Nigerian troops and a T72 M1 tank on the road to recapture BAGA in February 2015

28 September 2015

The Defence Headquarters has renewed the commitment of the Armed Forces to continue with coordinated offensive against Boko Haram insurgents until they were decimated in line with the directive of Mr President. The Defence Spokesman, Col. Rabe Abubakar, said this in a statement issued in Abuja on Monday.

Abubakar said the offensive would be designed in such a way that the insurgents would not be given any opportunity to regroup for any attacks on innocent citizens.He said necessary steps had been taken by the relevant authorities to implement the directive and actualise the objective of dismantling all terrorists’ enclaves in the shortest possible time.

“The Nigerian Armed Forces have renewed commitment to continue the ongoing coordinated joint assaults on Boko Haram in the North East until the operations of the guerrillas are totally impaired and collapsed.

“To this end, the coordinated operation of the security forces in the contested area would intensify because the masquerading guerrillas should not be given any breathing space to regroup and re-strategise their campaign.

“The recent deployment of the 7 Brigade of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) in the Lake Chad Basin would ensure a total blockade of possible escape routes in the area to forestall further infiltration of the terrorist elements into the country and its neighbours,’’ the statement said.

The statement warned terrorists still involved in the wanton destruction of property in remote areas to stop their mindless acts of violence and embrace peace.

Security forces have in recent operations captured some number of the terrorists’ enclaves while many of their fighters have been killed with many others surrendering to troops.


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  1. egbeigwe says:

    Vanguard newspaper has posted a link to a site that purport to show boko harm members celebrating Eid but it looks to me as some boko haram gunmen mixed up with members of a community.
    One good take away from the video is that they appear seriously degraded there is no heavy weapons or hilux in site.

  2. jimmy says:

    I believe this was a while back one of the figures in this VIDEO appeared during the Capture of Mubi.
    One thing is pretty obvious from some of the red the person purported to be Shekau is now fertilizer dirt.

  3. Oje says:

    Bad move. A major diplomatic blunder. After so much betrayal and blood shed we are not at the tipping point, Boko Haram will collapse in a month, we are now abdication authority to foreign boots on the ground, and not even boots from powerful nation’s but dirt poor and backward countries whose combined population does not exceed 2 Nigerian States. Boko Harams defeat will be attributed to the Chadian and Cameroonian armies who came to rescue Nigeria from the claws of Boko Haram. Foreign boots on Nigerian soil ! Picture Mexican,Nicaraguan and Canadian troops on U.S Soil. It is a sad day for our country, more so when it’s 2 days to Independence day. Nigerian politicians are mostly illetrate, they lack strategic depth . Where is our pride as a nation? If we could contain Boko Haram alone for 6 years why are we abdication power and authority to foreign armies now that the Nigetian military, flush with weapons and resolve ?

    • saleh says:

      There is nothing in the post that indicates the troops are not Nigerians or operating on Nigerian soil. what was stated is that they are a blocking force, for all you know they might even be a Nigerian Contingent of MNJTF

      • beegeagle says:

        That is what they are – a NIGERIAN CONTINGENT.

        For now, MNJTF contingents are domiciled in their home countries – status of Benin unclear.

        7 Brigade is HQed at BAGA. The second Nigerian MNJTF garrison is GAMBORU. We are alone at Gamboru as well.

        Cameroon occupy the Sector 1 AoR of MNJTF with a brigade-sized contingent HQed at MORA.

        Chad are at Ndjamena, Baga-Sola(Chadian territory) and places to the east of the Lake Chad.

        The group poise is to ensure effective collaboration in checking the infiltration and exfiltration of insurgents across frontiers in the interest of all the neighbours in that anarchical neighbourhood.

        Or do we want Nigeria to unilaterally invade Cameroon, Chad and Niger in pursuit of BH?

  4. jesse says:

    who can explain this, Nigeria joins us led coalition against isil. Oga Beegs, Over to you.

    • rugged7 says:

      I see we are still kissing U.S a$$.
      I doubt if Nigeria stands to benefit anything useful from this adventure.
      Buhari is pushing this country too much into the western sphere of influence.
      It will not end well, mark my words…

      • Are James says:

        Everybody is fighting ISIS including Russia and Iran.

        I don’t get your point.

        Nigeria’s interests are contiguous to the west’s here as are many countries affected by terrorism.

        Russia is in it for a host of reasons including heavy Chenchen involvement in some of the most effective anti Assad militias.
        Nigeria is in it for the same reason – our enemy Boko has signed up with ISIS.

      • Sir Kay says:

        We gain nothing from joining this coalition, this coalition is about defeating IS in Syria and Iraq, are we going to send troops there? Of course not, the West just like how the numbers sound, “60 countries have joined the anti-IS coalition”, that would be a phrase we will be hearing a lot , we aren’t players over there, but having us on paper as being part of the coalition simply gives the West and their Arab friends more legitimacy, nothing more.
        We need to focus on our own battles at home and use the West for intelligence gathering, nothing more

    • Henry says:

      Nigeria is more interested in kissing ass than solving it’s own problem.

      If indeed we are joining a coalition against ISIL, i’m left to wonder how many coalitions have been formed to defeat Boko-haram which has killed over 13,000 Nigerians since this insurrection began, and 1500 Nigerians since Buhari took over government.

      This is a point-point directionless move by the F.G.

  5. Sir Kay says:

    And it seems a new coalition is forming in Syria, that is Assad, Russia, Iran and now the Chinese carriers just docked there as well, with military advisers. This should be interesting.
    Anyways, that said. Agreed with Oga Beegs and Saleh. We need those border areas checked, an attacked took place on Sunday against border towns on our side.

  6. Oje says:

    What does the east have to offer Nigeria besides weapons sale. Our economy is more entwined with the West, so is our diplomatic trajectory. ,ets face it, what does Russia and China have to offer to rival the West? We speak English, our model of government is modelled after the United states. Our armed forces and legal system is modelled after the British. Our sports, entertainment, trade deals, bilateral trade. Weather we like it or not we are inextricably under the western sphere of influence. In the 80’s Nigeria and Brazil championed the non aligned movement block, that’s all but history now.

    • Are James says:

      There is zero opposition in Russia and an almost absent regime of competing interests, lobbyists and viewpoints the kind that exists in the west. This makes for a more decisive -looking foreign crisis engagement strategy and quicker execution of that strategy.
      Let us not abuse the term ” foreign policy”.

      In this instance though I am full of admiration for what Russia is doing. They are actually bailing out Obama himself by ratcheting up their military involvement this way. The west has had a very bad showing in Syria caused by uncoordinated actions within Syria and Iraq, excessive genuflection to Gulf countries and over-concentration on business/ economic expansionism the result was a war going nowhere and an embarassing refugee crisis however if the objective of Russia is only to keep Assad in power for as long as possible, that is not “policy” but a short term strategy and would still fall on its face.
      Also what Russian forces are deployed against is the conventional / insurgent ISIS which might be easily rolled up, however
      there is also the “terrorist actions/suicide bombing ” ISIS which is more destructive. The UN Security Council should assert it’s power more and coordinate actions for a total destruction of ISIS whilst temporarily halting actions for Assad’s fall. Assad is of a minority tribe within the country so easily taken out by democratic means but for now I think Assad is needed on ground.

      • eyimola says:

        Russia is not bailing out the West in Libya. It has its own significant strategic objectives that need to be met. Its never personal with Vladimir Putin

        The so called genuflection to Gulf countries is a manifestation of the fact that they (The Sunni countries )_ are the only ones who want Assad out,

        The UN security council has no power to assert. Member states do. To be precise the US. Russia and China do. The world has changed,- and the survival of Assad is just a step in what is going to be a very interesting next few years,.

        Assad will oulast David Cameron, Francois Holland, Barrack Obama AND the King of Saudi Arabia. There will be no elections in Syria (at least not elections that you and I would consider valid). Assad will win, because Iran and Russia CAN NOT have him fail. He will win, because the Kurds, Shia and Allawites are fighting for the survival of their societies, and most of all, he will win because Western public opinion clearly backs the secular dictator over Islamists. That’s never going to change.

  7. Oje says:

    Oga James buys into this Russian propaganda bullshit. The Russians are killing people in Eastern Ukraine. They shoot down a civilian airline with 200 onboard, they annexed the territory of a sovereign State and are involve in subversive clandestine operations to destabilize Ukraine..yet the Russians are heroes. WTF !! Does Nigeria now look up to Russia sa role model? are you kidding me? The Russians will sell arms to Boko Haram if it is in their best interest.Putin should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. I’ve watched videos of the fighting in Ukraine, the image haunted me for weeks, i mean weeks. What sort of country invades its neighbor 24 hours after holsting the Olympics? Yet somehow it has to be America’s fault !! Russia bailing our Obama, Russia’s lack of opposition to Putin is best for foreign Policy, Haba Oga James. Old habits die hard. Putin is playing Stalin wannabe in 2015. A return of Cold War Russian prowess, in todays age. . The Americans were first to enter Berlin in WW2.when they did they discovered Nazi concentration camps with piles and piles of human dead and starving bodies. American GI’s went into the City and forced matched the civilian population to take a first hand look at what theyve done. Some of the women broke down in tears, they never believed. Some committed suicide. The Russians entered Berlin, what did they do? they rationale that since they lost so much men trying to play first to get to Berlin, it is in their rights to celebrate. They raped 2 million German women and children,,,Yes 2 million. We have lost our way as a people if this is what we model ourselves after.

    • rugged7 says:

      Your American friends have probably killed more people than all the countries in the eastern block put together- including russia.
      The same america-by their own admission- supplies weapons to Islamic extremists fighting in syria and iraq. And they don’t even know where 3/4 of the extremists they supplied weapons to are!!
      America is no role model for anybody…
      If putin is to be prosecuted Bush/obama/blair/cameron have more blood on their hands with mass murder and drone strikes. The U.S neutralized half a million people in just one bombing of Hiroshima and nagazaki.
      He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.
      Unfortunately, uncle Sam lacks all these ingredients…

      • Sir Kay says:

        Thank you Oga Rugged. America a role model? lol, on what planet. Less powerful countries tolerated America’s leadership because they have no choice, but soon with China rising, they will.
        America has killed millions of people, overthrew legitimate governments, invade sovereign nations in the name of democracy, which i see as terrorism, not different from Islamic extremists killing people over Islam, its all ideologies. You can’t force democracy on others.
        Point here is, what ever we need, it can be done faster and easier dealing with Russia or China, as compared to the West.
        The West is no saint, its the most blood thirsty entity on earth.
        A coup did happened in Ukraine, i guess Oga Oje forgot that, supported by Nato by the way. No to talk of weapons given to rebels in Libya, same rebels that erased towns off the map and killed thousands of civilians, without any investigation done.
        If i remember history correctly, wasn’t the USA responsible for the formation of the Taliban? To frustrate the soviets, now how is that working out for them.
        Who brought terrorism to Iraq? Its the USA, with over 100,000 civilians dead.
        Putin hasn’t committed 5% of the atrocities committed by the USA

      • rugged7 says:

        And before anybody accuses me of being anti-american…
        I neither support russia nor america.
        My constituency is my beloved Nigeria.
        Every other country can go to blazes for all i care.

    • Roscoe says:

      @Oje. The US dropped the bomb during WW2, killed a 100K iraqis and their intervention turned Syria and Libya into desert havens for terrorists. Even Nigeria blockaded an entire nation during the civil war, if you looking for saints… You are in the wrong planet.

  8. Sir Kay says:

    And to be clear, I’m no supporter of Russia or the US, I’m Nigerian, and which ever power can offer us the best deal, is a winner to me. What we stand to gain is what i care about.
    While we focus on producing our own arms, this is very important, replying on foreign countries for ordinary riffles is insane, we need to be able to produce these and more, in-house

  9. Centenary says:

    Sir kay please help me tell oje,the guy just do not see anything wrong with the west(am now even thinking he is an american propaganda toll sent here)all this west and east matter don tire me.
    Oje this is an advice for you and it says“those who forget history are doom to make the same mistake”,guy please wise up,you are too big/mature for all this bull sh**t,or am I wrong?it is now left for u to decide

    • Oje says:

      Arrrrr please, don’t be a crybaby. What the heck is wrong with pointing out the good and posituve side of the West?I point out their ills here a lot but get no incoming fire. The moment I switch and say something nice the anti American brigade is on a hair trigger alert, ready to shoot me down, meen wtf !!!!

  10. rka says:

    Na wah oh! Every thread descends into East vs West. Lets just consider what is best for Nigeria.

  11. Oje says:

    Oga rka,Wait a min, it is ok for pro Russian comments but not vise versa? Topics involving Russia go on uninterrupted, the momen I chip in a counter analysis that involves America its suddenly Oje has started again with his East vs West rethorics. What kind of one biased one minded hypocritical special interest group blog is this? Jeeez!!!! If it is a Taboo to say anything good about the U.S then say it and make it a rule, at least I won’t waste my time. The bias intolerance of pro American views is startling, for a blog that claims to be the Biggest and less moderated defence blog in Africa. But I think I’ve had it. I promise I won’t utter a word or make a sentence that has America in it. IJesus. One has to wear a bullet proof vest before saying anything that goes contrary to the majority here.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Easy Oga Oje, actually its the Russia vs West discussion that most people find annoying, generally speaking, so perhaps its best we focus on us, without being pro this or that.
      That should be the focus of this blog, not Russia or the US.
      We should be Pro-Nigeria .
      And like myself, i never complained about you talking positive about the US, but if i have to counter your opinion about America, I will, doesn’t mean you or i can’t express ourselves, we should be able to.

  12. Kola Adekola says:

    The SU-35SM seems to have very convincing powers of persuasion!
    Just four in Syria na im mek tori change like dis? Shuuuuu!

    Nigeria had better get on the Sukhoi bandwagon, especially those with open architectures for cost effective maintenance / upgrading / mixing and blending. Our mumu don do abeg! Dem no de win price for mumu.

    I beg FG, create the right military and economic alliances in alignment with a tightly planned, targeted and focused vision of a technological future with clearly defined geo-strategic goals. Create those alliances NOW.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Kola Adekola, it’s a proof that NAF will be feared all over the world if they buy any of these two Sukhoi Flanker jets, Su-30 SM or Su-35. Both are built to fight against even a 5th Gen Stealth jet.

      However, the NAF that I know does not want any heavy weight class jet fighter that can serve as military deterrent to even France with Rafale jets in Francophone West Africa. We would have held our Bakassi tight and not lose the peninsula if we were militarily powerful enough and refused to engage in any court cases at the Hague. Britain held Falkland Island by superior military might, not by historical land documents tendered in any world court.

      NAF loves light weight jets, go through their history, they chose MiG-21 against Su-7 Fitter jet, chose Jaguar against Tornado jet, chose F-7 against F-8 Finback jet that had BVR, chose JF-17 Thunder against the Su-30 Flanker that was declared as best option in every NAF evaluation coming out on top of every other jet fighter NAF evaluated in the last 5 years.

      Su-30 jet will remain a mere dream unless a miracle happens through president Buhari or the new minister for defence vetoing the NAF decision. NAF does not want any Su-30 anything, it’s we that want it for them in the best interest of Nigeria’s security.

      Meanwhile, MJNTF Nigerian contingent should be well armed beyond any level that Boko Haram can overrun, no more losing FOB or abandoning our bases in retreat.

      Let us equip our own Nigerian MJNTF troops with at least one T-72 tank per base if possible to make the base impossible to capture, and all bases should have secure perimeter barriers like trenches or sandbags. Heavy mortars for area effect HE fire defence and night combat illumination mortar rounds for visibility. Flare pistols and colour marker smoke canisters to guide NAF aircraft in CAS role.

      The MJNTF will need Aeryon Scout man portable drones and the telescopic mast field surveillance TV cameras mounted on vehicles. You cannot pursue what you cannot locate or see.

      The BTR-4 IFVs may also be given to them along with REVA MRAP and new stretched Spartan LAV, these will help our boys do high speed hot pursuit. They will also need excellent long distant communication equipment to send and receive signals from HQ, if they are under attack, they should be able to call in armed Gazelle or Fennec helicopter air support for both combat and MEDEVAC. Two satellite phones can back up communication radios types normally used by signals corps.

      Our men need to be able to receive and send timely information of enemy movements, fleeing escaping Bokos or attacking Bokos. Such information is perishable and signals must be timely, response must be rapid, responders must have high speed vehicles.

      Good to see a Nigerian MJNTF contingent that has mandate to pursue Boko Haram across borders into Neighbouring countries while have also granted same privilege to the other member nations. Africans working together for a change. Meanwhile, let us still keep a close eye on our unpredictable Francophone partners, hard to trust them based on past bitter experience, their troops withdrawal led to the fall of Baga FOB.

      God be with you MJNTF, and best of luck. May Africa unite more and more, with sincerity added to the unity.

  13. mcshegz says:

    NTA NEWS: Nigerian Airforce finally signs MOU with the Kwara State University on domestication of technologies.
    The architecture of the nations defense system tied to the aprons of foreign experts is taking a toll on the country’s revenue especially in this ongoing fight against terrorism; hence the leadership of the Nigerian Airforce is now than ever before constantly looking inwards, such is the partnership with the only university in Nigeria capable of training Aerospace Engineers. Areas of synergy between both institutions include:
    *technology transfer and reproduction of models of aircraft parts
    *joint maintenance of aircraft’s
    *and student transfer programs
    one of the keys drivers of the vision of the chief of air staff is strategic partnership for enhanced research and development

    • mcshegz says:

      This is surely the way forward. One can further suggest that NAF collaborates extensively with private higher institutions on our UAV programs, so as to ensure that we quickly consolidate on our current expertise in other to maintain sustainability long into the future. We have more than the necessary capabilities to domesticate greater percentages of our aerospace sector, but there has to be a clear sign from Ogas at the top, like a local content act for acquisition of platforms, that give a sizable chunk of such procurement’s to Nigerian owned companies, this will allow the private sector flourish favorably.
      Foreign owned companies will only follow in the footsteps of Nigerian companies vested with the interest and determination to develop our aerospace sector; never the other way around.

      • Are James says:

        This is a good start but Unilorin has ZERO facilities and manpower to do much.
        What this means is that the NAF has to finance the building of facilities and recruit researchers, technicians and support staff. They should then target a few technology areas and start setting targets for technology acquisition.

      • AOk says:

        Didn’t the NAF have an agreement in place with another institution some years ago to produce replacement component parts for helicopters or was it the Alpha Jet?

        Re inventing the wheel again. Why a university and not a technical college?

        I’ve long stated that we place old aircraft and components to secondary, higher and technical institutions nationwide to create more interest in aviation design and maintenance. The rusting MiGs’, F27s in Benin and many others in graveyards etc even abandoned commercial planes should be given to secondary, technical and higher institutions with retired/ ex air force technical crews as instructors.

        This will pass on skills acquired at great expense by the country, gives the veterans more of a sense of purpose, demystify aviation and help steer us in the right direction. Let’s start at that level and maintain it so it does not vanish in the next few years. What happens when the NAF techies above leave the service? Those A & P, A & C skills lost forever and we start all over again.

        All these MOU’s with institutions who don’t have a track record in component design, manufacturing or aviation smacks of PR. Again, our much vaunted / trumpeted sense of highly educated citizens counts for nothing evidenced by a non existent aviation maintenance culture. My Thursday morning rant over.

  14. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Sep 29

    Hunt for #BokoHaram escapees from Nigerian DSS holding site hots up as agents engaged some escapees in gun duel near edo Nigeria

  15. Augustine says:

    Nigeria should just focus on Nigeria in this Boko Haram war on terror, we have enough terror at home, remember it’s not just chasing Boko Haram around the desert, we also face suicide bombings of our cities, schools, markets, offices, churches, mosques, etc.

    ISIS is an Arab problem, but Nigeria as a responsible member of the UN must give moral, political, and diplomatic support to every nation attacked by ISIS. However, Nigeria should avoid any military or financial involvement in the fight against ISIS unless the threat spreads to sub Saharan Africa. Remember how we got into Boko Haram trouble after our military intervention in Mali alongside France/Chad, the Chadian rebels promised to retaliate on Nigeria and here we are today with about 10,000 innocent Nigerians killed by Bokos.

    Any nation that wants to do bravado should equip and train it’s military adequately first of all. You don’t play basketball with short legs. You wanna go fight ISIS with F-7 jet or Mi-35 that has no single guided bomb or anti-tank missile? Or you will send second hand T-70 tanks and Cobra APC against ISIS ? The same ISIS that shoots down Su-25 Frogfoot jet and F-16 jet, bursts main battle tanks in Iraq ? An ISIS armed with missiles that Nigerian army does not have? Please let us avoid stirring up a hornets nest and getting Nigeria stung by bees. Nigerian military is not modernized and equipped enough to go fight a force that survived about 4,000 air to ground strikes by NATO combined air forces. Let’s not go play basketball by carrying a ladder to the basketball court so we can reach the the basket.

    Algeria and Egypt are more than powerful enough to wipe out ISIS in Libya. I advise Chad and Sudan to limit themselves to blocking their borders from infiltration only. You need strong teeth to chew strong meat or else you swallow it and choke. Algeria has about 10 years war experience in fighting desert terrorists, Egypt has years of war experience fighting against formidable convention armies like Israel. Egypt has over 30,000 armoured vehicles, artillery, missile launchers, etc for their army. Algeria has a military better equipped than average European nations, even France will struggle if they fight the ultra modern Algerian military.

    Let those two North African countries form a coalition against the emerging ISIS in Africa.

    In the middle East, Saudi Arabia and her Arab brothers have over 1,000 modern jet fighters from F-16, F-15, Tornado, to Eurofighter Typhoon, plus over 10,000 tanks and IFVs loaded with tens of thousands of anti-tank guided missiles. Let them fight ISIS face to face like men and stop avoiding a ground war. Nigeria is still short of modern military equipment or do we have what those countries I mentioned have? Be sincere my brother, do we have that much?

    • Number One says:

      Oga much respect,but we faced better armed opposition in SL and Liberia (milan atgms,106 & 76mm RCL rifles,RPG’s,mi 24 AH etc).

      • Augustine says:

        Oga I salute, but Liberia and Sierra Leone rebels did not have Milan ATGM and Mi-24 attack helicopters. ISIS is far superior to local African rebels of ECOMOG days.

  16. Augustine says:

    Happy Birthday Nigeria at 55 years.

    We are still one and will always be, we survived every attempt to divide us.

    Wa Zo Bia, let us join hands together and make Nigeria great.

    This Beegeagle’s blog loves you NA, NAF, NN, FG, MoD, please try and take our sincere and patriotic advice seriously, we want the best for Nigeria, at 55, this nation should be much taller than this. God will help us if we help ourselves.

    We love you Nigeria ! Long live the federal republic of Nigeria !

  17. Sir Kay says:

    The Nigerian Navy said it would ensure that the vessel provided it by the Chinese government would be used for fighting illegality at sea.

    The Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Jonathan Ango, who made the promise said, already, the vessel which came as a gift from Chinese government had been deployed to NNS Delta to operate under the Central Naval Command.

    Ango, who spoke during a farewell party organised by the Western Naval Command in honour of 19 Chinese naval personnel, who came to assist in training Nigerian Navy personnel expected to work on board the vessel NNS SAGBAMA, added that the vessel would assist greatly in the fight against maritime crime and crude oil theft, especially in consideration of her speed and ability to react fast to situations when called upon.

    Earlier, the representative of the Chinese Consul General, Mr. Li Yong, said with the rapid development of China-Nigeria strategic partnership, more frequent military exchanges and closer co-operation between both countries should be expected.

    He said that after four-months of hard work on the vessel with Nigerian Navy personnel, “not only have both sides gained specialized knowledge from each other, but have also established great friendship.”

  18. Ola says:

    Meanwhile, I saw this some days ago and I thought I would share. I can recall 4 times this year that one of these F15/16/18 series would be falling out of either the US skies or somewhere else on training. Either the SU or F family, it happens to them all. It happens to some more than others even
    My memory from May till date is:
    F-18 Hornet: May-Persian gulf
    F-16: July- South Carolina
    F-16: August-in Bavaria Germany
    F-18: September-California

    From 2012 till date, the US has lost about 20 fighter jets of this family, in training only. Models ranging from F-15 to F-22 have all been involved. An airforce that manages to acquire 20 of these birds in 3 years cannot be called a small airforce, it will be a regional power anyehere it’s located, that is the scale of the loss. This does not take into account the loss of several attack helicopters too. I think The US airforce should review their fleet. Meanwhile, Nigeria can learn from this to think of what to chase and buy. Nigeria can learn with respect to what to buy, what not to buy in terms of ease, financial and time cost of maintenance of fleet.

  19. Centenary says:

    Been waiting for this day for a long while.
    Some countries (I won’t mention names)said we will not reach this day but God had/have other plans for us.
    Happy Birthday/Independence my sweet,great and most beloved Nation on earth in the sight of God and Man

  20. Oje says:

    Yes Oga Ola, we should start celebrating America lost 20 fighters t9 training accidents since 2012. Clever bit of subterfuge to make your point clear. It’s celebration time folks, 20 American jets last, LET’S CELEBEATE. But what has lost U.S fighters got to do with our wzr against Boko Haram. Now you are from a country whose airforce is extinct, yet you deem it fit to ask the Americans to review it’s fleet. If this is not the irony of the 21st century then I don’t know what is. The shameless anti American brigade continues…..just shameful the professionalism of the contributors of this blog habe been hijacked by people with twisted pro and anti agenda thats emotionally laced and lacks substance.

    • Ola says:

      Hi Oje, your opinion is very welcome. I suppose you also read the part where I said “Either the SU or F family, it happens to them all.” I also said “Nigeria can learn from this to think of what to chase and buy. Nigeria can learn with respect to what to buy, what not to buy in terms of ease, financial and time cost of maintenance of fleet.”
      I will not defend what I have written there, and I am entitled to my opinion just like you do. I want you to know though that this is a second part of a post whose first part has not appeared yet for reasons I don’t know.
      With respect to equipment, whatever Nigeria buys, Nigeria should think of buying equipment that can be easily maintained judging by the history of maintenance in the country. The cost of acquisition should also be reasonable. Subsequently, the down time for maintenance should be minimal and the cost of keeping the fleet running should not bankrupt the air force. Can Nigeria keep up with the level of maintenance the US does to their own fleets? Are the F- series more maintenance intensive than their European and Russian contemporaries? Which equipment offers the best value for money in terms of current and future needs? I have put up the post above, considering that the top echelon of the armed forces seem to seriously covet certain equipment (note that I cannot solidly confirm this).
      I would dream of Nigeria flying the F-18, I even desire it but is it realistic? In terms of cost, we can shop for something more cost effective and if the makers are losing them at that rate, are we able to do better?
      Happy independence!

  21. Sir Kay says:

    We just won’t hear the end of this.

  22. Oje says:

    Sir Kay, be frank with your self. Should we be talking about lost American jets? Do we fly American Jets? Do we gave a defence treaty with the United States? Is America helping us fight Boko Haram? Why should American attrition rates be a topic here?

    • Sir Kay says:

      My comment wasn’t towards you Chief, i was simply referring to the same convo about russia vs USA that’s been going on here. All are welcome to state their opinion.
      Perhaps Oga Ola was simply stating that these crashed fo happen, whether its in NAF or Russia or USA, i don’t know man. Its all good.
      We shouldn’t be upset with one another when talking about countries that aren’t even ours lol. I know i wouldn’t, not like they are paying me for it

  23. Oje says:

    Oga James, Russia is on the right track here, and i see they are also using this war to test the effectiveness of its weapons systems, like the American have done a couple of times.Lets face it, competition breeds innovation. The more competition you have among Russian Defence corporations, the more likelihood you will see the likes of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon in Russia. Air power is the one place Russia can stand to to toe with the West, though numerically they needs hundreds more than they have now. Why should China and India fly more advanced SU-35 Flankers than the Russian airforce and Navy?

    • Are James says:

      I support Russia’s entry into Syria and something funny happened this morning Fox News interviewed Republican front runner Donald Trump. Trump who speaks from the heart completely disappointed the conservative Fox News by almost supporting Vladimir Putin as well. He stopped only short of praising him. It was nice to see Fox News anchors shift embarrassingly as he told them his truth. Even Obama in his hearts of hearts knows the West which he leads has made a mess of things in Syria. I say it again that Obama did not really want Assad out initially.

      As for the Russian testing of weapons. That is another comedy entirely. There are three or more clips circulating from their defence ministry about bombing shorties against ISIS (or Assad enemies as the west are saying)…..well the problem is that the first clip showed bombs missing targets by as much as 50 metres. The other clip showed slightly more accuracy but the quality of the cockpit footage was so bad . Another clip showed the targets on ground mostly civilians. Since there are SU 35s deployed I am therefore in a dilema whether I want to recommend these aircraft for the Nigerian Airforce. Since the first actions they took were so bravado-cious as to include warning US jets to keep off the airspace in Syria I am worried for the Russian pilots now that the US has refused. The way I see things, ordinary F/A 18 Hornets from nearby aircraft carriers will make a meal of these planes. All they need is EA 6B Growlers switching off all enemy radars from 100miles away and it is goodbye SU 35s.
      Also, ISIS is a very dangerous enemy and a non conventional opponent capable of unbelievable acts . The initial airstrikes and and tech enhanced victories are usually the ways these things start but it is not a short battle but a long war.
      The lesson here is if you want to do gra gra..better watchout for gri gri.

      • Are James says:


      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The SU 35s are air supperiority fighter and were not part of the strike details which was carrier out by the decdicated ground attack platforms SU25 ” Frog foot”., and the SU24 ( Russian equivalent of the Jaguar or US F111) on fixed real estate targets.

        ”The Russian air force will use the Frogfoots to support the Assad regime in the same way the USAF is using the A-10 Warthog to support the Iraqi government,” one veteran U.S. Air Force aviator told me. Another senior Air Force official agreed. “Frogfoots are the best air-to-ground platform for this type of fight for sure.”

  24. Kola Adekola says:

    According to several sources, China’s aircraft carrier, Liaoning and a guided missile cruiser have now docked at the Syrian port of Tartus. RT also adds that Chinese military advisers are to follow.

    Its all kicking off, just as Nigeria seems to have joined the wrong anti-IS alliance.
    Happy Independence Day.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Said this since yesterday, someone here seems to dismiss the news as rumors.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Its hard to dismiss the Chinese presence in Syria as a rumour.
        A lot is going on though; some of it being smoke and mirrors, some real.

      • eyimola says:

        That would be me, and it IS a rumor. The ship is not is Syria and is certainly not in a state whereby the Chinese would deploy their first hot exercise outside the Pacific. What would they be flying off it? Where are the support vessels?

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Eyimola, the Chinese presence is unlikely to be a rumour. However, the Liaoning too is unlikely to be in Syria YET.

        Senator Egor Morozov, a member of the Russian Federation Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs is the source of the (Liaoning news?), In his words: “it is known, that China has joined our military operations in Syria, a Chinese cruiser had already entered the Mediterranean and an aircraft carrier follows it”.

        So, there’s a “Chinese cruiser” in Syria with an aircraft carrier to follow. What aircraft carrier exactly? Senator Egor Morozov words are vague enough to allow for the aircraft carrier in question to be the Liaoning or even a Russian aircraft carrier.

        As for the Liaoning not being in a state for deployment outside the Pacific, it has since passed aircraft handling tests (2012 – 2013). For support ships, the PLAN 152 Fleet (led by guided missile destroyer Ji’nan) is currently on a world tour and just happens to be in the Mediterranean at this time.

  25. drag_on says:

    So many rivals gathering at one spot. If the shit hots the fan,what will we defend ourselves with? F-7s? LMAO.
    Do we know the importance of oil to global conflicts? When a world war starts oil producing nations will be a major theatre of war.Do we recognise this? We are the most populated oil producing nation in the world.How will we defend 180 million people in a global war?

    Will we be able to determine our future as an oil producing nation admist a global conflict? If we are not prepared to deal with all possibilities we could end up being a colony again. In our current state,if a global crises was to occur we will be fought over and partitioned as the battle for oil intensifies.

    Let us prepare now. If fighter jets are too expensive( I can’t understand why) then modern MANPADS and SAM batteries should be acquired soonest as a stop gap together with terrestial anti-ship batteries. A fleet of Merlin antisubmarine Helios should also acquired if acquiring subs and training submariners are to expensive.

    This decade looks more unstable than the last two. There are too many rising powers and independent ideological groups.

    My 2 kobo.
    Happy independence day Nigeria.

    • Sir Kay says:

      With the kind of exposure Nigerians have today, i don’t see any country capable of colonizing Nigeria, I’m sure you know what a guerrilla war is, the invading force will have to figure out how to control 180 million uncooperative people,that won’t be easy, if not impossible
      To colonize us today would require the cooperation of the people, and that’s one thing the invading force won’t have, which makes them targets where ever they go.
      Heck they won’t even be able to drink water without wondering if its poisoned lol.
      The only way that would work will be to take over a small portion of our land, the Niger delta area, and say Abuja, and leave it at that. But to take the whole country, i doubt that.
      But still, as you said, we need to better arm up , like yesterday

      • drag_on says:

        Remember, a global conflict is about killing as much of the opposition as possible with the least amount of blood sweat, money and tears. If we oppose we would be reduced to 5 million before a ground invasion. Nobody would spend their military human resources to pacify that population while fighting on other fronts.
        Yes, it is horrific, but you do what you need to do to secure the resources required to win a winner takes all conflict.
        Japan was causing untold casualty to the US military and the solution was 2 bombs. Nasty but Cheap.

        We just need to be hard to invade while being neutral in a conflict.
        It seems though, we have joined the US ‘coalition’ in an Arab theatre. What does this have to do we us?

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Merlin Direct operatng cost 20,000.00 UK pound hour, would not do any thng more than an Martme equipped SA332 super Puma.

  26. Number One says:

    Happy Independence day to all beegeagle bloggers.

  27. Oje says:

    Oga Kola, first of all the Chinese Carrier is more or less a floating Casino and a test bed fir future Chinese Carrier operations. India has 3 Carriers, China can as well afford 6 Carriers but have chosen to develop their own and build their own Carrier. The Lyioning, which was formerly the discrepit Adminral Kutznestov is a training ship. The Docking of the Carrier in Syria is nothing but a symbolic gesture. It shows China stands will Russia and a covert operation against Russia by the West will not be entertained. Good move if you ask me because Obama is the worse President the United States have ever seen in its 200 plus year history. I am yet to understand why the Obama administration will depose a circular leader and fund and supported ”terrorist” when similar efforts in Libya and Egypt failed totally. I mean cmon, Obama has spent over half a billion dollars and all America have to show for it is just 4 American trained terrorists on the ground. Half a BILLION dollars, the tons of equipment Obama provided to these so called ”Free” Syrian terrorists were sold to Al-queda. Russia has spent nothing but see the strategic gains Putin has made already. America lost 5000 men in Iraq and spent $3 trillion in Iraq barely a decade Russia,Iran and Iraq are working closely and planning together. It is very hard to critisize Donald Trump for calling American politicians STUPID when you see things like this. If America had allowed the circular government of Assad to fight these terrorists rather than depose him and put a terrorist in power ISIS will not be as powerful as they are now. It is sad, very sad and bad press for the black race for the incomprehensible strange and stupid foreign policy that has been the ha;;mark of Obama, Americas first black President.

  28. Oje says:

    Oga James, on Russia’s bombing footage, Russia is not as advanced as the West in hi tech smart bombs so it will be ridiculous to expect precision bombing , like i said its a testing ground, as the conflict unfolds Russian technicians can at least now assess the results, see where there were misses and failures. Lessons on these will be factored in whatever Russia builds in the future. This is why the U.S has an almost ridiculous insurmountable lead in standoff weapons and pinpoint precision strike. It is said that the 1st gulf war made changed the mindset of the Chinese leadership about the effectiveness of technology in war. A Chinese journalist in Baghdad witnessed a tomahawk strike, he described it as so advanced that it flew down the middle of a street surrounded by buildings for some distance, at the end of the street it went straight through a car parked on the side of the road (through the rear window), not exploding and carried on the destroy the APC. (This was 1991. What can do that today?)He said it was a common sight in the war to see “smart missiles” flying through the streets of the towns. Needless to say the Chinese were terrified at the level of sophistication in GPS and Satellite guided munitions. This prompted China’s rapid military modernization. You cannot fight a battle of assymetry if you dont have the right tech, Putin will learn.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje. Do you realise that these “theories” are little more that rumour or fanboyism?

      Its a tad strange to imagine that any country would need to fly all the way to the Syrian battlefield before they can get test results for the precision of their weapons.

      Chinese journalists are now military experts? Guy, it e get where dem de talk sontin reach o!

      Terror of GPS fuelled China’s rapid military modernization?… Damn! Somebody, please give me Panadol! I get headache.

  29. rugged7 says:

    Abeg, is there any particular reason that the Nigerian government allows that Yvonne Ndege retard to still remain in this country???
    She’s doing an excellent hatchet job for aljazeera against the Nigerian army.

    “…Some soldiers in the Nigerian army say they’re training in their bathroom slippers and are accusing their commanders of corruption.
    The Nigerian army is denying money meant for food, accommodation, training and equipment is being siphoned off by some officers…..”
    Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege visited Jos to tell this story

    Wahala dey sha

    • beegeagle says:

      We are a tad permissive and lily-livered and that is why the likes of Ndege roam free.

      In Ethiopia and Egypt, conflict zones such as the Ogaden and the Sinai are off limits to real and buccaneering foreign journalists alike. It is only in Nigeria, ever willing to be compliant and always craving validation by the international community, that the likes of Ndege are allowed to roam free in a conflict zone. It is bad enough that she reports to demoralise a fighting army.

      I hope we get an authoritarian and patriotic Interior Minister very soon.

  30. Kay says:

    After beating back our own ‘jihadi lite’ version of IS, it has shown up the dangers of being unprepared and sitting ‘pretty’. Thankfully, it was localised with very little foreign idiots succumbing to help fight out their unintelligible goals.

    The mishmash in Syria is the worst possible situation right now;conflicting interests. Enemies of enemies would team up. Beneficiaries would be IS and Al Q who would absorb and face off common enemies. The US would also lose out ultimately as allies get absorbed into enemy groups and thus with little or no option to strike out former allies turned enemies or leave the party. Anyway they do, it’ll currently usher a whole new chapter of geopolitics with fanatics around the world seeing it as a gang up war against their own kinds. Jihadi mobilisation ensues…

    Ours is to come out of our current situation stronger, responsive and all the hallmarks needed to knockout any threats such as this before they become unmanageable

  31. Oje says:

    Et tu Oga Kay? What the hell is wrong with you people? You just have to twist anything i say into another anti American fanboyism crap again? Meen, fuck you, fuck this blog, in fact fuck all of you. I am beginning to miss the likes of Pecavvi. Save for a few like James, or Henry where has mature and diverse analytical argument gone. Oga Beeg, i think its time you change the name of this blog from beegeagle to antiAmericanblog@wordpress,com. I am sick and tired of the childish postulations and stupid remarks.Its getting to a point one has to book appointment with the doctor for high BP because of the stupid special interest group mentality that has infested the right to air your views irrespective of weather it conforms to your belief or not. Meen. Do you know how stupid discussions here have become? You are bringing down the value of this blog with your stupid and borderline retarded attacks upon attacks on certain views. I don tire., Im outta here for good, if any of una see me post comment here again make una know say i no get any dignity left. Christ!!

    • rugged7 says:

      People dey vex today sha.
      Oje, no be everything be fight.
      I have watched you skewer many a blogger here without remorse. Just because people don’t agree with you now, you are threatening us with egress.
      The expletives are not useful nor helpful as well…
      No be so bros.
      Anyway, have a beer and chill out.
      A Happy Independence day to my compatriots…
      God’s blessings on Nigeria and you all…

    • Kay says:

      Sir Kay or Kay? Be clear. Different people.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Okay, Fuck you? Really? This is a blog where people express themselves, why are you taking things so damn personal?
      My last comment to you was telling you that my previous comment wasn’t directed at you.
      Wow, take it easy bro, its just a blog, you are getting pissed at people you don’t even know, that in itself is very childish. Jeez

    • hannibal says:

      Ogbeni go and sit down jare…who send you message…..your wahala too much…at least now we wont have to sift through all barbs to get read some useful stuff…if evryone is against you dont you see the issue is actually you. Go and sort out first and if you are not married yet..hold on for some many more years ooo to mature, so you wont go and kill person pikin.

      • kulture1 says:

        Thank you, this boy should have been put in his place a long time ago. He is just an attention seeking nuisance. Good riddance and here is hoping he doesn´t ever feature here again.

  32. Kola Adekola says:

    Iraq will welcome Russian air strikes
    – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

  33. Centenary says:

    Today has been one of reflection for me because today is a mile stone for Nigerian as a whole.
    One thing that makes me to respect oje is because of his Frankness(he says what he fells,that is he those known how to hit the stone at the head of the nail)but please oje there is something called constructive criticism and I think u should employ it.
    Everyone is fast to criticise the west because they refuse to sell us weapons even I found myself at that same point at a time but he truth is that we were all too naïve,them not selling weapons to us has been a blessing because when I look back at the pass six years we have made tremendous progress technologically.
    In the pass six years we have been able to develop/produce/upgrade the following»

    Army»APC(igirigi)and so many other improved variants and so on
    Navy»from patron craft to tugboat to ships(new variants in production)
    Airforce»Remote controlled mine defuse machine to Drones,not just one but two types
    Dicon»From bullet prof vest to light weapons to mortar.
    Privet companies like proforce are now even making huge triaves(am really waiting for proforce to unveil their tank and drones that they are developing at present.
    Even the police is not left behind because they have started producing bullet prof vest.
    These are all we known about not to even talk of the ones we don’t known about yet.
    Six years ago if someone had told me this would be possible in just a space of six years I would have called that person joseph the dreamer because it all seemed impossible but now it is all a reality.
    We have been able to bridge a gap of a hundred years to that of thirty years in a space of six years,
    This all happened because for once we became focus and faced reality.
    Nigeria is full of talents so we can achieve all we want if only we put our mind to it,the future looks more than bright for us.
    If America had not placed us on a ban to buy weapons we would still be thinking that the world is a fairy tale were you get what you want with out working for it(America worked to get were they are now so why can’t we)so fo this I say a vary big thank you to The United State of America(your decision brough us to reality)

    Naija I hail thee

  34. beegeagle says:

    Oje, I do not take exception to your attacks on my person but I hope for the sake of your personal integrity, that you are gone for good and that you DON’T ever, EVER come back.

    Be the purveyor of the standards you know and want to project by using your own blog to propagate whatever you believe in. I have run my race and am not in competition with anyone or blog. Feel free to call whoever you please or conforms to your unheralded high standards to join you there while you are at it. Au voir

    • beegeagle says:

      Summarily,I am saying, Oje, that if you want to leave, grateful you leave immediately.You can even leave twice

      To be sure, one did not set up shop with a view to aggregating any number of commentators. I am neither scouting for commentators nor looking to generate site traffic. So you can leave one way or the other. If nobody visits here at all, I would not feel perturbed since we have no point to prove. The blog itself can implode this minute for all I care. I would not be bothered – mission long accomplished.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Our Own very Shogun Oga Beegeagle, your input into the national development via your blog would grow from strenght to strenght, You have acheved so much in such a short time, gettng a clear perception of our nation to a diverse audience, your passive efforts in the fight against BH is no small feat, to clear wrong impressions about our Military and also quick to allow constructive critisism . Let nobody bother you, be still as if on parade. You have walked it has you talk it, Fellow Ogas, the remarks made about Oga Beegeagle is uncalled for and totally out of line, it must not be repeated.He has forced nobody to blog here, but has been accomodative to everyone. Oga Beegeagle Congratulations and Happy Independence Day.

      • anas says:

        Well said gen beegs

      • rugged7 says:

        Peace, Be still….
        Oga Beeg, don’t bother yourself too much.
        In this sad world we live in, no matter how good you try to be, there will always be those who will hate on you.
        C’est la vie…Such is life.
        But rest assured that you have our respect and support for your positive advocacy for Nigeria and it’s armed forces.
        God’s blessings continue to follow you and the much vaunted Beegeagles Blog…

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Well said Field Marshal BeegEagle. Well said.

  35. Ola says:

    I wrote a post in the morning of today (October 1st) but it was never allowed to come up for whatever reason I don’t know. I have resolved to try post it again.
    Here is part 1:
    Happy independence to Nigeria! I hope the president will take the time to review the security situation of the country along with his soon to be minister for defence and service chiefs.
    Whatever problems are there in Nigeria, the solution must come from within and allies that you rely on may let you down, I am glad the Nigerian military is realising this now. Good to see the PMCs, Russian, Indian, Pakistani, British and American trained SFs integrated in the NA now, this synergy, if well used will give the NA an unusual capability and efficiency. Meanwhile on training, not all allies are friends, I remember a call that was placed on this blog a while ago for CT/COIN trainers, some of those who responded to the call and activated a flurry of activities were forced to stand down by their host country, even threatened with jail terms and temporarily “detained” for extraordinarily long questioning. Everyone may not understand this but those involved are also on this blog, they would read this and they should look into the training package that NA personnel has received and will receive from this country, it definitely will lack components that could increase the survivability and chances of a soldier some day, in case friends have to ruffle feathers against each other, enough said. Nigeria needs to redraw her rules and alliances when it comes to global diplomacy and politics, the address of the current president at the UN gives me the impression that he will have a clearer policy than the past administration. It would be in the best interest of Nigeria to though to be a friend of all and a neutral entity for now. The Indians are very good at this and Nigeria can imitate them.

    It’s time to think about the next generation Nigerian soldier. Where would be the army be in 5 years, 10 years, 25 years and 50 years from now? How long is it going to take to bridge the generational gap between Nigerian armed forces and the modern armed forces around the globe? Shouldn’t Nigeria think well beyond Africa?

    Touching on a few areas, I have the following to say:

    Military spending of Nigeria has to be reviewed as a matter of urgency, goals have to be set and ambitious programs have to be aggressively started and followed through. a Budget of $7bn is too small for The Nigerian military and police to share if they want to modernise and be effective. For too long, these institutions have been left to rot away, their resources have been diverted and relevant competences have not been acquired for personnel. The Budget should at least be reviewed upward to a minimum of $12bn dollars shared with the formula 2, 3, 3, 4 for the police, ground forces, navy and air force respectively. Also, the percentage for acquisition of equipment should be reviewed upward and must not be compromised or diverted, no matter what.

    On Training
    It’s high time Nigeria takes her training to the next level, in house. The discipline of the old Nigerian army should be brought back, I hope the military chiefs would have enough courage to reorient the army from a strictly defensive force to a force that is effective proactive and defensive too. Also, the recruitment has t be addressed. Soldiers that came in through the lists of “Ogas” and “Madams” are merely swelling the ranks. Most of them would lack dedication and not be able to fight.A re-indoctrination has to take place in the army, either you fight or you go home and let an eager, brave, willing to fight man on the street take your place!
    Nigeria has accumulated a lot of experience from various overseas training, it’s high time that this is domesticated and built upon. Let instructors integrate these foreign doctrines at home, this would reduce the cost of sending contingents abroad for months to train.

    On Equipment
    The military needs to invest heavily in modern, potent equipment. Doctrine of acquisition has to change. Tenders should be opened to willing suppliers to bid. Large orders should be placed at once. Potency, ruggedness, uniformity, ease of operation and major domesticated repair and maintenance, battle pedigree and cost should be significantly considered in the acquisition.
    It’s high time there is consistency in equipment of the armed forces, time to also see more domestic equipment at the front lines, time to draw a medium term plan for the role of domestic equipment in the armed forces. We want to see more Igirigi or a new family of vehicles, Gulma, SDB even OPVs built and deployed at home.

    • beegeagle says:

      Ola, I happen to appreciate your mature communication and straight talk. NOBODY held up your post. When comments are lengthy, the security system here mistakes it for spam and bounces it off until the moderator personally confirms that it is not spam and approves the said comment.

      Capt Wilcock, Henry, Egbon Jimmy and Lachit can all attest to the fact of not seeing the comments reflected for the aforementioned reason.

      Again, when you have typed a long comment, always save it to your mouse pad or clipboard so that you do not lose it IF your login session or page expires whilst you are typing

      • Ola says:

        SIr Beegs, thanks! I DID NOT suspect any foul play from your end actually, I was just thinking it’s something with wordpress that I have not figured out. Thanks for giving me the info, in future I will consider this problem and try to split my posts, shorten them or save as you suggested above.
        Warm regards! Keep up the good work!

  36. Ola says:

    in continuation;
    Domestication/local content in military, R & D
    Henceforth, the importation of munition for small and personal arms has to be stopped. Let the production of small ordinance has to be ramped up domestically to cut the cost of importation of such. If honestly utilised, a military the size of Nigerian armed forces with a budget of +$7bn and a military with the kind of engagement level of activeness of Nigerian armed forces should be able to effectively create a sustainable, profitable and enduring market for a medium sized domestic military industrial complex. So, DICON, NAEME, AFIT, Proforce, Universities and others need to do more to honestly get a significant portion of the spendings of the military.
    Research and development must get a different funding from the government. A dedicated drive for development of prototypes must be sustained in house and the best ideas should be bank rolled. Partnership with various research institutes within and outside the country should be actively pursued. To start with, a little sum of $500 m can be invested into R & D and based on the outcome, funding can be progressively reviewed up to $ 1bn annually. This is a lot for a dedicated, military R&D in Nigeria, but it’s worth it. private individuals, family businesses and business tycoons should also be encouraged to participate. I think Nigeria should think back to the origin of many of the leading equipment on the world market today. Riffles, armoured tanks, attack helicopters, fighter jets, artillery systems to name a few started from family businesses. Government cannot do it alone.

    Welfare and Soft skills for the military
    With respect to boko haram and other internal strifes, every modern army is smart, wars are no longer won alone by sheer fire power. Soft, humane approaches has to be integrated into the military training. Soldiers are meant to be friends of the people they protect, not masters. The military should engage in massive re-orientation of their personnel to engage with the populace and obey civilian laws when they are outside the barracks. As a rule, the uniform should not be seen as a symbol of terror and only soldiers on duties should be seen on uniform outside the barracks. Soldiers should primarily be trained to fight but alongside this, they should also be trained to be able to do other practical jobs so that when they retire, they can set up their own businesses, provide services and be employable in a normal civilian environment.The era of “you must either steal and be rich when you leave the army or you retire and become a security man standing at the gate for some rich people” must end.

    Wealth creation
    I hope the Nigerian government will use wealth creation to resolve conflicts. Let the government invests in massive infrastructural development all over the country. Idle youths can be employed to dig drainage, work as casual workers on building, road and railway construction sites, adult education and technical education should be given to school drop outs and those who cannot read and write. The population of a country is an asset but if not wisely used, its burden would bring down the country. Nigeria is in shortage of skilled workmen like welders, machine and heavy equipment operators, ship hands and workers in the maritime industry e.t.c, that is why these artisans flood to Nigeria from Asia, south Africa and other places, to work in the maritime industry and oil servicing industries. Let the government work with captains of industries and ministries to turn the idle young hands engaged in crime, into useful human resources.

    Enough said, happy birthday Nigeria!

  37. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria National Day Message (October 1, 2015)

    October 1, 2015

    On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the citizens of Nigeria as you celebrate your Independence Day on October 1

    Nigerians can observe this national day with gratitude and pride knowing that it follows a largely peaceful general election in March—a significant moment for your country. I was privileged to travel to Nigeria in the lead up to that historic balloting. During my visit, I reaffirmed the importance of the U.S.-Nigeria strategic partnership and the need to uphold peace and democratic principles as the nation headed to the polls. I was pleased to see the high-level of participation in the democratic process, which resulted in a successful transfer of power. I was also honored to attend the presidential inauguration on May 29.

    Even with the elections behind you and a new government in place, much hard work still lies ahead. When President Obama met President Buhari, in July, the United States pledged to support Nigeria firmly as it strives to curb corruption, bolster the economy, consolidate democratic governance, and address regional issues, including the weakening and defeat of Boko Haram.

    The partnership between our countries is strong because of our people, because of our collaboration in so many areas, and because of our commitment to uphold and advance shared values. The United States looks forward to deepening its friendship with you in months and years to come.

    I extend my very best wishes to you on this, the 55th anniversary of your nation’s independence.

    @John Kerry

    • lachit says:

      scaneagle is a mini uav geared towards infantry use and is a good system.
      those under sale will not include the ImSAR NanoSAR which is the world’s smallest Synthetic Aperture Radar only those equipped with electro-optical or infrared camera.

      understand the significance of these lines

      “The acquisitions for Cameroon and Kenya will include 50% of the work on each contract being carried out in-country”

      “…………….. delivered to the Pakistani government under the FMS programme by August 2016. It adds that 90% of the work will be carried out in the USA and the remaining 10% in country.”

      scaneagle is available with certain civilian operators.

      i believe certain systems ( pakistani ) will be lo-jacked with bugs to discretely relay info to american assets like satellites makes sense atleast to me , as i would have done the same.

      the latest version is the scaneagle 2
      ScanEagle 2 has a bigger nose that will provide a multi-intelligence sensor capability so that the UAV can carry day and night cameras simultaneously. In the original ScanEagle, the different sensors had to be swapped out when can carry a larger payload, plus the platform has new avionics and navigation capabilities.
      Other upgrades include a fully digital video system, a better navigation system, Ethernet-based architecture and reduced Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI), and a new ground control station while using the same launcher and skyhook recovery system.

  38. Ola says:

    On the Boko haram fighters surrendering
    Recently, several hundreds of BH fighters have either been captured or surrendered. Nigeria has to step up their acts of surveillance. Technologies such as finger printing and chipping have to become routine in the country. Just a few years ago, restive youths fighting for MEND in the Niger Delta region were given amnesty. What happened? While a few of these guys were sent to school, the bast majority sit at home doing nothing and collecting monthly allowances, they were the ones latter employed to be “protecting pipelines”. Many of them have since gone back to crime and it is safe to assume they are running bunkering business and illegal refineries today. The government must not make the same mistake with the boko haram fighters. The deradicalisation program has to be robust, providing skills training for the youth in the areas where Nigeria is in shortage of man power, especially in the north east. They should be gainful employed afterwards. Apart from that, everyone living and known to have contact with boko haram (captured or surrendered) should be properly documented through biometrics registration, retina printing, finger printing, genotyping even chipping and tagging in some cases. These guys may lay down their arms today, but if they may pick them up tomorrow. We have seen that with the IRA here in the UK. If they go back to forming sleeper cells and committing petty crimes or acts of terrorism of any sort in future, it would be easier to trace and apprehend them. Once these technologies become routine in Nigeria, they could be useful for other purposes such as the national identity data base and voter registration during elections in the future.

  39. lachit says:

    happy belated 55th independence day to all nigerians 😀

    • lachit says:

      its 2nd october in india today
      is it 1st or 2nd oct in nigeria today?
      time difference should be less than 12 hr .
      not sure though

  40. eyimola says:

    Procurement issues are not unique to Nigeria as we can see….UK’s £1.2bn bill for drone that’s seen 146 hours of active duty

    A British army drone developed as an affordable solution is four years late and expected to cost £1.2bn to become fully operational, an investigation has found.

    The order to design and build 54 Watchkeeper surveillance drones was announced by the then defence secretary John Reid in 2005, who said they would be “key to battlefield surveillance of the future”. He signed off on costs of about £800m, with the contract going to a consortium led by the French defence giant Thales.

    The first Watchkeeper drones were expected to enter service from 2010 and be fully operational by 2013, but software glitches and army staff shortages have meant the date is now 2017 at the earliest – a delay of at least four years

    • Ola says:

      That is one of the problems we faced, and it’s not going away any time soon. MoD does not always listen to the guys directly deploying and depending on these platforms in the field. The Watchkeeper is dead on arrival, trying to prove and modernise yesterday’s technology. The MoD should have bought more of the Reaper and Hermes 450 rather than this wrongly timed development of this annoying, expensive and complicated platform with France. If we must get a new platform, the phoenix could have been upgraded mainly by increasing the endurance time and range. The T-Hawk and dessert hawks serve Special ops very effectively and the Hermes and Phoenix and Reaper have done and are still doing their parts too, there is really no capability gap for the Watcher to fill in, if you ask me but the MoD loves shiny, overly complicated new toys.

      • eyimola says:

        Absolutely spot on. This reminds me of the stupid Aircraft carrier and F-35 decision that was bungled so badly that the change of mind by the Mod from the F-35A to the F-35B actually cost almost a £1B.

  41. rugged7 says:

    For those interested, this is a very intriguing article
    :Unmaking Nigeria’s Bokoharam

    • lachit says:

      wish luck to the people involved in the program to de redacalize the brainwashed people.
      just could not help noticing the mention of a perticular countries citizen which has one way or the other been linked to all major jehadi uprisings in many countries.

      • buchi says:

        nice to see you again lachit you didnt get my question? ill repeat it again oga beegz your answer to is also required
        last week , after a four month heavy schedule that has seen me ,comment less on the blog, i was watching a documentary on Static and Mobile SAMs systems and the easy destruction of this platforms during the first gulf war notably SA 2 nd 3 platform..a question was asked about the best method to protect surface to air sysytems from it worst enemy
        (1) Anti-radiation Missiles.
        i revised my theory of unequal combat and an idea popped into my head in two forms
        (a)The iron dome system
        (b)Close in weapons system(CIWS)
        both work basically on the same principle but in a scenario which pitches Nigeria(imaginative) against a capable SEAD delivery foe(France)

        i analyzed that the CIWS system such as the KAshtan or ak-700 would provide cheap relative cover against SEAD missiles eg Martel ARM. HARM
        Now basically since they are mostly mounted on naval platforms, i believe that despite the availability of the C-RAM for an unequal setting with a country with very few SAMs spread through a large area.
        to improve suitability and continuous threat deterrence a means of modification should be made to aid protection of SEAD Assets as attrition isnt a friend of an unequal formation

        A scenario where by a full complement of an SA-300 SAM is unfolded with the Radar/detector being the major target of ARM.

        Now if a nigerian modernized KAshtan CIWS is placed on an autocraz truck and is deployed to protect the Static or Mobile SAM Radar emitter. what are the chances of knocking of a SAM?

        since major SAMs work on the principle of Source elimination by detecting or painting the source of energy or wave deployment with a specific frequency and then eliminating them rendering the deployment suits for the SAMs useless. with the CIWS working with almost an identical principle and the need for the missile to head low to impact target.
        it comes within view of a modified CIWS. it gets shoot down . however i doubt a single CIWS can fair well against multiple ARM locks and deployments.

        Imaginatively and realistically how feasible would it be?
        most importantly what other capable ways can a SAM defeat an ARM other than utilizing jamming and switching of the radar source( best part for an american AMR HARM missle)

        happy independence Nigeria and may God continue to pull you thru plus same to My cousins who narrowly escaped death in Nyanya this morning but was partially injured( one of the two)

        to the victims RIP.

  42. lachit says:

    i had made this report to help a friend of mine
    and u all can take a look at some portions of it , their was some additional pictorials too but decided not to post them.

    The advantages of UAV over manned aircraft include:
    1. Good for “dull, dangerous and dirty” tasks.
    2. Provide a persistent presence over a specific area providing still and video imagery.
    3. Provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability for ground troops.
    a. An ‘over the hill’ visual aid for infantry soldiers.
    b. A persistent presence in the air to identify enemy movements e.g. placing an IED.
    4. Reduces the manpower footprint in theatre.
    5. It provides an additional air strike capability (Reaper type UAV).
    6. Can be relatively cheap.

    UAV also have plenty of weaknesses:
    1. Have relatively low manoeuvrability, operate and low speed and have no or little defensive measures.
    2. Vulnerable to attack from a sophisticated air defence network.
    3. Currently limited to operating in a permissive or segregated airspace.
    4. Vulnerable to cyber and communications link attack or lost data links.
    5. The more advanced systems may require as heavy if not heavier crew requirement than manned aircraft.
    6. May not be cost effective, if current trends continue, it is likely that the cost of complex unmanned aircraft will increase to converge rapidly with those of manned aircraft.
    7. Vast quantity of data collected requires sophisticated data analysis to enable the data is analysed and distributed.

    High performance UAV (MALE & HALE) including the armed ones require substantial military infrastructure to operate. These systems represent a high level of technological sophistication, with greater range, endurance, and payload capacity other than micro / mini and tactical midsized UAV. In addition, many large military specific systems are capable of beyond-line-of-sight communications and signal-jamming and, if armed, can deliver payloads of over 1,000 kilograms at ranges of thousands of kilometres. Partnered with a secondary uav operating as a line-of-sight communications relay, these uavs could reach several hundred kilometres into neighbouring territory without the use of satellite communications. These factors enable large military-specific uavs to operate and strike deep inside an adversary’s territory. However, without stealth or electronic attack capabilities, they will remain vulnerable to advanced air defences as well as to enemy fighter aircrafts.



    1. Deliver payloads, including explosives, of no more than a few kilograms at ranges up to a few kilometres.
    2. Capture high clarity images and video; real-time transmission at ranges of up to a couple of kilometres.
    3. Persist for limited periods.
    4. Operate in communications-denied environments using fully autonomous GPS and waypoint navigation.
    5. Limited navigation in GPS-denied environments using low-cost inertial navigation systems.


    1. Limited payload, endurance, and range.
    2. Vulnerable to electronic countermeasures, including GPS-jamming and spoofing.
    3. Vulnerable to small-arms fire.
    4. Unencrypted / weak data links and video feeds vulnerable to intercept.
    5. No ability to release missiles or bombs.


    1. Sense-and-avoid systems to navigate autonomously around obstacles.
    2. Encrypted communications links
    3. Multivehicle cooperative control, allowing one operator to control several vehicles in flight simultaneously.
    4. Increased range, payload, and endurance.
    5. Visual-aided navigation to allow precision GPS-independent navigation, eliminating vulnerability to jamming and spoofing attacks.



    1. Deliver payloads of up to a couple hundred kilograms at ranges of up to a couple hundred kilometres.
    2. Capture high-definition images and video at ranges of up to a couple hundred kilometres; real-time transmission at ranges of up to around 30 kilometres or more.
    3. Persist for moderate periods.
    4. Operate in communications-denied environments using fully autonomous GPS and waypoint navigation.
    5. All-weather terrain mapping and target tracking via advanced radar.
    6. Identify and designate targets via laser range finders and illuminators.
    7. Transmit data via encrypted, high-bandwidth data links.
    8. Limited jamming and electronic intelligence-gathering.
    9. Communications relay function.
    10. Ability to perform a kamikaze mission using an explosive payload or carry limited no of munitions.


    1. Vulnerable to countermeasures, including GPS-jamming and spoofing, small-arms fire (at lower altitudes), and man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS) (at higher altitudes).
    2. Not survivable in contested or denied airspace.
    3. Line-of-sight communications.
    4. Data links vulnerable to interception.
    5. Limited ability to release missiles or bombs (no of munitions).

    TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (in addition to the technologies available to micro / mini UAV):

    1. Increased range, payload, and endurance.
    2. Increased number of releasable missiles or bombs.



    1. Deliver payloads of over 1,000 kilograms at ranges of several hundred to a few thousand kilometres.
    2. Real-time transmission of high-definition images and video at global ranges.
    3. Persist for lengthier periods.
    4. Operate in communications-denied environments using fully autonomous GPS and waypoint navigation.
    5. Identify and designate targets via laser range finders and illuminators.
    6. All-weather terrain mapping and target tracking via low-probability-of-intercept radar.
    7. Transmit data via encrypted, high-bandwidth data links.
    8. Enhanced jamming and electronic intelligence-gathering.
    9. Higher resistance to adversary jamming.
    10. Wide-band, beyond-line-of-sight satellite communications.
    11. Increased no of releasable missiles or bombs.
    12. Communications relay to enable extended-range (300 to 800 kilometres) operations without relying on SATCOM.


    1. Vulnerable to countermeasures, including GPS-jamming and spoofing.
    2. Not survivable in contested or denied airspace with advanced enemy air defences.
    3. Vulnerable to enemy fighter aircrafts.

    TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (in addition to the technologies available to micro / mini and tactical midsized UAV):

    1. Increased range, payload, and endurance.
    2. Beyond-line-of-sight electronic warfare.
    3. Simple air-to-air capabilities against slow-flying aircraft, such as other drones.


    1. Real-time transmission of high-definition images and video at global ranges.
    2. Persist for lengthier periods.
    3. Operate in communications-denied environments using fully autonomous GPS and waypoint navigation.
    4. Operate in contested and denied airspace with advanced enemy integrated air defence systems as a result of low-observable features.
    5. All-weather terrain mapping and target tracking via low-probability-of-intercept radar.
    6. Enhanced jamming and electronic intelligence-gathering.
    7. Higher resistance to adversary jamming.
    8. Wide-band, beyond-line-of-sight satellite communications.
    9. Transmit data via low-probability-of-intercept/low-probability-of-detection data links.
    10. Releasable missiles and/or bombs.

    1.Some vulnerability to countermeasures, including GPS-jamming and spoofing.
    TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (in addition to the technologies available to other UAV):
    1. increased range, payload, and endurance.
    2. Autonomous aerial refuelling.
    3. Air-to-air combat.
    4. Coordinated operations in communications-contested environments.
    5. High-resolution precision GPS-independent navigation systems to allow operations in GPS-denied environments.

    hope u all found it useful.
    there can be difference of opinion based on each individual POV, so no problems just agree to disagree.


    • zachary999 says:

      So the CH-3 would be in what category ?

    • lachit says:

      info sourced from poly technologies inc. official brochure on CH3

      max operating range 200km
      endurance 12hr
      cruise alt 5000m
      ceiling 6000m
      cruise speed 222 km/hr
      max level speed 256 km/hr
      max payload 100kg
      navigation accuracy >50m
      data link s band

      additional info for UAV
      category I ( MICRO/ MINI )and category II (TACTICAL MIDSIZED ) UAVs almost never use satellite links because they can’t support the size and weight of high-gain tracking antennas, and they often change attitude too rapidly for a tracking antenna to stay locked on to the satellite.
      Line-of-sight links are the general norm for both category I and category II.
      category III ( LARGE SIZED ) & IV ( STEALTH ) UAVs commonly have SATCOM links to allow for the rapid dissemination of their data anywhere on the planet.

      answer :i would put CH3 in category II (TACTICAL MIDSIZED )

      i was not busy so i wrote these.
      plz read if u r interested

      Size (ie payload capacity) and endurance (max. flight time) are the primary differentiators.

      many category II UAVs focus on increasing the endurance factor as is evident with CH3.
      which requires minimum UAV weight and maximum flight efficiency, which in turn leads to greater complexity of the ground control station (GCS).
      eg a category II UAV may use an RF transmitter with very low output power to minimize its power consumption and inturn save fuel for greater endurance. and as a result at the GCS the range penalty due to the use of low power transmitter by the UAV is usually overcomed by the use of a large oversized antenna.( google for CH3 GCS for clarification)
      also use of S band indicates (but not primarily) the design objectives to reduce weight in terms of comm. equipment carried withen the CH3 UAV.
      i dont have info on the encryption scheme implemented on the datalink of CH3.
      but generally category II UAV dont have Type 1 military encryption (max. security) implemented on their data link because of the penalties in terms of increasing power consumption, increasing weight , increasing cost etc.
      ( so i leave it to the readers to decide on the datalink security level )
      also the payload capability (100kg) is enough to give the CH3 UAV the ability to carry 2 light weight missiles / munitions. and which along with the above factors effectively puts it in the category II (TACTICAL MIDSIZED UAV)

      it is my view only
      can be wrong
      also can be dead right 😀

    • Centenary says:

      I am now 100% sure most of bastards are not Nigerians(u can’t possible do this to your own people)

      What kind for mental illness are these people suffering from”God when will this madness stop”?

      • Are James says:

        They are not Nigerians and they are not muslims. The truth will come out.

      • rugged7 says:

        Please, let’s not fool ourselves, there are Nigerians and non-Nigerians there, just as boko haram are predominantly muslims.
        Forced conversions do exist there as well.
        It would be more realistic to say that they are not real muslims…

  43. jimmy says:

    OGA lachit
    “UAVs almost never use satellite links because they can’t support the size and weight of high-gain tracking antennas, and they often change attitude too rapidly for a tracking antenna to stay locked on to the satellite.”
    Most UAV”S have some kind of link up with a Satellite system , maybe you are playing with your words a little bit here.No uav system flies” blind ” especially ARMED UAVs I am aware to some extent of how UAVs operate but have chosen to filter some of the details however it is wrong to say UAVS are ” INDEPENDENT” of Satellite information.

    • eyimola says:

      They ALWAYS need a satellite link. How else would you get GPS link?

      • Are James says:

        you strictly don’t need “satellite link” in the sense of the term to know your GPS position.

      • eyimola says:

        Yes you do.You may be able to triangulate your position using multiple wireless signals for a land based moving object, but once you are in the air, that information becomes completely useless unless your drone stays within the triangulation of those signals , which is impossible in real world scenarios.

      • Are James says:

        you are abusing the term “satellite link”.
        my phone for example does a lot to tell me my position without continously tracking satellites.

      • eyimola says:

        Right. I’m going to drop the subject.

  44. Sir Kay says:

    Suicide bombings in Abuja, this is where intelligence comes in, that’s the only way to prevent more of these

    • buchi says:

      After today’s events in Abuja that nearly left my entire family in a heartattack, i took my time to revise through the list of activities which the DSS and indeed the country has been in for the last three month, it then occurred to me that they(DSS) have been busy chasing INEC offcials,barging into opposition holds ,illegally arresting witnesses(Even up till today), re-defining the word selective barking and witch hunting with upper echelon blessings and worst creating an air of bad blood between its ranks by defining a set of royals within the core.

      Now i will be plain if Daura and his men do not get their acts right, well just as my Friend made me understand, the DSS will implode on itself. this selective enforcement and almost quizzical look of vendetta has blinded the security arms from its real job “Protecting Nigerians”.
      THE Department of State Security has played politics enough, today i hope you have been jolted back to reality. Phase two of our fight has, will never and can never end with a lopsided role of priorities shown by the service..
      May 29th is long gone, i expected the art of Governance to begin to manifest and daily my heart sinks at the useless level of politics being played even from the top

      hate it or like policy plans or not (clear or vague) a wise old man once said “make hay while the sun shines” and right now Nigeria’s hay hasnt found its shoe yet cos we are damn fucking directionless now(forgive the language).

      campaigns have ended yet. i think ill stop here.
      DSS its time to wake up three slips in two weeks ,echelon needs to ask themselves some questions

      • buchi says:

        forgive my typos. crazy android auto correct

      • Are James says:

        I agree with you that this DSS is slack. They have probably been assigned numerous Internal Economic intelligence duties in support of loot recovery in the short term and have probably lost sight of Homeland security. We have said it on this blog many times , every bomb blast in townships and cities should be blamed on DSS inefficiency. Nigerians expect more from them than rounding up corrupt politicians.

  45. lachit says:

    i guess in a hurrry u did not see i wrote that line which u quoted in context of
    😀 😀 category I ( MICRO/ MINI ) and category II (TACTICAL MIDSIZED ) UAVs 😀 😀 almost never use satellite links because they can’t support the size and weight of high-gain tracking antennas, and they often change attitude too rapidly for a tracking antenna to stay locked on to the satellite.
    Line-of-sight links are the general norm for both category I and category II.

    and u did not see this also 😀 😀 category III ( LARGE SIZED ) & IV ( STEALTH ) UAVs 😀 😀 commonly have SATCOM links to allow for the rapid dissemination of their data anywhere on the planet.

    and very unfortunately niether did oga are james oga eyimola
    i am kind of scatching my head mass juju at work here 😀 😀

    • lachit says:

      that is why CH3 dont have SATCOM equipment and inturn have 12 hour endurance while CH3A have SATCOM equipment and their endurance falls to around 6 hours due to extra weight.
      i had explained it all in my previous post on UAVs.

  46. lachit says:

    in the absence of satcom links, category I and category II UAV s use line of sight links ie simple RF links or S, L, Ku, C band datalinks.
    another option to compensate for lack of SATCOM is to use relays, ie have 2 UAV airborne at the same time one UAV flying withen LOS and othe other beyond LOS.
    the one flying withen LOS will relay control signals from the GCS (ground control station ) to the other UAV flying beyond LOS range.
    infact the UAV flying withen LOS becomes a airborne relay cum control center for all UAVs operating beyond LOS.
    lastly all this i have said is for UAVs which dont have SATCOM terminals.

  47. lachit says:

    GPS satellites continously broadcast their signals all the time .all u need is a GPS reciever tuned to the frequencies of the ever transmitting GPS satellites.
    and this is why we have very small GPS reciever modules installed in mobile phones, watches etc.

    so oga are james is correct when he says that u dont need dedicated satellite link for recieving GPS signals.

    u just have to imagine the traingulation model in terms of the gps satellites for a airborne platform.
    4 GPS satellites infact.

  48. lachit says:

    i saw ur above comment just now

    and if i am correct u asked about the feasability of kashtan CIWS etc against ARM missiles and alternate ways to defeat HARM type missiles.

    ways to protect SAM and other installations from HARM type missiles are many and very complex depending on many, many parameters.
    so at best i can give only a rough idea.

    SAM sites can be protected from ARM by using
    1.Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) to detect ARM launched by aircrafts, helicopters flying under the radar coverage of the targetted radar in hi-lo, lo-lo pattern to escape detection by the targetted radar.

    2.Decoy emitters which will be tuned to operate in the band of the radar to be protected.they will be placed apart from the primary radar to b protected.

    **** Block VI AGM-88s have GPS to track the target’s location. The AGM-88E AARGM uses a millimeter-wave (MMW) active radar homing head in cooperation with GPS for terminal homing. This ensures that if previous ELINT or aircraft EW data is very accurate — and the target hasn’t moved — the missile will hit even if it never got a sniff of the radar all the way. The second major addition is a millimeter wave active radar. This is a high frequency imaging radar. It has an high grade image resolution and can actively scan the scenery for what looks like a radar and attack it even if it is completely silent. Of course it still has all the traditional passive RF homing capabilties, plus greatly enhanced processing power.****

    3.Chaff dispensing systems.A chaff cloud can be fired by a decoy system and radar waves beamed into that chaff cloud will be a large emitter of the same frequency the incoming ARM is homing in on.also it can defeat MMW based weapon seekers like AGM-88E or AARGM .

    4.camouflage netting.these are designed to conceal air defence equipment from electro-optical/thermal imaging and microwave band ISR systems. Band coverage includes longwave, midwave and shortwave infrared bands, and microwave radar bands from MMW down to L-band.
    it will complicate strikes by MMW based ARM like AGM-88E or AARGM.

    5.employ satellite navigation signal jammers to defeat the fall back secondary GPS guidance system employed by the ARM like Block VI AGM-88s.

    6.Stand-off jammers (SOJ) and Stand-forward jammers (SFJ). many ARM come with HOJ (home on jam) feature, employing SOJ and SFJ in tandem or standalone mode provides resonable defence against HOJ based ARM.
    a.The Stand-off jamming unit remains just outside the range of enemy weapons, providing screening for the SAM units that actually come under enemy attack.The advantage of SOJ is that the jammer is safe from enemy home-on jamming (HOJ) weapons (a submode of nearly all RF homing weapons).
    b.The Stand-forward jamming unit is placed between predicted enemy line of attack and the defended units. While maintaining proper geometry between victim sensors, attack units, and the jammer is difficult, this method allows most efficient use of jammer power by reducing spreading and attenuation losses.
    jamming pods are also employed by aircrafts and ECM systems on ships, and is equally applicable in land systems to to mask (jam) its intended signal or to simulate a deceptive signal realistically.
    noise jamming (implemented in jammers) together with its varients like spot jamming, Barrage and sweep jamming can effectvely spoof the radar receiver of the ARM , aircraft , AWACS etc to deny them acquiring targetting info on active SAM radars.

    7.good Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) techniques.

    8.good SAM fitted with advanced radars which are large, powerful, have a narrow beam, are difficult to jam and come with advance features like LPI etc

    9.most importantly employ close in weapon system (CIWS) equiped with radar and electro-optronic fire control systems.and can also engage targets with both guns and missiles.these will serve to provide protection from ARM fired at SAM radars etc.

    overall u cannot rely on CIWS only to provide protection from ARM missiles and its varients because the enemy will target these first on their way to the primary target ie the SAM system.
    so u need to build a redundent and multi-layered system both standalone and interleaved via incorporating all the measures i highlighted above inorder to provide foolproof and effective defense against SEAD and DEAD missions.
    best defence build a strong airforce with good multi role fighters.

    The problem with missiles/munitions that rely on electromagnetic emissions (EM) for guidance is that the spectrum is getting full and a lot of eastern weapons/systems uses the same part of the spectrum as NATO weapons/systems, so in densely contested airspace with both east and west hardware in use the risk of blue on blue fire is way higher for both sides.

    oga buchi
    regarding kashtan it had problems in indian service because it was designed for colder/arctic conditions ,its electonics dont perform well in hot tropical climate.if these can be rectified it is a good system.US C-RAM and rolling airframe missile based phalynx is also a good system including iron dome and barak 8 (can target as close as 500m if not less, real close in range classified )
    infact few days ago news came drdo found that the basic barak 8 range can be extended to 90km from 70km without any change.
    hope it helps u

  49. lachit says:

    firstly pardon me for posting these long posts
    after this one it will be my last for 2 days atleast
    unless somebody decides to tempt me 😀

    most of us know UAV datalinks but do we know about what actually happens in there, what do these datalink carry?

    datalinks carry info both ways ie downlink and uplink

    Each Unmanned Aircraft has around 80 parameters to report on depending on the number of engines and control surfaces (flaps) and other things to be controlled.
    A typical UAV status message size is 3,569 characters (bytes) and includes
    2.Inertial Measurement Unit
    3.Flight Control Unit
    9.sense (as in “sense and avoid”)

    example of data transmitted from a UAV to GCS (downlink).
    time 16:35:23.100
    date 20071114
    ua_id GB_123_ABC
    msg_num 133
    msg_version 1.21
    gyro_x 23.105
    gyro_y 13.243
    gyro_z 12.596
    accel_x 3.933
    accel_y 0.022
    accel_z 0.223
    mag_x 15.877
    mag_y 225.112
    mag_z 8.254
    inclin_y 1.989
    inclin_z 3.850
    temp 11.213
    BEGIN engine
    id 1
    set_speed 13000
    actual_speed 14321
    carb_setting 12.3
    carb_actual 13.3
    temp 105.2
    fuel_flow_rate 23.23
    vibration 12.22
    cum_hours 128.77
    END engine
    BEGIN engine
    id 2
    set_speed 13000
    actual_speed 11321
    carb_setting 11.7
    carb_actual 10.3
    temp 125.2

    Status message frequency
    1.During possible collision, system problems: 4 “mini‐messages” per second
    2.On take‐off and landing: 1 message per second (GPS synchronised)
    3.during mission: 1 message every 10 seconds

    Peak bandwidth required for downlink
    A typical GPRS modem capable of operating at 900 MHz or at 1,800 MHz can support a data rate
    of up to 56 kbps and can thus adequately support the downlink telemetry.
    A satellite communications modem can also readily support a bit rate of 56 kbps.
    128 bit AES encryption is optional
    With Reed‐Solomon (255,223) coding to enable the detection and correction of transmission
    errors, the message size increases to 32,650 bits

    The uplink is used to change the flight plan, and needs to be protected from unauthorised use.
    A flight plan is usually more than 1,000 Bytes in size, and varies greatly with mission complexity.
    There is no regular flight plan update message rate, although there are often small GPS correction
    update messages broadcast from once a second to every ten seconds. Due to the sensitivity of the uplink messages, they are typically :
    Encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption
    Forward Error Correction coded using Reed‐Solomon (255,223) coding, or similar, to both detect errors and increase decryption complexity.
    transmitted using a Spread Spectrum transmitter where the bandwidth is increased at least ten fold
    (from 10 to 50 times bandwidth increase)

    example of data transmitted from a GCS to UAV (uplink).
    MobileTelemetry 442083410566
    WLAN CH6
    GPS 12.12.123N 23.14.345W 100
    AGL 120
    BEGIN LEG 0_1
    duration 0.3.00
    BEGIN camera
    type SONY_W200_1
    compass 90
    angle 270
    MultiShot 100
    END camera
    END LEG 0_1
    GPS 12.15.123N 23.14.345W 100
    BEGIN LEG 1_2
    duration 00:09.00
    BEGIN Camera
    type Nikon_D40X_2
    zoom 100
    compass 90
    angle 270
    END Camera
    END LEG 1_2

    Unmanned Aircraft control and status messages can be categorized as follows:
    1.Initialization, configuration, and mission upload messages exchanged pre‐flight or infrequently
    during flight as necessary if the operating mode or configuration of the aircraft is changed.
    2.Control messages sent to control the aircraft and its engines at a frequency highly related to the
    level of autonomy characterizing the aircraft.
    3.Status messages sent by the aircraft
    4.These report dynamic changes in aircraft movements, direction, orientation, engine operation,
    etc. These messages can be sent very frequently.
    5.Typical update rates range from 1 to 20 times per second for critical parameters according to
    UAV manufacturers, where 1/sec. would be appropriate for a fully autonomous aircraft, and
    20/sec. would apply to a hand flown UAV.
    These updates rates are the major drivers in determination of aggregate aircraft to ground data rate, and hence bandwidth.
    Telemetry and command bandwidth can be accommodated by a 56 kbit/sec link:
    1.GPRS modem
    2.satellite communications link
    Payload bandwidth is usually much larger: up to 8 Mbit/sec for a high quality video link using
    COFDM modulation technique etc.

    hope u all found it interesting
    ( plz concentrate on the UAV command format to gather interesting info. if some day one of u decide to hijack a UAV inflight u will need it 😀 )


  50. Are James says:

    This apparently is someone’s impression of an incident that could have other interpretations.
    Apparently Russian SU 35SM scared off Israeli F 15s off the coast of Syria. There is more to it though. I think it was a political decision from the Israeli PM office not a reflection on the capability of aircraft.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Thought we were Nigerians, couldn’t find at least the English version? lol, just kidding

    • Sir Kay says:

      But its about time, I’m sick of hearing Israel violating other nation’s air space.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Sir Kay, the SM Su-30 variant is more comparable to the F-22 and F-35 than any F-15 variant. Su-30SM’s highly souped up Su-30 non-export variants flown only by Russia.

      Indeed, the regular Su-30 has always clobbered the F-15 in all simulations. Further, this year, Indian Air Force Su-30 MKI fighters whopped RAF Eurofighter Typhoon jets 12-0 in Within Visual Range (WVR) dogfighting operations. The Eurofighter is a class above the F-15.

      It goes without saying that any contact between Israeli F-15’s and Russian Su-30SM’s would most likely have been humiliating for the F-15’s.

      Aside from the F-22, the west has been running in place for some time now and might have given Russian jets superiority for twenty years or so (in my estimation) – the same goes for armour and robotic warfare.

      • lachit says:

        SU 30SM is derived from SU30MKI which the russians themselves admit, just replacing the indian israeli and french part with russian equivalent.
        israeli airforce is one of the best trained airforce, their yearly inflight training is much more than russians as per open source data.
        and their A to A missiles like python 5 and derby are all aspect missiles with full sphere launch and engagement capability with no russian equivalent(in full sphere launch and engagement ), still the SU30SM posses enough kinetic agility to escape/evade the missiles if piloted by experienced crew.
        if these 2 engage i think it will be a touch and go win for either side (equal probability).
        i dont think russians will engage the israelis ,putin will be mad at the pilots because russia and israel have several dealings of mutual interest and which r outside the perview of world media.

      • solorex says:

        Isreali Airforce F15 are also properly “souped” up-remember Isreali Air force is a lonely bird in a sky of unfriendly neighbors. I think they turned back because picking up a fight which will potentially change the prevailing political landscape and lead to serious complications was not part of their mission.

        It more of political fright than actual capacity/capability fright.

        Isreali The F-15I are purpose procured for deep strike in hostile territory and have been upgraded severally, they carry AIM-7 Sparrow and the AIM-120 AMRAAM for dealing with radars and interceptors.

        This might also be a probe flight to measure the response of Pro Syrian coalition in such circumstances.
        It could also be a lie entirely.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit,, you have oversimplified the Su-30SM. It includes a unique thrust vectoring system, upgraded weapons, vastly superior radar, communications etc, it is way beyond the accident prone Su-30 MKI, even though it was inspired by its performance envelope.
        Further, it was only the Israeli and Indian avionics that were removed. The French ones were left.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        u might be correct
        except for the “the accident prone Su-30 MKI”
        the airframe, engines FBW system are all same
        not even russia trains or uses the su 30 series as extensively as the IAF,
        the inflight time spent by the SU30MKI is the highest of all SU series operators
        (dont have any info on the chinese)
        i regularly visit russian blogs and it is a open secret there that apart from their test pilots the regulars have only during the last few years have started to spend the required mandatory yearly time in air for training and maintaining profiency.
        so crashes r inevitable for a widely used aircraft.

    • Augustine says:

      I think the Israeli F-15 jets ran away from the Su-30 SM. First time in F-15 jet history that it had to run away from an opponent. I have always said it, let F-15 jet meet it’s equal with both sides having competent pilots, then you will see how the real oga will surface.

      “This ‘incident’ between the Russian and Israeli combat aircraft struck with amazement the command of the Israeli air force, which has estimated that a possible dogfight between F-15 Israelis and the Russian Su-30 would have led to the destruction of the four aircraft Israelis.”

      Would the F-15 jets have run away if they met JF-17 Thunder jets ?

      NAF, that is a vital question for you to answer.

      • Are James says:

        Six SU 30SMs to four F 15s in foreign airspace. No they did not run away. The Israeli PM was in Moscow a few weeks ago and some protocols must have been agreed. The Israelis were not there for offensive action. F 15s are the best proven combat aircraft in the world .

      • lachit says:

        Would the F-15 jets have run away if they met JF-17 Thunder jets ?
        what do u think

      • lachit says:

        above post for oga Augustine

      • Kola Adekola says:

        JF-17 Thunder vs F-15?! Haha! The Israeli’s would simply have done several flights from Israel to Damascus, and each time the JF-17 “Thunder’s” would have backed down.

        An Su-30 on the other hand is more than a match for an F-15.

      • gbash10 says:

        @Oga Augustine,true talk and a good question for the NAF leadership especially the CAS.
        Those who have been rejecting the evaluation results of the SU-30 for the NAF are the real saboteurs of our country.
        I read in one article that from the present obsolete NAF Basic Air Power Doctrine 2004, that the NAF is a ‘TACTICAL AIR FORCE’.Nothing serious about building a modern day 21st Century Offensive-Defensive air force for Nigeria.

  51. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, the Russian outlay for combating ISIS is important for Nigeria, where we face an opponent in boko haram that employs similar tactics to ISIS.

    What Russia has done is provide a template for a small, but potent air force with costs of under a billion dollars, It is a “strictly business”, no nonsense list; there are NO toy, slow flying, thin hulled, pilot coffin alpha jet equivalents. Here’s a rough breakdown:

    4 x Su-30MK2: US$37.5 million
    6 x Su-34 (export version, SU-32): $36 million
    12 x Su-25: US$11 million
    12 x Su-24: US$24–25 million

    TOTAL: $786 million

    What has become of the $1 billion credit line Russia offered us? $786 million is much less than that. The balance of $214 million can be used to purchase recce and targeting drones.

    The tactic the Nigerian army should study most is the combination of drones for constant reconnaissance and lightning fast responses utilising both low flying (dumb bomb laden) and high flying bombers for precision bombing. Having such drones is like having a rapidly reconfigurable system of light satellite’s.
    So far, Russia’s tactics are revolving around accurate intelligence, mobility and rapid response – IMHO, when the Syrian forces begin moving in, we are likely to see the Russian version of the relentless pursuit philosophy Oga Eeben brought to Nigeria’s 72nd Strike Force, with attack helicopters and Su-25’s playing a highly mobile role. Indeed Russia’s choice of troop carrying Mi-24 and Mi-17 attack helicopters seem to point in such a direction.

    We don’t even need drones, with aerostats (surveillance balloons), there are cheaper, more persistent alternative’s… My Oga’s, please enjoy the video below:

  52. Augustine says:

    Oga lachit, nobody with F-15 will run away from JF-17 Thunder, not even a Saudi Piloted F-15.

    • lachit says:

      hehehe not sure about the saudi piloted f15

    • solorex says:

      If the F-15 were carrying only recon pods and Short range missiles and the JF17 ( even SU 25) were carrying AESA radar and capable BVR missiles-The F-15 will be wise to escape!

    • lachit says:

      me thinks f15s aesa radar will burn through any chinese aesa radar easily and the kinematic performance of f15 is enough to evade BVR missiles and not to say of the advance seduction / jamming techniques which will be used by the f15 aesa radar to spoof the small active radar of any chinese BVR missile (it is a matter of max. power output by the respective radars), even forget about the active decoys and ESM systems,
      once it closes in even with short range missiles the smoky RD33 engine of jf17 will attract IR guided missiles like flies.

      • lachit says:

        the nose cone of the jf 17 does not have the internal volume to sport a aesa radar with greater no of tx/rx modules as compared to the f15 therefore any chinese radar fitted to it will not compare to the max power output , range ,LPI efficency etc of the f15 radar.
        but a similiar radar installed with 2000+ tx/rx aesa modules on j20 (larger internal volume of nose cone) will compare favouably against f15 aesa radar

      • solorex says:

        This is all based on the assumption that Chinese platform are far inferior Western Ones- true to some extent but not true in all circumstances.
        Pakistani JF 17 Block III will be heavily westernized- it might carry western AESA from France and South African made BVR which is western quality stuff.

        However my point is simple Airframe native capacity is not longer the major decider of encounter outcomes –Sensor/Radar types and Weapons type are now the important stuff also.

      • lachit says:

        yes u r correct however lack of real life info on chinese sytems and their performance, results in these assumptions.
        “Pakistani JF 17 Block III will be heavily westernized”
        similarly this one is also based on such assumptions isnt it 😀
        u and me r in the same pit hehehe

        and i really applaude this statement of yours
        “However my point is simple Airframe native capacity is not longer the major decider of encounter outcomes –Sensor/Radar types and Weapons type are now the important stuff also.”
        and regards

  53. Augustine says:

    USA, NATO, Israel, F-16, F-15, F-22, F-35, Rafale, Typhoon, all lack long range missiles to challenge the Su-30 SM. Best range missile on USAF 4th gen and 5th gen stealth jets is 72 km on the AIM-120D AMRAAM.

    Russian Su-30 SM Flankers fly with 400 km range radar superiority, 90 km range stealth detector IRST and TV camera superiority, super-maneuverability flight superiority, and 110 km missile superiority with approx 100% kill probability.

    When you see USA asking a country for round table negotiations instead enforcing a no-fly-zone like they did in the air space of Libya and Bosnia, then just know that America is afraid of challenging that opponent in air to air combat.

  54. Are James says:

    I am struggling with the following from @Augustine ref Russian capabilities in Syria.
    – 400km radar carried inside an SU 35SM aircraft
    – IRST stealth detector up to 90km in hot and dry Syria.
    The air resources deployed by Russia whilst enough to carry out successful airstrikes against ISIS is actually inadequate to enforce a no-fly zone against US and Israeli aircraft.

    • Augustine says:

      400 km range radar on Su-35, yes it’s there, just google it.
      Hot and dry Syria….at aircraft altitude, air is really cold.

  55. gbash10 says:

    @Lachit, is it possible for the EU,US,Israel and Russia to deliberately embed kill switch in the combat aircrafts they have been selling to unsuspecting customers?
    This is been debated on Pak Def Forum that the F-16s,F-15s,Typhoons and Mirages old to Pakistan,Saudi and other Gulf state might have kill switch embedded in them to degrade them when the need arises,e.g Argentine Exocet missiles failure during the Falklands/Malvinas war of 1982.
    Also, can customers change the IFF,Targeting/Nav,and Reccon pod,ESM/ECM,Comm link, and radar on their combat aircrafts without the consent of the manufacturer ?

    • lachit says:

      “kill switch” has a ambigous sound to it.
      it depend on how ur trying to do it
      theoritically it is feasible but practically it might be a tad difficult but not impossible

      “According to a U.S. defense contractor who spoke on condition of anonymity, a ”European chip maker” recently built into its microprocessors a kill switch that could be accessed remotely. French defense contractors have used the chips in military equipment, the contractor told IEEE Spectrum.”

      this confirms that kill switches are a reality but specifically targetted at high end weapon systems only.

      an aircraft like F16 would have hundreds of vurnerable points not just for kill switches.
      say if pakistan uses the f16 against india and US decides to favour india then all it has to do is to provide the carrier frequency, radar waveform, Modulation bandwidth, Modulation period, Code period, Time and angle of arrival etc parameters of the aesa radar to india and then the f16 radar becomes useless in the face of indian jammers via Spot jamming.

      when u buy a radar from another country they will consent to give u only the object codes to the software running the radar and that too is not gurranteed.
      eg F16 of pakistan and gulf states have not been provided with the object codes of the radar. while india got it for the su30mki and will get it for the rafales.
      object codes helps u to change the frequency, code period and other parameters of the radar, so that even the supplier will be guessing as to the exact frequency ,codding technique etc the radars are employing.
      it provides resonable amount of safety but not for long, if a war with a country possessing the manufacturers data streatches for long then by way of error and trial method the exact operating parameters may not/ may be found out via Sweep jamming or Barrage jamming.

      any system which you have not designed yourself or dont possess the source codes for it is vurnerable period.

      then we have the secure voice communication terminal , radio comm. encryptor, RWR, IFF ,FBW ,ENGINE, EW system of F16 etc which are vurnerable points for placing kill switches or via revealing their parameters to the the opposing side.
      some will fail certain portions leading to degradation in performance and some will make the plane drop out of the sky like a stone.
      it is really difficult to identify where the kill switch is because pakistan gulf countries dont possess the technology.removing a kill switch is another headache since the spares are comming from other countries and the kill switch will eventually be placed in different parts.
      this is what i would do to complicate detection.kill switches hidden in chips, microprocessors, circuit boards are near 99% impossible to find/detect.

      DARPA many years back was researching on the Vanishing Programmable Resources (VAPR) program with the aim of revolutionizing the state of the art in transient electronics or electronics capable of dissolving into the environment around them. Transient electronics developed under VAPR should maintain the current functionality and ruggedness of conventional electronics, but, when triggered, be able to degrade partially or completely into their surroundings. Once triggered to dissolve, these electronics would be useless for anything and will leave little trace of even being there.

      while most of us have heard about backdoor, trojans being implemented via software tampering, tampering with hardware circuitry has become an equally dangerous threat. That is because modern computer chips routinely comprise hundreds of millions, or even billions, of transistors. The increasing complexity means that subtle modifications in manufacturing or in the design of chips will be virtually impossible to detect.
      real life example for hardware circuitry kill switch implementation
      “A Trojan horse kill switch may already have been used. A 2007 Israeli Air Force attack on a suspected partly constructed Syrian nuclear reactor led to speculation about why the Syrian air defense system did not respond to the Israeli aircraft. Accounts of the event initially indicated that sophisticated jamming technology was used to blind the radars. Last December, however, a report in an American technical publication, IEEE Spectrum, cited a European industry source in raising the possibility that the Israelis might have used a built-in kill switch in hardware circuits to shut down the radars.”

      many visible practical appliication of “kill switches” exist today
      some weapons are equiped with a Flight Termination System (FTS) during testing. The idea is you can destroy the device if something goes wrong and this is done with a kit installed on the test weapon ( missile) that can be remotely detonated (or detonated by the missile if some flight parameters are out of bounds for instance) and a ground station using spread spectrum transmissions (that is were the crypto stands) to send the termination order if need be. ICBMs and SLBMs are tested this way and every strategic missile system has a kill switch inbuilt in it to deal with any possible change in scenario.

      Argentine Exocet missiles failure during the Falklands/Malvinas war of 1982 were due to other reasons the conflict in the Falklands began, only five of the Super Etendards and five Exocet missiles had been delivered from France.
      2.the lack of adequate air-refueling capability, and the lack of early warning and reconnaissance assets.
      the real hero was the Argentine air force , navy army was useless and technicials totally useless could not even set the fuze correctly on dumb bombs.
      however the handing over of the Exocet’s code and homing radar parameters happened too late and was insignificant to the outcome except maybe moral and a thought provoking lesson.

      no, customers cannot change the IFF,Targeting/Nav,and Reccon pod,ESM/ECM,Comm link, and radar on their combat aircrafts without the consent of the manufacturer.
      the object code to each system has to be provided otherwise 100% impossible to change anything on the specific systems.
      IFF object codes r provided always, radar and ESM no , u have to ask for it, if they give it then fine.

      so hardwired kill switches are a reality but not a common occurance only targetted at very specific select nations.
      however leakage of important operating info regarding weapon system is also a kind of kill switch since it renders the effectiveness of such system close to ZERO 😀

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The Etendards were operated by the Naval Air wing /Pilots not Argie Air Force

      • lachit says:

        yes correct never said it was for airforce 😀
        also they did not have enough training on the aircraft to use it effectively.
        the airforce low level missions in order to evade british radars etc and pop up attacks were really tough ones infact they used to fly so low that dust from the ground etc used to cover up their canopy.
        the air force was pro active and given the circumstances the only redeming/note worthy feature during the entire war.
        exocet was a different affair not related to operational efficiency and overall planning
        of-course pov might differ

      • gbash10 says:

        @Lachit,thank you for the explanations, I really appreciate.
        The NAF should take note about this kill switch stuff.

      • solorex says:

        It’s far more complicated than this! All these Signal parameters are very difficult to use for these purpose even when you have then- they can change in response to other actions and you will still have to sort out native owner centric encryptions and purpose built countermeasures.

        Software (object codes) are designed around the capacity of underlying hardwares-people request for source codes so that they do not have to go back to manufacturer for certain types of upgrades and critical desired “add ons” for the purpose of secrecy (most of the time). Most parameters can be altered by simple input if desired.

        We are also in an era of “plug and fight”-network centric warfare. A fighter jet can share real time information with a huge radar ground stations (nearly unspoofable), AWACs, other jets at will momentarily. These with sensor fusion (IRST+ TV guidance) make jamming less effective. Radar systems are also modular with several third party upgrades and counter measures available –Jamming has never been easy or first line preferred method you might even earn yourself and AMRAAM visit for not doing it properly.

        Kill switch on the other hand is a trust based issue- possibility is not in doubt- it could be built in at Chip/IC level, this will easily elude even the best DSP engineers of client countries. I am aware of an intel chip in PCS that was usable for location & identification (knowing where you are) without owner consent or input-who knows what can be built into military platforms?

      • lachit says:

        “Software (object codes) are designed around the capacity of underlying hardwares-people request for source codes so that they do not have to go back to manufacturer for certain types of upgrades and critical desired “add ons” for the purpose of secrecy (most of the time).”
        as far as i know object code lets u access the full spectrum functionality of a system without any restriction while denying the the ability to 100% control/modify/see the way the hardware functions, process & analyze data etc (in a way preventing reverse enggineering/ coypcat attempt ie protect the IPR of the OEM)
        how is anybody going to upgrade the hardware / software without access to the original source code?
        how is anybody going to install “add ons” to the original hardware/ software without access to the original source code?
        what about compatibility? what about protocol/framework ? what about testing/debugging? what about certification?
        the requisite info to do all this is available with OEM only
        how will anybody be able to develop a upgrade /addon for a system without knowing how the system is working ,what specific techniques is being employed, what protocol/frame work is being followed etc.whose details will be a close guarded secrect shielded by the souce code.

        i may be wrong if any further info is provided it will be helpful



      • solorex says:

        I think we do not see “Source Codes” the same way. I think Source code is a very broad term –You obviously will not get “all systems source/object codes” from any manufacturer except you are a major co-developer.

        Hardware programming in military application is centered on direct access to hardware capacity for real time data retrieval and manipulation. Speed of acquisition and processing is very key here.

        The choice is often a “strong”, structured, object oriented Language: ADA, SPARK, VHDL and Assembly Language–here you speak directly to sensor data ports and microprocessor registers,VLSI chips sub components in real time- This makes it platform centric-it’s an absolute control over all available capacity- With these for all subsystems of an aircraft you can plan upgrade and reverse engineer without manufacturer’s input.

        You will need this level of access to modify the flight characteristics of an Airplane by modifying control surfaces-but you do not need this sort of access to integrate your own missile system or targeting system. Because Missiles/targeting systems are largely self contained and interfacing is largely reduced to communications and control issue (electronically- off course there are other issues with how it will affect the airframe). You will have” source /object codes “that deals with the subsystem and preset parameters range-with that you could integrate your own systems. If somehow the integration requires input from FADEC hardware-You probably won’t get the FADEC codes-it’s regarded as core technology-you will need the manufacture for stuffs like this.

        What is available will be heavily dependent on what the manufacturer wants you to get or what you can negotiate or pay for. India is co-developing jets with Russia on 50/50 terms- for this they will have unfettered access to all capacities.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The Exocet operations that sank the HMS Sheffield was an entire naval ops, the pilots were adequately trained and flew simulated missions against their own Frigate ship with the similar radar features as the sheffield to identify the window within the radar scan and
        time it took the self nav protocol on the Exocet to lock on. of cause has you mentioned, the Argies did not have enough missiles, As regards the free fall bombs the labelling and fuse devices were sabotaged right from purchase in the US. I have a few close friends and colleagues that flew during that war.

      • lachit says:

        @solorex Capt Tobias Wilcock
        thanks for the info

  56. Sir Kay says:

    These people just never learn, you can’t put a time frame on defeating insurgency, it makes no sense. That December deadline will come and go and this won’t end, not because i don’t want it to, but because the nature of insurgency is quite tricky.
    Before Jonathan handed over, same thing was said, but didn’t happen

  57. gbash10 says:

    @Lachit,I read a report that said the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) changed some codes(could be object code) on their F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets without the consent of the USA,because they were having glitches on radar screen,and inaccurate target acquisition.
    How can a combat aircraft be protected from an EMP(electromagnetic pulse) bombs or devices?
    Most if not all African air forces may not know that the real Star Wars is already here. Giant battlefield X-rays weapons we use to watch in Hollywood’s movies are operational with some powerful militaries around the globe.

    • lachit says:

      source code and object code are available with the manufacturers/developers only.
      source code and object codes are software programmes to control / modify / run the hardware. commonly used programming languages are ADA etc
      source code gives control over the entire equipment, u can add new hardware and plug it to the main equipment and access , synchronize, run it via porting-in the software counterpart of the new hardware into the main software module (source code) which is the counterpart of the main equipment.

      90% real life analogy will be a SAFE if i give u the design of the SAFE i am giving u the souce code
      if i am giving u the sequence of the COMBINATION TUMBLER (KNOB) them i am giving u the object code.
      the analogy is near enough to the real concept .
      if u have the design of the safe(source code) u can add extra combination knob etc etc (add things according to ur requirement )
      if u have the sequence of the combination knob(object code) u can modify , change the sequence to opreate(open/close) the safe only.

      so without the source / object codes RAAF could not have modified the radar. not possible
      however if the problem was with the MFD (multi function display) units then it is a seperate standalone system which takes in data from the radar and presents it in suitable format and can be modified/changed .it has nothing to do with the source / object code of the radar as far as i know.
      all these things r very complex , vast and really i dont have much info

  58. lachit says:

    How can a combat aircraft be protected from an EMP(electromagnetic pulse) bombs or devices?

    EMP blasts induce large voltage and current transients on electrical conductors such as antennas and wires as well as conductive tracks on electronic circuit boards.
    When pulses enter a system through a path designed to gather electromagnetic energy, such as an antenna, they are said to have entered through the “front door.”
    In contrast, when they enter through an unplanned path, such as cracks, seems, trailing wires or conduits, they have entered through the “back door.”

    The efficiency of the energy transfer from pulse to system depends upon the frequency compatibility between the pulse and the entry path and on the conductivity of the material. When system characteristics match the offending EMP pulse, higher levels of damage occur.

    In general, sophisticated integrated circuits with short signal paths are susceptible to high frequency pulses while large electrical systems, such as commercial power characterized by long transmission lines, are vulnerable to low frequency EMP. It follows that a broadband EMP weapon threatens a greater number of systems than a narrowband weapon, though the power requirement for a broadband weapon is much higher.

    There are two ways to protect electronic systems from EMP attacks and both involve putting a physical electric shield around vulnerable electronics.
    1.The first method involves shielding the environment in which the electronics operate (such as an entire building, or an aircraft), Shielding the environment is a cost-effective solution for EMP protection when a large number of essential electronic devices are co-located. or a really high priority platform like air force one of USA which is wrapped in kms of metallic wire to provide protection against EMP surges, concept is similiar to Faraday cage.
    2.while the second involves shielding individual circuits of individual weapon systems like that of tanks , aircrafts etc etc.
    eg for a fighter aircraft the flight control computer which is sensitive to EMP can be protected/ EMP hardened via a metallic mesh built around an electronic circuit or maybe other techniques EMP hardening techniques.
    thing is that the electronics components of ground and air mobile platforms must be “EMP compliant” for that US has the RS105 test method specified in MIL-STD-461F to measure the immunity from an EMP blast on various military platforms.

    another interesting concept is to use a redundant electronic system on fighter planes, one of its part is normally on while other(s) are off, keeping “well-grounded” to an accessible “mass”. In the case of a successful EMI attack, the first part will be dis-operated (which got got harmed), after that, the second part (so called cold reserve) could start to operate in order to give the plane a second chance.
    This is a real technique, the Satan ICBM of SOVIET UNION used a similiar surviving concept in each of its warheads.

    hope u found it useful there may be other technique which i might not know of.

    best way to fight a war is to avoid a war untill ur in position to win it.
    chanakyas arthashatra is good book for to understand statecraft.
    u must have heard of indian NSA ajit doval nicknamed ajit devil by the pakistanis and isi (they literally shit in their pants 😀 ).
    he is a proponant of chanakyaniti and main force behind modi
    if u want u could search utube for his lectures very much applicable to nigeria geopolitical situation.
    infact i was surprised at his israeli, american and european security analysts/ experts fanbase.


    • gbash10 says:

      Once again, thank you,@Lachit, I’ m a Physicist, that is why I usually asked some of these vital technical stuff.
      Do we have a Software Analyst or Weapons Test Analyst and Weapons Integration Expert on Beegeagles Blog ?

  59. trigger says:

    ahhhh! nothing smells sweeter than the strong scent of patriotism.

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