A Gazelle helicopter inducted in 2015, operated on behalf of Army Aviation by the Nigerian Air Force


This potent panoply of armaments fit for ongoing counterinsurgency operations can be replicated by either ATE, PARAMOUNT GROUP or DENEL Aerostructures of South Africa, turning the Gazelle helicopters into powerful scout helicopters and fire support platforms


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  1. Henry says:

    Possible upgrade for Nigerian Gazelle and Fennec Helicopters.

    We’re talking
    1- FN Herstal HMP–400 12.7 mm machine gun;
    2- Nexter NC-621 20mm cannon;
    3- FZ-233 70 mm rockets (guided rockets optional);
    4- Cirit anti-tank missile; and
    5- a choice of sensors (FLIR, TV, HUD, HMSD)

    • eyimola says:

      OR Actually buy a mature rotary platform that’s fit for purpose and doesn’t need add-ons or upgrades.

      • Are James says:

        There are too many trade-offs with buying “fit for purpose ” platforms . As far as I am concerned, Fit-For-Purpose should only refer to whether or not the Chopper is compatible with our climate (hot and high) and local support Everyother thing can be retrofitted once these basics are taken care of. In this regard, the incoming MI35 s are only useful because they are brand new , carry a heavy punch and can carry troops. The NA aviation would always find the Gazelles with retrofits a little better for quick reaction CAS.

    • Henry says:

      Credits : Frumentius

  2. Are James says:

    Another topical and long overdue thread topic. Thank you Field Marshall Bergeagle. This one looks like is going to give teeth while saving Army Aviation some big bucks. Now let us talk about loadings and what restrictions we have in terms payload.

  3. chynedoo says:

    It appears some of the suggestions on Beegeagle’s blog on the need for an home-grown military industrial complex is receiving attention at the presidency.

    • Are James says:

      It is instructive to note that the President is not calling for conferences and seminars. He wants a plan with targeted weapon types to be manufactured, manpower development required, actual strategy for the setting up of factories – JVs, G2G or both, production equipment, tooling and machinery etc with costs attached and implementation calendar.

    • Sir Kay says:

      You are saying President Buhari got the idea from here? lol, let’s not flatter ourselves, any one with common sense would know this was needed.

  4. engineerboat says:

    It will be an added advantage

  5. Henry says:

    Oga Eyimola, different weapons platforms fill different needs in the military.

    I personally like LUHs like the Gazelle helicopter primarily because of their multiple areas of application. Our MI-35 Helicopters would not always be available as a result of either maintenance, mission type, atmospheric condition or any other reason.

    However Copters like the Gazelle fill in that gap, as they are nimble, easy to fly, low maintenance, and provide an increased percentage of availability.

    For SF/SOF missions troops need a Helicopter that can provide Recon, Fire-support, MEDVAC and can be called upon when required. The French in mali extensively used the Gazelle Helicopter, the Kiowa is widely used by US special forces, the Eurocopter EC645 is also a widely used SOF/SF Helicopter.

    MI-35s are flying Tanks, they are heavily armoured, are heavily up-gunned, and provide the sort of fire support other Attack Helicopters can only dream of.

    The T-129 is an advanced weapons system, it provides virtually seamless communication and Networking capabilities, perfect for our Hot and Humid flying condition, however it lightly armoured and carries only 500 rounds of Ammo.

    The benefits of the Gazelle have been listed, in all, all different types of Helos bring different capabilities to the table.

  6. Centenary says:

    Morning sirs,any news about the T 129 helos,I hope we are buying wit tech transfar cos that is the only reasonable way of buying that helo and turkey is ready to sell wit tech transfar for the right price and money is not our problem,so we should take this advantage and not waste it like we did in 2006 under obj,I posted before in the other trend but my posting is still waiting moderation,oga beeg can u please help me out wit that,

  7. Henry says:

    * Please forgive my Typos in my initial post.

  8. Centenary says:

    Any news about the T 129 helos?hope if we are still buying them we are buying wit full transfar of tech cos anytin less than that just won’t do and we known that they are willing to sell wit transfar of tech for the right price so let not let this deal pass us by like we did in 2006,my ogas in d house av been talkin about R and D for our defence industries so my thought is that we should meet Greace for tech transfar in exchange for some funds and they will take it with both hands cos of their economy situation,I known greace tech is not that good but it will be a start for us to better tech,even america does it,so y can’t we,just my one kobo thought

  9. Henry says:

    Oga Engineerboat, the only evidence that is available is a Vanguard news Article. however, we have been a long time admirer of the Helicopter.

    • jimmy says:

      I have a question OGA HENRY the SF troops that arrived back from RUSSIA they are noticeably wearing a different CAMO, is this uniform going to be standard for the sf operators ? do you have an info on it.

  10. beegeagle says:

    In my view, the speed and agility of an armed scout helicopter is actually indispensable in COIN operations. That is where the Gazelles, Fennecs, AH-6 Little Birds and OH-58 Kiowas come in. This thing can actually chase down a BH technical in an urban street from the height of an electricity pylon.

    When you think about hovering and taking out columns of tanks or flattening terrorists’ camps, the MiL attack helicopters would be first choice.

    Each of these airframe types have their roles just like we have different mission requirements for mortars/artillery, wheeled APCs/MRAPs/tracked APCs & gun-trucks/scout cars/AFVs/tanks.

    That’s just my humble opinion though. The NA should actually plan to have an armed Gazelle/Fennec deployed in support of each battalion in the SoE area within six months.

    • beegeagle says:

      Even if we succeed in forcing BH into a becoming a low-intensity affair by June 2016, we must accept that the aftershocks of this conflict shall continue to reverberate for a minimum of A DECADE.

      For one,BH are now active in Niger,Cameroon & Chad as well, so there is really no telling when the malfeasance they represent can be curbed in all four neighbouring countries. Until that complete cessation is achieved, it is not yet uhuru.

      Moreover, when the conventional guerrilla warfare phase is concluded, the more easily foisted urban warfare phase featuring bomb blasts and suicide attacks looks set to continue for a while longer. Look to Algeria for that template. Mali too.

      More importantly, we can see the gradual escalation of attacks on marine police and Customs Marine formations ongoing in the Niger Delta. This is happening all of six years after the major combatant groups acceded to the terms of the Niger Delta Peace Process. Yesterday, pirates or militants attacked a JTF location in the Niger Delta and killed four soldiers. That tells the story of the aftershocks inherent in a post-conflict society.

      Tellingly,the daredevilry and mindless violence of BH is even more ingrained. It stands to reason that even after the first phase of this war has been won, we have a long way to go before the attainment of lasting peace. There would have to be consolidation & that goes with being on a war footing. We must not take our eyes of that BH ball too soon.

      • Are James says:

        The North East is damaged for at least 15 years. No helping it. Excuse my pessimism but there is an entire generation of youths forced into camps by BH and civic minded ones joining CJTF. A generation used to bomb blasts and security self help is not a ‘normal’ one. The government should realise this and kick start all paper initiatives developed in the ex ONSA for immediate implementation. The UN and EU funds would come in handy but it’s not gonna be easy. Armed robbery and kidnappings are going to spike if jobs are not provided

    • engineerboat says:

      Thats where the effectiveness of Gazelle/Fennec platform is much needed, considering its capability and requirement for landing and taking off and easy accessibility

  11. beegeagle says:

    I agree with you, Are James. The region is socially dislocated as it stands. The post-conflict reconstruction will have to be both physical and mental – even spiritual.

    What the FG must remember to do is ENSURE that apart from bridges, all of the reconstruction in that region is undertaken by direct labour which relies on men, women and youths in that region.

    You will be surprised how much turbulence can be defused just by using ‘daily paid’ masons hired for N1,500 per day, hiring ‘helpers’ who help with moving sand by headpans & water on site (women+girls) at N1,000 per day & block moulders churning out blocks for N500 per bag or N10 per brick.

    We must not turn the reconstruction projects to a reward system of contract awards to our mostly useless politicians.

    • engineerboat says:

      That will go a long way in building up the destabilized NE and also in another way occupied the mind of the youth and people living in that area, which will make them forget what they’ve gone through. However the problem still lies with the politicians influence on such projects, contracts and rebuilding process

      • engineerboat says:

        If anything can be done to isolate the influence of politicians at least to minimal level, it will be a welcome development, so that the right people will be involved

  12. jimmy says:

    Cross border patrols are taking place
    Confirmed one of the reasons why the chads have grown Silent ,Nigeria is supplying them with logistics, hot pursuit across borders is now in practice though sensitive in nature it is taking place.
    OGA BEEGS Please if you can you touched on a very sensitive subject the Reconstruction of the North East perhaps we can open another thread on this subject, this is going to be an extensive thing for Nigeria to do and it is important that it is done right,

  13. jimmy says:

    Much respect for your comments for the quoted comments below
    2- Nexter NC-621 20mm cannon;
    3- FZ-233 70 mm rockets (guided rockets optional);
    5- a choice of sensors (FLIR, TV, HUD, HMSD)
    I make no bones about to depend on you guys to fill us in in the TECHNICAL DETAILS since it is not my strength need your help.
    Whether it is ATE/ DENEL/ Paramount,
    Nigeria has to have an understanding that The Nigerian Armed forces needs a Helicopter borne Rocket system of it’s own, this is increasingly becoming obvious
    Procurement is one thing and I agree we need to buy from somebody but Nigeria needs to have a standardized rocket system made in Nigeria for it’s own aviation fleet, just like we did the IGIRIGI, This is common sense not even NATIONAL PRIDE, Nigeria has something at EPE and building Rockets / Missiles is no longer that complicated.

    • Are James says:


      • Centenary says:

        @oga Henry,wat u just said could not b more true if only our top harts will listen to this blog n put wat u guys say into reality our armed forces would by now b among the top ten in the world becos we av d resources to make it so(if only we have soldiers not politicians as our generals d sky would av been our beginning,tanks b to God we still have d chance so let make it work)

      • ozed says:

        In general we MUST master pyrotechnics ie the development of explosives, propellants, fuses etc. That way we can conquer the issue of ammunition for our soldiers by domesticating the production of bombs, grenades, bullets, rockets etc
        Some of these explosives can already be formulated by final year chemistry students. With a bit of investment it can be industrialized.

    • Are James says:

      More Gazelles definitely coming. Apart from the NE. There are rumours of planned deployment to the ND. Someone should warn militants not to try nonsense. The NA/ NAF have proven capability to have units supplied with ammo and food for long enduring operations. NVG is also becoming standard

  14. Oje says:

    What we need is 60,000 troop at the front, more financial incentive (which is not hard) and better strategy. We already have enough equipment to deal with this kind asymmetric enemy (perhaps more so than any other African states at this time) and enough financial clout to sustain this. what we do not have is TIME!! TIMETIMETIME. With the lightening speed by which Nigerian forces retook all 36 territories from Boko Haram(they did that in just 3 weeks) i honestly did not envisage that by Mod August we will still be flarebasting and fighting Boko Haram on Nigerian soil, we should be hunting them down in the Jungles of Cameroon and the Deserts of Chad by now./

  15. Tobey says:

    Oga Oje, we don’t need more than 10,000 troops for this war..our strategy of massing the N.E with troops and operating from F.O.Bs is clearly militarily inept.. France routed the AQIM and its MOJWA allies with less than 5000 troops. Ill rather bet on 1000 troops backed by hundreds of IFVs and MRAPS, survellance assets and cheap CT-COIN ground-attack jets than on 60,000 troops backed by 4 Alpha jets, a handfull gunships , IFVs and rusty AKs. Our top brass must really be naïve to believe that you can grind down this war by attrition based on larger numbers on your won side.

  16. Oje says:

    Oga Toby, not sure I understand your concept on ” masses the North East with troops”. This is the one thing Nigeria has never done. Since the beginning of the insurgency the highest ever number of troops deployed by the Nigerian army have been 20,000, the bulk of which came from the NA 7the division, in itself a newly createn division. %70 of the Na army personal have scarcely being utilised thus far.

    • Tobey says:

      Oga Oje, we have no less than 40,00 troops in the N.E presently..even NN personnel have been drafted to the frontlines..We have seen how effective the 72 MSF has been. Believe it o not, the Army knows exactly where BH militants are and where they operate from. We need highly mobile battalions, each with 20 T-72/Vickers MK3 tanks, and 100 HMG-armed APCs/IFVs. Each will also have a dedicated sqaudron of 2 attack helics (Mi-35/24)s, and 5 gazzelles. These 1000 men units should be highly mobile and designated AORs. Its time we start going after Boko Haram. Where they eat, sleep and fvck. Its time we start killing them in large numbers. We don’t need to seize territories from BH. These areas we recapture hold no military significance whatsoever ; purely sentimental in nature..we need to get into Sambisa to start the bodycount. We just have large numbers of troops sitting in “FOBs” waiting to be attacked by BH..Just waiting to be killed.

  17. Oje says:

    To put things into perspective remember Boko Harams ‘s most audacious attacks on Nigerian military bases(10 Years ago it was unthinkable any foreign power,much less boko Haram could achieve this feat without heavy losses) involved the outnumbering the troops on ground by a 3 to 1 ratio. It just overlwelms you, similar Chadian tactics on battling Boko haram involved them concentrating their entire units on single attacks rather than a flan king maneuver. It works, why we never do this is still beyond me.

    Watching videos like this you cannot help but get riled up, angry and actually start asking is perhaps there is a spiritual dimension to this war, because nothing ever makes sense. Here you have a Nigerian airforce helicopter, armed with high calibre bullets able to fire 4000 rounds a minute loitering in the air and watching thousands of Boko Haram fighters fleeing in all direct on motobikes,trucks and the vast majority on foot. You see the terrain and you realise it’s plain, no houses, no structures, scarey any civilian settlements,just flat open featureless terrain, any armies dream fighting insurgency yet we cannot seem to decimate half of Boko Haram workforce in a single strike from our RM-71 rocket artillery sy stems and bofor howitzers? It’s a never ending puzzle how things work and I think we don’t have time. This is turning into a decade old war.

    • Are James says:

      Yes. There is a spiritual dimension to the war. There is a demon in charge of it and his name is Mammon. That guy mammon is in charge of money making ….preferably under conditions that degrade humanity.
      What you neglected to add in your post was that that Chopper was streaming live video to a control room in Abuja and the instructions from there was clear…. “Take some more videos for “Nollywood” then turn your fvcking chopper and head back to base , copy, Good!”
      And then to themselves -…”this thing ain’t over till we say it is over….we sef wan open our own airline and we will make the money from this war”.

  18. Martin Luther says:

    The Nigerian Army needs not less than 350, 000 fighting men anything less means we may have an unnecessarily prolonged crisis. This conflict has always been what it is which is a clash with all available able bodied man, woman and child who can be manipulated to believe they are in a fight for their religious and ethnic freedom. These kind of persons abound in the Sahara region and exactly the areas of conflict today. Their areas have not seen any reasonable development or government presence since the colonial days.

    It seems to me that only the Nigerian side if this region in question has even seen development yet it is the epic center of the current crisis. If you look at backdrops in documentaries or news reports and compare infrastructure between NE Nigeria, South of Chad by the Lake Chad area, N Cameroon and South Niger, you would understand that these people have been mostly abandoned by their governments and they have become fuel for the fire.

    I predict that this crisis would evolve out of Nigeria and into Northern Cameroon and Southern Niger long after hostilities have sized in Nigeria and these countries would be a hot bed because the real cause of this crisis has been the abandonment of their people.

    • Are James says:

      Still the fastest and most useless combat aircraft in the world. Your clip does not play though.

    • Ola says:

      Hi Are James, my purpose of putting up the post is this; Russia saw a need to counter long-range bombers which they did not have the infrastructure in place to deal with, they purposefully built the MiG-25 to counter that. The plane is built for only one thing which is speed. Now if we relate this to the helicopters that Beegeagle started this thread on, we come to the question; what is the need of Nigerian army and what are the tools available/to be acquired to counter it? This would influence how the assets of the NA aviation corps would be rigged/configured. This is the purpose of the history of MiG-25 that I posted here.
      If I talk further on the helicopters now, I see three needs, recce, insertion/extraction, close ground support. The helicopters may have to be slitted into groups and would have to be rigged out to meet these needs, weights and space would have to be at the core of the decision.

  19. giles says:

    pls sorry, but how many battalions do we have in this country

  20. Oje says:

    Oga James im not sure i can validate what you said. That chopper wasn’t waiting for instructions from any control room in Abuja, it boils down to sheer ineptitude as this was active combat not reconnaissance. Many of those escapees will regroup and fight again, with the casualty being mostly defenseless civilians.That’s a MI-24 Hind attack helicopter with titanium glass canopy and more fire power than all the guns of Boko Haram combined, nothing would have stood in the way, think about the strategic advantage of killing hundreds of Boko Haram fighters. They cannot have an endless supply of men for ever, the heavier the casualty we inflict on them, the more it degrades their ability to fight. Unless by some miracle they get resupplied, by who i dont know.

  21. Oje says:

    Martin Luther the Nigerian army’s present size represents nothing short of an overkill. You are talking about close to 200,000 men. Thats m,ore than the combined armies of Chad,Cameroon,Niger,Togo,Ghana,Liberia,S-leone combined. Nigerian forces who liberated Liberia and S-leone were not more than 5,000 men. What do we need 350,000 men for? Weve been fighting this war with roughly numerical parity with Boko Haram with roughly 20,000 men, for 6 years now. Boko Haram captured territory the size of Belgium yet we stuck to fighting Boko Haram with only the newly formed Nigerian army 7th Division based in Maiduguri.

    Also i dont share your school of thought on this crises evolving into Northern Cameroon and Chad, those country will not have it. Chadian troops fight like terrorists, boko haram will be decimated, theve done it on our soil, allbeit treading carefully. Let us not kid ourselves here, in a conventional war the armies of Chad and Cameroon even combined stand no chance against the Nigerian military, no chance in the absolute sense. In the area of counter Insurgency and guerrilla warfare (which is what the worlds conflicts is evolving into)the Chadians will woop out asses. They are pro’s when it comes to COIN, they beat off the Libyans and South Sudanese, in CAR they wooed ass while South African troops hightailed back to Johannesburg. The Chadian army is a small force so they make %100 use of their leverage in experience and asymmetry, the Nigerian army is disproportionately large yet we fail to use our leverage in size and pure brute forces. We push back Boko Haram and start digging trenches, waiting for Boko Haram to counter attack.

    • I disagree, the NA needs to b able to fight in two fronts while having the capacity to hold ground. 350 men does it. Our neigbours need to understand that we can cut a buffer in their territories hold the ground and still fight effectively. The other options to this is to fence our territorial land area

    • Norther Cameroon or Southern Chad and Niger are not better than the tribal areas of Pakistan Orr South Afghanistan with no meaningfull gov presence. Hw well did NATO or the great Pakistani Army do in these regions. The only solution is mass troops hold ground and use force multipliers/technology to go after the targets. Over time the enemy would gradually erode or grind to a halt

  22. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga Oje, Great points, the Chadians adapt to the situation, they realize they are fighting a highly mobile foe, so they mobilize and equip themselves to be highly mobile as well, No tracked tanks but large numbers of highly mobile wheeled light tanks and quick pursuit support from helicopter gunships and Frogfoots, In reality the T72 do not have any real place in the battle order except during the re-capture of towns phases, they cannot be used to chase down the enemy. proberbly the reason the Army is considering bike deployed units. In a combat scenario, after the MBT hit BH’s technical s, then what follows after they disperse, the MBT lack speed to pursuit the scattered BH cadres. They are best in this Sahel COIN ops for taking on hard fortified positions and defending territory, definitely not for hunting insurgents

    • Are James says:


      I am still not impressed by the vision here. It appears the new brass still see themselves as some sort of air police. We don’t want a Boko centric close air support NAF. We want a force combining long legs and strategic reach with very dense within – border capability. BTW they are patrolling the borders now regularly although the frequency should be increased so please let us can all ideas about building a costly distracting fence that will take 5 years and cost $12bn.

      • rka says:

        4th Generation/deep strike platforms not in their thinking. We are going to be stuck with recce/border patrol aircraft, a few assault helos, some Mi-17s (I can bet not in any significant quantity), the Alpha jets, which will live even longer in our inventory, and our ‘sophisticated’ F-7s, which can protect the territorial intergrity of Nigeria 🙂

      • ozed says:

        Not much has changed from this.

        Lots of opaque statements, no clear commitments anyone can be held accountable for. What new platforms are expected etc..
        Same levels of secrecy we are used to which is supposedly to protect national security but sadly also acts as a cover for corruption and incompetence.

  23. Number one says:

    @ Oga Beegeagle,great idea and to expand on it all upgrades of existing equipment should be done in Nigeria by Dicon,Proforce and Nigerian army engineers with foreign technical assistance .To list : Arm and uparmour all our gazelles and A109LUH,convert part of our T-55 fleet to ICV(infantry)[Serbia and Ukraine] ,upgrade our Vickers mk3 mbts to ‘Super Vickers'(125mm gun,thermal imagers,rangefinders,add-on composite armor,ERA,new engines,treads,belly armor etc) [ BAE,Ukraine,Serbia],Upgrade our Alpha jets ‘buy more’ with modern sensors,decoys and uparmor them [ India’ MKU Private Limited’],and our 2 ex USCG Cutters should be upgraded to missile frigates[Turkey,UAE].

  24. Oje says:

    Oga number one, you don’t wanna deal with BAE Systems trust me, these people are savages. See what they did to our fleet of Jaguars over something as simple as late payment.

    • Are James says:

      BAE Systems is over leveraged in the middle east and politically those states are getting pissed off with Europe and the US over Iran. Now a country like Jordan is getting Euro fighter Typhoons but that opportunity is closing for the British. If they were not such a bunch of mean minded , stiff, snooty, modestly male endowed, cruel, condescending racists that they are… there is no conceivsble reason why they should not be offering sparingly used Tornado IDS to our airforce now. Imagine Jordan of all countries.

      • Akin Oges says:

        “…modestly male endowed”. Oh mehn! Laugh wan tier my bele. Oga Are James, have mercy na, biko.

      • Are James says:

        Well they must be jealous of something. The relationship we have is going centuries. We are an ex colony, UK multinationals have/are making billions from Nigeria. Our kids spend not less than $3bn on school feed in their universities, yet you can count UK weapon systems deployed by our entire armed forces on one finger. The Tornado is a good fit for some threat assessment gaps with Boko Haram and other things yet they won’t even suggest it not to talk of offering. They adopt the darkly expectant attitude of a secret enemy waiting for the country to break into little pieces. Well that won’t happen.

      • Akin Oges says:

        My Oga, you are soo spot on. The Brits have this deep seated but quiet spite for Nigeria (they see our self assuredness as arrogance). And yes, you are correct, they can’t just wait for Nigeria to be balkanized. Them go wait for eternity. With money to hand we can source platforms and hardware from the East and via other sources. They can stick their Tornados and Harriers where the sun don’t shine. Good post Sir.

      • Ola says:

        Mr. Are James, your view of the British cracked me up. I’m in a dire strait here as to which side to stand on. Me talking as an English man here, do know this that the current English society holds no spite against Nigeria. I recently left service with the RM and I can tell you that we had frequent joint training programs with many members of the commonwealth countries. Interestingly, even Indian and Pakistani have had to do exercises and short term courses together with us side by side. I have met at least 2 Nigerian army engineers on training courses here too -while still active. I met one of them in 2011. Nigerian military in recent years have sent too few personnel here for training and their training have been rather uncoordinated. You send out a few military officers to train on different things…you need a mature army to benefit from such an ineffective and uncoordinated approach!
        The problem is that Nigeria has not directly addressed their needs to the UK. I believe this is due to two main reasons; 1. Nigerian leaders are mostly paying lips service to acquisition for the military, they are not serious enough. 2. I think (pure speculation here) Nigeria no longer sees the UK as a major military equipment manufacturing country, which is true.
        The UK does not have enough Tornado to gift/sell to Nigeria. I want you to know that the Tornadoes, though ageing are still carrying the bulk of the responsibility of RAF, not the Typhoon. The UK has too few Typhoon to rely on, the Tornadoes are more reliable, as well as quicker, easier and cheaper to maintain.
        That said, the appeal Nigerian officials have been launching to the US, if Nigeria had appealed to the UK the same way, some significant help would have come to Nigeria from the UK.
        Lastly, I want you to know that Nigeria also enjoys the good will of the UK military personnel, I have been asked a couple of times by former colleagues (who know my Nigerian roots here) why Nigeria has insistently not reached out to the UK, I have even been pushed by some of them to assist in organising training for Nigerian military personnel, and I know there are one or two individuals here who would pack their bag and travel to Nigeria to help with training. But then, Nigeria is still a very organised and proud country and the Nigerian military would not just accept any help offer they have not solicited for themselves…so?
        In summary, I would say; 1. blame the Nigerian politicians for not putting pressure on the UK for assistance. The day Nigeria comes to the discussion table with concrete points, genuine requests for help and some money, the UK will help. See, there are tanks in storage here gathering dust, never used and would never be used. There are IFVs here too, these can be acquired by Nigeria if Nigeria really means business.
        2. Nigeria should learn from their past dealings with the UK on weapons procurement (vikings MBT, Jaguars, e.t.c) and let past experience guide them in asking for UK help/procuring British equipment. Nigeria has a rich history with the UK, militarily.
        3. Nigeria should go east for quick acquisition of weapons and look to the UK for training instead.

      • Are James says:

        I concede that the problem might be partly from this end. A military leadership that has been unable to articulate needs and compel the CIC to lend his weight to the actualization of those needs. There is the more serious problem of civilian leadership. I am a Brit too (luckily without the physical defect) and the question has been asked many times why France is carrying a larger stick in West Africa than the UK. What visionlessness would produce a state of affairs where the largest and potentially most powerful country in Africa is a UK colony and state of cooperation between both countries is this low in the defsec arena. The fault can’t be wholly Nigerian. It appears vision is indeed a scarce commodity both sides of the Atlantic or maybe as hinted at quietly in some quarters, maybe one side is complicit in the security problems we are having. The last significant defence procurement we have made from the UK was during the Shagari era. ..we subsequently followed up with some Vickers MBT. Since then probably $80bn of defence expenditure has passed through Nigeria and the UK economy has gained almost ZERO from that money. Some people have not been thinking.

      • Are James says:

        *was a UK colony*

      • Ola says:

        Nigeria should look towards the UK for training and acquisition of technology especial for the army and the navy. Here is how Nigeria can benefit from the UK of today, militarily.
        1. Let Nigeria create 2 new brigades; 1 a special warfare brigade; 2 Air Assault Brigade. Nigeria can request the training of the brigades by SAS personnel, believe me NA needs this.
        2. Let Nigeria resume sending whole units to the UK again for courses, not haphazardly sending one or two persons and far apart.
        Tech acquisition:
        1. On a medium term (5-7 basis), Nigeria needs to recruit select civilians from our pool of fresh, smart, University graduates and send them on scholarship to study (MSc and PhD) in select fields in the UK. They should be strategically distributed across areas like advanced communication systems, radar, defense systems, naval architecture, aviation, aeronautic engineering, computer engineering, psychology and diplomacy. They must be sent on the condition that they come back to work for the country for a minimum of 10 years after their education. While there, their specific jobs on return must be created and waiting for them, all part of the strategy to develop the country in those areas. Nigerians in diaspora in these fields should also be invited home NOW.
        2. Let NDA and NAEME create a long term training/exchange programs between NDA or NAEME and both the Royal School of Artillery and the Royal School of Military Engineering. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers should also be brought in for the engineering corps of NA to learn rapid application of on the field highly ingenious repairs and service. For example, how can you still keep a T-72 safe when all the ERA is gone? We’ve seen this from the NA front line videos.
        3. Nigeria can only get heavy equipment tech transfer from the UK in an indirect manner. Let Nigeria start a re-engineering.modernization program for the british stocks that we have. E.g FV107 Scimitar, FV101 Scorpion, vickers, e.t.c Rather than really re-equiping the army, this is to allow Nigeria have access to british militsry tech from BAE or some other small companies working with MoD. Those old stocks can get new engines, change i configuration to make them fit for other purposes…
        4. Let Nigeria also bring in the british for naval techs. Nigeria can build a destroyer at home through the support of the UK. It’s simple, send naval architects and engineers to the UK for training, expand the dock at Nigerdock, together with our naval engineers, local staff start the project and bring in a few advisers from the UK. Through the UK government, acquire advanced weapons systems from BAE or their subsidiaries, like Matra BAe Dynamics or UKAMS. This has been done before in another project, here is the case study; in collaboration with the UK NASRDA engineers built 2 satelites that are currently in orbit and are some of the best in the world.
        5. As DICON is partnering with NORINCO, DICON can also partner with several companies in the UK that are in similar business areas.
        6. NAF should look forward to the UK for advanced techs for the development of UAVs

  25. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga CAS, u are sound similar to ‘Oga all is well’. I pray its just a smoke screen while u are preping to induct meaner machine…I’m praying

  26. Oje says:

    CNN with its ”New Age” agenda is driving the world into conflict so catastrophic it will untimely end in a nuclear exchange. They’ve started instigating mass social and racial violence in the U.S, 8 cops killed today. Soon the police vs black community will get out of hand, hen it does you can be rest assured ISIS is ready to take advantage and cause more mayhem. The ”Aljazeera inspired Arab Spring” or what ever misnomer they call it has already resulted in 600,000 deaths world wide. This world is going tomatoes, soon %90 of global conflict will be between non state actors. We need to defeat Boko Haram decisively quick before we get caught in another global vortex.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Oje, the eight people killed today in the US were not policemen. It was a family of 8, father, mother and 6 children that were murdered by a black man actually, is name is David Conley. It appeared to be a revenge attack since the woman once had a relationship with him and some of the murdered children are suspected to be his own.

  27. gbash10 says:

    If what the new CAS has said is what he actually plans to do,then I beg to say that he should go back to the drawing-board with his entire NAF Air Council, and draft a realistic Strategy and Doctrine for the NAF, 21st Century Document, else, it will just be the same old story!

  28. gbash10 says:

    Good acquisition for NA Aviation Corps,the Gazelles,AH-6 and Fennec are good birds for the NA.
    For the NAF,a dedicated attack helicopter,T-129 Atak and Mi-35E Hind choppers are overkill if deployed in good number.
    I understand that the new CAS is an attack helicopter pilot, ‘a warriors-warrior’ I believe.The era of hiding military procurement is over, when the South African government wanted to modernize its armed forces,it placed an open tender for the supply of fighter jets,trainer jets, helicopters, warships and submarines.

  29. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Are, nothing so far convinces me that my ‘conspiracy theories’ are just that, theories! I just can’t but see the hands of our nay sayers in our procurement woes…(The politicians are a story for anor day). I tend not to look @ issues as isolated because in this world, a wave in one part could end up a tsunami in anor!
    I’m certain that its against France’s primary interest for a great Nigeria to exist. Why? As Oga Ola has succinctly put it…we are a proud country! All their control will never work here, definitely not the way it works in Gabon or Senegal. We know it, they know it!
    More so, like Oga Ola again say, we have never really been mush mush with the UK perhaps especially because they were our colonial masters and since Gowon left power, the UK has not reclaim her place in the scheme of things in our books! As such, they have never felt they owe us anything as we have refused to be their boy! They are NATO and European partners and neibors with France

  30. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Now there is a small piece of strategic real estate called the Falkland (Malvinas in spanish) that they have such attachment to that they had to fight to keep it even if it meant matching down from 8k miles away. They still fell that way about it and I suspect that its not about the wool the falkland sheep produces or the fish either. Its not even the oil around the area. I think its about maintaining a claim on Antarctica!
    Militarily, the French have been the Argentines biggest and most consistent arms supplier. Lately, France has not been so keen and I suspect that London has something to do with it! Even Spain couldn’t get to export it retired mirage F1 because France said so (because UK said so)! Even the Chinese thunder that was sure to come had Ashm capacity removes…
    In this business called international politics, interest is the currency and the game is, u scrub my back, I scrub urs! We are but children in this age long game called diplomacy and both France and the UK have practically written more chapters in this book than the rest of the world! In my opinion, since after the days of IBB, our foreign ministry has gone into hibernation! Perhaps we need to tackle this even more pressing need ahead of our quest for weapons! As for tornadoes, FORGET THEM, THEY WILL NOT COME

  31. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Footnote, while I’m ok with gazelles, the fennec as fine as it is holds my skepticism! Unlike the gazelle’s spares which can be sourced all over the world, the fennec is a different animal and I would prefer Italian or even the Eurocopter series as it will be easier to get spares if things turn south! My opinion…I don’t trust French

  32. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    http://observer.com/2015/08/in-modern-ukraine-people-of-color-need-not-apply/, I am American, I am British, I am this, I am That, In Germany, in France, in Mars where we live. you better realize you are viewed by your adopted Nations as unwanted Africans, Proud to be a Nigerian.

    • Ola says:

      Hi Wilcock, thanks for the warning, we know this and the level to which individuals experience it varies and the location also varies. Racism is everywhere or what do you call the rejection of Nigerians by Gabonese or South Africans? Xenophobia? That is just a terminology, the underlying cause is same, people don’t like you because you’re not from there and they ask you to leave, simple! The problem in Nigeria is that racial discrimination is even worse and more demeaning. Have you asked yourself why Nigerian officials at public offices or places like banks would give preferential treatment to “whites people” over Nigerians? Why would a police man flog fellow Nigerians to create ease of access to a chinese citizen? Isn’t this worse than being treated in the same way in Ukraine? Don’t you think it’s better to start the fight from Nigeria and spread the Nigerian pride across the country? Why not sensitize Nigerians to stop giving foreigners preferential treatments over fellow Nigerians? Or tell security men attached to “expatriates” to stop flogging Nigerians for their bosses? That said, racism is bad and we must stand against it. I as a person have never felt my right being denied me in this country and I have worked with people who don’t see skin colours and who have put their lives in line for me and would do it all over again if need be, so I have no experience to complain about.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        You are very correct in your assessment, it needs to start from home and maybe from us and hope it spreads down, It is worse when it happens in Nigeria, but guess what ? some so called educated senior officer gave orders for this numb skulls to guards those expatriates, it has to come from the top down, from how the Military treats the civilian they are paid to guard not white or yellow foreigners. I am not racist at all and my best friends come from all over and we have put our lives on the line for each other many many times. With that article I pasted, I was not addressing the foreigners heaters , but Nigerian who are forgetting where is actually home, I want to hear things like Nigerian American, Nigerian British, just like we hear Chinese American, Japanese American.

      • Are James says:

        Correct sir.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Buchi, the full video was posted by Oga Jimmy in the last blog, what I find unacceptable is the comportment of our Ladies and Men after the exercise, it lacks any military composure or regimental disciple for which all military turn out are know, A Military parade and demonstration should not be turned into the old WASA cultural activities, or tribal dancing competition. They para troopers should have assembled back into parade lines/formation. It should be disciple of steel that is void of emotions while in that Uniform. both in joy and in stern situations, we need some of the post colonial British trained Samaja type RSM’s training. It reminds me of one video posted last year of an ongoing operation in the NE, the comportment of the troops was close to the Hutu hordes, every body shouting and all over the place, no distinction from officers, Far cry from the comportment of Nigerian ECOMOG troops in combat deployment in Liberia /SL.

      • Are James says:

        Regimental behaviour and protocols have suffered over the years. I honestly don’t want to see soldiers doing their native dances and singing tribal war songs. I think we have lost many generations of good RSMs to normal attrition and efforts should be on to restore good old military protocols and etiquette. Almost every clip posted by rank and file soldiers themselves have indicting and ridiculous footages that make you shake your head.

  33. buchi says:

    the gazelle brings three unique features to the table
    and multi adaptability.

    in all, it encompases what quick reaction represents..however our gazelles in its basic shape has outlived its configuration for one of its purpose it was procured for
    advanced fire support against nimble infantry…our gazelles need to carry a much stronger punch.even on the basic level,the days of pintle mounted HMGs should be folding up its mat.

    any upgrade must be geared towards attaining what I refer to as level three threat capacity..ability to intercept and destroy Light utility vehicles on which majority of technicals are mounted and make itself a more threat to both mobile infantry and motorized infantry during hot pursuit which is now part of the current hit and run attacks by BH is what I welcome the most.

    we must also look at the medium and long term future of NA aviation corps, and threat assessment must be made ahead things like low level Anti Armour Missions role,quick response medivac,Comms sabotage etc.

    The drawback as stated by my Ogas is the low payload capacity and loading capacity. Hence in effect no matter the upgrades the MiL stills takes the throne in threat elimination..on a bigger scale.

    I do believe the Gazelle cab carry two mantra (new x version) rocket pods with guided or PGM rockets alongside a home made designed hardpoint holding a quad Chinese Gatling gun..also I believe AFIT should be given an opportunity to prove itself as regards weapons system while sourcing for avionics modification and improvisation at least to the level of the puma,this is something we can do capably.

    FLIR is indispensable and a must considering that in most situations the gazelles is the only platform available for combat air patrol quick I’D of targets is important..the Fennec too is a good choice but I will be as cautious when I join my Oga to say I don’t trust the French..

    the numbers are also too few to fill the role off covering all FOBs in the NE…much said I still await our fixed winged suprises. The mission statement of the new CAS was hardly inspiring for a man who handled pedals and a stick

    recon ,hot pursuit and extreme CAS must form the drive for any upgrade for the gazelles.

    Happy New month Oga Beegs and my other ogas by the way Oga Beegs what new aircrafts did u say we received?

  34. Ifiok Umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, I respect ur hustle

  35. Ola says:

    Is colonialism back in Africa or is France really stabilizing the Niger-Libya axis? And why is the AU watching? I hate to spread conspiracy theories here but then, Africa needs to open their eyes. I will tell a story here. In 1956, there was a war (Suez crisis) in Egypt, an assault on Egypt started by Israel and backed rapidly by UK and France. Gamal Nasser of Egypt decided to nationalize the Suez canal (which rightly belong to Egypt by the way), this angered Israel, UK and France. Israel decided to attack Egypt under the legitimate pretext of Egypt’s backing of fedayeen…Following the assault, Britain and France issued a joint ultimatum to cease fire to both party all part of the plot secretly hatched between the UK, France and Israel to invade Egypt, eventually the three countries teamed up against Egypt and invaded the country within 3 days. Prior to the invasion, the US knew about it yet refused to sell weapons to Egypt even though the US didn’t support the invasion. Egypt turned to the Soviets to buy weapons which they were still not very familiar with and most had not even been delivered by the time the assault was carried out. Thanks to the US again (threatening severe economic sanctions against the UK) and the Soviets, the invaders were all forced to leave Egypt.
    Looking at Africa today, Libya has been destabilised under the pretext of stopping Ghadaffi from killing his own people. Up till today, no one talks about the women and children, civilians killed by NATO forces and bomb raids in Libya. Now Libya is in disarray but in reality, the oil flow has not stopped, only reduced but it seems like France is getting a big chunk
    Niger is toothless and extremely poor still even though it provides 7.5% of global Uranium needs and it is the 4th largest producer in the world…it all goes to France.
    Now France is building a massive military base in Niger, making run ways in the dessert and supporting both Niger and Cameroon meanwhile Nigeria cannot buy weapons easily from the “west”, even if Nigeria has the political will to do that.
    Someday, there will be a boil over of some sort, Nigeria had better be prepared. It is in peace time that you prepare for war. Having a very functional and lethal military may actually prevent a country from going to war because their adversaries and aggressors would realise that they cannot match them in strength. Nigeria should learn from India and China, make friends with the west, train man power rapidly to meet the national needs and grow significantly large militarily relying on Russia. The Nigerian military should grow rapidly and advance to not only be a defence force but to become a deterrent force. Nigeria should also make strategic and powerful friends that can put boots on grounds for Nigeria if the country ever faces threats of invasion and attack, the time to act is NOW tomorrow may be too late!

  36. Martin Luther says:


    private ownership of harriers

  37. jimmy says:

    This is the first official confirmation of something we have continiously advocated for on this blog,
    IMHO this is a very BIG deal. Most def I INTEND to write about this.

  38. mcshegz says:

    PRESSTV.COM: The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has announced it has successfully captured an Israeli drone (The Skylark 1 ) that is now operational for use by its military wing.
    The said drone was captured on July 22 over the besieged Gaza Strip and has since then been dismantled and reassembled and is fully operational.

    hehehehehe 🙂

  39. mcshegz says:

    In this new war, mobility, agility and speed is king

    Naija. i hail thee

    • Ola says:

      Each of this should be equipped with a machine gun (preferably an L7A2 MAG) and grenade launcher. With the right equipment and training, this would effectively turn each soldier with his quad bike into a one man squad.
      I once wrote this on this blog and I would write it again, NA also needs an elite motorbike unit within the mobile strike force. This kind of unit would pose a very effective, quick and lethal force to guerillas in all non aquatic terrain. They could effective ride around guerillas during raids, engage them from different sides, keep them in disarray and hold them down/keep them busy until the main army unit responsible for the AOE arrives and wipes out/captures the guerillas. All you need are adapted bikes. Larger fuel tanks to extend their range, special tires and suspensions to make them all terrains, electric motors that can give the bike a travelling range of about 10 Km (silence surprise element when engaging the enemy), full night visors for the unit to make operational day and night and being able to use the cover of darkness…SAS has got these bikes and Nigeria could get a sample from the UK (quite a few in storage, never used). I believe NAEME could make something locally, after all, motorcycles are manufactured in Nigeria!

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Now we know where the T72s fall in the Battle order of a highly mobile conflict.

  40. Bispat says:

    Oga Beeg,
    Possible upgrades for Nigerian Gazelle.
    Have a look at this article…

    Afghanistan Uses WeaponizedMD-530F Cayuse Warrior Helicopter In Combat For The First Time…..

    • Sir Kay says:

      “Apart from asking the soldiers to resolving the insurgency in three months, the president also charged them to ensure that armed banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of criminality are phased out within this period.”

      Soldiers shouldn’t be in communities looking for kidnappers or armed robbers, that’s the job of the police, lord.

      • jimmy says:

        In abiding by BEEGS directive I believe a clarification is needed
        I believe PMB is drawing attention to what happened recently on a smaller scale in Kaduna, whereby the Police ( CTU)/ ARMY and other CJTF got rid of remmnanats of A BH cell and Cattle rustlers
        Let me also say this
        Merit played a Dominant role in LT. GEN BURATAI’S appt, but there was no question as one of the most senior officers the REDNECKS wanted him to be the next COAS, they got what they wanted, some stuff I will leave out. SUFFICE TO SAY THE ARMY GOT THEIR MEN ( CDS, COAS, and ESPECIALLY NSA)
        They also now have a President who will also give them deadlines and hold both them and the political stakeholders involved responsible this is going to be a culture shock to some of them both political and Military

  41. mcshegz says:

    WEDDINGINNIGERIA.COM: If there’s one thing Nigerian’s do effortlessly, its to show love.

    Nigerian soldier Adams to wed Tbloom 🙂

  42. jimmy says:

    @ the GCM for the junior Ranking Soldiers Col Rabe Abubakar was on the panel whereby Soldiers were Sentenced to Death thankfully it appears more wisdom has been applied
    This is a different matter entirely.
    The CDS and the COAS apart from the VERDICT from the GCM will have to decide what to do
    Step 1. Verdict, this is a very controversial case and based on the evidence / loss of life/ material and prestige it is likely to result in a guilty verdict
    Step2. Does the COAS step in and set the verdict aside as it is being speculated
    Step3. Does the CDS as the numero uno uphold the verdict or agree with the COAS
    Regardless of what direction it takes it is hoped the Nigerian Military has learnt from this bitter experience.
    Baga and Monguno showed regardless of what side of the Fence you were on with regards to the PMC issue , there is a sincere/ MOS DEF need for their Training. For me it became CRYSTAL CLEAR OGA DOZIEX was right and I was wrong. OGA Eeben with his team demonstrated what was lacking in the Military training Manual for them to have “talked the talk and walked the walk” . I will be grateful.
    Interesting enough a lot of those same tactics are now being repeatedly emphasised,
    Rapid respone
    Act on Intel
    Creation of SF Brigades and
    Proactive aggresive Tactics.

  43. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    @ Jimmy, respect that you are a honest and good man

  44. jimmy says:

    It does appear that the Nigerian Army SF do have a uniform CAMO UNIFORM

  45. Number One says:

    On the issue of innovation,ideas (tactics,equipment:new & upgrades,doctrines) developed by serving service men should be encouraged and improved upon (Labs,Engineers,money,friendly foreign assistance etc.).Examples are a police officer who developed a bullet proof vest using locally sourced materials,The NAF partnering with a University to produce parts for our Mi-35P’s etc.

  46. Russia will begin the construction of Nigeria’s first nuclear power plant next year, Nigerean Charge d’Affaires to Russia Gafai Ibrahim Usman told Sputnik.

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/business/20150814/1025738251.html#ixzz3imPM7Wda

    • ozed says:

      Not sure i like this.

      We struggle to maintain power stations which run on simple benign substances like natural gas, yet we fancy our chances running nuclear stations which are a challenge to the most developed nations in the World.

      Sorry guys but i will be silently praying this project does not leave the drawing board!!!

      • eyimola says:

        Its an absolutely ridiculous idea. There are only 4 nuclear plants in the Southern Hemisphere, all of them located in countries with more infrastructural and climatic conditions.

      • Are James says:

        Nigeria has to get mediocrity out of its culture in every sphere. Maybe Nuclear power is a good way to start. I agree with the project if it starts with tight regulatory frameworks. Laws in these asset integrity critical area have retroactive ability about them which means you can spend your age seventy behind bars for maintenance / reliability / integrity acts of commission you perform in service. We need to build a lot of redundancies into the safety shutdown and plant control equipment and train, certify, and train certify again. Political leadership must be up to scratch . This effort needs a ministry of nuclear power independent of what we have presently.
        PS: The Indians are buying tens of nuclear plants from Russia

  47. freeegulf says:

    @ ogas ozed and eyimola, it is not the nigerian govt that would run the plant. rather, i believe the russians would operate it for a decade while we learn on the job, before complete mngt transfer.
    your fears and issues are valid, but this wouldnt be run by our dysfunctional system directly.

    overall, this is good for us. we are chronically short in power generation. i believe each region need to source energy for power generation from diverse source. the SE region can be powered fully by coal, the SS by gas, the SW, by gas and atomic energy, the NC, by geo thermal, the NE, and NW both nuclear and hydro.
    depending on just gas and hydro is not the answer for a rapidly expanding population with equally fast growing economy. we need as much energy sources as we could utilize.

    • eyimola says:

      As long as they locate the plant in Daura or Yenogoa

    • Are James says:

      More Daura the Yenagoa. Politically speaking the north would want something to hold on to as contribution to the Nigerian entity. Leadership is key to everything and zero tolerance for corruption. ..you don’t want to wake up to hear that a motor lowering fuel rods was fake an the plant nearly went out of control or a backup to another back up cooling water pump failed recent integrity test because somebody has been stealing diesel fuel to sell on the open market…so many idiotic tales that have exposed us as un-serious people in the past are pointing at acts not permitted in this sector….and the result of slip ups are hundreds of thousands of people dead, millions of people with terminal ailments and entire areas previously housing millions declared uninhabitable for centuries. In the operations phase.. Russian or Nigerian the punishments should be steep for slip ups which is why framework of laws regulating the industry should be steep.
      It is just an entirely new way of doing things .

    • OriginalPato says:


      What happened to harnessing the ample amount of solar & wind in the North or the kinetic energy along the coast line?
      Has anyone thought of harnessing the energy of streams via micro hydro stations to power villages and small towns?

      IMHO Nigeria is not ripe for a nuclear power station.

      • mcshegz says:

        A trillion dollar economy powered by a mere 5000MW is not ripe for more electricity. Ok Oga. I don hear. Lemme know when e don don 😉
        Oga OriginalPato. I respect your hustle sir

      • OriginalPato says:

        Nawa for you. I never said we shouldn’t build more power stations. All I am saying is that there are more cleaner and safer options than nuclear power.
        Wind, Solar and the ocean waves are what we have in abundance in addition to gas, coal and hydro.

  48. mcshegz says:

    There are a number of countries in the geopolitical south, including Africa that are currently vying to construct new Nuclear power plants, among which are Egypt, South Africa, and the list goes on, Brazil. The mere fact that Egypt and South Africa are on that list gives Nigeria every impetus to vigorously continue and pursue her Nuclear power initiatives to their logical conclusions; such that we will not be found wanting 10 years into the future, wandering why we didn’t take adequate steps when it was so glaring that our peers were doing same in favor of their national interests.
    For those talking about Nuclear power and accidents as if they are synonyms; it is understandable that fear plays a factor in consideration of this type of power generation. But i dare say that the benefits of having stable, reliable and constant power far outweighs the unjustifiable fears of in-competencies and doom. Nigeria must develop, Nuclear engineering is one necessary step we have to take to reach our ultimate aims and aspirations.
    Yes, nuclear accidents in Ukraine, Japan and America, well, guess what, aren’t we still buying tanks from Ukraine, aren’t we still buying tanks and military hardware from Russia, aren’t we still buying education from America.
    Well, so whats the big deal about this over-hyped water boiling, steam, turbine spinning technique of power generation that’s got some people’s pants in a bunch 🙂

  49. mcshegz says:

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Turkey Constructing Concrete Wall Along Syrian Border Amid Terror Attacks. Turkey has begun the construction of a concrete wall on the border with Syria following a surge in terror attacks in the country’s southern regions, local media reported.
    According to Anadolu Agency, the construction of a 10-foot wall began Thursday as part of security measures tightening the border following a series of deadly terror attacks.
    In response to the attacks, Turkey launched airstrikes against the PKK and ISIL positions in the Middle East. It has also conducted nationwide anti-terror raids across the country

    Its a bad idea, its not economical, its not cost effective, it can never work, it is stupid…. hehehehehe; how come more and more countries of the world see the need to have a physical delineating wall. It just cant be coincidence that for every terror prone area, there seems to always exist a visible physical barrier;
    Note: this is not meant to undermine #ArmNigeriaToTheTeeth but complement it, as Nigeria will never fight a conventional war with any of its neighbors
    So how about we start with a 10ft physical barrier for Borno, can i hear Amen/Amin anyone 😉

  50. Oje says:

    Errm, does anybody know who Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister is?

    One of the most notoriously violent jihadis on earth may now be out of a job

    On August 12, Idris Deby, Chad’s autocratic president, announced that Abubakr Shekau, the leader of Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, had been deposed and replaced by a new leader more open to compromise.

    It should be noted that Deby is hardly the most reliable source of information on the fight against terrorism in West Africa.

    In March 2014, the Chadian government claimed the army had killed Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an assertion that was later disproved. And information on Boko Haram’s inner workings is notably scarce, even compared to other, oftentimes secretive jihadi militant groups.

    But there’s at least some reason to take this claim seriously. Shekau has not appeared in public or put out an audio or video message since March, and he did not appear in the group’s latest propaganda video in early August.

    He’s famously obsessive about safety and operational security, behaving in ways that suggest an acute sense of imminent danger even within Boko Haram’s remote safe haven in northern Nigeria.

    As Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Business Insider, Shakau was practically unique among major jihadi figures for using multiple body doubles in his video messages. And Boko Haram’s March 2015 alliance with ISIS provided a potential motive for pushing out Shekau.

    Gartenstein-Ross said there’s insufficient information to determine whether Shekau has actually been removed from the group’s leadership. But he said that if there were an internal move against him, it would signal a shift in factional leadership, rather than a change in Boko Haram’s overall strategy or direction.

    “It wouldn’t really be a replacement of him as leader,” Gartenstein-Ross speculated, while cautioning that the internal dynamics of the groups are incredibly difficult to discern. “It would instead be a faction, whether bigger or smaller, that’s peeling off in the wake of the decision to pledge to ISIS.”

    Numerous regional jihadi leaders have gained some kind of global profile over the past decade, and Shekau stands out from this group for his sheer viciousness. Shekau took over Boko Haram in 2009, at a time when the group had lost much of its top-level leadership.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/abubakr-shekau-and-boko-haram-2015-8#ixzz3ingunsDN

  51. jimmy says:

    PMB has stated that the NAF IS UNDER EQUIPPED
    1) NAF is FIXING MIG17 AND MIG 21 bombs on to our FN 7
    2) NAF needs ( not WANTS) a 4 th GEN PLANE
    3) NAFneeds MI17 HELIOS to carry SF personnel to improve their response times
    4) It is a proven fact Financially that it will literally be pouring water through a basket building a wall
    5) A recent Hammas operative/ terrorist/ freedom fighter/ fill in the blank disclosed to the ISRAELI Security agencies that their wall is a joke they have several tunnels leading into Israel
    6) As a Civil /Structural Engineer, this is a needless non cost effective EXERCISE to go through
    7) Use that money to EQUIP YOUR NAF
    8) Use that money for infrastructure in the North East
    9) $1B will prove employment and Farming opportunites for people who be too busy farming, fishing, Raising Cows, goats and doing legitimate biz than worrying about boko haram
    10) My last thoughts on this topic do not build any wall spend the money on the people and 90% of them will not be breaking the law.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Very Well Said

    • mmekaa says:

      my thoughts exactly…keep the people reasonable engaged and a good percentage of the battle is won

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, all you said is good and great, except for numbers 4 and 5.

      Did the Hamas terrorists drive Toyota 4×4 armed with anti-aircraft guns through a tunnel under the border walls and enter Israel? So what did they achieve with their AK-47 and RPG after walking through a tiny tunnel to enter Israel? I thought they drove T-55 tanks and Shilka AAA into Israel and kidnapped 300 Jews and captured 45 towns and 10 army bases from the Israelis.

      Much respect to you sir, but you never seem to understand the real strength of Boko Haram’s firepower machinery and how to tactically stop it with a border fence and trench that will reduce Bokos to mere rifle men on foot and GPMG, RPG users that will fall flat before Nigerian army 12.7mm HMG, 30mm cannon, mortars, 40mm grenade launchers.

  52. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy, all you said is good and great, except for numbers 4, 4 , and 10. Nigeria will NEVER be free from the 50 year (Half a century) old terror of armed invasions from our Northern borders until we build a wall or trench. General Ironsi fought these same Invaders in 1960s, Buhari fought them in 1980s, now the same Buhari has to fight them again in 2015…..

    No wall, no trench, you will be invaded and keep fighting till infinity.

  53. Number One says:

    @ Oga Augustine,walls alone are not enough to defeat bh.A combination of walls(can be replaced on the cheap with HESCO barriers and sand berms),air recce,foot and vehicle patrols together with cross border raids on bh camps with destabilize them.

  54. mcshegz says:

    After a long period of time, Russia is returning to Africa, bolstering economic, political and military ties with the continent, US expert Eugene Steinberg; so, does it mean Russia will soon outpace the US in Africa?

    According to Eugene Steinberg, an Assistant Editor at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Russia is determined to increase its involvement in Africa, making Moscow an important geopolitical player in the continent.

    “Russian arms are an increasingly popular alternative to US weaponry, which still dominates the market despite higher monetary and political costs. When the United States rejected a Nigerian request for Cobra attack helicopters in 2014 for instance, Nigeria responded by cancelling a US military training program to fight Boko Haram and investing in Russian aircraft. Now, Russia trains Nigerian Special Forces,” the expert emphasized.


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