A Malaysian example of a weaponised Agusta A109 helicopter

Published on August 24, 2015

Two trailers suspected to be carrying logistics support to members of the Boko Haram Terrorist (BHT) sect have been intercepted and destroyed by the Nigerian Air Force Agusta helicopter on armed reconnaissance mission around the Nigeria-Cameroon border, Air Commodore Dele Alonge Director of Public Relations & Information Nigerian Air Force said in a statement on Sunday.

According to the NAF spokesperson, the trailers were covered and parked at different locations in the bush around the border town of Belel.

Alonge also informed that the recent air operation against Boko Haram targets was commanded by the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar from NAF reconnaissance aircraft, the King Air 350i.

“The CAS coordinated the various NAF platforms involved in the operation to provide close air support to ground forces, led by the Chief of the Army Staff, Lt Gen Tukur Buratai, as they advance from Dikwa to Gamboru Ngala,” said Alonge.

He also revealed that NAF 260, a Mi-24V attack helicopter was hit during the operation, leading to a damage of one of the main rotor blades. He however added that the pilot was able to successfully fly the helicopter back to base to land.

He added that the affected aircraft has since been repaired and is back to the theater of operation.

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  1. saleh says:

    Good to know that there is now a marked departure from defensive to offensive posture

    • ozed says:

      The question is can we maintain it?

      I count at least 2 other general offensives before this one:

      1. Under Gen. Ihejirika to drive Boko Haram from urban areas – this offensive drove them out of Maiduguri and Biu and parts of Yobe state into sambisa forest. The offensive apparently petered out due to dwindling supplies and slow procurement of replacement ammo and equipment, leading to the defensive posture inherited by Gen Minimah.

      2. Pre-election offensives – Under Gen Minimah to recover most occupied territories under BH lost during the defensive operations occasioned by scarcity of ammo and equipment. This happened during the 6 weeks before the elections.

      So in my view, at a minimum this is the 3rd offensive, and it seems aimed at targeting and destroying BH strong points in the Sambisa forest and environs.

      The challenge as before is in our ability to sustain the pressure by ensuring our logistics supply lines are reconfigured to avoid the ebb and flow of ammo, fuel and other supplies necessary for the execution of offensive operations.

      • The current offensive is a test of the NA’s ability to observe, think and improve. This is the time to bring to bear all the experience garnered so far.
        Now we should know whether TRADOC has been on its A game. Now we know how much the NA has learnt and hw flexible it is and can be

      • Are James says:

        Very good summary.

  2. jimmy says:

    Kudos to the:

  3. Eeben says:

    Well done, Lads!

  4. drag_on says:

    About time we had light armed recon air assets. We have been bellowing about it on this blog.The A109s can go after soft targets, dismantling Bokoharams logistics/communication network. Most of the A109s should be equipped for night duties,this is when bokoharams logistics is likely to be most active and most vulnerable. We should continually harass them Night and day. If we don’t have enough A109s for the job then we convert some of our trainer Helios for purely night reconnaissance (unarmed)along the border.

    • ozed says:

      The worry for me is that a Mi-28/35 was hit and barely returned to base. This means BH still packs a fair punch.
      Need to be ready to sustain the pressure on them if not they will regroup.

  5. Okpa1 says:

    Nice to see these general taking the lead in this operation.
    Also, Good job by the NN, NNS Okpabana was seen doing patrol at our various offshore field. NA, NN and NAF keep up the good job.

    • Are James says:

      Everyone woke up and suddenly discovered that he had a job. A duty post to man, men to in spire . Good we are taking notice.

  6. jimmy says:
    If this is the only charge they have over his head then this arrests was just a charade
    The NSA as an EX Military officer is entitled to possess weapons.

    • Are James says:

      His arrest was a charade and DSS lawyers have now deliberately prepared a weak case so that the man can go for now . There is however the very big one coming – a probe into defence expenditure of the last four years. That one will definitely send almost everybody to jail….. even Are James who has not touched defence funds might not go free when the thing starts.

    • saleh says:

      He actually doesn’t have that right to be in possession of those arms especially since it’s not from a military armoury or accounted for by the military. Additionally it’s assault rifles that was recovered from him and not a side arm

      • rugged7 says:

        There is no way an NSA will not possess assault weapons. Throw in a few grenades as well. Whether official, semi-official or unofficial.
        Even retired military officers still hold weapons after their army stint. Talk less of NSA.
        They should look for bigger things to hold him on. That charge is just crap.

      • Sir Kay says:

        That’s right, illegal possession of a weapon is still illegal under the law, no? So question is were the weapons registered and where did he get them from. Being a former NSA doesn’t mean the law don’t apply to him.

      • ozed says:

        That is true. But do you really believe that if you storm IBB’s hilltop mansion tonight that you and your men will not be cut down by a withering hail of automatic fire from multiple weapons?

        Have you never heard what happens to armed robbers who attack retired military officers’ homes in error?

      • Sir Kay says:

        Oga Ozed, i get your point and those made by other, most of these men do have weapons, that’s a given, but so because he was a former NSA, does that mean he is above the law and can possess illegal arms? So you guys believe that should be overlooked? Yet y’all scream that there is corruption? Ha, you gotta decide on which path to take, illegal is illegal, a search warrant exposed those arms and he , under law must answer for them, political or not

      • rugged7 says:

        @ Sir Kay
        Then they should arrest IBB, and other retired military officers as well.
        What is good for the goose, is also good for the “gizzard”

    • asorockweb says:

      “The search operation led to the recovery of large cache of arms and ammunition among other things and for which further investigation was conducted.”

      I am pretty sure if an AK was found in his home, nobody will charge him.

      These charges may be related to the perception that some elements of the past administration were ready to undermine the electoral process – i.e., not handover to an actual winner of the presidential elections.

      Also, how did he acquire the “large cache” of weapons?
      Are the weapons Nigeria’s weapons or Dasuki’s?

      The man should have just said that he was testing the bloody weapons!

  7. rugged7 says:

    VIDEO: Chinese Wing Loong UAV carries out weapon drops

    This should be our next step in drones acquisition…

  8. Julius says:

    Update on trying to get CT instructors.

    My email was hacked. I might have to leave the people that need the instructors to get the same crop of people from south africa etc.
    My privacy was invaded and it is very discouraging.
    Many people here do not want any good for the country but we will prevail.
    Oga Igbi i need you to reach me.
    And also every real person here that has the interest of this country at heart.
    I need to know what i can do to protect myself .
    Thanks all.

  9. lachit says:

    welcome to the world of intelligence or hackers

    how did u know ur mail was hacked ?
    as far as i know if any proffesional did that there would be know trace of it.

    u see gmail has a security feature where it logs the ip addresss of anyone opening into the account.
    u can see it, if ur email service provider has the same feature.
    would not hurt to try.

    also directly hacking into an email provider is very difficult only done by intlligence agencies and very few talented private individuals.
    i thank u were infected with spyware/snooping or maybe phishing attacks where the password etc u typed was relayed remotely or u were lured into filling the password into a fake but genuine looking login page of ur email provider.

    try to use proxy settings and couple that it with VPN , u will be safe 50% of the type since it will hide ur IP adress.
    also try to use MAC address modifier software as it will hide ur ral MAC address.
    and u will be 70% safe.
    also most importantly use a reliable ISP provider.

    always delete ur cookies after log out.
    use a good genuine maleware remover software.

    do not open any pictures ,text , notepad files u recieved from unknown sources.
    only yesterday i recived a text file which was loaded with trojan to execute if i opened it.
    many of u dont know that pictures and simple text, doc, pdf files can carry maleware coded into it.

    and most importantly social enggineering
    never reveal ur true intentions as to what u r trying to do,
    if u had maintaned ambiguity as to the real purpose of getting the CT operators help, no bad person/agencies etc interest would have been drawn towards u and they would not have hacked / snooped into ur mail.

    overall u need to be smart technically and socially.
    i hope u learnt ur lessons
    and dont give ur good work
    all these happen all the time
    we must always try to learn from our mistakes

    regards and take care
    i answered even though the question was not asked of me
    i hope u dont mind.

    • Julius says:

      Thanks a lot Oga lachit . Points noted .

      • lachit says:

        no problem
        and also try to use geniune windows 8 OS upwards
        about the MAC adress modifiers,
        plz be careful if u use that because it needs lots of knowledge to implement it and it u get it done wrong
        u will have to use pigeons to deliver u r mails.

        most (all) of the free anti virus and internet security progams (also pirate and unknown )are useless.
        try to buy one.

        use encryption software to deliver sensitive info.
        it is not foolproof if the CIA FSB MOSSAD MI6 is after u,
        but it will stop the others

        use 2 or 3 tier encryption
        i use
        level 1 : OEM provided encryption
        level 2 : axcrypt US DOD level encryption
        level 3: winzip or 7 zip encryption

        i use them one after the after the other and with 3 totally different 9-15 digit passwords.
        now try to break it , it will require a super computer if u have one.

        also did the BH operatives hack u,
        or any competing security provider
        food for thought.

  10. Julius says:

    @oga lachit as I said earlier some countries do not want the progress and also they re looking out for themselves . Am sure you can connect the dots . You know the constant bullies .

  11. Julius says:

    @Ola not here yet sir.

  12. rugged7 says:

    Counter-insurgency re-training in Kontagora
    I think i agree generally with the idea of taking back most of these soldiers.
    We all know equipment issues and systemic problems were the primary reason for most of these mutinies.
    We had discussed this earlier on this blog and it warms my heart to see that the army top brass have re-considered. It would have been really dangerous un-leashing those angry men on civilian society by dis-engaging them.
    Oga Julius, i assume this is related to some of your requests for CT instructors?
    The top brass should really think of contracting Oga Eeben and co long term for CTCOIN training in Kontangora.
    Their methods obviously paid dividends.
    I don’t want all these pompous american instructors coming there to teach rubbish stuff like how to march in a straight line.

  13. Julius says:

    @rugged7 Trust me they are better.Less headache.

    • Sir Kay says:

      All these decades, we are still grappling with ID cards, makes you wonder what our past leaders where doing in office, almost every country out there knows the important of their citizens having an ID card, just not in ours

  14. jimmy says:
    IT is good that we no longer have to struggle with the ARMED Forces anymore about the role of SOCIAL Media
    1 Armed forces radio
    2 Twitter
    3. Nigerian army on facebook
    4..Defence hq blog
    This is how far they have come in two years it is truly remarkable it was a hard fought battle but now they realize the role of social media.
    Looking at pictures now we see heavily armed soldiers as routine, they say a picture is worth a thousand words,…. then social media is worth a million .

    an example of how a smaller fighter can punch above its weight in the defense world.
    this deal will soon lead to a glut of excess humvees available for purchase or as handouts. the natural temptation may be for Nigeria to bite this cherry and obtain a cumber of Humvees for free or very cheap. I would however rather we do not, we have the Igiri we should ramp up improvements and modifications and Proforce can continue to produce armoured vehicles of various types for us. other companies can join the band wagon. such companies should be awarded exclusive contracts for the vehicles. greater uniformity of vehicles in use will reduce our logistical headache ant local production, fabrication or assembly will have a beneficial effect on the economy too. If production is high enough we ca even kolobi the west african market too.

  16. Eugene4eveR says:

    Un-related but serious.
    Why we need modern MBT’s with a 3 tier protection system

    • Ola says:

      At present, there 4 tanks that I think are very capable against most modern threats of ATGM. The Challenger 2E, the M1A2 Abrams, the T-14 Armata and the Leopard 2A6. This is because the UK and US are constantly reviewing and upgrading armour layers on their fleet while Russia which is at the top of producing ATGM has completely revolutionised their tank design in the T-14. Closely followed to those 4 would be Leopard 2A5 and Merkava Mk III. What Nigeria should do is acquire T-90s or Merkava Mk III in large numbers and upgrade their armour. There is an advantage in the acquisition of T-90s though in the sense that Nigeria can acquire large numbers, highly modernised variant and have several of them assembled locally to train local hands on tank development in house. Also heavy armour machining.

    • Ola says:

      Just looking at the T-90 again, Nigeria can easily afford to acquire 250 of the T-90MS variant at the cost of $ 3.5 M each. This tank even in it’s standard form is potent not to talk of extras that can be packaged into it’s protection and troop comforts. This would be an acquisition that would last at least 25 years in the NA coffers while it’s local assembly would serve as a test bed and road to localization of tank development in the nation.

      • Oje says:

        The wardrobe allowance for two months of our leaders will buy us 50 of these without even breaking their banks? Trust me it’s true.

  17. Ola says:

    I do hope Nigeria has a presence in the MAKS-2015. I have always advocated for and would always advocate for significant acquisition of NAF equipment from Russia.
    If I were to equip the army today, I would ;
    look to Russia for ALL NAF assets. From rotary wings to 4+ gen fighters. Billions of dollars in contract divided over a period of 6 years, signed with significant tech transfer and various licenses for domestic players, training of ground staff and mechanics, construction of advanced maintenance facility in the country and the construction of a world class flying school to train pilots on Russian platforms in Nigeria, this would attract customers and students from all over the region to train in Nigeria…talk of more relevance on the continent!
    For NA, look to Russia for heavy troop transport helicopters for NA aviation corps and Germany or US for close ground support and recce rotary wings.
    Agusta for the Navy.

  18. Ola says:

    Watching a short, summary of equipment displays for the army, I believe Nigeria needs a friend like Russia for strategic military development and partnership. If Nigeria is serious about military industrial complex, here is a friend to look to for help. India, China, Pakistan have done it and they are better off for it.

  19. Oje says:

    No, we don’t. There is no such thing as friend in international diplomacy, it’s business. Our politicians know this but choose to prey on our naivety so they can keep scamming and blame in on an imaginery “unfriendly enemy”. In today’s arms market you cut through the burecrztic jargon and purchase a squadron of SU-35, complet with weapons suites and spaces for upgrades in two weeks. Securing a deal with a U.S arms manufacturer will take at best 6 months, and an act of Congress to ratify. So who are we blaming for our refusal to modernise?

    • Ola says:

      There is something called friendship and it could go hand in hand with diplomacy. Did you read an alert I posted a while ago on Nigeria finding a “friend that can put booths on the ground” if push comes to shove? You ma want to see it under the beegeagle post titled “POTENT OPTIONS FOR UPGUNNING THE NIGERIAN ARMY AVIATION UNIT’S GAZELLE HELICOPTERS” dated 08/08/15. If you read it or not you might have come across an article or even documentary on the “Suez crisis”. It was strategic friendship that Egypt had with Russia and the US that saved them from the tripartite invasion of UK, France and Israel. Military market is not like any conventional mall where you just walk in and buy whatever designer jeans you like, period. Secondly, today’s global politics require that countries should have buddies and allies who can go out of their way for them, even when they stay neutral.

      • Oje says:

        Yes it is. You can buy virtually anything you need even pilots.

      • Deway says:

        Oga Ola, I agree with Oje. There is no such thing as friendship in international circles. All you have is interest. Some years ago, I was in a meeting at the USAID HQ in DC. They said it plain and simple in very clear terms that US interest is what drives their donation of tax payers funds to Africa and other countries. True, some poor countries benefit from this but at the end of that tunnel, US interest prevails. It was self deceit that we had our government screaming that US wasn’t willing to provide weapons to fight boko haram, when the weapons market is an open one. I don’t see Russian or Chinese weapons having one single US/British component/part in them. Look at the video you just posted and see a range of equipment much needed by the Nigerian armed forces and begging to be acquired in numbers. Our mechanized units, amphibious corp and airforce surely will benefit immensely. Funny thing is that these are not even state of the art systems but essential for the survival of any serious military.

      • Ola says:

        Oje and Deway, I suppose you guys are not as simple minded as you argue here to have not understood all I am saying. Meanwhile, I still don’t understand your point with respect to my starting post on Nigeria needing a friend for strategic military development and partnership. Or how the comments of both of you has something to do with my comments on a “friend that can put boots on the ground” that I made. If you had a minimal understanding of the term “strategic partnership” or military development in the context of the current global security situation, and if you read all my comments again, you’d understand what I’m saying here. I’m not talking about a friend you go to restaurant with or a friend that buys free drinks for you.

      • A veiled insult is still an insult, so they have a different opinion and they expressed it without calling your character or intellect to question and this is how u respond? Haba na!! U get beef b4?

      • Deway says:

        Not surprised at all by your response, its the typical Nigerian mentality to throw in one or two subtle insulting remarks when responding to contrary opinions. I addressed you and your opinion with respect and I expect same from you. Enough said.

      • Ola says:

        Hi Deway, I have to react this way because the responses you both gave showed that you have not read my posts through. My bluntly worded response was a invitation to you to read what I have posted through before reacting quickly on it. The last comment you read on a post may not reflect the content and intent of the first post. To give a pertinent response therefore, one needs to read the start of a chain of posts. Kindly read the post I wrote above on MAKS-2015 and the following post that has an accompanying youtube link to understand the full context.
        I take it as a compliment in saying my reaction is a reflection of a typical Nigerian mentality 🙂 You see, I had to fight hard to get my Nigerian passport so I am proudly Nigerian in that sense. Also, I have spent quite some time on this blog with some Nigerians like Oje, so if I give a blunt response, it means I am beginning to learn how to be a Nigerian.
        If you mean the “Nigerian mentality” in a negative sense though, I would ask you to tender a public apology to Nigerians on this blog including Beegeagle, for the insult!

  20. Oje says:

    How many Nigerians realise we out spend South Africa in defense expenditure?, at least on paper.

    • ozed says:

      Yes but only in the last few years of the insurgency where we have been spending about 1 trillion Naira annually. Before then we were not even doing up to half of that.
      See below:
      Budget Allocations for Security/Defence from 2008

      2008: N 444.6 billion (Umar Yar’Adua)
      2009: N 233 billion (Umar Yar’Adua)
      2010: N 264 (Umar Yar’Adua)
      2011: N 348 billion (Goodluck Jonathan)
      2012: N 921.91 billion (Goodluck Jonathan)
      2013:N1.055 trillion (Goodluck Jonathan)

      Note that these are budgeted numbers, actual funding releases would be even less.
      So basically we did not see the need to fund our security during peace time and as usual we have thrown money at the problem very late expecting miracles!!!

      It is also important to note that SA has some advantages:
      – Transparent procurement systems
      – Larger proportion of procurement is from local sources and is thus cheaper
      – related to the reason above, almost every penny spent adds employment and economic growth to the SA economy.

      Moral of the story: We must build more of what our security forces use

      Nuff said!!!

  21. Oje says:

    There is no such thing as friendship in international go politicking. It’s a never ending battle of interest. Today’s enemy may be tomorrow’s ally. We have the money, we should be procuring the arms we need, not looking for friends.

  22. Edijust says:

    I agree with @ola and @oje on both individual points:
    *We need a steady source of {sophisticated} weapon supply.
    *We also need international allies to watch our back both on the military and international politics fronts.
    The fact remains that no matter the number of weapons we purchase or the sophistication of our hardwares,we will still be at the mercy of countries like the US,China,France,Russia and even India,should they ever decide to call our bluff on any matter of contention.Nigeria currently has no military deterrence,and no country is ever likely to gift us any.So,why not forge strong diplomatic alliances with countries who not only have military deterrence,but are also ready and capable of deploying it{military deterrence} in aid of their allies should there ever be a need for it?
    If Nigeria is ever going to be one of the great powers,we need four things:
    What comes next will be almost absolute power at our fingertips.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I know some people might question why i posted the above link, but I’m surprised that a media outlet will praise such abuse of authority by a soldier.
      If a driver disobey traffic rules, you can seize his car and make him pay a fine, not ask a driver to get out of his vehicle, get down onto the road and ask him to roll on the ground all the way to the police station, that’s a bastard thing to do, and a soldier shouldn’t have such authority in the first place.

  23. lachit says:

    not many know this but many russian and chinese weapon systems do have western electronics starting from chips, processors to optical components installed in them.
    many are of the COTS variety which has been customized inhouse.

    many will be suprised to know that western made intel / amd older generation processors (commercial variety) are being used in the latest fighters and missiles in russia and china.
    infact the powerful graphics GPU of gamming computers have been modified for military applications.LOLZZ

    funny thing people start arguing without bothering to verifying what they r posting.
    just a passing thought

    • Oje says:

      Yeah true, in today’s open market economy you can buy almost every western non strategic component in the open market via multiple sources. Don’t be suprised to find Texas Instrument or American LCD in Chinese J-10 fighters.

    • Are James says:

      Another interesting trend. US funded joint defence programs with India on Indian soil is going to be commonplace in 5 years time. There are just too many smart programmers and engineers in that country to let the opportunity go. Since Indian immigrants or second generation indian americans are already heading or close to heading Google, Apple, Microsoft and are in charge of 80% of engineering faculties in US universities the thinking might be why not make the relationship official. Modi seems to be catching up to trend by making tremendous effort to make Indian cities livable. Every major Indian city is signing an mou with a corresponding US city on how to replicate best practices. Livable cities and good educational facilities attract talent.

      Anyway i am looking at the Crystal ball and the winners in the coming power re alignment are not the rapidly depopulating, talent bleeding Russians or the old arrogant Europeans or the rapidly isolationist US.

  24. Oje says:

    Oga Ola, you are not making sense, you are not even making “strategic sense”. There was a time when countries were struggling to make friends with Nigeria. Dick Chenney once stated that in considering our huge energy reserve and diplomatic clout Nigeria represents the focal point of America’s interest in Africa. Ten years down the line where are we? We are now begging for friends? Friends to fight a group of disorganized armed bandits? Going about begging for help, yet even with dwindling oil prices this country makes a quaternary of a billion dollars every day? Are you tucking serious? Has Nigeria now become a begged nation dependent on aid?

  25. lachit says:

    another passing thought 😀

    u left out the chinese tanks
    MBT 2000/ ALKHALID
    MBT 3000/ VT4

    give the pattern of nigerian arms procurement of last few years, major arms puchases have been from china,
    so following that pattern there is 80% chance that nigeria will look towards china for TANKS/MBT too.

    • Ola says:

      Lol Lachit. unfortunately it is the strange mndset of people in charge of procurement that’s making Nigeria fly JF-7 after Nigeria had retired MiG-21, the original aircrafts.
      Talking seriously now, I am quite happy with NAF flying chinese drones but I would rather have Nigeria do what India did with T-90S “Bhishma”. With enough money on a contract, Russia will not only sell T-90 MS to Nigeria, they would also agree to tech transfer and local assembly of some of the Tanks in Nigeria. This would allow Nigeria build Tanks to the needs of their climate (good aircon installation and particular attention to sand in some parts of the country) and generate a new crop of highly skilled army engineers and civilian contractors who may be able to sustain the development of subsequent heavy armoured vehicle and vehicle parts.

      • lachit says:

        well i hope ur wishes come true. may my million in one or one in million gods make it come true 😀

        nigeria will benifit from being late to buy the T 90s.
        because more better varients r in place now with better production standards.

        but relating to TOT for T 90s i am a bit sceptic.russia denied us ERA and gun barrel tech plus lot of other things after initially agreeing to it.
        also assemblying is a big word which can mean lot of things,
        but that is something i would not prefer to discuss here.

        90% of the electronic and environment control related upgrades was done by india, including the inhouse manufacture of the gun barrel and laser beam riding tech to guide the mango rounds.
        plus hungreds of other upgrades including testing og LED 150 ACTIVE PROTECTION SYSTEM also i believe the ERA tiles r india developed.

        fitting of the environmental cooling system by russia failed after which it was taken up by an indian private company successfully.

        and believe me localization cost r enormous almost more than half of purchase cost.
        so weather it will be taken up by ur country i dont know.
        also russia may help or may not help in the localization i dont know frankly speaking.
        if u keep the indian experience with the t90 TOT/manufacture albit russian help in mind.

        but better to be a optimistic

        u r a ex soldier
        royal marines?
        or infantry ?
        or para commando ?

      • Ola says:

        Hi again Lachit, I do agree that the cost of localization could be very high, but where there is a will, there is a way. The cost of setting up the assembly/production plant, training of personnel e.t.c would be high but at the long run, it’d be a gain for the country.
        Interesting to hear that Russia denied you gun barrels and ERA. I had always read from defence magazines that I could trust here that T-90S “Bhishma” features Kontakt-5 (K-5) ERA against APFSDS ans tandem HEAT. I know also that India turned to a number of sources France for thermal imaging and SAAB south Africa for LED-S and Kinetics (Israel) for the AC units. Of course India knows how to throw their money where and when needed! Russia is of course a business savy country and I don’t expect them to give all their information to buyers even under ToT agreements, sad though!
        Just as you rightly said, it will benefit Nigeria buying T-90 S or T-90 MS now that Russia has the T-14 Armata. I just think Nigeria can do something similar to India. Yes, it will cost a lot of money and it’d be a steep learning curve, but I still believe Nigeria has enough skilled man power, home and abroad to rapidly learn on the job with Russia’s support and get the job done on time. A lot of components can be sourced from other countries if Russia stonewalls as they did to India. This definitely will cost more money, but it is possible. I am sure Austria, Sweden and Germany for instance would supply customised gun barrels in case Russia fumbles.
        As for me? Hmmn, you asked a tough one! Let’s just say I belonged to a group of few tasked to do bad things to bad people for Queen and country and for the general good of the commonwealth. You know the basic selection these days for infantry and RM are more or less the same and by the way, the para commando these days are called 3rd commando brigade 🙂 Let’s just say I passed the selection of all the three listed units and now I feel very old 🙂

      • lachit says:

        “I feel very old”
        u just felt old and i would have been sure dead 😀

        i have some additional info for u

        in February 2001, India bought its first batch of 310 47.5-tonne 47.5-tonne T-90S MBTs worth US$795 million, of which 124 were delivered off-the-shelf, 86 in semi-knocked down kits (for licenced-assembly by HVF in Avadi), and 100 in completely-knocked down kits.

        This was followed by a follow-on contract, worth $800 million (or Rs175 million per unit), being inked on October 26, 2006, for another 330 T-90M MBTs that were to be built with locally-sourced raw materials .

        The third contract, worth $1.23 billion (which was inclusive of the R & D funds required for designing a customised version of the T-90—the 50-tonne T-90AM), was inked in December 2007 for 347 upgraded T-90Ms, which are now being licence-built by HVF.

        These T-90Ms each come with a THALES-built Catherine-FC thermal imager (operating in the 8-12 micron bandwidth and housed within the Peleng-built 1G-46 gunner’s sight), the commander’s panoramic sight (which houses the Matis-STD thermal imager that operates in the 3-5 micron bandwidth and which has also been selected for the Arjun Mk1 MBT’s panoramic sight), an automatic gearbox, an electro-hydraulic turret-drive-cum stabilisation system, and most importantly, has a 2A46M-5 Rapira smoothbore main gun barrel that also comes fitted with a muzzle reference system.

        The hulls and welded steel turrets of the 330 T-90Ms, along with their Rapira gun barrels, will be fabricated by HVF with locally-sourced raw materials, while an improved version of the indigenous ‘Kanchan’ modular ceramics-based composite laminate armour package will be used for substituting the Russian package, whose technology-transfer has been denied by Russia. The same also goes for the Kaktus ERA tiles and RPZ-86M anti-radar paint coating, which will be totally imported from Russia.

        The older T90S will be upgraded by adding new features and replacing their thermal imaging sights, navigation systems and fire control systems at a cost of more than $250 million.
        DRDO had earlier attempted to mount air conditioning systems on the tanks, but were stopped by Russia, citing intellectual property rights.
        To the T90M the Israeli firm Kinetics Ltd’s environmental control system’s have been installed which is expensive.
        but since then a locally built cooling system has been developed and should replace the others during future upgrades.

        ******************OF ALL THE T90 VARIENTS THE T90AM IS THE MOST SUITABLE FOR NIGERIA******************

        the T-90AM, incorporates a totally new redesigned turret that houses
        1.a remote-controlled weapon station, independent commander’s panoramic sight and gunner’s sight,
        3.a rear-mounted ammunition reserve stowage bustle and its autoloader
        (thereby doing away with the much-criticised earlier location alongside the carousel autoloader on the turret’s floor and enabling the stowage of single-unit FSAPDS rounds containing long-rod kinetic energy penetrators which the T-90S and T-90M cannot fire at the moment),
        4.and redesigned modular armour tiles.
        The hull-section, housing the driver’s and gunner’s compartments, will be equipped with a battlespace management terminal, fibre-optic gyro-based land navigation system, software-defined radio suite, health-and-usage management systems for on-board diagnosis of the MBT’s vectronics and automotive elements.
        Powerplant for the T-90AM will comprise a Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant-built 1,130hp V-92S2 diesel engine, while a 1kW AB-1-P28 auxiliary power unit will provide back-up electric power when the engine is idling.
        SHTORA-1 active protection system, nakidka signatue reduction suite

        combine that with BMPT TERMINATOR ie upgrade the older T72 to TERMINATOR varient

        weapons fittment
        1. 4 ATGM launchers which are able to fire missiles with thermobaric warheads 😀
        2. dual 30mm rapid fire autocanons
        3. two 30mm automatic grenade launchers
        4. heavy/ medium machinegun

        and now for nigerian armoured corps u have a deadly combination.
        cant help feeling that the terminator was much better option for fighting the BH than T72.

      • lachit says:

        the picture of the T90AM i posted is one of a kind
        can anybody identify the “unique” thing 😀

  26. Oje says:

    Oga Are James, India has had better access to Western Technology and partnership for long, they should be way ahead of the Chinese now. India should strive very hard to upgrade it’s infrastructure and lift many out of poverty like the Chinese have done. With similar populations and size India should be considered a potential superpower, more so than China as she has the advantage of hundreds of millions of English speakers and is the world’s biggest democracy.

  27. lachit says:

    another passing thought 😀 😀

    also it is true the other way round US and western countries have benifitted from esponiage conducted on USSR and now russia.many example are there documented and undocumented.
    i will give one example
    read the book titled ‘The Billion Dollar Spy’
    Adolf Tolkachev, an engineer and specialist in airborne radars worked deep inside the Soviet military-industrial complex for CIA.
    infact the US Air Force estimated at one point in the operation that Tolkachev’s espionage had saved the United States $2 billion in weapons R & D.that was in the 80s that 2 billion is worth 40 billions right now (vis a vis foundation/ground laying technology)

    also russian technology was used in F35 fighter program.
    it was the Yakovlev Yak-141 – VSTOL fighter

    so it is funny when everybody is trading / stealing tech
    but some of us only remain oblivious to the real facts

    • Oje says:

      Once again you waaaayyy off point. Western countries benefiting from spying on the Soviet Union? Are you serious or just joking? …

  28. Oje says:

    America should be isolationist…I don’t see why the U.S should be spearheading the Ukrainian crises when you have Germany and France? Makes sense to you?

  29. lachit says:

    ogas plz free to verify any of my postings

    by the way Adolf Tolkachev is dead so 😀
    but i believe CIA website link will provide better credibility than me

    i know of one fellow called Dmitri Polyakov
    who gave away technical data on antitank missiles and tanks etc etc to cia infact he revealed data related to india also to CIA and MI6.

    also it is known that Aldrich Ames the ussr mole in CIA had revealed 25 soviets agents working for the CIA in ussr half of them in technical/technology related fields and that is/was just the tip of the iceberg.

    i wear a specs/glasses which has a TRUTH vision, infact it filters out facts and prevents discrimination based on individual perception.
    sees a spade as a spade and nothing less or more.
    anybody want to buy it?
    limited sales only.

    and i guess this was also a passing thought again 😀

  30. Oje says:

    Your post is ill researched,murky and lacks substance at best. The West became advanced because of stolen Russian technology yet they cant even produce common refrigerators. When was the last time you bought a Russian mobile device, or computer, or cars, television? What does Russia produce besides Nukes and ballistic missile submarine?they cant even produce civilian airlines, its only real attempt at doing so ended up with the aircraft crashing into a busy highway. You come on here, post crap in the most arrogant of manners and think you can educate us. Now since you are ll informed let me enlighten you a bit here.

    1. The very platform via which you hail Russia’s technological prowess is made in the West.

    2. The world has Russia to thank for GPS technology,which under a decade transformed communication technology beyond what we ever imagined. The shooting down of a South Korean civilian airline by a Russian fighter jet prompted Reagan to submit before Congress a proposal to allow the U.S military to make available GPS technology to the world so better communication will make incidents like this a thing of the past. Yes we now have Galileo and Glosnast but you have to agree, %99.9 of the world still rely heavily on GPS. Until then it was used only by the U.S military, you can imagine the gap the West had over Russia.

    3. In Space Russia’s only foothold today is launching payloads into orbit with powerful rockets, nothing else. Even Russia’s early warning satellites are so deteriorated that their ability to detect incoming ballistic missiles is suspect. Mean while the U.S military alone has more satellites than the rest of the world combined. The U.S air-force is the only air-force in the world with its own Space program. What is Russia’s equivalent to the Hubble Space telescope? Last year the European Space Agency(ESA) landed a satellite on a moving comet traveling at near supersonic speed, can you imagine? How about the U.S Voyager? Last year stunning images of the the Dwarf planet Pluto was beamed round the world from the U.S Rover the Voyager. At hundreds of millions of miles this is the farthest any man made object have ever traveled on land,sea,air and Space. Where is Russia? As far back as 1998 American satellites are able to land on Mars, deploy robots on track wheel that is able to probe deep into the soil and conduct experiments.

    4. America is the birth place of the first mass produced cars, was that stolen Russian technology? Todays GSM technology is only possible because of Western Europe, stolen Russian tech? What about the Internet, which to me is perhaps the biggest revolutionary achievement in the history of the Human race, the INTERNET was born by the U.S military. Again like the GPS it took then vice presiden Al-Gore’s continuous push to make this technology avaiable to the public, today its hard to imagine living in world without it. The World Wide Web was invented by a Briton Tim Berners Lee, stolen Russian Tech? I am sure every electronic you personally have today was developed in the West. Your laptop,Ihone,Ipad,air conditioning,car,refrigerator, the list is endless. Where is Russia’s answer to Google,Microsoft,Oracle,Apple,BAE,Boeing,Lockheed,Ford,Daimler Benz,Chrysler,the A380, Boeing 737………..?

    The only thing Russia is good at is making weapons and even in that aspect she is completely outclassed by the West in nearly ever aspect. The most advanced Submarines from the Virginia Class to Britain s, Vanguard class to Germany’s Dolphine class were all built in the West. The most advanced warships are from the West. The Kirov class missile cruisers have nothing on the Ticonderoga class Destroyers. The aircraft carrier admiral Kuznestov does not even near parity with the U.S Marines helicopter Carrier the USS Wasp much less the Nimitz Class or Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers. For all its ability to dance Ballet in the sky for airshows Russian fighters are outclassed by everything in West. Even its nukes was possibly by spying on the Manhattan project undetected. You can argue all day long i don’t care. What next?

    ….and the Russian people are not nearly as innovative as the U.S, Western Europe, China or even India (to your credit). The only thing Russia exports to the world is Beef, Yeast oil and arms Sergei Brin was now exaggerating when he said ”Russia is Nigeria with snow” and sorry to say, Vladimir Putin is the poster child for sheer stupidity. Despite Putins Sabre rattling on on how the world should remember Russia is a nuclear power bladabla his reprisal for the economic sanctions meted on her by the West is to seize tons and tons of American food items like chicken, cheers,milk, invite the press and have a bulldozer crush them. This is Russia’s answer to America’s action.

    Until you can point out one item( ONE) Russia produces and exports im sorry you have nothing to base your postulations on.

    • Sir Kay says:

      America did stole a lot of German scientists though, well say scientists they convinced to desert Hitler Germany at the time, correct me if I’m wrong, and use them to invent a lot of stuff, mostly militarily. Read that somewhere, could be wrong

    • Russia does produce and Uses civilian aircraft. They Just have a negligible share of the int’l market for civilian aircraft.

      The fact that Russian firms and tech is often outclassed by those from the west does not mean that the west does not steal ideas and tech from them.

      Sputnik 1 1st man made object put in orbit.

      Kapersky is russian I believe.

      whether u like it or not Russia has the most reliable time tested means of putting anything in space.

      There are some russian mobile device manufacturers with ok ratings. has featured them in the past. (cant remember the names nw).

      Russia is outclassed yes, often times more by market share than reality but Russia aint the groveling runt u seem to be implying

    • Obix says:

      Oga Oje, i would love to invite you over to Russia to see things for yourself. I don’t wwant to go into arguments on this. The bottom line is that the West and the USSR stole technology from each other. Do you know the number of Soviet citizens that moved over to the silicon valley after the fall of the USSR? Russia is lagging behind today in the export market because she got into it way after the fall of the Soviet Union. They don’t have former colonies they can influence………….But never underrate the Russian bear! 🙂

  31. lachit says:

    cant help laughing 😀

    *************i was giving example of how both the west and east block countries are sharing / stealing / improvising from technology from each other to their own benifit.*********************

    but some ogas took this as a insult to western technology superiority, which i never implied
    ultimately making a mountain out of a ant hill.

    wannabe internet/keyboard warriors are nowdays worth a dime a dozen thanks to google, bing
    😀 😀

  32. sirdic says:

    Breaking News:::
    End Of Boko Haram.

    Sequel to the ongoing operations to clear Boko Haram Terrorists in its area of operations, the troops of 21 Brigade in conjunction with elements of 151 Task Force Battalion of 7 Division, Nigerian Army have conducted offensive operations along Aulari in Bama axis. The troops successfully cleared terrorists’camp in Fadan, Shuwarin, Wulari, Ngoro Dauye, Jidori, Alikashiri, Kalzamari-Shuwa and Kalzamari-Kanuri amongst others. During the offensive operations, 178 people held captives by the terrorists were rescued they include 101 children, 67 women and 10 men respectively. Also,three (3) Boko Haram flags were recovered while five (5) motor cycles were burnt by the troops. In addition, one (1) Boko Haram Terrorists Commander was captured alive and is presently undergoing investigation.

    The troops morale remains high as they are determined to consolidate on the success achieved so far under Operation LAFIYA DOLE.

    You are please requested to disseminate the news to the general public. Thank you.

    Col Tukur Gusau
    Deputy Director
    Army Public Relations 7 Division

  33. Augustine says:

    The NAF thing, I will not be too excited by what I cannot see or prove.

    What level of weaponization was done on the Augusta helicopter? Pintle mount gun? Pylon gun? Chin mount gun? Pylon rocket pod? FLIR? What really?

    Beechcraft King Air aircraft came in transport mode, so how is it now a recce platform? What was added to it? FLIR? Radar? Tv camera? ATOS cabin computers and ISR equipment? No clear information.

    I don’t want to sound mean, but why should I dance and beat drum about English language used to name a combat platform with no defined specs or features?

    What if it’s just a 12.7mm gun hanging out of the Augusta door? What if it’s just one simple FLIR hanging under the chin of the King Air? Is that a world class achievement?

    NAF that cannot even show us photos of these platforms, how does a military force want the people to love it when they are ‘invisible’ and over secretive? 99% of Nigerians do not know the true capabilities of NAF, but the outside world knows it, they sell us those equipment, we don’t manufacture, we import. All details of NAF aircraft, equipment, and ordnance specifications and capabilities are available to the many public citizens in America, Europe, China, South Africa, etc It is we here Nigerians who are blindfolded, Chinese and Pakistanis know ALL the secrets of NAF F-7NI jets, even know it more than an average NAF officer. Go ask many NAF officers, they know nothing about the radar on their own F-7.

    Boko Haram is still hitting a NAF Mi-24 and damaging it, that’s bad news, Bokos still have some anti-aircraft guns. Also means the NAF Hind had no PGM to take out the AAA threat, what if the fire hit the pilot through the canopy glass and the helo crashes? See, na one day like that a $15 million helicopter will be shot down because it had no $15,000 PGM, penny wise pound foolish, it costs just about $2 million to buy 100 air to ground missiles as PGM for NAF Mi-24/35 helicopters to take out Boko anti-aircraft capabilities from 3 km safe distance stand off range before the pilot closes in at 1 km to use cannon fire on lower threats.

    I am seeing NAF doing publicity stunts to build a false image of air power capability around itself in the eyes of the world, they challenged the President’s comment on their ‘non-existence as an air force’, they are proud of being an air police with anti-Boko Haram capability.

    They, NAF, they are just doing themselves, instead of agreeing with Buhari and running to the man for money to buy 4th generation fixed wind combat aircraft, they are claiming champion on the head of Boko Haram that is still damaging a Mi-24 Hind in combat, what if NAF was fighting Chad that has Russian anti-aircraft missiles?

    NAF should have seized that golden oppourtunity of having Buhari’s hot burning attention, say yes Mr.President you are right, and ask him for emergency funding like small $250 million to plug the deep hole gaps in their combat capability. $90 million will buy 6 examples of brand new 4th generation Yak-130 Trainer/Light Attack/Recce to replace Alpha jets, $150 million will buy 3 examples of brand new Su-30 MK 2 Flanker to step up above F-7 jets. Remaining pocket change of $10 million will load all Mi-35, Mi-171, and Yak-130 with PGM, load all Su-30 with BVRAAM and LGB.

    Why are simple good things always hard for Nigeria to achieve?

    • Sir Kay says:

      It’s lack of vision my brother, they seem not to think ahead at all. It’s quite frustrating .

    • Ola says:

      On point man! I wonder what the current military leadership did with their training if strategic thinking is grossly lacking as it is currently evident. I feel so sad when I see the way the military leadership in this country is handling things.

    • lachit says:

      ur correct
      but i would like to add that something about the SOPs while engaging the BH.

      i believe nigeria nigeria has a varying degree of terrain, weather and foilage (vegetation)

      so engagement procedures like ceiling of approach, combat manuvares, dis-engagement tactics have to me tweaked and optimized keeping in mind
      1.the various terrain (mountains, hills, valleys, forest, desert etc)
      2.foilage (visibility and target identification range) the weather conditions prevelent in such different regions (thermal zones, cross winds, strong updraft can radically make or break ur tactics and lead to loss of helicopter performance).

      so overall it needs a lot of additional work

  34. Augustine says:

    BTWN….why are we not spending the Russian $1 billion weapons loan?

  35. jimmy says:

    On the points you made concerning the NAF, you have hit all the nails on their heads.
    The NAF has to take the path of MOST RESISTANCE they are not like water following the path of Gravity and point of least resistance.
    The President at this point know the level of under equipment that has bedeviled the NAF for close to two DECADES
    The NAF needs to have a strategic plan of where they envisage themselves being :
    S.P 2015-2020 SP1
    S.P.2020-2025 SP2
    S.P 2025-2030 SP3
    What is it they want to get ACCOMPLISHED over this critical fifteen (15) year period.
    One of the things we saw lacking till BH came along was a lack of a cohesive QRF.
    They need to have a QRF training manual not wait till one of their airbases are attacked.
    Familiarity with what is required of them in a joint ARMY/ NAVY/ AIRFORCE OPERATION should be routine this is not being critical but Lake Chad is going to be a very sensitive area for years to come the Border area around Cameroon is also a very region, the NAF needs to step up
    They also need to come up with a plan on how they secure/ get more funds for procurement and improvement over OUR skies because ABSOLUTLEY no one believes they are punching above their weight right now.
    This is not to say they did not have a good outing this weekend, they did , but their is a lot of work that needs to be done starting with TRANSPARENCY.


    stories like this make me question the defense establishment and it lack of coordination. what manner of acquisition program do we run sef?

    • Are James says:

      The Generals did this. It was a topic on this blog some years back.
      “Don’t buy weapons for us” lobbying led by the service Chiefs against the MOD. Events have since proven that service Chiefs the arms of the military don’t know jack about doing threat assessment and matching it to platforms. They also dont know how to leverage national assets to gain commercial advantages for tge country . The MOD would normally have enjoyed good peer support from sister ministries like Ministry of Finance, CBN, BPP and so on to get all advantages for the country.

    • Ola says:

      One word, corruption. I may be attacked because I said this, but then one needs to ask what would be the motivation for the services to be doing their own procurement? The ministry is the organ of government set up to do purchases on behalf of the government, anything outside a government to government purchases is unofficial, full of kick backs, 3rd and 4th parties and contractors…talk of leakages into private pockets!

  37. jimmy says:

    You took the words out of my mouth

  38. lachit says:

    very interesting wind tunnel models from MAKS 2015 airshow
    would be helpful if anybody shed light on this

  39. lachit says:

    which one do u want? 😀

    and can anyone pick/see any difference between these helicopters and the previous varients?

    and finally

    the MIG 1.44
    russians r looking to make a light weight category 5 gen fighter .looks like it will be based on this.

  40. Oje says:

    err Oga Saleh, not everything i say should be interpreted as a missile attack. Where the hell is Oga Beeg when you need him?

    • saleh says:

      Lol @ Oga Oje I wasnt attacking you I just noticed Oga Lachit had developed a new cyber warfare strategy on this blog. I am actually enjoying you guys banter on who stole whose tech and wishing we also learn how to steal tech too

  41. Ola says:
    If a worker knows how to invest to secure his own future but at his job…

  42. lachit says:

    japanese diirt bike borne troops
    i remembered many bloggers here had advocated for this.
    dirt bikes are an integral part of japanese military.
    in addition to regular job of sending dispatches.
    they are used as mobile radio stations / relay centers , reccon
    the soldiers on the bikes also carry small calibre mortars, claymore mines ,light anti tank and anti personnel missiles to use for distrupting , sabotaging advancing enemy troops untill their regular reinforcements can catch up to them

    • Ola says:

      I did mention it here a short while ago that NA SF and mobile strike force should have an elite, highly mobile unit that operates on all terrain hybrid bikes. Nigeria (NA) can learn from the UK (SAS) and Airborne on this. They use diesel/electric powered, light bikes that will basically take anywhere and everywhere. They are also configurable for various ops.

    • lachit says:

      US DARPA is developing a stealth dirt bike which actually is a hybrid motorcycle powered by two sources engine that burns several types of fuel
      2.a stealthy super-quiet electric motor

      common pattern of usage will be soldiers mounted on the stealth bikes who will be deployed via helicopters who will then switch to bike mode for the final leg of their ground approach.

      advantages are
      1.element of surprise
      2.less fatigue and exhaustion before going into actual combat
      4.less stress for the platoon/section commander as he has ample means to move his troops around the battlefield and maneuver and he can concentrate on his mission objectives.
      5.The bikes allows the troops to patrol larger areas, to easily and quickly climp up hills, valleys etc.
      6.quick mop-up / clean up of enemy stragglers / runners after combat
      7.keep the enemy guessing, by constantly moving on motorbikes, the enemies will be in doubt as to the actual location of the troops.

      dirt bikes were used with success in afganistan
      ola u r a soldier so u know well how difficult it is to close up / face the enemy after trekking with 6-12 + kg load.

      • Ola says:

        From time, SAS has been using hybrids that run on electric and diesel power. Advantages include advantage of stealth when you need a quiet arrival or get away and it doesn’t burst into flame easily on crashing or if someone puts a bullet in your fuel tank, somehow.
        Actually every marine does the 30-miler lugging 40+ pounds, You can be sure that an average RM will easily chase and gain on the enemy while lugging 12 kg except if the enemy is very fit and light on his feet.
        I’m not a soldier any more since I left the mud swim for the young ones 🙂 I’m back at school! 🙂

    • lachit says:

      also i would not mind if ATVs / quad bikes are inducted if desired

      ATVs typically feature
      1.tow hitch for the attachment of various trailers and it would be nice if it can tow with it 106mm or 73 mm recoilless guns or even 81 mm or 120mm mortars.
      infact 120mm mortars are a BEAST
      pakistan positions on LOC took a severe beating (around 300 + dead withen half hour) during their first use at a firefight during the 90s.
      2.engines can either run on diesel, petrol or standard military fuel
      3.electrically-driven ATVs which have a very low aucoustic signature but the normal ones can be fitted with mufflers to reduce noise
      4. simple weapons mount for fire support from Heavy Machine Gun, Grenade Machine Gun or similar weapons.
      5.light enough to be carried slung or inside helicopters.
      6.can also server as ambulances to evict injured personnel
      etc etc

    • lachit says:

      some examples of successful quad bike / ATV usage by SOF troops

      SAS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq.
      infact soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‘up to eight terrorists per day’ in the daring raids.

      as i have said before it turns out that small groups of soldiers were dropped into IS territory in RAF Chinook helicopters after which they used the quad bikes.

      The troops equipped with quad bikes have heavy machine guns / grenade machine guns bolted on to the ATVs. They then seek out IS units and attack the terrorists using the element of SURPRISE and under the cover of darkness.

      An SAS OPERATIVE said:
      “Our tactics are putting the fear of God into IS as they don’t know where we’re going to strike next and there’s frankly nothing they can do to stop us”

      and this is what we need for tackiling the BH by attacking
      2.FUEL DEPOS

      and for this to happen u will need surviellance from UAVs, MPA etc
      AND TRANSPORT HELICOPTERS to drop the troops and the ATVs close to the objective.

      another qoute from SAS
      “We’re degrading their morale. They can run and hide if they see planes in the sky but they can’t see or hear us. Using so many snipers takes the fear factor to another level too; the terrorists don’t know what’s happening. They just see their colleagues lying dead in the sand”

      and another important lesson :
      increase the usage of snipers.
      give them sniper guns with good sound mufflers (silencers).

      and what i said before about using
      quad bikes / ATV to have 81mm/12mm or 106mm/73mm RCL towed behind them and use them to get into range before raining hell with the mortars / RCL .
      after that get in close to finish them in close range with small arms.
      if NA uses it i am sure it will yield major benifit.
      i an not sure if it has been tried before but there is always the first try

      • lachit says:

        u can tow the mortar behind one ATV/ quad bike
        and u have a ammo trailer towed behind another ATV / quad bike

        120mm mortars have ranges of 7 + km
        and can fire many varieties of ammo

        a 120 mm mortar bomb has about the same explosive capability as a 155 mm artillery shell 😀

        i guess this should do now see u after 1 week
        take care

      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, NA uses Yamaha military ATVs. I don’t know how wide spread the usage is though and I have no idea about their pattern of deployment. I’m not sure whether it’s the Grizzly or not, but they sure use some. Someone posted it here a short while ago, it was on that post that I canvassed for the use of al terrain hybrid bikes. Nigeria can do this at home easily since motorcycles are manufactured in Nigeria. My suggestion is that MoD UK has surplus in store, Nigeria can lay hold on a few for inspiration and then go home to replicate same.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        May His soul rest in Peace, We thank him for standing up for our country and not following the stupid and foolish so called “Politically Correct approach” to suit the Western narrative.

    • Ola says:

      I hope Nigeria will bring up a crack team of pathologists to analyse the blood and tissue samples from this man as soon as possible. Poisoning should not be ruled out…

  43. jimmy says:

    Nigeria lost a great one Ambassador Adefuye a LION OF A MAN who fought for Nigeria’s Interests unlike so many others, You have fought the good fight, you have run your final race, well done thy good and faithful servant come rest in the bosom of our Lord

  44. Okpa1 says:

    My ogas dem, our problem na serious strategic thinking. Imagine how ways of procurement. Apart from the NN that has a strategic documents for the public to scrutinize, where is that of the Nigerian Army & NAF? See a poor country like Bangladesh, each arm of her military tells you what the plan to procure, when and how. Today, ask our NN why have we not seen our second OPV and other smaller patrol vessel, I bet you, you know the answer already. Airforce today dont even have a retirement plan for our very old alpha jets or do we even know what Nigerian arm forces have. I don tire for we country abeg.

  45. Oje says:

    Oil prices again just dipped below the $40 per barrel mark, this is the lowest since 2006 and Saudi Arabia has all but given over the mantle of leadership to the United States. Its gonna be crunch time if the Nigerian military does not meet the 3 months deadline, we are near bankrupcy.

    • Are James says:

      I agree with you that time is not our friend. We can’t keep bleeding dollars everyday chasing a few misguided young men around the Sahel. Buyou the right weapons and end it now.
      Saudi Arabia is not working for the US they have $700bn external reserves and just 25million people , some 10 million foreign workers are working for those people. Their life mission is to bring down Iran.They are starting new value add business lines in Petrochemicals already self sufficient in refined products.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Lord CyberGeneral Are James, as I always keep on saying, u hit the nail right in the head. The reality we are living in is that Nigeria can not afford to waste money on bogus contacts and shady middlemen. We are brokeee!!!, so now is the time of value for money contracts. This has to be a specific Government-to-Government contracts that includes knowledge transfers. If we are going to ever build any kind of Military Industrial Complex, any asset that we procure must come with some variant of intellectual properties. Any key asset that doesn’t come with this minimal requirement must be instantly scrapped. We can no longer afford to waste money especially now that there is a probability that crude oil could hit $15 a barrel before it bottoms out.

        God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

  46. smartboy2000 says:

    My Great CyberGenerals, yes the price of oil is falling and we don’t know where it’s going to bottom out. The fact of the matter is that Nigeria is at war, both pseudo symmetrical and fully asymmetrical, hence the defence budget takes priority when the country is in a state of war. I believe in our new Commander-in-Chief General Muhammad Buhari to provide the assets that the frontline operatives are going to use to execute the first phase o there mission and complete in 3 months.
    God Bless the Great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • lachit says:

      great to see u
      its been a long break for u 😀

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Lord CyberGeneral Lachit, thanks very much for the welcome back message. You have being an inspiration on this blog and I have followed your trolls with beautiful anticipation. You are a distinguished gentleman of very sound military wisdom and I Salute You!!!!!!!

  47. lachit says:

    This strange looking UAV unvieled at maks 2015 has been designed to counter F35 AND F22.
    it will use decimetre-wave radar and X-band radar to search for enemy aircraft. This drone will also be equipped with an airborne electronic warfare (EW) system, which will be able to blind homing missiles, if the adversary tries to knock down the UAV. All these technologies, Mikheyev first deputy general director of KRET Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern said, have been borrowed from the Russian fifth-generation fighter jet, the PAK FA.

    also DARPA is designing a fleet of drones that could self-launch from a larger plane before swarming enemy aircraft and returning to their mothership after a mission.

    These “gremlins,” as the researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have dubbed them, would be cheaper than standard drones and have a lifespan of about 20 flights.
    To launch these gremlins, the military wants to turn large C-130 cargo planes into makeshift aircraft carriers.

    i wonder how will the other countries fare when US RUSSIA CHINA start producing such fgame changing products.

    • My Great Sir Lachit as you are aware, research into next the generation UAV’s is hoting up in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres. Very cutting edge technologies are being applied on these vehicles to make them faster and stealthier than ever. When you look at an example like the USAF Aurora Programme whereby Mach 7 is the targeted expected speed, and it is configured with the very latest and very secretive ISR’s in the market place, u can see that the race is on. Like the race to the moon in the fifties and sixties, UAV is the next stratosphere where heavy R&D would be expended and with the advent of Machine Intelligence, the sky is the limit for the early starters.

      • lachit says:

        yeah true

        me thinks the most deciding factor for these UAVs other that tech, performance and cost will be the redundency factor.
        imagine a uav which got damaged in flight and which then activates micro nanobots and self repairing cum diagnotic algorithms to heal itself.

      • Skynet things. AI cld yet be the end of us. “Ex Machina” offered some refreshing cum alarming insights of extreme AI

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog

        already quasi self-aware algorithms r in place.
        these r based on quantum computing which CIA/NSA uses to crawl through millions and billons of metadata looking for interesting pieces of intelligence/info.
        also it is rumored that DARPA may have realized the first primitive precursor to a real quantum computer.

        so be careful u dont want to get kidnapped by a SKYNET minion

      • My Great Lords, the fields of Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology and Advanced Machine Intelligence has grown exponentially within the last 20 years. Advanced Algorithm Programming is helping this sector achieve tasks that seemed science fiction only 20 years ago. DARPA have been working on all these technologies since the late fifties and early sixties which is almost 55 years ago, so we really can’t regard these technologies as new, it’s just that we are now being given access to these technical information in our present time. In the good old days of the late seventies and early eighties when people kept saying they have witnessed UFO’s in the desert of Nevada, I always wondered, now I know that the DOD must have been test flying some kind of variants of todays UAVs. The sky is the limit in the world of Machine Intelligence and I believe the next 20 to 30 years is going to be very interesting.

  48. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga lachit, welcome back. like the way this bike talk is going. Reminds me of the Vietnam war movie NAM ANGELS. point of note from u and Oga Ola, this will need a dedicated set og specialists backed up by CAS, a flight of mil 17 and most important, ISR assets all dedicated to this team of marksmen.

    • lachit says:

      this idea really holds promise because it is be utilized as we speak in afganistan iraq syria? and ukraine (reccon) ? phillipines?

      isolated or modules of terrorist holed up in varied and difficult are best engaged as u said by
      “specialists backed up by CAS, a flight of mil 17 and most important, ISR assets all dedicated to this team of marksmen”

      and this is Actually ola and other ogas idea to which i simply adding some pointers 😀

      • lachit says:

        varied and difficult *terrain are best engaged

        @ifiok umoeka
        i was starting to think that u had decided to dissappear too 😀
        i will stay through cyclones, twisters, tornados tsunamis on this blog till my results r out in 1-2 months 😀

  49. ifiok umoeka says:

    All this advance in the world, yet we are still grappling with the basics. Hmm! Say, the world in 2027 is a very dangerous place, the major league all have robots to fight their wars, ucav, uuv, ugv, droids etc, will we even have flankers then? Will we also have our droids and drones or we’ll still be grappling with the basics?

  50. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, just got tied up that’s all.
    Oga Ola is greatly gifted. As an operator, I respect his pedigree and will continue to expect top notch stuff from him. Salute.

    On the sticking around, a big Amen to that my brother. See u around.

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