Cameroon Army soldiers in a Landcruiser truck armed with Chinese-made twin 14.5 mm HMGs photographed at Dabanga in the Far North. In the background is a 30mm cannon-armed Type 07A Infantry Fighting Vehicle made by Poly Technologies Inc. (China)

14 October 2015

President Barack Obama is sending U.S. military personnel to Cameroon to conduct airborne surveillance of Boko Haram militants.

The president announced the deployment in a letter sent Wednesday to the heads of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The letter makes no mention of Boko Haram, but White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the move is part of a regional effort to stop the spread ofbthe Nigerian militant group and other extremists.

Boko Haram has been active in northern Cameroon, across the border from its home base of northeastern Nigeria. Obama said about 90 U.S. military personnel began deploying to Cameroon on Monday. He said more will follow to conduct airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the region. The total U.S. force is expected to number about 300.

Press Secretary Earnest said the troops will act in coordination with Cameroon’s government, and that the troops are armed for their own security, not for a combat role.

Boko Haram has killed hundreds of civilians in Cameroon in addition to at least 10,000 in Nigeria over the past few years.

Cameroon is one of the countries taking part in a joint regional task force to fight the militant group, which seeks to create a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria.Other countries in the task force are Chad, Niger and Benin.


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  1. saleh says:

    Time for them to move in and steal the glory

  2. drag_on says:

    As long as they stay there are don’t negatively influence our operations all is well. It must be said,however, US presence in the midst of ‘lslamic’ uprising is not welcome,it is a magnet for more mad men. They are after-all considered as the ‘great Satan’. 🙂

  3. rugged7 says:

    Move forward a few years….
    The americans will be swearing how they defeated the Boko haram terrorists.
    While the INCOMPETENT armies of Nigeria, chad, niger and cameroon were polishing the shoes of the “great americans”
    As the old chinese curse goes- May you live in interesting times.
    Yep, those times have arrived…

  4. Ola says:

    Well, it is left for Nigeria to write the narration and history they want people to have. Be it US, UK, Cameroon, Chad, France, name the country, no one can change history if not allowed to. I expect Nigeria to take charge of narratives after making so much sacrifices on the battle line. CNN and BBC that never tell good news have been silent ever since Nigerian armed forces have gained a upper hand in the fight against BH. Of the major players fighting for recognition on the African continent, only France has been successful, their campaign in Mali and CAR was a success. The US ran out of Somalia and the UK presence has been largely weak. Has Sir Beegs, Rugged7 and several others have said, everyone suddenly seems to want to play a role now that the most intense part of the conflict is winding down, in military parlance, we call this stolen valour and it’s about as bad as desertion. Strangely, a dictator governed Cameroon has enjoyed more favour from the West than Nigeria. First a largesse of vehicles and equipment from Germany, then US troops deployment. I suppose they have also been benefiting from the intels the US has been remotely collecting with their UAVs in that region. It is evident enough from time that the BH fight will end in Cameroon. BH has created training facilities for child soldiers in Northern Cameroon, grooming those kids to understand nothing but Arabic, weed and destruction. The world knows this and this may be reason for the attention to Cameroon.
    The problems with Nigeria’s military foreign relation in this conflict have largely been that Nigeria is not subservient (which is a very good thing!) nor clear (bad thing) in her strategy. Nigeria has stood her foot down in saying either you let us buy equipment, sell to us or leave!
    In answer to potential cases of stolen valour, the AoR of troops participating in the anti BH campaign has to be defined. Cameroon should stay within their borders, Nigeria should do same. Only soldiers in the MNJTF should have the right to cross border freely among member states and in so doing, non-member troops shouldn’t deploy with them, period. The MNJTF has a central command and that should be respected, otherwise the integrity would be undermined. Just as France has been giving back ground support without any front line roles in Chad and Niger and the UK in Nigeria, so should Cameroon with foreign assistance, otherwise, it will attract even more hardlined and foreign terrorists into that region. Countries that are really interested in fighting terror should respond in good time and they should deploy to where they are really needed, right now, boots are needed on the ground against ISIS in Syria.

  5. jimmy says:

    Well spoken OGA OLA
    I like the phrase STOLEN VALOR
    Unwittingly the US by sending troops and ARMOR to Cameroon is comp licitly/Implicitly verifying Nigeria’s message : It is not local INSURGENCY but an INTERNATIONAL insurgency that spreads across Four Borders We ( the US) can no longer dig our head in the Sand..
    The biggest flaw in Nigeria’s strategy was not Boko haram but the lack of Collective Leadership and Collaboration between the Political and Military leadership of Nigeria, it has improved SIGNIFICANTLY and decisions that would take months now take place in a matter of hours.
    In answer to one of your questions OGA OLA it appears barring any hiccups that with the Confirmation of the Defence Minister LT. GEN Dumbanzua Abdulraham Bello (rtd) .Nigeria will almost certainly sign / if not already a long term strategic training contract with the British Govt/ British Army

  6. Trigger says:

    they’ve been displaced out of middle east by the Russians… they need new theater to flex their muscles.

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