Nigerian soldiers and a Landcruiser gun truck in the Sahelian plains of NE Nigeria

8 October, 2015

The Nigerian Army said troops killed most terrorists and destroyed their weapons and equipment during an attack on its Sector 1 of 27 Task Force Brigade located at Gaidam, Yobe State on Wednesday evening, but it lost three soldiers and some equipment.

A statement by Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, Acting Director Army Public Relations said the attack was successfully repelled by the troops and the reinforcement sent.

It said the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai who was on operational visit to North East, personally visited the troops location and assessed the damage done. “He warned the officers of the unit that such ugly incident should not be allowed to happen again,” the statement said.

The COAS also drove into the town and further assessed damage by the terrorists and gave further directives to the troops for the defence and improved security of the general area. He also met with some of the community leaders and Idris Aloma Polytechnic staff where he assured them of their safety and improved security.

“The situation in Geidam is now calm and people are going about their normal businesses,” it said. The Chief of Army Staff was received at Geidam by the General Officer Commanding 3 Division, Major General Hassan Umaru and Acting Commander 27 Task Force Brigade who led the reinforcement team last night.

The COAS was accompanied on the visit by the Theatre Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Yusha’u Abubakar, the Chief of Training and Operations (Army), Major General Fatai Alli, as well as Acting Director of Military Intelligence, Acting Provost Marshall and Director of Campaign Planning, as well as the Acting Director Army Public Relations and the Liaison Officer of the Multinational Joint Taskforce.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to assure the public that this isolated incident would not be allowed to repeat itself. We reaffirm our determination and commitment to route out the Boko Haram terrorists in all their enclaves
before the end of this year,” it said.

“The Chief of Army has continued his operational visit to other formations and units within the theatre of war against the Boko Haram terrorists.”


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  1. Not a good thing @ all. unexploded sub-munitions could remain a threat to civie populations for years to come.

  2. I like the fact that the general makes an effort to show up on the front lines. am even surprised how quickly he hit the scene in this case. he is letting the troops know that he’s got their back and they will always have support.

    • beegeagle says:

      Buratai has been quiet and impressive. He is seeing things up close & cannot be accused of not knowing what goes on in the field.You know that point of disconnect between guys at the office and the handymen in the field and how they have little tolerance for each other’s guts

      • saleh says:

        His visits to the front is a great morale booster and to a large extent it’s a great departure from the normal photo shoot visits of his predecessors

  3. Tobey says:

    I think the OP ZAMAN LAFIYA needs an independent media wing..100 boko haram killed, 2 weapons captured, 300 boko haram members killed,200 Boko haram militants surrender..What crap! The Nigerian Army CLEARLY has no idea how modern PR is done in the 21st century.
    Its like everyone in the DHQ believes that P.R means Press Release!..Cos it seems that is all they every do.

    • eyimola says:

      All agencies of the state are affected by this malaise. Propaganda is not as difficult as they make it out to be.
      1 Use the Nigerian populace to get the message out,
      2 Ensure you have tame reporters who you feed accurate information (so you can slip them the odd ‘ reliable sources’ info,
      3 Fix the stupid websites (they are everybody’s first point of call),
      4 Always understate operations before they start
      5 Be as transparent as possible regarding military casualties

    • Are James says:

      This is significant. Very high profile. Just to illustrate how, the holder of that rank in the British Military earns more salary than the PM. Any idea what the discussion areas might be?

  4. jimmy says:
    This does seem CREDIBLE, i hope the Nigerian intelligence authorities will take this serious, the locations mentioned ……… do seem to be likely.

  5. jimmy says:

    In response to President Buhari hosting the UK chief of defence staff General Sir Nick Houghton, I cannot recollect the last time the most senior uniformed military adviser to the Secretary of State for Defence and the Prime Minister of the UK visited
    Nigeria. It must be at least thirty years since it happened. In the last five months PMB has met with PDC .I honestly believe something that happened for the first time in 35 years is significant between Nigeria and Britain in terms of Military collaboration. The words from PMB have detailed what we have to discern.
    He mentioned areas such as retraining of Nigerian armed forces by their British counterparts, donation of logistics, equipment’s and also intelligence support.
    He also, appreciated Britain’s continuous support for Nigeria. He called for more international support of regional efforts to improve security in the Gulf of Guinea.
    What Nigeria needs from the UK (Coin Training?)
    The UK has COIN experience fighting the IRA .By the time” The Troubles” were ended, Britain had infiltrated the IRA up to the leadership positions.
    Nigeria armed forces in general need to gather infiltration, Intel and Advanced Special forces Skills.
    An Infrastructure needs to be put in place. What are the short, medium, and long term goals of the Nigerian Army? A template on how to recapture a town with Minimal Casualties is needed there using a mixture of SF/ ARTILLERY./ Heavy Armor : Mubi case in point.
    The template on how to defend a strategic town and inflict heavy casualties is there: Biu and Kondunga. Why does the Nigerian army need retraining in certain areas? Three words: Baga, Monguno and Human rights
    Human rights and Human Intel are strands woven together. It is no surprise that some of the best Military intel being collected from the recently liberated towns are from women in the IDP CAMPS that were harshly treated by the bh savages .
    What does the UK need from Nigeria? (Economic/Army)
    “There is no free lunch”. The Brits want some influence as Nigeria emerges from Economic purgatory .PMB is someone they are comfortable doing business with. This means UK Naval Ships will be welcome, UK Firms who invest millions of pounds in Nigeria will get a return on their investment. The rule of law must follow. SAS will likely train with their Nigerian counterparts
    In terms of equipment what does Nigeria need? (Army, Air force, Navy).
    Excess Gazelles, Communication equipment, Surveillance equipment, repair work on some of her Naval Ships.
    What does Britain need? (Maritime security, naval surveillance),
    Instead of buying Patrol boats/ Ships from France or Israel, they can be manufactured in Scotland, and in South England. Tactical training by the British Police, does Britain get to train Senior Nigerian Naval officers?
    They also want to be able to extradite corrupt politicians who have broken the law in the UK .Chief Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha (DSP) is a case in point.
    What does Nigeria need (Naval/ Economic):
    Recently PMB met with his Ghanaian Counterpart, the issue bordered around security. There is an Intel report indicating that one of the offshore marginal oilfields in Ghana is primarily used as a conduit for receiving stolen oil from Nigeria .How does the Nigerian Navy effectively track Stolen crude oil once it is outside Nigeria’s 200 nautical mile economic zone?. For this massive job they are going to need some form of help.
    The recent bombing in the market place @ Kure also highlighted the need for Closed Circuit Television in the City of Abuja something the British Police are very familiar with.

  6. drag_on says:

    It seems as though Chinas’ carrier, Lianoning, and a guided missile cruiser is now in the mediterian. This is bad News for the U.S. If China and Russia team up with Iran and Iraq to recapture Syria. The Mediterian will be lost to the U.S. She will go from a world power to a regional power. The middle east is vital to US oil concerns. Having that region dominated by Russian and Chinese naval fleets is like losing your left hand.
    Losing out on Iran,Iraq and Syria means they are in danger of being cutoff from the sunni axis after estranging the shite wing. If they lose Syria expect violence to erupt in places like Yemen as the ring tightens around Saudi Arabia.
    Already, the U.S. is striking back by sending ships (Oct.8.)to the spratly island in the South China Sea in an attempt to checkmate the move.

  7. drag_on says:

    We have a winner in the current ground operations in Syria.

    ” Since the beginning of the Russian Armed Forces operation in Syria, everyone’s attention has been
    captured by the top-of-the-line Sukhoi Su-30SM Flanker-H fighters and the Su-34 Fullback bombers,
    but the single most effective Russian aircraft deployed to Syria is the Su-25 SM, or as NATO calls it, the
    The reputable Su-25SM can become the most effective means to support the Syrian government troops
    in the fight against the Islamic State and in the support of President Bashar al-Assad.
    According to one of the representatives of the US
    Air Force, the Su-25SM aircraft is the best
    for conducting air-land operations, American
    magazine The National Interest wrote.
    The Su-25 SM, or the ‘Frogfoot,’ is an
    armored beast of an aircraft
    with an armored cockpit. The
    Russian air force has upgraded
    dozens of Su-25s to the latest SM
    standard, which includes a glass
    cockpit, a GLONASS satellite
    navigation system and modern
    avionics that would allow for the use
    of precision-guided weaponries.
    While the Su-24 is a good long-range battlefield ‘interdiction aircraft’, it is not particularly suitable
    for working closely with ground troops at “danger close” distances.
    However, “the Su-25—like its American A-10 Warthog counterpart—was purpose-built as a close air
    support aircraft in the tradition of the Soviet Union’s much-venerated Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik from the
    Second World War,” The National Interest reported….”

    quoted from sputniknews.

    • Are James says:

      Are we buying SU 25SM?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, good question. If I may add please :

        Are we buying Su-25 Frogfoot from Ukraine, Russia, or Georgia?
        Are we buying at the controversial inflated price?
        Are we buying second hand?
        Are we buying to get delivery 2015 or 2016 ?
        Are we buying and upgrading with Elbit Systems of Israel?
        Are we buying with 100 km range Russian Kopyo-M radar and 20 km range TV camera guidance for precision guided munitions?

        Are we buying with 20 km range guided bombs/air to surface missiles?
        Are we buying with tank buster unguided rocket pods?
        Are we buying with anti-tank guided missiles?
        Are we buying with incendiary, fragmentation, illumination rocket pods?
        Are we buying with laser targeting systems?
        Are we buying with ECM pods?
        Are we buying with self protection anti-missile defences for the aircraft, including radar warning, laser warning, chaff dispenser, flare dispenser?

        Russia is not in Syria with poorly equipped old school dumb unguided munitions carrying Su-25 Frogfoot jets that ISIS will be shooting down like they did to F-16 jet.

        What type/configuration of Su-25 is Nigeria buying?

      • jimmy says:

        We do not know
        We have to wait and see
        These are interesting times

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