Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser trucks of the Nigerian Army travel in the shadow of a REVA MRAP

4 October, 2015

The Nigerian Army said on Sunday that no amount of distractions would deter it from ending terrorism in Nigeria by December.

Maj.-Gen. Yushau Abubakar, the Theater Commander, Operation “Lafiya Dole”, gave this assurance while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Maiduguri.

Abubakar was reacting to recent spate of suicide bombings by suspected insurgents in some parts of the country. He pointed out that the bombings were aimed at diverting the attention of the military from achieving its target in the ongoing anti-terrorism war.

“I want to assure all that for every second that passes, we get more committed to fighting the insurgents; we cannot be deterred. “We are doing as much as we could to ensure that we completely eradicate the insurgents as quickly as possible because we are aware of the timeline within which to complete the task,” he said.

He said that the military had already gotten clues about those involved in the recent suicide bombings in Maiduguri.“We searched the houses and certain items that we recovered at the vicinity, gave us some clues,” Abubakar said. He said that although investigations had commenced on the clues, it would take time before reaching a conclusion.

“Investigation on those that we suspect that are either participating or hiding, fueling or conniving with those that carried out those acts, is ongoing.“They will be exposed in due course,” Abubakar assured.

He appealed to Nigerians to be security conscious to avoid future occurrence.“The citizens need to know that security is their personal responsibility as individuals.“They must be able to secure themselves and doing so means they need to be security conscious.“Any suspicious movement within the environment should be reported to security agents immediately,” he advised

Abubakar said that the military was working on a strategy that would enable individuals pass vital information to security agents without being noticed

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  1. Ola says:

    I think this claim is very ambitious. Nigerian military spokes person needs to be cautious with words. Yes, they need to be positive and greet people with optimism but when certain claims have been made to raise people’s hopes and those claims are not met, then people are twice as disappointed as they would have been if those claims had not been made. I Nigerian security forces are working hard and there is probably a success of 5 or 10% in the IED usage by boko haram, but until zero level of explosion is achieved, you cannot claim you’ve ended terrorism. Also, the ones lying low now as the heat is turned on, is there a long term strategy by the military to keep them permanently silenced? Until there is almost absolute certainty that those in other countries (Chad, Niger and Cameroon) or sleeper cells will not rise again in the near future, a claim of ending terrorism cannot be made. Now can Maj.-Gen. Yushau Abubakar promise that explosions at populated and far away places from the active AoE of boko haram (e.g Abuja and Kano) will end by December? Can it be promised that sleeper cells will not rise in the near future? Can it be promised that those in the neighbouring countries will be permanently contained and kept out of Nigeria? I doubt it but I hope so! Long live Nigeria!

  2. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Pardon me, Interesting article that the SU30 had locked on 2 x Turkish F16 ready to fire for a full 5mins and 40 secs

    • Kay says:

      Was said to be a Mig 29 which means Russian or Syrian. If the latter, its indicative of Syria becoming more brazen in the face of a bigger bully backing them.
      SU 30 violated Turkey’s airspace. It’s all part of Russia’s plan to probe NATO’s responses and one of the other strategy now in use in Syria and Iraq is the old Ruskie Reflexive control doctrine.

  3. trigger says:


    has anybody noticed how militarised Kaduna state is? in other country Kaduna would be called a fort ; Fort Kaduna
    –1st division NA

    –Nigerian airforce training command NAFTRAC

    –nigerian navy school of armanment technology. NNSAT

    –airforce institute of technology AFIT

    –nigerian defence academy NDA

    –Nigerian Defence Academy (Old-Site) NDA


    –Armed Forces Command & Staff College jaji. AFCSC

    –Nigerian Police State Headquarters NPF

    –301 Flying Training School, Kaduna ( Old Kaduna Airport)

    –301 Flying Training School, kaduna

    –325 Ground Training Command, Kaduna

    –333 Logistics Group, Kaduna

    –335 Base Services Group, Kaduna

    –Technical training group TTG

    –345 Aeromedical Hospital, Kaduna

    — NIGERIA customs zonal HQ, KAduna

    and lots more

    is there a strategic importance to Kaduna that I’m missing?

    • Centenary says:

      Oga trigger it is of no strategic importance but politics at work,

      They are playing regional/tribal politics with Nigeria that is y they are all there

      Have u ever asked yourself questions y is it that all our security infrastructure are in the north(it was only through the last administration that few were opened in the south),just name any were in the world that it is done so?

      I pity Nigeria

      • saleh says:

        The reason for uneven spread have more to do with refusal of some parts of Nigeria to give away land for military structures. An example is the relocation of TAC from Benin where it was planned to be located to Makurdi

      • rugged7 says:


        Oga Saleh,

        Abeg, we are not all slow in the brain.

        How can you possibly say “The reason for uneven spread have more to do with refusal of some parts of Nigeria to give away land for military structures”.
        This is quite disingenuous.

        We all know the reason why most strategic military units are located up country.

        It has more to do to with politics than the above.

        Lets call a spade a spade please…

      • Are James says:

        It is not politics but history. Those structures were not deliberately constructed to vonfer advantage they evolved over time.

      • eyimola says:

        I dont believe all those structures are in Kaduna State, but if they are, it would make a lot of sense. Please have a look at the map and the strategic location of that state.

  4. Centenary says:

    Y are our security personals always talking like un intelligent(novice)people

    U don’t give terrorism a time line to end(it is un achievable)u don’t do that cos when it does not happen u get downgraded/discourage(even in a conventional war like WW1 when both sides generals thought it would be a fast victory for them but wat happen?it took four devastating years for it to end)since our generals can not look back at past events to act them they are illiterate and unfit to even be in the military(past and present event have proven that they are if not even worst)

    U can’t defeat terrorism through brutal force alone like we are doing(it won’t work)

    The only way to defeat them is through intelligence gathering(not just gathering but working with them,which we are clearly lacking/not doing)and winning over the populist(which our armed force are terrible at doing)

    The only way to get it right Is for our security/intelligence community to be completely restructured for head to bottom(which we are clearly not doing at present)

    I just hope and wish that we get it right because it is us that we feel the burn of it.

    Just my two kobo thought

  5. rugged7 says:

    Ghana has acquired four Z-9EH utility helicopters from China with all maintenance package in tow.
    This is in addition to tucano jets procured earlier from brazil.
    While senior bros Nigeria just dey look like lucozade…

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    The army should refrain from making such announcements. That is the territory of politicians, not soldiers. In the second week of August, it was a promise of three months, now that is promise is creeping to four months or more with this latest announcement. The army should not be involved in fuzzy promises that hint at weak strategy and decision making abilities. Leave talking to politicians.

  7. jimmy says:

    “Have u ever asked yourself questions y is it that all our security infrastructure are in the north(it was only through the last administration that few were opened in the south),just name any were in the world that it is done so?
    I am hoping you are not trying to be divisive with your words. about where what is stationed at this point in Nigeria is irrelevant
    The Heavy armored division belongs to the 3 div in jos
    The heavy ARTILLERY is not in KADUNA IT it is *******
    The bulk of the air force is not based in KADUNA
    neither is 99% of the NAVY
    my point is you are writing very dangerously close about things that SUPPOSEDLY divide Nigerians not bring Nigerians together it is your opinion to even do that, but likewise if you are seeking to use this platform to divide NIGERIANS go somewhere else
    We had one who used this blog to further his agenda he now has his own where he fantasizes about the republic of Biafra and he now foolishly dreams about HOW BIAFRA could of won with his boko haram sidekick interjecting from time to time this is not the place nor is the original template of the Founder of this blog. it is hoped you are NOT part of this ilk.
    For the benefit of free speech and objective views whether I agree with them or not to each his own.
    End of part 1

    • Centenary says:

      Oga Jimmy(I can’t really stop laughing at your post of me being tribalistic,)come on let’s be realistic,the only reason y our navy installations are not in the north is because there is no major water way up there(I believe in fairness,we operate a federal system of govt so let it shown all way round)

      Like I do say “I am a Nigeria Nigerian”

      I believe in Nigeria(I can die for her if the need arises)I just want what is best for her.

  8. jimmy says:

    Let me answer this question about DEADLINES and in it I believe it will be controversial.
    COIN insurgency are difficult to end but the MAIN reason why they fester so long is not so much the ferocity of the insurgency but the sheer incompetency and lack of political and military leadership of the govt in power to end .
    The BH insurgency has lasted / festered this long due to poor leadership both political ( federal / state and local govt ) . Military ( Weak CDS, poor procurement processing, poor dss intel, and appointing 5 GOCs for 7 div before getting it right, (GEN LAMIDI ADEOSHUN ), lack of suitable platforms for the NAF and last but not least having what is being revealed having an incompetent NSA for three years)
    IF YOU WANT TO END A WAR YOU NEED a deadline or else your army/ navy/ air force commanders will constantly tell you they need more time give them three months they will tell you no,no no they need 6 months .I spoke to an officer who initially was upset and then asked him if he (PMB) had given you guys ,one year , you guys would of asked for 18 months.
    Most of the Officers and Soldiers who were Initially charged and sentenced with the exception of a few ( very serious military offences) are in the North East that is close to AN ADDITIONAL 5,000 men
    They have one thing left to do end the war :, Have a sense of urgency to end the war. LT GEN KTJ was known to make unannounced visits to the war zones and history will give him a lot more credit when it is due, the difference between the two is not just where LT GEN BURATAI is from he ( IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE) has more access and better cooperation at the political level AND military LEVEL and with that – should come a deadline .
    The suicide bombings are what they are soft targets meant to create hysteria, the war should be over in terms of any mass military engagements by December, by then as what is happening now Nigerian and Cameroonian troops should be fighting discreetly in remote places of Cameroon and Niger.
    Britain had 7/7 and here in the US after 9/11 we have had the Boston bombings they are all acts of terror against SOFT targets
    What comes next is harder:
    Total reorganization and the way procurement will be done going forward in the armed forces..

    • Ola says:

      Mr Jimmy, How’re you? Been a while. I am one of the people who criticised the blunt declaration of an ending to insurgency war by December. Here is my opinion earlier stated:
      “I know Nigerian security forces are working hard and there is probably a success rate of only 5 or 10% in the IED usage by boko haram, but until zero level of explosion is achieved, you cannot claim you’ve ended terrorism.”
      “BH cells lying low now as the heat is turned on, is there a long term strategy by the military to keep them permanently silenced? Until there is almost absolute certainty that those in other countries (Chad, Niger and Cameroon) or sleeper cells will not rise again in the near future, a claim of ending terrorism cannot be made.”
      Can Maj.-Gen. Yushau Abubakar promise that explosions at populated and far away places from the active AoE of boko haram (e.g Abuja and Kano) will end by December? Can it be promised that sleeper cells will not rise in the near future? Can it be promised that those in the neighbouring countries will be permanently contained and kept out of Nigeria? I doubt it but I hope so!”
      It would have been more welcoming and realistic for him to say “the phase one of the fight will end by December…” I know he spoke as a military commander and it takes a concerted effort of military, Intelligence agencies (DSS and NSA) and the police to end IED problems in the country. Until the IED threat is more or less non-existential, Nigerians would not be at peace.
      Secondly, the places in the NE that are currently being wrestled from BH, can the army promise that by December, ALL the region will be stable enough for the original residents (that have been displaced) to return back to their towns and villages and start building their lives again in peace?
      I believe insurgency fight is a long one, but it is done in phases. And if one phase is not properly rounded off, the next phase will not begin well, even the gains made in the preceeding phase will be lost again. Think of Afghanistan now? It drives me crazy to see Talibans running roughshod over all the places where ISAF had absolute control and have lost many men. This has happened because they pull out by ISAF was not ell coordinated and the next phase of the Afghans doing their own thing all on their own is collapsing before even starting!

    • Ola says:

      Last sentence was meant to read “This has happened because the pull out by ISAF was not well coordinated…”

  9. jimmy says:

    oga rugged
    ALL Nigerian military Pilots are trained on Russian HELIOS ( It is confirmed that we are going to be getting at least 6 helios and 4 SU25 from Ukraine ( Eye roll)
    This deal was negotiated by the GEJ administration ( credit goes to his administration) a contract is a contract it is not an emotional thing ask the French they owe IVAN $1.2 B .Nigeria can not willy nilly get out of it they can renegotiate, it is hoped the next contract they do ( which will be the PMB ADMINISTRATION they will be more transparent and when it comes to the NAF They will have the guts to buy in squadron numbers 12-18 of anything they buy and manufacture some parts in house.

    • eyimola says:

      Nigeria really needs to get its procurement act in order. Right now, you either choose Ukraine or Russia. There is no middle ground. It seems really stupid to buy Russian equipment *which will not have Russian support) from Ukraine or any other anti Russian State.

    • Ola says:

      Sir Beegs, thanks for making this post. I think the problem is much more complicated than Reuters has explained and one needs to be on ground to fully understand how things work. Although Germany and Royal Marines have trained far fewer Afghan forces and police, but those trained by these countries have been able to hold their places. What have these two countries done well that the US has failed to do?
      I have a bit of an insight into that region, based on what I have seen, here are 3 opinions that readily comes to my mind based on what I have seen, and are important to the failure of US trained Afghan forces:
      1. None engagement with the right commanders. Moderate Afghan commanders that are respected and loved by both the government and troops/people should be allowed to select members of their units who are then trained. You cannot know the local people and be able to screen them better than their fellow locals would do and this has to be acknowledged!
      2. Deficiency in mental engagement: Mental and ideological training has to be at the fore front of regular military training in that region. both military and civilian psychologists have been used by some UK and German forces in training small units and it has been effective. How will you not expect a man to join sides with the Taliban who shares a more common ideology than him? How do you expect a man who believe ethnic ties is greater than national ties to then fight an “enemy” of common ethnicity with him?
      3. Realistic equipment training: How do you train people to fight with some of the best equipments available, train them as airborne, e.t.c and at the end withdraw those equipment form them and expect their morale to remain high? The Afghan forces are largely equipped with weapons and equipment inferior to what they have been trained on and it does not help them! Afghanistan depends 100% on ISAF for military provision and ISAF has failed them largely on this. Even when menbers of ISAF were willing to donate some equipment, the US has told them that this would present danger to ISAF later and those equipment must not be donated to the Afghan forces! The Afghanistan-Pakistan axis is the region with the highest proliferation of AK-47 and RPGs in the world. The Talibans have local factories making and trading these things, how can you expect a force that makes its own personal weapons, highly motivated and highly mobile, highly adapted to the harshest and unforgiving terrains you can think of to be defeated by an unprepared force? Basic things like personal body kits, high calibre rifles, proper and armoured transport are in gross shortage among the Afghan forces. The Afghan force is a force divided along ethnic, religious and economic lines, it is a force largely unmotivated and ill equipped, it is a force that has not received the right type of training and is ill prepared to take over the responsibility of their own security!

      • Centenary says:

        Oga ola thank u for that

        U can’t train a force that is largely divide(ethic,religion,economic etc)and u expect them to function,it just won’t happen

  10. freeegulf says:

    well said oga ola. another issue with american training is that of doctrine. in vietnam the americans used to complain, ‘why are their gooks better than our gooks’. the way the americans train, while largely effective, it also depends too much on overwhelming firepower!!

    firepower is important, and combined with sound manoeuvre, ofset manpower nearly everyday. however, the ‘over-reliance’ on firepower is the biggest weakness of american battle tactics. this weakness is usually obscure by the well greased system of the american war machine. everything usually runs smooth. the difference here is that, the foreign militaries they, the americans train, do not have these sorts of well-oiled war machine for support.

    for the guys in vietnam, immediately after making contact, the next thing, is to call for fire support, helicopter gunships, FGAs, artillery (king of the battlefield), and FACs, RACs talking pilots right into the mix at the ground. so in many examples where units would have been completely routed, overrun, or even destroyed, the mighty military machine saves the day. no other military, anywhere, can bring that amount of firepower to the battlefield. these guys sometimes even get to the point where they start looking for target rich zone to hunt. compare with ours, where a CDS was complaining that he cant drop $15,000 bomb on just any target!
    with this level of support, even if the infantry is not as good as say the royal marines, or the PAVN, in the field, they will still carry the day 9 out of 10.
    now lift this idea and try and create same with a foreign trained army. it works at first, of course, with the guiding hand of the USA. but once, that direct support is off, then comes demoralization, lack of spares, routing, and eventual defeat.

    another point is that of pain threshold. americans excel in meting out harsh punishment in battle on their enemies. however, when same is flipped, their own pain threshold is very low! this was why they where utterly befuddled at the tough resistance of the north vietnames, despite the bombings and shelling, both inside south vietnam and the strategic bombing of the north.
    the same is logic works for their foreign militaries.
    where the north vietnames will take heavy punishment, and still stand up and move forward, ARVN on the other hand, just folds, and start begging for air and artillery strikes. well, we simply cannot blame them entirely, this was what they learnt from US advisers and what they experienced with the americans on the battlefield.

    determination, discipline, and training, go a long way in the battlefield. nothing beats, grit, endurance and ruthlessness. the guys with the hi tech gadgets, well they can afford it, but, woe betide those trained on same doctrine but cannot support such elaborate TOE on the battlefield.

  11. beegeagle says:

    @Ola+Freeegulf. I read you five by five, gentlemen. Good morning to you.

    Again, could it be that there is a bit too much of the activist in the US-trained soldier? Like insisting that ALL the variables must be in place before they deploy operationally? Remember that the first mutinous troops in Borno were said to have had US tutelage? So is ‘too know/over sabi’ one reason why they never seem able to deliver?

    • Ola says:

      It could be actually as you’ve queried; “activist mentality”. The average American has a sense of entitlement and rights. I have deployed alongside some of these guys (US forces) and I know they do everything they do with all their heart and soul. An average US Marine will lay down his life without a second thought but then, he relies 100% on everyone doing their part with an equal measure of dedication (real or perceived) and he is not denied anything he needs to function. You need a robust system, rich in human and material resources to sustain this attitude. Now if this attitude is exported to an environment where he right atmosphere is missing, it will simply collapse. A soldier who knows he needs not demand the availability of equipment before he gets them will be differently motivated from a soldier who knows he dares not demand for equipment simply because the equipment is not there and or his boss will demand his head in return!

    • Number One says:

      Something to note.Training postings to Militaries of sub-saharan African countries are usually seen as punishment details/postings for incompetent or troublesome officers from Western armies.

  12. beegeagle says:

    I mean, the lion-hearted troops we sent into Sierra Leone and Somalia in the 1990s could care less.

    Even those on CE who used to follow the narratives by the Sierra Leoneans “Redspyda” and “Maradona” will confirm that they had nothing but absolute respect for the Nigerian soldiers’ bravery and capacity to keep going in the face of near-insurmountable odds.

    Here is what even a European had to say about Nigerian soldiers ..


    ” Nigerians have fought with
    considerable bravery in many
    international operations.

    This correspondent saw ordinary
    Nigerian infanteers stand their ground and fight to the last man,who was captured, when Italian paratroopers broke and ran from an ambush in Mogadishu 21 years ago.

    In Sierra Leone, Nigerian squaddies
    held the line against the Revolutionary United Front, beating overwhelming odds and amid fainter hearts from richer countries. ”


    So who shaped that ferocious fighting force of squaddies? Surely it was NOT nearly America. We need to go back to the beginning

  13. beegeagle says:

    My brother Ola, I think you have a hand on the button. I put it down to this ‘activist mentality’

  14. freeegulf says:

    marshal beegs, soldiers do lack needed equipment and cannot obviously be provided with every tool that aid their job at all times. however, we shouldnt forget that whinging and ‘complain gossip’ are national pastime for soldiers everywhere. civvies will just find themselves looking sheepish trying to solve all these moaning. yes, soldiers do not have everything they need, but it is also a habitual thing to moan of just about everything, kit o, food o, airlift, superiors, top brass. it goes with the territory.

    now back to the USA, like you opined, and also concurred by oga ola, the americans do indeed have a sense of entitlement. they run war with business model and run sport like war. everything depends on this and that bit to function.
    the problem is that other foreign armies cant have all these round pegs in round holes 9 out of 10 like the americans do. so doctrinal problem leaves a gaping hole there. and yes, this weakness is far more obvious and acute with the foreign trained armies.

  15. I have to agree with Oga Ola. Americans never fight with limited resources, its not in their thinking or mentality and they bring same into training. so when they train forces with limited resources…………………

  16. freeegulf says:

    as for the nigerian army performance and near mutiny in the NE, there have been a lot of actions that shaped these reactions.

    first, the sojas of the 80s and 90s are far different from the ones of today. while then, most other ranks would be classed as semi literates, the trend is completely on the opposite side today. now we have soldiers with degrees, and highly literate. now we would be kidding ourselves if we think education does not have an effect on the fighting man. where for instance, it was just the officers that could do all the bookish work and exercise too much control, today squaddies are just as well read. do not be confused, even highly learned men can make good soldiers, go ask the IDF. however, highly learned and over exposed troops, in a system that is dysfunctional and creeping rot, it would be a volatile mix. when they were ignorant, yes, the system can get away with the BS, but with the ‘open eyeness’, hmm, not anymore.
    and do not forget that the guys of the previous generation swallowed a lot of BS from their officers. from stealing rations, to stealing fuel, to tampering with troops allowances. all these happened during the ECOMOG era. but still, those guys where quite meek given the education gap between them and the officers. fast forward to present era, the troops are better educatedwith more awareness, and still, some of these practices hasnt changed. in fact, it took the personal intervention of Lt Gen KTJ, with promises of fire and brimstone on the senior commanders, before some of these nefarious and shady practices where curtailed in the NE campaign theatre.

    second, the social awareness of today is far too much compared with the bygone era. so even if u subtract the educational aspect, the average soja today is just too exposed to the good life he sees all around him. it would be foolhardy if we think the general behavioral trend of society do not affect the boys in the barrack. now everyone wants to drive a car and use and iphone. gone are the days when IBB would promise cars for officers and motor cycle for other ranks. the same societal ills re also seeping through the walls of the cantonments.

    third, when a vast majority of civilians only view the military as just another job opportunity, of course, the martial spirit will dip. patriotism was slowly taking a back seat. people should join the military for the love of their country, self sacrifice, the quest to actually see action (and believe it, also for the legalized way to kill), the bottom and least reason should be job opportunity or salary pay grade. for anyone joining the military for this last two reasons, especially if they are part of the teeth arm, then they need a new job, the military isn’t for them. support services maybe, but no no for combat arm or even combat support.

    to conclude this, i would reiterate again what a lot of us kept pushing for last year and held firm on, despite the flack from dogooders and activists types, discipline, discipline, discipline. one can never go wrong on that. we need to bring back the respect of the samanjas and RSMs. without these well experienced NCOs to shape and mould the men, the lower ranks will continue to drift. its the iron discipline of the senior NCOs that do more to make the army a lean mean machine. and thank God the army brought out the bare fist, this was the saving grace of the NA last year and early this year. without these tough but necessary actions, who knows, maybe they will be comparing the NA with the army of D R Congo now. imagine!!!

    death before dishonour!! viva NA. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  17. Ola says:

    Gentle men, sorry for the diversion. Here is a list of nominated ministers in Nigeria.
    Are all these men of credible personality? I could remember someone insinuating here back in April or May (well before the swearing in) that Abdurahman Bello Dambazzau will be the Minister for Defence or something like that!
    Now, do we think this Dr. of Law, if made the minister for Defence will perform better than others? I remember he caused some tension when late President Ya’adua was sick and out of the country.
    I don’t know his pedigree, I am just only thinking aloud. May be the person the predicted his nomination on this blog can give us more insight into what to expect from him in the near future.

    • asorockweb says:

      I believe Dambazzau is a retired general and former chief of the Army.

      Referring to him as “this Dr. of Law” may confuse the unenlightened.

      Regarding the “controversial” flight that brought in the then sick president of Nigeria, Ya’adua, back into the country, I see nothing wrong with his loyalty to the late commander-in-chief.

    • Ola says:

      Asorockweb, Thanksfor chipping in your thoughts. I do know though that he is a retired general and at the same time a Dr. of law, so very well educated. I purposefully referred to his academic side as I was hoping for a description of a persona not popularly known. His educated and hopefully tactical side. Of course as the head of the brigade of guards, he should be loyal to the president even unto death but in a democratic setting, if a president is not able to perform his function, his vice steps in, not the head of brigade of guards, except if it is a coup. Of course I glean all I know from the press, but if what the press said is anything to go by, he single handedly shut out the vice president and limited his deputizing role, it was as if he wanted to take power. Of course, I expect him to be loyal to a Hausa head of state, this would be good for PMB’s administration but will it automatically solve the problems with the army? Are we going to see a new Nigerian armed forces that works with the ministry for reformation and retooling?

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Ola,

        I was not in-country at the time of the late president’s illness, so I am not familiar with all the rumours that were floating around at the time.

        But I can tell you that in different parts of Nigeria, different rumours circulate.

        For example, the rumours about Gen, Minimah in Kano will be different from the rumours about the same man in Enugu.

        That is how Naija rumours go.

        I believe the proposed minister of defence is qualified. Let’s hope he concentrates on the task at hand and delivers to the Nigerian people.

      • Ola says:

        I do hope he gets the job done too. Honestly, if he delivers the result, who cares about his past roles or whatever rumours are going around about him? I agree with you absolutely that there are a lot of rumours out there passed around through the press!

  18. scipher says:

    N’Djamena – Suspected militants from Nigeria’s Boko Haram group killed 11 soldiers from neighbouring Chad in a overnight attack in a border region, a Chadian military source said.
    Seventeen attackers died also in the fight, the source told Reuters. Chad is a leading contributor to a 8 700-strong regional force fighting Boko Haram, which has expanded beyond its northeast Nigerian heartland to attack Chad, and other neighbours, Niger and Cameroon.


    • eyimola says:

      It will always be called Nigeria’s Boko Haram until we shut our borders to the north

      • Centenary says:

        Oga Eyimola It will always be called that because we brought the insult on ourselves

        The mighty Chadien army losing eleven men to Boko haram(I thought they were all powerful)
        powerful my ass

        We will soon known who is the inferior force(I think we all known that)

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga eyimola, that is the only solution. So long as people and weapons can flow across our border areas freely, boko haram will never be defeated and will always be referred to by hostile presses as “Nigeria’s boko haram”.

        We need to wall off our borders socially, physically or electronically (or a combination of two or more of the three).

  19. scipher says:

    when did Chad became a leading contributor lol…

  20. jimmy says:

    Oga Ola
    If you go to Wiki his profile has been scrubbed here is the” nitty gritty”
    Born in Zaria
    Attended Barewa High School*
    Commissioned 17th Regular course June 1977 **
    Registrar /Instructor NDA 1993-1999
    GOC 2 DIV
    17TH Chief of Staff Army***
    Authored 5 books****
    Published 11 papers*****
     Barewa College in the Northern Part of Nigeria unlike any other Secondary school from the 60s and 70s remained the go to school if you wanted to join the Nigerian Military
     ** He was commissioned as a second LT in June 1977 and by 1978/1979 he was the ADC to none other than LT. GEN T.Y. Danjuma. This Nonsense about him being an IBB boy really should stop, he was too young, and insignificant at the time to been of any use to IBB (1979-1983). Rather his first true mentorship would have come at listening and observing what TY did.
     Registrar/ NDA 1993-1999 this is where he “ made his bones” he is regarded as one of the longest serving registrar’s @ NDA it then depends on who you speak to : He lowered the standards, he only allowed Hausa/ Fulani in, He RAISED the standards by expelling/ only allowing people with High scores in ( Read Southerners specifically Yorubas , Igbos) Again it depends on whose ox was gored, judging on the mix of middle level officers to now senior officers ( Major to LT .COL) out of a 110,00 + army this class has acquitted themselves on average very well. In fact a certain Major in the armored corps was recently promoted for his leadership combat skills on the battlefield. Whatever be the case this is where he started to generate controversy it somehow did not stop him from being retained at that position for six years or being promoted to GOC 2 div
     *** 17th Chief of Staff appointed by P.M.Y. I f anything bad happens it was his fault by those in the GEJ camp, He was about to seize power when PMY died (RUBBISH) as we now know the Brigade of Guards is under the explicit Command of the President not the COAS, and GEJ came to power as per the constitution and retired/ fired / thank you for your services/ fill in the blank. He was said to be instrumental in siding with the Hausas/ Fulani against the native Jos indigenes, in reality it was the lack of Military and political leadership by both the GOC of the 3 DIV Maj GEN Mania and the then Gov Jang that were responsible. This settler/ indigene wahala continued till better leadership @ at both the military Maj Gen Henry Ayoola and the political level improved even then there were / are still spats between both groups by that during this period Gen Ihejirika should have been accorded the same treatment.
     **** Yes the books and the papers this is who he really is why does an INFANTRY go back to school, it is said that in order to get to COAS, One relies on experience, relationships amongst one’s peers, mentorship amongst your senior officers (who by now are retired) and more critically a relationship whereby the President feels comfortable appointing you as COAS.
     The books make him stand out as being very unorthodox, he is a person who welcomes controversy meaning he is going to do things his way, not likely to be a yes man, this is what PMB is getting, at an estimated 6’4” He is one of the few people who can look the President in the eye, and yes he will argue with the NSA, the current COAS and even Mr President himself.
     In conclusion to part 1. LT. GEN Dumbazau ( RTD) is more likely to be in the mold of a split personality between two former Generals LT GENs Danjuma and Domkat Bali ( rtd).He will be controversial , and he is very, very unlikely to say all is well “ Oga with the Army, Air force and Navy”

  21. Kola Adekola says:

    See face of fake Army General who sponsors Boko Haram

    Another suspected Boko Haram sponsor, Aliyu Hussaini, who has also been parading himself as a military brigadier general has been arrested.

    The Nigerian Army in a statement on Tuesday said that Hussaini was arrested by soldiers of the 33rd Artillery Brigade in Bauchi State during a raid.

    The statement read, “The 33 Artillery Brigade, Nigerian Army, has recorded another landmark success in the ongoing Operation Zaman Lafiyah as troops of the brigade recently arrested one Aliyu Hussaini, popularly known as Colonel, a suspected Boko Haram terrorist and an Impostor who has been parading himself as a Brigadier-General in the Nigerian Army.

    “The troops, who were acting on a tip-off, said Aliyu Hussaini was a sponsor and also a member of the Boko Haram terrorist organisation. (They) carried out a raid operation, which led to the successful arrest of Aliyu and another suspected Boko Haram member, one Ibrahim Mohammed, who is also known as Yuram.

    “It was later gathered that Aliyu had been defrauding innocent citizens (with the claim) that he was a general in the Nigerian Army.”

    The military had earlier today announced the arrest a financier of the terror group in Bama, Borno State. It was reported that the sum of one million naira and other items were found on the suspect

    • eyimola says:

      So we are allowing the EU to fund this kind of thing, and then complaining when they want to have an opinion?

    • Kay says:

      I agree with their apprehension. Seemingly was a good initiative unless there is something that we don’t know about regarding the running or effectiveness of the project. Let them lay bare the facts. I don’t know of any similar one such as this.

      • eyimola says:

        Anti Radicalisation programmes that focus on people who are already terrorists don’t work. Saudi Arabia has one of the most extensive programmes, and all it does is to produce better, more educated terrorists. In the UK, there is evidence that some of the home grown terrorists actually became more hardline after undergoing so called anti radicalisation

    • Kay says:

      That is interesting if deradicalisation doesn’t work. In other words, what then happens to the thousands of captured BH cadres. Incarceration would only mean the prisons would be busting at the seams. I have read a few bits on deradicalisation and shows different degrees of efficiency. Some have argued it should be merely renamed as a ‘risk reduction programme’ as very little progress made regarding their beliefs.

      • eyimola says:

        Expel any of them who is not a Nigerian, Execute any of them who has killed people or involved in planning or coordinating attacks, Release all women or any under the age of 17. Confine the others into a detention facility for 5 years.

    • Kay says:

      Can’t realistically kill off all captured BH members. If it won’t be AA, it’ll be the holier than thou countries coming for the Armed forces all over again. Releasing the scums after only 5 years is just releasing toxins back to the society. There needs to be a realistic approach, all this sweeping issues under the table until it blows up in our faces is the reason we are having to fight the idiots.

      Besides, there’s also a next generation of potential BH in the children of these terrorists. I won’t advise we just let them out of our sights. Probable course would be to draw up specialist programmes to determine the extent of indoctrination or so of their parent’s beliefs.

    • Are James says:

      Either a UK spy in NSA office or he was one of those in the NSA office who mix appropriated. .sorry, mis applied funds.

  22. Sir Kay says:

    Military Kills Over 100 Invading Boko Haram Fighters in Yobe

    The fleeing Boko Haram terrorists in a great sign of desperation and to create an impression that they remain relevant, at the early hours of today made a futile attempt on 120 Task Force Battalion troops located at Goniri, Yobe State. During the encounter our gallant troops successfully repelled the attacked and inflicted heavy casualty on the invading terrorists as all of them were killed. On the last count over 100 terrorists bodies were seen. Unfortunately however, 7 of our gallant soldiers paid the supreme price while defending our fatherland, while 1 officer and 8 soldiers were wounded in action. During the encounter, the troops have recovered a sizeable arms, ammunitions and other equipment from the terrorists. These include 1 General Purpose Machine Gun, 2 Rocket Propelled Grenades, 9 AK-47 rifles and Belted rounds of 7.62 (NATO) ammunitions. Others were various wires used for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), 7 Primed IEDs, different types of Spanners and a Torch Light. The troops have consolidated on the encounter and more determined to defend their location and continued to serve as blocking force to any fleeing terrorists from the Nigerian Air Force aerial bombardments and other troops artillery fire. In a related development, troops of 21 Brigade on fighting patrol from Bama to Ngurosoye, have destroyed Boko Haram terrorists camps along that axis. While on patrol, the brave soldiers came across some of the terrorists hideouts that also served as fabricating area for IEDs and the terrorists’ training area. Another patrol along Bama-Kawuri axis discovered and exhumed IEDs and wires for detonation. It is important to reiterate that the Nigerian Army along with the support of the Nigerian Air Force and other Security Agencies would not relent in its determined effort of defeating Boko Haram terrorists. Kindly disseminate this information to the public through your medium. Thank you for your usual and kind cooperation. Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman Acting Director Army Public Relations

    • Sir Kay says:

      Great news, but i still have the idea of these terrorists reaching a military base without being spotted before getting there, i find that weird. over 100 terrorists, that’s a massive movement of people, with all the patrols the military said they carry out, how did more than 100 terrorists reach a military base?

    • Sir Kay says:

      And RIP to the soldiers who lost their lives, they are true heroes

      • ozed says:

        Yeah strange.
        As usual there is a massive disconnect between number of ‘dead enemy’ and arms /ammunition captured, not to mention the convenient ’round’ number of BH dead.

        If this is propaganda i think we should tone it down.

        All the same good show lads!!

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Ozed, propaganda is a tool of war.
        So we welcome any propaganda against bokoharam.
        However, the Nigeria army should improve the quality of the propaganda.
        100 dead BHT for 10+ weapons leaves one scratching the head…

  23. jimmy says:
    Critical things I observed:
    1. There are no stolen HILUX jeeps meaning transportation and logistics is becoming a problem.
    2. Dressed in BLACK UNIFORM means a tailor is around however it means no more uniforms of Dead Nigerian Soldiers.
    3. They still have access to weapons meaning that avenue of buying weapons in Nigeria/ Chad/ Cameroon/ Niger has not been cut off.
    4.Shekau is either most likely dead or seriously incapacitated he would of been in this video.
    5. The mention and denial of the OCT 1ST surrender of 80 boko haram fighters means that it did happen, as well as the destruction of their hidden cell at Banki stung them pretty hard
    6. The enemy is still well armed it is also anticipated they will launch another suicide attack pretty soon in Yobe, The Nigerian 3 DIV, including Task Force 28 should be on the alert .
    7 The recent capture of some sponsors of bh is not enough it needs to be intensified.

    • rugged7 says:

      True yarn Oga jimmy.
      Shekau is probably dead as the Army did say or seriously incapacitated.
      I really think the DSS, NIA, DIA role at this time is especially critical.
      They should have special forces hunter teams targeting top echelons of BHT for elimination.
      BH is weak, but snakes are deadliest when weak.
      Without eliminating the top echelons, we are in for a sustained years-long insurgency and bomb blasts…

    • I do not believe the recently arrested guys are actually “financiers” most likely they are couriers.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Intelligence services would do well to enhance the faces/picture of those not masked and publish / distribute publicly plus reward for any one that identifies them to traces their link to the urban units/IEDS. it would disrupt local cells and support.

  24. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, what is your opinion on the goings on in Syria with Russia intercepting US, Australian and Turkish fighter planes/drones, then firing cruise missiles from the Caspian sea?

    There might be more to it than meets the eye. The areas Russia is concentrating the most fire on is West Syria where Chechen jihadi’s are holed up. Perhaps Russia is scared of a Russian “Arab Spring” hence the uncompromising, in your face take down in Syria.

    We have seen the jihadi / “Arab Spring” template played out across Africa and the Middle East to either remove regimes or destabilise; examples range from Egypt to Libya to Bahrain, Tunisia to Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, Syria and NIGERIA. These repeated occurrences form a clear pattern and the same countries appear to be the hidden hands.

    Last year, there was a scandal about Turkish Airlines shipping weapons to boko haram – Turkey is a known major backer of ISIS.
    The same year, several of boko harams Toyota trucks were traced to shipments from Qatar through Libya – Qatar too, is a known major backer of ISIS.
    Boko haram repeatedly called for meetings between it and the last government to be held in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia too, is a known major backer of ISIS.

    Just last week, Nigeria joined a coalition to “fight ISIS” whose members include, guess who? Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia! Really?!
    Why can’t we be as uncompromising as Russia on matters that concern Nigerian lives and security? We have join the backers of ISIS in a coalition to defeat ISIS which boko haram is a branch of. I just pray for our soldiers and civilians who seem to be dying for nothing in a battle of the blind leading the blind.

    My Oga’s, we need to be looking at things from the deep perspective of where Nigeria stands in todays world.

    • Are James says:

      I believe the US is the manufacturer of the virus and the retro viral solution as well. I am not fooled by Obama and his last confused/confusing attempts at a coherent response to what is unfolding. Russia has caught them all up in their crime that has now gone out of control.

  25. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio Oct 6

    Iswap/#BokoHaram liaison Abu Khaled Al Amriki got killed in Drone Strikes 16 Sep near the Raqqa Stadium #Syria

    • Centenary says:

      OMG!!! This people will not kill me with laughter

      Is Micheal Ratney sick? How can he possible say “their strategy is working”(I never thought they had delusional/sick people in office)

  26. eyimola says:

    The propaganda IS terrible and should be toned down. Its very difficult to distinguish between an exaggeration and a lie.

    1 General Purpose Machine Gun,
    2 Rocket Propelled Grenades,
    9 AK-47 rifles and Belted rounds of 7.62 (NATO) ammunitions.
    7 Primed IEDs
    some Spanners
    1Torch Light.
    = 100 dead insurgents?

    • Sir Kay says:

      lol, not today they’ve done this, sometimes they have 80 insurgents dead with only 3 guns to show for it, at least if the weapons were scattered all over the battle field, mop them up first before going to the media, thereby giving accurate info.
      Oh well

      • eyimola says:

        Its been bugging me for sometime. This are the sort of inconsistencies that the enemies of Nigeria will seize as evidence of a lack of credibility. We need to ensure that the fog of war doesn’t distort the message, especially when the message is good news,

    • Are James says:

      The NA have obviously not told a lie on the number of weapons captured from BH which opens a more probable explanation that it was a minor attack on the military facility aimed at capturing weapons. Usually when you inflate the number of attackers you also want to report a large haul of weapons captured. BH fighters and commanders live in an alternative universe of mutual self hypnosis and mass delusion.

      I bet you the NA was not far off the mark in terms of number dead. BH which is severely depleted in weaponry attacked with the aim of creating a racket, provoking a retreat by young inexperienced soldiers and seizing the armoury. Good defensive positioning by the NA must have made their suicide bombers ineffective. I imagine that only a third of the invading force actually had heavy calibre weapons or any weapons whatsoever. These guys are losing material. There would have been lot of charms and a hard core seemingly bullet proof element within the force would have made a try for where weapons were stored. Anyway the attack failed and most of the force must have melted away with their weapons which fact is the only unacceptable thing about the entire development.

  27. lachit says:

    the most important part some seem to be missing is the commercial aspect of this russian move into syria.
    russian arms sales are falling and it needs to arrest this fall and add in extra credibility to its arms.
    infact his russian posturing addresses both geopolitical issues as well as serve as marketing gigmick for its weapons sale same as the americans did during the gulf wars.

    i predicte if the russians r successful in their offensive in syria their arms sales to middle east africa will shoot up , they will capture the markets taken away by the chinese etc.

    expect sales of corvettes, fast attack crafts, ship launched ASM and anti land missiles like KLUB series plus land assets like IFV even the armata tanks etc.

    • eyimola says:

      The Klub is the star of the show.

    • Are James says:

      Putin also mentions that Syria and parts of Iraq are being comprehensively looted by ISIS and the oil and minerals being bought and sold by Western entities (he stopped just short of mentioning CIA ). Also most of the ISIS fighters are not Jihadists but mercenaries paid for by faceless organizations in GCC countries under or with US complicity
      The West have really messed up big time in that region and when you suggest commercial motives, cast the dragnet wide enough to include all possibilities.

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