19 October, 2015

The Multinational Joint Task Force formed by Nigeria and neighbouring countries to jointly fight the Boko Haram terrorists has commenced operation.

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai who confirmed the development said that troop contributing countries Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad are expected to operate within their territories.

Speaking when the Republic of Netherlands Defence Attaché to Nigeria, Colonel Eric Adriaan de Landmeter paid him a courtesy call at the Army Headquarters last week, the COAS described the Nigerian Army as a force to be reckoned with at all times, assuring of it’s determination to end Boko Haram activities soon.

General Buratai thanked the Defence Attache for the visit, emphasizing that the two countries have been participating in Peace Support Operations for a long time. He further stated that Netherlands is a country with good innovations in many areas and commended them for expressing concern on the current security challenges facing the nation.

Earlier, the Defence Attaché thanked the COAS for the audience despite short notice and commended the Nigerian Army for their effort in the current fight against insurgency. He further stated that his country was interested in what is happening in Nigeria, stressing that Netherlands have the capacity to offer specialty in many areas to the country especially with the current security challenges facing the country.


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  1. colloid says:

    Well, thanks for the moral support . Pls, CyberGs, what support(military) can Nigeria gain from Netherlands?

  2. jimmy says:

    Possibly Amphibious
    The NETHERLANDS has a significant portion of it’s land mass below sea level.
    This is my educated guess.

  3. Ola says:

    The Dutch Military is a very capable military, relative to the size of the country. Netherlands is one of the powerful NATO members beside the big five (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy). In all aspects of the military, they are very capable. You could compare the Dutch armed forces to armed forces of countries like Austria and Belgium who are equally capable but have been overshadowed by bigger neighbours. Germany and France.

    • eyimola says:

      Personally I think its a courtesy call no more no less. The European landscape has changed a lot since the 90s, (for example I would put Turkey in the list above, but not Italy). Its a generally good idea to have good relations with Nato which in reality means ALL Nato countries

    • Ola says:

      When it comes to NATO military exercises, countries like Austria, Belgium and Netherlands carry more punch than Turkey. These countries are technologically developed enough to sustain their own militaries should they chose to, Turkey is still not there. Their troops are better trained, equipped and looked after than Turkey too.

  4. eyimola says:

    For me, the Dutch military are irrecoverably tainted by Srebrenica. Where a battalion serving with the UN practically sat by and watched the greatest massacre in Europe since WW2 happen.

    • sabatino9 says:

      @Eyimola, it is unfair to blame the Dutch for what happened at Srebrenica. The UN should rather be blamed for the inadequate planning and leaving the Bosnians exposed to a determined Bosnian-Serb military. The Dutch and NATO’s hand were tied by the threats to kill the remaining troops and the French pilots in the custody of the VRS, its a huge gamble between loosing the whole Dutchbat plus the more than 30,000 civilians in the UN camps to shelling or standing down in the face of the VRS advancement.

      The unfortunate death of the approx 8000 people is low compared to what the total figure could have been had NATO F16s attacked the advancing Bosnian-Serb troops.

  5. Trigger says:

    wow this blog moves at a lighting speed. Its getting harder to keep up.

    @lachit please continue from where you left off at the other thread. Thanks

    @oga beegs any idea on the airforce assets commited to this force?

    Whats their ultimate mission goal after BH, will they just be de-mobilized or be integrated into a larger west African force or something?

    • lachit says:

      part 2

      “i know in the technology universe most drones/uav manufacturers haven’t standardized to a particular operating system for the on board SBC ON UAVs.”
      yes and no, in a few years that might happen for SBC destined for commercial/civilian uavs.but really i dont see the need/functionality for standardized OS in SBC destined for military category UAVs.will vary from country to country.

      “in the Mission Computer, what would you recommend for e.g a MALE UAV?”
      VXWORKS os, Lynxos os

      “NOW the temptation to utilize Linux based OS is strong due to global recognition and open architecture. plus cross platform integration (micro computers e.t.c)”
      yes,true but u must realize Linux OS is only certified to protect against casual and inadvertent attempts to breach system security which is not secure by any definition. the gold standard for security certification is Separation Kernel Protection Profile (SKPP) Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 6+/High Robustness which is fully complied by purpose build VXWORKS os etc and not by linux depending on ur requirements eg cost , security redundency RT etc ur choice will vary.

      RTOS has to execute application-specific tasks reliably, consistently, and predictably especially in terms of flight software and complying with avionics certification standards such as DO-178B and its follow-on standard, DO-178C.and this is catered to by largely proprietary RTOS.

      current systems have shifted from federated architectures [single application, operating system, and hardware] to Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) architectures [multiple applications, single CPU, and a time/space partitioned operating system] .eg Wind River’s VxWorks 653 which is an eg of IMA-based operating system.

      “sometimes i think it will be more flexible to use one OS for the mission computer, Payload computer and the digital flight computer. but i have absolutly no idea on how its going to work.”
      u can use a same os for all three.
      and then u can use something like OS Abstractor and OS Changer from MapuSoft Technologies etc
      1.OS Abstractor gives users the ability to develop code independent of underlying OS .
      2.OS Abstractor applications will run on multiple operating systems including Nucleus PLUS, Precise/MQX, ThreadX, Linux, Lynxos os, eCos, Solaris, T-Kernel, Windows CE, and other Windows platforms.
      3.pSos os Changer solutions are available to port from pSos to Nucleus PLUS, Precise/MQX, ThreadX, Linux, Lynxos, Solaris, eCos, T-Kernel, Windows CE, and other
      Windows platforms.
      4.Nucleus os Changer solutions are available to port from Nucleus to Linux, Lynxos, eCos, T-Kernel, Windows CE, and other Windows Platforms.
      5.PosIX os Changer solutions are available to port PosIX code to various target operating systems.

      suppose u want to use VxWorks with linux OS u could then
      1.Emulate VxWorks APIs.For VxWorks applications to host and execute on Linux, a Linux-hosted runtime must exist to service RTOS system calls and other APIs.To emulate these interfaces for purposes of migration, developers only need a core subset of RTOS calls. Many OEMs choose to build and maintain emulation lightweight libraries
      themselves; others look to more comprehensive commercial offerings from vendors like MapuSoft. There also exists an open source project called v2lin that emulates several dozen commonly used VxWorks APIs.

      2.Use virtualization for run-time partitioning.Virtualization involves the hosting of one operating system or running as an application “over” another virtual platform, where a piece of system software (running on “bare metal” or as a hosted application) enables the execution of one or more “guest” OS instances.Embedded virtualization entails partitioning of CPU, memory and other resources to host VxWorks or another RTOS and one or more guest “application” OSes, usually Linux, to run higher-level software. Virtualization can support migration by allowing an VxWorks application and VxWorks itself to run mostly intact in a new design, with Linux executing in its own partition. Embedded-specific paravirtualization solutions are available from a range of independent software vendors, including Open Kernel Labs, Trango, and VirtualLogix. including the open source projects Adeo and Xenomai.

      3.Port your VxWorks application to Linux. this is a cheaper option but i never could understand it 😀 lolzzz

      “linux, linux, linux…. why not embed VXWORKS with linux based OS on an SBC. (that will take some ingenuity)”
      if u r so much in love with linux 😀 why not use the Real-Time extensions : Real Time Linux (RTLinux), Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI)and Xenomai.

      features of RTLinux & RTAI
      1.Dual-kernel approach, two schedulers are in operation
      2.Supports hard real-time (deterministic) operation through interrupt control between the hardware and the operating system.
      3.Linux runs as its lowest-priority process
      4.real-time applications specifically written for the non linux kernel using an associated real-time API.?
      5.Can exchange data with Linux applications (LXRT)
      6.Tasks are executed inside kernel memory space, which prevents threads to be swapped-out and also the number of TLB misses is reduced.
      7.Threads are executed in processor supervisor mode
      8.Since the RTOS and the application are linked together in a “single” execution space, system call mechanism is implemented by means of a simple function call.

      features of Xenomai
      1.RTAI spin-off, designed for extensibility portability maintainability
      2.Task can switch transparently between Primary mode (hard RT) and Secondary mode (soft RT)

      note:under the DECOS project, a partitioning operating system has been developed, which is based on the real-time Linux variant RTAI and which exploits the Linux
      Real-Time (LXRT) extension of RTAI for realizing spatial and temporal partitioning. LXRT is an extension of RTAI that enables the development of hard real-time programs running in user space by utilizing the real-time scheduler provided by can replace vxworks.

      “even the mighthy USA have succumbed to the use of Linux based OS.”
      i dont think that is 100% true .USA follows specifications layed in ARINC 600-Series Standards for Digital Aircraft & Flight Simulators and one such standard under it is Avionics Application Standard Software Interface ie ARINC 653 which defines a standardized Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) interface for avionics equipment
      Called: APplication EXecutive (APEX) for space and time partitioning. ARINC 653 approach allocates a predefined faction of CPU time and memory of the whole system to
      each partition and is also key enabler in the development of Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA).and It recognizes the RTOS as key component of an IMA system.Products
      certified are : PikeOS, INTEGRITY, VxWorks, LynxOS, etc

      ” do people sell custom GCS or is it just better you build yours, somebody advised me that windows xp will be an excellent platform for the GCS OS. am really considering that… but its security issue is a challenge. any ideas?”
      high performance military grade GCS which can be customized are available, but it will come under govt to govt deal me thinks . israeli is were i would go.
      u can also build urs but those will only support mini/micro UAVs.
      successful open source GCS software toolkits are Mission Planner, Paparazzi System and Q Ground Control. these are linked to the civil UAV products featuring robust performance, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), and custom defined MAVLink date transmission protocol. The Q Ground Control toolkit is even fully open-source for experienced enduser customization.
      chinese uses windows xp on some of their the GCS risks to uavs r mostly off the air.

      “what comms cable will you recommend for the intranet-network interconnection.”
      do u mean the connectors?

      “ever heard of Arduino APM, Openpilot Open-source mission planners and paparazzi? those guys are doing clean cutting edge open-source Drone softwares.”
      these r not exactly military grade, cutting edge but with immense potential, including being very inovative, these r for civilians, but r a necessary stepping stone for people looking to venture into military grade products.being open source they carry significant risk for use in critical systems.

      my additional info to u if u r looking to venture into high performance UAV

      1.present trend is to utilize VPX-based I/O-centric processors with multiple and widely supported high-speed fabric I/O interfaces and expandable high-bandwidth memory. UAV subsystem design is being driven by the adoption of network-centric architectures and the move toward higher bandwidth computing architectures. Today’s UAV subsystems frequently utilize VME and/or CompactPCI-based architecture and the growing VITA 46 architecture. but the CompactPCI/VME model, in which the system controller (host) manages all other subsystem cards, burdens the host with processing that could otherwise be spread around different processors.however VPX advanced connectorization has the physical bandwidth to support dedicated pins for fabrics such as Gbit Ethernet, PCI Express and SRIO, which will enable the parallel processing and shared memory arrangements needed to meet heavy processing demand in a network-centric architecture in the high end performance UAV.

      2.Another general trend for reducing the size and weight of UAV-based embedded computing systems is to move toward stand-alone rugged boxes. Embedded board vendors are adding stand-alone rugged box-level systems to their military solutions. These complete system boxes–which often support standard form factor boards inside and provide a complete, tested and enclosed computing solution that eliminates complex integration chores for customers.

      3.learn about Corba (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) which is often used as middleware for object-based distributed systems. It enables different objects or
      components to communicate with each other regardless of the programming languages in which they are written and their location on different processors or the operating systems are they running on. A component can act as a client, a server or as both.

      4.size, weight, and power + performance, cooling + cost (SWaP2C2) is the golden criteria to decide for High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) solutions for UAVs.try to learn more about it.

      5.learn to use MATLAB and Satellite Tool Kit (STK) software Simulation Design. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) capabilities from MATLAB can be used to develop the
      interfaces for control of the UAVs while embedding STK into the GUI for the simulation environment. The STK software simulates a real world environment with terrain,
      vehicles, and buildings.
      etc etc
      man fell asleep twice 😀 😀
      i was hoping and praying trigger would forget about it 😀 😀 hehehe

      hope u find it usefull .
      the questions r simple sounding yet very complex
      a more knowlegable person would give a much better answer with more parameters.
      i am a novice. so please use ur discretion


      • lachit says:

        sleep induced misplaced answer 😀
        and then u can use something like OS Abstractor and OS Changer from MapuSoft Technologies etc…………………….
        3.Port your VxWorks application to Linux. this is a cheaper option but i never could understand it 😀 lolzzz

        is a part of the answer to the
        “linux, linux, linux…. why not embed VXWORKS with linux based OS on an SBC. (that will take some ingenuity)”

        the correct response

        “sometimes i think it will be more flexible to use one OS for the mission computer, Payload computer and the digital flight computer. but i have absolutly no idea on how its going to work.”
        u can use a same os for all three.but the choice of the os will be restricted by many parameters/dependencies which will be defined by the functionalities/requirements of the mission computer, Payload computer and the digital flight computer.
        it is like trying to find a girl to fit into the role of a wife, girlfriend , dream girl , mistress(fantasy) 😀 all at he same time .
        i have heard of vxworks being implemented on multiple subsystems from the same platform.

  6. jimmy says:

    Un related topic
    One of the things that caught my eye was what appears to be an Anti Personnel Mine
    For those in service is this an anti personnel Mine?

    • ozed says:

      Didnt really see anything that looked like a landmine except if i missed it. Rather most of the items apart from the RPV and personal equipment (ballistic suits and helmets, ) seem to be attempts to produce casings and structural parts for small caliber air to surface rocket munitions.
      Particularly interesting are the efforts to produce projectiles, would also like to see work on basic iron bombs. NEVER AGAIN should we find ourselves running out of projectiles in the face of the enemy or having to rely on stocks that very clearly have expired and should have been long since disposed off.
      Also the Army engineers should start working on production of basic explosives, fuses and other explosive components etc.

      Great work by the airforce!!!

  7. mcshegz says:

    WIRED.COM: Teen Who Hacked CIA Director’s Email Tells How He Did It
    He told WIRED that Brennan re-set the password, and they hijacked it again. “[H]e took back access and we re-jacked it. That happened 3 times,” he said.

    So they called Brennan’s mobile number, using VoIP, and told him he’d been hacked. The conversation was brief.

    “[I]t was like ‘Hey,…. its CWA.’ He was like ‘What do you want?’ We said ‘2 trillion dollars hahhaa, just joking,’” the hacker recounted to WIRED.

    Brennan, the hacker says, replied, “How much do you really want?”

    They told Brennan “We just want Palestine to be free and for you to stop killing innocent people.”
    On October 16, the hacker Tweeted that Brennan had deleted his AOL account after they had notified him of the breach.

    homer simpson voice: duhhhhh
    AOL? hahahahahahaha;
    CIA director, wow, just wow.

  8. trigger says:

    @lachit thank you very much…. you’ve assisted me immensely.

    i’ll need some time off to process all this.

  9. rka says:

    “The service chiefs and the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, agreed with the submission of Gen. Olonisakin, who spoke at the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Research and Development Seminar 2015 where NAF Strategic Plan (2015-2030) was unveiled.”

    Let’s hope the strategic plan is followed through.

  10. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria: Govt to Set Up Communication Centre to Counter Insurgency Ideology

    One would think this should have been a priority years ago, better late than ever, i guess

  11. Sir Kay says:

    Security challenges: Nigeria can’t depend on foreign tech, says CDS

    Now we talking

    • ozed says:

      We have been talking my bro!!!
      That has never been our issue.
      Na to do be the Koko!!! and na there confusion break bone ooo!!

  12. mcshegz says:

    PRESSTV.COM: Two Predator drones belonging to the US military have recently crashed in separate incidents in the Middle East, a US military official says.

    US military spokesman, Colonel Steve Warren, said on Wednesday that the first incident occurred in Iraq on October 16.

    A Predator crew reported a “lost link and subsequent crash while the Predator was flying southeast of Baghdad,” the US military official added.

    The drone was found in the vicinity of the eastern city of Kut by local Iraqi police who returned the aircraft to US control. No one sustained injuries in the crash.

    In the second case on October 19, another Predator went down in the southern part of Turkey over “mechanical failure,” Warren said, adding, “The aircraft experienced mechanical failure. The Air Force in this case maintained positive control of the aircraft and brought it down safely in an unpopulated area.”


    • eyimola says:

      I am on my third DJI Phantom model, and can tell you categorically that drone pass drone. Nigeria should develop its domestic industry, while at the same time ensure that the troops in the field have the very best equipment we can afford to get.

  13. jimmy says:
    It is critical that the Nigerian Military remain professional as the Temptation by either party to intimidate especially low ranking officers is real.
    This is something that must be addressed by the CDS .General G.A. Olonishakin .

  14. sabatino9 says:

    Gentlemen, STTEP has finally returned to the country. In the end it seems common sense has prevailed over the initial biased disposition of the FG. I still don’t understand why they were disengaged in the first place, despite the wonderful gains made as a direct result of their input and the training of the Strike force battalion. I wouldn’t doubt their input in the purchase of the REVA MRAPs which has proven to be a useful asset in our COIN campaign.

    I’m so excited by this piece of news.

    • Centenary says:

      Finally somebody is doing something

      As long as they are only instructors not fighters then it is good.

      Do anybody here known the NAF 2015 to 2030 procurement plan that was unveil at the NAF research and development seminar

    • rugged7 says:

      Then why were they withdrawn in the 1st place?
      Nigeria is one confusing entity.
      So after all the abuse of Jonathan, chief Buhari goes ahead to do the exact same thing??
      Well, we wish them all well.

      • Deway says:

        Probably the reason why they’ve been talking all over mainstream media about the December deadline and requesting BH to surrender. Now I understand. So many policy somersaults from these guys.

    • Augustine says:

      Ignorant Nigerian journalists who do not know the difference between a training PMC and a fighting mercenary. That woman on NTA news this month called a NAF Mi-171 helicopter a jet fighter aircraft, the olodo does not know the difference between a jet engine and a propeller engine as old as she is, yet she will claim to have a university degree and deserves to be paid the salary of CNN staff. Mediocrity everywhere.

      • Augustine says:

        Lets assume the report on STTEP is true, because I have not read any news of Nigerian military confirming it as the reporter claims. So assuming it’s true, I guess their role will extend beyond training to field advisory role to NA, but I don’t foresee STTEP men fighting on the frontlines. A lot of strategic and tactical COIN advice is likely their major role this time around.

      • mcshegz says:

        “yet she will claim to have a university degree and deserves to be paid the salary of CNN staff. ” hehehehe
        Which CNN staff do you refer to sir, if you are talking about newscasters, i’m sorry oga, but they are just as clueless when it comes to military specifics and details.
        If you refer to military defense analysts; then, there are numerous military professionals and analysts NTA could hire, as does CNN, to better orient them in this line of reportage. The reforms in NTA must continue unabated; as what hope do we have if we cant get common propaganda right.
        Oga Augustine, I respect your hustle sir.

    • Are James says:

      The invoices must have spooked Mr President that was why they were disengaged. I don’t imagine anything less than $600 a day. If they come with Equipment which was the main thrust of the contracts that could run into Tens of thousands of dollars a day. Any new government would be spooked. These contracts had better be short term , call-off types of contractual engagement with each term tied to some campaign stage eg assault on Sambisa, or some short term run of work like surveillance around Gwoza hills fie example. It is hard to structure defsec contracts and the value of work done is very difficult to measure properly.

    • Eeben says:

      Hello All,
      Sadly Rafiu Ajakaye needs to generate a story but this one is devoid of all truth.
      And then they have the gall to call us ‘mercenaries’.
      STTEP has NOT been asked to return to Nigeria and we very much doubt we will be asked to return. We did what we could in our 3 months there and that is long over.
      I am amazed at how so-called journalists are able to generate utter rubbish and get paid.
      Best wishes to you all and especially the men of 72 Mobile Strike Force, 7 Infantry Division.

    • sabatino9 says:

      Wow, this journo should be arrested for false representation. What audacity!!! I am so unhappy with this revelation.

  15. Augustine says:

    Oga centenary, you are right, NAF 15 year strategic plan announced but no details to public, maybe another secret as usual.

    • Augustine says:

      This blog a few months ago called for NAF and NA to make their long term plans for procurement like the Navy did in 2008, maybe someone was nice enough to have conveyed our message to NAF.

  16. Kola Adekola says:

    Shame on the unpatriotic Nigerian copy and paste press. This is a quote from the Vanguard:

    ““The mercenaries have been reengaged and their platforms are being deployed,” the source said. “By platforms, I mean fighter jets, helos [helicopters], coms [communication], surveillance, medics, etc.”

    STTEP includes veterans from the South African apartheid era who will work with and train a Nigerian strike force, according to the source.”

    “Fighter jets, helos [helicopters], coms [communication], surveillance, medics…” Fighter jets?! As if their mercenary angle is not sick enough, especially as it is contradicted by the paragraph that admits STTEP is to train a Nigerian strike force. What is wrong with our journalists? Surely, they are not foreigners or spectators, so why do they behave that way? Shame on them.

    In many ways, I blame our politicians for this. The last elections were too bitter and divisive, to the extent that many sacrificed Nigeria’s good for their political gain. Now the stain on the country refuses to wash away and every idiot is having a party at our expense.

  17. abduleez says:

    fighter jets??!!!! Where d hell do PMC’s get money to buy fighters to help Nigeria win this COIN war.

    Wonder why no one is paying a huge fine for this fallacy. Well since the newspaper agency is known, they should be fined!!!!

    Nigerian journalists these days are unbearable. they are just Too lazy to do their jobs professionally.

  18. abduleez says:

    Does anybody have an idea about the supposed SU-30MKI purchase???

    maybe until one-day Cameroon boosts it has the capability to drop bombs on Aso Rock and NASS building then maybe we might panic-buy some 4th gen. jets!!

    No seriousness from our military top brass!! Sometimes i wish we had strong and potent militaries as our neighbors then maybe we might sit up(as in China/ India/ Pakistan)

  19. Eeben says:

    Me again, sorry!
    I have taken note of numerous articles in the media falsely claiming that STTEP has returned to Nigeria. Any sovereign government has the right to choose whoever it wants to assist it as long as it is not STTEP. Obviously Africans are not allowed to assist Africans. That ‘help’ can only be done by those who wish to see a continuation of conflict.
    The intent behind this ‘new’ media lie is patently obvious for anyone who follows what is happening on our continent.
    We can also assume that the intent of the media is to portray the Nigerian Army and its previous relationship with STTEP in a poor light. It is very obvious that some of these journalists are up to mischief and are trying to set the stage to blame the NA and STTEP for something that has yet to happen. It is also clear that the camaraderie, loyalty and friendship that existed – and still exists – between the NA and STTEP is of great concern to some.
    I emphatically state for all who are remotely interested in the truth, STTEP has NOT been asked to return to join our friends and colleagues in the NA. If the NA had government permission to reengage us, I am sure we would have known about it before the media did.
    It may be of interest to note that we have, over several years, discovered that those who utilise the media against us are the very people whose interests are threatened when governments call on us to assist them in times of conflict. We also know that they resort to threatening both governments and NGOs who dain to use STTEP. If that does not indicate their intent, then nothing will. It is the self-same people who usually set African armies up to fail, dump obsolete equipment on them, give them bad advice and then threaten them with international law when things go wrong.
    We know what geo-political interests are at play in Nigeria (I wrote on this blog a long time ago that Nigeria was the target, to the disbelief and criticism of many readers) but we also know that our friends and colleagues in the NA will do what is required of them to achieve that peace and stability.
    However, the media has a responsibility to inform people but are instead choosing to misinform people. This is nothing other than political agitation and perception creation. How sad that people can use their influence to promote agendas that are aimed at creating conflict.
    I have written to several papers questioning their deception. They have steadfastly refused to comment or publish my questions to them.
    Rgds to all, especially the 72 Mobile Strike Force and the GOC of 7 Inf Div and his officers, NCOs and men.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Eeben, it is just our wreckless politicians planting falsehoods in the press in their mindless power struggle. Quite clearly they have their foreign allies to whom they are ready to trade Nigeria’s security and sovereignty for any price.

      No newspaper will reply you if all they were doing was a “job”.

      • Eeben says:

        You know Oga Kola, I am always amazed at how the media can purposely plant falsehoods and then call on us to defend ourselves against their lies! It is truly mind boggling…Perhaps they think we are sitting twiddling our thumbs waiting for them to call on us. The rudeness with which some of them write is equally amazing. In any other profession, their behavior would cost them their jobs.They ‘instruct’, ‘demand’ and ‘order’ us to comment on their deceptions … and as they put it ‘or else…’
        Being the wonderful military strategists they purport themselves to be, perhaps it is time for them to solve the problems they are so keen to write about.
        But, I suppose when the foreign paymasters tell them to jump, they are only too happy to do so.

  20. i believe we should hv learnt to be skeptical abt news articles abt the NA. Now that the Mercenary story has been shot to bits, lets chill and wait for the next one.

  21. Eeben says:

    I am sure it won’t take them long!

  22. Kola Adekola says:


    Boko Haram Islamists on Friday seized control of a town in the far north of Cameroon which lies on the border with Nigeria, security and regional sources said.

    “They now control Kerawa,” a security source told AFP on condition of anonymity, referring to the Nigerian Islamist group.

    The information was confirmed by another source close to the regional authorities, who said an unspecified number of civilians had been killed in the assault.

    “Boko Haram has controlled Kerawa since Friday morning,” the source said.

    • Roscoe says:

      Other side of Gwoza hills… Yeech. Very difficult terrain. They are looking to probably challenge at Gwoza . They will probably hit Banki next and use those spots as stand up/staging points for raids.

    • Roscoe says:

      May have also just been a raid . and gets reported as “control”

  23. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 11h hours ago

    Multiple enemy engagements by Nigerian forces battling #BokoHaram near the Cameroonian border. Infantry supported by armed Gazelle Helic

  24. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio 11h11 hours ago

    Nigerian Joint Special forces team aboard a AS 332 Super Puma helicopter wednesday successfully raided a #BokoHaram location in Mandara Mts

  25. Eeben says:

    How sad that the Nigerian Army has to waste its time defending itself against media lies and disinformation.
    One however needs to go to the source of this lie and determine whose interests are being threatened. Then all will become clear…

    Counterinsurgency: Nigerian Military Denies Use Of Mercenaries
    Channels Television. October 23, 2015

    The Nigerian military has debunked insinuations that it has resorted to using mercenaries in the ongoing counterinsurgency operation in the North East.

    The Acting Director of Defence Information, Colonel Rabe Abubakar, addressed the issue in a statement on Friday.

    The statement read, “The insinuation and the entire story are utterly scurrilous and a calculated attempt to smear the good image of the Nigerian military. The orchestrated campaign is aimed at rubbishing the efforts of the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies who are working hard to contain the insurgencies in the North East.

    “To this end the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) wishes to state that the military has enough trained soldiers to fight the terrorists in the North East without resorting to the use of mercenaries. Also, the military has significantly up-scaled its troops and equipment deployment since the Presidential mandate and does not need mercenaries whether foreign or local to rout out and put an effective end to guerrilla movements in the North East within the allotted time.

    “Since the Presidential order the military has been fighting the insurgents more and more effectively and all Nigerians, irrespective of where they live, have come to understand that we are making progress.

    “The DHQ therefore wishes to state that the report is a covert campaign of blackmail by disgruntled elements in the society, designed to pit the Nigerian people against their armed forces. These blackmailers are not only unhappy because of the progress the military is making in the fight but more so because their illicit gains in the war has been effectively stopped.

    “The Nigerian Armed Forces are doing all that are needed to be done to ensure that the terrorists in the North East and all forms of criminalities are brought under effective control within the shortest possible time.”

    He appealed to the public to ignore the “unfounded rumours” and give the armed forces their support and encouragement in the ongoing war against terror.

    • trigger says:

      At the end of the day, nobody will be held accountable or punish for deceiving the public and printing false information. Typical of a Nigerian society.

      Unfortunately we live in a dysfunctional society.

      • Augustine says:

        Anadolu Agency is in Turkey, how do we deal with that oga trigger? Vanguard can be handled at home, and I guess they will be warned by FG. Ask my opinion, I will sue them through the attorney general and make them pay some N 20 million fine.

      • mcshegz says:

        hehehehehe, oga; you call it dysfunctional, many will call it the freest, largest, most democratic state on the continent. This freedom, and right to free speech was labored and toiled for; Nigerians are not yet ready and never will readily give up that freedom; just impossible. Please permit them exercise of the sweet human right 😉
        If there is a case to be heard that so infuriates any party, the federal government included; the courts are there for this specific purpose. Lay your case, and seek damages so large as to cripple said assailant. Democracy is sweet o
        Oga trigger. I respect your hustle sir

  26. lachit says:

    it sems to me ur r looking to build a uav
    well i have a feeling that this is ur first rodeo in this field.

    i have a suggestion (unsolicited ofcourse 😀 )
    why not build a uav for surviellience over cities like abuja lagos etc.
    these uavs will be different from other uavs in the fact that they will be less mobile , agile,
    but they will have almost limitless endurance and will provide wide area surviellance over roads, gateways , crowded places , markets in cities.
    the ability to sniff out explosives, detect concealed arms will be great , COTS tech for such functions exist.
    the ability to unload smaller drones to follow targets of interest ie confirm the presense of explosives, arms or to tag and infect suspected mobile subscribers will be great.

    • trigger says:

      i’m a computer engineer…. its my job to know all those things. thanks for all your heads-up you’ve assisted me immensely. I really appreciate.

  27. Sir Kay says:

    Would have been nice to block our side of the border the moment bh seized or raided that Cameroonian town, now there are reports saying they fled back into Nigeria, that would be insane if true, that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. That’s something the military should have seen coming

  28. Sir Kay says:

    As big and crowded Lagos is, why would Bh want to attack a gated community? when there are numerous softer targets in place, doesn’t seem like this news is right, but there is the link.
    Perhaps those arrested lied about their target

    • mcshegz says:

      Sir Kay. I respect your hustle sir
      Oga, if you are in any any form or sense trying to rationalize the words and actions of a demonic cum satanic cult known as are-ram, then, respectfully sir, this is one sure way to loose ones senses. e.g
      what does it profit a man/woman blowing him/herself up just to kill, maim and destroy lives of innocent citizens of a state? well, if anyone can answer with concrete evidence, i’m all ears.
      are-ram like terrorist organizations all over the world is a franchise, which means that any lunatic with a grievance or score to settle can utilize said franchise to perpetrate evil.
      are-rams only rational is death and destruction; gated community or not, so long as fear and panic reigns; mission accomplished.
      Oga, please lets continue to accord kudos to security operatives in Lagos just like many other states for thwarting yet another destructive plot. They need our support, nothing else.
      I for one will believe the Nigerian Security architecture over a faceless, shape-shifting, outright demonic entity.

  29. Sir Kay says:

    How Boko Haram plans to use ‘rat poison’ on North East’s water sources

  30. Spirit says:


    Sometimes last year, I predicted that BH will resort to Chemcal Warfare. It’s a clear and present danger the FG should look into.

    BH will continue to use devilish tactics like poisoning of streams, rivers and water works. They will mount attacks on hospitals and schools, attacks on motherless babies and special children’s homes, viewing centers.

    FG should please secure the few trains and railway stations.

    These guys are evil,. To beat and preempt them, we must think like them.


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