13 September, 2015

A new Air Force commander for the Air Force Operations in northeast Nigeria where Boko Haram is being depleted has been appointed.

The new commander, Air Commodore James Gwani, has assumed office in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. Air Commodore James Gwani is therefore the Commander of the 79 Composite Group of the Nigerian Air Force in Maiduguri.

As he reports to duty, the General Officer Commanding 7 Division of the Nigerian Army with headquarters in Maiduguri, Major General Lamidi Adeosun, said the partnership between the Nigerian Army
and the Nigerian Air Force in the fight against the terrorist group, Boko Haram was working very well.

“Since my assuming office here in this part of the country as GOC, we have worked as a team with the Nigerian Air Force”, he said.

Working Synergy

Voice of Nigeria correspondent, Ben Shemang, who has been embedded in the counter terrorism war in northeastern Nigeria, reports that the new synergy between the army and the airforce is producing positive results.

He also reports that the Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai and the Chief of Air Staff,Air Marshal Sadiq Abubakar in some cases have led various missions in dismantling Boko Haram in some towns and villages. “The Chief of Army Staff takes charge of ground operations while the Chief of Air Staff provides air cover”, he reports.

The Commander, theatre operations of the war, Major General Yusha’u Mohammed Abubakar, said working together by the country’s armed forces is a good omen in the battle to defeat Boko Haram. “Bearing in mind that we have a timeline, team work will work in defeating Boko Haram”, General Abubakar said.

The outgone Commander of the 79 Composite Group of the Nigerian Air Force in Maiduguri, Air Commodore Chris Egwoeba also confirmed that the army and the air force personnel have continued to work together in the war against the insurgents. “We are together in this war”, he said.

He said his greatest wish is however to see that civil administration is restored as quickly as possible in liberated areas in the states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states.


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  1. Are James says:

    They are working to a time line. That is commendable.

  2. Are James says:

    Meanwhile we have an Indo-Russian programme

    • eyimola says:

      Sorry, what makes India buying Russian 5th Gen aircraft an Indo-Russia programme?

      • lachit says:

        at this point i think the IAF is totally clueless
        it is trying to eat more than it can chew.
        the latest news is that they r thinking of directly buying some and then upgrading it.
        similiar to what they did with the SU30MKI

      • lachit says:

        also i think cash is the biggest problem now

      • Are James says:

        Russia is not going to develop a true 5th generation combat aircraft without bridging necessary “software” technology gaps. This is where India comes in.

      • eyimola says:

        I have a lot of respect for the Indian AeroSpace industry, but Russia is the leading nation in the sort of technology that you are describing. The reason the West developed 5th Gen fighters before Russia, is financial, not technological.

      • Are James says:

        Stealth is essentially a US developed suite of technologies. 5th generation adds supercruise, network warfare and sensor fusion using advanced programming and data processing. ….which of these is a Russian please let us know?.

        I concede they are very good at airframe design and structural dynamics so they build agile aircraftthat can dogfight but they are actually late to the party in 5th generation tech.

      • lachit says:

        the theoritical pioneeering work was done by a russian mathematical forgot his name.

        but all the main engineering and productioninzing work was done by the us.

        infact approach to stealth is different for us on one hand and different for russia on the other.
        also the technology used for stealth are completely different for both us and russia.

        one difference i know
        russia uses or is alleged to use cloaking tech aka PLASMA CLOAKING to make the vehicle invisible to EM/IR/ maybe even visual.

        US is way ahead in practical application, but others r catching up

  3. lachit says:

    does nigeria have a tri-service joint command

    • Roscoe says:

      We have a Chief Of Defense staff, and this shows liason and joint ops at least on an ad hoc basis, but I am unsure of the status of a true tri service command at a tactical level. Maybe some one more versed can answer your question Lachi

  4. Roscoe says:

    Need a codified Air Land Doctrine

    • eyimola says:

      Why? That idea is outdated even in countries in the West that envisage a large area of operation, which is potentially dominated by hostile forces.

      • lachit says:

        i think roscoe is right because even with the army aviation unit up it still has to go a long way inorder to get everything operationaly right and correct.
        given the area of operational the AU still lacks the required no of helicopters to cover it. its needs both for transport and assault
        so the army still has to employ the airforce for its helicopter needs including other assets like the jets for quick fire support., ATR for surviellance etc.
        also in future it can become the basis for tri service command if already not present.

        also who operates the UAV airforce or the army?

      • lachit says:

        given the **large** area of **operation** the AU still lacks the required no of helicopters to cover it.

      • eyimola says:

        the critical part of my comment is the ‘dominated by hostile forces’ part. Modern warfare now has the robotics, sensor technology and communications components which dont fit into the rigid cold war mentality that developed this doctrine. If the enemy is big enough for you to worry about doctrine, then Air-Sea is definitely outdated.

  5. lachit says:

    read a us published report comparing the T50 and J20 😀
    guys which do u think is better of the two ?
    and say in the future nigeria wants to buy a 5 th gen aircraft which one will u choose.

    1.T50 (export version)
    2.J20 (export version)
    3.F35 (assume US has cleared it for export to nigeria)
    4.J31 (export version)

  6. lachit says:

    this video shows the interior of the T14 tank.
    if the ur the crew member of a T72 and T90 tank u would personally bow down and thank the gods for atleast 1 hour 😀

    i know for a fact that the interior of a T72 and T90 tank is cramped ,infact so cramped in certain places that in order to operate the radio the crew members r trained to punch in the frequency etc without any visual (eye contact) aid since they can barely manage to get their hand to it.

    but look at T14 now it is very spacious and also looks comfortable to operate which was never a hallmark of the older tanks.

    wonder what sort of tank US will develop in order to counter it.

    • solorex says:

      Greatest thing bout the Armata is not the roomy interior- some western and even 3rd Gen Chinese tanks have roomy interior ( Ariete,MBT3000). The greatest things about Armata is actually totally overhauled thinking behind the design

      1. Total change in safety concept- Lost vehicle does not equal lost men-Most 2 Gen MBT of eastern origin believes once the vehicle is lost the men are lost but in Armata we have an Amoured capsule housing the crew which improves survivability of hits that could disable the vehicle. Other safety enhancement includes automated fire suppression system .

      2. Total change in Tanking (battle)tactics/doctrine – There are some field tactics that are tied to vehicle capacity and limitation. Armata was built around a different set of tactics-most notably automated networked fighting and combined capacity groups-. Now the tank company would no longer need anti-helix component because the tanks comes with networked radar (up to 100Km-first ever mass adaptation of AESA technology to MBT) and can fire standard anti-helix missile. Anybody can hunt anybody can kill

      3. Crew Comfort- roomy and Automated gear box plus hydrostatic suspension and un- manned turret/Autoloading ,modular parts for easy field repairs,new ERA plates,hardkill system installed by default.

      4. More Trust in the machine. The Russians have lagged behind this wise for decades. More decisions will be taken by the machine more than ever. Human interference is very reduced compared T90. Threat classification and engagement procedure is highly automated- bitter lesson learned from Gulf war where poor tactics/decision making outweighed vehicle capacity in battle outcome

      5. Sensor Fusion-A tank built with NATO future capacity in mind- This MBT was built not minding cost seriously and no intention of making quantity a type of quality-it was built to specifically counter NATO tanks that would appear in the next few years-haven studied the direction of NATO technology. Its clear that Cheap and simple will no longer rule the future. This will be the first MBT to attempt to incorporate total fusion-same platform controls every sensor-tanks can share data-one tank sees a target-all others have seen automatically.

  7. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber generals, how many of you know that the NAF have obsolete P-12 Yenisei(NATO: Spoon Rest) 3D VHF radar, P-35 Saturn/Bar Lock 2D radars and PRV-II Height Finders ? All Russian air defence equipments.

  8. mcshegz says:

    India’s Tata holds back power investments on corruption
    Tata Group, has blamed the prevalence of lawlessness, corruption, policy inconsistencies, and insecurity in Nigeria for its decision to hold back making investment in the country’s power sector.

    see cooking pot calling kettle black, India’s Tata, calling Nigeria corrupt, hehehe, i die, i die again
    Tata should shut up dier mouth abeg, they were outbid and critically whooped in a globally acclaimed public power asset privatization process, if they are now screaming foul, they had better direct those issues through the proper channels, not bandy words like corruption and lawlessness to seemingly justify their wanton inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in the concluded asset purchase.a

    • lachit says:

      firstly i agree with ur POV and ur justified in saying india being a corrupt country an indian company has no moral right to make corruption a issue towards making investment.

      unquoted part: (which means the reporter wrote this based on his interpretation and not direct quote )
      Tata Power, a subsidiary of one of India’s leading 100 conglomerates, the Tata Group, has blamed the prevalence of lawlessness, corruption, policy inconsistencies, and insecurity in Nigeria for its decision to hold back making investment in the country’s power sector.

      and the following the tata rep said verbally to the reporter as follows
      direct quote:
      QUOTE “Nigeria remains a very huge market with great potentials for investment. Just set your systems right and ***the whole world will be on their knees begging to invest***.” UNQUOTE

      QUOTE“It is one of the countries in West Africa that our Tata Power is beaming our searchlight on and we are very keen as to what happens with the policy direction of the new President Muhammadu Buhari administration.”UNQUOTE

      QUOTE“With your election and transition from one government to another, we are waiting to see how things get done on the ground. At the moment, the reason why we have management and technical advisers in Nigeria studying trends, is that we want to see how development unfolds. .”UNQUOTE

      QUOTE “***Nigeria is blessed with so much of gas, coal; so much of petrol and Nigeria has enormous energy potential to export these to other African countries***.” UNQUOTE

      QUOTE“you can be rest assured that, Tata Power will come in leaps and bounds to contribute their quota towards Nigeria’s energy sector, which at this moment is not where it is supposed to be.”UNQUOTE

      QUOTE“I can assure you, many, many companies including Tata Power will come to Nigeria. You need to plan to say what flow and direction power will go. What volume can we export to other countries to earn high foreign exchange.”UNQUOTE

      QUOTE“***The world will come and invest in Nigeria, just give us stability and you will see us there. If the political system becomes predictable, it means regulation will become predicable, the risk is gone and the second issue is encouraging a political system that scares potential foreign investors.***”UNQUOTE

      i am not batting here for the tata simply because they r not going to pay me for clarifying their shit or whatever …
      and frankly i am too smart or too lazy for that 😀

      my aim was to highlight the difference between the words explicitly used by the reporter based on his interpretation and the actual words implicitly used (quotes) by the interviewee.

      in the PR sector both government and private such things matter very much.
      when many of u end up in ur countries civil, foreign services u will understand what i was trying to imply and its significance.because a wrong interpretation may make or break things under ur jurisdiction.

      i made the post in good faith and to share my experience and i hope ur replies will be also in good faith

      Oga mcshegz I respect your hustle sir.
      (i hope mcshegz favourite tag line saves me from his wrath 😀 )

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga mcshegz, I respect your hustle.

      You are right about not ruffling feathers; if you want a respectful relationship, you should remain respectful. Always.

      But the fact remains that NEPA was broken up and distributed to “friends”, who were fronted by companies that have no capacity to deliver.

      That is the main reason why our power sector has not moved forward. We await Mr. Fire-fighter, Oga President, to resolve that mess as well.

    • Are James says:

      This is not a good attitude to criticism. We have a corruption problem. India too is nightly corrupt, indeed Modi has sold many Indian crown jewels already to his businessmen backers. It is an open secret in India that some two or three new Indian businessmen would soon join Forces lIst out of money made in just about 6 months. However from the standpoint of a real business corruption is a value eroder and a bad thing. They are not moralising when they say they will hold back their moneyoung because of corruption they are making a hard headed decision based on risk profile.

  9. lachit says:

    “cooking pot calling kettle black”
    😀 😀

    hahahaha ……. that is a real heart breaker
    oh god cant stop laughing.

    u guys and ur proverbs will be the death of me someday
    hahahaha hehe
    whats the local translation in any nigerian local language???
    gonna us it on my friends PLZ POST IT
    heheheee …. hahaha
    still cant stop laughing.

    • Are James says:

      Seriously I think you have a point. No business should invest in the utilities sector of a corrupt country. It is a little like saying Are James should invest in municipal waste clearing business in New York. The answer is No thank you. The corruption there is unmatchable. Now that is American local government corruption, the fact that it exists does not reduce the evil in Nigerian corruption so throwing it up in an argument in unnecessary. Why fellow Nigerians always call out other people’s corruption when their own corruption is mentioned is always funny to me. So I give you another metaphor for your entertainment; “a prostitute fires back at her accusers by asking if any of them is virgin” She is actually missing the point.

    • Oje says:

      Dude, I agree. India is years behind India. India has the largest number of people living 8n absolute poverty and penury. Who is Nigeria to threaten India for the number one spot. You can take your supremacist “India is better than us” crap and shove it where it belongs. The fact you are given special status and accommodated here is a privilege you have chosen to abuse time and again.why?

  10. hannibal says:

    This is strictly for oga lachit to use as he deems fit…’you dont ask a toad to give you a seat, when the toad itself is squatting’.

    • Centenary says:

      Oga hannibal and are james,your word are totally words for the wise,we need to stop deceiving ourselves,In the word of President Robert mugaba“Nigeria is the most corrupt country In africa,even their little kids are corrupt”,he said that in 2013 and u known wat he is right and it pains me as a Nigerian to concur wit him

  11. Oje says:

    Russia’s new tank ‘is invisible’: Moscow claims model that can hide it from enemy radar is 20 years ahead of the West (but it still broke down when it was unveiled)

    T-14 tank will have high tech equipment that will screen it from radar
    Russia says its tanks are 20 years ahead of Western military technology
    Russian army chiefs unveiled the new state-of-the-art tank at its Victory Parade.
    Russia’s new Armata super-tank’s designers are claiming to have made what is the world’s first invisible tank.
    The T-14 war machine is loaded with high tech equipment that will screen it from enemy radar and infra-red heat-seeking target finders, claimed developers UralVagonZavod in an interview with Moscow news radio.
    Part of the tank’s defences is a cloaking device buried deep behind shielding inside the heavily armoured body, disrupting the infrared signature that would pinpoint its location for enemy forces.

    The manufacturer’s head of special equipment Vyacheslav Khalitov boasted: “We essentially made the invisible tank.”
    Khalitov went on to claim that the T-14’s special stealth technology includes radar absorbing paint and materials that make it resistant to rapid detection by radar.
    Russian army chiefs unveiled the new state-of-the-art tank at its Victory Parade in May.
    Loaded with the battlefield’s most powerful gun, armed with a remote control turret, and equipped with armour that explodes on impact to stop shells reaching the crew, Russia claims the tanks is 20 years ahead of the West.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Sir Kay says:

      And how do we even know that the tank actually broke down? Did this come from the Russians? No, its Western media that kept saying the tank broke down, we don’t know that. Didn’t that same tank moved by itself later on? So who knows what was going on inside, let alone talk of a break down. Just saying

      • Oje says:

        What year do you think it 8s, 1951? News like this cannot be hidden or framed if it happens in today’s information super highway. The Americans tried to hide it but we’re unable to when the F-22 Raptor had problems. Same with the F-35. China is the only country on Earth able to hide news on a massive scale.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Not about year, how could outsiders be talking about some tank breaking down without any evidence of it? Yes it stopped, that means it broke down? Was there any tool or tow trucks brought to that tank to fix it before it moved again? So we don’t know what happened, and unless they say it themselves, i won’t believe some shit from the West, simple as that. you and i weren’t there.
        I’m sure by now you know how hard those in the Western Media are trying hard to tarnish the image of that country, there are many articles out there, which were overwhelmingly negative towards Russia

    • Centenary says:

      Oga oje,please tell us wat u av against Russia(I just don’t get u),are u telling us that america is better in every aspect,when we were in dip shit america abandon us for dead while Russia pulled through for us and it is still d same Russia that u are diminishing in every tune just got to ask“were is the love for country(Nigeria)

  12. lachit says:

    guys guys everyone of u i guess mis-interpreted my above two post.

    i the first post reply i wanted to highlight
    1.the sentences which was written by the reporter based on his or her alleged conversttion.
    2.the sentences actually spoken and quoted in the interview by the tata representative.

    say for example president mr buhari gives a interview to a reporter.
    1.the reporter writes his own interpretation of his conversation with the president.
    2.the reporter qoutes the president and includes it in the write up.

    so all i want to ask is which would u believe/give prominence, the reporters interpretation or the presidents qoutes on the same matter included in the very same news .

    i never touched or implied anything on the corruption issue.
    simply because it is none of my business.

    and say if any of u ever work in a intelligence related organization and u r tasked with profiling a country / organization / individual u cannot rely on others interpretation or what they feel.
    otherwise ur analysis will be way off mark and ur predictive model will deviate from real behaviour.

    and my second post
    “cooking pot calling kettle black”
    i wrote this post because the above quote when converted into my native language makes it sounds very funny and hilarious.
    it had nothing to do with the corruption issue or .Mcshegz comment

    u said previously that u read my posts
    but still u did not get the real issue i was trying to highlight and which had nothing to do with corruption and the stupid interview.

    have i ever interfered or posted comments out side of defence related subjects?
    i post articles on us western russian india nigeria anything which i find interesting and worth sharing.
    then i have a stalker asking me to stop posting this, stop posting that
    so i thought why not share my experience (whose idea i got from Mcshegz comment) on which things to generally believe and which things to take with a pinch of salt in a news report.
    i mentioned even the government civil service and foreign service jobs where if u get a job have to be very sure on which info u drawn ur opinion on or to believe or not.

    i guess my english sucks.

    anyways thank u

    • Centenary says:

      Sir lachit,we get wat u are trying to imply and no body is accusing u of anytin,keep up d good work

    • Oje says:

      Huh? Again? You gotta be kidding me. You leaving cos I posted news on the Armata?

    • Oje says:

      Don’t go. Nobody said you were implying anything. Why is it you threaten to leave whenever someone airs a view contrary to yours?

      • lachit says:

        do u have hyper active imagination bordering on hullucination
        i have always tried to be respectfully towards u but u take that to be my weakness .
        during the last 2-3 months i never interfered with ur comments
        only indirectly when instigated.
        i can be harsh but dont do so
        i am here because
        1. beegeagle has permitted it
        2.i like it here
        and adding a new one
        3.i will not tolerate any advice from anybody regarding what i should or should not post unless it is from beegeagle or if it is a majority opinion .

        and i have got news for u
        i mostly never give serious thoughts to ur comments , so please dont be under the delusion that i am threatening to leave aftter reading ur armata….. or whatever.
        where did u even get this idea lolzzzz
        i will be here till first week of october wheather u like it or not
        till that time, STOP CYBER STALKINGGGGG me.

    • hannibal says:

      You completely did not get me at all….you loved the kettle and pot proverb and i gave you another similar one to use…thats all…i was not commenting on interview at all….though i appreciated the background to the quotes because the guy said a lot of other things.

  13. Oje says:

    What does my love for Nigeria have to do with supporting Russia?

    Russia’s state of the art Tank breaks down in Red Square during unveiling.
    Russia’s military will be glad it was only a dress rehearsal, as its new state-of-the-art tank broke down in the Red Square. One of the T-14 Armata tanks ground to a halt, before finally rumbling away after the Victory Day parade rehearsal was over.
    Military, Russia, Holiday, Vehicles, Moscow
    In a dress rehearsal for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on May 9, a parade of the new tanks, which were getting their first public viewing, rolled towards the very heart of the Russian capital.

    All seemed to be going to plan until one of the mighty machines unexpectedly stopped right in front of the Lenin’s mausoleum. Its engine was still running, but the tank would not move. An attempt to tow it away failed, before the T-14 eventually managed to restart and rumble off around 15 minutes later.
    The announcer of the parade said it was a ‘planned’ event.

    “We wanted to show how an evacuation of a tank would take place. It was planned that the tank would stop,” he said.

    READ MORE: Armata unveiled: First ever full high-def photos of Russia’s newest hardware

    The Armata’s main advantage over similar existing technology lies in its unmanned turret, controlled remotely from an isolated armored capsule. The latest tank has a state-of-the-art radar system that can simultaneously track up to 40 ground and 25 air targets within a 60-mile (100km) radius.

    The tank contains a new 125mm smoothbore cannon, which is the most powerful gun of its kind to date in terms of muzzle energy. It also needs just two people to operate it and there are hopes that it could have the potential to evolve into a fully robotic battle vehicle.
    To avoid biase I am posting just Russian source and this is the nicest less demeaning story of the news I could find.

  14. Oje says:

    This is getting annoying. Scores of Boko Haram surrenders yet nobody gives a hoot, we are still debating on Russia’s military technology and how Western tech is crap compared to Russia. Perhaps a specially dedicated thread be created to Russia while we carry on our analysis on what’s going on in Nigeria?

  15. Oje says:

    Hahaha…again once anyone airs something contrary to what Lachit says he plays the same ole “I’m hurt, I’m leaving” line and everyone starts begging him to stay. Oga Lachit, don’t be angry, I promise won’t say anything ever again. Don’t go. Stay. Pleassseee

  16. The spate of suicide bombings seems to be reducing. spate of BH attacks seems to be down. for all intents it appears the war is being won on all fronts. Godspeed to our men in uniform. I eagerly await a time when suicide bombings become a distant memory.

  17. Ola says:

    Just thinking aloud on the main post, was this new commander appointed in a routine military post rotation or was it because his predecessor did not perform well? Part of the change in strategy of the newly appointed service chiefs? Meanwhile, does anyone know how the new aviation corps of the NA is faring? We hope we would see a lot of integration and cohesion between the air arms of the 3 services of the Nigerian armed forces. Lastly, I hope Nigeria is buying new platforms for the air force soon. In this war, the air force has been the most stretched in my opinion. I said that because they have limited platforms, yet they have constantly been flying ops. They have also lost a couple of planes and helicopters, I suppose. The stress on their existing platforms now would have significantly reduced their life span and there is an urgent need more than ever before to buy new platforms, planes and helicopters in good numbers. I remember seeing the current president in the news complaining of how ill-equipped the Nigerian military and air force are throughout the period running to the presidential elections then, I had thought the first thing he would as soon as he get there (if he ever did) was to open up the Ministry of Defence and the Nigerian armed forces in general, shake up the ministry and the military and get them to call for large, open tenders to significantly re-equip the army and the air force…I hope it’s not all part of the politics!
    If I would cheekily contribute to the T-14 Armata thing, the tank got stuck in a parade rehearsal, not on the main parade day. Which ever day it is though, it is still not a good PR. But then, I think it was the driver messing up with something. From the video, one could see it that the tank recovery vehicle was just spinning at one place because the brake of the Armata was LOCKED! Also, later, the driver of the Armata reversed and drove away under his own power. It signals that it’s rather a crew problem than machine issues. And the good thing is that RT actually reported this “failure” as well as the failure of the missile lunch during a recent Russian naval parade, I guess CNN, Reuters, ABC or Fox news would probably not report this if it was in the US, we never know! I have certainly been involved in a drill where one of one of our own dropped his riffle and our dear BBC and local news outlets who covered this did not show it! I have also seen a funny video of a Queen’s Guard falling. All these are PR issues and it depends on the news outlet to report it or not and it rests on the audience to interpret what they see or want to see.

  18. eyimola says:

    So the President is in France, and yet again another western country is fobbing us away with useless non lethal stuff.

    • rugged7 says:

      Nigeria is approaching Phd status at grovelling and a$$-kissing.
      1st it was U.S, then EU, now we’re kissing that pork-marked, cheese soiled french a$$.
      God help us all

  19. Oje says:

    And yet again misplaced blame, Is anybody holding hold from buying good weapons? We go about begging for free arms, when we get the freebies we start with our anti Western comment. If Nigeria wants a squadron of SU-35 we can easily get it. Why are we going to France, when did Nigerua start using French weaponry ? Our armed forces at this time can rightly be called a UN army. We incorporate weapons from 20 different countries, worse we are buying them in small units.

    • Are James says:

      We might be getting Rafales.

      • mcshegz says:

        hahahahaha. Oga, this your dream dierr, na dream for inside dream oh, what we refer to as an encapsulated dream. hehehehe

        Come to think of it, all this years of hoping and wishing for 4th gen manned fighter jets got me thinking, which country uses these manned aircraft’s without increasingly investing in unmanned and autonomous platforms, which highlights a clear trend and trajectory that Nigeria can and must seize; which is that the world is going robotic and there is no point why Nigeria must be bogged down with technologies that’ll eventually turn archaic and redundant in a decade to come.

        Nigeria must continually invest in its fleet of communication satellite and use that platform to buttress its unmanned aerial vehicles program.

        There is currently no actionable mission at this moment that cannot be performed by UAV’s apart from the WWII styled dog-fights which have greatly diminished in number since must of the conflict in the world today are not state against state, but against non-state actors without access to airspace; hence should we continue to clamor for equipment that will ensure we always remain one step behind strategic countries, or continue to invest in the technology of the future, albeit in collaboration with our strategic partners.

        Yes, Nigeria should acquire some 4th/5th Gen fighter jets, but we should do it in a way that makes it obvious that those jets are not the future, by investing more in satellites and UAV’s. This program will evidently be more successful than what we’ve had in previous decades because it’ll be a bottom-up approach, with emphasis on the private sector, universities, colleges and strategic partners.

        We’ve demonstrated ample capacity to build satellites, i believe we can strengthen these capacities and develop true and viable business models that enables Nigeria compete favorably with other players in the aerospace sector.

        Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Are James says:

        I believe the Rafale would be on offer or at the very least the Mirage 2000.
        France is cash strapped and needs the orders to keep its industry running.
        On UAVs:
        A secondary capability coming to the US F22 and F35 is to be able to control a number of UAVs from the aircraft as a platform. It is planned as the next upgrade but if this technology matures then we would have a new kind of multi mission capability unfolding before our very eyes. This is why the next war is definitely going to be network centric and all the dogfighting afficionados are going to be disappointed.

      • Augustine says:

        Let France first refund the money we paid for the ‘fake’ and faulty Exocet missiles they sold to Nigerian navy. We would have fired them on Cameroonian missile armed fast attack crafts only to discover the missiles are not working. Franco 419….who want’s their Rafale that will come with deliberately inserted technical faults and drop from the sky on the way to intercept Chadian MiG-29 ?

    • beegeagle says:

      Oje, this is so,so wrong.

      As of the time of the Nigerian Civil War, all the armour we had was the Saladin AFV and the Panhard AMLs. There was another large order for Panhard AML 60/90 AFVs in the early 1980s (over 100 units).

      Again during late 1980s, a combined swoop on Panhard Sagaue AFVs and VBL scout cars (over 110 units in combination) was made.

      For the airforce, the Jaguar jets were FRANCO-British while the Alpha Jets are FRANCO-German. For the Navy, CMN sold us three 58m Combattante III missile craft.

      Coincidentally, during the arms embargo of the 1990s, some or all of those French-made vessels were unique in being the only assets refitted in FRANCE. It suggests that France did not clamp down hard enough.

      To be candid, outside of Russia,China and Israel, the most reliable suppliers of hardware in the Western World we can hope to do business with are ITALY + FRANCE and maybe, Germany.

  20. Oje says:

    Oga Lachit, I am not cyber stalking you. Just saying the obvious which is

    Misplaced sense of importance
    Inability to handle critics.

    Do you get it? I can break it down to simple tense if you want me to.

  21. abduleez says:

    lol….seems oje and oga Lachit haven’t gotten over their feud
    just wonder y oje is anti-russian…u spend too much time trying to ridicule the the Russian armed forces.

    @ oga Are James which rafales??….or u mean soap opera *RAFAELA*… joke ooo
    Nigerian politicians wey stingy to spend money for thy country wanna buy overpriced $100mn plus rafale…come to think of it them get d money ooo; it is only if that procurement will bring 2x money spent on such purchase thats when they might buy it, even in piece meal quantity

    SAHARA POWER GROUP plans to generate 10,000MW of electricity by 2025 in Nigeria…..just hope that project works…
    one thing i noticed is our FG is not ambitious enough to gun for a 10,000mw power addition by 2020 seperately frm the private ones. na wa oooo

    • Are James says:

      The man was cagey about what suite of fuel options would be driving the target. It is not a good idea to over commit to Niger Delta derived natural gas. I would throw in a lot of coal into the mix as well. Solar energy is another untapped area. Let the FG tap on the Chinese to buid PV manufacturing plants for domestic power. We can easily subsidize the sales to the public in a way that assures that N500k can buy 4kw of solar panels, batteries and control gear. Part of the money for the subsidy would be coming from the UN , US and EU since they are chasing a steep target on renewables. All major power plants then become only available to drive industrial production and infrastructure. Three birds are killed with one stone.

  22. Oje says:

    Oga Abduleez, Nigeria spent $350 milion buying 15 pimped up Mig-21’s painted light blue from China. Trust me if France offers the Rafale for $500 million it’s piece of cake. We just have to fast and pray for two things from God.

    1. Pray the French are that broke to offer us sale of the Rafale.
    2. Pray Nigeria does not reject the offer and look East for another cheap crap.

  23. Oje says:

    Oga Ola, in relation to your view on the breakdown incident. The source of the news is RT.COM, it’s Russian right wing media house so do not say it will be swept over if this was the U.S or Europe. When the F-22 Raptor had oxygen issues it was everywhere. News on setbacks and challenges of the Joint Strike Fighter re never hidden. It’s funny, you cannot comprehensive from of the Press in the West to that of Russia. Why must we draw parallel of anything bad about Russia to the West. Face it, no matter how you lipstick it Russia’s new Tank broke down in the middle of the parade ground. You cannot conjecture “maybe it’s Driver” bease you like Russia.

  24. Ola says:

    Mr. Oje, I have no problems with either Russia or anyone, I also refuse to join issues with opinions of “one side is better than the other” with respect to weapons. I have only offered a possible explanation to the scenario that was blown out of proportion and turned into an instrument for propaganda. Why didn’t the news go agog with it when Russia disabled the electronic systems on a US war ship? I first saw it on the local defence magazine in the UK before seeing it on later. Till today, no major “western” news outlet said anything about it even though it sent ripples across quarters and made everyone scurrying back to the drawing board. What I know is that both sides have their issues some just silence the press and down play their embarrassment while blowing the gaffes of others out of proportion. And an experienced military analyst will not dismiss a Russian tank with a wave of hand because it stopped in its tracks for a fleeting moment.
    We should not be oblivious of the fact that both sides spy on each other and learn/copy from each other. It may interest you to know that at special warfare school, some of the classes taught were invented by Russians, also in western military aviation, some of the manoeuvres pilots learn were originally Russian. The same thing applies to various aspect of engineering, science and technology. The same thing again, I believe happens in Russia, I believe a lot of developments in the NATO sphere has benefited them.
    My take on it is this, the discussion should go back to issues relevant to the main topic and Nigeria in general. Should Nigeria buy Russian equipment? YES! If there are equipment I am so proud of, they would be British and German but is Nigeria able or willing to get them? I doubt it. Russia provides affordable, reliable and potent equipment that are capable substitutes/match to anything from any leading country, this is why I support Nigeria buying from Russia. An army that fields 1000 T-90MS, 1000 BMP-3, 1000 BTR-90 or an airforce that fields squadrons of SU-25+SU-30 MKI+Mil-28+Mil-17 cannot the threatened by just any nation. This is what I want Nigeria to do. A question for you, how has your demonisation of Russia and praise singing of the US helped you as a person, this blog or Nigerian Armed Forces in the course of fighting their present and future wars?

  25. Oje says:

    Oga Ola, your argument is baseless and I must say very sad. Very sad because I see Nigeria as a society have a long way to go. You see the truth staring you in the face but you stubbornly refuse to admit and will go all scientific if need be just to prove a baseless point. I want you to be honest with yourself, why do you hate America so much you are ready to be a Russian fan boy if need be just to have a slight at America. But Oga Ola, do you really hate America? Or is it just the primal human instinct ingrained in our DNA to hate power, authority and wealth if we can’t have it. You go on all day yapping crap about how the Americans are backward and low techm how Russians have better weapons, now you’ve put in Britain to the mix. You are talking like a child my friend. Tell me, why is the United States called the preeminent global military superpower? ….oh wait, we are just fools, I’ll informed. Why is the Arab League calling 9n America to act in Syria? Why is Germany and France insisting to have the U.S be proactive in Ukraine to check Putin. Why is Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan calling on the U,S to be the guarantor of peace in the region and a force to keep China in check. The so called cappy American weapons is what the tiny State of Israel used when they defeated the combined armies of Syria,Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, all equipped with Russian weapons. You question my patriotism when I say nice things about the U,S, will my supporting Russia equate to patriotism?

    Obama is an Ass no doubt about itm , but answer me this: what has Russia done for Nigeria? Our Navy Flagship was gifted to us free of charge by the U.S, even at that many here could not hide their contempt as to why the Americans stripped off the Harpoon missiles (a system that works with American GPS sattelites). My observation is people will criticise be it good or bad just for the sake if criticism without understanding the fundamentals. You are a classic example of such. Russia disabled electronics in an American warship, Russians invented special warfare schools, Russian this Russian that………..,…you should be ashamed of your anti americanism and an embarrassment to the intelligent and analytical mind here. You are typing your negative points on an American made INTERNET. You probably watch thousands of Russian military videos on American made youtube. You probably use an iPhone, even if you don’t your GSM works because Ronald Reagan was generous enough to give to the world it’s GPS technology after a Russian fighter jet shot down a South Korean civilian airline and called it a mistake. I bet you for every 24 hours of your daily activity %60 is probably made possible because of U,S technology. I challenge you to tell me ONE thing you have benefited from Russia as a nation, just one. I give you the whole of today to figure 8t out. If after 24 hours you cannot give a single example of how Russia affects your daily life besides it’s YouTube videos then shame on you. Shame Shane shame. Look at South Korea, or even Japan, America’s arch enemy during WW2. They chose to sweep hate and rhetoric aside, chose to sweep stupid antI American sentiments aside, chose to do away with corruption and for the first time in these feudal societies chose to put the interest of the people first. What has been the result? The result speaks for themselves. Look at China, the United States singlehandedly brought China into the World Trade Organisation. They dropped their useless State communist economic system and embraced free capitalism, this brought in lots 9f American FDI, today China is the richest nation in the world whose diplomatic and e onomic clout eclipses those of Russia.
    …but where is Russia today? We have a leacer trying to revive Russia’s glory by spending billions upgrading nukes she will never use while her Naval surface fleet continues to rot. Where is our beloved Nigeria? We are still in the duldrums because people with your mentality ensures our leaders are never held accountable, America is always the fall guy. Don’t you see how stupid we are? Is Russia the model you propose Nigeria adopt?

    • CHYDE says:

      Hehehehe. Ahhh!!!, IT well even in the well

    • Ola says:

      Oje, you’re at it again! I wrote a warning to you in the previous Hillux post but you seem too simple to get it, right? Again, you have demonstrated it that you sit on your brain (if you have one) and punch a lot of rubbish when you type here, or how else can we explain your attitude of hurling senseless insults at people here? Your lack of manners beggars belief! By the way, how many times have I ever posted here that America is backward? You’re going senile, Oje. My point has always been a practical way forward for Nigeria and I will continue to walk that path. You may want to hear this, I started my career with SA-80 as my service issue and used everything between G36c and a HK417 by the time I left which was recently. The metallurgy of those equipment goes back in history in their family to lessons learnt from the performance of AK-47 under the harshest possible conditions at the end of WW-II. It may also interest you that even Russian SF uses HK417 today. Meanwhile, StG 44 (Germany) gave the Russians inspirations that gave birth to the AK-47. This simple illustration should help you put what I am saying about exchanges between Russia and the rest, into perspective, hopefully you can discern it.
      I do genuinely have some concerns for your psychological state Oje, I advice you see a clinical psychologist who can help you manage your situation, recommend a therapist or a psychiatrist for you. The way you throw vitriol here clearly shows you do need to get some serious medical attention. You also need to learn to be sociable and present wise, logical opinions in acceptable forms.
      My point again is this, I refuse to join issues with you on which side is better than the other, I will rather stick with what is practical for Nigeria. Nigeria will not have access to American equipment any time soon simply because of bureaucracy and cost (purchase and maintenance). For this same reason, Nigeria will also not field equipment from NATO countries any time soon. Every nation that has weaned itself off major external controls and colonialists have developed militarily in partnership with Russia and economically in partnership with the rest of the world. That is what I want for Nigeria. I wish Nigeria would get her acts together and I honestly hope the Nigerian government is not cursed with myopic and hard to learn personalities like Oje.

      • hmmmmm….heavy heavy word. i agree wit a lot said “practical way forward for Nigeria” very key reasoning and it points towards the Ruskies. to quote oga Mcshegz…”go east go west, failure is guaranteed.

        the main problems i have with western systems is thier complexity and the amount of support systems required.Russians have a tendency to keep it simple and dumb and that is often very effective especially in a war like ours. also in future we wouldnt want to find ourselves in a situation where we cannot buy spares and accessories because we do not gay marriage or some other matter. furthermore Russia has few scruples, if we have a need and we have money and Russia has what we need they will sell to us, fewer strings attached.

        It is apparent (to me) that the Americans are ahead of the russians on a number of fronts but even the Americans admit that the Gap is closing. the way tech now evolves in the private sector, it is hard to keep all things secret. Telsa released all its patents, Toyota did the same for the Miria. theres a lot of tech available to be tapped. the Gap will continue to close. its simply more practical for Nigeria to go east especially regarding emergency purchases.

        On the issue of the T14 that “stopped” (breakdown is not right cos it moved on without repairs or support) all i can say is shit happens to the best and the worst, it was embarrassing but that’s not a barometer to judge the entire program.

        on press matters, the west has the jump on the Russia. whenever a Russian military aircraft crashes you hear “another in a long line of such mishaps this year” but the truth of the matter is that America alone has suffered more military crashes this year than the russians. Its just the way that its reported that puts a slant to the stories.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Ola, you are wasting words on Oje. LOL!

        That boy is not more than 15 or 16 years old living in his own imaginary fantasy. You better ignore his comments, they aren’t worth reading or responding to.

  26. colloid says:

    @Oga Oje, i think that’s enough for you. We’ve heard your assertions. Okay “Russia T14 broke down during parade”. Is that all? Any other addition(s)? Thank you. Let’s move on.
    So Russian Sukhoi is now the CHEAP CRAP right? And the rafale(whatever) is not the crap.
    Bro, your assertions are wrong. What is with you and the anti-Russia?
    Sometimes, i just wave over your comments because i find them “immature” at times. You are known to be alternating between Russia and US. Isn’t that why someone on this blog labelled you a West A$$ licker on some thread back? I dont seem to get your point bro. You complained and said Lachit is arrogant, while in the actual sense you are the one who is arrogant.
    I haven’t seen where Lachit seems rude and confrontational like you just did and still going to do. I detest people with such “unrefined” and “crude” attitudes like yours.
    Believe me, i dont even know where you stand and where your tent is pitched.
    Am not trying to get into a feud with you please, am just pointing out that your “authoritarian and dictatorial” stance on bloggers here is unacceptable and ill-cultured.
    Learn to respect others opinion than try to behave like your closest Pal— Oga Igbi.
    @oje (in Oga mcshegz words) I respect your hustle sir. You are aware of the so called “Cheap Crap” from east who came to our rescue on TWO different occassions during our time of need when the ones you termed the “Bestie” launched a Media Blitz on your military and starts praising the ALMIGHTY and BATTLE-HARDENED Chad. I dont think you want to forget your Source, do you? A river that forgets its source will dry up.

    • hannibal says:

      Oje…has a me against the world attitude…he just has to fight and pick on people….and does it very rudely…not minding who ever reads it…people are holding back because this is a respectable forum…if it was nairaland…you for don surrender ooo..because people for enter you wella…no be only u get mouth or hand in this case.

  27. lachit says:

    Hallelujah !!! praise be to the CYBER GODS
    i am saved
    guess a new victim has been selected.

  28. colloid says:

    You can continue with your US “praise and worship”, am not into that genre.
    We are talking of “Practical” partner(s), you are telling us of a “theoretical” FriEnemy who are not ready to have another rival on the stage.
    Go and ask the Paks,Indians etc the practical partner(s) that are WILLING and READY to share TOT with them.
    You complained of Armata break-down, but you haven’t told me how Russia was able to move Large Military equipments into Ukraine “Undetected” with all the array of satellites, ISR planes and drones of NATO. NATO can’t even provide evidence(s) of Russia Military intervention in Ukraine. They were practically blinded by Russia.
    Technology has evolved and NOBODY has the Monopoly to technology. So, saying THIS is better than THAT is an overstatement to me. As far as i my Junction can serve me, Most of US military advancement are only to counter Russia. Now the Armata is out, by the time US produce their own next gen tanks, it sole aim will be to counter what the Russian has in stock.
    So all these “US is better, Russia is the best” na crap. The only WILLING friend that can help and propel Nigeria forward in the Military world is Russia. If US sends any of their trainers to train us, 70% chance is that they came here to learn from us. So what’s the furore about US-Russia.

  29. colloid says:

    Off Topic.
    I just read the last topic before this, i mean that on the Hilux and my addition to what the Cyber Gs had said is that what TNL did is not right. For Nigeria, Toyota product is the NO.1 choice of the citizens. Why will toyota donate 3Hiluxes and 2Landcruisers to the Army if not that they are simply Stupid and irresponsible.
    NA fields lot of Hiluxes same as the police and government officials, so why the meagre “giveaway”. That is a Nonsensical Nonsense and a Rubbishable Rubbish…. Dont mind me, am just angry with that donation.
    So, toyota is so broke that they can’t donate atleast 50 LandCruisers and 12 Hiluxes to the Army. BTW, stability equals economical progress, so toyota isn’t aware that NA needs logistics and LOT of it or what? I can’t say thank you to their donations, it reeks of hypocrisy and “dont say u no see my hand”. Nonsense.
    **If one what to eat Frog, one better eats the one with egg**.

    Apart from Toyota, Oga Oje, i think you need to learn behavioural etiquette. The Western Lad you displayed ont the other thread is simply OuttaDisWorld. Na same tin wey una dey propagate for the last topic na im you still dey publicize for here. Na wetin na?
    I just read that thread on Hilux and i can’t fathom such display of Ass-licking. I know that so many bloggers here aint sharing in your own view but they are not as aggressive like you are displaying.
    It’s shouldn’t be so with Gentlemen, and as a gentleman, you need to comport yourself and respect others opinions and views. It’s not possible to have same view on issue(s) but we must learn to tolerate others who are not sharing our thoughts.

    And am sure that what draws most bloggers here to Russia is that they are ready and willing to Assist us ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. They are not like their counterpart who would just come here to train but in actual fact, are here to train from some of our tactics. Russia has proved over and over again that they are RELIABLE to do business with and are ready to support you in your trying times. They’ve came to our aids on two occassions when the West is dragging it feets or pulling out or VETO ing us.
    Oga Oje, that’s not to bully you, but to show that we have differents opinions but still has to respect others views and shield our pride. I respect your hustle sir.

  30. Sir Kay says:

    People, move on, enough bashing one another.
    The trucks were a gift, take it or leave it, they don’t even have to do it in the first place. How many Nigerian owned companies have made donations to the military? And here we are complaining that some company didn’t do enough? Wow, perhaps they should have given us a space ship instead. Take it and say thank you. Not that hard.
    Nothing they will give our military will change the progress they are making, so i see it as them simply saying “Thank you” to the military and showed a little support, we should learn to appreciate things, not matter how little or irrelevant it might seem to us,
    Those trucks don’t have to be on the front lines, there are numerous uses for them other than in the battle field. Jeez

    • hannibal says:

      There are some gifts that ridicules you and denigrates you…you can always reject a gift. Why bring a meagre offering before the lord when you can do so much more. The gift shows a gross lack of respect for the Army and the country. The reason they gave the gift should have made them give much more.

    • colloid says:

      @Sir Kay, you dont seems to grasp what am implying. Oga Hannibal has simplified it further.
      That donation is stupidity and irresponsible combined. It’s like serving a king food in a broken plate and twisted spoon. What an Insult?
      5trucks and you are telling me to say “Thank You” because they are the only one that remembered the Army. So what if others hasn’t offered the Military anything. It’s better they dont than to insult us with that bullshit trucks.
      @ Oga Hannibal, thank you, you just summarized my point.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Whatever makes you guys feel better, I’ve said what i had to say, and to Colloid, my comment wasn’t directed at you and neither did i read what you wrote prior, so i wasn’t referring to your comment.
        Funny how people think we can do better, sure we can, but not long ago our troops were transported to battle in similar trucks and still do anyways, so problem with this is that the numbers aren’t high enough? Okay.
        And I’m guessing turning it down won’t be just as rude, right?. Guess they should have given us armored ones instead. Lord.
        I rest my case.

      • Sir Kay says:

        And to oga Colloid and hannibal, i respect your opinions both, I simply disagree.

    • Sir Kay says:

      And that said, The company is Toyota Nigeria Limited, right? So I’m guessing these trucks were assembled in Nigeria, did we stop to ask ourselves how many of these trucks they produce a year? It might not be a high number, that means what they’ve just given us might even make a dent on their profit, just a guess.
      Let’s not compare those imported by other sellers into the country to the ones made by this particular company, so Toyota might be making a killing in our country, but the focus is this particular one, so their yearly production might be low

  31. lachit says:

    and let me explain my posts that i have posted in the last 1 year.

    i did my best to come up with military ideas directly involving nigeria.
    i did my best to come up with 3D drawings of add-on weapons systems to the nigeriam irgiri APC .
    i did my best to suggest ideas relating CT operations and intelligence operations to deal with BH.
    but the fact is there is so little info on nigerian military equipment in the internet that i have very little base to work on.

    i had proposed AH 6 helicopters, scorpion for trainer and CT role.
    i had proposed stealth bikes for CT operations
    i had proposed radio and commm. equipments which are non lethal and therefore not restricted by us.
    i had many times highlighted interesting works done by DARPA

    uav, satcom and comm. jammers , CT training

    TANKS, FIGHTERS and interesting info on the new / old works/research being done in russia.

    ground reality:
    u all know the past situation where major arms (minus non lethal) from us western countries were being denied.and nothing has changed much till now. so will i make sense in advicesing abrams tanks, f35 , bradly IFV ,awacs , predator uavs for nigeria military.
    therefore i did not bother to post on these.
    russian has no problems with dealing with nigeria as they made it clear a no of times as u all know so therefore i was suggesting russian equipments.
    if tomorrow us western countries start selling major weapons to nigeria i will be the first to post on this.

    and regarding my posts related to india china etc i was posting them inorder to put things in perspective what nigeria has, what nigeria does not have ,what is the best way to develop in house defense industry , which tech to acquire , which to develop in house etc

    i am not pro russian, i am not pro us infact i dont like any government.
    my love and respect is for the common people of us russia nigeria isreal syria and any country (truth is i dont like one perticular country only, cant help it) because after all everyone of us r in the same boat like it or not. we all suffer because of our governments ideocracy.

    so where am i wrong?
    everytime i post technical details on weapon systems to find myself being called names, to have my nationality being pointed out.this has happened twice.
    talk about being racist huh !!!!
    i have never pointed out nigerias social or financial problems because it is not my business and i am only interested in seing the BH wiped out,to use hannibals qoute “’you dont ask a toad to give you a seat, when the toad itself is squatting’.”

    and frankly is it correct in any way to assume a businessmans opinion as the opinion of a country or its people.
    is it the govt of indias stand/opinion.
    a businessmens only interest is his own businesss.
    in my country many bussinessmen r bleeding us out without caring a damn for their countrymen.
    in ur own country many bussinessmen r bleeding nigeria out caring a damn for their countrymen.
    if i am wrong forgive me
    u all will know best.

    regards and bye
    i meant “bye” for now lolzzz
    cant even use the world bye nowdays

  32. lachit says:

    i apologize for the previous misunderstanding
    i thought u did not get the gist of my post.
    sorry again

    you dont ask a toad to give you a seat, when the toad itself is squatting”
    is also funny if translated to my laguage

  33. colloid says:

    @ Oga sir kay, tix ok. I understand your point(s) but i too disagree. It’s not possible we’d have the same view on an issue. GoodAfternoon Sir.

  34. abduleez says:

    hmm…mehn! so much roasting. e b like say na wanna use oga oje cook pepper soup…LOL

    though d guy needs to balance his thoughts in a sensible and less aggressive way…oga oje pls try to b friendly a little bit, coz not everyone know how to control their temper…
    if to say na nairaland as oga Hannibal said, u for hear wen!! LOL…no offense though

  35. beegeagle says:

    There is a growing number of fellas among us who are increasingly resorting to the use of disrespectful language and wallowing in arrogance that is steeped in pretentious god complexes.

    NOBODY CARES what you think and nobody is beholden to anybody’s opinion here. State your opinion and leave it at that. Nobody came here to be teleguided by someone who he does not know.

    Unfortunately, we have people throwing tantrums and talking anyhow to the house simply because they are not passionate about what some of us feel passionate about.

    There is no super patriot here either. As such, do not pretend to know what is best for our country. State your opinion, respectfully, and move on. If, over the passage of time, you have come to the conclusion that you do not like what you read on this blog, please find the courage to LEAVE and DO leave immediately if you will. Nobody came on board by invitation. Stop trying to lead people by their noses. If you have a special perspective and a divine calling to preach a message, just start a blog or get onto social media and ventilate your views to your heart’s content from there…certainly, not from here. The only tenable mission statement here is that of the blog’s publisher.

    The culpable know themselves. If they persist, we shall abrogate their posting rights without recourse to further communication. As you can see, yours truly has become a man of few words. Word enough.

    Good morning, gentlemen.

    Yours Aye,

  36. Oje says:

    I know who the referral is and I know the target. No point being politically cirrect,
    1. Freedom of speech.
    2. Freedom of expression.
    3. Freedom to speak your mind.
    4. Freedom to identify a ruse and call it what it is.

    Oga Beeg last time I checked this is Nigeria not Peoples Republic of Korea, am I not entitled to say what I think?

  37. Oje says:

    I don’t recall insulting anybody. FREEDOM of speech, and you are entitled to your own opinion.

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