24 October, 2015

Nigerian Army said troops of 5 Brigade Nigerian Army have been able to comprehensively destroy all Boko Haram camps and enclaves at the border towns of Kerenowa and Chikun Gudu as well as their contiguous villages in Borno State

A statement by Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman,Acting Director Army Public Relations, during the ongoing operation, troops discovered and destroyed over 20 well fortified terrorist camps in the general area of Kerenowa. He listed the camps to include some at the gateway to Kerenowa, Gumada and Dogon Gida.

“In addition, the troops have also discovered that to evade aerial reconnaissance and bombardment, the terrorists have dug twin tunnels to conceal their facilities and routes in and out of the camp. Among facilities discovered were training areas equipped with instructional and training materials that include wooden guns, amongst others,” he said.

“The troops have also cleared Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) along the road linking Marte, New Marte and Kerenowa. “It is apparent that the Boko Haram terrorists lacked the will to fight as they are in obvious disarray, abandoning their camps fleeing and leaving behind vehicles, solar panels used to power devices, food and other logistics, beddings, various IED making devices, cables and cords.

“The advancing troops’ morale remains very high and they exude confidence and zeal to destroy all known Boko Haram camps along their axis of advance.

“We still reiterate our call for citizens to remain confident in the ability of our troops to eliminate all remaining vestiges of the terrorists before the year runs out in line with Presidential directives. Citizens are also requested to kindly provide useful and credible information to the military about any known terrorist or sympathisers.”


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  1. Omonon says:

    Job well done!
    God bless Nigerian Troops!
    God bless Nigeria!

    • colloid says:

      God Bless Nigerian Military.
      These “vermins” really came prepared– you can just imagine the above listed equipments and training facilities dung deep down.
      Am so much sure that the building of tunnels didnt start when the Military starts its (decisive) offensive this year, they must have had that in plan knowing fully that one day, the tide will surely change against them.
      But, we really need to up our game in the purchase of ISR platforms(rotary and fixed). These things have proved useful and they’re something we can’t do without.
      Well, i believe and hope that things will change for better with our Military Planners. Nigeria will surely be great.
      The Giant will surely wake-up, it’s just a matter of time.

    • Augustine says:

      Excellent job Nigerian army, we are proud of your victory at Kerenowa

  2. Spirit says:

    The Beeg One, I throway salute.

    I and fellow Nigerians salute your dedication, courage and tenacity in encouraging our troops and telling our leaders what the ‘chiefs’ are afraid of saying.

    BH is running with tail between it’s legs. I wonder what happened to the ‘ bragadocio’ ‘Shekau’ exudes in the videos.
    Let’s prevent these vermins from ‘abandoning and fleeing’ as those fleeing will later go and terrorise innocent citizens in churches, mosques, schools, markets and their homes.

    After locating a BH camp, a CH-3/Raven/ Wasp should be on station (rotated) permanently until our boys arrive. All escape routes should be blocked before troops “announce’ their presence with ‘fire and brimstone’.


    The only good BH are the ones that have surrendered and the dead ones.

    Respect to my ogas Jimmy, Augustine, Ocelot. Capt. Wilcox and so many others patriots on this Forum.


  3. Are James says:

    Kudos to a very industrious Nigerian Army. We keep asking for strengthening of the Nigerian Airforce.

    • Augustine says:

      NAF needs the class of Diamond D42 aircraft for these kind of surveillance and intelligence. Cheap at about $600,000 for base version of the aircraft, why do we have only two units? Cheap to buy, cheap to operate, easy to fly. Costs just about the price of an MRAP vehicle. We can have versions equipped with any of FLIR, mini radar, TV camera and still cost will be at about $1 million, I also believe they can be lightly armed on the cheek with two guided air to surface missiles, after all, small drones carry missiles.

      12 hour non-stop flight time
      $100 dollars cost per hour
      Options, FLIR, Radar, TV Camera

      Except NAF is looking back to the Super Tucano, I do not see why we should not buy 24 examples of the Diamond. Fact is, the Diamond is the answer to constant aerial surveillance of Niger Delta oil pipelines where we are thinking of drones that have no pilot to do human eyeball observation of what he sees, whether it is a pipeline vandalization gang or civil defence corps on patrol.

      Nigerian navy should buy 12 Diamonds with target detection sensors for $12 million if the FG will not give them $80 million to buy 12 Agusta AW 109 helicopters that have no sensors for patrol of the Niger Delta fighting oil thieves robbing our economy of billions of dollars annually and pipeline vandals that keep cutting off supply of oil/gas for national electricity production, scaring away investors who want to build new power generation plants and new modular oil refineries, the investors are now asking the FG to guarantee supply of feedstock to run their plants if they build..

      Most drones lack our needed endurance time, human eye visual observation of what sensors detect, and human sense of judgement to make a decision what is detected.

      I would imagine that if Bokos attack a town/village NA troops engage them, NAF should fly in a Diamond to loiter above out of sight and wait for them to flee and covertly track the Bokos back to their bases/camps…..that is one way to discover secret camps Boko Haram and send in NA to destroy them after NAF recce of that camp has given all needed intelligence reports to the army.

      Let FG open up it’s pocket and buy good numbers of necessary aircraft that will solve our nagging security surveillance/intelligence problems in North East and Niger Delta.

      Thank you.

  4. Kola Adekola says:

    Let us learn to deliver carbon dioxide into boko harams underground facilities. It will work wonders and is a “perfect” gas.

    • colloid says:

      A number of CH-3s, older UAV models of the CASC Rainbow series, were purportedly sold to the Nigerian military for the country’s fight against Boko Haram rebels.***

      ***Overall, Chinese combat UAVs lag behind their Western counterparts in terms of detection capabilities and endurance.*** What’s the “bragging” about when they can’t be sold to customer(s). Atleast, with Ciahong 3 (CH3) we’ve become a known operator of UCAV. What’s with the “lagging behind” as far they can carry out my mission and give me the needed/wanted result.
      ==Na Vampire-Bat i dey look for, na Bat i saw, wetin dey stop me from using it==
      == I tie cloth for waist, i tie waist for cloth, so far the waist is protected==
      Make use of what you have to get what you want.

  5. Augustine says:

    Ogas, what is the connection between Nigerian army operation in KERENOWA and Cameroonian army operation in KEREWA ?

    Is Kerewa = Kerenowa ?

    • jimmy says:

      oga Augustine
      The trouble lies not only the Literal translation but the fact these so called ” Towns” spillover the border between both Nations .
      Kerewa no doubt was attacked because of BH perceiving the cooperation between Nigeria and Cameroon is really putting a hurting on there food and logistics supply.
      .Kerewa is a border town that straddles between Cameroon and Nigeria and the spelling tends to be different depending on which side of the Border you are on.
      For example Fotenskol North is in Nigeria as well as the Northern part of Cameroon.
      The crucial lesson here is both Cameroon and Nigeria have to cooperate in Kerewa to surround and completely destroy BH
      There are some nice pictures from the usual sources BIDEXII and oga Henry detailing an extensive topic we discussed on this blog concerning Tunnels and concealment it does seem bh is having serious problems in terms of free movement.

  6. to4shizzle says:

    The President will on Tuesday Leave for India for Bilateral Talks he is going with the NSA and Perm Secretaries of Defence, Trade, Investment, Foreign Affairs particularly interested in the Defence Angle for the India-Africa Conference set up since 2008. I think we can share some few things for Shopping List so our Oga’s can complete dia List when they go to India. MBT’s UAV’s the Whole works.

    • Are James says:

      Oil sales are going to dominate. India is more important than the US ever was in buying our oil.
      On defence they could offload some modified and upgraded Jarguars but those things are one of the legs that Indian nuclear strike rests on ….so maybe not.
      Aerospace joint projects and Defence manufacturing yes.
      Aerospace manpower development, double yes.

  7. colloid says:

    SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean defense officials are in a quandary over how to acquire an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, a key component for the country’s fighter development program code-named KF-X, following the US refusal to transfer the advanced radar technology.
    But the US government refused to transfer four of the 25 fighter technologies South Korea wanted, citing the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Those technologies concerned AESA, an electro-optical targeting pod, infrared search-and-rescue systems, and a radio frequency jammer.
    The presidential office backs the two-track approach as a way of easing public anger over US rejection of tech transfer.
    The US policy is something i personally dislike. You can just imagine, a “Friend”, i mean a VERY ACTIVE ALLY needs your help and you disagree to help. What kind of friendship is that?

    Here, South Korea was seeking TOT on production of AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Arrays) radars for it fighter programme only for their Long-Time Ally and Best Friend to object to the Transfer. And here is Seoul that almost(if not ALL) all their Military Equipments comes from US, denying them AESA radar tech transfer. I dont know what kind of friend does that.
    So, Nigeria shouldn’t even complain at all, if US could treat his Korean Ally like this.
    With all the massive Joint Military Training year-in-year-out between the duo, and the dependence of Seoul on Washington for military gears/platforms and trainings, i think Seoul should reconsider its own interest first—there’s no permanent friend/enemy, but permanent Interest(s).
    For Nigeria to maintain and up her game, we must put our interest first and not shy around someone that may dissapoint us when we are in distress.

    • Augustine says:

      AESA radar is one of the most jealously guarded military technology secrets in the world today. Less than 10 countries are believed to be capable of making AESA radar. List includes USA, UK, France, Russia, Israel, Italy, Germany.

      The USA is blocking Israel from selling AESA radar technology to China, but rumours say the Chinese have already done the deal secretly with the Israelis before the USA heard of the transaction and screamed at the Israelis never to try it.

      Tell you my mind, if JF-17 Thunder block III gets a Chinese AESA radar, I will buy the jet for $35 million with Israeli ECM pod and decoys dispenser added.

      President Buhari seems to be avoiding Russia, I don’t now for sure, that may be final goodbye to Su-30 Flanker dreams.

      • colloid says:

        Oga Augustine says:
        **AESA radar is one of the most jealously guarded military technology secrets in the world today.**
        i quite agree with you but i disagree with US stance on this.

        In the article, i quote:
        **South Korea had expected to learn the AESA technology for the KF-X jet through offset deals connected to its F-X III contract to buy 40 Lockheed Martin-built F-35As**
        This is the DEAL–You buy 40 F-35As Lightning(or JSF), we give you AESA technology. Seoul is not breaching the deal it was our friend who is. Seoul knew why they needed that technology badly– because of their “aggressive” neighbour. The modernization of Seoul military is due to Pyongyang reckless proliferation of military hardwares–something it can’t finish in battle, yet they are still producing and upgrading their arsenal.
        So, for US to have turn down and breach the deal is something that Nigeria needs to learn from.
        In the same article, I QUTOE:
        ***But the US government refused to transfer FOUR of the 25 fighter technologies South Korea wanted, citing the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.***
        why release 21 techs when the witheld 4 techs are paramount to the success of the 21 techs released? Is it now that they know that International Traffic in Arms Regulations is in effect? I dont just understand this guy.
        In the same article, I QUOTE:
        ***Those technologies concerned AESA, an electro-optical targeting pod, infrared search-and-rescue systems, and a radio frequency jammer.*** END OF QUOTE.
        What’s the usefulness of a car without steering wheel and engine?
        May God Direct Nigeria Aright

    • CHYDE says:

      @ Colloid,While I support tou on what you said abt Nigeria as per complaining, it’s worthy of note that S. Korea rebuffed US pressure and attented the Chinese 70th anniversary in September, so you can guess the rest as rgards their relationship, something Nigeria needs to learn from

      • colloid says:

        LONDON — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has acknowledged that the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was partly responsible for the emergence of the Islamic State militant group in the Middle East. But he insists that toppling Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had been the right thing to do.
        Blair told CNN “there are elements of truth” in the assertion that the war in Iraq caused the rise of IS, which now controls a large swath of Iraq and Syria”.

        Still seeking for who to blame. Most blame goes to US-led invasion while the “Arab Spring” contributes a lesser reason for the Rise of ISIL. What “justification” is Blair insinuating here? No Weapons of Mass Destruction, no Nothing and you are saying the invasion is justifiable. Why can’t they just take the whole blame for the rise of IS and other terrorist groups operating in Libya and Mali with the one that spills over into Nigeria.
        Any Country/Government that the American or Western Governments are in dispute with, watch it closely, that country/man/government is doing something RIGHT.

  8. Augustine says:

    India visit by president Buhari, most urgent need from them may be infantry weapons.

    I will suggest. Mr. President, please sir, come back from India with a signed deal for the purchase of 200 units of Indian RCL MK III recoilless rifle-hand held rocket launcher, even the Americans are hungry for more of the Swedish version having tested them against terrorists in Afghanistan with wonderful effectiveness. Cheap and affordable.

    It is a 1.7 km range anti-armour, anti-personnel, anti-tank, smoke dispensing, and illumination discharging weapon. It’s very light weight, hand-shoulder carried, one man portable, one man operable, excellent for special forces, mobile force like 72 strike force, regular infantry, and paratroopers. Some armies even mount them on LAV like our Igirigi.

    However, we could get things from India that will help build Nigeria’s home grown defence industry, our top priority should be in my opinion :

    1. Guided Missile technology to build Anti-tank Guided Missiles and Man Portable Anti-aircraft Missiles.

    2. Tactical data link for all 3 armed forces to be on one network of secure and real time communication.

    • Augustine says:

      Swedish version of the Indian RCL MK III, testimony from the US Army:

      The Indian version is even lighter in weight and has same capabilities. Let Nigerian army dismounted infantry troops demolish the remaining Boko Haram Toyotas mounted with anti-aircraft guns, even when we have no T-72 tanks or air support, our infantry should be able to defeat such level of enemy threat with minimal casualty on our side.

  9. jimmy says:

    oga lachit
    Where are you?
    oga augustine I wish you were in the delegation
    Oga AREJAMES you are correct : Oil will dominate the conversation , India will likely become Nigeria’s largest oil trading partner, I can only hope something meaningful will transpire defence wise between both countries what that will be will only manifest in the months to come, the fact that he is going with the Perm Sec and the def SEC means something.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Perm secs and def sec lack the power to sign anything of consequence.
      Even if Buhari thinks it is ok, the Indians will surely refuse. Our govts need to do things properly and stop playing with our security.

      • jimmy says:

        The Indians invited PMB. They want him and his perm secs to write and sign what is estimated to be at least $9b.This was one of the deals that was botched by the Ex Minister. DM.The Perm secs backed by the President have signed Financial deals >$15B.Since May 29th 2015.

      • Are James says:

        My friend what do you think a minister is in a Presidential system?. The power of Ministers to sign anything comes from the President. I even think we are going to see a reduction of authority levels of the MinisteriAl tenders boards soon. Maybe anything above $1m will now be signed at the FEC meetings. That is the level at which leakages are going to be plugged.
        BTW the figure is over $5bn a month in terms of money flowing into the kitty by our not having ministers for 6 months. I amake kind of enjoying that. There should be a grand strategy that connects the dots of a welfarist ideology and fast economic growth .If not doing anything for six months will steady that attention of government in doing that then let it be.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy and Oga Are james, no perm sec or other civil servant can sign such deals.
        It is illegal and stinks of corruption. Period.
        If we want to get things done, we need to go about them the proper way.

  10. doziex says:

    Hello gentlemen.

    is the weak link in this war. When a situation calls for an accurate strike, and an inaccurate pin prick is delivered, what gives ?

    The last administration was too hampered by corruption to deliver any platforms to NAF, so what is the excuse of PMB?

    Unless PMB expects NAF to bomb bh with pigeons, he needs to deliver on some heavy strike and attack jets soon .

    If the treasury is empty, employ stop gap measures.

    For instance, Iran has just donated 10 ex Iraqi su 22m4 fitters to the syrian af .

    These 1960 era bombers is designed to strike efficiently with 4 tonnes of bombs and rockets. Way better than any thing NAF can field.

    Civilian enthusiasts have bought this platform for as low as sixty thousand usd

    So we are without any excuse.

    Niger and Chad are already flying the more advanced su 25.

    PMB if you want a change in this conflict, provide NAF with platform s worthy of our pilots.

    • Are James says:

      The last two CASs of the NAF were the problem. I think their appointments were influenced by the ex First Lady based on their time in the Presidential fleet. No evidence, just suspicion.
      What did we expect from these jokers; top gun pilots?, smart UAV designers and operators?, skilked EW specialists?..advanced radar engineers?….No way.
      It was not going to happen.

      Medium term i think we should fast track and increase the SU 25 orders to 12 and make sure they are SU 25 Grasch standard from Russia. The SU 34 has an export version that is available for the picking. Putin is in a self promoting, self appointed, crusade to rid the world of western inspired terrorism and we should latch on to it and ask for the platforms.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I have lost hope about any procurements. We don’t even have the beginnings of a 2016 budget, yet we were used to having budgets submitted to the NASS at about this time (October-November).

      Where is the money for procurement going to come from when there is nothing in place for proper allocation?

      • Are James says:

        Well as we all know , budget is different from actual expenditure. The US has not had a budget in more than four years due to Congress l/Obama quarrel about “the general direction of America” but they have been doing medium term *insert a big word meaning nothing* arrangement to run government and the Pentagon is still spending like sailors .

    • jimmy says:

      oga doziex
      Kedu , bawoni
      OGA Zachary last month said the Only deal on the table right now is the Renegotiated deal from the GEJ administration this includes :
      6 X SU25
      XX Number of MI35 and XX Number of MI17
      I put XX Number because I have forgotten the exact number
      In answer to your question based on the upswing in logistics since MAY 29 th ,2015 and based on what i have heard it stands to reason , the NAF will be vastly improved in terms of logistics and Platforms, I expect to see a different NAF come DEC,2016
      If you are looking for something to read the Tea leaves the new CAS is not a member of the glorified PAF.

      • doziex says:

        Egbon mi wassup?

        I hope you’re right.

        But somehow, between a 400.000 usd. NAF budget and the 1 billion USD emergency loan. We are yet to see 1 jet.

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