Nigerian Army combat engineers engage in demining tasks to rid the roads of explosives, somewhere in northeast Nigeria

8 October, 2015

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters (DHQ) said Army Engineers serving in Adamawa State have recovered some catches of cluster bombs in the contested areas in recent time and advised people, particularly those in the North East to keep a lookout for them.

The military said the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT) in the areas have used such lethal instruments over time to push their callous terrorist cause.

Colonel Rabe Abubakar, Acting Director Defence Information said for easy identification of cluster bombs, “it is important to note that cluster bombs are bombs that house submunitions, that is, smaller explosives contained in individual cases. These bombs are used against large areas containing many targets, such as columns of vehicles, marketplaces, places of worship or large troop concentration as the case may be.

”Some cluster bombs carry several hundred of very small explosives wrapped in a metal container like a pot while others carry larger submunitions that can find specific targets such as tanks. Some of these submunitions do not blow up immediately, but remain behind and act as landmines. This can be an acceptable explanation for the recovery of caches of these bombs by Nigerian Army Engineers in the area.

“The general public are hereby requested to be wary of such concealed dangerous equipment now being used by the terrorist elements to cause havoc to both innocent lives and property. The public is also advised to report such objects/materials if seen to security agencies for prompt action. The terrorists are desperate and frustrated and could use any cruel instrument to actualize their evil intention.

“Members of the public are hereby urged to continue to cooperate with the security agencies by giving timely information to secure our great country.”

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  1. not good at all. unexploded munitions could be a problem for the civie population for years to come.

    • beegeagle says:

      I heard on CCTV last month that there are still 20 million unexploded munitions from World War 2 in Egypt’s Western Desert (i.e the area around El Alamein) and that it would take 900 years to clear them all.

      We must be careful about these things for the sake of our tomorrow

      • True talk Oga Beegs. people are saying BH cant get cluster Bombs and that these are NA munitions. if this is true then its sad but the NA will ow own up. However U really cacnt rule out H acquiring them, especially when you consider that Libya’s stockpiles are plentiful on the black market.

        cluster munitions don’t always all go off, dats just a fact and the danger they pose to future generations is scary, that’s why i was always opposed to those who said we should mine our borders. After BH what happens to the mines? the cost of mine clearing is astronomical, i would rather a huge wall any day. Mining is just a self imposed disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Ola says:

    This is quite discomforting! Were these bombs stolen in the past from Nigerian armed forces or did BH import them into the country?

    • Are James says:

      We all know Boko Haram have no cluster bombs. Some NAF cluster bombs have obviously failed to explode and this is some sort of information management thing going on.

    • Ola says:

      @Are James, I do share same suspicion as you that these are ordnance from NAF, perhaps the Beluga. But it is not right for NAF to be using cluster bombs because:
      1. they give room for the self appointed world police to make frivolous allegations against NAF even when they make cluster bombs and sell them to Saudi Arabia
      2. Not all of them would explode and for years to come, they would be sources of tragic accidents in that region especially with children and farmers.
      3. It provides resources for making IEDs for BH

      It would be better for NAF to use napalm or something similar to burn the devils to kingdom come rather than cluster bomb. At least there would be no potential case of civilians falling victims to them in future.

      • saleh says:

        Love the idea of using Napalm against BHT since no international law specifically prohibit the use of napalm or other incendiaries against military targets. However caution would need to be exercised when BHT camps near villages in the NE or if there are hostages in BHT camps

  3. Tobey says:

    The NAF should have known the long-term effects of cluster munitions since it used them extensively in Sierra Leone..Using them against BH is just a way a unknowingly increasing BH’s IED stocks..The BH IED threat is stocked via.
    1. NAF cluster munitions.
    2. N.A Artillery and Mortar Shells.
    3. Fertilizer based canisters.

  4. Number One says:

    We should please not conclude that the NAF uses cluster munitions in the NE.Nigeria is a signatory to the treaty banning their use.

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