17 October, 2015
Washington (AFP)

The United States will conduct surveillance and intelligence operations against Boko Haram inside Nigeria, sources familiar with the plan told AFP Friday, a significant escalation of Washington’s role in combatting the Islamist group.

The operations will be carried out as part of the recently announced deployment of up to 300 US military personnel to neighboring Cameroon, officials said.

“This is going to be part of our Boko Haram efforts that will be operating throughout the region,” one of the sources said on condition of anonymity.

It will not include boots on the ground or offensive combat, but will see US military operations against Boko Haram in Africa’s most populous country for the first time.”It’s surveillance and intelligence gathering, not anything offensive,” said the same source.

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced he would send up to 300 military personnel to Cameroon. Approximately 145 have already arrived in the country. The White House has been at pains to stress that personnel would be armed only for self-defense. Nigeria greeted that announcement as a “welcome development.”

President Muhammadu Buhari took office in May vowing to end the violence that has killed scores and spooked much-needed investors in Africa’s largest economy and foremost oil producer. The former general has replaced many of the military top brass and set an end-of-year deadline to nix a six-year insurgency featuring suicide attacks and mass kidnappings that have shocked the world.

On Thursday 30 people died in a double bombing on a mosque in northeast Nigeria, underscoring the scale of that challenge and, experts say, the need for outside help. But US efforts to give him military assistance have been hampered by concerns about human rights abuses carried out by the country’s military.

And until now, Washington has largely shied away from engaging its own vast military assets to combat Boko Haram,with policymakers wary of fueling militant recruitment or fusing the group’s ties with Middle Eastern Islamists. The group’s leaders have allied themselves with the Islamic State group, but experts doubt the scale and scope of collaboration.

However, there are growing fears that a once regional Muslim anti-colonial movement is now metastasizing into a regional jihadist threat. The US moves come as Boko Haram steadily expands operations beyond its traditional base in northern Nigeria,conducting attacks in Cameroon and Chad that have killed dozens.

An uptick in violence is expected in the coming weeks with the end of the rainy season and amid growing resistance to a nascent multi-national joint task force bringing together countries in the region to fight Boko Haram.

According to Pentagon officials, the US Department of Defense also has approximately 250 personnel in Niger and 85 in Chad conducting training and surveyance missions.


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  1. Augustine says:

    Beegeagle Ogas saw it coming and forewarned…

    rka says:
    October 14, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    I foresee mission creep. In the end there will be a Hollywood blockbuster on how the US single-handedly defeated BH.

    Capt Tobias Wilcock says:
    October 14, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    They should not be allowed to extend their recce ops to our territory, that would be a bit difficult.

  2. Augustine says:

    Has Nigeria entangled itself in a compromised security/sovereignty spider web?

  3. Augustine says:

    Looks like the USA will be flying drones into Nigerian airspace.

  4. jimmy says:

    I am becoming very reluctant to comment on certain Issues not because of the UNRELENTING American Bashing going on here but sometimes the level to which it Stoops with the emotional baggage.
    The United States has been helping Nigeria with a lot of Classified stuff that belongs and should stay with those who need to know.
    It is okay to turn this in a US bashing blog everyday but that is not going to get rid of boko haram or International Terrorism.
    Some of the Comments listed here not that they lack clarity are not backed up by facts. No country in modern times. has gone to war or being Engaged in war without Seeking Assistance it befuddles the mind sometimes .
    In AFGHANISTAIN / Gulf war 2 the US literally ran out of Artillery shells first they asked the French for help they refused and then they asked Nato nations .
    In MALI The French could not meet their Airlift capabilities they asked the British and then NATO and as recently as last week were using Russian/ Ukrainian Cargo planes.
    The US may go on T.V. and double speak on certain Issues especially when they have disagreements with certain administrations, but one thing they do not double speak on is when they are giving LETHAL AID that line is drawn very distinctly , I confirmed this with someone in the Military.
    It should also be worth noting BH transcends 4 nations and have been in contact with ISIS . Nigeria’s sovereignty was compromised a long time ago when they( Political leadership) refused to do what responsible Security conscious Nations do that is equip their armed forces properly not adopt a fire brigade approach..
    This is not mission creep this is what Friendly allies DO I.E provide INFORMATION, COLD CASH ,EQUIPMENT, infrastructure so you wipe your enemies of the face of the Earth.
    Nigeria is helping Chad ( EQUIPMENT,, LOGISTICS, CASH) Cameroon ( ditto) Niger ( ditto) Benin ( ditto) their Sovereignty is not compromised .
    Let us be clear on one thing BH originated in Nigeria nowhere else and the damming statements by the EX CDS of Nigeria deliberately not buying equipment for years should be sobering enough..
    There is a War coming and i hope despite our differences we will keep our gallant Nigerian Soldiers in mind- and any Country who sends help our way.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga, na so these things be.
      US, UK, France, China have troops and personnel in Nigeria. French/ US/ UK ISTAR assets are overflying the region. French SF are operating in Niger and Chad officially, not sure about Cameroun.
      Nigeria needs better trained and better equipped troops and the ability to find and strike the enemy before they concentrate for the dry season.
      That is what is happening.
      The US is providing Cameroun with their own ISTAR capability with 6 x ScanEagles and protected mobility with MRAPs, this is because Cameroun after their initial good effort has been stalemated by the enemies ambushes and IEDs.
      Niger is struggling and the French are stepping in.
      Nigeria’s problem is not equipment, wwe have plenty, it is training and logistics. The Uk is upping their training teams to provide bespoke courses as well as train sub units
      The US has offered and is offering logistics and support equipment as well as intel.
      You can see the enemy is struggling but they are also consolidating in Cameroun and Lake Chad and they will definitely strike in the Dry season.
      Te question is where?
      S what is being put in place in the preparations for the Dry Season counter offensive, to stop BH from launching an attacks, maintain pressure until the next rains and then isolate and destroy the remnants.
      For the ifrs time in many years we actually have the initiative and also are bringing on board the needed assets rather than running helter skelter buying expensive, overpriced stuff

  5. Manny Aydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, what has been the outcome in those countries that US has gone to ‘help’ fight terrorism? Despite what may be the good intentions behind this offer or deployment, I sincerely shudder…

  6. Ola says:

    Some confusing development here. I thought the US has been flying drones over Nigeria since 2013 and this was intensified in 2014 after the kidnap of chibok girls. But the US heavily censored and delayed whatever information was given to Nigeria -making them inactionable intel- according to the defence attaché of Nigerian embassy in the US. Why is this topic in the news again? What is the change in strategy here? A change from surveillance to strike missions?
    Nigeria should watch it. I strongly would advocate against the frontline involvement of a non-lake chad basin member in the BH conflict. Especially now that the war on BH is winding down in NE Nigeria, attention should not be on intensified combat and combat support, rather on deradicalization and intel gathering. What is happening in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan e.t.c should awaken Nigeria to the consequence of frontline involvement foreign states in their internal/regional conflict. Let the role of the US, just like the UK and France be limited to training of personnel in Cameroon, nothing more. Nigeria is already doing their own drone strikes, what Nigeria needs to do is to procure more intel gathering platforms and drones. Otherwise, foreign drone strikes taking out wrong targets will lead to increased anti -American, anti-Western mentality and islamic radicality, leading to the NE region remaining ungovernable for a long time to come!
    If US wants to help Nigeria in this conflict I think, let them help Nigeria to put up border measures to check uncontrolled flow of people between Cameroon and Nigeria, rather than flying drones. Cameroon will be the later stage for As BH fight heats up in Cameroon, those guys would want to run back to Nigeria.

    • rka says:

      Thank you Oga Ola, spot on.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Oga Ola, that was brilliantly put, I would like to add, why not remove veto of light platforms like Tucano, like A129s, Some guys sitting out here who would not be there during the Chaos that might errupt would cheer everthing on as great, that is what lead us into colonozation, slave trade, the racial discrimination, relegation to sub humans. Always looking for easy ways, not ready to make the sacrificies. keep your friends close and your enemies closer, It is just the thinking that this Nigerian guys are going to end this thing without our Western Input. and spread more influence in the region has a formidable forces. What actually Intel are they going to be giving identifing potential African faces and names that are sucide bombers, they would have been more usefull cubbing the arms network stream from North Africa and the Middle East. If Cameroun had indeed have need for serious assistance they would have called the French with whom they have pacts or deployments of foreign legion units.
        Don’t be surprised if foriegn fighter start to appear in numbers and with more sophistication, feeling that the uS interests could be attacked by engaging in the BH conflict.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Correction typo, “led us into”

  7. Centenary says:

    This is one of the reasons why I love Nigeria(our policy makers don’t think)

    I don’t see what america want to come and do here that we can’t do ourselves,

    In all the years of america counter insurgencies/terrorism operations in the world what have they achieved“Nothing”,what they do best is to escalate the problem,putin has overthrown them in syria so they need a new place to flout their muscle

    Why can’t we use others lessons to learn?,I just hope/pray that we come out of this one ok/fine

  8. Sir Kay says:

    Regardless, the USA shouldn’t be conducting drone flyovers on Nigerian territory, shouldn’t we be able to do that? smh. How do we rely on foreigners to tell us what’s moving in the shadows in our own country? that’s sad, no matter how any one wanna spin this, not even about American bashing, its about our own vision-less leaders

  9. jimmy says:

    Time for some hard Truths minus the emotional baggage
    Nigeria did not have air surveillance Capability till they bought the ATRs AND EVEN THEN THEY did not have enough air surveillance Capability as evidenced by one of them being damaged
    Nigeria bought three surveillance type air craft from the US Super King Instead of buying a state of the ART system for 24 hour surveillance they bought what amounts to a middle of the road system indicating to Western defence Experts.
    In August 2014 Nigeria was rebuffed in their attempt to buy 30 year old coin helicopters Cobras from Israel due to the US nixing the deal.
    Nigeria then responded by indicating they would buy a significant number of Helicopters from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine todate what has been bought has been two upgraded Hinds NAF260 and NAF 261. When the criticism reached a deafening crescendo the powers that be were more interested in lining their pockets for second hand SU-25s that were bogusly inflated again Nigeria indicated to the World that they were not that serious about ending the bh insurgency for all the talk and arrant jingoistic nonsense about ending the insurgency The F.G. refused to buy weapons till JAN2014.
    Despite not being ON embargo by China ,,NIGERIA refused to buy enough drones till it had it’s first confirmed kill.Nigeria is not on any embargo whatsoever yet she continues to absolutely refuse to buy more surveillance equipment beginning q2 Nigeria approached the US/ UK for surveillance help as in real time Satellite Imagery not the rubbish given to search for the chibok girls , it is believed this help was given on the basis that it must be acted on or it will be stopped this has been done.
    Nigeria has Five Satellites the resolution factor and TIME RELAY SEQUENCE is known only to them however if you want explicit HUMINT INTEL either you pay for it , pay for it or make your own or you ask the Countries that have it OGA OLA ,i am talking to you.
    The Nigerian airforce routinely flies over the Cameroonian Airspace with permission, based on what is very apparent to those who should know of a 24 hour / 365 Surveillance it is either you have it or you buy it or you ask someone to do it for you, .
    The MNJTF is funded by Nigeria ($100 million )and counting) and the US , Money talks and bullshit walks.
    IfNigeria does not want anyone dipping into her biz , it is very simple
    1) Re equip your Armed Forces to Sustainable lessons
    2) Professionalize your Nigerian Army so that not only are they well trained you will never have a situation where Brig fights less than a LT .COL
    3) Spend at least 2% of your GDP on Procurement.
    These are the facts , these are not just my personal views, this is what has created an enabling environment and despite all this as bitter as it may sound Nigeria just like Britain and France did IN WW2 1941 NEEDS SERIOUS help

    • Are James says:

      Tell it to them. The defence of Nigeria should not be contracted to foreign powers while it’s public officers put billions in their personal accounts. It is actually almost treasonable for us to be asking a foreign power to be flying surveillance missions over our territory but here we are. NNPC single month earnings (outside obligations to federation account) were enough to solve Nigerias defence problems in 2012/2013 but then ofcourse there were mediocre gentlemen in uniform leading our defsec community then. I actually now think they were professionally afraid of the responsibility of managing the sophisticated assets and manpower that a revamped NAF would have compelled them to do.

    • Roscoe says:

      True talk. We need help lest Boko Harams dry season offensive knock 7th div off the border towns. Geidam, Kukawa , monguno and even villages around Chibok have reported raids. It’s clear we do not have dominant ISTAR capability, I love the quick counter move at Geidam though, it’d clear that Baga will also be struck severally, and probably gamborou and banki. We need all the help we can get. Let’s not forget how the NA could not defend maiduguri without the help of militias. How we held our breath and wondered if maiduguri would fall, how Mubi fell and Damaturu was bh marched through Baga and Monguno and once threathened maiduguri on 2 fronts… we have no more assets than we had then apart from more tanks, which are not being supported by dismount troops in combat. The house of Saud and The qataris gave a lot of TOWS away in syria. Our armor advantage won’t last forever, and one successful raid against a cameroonian barrack housing TOWS would lead to reports of tank kills. Bh learnt how to shoot planes and choppers out of the sky using aa. We need all the help we can get to destroy bh in situ in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and cameroon. Interdiction of supply lines and humint on bomb making cells. All the help we can get.

      • asorockweb says:

        Let’s not forget that the BGM-71 TOW being given away like candy in Syria are coming from America. It’s part of the experiment that uses non-western lives as guinea pigs.
        And yes, ISIS in Syria is already using the TOW. The Syrian “rebels” now say that they have so many TOW missiles, they can now target singular men with missile strikes.

    • Ola says:

      Hi Jimmy, there is probably a misunderstanding of my comment up there. I sum it up as this. US starting to fly drones in Nigerian air space, why is it in the news again since it has been happening since 2013? Does that signal a strange in strategy from surveillance to strike missions? Will foreign drone strike mission help that region, considering collateral damage has been rather high in foreign drone strike missions in other regions and this has led to increased radicality? No. Does Nigeria need help? Yes. In which area? Border policing and migration monitoring. Should foreign troops be welcome into direct engagement with BH? No. Why? This is because it breeds radicalisation. This should primarily be the responsibility of MNJTF as well as the local forces of the respective countries in that region.
      I believe in non-combat engagement of non-lake Chad basin member troops, I believe logistical support, training and equipment support should be accepted from any well-wishing and supporting nation, but not a frontline combat engagement because that will only make the situation to degenerate and turn the NE region into little Somalia or Helmand inside Nigeria.
      Please tell me clearly is this makes sense or not.

  10. asorockweb says:

    No news here.

    Ever since the “Chibok girls” saga, western nations have had permission to conduct surveillance in the north east.

    The MNJTF was also re-organized to accommodate western wishes.

    All the decisions were made at the height of Boko Haram power.

    Our needs have not changed for a few years now: Adequately trained and equipped men, in large enough numbers, and with sufficient logistical support, that will enable them be in all the right places in all the right times.

  11. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga Aso Rock, The Truth and Btrlliant point and

  12. Centenary says:

    We asked for this big shame/disgrace,now it will now be written in history that western powers eg usa and co had to come and win our fight for us(this is really emotional for me,it really hurts to take it in),

    We lost some good men to this war,men had they been alive would have taken our military to the next level,they were fathers,sons,husbands,uncles and so on,some were not even given military burials and now as oga ola puts it “stolen valour”,their honour/valour has been stolen/given away to the west by those we call leaders,I was consoled before in the fact that there names will aways be mention in the world as does who put a stop to these bastards called bh but now it is all gone(these are men who paid the supreme price)

    The treasonous/wicked actions taken by our ogas at the top will and can never go unpunished as long as there is God

  13. Oluwafemi Maduka says:

    It is quite very obvious that the U.S is hesitant about getting involved in this war…I am convinced that 300men cannot turn the tide of this war.
    The truth be told,our government is not very interested in ending this war ASAP- the commitment is lacking.
    We use out-moded equipment; or when we manage to deploy up-to-date ones,we deploy them wrongly,in too few a number or with non-suitable armament.
    I watched the Geidam-attack video and I saw how a T-72 backed down from a pocket of insurgents who were charging menacingly towards it. Then I wondered what happened to its anti-aircraft rounds; why cant we get remotely operated weapon stations(perhaps the said T-72 crews didnt fire the AA round because they didnt want to expose themselves to insurgent-fire.
    It baffles one to think that the soldiers on guard fled even when they were supported by a T-72 tank(what more support could any infantry party had sought for)?
    I dare to say that there are IFV(like the Russian Terminator) that would raid any BH camp with heavy cannon fire and ATGMs without any fear of a compromise in its armour- It is said that the Terminator is more protected than even a T-90.
    We heard stories of how mines blunted the NA’s foray into the Sambisa…what happened to mine-clearing tanks?
    One begins to wonder the kind of people at the helms of affairs in Egypt that makes them(in addition to F-16s)buy Rafales and even order for jets and systems like MiG 35 and S-400 that are barely in production…they are damn so audacious.
    It will be shameful for the NAF to fly JF 17s when Egypt is flying Rafales et’al.
    Comrades,there are many sides to this story…it is sickenning

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Have you seen any serious army deploying a singe MBT without and IFV support when not operating in pairs as a minimum tactical formation

      • saleh says:

        I love this comment. the present NA doctrine doesnt even provide for a single tank operating because it only allows for a minimum armour deployment of a tank platoon. additionally those guys had fought for more than 12 hours without reinforcement, if you noticed in the video the tank wasnt firing while withdrawing so obviously it was out of ammo

    • lachit says:

      @Capt Tobias Wilcock
      what u said is the norm but what to do when u dont have the required systems.
      u optimize ur existing assets and improvise.
      @Oluwafemi Maduka
      “I saw how a T-72 backed down from a pocket of insurgents who were charging menacingly towards it.”
      most importantly what was the distance of the tank from the approaching BH.
      there is a limit to which the gun of the tank can be depressed to cover close in targets(approaching BH.)
      and what was its chances to get stuck in the terrain while backing down, while simultaneously trying to get the gun barrel depressed down to bear on its target?
      was this playing on the minds of the crew?
      a wrong decision to fire the gun at max depression can lead to damage to the tank itself and immobalize it.
      was this playing on the mind of the crew?
      was there no supporting infantry troops and the tank crew was worried about being boxed in from multiple sides and then incapacitated?
      also depends on the ammo load. was there any HE rounds left ,or was it carrying only AT rounds? or did it run out of ammo.

      if i was in the tank in a similiar situation i would have launched my smoke grenades at the direction of the approaching BH , it would have suffocated and blinded them and bought me time to re establish myself in a better firing position.
      ór may be i would have just shitted in my pants
      who knows?

      • lachit says:

        a nice way to incapacitate a tank is to slung yourself on to the tank barrel and hammer in a wooden log,or a stone or a ak47 or what the heck even a rpg round.
        or even jam the tracks. if u have explosives with u then it is more easier.
        ofcourse such stupidity can be expected from brain dead jehadis.
        so the decison to retreat by the tank crew was a wise one.
        live today to fight another day.

    • Are James says:

      This is a valid point. That clip was the most mediocre piece of fighting I have ever watched. Even Boko Haram was disappointing. The NA Chief is aware that work is required.

  14. Augustine says:

    From all arguments so far on this topic, all have spoken wisely. Hard to say who is right or wrong, yet hard to find a middle ground to balance both views. It’s a two sided coin, and hard to make a coin stand on it’s thin edge.

  15. Looks like the US has finally sending us some humvees

    • Augustine says:

      Is the Humvee free of charge to us from USA ? I would not buy it for more than $20,000 fully armoured and fully loaded with extra complete engine, transmission, plus vital spare parts and mechanics training. Else, I would buy a Toyota land cruiser fully armoured for $100,000 and have less maintenance headache and reliability issues.

      The photo is a Nigerian navy rating sitting on it, looks like a delivery of some units by ship to us.

  16. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Great News, we can FINALLY BURY the Igirigi and Proforce, divert and cancell all potential orders and associated funds to running and maintaining the $200K a piece Humvees, they have all priority on our shipping list and would be most vital to defeating BH. It is a great move towards jump starting the local military complex.

  17. lachit says:

    to the upcomming generation of to be nigerian soldiers/citizens who have yet to enter service
    a small prep talk on leadership – military standpoint
    how to go about it, civilians too can subscribe

    “Military and chaos are the two flipping sides of the same coin”
    “Leadership is a contact sport”

  18. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Sorry ” Shopping list”

  19. mcshegz says:

    DAILYTRUST: Army confirms Gen. Ransome-Kuti’s jail sentence
    Nigeria army spokesman Colonel Sani Usman on Saturday confirmed the jail sentence handed down to Brigadier General EA Ransome Kuti.

    In a statement Colonel Usman : “‎I wish to confirm that one of the accused persons, Brigadier General EA Ransome-Kuti was awarded the following punishments on the various count charges against him as follows:

    “The first count charge which was “Cowardly Behaviour” was struck out but he was found guilty on Count Charge Number Two which was “Failure to Perform Military Duties” and was dismissed from the Nigerian Army.”

    He was equally found guilty on Count Charge Number 3 which was “Miscellaneous Offences Relating to Service Property” and was awarded 6 months imprisonment, the army statement said.

  20. mcshegz says:

    Something distinctive about these chaps
    and i’m not talking about the female soldiers present 😉

    • ozed says:

      On a ‘man must wack’ level from the bags of rices being donated, it is clear we have made no progress from the realm of cooking at or close to the Forward Edge of the battle. We saw similar arrangements fail during the crunch times last year, leading to combat troops going days without food and having to scavenge (imagine what that did to morale).

      On this blog I and a number of persons talked about dry rations, is anyone EVEN giving these any thought whatsoever???

      All you need to do is brief Army catering to work with Cadbury Nigeria and or Nestle PLC et al, and you will have more dry ration samples than you can imagine.

      Hope we someday learn to use what we have to get what we need!!!

  21. rugged7 says:
    “It’s more palatable to work with Cameroon and other countries in the region, than with Nigeria, but the intel gathered will likely end up in their hands as well,” Scott Stewart, director of tactical analysis for geo-political intelligence firm Stratfor, told “The corruption of the Nigerian military helped recruitment for Boko Haram and their incompetence has helped even more.”

    • rugged7 says:

      Nothing we no go hear from our american “friends”

      • Centenary says:

        The insult will never stop as long as we continue to act like we do,

        What are we using Humvees for?when we have better home grown APC,an APC that was being reported that soldiers usually remove the doors becos it always jams when they go on patrols in iraq

  22. drag_on says:

    I am wary of US interests, Obama failed in syria allowing russia to gain a foothold.This looks like international politics and diplomacy at work.The US is lookng for Russian/Chinese interest to take over for losing position in syria.Already she(US)has positioned herself in the pacific to counter china.
    This is not about US bashing.This is about Nigeria’s national interest.The US has said (through various channels)that we(a democratic nation with a legitimate government ) are too corrupt and incompetent to arm in our time of national crisis, while they arm illegitimate unelected mad men in the middle east and support despotic leaders. How can we possibly trust them with our national interest and think they have our welbeing in mind by bringing drones here?
    I partly blame our military brass. At the onset of operations they kept lusting after Western weapons and system making us look like idiots as the west poured scorn on us.They were so intransigent towards eastern platforms while BH had a field day. Meanwhile,more mature nations like India reached such levels usng Eastern weapons while we remain a beggar nation.When the west punished India she turned to russia to maintain military independence,now in her glory the west has pardoned her and courts her.
    The question is not just if we,as a nation, could her done better to deal with bokoharam but also, if our ‘allies’ on whom we expect to lean on when weak,will actualy be there to support us,not turn around and publicly mock us.
    Boko haram as a militrary threat is on its knees except aided by our neighbours,we just need to deal with it as a security threat.This is where DSS needs to raise its game.The US has not being an ally in anyway over the Bokoharam issue sentiments aside.

    • rugged7 says:

      Bros, you have said it all.
      I couldn’t have said it better myself.
      I repeat that Buhari and his top brass will be wrong to see the west as their salvation.
      And as you said, it’s not about “America Bashing”; it’s all about Nigeria and it’s sovereignty.
      Why does our leadership have such myopic visionaries?
      These people will smile with you and feed the media negative intimate intelligence about you.
      No, the west is not your friend…
      No matter how you analyze this, with the west here, Nigeria will never come out smelling of roses…

      • rugged7 says:

        A corrupt dictator like Biya who has been on the throne for donkey years and oppresses the opposition is suddenly their best friend and darling…?
        A good alternative to an incompetent and corrupt Nigeria abi?
        Who sees anything wrong with this picture????
        God punish all these bloody oyibo people.
        Dan Iska, kawai

    • Are James says:

      Thank you.

  23. Augustine says:

    Brigadier Ransome-Kuti got a sentence from a fair trial so to say, he had one of the best lawyers in Nigeria defending him.

    He is, as we are told, being punished not for cowardice but only for failure to execute standard military battlefield tactics.

    Yes he was right to retreat from Baga if heavily outnumbered and overwhelmed by Boko Haram forces who have likely reconnoitered his garrison and had good intel on NA troop numbers and equipment. A mole in the NA might also have helped Bokos with intel, it’s not said but it’s a possibility.

    No need to use moles, Boko Haram also uses civilians like suya and bread hawkers to spy on and recce our Nigerian army bases before attacking at our weakest moments. It was discovered that some key army bases were overrun because Bokos attacked after most of the troops had left base for routine patrol or operations far away from base, the few men and equipment left to hold base then collapsed in the face of superior enemy numbers and the usual superior firepower of Boko Haram 14.5 mm and 23 mm cannon mounted Toyota Hilux.

    As a soldier you are trained to retreat, it’s part of army training and tactics for ground forces all over the world, nothing wrong with it. A commanding officer can order a retreat of his forces in these circumstances :

    1. When heavily outnumbered
    2. When heavily outgunned
    3. When running out of ammunition/ordnance
    4. When weather or nature degrades fighting capability to critically low levels
    5. When losing force cohesion.
    6. When formidable enemy pincer formation could encircle his forces
    7. Any other circumstances that could critically degrade his forces capability

    However, a retreat must be orderly and coherent in line with basic ground forces tactics learnt in a military academy.

    Dead men don’t fight war. Any army that refuses to retreat when necessary will be killed or captured, and brutal intel interrogation follows before POW camp or war crime execution.

    Taking too heavy casualties will lead to attrition and the national army gets smaller, and weaker to prosecute the war. It’s a war, one battle is a subset of that universal set.

    Greek Alexander the great was winning a battle, his enemy was retreating, his men began hot pursuit, but the retreating enemy was scattering in disorderly retreat because their ranks were broken, formation broken, battalions in disarray.

    That made the pursuing Greek army to also peel and split, breaking formation and pursuing in a disorderly manner. A wise commander yelled out to Alexander,,,,”Order our men to cease pursuit and pull back into formation, or else you too will have no army anymore.”

    Losing force cohesion is enough to warrant a retreat. Need to get back into formation for command and control.

    You stay there refusing to retreat when conditions require it, then you may have hardened bunkers or two layer spaces sandbag fortifications to protect you while you keep defending effectively. Yet you still risk encirclement by the enemy.

    Brigadier Enitan failed because the standard tactics when retreat is necessary are :

    1. Order your men to retreat in a given bearing/direction
    2. Control and ensure orderly movement of units and formations
    3. Retreat only as far as a safe location
    4. Call for reinforcements from Base or HQ, give the HQ estimate of enemy numbers and firepower, also give HQ your current position/bearing

    5. Treat the wounded, arrange MEDEVAC if possible, wounded are a liability
    6. Regroup, recount your numbers of men and equipment as well as ordnance, ascertain your losses of men and hardware, confirm your level of ammo.

    7. Prepare to launch a planned counter-offensive on the enemy if ammunition level, surviving troop and equipment numbers can defeat the enemy or sustain a battle to achieve a stalemate.

    8. Confirm from HQ if reinforcements should be awaited or not, then comes a final decision whether or not to launch the counter-offensive to regain lost territory.

    If an officer fails on technical aspects of his duty, he is not qualified to wear that rank, or maybe even be in the army. Also, he could be retrained and redeployed to non-combatant units like office administration.

    However, tough punishments for wrongdoing, makes a disciplined army.

    • jimmy says:

      That was brilliant and I could not of put it myself. I will add a couple of things BRIG Kuti is well known to my family and out of a sense of FAMILY TIES . I have kept quiet on certain aspects of the Nigerian Military because when things are said based on trust , they are sacred.
      I independently asked two RED NECKS who are familiar with the Intimate details of this sorry SAGA, unbeknownst to one another, they Independently repeated the same words Brig KUTI was expected to “hold ground” He did not, implying he had enough LOGISTICS, MEN and Weapons and Tanks, Let me emphasize this he was well liked and respected up until this incident occurred, this is tough , and painful , personally for me because of the Family ties but when I say there are certain aspects of the Nigerian Army that need training this is my signature example, my integrity is something I take a great deal of pride in and with out it I don’t want to be on this blog.
      i honestly hope Gen OLONISHAKIN as the CDS will honestly look at this and Include it in his reforms
      9. From the Civil war Nigerian officers are taught to destroy any equipment in anticipation of a retreat- this is what should of been done at BAGA
      a) Place sugar in the gas tank of the TANKS AND APCS/ remove the battery cable
      b) Destroy / rig all Artillery shells
      c) Burn the place down.

  24. beegeagle says:

    JUST IN (this chap really is a hacker & a troll)


    IP Address
    Submitted on 2015/10/19 at 8:38 pm
    | In reply to beegeagle .

    a moderator is not supposed to be as childish as what you are proving yourself to be. your blog doesn’t give you special powers so stop with the reckless behaviour. Act like a gentle man, not
    like a ruffian


    • beegeagle says:

      MOVING ON to substantial matters, pls note that the real Captain Tobias Wilcock is now known simply as “CAPTAIN TOBIAS”. Feel free to continue your engagement with him.

      Conversely, the hacker+identity thief must be isolated

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