This April 2015 photo shows one of two 24 metre KND patrol craft delivered to Nigeria. As we write this, two other 30 metre patrol craft are being converyed to Nigeria from Turkey



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  1. beegeagle says:

    The new pair of 30m patrol craft coming from Turkey for the NCS

    • Ola says:

      Thanks sir Beegs for posting this! I believe these boats were ordered many months ago. I do hope the current government administration will follow up on this and buy at least two vessels with bigger displacement for the customs service, 50 – 70m vessels at least. May be NCS can team up with the NN for effective coastal patrols and share the tasks of coast guard since Nigeria does not have a dedicated coast gurad force.

  2. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, nice one. It is time to show your face, i would like to see the face behind Africa’s biggest ever Defense Blog,

    • colloid says:

      Howdy CyberGs. It’s been a long time here. @ Oga Oje, hehehe, i dey ur back. But, i think he should stay off the radar for now. His being anonymous No one knows who is who–(my or your intention really). But frankly, i also want to know the Lord of this Castle. Atleast, let’s know the DJ behind the nodding Lizard….hehehe

      • buchi says:


    • Omonon says:

      Supported sir!
      God bless Nigeria!

    • beegeagle says:

      Show face ke? Hehe..back tyre nor dey meet front tyre. OP SEC rules for now..

  3. Augustine says:

    Thanks for this good news Oga Beegeagle, it’s a welcome development from FG. If para-military organizations like Marine police and Customs can do anti-crime patrols at sea, leaving the tough part of high level anti-piracy ops to the navy, it will reduce the overtime labour that Nigerian navy has been doing for over 10 years now, diverting the navy’s focus from real military combat capabilities involving equipment, platforms, vessels, and conventional war training/execises/war games at sea.

    Nigerian government, thank you for these new vessels and the involvement of the customs…..but make sure the sea men you deploy are the honest ones that will not take bribe and let smugglers go free o !

  4. Augustine says:

    Turkey ? Mmmmmmh !

    I won’t be surprised if Nigerian navy buys missile armed boats from Turkey, the specifications of their ONUK fast attack crafts and the attack crafts published by Beegeagle’s blog do sound the same…

    15 May, 2015

    Feelers from the inner sanctum of Nigeria’s defence and security architecture indicate a confirmed order for four small missile craft for the Nigerian Navy.

    According to the source, “Nigeria have placed a confirmed order for two units of 24 metre patrol boats armed with surface to surface missile & short range surface to air missile launchers. Additionally, an order has been placed for two units of 35 metre patrol boats armed with surface to surface missiles & short range surface to air launchers.

    The four missile boats shall additionally be armed with 30mm cannons & 12.7mm heavy machine guns”

    Now read this to compare the armaments specs language :

    ONUK MRTP®33 can be equipped with various mission modules depending on the customer requirements. Despite the size of the platform, these modules have been integrated with the modularity and reconfigurability objectives in mind. Thus, the platform can be reconfigured with different mission modules, increasing dramatically the operational flexibility and reducing the costs. The mission modules would be:

    Multi weapon mounts.
    – Stabilized naval turret with up to 30 mm. gun
    (+ short range SSM).
    – Medium range SSM (Total weights up to 5 tons).
    – Short range SAM.
    – 2 x 12.7 mm. heavy MG.
    Multi sensor surveillance unit
    (EOD with capabilty of controlling the main gun).
    Search and rescue equipment
    SOF (Special Operation Forces) support/SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle)
    Pollution control

    Just making a guess as to the similarities….we don’t know, it might just be.

    • beegeagle says:

      Highly plausible. The search queries directing people to this blog to read about that platform has been inordinately high for one year. From experience, it is usually a sign that such a weapon system is the subject of high-level interest.

  5. jimmy says:

    More Patrol Boats (NAVY ) and more UAV/ Drones ( NAF) 2015/2016.

  6. jimmy says:

    For theft to stop / reduced to the minimum
    The NAF must be provided with More drones, more officers and especially more helios
    The NA must be provided with more than enough NVGS , Night logistical equipment to undertake DANGEROUS patrols at Night
    Naval Installations must have the inherent Belief they are going to be under Constant attack and are already in HARM’S WAY
    criminal prosecution is a must
    The F.G, State Govt, Local govts, Private Corporations and private Individuals must find jobs, vocational skills for those who seek employment

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      It is continued unnecessary purchases of this kind that denies investment in our local youths and industries to provide more work, our industries are declining since then 70s, don’t you see how happy those guys are, salaries for the boys, food on the table, then grin and wave bye bye to the stupid niggers, we have his money, it is his loss.

  7. ozed says:

    Mixed feelings!! Good news for security and protection of national integrity.
    But Bad news for local content afficionados like me!! After developing 2 seaward defense boats locally, i thought we would stop going abroad for simple patrol boats!!

    We should have tried our hands at a larger patrol boat by now!! All the electronic surveillance equipment and weapons can be integrated once we have built the vessel.

    When will we believe in ourselves for F–k sake!!!

    • ozed says:

      Please pardon my french!! Na vex.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Ozed, I am in full concurrence with you, I am lost at times about the bloggers here, they talk through different sides of their mouth, advocate for local production when it suits them and Cheerleaders with PomPoms for senseless and unwarranted purchases. Here we are talking about being self sufficient against external threat and people are like the yam farmer who is happy to buy packed yam powder for his families consumption and to in his market stall, People seem so brainwashed and far out on foreign non Nigerian things they expose their real comportment. It is ridicule at it’s best, not only is it a waste of money but an attack on the progress made by local production. what urgency is so great to go and buy those enhanced ferries, are they fighting BH ( wait till you hear how much the were bought and transported for), Great news someone’s retirement package. Just keep cheering us to our doom.

    • Manny Aaydel says:

      @Oga Ozed, I second your position. We should have a policy of not buying such boats from abroad anymore but produce them at home, except for advanced weapons, radar and fire-systems.

    • Deway says:

      Hope they develop the same interest in stopping the invading fulani marauders who are desecrating the North central and gradually moving down south.

  8. Sir Kay says:

    Maybe if the government provide jobs or the environment for job creation for the millions of youths in that country, all these oil thefts won’t be happening. Oil isn’t a job generator, what’s needed, among others, is Agriculture, or should i say farming. Its a start. Not supporting oil theft, but lack of jobs makes these young people easy prey for those paying them to steal oil.
    Wasn’t there some 300,000 barrels located not long ago, is it me or does it look as if these thieves are stock pilling, ha, because stealing oil might not be possible in the nearest future if all these patrols and surveillance and put in place

    • Are James says:

      Waste of money or a serious threat to US aircraft carriers.

      • eyimola says:

        My understanding is that this is more useful for the deployment of large numbers of troops. The only real non nuclear threats to aircraft carriers is the new generation Mach 10 capable Chinese DF-21D

      • lachit says:

        in the recent parade China has for the first time officially revealed two variants of the anti ship ballistic missile: the DF-21D and DF-26.
        Official commentary elaborated that the DF-26 is “capable of targeting large- and medium-sized targets on water”.This “Guam Killer” missile is credited with 3,000-4,000-km (1,800-2,500 mile) range, sufficient to strike U.S. bases on Guam. A set of sixteen DF-26 missiles was further described as the “Conventional-/Nuclear-capable formation. The DF-26 can perform medium-to-long-range precision attack on both land and large-to-medium-sized maritime targets.

        and according to the chinese they plan to use it for 5 tasks,namely:

        1.“Firepower harassment strikes” which involve hitting “carrier battle groups.”

        2.“Frontal firepower deterrence” which involves firing intimidation salvos in front of a CSG’s advance “to serve as a warning.”

        3.“Flank firepower expulsion” which combines interception of a CSG by PLAN forces with intimidation salvos “launched toward the enemy carrier battle group opposite our relatively threatened flank” designed to direct it away from the vulnerable areas where China feels most threatened.

        4.“Concentrated fire assault” which entails targeting the carrier as a center of flight operations

        5.“Information assault” which entails attacking the carrier strike group’s command and control system electromagnetically to disable it

        so my question is
        how does a ballistic missile moving at a speed of Mach 10 – 12 is capable of doing end game terminal maneuvers?
        the question is equally valid for the maneuverable reentry vehicles (MaRVs) or hypersonic glide vehicles like WU14 used by the ASBM .
        1.to target a moving vehicle even as large as a carrier u will need pinpoint guidance
        aka TERMINAL GUIDENCE especially a terminal seeker with digital scene co-relation matching capabilities (to utilize the targeting information from SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and visual imaging satellites respectively) which unfortunately is not available for hypersonic vehicles as of now.
        contrary to popular belief ASBM will only be able to utilize info from all kinds of satellites for mid course guidence only (and for updating its seeker during that instant) after which the moment the ASBM missile / MaRV / HGV enters the EM (electromagnetic ) QUARENTINE ZONE of a US carrier group (which extends horizontally and vertically many miles from a carrier group) all the signals from its satellites will be lost given the current ability of the americans to own / jam / spook the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
        so without the ability to constantly update its seeker how will it target the moving carrier.

        2.ENERGY DEPLETING MANEUVERS a solid fuelled missile targetting a moving vehicle should be able to perform energy deleting maneuvers.this is done by top of the class missiles like against aircrafts and especially against ballistic missiles (ie in the ABM role).
        a vehicle moving at hypersonic speed in excess of 10 mach will overshoot / miss its target by many miles even if there is time latency of even 1 milli seconds.this is usually compensated by performing energy deleting maneuvers(to slow down speed or to correct terminal trajectory or to correct time latency).can the DF21D or its components perform such maneuvers at initial , mid , terminal stages? . answer is NO. not even the maneurable hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV).

        3.how extensive and time consuming is the command and control process for launching a ASBM at a carrier.a long KILL CHAIN will ensure that most of the supporting assets of the ASBM will be destroyed even before any such missiles are even fired.

        To date, the only alleged test has involved “sinking” an immobile carrier mockup in the Gobi desert, which, even if successful, hardly replicates actual combat conditions.
        thus chinese ASBM is more of a “great complicator” than a “game changer.” as stated by a noted writer.who again mentioned
        Sun Tzu’s saying that the acme of skill is one’s ability to subdue the enemy without fighting.
        and Myamoto Musashi, who famously said in The Book of Fire Rings that: “In battle, if you make your opponent flinch, you have already won.”

  9. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    With attacks on our economy and the world waiting to see us go down, we are still wasting scares resources and funds on senseless purchases of equipment that can be built at home with pride. without getting our priorities right, On this same blogs we will soon read about complains due to lack of logistic support & maintenance of the large array of different APCs and IFVs bought without planning or thinking., In a few years their carcass may liter a lot of barracks all over the place. due to lack of foresight and making plans for the future. this reminds me of Lord Luggard’s description of Nigerian. Love weapons, live day to day, etc. why are we giving life to this negative narratives. there might be a cash crunch up front in the near future, Our we prepared or making necessary strategic plans.

  10. jimmy says:

    The contracts for the two ships were acquired at the very minimum a year ago.( 2013/2014)
    JP Morgan delisting Nigeria has nothing to do with whether investors love or hate Nigeria
    Nigeria has for years gambled on a monolithic economy for it’s Foreign Exchange, instead of DIVERSIFYING each ADMINISTRATION fumbled the ball, these are the facts, ironically they have zilch to do with the WESTERN OR Eastern world
    1) Agriculture
    2) Banking
    3) Real estate
    4) TourisIm
    5) Medical Tourisim
    6) Transparency in BIZ dealings
    7) Judicial reform
    8) Security ( professional ARMY, NAVY, AIRFORCE AND POLICE)
    9) IRONICALLY a nation that imports less relies on it’s own manufacturing base thereby reducing the amount of foreign bleeding out the country
    10) Just like 9) It has been said the best to happen to Nigeria is for the price of OIL to tumble because no single ADMINISTRATION has made or taken the EXTREME measures required to DIVERSIFY the ECONOMY
    11) 24 hour power supply
    12) Nollywood

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Are we actually meant to dance because of this purchase, Should a 55yr old nation with capability to build the same be proud of fact of having to acquire from another country using resources that could have been invested in our own industries, youths, food on the table, occupation for our people. True delisting does not have to do with love or hate, nor does it have to do with steering 180 degrees on the compass of progress. This unique forum is capable of getting hard truths home to those that can make the changes.
      The list of things is nice , but has the empowerment to the local populace been adequate, are the funds applied to the necessary infrastructure, or the people managing to elk a living given means to diversify into this areas, Pls let live Nollywood out of it, it is a private sector initiative started years back from Oke arin, they faced various opposition till they broke into the international market and are now everybody’s darling.
      Look at the PROFORCE visit video, nothing short of galavanting, no concrete direction or acknowledgement to the fact that a lot of innovation and great resources has been invested by the young Nigerians involved in the process.
      A people, A military, A State that does not truly believe in themselves cannot go far. What other proof do we need that after building ” after developing 2 seaward boast locally” , we need to still be buying patrol boats for the customs

      • jimmy says:

        oga capt Tobias Wilcock
        Please do not kill me the messenger I WISH i could tell you everything you are saying is correct and i am wrong read on.
        No one spends $1B especially in another country unless they are dead certain they can get a return of at least a minimum of 15% i.e $1.5B
        read on hold the dance
        My cousin I grew up with has two Electrical Engineering degrees and worked for very good electrical firms in Nigeria @ age 50 he retired/ got a lump sum
        What to do?
        He went into Agriculture ( POULTRY) to be specific, the money he makes from it dwarfs anything he made as an Engineer, why because there are not enough people in it to feed 170 million people, also crucially both the state and federal govt do not view Agriculture as a National priority unlike THE EU AND THE USA where farm susbsidies reign supreme
        Outside off Holllywood ( US) and Bollywood ( India) It is factually considere the third largest in the World and yet places like Lagos state, Anambra state and Kaduna state do not offer tax breaks and designated shoot locations on favorable terms because there is no sense of urgency of the part of the f.g… The money that Nollywood churns out is in the billions and yet it still operates on a wild ,wild west mentality..
        In the US for 300 million people there are 6 major movie distribution studios that is it, the rest goes to the so called independent, The f.g needs to look at Nollywood AS A Cash cow that will keep on giving – not oil.
        Real estate tomorrow .

  11. jimmy says:

    It is difficult OGA CAPT TOBIAS WILCOCK
    Sometimes Nigeria turns ECONOMICS on it’s head, three months ago somebody showed me a town house in LAGOS going for $1 M ( N220M) is it overpriced sure it is and no it is not if someone is willing to buy it, that means there is a market for $1 m town houses, and we have not even talked about ABUJA OR PORT CITY.
    In answer to your question
    No Nigeria is not prepared yet strategically speaking would mean Nigeria / Nigerians moving away from an OIL DEPENDENT economy
    *Yes in some regards the GEJ administration had one of the Best Agricultural ministers and policies and these policies are still in place.
    **The automobile industry be it assembly or CKD is also a start whereby Nigerians spend more of their HARD EARNED money in Naira to buy Cars/ Trucks than in dollars abroad.
    *** Crucially Nigerians are not running to their BANKS to withdraw their life savings , so the BANKING SYSTEMS still retains the trust of it’s citizens

  12. Oje says:

    This is a BOMBSHELL!!. What i am about to say might sound unlikely or even impossible. On my way driving home today i could swear i saw a Cobra attack helicopter making a low pass just over the Nigerian airforce base in AB road, Port Hacourt. Make no mistake, i know what a Cobra attack helicopter look like, it has such a distinctive feature there is no way one can mistake it for a MI-24 Hind helicopter. Unfortunately i can not verify or provide proof for obvious reasons, though i hear the base is quite open to the public,so maybe tomorrow i might give it a try. If i am wrong (unlikely) all well and good, if i am right however the implications might be staggering. The Nigerian military have a very bad habit of withholding information from the public on acquisitions and operational information. To put things into perspective if that Drone had not crash would anyone believe Nigeria employs the use of armed Drones?

  13. Oje says:

    No. I know a great deal about American weapons, they are perhaps the only country that uses grey colour scheme for its aircraft’s and helicopters. Twin seated Cobra with protruding twin engine just aft the cockpit. I’m gonna try check out tomorrow.

  14. Oje says:

    lol.. I hope this does not get me into trouble, all i have to do is fill my pocket with a lot of wad. Dont worry, taking pictures will be easy.

  15. Augustine says:

    All Ogas speaking for local building of patrol boats in Nigeria, you are very right, but the problem is our local production capacity. We have not invested big time in domestic Nigerian owned defence industry and we cannot reap where we did not sow.

    See how we have spent about 2 years still trying to build just one more simple NNS Andoni variant of about 38 metres size now and the boast is about 1 year behind scheduled completion….low production capacity. The first NNS Andoni took 5 years to build.

    How many Igirigi APC have we built in 4 years? My people, we all heard the new CNS say that Port Harcourt shipyard that we boasted of to build big ships is almost non-existent yet, so we lack the capacity to meet our current urgent demand, then we are forced to import.

    If we wait for local ship building capacity to grow, Nigeria will lose billions of dollars to daily crude oil theft.

    Nigeria chose to spend billions of dollars to build glass and gold mansions in Abuja instead of building national industrial/manufacturing base, so we cannot reap where we did not sow.

    • ozed says:

      You may be right my brother, but i remember the Chief of Navy staff who oversaw the construction of Andoni be-mourn the paucity of fund allocations as the reason it has taken this long.
      Ok for the purposes of this argument let us ignore that point. As a serious nation that truly feels that importation is a stopgap measure, why are we not splitting our spend e.g. 70:30 import :local production?? Or even investing in our drydocks for ship building first so that we can see a meaningful step towards domestication.

      My brother gbagbe!! we no serious!! We are still suffering from importation disease, the change has to start from mindset and i dont see it yet!!

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The Funds for developing this local industry is diverted to making this kinds of senseless purchases. Contrary to being “not serious”, the initiators are quite serious both those in uniform and out and do not give a damn as long as their own needs are met , We cannot blame any Nigerian for building mansions, just look at those that invested their hard earned money in Proforce and other local industries ( How are they to feel, seeing the numerous contracts/ orders flying over them to foriegners, while we cheer the arrival of another “game changer” APC/IVF, leaving them to be reduced to begging and lobbying around for contracts, they would have faced more severe economic state, if not for some state governments, police and some external interested clients. NA goes to their Manufacturing plant like auditors or conquering force (over their money, it does not work like that). Can anybody come up with any reason why NNS Adoni project was not well funded as a pride to the Nation, yet monies were paid as per schedule for 2 x Customs boats.

  16. CHYDE says:

    Talking about local content which is the right way to go, don’t you guys think that with the absence of a viable steel industry ( Ajaokuta comes to mind), production capacity can be hindered or too expensive?

    • ozed says:

      Steel is a global commodity, and there is actually a global over capacity (i.e. more production than consumption).

      As such it doesn’t really matter too much where you produce it, all you save by producing it locally is transport cost. In deed if your ship building capacity is close to a large port (like our own at Navy dockyard) it might be cheaper than producing it in Ajaokuta and trucking it to the dockyard in Lagos.

      In summary, non completion of Ajaokuta is no excuse for not producing small to medium sized ships locally!!! The only reason why completing Ajaokuta still makes sense is employment generation and proximity to in-land locations where steel may be needed for construction etc.

  17. gbash10 says:

    Gentlemen, our fly-boys performed some aerobatic display over Benue State University,with two F-7Ni Airguard fighter jets.The first pass brought students outside their lecture-rooms looking into the skies.
    On the second fly pass, they did split-S or is it called immerlmer(a split in opposite directions) at full afterburner to the cheering of students and lecturers.
    Another stunt performed by a lone F-7Ni was an inverted fly pass over the school.

    • AOk says:

      Immelmann is opposite of a Triple S. In many ways, our jocks and ground crews are getting proficient in the F7 reducing losses greatly. Not a fan of aerobatics just for show but would prefer fighter pilots to visit schools (nationwide), talk about their lives and the role of the NAF. This would encourage interest and be great PR for NAF.

      Also, the rotting carcasses of MiG 21’s, Bulldogs, F27s etc at bases should be farmed out to technical schools with ex NAF engineers / pilots/ crew chiefs in tow to expand skills in construction, theories of flight and maintenance. Demystify aviation and create greater knowledge.

  18. gbash10 says:

    This happened yesterday morning between 11-11:50am.

  19. gbash10 says:

    Some worrying info,some body should confirm it,learnt that we lost a warrior over Sambisa forest again, a guy from my state,but the source could not tell me the officer’s name,but it was announced in Deeper Life Church along UniAgric Road North Bank,Makurdi.
    I know that all warriors from TAC fly the F-7,so if we lost a fighter pilot from TAC,then it means we have lost an F-7 fighter jet from Boko Haram triple A s fire again.
    Please some body should verify this info.

  20. jimmy says:

    QBZ-95 RIFFLE.
    Don’t normally do this but i would like to know if this is true/ or not
    Bidexii has posted a picture of a never before seen “Soldier” carrying this rifle
    According to the unreliable wiki Nigeria is not a user, would like to know from the guys in the service
    do we or do we not possess this rifle, i just want to know minus the emotion on standardization

    • Sir Kay says:

      Chief, the rifle belongs to a chinese soldier, it appears they switched weapons, the Chinese soldier had an AK-47 with nigerian flag on it, so it was a switch for photo op i guess

  21. Kay says:

    Use of horses and donkeys as a means of transport now banned in the NE.

    Those flouting the rules would be considered ‘terrorists’ GOC 7th Division.

  22. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Eventually I hope we do not eventually turn the local community against us, pronouncements should be well thought in terms of it far reaching effect, Oga Lachit was this part of your MO in your COIN OPs

    • lachit says:

      sometimes “special situations require special considerations”
      the war against BH should be wrapped up withen 6 months or so.
      and keeping this in mind any far reaching decisions like banning use of horses and donkeys as a means of transport etc for the 6 months or so is a fair decision.
      but this decision should be lifted as soon as the main objectives are realized.

      i like to see a silver lining in every dark cloud.
      infact i suggest that the army and the paramilitary use this opportunity to bond with the local people in the NE.
      make it a community effort lare groups of horses and donkeys can be put up for grazing under the watch of security forces, transportation can be done in large groups under the watch of the security forces, also the security forces can provide feed, vetinary services and breeding services for free . this will help to foster better relations and improve community relations and allow to infiltrate local BH supporters

      however the main job is that of the intelligence community.this decision will activate the covert BH sympathaziers and they will look to forment/incite fresh trouble against the government.
      i believe this ban is partly a ruse on the part of the government to flush out the covert / sleeper BH sympathezisers / backers in the local population.ie to make they visible to the intelligence agencies

      also BH will continue to need the animals for its tasks and i had previously given ideas like planting GPS tracking devices inside the animals to track down and destroy the BH .
      wont say much but in a catch 22 type situation that is no good or bad decision, as long as ur objectives r achieved..

    • lachit says:

      “Oga Lachit was this part of your MO in your COIN OPs”
      if u meant the indian army than there was no question of banning mules etc because the ground situation was entirely different.
      however indain army did use local sheep grazers etc to keep tabs on infiltrating pakistani terrorists.

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