The foregoing photo splash is self-explanatory. How can the NA replicate this very useful configurations of Landcruiser trucks in the combat support roles – supporting troop transport, special operations and rapid strike missions?

Hopefully, we can use PROFORCE and NAEME to achieve some of these tasks.


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  1. A hybrid of both vehicles above would be the way to go. Proforce has the necessary experience in up armouring. the Defense HQ should award a research and Design contract for this purpose or invite proforce and NAEME to come work with the Army corps of engineers on the project. clear timelines and specifications should be spelt out.

    the experience of soldiers on the front lines must be considered while designing

    what use do we want to put the vehicles to?

    we can start two basic variants, scout and ambulance maybe………designs should be Modular making modification and adding of Kits easier.

    the scout variants can be used by all the armed forces, with modifications here and there depending on the agency using them.

    Each branch of the armed forces spells out what it wants in its vehicles, they may not get all their wishes but 2 0r 3 basic variants that can cover the bulk of individual requirements could be built.
    and off course we, must add GPS, SATCOM, infrared capabilities,
    HMGs, antitank missiles, grenades launchers etc.

    Police versions can have water cannons, pepper spray spouts, cameras, gun ports.

    my layman’s 2kobo

    By the way i dunno if the NA studies battle feild injuries in order to develop new ways of managing injuries and handling the injuries. such research can go a long way in saving lives and limbs

  2. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, my post is not appearing! Please help out.

    • mcshegz says:

      Do you have more than one hyperlink per post?
      That can indefinitely seize the visibility of said post.
      Don’t know what else could be the issue though.
      THE BEEG ONE would know more
      Oga Henry. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Henry says:

        Nigerian Army Special forces, possible Special forces vehicle option.

        Special forces soldiers around the world use a wide range of Light Recon Patrol Vehicles(LRPV) or Rapid Deployment Reconnaissance Vehicles (RDRV). These Vehicles are light, mobile, easily transportable and Air transportable. They also pack significant fire-power, with most vehicles armed with a primary 12.7mm or an Automatic Grenade Launcher as main gun and a secondary GPMG.

        Armour is not everything, infact there are multiple downsides to increased Armour for Special missions. while Special Operations Forces like the the 72 MSF can have increased armour as well as their rapid deployment capability, Special Forces like the guys we are currently seeing require a different approach (Speed, Firepower, Situational awareness and low battlefield

        There are multiple vehicles available which suit Nigeria’s Special forces personnel, my personal favorites been the Sherpal Special forces vehicle, German Serval Special forces light recon patrol vehicle, Torpedo Special forces vehicle, althalab light recon/patrol vehicle etc etc. The Sherpal and Serval special forces vehicles are pictured below.

        However, keeping in line with our made in Nigeria push, the closest vehicle with the potential to fill the requirements of Nigeria’s Special forces personnel is the Proforce Defence PF2 Leopard LAPV, last to photos.

        The Proforce Defence PF2 Leopard is virtually already fit for purpose. The vehicle already screams Special Forces! however it remains to be seen wether the company that makes it has the fore-sight to modify some parts of this vehicle and promote it as a Special forces/ border patrol vehicle. The Leopard (Pictured below in the last 2 photos) already comes with a primary turret which can hold either a 12.7mm HMG or an AGM, and 2 secondary GPMG ports at the rear of the vehicle. So in terms of the firepower aspect of special forces vehicles, it is well armed, if not better armed than many special forces vehicles, however because of it’s heavy armour, it lacks the situational awareness most Special forces vehicles provide.

        Modifications of the Proforce Leopard

        Modifications should include,

        – Reduction in vehicle Armour. Half of the vehicle’s armour should be taken off to reduce total weight of the vehicle. From the top half.

        – One gun port should be added to the area the team leader seats, with the wind shield of that area collapsible to allow ease of movement of the GPMG (see Sherpal special forces vehicle)

        – Gun shield the Security(primary gunner), should also be removed, as to give the security better awareness of his surrounding.

        – The rear of the vehicle should have only one gun port instead of 2, and be manned by the Point man/Comms operator.

        – A similar FLIR LTV system which some of our Pick-up trucks carry should be added to the leopard PF2 to provide increased 360 degrees both day and night situational awareness. This system would allows us always know where and what the enemy is doing, with ranges that stretch kilometers away.

        – A primary and secondary comms system provided for the special forces vehicle, with multiple internal compartments for storage of additional Rounds of Ammo, including utilities such as additional water kegs, shovel, pick-ass etc etc.

        So the vehicle would only have space for 4 men. Driver, Team leader, ATL/Security, Radio/point man.

        With these modifications done to the Proforce PF2 Leopard LAPV, Nigerian Army Special forces, including Navy SBS and Airforce QRF can have a proper Rapid deployment Recon Vehicle which is also made in Nigeria.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Mchegz, I do not have a single hyperlink in that post. For some reason, I’ve consistently been unable to post that particular “post”, and I’ve tried on multiple occasions .

        It’s weird!

      • lachit says:

        delete all the cookies
        and close down the browser
        then restart it use google link to open beegeagle blog
        sometimes if u have 2 threads of the blog opened at the same time and try to post a comment on one of the opened thread then u will not see ur comments posted, much of the time.it has happened to me
        hope it helps

    • beegeagle says:

      It has now been posted. Found it in the spam queue. That sometimes happens with long posts. All good now..

  3. mcshegz says:

    If you ask me, i say we need considerably more MALE and HALE UAV’s. Cannot seem to stress this enough. Robots, unmanned and autonomous vehicles are the future; we can conveniently create more hi-tech jobs in the Aero-space industry when we improve capacity to build and operate more of these combat drones.
    I stand to be corrected but l believe all the capacities of the A-Jet can conveniently be undertaken by the CH-3 UAV and other MALE UAV’s, weight, and load capacities aside.
    Apart from a dozen 4th/5th gen Fighter jets, necessary to keep up with the Joneses; i will continue to clamor for increased effectiveness and efficiency using combat drones, unless someone can persuade me to think otherwise. I dare you; I double dare you.

  4. mcshegz says:

    If you ask me, i say we need considerably more MALE and HALE UAV’s. Cannot seem to stress this enough. Robots, unmanned and autonomous vehicles are the future; we can conveniently create more hi-tech jobs in the Aero-space industry when we improve capacity to build and operate more of these combat drones.
    I stand to be corrected but l believe all the capacities of the A-Jet can conveniently be undertaken by the CH-3 UAV and other MALE UAV’s, weight, and load capacities aside.
    Apart from a dozen 4th/5th gen Fighter jets, necessary to keep up with the Joneses; i will continue to clamor for increased effectiveness and efficiency using combat drones, unless someone can persuade me to think otherwise. I dare you; I double dare you.

    • colloid says:

      @oga Mcshegz, (in your word) i respect your hustle sir. I frankly share in your view. A serious Military in the world today will invest “Massively” in Drones. Consider what US is doing with its UCAVs and where those guys are going to. China, Israel, Pakistan etc are going the drone-way. I believe UCAV has come to stay with the Nigeria Military(am not even sure who is operating the ones we bought. NAF or NA). We just need more drones to patrol our airspace and strike any targets-of-interest within and outside our borders without stress.
      What we need is more satellites to integrate our UCAVs to so the can strike at longer range than what we are currently witnessing.

  5. Augustine says:

    I would say that Nigeria should not rely too much on American ford chassis for our LAV like Igirigi, the Toyota brand should be experimented, and field tested.

    Caution is, I observe that Nigeria has become one of the biggest markets for Japan in the world today, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, are all ‘dumping’ tens of thousands of brand new vehicles into Nigeria’s economy swallowing up billions of dollars every year.

    Toyota is number one in sales to Nigerian civilians and military, yet they have not opened a manufacturing plant in Nigeria since 50 years. There is an imbalance of trade and a systematic ‘dumping’ cleverly done by Japan to Nigeria’s disadvantage.

    USA, Canada, South Africa, etc are among the countries who do not import built Toyota, they insist that Japan produces Toyota on their own soil so they can export, like since the year 1962 South African made Toyota is exported to 80 countries including Europe.

    “A wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), TSAM has been fully integrated into the Toyota global supply network with an annual production capacity of more than 220,000 vehicles and boasting export figures of 85,000 last year. South African built Toyota vehicles are found in more than 80 countries worldwide.

    The Toyota manufacturing facility is located south of Durban, Employment levels nationally exceed 8,000 South African workers, with the majority working shifts in the vehicle production lines in KwaZulu-Natal.”

    Kenya has Land Cruiser assembly plant since over 30 years ago.

    Why is Nigeria a Toyota ‘dumping ground’ for Japan? Why?

    Sometimes when you comment on the economic and diplomatic side of issues, guys don’t understand it here, they focus only on military aspects of war, and ignore the issue of balance of trade in international business, and financial aspect of diplomatic responsibility of a trade partner nation.

    If Nigeria’s economy collapses due to overwhelming war, will Japan still export Toyota here in large numbers? That made me comment on the total silence of Japan during Nigeria’s time of war with Boko Haram, it is undiplomatic and insulting for a big exporter who sucks billions of dollars from us to act that way. Hey my man, nobody is begging anybody, but business has it’s principle on the international front, those who know it practice it or invoke it.

    Nigerian ambassador to Japan is fast asleep on duty.

    No mentally sane and diplomatically sound, well managed country allows this imbalance of trade anymore. USA wanted just about 20 Super Tucano to buy for Afghanistan but they forced Brazil to build the Tucano in an American branch factory to create jobs for American citizens at home. Yankee won’t spend money on Brazilian export without getting some financial benefit back.

    Brazil flew into Abuja and challenged ex- VP Sambo in Aso Rock, saying why should Brazil continue to buy Nigerian oil and you people don’t import any tangible thing from Brazil, enough is enough….Sambo offered to buy Super Tucano, even if it was stalled by USA, Brazil will insist Nigeria buys something else, civil or military, we must buy by ‘force’. That is how modern international diplomacy and trade operates.

    Hey Mr.Tokyo Japan prime minister, show solidarity with Nigeria in our time of crisis, or your ambassador to Nigeria does not tell you how many Toyota/Honda you ‘dump’ here at Lagos port everyday? I know your economy suffers from intermittent deflation due to excess production, and you are using my country to boost your car sales exports, earn dollar forex and create jobs for Japanese citizens.

    Now Japan should open a Toyota factory here in Nigeria and build the vehicles here, I don’t mean assemble, I mean manufacture, and let us too create jobs for 8,000 jobless Nigerians, add local input, and save billions of dollars import bill on Japanese vehicles. Japan will still earn it’s share of profit from a Nigerian Toyota factory.

    Nigerian military/police/immigration,customs alone can snap up 10,000 new Toyota Land Cruisers in the next few years if things are right, the ageing ones we have now have over-worked for several years in NE war zone hard terrain that takes a heavy toll on vehicles.

    • lachit says:

      the write up is really worth giving a thought.
      offset policy should be implemented for medium/large defence deals.
      but some how i dont see japan govt in the wrong(just my opinion i could be wrong also).
      the company involved is a private one and since so many vehicles r being/have being acquired therefore nigerian government would have been very correct if then had bound some addition clause like setting up of a assembly plant, setting up of research and testing center for vehicles ,or setting up of a MRO facility to cater to the african market etc.
      the onus was on the government or the buyer.

      also i would like to add that implementing offset policies both the financial ploughback and technology investments depends on the countries defence policy ie how much they can bargain via their foreign policy.

      i would like to recommend u to read up india defence offset policy not because of its sucess but because of its failures atleast in the initial and mid stages ,only now has it been tweaked in a way to balance both the aspirations of the foreign companies and the govt.
      so that nigeria does not have to make the same mistakes as was made by my country.
      these things r very complicated because it involves balancing ur finance/ economy , foreign policy , domestic market competition , international power play , technology denial regimes etc .


      • We have the automotive policy implimented by the last administration. It increases the tariff on assembled cars and decreases the tariff for fully knocked down cars. The idea is to encourage assembly by guaranteeing that locally assembled cars wld be cheaper tha imported cars. This was the import duty on brand new cars already assembled is at 70% and tokunbo cars is at 35% but will eventually go up too. Due to this policy, the likes of Nissan, Peugeot, hyundai, Kia and a few others hv established assembly plants in Naija. Govt has given 12 assembly plant licenses to car manufactirers.I believe that I read Toyota is considering establishing a plant http://businessdayonline.com/2015/05/toyota-to-set-up-assembly-plant-in-nigeria/

        Beyond this Leyland and MAN trucks are already assembled in Nigeria. Innoson makes trucks. So if we are serious then we can get this rights. What the automotive policy has done is to create incentive for these manufacturers and we nEed to continue to create policies like this to bring in companies. We cannot afford to sit and complain abt importation and lack of sensitivity on d part of companies when we have willfully refused to create and environment for them to operate with reasonable costs. Its all abt give and take. U take something away from them and then give them a way out that benefits the country and them @ d same time

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Adetayo, I feel your vibes on this issue. However I have some observations. While I know very well that Nissan and Kia have begun assembly plants in Nigeria….

        Why is Toyota still saying “We will think about it” ? How is Nissan and Kia surviving in our ‘environment’ that Toyota cannot survive, they have two heads?

        How is Toyota assembly plant surviving in Kenya, is Kenyan environment like Europe?

        How did Toyota survive the very bad days of apartheid with global economic sanctions crippling the South African economy for over a decade, did they close down factory when things were bad there?

        Why does Toyota seem to make excuses about Nigeria as a manufacturing hub?

        Then, I am not advocating for mere assembly plants, Toyota has to build and manufacture in Nigeria plus local content where applicable, no matter how small for now until we grow local input capacity.

        I know how Japan behaves towards Nigeria, and it’s not just Toyota, it’s also the Tokyo government. Germany is acting the same way. Just info for the FG and diplomatic corps to act on, except if we enjoy being taken for granted and like to lose financially.

      • i feel you @ Augustine. ta the end of the day, its a “we let them” scenario. when we get our act right everybody will have no choice but to fall in line. Our Policy Somersaults are legendary. not making excuses for the companies, just saying we gotta get our home front right

  6. Augustine says:

    Toyota 4×4 wheel drive Land Cruiser still has a vital role with Nigerian army. Movement of men and materials behind frontlines where soft skin vehicles are safe in our own territory, no armour required.

    To what extent we need to up-armour a basic Toyota Land Cruiser truck is to be seen from different angles of military operational requirement.

    For special forces who want to operate with high speed, high mobility, and basic armour protection of a simple bullet proof vehicle, Proforce can add armour and run flat tyres to a Land Cruiser, cheap and affordable.

    The Toyota 4×4 is also helicopter transportable with ease, NAF can fly them to army special forces in dire need by external sling on Mi-35 helicopter or ramp up a few Toyotas inside Mi-171 helicopter.

    However, as a matter of urgency and current need today, all Nigerian army Toyota 4×4 trucks should be armed with 14,5 mm ZPU-1 heavy machine guns to counter the firepower of Boko Haram Toyota mounted AAA cannon.

    Single barrel 14.5 mm will give extra room on the open truck bed to provide for night vision aid or optical gun sights to our army gunners and extra ammunition boxes. The single barrel also conserves ammo consumption compared to the twin barrel ZPU-2. The guns are available cheap, surplus in Russia and China for urgent need in NE.

    Nigeria should begin to manufacture 14.5 mm heavy machine guns locally, it’s just one step of calibre above the 12.7 mm Browning guns we make at DICON, but it gives twice the range of fire against enemy targets, range is very important in battle.

    We should also experiment with the Toyota Land Cruiser as alternative chassis for Igirigi LAV, as a full body variant to do a light APC job with all round cover armour protection for troops plus provision for side window rifle firing ports, then the armament will change to 20 mm autocannon, we may need to verify the Toyota’s torsion stiffness to bear the load of a 20 mm cannon recoil effect, or just simply experiment with it and see the effect on the chassis after heavy use and heavy firing for months. Sometimes, you can request a strengthened/reinforced chassis from manufacturer for increased load rating.

  7. Number One says:

    We can install a battalion/brigade level C2 system on the landcruiser similar to the Division level STALLION C2 system.Just call it the mini-stallion.It can be uparmored and re-engined to resist ied’s and 7.62 AP rounds.

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