Other Toyota Hilux trucks of the Nigerian Army seen elsewhere in the Northeast

The Nation
12 September,2015

(..) Toyota Nigeria Limited yesterday donated five Hilux vans to the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in Maiduguri, Borno State to aid the ongoing counterinsurgency campaign in the Northeast.

The Chief of the Defence Staff(CDS),Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, who received the vans, expressed profound gratitude to the management and staff of Toyota.

A statement issued by the Acting Director of Defence Information, Col. Rabe Abubakar yesterday quoted Gen. Olonisakin as describing the company’s gesture as a show of public support and approval for MNJTF actions. “This donation is a laudable one and very timely too. This shows that the fight against Boko Haram insurgency will come to an effective end, going by the presidential directive.

“The provision of adequate security, not only in the northeast but in all corners of the country, is a task that must be done and done quickly too,” Olonisakin was quoted to have said. The CDS, who was represented at the occasion by Air Vice-Marshal Olutayo Oguntoyinbo, promised that the Hilux vans would be used to ensure the success of the operation against all forms of guerrilla movements and cross-border crimes around the Lake Chad Basin.

While charging soldiers to make maximum use of the vehicles, he urged other companies and corporate organisations in Nigeria and countries around the Lake Chad Basin to emulate Toyota’s noble gesture. He called on Nigerians to come forward and support the Nigerian military in the ongoing campaign against terror.

In his own remarks, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt-Gen. Tukur Buratai, said the vehicles would be used effectively to achieve the MNJTF’s mandate of defeating the Boko Haram terror group in all the areas they occupied

“The Hilux van would be put to most effective use for the achievement of the three mandates of MNJTF, namely to defeat the insurgents in all the countries they exist whether in Nigeria, Niger Republic, Chad or Cameroon, and to facilitate the humanitarian and logistics needs of troops in the conduct of their duties by providing escort and security for them.

The Army Chief was also quoted to have said the vehicles would be used for the distribution of materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), to re-establish state authority and to create safe environments for displaced persons to return to their villages and live a normal life.

The COAS also described the gesture by Toyota as a very important role in the realization of the presidential directive of routing out terrorists in three months.He added that in addition to using the vehicles for patrol purposes, they would also be used to escort humanitarian support aid to IDPs and to re-establish civil authority by conveying them to their villages.

Toyota Nigeria’s Managing Director, Mr. Kunle Adeojo, was quoted as saying that members of his management board had agreed to support the Armed Forces with the donations. Adeojo said fighting against insurgents needed the support of all nations and all companies.

He said: “Doing this is a worthy cause indeed for the singular fact that businesses and potential can only be fully maximised in a safe and secure society.

“That is why Toyota reckons that the crusade against insurgency deserves the support and solidarity of all, hence the donation of these pick-up vans to aid your operations.”


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  1. Are James says:

    Joke. .

    • Centenary says:

      This is more than a joke,it is an insult to the life’s of our troops in the frontline(it would have been better not to donate than these).just got to ask,were are we going to(forward or backward)?

  2. ScouseNaija says:

    Token assistance for rear guard duties but I feel TNL could have done more, say donate 30 “ruggedized” LandCrusier open backs for conversion by NAEME into whatever platforms NA need them as.
    Meanwhile, the patriotic Nigerian in me believes our armed and civil services are big enough users of the Hilux, Coaster and LandCruiser models to jointly insist on local assembly in support of FG’s automobile localisation policy.

  3. beegeagle says:

    There is no comparison between the performance of a Landcruiser and a Hilux in the Sahel and Sahara. The Landcruiser is primed to avoid bogdowns on account of specialised equipment. A Hilux can ‘choke’ in the dust it throws up. Even Toyota know this and said so when they introduced the Landcruiser LC70 into the Nigerian market.

    YET, these gifted Hilux vans are supposed to operate in sahelian Baga and places to the north of same?

    LANDCRUISER territory

  4. Ola says:

    Thanks sir Beegs for posting this. Toyota is thanking the Nigerian army for their clueless patronage, I suppose. Id Toyota really wants to do things right, they should donate Landcruiser to Nigeria. Better still, support the efforts of NAEME by donating some frames of Toyota Dyna trucks to support the building of local military vehicles.

  5. Roscoe says:

    This is not even funny, soldiers lives are at stake. No armor to even stop 7.62mm talk less of hmg rounds.they are just doing pr after making brisk business. They should be turning down orders for thin skinned vehicles … money concious corporate body

    • beegeagle says:


      That black stuff which starts from the hood and ends in a pot-like figure on top of the front passenger’s window (called an “air cleaner” in Nigerian logistics parlance) is the reason why the Landcruiser will ride into the eye of a dust storm. A Hilux does not have it and will get bogged down. Don’t ask me what would follow if that were to happen in hostile territory.

      We must always equip our forces professionally. The Landcruiser is top pick relative to the rest in its size category. Ditto the AutoKraz Soldat in the heavy duty category.

      • Peter says:

        You’re right, Mr. I am happy the COAS said the vehicles would be used for distribution of materials to IDPs, they are definitely not front line vehicles.
        Good gesture from Toyota, but they could do a lot better. They saw the army has a fleet of Hilux which Toyota probably supplied through a middle man in a lucrative deal, so this is “thank you for doing business with us”, I suppose.

  6. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, for the sake of Nigeria’s integrity and prestige please do not make posts of this nature and put it in front page. Use a link whatever, a $7 billion a year military should not be using Toyota Hillux trucks. This is a civilian vehicle for pete’s sake.

  7. Oje says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Oga Beeg is gradually getting out of sync with …………?

  8. mcshegz says:

    Am i the only one who thinks Oga Oje, doesn’t fully grasp the nature and reason for this post?
    which is to sarcastically outline the major drawbacks between the performance of a Hilux as compared to a Landcruiser operating in the Sahel and Sahara 😉
    Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.

    • beegeagle says:

      THE LANDCRUISER edge..built to surpass the Hilux – so say TOYOTA


      ““With its best in class ground clearance, towing strength, power and all-terrain prowess, the LC 70 stands out among its peers”, he said. Continuing he said, apart form the fact that it is the only 4.0 litre engine pick-up in its class, its ground clearance is twice of any other pick-up in the market.

      “The LC 70 is far more spacious and works harder than any pick- up in its segment. In addition to this, the LC 70 is a Toyota which means it is easy to maintain.

      “The LC 70 has been requested by our customers who wanted a vehicle that is TOUGHER, STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN THE HILUX, and this is what the Toyota LC 70 offer without compromise, he said.”


  9. Augustine says:

    Donations and support : Well, many countries benefit from Nigeria economically, but almost all of them abandoned Nigeria during the Boko Haram war. France drinks our oil and gas daily, Germany and Japan flood Nigeria with their Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan. Italy drills Nigerian oil non-stop, Britain uses Shell to suck our oil and gas since 1960……all of them what did they donate? I mean simple non-lethal donations during the Boko Haram war.

    Well, they dislike GEJ government, but yet the USA still donated all terrain trucks even though in fewer numbers than they are able to afford, and they could have donated 1,000 armoured Humvee 4×4 vehicles with ease.

    What did Britain, Germany, and Japan donate during Nigeria’s worst time of travail fighting Boko Haram? Nothing !

    Can Japanese government not give NA some 500 Toyota Landcruiser pick-up trucks fully tropicalized for desert conditions? Can Germany not donate 500 long range Telescopic tower/mast mobile field surveillance TV cameras and 500 night vision high-powered binoculars plus mobile field medical hospitals with full surgery theater equipment? Can Britain not donate 500 man portable land mine detectors and bomb detectors? We all have estimates of the prices of these things and they are cheap, the Japanese donation will cost only about $ 25 million, and Japan can afford that without sweat.

    It is customary and a norm in international circles to donate materials to support a friendly nation at war, a just war against terrorism for that matter. GEJ is gone or is he still there now? All their attention and love is on Syria, why ignore Nigeria despite all our oil and huge consumer market that you European and American nations enjoy? How much consumer products does Syria buy from Europe and USA annually? How many Toyota, Honda and Nissan vehicles do Syrians buy every year from Japan? How many BMW and Mercedes did Syrians buy from Germany in the past 10 years?

    Our foreign ambassadors should wake up in all these advanced countries and invoke the international ‘rules’ or call it principles of diplomatic relationships that has been standard global practice since World War II. Even world powers and rich nations in Europe enjoy these privileges too when they have a war. Nigeria is NOT and NOT and NOT begging anybody, but this is a matter of international principles of diplomatic relationship that we have seen displayed worldwide since 1940.

    How much did any country donate to the millions of Nigerian refugees/displaced persons? See now since last week they will not let us rest on TV news round the clock as Germany, Australia, Canada, Britain, etc all try to do better than each other in competition for who will spend more millions of dollars on caring for Syrian war refugees, Canada that is doing the least for Syrian people is being plastered with insults from other European governments.

    Why was Nigeria abandoned or black Africans are not human beings like yellow Arabs ?

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Nobody really cares, the first mistake is avoid the truth, if we are not begging by asking for donations then what are doing. In Libya multiples of black villages and towns were completely wiped out , all the population in exception of old women beyond reproductive age were spared and evicted to migrate south, a lot of Nigerian artisans were wiped out in the process those towns will never be inhabited, the men had their throats slit and other doused with petrol and burned alive, young children were not spared.
      This is the type of attitude that has held us back, expecting somebody would come to help ( Help us, Help provide, Help to train, Help to fly, Help to Fight, help to plan, HELP TO THINK) , rather than helping our selves. The wise person learns from experiences, did anybody come to help Nigeria during ” Ebola” , the answer is No, did we get any Anti Viral drugs to even save the Heroin, Dr Adadevoh, whom some of us have already forgotten that she saved us from a potential Biological war that would have been more as major as BH, Answer is also No, Yes we are buying from them every and which way, Who cares, same has Tommy Hillfiger said his designs are not for black people, do we need to have the fact written and published for us to read before we understand that we are on are own. While buying Toyotas and other APCs was Pro-force not around and given consideration. We talk about all shipment that have arrived gee and joy, will any sensible person use that staggering amounts to buy and ship things that can be purchased locally. By the way who says that certain parts of the Globe are happy that we have not been turned into Libya or Syria yet, If Nigeria prospers and use her resources then the West would lose. and have had to struggle within their saturated European and American market share.
      We act like infants too many times, lacking in understanding of the world around us or our selves, usually fielding 2nd rated teams, Zero believe in ourselves or our capabilities, expecting that we are some most loved of all people.
      About the Syrians, we should try bleaching cream to look more white, Here we go again, an American presidential candidate mentioned and still arguing as of last week that Black people are not fully humans, Can you argue practically about that,, when a wealth country like Nigeria is at war against an militant group it should ordinarily out match , (No air asset, their Armour is the what we abandoned in battle), we waste money like we have an endless pocket, now we are complaining and asking for donation, no amount of forcing could have forced the purchase of sub-standard transport on the military, if their was no concurrence from with the top ranks, How many top officer protested or resigned ( after all we saw the principled ones that resigned on protest under the maximus ruler Abacha), maybe if we had more people who had half the bravery of Dr Adadevoh , they might have rejected the Toyotas as the front line transport, Can we say with all practical and logical sense, what would happen if Nigeria is fully on the move economically , what is the fate of the West’s market in our region, so why should they support and build up a future competition, some Nigerians like
      simpletons would probably unwittingly support competition against us, like we do when an imported equipment arrives our shores, at the detriment of our own local industries, Investors and jobs for the youths, anyway it is said – The moment of Battle or Combat is the moment of Truth.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The Illuminati essay – ” If all the world was white, what a wonderful thing that would be” ,etc. we are just being tolerated and we are selves have mostly decided to keep crawling rather than work up right, the Rwandan have been through it and learned , As a non-African or White person in Kigali, you keep a low profile and don’t act important, They don’s have the patience or respect for you Rwandans have learn that they come first. We can start believing in ourselves from here

      • ozed says:

        Cap’n you have captured the matter so well (direct hit after direct hit) that there is truly nothing to add!!

  10. Oje says:

    Another misconception people have has just been exemplified by Oga Augustine. We have developed this false sense of grandeur and greatness and think we can hold powerful countries to ransom with our resources. Such ridiculous mentality is the reason we are still backward as a society.

    One thing you should know, the Japanese,British or German economy is in no way dependent on our oil and market, that is boderline crap. France or America does not “drink” our oil, we don’t have oil in strategic quantity. America today produces over $10 million barrels a day and have over a thousand refineries working on full capacity. The Japanese couldn’t care less if we buy their cars, Nigeria is not a strategic market for Japanese cars. Our consumer spending capacity is flatly Zero. The GDP of New York State is more than the GDP of the entire African continent. We are the cause of our own problems, and rather than fix it we make excuses for our criminal politicians by blaming the West. Tell me why on Earth should a country like Nigeria depend on outside help to tackle our internal problems? It’s high time we stop this annoying “they have abandoned us” or “they drink our oil bullshit”. We are not the cry babies of the world for Pete’s sake !! We elected our leaders to fix our problems, do you really want foreign boots on Nigerian soil?

    • Are James says:

      Thank you.

    • chynedoo says:

      Good thinking. If we cant fix our own problems after throwing billions of dollars on it, what moral rights do we have to expect others to help us? Look at what we have done to the power sector, $12 billion dollars, and all we could buy ourselves was darkness, billions of dollars of petroleum subsidy yearly and we only have ‘perennial fuel scarcity’ to show for all that money spent. It’s same story in agriculture, education, sports, economy, manufacturing, and job creation. When Nigerian government spends public fund, it rarely demands a beneficial outcome that is proportionate to the money invested. As a country, we spend money blindly without getting out money’s worth.
      The stark question that ought to be asked is, how has the Nigerian government, MOD, NSA, DHQ, justified the budgetary spending on security and military hardware in the country going by the year-on-year defence budgets for the last 10 years?

  11. joweezee says:

    thank you for that reply OJE

  12. freeegulf says:

    thank you ogas Cap’n and Oje. raw and naked truth. its a shame that we think very little of our own human capability

  13. Number One says:

    Reading through the military history of SA,Rhodesia,Israel you see stories of beating (im)possible odds creatively using resources.Proforce’s bread and butter business is the uparmouring of civilian vehicles.The landcruiser is available on the civilian market,we can procure them in hundreds for Proforce to uparmour/upgrade (mobility and protection against 7.62 AP rounds) and arm them with HMG’s/Cannons.

  14. beegeagle says:

    You are on point, McShegz. That is the plan. Leave Oje mek e dey paranoid for dia :-)..hehe. Oje sef..

    • asorockweb says:

      Good reporting. The difference is clear when you have the reporter on the ground as against making stuff up from a 1000km away.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Oga rugged7, many many thanks for sharing this article, To the heroes mentioned, I say “Soldier, Soldier”, great news, God bless and protect

    • Number One says:

      12 hours from Maiduguri to the border because of IED’s.How long will it take reinforcements to respond ? We do not always have to reinvent the wheel,there is the Husky anti-ied vehicle,or if we want to save funds we can copy the ‘POOKIE’ a simple Rhodesian designed anti ied vehicle(retrofit chemical sniffers,ground penetrating radar )

  15. beegeagle says:

    LANDCRUISER..ship of the desert taking it beyond the reach of the HILUX


    “For Mr. Adah Anthony, of Marrest Nigeria Limited, an NGO, which collaborates with the Ministry of Health, the LC70 will conquer the terrains where small pick ups cannot cross.

    “We work in 48 countries and we are in 26 states in Nigeria. Our activities focus on communities where government cannot easily reach to produce service.

    **highlight follows

    So we need a pickup like the LC70 to overcome the tough terrains in the far north, such as Dogondaji and Lila in Sokoto State. “We have more of the 50 units of Hilux pickups but the drivers complain, so from what I have seen, after the test drive, the LC70 wil do the job in the desert with much ease with its auxiliary gear and other functions.”


  16. lachit says:

    off topic

    A Russia-made new generation electromechanical arms stabilizer will allow new Russian tanks to fire from the turret in the “silent monitoring” mode, Oleg Kulikov, a software engineer of the developer company Signal, told RIA Novosti Saturday.

    In the new stabilization system, a hydraulic actuator is replaced by an electrical one, according to Kulikov.“This allows to radically — by 10-15 times — reduce the energy consumption and implement stabilizer in the so-called silent monitoring mode, when the gunner and the tank commander can rotate the turret to raise or to lower the gun and to fire without the engine working, solely on the tank battery’s energy,” the engineer stated.

    According to Kulikov, earlier versions of the stabilizer consumed too much energy and led to the tank battery dying if used with the engine turned off.

    The engineer said that the arms stabilizer will be used in the T-90MS tank, which is the latest export version of the T-90 tank, the main battle tank currently in service with the Russian Army.

    the russians r slowly but surely following us/western concepts of fine tuning each and every aspect of a weapon system and the above is a classical example of this new policy.

    • Are James says:

      I don’t appreciate the way Russians use verbose language to describe journeys into technological areas that the US passed through 20 years ago. All they are describing here is accuracy of firing whilst in motion. They have used hydraulic means to achieve a feature probably already existing on all serving NATO tanks.

    • Oje says:

      Lol Oga Lachit.

    • lachit says:

      dont know about the language part but this much i can say is that the russians r fast learning from the west, they r taking lessons learnt from the mistakes or sucesses made by the western countries.

      russian systems r not so sophisticated as the western equivalents but their in lies the ACHILLES HEEL .
      everybody tries to play to their strengths one way or the other.
      russia in current or future war will incorporate the use of EMP based weapons, so western countries even with EMP hardened elctronics will suffer , those system at the epicenter of a EMP blast will suffer near or total degradation ,while those at the periphery will be safe.

      NATO countries strength will be to use their superior electronics to gain the initiative by hostile take-over of the entire information flow/control centers together with the full electromagnatic spectrum.
      basically they will engage in a EFFECTS based warfare while denying the enemy the SITUATIONAL the enemy will be in blind to the evolving battle zone.

      who will win is a difficult question and not answerable i believe.

      @are james
      “All they are describing here is accuracy of firing whilst in motion.”
      i think that is not the case.
      here it is mentioned clearly “SILENT MODE”
      which means the engine is not running (ie tank is static), then the electronics r being run by the APU (auxillary power unit ) or in the T 90s case a BATTERY BANK.

      advantage of silent mode is reduced thermal and acoustic signature.

      also note “STABILIZATION SYSTEM” which indicates that the movement/stabilization of the gun and not the turret is being reffered to.

      electric drives of modern turrets offer only a slight advantage over hydro-pneumatic drives.
      a small weight reduction, maintenance reduction, leakage of fluids and less fire hazards.
      lets say overall 10-15% improvement in all respects.

      t 14 possess electric drive turret i guess. so can be implemented in T90 but it will lead to increase in cost.

      also not all NATO tanks r of the same standards.they undergo progressive upgrades over a period of time. the leopard got the electric drives for the turrent only at the last such upgrade 1-3 years back.

    • lachit says:

      “also note “STABILIZATION SYSTEM” which indicates that the movement/stabilization of the gun and not ***solely*** the turret is being reffered to.

  17. Oje says:

    Vladimir Putin is like a teenager with homonal problem, squashing Western food products like cheese and milk with television cameras today, reminding the world zRussia is a nuclear power the next thing. If the world still doesn’t give a shit he sends troops to Syria. This guy is an attention loving craze. We need somebody like Donald Trump in the U.S Presidency to finally have a balance. Putin is an ex KGB, which means he is smart and pragmatic but pretends to be brash. Vladir Putin, learn from China, if you want respect, fix your economy, get rich. Nukes won’t give you respect, you can never be militarily stronger than NATO with your sham of an economy. It’s crazy how selfish politicians and dictators ruin a country’s potential. Decades ago Russia beat the Americans to Space, today Russia does not even produce dome thing as mundane as a refrigerator! ! Can you imagine that? Even newbie Nigeria now produces cars. What is the future of Russia Mr Putin, TOOL Ballistic Missile Submarines?

  18. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit, it’s high time you stop inundating this thread with Russian propaganda. Please.

    • Centenary says:

      Oga oje I respect u a lot becos of your onfo and analysis of weaponry n your overall comment but truth b said u are bias wit your assessment of west over east,u tend to favour d west ie usa and co but d truth is that western equipment are over hyped by d media and notin more and one thing that I av notice is that u don’t respect others opinion n this is a blog were every prospective matters so that we can get the best info.
      Sir lachit I just got to say I really put u in high esteem becos I av lent a lot from u(d info u give is unmatched n unrivalled)so don’t let others stop u from continuing that,I like the way u put things into prospective wit out being pro west or east,please keep it up cos u are doing us a great service(I always anticipate your comment cos it is so informative).

  19. Centenary says:

    Truth b said,I think there is sometin fundamentally wrong wit the black race becos wit what has happen to us in our 54 yrs of existence has never happen to another country outside black africa without them learning from it to make there society batter,the bitter truth is that rest of africa is leaving Nigeria behind slowly(I av been crying for Nigeria for years).I just pray that this is not our last chance to get it right becos if it is,wit wat we av been doing in the pass six years I see us failing woefully.GOD HELP NIGERIA

  20. lachit says:

    ok i have to post something
    so i will post technical details on US NATO WEAPONS from now on only.
    and please tell me to stop when anybody feels like i am doing western propaganda.
    always happy to oblige
    and importantly far safer for me 😀

    • Oje says:

      You need not do that either, just be balanced. I love Russian tech too, but they re not top of the food chain, and they are openly racist. They scammed your country’s generals too and kept vital info of the PAK-FA propulsion engine system secrete yet you spend billions of dollars in partnership.

      • Augustine says:

        Russian Su-35 Flanker beats every other jet fighter in the world from America to Germany and up to France, except for the two stealth fighters F-22 and F-35. No non-stealth combat aircraft in the world today can challenge Russia’s Su-35 Flanker.

        New Russian T-14 Armata tank beats every other tank in this world today, their BMD-4 and latest BMP-3 are the most powerful IFV on this planet now.

        Russian Pantsir and S-400 air defence missile systems beat anything that America and Europe has ever manufactured. Novator K-100 air to air BVR missile puts Russia ahead of USA/EU combined.

        The Russian’s upcoming 5th generation nuclear submarine, the Yansen class, beats America’s latest nuclear sub the SeaWolf in stealth.

        Give or take, both Russia and NATO have some advantages over each in some areas when it comes to weapons technical performance. However, I don’t know where you guys get this false impression that Russian weapons are not top notch like those of the USA/EU.

        Maybe you guys are confused by wars between third world countries like Iraq using 1970s old 1st generation T-72 tanks to fight American 3rd generation Abrams tank, why don’t you stage a war and let a 1st generation American M60 tank go fight Russian T-90 3rd generation tank and let us see who will win.

        Deploy a USAF F-15E jet against a Russian Su-30M2 jet with Russian AWACS support and see why Iraqi Mi-29 jets lost to American F-15 in air to air engagements.

        Please don’t write your personal assumptions and beliefs as if it were technically proven facts. The day Western weapons meet their match from the Eastern bloc, being used by the real manufacturers and not 3rd world countries like Iraq or Serbia, we will know who has better performing equipment.

  21. Oje says:

    Young man, hand over that thing you are taking, I promise won’t tell anybody. Nigeria is the most developed nation in West Africa. Nigeria has one of the best educational standards in Africa. Nigeria’s has the most enterprising populace in Africa. Nigeria’s has one of the independent press in africa, a far cry from what was obtainable a decade ago. As dismal in infrastructure s it might b Nigeria has by far the best infrastructure oF any West African State. Nigeria ties Morocco in African Internet penetration and eclipses South Africa in Internet speed. Nigeria’s has by far the largest middle class of any African nation and is home to 5 of Africa 10 most ambitious infrastructural project. While Boko Haram have ravaged the North chances are you have never heard a bombblast in your life, I haven’t. This is testament that Nigeria is too big and powerful for any one terrorist group to hold hostage. Nigeria is not Iraq, Nigeria is not Syria, Nigeria is not Libya, Nigeria is not Yemen. Get a grip! !

    • Centenary says:

      Sir oje,tank u for calling me a young man cos that is wat I am,I am in this blog to learn cos I don’t known shit,two years ago I would say I find your comment offensive but I like it cos Nigerians like to tink everytin in d world are bed of roses which is pluto wrong,I like to ask u just one question and I need u to answer me truthfully“is this were a country like Nigeria should be wit all her resources after almost fifty five years of existence”,please answer that

  22. lachit says:

    i think Centenary super cool answer was due to the taking of a bottle or two of chilled Orijin .
    cheers !!!!
    wish i was there with him with 3 or 4 chilled Orijin and 2 plates of peppered snail.

  23. COLONEL NGR says:

    smiling. nice comments. oje i sight you.

  24. Centenary says:

    Hahaha……….funny but I don’t take beer but I do like d ladies part
    I think this blog should continue for wat it is known for which is it’s balance of analysis and off the line military info

  25. asorockweb says:

    The Hilux trucks are gifts.

    MNJTF should accept it and say “thank you”.

    Nothing stops the MNJTF or the Army from ordering 1000 Land cruiser trucks. Or 500 REVAs or IGIRIGIs for that matter.

    I remember when the Abacha administration ordered 1000 Tata trucks to improve logistics in the army.

    Right now, we have NAF helicopters delivering water and fuel to our mobile strike groups.

    Without this logistics support by the NAF, these strike groups would be force to operate for much shorter durations before being forced to return to base.

    The Hilux truck can be used for the situations that they are appropriate for, like HQ logistics.

    The FG must commit to a consistent and predictable procurement regime for the Armed Forces; this is required if we want to build a local defence industry.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Asorock, Thank you, facing the truth, honest statements helps us to set us out on the right path. I do not know what is our business with if the US beats the Russians in whatever area, I as a Nigerian am grateful to the nations and blocs that prevented us from being turned into a Syria or Libya by answering when it mattered most, that I do not need to watch CNN showing places I grew up knowing, reduced to shambles, not receiving sad messages from home of who is missing. We must be very funny to other non Nigerian bloggers on this site, whose countries manufacture their own stuff, They must be seeing a people who would die for their slave master’s cause while leaving theirs, a ” Mr Johnson in the British sphere or Uncle Tom in the US, who carries other people’s matter passionately on their head, If not for the east bloc arms and the offer of a line of credit (used or not used, the gesture is all that matters) we would be fighting using armored camels by now. I know it was T72s not Abrams, AK47s not M16s, BTR not Warrior IFV, the Igirigi / Big Foot not Humvees, the Mi24, Mi171, not Cobras, the F7 not F16s that helped turned the tide in favour of OUR gallant military, Young men that are giving their all, to make us remain a Nation ( and even be able to talk on this Blog). I thank the Countries where those items were bought and the others that did not VETO us and wait for us to die, so that they can take over our region market, influence, resources. The funniest thing is that a low level embassy clerk who has never been chauffeur driven in a car, who has a 30 year mortgage on his home, that he may never complete paying, considers the Nigerian die hard cheerleaders as lesser than humans , PHD or not, all he sees is a trained monkey that has failed to apply the knowledge he attained for his own development and takes pride in associating and being part of countries who have sailed past the corner.

      • Centenary says:

        Well said oga capt tobias,Nigeria has to get her act together fast,d truth is that u move wit people that has your progress at heart and at present it is d east that has our best interest at heart(west fucked us u big time and were or are still planing for our downfall),am not pro west or east but the truth is that we need to stop moving like blind men and see the hand writing on the wall(which is very bold from the pass fifty five yrs)east has never failed us so y not us do wat is right for once

  26. Augustine says:

    On the donation issue, I guessed that most of you my Ogas won’t get the logic behind my argument. See, there is a way the global community operates, there are international standards, especially under the new world order, and the turn of events since 1940 World War I era.

    I never said Nigeria should beg any country for money or donations, I am merely opening the eyes of any open minded reader to the reality of life today in diplomatic circles.

    No friendly nation goes to war, a just war all alone without external support, except you are a pariah state or pariah nation, an international outcast, some country that is hated worldwide by everybody.

    I have always said Nigeria should buy it’s own weapons/equipment and be armed almost as good as Algeria. I never said we should beg for food or arms. Nevertheless gentlemen, your personal opinions does not change international standards, pride and ego can make you lose your benefits, the donations I am talking about are not rights but benefits of being a member of United Nations and contributing Nigerian troops that die in dozens in UN and AU deployments around the world.

    When you sacrifice your citizens’ life and blood for keeping peace in other countries, and you pay UN annual fees to maintain global peace, you are a good member of the comity of nations and you have a privilege to get help and show of solidarity when war comes into your own house one unlucky day.

    Nigeria spent as they say, $10 Billion on ECOMOG wars, how much refund did we get from UN? How much non-lethal donations of equipment was given to us in ECOMOG era even after OBJ took over in 1999 ? How much? We lost $10 billion and got nothing back, will France go to Mali and spend alone fight alone and get no money/equipment donations from the USA/EU ? No, big no !

    Is France a begger? No, they just know how international principles work….

    “France is looking for financial backing from Canada and the world to support the international military mission in Mali, says the country’s Canadian envoy, French Ambassador Zeller. He told Canadian Press that his country is grateful for Canada’s contribution of a military transport plane to the Mali mission, but says money is needed to support the international force, which will eventually be buttressed by 2,500 French troops.”

    If it was Britain at war, and British people are displaced in millions or there are logistics equipment shortage for the British army, France and Germany will send in donations.

    I am not asking anybody to understand global policy of international relations, if you choose to retain a localized Niaija mentality, Oga mi, na ya problem no be my own. I salute you with due respect sir.

  27. Oje says:

    Someone needs orientated Oga Augustine on what being a regional hegemony entails. We are fortunate enough to be sorrounded by smaller countriez, even more fortunate to possess a ridiculously disproportionate amount of wealth, not just oil but sheer human capacity and entrepreneurship drive, coupled with our economy we are the sole regional hegemony by default. Regional powers do not ask for refunds. We did not seek permission from the UN before we restored democracy in Liberia and S-Leone in paradoxical twist by Nigeria’s military junta. This is what hegemony do. The Nigerian army was once the pride of West Africa. West African stability for decades was reliant upon Nigeria, whole we may have lost some of these attributes Nigeria is still a source of pride to the West African region. West Africa is home to Africa’s richest economy. The GDP of Lagos is nearly twice the size of EAST Africa’s largest economy, Kenya. But we have filed woefully. The French waited, hoping Nigeria will take her mantle of leadership and spearhead a West African coalition to quell the militants who HD taken over half of Mali. Until recent NATO proactuveness West Africa was the only region in the world with the best and most progressive regional military intervening force. Now we have lost all that, deCades of corruption and complacency we let our guard down and now West Africa I no diffeet from the Middle East. It is time to take up responsibility and stop bitching about the West. Say something nice and true about the West and people here are quick to voice biase and contempt, you want us to behave like Russia. Angry about richer, stronger more pregressive neighbor in the West and blaming her woes not on their mistake but on stupid antinAmerucan/ West propaganda. People with the mindset of Augustine is taking this country down towards that path. Who is our role model now? RUSSIA?

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, who told you that regional powers don’t ask for refunds? Which international law says that or which diplomatic principle can you quote to support that claim? France is regional neo-colonial and ex-colonial power in francophone West Africa, yet they are asking for North America/Europe to contribute money for French military forces in Mali, is Canada the colonial hegemony related to Mali? It’s purely France’s business, but the fact remains that according to the globally established universal principles of international relations and diplomacy, no country member of the comity of nations goes to war alone without any little show of solidarity from the world in terms of free material support.

      That is the lesson the French diplomat is trying to teach you but you refuse to learn, but see man, international principles of diplomacy and relations do not care about your personal opinion. Diplomats will do what the world is principled to do, they don’t care what Oje thinks.

      Why did OBJ pull out of leading role in ECOMOG and push the load to UN? Financial burden. Why did OBJ ensure that UN funded Nigerian military intervention in Sudan? Avoiding the error of ECOMOG and pushing financial burden to the UN. Why did Zuma say that South Africa will double it’s troops in Congo DRC if UN is ready to pay for it? Financial burden.

      Oje, you want Nigeria to be permanent father christmas, all our hungry brothers are still starving there in Ajegunle and Makoko slums, millions of hungry Nigerian people are living in squalor, if we pay our UN annual fees and AU fees, let the UN and AU use the money we paid for the purpose we paid it, we struggled to pay workers salary with 6 months arrears, we had to arrange local loans. We are about to take $2 billion world bank loan to rebuild North East Nigeria destroyed by Boko Haram war.

      If you are not a financially wise nation and think you are Eze Ego King Of Money, regional and international financial cash dispensing ATM machine, you will one day end up broke like Greece. The law of economics has no respect for careless and unwarranted national financial suicide wrongly quoted as ‘national pride’.

  28. Ola says:

    Sir Beegs, I just quickly want to say keep up the good, informative work you’re doing here. Never mind assaults on your personality that comes up from time to time. Meanwhile, I have some questions on the Igirigi which you may be able to answer. Do you know how the Igirigi compares to the Streit MRAPs that NA has? In general, do you know how the Igirigi has fared in the NE? Are ther data available somewhere with respect to endurance, blast and balistic levels of protection? Is there any possibility of the production getting ramped up in future? Just thinking aloud, the Igirigi you posted the pictures here earlier on and the Mbombe 4×4 from paramount group quite look alike except the wheel base, wheel arc and tire strength and width that are obviously different.
    Back to hillux again, I believe the NA can remodel their hillux significantly. The hillux vans actually could be turned into light scout vehicles. Together with Proforce, those vehicles can be uparmoured and reconfigured. How? Cut the body in half and make the top completely open, this would shed some weight off and allow for rapid response from occupants, rig gun mounts in front and at the back with each mount carrying twin 2×2 12.7 or 14.7 mm MGs on heavy swivel base. Also, a central, overhead bar can be rigged in with a 30 cal or 50 cal MHG mounted on the bar. Increase the ground clearance, and mount heavier axles and wheels on the drive system, fix an extended airfilter like that of the landcruiser and mount the exhaust up too. This would be a scout or special operations vehicle for 4 scouts and would almost favourably compete with a landrover. I hope if this is done though, the vehicles would not be used for troop deployment! Or in areas infested with IEDs, anything usage other than ranger ops, sting ops, recon, extraction and the likes would would be tantamount to sending the troops to the slaughter more or less like the soft skin now.
    Also, this would cost some money and doing it will ultimately depend on needs and priorities, if the NA;
    1. wants to create dedicated platforms to replace their old scout vehicles
    2. has the money to throw around
    3. has the hillux in such a number that a withdrawal would lead to significant shortage
    4. cannot afford to achieve the same with the procurement of Landrovers or comparable platform

    • lachit says:

      good idea
      but it will require a very comprehensive all round rejig

      one problem i am aware of is that the Igirigi gets bogged down in some regions of NE.
      reason will be i guess overweight or high ground pressure

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks, bro. All I can say is this..

      After the initial production variant was rolled out by NAEME, the Igirigi was put through modification geared towards an overall improvement of the vehicle. STREIT Group it was which helped out with that effort.

      To be sure, both the new Igirigi and the Streit Spartan Mk.3 are APCs were built on the same type of drivetrain

  29. Centenary says:

    Oga augustine I just got to say I love that your write up,I don’t known y some pple on this blog Sims to think that america and the west technology beat the Russia and the east,like I said before western weapons only av d edge over their eastern conterpart on papper(if u think am liein let an Abram and a T90 tank compate in combat and let’s see who win),Russia are not just catching us wit America but they are taking over(the truth is bitter for those who don’t want to hear/believe it)

  30. Oje says:

    Oga Ola, why are you stiring up dirt? Did any body attacked his personae?

  31. abduleez says:

    oga centenary, leave dem to shout n hail d West like say they r d only ones who possess advanced tech…what u see is that d west controls world media, so what u expect is their military equipments r over-hyped period….pls give us a T-90 vs M1 Abrams then u will knw who’s fooling who. The way oje bashes russia makes me wonder maybe putin bust n confiscated his frozen chicken…for ur info stealth tech which d f-22 & f-35 features r ideas frm russia wich US spied or stole sum decades ago…
    Russia is way ahead of us & EU combined in missile technology e.g s-400, p-800 yakhont, kornet ATGM, pantsir, when d s-500 comes on board i bet d US gon’ shit in their freaking pants..that f-22 birdie will b shooting practice….
    The only saving grace d west has is dat russia is on a cash crunch for several years nw, if not…….
    them dey show power for ISIS N Taliban, y dem no go meet china n russia make dem no say dem b d best….

  32. abduleez says:

    i would really love to see how a battle carrier group including Nimitz, Arleigh Burke, ticonderoga would fare against 12 p-800 yakhonts….guess what..dey will never live to tell d tale

    • lachit says:

      to be realistic around 120 + yakonts and their targeting and comm satellites working at full speed would be required to take down a carrier group.
      still it is not sure weather it will work or not.
      unless a real fight breaks out.

      one thing u must have noticed that the US NATO ships have a large number of anti air missile 100+ load out in their ships compared to other countries.this is to counter the russian/soviet doctrine of using swarms of supersonic anti ship missiles.
      similarly russian/soviets relies on swarming WOLF PACK supersonic missiles tactics to counter the aircraft carriers and the saturated air defence of US NATO ships.

      it is simple both sides trying to exploit each others percieved weadness.

      also the aegis class ships radars have tech and power to burn / jam the seekers of the russian anti ship missiles.
      similarly russian anti ship missiles have a unique ECCM technique ie they can project their electronic image away from themselves into the sea to spoof the ships radar or to misguide the attacking anti-air missiles into splashing harmlessly into the sea.

      both sides r playing a chess game of technology.
      kind of

  33. abduleez says:

    yes i agree with u on d US NATO observation
    p-800 is too smart n calculative for even advanced ship ADS ….talkless of d others like d moskit & Granit which approaches its target at low altitude and at subsonic speed, when close to target its warhead just shoots of in hypersonic speeds in excess of xum 12-14 mach… especially d moskit which is designed specifically for aircraft carriers and can tell d difference btw an aircraft carrier frm other warships…so the main target would b d AC.. also it easily routinely aligns itself to escape detection and ship air defence systems including d ability u mentioned above….how d heck will a carrier group stop a swarm(a few dozens) of such missiles….even d AEGIS gonna sweat pee when Russian EMP is empoyed

  34. abduleez says:

    yes i agree with u on d US NATO observation
    p-800 is too smart n calculative for even advanced ship ADS ….talkless of d others like d moskit & Granit which approaches its target at low altitude and at subsonic speed, when close to target its warhead just shoots of in hypersonic speeds in excess of xum 12-14 mach… especially d moskit which is designed specifically for aircraft carriers and can tell d difference btw an aircraft carrier frm other warships…so the main target would b d AC.. also it easily routinely aligns itself to escape detection and ship air defence systems including d ability u mentioned above….how d heck will a carrier group stop a swarm(a few dozens) of such missiles….even d AEGIS gonna sweat pee when Russian EMP is employed

    Not that am really anti-US, the thing is i don’t like someone demonising d EAST bloc as if they r satan’s right hand man…making d WEST an angel
    We gotta thank d east for what they do sometimes u knw…its sort of sum balance judging by d way d WEST controls world influence…
    They r both good at wat they do, they have some edge over each other in some areas and dats good…We don’t want a one-sided hegemon !!!!

  35. Oje says:

    Oh Ola what the hell is wrong with you? What’s the relevance of what you are saying? You re doing nothing but polarizing this blog. Name one person or provide citations on assault lobbed at Oga Beeg. Why is it so hard to respect people’s right to opinion. The disapproving comments made on the Hillux Van donated to the Nigerian army was well in order. You wan begin do the classic loyal vs rebel screen play. If anyone has the right to post Russian propaganda here why do you Lobb grenades on any Pro Western comment made on here. One will be lucky to say something good about the West before being seen as unpatriotic and blind enthusiasm.

    As for you Oga Abduleez,
    Your limited knowledge on weapons system is apparent by your asserting the Nimitz carrier battle group can be wiped by 12 P-800. A Carrier battle group comprises of 14 Destroyers, airborne warning and control aircrafts, powerful ELINT Hammers and two Virginia Class submarines riding shot gun. Those P’-800 missiles have to be launched 200 miles from the battlefield, but F-18’s combat air patrol covered 400 miles. Have Russians systems being tested in actual combat besides shooting down civilian airlines? Putin was upset when during a recent military parade or something nearly a dozen missiles fired from Russian Shops had barely gone 100 yards before falling apart into the sea. In that same ceremony Russian latest Tank BROKE down in the middle of the parade. Russia is so great then they got clobbered and suffered in A-STAN, losing 30,000 men. In Georgia they lost 4 strategic bombers and 6 Flanlet’s. On what bases are you asserting that Russia is head of Europe and the U,S.? Russia cannot even conduct military operation outside it’s border. Be it China,Ukraine, Chechya or A-STAN Russian has zero capability and resources to project it’s power far from the Riding. It’s first and only attempt to fight thousands of miles from home ended in a crushing and humiliating defeat at the hands of the Japanese.

    Russia builds the best anti aircraft missile system in the world because Russia iis a defensive force. America builds the best attack weaponry because the U.S military is an attacking power projection force. America has littlw to fear an aerial attack from Mexico, Nicaragua and Canada hence less interest.

    Oga Augustine,…you cannot fix stupid. Did you preview what you wrote before sending it? Are you seriously saying Nigeria cannot pay its workers or equip her army until the UN pay Nigeria $2 billion as compensation for quenching the fire in our own backyard. Your pervitude for Russian tech is suprising. American troops are in Ukraine, just miles from Russia, American Naval fleets are on Russian did they do that? Able to hit anywhere in the world in one hour. My respect for Russian military change if Russia can land troops and aircrafts 500 miles from the U.S, conducts large scale exercises in America’s own backyard. It is impossible. It’s only Carrier the Kuztnestov practically go out to see with powerful Tugboats in case it breaks down. And I see you are being influenced by Oga Lachit whose obsession for Russian systems borders on addiction. He comes here, chip in one or two comments relating to Nigeria and inundate this blog with an endless strew of Russian weapons system. This Russia vs America crap has to end. We are not awed by your endless display of Russian weapons and frankly it’s becoming annoying and polarizing. Your clever bit of subterfuge to talk about the West or Boko Haram in 3 to 6 comments and then continue trying to impress us by how in us more Russian junk.

    • Ola says:

      Oje, you must have noticed I have never responded to your attacks on me on this blog, even though it has happened quite a few times, this is because I find them infantile and imbecilic. You seem not to get the notion that I chose to greet folly with silence and that has brazened you to continue your senseless assaults on me.
      I would like to warn you very seriously to desist from writing non-sense at me here. I am here because I appreciate the efforts of the person who has floated this blog and those who devote time and energy into writing sensible things here. What has your latest attacks on me (1st and second) under this current post got to do with Hillux? And what how has my comment brought polarization? Is it too difficult to grasp the idea that people are different? Oje, I am getting fed up with your Schizophrenic attitude at me so, next time you are trolling, please keep your fingers at bay around me. Please learn to be sociable and write responsibly. People don’t have to agree with your opinions on things and no one is forcing you to accept their views. If you come across posts that are difficult for you to comprehend, simply ask questions rather than insult!

  36. Trigger says:

    When the BTR-3 armoured vehicle came out. Burma a country that Nigeria fought for years back, a country that does not have a situation now and in the nearest future ordered 1000 units to solve all their APC, IFV and AFV problems in one swoop.

    Guess how many units Nigeria bought? Less than 50 units.

    That tells you the type of country we live in.

  37. abduleez says:

    @ oje when i was talking about the carrier group saying 12 p800 was typo error. i @ @ oje when i was talking about the carrier group saying 12 p800 was typo error.. meant up to 120 p800 as oga Lachit guessed, but ur emotions won’t let u to clarify what u can’t comprehend… u r too overly biased in favor of western systems…ur views r hardly balanced, always lopsided. i wonder what’s ur gripe with Eastern weaponry ?? russia got clobbered in A-stan, seriously?? u gotta tell me about how emperor US has fared in A-stan, iraq. last time i heard they were packing their bags.
    *russia can’t project power outside its backyard* sometime in 2013/2014 a Russian stealth sub(don’t remember its name: yassen??) sneaked up on a virginia class sub fleet until it was forced to surface at the gulf of Mexico, and that really got the Pentagon worried.
    You just lack respect of one’s views and always pasting ur own views supreme over everyone’s. Ain’t surprised though coz that seems to b ur nature. Always bullying others with opposing views specially when it comes to EASTERN weaponry.

    lets stop this SUPREME USA vs Inferior & weak RUSSIA (and China) arguments. ok.

    u know i could tell u same: we ain’t ”AWED by endlessly displaying ALMIGHTY USA prowess, capability and weaponry”…bye for now

  38. Oje says:

    Naaaa, I have never spoken on Western arms here, on the contrary I have been overtly critical of American hypocritical policy on Nigeria on here, but that doesn’t mean common sense should be suppressed because of sentiments. FACE IT, Russia is a decade or more behind the West in military tech. That’s why 15 years after they vowed to match the F 22 with their own 5th Gen fighter they are still fly prototypes. They try to compensate for their relatively basic avionics radar and sensor technology by making very manoeuvrable aircrafts, good but not enough to compensate for their deficiency. It is nothing but sheer madness and wishful falacy to think a country that spends 10 time on defence, attracts bright minds from all 9vrr the world from India Koreans, Chinese etc and spends %30 of global RnD will be bested by a country that only recently began modernising it’s military and can barely pull operations on a large scale. Think Georgia and A-Stan. Get off your willful naivety, we think we hate the West but in fact we hate them because we are jealous of their progressive societies, we are incensed because they have the wherewithal to strike anywhere on a massive scale, we are mad that the U.S.A dares shun Nigeria and deflate our ego snd in a bid to get back at them we are ready to deceive ourselves into thinking th West is nothing but a 3rd world shit hole and pales in compRism to Russia. It is cool to hate America and rave to like Russia. Such boderline retarded way of thinking is eating away the professional and analytical soundness that has made this blog mentioned on even CNN. Gradually we’ve turn it into an anti American, anti Western propaganda Platform. Stupid, stupid,stupid.

    • Akin Oges says:

      Oga Oje, I remember some times last year I entreated you to remain here on Beegeagle Blog and not leave, when you felt upset by the strong worded ripostes to your submissions here then. To me, you brought freshness to the debates, even if I don’t agree with your position: all the different angles makes the gists here robust and solid. And those following, policy types and enthusiasts, are well resourced as a result. Again, something tells me you are great chap ordinarily. However, I entreat you to stay off swear words; it takes away from your very clever arguments, and makes you come across as abrupt. Please, my intention is not to start a fight, just a brotherly words of encouragement. Stay Blessed.

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