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  1. ozed says:

    In my view this is further evidence that we probably have more of these ‘newer’ vehicles than published figures would seem to suggest. Otherwise they would not have equipped units outside the front line with these vehicles.

  2. jimmy says:

    This too me seems like a newer 8×8 BTR
    iWhat comes to mind are two statements:
    One: by the former NSA Col Dasuki Sambo (rtd) who explained that part of his frustration was that some of the equipment had not arrived
    Two: the statements by the COAS by to the 112 battalion where he told them that more equipment is on their way
    The only thing that contradicts all this is there were at least 4 BTR that were bought in 2012? from the Ukraine for the NPF and this seems to be more logical as it is is painted in NPF colors

    • ozed says:

      We need to separate DICON from our understanding of the defense industry. A defense industry should be a collection of private and public sector organizations producing a broad range of products. In any case what govt. entity ever works in Nigeria.
      In deed we all know that DICON has numerous light arms already developed where all they require is investment in production lines, an area which should be left to the private sector under a properly supervised Public Private Partnership.

      As usual, the performance of our press is extremely underwhelming. If they wanted an incisive look at the progress of the local arms industry, they should be speaking to informed writers like Oga Beegs et al.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Isn’t that sad, for an industry established in 1964, now producing spare parts and hand pumps for the public, instead of advanced military assets, what a shame.
      By now we could have been to number supplier of arms to West and central Africa, cheap and delivered without delay, but here we are, still crawling.

    • Kay says:

      The state of DICON should be tied to the state of the defence industry. It remains the paramount link through which the government would have to coordinate or cooperate with companies required to develop the industry. So , it’s current status if true is a bit of a blow. After all the bellowing and a current insurgency phase, turned out the place was getting little attention. I’d thought Marom Dolphin was least turning out bulletproof vests, but apparently no activities for 3 years.

    • Deway says:

      So successive DICON top management have been lying to the country all this while. I tire. So after the first and only piece of OBJ007 nothing has been produced? Not even the much touted ammunition production line abd ballistic vests under Israeli partnership? The writer of the article never even bothered to ask why the Chinese partners were not supported. So far DICON remains in government hands i’ll advise Proforce for their own good and reputation to run away from those guys.

  3. rugged7 says:

    Nigerian Air Force intercepts, destroys Boko Haram transport trucks
    Two trailers suspected to be carrying logistics support to members of the Boko Haram Terrorist sect have been intercepted and destroyed by the Nigerian Air Force Agusta helicopter on armed reconnaissance mission around the Nigeria-Cameroon border.
    The trailers were covered and parked at different locations in the bush around the border town of Belel. The recent air operation against the BHTs was commanded by the Chief of the Air Staff, CAS, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar from NAF reconnaissance aircraft, the King Air 350i. The CAS coordinated the various NAF platforms involved in the operation to provide close air support to ground forces, led by the Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai, as they advance from Dikwa to Gamboru Ngala.
    Meanwhile, NAF 260, a Mi-24V attack helicopter was hit during the operation. One of the main rotor blades was hit and damaged. However, the pilot was able to successfully fly the helicopter back to base to land. The affected aircraft has since been repaired and is back to the theatre of operation.
    You are please requested to publish this information in your mass media for the awareness of the general public. Thank you for your usual support and cooperation.
    Air Commodore Dele Alonge
    Director of Public Relations & Information
    Nigerian Air Force

    • rugged7 says:

      “Nigerian Air Force Agusta helicopter on armed reconnaissance mission”
      That’s weird, does Nigeria have any armed augusta helicopters?

      • Henry says:

        @Rugged7, some of the 12 Nigerian Air Force AW-109 Helicopters have been recently weaponised.

      • jimmy says:

        Great news Oga Henry, Great —-ing news.Sorry Guys I had to say this.Just maybe Nigeria finally has an offensive minded CAS ,and an offensive minded COAS.

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      So the CAS was in the King Air and COAS was in a ground command vehicle, leading our gallant troops from the front at that particular time and location??? Yarn, super story..
      Don’t belittle the actions of our warriors to kiss ass & score cheap points with the oga at the top.
      Surprised the report didn’t list the CAS as the Hind pilot and the COAS as the gunner or artillery spotter.

      • saleh says:

        your comment is kind of sarcastic, the CAS and COAS were actually in the ops area at that time. please take a chill pill.

      • Are James says:

        I am more interested in the “capability ” that was displayed. The A109LUH patrolling near the border is almost unbelievable news, i never thought that was ever going to happen.
        The fact that those choppers are also being weaponised and are doing active surveillance with new installed gear also speaks volumes – this is almost T-129 ATAK level stuff that we are already displaying
        Superintending the attack surveillance and attack from a King Air in the neighbourhood when put together with all the forgoing is just damn too praise worthy not to have said something.
        So it is not just aggressive minded leadership we are talking about but the ongoing re-arming of platforms that were previously dedicated to what I then used to call “family support duties” that should be commended.

      • Are James says:

        Sorry *AW109*

      • eyimola says:

        I have seen the reports, and you are absolutely correct. This is a text book example of how not to do propaganda.

  4. Augustine says:

    Proforce, Inkas, DICON, Nigerian army engineers, and AFIT can discuss who is best to partner together and jointly design, develop, build, market and sell a cheap $500,000 priced high speed 4 wheel all terrain amphibious light weight small size modern IFV for Nigeria and African export customers . It will be like a heavily armed Otokar Cobra with 30mm cannon, night vision combat capabilities, and all other basic world standard IFV weaponry/systems. It’s not rocket science. It will sell like hot cake all over Africa, even AU and UN will buy it. How long shall we import simple things from tooth pick to tear gas?

  5. Henry says:

    I have “said” it multiple times on these pages and on all the other pages i visit, DICON is an inefficient, poorly run and roundly mismanaged institution. DICON is indicative of the wider problems we have in Nigeria.

    ” Government property no be anybody property, so na to chop clean mouth”………. This is a popular saying in Nigeria.

    DICON ordinarily should since have been sold off to private investors, Private money means, a new way of doing things, and been accountable.

    • Are James says:

      Some lad almost chopped off my head when I said Nigeria was not producing the AK 47. It sounded unpatriotic to have told the truth . Nation building is tough love most of the time. When we have regular femaile contributors here we will begin to tolerate wishful maudlin thinking in the name of patriotism. Meanwhile in another part of the planet:

      • Number One says:

        Oga,please check Dicon’s website,they produce 7.62 ammo,mobile field kitchen etc.Are they run efficiently ? NO,

      • Trigger says:

        With regards to this DICON issue, if some of you can recall some few weeks ago i reported to this blog about my visit to DICON HQ and it’s true state. Lack of funding has crippled it.

  6. Henry says:

    The only way we can build a respectable military industry is to have 100% Private sector participation, with the governments only job been providing over-sight and access to loans through the Bank of Industry.

    Our political make-up makes it virtually impossible for the Federal government to run any successful business.

    Getting Defence contractors, Armourers and general suppliers involved is the only practical way forward. This means, Proforce Defence, Mekahog group, Streit group Nigeria, Inkas Nigeria, Arthur Nzeribe, Arfa Armouring etc etc

    Oga Arejames, you always like to claim Proforce Defence is just an Armouring company, but the fact is, Streit group and Inkas Armouring are Armouring companies in the same mould as Proforce. Today, these to companies are amongst the world’s largest Defence suppliers, with Streit group manufacturing different categories of APCs and Recon Vehicles, with officers across the world including right here in Nigeria.

    Hope you are aware that Proforce only recently exported their PF2 MK2 APCs to South-Sudan and Uganda? This is progress, and to actualise the president’s MIC goal, we would require more of these companies.

  7. Kay says:

    Apologies if posted here previously

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Thanks for the video, the MD happens to be an Aburo from Ibadan in does days, The difference is obvious in the approach of the business people (Proforce ready to go) and the Government ( the comportment is none committal and footing is unsure). It is good to have private participation in the production of military equipment, The Government must understand it is just any other business, A lot of names envisaged private investors were mentioned above, but without the right environment, nobody is going to commit his hard earned money to a project lacking commercial outlooks and profit, The business people too have many alternatives projects and location to invest, just the same way the government as alternatives to purchase instead of buying from home, it works on a synergy of both parties with proper understanding of who takes the lead, I do not think with the example of the government past ventures, none of us here would put $1m if we had under a project that is under government oversight and management , Government has to hands off and use the telecommunication/GSM approach. We all saw what happened to NITEL over the years ( Knot Nine Knot, On TOSS, forms- What is your purpose for this international call, ) the nation has left these institutions behind, now Nigeria has one of the most effective communication services in the world (affordable, assessable and working), we don’t even think twice to call any where in the Globe from any village.

  8. abduleez says:

    oga henry, when i talk of proforce dem dey say na only armourer not manufacturer of APC’s… that ‘ordinary armoring proforce’ as some think it is has already exported APC’s to UN. i advise govt. to privatize that non-performing DICON, at times hearing dat name dey pain me for chest, imagine a defense corporation producing high grade furniture for the 1% super rich Nigerians…chai …not even sure if DICON even has resourceful ppl to source funds for them when the going got rough. The millions they made frm those million naira furnitures, what did dey use it for??

    • Henry says:

      Oga abduleez, I have no doubts whatsoever that we can do it. My hope is government at all levels can support Nigerian Defence companies, not just Proforce.

      Streit group started and are still in the same line of business as Proforce. Building those vehicles is no rocket science, we are already on the right path.

      ICP, the company that sold us Reva MRAPs only began operations in 2004. Good thing Proforce already have their MRAP project going on.

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