President Buhari, assisted by Mrs Olonisakin, decorates the Chief of Defence Staff, Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin with the rank insignia of General

President Buhari places the peak cap of a Lieutenant General on the head of the Chief of Army Staff, Yusuf Tukur Buratai

President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo decorate Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok-Ette Ekwe Ibas with the insignia of his new rank

President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo decorate Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar with the insignia of his new rank



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  1. jimmy says:

    One thing I did not know til yesterday that with the change of rank from 2** to 3*** there is also a change of peak cap.
    God speed to Nigeria’s top Generals and to their subordinates because there is a lot of work to be done.
    OGA ZACHARY, though you may be unhappy, please look on the bright side, the bright side is there are at least more operational assets in the NE than at anytime since this insurgency began
    Based on the body language of PMB It is not speculative to say he is not at all satisfied with the assets of the NAF, it is safe to conclude Nigeria will get AIRPLANES either from Russia or America ( I know the lone voice shouting in the wilderness).

  2. gbash10 says:

    Hmmm,Oga Jimmy, just tell us what we want to hear.
    So all the visit last year to PAC Kamra in Pakistan and Russia by the former CAS was just a waste of resources and time ?

  3. gbash10 says:

    I’m just tired of seeing Alpha jets and F-7Ni Airguards flying in and out of TAC.
    Please we need a 4-4.5th Generation Air Superiority Fighter jets in the inventory of the NAF now!

  4. gbash10 says:

    I have not seen any serious NAF fighter jets dogfight training again,since I last witness it over the skies of Makurdi in 2010.Abi no Avigas or the ogas at the top don’t want our fly-boys to be proficient with their machines?

  5. gbash10 says:

    Some Pakistani top-guns believe that the F-16A Bk 15 is superior in air combat maneuvers than the F-16C/D Bk 52 falcons, how true is that assertion cyber generals?

    • xnur44 says:

      The conformal tanks on the F-16C/D Bk52 reduces her combat agility by15% at the cost of increase range. Unless removed this variant are useful in Air-to-ground support roles than air-to-air.

  6. jimmy says:

    OGA gbash10
    Yes you are correct all that that was photo ops , which is one of the reasons why I was lashing out unrestrained till I calmed down.
    This is my perspective on the NAF and I wil keep it non- political
    PMB has indicated for the first time that He is intuitively unhappy with this arm of the armed Forces and has stated firmly one of their problems stems from being under equipped.
    The CAS has to be subtle but also has to flip the script from his previous predeccesors, he has to learn to gain PMB’s trust but at the same time tell him things he might not like to hear: The NAF needs to buy 4TH GEN planes from Russia, or Pakistan or China or the US it is going to cost a lot of Money :
    12 planes + Spares(2) + Training + Simulator = $1B No middle men, no corruption strictly G2 – G2
    and No Mr President I am not trying to lose my job just telling you the truth , just the truth.

  7. Are James says:

    @gbash and @Jimmy and @Zachary999
    Quick reaction required from all of you. Which do you think is faster on delivery times in peacetime or LIC – G2G procurement, direct deals with manufacturers/trading company or middle man deals to manufacturer/trading company?

    • jimmy says:

      G2 to G2
      Keeps the thieves away
      Equipment gets delivered on time
      No sob story
      No money miss road Millionaires

    • gbash10 says:

      It is better to buy G-2 to G-2 if you are going to the East, however, it is better to buy G-2 to manufacturer from the West,no bureaucracy !

  8. The C-In-C has Stated Quite frankly and in many interviews that the Military is Under Equipped and even made same case in USA and G-7 Meetings plus even clearly said Airforce is Under Equipped so he KNOWS, im very sure the CAS cannot come and say differently when his Boss is Aware of the issue, So I think Quite Rightly we should mount pressure on New Chiefs to immediately buy Newer Jets and Helicopters.

    Meanwhile @Arejames I think G2-G2 is Faster as it States in Clear Terms what a Country wants and When it wants it and how it will pay for the Weapons. If we can even use the 1 billion dollar Loan and get a Squadron of Sukhoi 27 and 30 plus Training, Spare, Missiles would be Sweet then Take another loan for Army for MRLS, Air Defense, Tanks. Navy can Get theirs from China

  9. xnur44 says:

    This invoice on arms delivery is in the domain so what can be made of it?

    • Are James says:

      Amazing quantity of ammo from Ukraine. They must have kept factories running for weeks to meet the order. No wonder ex CAS singled them out for commendation .

      We have not seen 122mm mortars and all the tanks yet though. Deliveries still on going we hope.

      • Are James says:

        V200 might be a UAV and the list says we bought 67. Not seen on the battlefield yet I am afraid but Ihejirika hinted at a large number of UAVs bought.

      • Link to the V200 its an armoured vehicle, have not been able to find the stats.

        V200 Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)

      • I believe the V200 is made in Singapore.

      • Are James says:

        Oh good. I retract the UAV post. What is the country of manufacture?

      • asorockweb says:

        Not really a lot of ammo.

        A 100,00 man army would consume all that ammo is several days of fighting and training.

        One plant in the US made 1.2 billion rounds of 5.56mm in 2008. The Russians and former soviet republics have similar capacity with plants that can manufacture more than a million rounds a day.

        Then there’s the ammo stockpiles in Russian and former soviet republics.

    • Obix says:

      Oga Xnur, the list looks suspect to me. The items from Ukraine doesn’t tally with the official numbers listed by Ukraine. Do we really believe that we got 50 units of T72 tanks and 30 units of BMP-1.? Why is the date and sub-headings on the paper written in French? How come KRAZ is written as KNAZ? …….Why the heading “MATERIALS delivered to the Nigerian army”? Did i read correctly- MATERIALS. I don’t want to believe a military man used that term………….SMH.

      • Are James says:

        So the sheet is not government official document. Maybe the logistics company who were involved in delivery who are probably not English country registered, on the other hand an info snoop in the right place at the right time who hand copied but typed it wrong deliberately or the ex NSA’s subordinates themselves doing their best to defend their experiences boss but using that trick to obfuscate and create plausible deniability

      • xnur44 says:

        We may not know all purchases but only in bits or pieces. As the saying goes; the guy tried.

  10. Are James says:

    I don’t agree that G2G procurement of new weapon systems is fast enough with western governments I.e. US and Europe.Too many bureaucrats involved and congress gets a look in.
    Also most arms and missile producers are tightly run, high efficient, high tech and very commercial enterprises. Thy don’t keep facilities up when there is no order on the books, the salaries of the high skilled workers they employ is a big issue. Most of them are integrators buying stuff from other high tech manufacturers who buy from primary processors of precious metals like titanium, cobalt, manganese and nickel.. So what happens when a country like Nigeria wants Rafale?. You better queue your order with other countries who are also interested and join the group at the right time . Join the procurement cycle otherwise you pay with money you should be using to train your kids or subsidize farmers.
    Buying USED low lifed retiring aircraft from storage and boneyards is the best option for us with US and European governments. The aerospace companies involved can cheaplyy set up low rate temporary manufacturing to pull aircraft from storage to assemble, upgrade and test, train pilots and meet the contract order without stress. Nigeria has no choice but to join a global program with one of the middle powers on aircraft development., no choice at all.
    I believe under certain conditions buying on the private market from the new agile private Israeli, Ukrainian, Czech commercial entities is the way to go for less strategic but pressing needs like COIN which in spite of its seriousness in terms of lives lost is just a distraction.
    We need THREE immediate tracks in R&D to get on the road to self sufficiency – Engine and Propulsion, Radar and Electro-Optics and Aero-Structures and Materials .

    • jimmy says:

      Under Normal circumstances I would tend to agree with you but because of the Sleaze factor involved with the middle men, the also determined hard work some people put into not having transparency it is a no go for me@ this stage in Nigeria being the ” Secret customer from West Africa ” is a joke.There has to be transparent yearly procurement planning not rushing to buy Tanks and Fedxing to Nigeria that has got to stop.

  11. gbash10 says:

    A potential buyer of a fighter jet should have a clear understanding of basic specifics of that aircraft.
    1. The flight performance;
    2. Technical characteristics;
    3.Combat capabilities of the aircraft primarily depending on its assigned role; tactical tasks and mission environment.
    The NAF should do same in choosing a fighter jet.

  12. gbash10 says:

    * Basic Tactical Technical characteristics determine the capabilities of any aircraft including its flight performance,avionics and armament characteristics.
    *Flight performance:
    -maximum aerodynamic efficiency;
    -maximum angle of attack (180 degrees) AoA-ability to use armament at supercritical angle of attack, AoA.
    * Avionics Role in combat employment:
    – Advanced Radar in terms of target detection, range, scanning sectors and jamming immunity, makes an aircraft highly effective in long-range air combat or BVR.

  13. gbash10 says:

    – Advanced Optronic system;
    – Helmet-Mounted Sights;
    *Weapon load carried;
    – Type and quantity of weapons;
    – ability to defeat deeply buried, hardened and super hardened priority targets;
    – anti radiation and antiship missiles;
    – possession of a good gun with higher accuracy and better armour piercing capability against light armoured vehicles;
    * Aircraft combat capabilities:
    – Long-range air combat (BVR)
    – Long-range radar with greater detection range, higher jamming immunity and multichannel capability
    – Better maneuverability in air-air combat
    – In ground strike capabilities
    – Higher survivability
    – Better maneuverability
    – Heavier combat load
    – Long flight range

  14. gbash10 says:

    *Aircraft versatility : used for/ as
    – air defence interceptor
    – a strike aircraft
    – a flying command post
    – a leader of combined fighter groups ( including those of light fighters)
    – digital Fly-by-wire control system should make it fit as a combat trainer ( for dual-seat).

  15. Augustine says:

    NAF, I just pity NAF.

    See, Nigerian air force, you are joking with Nigeria’s national security with all your self-glorifying announcements of “We are capable”…..whom are you fooling? The nation or yourselves?

    President Buhari is a military man and he has said that you are badly equipped. He has seen your F-7 jet that is a mere upgrade of MiG-21 and he sees you flying the same design of jet fighter that he saw in 1980s when NAF flew in the skies, no real improvement. Buhari as seen your Alpha jets that were purchased over 30 years ago and he wonders what progress you have made since he left office as president in 1983.

    This Beegeagles blog has been begging NAF for about 5 years now, begging and begging them as if the 4th generation jets we beg them to buy will be gifted to us in our homes, or we will be paid 1% commission for giving good advice.

    Look here NAF, me I am tired of begging you, whatever you do it’s on your head. Continue to endanger national security with your toy jets 3rd generation aircraft that you are proudly flashing in photos all over the internet and bragging about capability that you do not have.

    You think we here don’t know what a modern air force looks like or the type of jet they fly?

    NAF, you have ZERO experience of air to air combat in your 50 year history and you have never been tested in real battle against a real enemy like another country’s air force. Go test your muscle against 4th generation Chadian MiG-29 jets or Sudanese MiG-29 and see how all your pilots will be shot down in 5 minutes inside their poor F-7 Joker jets.

    Don’t even mention African countries with F-16, Gripen, or Su-30 jets.

    NAF you are below the top 10 ranked air forces in Africa, and there are 10 other countries in the top 20 that have an air force to match NAF, those countries like Gabon, Bostwana, Zambia, etc all fly upgraded 3rd gen or light 4th gen aircraft comparable to NAF F-7 jets or even superior.

    So NAF, you will be struggling in the current top 20 ranking of African air forces air power.

    Your mastery of air patrol and surveillance makes you an air police service, see, if you fly your ATR-42 Surveyor against Chad, they will shoot down your two spy planes in 5 minutes and you lose $100 million in one day.

    I am telling you NAF that you also have ZERO experience of air to ground attack against an organized enemy armed with radar guided anti-aircraft missiles. Try fly your jets and helicopters against an Algerian Pantsir anti-aircraft missiles and see how all your air police helicopters will not return home to base, neither will any of your jets survive that kind of ground based air defence opposition.

    You are sitting there in NAF HQ getting paid to build an air police or an air force? Which one?

    Do you know how the Nigerian constitution defines the role of the Nigerian air force?

    Have you NAF ever prepared and published a 5 or 10 year plan like the Nigerian navy did in 2009? The navy publicly declared their modernization plans after submitting the request papers to the federal government, they listed every equipment they need with target dates of procurement, including guided missile light frigates/corvettes and attack submarines.

    There you sit, and you cannot do basic threat analysis of Nigeria’s air space. See, ordinary civilian military analysts in South Africa like Helmoed Heitman and Defenceweb, already doing a good job in advance by analyzing the imminent loss of air superiority to Angola even six months before the arrival of Angolan air forces’ second hand Su-30 Flanker air superiority jet fighters.

    The South African air force’s current and retired combat pilots also joined the discuss and said it is clear that their country should worry about losing air superiority to Angola in 6 months time. Proactive and honest people whose patriotism is matched with technical competence and using peace-time to prepare ahead of war-time.

    NAF, do you know the meaning of military deterrence ?

    These South Africans already have 26 units of 4th generation air superiority Gripen jet fighters, yet they are quickly brainstorming on how to counter balance regional air power with Angola that is not even their neighbour, hey, Angola is 1,200 km away from South Africa ! Chad is ‘6 feet’ away from Nigeria and the Chadians have total air superiority over Nigeria, yet billions of dollars go on our defence budget every year and special funds for Boko war, line of credit from China and Russia, yet NAF is busy building itself as an anti-Boko Haram helicopter and patrol/surveillance air police service.

    The South Africans are already suggesting to speed up their local development of BVR missiles or quickly import some for now, or maybe even buy new Su-30 Flanker jets to add to their Gripens, some favour getting BVR missiles and buying air to air refuelling tankers to extend their Gripen range….all to make sure they are not defeated in case any air war happens, yet this Angola is their friend o ! See common sense in action ! See patriotism mixed with professionalism.

    Chad…MiG-29 jet….radar range approx 100 km….missile range approx 100 km.

    Nigeria….F-7 jet….radar range approx 40 km…..missile range approx 22 km.

    Don’t you tell me I am wrong because I don’t wear your blue uniform and rank, facts are facts, and some of us here are close to some battle experienced air force jet fighter pilots around the world and we know the truth.

    Now, NAF HQ please stop arguing with your commander in chief Buhari’s conclusion that you are badly equipped for the role of a modern air force. Go and meet President Buhari and say, yes sir you are right, so please give us money to buy modern 4th generation air superiority jet fighters with BVR missiles and PGM.

      • xnur44 says:

        The French Rafale F3s equipped with advanced optronic pod called Pod de Reconnaissance de Nouvelle Generation (Pod Reco NG) and deployed in N’Djamena routinely use her stand-off capability to easily peer deep inside Nigeria from Niger and Tchad without actually crossing into Nigeria airspace. What this means is that the French regularly soak-up electromagnetic transmissions as far away as Yola and NAF has no fogging idea about it. – Rafale at War by Henri-Pierre Grolleau (Combat Aircraft Monthly, July 2015).
        Who will not be embarrassed about this revelation.

    • freeegulf says:

      nothing more to add to this naked truth
      good job oga augustinho

      • freeegulf says:

        oga xnurr, our brass have no shame. even if french SF units are operating deep inside nigeria, our peeps will look the other way while mouthing off about defending the territorial integrity of FRN.
        i really dont know how we got to this depressing state. with the state of our military unpreparedness, some heads need to be knocked for treason

    • Are James says:

      You don’t vex patapata.

  16. Augustine says:

    Oga gbash, your flow of comments above is a wonderful message to FG and NAF.
    Oga xnurr44, the fear of Rafale jet based across our border is the beginning of wisdom. Smart countries like Algeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola, do not sleep and snore without counter-balancing measures while such threats exist across their borders.

    • gbash10 says:

      Thank you Oga Augustine, I will talk,advice,shout, and even cry maybe those in the reading our comments 24/7 on their giant monitor would no that that the NAF has no serious air combat capabilities.
      Our F-7Ni can not defeat the Chadians MiG-29 in a dogfight,even if the MiGs don’t use their missiles but just guns only! YES.The design of the F-7 is still the same as MiG-21.It has a big blind spot behind the pilot, if you spin or turn too fast,you black-out! YES .
      The flying coffin, that’s what our fly-boys are flying,the widow-maker,YES.
      Please the NAF HQs should request for a 4th generation fighter jet that can fulfill all our air combat needs,not just for fighting BH,but for future contingencies with state actor (s).
      Please buy the SU-30SM/SU-35SM fighter as our first-tier of defence and then the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet with some ToT.
      Buy some lethal SAM system either from Russia, China or Israel.
      God Help Nigeria!!!

  17. gbash10 says:

    Please those that are always complaining about high cost of operations and maintenance, of SU-30/35 should no that Western fighter jets too have higher cost of operations and maintenance.

    Even if the US government agrees to sell the F-16 falcons and AH-64 Apaches to us,we should still look for alternative platforms from the East with open architecture, so that we can incorporate our desired avionics in them.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga gbash, we have been reliably informed by Oga Zacharry999 that every 4th generation jets fighter evaluation of options done by NAF in the past few years, the
      Su-30 Flanker always come out tops and best among equals. We only wonder who in Nigeria’s decision making hierarchy is refusing to buy Su-30 jets since all these years and sabotaging the winner of all jet evaluations.

  18. gbash10 says:

    Oga Augustine,maybe some top-brass in NAF HQs,Defence HQs or MoD are busy sabotaging all attempt to acquired the SU-30 and JF-17 fighter jets,but are bent proposing for the acquisition of the inferior and less capable experimental Textron Scorpion attack/surveillance aircraft from the US.
    I small a RAT!
    Remember what the former CAS Air Marshall Wuyep and the then Minister of Defence, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso did when the adminstration of Obj wanted to upgrade our MiG-21 fighter jets,the inflated cost and gave the contract to a Romanian company that was not qualified to do the job,the Russians threatened to sanction the sales of spare parts, hence Obj cancelled the contract.
    That is how the Chinese stepped in with their F-7.The NAF did not even evaluated this jet at all,though there were some publications that the NAF wanted to buy the J-8II Finback fighter jets.
    Whether it is the devil that is causing all these bad reasoning and planning, now that President is aware about the NAF problems, the SU-30 and the JF-17 must be acquired for the NAF by God’s grace!

  19. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:
    This type of acts have to stop, it is a ballant display of lacl of respect for the CO, or he is too afraid to rein the culprits in, this not the way a futuire global power behaves. We complain about the amesty report, but condone this acts of total military indiscipline, were they not afriad of their commending officers reaction.

  20. gbash10 says:

    @ Captain Tobias Wilcock, I didn’t want to bring this up but you have mentioned it so let me say something,cult boys shot a soldier at katungu area(close to the old bridge) of North Bank,same area where a soldier was killed last year.
    Soldiers mobilized and came out at about 10:00pm storming the area smashing vehicle’s windscreens, house’s, from that areas in a two pronged commando attack, second group taking Udei street up to Diamond Bank where they converge and advanced up the road and turn towards Ter Guma street ( adjacent to V.I.O testing ground).
    They continued their yeye advance till they reached Ter Guma’s house and turned left and advanced till they reached NASME road .
    They met some unlucky vigilante guys, collected their cutlasses and then …
    I heard people saying the commandant has arrested 30 soldiers so far and all soldiers are under lockdown,no going out of the barrack since Saturday morning.

  21. gbash10 says:

    I strongly believe most of the soldiers that took the laws into their hands have never been to the NE before.
    Boys that have seen their best friends and colleagues being killed in the frontline don’t misbehave.

    • gbash10 says:

      The commandant and the RSM of NASME should be held responsible for the bad conduct of their soldiers.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Gbash10, Thank you for this brief, it is impossible to stop people at times from misbehaving, however it is very nice to now that it is not taken has normal and there will be repercussions if such happens. I am filled with joy that the officers stood up to the case

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