An Agusta A109 LUH helicopter at Mafa

A T72 AV tank and troops in bullish mood

A BigFoot MRAP(foreground) and a REVA MRAP (background)




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  1. prinx arthur says:

    buhari should fast track any plans he has for the NA there are hundreds of T-90’s in russian storage facilites in moscow

    • Augustine says:

      Seconded….brand new T-90 modern main battle tanks for Nigeria, the current T-72 is old and obsolete.

      • ozed says:

        Hahaha as my Economics teacher once said, human wants are insatiable!!

        LoLz Na we be this? 12 months ago we were quite ‘happy’ with out T55s now 12 months later we have quite a number of T72s but we are now reaching out for T90s because our ‘new’ T72s are terribly old.
        Sad truths i guess but funny all the same.

        What is just left for us to discover now is how far the new Govt can go in the re-equipment of the Army.

    • Augustine says:

      Observation, the NAF Beechcarft King Air used in that video by COAS/CAS is the older brown fuselage 350ER ISR version not the new 350i transport versions with white fuselage.

      I don’t know where people get this fairy tale story that the 3 transporters have been converted to reconnaissance aircraft overnight as if it is technology made in Nigeria.

      Me, I won’t follow anybody beat drum over equipment claims that are not proved, NAF is busy doing publicity stunts for it’s own public image alone and to impress the president and I won’t be their mugu. Let NAF prove it’s upgrades and not manipulate Nigerian people like toys with funny claims.

    • Are James says:

      Okay I am sure now that I hate this video.
      The CAS was not commanding jack, who spread that story of real time coordination from the air?. This is just a precious waste of avgas and lubrication oil in my view. Everything I saw here was better done on the ground.
      Also , you don’t bark a few questions into a walkie talkie inside an essentially civillIan aircraft and tell Are James you are directing operations real time. This is not operations coordination this is photo op.
      It is also obvious the ATR 42 is still out of action contrary to what we have been told. The real exasperating guy in the whole set was the TV commentator mouthing big military terms that he did not half understand. The CAS is commended for the effort in the sphere of public sensitization but the hardware on display was too low tech and not befitting of Nigeria.

      • peccavi says:

        The ATR 42 is back in operation and more Mi 24s have been moved up from NAF PH but you are right it was a fairly poor PR exercise. Whatever he was talking to on that walkie talkie was either in the same cabin or a few hundred metres away.
        It was silly an unnecessary. A CAS and COAS should not even be involved in such an operation

    • asorockweb says:

      A PR flight.

      The previous PR flight that took journalists aboard the ATR 42 surveillance plane was the correct approach.

      This particular PR flight would have been more convincing if the Chief of the Air Force had not pretended that he was coordinating complex air-land maneuvers using only his brain and a walkie-talkie.

  2. rugged7 says:

    The U.S Army spent $25 billion on training and re-equipping the Iraqi army, yet they can’t even shoot straight?
    WoW. Just WoW.
    Then there has t be something fundamentally wrong with the american way of training…
    The Nigerian armed forces cannot afford to import this kind of clueless training from the yankees.
    Oga Eeben’s boys have achieved in 3 months of North East activity, what the american green berets would never be able to replicate…. GABADAYA

  3. Ola says:

    Here is an interview with a rtd colonel in the Nigerian army. He did say some truths that should be the part of the medium term focus of the army, going beyond the operation in the NE right now.

    • rugged7 says:

      Well, a revealing analysis.
      And you can’t fault his assessment.

      • freeegulf says:

        a very comprehensive and insightful interview. a job well done by the news channel. the anchor asked relevant questions without muddling up the entire issues.
        also, very good analysis.

        a very commendable interview from col ajayi. i have repeatedly asked that question, why did it take so long to have african NCOs groomed into the officer corp. it wasnt until the end of WW2 did the british finally instituted an officer training program for the african NCOs. the french never had this problem. the senegalese tiraileurs, where already producing native officers as far back as the great war (although pay rate was still vastly different from their french counterparts). so is it that there was lack of strenuous challenges in british west africa, (the french had more pacification duties in the atlas mountains in north africa) until the exigencies of a world war?

        i m completely in support of the col on the issue of training. that seems to have gone to the dogs. the regimentation, and good training of NCOs need to be re-introduced.

        however, on the issue of infantry leading always at the peak of army leadership, hmm, i am not too surprised that his is pushing for that.
        the infantry bear the brunt of battles, as such, they believe they also should be rewarded the most in terms of COAS appointment. this is nothing new. what i dont agree with is, that the teeth arm should always hold those plucky positions constantly. generaloberst heinz guderian was a signals officer, this general was one of the most outstanding officers of the 2nd world war and helped revolutionized warfare with panzer battles.

        the infantry always see themselves as the core of the army, while the armour see themselves as the creme of the army. both group have their longstanding rivalry, but together, they look down on the other arms even more. yes, we are infantry bias, but gone are the days when this corp was the sole driver of the military architecture.

        with the air force, it is different. in a competent air force, CAS should always be a fighter pilot. air defence, air superiority, close air support, are the primary roles of the air force. it is not the same with the army, especially if other sub branch such as airborne, amphibuous, and mountain infantry, start carving a separate niche different from regular infantry grunts, as is the case in many armies.
        fair is fair, the best man should have the job, irrespective of the branch of the army. these plucky jobs should not be skewed for or against any particular branch. that being said, we are not likely to see a medical doctor or accountant as COAS. it should be from combat arm, or combat support.

  4. Augustine says:

    Why some national armies fail the COIN test…..

    “Look, the US military is very large, very capable, very good at conventional operations, but when you stop a massive conventional operation, you now have to re-task and become a counter-insurgency force that creates some gaps. You can’t take that air-defense missile guy and make him into policeman or into a bodyguard that quickly. So our skill set was taking existing pools of talent, guys that have served before, giving them the right training, the right equipment, the right capabilities to go out and do a job on a temporary basis.”

    • jimmy says:

      By it’s nature is extremely difficult to conquer , 20 YEARS AGO you simply did the unthinkable like obj did @ odi and like BACTERIA they multiplied.
      Lesson #1 : The enemy is among us”:
      This requires a conventional force to become un -conventional something the US, SYRIA, RUSSIA, UK AND Nigeria struggled with at the initial phase
      Lesson#2 There has to be a marriage between the Political authority and the Military authority
      The Gov of Borno State did not cooperate fully with the Military till bh were at the gates of Maiduguri ditto the GOV of Adamawa..For the Americans the classic example of what can go wrong was Falloujah, A town barely six square miles was initially captured , then despite warnings from the Military , Political pressure was brought to bear and they evacuated, it became the center of gravity for the rebels which culminated in Four American contractors being killed, The army/ marines / sf being called back in/ eventually Heavy Armor was used 6.000 troops , heavy casualties, and thirty six hours later it was taken.Today Falloujah is back in the hands of ISIS, The Iraqi Forces are believed to be incapable of retaking Falloujah without HORRIFIC CASUALTIES and Extensive US help, in fact the word CANNON FODDER comes to mind.
      Lesson #3 Coin defies logic :
      Sometimes it is not something that fits in a nice military classroom that can be taught your military commanders have to be more street smart than you would believe, it is very EXPENSIVE because you are going to break the ENEMY’S BACK and make him aware of it at the same time.this is the stage of bh right now
      Lesson #4 Avoid Collateral damage
      This is the most EXTENSIVE use of Snipers that Nigeria has ever used, ever. Nigerian artillery has been very active and very deadly ditto their SF and yet the Nigerian army has used T-72 TANKS not just as a morale boost but to take out Technicals.

  5. jimmy says:

    oga augustine, oga ola
    Thanks for your thoughts much appreciated and very much respected.
    This bh war of all the wars the Nigerian army has fought is the most difficult and the most unorthodox, this unfortunately is the trend of the current future world wide not looking past bh but looking forward the NA must position itself in a way that there must be room in the army , navy ,airforce, and police for unorthodox officers in the past these type of officers would of being drummed out at the major/ lt col level.
    Point taken, about the NAF right now the NAFhas to put on a brave face and yes they have been put under unprecedented pressure by the President himself infact I do not ever recall a President get so personal with one branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces, However as we say in our PIDGIN ” e get as e be a tings dey now”
    Economic crunch not withstanding the one thing this administration has to do is revamp/ rebuild/ reorganize/ procure the NAF
    Let me explain without getting political, when you know who was CAS (AB) The NAF was complicit in sticking it’s head in the sand when it came to procurement to their own detriment, Amosun comes in and to his credit within the one year he was there repeatedly beat the drum on procurement, some gazelles have been procured, more Multiple platforms are engaged on singular operations (a-jets, ISR SEA KINGS , MI35 AND FN-7) which does signify that the naf is no longer being run by an accountant/ bean counter……..
    It is not enough the Current CAS has to look not just for now but for the future , What is the future of the NAF ? a- jets? su27/ 30 presidential airfleet? he has to be honest with himself first before he can be honest with the President, what path will he follow granted the NAF is now on a media blitz ” igbayi laaro ( Translation since morning we have been clamoring now in the late hour……)
    The NAF needs modern platforms both in fixed and rotary assets.
    In conclusion there is a lot of work ahead for all three army, navy, air force but especially the NAF

    • Trigger says:

      @jimmy what sea king helicopter? Does Nigeria operate the sea king now? I did not know that the sea king even have an ISR version.
      And @Augustine bad week for you at nairaland Lmao

  6. beegeagle says:

    A Toyota gun truck armed with a NORINCO 12.7mm heavy machine gun(foreground) and a pair of REVA MRAPs in the background

  7. beegeagle says:

    F7 jets in ground attack sortie

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs, how’re you sir? Quick question, would you know if Nigerian delegates were present at MAKS-2015? Nigeria was also absent at ARMY-2015, could there be some kind of issue between Nigeria and Russia?
      Thanks for keeping this blog alive!

  8. Trigger says:

    Since we are talking about tanks. I should add my 2 kobo.

    1) Brand new 150 units of T-90 tank, M1 abram, Merkeva tank or challenger 2. (all good tanks, only if they’ll sell to us – though i prefer the challenger 2 then the T-90)
    2) 250 units of the latest version of the T-72.
    3) And 100 units of our VICKERS tank with upgraded armour and 120mm smoothbore gun, and upgraded fire control systems.

    All for a grand total of 500 tanks which is a good number for a country like Nigeria.

    There is also always the option of going for a single type; to ease logistics, maintenance and flexibility. If that is the case then this options should suffice;
    1)challenger 2
    3) Isreali Merkeva tank
    4) M1 Abram.

    >> Why i included the challenger 2 even though it’s expensive and extremely high-tech, is because Nigeria have a history of purchasing british tanks since the onset of WW 1, so am leaning on that tradition and the believe that the Brits will not refuse us since they have asked us directly to bring a shopping list througs EU. Also the challenger 2 is also almost impenetrable.
    >> Why the M1 Abram came 4th is because of it’s gas turbine engine which might degrade it’s performance in our hot climatic condition plus infantry-men cannot follow close behind which does not go well with the way Nigerian army operates. It’s fuel consumption is very high.
    >> the T-90 is good as we all know that the Russians are master tank builders, the tank is a progression from a long line of good tanks, starting from the WW2 T-34 tiger tank. 125mm gun, can fire guided missiles, good armour, ERA, good FCS. Very fast, light-weight and has a soft-kill passive protection system. As Nigeria has operated the T-55 and the T-72, this should be a natural progression. The drawback is that the Russians might give up the downgraded version since Nigeria has clearly shown that she cannot play the International Politics game very well.

    >> the Isreali Merkeva is a good option for Nigeria because First of all it was built upon lessons learnt during a war, it has good armour, world best FCS, A heavy mortar and it can also carry troops internally good for CTCOIN. It fires the LAHAT anti-tank/anti-helicopter guided missile. Plus it incorporates a soft-kill active protection system, best in the business.

    The truth is that no tank is impenetrable, it’s just how you utilise it. Good training, good tactics, good officer, modern equipments, and rugged men win wars.

    Take this post to any corner of the world and any reasonable person will tell you it’s the truth.
    Unfortunately our Nigerian politicians are still playing draft with Nigerian lives to care about stupid tanks when we still have ‘flenty armoured cars parked in Kaduna’.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Trigger, thanks sir for your contributions! I think we should face reality though. The possibility of Nigeria getting the Tanks you listed is as this:
      T-90 99.9% possibility.
      Challenger-2 70% possibility
      Merkava Mk III-50% possibility, Merk IV- 0% chances, Israel is not ready to export it
      M1 Abrams- 0% chance, no matter the variance!

      Nigeria should standardize on the acquisition of only one type of tanks in order to reduce duplicity. We have a couple of tens of t-72 already, let Nigeria acquire T-90 mainly because of cost. Challenger is more than twice as expensive. Nigeria needs tanks in large numbers too. Rather than buy 150 Challenger-2 at about $1.3 bn, Nigeria will conveniently buy 300 T-90AM/T-90MS. Taking the budget to 1.5 bn can buy some tech transfers and additional 0.5 bn will build a significant factory in Nigeria for indegenious heavy military equipment development. So, with $2 bn, Nigeria will but 300 tanks, buy tech transfer and buy an assembly line that could be turned into a production line for Tanks in the very near future, all still under the cost of buying 250 Challenger-2.
      NAEME and other relevant engineering units should inherit all the Vickers and embark on a re-engineering/remodification program for them to convert them into heavy AFVs like the or BMPT Flakpanzer Gepard. If they are willing to pay good money, BAE systems/UK will supply new engines and electronics, body armour like k-5-k ERA can be fitted, the gun and turret should be removed and in their place, they could be fitted with missiles, auto cannons e.t.c. They could be turned into mobile air defence systems, anti tank platforms, e.t.c These vehicles can be limited to 80 or 100 in number, the remaining should be sold to willing buyers, except the bridge layers. Nigeria’s Vickers Mk-3 still have a lot of life in their body shells but they need expensive upgrades, they are the same age as the T-72s Nigeria is buying now after all. Can Nigeria afford to spend money on this upgrade now? No!
      Also the AMX-30 and every Tank T family below T-72 that Nigeria has should be sold off.
      Again, a dozen T-55 can be converted into de-mining vehicles by fixing mine rollers on them. It’s simple, remove the gun turret, replace it with 2 HMG and auto grenade cannon system for self defence and fix mine rollers on them. Army engineers can also do this. This would have helped a lot with the issue of IED in the NE if Nigeria had had them.

    • Roscoe says:

      We are not getting the Merkava for sure. Why do we want Challenger or Abrams? We just need one MBT.. Why mix and match? Plus we wont get the best available fire control. Lets develop a fire control system. Its software nah

  9. Trigger says:

    >>It will be worthy to note that the british challenger tank uses a 120mm RIFLED-BORE gun which impede it’s use of some shells like the HEAT and the APFSDS rounds but enhanses the use of HESH/HEP (High Explosive Squash Head/High Explosive Plastic). Only The Brits (challenger 2) and the Indians (vickers tank) and Nigeria(vickers tank) and Oman still use this type of gun, if Nigeria decides to purchase this tank it should be outfitted with a 125mm smoothbore gun in the factory (at a higher cost) for uniformity with the growing trend in tank warfare. The only drawback to this tank is the high cost as stated previously.

    >>there are tons of other tanks out there with merits and de-merits of their own, but the ultimate solution is to build your own.

    • lachit says:

      ” the APFSDS rounds but enhanses the use of HESH/HEP (High Explosive Squash Head/High Explosive Plastic). Only The Brits (challenger 2) and the Indians (vickers tank)”
      a small correction
      indian vickers went out of action decades ago

      but arjun and upgraded arjun mk1a uses hesh round
      penalty of rifled guns is that accuracy and performace of apfsd rounds are effected
      but not smooth bore guns. πŸ˜€

      • lachit says:

        though it is possible to fire apfsds rounds from rifled guns with the same performance level as smooth bore gun if the apfsds round is re-jigged to have internal roller bearings / slip rings between the projectile and the sabot. so that the spin imparted by the rifled gun will only spin the projectile while the sabot inside it will remain stable due to inertia.
        only drawback is increased cost of the rounds.
        or maybe coat the round with rubber so that it is eaten up by the rifling of the gun when fired through it without gaining any spin. πŸ˜€ cost effective but barrel cleaning becomes an issue. lolzzz

        i believe india may be developing something of this sort since apfsds is the primary round of arjun in addition to hesh, heat, Penetration-Cum Blast (PCB) and Thermobaric (TB) Ammunition

        main deciding parameter of a gun is the Equivalent Firing Charge ie strength of the barrel to sustained firing and ofcourse cost effectivness.

        challanger was to be modified for adding a 120mm smoothbore gun but something about space constraints and susequent extensive modification led to cancellation.
        but i am not sure

  10. Are James says:

    The defsec world through the glasses of a patriotic Pakistani citizen.

    • lachit says:

      i went through the jf17 block 2,3 upgrade post
      and well i could not help shaking my head

      so many assumptions

      jf 17 block 2
      one statement states
      “it would seem that the Block-2’s goal is to increase the JF-17’s flight-time (via in-flight refuelling and improved oxygen systems) ”
      in flght refuelling : fair enough
      improved oygen systems : what does he mean by that ?
      a 4 generation aircraft like JF17 does not have OBOGS onboard oxygen generating system and still uses oxygen bottles.
      and maybe by “improved oxygen systems” i think he is not even referring to the OBOGS.maybe he is simply indicating to a more optimized legacy oxygen bottle system with less weight and more capacity, which still is a serious handicap.

      also states
      “There are no known airframe updates or changes in the Block-3, but in terms of electronics, it is essentially confirmed that the JF-17 Block-3 will house an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, Helmet Mounted Display and Sight (HMD/S) system, and possibly an additional hard-point suitable for specialized targeting and tracking pods.”

      he says their is no airframe updates and changes in block 3 and then again mentions the addition of an additional hard point.
      lolzzz he has no clue about what he is saying.

      addition of an extra hard point and subsequent attachment of a pod will require internal changes and surely some amount of fuselage strengthening.
      internal changes to reclaim the center of gravity which will shift due to the added LRUs to support the new hard point and also to cater to the weight of the additional pod which will surely disbalenced the already optimized load spreading on the aircraft frame and change the airflow thereby distrupting the aerodynamics of the aircraft.
      thus formost this will require
      1.extensive computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel studies structural design keeping in mind strength, buckling and aero-servo-elastic requirements for the carriageof additional store on the new hard point.
      (and pakistan does not have the capability and facilities for the above two. guess china will have to do it)

      only if the above 2 have been done then only can anybody think of even adding an extra hard point.

      the writer talks of Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod to be added to the JF17 block 3.
      if the OEM does not provide the software and hardware interface customized for fitment of the sniper pod to the JF 17 and then certifies the same through extensive tests, i think till then it will remain a dream.
      (pentagon is going to implode if it hears that its frontline sniper pod is being proposed to be mated to a chinese aircraft πŸ˜€ )

      and then again the previous and on going claims of having integrated the chinese wm 7 * EO TARGETTING POD ( * i forgot the exact name) to the JF17 block 2 is a lie or maybe the writer never heard of it.

      i have other doubts on the writers claims
      but i will let it slide.
      actually the problem regarding the authenticity of the info comming out of pakistan related to jf17 has been due to the absence of an independent and govt(not military) led AUDIT and its release to the public for scrutiny.
      guess if jf 17 had to pass through the deluge of govt and independent AUDITS like the LCA the story may (may not πŸ˜€ ) have been different.

      • lachit says:

        u have ur answer here to the question u asked on another thread

      • Ola says:

        Mr Lachit, how do you see this article?
        In my opinion, in the area of making “own” fighter jet, I think Pakistan has leaped ahead of India. Pakistan is basically following the Chinese model of frequent, small steps but incremental upgrades on domestically made platforms. Of course these platforms have been copied from others, but then are made domestically. My guess is that at the long run, Pakistan would feel they have learnt enough, they would relegate or sell off the “JF-17” line and opt for a wholly indigenous family of new fighter jets. The JF-17 has been a big step forward for them and a brought them a huge amount of experience and new competences they previously lacked. I think we’re yet to see the best of the tech marriage of China and Pakistan as those two countries continue to share copied knowledge with one another πŸ™‚

      • lachit says:

        we must try to be realistic so in that light we must see things.
        news, media reports at best tell half of the truth or none πŸ˜€

        THE WAY I SEE IT
        regarding LCA this much u can be assured that weather LCA gets inducted or not,
        it has lead to the progressive establisment of R&D facilities, testing centers ETC ETC
        no less than 200 govt institutions were involved
        and many more private and academic organizations
        it has lead to the establishment of
        1.wind tunnel facilities
        2.high speed rocket propelled testing facilities
        3.engine development and testing facilities (even though the kaveri was cancalled still its core will be modified for use on UCAV which r being developed)
        4.Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) technology
        5.development of metallic materials and processes like large size aluminium alloy forgings, control stretched extrusions, maraging steel and PH stainless steel etc (CIVILIAN APPLICATION)
        6.Carbon-Carbon Composites technology (CIVILIAN APPLICATION)
        9.Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) laboratory
        10.TECH FACILITY FOR developing Mechanical System Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) for Hydraulic, Fuel, Environmental Control, Secondary Power Systems and other aggregates.
        11.Heat Exchangers, Aircraft Mounted Accessories Gear Box tech etc etc
        12.facilities for INTEGRATED FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM
        13.CAD/CAM & Productionisation facilities
        14.HSM, CNC Bending, Friction Stir Welding, Additive Manufacturing tech and facilities
        15.Tooling for Intermediate Stage wise assembly jigs, ICY Panels tech and facilities
        16.GD&T-Stack Up Analysis tech
        17.Laser Technologies for Jig Calibration and Reverse Engineering
        18.NMG Creation & Generation of 3D Electrical Looms tech and facilities
        19.Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) tech
        20.FLIGHT TESTING facilities
        and i can go on and on

        so u can expect better turn around rates for future aircrafts lke LCA MK2, AMCA, SUPER SU 30 MKI , FGFA , LCH, LUH , MRTA , UCAV-AURA ETC

        so my question is what has pakistan gained vis a vis the JF17 program ?
        can it independently or even partially under take to design and develop any new aircraft ?

        pakistan does not even have 5% of the above facilities or expertise.
        weather u believe it or not it is up to u.

        if u google u will find pictures of IL 76 cargo planes unloading sections of JF17 parts at KAMRA AIRPORT for subsequent assembly.
        pakistan is just framing the requirements and all that is ultimately being realized and productionized in china with some amount of pakistani participation in the form of testing and validation only.

        so @ola
        “Pakistan would feel they have learnt enough, they would relegate or sell off the β€œJF-17” line and opt for a wholly indigenous family of new fighter jets.”
        this is not going to happen in the next 20-40 years and not to even mention the financial burden.
        pakistan pays billions annually to service its debts
        it is tightly enmeshed in a vicious recurring circle of circular debt situation which will only get worse thanks to china πŸ˜€

        even if LCA MK1 is behind JF17 by say 25% in performance, the man behind the machine with proper training and tactics stands a good chance to even it out.

        best assumption will be
        LCA is a good aircraft in the hands of a indian pilot
        jf17 is a good aircraft in the hands of a pakstani pilot

        various independent govt technical AUDIT reports on LCA are available online
        while there r no such govt technical AUDIT reports on JF 17
        so a direct plane to plane comparison will be ultimately be a frutile effort.

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    nice comments…

  12. beegeagle says:

    ATTENTION BISPAT and CENTENARY..I shall not be able to reach you for verification EXCEPT you enter an email address that works in the appropriate docket of your pending comments.

    • Centenary says:

      Morning sir.I av been trying to reach u to no avail,been tryin to post but its not going through,don’t known wats is wrong

    • Ola says:

      Nice looking rifles, thanks for the pictures sir Beegs!
      I really would love to see Nigeria spend the same million of dollars that have been spent on this beryl at home. Each rifle costs $1000 to Nigeria. By the time the country buys 5000, that’s $5 Mln. If Nigeria would be locally producing AK-74 or even this beryl at home, the production cost when mass produced would be effectively be halved, meaning twice as many soldiers can be armed!
      It continues to hurt me how nations with less than half the GDP of Nigeria like Pakistan continue to feature a domestic, progressive defence industry and invest billions of dollars in their defence matters and Nigeria does not have anything to show to the home crowd!
      I hope this administration would truly awaken and develop Military Industrial complex at home.
      I hope DICON will be producing rifles for a large consignment of the army in future
      I hope NAF drones would also fly ops in future
      I hope we’d see hundreds of Igirigi II or a new type of vehicle with improved combat capability and domestic, in future!

  13. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, I would say that it would be easier to get merkava 3 than challenger 2. Also, what happened to the Chinese and serb tanks? Oga Lachit, what ever happened to the arjun T72 marriage? Why didn’t India explore that option?
    Also in fairness to the face book guy, he said “like the lightening pod”. He was referring to the similarities between the system intended for the jf17 mk3 and the one used in the f16

    • Ola says:

      Mr Ifiok, This is why I made the assumptions above. US holds a huge leverage over what Israel sells out or not and the US WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT allow Israel to sell Merkava to Nigeria. Secondly, Israel only has a limited number of the Merkava mk-III to dispose of and may not be willing to mass produce for another customer again after their deal with Turkey fell through. On the other hand, it is the MoD in the UK that dictates who the UK sells to arms to with limited influence from outside. Also, giving the long tradition of UK selling arms to Nigeria, the UK will sell Challenger-2 to Nigeria with little persuasion if the money is right.
      To be honest, I will not support Nigeria buying Chinese tanks. When it comes to heavy military equipment, China does not have the pedigree. Have you noticed that Chinese military significantly features US heavy equipments and weapons? Many of their army products are mass produced and exported while at home they operate large fleet of US platforms mixed with a number of their own equipment, there is a reason for that. They are not mature yet and this is one of the reasons why the world continues to see several generations of the same platforms within a short time from China. A basal unit is mass produced and as soon as they see the flaws, they upgrade it and mass produce the upgrades again and again…

    • lachit says:

      “Also in fairness to the face book guy, he said β€œlike the lightening pod”
      i read it again and ur correct
      i somehow forgot about it while writing πŸ˜€

      but still the writer is misinformed/clueless since according to reports from pakistan WMD-7 day/night targeting pod is claimed to have been integrated to jf 17
      and at airshows it is regularly displayed next to jf17.
      god only knows the truth πŸ˜€

      “Oga Lachit, what ever happened to the arjun T72 marriage? Why didn’t India explore that option?”
      fortunately i will choose russian belles over indian equivalent any day πŸ˜€
      and unfortunately indian army will choose russian tanks over indian equivalent anyday

      Γ―t is really difficult to explain ‘eternal love’

      i hope u got my point

      • lachit says:

        small edit

        but still the writer is misinformed/clueless since according to reports from pakistan WMD-7 day/night targeting pod is claimed to have been integrated to jf 17
        and at airshows it is regularly displayed next to jf17.
        and so why wish for sniper like pod ?
        1.US will never give permission for sniper pod fitment to jf17
        2.china is way behind US to develop sniper like capable pod untill 10 years
        3.french israel will also not supply because of indo factor

    • Roscoe says:

      We are not getting a Merkava . Nobody else has them except for Isreal. Lets get a carcass and have our own MBT platform, between ERA, active defense, fire control and big bore gun we have survivability and target acquisition, abego , lets have our own MBT program. Choi ….. Seriously, lets have our own MBT program, in 10 years we will have a world class armored vehicle, maybe even an autonomous one. This is me speaking honestly now, the future is in driverless, cheap armor, expensive armor for medevac and insertions supported by heavy calvary.

  14. Oje says:

    Random Opinion on current events.

    4 months ago when i stated that CNN’s (who i think are hypocrites)hijacking and politicising tragice events will lead to series of events so violent it will untimately lead to the break down of law and order in the United States, and when this happen the United States terrorist groups will seize advantage and bring the war on Islamic to Western Capitals, most people thought i was high on weed or drunk. well its unfolding before our own very eyes. Its funny CNN is trying so hard to cover the fact that this latest police shooter is black and only reluctantly show the image of the accused on television.

    Hillary Clinton, that arrogant and obnocious woman only responsem to a wuestion posed by journalist as to why the U.S isnt helping Nigeria in its war on BH was to say this

    ” Lets not link Boko Haram and other extremist group in one broad context. The Nigerian people must hold its leaders accountable for the BREAK DOWN of law and order in THEIR society”

    In other words, Nigeria is a backwater uncivilized world not worthy of American assistance. Well, it so happens that the so called ”leader of the civilized world”’ is less civilized than we think it is. Gun violence in America is worse than in any 3rd world country. More Americans have been killed by gun violence in one year than all the wars America has fought since Vietnam combined. So whose society is backward now? Deaths by terrorism takes the back sit in number of casualties. The Liberal media has for long sought to create a highly toxic and dramatic social environment by demonizing America’s law enforcement officers like the police and portraying African Americans as the victimized without thinking about the possible consequence. Well now we have seen the rise of police officers gunned down by black American men. More police officers have been killed in the last two months than ever before and the trend is rising, but here is the trick ”the Liberal media is eerily quiet about the fact that African Americans killing cops tend to get less media attention, this creates an atmosphere of racial tensions. The lack of response or outrage only encourages more black youths to kill policemen and if it continues it will get to a tipping point where we will begun to see Whites taking up arms in reprisals. With over 150 million automatic rifles owned by Americans the Liberal media has invariably helped to create an atmosphere for disaster. When this begins to happen it will lead to a scourge of racial violence and killings so extreme it will make the LA riot look like a school picnic.

    • Centenary says:

      @ oje are u nw tellin us that d blacks that d police have killed are less human than the white police officers,from your words I tink u are white but if by para venture u are black then I am in a state of shock,america thinks they can eat their cake and have it,u can’t distabilise another mans country and think your will b fine,this is cama in action

  15. ifiok umoeka says:

    I really thought that the tank x, (think that was the name) was a promising dev. But if Oga Lachit says it,ok.
    Oga Ola, the merkava doesn’t have that much American parts, think the engine is German, gun Israeli along with most other parts. I wouldn’t say that the Brits have been falling over themselves to sell us what we need. In fact, since the Saladins of the 60s era, they have not sold us any thing we could go to sleep over (don’t mention the jags). Israel is more open minded than the UK. It’s just the things that come with US tech or are of strategic nature that gets vetoed. By the way, do u really envisage a more that 300 tank buy by 9ja?

    • lachit says:

      the name was tank EX
      it was as u said a good option to upgrade the T72 tanks,

      The Tank Ex had successfully undergone six months of trials, however it was rejected by the Indian Army and they gave no reason for its rejection. guess what ‘russian tank love’ came in the way.
      it provided capabilities more in line to that of the western tanks
      1.Kanchan heavy composite armor, similar to the British Chobham.
      2.extra ERA tiles
      3.Ammunition is stored in the turret bustle, separated from the crew and the turret bustle is fitted with blow off panels unlike T72.
      many t72 with all crew have been lost due to ammo cook off or due to ammo going off due to a hit, as the ammo is stored in the carousel-type autoloader with no safety feature.
      4.This tank was fitted with APU, which powers main systems, when the engine is turned off

      • lachit says:

        @ifiok umoeka
        whats ur opinion on the TERMINATOR based on T72
        me thinks nigeria should have got half of T72 and half of TERMINATOR

        any strike squad would have comprised of 2 t72 and 2 terminators.
        t72 will take out any BH armour and flatten strongholds/buildings with high explosive AT rounds while the terminators will lower weight and ground pressure will move in to provide suppressive fire to pin down the enemy and technicals while the accompanying troops flanks the enemy to get in to a position where the pinned BH are killed easily.

    • Ola says:

      Hello sir, US substantially spends on and co-develop several defence techs with Israel. Actually, the grants the US gives Israel is a military loan. This gives the US much say over whom Israel sells certain things to or not, including the Merkava.
      No sir, the UK delivered Vickers to Nigeria up till 1995 according to MoD military sales record, the last being the bridge type, if I’m not mistaking. The Jaguar was a deal gone sour, it all started with the attempted kidnap of the thief Umaru Dikko by Nigeria, I suppose you know the story.
      Nigeria is tied to the UK on so many levels and through the commonwealth, there are actually assistance that Nigeria can tap into if Nigeria means business. Do you think the UK is happy and interested in seeing France running rough shod all over Africa? Forget NATO ties, the UK is interested in having a Nigeria with teeth, provided the political class in Nigeria and the Army get their acts together. UK wants to play more role in their past colonies and in the lives of the commonwealth state and on this ground alone, the UK will go out of her way to sell certain things to commonwealth states, especially states of interest that could help them have influence over their former colonies…talk of Nigeria and the UK influence across West Africa. Nigeria remains the darling because of huge financial resources in the country.
      Lastly, I think there is a typo in your last paragraph about tanks but I take it as you’re asking if Nigeria needs to buy 300 tanks. In my opinion, any decent military should at least field 400+ tanks. All of them do not have to be fielded at the same time, but have them there as a deterrent force. Otherwise, 100 tanks are nothing against a mobile enemy with ATGMs, Nigeria needs to stop comparing itself with Chad or Cameroon or any of those countries in that axis. Saying Nigeria should buy 300 Tanks is not too much.
      Now I should get back to writing my paper πŸ™‚ I need help in breaking this beegeagle blog addiction πŸ˜€

      • Trigger says:

        Thank you for buttressing my point. This new love we have for the USA is causing confusion in the armed forces. Right from history we have been British babies, we use British weapons, tanks, training and tanks.
        Secondly, Nigeria should operate nothing short of 500 MBTs simple.

  16. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Oje, the trend is getting scary. Na sidon look we day! All these post apocalypse movie could get real some day! Hope they don’t self destruct some day

  17. jimmy says:

    Much respect for your comments on the Tanks they well articulated
    The MERKAVA ( ISRAELI) used to be the heaviest Tanks in the World before the M1Abrams (69 TONS) came along now they are simply the second Heaviest and the SLOWEST Tank in the World, up until it’s last conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah and other fringe Palestinian groups it had done well, the last urban CONFLICT saw the MERKAVA get trapped, blown to bits by fast moving events on the battlefield in COIN asymmetric warfare this is similar to what is happening in some parts of YEMEN with the Saudis albeit they actually have better , faster tanks, Nigeria does not need this tank.
    The UK will sell a modified version of the Challenger , under the right conditions, of g2 to g2 to Nigeria the bleeding liberals on both sides of the Atlantic will howl however the conditions and political goodwill is there however Nigeria should expect a watered down version i.e. it may not have the classified CHOBAM protection to go with it, Nigeria personally also needs to make a pragmatic choice, the devil you know is always better than the one you do not know in regards to the T-72 are they going to buy from Russia or Ukraine which one will it be?
    With regards to the T90, Nigeria needs to stick to the upgraded T72 for now

  18. jimmy says:
    I had posted something earlier on the DSS arresting suspected BH commanders, Last month I had also said it is not the Burkah it is the lack of CREDIBLE WORK BEING DONE BY THE DSS that is allowing the bombing to continue
    Going into September if the DSS truly intends to stop the bombing they must be prepared to prosecute these SUSPECTS properly or else they will be acquitted and return back to society to resume their deadly activities
    The record of timely prosecution by the DSS on BH is nothing to be proud of in fact it is down right shameful since they are always highlighting us how many people they arrested they should start telling Nigeria how many bh commanders they have successfully prosecuted.
    Chad has experienced a series of bombings lately and has gone to extreme measures to prevent further bombings including imposing the first ever death penalty by firing squad of 10 people convicted of terrorism, this was after s three day trial.
    The US took two years but eventually the Boston bomber was sentenced to death.
    Nigeria has to find it ‘s own middle ground , these arrests would not amount to much except keep a couple of Misguided elements of the streets if there is no real judicial deterrent there has to be a proper prosecution of said individuals

    • Sir Kay says:

      My brother, we shouldn’t follow Chad’s footsteps when it comes to sentencing people to death and killing them immediately, even in the US, many innocent people spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. Unless a BH suspect is caught in battle or in some IED factory, care must be taking before taking that person’s life, that person could end up being innocent.
      So having a court sit for a few days and an execution carried out within a week is strange, things like that should take time, to be sure that the person you are about to execute is indeed guilty. You know how many inmates are on death row in America? quite a lot, everything must be covered, all evidence must be presented.
      All I’m saying is, executing a suspect should not be rushed if you aren’t sure the person is a terrorist. Battle field suspect, sure, those caught with explosives and other incriminating terrorist materials, sure, other than that, time must be taken to investigate.

  19. mcshegz says:

    Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels;
    Russian fighter pilots will begin arriving in Syria in the coming days, and will fly their Russian air force fighter jets and attack helicopters against ISIS and rebel-aligned targets;
    According to Western diplomats, a Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria and set up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase. The base is said to be in area surrounding Damascus, and will serve, for all intents and purposes, as a Russian forward operating base;

    • lachit says:

      this is a weclome news

    • Sir Kay says:

      I’m guessing assad will sleep better now, ha. Russian presence means Assad is staying put for now, or for long. Well that’s my opinion.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga SIR KAY
        I respect your comments and thanks for your input as that is what I expect from someone as esteemed as yourself , however I did not say we should follow Chad’s Example as quoted from my previous post
        “Nigeria has to find it β€˜s own middle ground ”
        I used the Example of Chad ( 10 days Extreme) and of the Example of the US ( it was long ( two years) to emphasize the difference between the two, however we are both speaking the same language of proper : Well defined Judicial prosecution should be followed .

      • Sir Kay says:

        Well said Oga Jimmy. Respect

    • Roscoe says:

      Interesting… Assad is safe, first iran, now russia, the powers have made a deal.

  20. jimmy says:
    The NSA ( Brig Monguno rtd) needs to create Nigeria’s version of the SAS

    • ozed says:

      Sorry o ! thought that was what our Navy special boat Service, Air Force Special Ops Group and Army Special Forces were intended for?
      In deed given the experience they have garnered over the last 6 years, i am not sure any other special forces out side of UK, US, Israel, India, Pakistan and Russia are more experienced in the ‘sharp end’ of the business.

      Let us appreciate what we have and see how to build them up with improved equipment and realistic training.

  21. jimmy says:

    In some ways we are going about it in a round about way
    SF exists in the ARMY
    SBS navy
    QRF in the AIRFORCE
    The SBS does appear to be the best
    However OGA OZED whether we like it or not there is a yawning gap at the Federal level to deal with Anti terrorism, Kidnappings, Complex Rescue Situations that involve Highly trained Military personnel – with the full Federal backing and infrastructure , Nigeria does not have it yet, the Nigeria has is the NIGERIA ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMANND ( And this is still early days yet)
    Not taking anything away from these guys but more needs to be done.

  22. jimmy says:

    * typo
    What Nigeria currently have is*
    The Nigerian ……

      • mcshegz says:


      • Sir Kay says:

        Craze man, funny thing is, there is already a fence there, didn’t cover the whole stretch yet, but they are already building that fence, more than a yr now, so for him to keep hammering on that, makes no sense.
        Besides, I’ve seen images of immigrants from or coming thru Mexico go thru that same fence lol, so that idea was defeated already.

  23. lachit says:

    i believe small things make a big difference in every thing

    now if look at US UK EUROPEAN or RUSSIAN troops
    and compare them to other troops from asia africa ad ofcourse nigeria etc

    what is the most notable NON LETHAL piece of equipment u find commonly missing?

    now let us do a hypothetical scenario with a 12 member group involved in a fire fight with 20 BH terrorist.

    terrain :hill with trees and vegetation
    enemy positioned on the hill with very good view of everything downhill.
    enemy armed with RPG and heavy machine in addition to the usual small arms.

    now the 12 member team comes under fire.
    first thing all of them will scramble for cover
    and lucky for them if they find one before being cut down
    very good chances are they will be seperated, far apart from each other
    and not able to regroup due to eagle eye enemy looking down from above
    one member tries to move closer to his collegue and is gunned down.

    the radio operator calls for reinforcements but help will take time to come.
    now the leader wants to take the fight to the enemy,
    but how does he communicate with the other members?
    1.sign language (sure if u dare to raise ur head and get shot)
    2.shout (and get blasted by a RPG)

    things would have been different if every member of the 12 man squad was equipped with this.

    this is the most dangerous NON LETHAL piece of hardware that can save the day anytime and any where.
    unfortunately and i may be wrong but till now in the pictures posted in this blog and others i have yet to come acrosss nigerian troops being issued with this sort of personal hands free radio in the combat areas.

  24. lachit says:

    off topic
    some 1 month ago somebody said/posted something about horses ie use of horses by troops
    funny thing after 1 month this happens
    the reported incident happened on 31 august
    i am starting to believe this blog is a favourite of BH or is it a coincident

    • Roscoe says:

      Yes o, where is our own horseback light infantry. BH does not need to read this posts to go on horse back, if they are running our of fuel and have abandoned their heavy vehicles. How else will they do speedy egress and exit?

  25. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Lachit, bh readers, hmm. Funny as it sounds for book haters, I hope we will continue to maintain post discipline.
    As for the terminator, I think that it is a superb piece of weaponry. Imagine that all 100 truck convoys that use to visit courtesy bh had 12-18 terminators playing good host…they would never be back.
    However, considering our abysmal piece meal procurement culture, I would say convert the t55 to terminator junior and give the 72 the steroids the Indian army gave theirs

  26. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Roscoe, who else has the challenger? Ahh, the kingdom of Oman…like 30! Politics more than anything else kept the merkava’s potential of becoming some of the most financially successful tanks in this age

    • Roscoe says:

      Jordan has some Chieftains I think also… Merkava is never leaving Isreal though, we should develop our own MBT program.

  27. ifiok umoeka says:

    Challenger 2

  28. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Jimmy, the challenger is slower than the merkava3/4. Then again, tank warfare isn’t a drag race. There are other things like fire power and protection to consider. The west struggled with this prior to the 60s with the US/UK thinking protection (t60/chieftain) and the Franco/Germans thinking mobility, amx 30, leopards. Then came the gulf war and even the French got converted…the Germans had a change of heart earlier. Bare in mind that the Israeli weapon is designed with inputs and feedback from operatives and no one had more tank warfare experience post WW2 like the Israelis/Arabs and Indian/Pakistanis and the Israelis were arguably the best.
    Secondly, “in the latest urban conflict” not a single Israeli tank was damaged or hit. They took lessons from 2006,09 and introduced a game changer, the trophy active protection system and proved it. It worked against the AT14.

    I hope by “the right condition” it doesn’t translate to $18-20mn challenger 2 (merkava 4 is just $2mn cheaper…if u can call $2mn cheaper). If u ask me, I’d say get 4 T90 for one challenger and get 800 and clear the NA Amour corps of junk metal

  29. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Ola, respect ur hustle. The US leverage hasn’t stopped Israel from selling it own independently designed stuff to certain folks, Chinese J10 and pl12 etc. They nearly sold them their AEWS.
    On the other hand, u think that the UK will transfer to us? Because we have colonial links! Are they more Independent mined than Israel? Less vulnerable?
    Yes the tradition is long but it’s been chequered I ‘d say.
    The merkava is 90,% Israeli made and there’s nothing US made that can’t be released. As for the Vickers, India sent their own to the museum while we and the Kenyans soldier on. By the way, we had meant for the challenger 1 but our corrupt ogas and theirs played us maradona (over 100% inflated for inferior tanks).
    Dikko was a response to this not the cause! When we needed these tanks in the 90s, wasn’t parts worries a snag?
    On the numbers, there’s no typo. I think u misread me. We have 6 divs, 1 tank, 2 mech, 1 composite (whatsoever that means) and w others. 3 amour, 1,2,82 divs will swallow 660. The rest of the 800 could go to the remaining 7 and 81 as well as training. The question was, can we outstrip Israel’s capacity to supply? Goings by our antecedents, I think not.
    Like i I said, T90s on Indian ganja is good enough for me. As an aside, I’m not a Chinese cheerleader but I think they have made superb progress and their MBT3k/T99 is good enough for us.

    All my Ogas, I gbagoo ur hustle.

  30. Trigger says:

    Look for how long are we going to stick to the T-72? It’s not like we cannot afford better! How long do you think it will live? It’s already at the lower end of tank technology hierachy. Maybe 10 years them what? We’ll be looking for another tank. Maybe you guys will suggest T-90 when it is almost obsolete. The best thing about tanks is to buy it when it is fresh and hot. Not 40 years after it whole secrets is out. Look now the russians might feel like they are on top of the tank hierachy now because of the T-14 but wait for at least 5 years then you’ll see how far below they’ve gone.
    I wish we’ll just understand that tanks is a stable platform that needs to always be available. I’m looking past this BHT issue. It wont last forever but a good tank would last longer. The T-72 is already old. Since we didnt field it when others were buying. Just like we didnt go for the mig-23, mig-27 and su-22 those days, which were perfect for Nigeria.

    Now the same mistake is happening su-30 is here top of the line. T-90 is here top of the line. Improved kilo is here top of the line. Mi-28 is here top of the line. Type 54 frigate top of the line. Pantsir s1, s400 sam both top of the line. Plus tons of other which nigeria is stylishly avoiding. Now i purposely mentioned only russians and chinese weapons because most people here clamour for it. Are this weapons not what nigeria needs?

    Next 30 year now you will start clamouring for the T-90 when it would have been replaced twice in russian service and angola would have replaced it for years.

    Just take a look at nigerian armed force inventory. We still use armored cars. Blowpipe which has been replaced 3 times by the original manufacturer. Very sad

    • Augustine says:

      Since after Shagari regime’s wonderful arms procurement, every other Nigerian government and military top brass began to buy almost the worst / weakest offensive weapons in the world market….Vickers tank with weak armour, Cobra APC with tiny 5.56 mm guns, F-7 toy jets, OPV with no missiles, BTR-3 IFV with no cannon, BTR-4 IFV with no missiles, dozens of helicopters with no missiles, T-72 tanks some have no ERA armour…..long list of wasteful spending and incompetent decision making, procuring low power weapons with the people’s money.

  31. Trigger says:

    Now i seriously think that something is wrong with our leaders in the head. It’s like somebody concocted a bad juju and the thing fell and splatter all over aso rock.

    Cant they see that something is wrong? We have been so used to mediocrity and it has eaten deep into our very existence, thats why somebody is suggesting that we buy the T-72. Why not T-80, T-84 or T-90 even the T-14 atleast we all know it has an export version. Why cant we partner with russia or the chinese for a new tank?
    Thats why i respect the libyans except for the fall of ghadafi and their small populations which is affecting them. Those guys are fearless, they go for the best. Imagine ghadafi ordered kilo submarine, s300, mi28, T-90 and mig-35 in one fell swoop. The deal had to be canceled becaused ghadafi was killed.
    Look at our air defence system: we still field rolands for christ sake, not even tungusta ADS or tor ADS or even hawk ADS. Look at our airforce 11 f7s, go and check myanmar airforce, some people here dont even know where myanmar is on the map. Yet they have a better airforce than us. Giant of africa. Our mates was buying SCUD missiles and we’re sleeping. Look we cant even produce 2 Ak47 to save our collective asses. We’re here congratulating our selfs that we now produce 4800mw of electricity while south african is producing about 48000mw with more coming online this month.
    Our military is busy covering up their inefficiency, chronic corruption and gross mismanagement of money and some people came here to say that they are hiding their secret warfighting capability that even USA came to steal our secret on how to fight wars. Lol.

    Sometimes this country annoys me. If you ask some people here right now they still argue with you that nigeria has the best ‘land army in the world’. Maybe in the next dimension.

    Right now the only factor advantage we have is our large size finish.

    Later some people will say we should go and fix our jaguar jet. Later when our airforce planes start falling out of the skies we’ll say its pilot incompetence. We are lucky BHT didnt lay their hands on shoulder fired SAMs. Our CAS Is busy acting nollywood with walkie talkie deceiving people who allow him. Instead of he should be lining up optiong for the NAF

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Trigger, well spoken. I hope the President will hear your voice and appoint a new minister of defence that can solve Nigeria’s military equipment procurement problems.

    • Roscoe says:

      MBT program o, Heavy tank with dedicated fire control, medevac and drone capable (no need to upfit on all) modified armor based on current tech, passive and active defence, proprietary weapons system (main cannon), vehicle based on existing Chassis, upgraded or new engine (can get some engine company to do this or buy off the shelf), ergonomics, displays, HUD, telemetry. Light tank variant, unmanned variant capable, capable of mountain warfare, marsh warfare, amphibious egress and entry. Able to work on and off network centric battlefield. Network architecture proposal.

      Its not impossible, 10 year development program … Armor guys, heres yah chance to become top dogs and define the network environment in the Nigerian army… make it so.

    • Are James says:

      Thumbs up

  32. Augustine says:

    Oga lachit, we on this blog suggest many things the government / military HQ does not listen to and do, to their own peril. Last year mid 2014, over 12 months ago now, I suggested Nigerian army build it’s horseback soldiers cavalry troop regiments, to tackle Boko Haram on rough terrain where vehicles/motor cycles are unable to drive or move at good speed.

    When your enemy becomes more tactically creative than you are, it becomes a problem.

    The Bokos seem quicker to take advantage of better mobility and develop new techniques to wage their war effectively…..Boko Haram now has an effective functioning horseback guerrilla attack force.

  33. ifiok umoeka says:

    Oga Trigger, in 78/79, 9ja was the 1st customer for meko modular frigates, yes the 1st. Our Austrian made apcs came with some local content. Had we built on this, we would have been self sufficient now. Why can’t we go for mig35s as 1st customer? That is if we are going for the jf17 thunder? Why can’t we go for the type 054b? Why can’t we go for the best we can afford and get them in reasonable and practical numbers with tech transfer all tied in? We need to ask, how did south Africa and Iran survive sanctions or north Korea and Cuba for that matter? We need to ask ourselves what our vision and fundamental interests are as well as what we need to achieve them, how much it will cost and if we are ready to pay!
    I respect ur hustle

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