Five firing ports a side and a much elongated wheelbase.

COMPARE this new variant pictured above to this in-service, regular-sized variant of the Streit Spartan Mk.3 APC, two firing ports a side, which is deployed for combat operations by the defence and security forces in Nigeria, Ukraine and Libya fighting insurgents.

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  1. Ola says:

    Way to go! Talk of bus ride through hails of lead for the gentle men.

  2. saleh says:

    Cool vehicle and I guess this is a new camouflage paint pattern on the vehicle.

  3. Tobey says:

    Nice piece, but……I think the N.A is heading for a logistics and training nightmare with the constant introduction of these new assets. Presently, the N.A operates about 10 various APC types (mostly foreign), even though we have capable private firms like Proforce Nig who can provide these vehicles. How is the infantry corps supposed to service these vehicles in future? Will it import spare parts for each of these vehicles? These are policy issues that should have been thrashed out at the AFCSC in Jaji..we do not need more than 4 APC and 2 MRAP types..2 Tracked APCs and 2 Wheeled APCs..IFVs are a seperate issue entirely. Standardization is key in any military to ensure proper training of personnel on these assets and ease of deployment for operations..we can just keep importing the vehicles blindly.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Tobey, great observation.

      What we are looking at is corruption in action.

      Contracts for the supply of military equipment are seen primarily as a way of delivering public funds into private hands; if the Army get an MRAP on the side, that’s good as well.

      Majority of the vehicles supplied to the army in the past 2 years will not be serviceable by the end of next year.

      I hope that Army would have the good sense to auction these vehicles off as soon as practicable.

      • Are James says:

        On top of that this particular HURON seems to be just STANAG 4569 Level 1 of ballistic protection . This is a very modest level of protection against a force that uses more than Ak 47.
        An enemy that wants to ram you with IED laden cars and suicide bombers require sterner stuff in terms of the vehicles we put our men in.

    • Deway says:

      I share you concerns Oga Tobey.

  4. Ola says:

    Sir Beegs, just thinking aloud, would you by any chance have an idea of the number of CS/VP3 that the NA fields? And would you know how they’re coping? Just wondering why NA is inducting the LWB Spartan. Of course Nigeria needs at least several hundreds of these transport vehicles that can take at least 10+2 men, I would have expected Nigeria to base the motorised infantry on either the CS/VP3 or Casspir. I am not sure of how many CS/VP3 NA has of course, but would it not be better to acquire more if they perform well? I suppose the Spartan Mk III is and Reva are very good for the MSF. I wonder when NA would deploy the Igirigi by the dozens too.

  5. beegeagle says:

    As soon as they were spotted, STARTREK it was who stated the ‘ten dozen’ units were acquired. That means 120 units.

    My sources confirmed this at the time when I found out that 25 units of IGIRIGI APC were produced locally in 2014 and I reported so on this blog.

    Since then, SIPRI have also confirmed an order for 120 units of BigFoot MRAPs from China . That is even posted on their trade register.

    So unless there has been a repeat order for BigFoot MRAPs, I’d say we have 120 UNITS in service.

    As for REVA MRAPs, I woild not know how many have been hauled as of now but in February, a South African defence aficionado informed me that Nigeria have a large order for REVA MRAPs – so consequential that the 30 MRAP-a-month production facility of Integrated Convoy Production are producing at FULL CAPACITY to meet that Nigerian order.

    At the end of the day, I expect that we’d have a MINIMUM combined haul of 250-300 BigFoot & REVA MRAPs in service by end-2015.

    • Henry says:

      The numbers seem decent enough.

    • Peter says:

      Thank you sir Beegs for this clarity. I’ quite delighted to read that Nigeria has a conservatively estimated 250-300 BigFoot and REVA. The large order from SA and the limited production capacity of Integrated Convoy Production would mean that we’d see more delivery of the REVA in future. I hope NA would look forward to having up to 1000 APC MRAPs in the future. It’s impressive to know that 25 Igirigi saw action already! I honestly hope and believe the engineers are back at work now on the Igirigi. There should be enormous amount of data available now on ballistics, hopefully IEDs, endurance on rough terraIns, water fording ability and gradients. Except if the base production has performed per excellence on all testing parameters, it would be nice if Igirigi II is going into production now with feedbacks on the performance on the starting edition.
      Permit me to ask one more question, would you know the performance statistics on the Igirigi, the only thing I could glean from the internet is that at least one prototype was fitted with automatic gun turret. Nothing about performance, not even the sitting configuration! Nigeria is so secretive and there seems to be no drive to enter the already competitive market of APCs and MRAPs.

  6. beegeagle says:

    BISPAT, can you use an email address that WORKS when you try to log a comment? I tried to reach you via two email addresses provided and they do not exist.

    Use a REAL email address please?

  7. Centenary says:

    Don’t even known why we are buying like fools with out no plan. The bigfoot has shown its ability on the field of operation so y not order for more like 2,000,then as for APC we already have the igirigi so we should be trying to improve on that and mass produce it and buy one more line to it only for research proposes,what we should be buying are tactical vehicles,the good thing about it is the we don’t have to buy from outside cause we have Proforce to proved (tactical assets)them for us.what we are presently doing is a waste of precious resources

  8. Trigger says:

    Tomorrow now we’ll hear that its only 17 REVA and 12 BIGFOOT and 1 STREIT SPARTAN MK II that was acquired. Anyway kudos to the military. Keep buying the whole world.

    • Augustine says:

      You may never know the truth about all these equipment purchase numbers until the ‘secret society of military procurement’ is facing probe panel to explain their spending. To them, Nigerian public funds is under their personal control and military equipment procurement budget can be spent any how they wish without accountability and transparency. Dem account no dey balance lai lai.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Sir Kay, Nigeria needs a modern and powerful military to be on that seat, that UN position is not for a country flying F-7 jets and driving T-72 tanks, with zero Submarines, it is for a world medium power to join the super/major powers already there.

      South Africa is competing for that same seat and they have a far better equipped military and world class local defence industry. The only edge Nigeria has over them is ‘experience’ mixed with bad records of embarrassing defeat at home in the hands of Bokos before we reversed the situation.

      The responsibility for a United Nations permanent security council seat occupant is above the level of someone begging around the globe for tear gas to fight a war and importing simple dumb bombs that have existed since 1920. Best of luck to my country, I love my Nigeria no matter what.

      • Sir Kay says:

        yikes, talk of a dress down lol. But true talk, one would think that country has been led by blind people all these decades, unreal

      • lachit says:

        cant help smiling πŸ˜€
        I only wish some of my country men were like u

      • Very well said My Lord CyberGeneral Augustine !!! The fact of the matter is that we have a third tier Military Framework and ideally a permanent member should be either first or second tier. No matter how sentimental we might want to be, the reality on ground is that our Military Architecture is still not yet ready for a seat on the UNSC. Personally, I think we should concentrate our efforts in building a framework for our Military Industrial Complex and up arming our Military Assets to a second tier level.

        God Bless our Great Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • Roscoe says:

        Naija never ready, we for don handle CAR and Mali ourselves if we want a permanent security seat , nothing should move in West Africa without our say so, we have to be on par with Francophone influence of else we dont need a seat, lets focus on internal security and power projection and gain the protection of a member of the security council. Right now we act weird, who will veto anything against our interests? China? Russia? Britain? or the USA? We know what France will do….

      • buchi says:

        kia oga Austino u wicked ohhhh. the truth is just stated we are not ready and unless we heed the talk and walk the walk we will keep ending up with repeated bibliographies of combined sentences.
        No matter how patriotic we think we can be, knocking Our Fatherland’s head appropriately will only lead to amendment of thought. we need more people like you.

        oga saleh what happened to you contact?

  9. Ola says:

    Looking at pictures again now, it actually seems the Igirigi in the NE operation is the second version. The first version has a round, protruding headlight.
    The second version have square headlights, mesh on the windshield and lights, ram bar and self-recovery hook and raised suspension/elevated wheel base.
    The second version is quite beautiful.
    What should be featured in the 3rd version should be wider tires, Central tire inflation system, longer wheel base and twin gun turrets. Also, the mud guards should not be integrated in the body. Fine the vehicle has a v-shaped hull to dissipate blast energy but the mud guards are traps for kinetic energy during IED explosion. If the mud guards are not integrated into the frame/body pannel and mounted only on the body pannels instead, during a blast, they would be ripped off but the vehicle would drive away almost intact, integrated mud-guards only amplifies effects of blasts on super structures of vehicles and compromises overall safety of a frontline/tactical vehicle. On the other hand, it can be left just open like the Casspir or slanting wheel arcs can just be cut directly into the hull/body so that the mudguard is completely done away with.

  10. Centenary says:

    I just read online that the Igirigi APC has an automatic weaponry system inbuilt,Please can anyone here help me to verify if the infor on the Igirigi is truth

    • Are James says:

      The man is admitting that spare parts and technicians have become an issue on equipment procured haphazardly.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Not listening Oga Jimmy, he simply opened his eyes , lol. I mean, these guys are military men, I’m sure they know that there are better military weapons systems out there to buy for our troops, they simply chose not to. So they know these things, its simply our nonchalant attitude that’s killing us.
      The average poor person could kill another person accused of stealing 5 naira, yet our leaders are stealing billions, and no one is out on those streets demanding accountability, they’ve taken Nigerians as gullible, and we are paying the price for our silence against these thieves .

  11. Augustine says:

    Nigerian army should learn their bitter lesson from the public humiliation they suffered in the hands of Boko Haram in 2014.

    Combat is not just about the armoured vehicle you drive, how beautifully painted, how expensive, how many numbers deployed.

    Real combat is about the firepower your vehicles can unleash on the enemy to cause maximum damage and casualty on your opponent.

    I am not impressed by nice colours and extra window ports on this big new Spartan Mk 3 enlarged APC, because the ones we bought last year were captured by Boko Haram and displayed to ridicule Nigerian army on YouTube in the eyes of the world.

    What calibre guns will be mounted on top of them as main turret weapon ? That is the important question gentlemen !

    If Boko Haram has 14.5 mm and 23 mm cannon, will Nigeria still repeat the weaker 12.7 mm guns as armament for these our new Spartan APC ?

    Also, self protection is essential in combat, do we have smoke screen dis-charger canisters on these Nigerian Spartan APC to confuse the enemy when our troops are under attack or need to escape?

    I would rather buy 100 units with superior firepower over Boko Haram, than 120 units with inferior firepower guns. The cash I save from the 20 units reduction will be used to buy higher calibre guns and smoke canisters for the 100 units, so that I can engage the enemy in combat and defeat him, or what else is the objective of fighting if not to get victory?

    Modern war experience proved to the Americans that 25 mm cannon was the minimum calibre to arm the Bradley IFV with in order to defeat the enemy. They moved up from 20 mm to 25 mm as their IFV standard, however, NATO standard remains minimum of 20 mm…..this is the way for Nigeria to go.

    All Nigerian army LAV, APC, and MRAP from the small VBL to Cobra to Spartan to Big Foot, should have at least 80% of them up-gunned to 20 mm automatic cannon, while the other 20% can carry 12.7mm machine gun, 14.5 mm machine gun, 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, and a few can carry anti-tank guided missile launchers…..Nigeria should begin to think beyond the current level Boko Haram and think about what ISIS can do to upgrade Bokos capability from Libya.

    The 20 mm autocannon gives you options of firing standard anti-personnel ammo on enemy infantry from 2 km away or armour-piercing shells to penetrate the enemy’s heavy IFV and light tanks from a fair distance of 1 km kilometer away.

    Maximum range of 20 mm autocannon varies by model and can range between 5 km to 7 km maximum, so what is Nigerian army waiting for now? Please go get it in large numbers !

    It will wreck havoc on Boko Haram Toyota trucks and large groups of motor cycles or massive foot men.

    Nigeria should be locally manufacturing 20 mm autocannon by now as a 55 year old nation, we should also have by now the local engineering technology of metallurgy and vehicle body work to mount various types of guns and cannon on the vehicles we have or buy according to our desired need of firepower. However, we do not produce 20 mm autocannon at DICON, so let us import from China, India, South Africa, France, or Russia and up-arm our light armoured vehicles.

    Overpower your enemy with superior firepower and he will have to run away from you or die in battle, one APC with 20 mm cannon will tear apart 10 enemy APCs with 12.7 mm machine guns, the sound of the heavy rattle baritone of the 20 mm cannon alone will scare your enemy.

    See how an ordinary tiny VBL light armoured vehicle is armed by other countries, the manufacturer has provided all these options…..copy it Nigeria, copy it…our Spartan APC is even bigger as a vehicle than this tiny Panhard VBL below…

    • Roscoe says:

      NA is waiting for BH to get upgraded armor via Sahelian smuggling routes before upgunning. Its called Just in Time upgunning (I am being sarcastic btw)

  12. Augustine says:

    “Chief of Army Staff, Maj. Gen. Turkur Buratai, has said that the army wasβ€Ž currently faced with the dearth of spare parts technicians for its newly acquired equipment, which he said were procured through β€œhaphazard means.”

    We said this before, mixing all kinds of strange imported equipment together, no standardization, so maintenance problems will follow, then grounding and abandoning of equipment follows, then waste of money becomes end of story.

    On this blog 2014-2015, we have warned that this would happen. Better clean up the mess after the war and build an army clean and decent with standardized equipment, not 20 different types of armoured vehicles that we do not have expertise to maintain locally.

    Next time, Nigeria should build it’s military in peace time, that is when you can buy smart and build wise not under pressure fire brigade mentality.

  13. Trigger says:

    you just buttress my point. At this stage of the game we should know better. We should arm ourselves better. We should have current technology not derelits. At the other post someone suggested we should buy more T-72, why? Its already old. we shouldn’t settle for less. Why settle for less? We have the money. We have the need. We have the gaps to fill. We should always get the best.

    This days the person with the higher firepower wins. We all know this.
    BHT is almost nearing its end, so then what next? Do we go back to using outdated technology? What of the next conflict? Maybe within our borders maybe in our neighbours.

    After this war We all know what will happen to all this APCs that we are accumulating.

    Who am i kidding? Nobody is listen.

    • Roy says:

      let us remember that this war at its peak needed emergency acquisition. Don’t let us forget that. With US embargo and everything. let us end this war first. If Maiduguri was over ran, we will not be saying this.
      If BH was able to disrupt the Election we will not be saying this.

  14. Roy says:

    Let us agree that the acquisitions served their functions and they dealt a huge blow on BH. And they are still doing that.

    The problems those rushed acquisitions can bring can always be solved.

    FG had to make a choice and they made one. Good choices are not choices with no consequences but are choices with consequences within the realm of practical solutions.

    l rest my case.

    Happy that we are taken our territories back.

    God’s grace to our troops

  15. Oje says:

    Sorry to derail.

    Another white police officer gunned down by three ”suspected” African Americans. Schools are locked down, they’re going door to door, a manhunt is underway. Someone/something working very hard to ignite a raceway, a prelude to break down of society as we know it.

    • Centenary says:

      @ oga oje I don’t mean no disrespect but truth b told these white officers asked for wat they are nw getting,let me jog your memory a little bit,last year a black kid was killed at point blank range in Madison,california and the most horrifying aspect of it was that even as the guy was down the police officer still shoot him on the floor,another one happen in NY when a black guy was just coming from visiting his girlfriend apartment when he was shoot by the police and the worst part of it was that the NYPD was defending the officer the it was I mistake that the stairs were dark while the latest one happen the year when a known activist who was against police brutality was arrested for attacking a police officer while vadio of the incident of her attacking him was found to be made the untrue and the sweat part of it was that she was found dead in her cell and police are saying it was suicide while founding have discovered it was not suicide because (one) she just got into town and got a new job and life was going well for her,I can continue to name some many of this incident but I don’t have that time,these white officers are getting what they have planted,I don’t hate white or black but truth has to be told

      • Sir Kay says:

        It’s simply people fighting back, cops here do their jobs too well. I know, sounds weird.
        They suffocate the people they are supposed to protect, and work for.
        How many blacks have they killed, unarmed, many.
        A cop once have a black guy out of his car, then he asked the guy to bring out his license, so dude reached for inside of his car to get it, and the cop fired at him, just like that. I mean, he asked him to bring his vehicle papers lol.
        So cops are generally scared around blacks in America, and for good reason, blacks here, not all, are very violent, i live here, i know. So cops are always on their toes when dealing with blacks, and they use too much force as a result.
        There was a guy heading home, in his apartment building, elevator wasn’t working, so he and his girl chose to take the stairs up, cops were on the other side, it was dark, and they shot and killed him, for no reason at all.
        Rookie cops that is. So who wouldn’t be pissed about that?

      • Sir Kay says:

        but of course I’m not advocating for such violence. Going around killing innocent cops isn’t the answer, not all cops are bad, and these cops also have families .

  16. lachit says:

    u must have meant something like this
    the pic is of the 37th Mechanized Infantry Brigade line up Wiesel 1 MK20 vehicles for multiple integrated laser engagement systems (MILES) installation in preparation for exercise Swift Response 15.
    Wiesel size is smaller than a SUV but look at the firepower.
    this one is armed with Rheinmetall MK 20 Rh202 20mm autocannon

    varients exists
    1.anti tank missile with BMS
    2.command post
    3.LeFlaSys Light Air Defence System
    4.Mortar 120 mm automatic laying weapon system

    so my point u got to develop the industrial skills if u want to field better and varied versions via modifications / upgrade in house. or develop something entirely inhouse according to various battlefield needs
    so what is missing?
    1.political will power clout
    3.industrial capability
    4.road map
    5.military apathy towards home grown products.

    home growth products at first will surely not be at par with foreign competitors, but the military has to support it in order to ensure that the best technical skills are acquired through various upgrades etc over a period of time.

    israel china started this way 2-3 decades ago india started last decade ago.
    this is the global norm

    • Ola says:

      Hi Lachit, the Wiesel 1 MK20 is very capable, adaptible, econfigurable and agile. The weasel is not that small though, trust me. It’s about the same size as Panhard AML and if you compare it to civilian 4-wheel drives, it’s about the same size as Toyota Landcruiser Sahara. that’s 4.8-4.9 meters long! Bigger than an SUV like the RAV4.
      My concern is that Nigeria does not seem to have gotten their acts right with procurement. It’s very good for the experience to operate an heterogeneous fleet of equipment from major countries in the world, it actually helps faster troop adaptability to equipments. However, if you don’t have a robust industry at home to maintain and support the diverse fleet, it would be a nightmare.
      With just 3 baseline vehicles, Nigeria can do a lot and solve their impending nightmare with regards to maintaining their very heterogeneous fleet.
      1st Base line is tracked and it would form the baseline for tanks, mobile air system, AFV e.t.c Think of what Russia has done with the T-14
      2nd base line is wheeled, amphibious, agile and would form the baseline for wheeled generation of AFV, LAV, air defence systems, ATGM missile platforms, Heavy IFVs e.t.c Think of what South Africa has done with the Ratel.
      The 3rd baseline tracked and be a basis for APC, MRAPS, scout vehicles e.t.c It would feature LWB and SWB and police variants would also be made for crowd control, anti-riot, antirobbery, anti-terror squads e.t.c

      • Ola says:

        “The 3rd baseline tracked…” should read “The 3rd baseline wheeled…”

      • lachit says:

        thanks for the correction

        and regarding the correct order of approach to develop the various vehicles which u suggested (which by the way is a very good suggestion) i advice the following order given the present capabilties of nigerian industry

        1.2nd base line wheeled (APC, MRAPS, scout vehicles etc )
        2.3rd base line tracked (APC, MRAPS, scout vehicles etc )
        3.1st Base line tracked (for tanks, mobile air system, AFV)

        first u need a roadmap taking into account the present indusrial capability and future capability which needs to be developed, reverse engg., stolen πŸ˜€ etc etc (in love war and industry everything is fair)

  17. Kay says:

    It’s a Streit Warrior APC with at least one top side outlet to mount rocket launchers or machine guns. Let’s not go stingy and arm it with a low calibre ‘insult’.

  18. Kay says:

    Just a video showing civilians being put through what a Special forces soldier has to go through from various countries. Gritty stuff

  19. lachit says:

    how r nigerian relationship with south korea.
    the s.koreans speciality as i see is in the various add on products which can really convert existing hardware into lethal ones.
    and the best part is they r ready to transfer tech inorder to make in roads into new markets.
    nigeria should look into for future patnership with s.korea in armour,ships etc

  20. Centenary says:

    Off topic but can this really be achievable warship of the future . .
    What do u sir’s take on the beauty of a ship,
    Oga lachit and ola I really need u guys on this one cause I can’t see how this is going to happen,the last one I posted is not going through

  21. Ola says:

    I’ve been trying to post a reaction since noon, but it’s not worked up till now.
    Here is my take on Igirigi. Looking at pictures, it seems the Igirigi in the NE operation is the second version. Beegeagle posted this on 2015/02/14 under the heading “made-in-nigeria igirigi armoured personnel carriers”
    The first version has a round, protruding/external headlights and lower ground clearance. Here is the picture
    The second version featured in the NE have square, inbuilt headlights, mesh on the windshield and lights, ram bar and self-recovery hook and raised suspension/elevated wheel base. Beegeagle posted the pictures of two in police and army colours and more pictures are on naira land under the caption “igirigi-made-in-nigeria-armoured-personnel-carriers”
    The second version is quite beautiful.
    What the army engineers should think of now, together with the government are;
    1. Improvement based on on-the-field experience
    2. Export market in Africa but not limited to Africa.
    On point 1, a 3rd generation should feature wider tires, Central tire inflation system, longer wheel base and twin, retractable gun turrets (fore and aft), can rotate 360 degrees and are each equipped for mounting twin Kord-12.7 mm fore and aft. Also, the mud guards should not be integrated in the body. Fine the vehicle has a v-shaped hull to dissipate blast energy but the mud guards are traps for kinetic energy during IED explosion. If the mud guards are mounted rather than integrated into the frame/body pannel, they would be ripped off during a blast but the vehicle would drive away almost intact, integrated mud-guards only amplifies effects of blasts on super structures of vehicles and compromises overall safety of a frontline/tactical vehicle. On the other hand, it can be left just open like the Casspir or slanting wheel arcs can just be cut directly into the hull/body so that the mudguard is completely done away with.
    On the average, MRAPS and APCs cost $ 0.5 mln-$ 0.6 mln a piece on the present market. Nigeria can chose to strip down profit for now and market the vehicle to countries around Like Chad, Ghana and any interested buyer for $0.35-$0.4 mln a piece plus good after sales support. Through that the country becomes an exporter of military vehicles.
    Variants for Nigerian army should include
    1. Variants with LWB, and even higher ground clearance, fitted with 30 mm or 50 cal. rifle and a single fore turret and a full body width door on the back. This would be for motorised infantry and troop deployment in areas of minimum threat where heavy AFVs are not needed
    2. Normal wheel base as first describe above, some are to be fitted with grenade launchers.
    For the police:
    1. LWB with crowd dispersal features like water cannon.

    • Ola says:

      I hope ultimately, Nigeria would build a robust vehicle platform on which a whole family of vehicles would be built on. Nigeria should think of building a 6×6 or 8×8 platform that would serve as Heavy IFV. On the platforms, variants with;
      1. 105 mm can be built as a tank killer
      2. a 30 mm cannon equipped variant for troop deployment
      3. a sam platform for air defence
      4. antitank guided missiles
      5. electronic warfare vehicle

      This would solve a lot of logistics and support problem.

      • lachit says:

        plus a tracked version in addition to the wheeled version.
        tracked versions off road performance is way more than wheeled version.

      • Ola says:

        Absolutely, Lachit. I thought of that too. I am more thinking of Nigeria fielding mostly BMP-3 as tracked vehicle. When Nigeria starts working on a heavy veehicle project such as an MBT, they should also be working on a tracked version of a heavy AFV or IFV. Ideally, I would go with the way of the Russians, build a base vehicle with different configurations and a MBT in focus. Eventually, the base would serve as a platform for;
        1. MBT
        2. Air defence system and missile platform
        3. Heavy AFV/IFV
        4. Bridge layer
        5. De-mining vehicle.
        6. Tank recovery vehicle and crane, or whatever heavy utility vehicle the Army/army engineering corps need

    • Ola says:

      Igirigi with electronic warfare and increased situation capability should be built, kind of a command vehicle.
      Also, a variant rigged with artillery observation system or any enhanced observation system should also be built rather than welding something to the back of a landcruiser gun truck

  22. drag_on says:

    ‘At least one African country is using Streit’s Warrior APC equipped with a
    launcher for Shershen guided missiles, Vitali Mikachev, the deputy director of
    foreign economic affairs for Belarus, told IHS Jane’s .
    The Shershen has a range of 5,000 m and uses a semi-active command line-of-
    sight (SACLOS) laser beam guidance system. It is available with a tandem anti-
    tank, hollow charge or high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The launcher on
    the Warrior vehicle is operated from the front passenger seat and retracts into
    the rear compartment when not in use or when it needs to be reloaded.’

    There was a time we (Nigeria) no dey carry last.
    I say this because judging be the picture I don’t see a passenger side launch unit on our warrior APC.

    please visit this page.

  23. Trigger says:

    Power play ongoing right now. NATO is having an exercise in the black sea. Russian Krivak-class frigate is currently shadowing the Arleigh Burke class destroyer Donald cook.

    Sometimes i wonder who the real aggressors are.

    • Ola says:

      You know the Russians frightened the living day light out of the crew of this same Donald Cook last year when an SU-24 fitted with Khibiny EWS flew over it 12 TIMES! and the Aegis and every system on it was disabled, basically making it a sitting duck on the water. Why should be US be stoking fire all the way across the Atlantic? Talking of who the aggressor is, just imagine if Russia has been doing what the US is doing now in Mexico and Cuba!
      The US has been pushing NATO to constantly provoke Russia for decades now. The same US, through the help of the EU and some dissidents started the Ukrainian problem today when they sponsored riots on the street of Kiev and sponsored a rebel to take over government, kicking out Russia’s right hand man. Ukraine, since soviet era has been at the heart of Russian navy and many Russian missile technology up till now are shared with Ukraine. Based on various reports, the US has been wanting to get more information on Russian missile techs for a long time, but this is one of the things that spies have not been able to very efficiently deliver to the west. I speculate that this is one of the reasons for the destabilisation of Ukraine after initial failed diplomatic romance attempt. The information that could be or may have been transferred already to the west from a collapsed Ukraine definitely include extensive data on the updated Satan missiles SS-18/R-36 or the Vympel family of missiles made by Vympel NPO, a company that manufactures both in Ukraine and Russia.
      So long as some nations feel it’s their exclusive right to bully others, ride rough shod on the weak and demonise the other powerful guy that does not follow their ways, world peace will merely be an illusion. Seen enough blood shed, sadness, permanent deformity, pain, cold sweat at night, nightmares and hurt in this life. This has to stop! Eliminating the bad guys (terrorists) is one thing, provoking others to fight while the innocent suffer is another thing, this has to stop.

  24. drag_on says:

    ‘At least one African country is using Streit’s Warrior APC equipped with a
    launcher for Shershen guided missiles, Vitali Mikachev, the deputy director of
    foreign economic affairs for Belarus, told IHS Jane’s .
    The Shershen has a range of 5,000 m and uses a semi-active command line-of-
    sight (SACLOS) laser beam guidance system. It is available with a tandem anti-
    tank, hollow charge or high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The launcher on
    the Warrior vehicle is operated from the front passenger seat and retracts into
    the rear compartment when not in use or when it needs to be reloaded.’

    There was a time we (Nigeria) no dey carry last.
    I say this because judging be the picture I don’t see a passenger side launch unit on our warrior APC.

  25. drag_on says:

    please visit this page to see the warrior armed with a ATGM. ( bottom picture)


    can anyone id this? found the pic on nairaland in that thread that sum1 posted here that had loads of pics

  27. google image search dint turn up anything of interest other than the nairaland image

  28. xnur44 says:

    It’s a Rowland SAM on 6×6 trailer cabin, the launch pylons are removed. We also possess this in addition to the AMX tracked version.

  29. Augustine says:

    Oga drag_on I deliberately avoided posting photos of the Spartan Mk 3 version and VBL versions with ATGM, lest some of my brothers shout me down for asking for too much good things for Nigerian army.

    I don’t blame them really, they are just frustrated by our Nigerian military that does not believe in missiles in modern days of this 21st century. Almost everybody on this blog wants the best for Nigerian military in equipment and weaponry, but what do we do when the military HQ is more comfortable building an obsolete force?

    If Federal government gives you $ 200 million for new equipment, it’s up to you as a military chief of staff to use the funds for the best possible mix of weapons while still buying within budget.

    I will rather have 100 heavily armed Spartans with 20 mm cannon and ATGM than 120 lightly armed Spartans that have 12,7 mm guns that Boko Haram or Chad will be laughing at.

    Nigeria should think of what ISIS might do to upgrade Boko Haram, and we also arm up for tyhe next level of warfare , not to ait again till we lose 45 towns before we wake up and think about buying emergency T-72 tanks that have been available in world market since early 1973 just after Biafra war era.

    Nigerian army, until you have missiles like these, modernization has not started o ! Please do something, we are appealing to President Buhari too….do something please !

  30. Augustine says:

    Even this tiny VBL with ATGM missiles will destroy mighty enemy battle tanks

  31. Augustine says:

    Oga rka, on the Brazil-Nigeria defence industry collaboration, we should seize this oppourtunity.

    If we cannot spend our millions of dollars revenue from oil sales to Brazil on Super Tucano due to American embargo, well we can pay Brazil for guided missile technology and become a manufacturer of world class missiles like South Africa and Egypt, even Sudan is now locally manufacturing guided missiles.

    We can also get from Brazil, the skills for metallurgical engineering and fabrication of combat vehicles to enable us mount all kinds on weapons on the armoured vehicles we buy.

    Let the presidency take it’s promise of medium capacity local defence industry for Nigeria into action, Brazil, India and China can be of much help…..if we are ready to pay cash for it, no free lunch. Sudan is paying China for technology transfer to make missiles locally.

  32. Are James says:

    There’s a Bidexii guy posting new, never seen before pictures of new ground observation vehicles and strange field artillery pieces all over cyberspace. Are the pictures reallyrics NA?

  33. Oje says:

    Yeah been wondering how this Bidexi guy get his photos from, very impressive I tell you. Those who say the Nigerian military as a conventional force is in sharp decline should think again. I am yet to see photos of any West and Central African military that even closely matches those we see been deployed in the battlefield by the Nigerian military. From the most advanced surveillance aircraft, the ATR to armed Drones,MI-24/35 helicopter gunships, long range artillery to Stealth Warships and Frigates, even patrol craft. The Nigerian military has never been this equipped in its 50 year history. Too bad we are getting bad press, we have ministries of information who take home 2 million a month in salaries but completely non functional. Whatever good review and press the Nigerian military has today is by the efforts of private individuals like Beegeagle or this Bidexi guy who work hard to show the outside world the other side of the story. Who would have imagined Nigeria uses armed Drones? It’s stageringk nowing that outside the United States and Israel the Nigerian military is only the 3rd country to ever employ the use of armed Drones. That’s Ivy league in militarese. I sometimes question the policy of our leaders who choose to allow Chad and Niger badmouth our fighting force to Western Journalist when in stroke we can have Nigerian airborne and armoured units in N’jamena.

    • Kay says:

      The problem is we should not be rubbing shoulders with any western or central African country.
      I like the pictures and shows at least a degree of gradual upgrade. At the same time, it looks like we visited an arms bazaar due to the mix and match hardwares on display. As a sucker for logistics, I find this particularly frustrating due to a lack of strategic planning.

      The soldiers almost all have bulletproof vests, helmets, which is great but for the lack of radios for a minimum of a platoon sized unit and the lack of 7-8 magazines per soldier.

  34. Ola says:

    Mr Are James, thanks for mentioning Badexii, I just visited his posts now. Heroes like Sir Beegeagle and Badexii will always be endeared to our hearts for their selfless efforts to bring the rest of us information.
    I saw two particularly interesting thing on Badexii’s posts;
    1. A Nigerian sniper fielding Barrett M82A1
    2. Proforce APC on the frontline!
    It’s amazing to see that many equipment in the inventoy of the NA are not even listed on major websites.

  35. ifiok umoeka says:

    I’ve been having a filled couple of days @ this babexii guy’s pages. C
    Really cool stuff. Lots of big improvements across board. We still have some issues though like no uniformity, tact comm., those old AK47s, too few and bare bone polish replacements, 1 or so sniper, those bloody hilux in camo and so on. Most if not all are previous admin’s stuff. We see the logical nightmare waiting to happen. That’s what u get when u are not visionary and proactive, when u loose control of the game and are forced to always react. Had the listened to common sense both and off this blog, we would’ve been mopping up by now.

    We hope that the PMB admin has learned.

    As for oga Badexii, im 1000% sure that he is military, perhaps an officer. just look @ how some of the people he snaps look @ him, like someone they know. Definitely junior officer. My take is that after all the heat we gave them in 2013/14 on telling their story and then Oga saruisblack began to post (without their permission) and got shut down. On seeing the positive outcome, the picked one of their own to tell the story. I commend them…only wish that they came over to beegeagle. Pardon my long throat. Lol.
    Anyway, these are only me thinking aloud.

    • lachit says:

      another point this fellow is all over the place
      if u look at the photos u will notice that the places r varied
      from frontline to airbases to workshop etc etc
      i think that is not possible for a combat soldier because he will be posted at place for minimum 3 months.

      might be a intelligence officer
      or maintenance , logistic officer
      the latter is more probable
      or even a private individual attached to the maintenance and logistic department(because the military to be fair will not encourage such activities unless through official PR channels)
      just a thought on my part

  36. giles says:

    which kind country be dis.Chinese victory parade. and d so-called gaint of Africa is not present not even a low level representation.wer is dis country heading.

  37. lachit says:

    off topic

    indias attempt at STAR WARS TYPE directed energy weapon DEW (gas dynamic laser-based )named ADITYA
    this is from 2014 and looks like in 1-3 years a fully working model will be realized

    • lachit says:

      it is one of the few
      There is the KALI (Kilo Ampere Linear Injector) which is actually a linear electron accelerator not a laser based system
      its latest version KALI 10000 is powerful enough to take down satellites, ballistic missiles generating beams in excess of 40 Gigawatts power.
      there was reports of attempts to militarize it but info is scare
      this is picture of KALI 5000

  38. lachit says:

    from bidexiii postings of picture

    G3 battlefield rifle
    tracked med-evac vehicles
    self propelled artillery tracked (interesting looks like the american )
    40mm bofors gun towed
    106mm RCL jeep mounted
    ZU-23-2 towed
    ZU-23-4 tracked
    unarmed ATV 4X4
    night vision scope
    barrett M82 sniper rifle or a chinese version
    plus a unknown sniper rifle looks like h&k PSG 1 to me
    another bolt operated sniper rifle origin looks western likely steyr?
    light weight small caliber mortar 51mm
    81mm caliber mortar
    demolition specialists (even bidexiii could not identify them)
    hand held revolver grenade launchers
    general purpose machine gun(MG 2A1 ?) with improvised BUTT sourced from AK47
    bofors artillary gun looks like it has only optical laying not sure
    finally first picture of a personel walki talkie though not the hands free version
    grenades looks like of the WW2 vintage atleast in one picture
    rifle fired grenades
    one unidentified light machine gun looks like a G3 varient to me 90% sure
    tactical fittment of addons to ak47 and beryll
    atlast pic of soldier equipped with hands free comms
    israeli galil rifle man looks it is with the SF (guys were next to a tranport helicopter)
    2 types of 105mm guns one is oto malera another cant identify
    also saw bows and arrows too πŸ˜€

  39. Ola says:

    Just thinking again on home made vehicle production for the army. Think of the chassis of Mercedes Unimog or the Ford Raptor and what can be mounted on such? Especially the Unimog.
    Some companies have done this, buying the Unimog, stripping off the body and mounting something else on the chasis and drive train. I found a demonstration video of it here. Proforce could also use this kind of frame to build an APC or MRAP.

    • yes this would work, a lot of armoured vehiles are built on reinforceded commercial vehicle chassis. For pro-force to go into a venture they would require govt guarantees or grants. With the American JLTV programm that Oskosh just won, the govt awarded contract for the development stages of the programme that were awarded to 3 diff companies before Oshkosh was picked. the government essentially funds the entire program and awards contracts for each stage. so what a company looses if it does not win a contract is a potential market and not profits. You cant expect a private company to take up a venture that it doesnt feel it will get profits from or one dt it seems likely to loose money from

    • Ola says:

      Yes Mr. Adetayo I agree that NA needs to motivate proforce to build for them if they really want proforce to work. But proforce as a young, profit oritented company needs to prove to customers what they can do. I like the way NA is fielding their trucks now, they would get good feedbacks from NA to improve on their models. However, proforce should look beyond NA only. I’m sure proforce can also find customers in other countries too.

    • Ola says:

      I’ve been doing a personal hunt for the base vehicles that I proposed that the army should make as baselines for their vehicles.
      My submission is this;
      For wheeled APC, MRAPs, troop transport, LAVs, ATGM missile platforms, the Unimog chasis and drive system should be the basis. Well equipped truck comes in at $250,000, a piece. Even if the reconfiguration, uparmouring, e.t.c costs $150,000 that is $400,000 a piece.
      For a wheeled 6×6 or 8×8 APC, VW or Mercedes can be approached to produce and supply the chasis and drive system with extreme off road performance. This would be the basis for heavy AFV, IFV, SAM missile platforms, ATGM, also troop transport (motorised infantry). This platform can rival the BTR series, if well built.
      More on the Unimog here.

      Lastly, here is some information of Russia/Bangladesh collaboration. As at 2013, Russia signed a deal with Bangladesh to build a factory in Bangladesh to service their BTR series.
      If Bangladesh could enter into deal with Russia on this level, Nigeria can build a production/assembly line of heavy tracked vehicles, buying the technical capability from Russia.

  40. Oje says:

    Who gives a hoot about Chinese military parade? Plllzzzz.

  41. jimmy says:

    1)There are confirmed reports of Boko haram ” wives being abandoned by their Husbands” in places like Mubi, Damboa and the town where the La Farge ( French – owned) Cement factory is located.
    2) Bidexii is posting pictures of large numbers of BH prisoners who have been captured/ surrendered.
    3) Oga Augustine not to take your comments of Horseback in vain good for the NA to use these or better they use Motor cycles as the COAS is advocating , BH using horses is confirmation that their smuggling routes from Chad and Cameroon has virtually dried up or been wiped out, it does not mean they do not have stolen Hiluxes ( they do but , they appear to be restricted)
    4) DHQ reported yesterday that they have secured the ” Strategic Gamboru – Ngala route critically and Military wise it would mean that Nigerian and Cameroonian Military commanders must meet at the most strategic Town (s) Fotoenskol ( spelling) (Nigeria) Fotoenskol (Northern Cameroon) to wipe out the remnants’
    5) Some of the Nigerian Artillery pieces have been UPGRADED
    6) The long awaited rotation of Military personnel has taken place , Congratulations to those men and women who have been in the North East some for as long as 18 months

    • Oga Jimmy the Boko prisoner pic posted by Bidexii is as old as far back 2013 or early 2014 if i not wrong.

      • jimmy says:

        oga Camouflage
        Greetings, oga bidexii did not put the date when these picture were taken however we do know that the Desert themed Camo worn by the soldiers was not worn/ pressed into service the new one ( with Vegetation ) till 2014 so we can rule out 2013
        Over the last two weeks we do know a lot of bh have been captured as recently as two weeks ago with the attack on the advance party of the COAS quite a few were captured, What I am deducing from these pictures is that they are recent pictures, because we have been hearing intel reports of the young foot soldiers giving up

  42. Trigger says:

    @augustus Nigeria has mobile radar system. Its parked at kaduna airforce base. I see this everyday. One truck mounted radar towing another smaller radar. I Cant take pictures for obvious reasons, though they look quite old and dilapidated.

    • Augustine says:

      @Trigger, Nigerian army has not purchased any mobile radar since 30 years ago after the big RASIT vehicle mounted radars. Can’t find any other mobile radars on SIPRI.. Those in the photos shown here a few days ago, I do not know if they are serviceable or retired. They look like Skyguard radar for Oerlikon 35 mm AAA or dismounted Roland radar units. Not sure which one, but no records show Nigeria having Skyguard, maybe SIPRI missed the procurement, especially if they are second hand purchases.

  43. lachit says:

    in the past 1 year i had raised the issue of

    looks like mortars are in use both at the
    i.squad level 51mm calibre mortars good for laying down fire at close ranges and also for all kinds of tactical situations.
    ii.(battalion level) medium calibre 81mm mortars good for laying seige and softening up targets before final assault.
    considering that it is already in use it will be a good idea to mount it on a mobile platform which is very easy to do so that you have high firepower at ur disposal anytime and anyplace.
    tracked vehicles should be the first choice followed by wheeled platforms.
    in future 120MM MORTARS should be considered both towed and mobile unless it is already in use.

    2.RCL recoilless launchers raised the issue more than once
    and now it seems both towed and the jeep mounted versions are still in active use.

    3.40mm bofors gun AAA, asked about it too and was in favour of its front line use.
    weather it is active in the combat aeas and in what role is a matter of debate.
    but i have seen the highly successful use of the improvised 40mm bofors gun in the ground role by the indian army at the LOC against enemy fortifications and against intruding terrorist from long ranges.
    it is difficult to get a shot against enemy troops at long ranges by using heavy machine guns or sniper rifles unless conditions are favourable like winds, fog, rain etc.
    but the 40mm rounds especially the HE ,incidery ones are devastating if the air burst fuses are used in the above rounds due to area effect ie u dont need to get a direct hit.
    the guns can be mounted on trucks etc to provide mobility. syria iraq are doing it.

    4.ZU-23-2 towed and ZU-23-4 tracked.
    wrote about the possibility of upgrades to these legacy but still effective sysytems.
    upgrading it with electro optical and laser targetting systems will ensure high first round hit and better engagement capability.

    5.standard issue of tactical comms. to each and every troops in the front lines ie the hands free one.
    will raise the combat efficency by nearly 50%.
    it seems it is in use but still not a standard issue to every frontline troops

    6.vehicle mounted 105mm artillery systems both the oto malera and the LFG varient.
    wrote a long post on it.
    good effective firepower on the move.

    7.even asked about the medical and evacuation (MED-EVAC) vehicles for battlefield hospital purpose.
    something which has unfortunately been neglected by the members/bloggers.
    but it seems tracked versions of med evac are operational.

    8.completely missed πŸ˜€ the self propelled artillery tracked issue.
    if true it is a game changer

  44. jimmy says:
    It is very important that the Nigerian Army understand the importance of this decision at the time these things were happening, Nigeria was in a bitter struggle . CNN ,al jazzeera were having a field day running Nigeria down, the NA was like a battered Heavy weight and soldiers complained.
    and the CM TRIALS started though the sentences stiffened Morale, and evidence from BIU and KONDUNGA showed the ferocity of the Nigerian Soldier, it came at the price of the FIFTH GOC OF 7 DIV Maj .Gen Lamidi Adeoshun being appointed from Chief of Logistics and a lot of personnel being moved around, some leadership mistakes were most def made and Thank God they have been corrected.
    AT JAJI when the next senior course is held one of the courses should really focus on leadership and leading from the front.
    In conclusion it is a welcome event after all everybody deserves a second chance and for every rule there are EXCEPTIONS

  45. jimmy says:
    OGA LACHIT It is highly like the self tracked ARTILLERY systems have been used HEAVILY in this conflict.
    Medical Evacuation of Nigerian Soldiers is also now routine.

  46. lachit says:

    regarding the use of horse by the BH
    there r many ifs and buts jimmy rightly said this can be due to reduced freedom of movement because of the increased NAF surviellance and interdiction capability. also shows that the BH is evolving and modifying its tactics to evade NAF surviellance.
    it is relatively hard to pick up horses from the vegetation and terrain.
    also use of horses confers a certain level of ambiguity regarding identification provided horses are a common sight in the northern areas.
    3 also horses r good for short distance travel and its heat and noise signature r minimum.
    the background heat and natural noise of the surroundings (nature) will easily confuse the modern detectors.

    i am neither for or againt horses .i only find its use a very interesting topic.

    on the hind sight i have a suggestion for SSS if they want.

    in india the maoist are known to use cattles to transport arms and explosives.
    how they do it ?
    they make a cut inside a alive cow and insert the contraband and sew it up.
    similarly it will be nice if the SSS most innocently decides to lose a few horses near BH area of activity.
    i think the both the SSS and BH will be most happy.
    BH happy because they got such beautiful horses πŸ˜€
    SSS happy because they know that soon enough they are going to have a date with the BH thanks to the GPS locators inside the TROJAN horses πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    also it is my firm believe that the top leaders of the BH are going to use horses for movement in the future instead of vehicles since the advantags r obivious as i stated above.
    and also because the logistic trail to support a vehicle (fuel maintenance etc) can be tracked, unlike the horses
    and also because as jimmy rightly said due to lack of support to procure / maintain the vehicles

    hope the SSS looks into this

    • lachit says:

      “also it is my firm believe that the top leaders of the BH are going to use horses for movement in the future instead of vehicles ”
      by this i meant the high risk elements of the BH hierarchy, since they r obiviously being targetted and searched by the SSS and military intelligence all the time.
      so the BH will try to protect its leaders by making their movement less detectable.

      u must realize that the most vernerable time for any terrorist leader is when he moves from one place to another.
      and this is the only time frame or window of opportunity 80 % of the time for the intelligence agencies to undertake actionable operation before the target is lost maybe for a long time.

  47. mcshegz says:

    30 killed in Cameroon double bombings
    “The attacks happened simultaneously at a large market and a residential neighborhood in Maroua, the capital of Cameroon’s Far North Region.”
    β€œWe are dealing with invisible enemy. You do not know who Boko Haram is. When you are dealing with a girl aged between 8 and 15, you see them coming towards you, very well dressed in their traditional dress, you cannot imagine that you are dealing with Boko Haram sympathizer or militant,” said Bakary.
    “Cameroon last week banned the wearing of full-face veils after the Fotokol attack. The bombers were women dressed as devout Muslims.”
    “At least 20 people were killed in northern Cameroon Wednesday in two suicide bombings that officials are blaming on Nigerian militant group Boko Haram.”

    Nigerian Militant group? hehehehehehe
    Which Nigeria, Where is Nigeria, How do we define Nigeria
    To the best of my knowledge, the only vividly delineated and physically identifiable land mass in which Nigeria and other countries belong to is called Africa.
    Unless and until, we can clearly identify countries by their physical boundaries, I’m sorry guys, tough luck, arerams are a global threat, or at least, an African existential threat; just like shaba
    Personally, i consider Africa a country πŸ˜‰
    R.I.P Cameroonians.

  48. Oje says:

    Is this the same Cameroon who bash Nigerian soldiers, laugh at our misfortunes and proclaim how powerful they are? Is it the same Cameroon whose people proposes to BIR storm Abuja if need be to end Boko Haram if we are incompetent. Is this the same Cameroonians who after killing 150 Boko Haram members declared how they had ”stunned” the world with their military prowess and capability, rising high on a euphoric wave of pride lol. Well i hope their 7000 man army BIR can hold its ground and Nigerian and Chadian troops will not be needed to intervene on Cameroonian soil. Those who do not understand the complexity of COIN warfare will always be naive until it hits them smack right in their ass,

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      @Gen Oje. Which 150 Boko Ass-ram members??? You see any dead body when even reach 25??? They made noise, provided (willingly & otherwise) safe havens and NOW are paying the price. R. I. P. to the innocents victims of stupidity in high places

  49. lachit says:

    hope some will find it very interesting

    During exercises of the chemical and biological corps in the Samara region russia,
    the russian army forces managed to make a highly critical facility invisible for a long time period. It was made invisible against visual intelligence and missile detection systems.
    the β€˜critical facility’ is a term used by specialists to describe a large military airfield, army headquarters and control bases, bridges of strategic importance, electric stations and other vital military infrastructure.

    these are primary targets during enemy rocket or bomb attacks. That is why many countries continually develop new and sometimes untraditional methods of safeguarding important facilities.

    One such method was tested in the Samara region in russia.

    β€œUsing the spray mixture and hydro gaseous equipment installed in vehicles on GAZ-66 base, army corps managed to spray a gas cloud on an area of two and a half kilometers which for 5 hours made the critical facility invisible to the naked eye and also for scanning in thermal and other spectra,” said the head of press service of the Central Military District, Jaroslav Roschupki, in an interview. One and a half thousand soldiers and officers took part in the test to create the cloud which concealed the important bases.

    the chemical composition of the cloud has special properties. When it is dissipated the cloud merges with the atmosphere and to someone who is looking at it from a distance, it would give off the appearance of a completely empty space.

    the hydro gaseous apparatus is designated TDA-2K and it can cover the ground for up to ten hours. Most importantly with this chemical it is actually possible to camouflage stationary and moving objects. Once TDA-2K is dispersed, no radar is able to detect tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery or rocket launchers, travelling up to a a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

    oh man !!!

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord Sir Lachit, I see u are now delving into the world of Advanced Cloaking Technology. These types of experiments have been going on in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres for quite a long time now, and with the advent of some very classified chemical compounds now appearing in the clandestine world, seeing is believing!!! The next generation battlefield is going to be completely different from what we see today and I assure u it would let todays science fiction seem like a joke. Just try and imagine what warfare would be like in 100 years time (2115) and u will start feeling the motor neurons within your brain moving at warp speed. Continue the good work my brother, u are an inspiration.

      • lachit says:

        this kind of research at present can be afforded by only 2 countries US and RUSSIA.
        but any country acquaring such technology (this kind of tech dont cost much) if implemented properly will be able to negate the much expensive weaponary of the enemy.

        cost of a modern long range sam in good numbers will easily cost 1 billion dollars upwards.
        then u have to buy a lower tier sam to protect these long range sam which again will cost u near about 1 billion
        however if u buy the cloaking tech for say 50-100 million dollar and get all three working together, u will stand good chance to protect ur assets from say a country which sends 36-40 rafales to attack u .
        the 3-40 rafales will easily cost 8-9 bllion

        war is basically onethird about good economics

        US also conducted cloaking experiments as far as during the WW2.
        remember the famous philedelphia experiment where all the sailors are rumored to have gone crazy when their ship was bombarded with EM waves inorder to make it invisible.
        some say the soldiers got fused to the ship structure at the molecular level.
        it sounds crazy so dont know what to believe or disbelieve

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Sir Lachit, welcome to the world of Ripley’s believe or not!!! As u have rightly stated these experiments go far back as the WW2 and predominantly it is a 2 horse race between Russia and USA. I believe Cloaking Technology has advanced a bit further from the Philadelphia experiment days and the experiments going on in the labs today are really cutting edge even though they are very super secretive. The race is on between the 2 world powers and I assure the likes of China might eventually turn this into a 3 horse race. As u also stated, imagine in the future where any country can acquire this kind of technology, our modern day robotic weapons such as uav’s, drones etc might find a bit more difficult to hit there invisible targets. This kind of technology is a game changer for the present and future warfare’s.

      • I concur with your prognosis on future wars bte front line military states. Sum1 once said that if WW3 is ever fought then future wars will be fought with sticks and stones….i tend to agree with that statement and I also add WW3 if it happens will be the las WW for a very looooooong time

  50. Trigger says:

    Wait What version of the T-72 did Nigeria buy? Is it the T-72M or the T-72A? Because the T-72M version has the worst armor protection ever. It is the most downrated version in planet earth. The composite inserts in the turret cavity is different which makes it less protected against HEAT and AP munitions.
    And we didnt get kontact or relict.
    The T-72M is just one step ahead of scrap, we should have stuck with T-55.

    How did Nigeria take this turn? Where did we go wrong?

    • ozed says:

      I think you are taking this a little far in my opinion.

      What exactly were our choices when we got these equipment? Did they not do the job they were procured for at the time?

      The T-55 you are saying we should have stuck with were all falling apart and abandoned to the enemy, and once the ‘scrap’ T72ms showed up, all those captured T-55s were quickly converted to armored dustbins all over the battlefield.

      In my view they did the job they were immediately needed for.

      I guess what you are saying is that we should not declare victory and rest on our current laurels. If so that point i taken (i hope). If we are caught at the next conflict with this same order of battle then we should blame ourselves and no one else!!!

  51. jimmy says:

    OGA Trigger
    Much respect for your Comments,
    However like OGA OZED said sometimes we can take things without the appropriate information too far.
    The T-72 that were purchased were of Four different variants with different levels of Protection ( ERA)
    They have been a game changer in this asymmetric war , they have more than proved themselves worthy based on the events unfolding in the field, bh has found out the hard way in MUBI VBIED were used against them ( T-72) to no effect they simply bounced of them, rpgs were also used against them.
    In MUBI in the first Tank- Tank Battle ever to take place between a T-72 and the T-55 ( Captured by BH)the result was the T-55 was destroyed , these are the facts minus the emotion.
    The Nigerian Tankers also discovered from experience that they are better and faster loading ( manual) of the tank shells that the automatic loader.
    Lastly Most of the tanks that arrived recently all have ERA on them and when the F.G. waits to the very last minute to buy weapons ( Dec2014/ Jan 2015) this is what happens.

  52. Oga Jimmy actually i was referring to the pics on page 28 of the thread. The ones on page 27 are from recent operation. I have seen some pics that i simply cant post on the internet and they are from the same time period as those on page 28. However lets all hope that the current momentum is maintained to bring an end to the embarrassment called BHT

  53. Oje says:

    How do you know the pages?

  54. Ola says:

    Mr Lachit and all, interesting to read the BH has used horses at least in two attacks. My take on it is this, the use of horses is probably driven by their crumbling logistics with NAF taking out their fuel supply, severe shortage in availability of vehicles available, decimation of their heavy equipment like AA that is truck mounted and co. Actually, it’s not difficult to track horses, believe me. The IR/scope that the Royal Marines routinely use in places like Afghanistan easily picks out a donkey or horse, even dogs and humans from a couple of thousands of feet. This was one of the tools that helped to avoid many blue of blue incidents at some of the hottest moments in Helmand when extensive, round the clock foot ops and patrols were being done. Imagine having horses in dozens moving together with their riders, they would be very easy to spot, especially at night. Drones and helicopters would come in handy then. These cameras are surplus in the MoD, I don’t know if they will sell them out for cheap though but my gut feelings tells me they will. The Afghan forces got several dozens of a variant of the same scope for free from MoD.
    Also, horses bray and they kick up dust too. This may not be as loud as a convoy of cars, but when you have horses together in dozens, they bray and kick up a lot of dust. Dogs are also trained by both the US RM and RM to sniff out donkeys and horses from a great distance. The canine unit of the NA should do same. It’d only take a couple of weeks, and given the rate of adaptation of BH, it may be too late to deploy the dogs for this mission by the time they would be ready. But then the canine unit should make such IDs part of the curriculum of their dog training program.

    • Ola says:

      Line 8 should read “…avoid many blue on blue…” and not “…blue of blue…”

    • lachit says:

      “My take on it is this, the use of horses is probably driven by their crumbling logistics with NAF taking out their fuel supply, severe shortage in availability of vehicles available, decimation of their heavy equipment like AA that is truck mounted and co.”

      i agree with u 100%.
      but is it the only factor? can we be 100% sure

      “Actually, it’s not difficult to track horses, believe me.”

      but it is also difficult to track horses believe me πŸ˜€
      i know this because i have seen it.
      depends on who is riding it and how much familiar he is with the terrain and local conditions.
      a group of horses running together in a pack over loose soil will kick up dust.
      but a group of horses inter spaced and varying their speed depending on the terrain (soil covered with grass, ground covered with rocks , ground with loose soil etc)
      will kick up very minimal dust.
      and plus adding a ******** to the hoofs of the horses almost reduces the sound , dust and prints

      “The IR/scope that the Royal Marines routinely use in places like Afghanistan easily picks out a donkey or horse, even dogs and humans from a couple of thousands of feet. ”

      i believe u
      but this will happen when ur sitting with ur scope and luckily the enemy passes somewhere near u to observe and detect them.
      this is what i call LUCK
      unfortunately LUCK is something hard to come by.

      “Imagine having horses in dozens moving together with their riders, they would be very easy to spot, especially at night. Drones and helicopters would come in handy then. ”

      yes and no
      why? because the taliban, isis etc even with persistance surviellance from US drones and satellites etc still exibit freedom of movement.

      “Dogs are also trained by both the US RM and RM to sniff out donkeys and horses from a great distance. The canine unit of the NA should do same.”
      i 100% agree with u.

    • Ola says:

      Hi Lachit, I see your points, quite theortically sound. True IR will now be visible through glass, but BH are not walking/riding their horses on glass. Also, when they attack, countless evidences and reports have shown that they usually swam, so there is no strategic formation organization among them, I am not even sure they are aware of the IR thing we’re discussing. Most importantly though, all I said, I presented them from first hand experience, not just theories πŸ™‚
      It takes more than luck actually to track, it takes a lot of SURVEILLANCE and extremely good intel. With the Afghanistan/taliban that you mentioned for example, donkey is the backbone of logsitics and this animal almost never cry or hurry, so no dust or sound but a lot of eagle eyed observers on high grounds, endless UAV ops, mixture of rotary and fixed wing ISR assets were deployed for day/night surveillance by various NATO members, moles and local spotters did their part too and that helped a lot. Considering the huge area in which BH operates and insufficiency of equipment and limited intel gathering by NA, then it’s a lot more difficult for the NA/NAF to effectively monitor BH movements. Satelilte imagery helped in mapping migration and other things, but UAVs, with IR and high res. cameras, bore most of the brunt of real time intel, at least to the best my knowledge, of course I wasn’t really into UAV ops, so can’t really talk about this.

      • lachit says:

        what i wrote is not all exactly theory πŸ˜€
        i agree with almost all your points.
        but the thing is
        the terrorist and counter terrorist are actually playing a game of chess.
        every move is evualuated and a counter move is made to judge the opponents response.
        i have pretty good info/ ******** on maoist and around 25+ terror groups operating in india.
        and believe me they can/will give the isis and taliban a run for their money.
        only difference i see is that they operate light.

        infact i believe u yourself know ways to negate the heat signature (both man and animal) and also escape detection from overhead surviellance (.if everthing goes ur way :D)
        nothing fancy , simplicity is the best friend am i right?
        but discretion is preferable here at a public forum.

        about the BH swarming techniques,
        if i was involved then i would have spaced my hose back followers and used the terrain and vegetation/ ground covering to minimize detection from air, noise or visual contact(dust etc) to move to my point of objective but not too close.
        and at the appropriate time use my men to swarm from different directions
        albit with some positioned to cut off escaping forces / re-enforce / cover our escape.

        in short swarming at the time of initiation of hostilities is obivious isnt it.
        even if detected what good will it serve since the attack has already commenced.
        a few seconds gained by the defending forces might prove valuable if the right tactical decisions r taken. but things never turn out the way that we want to or do they.

        i find it interesting replying since u r a soldier,i get to know more from a different perspective.
        hope u feel the same.
        i am saying this because i ran into trouble with misunderstands with my replies a few times here over the last 2-3 months
        so plz dont take my replies negatively (i am 99% sure u dont πŸ˜€ ) since ur replies and .response r very interesting


      • Ola says:

        Lachit, I absolutely enjoy this exchange with you, that’s why I reply always! πŸ˜€
        I give you one info here, the Talibans quite early stopped using donkeys for both IED attacks and logistics, do you know why?

      • lachit says:

        frankly i dont know
        but i guess after the pattern of using donkeys for ied and logistics was figured out .it was made a priority target.

        any donkey especially those covered with saddle or cloth and approaching troops / bases will be shot down

        also i would collect information on donkeys available in the local areas and make sure to keep tabs on them.if they r confirmed handlers of talibani cargos just use it to led myself to the suppliers and the recieving talibani parties

        or get a little more devious and plant ieds on the donkeys themselves and blow them along with some talibanis, while making sure some talibans get to see the fireworks.
        next time they will think twice.
        psychological warfare πŸ˜€
        lol i guess i am wrong on all 3 guesses.
        tell the answer

  55. Ola says:

    Does someone know if the skyguard radar that Nigeria has, are recent acquisitions or they have been in store for a long time? If they are recent, were they sourced from SA? This GDF-002 version that Nigeria fields is quite old and it’d be surprising if they are recent acquisitions. At least skyshield would have been a better choice.

  56. Trigger says:

    @Augustine the mobile radar at kaduna is mounted on a mercedes benz 911 truck. While also towing another smaller radar. Both radars are much larger atleast 3x than this skyguard’s.

    • Augustine says:

      Are the radars at NAF base operational oga Trigger, are they compatible with any of our anti-aircraft guns? Honestly I do not know. We can’t find any details on SIPRI, maybe as I said they were bought second hand or civilian grade and missed SIPRI arms database. The newest AAA we have are Chinese Type 90 and they are always displayed in parades and in Kachia training without any radars, they have electro optical eye view guidance for sure.

      SIPRI does not record both the Type 90 and Oerlikon for Nigerian army, but Kachia photos show we have both guns. Ex-CAS Ihejiraka announced the repair of the our 1979 purchased Oerlikon 35 mm . I would not be proud of an obsolete 1979 anti-aircraft gun and radar anyway.

      You know bros, all these confusion that never gets a clear answer.

      • Are James says:

        I would counsel ZERO investment in AA systems of any kind for now.
        What this country needs are 4th Gen. strike aircraft and powerful air defence fighter jets (modern interceptor aircraft) I have devoted some thought to options for AA defense systems and it did not look good from the foreign acquisition side. Modern AAA systems should be the thrust of local research and development not procurement. There is always the chance of sabotage, hacking or software remote manipulation with modern AAA systems. The entire thing is usually too customisation intensive to be a plug and play thing. In facing advanced countries like France in our neighbourhood, almost all that we can buy can be neutralised by weaponry and tactics already matured in most western countries. On the other hand the threat from our local African neighbours by themselves is so miniscule as to make the investment unjustifiable. The day Chad displays the capability to threaten our strategic assets (not undefended villages) without challenge from the air then maybe we should worry but as a countering capability all we need is air platforms, training and tactics to wipe out their airforce in 12 hours and make all air their bases unusable. That is a preferred capability not the ultra defensive AAA approach. The only place we need sophisticated IADS is actually down south in the gulf of Guinea and they should be ship borne

  57. jimmy says:
    The current administration needs to be extremely focused about generating MULTIPLE streams of income.
    In order to do so they should humble themselves and learn from the Ethiopians whom arguably have the BEST AIRLINE in Africa and arguably one of the BEST in the World. Ethiopian Airlines though a National Airline is run as a private corporation which means only the best will do.
    One of the main reason POTUS visited Ethiopia apart from AL SHABAB was the fact that ETHIOPIA has invested heavily in BOEING in terms of buying Spanking Brand new Dreamliner Aircraft(s)
    For Financial purposes ( Nigeria can access either the US EXIM BANK, the Chinese Exim Bank or the biggest banks ( Zenith, Stanbic, First Bank, Eco Bank in Nigeria to furnish the loans , my two Kobos.

    • Are James says:

      I have said many times that Ethiopia is better run than Nigeria. National Airlines are a profit center not a cost centre. There is a way Nigeria runs the airlines business and it is $10 bn income to the country every year but you and I know that it could very well go the other way.

      • For a long time our leadership has treated the country and its resources like a free for all……we need a major shift in thinking and re-ordering of our priorities. I hope PMB is up to d task. the political class must not be allowed to continue milking this country dry.

  58. Kay says:

    I think maybe a thread should be done towards the Nigerian army engineers. Very little is said about them or their hardwares. Its not always about armour, guns and aircrafts. They don’t even have a wikipedia entry for that arm of the army nor their equipment. In this current phase, it is twice as important they get looked into as well as the others.

  59. Oje says:

    Oga Are James, the is a plethora of things that Nigeria does far better than Ethiopia, here are areas where Nigeria is a decade ahead of Ethiopia..You cannot base your assertions that Ethiopia is better run than Nigeria because they have an airline. Countries with limited natural resources tend to rely on services like tourism, transportation and airlines, they will not survive if these areas are not standardized. Before the discovery of oil Nigeria once wowed the world with its groundnut pyramids and palm oil forests, that’s all gone now as Nigeria easily makes more from oil in a day than from those services in a year. Outside the service sector countries like Ethiopia are way behind in general infrastructure like healthcare,city planning, massive engineering projects,applied science and technology, advanced banking infrastructure, individual access to capital, entrepreneurship drive etc, Nigeria is 10 years ahead of Ethiopia in these domain.

    • Are James says:

      I am not basing it on their airline alone. Defence industry is one other thing. Local manufacturing is another thing.
      Many human development indices like education and health are some others. Please note that I am comparing countries and not peoples.
      I have said many times here that Nigerians as a people are far far ahead of Nigeria their country. This is because unqualified people steal leadership and are not held to account.
      I am aware that Dangote can feed Ethiopia for three years if he wants to and that a NigerIan young man has many things it takes to thrive that an Ethiopian of the same age will struggle to develop as innate qualities. However put together Nigeria is a very bih joke.

      • Augustine says:

        Ethiopia is a better run country, better managed than Nigeria in general terms, like leadership, civic responsibility, government social responsibility, integrity, political drive for national development, ruler-ship patriotism, leaders’ nationalism, etc.

        Today’s Ethiopia is not the hungry nation of 1980s anymore. In North America, the Ethiopians were put on stage for developmental analysis by international assessment team in a conference just few months ago, I did attend as an student observer….. Ethiopia proved to the judges that it is one of the best managed countries in Africa surpassing Nigeria in that aspect, yet they have no oil, but have made tourism a big earner of forex. The few mineral resources they have are used to transform their economy and films shown with data and assessment on ground proves a better managed country overall than Nigeria.

        No need to refer us to replay the videos of Ethiopian local defence industry posted by oga Henry, see them building great armoured vehicles…..way beyond the level of our Igirigi. They produce their high calibre shells and ordnance, they have full technology of the T-72 tank and can do lots of engineering magic with it, disassemble it into pieces and reassemble the tank again at home.

        Political leadership patriotism is the key. How will Nigeria be great when people like madam fine face believes she is too fine and her skin is too fresh for British airways flights so she has to charter private jets on official assignment overseas, and she is not even a president yet o ! Na ordinary minister o ! People allege she spent =N= 10 Billion on private jet expenses (Alleged). Haba, madam fine face, why now? Beauty can be deceptive relative to character.

        Nigeria needs a honest, incorruptible, patriotic, and technically savvy minister for Defence, or else we will not make progress with 2015-2019 new military procurement and personnel training.

  60. Augustine says:

    Little wonder why Ethiopian military flies a squadron of Su-27 Flanker jets, hundreds of T-72 tanks armed with over a thousand guided missiles in their T-72, many moden HQ-64 long range SAM, while Nigeria trails behind with F-7 jets, an army void of surface to surface missiles, and tiny range old Roland SAM? Better managed with a smaller defence budget and smaller economy.

  61. Oje says:

    You made good points, but i disagree with your postulations. We must realise that whatever Ethiopia has now as a military was by necessity not by deliberate design. Ethiopia for the better part of the past two decades have been in a constant state war with Eritrea, indeed one of the very few inter-state wars Africa has ever witnessed. So yes they have better Tanks and weapons but we do have a more professional military and the most educated military class of officers. Until recently Nigeria has never found itself in a position whereby it is threatened by an external foe, rather than languish in the barracks the Nigerian leaderships embarked on various successful interventions and peace keeping operations. It would have been extremely very difficult spending billions of dollars buying hundreds of Tanks, advanced surface to surface missiles, submarines etc.when your nearest rival has an army of 11 thousand men and 12 aircrafts. Surrounded by countries like Togo,Benin,Cameroon, Chad Nigeria;s military had a massive overkill capability. Yes now the Boko Haram conflict have obliterated that false sense of security and already we have seen a massive escalation of arms by the Nigerian military. In roughly two years we have seen the acquisition of weapons systems not seen in the Ethiopian military.

    Note however that the call to re arm only started as recently as twp years ago. %80 of recent acquisitions made are of weapons suitable for COIN operations.The BMP-1,MI-24 helicopter gunships, ATR-72 reconnaissance aircraft, Aerostar and Chinese Drones, are best suited for COIN warfare and this is not we need for now. Ethiopia has none of these assets, they do not need it for now and it will be ridiculous for them to start buying these assets for ego sake in an era of austerity. Until the war with Boko Haram is over Nigeria cannot start thinking about long term acquisitions like the Ethiopians have. It took the better part of 15 years for Ethiopia to stack up what they have today, not two years. Maybe if we had large powerful neighbors we will not have allowed complacency cloud our senses but what is done is done. After Boko Haram is defeated Nigeria will indeed begin to stock up on 4th Gen fighters, missile defence systems and the likes. We have the capability to acquire in 3 years all the assets Ethiopia has, even better assets. We simply do not have the time to buy these assets and start training pilots for more than a year when we have a war to fight. The newly acquired Alpha Jets are nothing but attrition replacement assets, that’s why they were retrofitted with night fighting capabilities. The only arm of the Nigerian military not involved in the theater of operations is the Nigerian Navy,and see how far ahead they have gone in terms of equipment, training and professionalism.

    Why are we even making comaprisms with Ethiopia? In just 10 years of reforms Nigeria has transformed itself from a backwater sad story to Africa’s biggest and most enterprising economy. We went from a GDP of $45 billion (2007) to a $1 trillion (Nominal GDP)We have literary from scratch built up the most extensive and ambitious Space program ever seen in Africa. We have built up from scratch an entertainment industry and have become indeed Africa’s biggest entertainers. Nigeria was at war when the Ebola crises started. Under arms embargo by America and several defeats to Boko Haram the country was in a state of seige, yet Nigeria was the very first country to effectively contain and eliminate the Ebola threat where others failed. Obama himself sent a team of CDC experts to learn its unique method of contact tracing which is now being effective adopted by other countries, such as the United States, when Ebola threats were discovered. We went from 100,000 lines in 2000 to 140 million telephone lines in just 15 years. With such massive numbers the NCC recently begun expanding this infrastructure to space based communications. Nigeria now produces cars and SUv’s and is listed officially as a car manufacturing country. Nigeria launched Africa ”first” communications satellite and infrastructure is improving. Africa’s biggest and most ambitious engineering project (Eko Atlantic) is being built in Nigeria. Other African countries are small in population and are less ethnically diverse yet they cant even manage themselves. Here we are 177 million people with over 500 different ethnic groups and a thousand languages yet we are able to achieve all this in so short a time. Name ONE African country that has managed this in under a decade.Ethiopia is not better managed by Nigeria, not even close. The barometer for measuring level of organisation should not be about building Tanks under licenses and having long range missiles alone, it should be all encompassing.

    • Augustine says:

      @Oje, try to read what I said again, I said Ethiopia is better managed than Nigeria in general terms, I never said it’s because they build tanks and buy missiles.

      Politically, administratively at government level, integrity, patriotism, foresight, policy making….Ethiopia is better managed than Nigeria, despite the fact that they have far far less natural resources.

      Ethiopian military is not well built because of Eritrean war, they have always been one of the best 3 in Africa. Today, they are next in capacity to Egypt and Algeria if war comes.

      COIN or conventional war, the Ethios are hard to beat. With over 1,000 tanks, 1,000 anti-tank missiles, 1,000 artillery guns, Su-25 Frogfoots, Su-27 Flankers, and Mi-24 Hinds, and 180,000 patriotic/professional/well trained soldiers, Boko Haram will NEVER NEVER capture 45 towns in Ethiopia.

      Brazil has almost zero war history and almost zero military threat from anywhere, yet they have 350 Leopard tanks, 5 submarines, 10 frigates, 1 aircraft carrier, 100 Super Tucano COIN aircraft, buying 36 latest Gripen NG jets. Wise leaders of well managed countries arm up their nation in peace time for any unforeseen contingency, they don’t wait for war to reach their gates before starting panic buying of weapons from black market like Nigeria does.

      • I get your drift sir! Management is the aggregation of scarce resources in order to maximise output and the benefit derived from each unit of resource utilised for the benefit of a particular group or purpose (my lay man definition).

        Nigeria is capable of a whole lot, Nigeria is a scary proposition for African countries and sometimes the world. However while we have achieved quite a bit in recent years, I believe that had Nigeria been better managed we should be be faaaarrr ahead of where we are.

        Ethiopia being better managed means based on their resources they have achieved a better input to output ratio. ie. the benefit they derive from each unit of resource is higher than what Nigeria has derived.

        That said due to the size of our resources we still are a bigger nation. Everybody wld agree that if in the last 20 yrs we had made efficient use of our mineral and human resources, then we would be in a faaarr better position than where we are now.

    • freeegulf says:

      well said oga oje, brilliant op piece.

  62. G8T Nigeria says:

    Take it easy on your own nation especially you @augustine. What you dream off is already taking place and even far beyond those nations you choose to classify us with. Have you visited Ethiopia? Have you visited the tank factories? have you come close to assess the mentality of their officers and men?. I know what Ethiopia is and opportune to visit and mix with their officers and men. Some of these countries we blow up over Nigeria turns out very disappointing when you do ground assessment. No doubt, Ethiopia is a strong nation however not as you see it. Many nations in Africa are now adopting photo/video shoot Army posture as a means of propaganda. SA military is a good example. Propaganda is good but runs away when people with experience sets in. Your Army is very versatile in operations and full of zeal to fight any enemy.

    Nigeria has so much weaponry for now and require few acquisitions to top up. Please always note that we are not on weapon quantity procurement war with any nation. YES we need more fighter aircrafts, tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, more gadgetry equipment that suits our immediate/future ground deployment storage capacity. although there are some critical angles to procurements. For now, there is greater need for upgrades to higher weaponry, quick maintenance schemes and professional medical combat station to reduce war casualties travel time. Any hurried procurement without correcting the mistake of the past will only resort to zero.

    The president had directed the infusion of more local military weapons production lines. As we speak, DICON is building its own APC which will be showcased in future. AFIT is driving local UAV technologies and trainer aircraft. PROFORCE activities is on the rise as well as MEKAHONG. Local recalibration of own IGIRIGI to suit different operational need is ongoing. If you look closely, you will notice the differences in several IGIRIGI armoured vehicles employed by the Army. Nigeria Rocketry Defence Program remains classified. However, just some rocket test long ago sent some nations jittery.

    Most African nations jump age and time into a world of technology they cant maintain. Rather, procure and put inside cold storage that requires expenses to recalibrate. We are growing steadily and learning from mistakes. The air force is embarking on an unprecedented air combat/logistical operations never seen since the civil war. Close air combat support, real time monitoring and engagement as well as daily day and night patrols from core northern border lines down to the Cameroon border area. Part time activation of air defence/military air radar is ongoing as well as the launching of powerful Synthetic Aperture Radar Military satellite soon.

    The nation Nigeria is mostly dreaded for its capacity/mentality. West Africa (chad also) as a whole can effectively cause war inflicted damages to Nigeria cities but cannot sustain a long time battle with Nigeria. Their economies will collapse, treasury depleted, inflation rates will triple as well as total hardship due to sustained famines in some nations, the resulting refugee crisis will be too enormous to catastrophic levels. There are many indices in war we should look at before concluding that a neighbour has 12 jets, 1 billion anti tank missiles then they can defeat Nigeria in battle. As much as I agree we need to address some critical areas, politically and militarily, I must submit that there are no perfect systems in the world. What bring victory is not the muzzle of a gun but the mentality behind it. Nigerians must now see the positives and uphold the band wagon of one Nigerian spirit anytime any day.

    In conclusion, a total submission of a lowly Nigeria is unacceptable. Criticism is good only if it reproduces better ideas. When there are no ideas, it leads to spirit of constant antagonism where pretence remains an individual solution.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Capt Tobias, I am not making Nigeria look low, I am talking based on the clear events we all saw from 2014 during the Boko Haram war. If our country is running out of dumb bombs and bullets against a local insurgency, what will happen if we are fighting Sudan?

      If terrorists can hold 45 towns in our nation for about 6 months, what will happen if we face Ethiopia? NAF won’t last 5 minutes in the air against Ethiopian air force. Then NA will become victim on ground from air assault till we surrender, so how is that my fault?

      Ethiopia, yes I have assessed based on what they presented at the global conference, proved with pictorial evidence and judged by western experts who have visited Ethiopia to inspect those things. Yes Ethiopia is generally better managed as a country, nothing changes the fact.

      Much respect oga, truth is hot sometimes.

    • lachit says:

      @G8T Nigeria
      “as well as the launching of powerful Synthetic Aperture Radar Military satellite soon”

      r u sure? and do u have more information on this.

      the countries possessing military grade SAR satellites for high resolution photography (IMINT) are
      2.GERMANY (tech transfer from US)
      3.ISRAEL (tech transfer from US)
      4.INDIA (tech transfer from ISRAEL)
      5.CANADA (tech transfer from US. NOTE: not exactly military grade )
      6.JAPAN (tech transfer from US)
      8.CHINA (tech transfer from RUSSIA)

      • drag_on says:

        It’s a $250 millon joint venture with a UK based company, Menasat Gulf Group Plc. The first satelite is scheduled for completion in 2020 and is for military use,surveillance and mapping.I doubt it would be of the same quality as the Government military satellites you mention above because it’s a JV with a private company for tech transfer. It’s estimated resolution is around 1 meter. It’s a decent start.

      • lachit says:

        thanks for the info
        it is a good step in the right direction

      • Are James says:

        I don’t think we are getting SAR satellites from the Brits (perfidious Albion.. lol) . I stand to be corrected but what I read looked like a contract for access to content …that is pictures …from a satellite operations center and processing center.
        Please note that I have said I could be wrong.. i dont have the info ..but that is what I thought of when I read the report

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Augustine, no probs, shows you keep me in mind, I agree with you, the forum should always remain an avenue to convey hard facts, not praise singing

  63. lachit says:

    i have always said and still do so
    that every country has the potential to develop her defence industry
    but for that u need to have roadmap
    supported both by the government, military and private individuals

    giving suggestions and advice is one thing
    and actually trying to do something is even better

    supposing a individual has a good idea and which is recognized by the government , military or private individuals. work on it can be started and everything works out then u have a good thing going.
    this blog is a good medium to present ur ideas.

    infact take my case i am a good for nothing person sitting thousand of km away,still it did not stop a patriotic nigerian individual from asking my help for something which he believes will sow the seeds for private participation in defence industry in nigeria.

    infact it pleases me that oga OLA is going down a similiar path and i hope in time his dreams come true and is recognised by govt/private individuals etc.

    nobody knows everything but everyboby can make a effort .
    u got to start somewhere.
    u read a article or see a picture .u can start thinking how can this thing/idea be implemented in my country. this is how i do it.
    i am sure u all can do even better.

    take for example
    i saw this article on laser warning system.similiar things r available worldwide.
    but what caught my attention was that this system is standalone and that it possess a unique piece of hardware aka a LASER DECOY
    the laser decoy is a high energy laser source that takes command from laser warning system and generate a pulsed laser radiation synchronised with the PRF generated by the laser warning system. It is used to illuminate a dummy target to misguide the laser guided missile/munition on to the dummy target.
    so why not integrate it on the T72, IFV , future anti tank missile carriers or on APC armed with anti tank missiles.

    laser warning system

    laser sensor

    master controller

    decoy laser/laser decoy

    i can only say so much
    the real decision lies on the willing and interested ogas

  64. lachit says:

    what is female equivalent of oga

      • lachit says:

        i meant in the common/majority spoken nigerian language

      • Yes, and I just gave u the answer. The closes thing Nigeria has to a universally spoke language is Pigin English and thats how we wld say it

      • lachit says:

        thanks did not know it πŸ˜€


        being a gunner atop a APC , MRAP etc is a tough job.
        everything boils down to his ability to defend himself and most importantly the lives of other members of the unit/convoy .
        why ?
        read through
        got this info from a leading trainer

        1.Enemy personnel are seldom visible except when assaulting.

        2.Most combat fire must be directed at an area where the enemy has been detected or where he is suspected of being located but cannot be seen. Area targets consist of objects or outlines of men irregularly spaced along covered and concealed areas (ground folds, hedges, or borders of woods).

        3.Most combat targets can be detected by smoke, flash, dust, noise, or movement and are visible only for a moment.

        5..Some combat targets can be engaged by using nearby objects as reference points.

        6.The nature of the target and irregularities of terrain and vegetation may require a firer to use a variety of positions in addition to the prone or supported position to fire effectively on the target. In a defensive situation, the firer usually fires from a supported position.

        7.Most combat targets have a low contrast outline and are obscure. Therefore, choosing an aiming point in elevation is difficult.

        8Time-stressed fire in combat can be divided into three types: a single, fleeing target that must be engaged quickly; distributed targets engaged within the time they remain available; and a surprise target that must be engaged at once with accurate, instinctive fire.

        so the MG gunners must be regulary trained/retrained to horn their skill in zeroing, acessing priority targets and at faster target acquisition.

      • Ola says:

        Hi Mr Lachit, nice write up there! The analysis seems to have put the APC in an attack/assault mode though, except if I have understood it wrongly. I suggest we look at the primary purpose of an APC. It’s a defensive platform. It’s meant to offer protected “bus ride” or safe passage to troops in areas of minimum, low-medium level of threats, depending on the armour. However, it can also be an offensive platform against an inferior target or in an environment where the level of threat is again within the capability of the protection provided.
        As a rule, at least for US RM and UK forces, MRAPS and APCs are never used for assaults, never alone at least, they are primarily used for transport and patrols. Usually during patrols, the troops de-bus before they get to the area they are to patrol and patrols are often done on foot while the MRAPs drive close by. Often times, when an MRAP or APC is engaging, it would have first being fired upon, so it’s engaging from a defensive position. Also, often when you see those engaging you, it’d have been too late and you can only be reactionary, training and instincts kick in. It is almost always the exclusive benefit of the side launching the assault to chose when and how to launch the assault and you only see them when the first assault is launched. Within those precious few seconds, the driver and machine gunner have to reactionarily defend, take evasive action (manoeuvres and response fire with/without grenades) and decide with the troop whether to stand and fight or simply go. Actually, in some really fluid environment, the hatch is closed and all engagements ate done through the side ports. Often times again, when occupants decide to engage, it often starts from side ports while the gunner at the top would also lay suppressing fire while the occupants quickly de-bus and take positions. It is the responsibility of the driver to take the right manoeuvre to protect his crew. Writing this reaction brings back a bad memory…I suppose the trainer provides the suggestions based on how the question is framed.

      • lachit says:

        u see when i post and somebody replies using his logic / knowledge / experience / others experience etc even contrary to my opinon.
        difference of opinion and cross examining brings out the best in both the parties.
        so please never hestitate πŸ˜€

        my post was drawn from the way indian CT forces operate.
        in high risk zones when a convoy moves they r never buttoned up .
        infact the sole MRAP that is used is always the lead vehicle, because of the IEDS and mines that may have been placed.if any of these go off it is MRAP which bears the brunt and the interesting part is the MRAP usually never carries any troops.
        and the trucks and other light vehicle have always opened backs so that the troops can quickly dismount and take position or scramble for cover at the intiation of hostilities.
        the specialised troops for CT operations are the RR (rastriya rifles) and these is how they operate but on occasions the SOPs can change due to varying conditions.
        the MG gunners job is to provide suppressive fire at best and if he takes out a few in that process it is a job well done.and during that period the troops fan out with some keeping the enemy engaged , some on the look out for hidden militants or enemy re-enforcements.
        with some trying to flank the enemy while using any available cover/terrain.
        the aim is never to loose sight of the enemy since the enemy will be moving or atleast some of them.every one trying to out flank each other.
        and to always be prepared for surprises like a hidden/camoflauged group of militants positioned near the best location where the CT forces would instinctively run to ambush their beseiged comrades( terrorist).

        i dont know about the taliban , BH etc level of training but the militants faced in indian r trained by the pakistani SSG (british equivalent of SAS), so if ur buttoned up it will become ur coffin atleast this is how the indian army thinks.

        also me thinks indian army is a poor army cant afford too many expensive top of the line MRAPS like the more expensive modern US UK forces so it has developed its own way of handling situations given all the resorces at hand.

        “The analysis seems to have put the APC in an attack/assault mode though, except if I have understood it wrongly. I suggest we look at the primary purpose of an APC. It’s a defensive platform. ”

        moving in a convoy in a high risk zone u have to be in a aggresive mode , always on the look out , expecting a attack any second otherwise the trucks and light vehicles u r moving in will be their last resting place.
        while the better equiped us uk or other forces forces in their armoured apc mraps can breath a wee bit easier and be defensive πŸ˜€

        “As a rule, at least for US RM and UK forces, MRAPS and APCs are never used for assaults, never alone at least, they are primarily used for transport and patrols.”

        what u said is 100% correct.

        ” Often times, when an MRAP or APC is engaging, it would have first being fired upon, so it’s engaging from a defensive position.”

        in a AREA DOMINATION patrol u have to take out the enemy on sight.
        otherwise it wil defeat the very purpose of ur mission.

        ” Also, often when you see those engaging you, it’d have been too late and you can only be reactionary, training and instincts kick in. ”

        yes ur correct and after all this is why we r trained/retrained to do, isnt it.

        “It is almost always the exclusive benefit of the side launching the assault to chose when and how to launch the assault and you only see them when the first assault is launched.”

        yes,that is why it is not a good idea to present a buttoned up target .
        if a mrap comes under attack most probably it will be from a IED or RPG targetting its wheels.immobalize one apc/mrap at the front and another at the end u have the rest of the convoy pinned militants attacking from all sides to distract draw the gunners attention , will leave the buttoned up concussioned and shocked troops exposed to further RPG etc strikes .
        this is my understanding , ahem!! actually my friends understanding πŸ˜€

        “Within those precious few seconds, the driver and machine gunner have to reactionarily defend, take evasive action (manoeuvres and response fire with/without grenades) and decide with the troop whether to stand and fight or simply go.”
        hehehe go where πŸ˜€
        if ur are ambushed by SMART and BATTLE HARDENED EXPERIENCED terriorists they will decide wheather the troops will fight or go. not the troops.
        as i pointed out earlier if ur trapped at either ends where will u go.
        almost 90% of the time ambush locations r chosen to provide advantage to the attacking parties so that they can be at advantage and dictate the terms as u yourself pointed out.
        ultimately the trapped troops have to fight it out.
        u cannot rule out such situations from happening.
        in fact witnessed the dead of 19 people when a convoy of civilian trucks / vehicles escorted by military in a mountainous road was ambushed 7 trucks burned 2 went down the mountain the civilian drivers panicked i cover/space to take up position, trucks burning smoke everywhere visibility zero , injured screaming two died while trying to rescue the injured. bast**ds let the injured scream all the while shooting anybody trying to get close used them as a bait.
        war aint so pleasing at close range.

        “Often times again, when occupants decide to engage, it often starts from side ports while the gunner at the top would also lay suppressing fire while the occupants quickly de-bus and take positions.”
        yes that is the normal SOP

        “Writing this reaction brings back a bad memory”
        sorry about that

        u and i differ in our perspective POV.
        but this is what actually make it more interesting and worthwhile, especially for me.

      • Ola says:

        Lol Lachit, you think Talibans are not battle hardened? Do you remember that region has been at war for almost 3 dacedes and they have fought the best armies in the world till date? Soviets then NATO? Please think about it.
        Usually, every situation of ambush and attack is unique, often close quatered, involves everything the attacker has and is usually very fluid. The reactionary baseline I gave you here is what the doctrine around MRAPs usage is based on in RM and largely ISAF forces.
        Reacting to this statement from you “in a AREA DOMINATION patrol u have to take out the enemy on sight. otherwise it wil defeat the very purpose of ur mission.”
        Again, you need to know that as a rule of engagement, NATO forces don’t shoot first and probe later. You don’t shoot at the first movement or flicker you see! It may be a goat, a dog, a child/woman/man running scared or it may be a spotter! The first movement/flicker/glint you see under this kind of engagement condition only serves to heighten your reaction and puts you on a hyper alert level. Even if the person is a spotter, by rule, you don’t shoot except if the spotter is armed! At least once, I have seen troops meeting a spotter working a field radio but he was let go because he was not armed even though he was cornered. His radio was seized, he was brought in for questioning and he was eventually let go. It is often under this kind of operating conditions that you find MRAPs and their passengers. And no, depending on the type of MRAPs and the calibre of the weapon of assault, you can hardly roast the occupants in an MRAP these days. Massive IEDs have been the bane of MRAPs in places like Afghanistan, not ambushes.
        Also, you started a paragraph with this “yes,that is why it is not a good idea to present a buttoned up target” If you remembered, I did say it that MRAPs are mostly used for patrols and troops usually de-bus just before they arrive the AOR for the day. As a convoy protection, quite early, the US RM accessed the level of threats, planned logistical supports and usually, MRAPs alone are not used for convoy support, significantly uparmored+upgunned MRAPS and IFVs are mixed into convoys and convoy formations are very different from the conventional, this is why their logistics never fell into the hands of Talibans. Logistical supplies of secondary importance contracted out to companies were often protected by PMCs, that is another story. In general though you can only marvel at the extensive use of road based logistical support by ISAF, right under the noses of Taliban.
        To be honest I blame the army on this issue of a 19 vehicle convoy ambush you mentioned. Why are there scouts (usually SF/Rangers do this) in the army for this to have happened? Wasn’t the existential threat of the are known before? I never was involved in convoy transport for once. I did scout and planned safe passages a few times though. I do know that the basic doctrine of the Marines already prepares you for this kind of thing and there are key parameters you consider to plan a convoy and if ALL those parameters are not checked, you either abort or adapt your tactical approach to executing it.

      • lachit says:

        thanks for the interesting reply

        “you think Talibans are not battle hardened?”
        hehe definately not
        i meant more in the SF tactics.

        “rule of engagement, NATO forces don’t shoot first and probe later. ”
        hehehe u surely now different nato countries have different rules of engagement.
        and is it safe to assume that they r always adhered to.

        as let me share a small incident in iraq
        the insurgents in iraq were bobby trapping their own injured comrades usually with a secondary ied placed nearby.
        US rules of engagement prohibites taking out the injured terrorist,
        so the US got the POLISH snipers to do the job since the polish rules of engagement allows it to kill injured enemies if deemed necessary.
        lets say after that the insurgents gave up the tactic almost entirely.

        “To be honest I blame the army on this issue of a 19 vehicle convoy ambush you mentioned.”

        i did not tell u where the incident took place, the roads there will never support the weight of a MRAP etc , and most of the time it is a one way lane,
        and yes their was intelligence inputs regarding impeding attacks but i guess the army never figured that the insurgents would use the said location for ambush because the location was thought to be inaccesable in the first place for setting up a ambush.
        guess they learnt a good lesson

        ” As a convoy protection, quite early, the US RM accessed the level of threats, planned logistical supports and usually, MRAPs alone are not used for convoy support, significantly uparmored+upgunned MRAPS and IFVs are mixed into convoys and convoy formations are very different from the conventional, this is why their logistics never fell into the hands of Talibans.”

        the best laid plans sometimes fall flat, because i saw a utube video documentary shot by a embedded journalist with the talibans where the talibanis did mount a ambush at a mountain pass targetting a convoy and they took out 2 humvees.
        infact the talibanis mentioned that it was their favourite point of ambush.
        they even placed a anti aircraft ZSU2 hidden by a rock outcrop .
        the nato forces simply abandoned their damaged vehicles, after returning fire and continued on their way.
        point to be noted never saw a MRAP in the convoy, a apache was spotted and was firing at another talibani position at a adjacent mountain before flying away.
        the attack was a failure because the talibani radios crackled saying they had no casualties.

        i am not question the effectives of nato operational planning tactics etc, i just want to say that nothing alway works out as planned since the battlefield is fluid as u right mentioned before.

        also what is the anser to ur question regarding why taliban stopped using donkeys
        plz see my answer

        regards and thanks

    • CHYDE says:

      Or Oga-madam

  65. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, im having a hard time understanding your stand. You’ve switched from military preparedness to patriotism, integrity and foresight and you are basing this based on a countries national wealth? Each time i hear this ”Nigeria is an oil rich country” banter i shake my head, For too long we’ve held on to this notion that we are stupendously wealthy and can afford anything. Nigeria is in actual fact a resource poor country. Nigeria produces on the average 2.5 milion barrels a day. 2.5 million barrels doesn’t bode well for a country that has 177 million mouths to feed. Compare than to Angola that produces a similar amount but with just 20million people, or Russia that produces 10 million barrels a day for a population of 140 million. Nigeria did not achieve all these accolade because she has oil Nigeria makes roughly $50 billion a year from oil. For ever $1 of Nigerian oil sold the oil companies take %60. With a GDP of half a trillion you see oil as a percentage of Nigeria’s GDP is less than %20. Nigeria being Africa’s economy number one has nothing to do with oil. Our annual budgetary allocation does not exceed $10 billion, so do not paint this Nigeria is rich Ethiopia is poor picture. Nigeria has achieved so much in the past decade and currently has arguably the most mature democracy in Africa yet you consistently choose to lump us in with some banana republic because they have 1000 anti tank missiles? What kind of analogy is that? Nigeria is the only country in the world today to have its external reserve increase by %10 despite record low oil prices, does this strike you as a nation not properly managed?

    It is Nigeria’s Dangote than opened a $500 million cement processing plant in Ethiopia, %70 of the world force are locals. Nigerians are idolized and given legendary status in these places. Nigerian investors compete with Chinese and American investors on the continent, We have the second biggest internet penetration in Africa outside Morocco. As of this writing Nigeria is the 20th biggest economy in the world and have reached middle income status. The Nigerian middle class is half the population of Ethiopia and rising. 5 years ago this was unthinkable. Nigeria is second only to South Africa in financial services sector sophistication, wthere are myriads of local and international banks, asset management companies, brokerage houses, insurance companies and brokers, private equity funds and investment banks. Twice in 5 years Nigeria;s Soludo and Lamido have both being awarded Central Bank Governors in Africa. Can this happen in a disorganized backward country? You talk of foreign policy, Nigeria has more diplomatic clout than Ethiopia. Nigeria is the undisputed hegemon in our region, Ethiopia cannot easily claim that spot. This is the country with the second biggest movie industry in the world,this is the country with the most authors and literary icons, this is the country with the richest black man and woman on Earth. This is the country that build Africa’s only ”purpose built city” from scratch and in 10 years have built up an ever expanding infrastructure. High speed rails in Abuja, Mono rails in Lagos and Port Hacourt, Eko Atlantic in the Atlantic, Obudu and Tinapa in Calabar, Africa’s longest over-water Bridge, the new Lekki Ikoyi Bridge. There is no Ethiopian equivalent in infrastructure to Abuja, Lagos, Calabar or even Enugu. Like %90 of African countries the nerve center of Ethiopia is the Capital City, outside Adis Ababa the rest o the country is stone age in infrastructure. You cannot say the same about Nigeria can you? Until you give me a candid example of how Ethiopia is a better organized country than Nigeria besides 1000 anti Tank missiles and 1000 Tanks your argument lacks bite.

    • Centenary says:

      @ sir oje I don’t always agree wit wat u say but on this I am wit u to a satin level (80%).from my own experience and research management is not our main problem not even corruption is our problem,it is sometin dat we all ignore and it is enthic/tribaland religion afiliation,it has eatin us up so badly dat we don’t even notice it,that is y our leaders av and will continue to eat us raw if we don’t change our mentality becos dey will only reason dat they can do anytin becos their tribe/region is at their back and it is true,like I do say my Africa starts from port highcourt and ends in sokoto,I am not a africa Nigerian but a Nigerian Nigerian,here is wat someone we consider a founding father said in the person of Sir Ahmadu bello
      I find his statement pitiable

  66. G8T Nigeria says:

    @Augustine thank you for your timely response even though I was expecting vituperative composition. The truth you mentioned is clearly underlined in this discuss. If Nigeria is at war everybody will feel it and that includes you. Therefore the praise singing, acceptance or denial is foolishness except positions are subjected to clarifications/verification and truth based analysis.

    Criticism is good but your case lies to the end of extremities. In the past You have lamented how the president of Nigeria should cry to Zuma and beg him not to send his valour frigates, you have continuously threatened the security integrity of the Nigerian state because of Chadian 12 jets. The issue is not what you do but the extremities you undertake doing it. Everyone loves an upgraded Nigerian Military but not on non factual positions.

    On the skyguard radar, again you said “Oga asorockweb, Nigeria has nothing like that, your suggestion is really good. Currently, Nigerian army towed anti-aircraft guns are only guided by eye-sight optics, NO RADAR.” Have you done inspection on the entire Nigeria Military live/storage facilities?

    You speak so confidently but later a good analysis brought in positions different from yours. How did you come about these information is another issue as I wonder if the Nigerian Military conducts weapons briefing to you.

    Now to Ethopia, if it takes videos/photographs and international commentaries to place Nigeria at her knees then I ask? is there nothing in Nigeria that is good under your criteria of assessment. If there is then for once, try to balance your argument sometimes because it may mislead certain people.

    In summary, don’t be too quick to rubbish your house just for some information about another house you have no ground appreciation. As u claimed to hobnob in the corridors of national security individuals then be sure if you are service personnel, your anti Nigerian narrative beats imagination from someone under armed forces act. I therefore recommend you draw a line between the desire for a greater Nigeria Military which we all want and speaking on certain positions you are not clear.

    Mr Lachit, thanks for your observations. The facts are that Nigeria through NASRDA Joint venture is currently on a SAR Satellite project. Military officers are currently undergoing training and the there will be more security related applications. I do not know to what scale to compare the project with those countries you mentioned. I only pray someday it compete favourably.

    • Are James says:

      Not to drag the Nigeria Ethiopia comparison too far, I think the argument is a little like what thermodynamists would call “path” or “state” functions. The original argument was.. “Ethiopia is better run than Nigeria ” not a comparison of current state or potential but the “paths” being currently taken. They seem to be more daring and focused as a country while we have a more focused and dynamic people. The call is for leadership and followers hip that can dream again and aim for skies for national glory.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga G8T Nigeria and Oga Are James, my final say on Ethiopia-Nigeria will be :

        On an average/general evaluation of our 55 years independence and without referring to any particularly government regime or leaders, Nigeria is like a football team with super talented players and goalkeeper but a bad team manager/coach/technical adviser and football administrators.

        Ethiopia is like a football team with moderately talented players/goal keeper but with a good team manager/coach/technical adviser and football administrators.

      • Are James says:

        Thank you.

  67. jimmy says:

    Oga GT8,,Oga Augustine
    Much respect for your comments as your “egbon” Senior brother please take it very easy .I believe both of you have extremely valid points
    Let me go with some of OGA GT8 points, the danger of Non criticisim/ Sycophantic praise worshiping, I truly believe Oga Aug’s heart is in the right place he thinks that for Nigeria to improve and to never ever find itself in this embarrassing position again , this is something that must be discarded, on the other hand oga gt8 you are actually spot on
    “Currently, Nigerian army towed anti-aircraft guns are only guided by eye-sight optics, NO RADAR.” Have you done inspection on the entire Nigeria Military live/storage facilities?”
    Let us me just say this based on what i know the NA AAA and their artillery are not guided by optics alone, there are certain things told in confidence that have to remain so, the last three months told the deadly accuracy of these systems from 20-30 km away
    End of PART 1

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, I salute sir. My comment earlier on saying Nigerian army anti-aircraft guns are optical guided by eye sight with no radar is based of available INTERNATIONAL ARMS PROCUREMENT RECORDS on UN register and SIPRI, there is no record of any AA guns guidance radar purchased by Nigeria, so if I am wrong, the global arms record experts too are wrong.

      SIPRI clearly records countries that purchased Skyguard radars for their anti-aircraft guns. Nigeria is not on the list.

      For the Bofors artillery used in NE war, the Konduga officer said they have aircraft spotting the enemy for them to target, so that’s what they use, or else it’s ground men spotters. The Bofors firing in operation did not show any side radar, and the 26 km range is beyond visual range, meaning they have aircraft or ground men giving the gunners target coordinates for azimuth and elevation, that is what Nigeria did in Sierra Leone, we used Italian OTO Melara artillery and Col. Eben’s EO men used Cessna aircraft to spot targets and radio coordinates to NA arty boys who hit target with super accuracy like mad men geniuses who can kill a rat from 10 km away.

      Later I responded to persistent comments by Oga Trigger that he saw mobile radars at Kaduna NAF base, then I said they maybe what he says, and that the Kachia photos maybe Skyguard, meaning Nigerian army has radar guided anti-aircraft guns, not reported by SIPRI and UN logs probably because they are second hand purchases or just missing from arms transfer records worldwide.

      No fault of mine, I spoke based on what is known to the public, or how will I speculate that Nigeria has what is not confirmed that we have on record? I could say Nigerian army has 500 T-72 tanks because a Captain told me so, does it make me right? The best public record is what is confirmed and written, the best factual record is what the chief of army staff tells us he counted in his armoury, but how do I get info directly from him?

      I have friends at artillery Kaduna who are officer rank and they don’t know how many Yugoslav M56 artillery guns Nigeria has, SIPRI records zero, yet we see dozens in NE war sectors. How is it my fault?

      Global rankings of countries military capabilities is done by rating agencies based on what they are known to have in their armoury, not what is likely in their armoury but unknown to the outside world.

      I make my comments based on what is known, and that is the best any human being can do, or else I will become a speculator of imaginary arsenal of weapons that cannot be proved. No offense chief, just clarifying where I stand and what I will continue to do.

      Many thanks.

    • mcshegz says:

      Nigerian Navy’s on a class of its own. Evidently, we hear little, see more; Impressive. complete with a set term agenda; this is one we can truly learn a lot from
      Oga Jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga it’s the same NNS Centenary OPV

  68. Oje says:

    So true Oga mcshegz, there are many here who do not see that the strength of a countries military us nit determined by Tanks and Surface to air missiles alone. I am yet to see any Navy in West/East/Central Africa that comes close to the Nigerian Navy in terms of training, professionalism and assets. Not long ago the NNS Thunder sailed 50,000 kilometers with an all Nigerian crew to Australia to represent Africa in the Naval Fleet. Needless to say no African Navy have carried out operations or navigated that distance since the creation of man. The NNS Thunder can circle the whole of Africa twice without needed to refuel. The measure of a countries military capacity does not revolve around number of Tanks alone.

    Fact: The Nigerian military officers are the most trained and educated in SSA.
    Fact: The Nigerian army is first and only army in Africa to employ the use of armed Drones in any conflict and 3rd only after the United States and Israel.
    Fact: The Nigerian airforce ATR-71 is by far most advanced aerial surveillance aircraft in Africa.
    Fact: Nigerian artillery troops are among the best trained in Africa.
    Fact: Despite the ”global” war on terror the Nigerian military is the military fighting a Grade A terrorist group virtually alone with no support from the international comittee. You have 12 countries fighting ISIS Iraq Syria and Yemen. In Mali we saw first hand the amount of resources and firepower employed by the West to wrestle back half of Mali to from terrorist control. As French fighter Jets pound ISIS positions Canadian and American C-130 heavy lift aircraft resupplied French forces in Mali, this does not include the hundreds of trroops from Nigeria, Chad and Senegal. In somalia we have Ethiopian, Ugandan and Kenyan troops joinging forces to fight Al-Shahab militants. But in Nigeria what suport do we have? instead of support we have detractors. In Nigeria’s case we have Paul Biya paying in excess of $ 1 million in an 8 month period all in the name of ” Ransom fee’s” to Boko Haram, a gross violation of the UN Charter never to encourage more kidnappings by paying ransom. W have another criminal neighbor Chad running clandestine operations to resupply Boko Haram fighters at night, scamming the Nigerian government into believeing Boko Haram is ready to negotiate the release o the girls but in actual fact what they are doing is buying Boko Haram time to retreat, lick its wounds, reinforce and come back with a bang. The Cameroonian journalist who broke the news of Idris Derby’s personal aid was caught with 19 Russian made SA-7 anti aircraft missiles to Boko Haram in Borno was arrested and detained by the Cameroonian government and was only recently released. Add to that the hypocritical Obama administration who claims to be championing a ”global”n war on terror yet deems it fit cripple the Nigerian militaries ability to fight Boko Haram all in the name of Human Rights yet they spend billions of dollars in military assistance to Sauidi Arabia, the poster child of human rights violations, a country where women are now allowed to drive or go outside without a male escort and their Ninja Masks, a country where the penalty for stealing is Amputations and the penalty for n adultery is death by stoning, in this 21st century. The same America turns a blind eye and pledges military assistance to two of Africa’s longest serving dictators Idris Derby and Paul Biya, who between themselves have ruled over their countries for 60 years. The same useless Obama administration who consistently tries to depose the Assad Regime, a force of general stability but chooses to trained, arm and supply terrorists groups who call them selves the ”Free” Syrian army or whatever misnomer they choose to call it, I knew Nigeria as a State is being targeted for destruction when they blocked the sale of non lethal Chinook helicopters by Israel to Nigeria and Saudi F-15’s forced a Pakistani cargo aircraft enroute to Nigeria with weapons to land. A barely a week after that we saw how the South African government arrested an Israeli and Nigerian with millions of dollars in cash meant for a South African defence company for weapons to help our fighting men and women. They sensationalize the story with the clear aim of embarrassing the Nigerian government. In these events which spans barely a month, as if abandoning Nigeria to fight terror alone is not bad enough we see how some forces went to ggreat lenght to ensure Nigeria never gets the weapons she deserve to fight.

    Despite all this the Nigeria prevailed. No nation in the world would survive the kind attacks the Nigerian government had to endure fighting a terrorist group like Boko Haram, whose barbarity is so extreme,these guys make ISIS look like Boys Scout. Despite an unprecedented smear campaign and nefarious interference Nigeria proves to the world once again that the Nigerian spirit can never be subdued, it can suppressed for a short while but ultimately Nigeria will never go on its knees like Iraq. In Iraq ISIS was barely 16 kilometers away from Baghdad when the Iraqi army ”took off”, leaving behind a staggering 12,000 armored plated humvees, nearly a hundred M1-Abram Tanks and dozens of howitzers. In Syria terrorists have virtually torn the country to shreds[p
    ,. In Libya the country as a sovereign entity is certainly a thing of the past. But it Nigeria’s case we refused to go down the path of surrender like Iraq, Syria or Mali, instead we fought on, we defeated Ebola, weve taken back all lost territories, weve kicked out Boko Haram from the Samisa forest. it is easy to underestimate the logistical challenges the Nigerian army have to face. The Sambisa forest alone is nearly twice the size of Belguim,few African countries can do survive the plethora of problems Nigeria had to face and still come out victorious. Just yesterday the Washington Post wrote an article saying the Nigerian President is the least corrupt in Africa. Any body who still thinks Nigeria is badly governed compared to should back their bags and move to Ethiopia.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria is badly governed.
      The people are resilient and creative and that has been the only saving grace. Even the Boko Haram we are talking about has its main “Amirs” , the core concentrated ideological engine room of group resourced from Nigerias north east. The fact that they are taking on four sovereign countries at the same time and managing to hold their own is the perverse side of that same resilience. However let us not deceive ourselves; we barely generate 5000MW of power, have no National airline (the point that kick started this wholevargument), import petroleum products when we should be Africa’s main supplier, have neglected agriculture, education and health. We are the most rambunctious tribes in Africa but we allowed a few generals run amok with our resources for years and did nothing and right now we routinely vote the wrong civilians and watch them do the same thing. Not a very good record for a 50- something year old country

  69. jimmy says:

    OGA Augustine
    Much respect for your comments OGA Oje This is the second time in a 24 hour span that I am going to agree with your comments at least 75- 80% maybe I need to play the lottery.
    OGA Augustine
    A guy with passion for Nigeria that burns like no other, let me say this so you know personal
    Nigeria is the first country in the world that SIPRI has documented to I believe oga Henry ” They do not have valid documentation on some of the things Nigeria is buying”
    “I have friends at artillery Kaduna who are officer rank and they don’t know how many Yugoslav M56 artillery guns
    i do not mean to belittle your friend but there are Red neck Officers who DO KNOW how many we have and I AM being careful because CAREERS ARE ON THE LINE, he told you what you wanted to hear.
    This is the best I can tell you read carefully
    Between the period of GEJ’S last months in office and the first month of PMB both THE AAA and the ARTILLERY Systems of THE NA are believe to of gotten upgrades.
    the $250m upgrade given to the UK COMPANY is actually a very small example of what is going on right now .
    It takes Four Satellites to PINPOINT any position on the face of the Earth ,Nigeria has that.
    In order to avoid Collateral damage a country needs real time SATELLITE IMAGERY ( not isr/ not foot soldier surveillance/ not beacon technology) Nigeria has that.
    Finally go back to one of oga lachit’s queries which listed eight countries, ahem if you think that list is wrong/ right issokay.
    Again Nigeria is a very secretive nation.”The more you look the less you see”
    Nigeria is going to be okay.

  70. lachit says:

    thank god i am not Ethiopian
    or right now i will be darn confused weather to be cry or to smile πŸ˜€
    just wish a Ethiopian comes rumbling along
    would be fun

  71. Oje says:

    Oga James, i can outline dozens of examples where Ethiopia is at best a decade behind Nigeria. No you cannot keep bringing this ”National Airline” thing into this foray. Is Nigeria the only country that does not have a national airline? Can Ethiopian forces sustain operations in an area three times the size of Belgium against a ”Faceless” enemy? Who are the Boko Haram fighters? Do you jnow any of them? Can you identify one? Do you know when they plan to attack? Do you even know what their plan is? The Americans are still battling the Taliban in A-stan, there is a resurgent Aqeada competing with ISIS for barbarity, Boko Haram is the new ISIS Wannabe. Good thing you mentioned education now answer me with all honesty:

    Does Ethiopia have better educational standards than Nigeria?
    Is Ethiopian healthcare infrastructure and practitioners better than Nigeria’s
    Does Ethiopia have better infrastructure than Nigeria?
    Does Ethiopia have a free and independent media like we have here? dont lie.

    This is the very first time i am seeing you give such baseless generic analogies that beats my imagination. Nigeria is 50 years old, forty of those 50 years were wasted by a civil war and military dictatorship. Nigeria only went back to democracy and civilian rule in 1999 and within three years Nigeria was forced to grabble with the NIGER DELTA Insurgency, an Insurgency that rendered the Nigerian government nearly broke until an Amnesty programme was agreed upon bu the government from a position of strengths. We have barely had 3 years of relative peace before the Boko Haram gang started again. The Nigerian State have pushed forward structural reforms and infrastructural development while fighting two wars in the space of 5 years. Against all expectations we have persevered in a hostile environment yet myopic minded ignoramus like you continue to ridicule Nigeria, turn a blind eye on our successes and sing praises of countries who by and large look up to us. Yes Nigeria is 50 years old, but real nation building started only 15 years ago. You want Nigeria to solve all its problems over night. Ethiopia is 200 years old, was never colonized and have never been subdued by any one, not even the Italians in WW2. Can you please outline to me what Ethiopia as a nation have achieved in 200 years? I am waiting,.

  72. Augustine says:

    I wonder what will happen if all the men on this Beegeagle’s blog are allowed to sit down face to face at around a table to argue all these Nigerian issues… will need a first aid box with many bandages and a nurse on stand by, abi no be so my brothers ?

  73. Oje says:

    sorry, no vex. Bad move. i take it back Oga James.

  74. Ola says:
    This reminds one of the IHS news back in February.
    Looking at the characteristics though-I don’t know if it’s still the same as the generic information logged for the two vessels in global maritime/naval records-NNS Sagbama is a bit under powered and could be refitted with new, more powerful and fuel efficient engines while NNS prosperity should be significantly upgunned for a vessel of that size.

  75. rka says:

    Now I’m confused as this article says DICON is producing the weapons we thought it was.

  76. mcshegz says:

    “The US is not happy about reports of Russia’s military build-up in Syria
    Secretary of State John Kerry expressed U.S. concern over reports of Russia’s enhanced military build-up in Syria in a telephone call on Saturday with his Russian counterpart, the State Department said.”

    “Quoting unidentified Obama administration officials, the New York Times reported Russia has dispatched a military advance team to Syria and has sent prefabricated housing units for hundreds of people to a Syrian airfield and delivered a portable air traffic control station there.”

    “It said officials see no indications Russia intends to deploy significant ground forces, but may be preparing the airfield as a base for transporting military supplies or a launching pad for air strikes supporting Assad.”

    hehehehehehe. not happy? boohoo

    • CHYDE says:

      But this same US were considering defending the Syrian opposition from air strikes from Assad’s airforce. Who is fooling who? Air strikes agaisnt ISIS ( which by the way is good and the right thing to do ) is now being used as a guise to unseat Assad. Hehehe. Iraq and Libya has taught people lessons

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      It seems that the missiles supplied to the “moderate” Islamic rebels / FSA will be used against the Russians before being used, eventually against the Americans. Love to see how an “American” spec M 1 fares against a Tow or Kornet ATGM. Trust the yanks to start shipping Manpads to the rebels who switch allegiances on a per – second plan.

      • Are James says:

        Russia needs to secure its main partner and sole remaining strategic interest in the region but that is as far as it goes. Russia cannot handle ISIS. That is not an under estimation of their capabilities but a statement of fact based on their “operational configuration” and doctrine. ISIS is an amorphous, indefinable, organic swarm of ” stinging bees” that nobody understands for now. It is a pseudo religious body and part militia part conventional army, 70% of the force is made up of civilians with a core military leadership of some ex Saddam general’s. There are many facets to the war in Syria and so many actors and interests that Russia might get itself confused as to how to act quite a lot of times in th coming years. The West is the author of many confusions and when they wear their web even they get entangled. Added to this fact they don’t have the multi-laterality of NATO or the deep pockets of a Germany ready to sign cheques so one would counsel modest aspirations in that region for now.

  77. Oje says:

    If Obama had not covertly sought to destabilized the ASSAD regime and prop up the terrorist and if CNN did not turn into the propaganda arm of ISIS, ISIS as we know it will not exist in the size and scale it does.

  78. Augustine says:

    Russia is trying to find allies around the world, desperately, avoiding isolation.

    USA/EU has made progress in shrinking Russian influence around the world, the EU attempt to snatch away Ukraine, the last strong ally of Russia in Europe, led to the Crimea war.

    USA has scored another hit on Russia last month by restoring full diplomatic relations with Cuba, thus pushing the Russians into further isolation and loss of friends/allies.

    Nigeria should just be careful, people should advice President Buhari, non-aligned as Nigeria is, we have been saved from collapse and loss of sovereignty/territorial integrity twice in war by Russia, the USA/EU don’t care if Nigeria does not exist beyond today, we can break up into a thousand pieces for all they care.

    President Buhari has visited USA with the speed of lightning, but 100 days in office, he has not visited Russia and China that saved Nigeria from Boko Haram’s violation of Nigeria’s territorial integrity.

    The President is struggling to convince America to sell lethal weapons to Nigeria, while Russia gave us $1 Billion credit line for weapons and we have not used it to buy desperately needed weapons for both COIN war and plugging gaps in conventional war capability.

    I wish to warn the FG to beware of snubbing Russia today, because one day in the future we may run to them when we have another war and they may decide to snub us in retaliation.

    I have a funny feeling Nigeria is back to dreaming about buying American F-16 jets, I do not see hope of buying any Su-30 Flanker jets around the horizon, the new boss is looking west, and unless the USA/EU fails him, that is where he desires to look. My opinion is based on the usual Nigerian ritual of FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE….president M. Buhari .

    • ozed says:

      Sadly it seems you are right, and when we finally have to crawl back to the Russians we would need the help in a hurry and thus there would be no time to order good quality stuff from the factory. We would have to settle for pre owned material and what ever can be scraped together from Eastern Europe.
      Dont be surprised if you find us begging to get 6 units of ex-hungarian Mig 23s and 3 units of ex-serbian airforce Su-17s. LOLz

    • Are James says:

      Scanning with realistic eyes, I foresee interim SU 25s, maybe six with foreign pilots late this year or early next year. I don’t think PMB cancelled any Russian deal for Sukhois.
      The delay might be normal lead time.
      T-129 is also near certain next year.

      • Ola says:

        Mr.James, quick question please? Do you mean Nigeria signed a deal for SU 25s a while ago? Also, do you mean a procurement deal was signed without signing training arrangement for the personnel to operate them? It would be embarrassing to see Nigeria operating SU 25s with foreign pilots at the controls, especially going with your insinuation that the procurement was ordered before the current administration came in -meaning months of conversion training time to spare.

  79. mcshegz says:

    beyond the obvious is that wickid sign board
    Naija. I hail thee

    • Nnamdi says:


      Safety signs/warnings everywhere are not meant to be polite. Its bluntness is meant to give a quick trigger of ones consciousness to seriousness of the subject matter


    It appears Pakistan has joined the “drone wars”, albeit with a home made drone

    • Are James says:

      This drone is a CH3.

      • Dem pakistanis no go gree, though they hv been accused of cloning the CH3 according to some articles I hv read

      • lachit says:

        cloning lolzzzz
        it is imported CH3 top to bottom
        funny thing is there was only one test flight before it was declared as operational
        and in the same test flight there was a test firing of the laser guided missile which was again declared operational in the very same test firing and which again co incidently looks like the chinese AR 1 missile.
        too many look alikes blame it on RAW πŸ˜€ or super brain power
        or more pausible reason is that they must have a SUPER DARPA like organization working for them and hence they can declare operational capability in one test flight/firing.
        something even US or even the chinese cant do.hehehe

        i just wish their SUPER DARPA outfit atleast makes a 100c 2 stroke motor since the common pakistani people r tired of the cheap chinese ones on which half of their motorcycles run.

      • lachit says:


        see any difference?
        from the drag reducing aerospike to the comm. probe in front of the air intakes
        as for the missles, dimensions apar,t the fins placement at the rear is exact to the last micro cm.
        all said and done still the fact is they have a uav laden with missiles, beg steal repaint no problem because at the end weather the system can perform its intended role is all that matters.

    • lachit says:

      saw that but i dont think its going to stop any isis kind of terrorist from using it.
      what r the manufacturers even thinking lolzzz

  81. lachit says:

    say guys u all get to make a high performance UAV,
    ur given a engine , the airframe .
    then what is the next most important mechanical part that u require to keep the uav flying?
    and that part/tech is only available with a few and is on the restricted list of exports to other countries.

  82. Oje says:

    World war 3 started months ago but nobody even realizes it. Weve seen the biggest scourge of human refugees displaced by war since World War II. The Europeans and Americans are planning a final solution to the Syrian Crises, this means ground forces, but Ivan Ivanovich no dey carry last, Putin is already preempting the West by sending in Russian fighter jets, pilots, Special forces troops and Armoured Personnel Carriers. Then you have China,making troubles in the South China Sea, claiming territories and building military bases smack right in the middle of the sea. Together with Russia the East is out to launch an all out attack against Western Interest and influence in a Pincer movement. Expect the refugee crises to blow out of proportion.

    Back to Earth. Does anybody know why half the year is gone yet Nigeria is practically running without ministers. With only one man running the show if this is not military dictatorship then i don’t know what is.

  83. Are James says:

    About three Beegeagle bloggers independently suggested these things more than a year ago:- improved regimental culture inculcation, RSMs, team building imagery complete with unit symbols, mascots and call signs. The entire shebang of a well groomed army.

  84. jimmy says:

    How to run a NATIONAL AIRLINE
    End result:
    1) The F.G. makes A PROFIT
    2) The money to buy brand new AIRCRAFT for the AIRLINE becomes Available
    3) The brand name Nigeria becomes appealing to all Nigerians ( this is crucial before anyone flies on Nigerian Airlines , Nigerians have to fly on it first.)

  85. xkennx says:

    Sorry to be late to make a comment, the picture at the beginning is actually not a Spartan (141″ version) but the Warrior (165″ WB version). The Warrior has a longer body but everything is the same. The Warrior is more popular if you are going to install a weapon system (machine gun or rocket system) on it. Also ideal for Ambulance conversions – the increased space gives you room to administer first aid while moving.

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