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  1. jimmy says:

    There has been no confirmation. I actually thought this was a Ghanian officer.Ghana has some donated Humvees but they are painted …..Olive Green..Oga Beegs just not sure.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Egbon Jimmy, the naval rating is 100% Nigerian though

    • max montero says:

      Greetings my old friend General Beeg!!! Long time no post in your blog!

      I may need some help from you: did the deal to transfer of the USNS John McDonnell to the NN pushed through? Hoping for your reply on this, thanks again my friend!

    • I have my doubts about Trump’s presidential qualities but his analysis is on point. he delivered the truth plain and simple without frills. The US via the Iraqi army has greatly strengthened ISIS with its weapon donations. all on US tax payers money

  3. Are James says:

    The first time I saw a real live Humvie was in Warri. This was ten years ago during the Niger Delta crises. They were in a convoy of vehicles and had something like 80mm recoiless rifles mounted . Humvies are not new to NA inventory. It is almost certain that we have already been gifted some or we will soon get hundreds of these vehicles.

    • solorex says:

      Humvee s and M113s are US ice cream for obedient boys-if its free and works-why not? My only fear is that if you allow them to become mainstay of your force- one day the plug of maintenance can be pulled and in two years they are all gone to the scrap yard!

  4. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Once this Humvee “Trojan Horse” gifts are accepted, as time goes by it will be discoverd that they own our ass and senoir officers should get ready to be subservient to Jnr foriegn officers and other ranks, you would be direct by them and their views would most always be accepted above yours by both the authorities and most especially the civil populace and media, who would believe any success the Nigerian Military achive in the battle field or technically was brought about by the interllectual and presence of Foriegn Saviors,

    • beegeagle says:

      My friend, the real issue is WHY you have clearly engaged in identity theft. It is gross and way beneath the standards of honourable conduct.

      As moderator, your IP address and email address tell me that you are not the real Capt Wilcock. So does the grammatical construct. So did you hack your way into this page?

      I suggest you leave, make a genuine effort at gaining legitimate membership & then come back. If you don’t, I shall be forwarding all your comments to the spam queue.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Good spot Gen. Beegs, mannerism and tenses of the impostor is way below par vis-a-vis Capt Wilcock’s.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        General Beegs, that guy is probing. You need to treat him like you would treat a snake in the living room.

      • buchi says:

        sharp and precise oga beegz, there is no harm in revealing your true self unless you have something to hide or a little spate mixed with skeletons, i suggest you quit the game wilcock and do the needful

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Buchi, says “I suggest you quit the game wilcock and do the needful”
      you are missing the point, Somebody is using my blog name and link to the blog as Oga beegs has pointed out, I understand they use Malware programs to hack, been having some things come up on my home computers and sent e-mails, I first realised when Oga Augustine made a remark to a quoted suppose to have been from me. I am not a computer geek, so I would have to have some experienced look at my home net work shared in an apartment complex. I will stop using that system till cleared.

  5. Kola Adekola says:

    Instead of getting Humvees, we should attach the Igigirigi project to a Nigerian university in an endeavour that is managed like private business. It should have shareholders and departments that are drivers for local sales, exports, PR and technological direction.

    With shareholders expecting profits, just think of what the Igigirigi would become 5 years from now. That’s just one example.
    …But no, we want foreign stuff, as if the people that make them are not human beings like us.

    Buhari mentioned a modest military industrial complex as one of his goals, that’s just another dead duck. We just like talking, whereas boko haram and other enemies are not hanging around. No military industrial complex will get off the ground without our steel plants functioning and our education system barely crawling.

    Lets get serious about local arms production once and for all.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga’s, seriously, when you think about it; what’s so incredible about a vehicle like the Humvee that we cannot make a better one here in Naija? No be motor wit four tyres?
      Its just that everything is built doubly strong to take the rigour of battle, even then the Humvee is still susceptible to IED’s.

  6. beegeagle says:

    To the REAL Captain Tobias Wilcock. Pls try and CHANGE your screen name to “Captain Tobias” only. Retain your email address as is. Once I see it, I shall approve that once and for all and then this impostor shall be isolated.

    Still amazed at how low some people can go. Identity theft? Profoundly desperate stuff. I bet he is one of those who refused to submit themselves to security screening but rather chose to come in through acts of cyber criminality such as hacking & identity theft.

    As far as integrity goes,that dude has no business being here

    • beegeagle says:


      Nigerian troops and REVA MRAPs in Borno

      Ugandan troops and MAMBA MRAPs in Mogadishu

      We are FIGHTING armies. We know parade ground armies by sight 🙂

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga Beegeagle, thanks for the advise, wilco on it, I shall also be changing my card passwords ooo

  7. so we appear to be getting Humvees. My grouse is just the logistical headache of operating so many platforms and I sincerely hope this freebie (if thats what it is) will not stagnate the IGIRI program.
    makes sense for the US to be handing out Humvees, they have many in surplus and they are about to be replaced with the JLTV from Oshkosh.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      Dear Ogas, in addition to the Igirigi is it possible to convert the T55 to a version of the Terminator, using the chassis like was done with the Russian T-72s. to make us independent with home grown solutions in regards of the IFV /APC

  8. Sir Kay says:


    Some talked about history of this war being rewritten, now that’s already happening i think, or perhaps I’m wrong, this article just stated that Chad recaptured Baga, i don’t recall chad being involved in that. So any one with more info can correct me on this if i’m wrong

    “Chadian troops in March regained Baga, a town on Lake Chad about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) northeast of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital in the center of the country.”

  9. Augustine says:

    Are those Humvees free of charge to Nigeria from America ?

    I would buy a sparingly used good condition Humvee second hand from USA excess defence articles stocks, for about $20,000 per vehicle (About 10% of brand new price) fully armoured and fully loaded with extra complete engine, transmission, plus vital spare parts and mechanics training.

    Ogas, let us not say reliability issues, our tanks and APCs do break down in NE. No vehicle is perfect, but I give it to Toyota engines when it comes to reliability they excel. However, is the FG ready to spend $100,000 per vehicle to buy 1,000 units of factory built armoured Toyota Land Cruisers for NA today?

    Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Uganda, Chad etc use Humvees.

    We better be happy with what we get, if the terms of sale or transfer are favourable to us. Half bread is better than nothing gentlemen. Can we force FG to buy what we want?

    Give me a free Humvee, if it becomes maintenance headache i dump it, I lose nothing. If I buy it for a give away price and get spare parts along, then if it serves me for 2 years to achieve total peace in NE region, I can dump it afterwards if it gives headaches after 2 years. My military objective is achieved with it.

    The Humvee too has it’s good side, legendary all terrain good performance in sandy deserts.

    Boko Haram is changing to the high speed high mobility guerrilla hit and run tactics that works very well, soon our T-72 will only be good for holding territory or securing bases. The enemy has become too fast on the ground for a tank.

    Nigerian army needs more high speed light armoured vehicles to move troops around with good firepower support from the same vehicle to back up the troops it carries. Our army would need, I may guess, an additional 1,000 units of such vehicles to be very effective in the new fast paced final phase of this asymmetric war.

    Can we end this war by December and maintain improved security for the next two years in the NE by relying only on the super slow snail paced local production rate of Igirigi and Proforce LAVs? The biggest private company owned armoured vehicle production plant in the world is STREIT GROUP in UAE and produces only 70 vehicles per month, so how much do we think Proforce or NA engineers can deliver per month?

    • beegeagle says:

      I am wondering why you did not emphasize UPARMORED HMVVs. There are thousands of those surplus to requirement

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegs I did sir, I mentioned “fully armoured”, but I wish I had used capitals though…FULLY ARMOURED.

        It’s needful as you say oga mi, that we get armoured Humvees, our troops should not be exposed to unnecessary enemy small arms fire. The lives of all Nigerian soldiers should be valued. The US Army experience with soft skin in the battle of Mogadishu Somalia, led to the uparmoured variant of the Humvee being produced and inducted into service in every war afterwards.

        Thanks for the emphasis on armour. Reading your twitter comments right now boss….

  10. beegeagle says:

    See my Twitter page..nailed that with precision


  11. Augustine says:

    Humvee can be armed in various ways….

    • Sir Kay says:

      We must be allergic to stating clearly what is it we need. ( Those in leadership position that is)
      Just say what you need and let that be done, if not tell the president not to expect miracles, no need to walk on eggshells about this.
      Some of these people couldn’t generally speak their minds because they are scared of the consequences, but if they truly put their country first, they should be able to do just that. In powerful countries ( democratic ones), military leaders don’t mince words with their presidents on what they need to get job done. Tell it as it is.
      Na today they realize they have these shortcomings they labeled as “Logistics”? smh

      • Are James says:

        This was the main issue with the last set of military leaders. Type A personalities in
        a pervertedly selfish sort of way. The attitude was “tell me what you want to hear and i will give it to you” . Recently, chiefs of staff got appointed by Presidents who atimes reach three rows back in hierarchy to pick their appointees then all previously senior guys to them in the force are removed from service. This practice has damaged professionalism. Chiefs of Staff should be picked purely on the basis of seniority and competence.

      • Am sure the discussion btw the service chiefs and PMB woulda been frank and straightforward and the needs and challenges woulda been clearly stated. however when it comes to speaking to the public u have to employ some tact. you cant come out and state we dont have this we dont have that, we cant this or we cant that. the loss of public confidence that would result would seriously hamper the task at hand. so that statement of logistics and weather is for the public. in house you would hear specifics like not enough aircraft to effectivley patrol, inadequate night time fighting ability, inadequate heavy lift capability, etc

  12. jimmy says:

    General Gabriel Abayomi Olonishakin CDS based on what I have heard about him is very unusual in many aspects, Born in Zaria and an Electrical Engineer , does not quite fit the mold, He is of RC25 meaning he is a contemporary of the class that gave Nigeria two service chiefs LT .GEN MINIMAH ( rtd) and Air Marshall Adeoshun, The most senior army officer/ arguably in the Armed forces, the surprise was that he was not retired but promoted two ranks from MAJ. GEN to GEN.
    The early part of his career was spent in the south somewhere along the line he became deeply religious , ( He does not hide it) and this is not something that endeared him to the powers that be as such he was passed over for certain positions, He said to be a “straight shooter” and in private would of told the President EXACTLY what the problems are & what has happened in the last 60 days.
    He is cut in the mold of the like of Air Chief Marshall Paul Dike ( rtd) not a lot of fuss get the job done no drama.
    He is likely to be the opposite of Uncle Alex , and is less likely to sugar coat issues and maybe we have to wait and see ( July 13, 2015 till present) is to soon to judge , publicly he has ordered a review of the Armed Forces to assess what wrong, what needs to be reformed in the Armed Forces, I go by the adage” A problem acknowledged is a problem half solved”

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