development centers. That name should be changed immediately. He coincidentally was on seat when the efforts germinated into a prototype. There is no Nigerian UAV in service as we speak. We all force ourselves to be knowledgeable and astute here and that means going for substance instead of flash.
      I give him a little kudos for moral support to tech development and some training but an all round F for wastage, suspected corruption ( i used the word suspected) and lack of conviction to fight for funds from political leaders due to possible complicity in sleaze (suspected ).

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        @ Are,
        “We all force ourselves to be knowledgeable and astute here and that means going for substance instead of flash”
        Thank you for the thought or we will lower the esteem at which this Blog is held and read the worldwide by learned minds, that has made Beegeagle a point of reference on defense matters

  159. jimmy says:
    The blows keep coming:
    In a rare disagreement with you OGA AREJAMES I have to disagree with you,Badeh as detested A creature as he is not entirely RESPONSIBLE for the MESS,Nigeria is in
    If BADEH is loathsome Obasanjo was Head of STATE was DOWNRIGHT Slime
    * He refused to equip the Armed Forces and to America’s greatest SHAME he was busy doing there BIDDING meanwhileSECRETLY undermining the NO.1 Military Force in Africa, Unlike Buhari HE NEVER ONCE critcized the US or the G7
    ** IF IBB BEGAT SA then OBJ begat GEJ
    *** BADEH was only doing his master ‘s now crying about not being funded after he collected his last how little dignity he actually he had ……. and this was Nigeria’s no.1 SOLDIER???
    **** The northern politicians, Shettima, his predecessor, the 1% of the Northern Elite till they started getting killed are also largely to blame
    In short there is plenty of blame to go round, some surprisingly should go to the US their absolute failure in the face of overwhelming Evidence that bh is an International Terrorists Org is dammning.
    There is however Light at the end of the tunnel it finally appears Cameroon the linchpin together with Nigeria in what appears to be an unprecedented VISIT are going to cooperate Military.
    The bigger story will be two UPCOMING EVENTS
    1) The defence Buget for 2015/ 2016
    2) The now inevitable visit of PMB to China and the now SUBSEQUENT visit of the Chinese Leader to Nigeria, the PROCRASTINATION of the West is one of the Driving forces the other one ? FDI

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Jimmy, please you people urgently need to cut out the sort of hate speech that has recently become fashionable. It is a turn off that only leads to all sorts of plans and ideas (no matter how brilliant) getting marooned and desolate. Emotions always divert actions away from core truths into a lost tangle of intractable quagmires.

      Why would you refer to Badeh as a “detested creature?” Or in other posts repeatedly refer to others (eg Dasuki) as bastards? Or Obasanjo as slime?

      Oga, those of you who seem to be close to the current government need to curb these horrible outbursts, because they create a very poor impression.

      • Are James says:

        Okay . Point taken. You have to be honest though that Badeh embarassed the government of GEJ not once or twice but about three times. In many climes he won’t have needed to be told to resign.
        However one important thing @Jimmy brought up was the critical role played by Obj in instituting this reign of mediocrity in the defsec space which I concur with. ..he it was who actually bought those funny Chinese “fighter-bombers” that won’t stop falling from the skies.
        He was also right about the cynical and irresponsible attitude of northern governors to the fight against BH which sometimes bordered on sabotage at times. All in all a very uncomplimentary period in our collective history. The funny thing about Badeh’s and Dasuki’s speeches, all the things we complained about they have confirmed to the last letter minus the corruption. So people who were shouting us down should burry heads in Shane.

  160. jimmy says:
    @ the time He was ” promoted” to Army Sec I and several others on this blog spoke out AGAINST THIS MOVE this was one of LT GEN (RTD) KTJ ‘S biggest blunders, Personally I am glad he is back where he “belongs” in the field not behind a desk, Depending on the all important MILITARY budget ,this war based on the steps being taken now could be over in 18 months, I am awake.
    I am grateful that none other than the President of Nigeria has declared we do not have A WELL EQUIPPED AIRFORCE , I do not want the new CAS saying all is well , then when he is retired to start saying the opposite the grovelling to keep one’s job must stop ,no END with BADEH, It is however gratifying to see the incoming CAS photographed with the NAF drones.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Now we are talking, the CAS has seen the light, once this balls gets rolling , there is no stopping of high level development and inputs from all spheres of the country. Anybody noticed that the best boxing trainers are not the greatest champions, it a different skill set.

  161. Sir Kay says:

    “However Buhari also complained of a lack of resources, saying: “After the promises of G7 countries to help the region defeat Boko Haram, we are waiting for training, equipment and intelligence assistance.”

    • Sir Kay says:

      looks like the honey moon is over? The West will Promise you a new live, don’t wait up.
      That’s why i like the Chinese, the stick to agreements and execute asap
      This is what happens when you don’t produce your own arms

      • Are James says:

        I like to think we dis not expect jets to show up just two months after they have been ordered. The President said all that to put a note of urgency to things.
        Also remember that the Chinese did not exactly ask for our wishlist. I have not heard of any donations from them to the war effort.They have investments in Nigeria yet we don’t have a comtribution of jets or anything like that. They are actually more cynical than the west.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Its President Buhari who was complaining my brother, personally I”m not waiting on any one.
        And man, didn’t we have made in China BigFoot MRAPs on the front lines right now?
        Or was the West that sold us those drones? no it was china.
        the Chinese don’t make too much noise , if we engage them for certain assets, did you read in a report where their answer was no?
        China and Russia are more like to sell advanced weapons system to you, won’ t match their own front-line assets, but if we ask they will sell

  162. jimmy says:

    oga ADEKOLA
    Pele so sorry if I am offending your SENSIBILITES, It cannot be construed as hate speech if it is the truth
    BADEH is a destestable creature because he did not serve his BOSS ( GEJ ) or his country ( Nigeria) well he was given Two golden opportunities to serve and it bought the worst in him
    opp#1 He was CAS and he remembered best for not working in synch with his counterpart COAS IHEJIRIKA infighting was the Norm between Army and Airforce, it was so bad when they were both relieved of command the armed forces made it a point to have a picture Minimah and Amosun working together
    opp#2 Unbelieveably he was promoted despite other more QUALIFIED candidates to CDS, This is where he really distinguished himself at a time where the Chronic Shortage was overbearing he still insisted Nigeria had enough AIRFRAMES even were flying 40 yr old AJETS and literally working our HELIOS into crashes ( 4+) , it took his own AIRCHIEF ( Amosun) to CONTRADICT him.
    Asked to buy pgms atgms he became AN accountant , to the delight of his boss. GEJ was not a military man , what was BADEH’S excuse?
    He then waits till he is retired to throw his boss underneath BUS literally before speaking out???
    OBJ deserves special attention and no one knows him more than IYABO who told us as long as Nigeria rewards Mediocrity , the inmates will rule the assylum, constantly short changing the army not buying any equipment till the UN in SUDAN told him either buy Your Soldiers APCS and Equipment or Leave.
    I f what we are saying is so bad , how come everything we advocated for is now being implemented
    1) The army needs to be more proactive , be on the offensive- The marching orders of the NEW COAS
    2 0We need a quick reaction force- SF battalion to be created
    3). We do not have a well EQUIPPED AIRFORCE- PMB
    4). Bring back some of the retired officers/ some were retired too soon- they are bringing them back
    5) Maj Gen ABBAS should not sit behind a desk- Now Head of the MNJTF

    • freeegulf says:

      ”Asked to buy pgms, atgms he became AN accountant , to the delight of his boss. GEJ was not a military man , what was BADEH’S excuse?”

      couldnt have said it better, well done oga jimmy. that accountant line had me cracking LOL.
      i remember goodluck praising the air force under NAF , cos according to him, GEJ, they dont make too much demands. that was the state of NAF under that failure Badeh.
      he is the worse CDS the military ever had.
      for someone that had so much opportunities to elevate the office of the CDS, and lead the war effort boldly, no, he was busy commissioning badeh centre and starting up an airline. this was at a time when he kept saying NAF was well equipped for her constitutional role. shameful.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Jimmy, my grouse is not with your points, but with the regular use of terms like “detested creature,” “bastards,” “slime.”
      You yourself no that it is not fitting, especially on a blog like this. I have always admired you for being cool and calm.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        “You yourself know that it is not fitting,”

      • jimmy says:

        I accept your points and will try to tone it down a little, but it is hard hearing and understanding the plight of the Officers and Soldiers of the Nigerian Army and then seeing the former ( thank GOD#1 Soldier just absolutely lying through his teeth it really raised my B.P.)
        Anyways it appears the new COAS appears to be just what the Doctor ordered and the morale of the troops has been very high with the appointment of Maj Gen Buratai
        oga Freegulf i hear you , OGA KOLA ADEKOLA I will try to be more restrained , you do have a point,, it is just tough sometimes seeing some of these ——– people get up their and justify their Incompetenceby the way one of the Presidential Helios according to photos from Bidexii and OGA HENRY is now being used in the NE,it does appear things are changing (sigh of relief)

  163. jimmy says:

    6) Including yourself advocated this: Let the Nigerian Unis collaborate with the NAF – Guess what ? That was part of the new CAS’S speech.

  164. Ola says:

    We may see aggression increasing on the part of the US soon, all to start a conflict in order to test their F-35.–finance.html#EfMclO1

  165. Oje says:

    Oga Ola, im sorry to bust your bubble, and you may not like what i say,.but that’s me, i speak my mind with conviction. Why in Gods green Earth would you think America instigates wars to sell weapons systems? How much is an F-35, how much does fighting a war cost both in material and human capacity. The notion that America is war hungry is too generic for someone like you Ola. The Pentagon spent nearly $6 trillion in A-STAN and Iraq. Even in Syria were only a sizable number of aircraft’s its use the war has already gulped nearly $4 billion. To put things into perspective the United States spends $720 million each day fighting its wars, thats enough to fix New York’s decaying infrastructure. These wars are the reason the U.S is stuck with a domestic debt of $13 trillion, and China $1.3 trillion. With economic stagnation you see the U.S have over time sought to reduce its involvement in any conflict. In Libya they took the back seat, in Iraq they don’t want boots on the ground, in Yemen they’ve outsourced that to the Saudi’s.

    Funny thing is the U.S wants pretty much to return to its isolationist policy but wants to do it nicely without raising alarm bells in NATO members. An American citizen spends more on European security than Europeans themselves, they were thinking about shutting down its base in Diego Garcia but Chinese assertiveness means that will not be happening any time soon. In Europe the EU wants a reluctant U.S to again be the guarantor of security even though this is a purely European affair. The Limeys,Zee’s and Krauts seem unable to contain Putin hence America gets dragged in once again. Even here in Nigeria many have on occasions called for direct U.S involvement. In every conflict now everybody calls on the ”Leader of the free world” to act, when they act everyone calls ”Imperialist America” a war mongering nation.

    What am i trying to say Ola? Do not join the bandwagon of people who oppose the U.S because it is the rave to do so, everybody hates the police yet secretly wonder what life will be without them. America does not need to go to war to sell the F-35. The USAF have nearly 200 F-22’s, its been 15 years since the Raptor became operational yet the closest any competitor have been is creating a prototype, meanwhile the next Generation of American Bomber Drones are soon to be unveiled. Talk of alien technology, don’t forget they still have nearly 800 F-15’s (Which has never been shot down by any fighter), a thousand F-16’s, hundreds of F-18’s. The CIA Armed Forces have 15 thousand Drones while the U.S Navy in in actual fact the second largest air force in the world. America does not need to go to war and spend hundreds of billions over the F-35, if its cancelled or flops it will in no way alter the strategic balance of power, it is the European nations involved in the project that will feel the pinch.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oje, your argument is utterly self defeating.

      Who do you understand gets paid the vast sums you mentioned, both to build the weapons and prosecute the wars? It is the American establishment, surely not foreigners, neither does the money paid out vanish into thin air.

      War can be a means to grow economies.

    • Ola says:

      Lol Oje, are you really that devoted to America, so much so that you cannot see through some of US “strategy”? Do you really mean and believe in everything you wrote up there? I would expect even an a PATRIOTIC American to see through certain things.
      2 quick points to the first part of your post;
      1. the US is a Warmonger even though Obama has tried to curb it.
      2. The US is vendetta, vengeance and pride driven.
      Time after time again, the US has started wars on lies (from Vietnam to Iraq) and continues to do that based on these two main points I gave you. Even the war on terror today is a creation of the US when it sponsored the Talibans against the soviets in the 80s (talk of state sponsored terrorism). Were you not the one shouting the other day that you were traumatised and lost your sleep just from what you saw on the internet? Do you think it compares to what soldiers see and experience in real life or what the victims on ground experience? If you were an Iraqi or if you had served in any conflict zone, I wonder if you’d still be so proud of the military weapons you listed up there or if you would think the world needs a bully who asserts himself as the world police.
      For the second part of your post about trillions of dollars, industrial complex and the likes. The US is a typical example of a “military Industrial complex gone wrong” You may want to know that the US is a very common classical example for many policy and diplomatic institutions when instructing on how not to manage government-military industry relations. From the 60s, when the US government handed over the military complexes to profit driven entities, the country has gradually spiralled out of control on defence spending and military equipment development programmes and the need for the next larger than life equipment costing trillions of dollars. It’s so sucked into it’s own loop now that it cannot get out of it any more. If Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, United Technologies, Raytheon, Northrop Grumann, Boeing, General Atomics and the rest of the companies were investigated for corruption, infiltration and manipulation in the US government activities, the American people would turn their back on their chauvinism, and people like you Oje will see a different picture of things than what you see now. These are the guys behind the trillion dollar military spending cesspool and debt the US is in.

  166. rugged7 says:

    …30 percent of terror funds sourced from outside Nigeria – Investigation

    on August 02, 2015 / in News 12:58 am
    Though the task of combating Boko Haram has been a joint battle being prosecuted by the military, the use of air power has greatly shaped the successes recorded so far in routing the terrorists from several occupied Nigeria territories.

    ARMY-1Having participated in difficult and sensitive operations during the struggle for the Independence of Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the Nigerian Air Force, NAF, was able to meet its goals, including ensuring a fast and versatile mobility of the armed forces; providing close support for the ground-based and sea borne forces in all phases of operations and ensuring the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

    In anti-terrorism campaigns in Nigeria, especially in the North-East and counter-insurgency operations in the Niger-Delta, NAF has been very active in the area of airlifting of troops and equipment, rotation of force, close air support of surface forces, battlefield Interdiction, tactical transport, casualty evacuation, air surveillance operations, armed reconnaissance missions, and airborne command and control.

    Sunday Vanguard learnt that before taking on the Boko Haram challenge headlong, the NAF put machinery in place to ascertain the strength of the terrorist group vis a vis equipment holding, funding, deployment within the country if any, and links with the local populace, and contemplated their tactics.

    Accordingly, the force estimated that the initial strength of the BHT group was not larger than 2,000 combatants (about three battalions); their equipment holding was made up of mainly Toyota Hilux vehicles and motorcycles for transport and possibility of anti-aircraft (AA) guns mounted on the vans. Others were small arms, mainly AK-47 rifles.

    Funding of the group, though difficult to ascertain, was put at 30% external funding while 17 camps created by the group were discovered to have been established in Krenoua, Bita, Allagarno, Gwoza, Sambisa, Alafa, Damboa, Mafa, Monguno, Bama, Kerawa, Benisheik, Kukawa, Baga, Banki, Mallan Fatori and Gamboru Ngala.

    In the area of links with local populace who sympathized with their cause, it was established that they derived huge sympathy from Dikkwa, Gwoza, Damboa, Alafa, Bama and Gamboru Ngala and most of the BHT’s training for regeneration was conducted in the camps.

    For weapons, ammunition and explosives, BHT was found to have established a corridor along the Allagarno-Buni Yadi axis, to create access to the Ashaka Cement Company where they could steal explosives.

    This was clearly established as the operations continued, with several incursions into the Ashaka Cement Company and the BHT carting away tons of explosives for urban bomb explosions spearheaded by the group. The BHT additionally engaged in kidnapping for ransom, bank robbery, rape and drug trafficking.

    The fight against terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria, dating from 2009 to date, has, however, resulted in the NAF learning new lessons thereby offering the force the opportunity to train, retrain, apply new tactics and introduce new equipment and weapons.

    Recall that by May 2013 when the spate of terrorism and insurgency in the North East took a dramatic turn, government declared a state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States to enable the armed forces combat the menace.

    Consequently, the armed forces commenced activities under a Joint Task Force code-named OPERATION BOYONA. The NAF’s mandate under OPERATION BOYONA was essentially to conduct combat and combat support operations to ensure favourable situations for the surface forces.

    After an initial 90 days of reasonably successful operations, OPERATION BOYONA was terminated and immediately replaced with OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIA, with operational command reverted to the Nigerian Army. In addition to OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIA, the NAF provided air support for OPERATION RESTORE PEACE in the Middle Belt, as well as surveillance efforts at Bakura Forest and Bauchi environs.

    The primary task of the NAF OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIA was essentially to decimate, degrade, destabilize and demoralize the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs) with a view to curtailing their freedom of action and movement. Air assets committed to the operations include the Alpha Jets, F7-NIs, Mi-24/35s, ATR 42-500MPA, Beechcraft King Air 350 Surveillance Aircraft, the G-222 and the C-130.

    Consequently, the scale of airlift prosecuted by the NAF for OPERATION ZAMAN LAFIA involved the generation of a significant number of sorties, particularly the airlift of thousands of troops and equipment to and from the operational areas. For instance, airlifting each Nigerian Army Brigade, consisting of about 2,400 troops and their weapons, equipment and ancillary resources, consumed many sorties because the aircraft were carrying about 100 men per trip including artillery pieces, support equipment and ammo.

    Figures show that the NAF’s 201 Heavy Airlift Group (HAG) has operated approximately 1,160 sorties till date using the C-130 aircraft, including about 58 medical evacuation sorties from Maiduguri.

    Similarly, the 203 Medium Airlift Group (MAG) employed the G-222 to provide 398 sorties as part of the strategic airlift effort. For tactical airlift, the Beechcraft King Air 350, A-109LUH and Mi-24/35 were effectively employed to generate over 941 sorties, including about 45 for medical evacuation. For the tactical airlift assets, they were used primarily in their traditional role of supply between bases.

    In the area of air assault, the most widely used platforms for the NAF offensive operations in the fight against terrorism and insurgency is the attack helicopter. The main helicopters in this role were the Mi-24/35s, an extremely lethal platform capable of launching bombs, missiles, rockets and cannon fire, with the possibility of a back door gunner adding to the overall capability.

    The attack helicopters have provided ‘close air support’ for ground troops to strike the BHT locations and conducted armed patrol missions, as well as attacks to destroy terrorist logistics caches and disrupt their supply lines.

    With the combined efforts of the Alpha-Jets, the Mi-24/35s were essentially in place to deny the enemy freedom of movement and action, and this they did creditably bearing in mind their limited number. The AW-109s and Super Pumas with machine guns mounted in the cabin were additionally deployed for more firepower support.

    Also, terror bombings of BHT-occupied villages by both the F-7Ni and the Alpha-Jet became commonplace in areas that were sympathetic to the BHT movement and activities. To complete the destruction, ground forces were expected to enter these areas after an air assault and engage any BHT members left alive, but, unfortunately, in many situations, surface forces never moved in.

    The F-7Ni and Alpha Jet were employed exclusively in the air-to-ground role, since the BHT offer no air-to-air threat. The fighter jets were used for carpet bombing, close air support for ground troops, and to strike BHT villages, as well as to conduct armed reconnaissance missions to detect and attack BHT groups.

    Sunday Vanguard was told that, from November 2014, the NAF engaged the Chinese CH-3A UAVs for both surveillance and strike; although some mishaps were recorded in the early operations; overall, it was a force multiplier because the UAVs were operating day and night and it was very effective during the strikes to recapture Gwoza.

    It was gathered that the weapons employed in these operations included 500kg, 250kg and 100kg bombs, rockets of various types, including the S-5, S-8 and C-24, as well as the 30mm cannons.

    Modifications were also carried out to ensure that the Mi-35 helicopters were able to deliver 500kg bombs originally meant for MiG-21 aircraft. Additionally, NAF was able to procure from Pakistan 250kg Pre-Frag (HE) Bombs and 250kg Steel Bombs, and also introduced the use of proximity fuzes for the bombs. In fact, the direct cost of all the ammo expended is estimated at N13, 462,338,304:40 ($72,769,396.24).

    For Command, control, and communications, the NAF is said to have employed a wide variety of (C3) equipment and procedures. Air-to-ground communication was basically through existing UHF and VHF while coordination between and amongst the field commanders and the forces was mainly through the basic mobile phones while text messages were substantially employed. The ATR-42 and Beechcraft aircraft were used extensively as air command vessels by the surface forces. There was also employment of network enabled capabilities.

    In the light of the experiences of the fight against terror, the need for the establishment of Forward Operational Bases (FOBs) became apparent. The FOBs assisted in increasing troop presence in critical areas and thus served to achieve quick reaction time to contingencies in those areas.

    Accordingly, the NAF is currently developing three new FOBs in Mubi, Bama and Monguno. It is anticipated that these FOBs, once fully active, would provide a force-multiplier factor for enhanced operations. Meanwhile, FOB Mubi is already active.

    Towards sustaining the task of combating Boko Haram, additional platforms that meet ‘High’ and ‘Hot’ performance specifications whilst combining reconnaissance with attack capabilities like the Agusta T-129 Attack Helicopter, built to meet the performance capabilities, have been added to NAF fleet.

    There are also plans to add the Mi-171E helicopter soon. The NAF believes the rugged and versatile Mi-171E would fit seamlessly into its operations, based on the experience with the similar Mi-17 series

    • gbash10 says:

      @rugged7,thank you for this beautiful piece from the NAF.
      Confirmation on the acquisition of the TAI T-129 ATAK helicopters for the NAF.
      General BEEG,are you still here with your troops, abi you go AWOL again ?
      This thread is now too long,please Sir,could you just start another one ?
      Oga Zacchary99, I hail you Sir!

    • gbash10 says:

      @rugged7,thank you for this beautiful piece from the NAF.
      Confirmation on the acquisition of the TAI T-129 ATAK helicopters for the NAF.
      General BEEG,are you still here with your troops, abi you go AWOL again ?
      This thread is now too long,please Sir,could you just start another one ?
      Oga Zachary999, I hail you Sir!

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      @Rugged, Thank you for this beautiful brief and Summary of NAF activities, they seem to have performed credibly well in carrying out their mandate, very professional deployment of assets to meet tasks. However it is of concern that the ground forces have not been able to consolidate and take territory after NAF assaults.
      The final confirmation of the T129 is great news, The Turkish authorities during negotiation for the manufacturing rights from Agusta’s (Know as the Mangusta), insisted they must be able to execute sales to third parties, all components in the T129, electronic/avionics, weapons systems and AGM are all of turkish manufacture, the only odd ball was the engines. the rights as detailed in the documents only made mention of the exclusion of sales to Spain ( not to complete with Agusta), UK.
      technical/operational evaluation shows that it as a Super Cobra 11 on steroids and performs tactically as a smaller version of the Apaches, this is more than enough to meet the current threat if bought in adequate numbers and set up as proper Squadron, though categorized as light, it by no chance a armed Gazelle or Ecuriel 350/ A star.

  167. jimmy says:

    Great work.
    Job well done

  168. freeegulf says:

    oga rugged, great work. thanks for this.
    oga zachary, as always, you are on point. thanks for the T-129 heads up

  169. freeegulf says:

    knowing the veil of secrecy concerning everything NAF related, this operational piece given by the vanguard is quite elaborate. would like to commend the NAF leadership for such. however, there are so many op gaps in NAF orbat. would highlight the operational details:

    ”Sunday Vanguard learnt that before taking on the Boko Haram challenge headlong, the NAF put machinery in place to ascertain the strength of the terrorist group vis a vis equipment holding, funding, deployment within the country if any, and links with the local populace, and contemplated their tactics”.

    1. it is clear the staff planners went about doing their job with a good start. however, i think should have been more elaborate with the assesment of BH, right here on this blog, when BH where still pretty much concerned with just urban terrorism, oga doziex was already predicting the next pattern in the terror development. whether we agreed or disagreed with him then, our point was that NAF and NA would be ready also to decimate these technikals. its a shame that NAF never got that far with their situation development. if they did, the air force would have been able to stop the high mobility of the terrs way before they get into firefight with the ground troops. so their planning did not go far enough in terms of dealing with the menace of the AA cannons

    ”Also, terror bombings of BHT-occupied villages by both the F-7Ni and the Alpha-Jet became commonplace in areas that were sympathetic to the BHT movement and activities. To complete the destruction, ground forces were expected to enter these areas after an air assault and engage any BHT members left alive, but, unfortunately, in many situations, surface forces never moved in”.

    2. the above action by the air force is just sad. it shows that the air force and army still do not understand ( how much more implement) the concept of combined arms operations. this is not even full spectrum ops.
    they, the air force, expected ground troops to move in. now how would ground troops move in? which platform is the easiest mode of deployment in the battlefield? so how many helos did NAF provide the NA to airlift their troops to these bombed villages. if they want follow up forces, where they not supposed to airlift the army troops to those villages. the NE given its geographical size, did they expect the NA that lacks its own operational aviation corp to travel by ground vehicles as rapid reaction force to NAF air raids? HABA! these guys need to embrace modern warfare

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga freegulf, great analysis.

      Regarding point (1), I would say it was a failure of leadership. Both military and political leadership took the BH issue as a side show.

      Our leadership didn’t recognize BH for what it was: a dedicated, relentless, strategic enemy that will not give up and that will always return to the battlefield.

      What was required was a 1st world Air Force that can sustain it’s self in a long, drawn out engagement.

      What we had was a third world Air Force (yes, with great officers), lacking in pilots, intelligence assets, combat assets and suitable munitions stockpiles.

      Regarding point (2), I would say it was another failure of leadership.
      This seems like a simple turf war: Who is in charge?

      One can’t just bomb a BH camp and then call up the Army to march 100km to “clean up” the mess.

      Again, the failure of our political leadership to clearly define command and control is evident here.

  170. freeegulf says:

    joint ops is still lacking in our tactical operations.

    ‘ It was gathered that the weapons employed in these operations included 500kg, 250kg and 100kg bombs, rockets of various types, including the S-5, S-8 and C-24, as well as the 30mm cannons.”

    3. what happened to AFIT working on 900 kg bombs? this is where we blindly sign foolish treaties without looking out for ourselves. always trying to please. this is the one time we should be churning out cluster munitions in tons. anti personnel ordinance are extremely effective against these light fast moving enemies.

    ”Modifications were also carried out to ensure that the Mi-35 helicopters were able to deliver 500kg bombs originally meant for MiG-21 aircraft. Additionally, NAF was able to procure from Pakistan 250kg Pre-Frag (HE) Bombs and 250kg Steel Bombs, and also introduced the use of proximity fuzes for the bombs. In fact, the direct cost of all the ammo expended is estimated at N13, 462,338,304:40 ($72,769,396.24).”

    4. we still dont seem to appreciate the efficiency of guided ordinance. what happens to procuring LGBs? no need for all those WW2 style dive bombing if we can get cheap guided kits for our dumb bombs.

    ”There are also plans to add the Mi-171E helicopter soon. The NAF believes the rugged and versatile Mi-171E would fit seamlessly into its operations, based on the experience with the similar Mi-17 series”

    5. we should have procured the MI-17s years ago. how they can acquire the MI-24/35s without considering medium utility platform of the same series is baffling. we need these helos like yesterday. our air assault role is still lacking because of the absence of these reliable birds in the battlefield.

    to summarize these all, NAF has done a relatively good job. but they could have done far better excellent job had they planned better, more aggressive request for funding, and BUY PLATFORMS IN GOOD NUMBERS!!

    thank you NAF, a big thank you to Pakisitan.
    AFIT rigging of the 500 kg bombs on the mil gunship shows we are truly learning well. we just have to move in leaps and bounds to reach our true armament requirements.

  171. Ola says:

    Tunisia announced it was going to build a wall along its borders with Libya to counter the threat from jihadist militants. The wall would stretch 160km (100 miles) inland from the coast, and be completed by the end of 2015.
    Israel began building barrier in and around the occupied West Bank in 2002: 720km planned by completion
    India has fenced much of the 740km Line of Control (LoC) that divides Indian and Pakistani-administered Kashmir
    Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea created in 1953 heavily guarded on both sides: 250km long and about 4km wide
    Saudi Arabia is building a fence along its border with Yemen: 1,800km
    Kenya had announced similar plans to build a wall along its borders with Somalia to keep out al-Shabab militants crossing over to its territory. The 708km wall would be a series of concrete barriers, fences, ditches and observation posts overlooked by CCTV stations that is expected to stretch from the Indian Ocean to the city of Mandera, where Somalia and Kenya converge with Ethiopia.
    How is Nigeria taking care of her borders with Cameroon, Chad and Niger?

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Ola. Thank you. Nigeria needs a border fence/trench to cut off the constant half a century of killer invasions from Chad/Cameroon/Niger since 50 years ago….each invasion force gets more powerful than the previous one….Boko Haram is the worst so far.

      If we have a wholly Nigerian Boko Haram uprising, we can crush them within Nigeria before they get heavy weapons across border into Nigeria from Chad, Sudan, C.A.R, Libya, and start shooting down NAF jets and bursting NA tanks to capture 45 towns in Nigeria and establish Caliphates creating another country inside Nigeria.

      I just hope President Buhari gets to hear the call of majority on this blog, those who want the borders of Nigeria to be fenced are in the majority. We say it for our fatherland, not to please our fancy. Thank you all.

  172. Oje says:

    Your analogies are flawed and you know it no matter how hard you try to put a negative spin to it. It is virtually impossible for any nation to be a War monger in these times. This is no Tom Clancy Spy fiction Novel. America is winding down its military engagements world wide, take a look at the latest engagements with Syria and even Ukraine, they are dragging their feets. This is not 1935, you cannot just be in the mood to wage war like its a game. Think outside the box and be realistic. The energy you spend analysing and bashing the U.S can best be spent profering solutions for out war efforts.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      The sad thing is that many ordinary Americans (like you) have been militarised too. Its the psychological aspect of a military industrial complex that has gone all pervasive.

      Oje, proof of your militarisation? In your earlier posts, you repeatedly used the term, “A-STAN” (3 times on this page alone) in place of Afghanistan. “A-STAN” sounds like a weapon designation, so is a constant reminder to all of the defeat of that country, it is also pejorative, because it deeply undermines Afghani self worth, culture and identity.

      Do you know the implications of actually renaming a country? E.g Iraq to “Eye raq,” Iran to “Eye ran” etc?” I don’t think so. You might find this article quite illuminating;

      Anyway, Oga rugged7 posted an interesting article that concerns NIGERIA. Oga rugged7’s post about NIGERIA requires more page space.
      Your ceaseless defence of America against phantom attacks can be diversionary.

    • zachary999 says:

      I would comment on that NAF article before the week runs out. The article is a defensive measure after the CinC called them out last week !

      A lot of half truths in the article…

      This is an Air Force that was never available after 5pm and regularly bombed NA soldiers and thankfully on most occasions the bombs did not explode. There is so much unexploded ordnance (mostly cluster bombs) in the NE especially sambissa.

      NAF needs to come clean and basically say they have failed and need a roadmap to take them back to their glory days. Talk to any commander who fought in the NE about the NAF and he would ask you which Air Force ?

      The insurgents do not fear NAF at all, anytime the jets come overhead they just spread out and wait knowing the guns would jam and the aircraft endurance been poor would return to base.

      This was the same way Badeh deceived Jonathan into believing all was well before things went out of control. A fully functioning NAF would have smoked out BH years ago…

      We need to hear from the pilots who have been in the NE..let them be encouraged to speak up so that the right platforms and funding can be fast tracked.

      On the positive side one must commend the ATR pilots who did a fantastic job and one can only say that with the right platform our pilots are ready and willing to give their all..

      The alpha jet pilots risked their lives flying those machines continuously beyond aircraft serviceability and envelope. This guys all deserve the medal of honour.

      • Are James says:

        I actually stopped looking at Wikipedia. Nigeria Air Force is now exactly No. 15 in Africa . Please take a pen and piece of paper and price me wrong. The last CDS/CAS were the most incompetent we have had in our more than 50 years as a country. The evidence is there that all the past Chiefs and probably those to come in future will perform better than these guys if faced with the same pressures and challenges . Nigeria ran a remote war in Sierra Leone and Liberia with one fifth of the resources available to these mofos and it was relatively successful. On top of that theseems guys also almost scammed the country with inflated SU25/Super Puma. SMH

      • asorockweb says:

        Well said.

        It was Badeh’s never ending “all is well”, that got him promoted to CDS. That says a lot about GEJ.

        Any fool would have known that a couple of jets mixed in with a handful of pilots cannot sustain the fight against an enduring enemy.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Zachary999, we will await your comment on the NAF report as you said. This blog is hoping to help campaign for a total rebuilding of NAF to become force that will defend Nigeria effectively. Thanks.

  173. Ola says:

    I know this video has been around for about 3-4 months now and we’ve seen it here before, I came across it again and yet again wondered aloud at why these guys were not being strafed?

    Each shell from the bofors we have would clear an area the size of a football field. And if these guys are beyond artillery range, 2 Hinds with rocket pods and their 20mm cannons will literately wipe these guys out.
    I hope this will not repeat itself with NAF in the future. I hope the CAS will be driven by sincere passion to adequately equip NAF and I hope the current administration will wilfully and wisely spend money on Nigerian military.

    • Augustine says:

      If you have Diamond D42 aerial survey and recce of the sambisa forest, you would have known the estimated number of people in the Boko HQ and all escape routes would have been mapped before the operation and blocked with ditches.

      During the operation, if you had enough attack helicopters, the surveillance aircraft that recorded that video would have called in air strikes even if it is ordinary Gazelle, Huey or Eurocopter armed with cannon and rocket pods.

      Those escaped Bokos now live to fight another day or today.

      However, I would air strike the vehicles and motorcycles, those are 90% likely to be Bokos, the people running on foot might be frightened innocent captive civilians escaping. I also will not use artillery, it does not discriminate between a Boko and a captive civilian.

      That Sambisa mop up job at hand was best for helicopters with pintle mounted guns for close range target visual I.D before fire and rocket pods for standoff fire. I have always said, to paralyze Bokos in any fight, first delete all their vehicles that carry anti-aircraft guns with PGMs from 3 km slant distance away and the rest of the Bokos will be food for heavy machine gunfire at 1km visual range away, easy I.D. easy kill, almost no collateral damage or friendly fire.

      It’s like in Nigeria, our leaders make simple things become very difficult.

  174. Oje says:

    WTF Kola lol, jeez.. first of all A-STAN is an acronym for Afghanistan, its an audious task typing afghanistan in most cases. For example S-Leone, thats an acronym.which wan b the A-STAN monologue again. You know quite all right what A-STAN stands for, you just like creating controversy. Why do you complicate simple issues? And now i am American abi? Sorry to say but the more you rave over this the more i begin to think that perhaps maybe you aint that smart afterall like you claim to be. Save for a few,this blog is gradually becoming very stupid with stupid people. Dont do this, dont do that, dont say this, dont say that, ”you are an American spy” Really? Take a chill pill men and stop being rigid and polarising. Arguing over a fucking acronym? If people are not allowed to say certain things or do certain things better spell it out and weed out the unwanted elements, even if its me. Im sick and tired of this same ole stupid argument day in day out.. wtf men.

    • saleh says:

      Some times you actually speak like a child how can you say the blogs is becoming stupid with stupid people becos someone doesn’t like your point of view. Please learn to speak

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