Combat engineers of the Nigerian Army walk ahead of a military convoy as they scan the road in a bid to detect landmines which may have been laid by insurgents.

Leading the convoy is an upgunned MOWAG armed personnel carrier.


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  1. Kola Adekola says:

    I feel for those guys scouting for mines. It is a job for only the lion-hearted.
    We can either make or buy mine clearing devices which can be attached to MRAP’s. The talents of the boys manually scouting for mines can be utilised more productively elsewhere. Here’s an example of a mine clearing MRAP:

    Courtesy Pearson Engineering

  2. solorex says:

    Threat assessment is quite different- book haram mines most likely will be rusty soviet era pressure activated (simple contact switch) that is widely proliferated (anti –tank and anti personnel types). A simple metal detector similar to what NA soldiers is quite adequate. However modern mines are made with composite materials that cannot be detected by Metal detector ,have presence detector/remote trigger and even have a controlled detonation sequence for maximum damage effect-some will actually pop out of the ground before detonation-that is when you need a professional equipment similar to Pearson Engineering stuffs. Wholly specialized vehicles will be costly to procure, maintain and would not have secondary value based on present threat.

    NA could be more innovative with the use metal detector array mounted to be pushed) or attached to) by a regular vehicle at about 5m infront of the vehicle for wider and faster sweep. There is also a company that builds metal detectors into soldier’s boots wide decent range of up to 1m- This will be great for SF.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Solorex, I’m sure we can make both the Pearson Engineering attachments as well as other types – the device in the photo doesn’t look particularly challenging.

      We could also mount metal detector arrays ahead of the MRAP’s as you suggest.

      Such things will not only save our boy’s (and show that we value them), but will also greatly increase troop mobility compared to vehicles creeping behind two unprotected guys as in the scene above.

  3. In this kind of terrain a few surveillance Blimps with IR and Optical and radio interception capabilities would be invaluable. EOD guys are a different breed. And I would love to see them better kitted when handling the explosives. Agreed those large EOD wont save u from a direct blast but u never know.

  4. Ola says:

    Good job to the Engineers! Manual de-mining is an art that all soldiers should learn and the engineers and SF should be particularly skilled at, nevertheless, it is a painfully slow process (talking from personal experience). In terrains that are possible, time saving equipment should be used. I do believe that the NA needs to do proper equipment acquisition and think beyond BH. 2 types of vehicles can be acquired for demining;
    1. a simple platform like an MRAP with a 10-12 meter retractable probe with metal detectors and exchangeable fork can be bought or made at home, using Igirigi as the platform. A typical example is the Buffalo that UK, US and some NATO members use. This is particularly good for old, metalic mines and IEDs, especially on paved surfaces. 4-6 pieces of this is enough.
    2. A heavy equipment. It could be a buldozer or some heavy agricultural machine on wheels or old tank like the T-55. This basal platform is equiped with a large, mine sweeper/earth beating implement like the chain plough on Bozena mine sweeper or the scanjack mine sweeper. Again, NA needs 4-6 of this.
    Either of these vehicles will be fast, useful for all terrains and all types of mines and will serve the NA post BH.
    God bless the NA.

  5. jimmy says:

    I went on Beegeagle ‘s twitter he took us down Memory lane JAN 2012 BH assault on KANO
    I saw some of the comments from ogas’ doziex, henry, peccavi, it is interesting to see how far those comments illuminated what we wanted so badly for Nigeria, it is very interesting to see the administration’s response , it is now three years later boko haram is on the fringes reduced to useless videos and sending teenage girls to their death.
    I sincerely hope we will not be having flashbacks in 2022, by then we should be much , much further along with bh being a footnote.
    Speaking of footnotes, any one hear from the now widely discredited, and disgraced former US ambassador even his own country has assigned him to the debris of History, with his views now widely discredited, it is not about poverty , it is about power, nor is it about it being a local insignificant conflict it is an international conflict with some boko haram associates being killed as far away as SYRIA,.
    Nigeria needs to end this war in the shortest time possible.

    • doziex says:

      Oga jimmy, thanks for alerting us to Oga beegs delve into his blogs archives on Twitter.

      I wish we could take this trip down memory lane a lot more.

      It would give this blog and it’s bloggers perspective.

      And gravitas to the opining of those who have earned it.

      • jimmy says:

        amen MY BROTHER
        And in HINDSIGHT you were spot on about the PMC at that time you were a lone voice in the Wilderness.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Taking care of a booby-trapped bicycle

    • ozed says:

      Kaai!!! What can be more real than the mangled corpses of boko haram/ or are they innocent victims behind that guy as he defuses the booby trap? And what bravery/trust for the engineer’s colleagues to be standing so close to him as he does this dangerous work. One slip and we will have two more negative statistics.

      God speed to you boys!! I hope all your contributions can be rewarded in some way. We certainly owe you all a lot!!!

    • Sir Kay says:

      The best favor you can do for a terrorist is to end their lives and make their appointment with their god faster, except they will realize there ain’t no virgin waiting on the other side.

    • zachary999 says:

      Different Uniform, Different footwear, Different helmet….

  7. Trigger says:


    The Nigerian military has debunked pictures of the rocket-making factory being displayed by the Boko Haram terrorists as fake, saying the intention is to deceive members of the public on the insurgents’ potency.

    Some photographs purported to be sites of the insurgents’ bomb-making factories in the North-east region allegedly released by Boko Haram were displayed on some online platforms last week.

    However, a top military chief has dismissed the pictures as a propaganda strategy of “a desperate and defeated terrorist group”, saying that the unveiled photos of its rocket-making factory, was that of Bama in Borno State, which has long been destroyed by the military.

    The source insisted that “what the Boko Haram is displaying with the images allegedly being their rocket-making factory is deceptive. What you should ask is why didn’t they put it on video as they would normally do?

    “Secondly, they do not currently possess the capacity to do such a thing because they are cash-starved and have lost their safe havens. I can tell you that this is an old picture of their Bama factory, which was destroyed a long time ago. These photos are just part of their political and psychological warfare to pretend as if they have the capacity to do those kinds of things”, the source added.

    The source also noted that Boko Haram terrorists are currently cash-starved, lacked the manpower and as well as territory to manufacture such rockets.

    Investigations also revealed that the expected flow of cash, resources and intelligence from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been truncated by the recent developments in the Middle East.

    “The point is that right now, Boko Haram lacks such capacity to manufacture the rockets in display because the ISIS they are depending on for cash are under immense pressure from the American and Russians bombardment in Syria and Iraq. So funding right now is difficult for them,” the source said.

    Also, THISDAY findings further revealed that there is massive desertion by Boko Haram fighters, who are currently testifying and identifying key members of the sect. According to intelligence sources, the recent display of 100 key Boko Haram figures, was helped by the information supplied by the surrendering terrorists.

    One of the reliable sources stated: “I can tell you authoritatively that what you are seeing in terms of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and the causing of panic within the Metropolitan areas is that the enemy are being dislodged from Sambisa forest. The terrorists are in distress, and running up and down without a safe haven. They are surrendering in droves and the number of the surrendering we have been having recently made it clear that the people they conscripted have all along been looking for a way of escape.

    “You know that Federal Government recently launched ‘Operation Safe Corridor’ upon which a lot of the terrorists have surrendered with more coming out to lay down their arms and we are still profiling them. The Committee that the President set up with the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the three state governors of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe is working towards this goal.

    “The next phase now is that we are engaged in psychological operations; a lot of leaflets are being dropped from the sky over the Sambisa forest, which is giving the terrorists a lot of hope that if they surrender, they won’t be victimised. So we have given them ‘Safe Corridor’ to surrender and warning those that have failed to do so that if at the expiration of this Amnesty, they will be arrested,” the source added.

    Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt-Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai, in continuation of his operational visits to formations and units particularly those within the Area of Responsibility of Operation Lafiya Dole, yesterday visited troops of 21 Brigade at Bama, Borno State.

    In his address to the troops, Buratai reminded them of their mandate and deadline to clear the pockets of Boko Haram terrorists within their area of responsibility before the end of December which he strongly believes is possible looking at their high spirit.

    He recalled that “the gallant troops librated Bama from the criminal Boko Haram terrorists on 16 March 2015”, and urged them to always be alert.

    The highlight of the visit was on the spot promotion and decoration of two soldiers of the Brigade by the COAS for their gallantry, dedication and loyalty from the rank of Lance Corporal to Corporal, an event that further lifted the morale of not only the beneficiaries but the whole Brigade. The elevated soldiers include Corporal Thomas Orim of 202 Battalion and Corporal Abubakar Usman of 150 Task Force Battalion.

    Buratai also visited other locations of the Brigade at Konduga, Awulari and Kwanar Banki on the fringes of Sambisa Forest where he met troops in high spirit and enjoined them to continue to do their best in order to defeat the Boko Haram terrorists.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Thanks Oga Trigger. Quite clearly, the murderous bastards are now in increasing disarray.
      One thing I wonder though, is why we haven’t completely garrisoned Sambisa Forest. It is a huge place, but is clearly boko harams most important centre of organisation.

      Boko harams other strategic areas are the Adamawa Mountains and ability to disappear into Cameroon. However these areas do not offer them the opportunities for mobility and multiple attack fronts anywhere as near as Sambisa Forest can.

      God Bless the Nigerian army. More grease.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Reminds me of IS trying to lay claim to downing that russian airliner . Which i doubt they did.
      Its all part of the game all sides play. propaganda

  8. mcshegz says:

    BBC.COM: Syria conflict; Obama to send 50 special forces to fight IS
    There will be “fewer than 50” forces deployed in the region to “train, advise and assist” vetted opposition forces, said officials.
    However, Russia’s foreign minister warned that the move increased the risk of a “proxy war” developing in the region and urged greater co-operation between the US and Russian militaries.
    This is a small step intended not least to reassure Washington’s unsettled allies in the region. The drift in US policy has become even more apparent since Russia’s muscular intervention from the air. But to be convincing, the US may need to do a good deal more and that seems to be at variance with President Obama’s basic instincts.

    Is the Empire finally getting weary of war; 50 in Syria, 200 in Cameroon, couple thousand in Afghanistan, one ship sailing through East China sea, Nuclear rapprochement with Iran, easing ties with Cuba. hehehehe. well, one can only do so much while trying to balance the budget 😉

    • Are James says:

      Everything about that govt was messy. And yes I think they chopped big on the $400million Puma deal and no deliverits yet.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Are James at least, the former government actually made efforts to acquire arms, even under a US embargo. Where are the “billion dollar” arms deals you guys promised Buhari would land with his coterie of civil servants on his last trip to India?

        After so many months, we don’t even yet know if the current government will even get off the ground, talk less of buying any weapons. Rather, each time Buhari is about to travel, we hear big stories. Where are the F-16’s from America? Where are the Humvee’s? Where is the completion of the deal for Su-25’s (known) and Su-30’s (strongly rumoured) made by the last government. Abi na teeth our boys go tek win boko haram?

      • Are James says:

        The incumbent presidency is probably absorbed with how to finance some big ticket signature social welfare programs that will define their reign.
        That is why I think roadblocks were being put in the way of the emergence of traditional “cost centers” that drain government purse. All the ministerial appointment tensions, intra party infighting, leadership struggles in the Senate and many more things were also used to delay spending so as to ensure to “fill the container” as it were.
        This rapid revenue build up onlynworks when a country is net oil exporter. No other commodity or tradeable assets delivers dollars like this oil business. Add tax revenues from cancelled illegal waivers put in place by Jonathan regime then the gloomy picture begins to look good .The only next big thing the government pays for is JV cash calls of between $3bn to $6bn annually. To make matters more interesting however , we heard that the NNPC chief (and soon to be oil minister) annoyingly paid his former employers all the money we were owing them about a month ago to the profound annoyance of number one himself. If references were not so tight and backers so powerful , we no for dey talk wetin we talk now sef.

        I believe 6 months is too young to judge the FGs performance on acquisition of platforms. Make dem beef up first, my broda.
        At least we got some partially good news some weeks back about Russian CAS aircraft and I believe with the choppers the delivery schedule can be hastened. So if we assume that deal is cash backed , what we should be waiting for next is the defence budget in the next two months for the real big stuff for the airforce.

      • NaijaSeal says:

        Lol. Are James is still doing propaganda work i see.

        According to Are James

        “The incumbent presidency is probably absorbed with how to finance some big ticket signature social welfare programs that will define their reign.”

        While the country is literally bleeding money and men on their watch


        Well done to the boys at the front, you guys are real heroes irrespective of any govt in power

  9. Number one says:

    Oga Beegs,have the Otokar Cobras been withdrawn from the frontline.

    • beegeagle says:

      I am not aware that anything of the sort has happened.204 units were delivered. How many units of ANY replacement have been ordered? 120 units of BigFoot MRAPs, an unknown number of REVA MRAPs.

      Last I heard about REVA MRAPs, their factory was producing at full capacity (30 units per month) to fulfill a Nigerian order but I did not hear anything about specific numbers overall

  10. trigger says:


    This might sound like a silly question, but it’s not silly.

    Why does the Nigerian Police Force NPF personnels carry knifes as side-arm. it even seems to be standard equipment this days.

  11. tim says:

    I have actually seen a video where boko haram used those rockets and mortar……and big ass howitzers left for bh……and it is a very recent video

  12. buchi says:

    oga beegz dont know if you can confirm
    it seems our SU 25s would be arriving much more earlier than 3Q 2016 as stated before
    spoke to a friend living in SOMA. says rumours in circles there show there have been more negotiations for accelerated delivery and also what seems to be a new deal underground.

    i hope for our sake he is right

  13. Augustine says:

    Can FG please spend the first likely installment of $1 billion urgently on defence and national security?

    $300 million each for NA, NAF, NN, strictly for procurement of new weapons/equipment and hardware serviceability maintenance only, and $100 million for DSS and NPF to fight suicide bombings by improving grass root intelligence network and preemptive operations.

    NA needs large numbers of new light weight/light armour high speed infantry mobility vehicles armed with 14.5 mm machine guns to tackle fast paced hit and run guerrilla tactics of Boko Haram.

    NAF needs to replace the attrition depleted F-7 interceptor jet fighter fleet and get some very cheap small sized very light weight propeller engine surveillance aircraft for low cost patrolling.

    NN needs to stop the new wave of massive oil theft with more mid-shore patrol vessels, repair all the 50% of our sea patrol vessel fleet that were carelessly/deliberately rendered unserviceable by ‘saboteur’ naval officers who refused to follow simple maintenance schedules as if pirates and oil thieves have hired them to sabotage our good navy. Then add reactivation of NNS Aradu to full conventional war combat status.

  14. Kola Adekola says:

    We can replace our Alpha jets with cheap Yak-130 4++ gen trainers if the air force Oga’s feel that we don’t need long legged, heavy fighters. Its not a bad deal at $15k per plane (click for larger image).

    Yak-130 is an advanced pilot training aircraft, able to replicate characteristics of Russian 4+ generation fighters, as well as the Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation fighter.

    Yak-130 is an advanced pilot training aircraft, able to replicate characteristics of Russian 4+ generation fighters, as well as the Sukhoi T-50 fifth generation fighter. Combat training suite on the Yak-130 includes simulated and real firing systems with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bomb dropping, gun firing and on-board self-protection systems.


    • Kola Adekola says:

      AESA radar capabilities – the Yak-130 could be a deadly little plane, here’s an except from the A.S.Yakovlev Design Bureau’s website:

      “Piotr Butowski looks at the past and the future of Russia’s new-generation Yak-130 lead-in fighter trainer

      Two main sensors, a radar and an electro-optical targeting pod will be fitted in the combat version of the Yak-130. According to Popovich, both integral and pod-mounted radars are being considered. Three Russian companies, Phazotron, Tikhomirov NIIP and Leninets, are submitting offers. Phazotron’s FK-130 radar (the designation will be such regardless of the radar configuration) design for the Yak-130 may be a millimeter (Ka band) system for detecting ground targets, multi-function 30mm (X band) radar with slotted antenna or a 30mm radar with an active electronically scan ned array (AESA).

      The latter is the most advanced and the most expensive: an AESA radar can cost up to 10% of the price of a whole aircraft, twice that of other systems. The electro-optical targeting pod for the Yak-130 is being developed by the NPK SPP (Nauchno-ProizvodstvennyaKorporatsiyaSistemyPretsizyonnogoPriborostroeniya) Corporation and is based on the type currently being developed for India’s MiG-29K fighters. These new sensors will enable the combat version of the Yak-130 to employ the Kh-31 anti-ship/anti-radar missile and the new Russian Kh-38 missile with various types of guidance as well as laser-guided bombs. Air-to-air weapons will be enhanced to include the R-77M beyond visual range air-to-air missile. As Popovichemphasised, the Yak¬130’s stability and controllability enables such large weapons to be carried.”

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Its 15 million, not 15k.
      Keyboard gremlins 😦

      • solorex says:

        I have watched Yak 130 closely- Its an attempt to give both basic COIN and basic Multirole Capacity to a traditional 4th+ gen trainer Aircraft.

        It is what NAF would have hoped and Alpha jet is! Its greatest strength is the fact that it’s a small guy that does a lot of what bigger guys’ do-AESA radar, BVR missiles, networked fighting…. Unfortunately, this is also its greatest weakness-Most analyst will tell you this” why give so much punch to such a small guy?-give it to a much bigger guy and enjoy full reward!”

        For countries with small “problems” seeking to save money and possess multiple capacity (trainer, COIN, attack) that is close to 4th gen fighters-the YAK 130 is it. For countries seeking 4th gen trainers and not minding added capability relative to cost -YAK 130 is it! However for country like Nigeria that is deficient in all aspect of Air warfare YAK 130 should be considered only as a trainer –not as a multi capable platform-We should give our BVR missiles to guys that can carry good quantity across good range and are purpose built for that reason.
        YAK 130 tariner-YES: YAK 130 FIGHTER-NO!

      • Centenary says:

        Oga kola,that is as chip (super chip)as a plane can get,its even far more superior than some 4++generational fighter jet eg Jf 17 thunder,

        But guess wat?,it aren’t going to happen,with our current trend I fore see Nigeria buying a 4 generational jet in 50 years from now

        We are just talking about the airforce,wat about the army?are we going to defend Nigeria wit sixteen T72(its just suicidal),our army is lacking basic amenities eg MBT,MRAP,APC,IFV,AFV,SV etc(the ones we have is disaster in the making,too many variant)our Navy(am out of words)its not worthy to be called a Navy(its a border police)

        We are fighting BH in the north east while another is beginning in the south east,and we are doing nothing to counter these threat to our national existent

        The truth is that all our past military heads should be trailed for treason becos they left us defenceless and there is nothing worst than that

        Our men are dieing in vain because we have the money to provide the best equipment for them but we don’t,if I were them I won’t fight because I know we can get the best for them but we don’t instead our politician use the money to buy the best cars and property for themselves and family.

        PMB I av not said anything about u cus I believe our govt is still too young but time is running out on u to prove our self

        I hope we use others lessons(history) to learn

        GOD Bless/Save NIGERIA

    • Number one says:

      If the NAF get’s the JF-17 it will probably be 2 squadrons worth.Equipping the airforce with at least 40 multirole YAK-130 (maritime strike’Benin,Calabar’.,COIN,LIFT,BVR aerial combat) would double the combat capability of the airforce.

  15. Centenary says:

    Oga number one,which one do u think is better SU 30 or YAK 130?

    If it were up to me I will go for the T 50 which will be out 2016 or 2017,Russian is more than willing to sell and it will give us plenty of time for our pilots to train and master it while for the main time we get some SU 30

    If we are serious,getting the T 50 will be something of ease,it is a long time weapon which may serve up to 30-40 years,so if we are buying we should buy in the hundreds,place a order for 500 to be delivered starting from 2017 to 2030,that way we will av more time to generate the money for it

    The reason I said the T 50 is because
    1)It is a 5 gen jet that can withstand the F 22
    2)It is a long time buy(it can last us more than three decades)
    3)We can get transfer of tech wit it,which will help to grow our own defence industries,

    It is common knowledge that if u want to develop our own defence sector industries u have to go through Russia cos they are willing(India is benefiting from it today)

    If India can do it why can’t we?,after all they are not superior to us

    • solorex says:

      We will need several years and lots of investment to transform from 3rd gen (jumping over 4th,4++) to 5th capable country in terms of training ,platform acquisition and doctrine. For a very serious minded country it can’t happen in 24 months-talk more of us. Some F35 partners such as Israel and South Korea had been upgrading/ training, adjusting doctrines, building industry capacity for 10 years while waiting for delivery.
      5th generation is not about stealth and super cruise only- it’s about your whole Airforce! Bulk of the cost of Fifth generation aircraft goes into the advanced electronics (jam resistant systems, sensor fusion, network fighting, great radar, AWACS role, multirole capacity). You will need to upgrade your whole airforce!

      E.g It will be wasteful waste to buy a T50 and not possess complimentary AWACS platform that will enable it to see without turning on its radar in truly hostile environment! If your 5th gen aircraft do not have a corresponding modern navy & Amy to talk to- then it’s operating at depressed capacity! Moreso-if you do not have a 4++ equipped enemy-fifth gen is a burden not worth the prestige.

      You will need a robust technological base to support the operations also- you cannot build this in a short time. If we start today and try hard-5th gen platform should be at least a decade away.

      I believe we need to have a plan to balance technology with practical requirements.
      Buy 4++ Trainers like HL-15,YAK 130, Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master, KAI T50, the Buy corresponding 4++ Platforms such as Jas 39,Su30,JF-17 blk 3……… upgrade Navy and Army to utilize the full capacity of these platforms then transition to 5th generation after years!

  16. gbash10 says:

    @Solorex, in my own opinion, acquiring a customized combat Yak-130 advanced trainer/light attack jet for the NAF to replace the entire fleet of Alpha jets,L-39 and the Aermacchi MB-339A jet trainers will be a very good decision,if the Yak-130 is tailored to fit our requirements.
    Part of the requirements should include :
    1. an AESA radar;
    2. an electro-optical system;
    3.dual-seats in tandem arrangement;
    4. network-centric capability;
    5. supersonic capability and
    6. aerial refueling capability if possible.

    • solorex says:

      If you can give your big cutlass to a man to fight for you why give it to a boy? All these systems are costly to procure and maintain for an Aircraft that is slow (880km/hr) and tires easily (Max range of 2,500Km). Give this capacity to an ordinary JF 17 and you will have all these with twice the speed ,twice the range and twice loading capacity! YAK 130 as NAF trainer and possibly jet based COIN platform is OK (not best option for COIN though) but as Frontline Multirole jet is a bad decision

      • Centenary says:

        Oga Solorex as u said we can develop all those capabilities in ten years and if u look at my post again u will see the time line I gave

        Let’s be real here,we can develop all those capabilities in 5 years wit all the brains we have doing wonders in the word of technology both home and abroad,all we just need to do is bring them together and be serious then we are on the go

        I just hope someone is listing

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Solorex, the Yak-130 will give us an immediate jump to 4++ gen, even if its the poor mans version. That’s a maximum of two years to 4++ gen

        As for buying a bigger jet – we have an unhealthy love for the alpha jet. And that love is strong.

        For some reason, our top brass are attracted to the alpha jet, perhaps its due to air force doctrine, geopolitics or something more ethereal. We just don’t seem in a hurry to by a heavy fighter like the Su-30. So why not buy something as small as the alpha jet, only incomparably more deadly?
        On our North Eastern and Eastern flanks, the Yak-130 will also put Chads rusty Mig-29’s to shame, with Cameroon having nothing to boast of.

        Even if we finally decide to buy Su-30’s (or Su-35’s), nothing stops us from complementing them with Yak-130’s. At $15 million a pop, we can buy a 100 for maybe $90 million (with discounts for number).

      • Deway says:

        @Kola, you mean we can buy 10, not 100. 🙂

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Deway, I was just rushing to correct the error.
        Them gremlins are on my case today! 😦

        Anyway, mek una enjoy this read:

        “Russia’s Lethal Yak-130 Fighter: The Tiny Terror NATO Should Fear”

  17. tope says: Who here remembers when we discussed such? Apparently our politicians read his blog daily

  18. Ola says:

    I’m glad to read some people mentioning Yak-130 here. Beegeagle has talked about this in the past. I did too in 2014 and about 3 times this year.
    Below is my latest post on it:
    Honestly, Nigeria has enough inferior jets in their arsenal, they don’t need more. NAF should rather upgrade their advanced trainers for now and use them for both pilot training and a stop gap measure for ground attack aircrafts. 2 squadrons of Yak-130 can be added to the advanced trainers in store. I still believe the way to go for NAF is to associate with a family of aircraft, Defining a squadron of 18 for fighter wings, NAF should reach out for 2 squadrons of NEW SU-25 for ground attack and 2 squadrons of SU-30 modified to NAF needs for air superiority, the super manoeuvrability and endurance of this would help counter or limit and fighter threat in the skies of Nigeria. After these have been achieved, Nigeria should reach for a squadron of modernised MiG-31 as interceptors and cream of the NAF arsenal. You store up these kind of birds and fly them routinely for training, surveillance and warm up.
    NAF should also think of acquiring 2 tankers and 2 AWACS.
    The threats of the future to NAF would mainly come from;
    1. Insurgents and elements around Nigeria and you need potent ground attack aircraft for close troop support and ground attacks.
    2. Threats of bombers from NATO, in case Nigeria ever threatens their interests, Nigeria needs interceptors, good ground radar stations, AWACS as well as capable friends to keep this kind of threat at bay.
    Until Nigerian armed forces (NA, NN and NAF) become a deterrent force, Nigeria will not be safe.

    But honestly, all arms of the armed forces in Nigeria needs serious attention and it does appear as if they will not get the attention any time soon.
    In a very short summary, the Army needs basics like standard rifles and kits, new MBTS, nothing short of 250 – 300 units of T-90 MS, new infantry fighting vehicles, modern artilery systems, equipment for the air wing, SAM bateries, various other land systems, reorganisation and reorientation of the units in the army. The Navy too needs new vessels of various sizes and for different purposes. I hope to see a time the NN would split into two with one part being dedicated coast guard.littoral Navy while the other arm would be a full blue water Navy.
    I hope some people will eventually do what is right in drawing out short, medium and long term strategic plan for the Nigerian armed forces, domestic defence industry and the seamless operation of these entities and their partnership.

  19. jimmy says:

    Very interesting analysis OGA OLA
    Good Job

    • Sir Kay says:

      Any one agree with Lt Danjuma’s assessment?

      • eyimola says:

        Well, the military has not actually carried out any preemtive raids and we always seem to get caught out when they launch raids on lightly defended towns. So far Boko Haram hasn’t attacked a properly garrisoned town, so the General is probably right,

  20. Sir Kay says:

    Nigeria: For Next Phase of Terror War, FG Orders Intelligence Gathering Equipment

  21. abduleez says:

    Oga Ola has said it all…spot on!!

    I was just thinking which day NN is going to have a DESTROYER!! even though it might be wishful thinking…

    On the Yak-130, that advanced trainer is 100 times better than the shit pipe Alpha jet we possess. What is so annoying is the way NAF talk about the jet with pride any time they bomb bh camps as if its a frontline fighter. Dem no even they shame when international news channels mention “NAF bombs bh camp with alpha jets”.. i will gladly accept a Yak that packs so much punch than an Alpha who can’t maintain and secure his pack(citizens) and territory(country)

    it seems until everlasting annointing frm above slap up our leaders and military top brass b4 our dreams come to pass…their myopic vision is too overwhelming….i pray i be alive when this change happens!!!

    What our leaders seem not to understand, is that the only reason(s) our neighbors haven’t atacked us is that they are unable or a little bit fearful/timid because our population is more than half the size of the entire rest of West Africa and our Economy GDP(ppp) is larger than all of West and Central Africa combined.
    We can wreck havoc on any of them without much distress if we choose to..

    Those two things is our only deterrent against our neighbors who try to fuck up…. How long that deters them is up to us…… But peace is only guaranteed when u have the upper hand!!

    If i were to be naija president ómó aggressors go piss for body, this should be my shopping list for the next five years..
    2 Destroyers type 052D
    10 Frigates type 054C
    30 corvettes/ OPV
    5 submarines- 3 song class| 2 kilo class
    Including ASW helos 15 will be enough
    4 type 071 LPD
    2 MISTRAL Amphibious Assault Ships if powers that be will let us

    2 Squadron of Yak-130 as advanced trainer
    3 squadron of SU-30 MKI for air superiority
    1 squadron of Mig-35 for interceptor role
    4 AWACS karakorum eagle
    3 multi role tanker/ transports
    also investing $100 million in the PAK FA program as a joint partner in exchange for some level of transfer of tech (we can’t get full tech though), just as in the JSF.. including an order for 100 T50; 10 units per year till it is completely delivered in 10 years.

    Purchase of 500 T90 MS plus TOT and in-house production
    dozens of S-300 & S-400 SAM
    IGIRIGI MRAP & IFV in production
    AK-74 rifle production in-house and standardization
    development of a similar Link 16 comms in NA, NN, NAF
    Long Range ground based Radar
    long range MBRL & MRLS
    missile production in house including AGM, SAM, AAM, SSM….
    Also importantly sign a deal with Russia so as to stick their necks for us in tense military situations and support just as in Syria, also for UNSC perm seat support!!

    These can be achieved in 5-7 years if we are serious…. with $3 billion per year in procurement only it is achievable

    Even NATO will ask for permission to do anything within West Africa
    With that we are easily Africa’s fiercest military….even a permanent UNSC seat might be guaranteed

    it all borders down to seriousness and vision

    • Centenary says:

      Oga Abduleez abey nor use laughter kill me ooo I too young to die

      On a more serious note I love your write up,but with our present leader(political and military)it just won’t happen,can u imagine that in a country were a senator and news caster called an helicopter a fighters jet and the same foolish senator saying we don’t need fighters jet,what do u think is going to happen

    • lachit says:

      “also investing $100 million in the PAK FA program as a joint partner in exchange for some level of transfer of tech (we can’t get full tech though), ”
      my friend with 100 million u might get the landing gear tech (front wheel) 😀 😀

      pakfa development cost is 6+ billion dollar. u will have to pump in minimum 1 billion.
      russians r charging the indians half of the development cost ie 3+ billion.
      also not to forget about the investment costs back home relating to pakfa/fgfa devlopment.

    • Ola says:

      Mr Abduleez, what you have listed there would be a large, complex, decisive and aggressively pursued project for a time span of at least a decade. The cost would also be a minimum of $40bn. Of course Nigeria can comfortably afford and achieve it. Things like this are done incrementally and in stages. First you build the man power, Nigeria need a lot more than what she has in house now. You need dedicated engineers, scientists and man power as well as the infrastructure. Nigeria has enough engineers and scientists that can be brought on board to initiate the process, but the man power to sustain the growth would have to be aggressively trained in large numbers over a very short period of time. Nigeria needs people who know what the country needs and if the country is being offered the right package or not, people who can also detect falsification and smart moves, it takes quite some experience to achieve this. Apart from this, it takes time to build trust between partners, Russia has to see that Nigeria has the man power to continue on her own, Nigeria is willing to pay for things and Nigeria will not divulge strategic and vital secrets to people on the side of the fence from Russia before Russia will part with even the smallest details of anything. When I say pay, we would be talking in terms of billions of dollars, not a paltry sum of some hundreds of millions.

  22. abduleez says:

    Oga Centenary that senator funny die, LOL..
    but na dat same fighter jet(helicopter) him go wish to buy after him don thief our money chop…

    our leaders have no sense of security at all… they are just lucky our Francophone neighbors don’t have half our wealth.

    But they love calling themselves ” GIANT of Africa, maybe Giant of corruption ”

    I am fearful we might just be forced to dream and fantasize about what we want for our military and country~SU-30, S-300, Frigates, Subs and the likes….

  23. Centenary says:

    I wish and hope for the day when Chad and Cameroon will invade Nigeria that day will be the most happiest day of my life becos that day our ass will be blown open for the whole world to see the our leaders(military and political)mind will come to reality of the world we live in

    We are saying Chad,Cameroon,Niger and Benin are our allies but the truth is that only a fool will think he or her country have allies becos their is no such thing as having an ally only interest,Russia and China that we are say are allies were strong enemies in the eighties,so what does that tell us,their is no such thing as allies only interests,let’s make us of Russia now that they are interested in us before it becomes too late

    • Augustine says:

      Your government believes we will run to France for meeting in Paris and our francophone neighbours will stop making trouble with us. That is the Abuja defence plan against Chad, Niger, Cameroon.

  24. Augustine says:

    Oga abduleez, that your weapons procurement list is lovely, but na who go pay?

    2016 budget will determine what spending will happen. I don’t see FG giving out any special funds with all these story of broke broke broke Nigeria is cash broke. One of the reasons I guess NAF will end up with cheap JF-17 Thunder in 2016/2017.

    My opinion is that it is a matter of will power, Uganda exports coffee/tea and flies state-of-the-art Su-30 flankers jets, tiny Eritrea exports fish/meat and flies MiG-29 and Su-27 jets. Nigeria exports oil/gas but we keep shouting no money.

    FG can cut down on budgetary allocations to ‘useless’ ministries like youth/women development, FCT, information, environment, and all those 774 local governments almost all of whose chairmen/councilors are unrepentant pen robbers and masters of corruption, we just throw billions of dollars into local governments yet we see no reasonable infrastructural development, slums and bad roads with no drainage. See most of northern Nigeria is still rural and poor, yet LG chairmen get quarterly cash allocations for the past 20 years.

    Plug the loopholes, open EFFC branch in every local government.

    Start population control like China before we become like Bangladesh. Land size in 1960 remains same in 2015 or even less with loss of Bakassi and Lake Chad villages, yet one mother births six children in Makoko slum of Lagos.

    FG look for how to save money from leakages, get will power to spend on national security and defence, do biometrics of all armed forces, how many soldiers are alive and how many ghosts do we pay salary and pension? Reduce leakages through defence budget recurrent expenditure and divert more money to capital expenditure for new weapons procurement.

    Nigeria Customs Service alone is declaring over $ 5 billion revenue for 2015, can’t we use $ 1 billion to rearm our army, navy and air force as capital expenditure strictly for new weapons procurement 2016 and plug some critically dangerous open gaps in our defence capabilities that endanger national security ?

  25. jimmy says:
    “Britain has also weighed in and provided the Nigerian Army with Toyota Land Cruiser military vehicles. In addition, Nigeria has also received mortars, machine guns, assault rifles, radios, body armour, metal detectors, armour- piercing bullets and bomb detection and disposal equipment as part of the British contribution to the regional counter-terrorism effort”.
    It does appear at least one or possibly two” shipments” of Weapons have happened specifically in the summer months Beginning of Q2
    The specifics I honestly am not privy to but based on Bidexii’s posts, some of it is Intelligence related, confirmation also came from one of my sources but source could not confirm what exactly was procured, this brings me to at least to a couple of Conclusions :
    1. The left overs from GEJ’S administration are pouring in.
    2 In the 2016 budget there will be Money specifically set aside for more procurement specifically for the BIG 4 : NSA, NA, NAF and NN.

    Good to see ” GEN XXXXXX is getting better”

    • Augustine says:

      Thanks for the new info oga jimmy.

      As I always said, it is normal globally established principle of international diplomacy to show solidarity with a friendly nation that is being unjustly attacked, you send them materials/equipment, not just your mouth and tongue kind of support.

      People who quarreled with us over this matter can now see what we said, we don’t need to ask or beg anybody, the international comity of nations especially the 1st world nations, economic powers, all know what to do without being told. Well we poked them here because they were too slow, USA was the first to send in vehicles in June 2014.

      Nigeria had no military equipment to give Britain in world war II, but instead, we gave our people’s life and blood with thousands of Nigerian men who died fighting for the British in jungles of Burma against the dreaded kamikaze forces and samurai spirit warriors of Japan who had then metamorphosed into a modern army with technology equal to the Americans.

      Does human nature and sociology not teach us that common sense? Your friend and business partner’s house is on fire, and you stand across the street looking at him like a football spectator, you cannot even offer the fire extinguisher from your car, just to show concern? You did not even visit him day after the fire that killed his children. Then you come to him a month after and say…..”My friend. how about that contract you said you will give me to supply 100 tonnes of raw material to your factory? Can I get the LPO soon? “. If na me, I go ask my Alsatian dog pursue you out of my compound.

      I would have loved Britain to include man portable hand held battlefield Thales thermal imagers and man portable backpack carried Thales ground search radars for infantry men. Not surprised though, that most of the stuff donated is infantry equipment, that is what COIN requires when it becomes guerrilla style combat, fast and furious.

      Britain has woken up, Germany has woken up, Netherlands will wake up….Japan we are waiting for you….friend or foe? Or just a fair weather friend looking for big export market? Japan, which one are you to Nigeria, friend or foe?

      As they say in my village, let us close our eyes as if we are dead and open our ears to know those who truly love us.

  26. drag_on says:

    Oga Augustine my brother.
    I don’t think population is a problem,it is rather an asset. if you check all the main/rising powers; The U.S., BRIC and MINT you will see that all bar one(Turkey) are above 100million people.Don’t fall for the population control gamut being thrown out by western powers to control wealth.Why do you think the European nations formed the EU common market?
    Even within the EU, the Nations with the largest GDP have a correlation with population.Numbers have always been a power on their own.

    The Embarrassing thing for Nigeria is that all the Nations in the top 10 populations (Nigeria is 7) are potent or capable Military powers and almost all of them are Economics powers except Bangladesh and Pakistan who exchanged Economic power for Military Power due to their regions’ power play. The reason why we have been spinning the wheels of progress without moving forward is the oil curse and the political and industrial consequences that arose from it.Our Governors don’t need to govern to get the ”wealth from above”.
    All their politics right now is about the freaking monthly allocation.Just shows they have no ideas when they came in.

    Pls. digest the table below.It is a list of the most populated nations,their population, and electricity generated for productivity. You can almost rank the nations by power using a pop to electricity ratio.

    1 China**********1,373,000,000————-5,649,500 GWH electricity.
    2 India*************1,279,560,000 ———-1,208,400 GHW
    3 United States ***322,163,000————4,297,300 GHW
    4 Indonesia ****** 255,461,700————-0,216,200 GHW
    5 Brazil*************205,142,000————–0,582,600 GHW
    6 Pakistan*********188,925,000————–0,093,200 GHW
    7 Nigeria***********182,202,000————–0,025,695 GHW
    8 Bangladesh******159,308,000————-0,050,544 GHW
    9 Russia*************146,425,180————1,064,100 GHW
    10 Japan*************126,890,000————-1,061,200 GHW
    11 Mexico*************121,005,000 ————0,293,600 GHW
    12 Philippines********102,301,100————-0,076,000 GHW

    Since the fall of colonialism we should have become among the worlds top nations but we are still a third world nation.

    • Kay says:

      Population shouldn’t be a burden depending on the orientation of the country. We seem to have a population that the government struggles to support on so many fronts. The difference between Nigeria and the other highly populated nations is the value of investment the government ploughs into them.

      The difference is that in Nigeria with little to less quality investment, we have a huge burden already and the outlier groups mostly left uncatered for go on to become the problem child of the society. Couple that with the twat politicians who lack any nationalism than to hover up already stretched resources, we have a huge problem!

      So until we can at least get enough resources or reduce our population growth, we will be battling the likes of BH today, ND militants, yesterday and hopefully no other unknown groups in the future.

  27. Centenary says:

    Oga drag wat are u saying?are u for real/serious?,hw can u say population is not a problem,In our present day world hw can someone be giving birth to four to five kids(its suicidal),their is food shortage in the country(we started importing rice back into the country last week),present day wars are not won by numbers but with hi tech/weapons,population can be a burden,particularly in a country like Nigeria,

    If it were up to me I would make sure that it is in the constitution that every couple should not have More than two children

    One thing our leaders don’t known is that with out security their can be no prosperity/investment in the country,that is y they don’t want to invest in national security

    • mcshegz says:

      “If it were up to me I would make sure that it is in the constitution that every couple should not have More than two children”
      hehehehehehe. Oga, good thing its not up to only you, or any one person; Please, let someone try bring this up in the national assembly and watch tempers rise.
      What Nigerians need is adequate education and orrientation that allows them make the best possible decision about the size and scope of their respective families. Polygamy as well will also continue to be a legitimate right for Nigerians. To take that right away would require serious and god-like diplomatic and political dexterity. Nigerians love their hard earned freedom, e sweet well well.. hehehehe
      Oga Centenary. I respect your hustle sir.

      On the other hand. how can population not be a blessing, maybe when sheep and goats start to buy cars and ride trains.
      Any country who can harness the power of its population ultimately dictates the movement of global economics. Like power, a large population is useless and disadvantageous if uncontrolled.
      Nigeria’s young, large population is a blessing, one that will soon turn into a curse if our borders are not kept in check because, borders define a country, and if we profess love for a west African society called ECOWAS, then ECOWAS must find legitimate and concrete ways to ensure that the ECOWAS border is protected and adequately secure to enable effective operation of policies.
      What is the use of banning imported goods if one cannot assure all likelihood of success?
      Technology should play a key role in ensuring the legitimacy of the ECOWAS border, i’m talking UAV’s, Blimps, Satellites, and yes some form of physical barrier; better ask Europe wetin their eye dey see.
      Some would say, its too expensive, bla bla bla, well whats the cost of not securing ones borders you ask? proliferation, smuggling, terrorist infiltration, child, and drug trafficking; this will determine how much value we place on the lives of our citizens?
      Without secure borders, adequate tax, and levies cannot be imposed on majority of imported goods, which would enable locally made goods remain competitive.
      So, at the end of the day; who’s deceiving who?

  28. abduleez says:

    Oga Lachit, i know the PAK FA program is over a billion dollar project. As Oga Ola said that is a paltry sum,” the $100 million dollars is just a pilot fund”. Of course we all know how programs like this gulps money as development continues and minor changes in design occurs ….”the aforementioned sum is just seed money”…additional sums would be added based on the level of TOT.
    I am not so keen on jumping on the over $1 billion dollars bandwagon. Nigeria is not too ripe for such high tech platforms such as ‘stealth tech’ which India is interested in; so am not in the over a billion dollar train, besides “Nigeria has competing demands” which limits our spending.
    Even at the $3 billion + which India has invested in PAK FA + FGFA Russia is still reluctant revealing major tech process and components to India which is its greatest military partner; Russian officials have been quoted saying India is just a financial partner~ even at the 50:50% share of program cost.

    @Oga Ola i agree with you…it takes time to build trust between countries. I believe to get all those mega deals i mentioned above there should be some level of trust btw the countries involved.

    • lachit says:

      “Even at the $3 billion + which India has invested in PAK FA + FGFA Russia is still reluctant revealing major tech process and components to India which is its greatest military partner; Russian officials have been quoted saying India is just a financial partner~ even at the 50:50% share of program cost. ”

      yes ur correct.
      and there r many reasons for it
      1.still lots of R&D facilities have to be built.
      2. core comepentency in fluid mechanis , metallurgy , avionics and electronics etc have to be established.
      3.educational institutions with full fledged capability to churn out path breaking tech have to be established.
      4. skilled manpower with the capability to absorb hi tech TOT required.
      5.aside from R&D , the major hurdle is productionizing the new technologies, it is a entire different ball game , u can invent new thing quite easily but to chun it out in quantity and with quality u will need latest production tech with high quality standards which again is a tough ask much higher than R&D requirements.

      as for india , indians r negotiating with russia , it is like playing the russian roulette , to see who comes out on tops , as seen in the rafale deal india convinced the french to invest 50% of the total amount in india as offsets and also managed to arrange for (covert) TOT of barracuda SSN for in- development indian SSN . the french r ruthless businessmen but still they yielded so i dont see a reason why india will not prevail over russia.

      all this is relavent for nigeria as well.

      all in all it depends on ur leaders and diplomats capability to keep the nations interests at the fore front .


  29. abduleez says:

    Oga drag_on forget that one oo!! Population is a blessing and could potentially be a burden for countries like Nigeria due to our poliTHIEFcians “competing demands”..

  30. drag_on says:

    Oga Centennary.
    The Worlds’ military heavyweights lean on two things; a large and productive population.
    Do you know why many factories in the U.S. and Europe (together with its’, jobs and wealth) went to China? To access a market of over 1 Billion people and export the excess(after using cheap labour due to the large human resource) to the rest of the world.That is why Detroit,the auto city,went bankrupt.That is why the EU common market was formed.To hedge of China.
    Why do factories go to lagos?Simple,immediate access to a large market.
    If china taxes it’s productive workforce(not companies) just $100 she gets approximately $30B. When will Nigeria make that from taxes?Is that not the same reason Lagos has the highest IGR in Nigeria? Is that amount($30B) not enough to run an effective armed force?

    The difference between China and Nigeria is that China has put in place the required policies,laws and infrastructure to reap huge wealth from Personal income tax of its population and Corporate tax.
    This was a lesson the U.S. understood very early and made itself an immigrant nation to boost its’ population.

    Reducing the population,without solving the underlying problem of un-productivity will only make us and even more subservient colony of another country.One that can be easily controlled and shepherded.

    Pls, read this. Effect on COMPETITIVE societies.

    • Augustine says:

      Big bros, there is an ideal population level for every different country with it’s peculiar national socio-economic statistics. A balance or equilibrium is needed. National resources, land mass, and government annual cash revenue MUST MATCH the population numbers of each unique country…..or else there will be problems.

      • Augustine says:

        BTWN, 90% of Nigerians are aged 1 to 50 years. Nigeria has a young population and over-surplus human labour force that is sitting down at home jobless browsing facebook and dancing azonto.

  31. Augustine says:

    My ogas, I did not wake up one morning to speak on this population matter. I did a lot of fact finding in the western world among those who know how to run a prosperous nation with modern and adequate social infrastructure and social services to give good quality of life to almost all the citizens.

    Sirs, I respect you all my ogas, but my conclusion after a long time of investigating and calculating based on principles of economics, finance, demography, statistics, and sociology, is that Nigeria needs a one couple two children maximum unless we want to have a Bangladeshi type of population explosion.

    With no intention to offend my good friends in India and Pakistan, I will say travel to those countries and see millions and millions of their people wallowing in horrible slums and deep poverty, hunger, disease, etc. Squalor created by over population. Yet these two countries are nuclear powers. Go to visit Malaysia and compare the society to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

    Malaysia exports palm oil, mobile phones, solar panels, and tourism….it is now the 10th most visited country in the world today….Malaysia has far less oil and gas compared to India, yet look at the wide gap in standard of living and quality of life, Malaysia is now a paradise in Asia.

    I have discovered that any 3RD WORLD country that has more than 100 people per sq km of land is stretched beyond the ideal limit, even if you have money, there will be pressure on the land space. Malaysia has 92 people per sq km, Pakistan has 240 people, Nigeria is close to 200 people per sq km.

    Should Nigeria continue to grow and grow non-stop and explode? Our ideal population at our current level of government revenue is 100 million people on a land mass of about 1 million sq km… you 100 people per sq km population density.

    Grow endless population numbers without control and Nigeria will see more slums, more unemployment, more poverty, more crime, more strain on FG budget, inadequate infrastructure, poor health care at the general and teaching hospitals, inadequate police force, more competing demands that will shrink defence and security allocation.

    National internal security also requires good quality of life for the citizens, and then we will not implode from internally generated security problems. A balance of national resources, land, and government cash revenue will free more funds for defence spending. India and Pakistan spend massively on defence but their poor people are suffering for it with too many millions living below poverty line.

    Nigeria should not get to that level where it becomes hard to spend on defence because due to zero population control we grew to have 400 million mouths to feed in year 2050 with oil price down from $100 per barrel to $44. Nigeria is projected to have a bigger population than USA by 2050.

    Check your monthly salary level before you make your wife pregnant with your 6th child ! Nigeria has to be wise.

    • Are James says:

      We need to go back to the basics in social welfare and left of center thinking. Pay your tax should be the slogan f4om now on.
      The opposition party and it’s western backed economic policies were killing us for 16years. Every body stopped thinking and embraced shallow deregulation and almost tax less economic policy. However even in the most right wing of governments in the west, taxes are the only sure thing apart from death. Also regulation for fair commercial practices, environmental compliance and human welfare are

      Nigeria earned more from its diaspora than oil for the first time since the sixties this year. That means some government somewhere provided free education to some parent who worked his life to send kids to school abroad.

      During the last regime people would close up their brains and form words equalling pamper corrupt business men and leave the poor to flounder. The business’s men become brain dead , lose agility, ability to compete and managerial skills under the natural pressure of government feeding bottle pressing the milk into their bellies. The first things they 5hen do is create cost centers buying jets and posh cars to load the overheads of bubble companies only surviving on the government. This worst of these were banks, GSM companies and jokers who bought the power companies. The government at the time also saw its main purpose as breeding these weak entities and putting their cronies in charge of them. Indeed the ex leader’s index for economic growth was how many private jets are parked at tarmacsome.

      • Are James says:

        Ukraine, Belarus and Czech, small countries are viable today because of core skills in aerospace, radar, electro optical, military vehicles and small arms R/D and manufacturing. This was because they were key centers of tech development and manufacturing supporting a Soviet Union where technological education was free.
        We need the FG to identify key technology areas and provide the funds to develop the manpower and compensation regimes that keep the skills locally.
        The only possible tax breaks for companies should be related to R&D and significant local content development and value addition.

    • lachit says:

      i agree with ur view on equilibrium with population and resources.

      but no disrespect intended i simply disagree with u clubbing india with pakistan.

      on the internet i used to see than various articles which projected pakistan being better than india on social indices.
      this i later found to be a remenant of the cold war policy of western media to project a better image of its allies in media.
      fun fact i was in pakistan more specifically bordering the af-pak region.
      the picture is quite different than i had read i think indias under developed regions r still far better in terms of freedom, women empowerment, economic freedom, social upliftment together with the many associated drawbacks/negative points.
      it still provides u the hope, which i found lacking in the af-pak region, people were like zombies, easily brainwashed.someother things which i cant mention here but would have brought tears to ur eyes.
      but indian conditions r bad in terms of corruption which is eating away every gain.
      corruption eats away nearly 1 trillion dollars. just imagine the good which can happen plus the dirty politics especially SICKULARISM leading to unequal treatment, especially the good/moderate muslims r at a disadvantage while the bad/fundamentalist muslims r encouraged by the media/sickularist political parties.
      one law for every citizen irrespective of religion can only qurantee all round progress for a country which sadly india is lacking.

      regarding indian population , it is divided into hindu growth rate which has stabalized and actuallly nearing zero .
      problem is with the muslim growth rate which has tripled due to lesser empowerment of women in family planning and backward thinking plus millions of illegal migration from bangladesh.
      population is a advantage when it is educated and forward thinking.
      but a population without education is a burden.leading to civil wars and strfe along religious and ethenic and regional lines.

      still india with its drawbacks can never be compared with pakistan, which after 60 years treats 40 % of its citizens as outsiders (google it if ur in doubt)
      better option compare india with afganistan atleast they have full gasp of their identity/ethos/culture/honour.

      some things which i have said r close to issues in nigeria as well which u all will know a guest i will not overstep my limits but sometimes u can just help thinking.
      india and nigeria share a similiarity on many things demographics, social/ethenic/tribal religious factors like it or not .only time will decide where we all end up.
      sorry if i sounded philosophical/too staight but it was all in good faith.

      • lachit says:

        also the common response regarding anything relating to indias achievement be it in science, space , tehnology is india should be spending more on its poor people rather then the afore said things.
        let me ask some questions
        1. if u have a rabid dog at ur heels should u not be looking to defend urself or should u be thinking about the menu for todays dinner.a country without a strong military will be lost and the poor/weaker people will the first to become slaves . look at iraq. india has to take care of rabid pakistan and giant china otherwise it will be destroyed, will the poor people have a greater chance/hope to become rich then???

        2.US europe has its share of poor people , u just have to look , how come nobody talks about it? they spend billions of dollars on defence space but media is quite because they own the media right???

        3.a former colony of UK has the audacity to better UK in many technologies/fields .well u have to see the news shows of western media like BBC to believe the racial how to undermine their achievement – highlight ther poor people but conviniently forget about ur own poor needy people.and the trillions u stole from them during colonization.wher would u be without it?

        4.FUN FACT if some body can convince all the poor people of india to give up their gold hoardings(jewelery etc) to the government for raising funds ,it would raise some where near 8-10 trillion dollars at todays prices.HELL the temples in india r richer than many small counries(google it).

        there was a scheme launched by modi for only poor people who were asked to open bank accounts and govt. would provide free life insurance as a benefit , withen 2 months in excess of 3-5 bilion dollars equivalent was deposited.LOLZZZ

        5.poor people will always be there , it is linked with high populaton, a persons mentality , social out look etc.
        what is wrong with being poor if he / she can provide for a honest meal / medical facilities / a roof overhead / freedom to persue his/her dreams.
        is a poor person less happy than a rich person ? , infact it is is opposite , as long as a person is just / adequately satisfied with his possesions in life he is richer/ more satisfied than a rich person.
        there is difference in being rich in behaviour/manners/personality/knowledge and being rich in materialistic things like money, power, chicks 😀 etc etc.

        i leave it to the reader to decide which one is better 😀

        😀 i am a poor person from a poor family but does it make me less better than a rich person?, as far as i am concerned i dont think so.
        we came to this world,born without anything -a empty blank brain/soul .
        we go out of this world only with the knowledge , goodwill and good karma (filled soul).
        we leave behind everthing else we acquired .

        another thing if anybody want to find faults in a person, in a society, in a country or in anything u will always end up finding it 100%.
        since nothing is perfect.
        it depends on ur outlook and ur intenions(good/bad), kind of a half filled glass/ half empty glass situation


      • lachit says:

        my overall point being why follow the western concept of RICH and POOR which is in tune with materialistic possesions only like money (lots of it), suites cars etc etc.

        why not our concept , africa thousands of years ago was self satisfied in terms of a persons need , same with asia , if that way of life is bought back with every body satisfied with basic needs and hungering only after knowledge and all around development, and comming together to build a society based on knowledge, that country will always be happy strong and self satisfied. like SWITZERLAND
        africans forgot africa
        asians forgot asia
        end result became slaves first to themselves and then to others
        and fun part it seems to happening again but in a different form

      • Roscoe says:

        Population is not an issue. Even the Chinese, they panicked and will eventually pay the price for pop control. Population grows economy grows as long as the right parameters are in place to supply increased demand and the population can generate capital. US importing does not mean there is food shortage, Nigeria imports everything. Rice should have stopped being imported anyway…

    • Centenary says:

      Oga Augustine lovely write up,thank you for telling them,

      Nigerians gives birth without plan,I have been living in the city all my life and what is now happening is terrible,houses are being built together becos their is no longer space to build on,I recently visited the village I saw the same thing happening,too much people,no much land,

      We need to control our population becos its getting really bad,go to the slum then u will see what is happening

  32. Sir Kay says:

    What good does it do us having that many people with very few of them being productive?
    Or having so much poverty with millions of jobless youths? Its called a powered keg, and when it blows up, chaos will follow.
    For a country with leaders that are bad at managing the affairs of the country, that big population is a risk to that country’s existence if not properly managed.
    We have to be more productive, more employment, and Govt will benefit by making sure working age adults pay taxes, imagine that potential there, just on taxes, that country would be making billions on that alone.
    But when a lot of people are involved in menial jobs, how are they going to pay any tax, buy properties and in turn how is the Govt going to finance their projects when millions aren’t paying taxes.
    It can either be a curse or a blessing, its up to how well a large country is managed

  33. drag_on says:

    Oga lachit.
    If you are addressing me as regards the table above then let me say that the table is a table for the top 12 most populated Nations in the world above 100 million.

    Let me remind the readers that between 1981 and 2010 China raised 680 million people out of poverty,that is 3x Nigeria.Before that Nigeria was a more respected Nation that China.Do you see the inverse relationship? A nation poorer than us with a larger population became the second largest nation in the world at the same period we sunk deeper into the muck as our population grew. I thought a poor nation with a large population is worse off than a rich one with a small population?

    Here is the thing.China set itself up to harness its’ asset,manpower.She is so set up that it is easy to put up a factory almost anywhere and still get access to very cheap electricity and labour with flawless logistics to the ports and away. An industrialists dream.That is efficiency. It is not muslim or xtian or hindu not yoruba or hausa or igbo but pure unbiased industrial and economic efficiency.As a result, they are reaping enourmously from individual taxes,corporate taxes and export proceeds.

    • lachit says:

      no my friend it was not addressed specifically to u.just a general musing more sort of my frustations with my own countries problems.
      regarding my opinion along religious/ethnic/religious lines it was totally regarding my own experiences.
      i dont subscribe/encourage/believe in religious/ethnic/religious divides .
      but always remember enemies both internal and external will always look to exploit it.
      so it is better to understand and look to preempyive any moves by first looking for solutions to such problems internally and then extrenally (enemy countries / media etc)


    • lachit says:

      regarding china it will be wise not to believe everything, media and information is tightly controlled in china .
      all i am saying will a ordinary person from another country be able to travel freely any where in china like he / she will be able to travel in nigeria india etc. to know the truth ???
      AFAIK the gulf between rich and poor is very high the thing is being a one party country they decide what to show to the outside world or not and truth be damned.
      only god knows the truth and the chinese 😀

  34. lachit says:

    For developing countries like India, nigeria,investing huge amounts of money into defence R & D alone is near to impossible because of other necesary development related expenditure like education health infra etc.

    one way is to follow the South Korean or Taiwanese models who started by investing in R & D meant for consumer products which led to profits due to large sales volumes and large domestic and international markets and who then used the developed civilian R&D capability to develop military/defense related spinoffs.

    suppose a private company in nigeria straight away starts developing military radars, it will be uneconomical for it to develop everything 100% indigenously due to the small quantity of such radars that will be acquired by nigeria, even 100 such radars will not justify the expenditure and lets not talk even about exports since experienced companies like us israel europe china russia will always produce cheaper equivalents and give a better financial deal etc etc etc., thus making exports hard economically.

    Instead, if the company starts its R & D on developing civilian products like ATC radars and related systems, then the sales volume will automatically increase due to huge demand in civilian markets, which in turn will enable the company to invest their profits from the civilian product sales into cheaper and better military spinoff products. this way the development time cycle is also reduced and the cost factor is way lower leading to way better export potential.
    This same philosophy applies to development of aircraft & ships. Without a vibrant commercial shipbuilding industry, all efforts to develop industries dedicated to building only warships will be unsustainable. So, if one wants sustainable infusion of R & D funds for developing military radars, then one must first develop civilian radar products.since generally for every 1 military radar required, there is a need for 10 civilian radars.
    real life example look at the civilian drone maket in china ,which is huge, where the players sarted by making civilian versions and upon profits started work on military versions based on the developed civilian technology and the rest is history and u alll know well.


    • Centenary says:

      As always sir Lachit sweet write up,the thing is that our politician/citizens are like stubborn goats,they don’t want to learn or listen

  35. Kola Adekola says:

    The Tank Biathlon is quite interesting and a very different / entertaining take on military sport / war games.

    Why doesn’t Nigeria take part?
    There are many benefits, from cooperation between militaries to beautiful publicity of the army

    My Oga’s, here is a video from 2014 World Championship :

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Of course, like Mongolia and Angola, you also get to see what other countries can do with the same equipment. 🙂

    • Ola says:

      Interesting video, thanks for sharing! We see some things here:
      1. the only tank to break down is Chinese, this is not a prototype being paraded, this is a tank that has been in service since 1997 and can be assumed to be well serviced for this competition. SO in clamouring for non-battle tested platforms for aggressively upcoming Chinese manufacturers, I hope people will think again. This is why I have never supported the call for JF-17. India has been foraying into various aspects of military tech, but they are still very honest with themselves in rightly adjudging their capability, knowing what they cannot do in house and going to the right source to acquire such.
      2. Indian tank crew embarrassingly failed all the firing course. I don’t know if Nigeria would perform better either. Since this kind of competition often features team that have been adjudged internally to be the best, this points at quality of training.
      3. Angola, Kuwait and the other teams that also came last show also the quality of the training their crews have.
      The take home message is this;
      i. get reliable and proven equipment
      ii. train your personnel very well. In real combat situation, it is all about time and deadly accuracy. It is often always whoever scores the first hit that kills since each hit is meant to destroy the target.
      iii.Don’t just buy reliable equipment and train on your own, but also go to the source of your equipment to get the right training. All the top countries in the competition closely collaborate and do military programs and exercises with Russia. They understand their T-72 very well, this has helped out.

  36. abduleez says:

    Hmm…very good debate from Oga Lachit, Augustine and the others….but the thing is our politicians and citizens are like stubborn goats as Oga Centenary said… we don’t want to see the truth but we want to see what we want. Thats my problem with Nigeria, we are shouting corruption whereas we gave them poliTHIEFcians the opportunity to fool and mine us dry!!

    • Centenary says:

      Because of tribal/religion/regional affiliation we let them milk us dry so we should not complain, The way things are going it is only a revolution that will save Nigeria(I just pray that it is not a violent one)

      One thing we don’t want to acknowledge is that everything is linked in Nigeria,for us to have a responsible/corruption free govt we need a responsible/corruption free population,for us to have a professional/disciple military we need to have a professional/disciple population E.T.C,as we can see it all falls back to us the population/citizens

    • lachit says:

      atleast u can take solace from the fact citizens from many other countries r in the same boat. 😀
      hmmm **poliTHIEFcians** should include it in the english dictionary LOLZZZ

      fix this on nigerian APC and u have a low cost easy maintenance tank killer and BH technicals will be toast , with thermobric warheads u can break up massed assaults into garrisons or vurnerable check points / places in the high risk areas.

  37. drag_on says:

    oga centenary,here is a fun fact.

    population of England is 53million and the land area is 130,395kmsq.
    population of Nigeria is 180million and the land area is 923,768kmsq.

    Who is more densely populated? Yet the English still have huge countysides
    You can stick England in Adamawa,Yobe and Borno with space to spare.
    Another Example.

    population of Germany is 82million and the land area is 357,168kmsq.
    And they say we are overpopulated. No,we are poorly governed.

    Do you know that Asia and Europe are 3x and 2x the population density of Africa respectively?. Africa is only slightly more dense than south and North America. Pls stop listening to foreign press and do your own research.

    This century belongs to Asia because they have harvested the manpower of their populations while that of Europe ages and stagnates/shrinks.

    The more populated you are the more you can easily generate economic,industrial and military power. They know it. That is why Germany dominated Europe and still does.That is why The U.S and USSR determined the fate of WW2. They both had more men and weapons. The key things are education,industry and commerce with the enabling environment. Simply put,industrialisation.

    • Sir Kay says:

      You are right, but It also depends on leadership, you could have1 billion people, if those in position of power are clueless, then that huge population becomes a nightmare and not an asset

    • Centenary says:

      Oga drag I am not saying increase in population is bad,what am saying is that it should follow a process and should be systematic if not it is a burden and that is what is happening now

      I don’t follow/believe thing I hear in the media,am writing from what I see on the ground down here

  38. Centenary says:


  39. Augustine says:

    Oga drag_on, na waah o ! why single out England and get a distorted view of population density per sq km? It is not a stand-alone country, England is part of the United Kingdom under one national government, parliament, and prime minister . The U.K. population is about 65 million and land mass is about 243,000 sq m, density is about 260 people per sq km but it is a first world country with excellent political, economic, and social management. Nigeria does not have that quality of leadership and management.

    Germany is not a 3rd world country, notice I emphasized 100 people per sq km as ideal for 3rd world countries, I took into consideration our bad governance, civil service incompetence, low industrialization, weak infrastructure, backward technology, over-dependence on food imports, poor export of manufactured goods, and lack of foresight/proactive planning. Germany is the exact opposite of 3rd world countries, the Germans are 1st world…..master planners, masters of technology and industrialization.

    As I said, for EVERY COUNTRY, there is a DIFFERENT ideal balance of national resources, land space, government cash revenue per annum to be matched with population numbers and achieve an EQUILIBRIUM.

    Even if you have a good leader in Nigeria, if we are out of equilibrium and distorted, there is no miracle he can perform to give a standard quality of life to every Nigeria, Baba in Aso Rock is already crying no money, he has been saying it since May to November, and he will keep repeating it, he is telling you not to expect any magic and not to blame him if does not meet your high expectations….no money story is a now a daily song in Aso Rock.

    You cannot manage an empty pocket, when you are cash broke, your financial management skills are then rendered useless, how do you manage what you don’t have?

    I am not the only one crying out loud today, the senate is screaming about huge population, not about control, but about solving the problems our over-breeding has created, they are however, attacking the problem from the tree branches instead of the root. The senators should have talked about warning Nigerians against breeding like rats, one woman has six malnourished kids at Ajegunle slum, running around the street half naked wearing pants and rolling tyres, suffering and smiling.

    At the senate meeting yesterday in Abuja, wahala ya zo !

    “PDP senator from Cross River-East senatorial district, Bassey Akpan, had sponsored a motion titled, “Urgent need to curb the soaring rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

    Senator representing the Federal Capital Territory, Philip Aduda, had raised a prayer urging the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government to fulfil one of its campaign promises of paying N5,000 to unemployed youths monthly nationwide.

    He expressed concern that about =N= 2 trillion had been spent on intervention funds by the Federal Government to boost the productivity of various sectors of the economy in the last five years without any commensurate impact on employment generation.

    He said, “With a projected population growth of 200 million by 2020, we project an unemployed population of about 100 million Nigerians or more. Where lies the economic future of this country?

    “If the unemployed youths of this country are effectively engaged in gainful employment, terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery and other socio-economic and cultural vices will be drastically reduced. As the saying goes, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’,” he said.

    In their various contributions, the senators overwhelmingly supported the motion.”

    For me, I would say our nation’s defence and security should not be sacrificed, let Nigeria go for $1 billion Russian loan and $1 billion Chinese loan to meet our urgent needs. Then we have less burden of paying cash now for new procurement and maintenance of military hardware.

  40. rugged7 says:

    • rugged7 says:

      Hmmm, flexing muscles at this crucial time.
      This will probably bring us into conflict with cameroon…again.
      Objective is wise, timimg might be off though.
      Nigeria must really be hard up for cash

    • jimmy says:

      Considering that Nigeria is tasked as the PRIMARY Naval security source , I believe that is a good i dea, however if we are going to talk the talk , Nigeria must be prepared to walk the walk meaning more Naval vessels are required and i do not mean those that are less than thirty meters.

  41. rugged7 says:

    Army establishes media centre in Maiduguri

  42. Augustine says:

    Oga Ola, time tested military equipment makes sense. I would be cautious with NAF interest in ATAK light scout/attack helicopter and Textron Scorpion ISR strike aircraft because they have not been tested in service (Not combat, I mean service) over some period of time. The Super Tucano is a better tested and time proven COIN aircraft than the other two.

    However, JF-17 Thunder has been in service with PAF for 7 years and the engine is the time proven MiG-29 engine that has been in service for over 30 years.

    One major problem with the JF-17 export sales hangs around the engine choice. Russia is cautious selling so much RD-93 engines creating a cheaper rival to MiG series in the market, some potential customers do not like the smokey engine and it’s maintenance headache when it starts ageing, the alternative Chinese engine is delayed in developmental process, it’s not easy to build a reliable supersonic jet fighter engine. Only few countries can do it well, even technology giants like Italy, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine, Canada, etc are avoiding it.

    If NAF goes for JF-17, they can arm it up to a 4+ generation level with AESA radar, latest tech IRST, ECM pod, Self Defence chaff/flares systems, 5th generation air to air missiles, some cheap 1990s generation anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles, cruise missiles, and guided bombs.

    The jet cost is now said to be going up with global inflation, some sources now say it’s $30 million for block II.

    When we see NAF’s 15 year modernization plan, we will have an idea of what they may likely buy and when. The plan should be published for public info like that of the Navy in 2008. Nothing to classify there, most of the equipment will be imported, abi do we locally build jet fighters and missiles in DICON factory?

    • drag_on says:

      More importantly,we need a single engine platform in the airforce.
      Oga abdulleez gave a litany of twin engine fighters in his dream squadrons which would have been a maintenance engineers nightmare. 😀
      JF-17 if we get to partake in R&D,else i’d go for Saab JAS 39 Gripen

      • Ola says:

        @drag_on. What are the advantages of single engine jet fighters over twin engine heavy fighters? Engineers that fail to maintain a twin engine jet fighter properly will not do better with a single engine fighter and that will be a disaster, no second chance for the pilot when that lone engine packs up mid-flight.
        Again, there is no R&D going on for the JF-17, the upgrade to block II has already been done and concluded, they are only looking for export market, nothing more. And the Gripen out classes JF-17 in all aspects, so it should not be rated as an alternative to JF-17.

    • lachit says:

      bro if any JF 17 fan from pakistan reads the 2nd half of ur post he/she is gonna marry u.
      ‘she’ wil be preferable though 😀
      u got nothing to lose, take my word pakistani ladies r quite beautiful and very desirable as long as they r not packing suicide vests 😀

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.
        “u got nothing to lose, take my word Pakistani ladies r quite beautiful and very desirable as long as they r not packing suicide vests”
        I kindly ask for greater clarification regarding this seemingly overt generalization of Pakistan and her citizens. Please expatiate sir.

      • lachit says:

        the jf17 specifications mentioned by augustine r the dream configurations for future jf17.
        therefor i mentioned that any pakistani fan of jf17 would be pleased with augustine.

        and pakistani ladies r really beautiful since i personally know a few of them.
        and let me assure i made the same joke to them when i was with them, and their answer was “i left the trigger with my husband, u better watch out” 😀

        so sorry to anybody who got offended.

        and sure plz dont suspect me of trying to whip anti-pakistani feelings here 😀
        i have better things to do like googling the net for beautiful pictures of girls including pakistanis LOLZZZ.

        PS: between u and me , on a personal note it is far easier to fall in love with the enemy especially if they r beautiful ladies isnt it ? 😀
        has it happened to u it as well? 😀

        again sorry but my intentions was just a little fun nothing else and it was never anti nationationality in any sense


      • mcshegz says:

        hahahahahaha. Oga Lachit…. u no go kill me ohh
        newayz, me i no go mind Pakistani girl… hehehe. but i’ll prefer Indian tho…lololoz.. can you help? 🙂
        Its obvious you have an elaborate sense of humor sir, please rock, rock, rock on.
        Oga Lachit. I respect your hustle sir.

  43. drag_on says:

    Actually my brother.England is a standalone country just like Wales and Scotland.They all have their own Flag,government and prime/first minster.They are however, all under one sovereign, the queen,to whom they pledge allegiance.

    Let me give you another fun fact.
    The population of the former 2nd biggest economy in the world japan.
    Population Japan 127 million. Land area 364560 kmsq.
    Population Nigeria 180 million. Land area 923,768 kmsq.
    Sure we are overpopulated. (sarcasm). All the world power are either above 100 million or short of it,but we? We are overpopulated. we don’t need such numbers,so says the world powers.We want to be like Brazil,India,Russia and China but we should not have their populations.

    My Oga,our goal is not to be third world and factor our population to measure as such.

    I don’t care one hoot what our leaders think about our population.Why?,because they sit at the temple of money rather than that of power giving to them by the people. They don’t understand the difference between money and power and that true power is a responsibility.
    Nations like India,China the US talk about strategic balance of power,what does Nigeria talk about? Oil receipts,derivation formula,monthly allocation.

    Do you not see that all they discuss is oil receipts?The fact that our leadership complain or rejoice based on oil income shows you how vision-less they are and how sad the future is.They are all fighting over oil blocks,NNPC and petroleum ministry,nothing else,matters. Our nation revolves around oil,the resource curse.They complain about population because they only see oil as THE source of income and employment.Cutting our population will not solve the issue of poor leadership,it will only make it more entrenched because they have MORE money to spend on their concubines.

    China has raised hundreds of millions of people out of poverty without oil yet our leaders complain?. We think population is a problem because we live in a world protected by the UN General assembly.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga drag_on, David Cameron is prime minister of United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland……not prime minister of England alone. England is not a stand alone country, they use the U.K. currency/pound sterling, and are under the U.K. parliament, U.K. laws, and U.K. military…..or bros you ever see Air force of England instead of RAF ? Bros you get my drift….thanks.

  44. mcshegz says:

    JANES.COM: Russian jet was ‘avoiding SAM system’ when it flew into Turkish airspace

    The Sukhoi Su-30SM ‘Flanker’ was flying within Syrian airspace close to the Turkish border on 3 October when the pilot received onboard warnings that his aircraft was being targeted by an unidentified SAM system, the commander of the Russian Air Force (VVS), Colonel General Viktor Bondarev, was quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda as saying. In manoeuvring to break the lock the pilot inadvertently strayed into Turkish airspace momentarily, the general added.

    “Our fighter jet was on a combat mission in northern Syria in very dense cloud conditions. When the aircraft was passing along the Turkish border, the onboard equipment set off an alarm indicating the plane was being targeted by some kind of air defence system. The pilot had to take a split-second decision to perform an anti-missile manoeuvre.

  45. mcshegz says:

    DEFENSENEWS.IN: The UK suffered its third mishap with a Thales WK 450 Watchkeeper tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) since it entered service last year, when one was involved in a landing accident at the Ministry of Defence’s (MoD’s) Boscombe Down facility near Salisbury Plain in southern England. The incident, which occurred on 2 November, saw one of the army-operated UAVs suffer extensive damage when it crashed on the runway while being recovered from a routine training sortie, the MoD has confirmed.
    Developed from the Elbit Hermes 450, the 500 kg-class Watchkeeper is operated by the British Army as an intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) platform to prosecute intelligence-led operations.


  46. Kay says:

    All we are saying is that, for the population we have, we needed even more than the money oil revenues generate. The problem was successive governments lacked the foresight to increase revenues to cater towards the foundations (education,health care,security,social programmes,etc) of what makes a great society.

    The bottom line is for our population load, there better be a commensurate level of initiatives by the government to ease off the strains. First in line is to do away with people without the country’s interest and severely minimise and or prosecute the ones pilfering the ‘not large enough’ finances. unless there is a motion to strive to exceed current revenue streams vs our population growth rate, it’ll soon come to a head where it’ll be unsustainable. So far, no party aspiring or gone past has ever pushed industrialisation as part of their manifesto. Shows how much worth our leaders are.

  47. rugged7 says:

    Russia‘s campaign in Syria reveals confident & capable air force

  48. rugged7 says:

    American air strike on MSF hospital was a KILL mission

    These are the hypocrites giving Nigeria lessons on human rights???

  49. Sir Kay says:

    Arms smuggling thrives at Nigeria/Benin border-Naval Chief

    “Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Vice Admiral Ibok-Ekwe Ibas has drawn the attention of the Nigeria Customs Service to the activities of alleged arms smugglers at the Tongue Island, off the coast of the Nigeria, Benin republic border.”

    This isn’t just about customs only, where are the local intelligence agencies? They should be tracking these things, and fire arm control agency, if we have one, not sure.

    • I dont think the security agencies are. Unaware of this. The unfortunate thing is that for years. Our security apparatus has played the lackey to politicians who have asked them to turn a blind eye to security lapses that they (the politicians exploit). Going against the politicians, would mean u wld be hung out to dry. So the agencies have gotten used to seeking political approval for major operations lest they become politically exposed. We need to realise that our security apparatus is seriously compromised down the ranks. We need to identify patriotic officers with intelligence and use then as change agents. The political will is key. They are not hard to identify just look @ postings dt require lots of brains and talents but hv limited opportunity for personal gain and enrichment and u’l find them @ the helm.

  50. Sir Kay says:

    “Security agents besieging the home of Nigeria’s former presidential adviser on national security, and preventing him from leaving the country, said Thursday he is refusing to answer questions about a $2 billion arms deal.”

    $2 billion, that’s a lot of money

  51. drag_on says:

    Oga ola.
    Do not mis-understand me.
    I meant that the list was an all twin engine fighter list without single engine fighters. An air-force is meant to be in the air all the time.It isn’t that easy when you have an all twin engine fighter force.Heck even the US has a mix of light and heavy fighters. F-16 single engine and F-18/15 twin engine.Next generation F22 twin engine and the new F-35 single engine. Each time a fighter goes up in the air do you forget it has to be checked and serviced when it comes back to

    Superb fighters are useless with mediocre pilots.We need our pilots homing their skills all the time,can we do that with twin engine jets? Your workhorse fighter has to be single engine.The workhorse of the Indian airforce is the Mig21(single)to be replaced by TEJAS(single) and the Mirage (single).Most air-forces i know have a balance of single to double engine of approx 3:1.

    The JF-17 has entered the research phase of Block3 AFAIK. As for a match between the JF-17 and Gripen. Well, both have not been in active combat,their stats are so close that the skill of the pilot and the on-board sensory and defence suites of the jet takes over. These can be got elsewhere.

    • Ola says:

      I am not misunderstanding you @drag_on. I am definitely not a military aviation expert either. Nevertheless, certain things are clear. Nigeria has a history with Chinese fighter jet, the J-7, right? We know the performance and endurance history, right? I still insist that JF-17 cannot be compared to aircrafts like F-16, Mirage and JAS 39 Grippen. These are aircrafts built on a long history and strong pedigree in military aviation, not technology incompletely acquired and which has not matured yet in house. Even the Pakistanis report to be using the JF-17 in complementary roles to their F-16 fleet with a vision to replace their F-16 fleet in future with a domesticated platform like the JF-17, note STILL A VISION. Yes, they have come a long way and it is ideal for “developing countries” it has been targeted to serve, but should Nigeria continue to waste money, time, human and material resources going for platforms that are always substandard? How many of the FC-1 Xiaolong/JF-17 has China inducted into their fleet? Think about it. If Nigeria can make something comparable to the JF-17 in a few years from now, I would be proud of Nigeria but if Nigeria would buy fighter jet and I can recommend what to buy, I will not include JF-17 on my list. You may want to know that India is phasing out their Mig21 with most of them billed for retirement this year and the rest up until 2020 to be replaced by their Tejas meanwhile the primary aircraft for the IAF is the Su-30 MKI, you can verify this here:

      In advocating with Nigeria should buy, we should think of the capability and other practicalities involved. Endurance, serviceability, cost, capability. What is the power plant in the JF-17? It is the Guizhou WS-13. How reliable is it? What is the endurance? The Guizhou WS-13 is a Chinese clone of the Russian RD-93 or RD -33 originally designed for Mig 29B. See the numbers; Guizhou WS-13 has a life span of 2200 hours while the both RD-93 and RD-33 has a life span of 4000 hours. Meanwhile it has been proven that aircrafts have flown more than 7000 hours with RD-93 without any show of fatigue from the engine. This is just one of the factors to be considered.

      Why do dedicated ground attack aircraft have twin engines? A-10, Jaguar, SU-25…Let’s think about it.
      What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If Nigeria wants to stick with single engine, light, multirole aircraft, then they better go with formidable platforms like F-16, Mirage and JAS 39 Grippen. Nigeria will never be able to buy F-16 because US will not sell. Mirage and JAS 39 Grippen are too expensive and the SU-30 series still come cheaper than those. Sweden and South Africa are the only modern airforces that have built their airforce on single engine multirole fighters as their primary aircraft. And note: Sweden makes theirs and SA engineers have been well trained by Sweden, besides, Saab has a base in SA and they extensively support the SA fleet.
      Left to me, I will always advocate on the basis of practicality. I wish Nigeria will go for what they can afford, go for what will last long and they can throw a lot of rubbish at.

      • drag_on says:

        Oga Ola,my brother.
        You said a lot of stuff but it is still a misunderstanding.let me give a try.
        Ah yes the old cliche. “Everything Chinese is rubbish” Same was said about Japan and Korea in the old days. I guess rubbish Chinese tech can take people to space now.
        First of all, Where in my post did you see me write that we should only get JF-17’s?.
        I have always advocated introductory storage SU27’s to get our pilots flying heavy fighters before we switch to their advance cousins. After which the su27’s can be use for specialists roles like surveillance,electronic warfare,jamming e.t.c.What i said is that we would be top heavy with long range strike and Air-superiority fighters with maintenance costs which will make it hard to keep them up in the air.Do you know that South-Africa is struggling to keep their Gripens off the Ground? The reason why the Chinese are not flying JF-17s and are phasing out the F-7 and packing on twin engines is the same reason why the Russians don’t have single engine jets -The size of their countries is too large for single engines.

        If you have ever read my posts on the issue of the JF-17 i always add a clause ‘if we get to be part of R&D’.You will never build a jet fighter unless you start somewhere with someone willing to help(very hard to find) and with the latest tech(extremely rare).It just doesn’t normally happen.

        The JF17 is meant to operate in an area with degraded enemy defences,within home territory or guided by the SU family via data-link. That is why i called it the work horse.You don’t keep using you valuable air-superiority assets for tasks more suited to the JF-17.

        Concerning dedicated ground attack platforms,there is a reason why the are dedicated. All those you mentioned, and i include our alpha jet, use subsonic turbojet or turbofans to make them cheap to maintain.The are meant for CAS and so have to have two engines.They simply can’t go past mach1. The exception is the Jaguar use for strike operations.

        In summary,we need single engine jets we can send out to do a job turn around quickly and repeat. Their job is not air-superiority in hostile territory.

  52. Augustine says:

    Oga Ola, we can all wish for NAF to buy Su-30 or Gripen. The point you are missing is that those jets are NOT anywhere CONFIRMED to be in sight. NAF has never evaluated the Gripen, and has refused to buy the Su-30 after evaluation… still want to keep on wishing?

    NAF has declared it chooses JF-17 Thunder, OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED by the past COAS himself and new was published world wide… you still wanna dream Su-30 Flanker?

    Your dream can only come true if a MIRACLE of change of policy happens at NAF HQ. Better we start facing reality of the fact that NAF has publicly declared the name of the 4th gen aircraft it has DECIDED to buy after doing evaluation. Will we force them to change their decision?

    Reason why nowadays, when jet issues come up, I will personally devote more talk time to how we can make the JF-17 a reliable and formidable 4+ generation multi-role jet fighter with a mix of Chinese/Russian/Italian/Israeli made engine/avionics/weaponry.

    • lachit says:

      chinese avionics and parts r obivious here, italian avionics is possible, spanish company indra has installed a system in jf17 i forgot the name.
      regarding russian avionics pakistan does not have any bargaining power to get the russians to install their avionics on jf17.
      the engine was a different deal which was done by the chinese who have a clout with the russians and wanted to exort the FC-1. the chinese will try to installl their own systems on jf17 and will not pressure russia for their systems because china simply does not operate jf17 and not in their commercial interest.chinese r very business minded.

      but regarding israeli avionics lets be realistic.
      i dont think there is any possibility to integrate israeli parts to jf17

      geopolitical and commercial interest do not allow such deal.
      LCA has near to 35-40 % israeli equipment and parts which makes up 30-50% cost of the LCA. so do u think israeli comercial interest will lie with the LCA sale or with the JF17 sale and nothing to say of the fact that pakistan considers israel as an enemy.

      but i would love to see the jf 17 in NAF if nigeria has made up r mind to buy it.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga lachit, political-economic decisions of countries are not always so easy to predict when it comes to export business sometimes. Don’t doubt Pakistan’s clout with Russia, when the Pakistanis requested to buy Mi-35 Hind E helicopters gunships last year, India complained but Russia replied that “Times have changed” and decided will sell weapons to Pakistan and simply ignored India’s clout.

        Now who told you that no Israeli equipment will be integrated on JF-17 because geopolitical and commercial interests do not allow such deal, which law book states that one? You will be shocked when Israelis tell you that business is business, they too need money, India bought military equipment from Israel, they did not buy Israeli sovereignty along with the equipment, my good friend lachit.

      • lachit says:

        pakistan never requested for the mi35 , it was proposed by the russians and the reason for that is because russians r wary of the chechen mercenaries and other undesirables from the CIS countries who r holed up in pakistan wazaristan and FATA regions .russia does not want them to come out alive and create fresh trouble since these r battle hardened jihadis.
        so the russians proposed than pakistan takes care of those and it will provide the mi35s numbering 5 or so only.
        and again lets wait to see if the deal goes through.and who will have the last LAUGH.
        since pakistanis r in debt upto the neck.
        and also india has again reneawed the FGFA/PAKFA negotiations and is 99% sure to jointly modify and buy 12 battalions of S400 SAMs nearing 5 billion dollars or so.
        lolzz pakistani and some russian media was even talking SU35 sale to pakistan.what came out of it . the official press release from kremlin refuted such claims.

        so lets see if “Times have changed” and the diplomat is right or i am right . time will tell.

        “You will be shocked when Israelis tell you that business is business, they too need money, India bought military equipment from Israel, they did not buy Israeli sovereignty ”

        law book? seriously 😀
        israelis have mossad teams in pakistan as claimed by pakistani government wrecking havoc, israelis almost single handedly came to destroying pakistani nuclear reactors untill the US played spoilsport.they had made a double agent of a senior pakistani airforce general who gave all the SAM sites info , and then the CIA got wind of it and due to the soviets in afganistan they informed their allies pakistan.
        israel does not have a embassy or a consulate or a single official representation in pakistan and vice versa.
        israelis have a interest in the nuclear arsenal of pakistan since pakistan has declared it will use it to target considers it a threat.
        a israeli PM replied to pakistani government statement in UN regarding the legality of israeli nationhood and he sure did not mince any words to show his love for pakistan 😀

        i always liked ur well researched articles/comments based on facts. here u have simply made a verbal claim based on rehtoric.
        do u follow pakistani and israeli media/news shows, i suggest u do so it might change ur opinion.

        if any body can get israeli parts on jf 17 i am gonna accept u as my “GURU” (teacher) 😀

        regards and good day to u .

    • Augustine says:

      *Past CAS* not COAS sorry for typo.

  53. Augustine says:

    FG proposes $40 billion budget for 2016 of which $10 billion will be capital expenditure, ZBB technique to be used…

    Zero Base Budgeting….please the new minister for defence has to stand strong and make his case to justify the allocation for defence especially on capital expenditure. ZBB requires a minister who can present his needs very well and justify the budgetary allocation he is demanding, or else you lose out to other ministries.

    NAF, NA, and NN should also draw up their 2016 equipment procurement plans quickly and be ready to defend it with proof of urgent military capability needs that cannot be ignored. Try to be specific with what you want to buy and be ready to prove you need all those listed equipment.

    Be ready to explain the current and potential security threats facing Nigeria from within and around our land/maritime borders, both insurgency and conventional threats, justifying the need for every equipment procurement on the list.

    Personally, I would justify the need for T-90 tanks with the obsolete and second hand condition of current T-72 tanks that have been reportedly breaking down randomly on the field.

    I would justify the need for JF-17 Thunder jet fighters or another specifically named optional light weight 4th Generation jet fighter with my reasons being the loss of almost half of F-7 jet interceptor fleet to accidents, and the presence of ambitious next door neighbour Chad having total air superiority over Nigeria with MiG-29 4th gen jet fighters and BVR missiles.

    I would justify the need for a P18N Malvinas class guided missile light frigate or corvette with the total absence of operational missile capability in the Nigerian navy fleet that needs to guard a massive EEZ holding our oil and gas economy.

    CAS, CNS, COAS, honourable new minister for defence, over to you sirs.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria’s wartime defence expenditure would always be extra budgetary.
      However a $500 million capital budget honestly applied to the air force would double its capabilities. Nigeria probably spends that same amount money as non-capital expense two months chasing Boko Haram all over the place so the value proposition is easy to make. The work is for a smart civil servant in the MOD to prepare the necessary briefs and coach a good minister on how to navigate the bureaucracy of government to get it approved.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Are James, those MoD top officials are part of the reason Nigerian military buys insane under-powered equipment, like fake IFV with ‘toy guns’ and zero missiles.
        I am sure most of them are incompetent and don’t know jack about modern weaponry. Also, many of them are ‘saboteurs’ who will sabotage anything for personal cash gains…..including over-invoicing and inflating equipment prices.

        Wish we could bypass them and get General Dambazau to personally collect arms procurement list 2016 directly from COAS, CAS, CNS and boldly walk up to president Buhari in company of the three service chiefs to defend their 2016 list of needs to be allocated for in the next year’s budget.

        Of the $10 billion planned FG capital expenditure 2016, $ 500 million for each of the armed forces capital expenditure will plug many holes in our national defence capabilities….I hope NAF will not turn it into another helicopter shopping spree, we have over 50 combat helicopters already…..but only about 9 interceptor jets…..and ZERO 4th generation jet fighter…..NAF is not a balanced/well equipped air force.

    • eyimola says:

      The Country need to spend properly this time. 12 SU-25s, 12 SU-30s ,75 T90s and 300 APCs

      • Augustine says:

        Oga eyimola, me I deliberately avoided asking of new APC/IFV, so that stingy people will not call us Oliver Twist asking for ‘too much’.

        See Nigerian army transportation mode on the battlefield in year 2015 hi-tech era, president Buhari, see your army o !

      • eyimola says:

        I was being deliberately cautious. The APC number should probably be doubled. Just obliterate the security threats once and for all. It will be cheaper

    • drag_on says:

      Oga Augustine.
      *whisper,whisper*,let us call it Centenary class even if it was not armed. Malvinas is obtained point for point from Centenary class OPV.
      P means Patrol,18 for 1800 and N Nigeria.

      • Augustine says:

        My bros drag_on I was afraid of mentioning NNS Centenary name o, make FG no come dump another ‘harmless’ OPV on our navy, LOL…reason why I called in Malvinas class.

        Argentina with their broke pocket are said to be planning on buying five of those guided missile warships, likely cost will be about $ 120 million each when fully armed. The ‘harmless’ P18N OPV cost Nigerian navy about $ 80 million each.

        The navy is frustrated by poor funding from FG, and has decided to refit NNS Aradu….not sure if she is coming back as missile frigate or ‘harmless’ OPV as missiles may be removed if expired and no money to replace them.

  54. jimmy says:
    In support of OGA augustine’s point
    Whether we like to hear it or not
    population explosion / High Fertility rates left un -checked is akin to a Car being driven at 100 m.p.h with a driver either drunk or asleep at the Wheel
    It is not a religious or ethnic thing because all of the big three ( Yoruba/ Hausa/ Igbo) practice polygamy and All ethnic groups of Nigeria have High Incidental rates of Twins – before the introduction of IVF DRUGS
    I am not looking at it from a RELIGIOUS/ ETHNIC angle ( My grandfather had six wives) . I am looking at as one prominent Northern politician said from a Security and Economic powerhouse view,what happens when the 16- year in DIKWA gets an education, it is very simple she has less kids.
    In conclusion like OGA AUGUSTINE said there has to be a balance between Population ( 2050 estimated Nigerian population 200 million) and Economic & Military growth ,( I am not going to get involved in the population density index )
    However the facts are the facts, even China has some form of Population control, regardless of how many people are lifted out of poverty.
    Good morning Gentlemen

    • Centenary says:

      Impressive,but like the writer said more still needs to be done

      Eastern Europ?that means the guys that was sent to Russia last year are back,but we need to send more but this time we need to send Sf trainers cos we need to b able to train in house

      • Capt Tobias says:

        Why can’t we send a team of train the trainers from the officer core that has benefitted from the initial program and seen action in the NE, the prosecution of a war is also a test of how funds are efficiently managed. familiar terrain, matching survival techniques,etc make a sensible case for local training facilities

  55. abduleez says:

    Very good article. Thumbs up Oga Rugged7. If all these journalist and other journals, newspaper, news channel were as professional as this would we be complaining?? Would we be worried about BBC,CNN and the likes?? The writers just went straight to the point. No cutting corners and tried all means possible to state what was on ground!!
    Nice one!!

  56. abduleez says:

    If 2016 budget is $40bn and capital would be $10bn, in my calculations it means we spend about a meagre 25% of budget on Capital. How are we going to grow? With our huge housing; power, infrastructural deficit, talkless of huge and ever growing population, unemployment, poverty, we are in trouble.

    Got me thinking how much the government is willing to spend on the military? How much would be dedicated to capital and weapons procurement??

    If 2016 budget is $40bn then it is equal to about #7.96 trillion naira(assuming Naira trades #199/$). Judging frm last year’s budget (of about #4.7 – 4.9 trillion naira ??) it means there seems to be some substantial increase in budget spending. Almost doubling last year’s budget!!!

    It means there would also be an increase in capital budget no matter how small percentage is. Let us hope there is also an increase of budget for the military particularly Capital budget, most especially for NAF and NN.

    But where is the additional recurrent budget coming frm??
    I’d say thats huge increase man, judging frm our economic situation (competing demands, oil price crash, weak Naira, lack of productivity, drastic reduction in revenue) which prompts me to ask the question: WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM
    Cos my President don shout Kò só wó(there’s no money) he don tire.
    Plugging loopholes, curbing budgetary recklessness i guess, recovered oil money? Or am i missing something? I just hope this ain’t another reckless borrowing.

  57. abduleez says:

    But come to think of it our economy is over $510bn; I see no reason y our annual budget don’t come close to $100bn.

    Well, probably i forgot federal revenue generation is very low.

    This govt. better start to think of innovative ways of generating more revenue. They should try and bank on the informal sector(markets, abbatoirs, stalls)
    To me Nigeria’s tax generation future is in the informal sector…this is were i think the BVN will be instrumental. Just like Oga Lachit said his PM Narendra Modi initiated that programme(forgotten what for~ is it their jewelry?) about the poor. Try a program like that and lets see how it goes…
    Oga Lachit, remind me again how much $ billion dollars was saved by only the poor(they are somewhat rich oh..thats some GDP of some African Nations)

    The government seems not to see the opportunity in the pensions fund alone~ its worth is equal to our annual budget~ #5 trillion Naira as of this year alone!!!!
    Only that pensions fund will transform our infrastructure and power deficits…am i d only seeing this opportunity??

    That National Economic Summit Group just bring countless ideas each year without any single implementation by FG, this country sef eh!!

    I assure u if the government can bank the unbanked informal sector and get taxes, i bet u we sure as hell don’t need “corrupt Oilly Money”.

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria’s economy is not $510bn. I think we are barely $350bn now thanks to Naira devaluation. You are right in making the connection with tax revenues possible. This should not be less than $35bn or N70 trillion as we speak. The low tax compliance is the reason we don’t have efficiencies across the board in the economy. When businesses are stealing from government they don’t develop discipline , agility and sharpness . Everybody is on a feeding bottle of Niger Delta oil and gas resources administered by an FG populated by incompetents. We can’t add value to the produced oil in the refineries and gas plants due to the same reason – slackness, self pampering executive attitudes, personal empire building, tribalism and monumental corruption.
      Anyway, 70 trillion naira is possible in taxes alone so an annual budget of $12bn for defence and security should be commonplace. That taxation income and other streams from oil and agriculture will assure a growth rate of 12% in GDP if government applies it to infrastructure alone. China is nothing when Nigeria takes off but we have to take out weaklings and corrupt elements from power centers. Nigeria’s diaspora are sending $16bn every year now, if corruption goes down and growth rate increases they will send $30 bn annually. I don’t see why things are not obvious to people in government.

      • lachit says:

        i dont understand nigeria occupies a unique position if money is spent wisely it can easily become the center for education , healthcare in the entire african region.

    • lachit says:


      common people/citizens have lots of assets with them which can be classified as non-performing assets but have the potential to generate/create wealth.
      also governments sometimes distibute money/food etc to people but by the time it reaches the poor people the amount dispersed generally gets ending up halved due to corruption in the distribution chain.but putting the money staight into bank accounts of the poor cuts the corruption loss.

      Prime Minister’s People Money Scheme is a National Mission for Financial Inclusion to ensure access to financial services, namely Banking Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit, Insurance, Pension in an affordable manner.

      By 28 October 2015, 190.2 million bank accounts were opened, with around ₹25913.56 crore (~4 billion $ ) was deposited under the scheme.

      The scheme was started with a target to provide ‘universal and clear access to banking facilities’ starting with “Basic Banking Accounts” with overdraft facility of Rs.5000 (~80 $)after six months and RuPay Debit card with inbuilt accident insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh (~1600 $) and RuPay Kisan Card. In next phase, micro insurance & pension etc. will also be added.
      Under the scheme:
      1. Account holders will be provided zero-balance bank account with RuPay debit card, in addition to accidental insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh (~1600 $) (to be given by ‘HDFC Ergo’).

      2. Those who open accounts by January 26, 2015 over and above the 1 lakh ₹ (~1600 $) accident claim will also be given life insurance cover of ₹ 30,000 (~500 $) (to be given by LIC).

      3. After Six months of opening of the bank account, holders can avail 5,000 ₹ (~80 $) overdraft from the bank.

      4. With the introduction of new technology introduced by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a person can transfer funds, check balance through a normal phone which was earlier limited only to smart phones so far.

      5. Mobile banking for the poor would be available through National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) for which all banks and mobile companies have come together.

      fun fact :
      Guinness World Records Certificate says “The most bank accounts opened in 1 week as a part of financial inclusion campaign is 18,096,130 and was achieved by Banks in India from 23 to 29 August 2014”.

      the benefits of these r :
      1.poor people open bank accounts which they will use to save money because of the incentives/bribes 😀 otherwise they r never going to even step into a bank. allocated for poor people will be directly sent to these accounts thereby eliminating chances of corruption. in times of drought or floods will get timely compensation which otherwise is not possible for a large country.
      4.the money collected in these accounts is an extra advantage since it can be used in developmental works by the government.
      5.taxation net becomes stronger.
      etc etc

      this is not a foolpoof solution but a good step in the right direction .
      nigeria can do a similiar thing tweaked to nigerian economic needs/demands if required.
      nothing to lose as far as i see.

      few years ago a treasure of gold worth an estimated $22 billion was discovered in secret subterranean vaults in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple in Kerala which is more than two thirds of the gold held in the U.S bullion depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. 😀
      god only knows how many temples hold such wealth.
      and regarding family holding of gold it is said by some to be in excess of 20000 tonnes and by some to be in excess or near about 45000 tonnes at max . nobody has any concrete figures.govt is clueless 😀
      the economist from US estimates 20000 tonnes plus at minimum.

      • lachit says:

        i some times visit the threads in nairaland especially ralated to finance / industry etc.
        i feel good when i see enterprising but financially weak nigerians using innovative methods to generate income and inspire others to do the same.
        eg once i read about a nigerian fellow who had posted pictures of pisciculture techniques he had developed by almost himself.
        he had used beds tables fans and a water pump etc to create a functional farm for cultivating catfish. all this inside 2 rooms i think. that is ia very good idea if he can take care of the odour 😀 and can provide suplement incomes for housewives senior citizens etc. this can be done in terraces also as he added. he was proud of work and wanted to help others too but sadly some assholes were making fun of him but some were also appreciating it.i surely appreciated his intentions to share his idea with his fellow country men. added to to the fact that he was profitting handsomely from this venture.
        government and NGOs must help these guys and others.
        economy is not about only big industral economy but about macro , mini economy ie good economic development in grass root-levels.
        these macro , mini economy r immune to global recession etc and is the actual driver of a prosporous nation.
        i had seen many other nigerian fellows doing similiar innovative works in agricultural fields and poulty etc
        if they r encouraged u will see ur grassroot economy blossom mark my words

      • lachit says:

        see u all after a few days and happy diwali 😀 to u all
        may u all see wealth and prosperity.

  58. abduleez says:

    @ Oga Lachit, There are millions of youths doing such small scale businesses in Nigeria like what u just described, problem is lack of government support and also the banks; they don’t loan to entrepreneurs, even if u were loaned a few millions u must know someone up there(in our local dialect= Oga @ the top). I am teaching u pidgin little by little Oga Lachit ooh, I trust u would be calculating my bills~$$$$

    Lol…happy Diwali celebrations Oga Lachit. i once worked in an Indian factory. There was a time they celebrated Diwali. Little or no work that day with ice cream sharing. It was fun that day….They brought their wives and kids along; beautiful children, only ‘them no born u well’ to near them(meaning=u don’t dare go near them) LOL…. Would have loved to get a very beautiful Indian lady as a wife; as beautiful as Kareena Kapoor, just that i don’t know if Indian ladies marry Africans(haven’t seen one b4) and am a poor man ooh!! don’t wanna pay hefty dowry:-D:-D LOL…
    Besides what’s the Diwali celebrations for, i forgot to ask my boss then…is it India’s Independence ??

    • lachit says:

      ” I trust u would be calculating my bills~$$$$”
      lolzzz i myself am a poor fellow, very poor.
      u and me we go for good old barter system 😀

      a advice my friend
      testosterone is a sucker for beautiful girls who will leave u at the first sign of trouble.
      oxytocine and dopamine is a sucker for good girls who will stick with u come whatever may.
      so use ur heart and brain 😀
      my personal (from what happened to others ) experience is that present generation of indian girls dont make for good or two out of 100 might be good thats all.
      Kareena Kapoor LOLZZ her face is half man half women type.
      me thinks Rachel Weisz is going to suit u. 😀
      only if i dont get her first 😀

      “i don’t know if Indian ladies marry Africans(haven’t seen one b4)”
      that was 20-15 years ago nowdays people marry all over the place , search the u tube u would be surprised.
      u just got to fall in love and be rich for international marriage 😀
      i read about a indian fellow who had had married a african lady , he was telling that parents from both sides were against it but they married all the same and have 3 childrens(all athe same time hehehhe triplets).
      and there was a famous indian lady cant recall her name she married an african guy.

      diwali is a celebration of triumph of good over evil (simple explanation) 😀
      for different people it can be harvest festival, worship of Lakshmi goddess of wealty & prosperity, worship of Mother Kali the dark goddess of strength, worship of god of auspiciousness and wisdom elephant-headed God Ganesha or all the above together 😀

  59. abduleez says:

    U.S. and coalition forces are likely to increase air strikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in coming weeks after a lull in September and October.

    • Centenary says:

      Are they tired for playing catch up with Russia?(I thought so).this is just global power play in action,non of them in Syria have the interest of the people of Syria at heart(they are just showing their might)

      On medium/small scale industries in Nigeria,we are lacking behind,I can still remember when I was still in secondary school,there was a guy in the science section of my school,this guy was just doing incredible stuff with chemicals,this guy made me believe that yes we have brains in Nigeria cos before I totally did not think so,if the govt can give grants to guys to use to work and ask them to shown and report their progress on a monthly basis to avoid mismanagement of funds,it will be a huge boost in our economic and in the same way preparing for an home grown industrial revolution becos as they start small,they grow with the years and become huge industrials

    • Centenary says:

      Are they tired for playing catch up with Russia?(I thought so).this is just global power play in action,non of them in Syria have the interest of the people of Syria at heart(they are just showing their might)

      On medium/small scale industries in Nigeria,we are lacking behind,I can still remember when I was still in secondary school,there was a guy in the science section of my school,this guy was just doing incredible stuff with chemicals,this guy made me believe that yes we have brains in Nigeria cos before I totally did not think so,if the govt can give grants to guys to use to work and ask them to shown and report their progress on a monthly basis to avoid mismanagement of funds,it will be a huge boost in our economic and in the same way preparing for an home grown industrial revolution becos as they start small,they grow with the years and become huge industrials

      My two kobo

  60. drag_on says:

    It seems as though we can add a new communication satellite to the planned radar satellite.

    ”Plans have reached advanced stages for the construction of another communications satellite by the National Space Research and Development Agency.

    Investigation by our correspondent showed that the satellite would be designed by the Centre for Satellite Technology Development, one of the operational centres of the NASRDA, and constructed by an Italian firm, Thales Alenia Space.

    It was learnt that the Nigerian space agency planned to build another radar earth observation satellite that would be able to overcome the challenges currently being faced by the country’s two earth observation satellites, NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X….”

    more here.

  61. mcshegz says:

    SPUTNIKNEWS.COM: India Bans Greenpeace, Accusing It of Fraud, Data Falsification

    The order was issued by authorities in Tamil Nadu, the southern Indian state where Greenpeace was registered, according to the watchdog’s online release published on Friday.

    Reuters reports that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been launching a campaign against foreign-funded charities since last year. Almost 9,000 Indian NGOs have reportedly had their registration cancelled for allegedly failing to detail foreign funds. Greenpeace’s permission for overseas funding was withdrawn last year over accusations funds were used to hinder industrial projects.

  62. abduleez says:

    Oga Lachit u are really funny at times!!

    Residents of Shebwokpma and Karu Extension layout Communities, a suburb in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari and the leadership of the National Assembly over incessant power outage and alleged extortion by officials of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC).

    The Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Shipper’s Council (NSC). Mr. Hassan Bello, was in Enugu State recently, where he told KODILINYE OBIAGWU, the South East Bureau Chief, that the shipping business could surpass oil and gas in term of revenue generation if revenue leakages could be plugged.

    • Are James says:

      Muslims will always provide swing votes to go against Modi at every regional election in Indua. Indian politics is just as atavistic, base and tribal driven as Nigeria’s with their own religiousted divisions making things even worse.

    • lachit says:

      replace tribal with linguistic
      not much tribals in india
      generally fundamentalist vote against modi while the development oriented people vote for him.
      fun fact is the leader who won the bihar elections is one of the most corrupt politicians in india today. he leads the party but he cannot hold any ministerial post due to court convictions.
      sham democracy and idiocratic and divisive voters at their best in india.
      a man who stole 5 rupees (1 cent) was sentenced to prison but politicians who stole millions dont go to jail.

      countries with multi linguistic multi religious multi tribal/ethnic makeup should have a single part rule with democratic setup at village/town/city level.
      otherwise everybody looks to benefit themselves on the basis of religious ethnic linguistic basis.
      the single party will be entrusted with defence foreign affairs and financial mangement at central level. distribution of wealth will be on the hands of a independent and strong constitutional body who will disemberse funds at village/town/city level as per requirements withen a fixed transparent framework.
      what i am proposing is bottom up approach for domcracy and top down approach for one part rule.
      the leader for the single party will be elected directly by the citizens always.
      the country remains strong even due to diverse groups while democracy is maintained where it matters at the grass root levels with the help of a very strong independent judiciary.

      i was born at the wrong time another 500 years i could have been space explorer 😀
      this life has been a total waste lolzzz

  63. Are James says:

    Sepecat Jaguar trainer jet crash reported in India.

  64. abduleez says:

    The Marine Corps’ long, sometimes twisted, relationship with the M16 rifle is slowly coming to an end.

  65. Augustine says:

    Nigeria almost finding oil in Chad basin
    LOL….you will also find 3 MiG-29 jets there pointing at your face.

    • mcshegz says:

      just three?

      • ozed says:

        One of our issues in the Country is that we are too quick to declare victory. Who announces oil finds at the point of positive geological and geophysical data? You still need to drill exploratory wells, analyze core samples, drill appraisal wells etc. before you can say if you have hit oil!!
        I would have called for very cautious optimism not an announcement!!!

  66. abduleez says:

    Hehehe Oga Augustine dey vex ooo..LOL

  67. abduleez says:

    The chief executive of South Africa-based mobile phone operator MTN has resigned over a $5.2 billion fine imposed on the company in Nigeria, the telecoms giant said in a statement Monday.

    Could this be some power play here btw Nigeria and SouthAfrica or desperate need for cash?? I don’t mind though, after all they embarrassed us worldwide last year with the $9.3 & $5.4 million dollars arms deal row, telling the whole world we were damned money launderers. Something which ought to be dealt with diplomatically. Their court decides its after one year they returned our money, last month. They love law enforcement(its their country though), isn’t it right about time to enforce our laws too??

    Should I say this is pay back time? After all they broke our law and we gave them enforcement, right??

    • I do not think this is pay back strictly speaking . The fine is not discretionary. It is fixed. The fine is based on a an predetermined penalty of 200,000 naira for every unregistered SIM that remains connected beyond the deadline. So MTN had it coming and knew the potential consequences of their default.

    • Are James says:

      They will negotiate it down and do a spread over 3 years or so. The company is badly run from the stakeholder management standpoint I believe they have even sacked there Global CEO and entire Nigerian management. Buhari is not Jonathan. Companies will pay fines like they do in the US and Europe.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Please stop this Buhari thing, it is just odd. Nobody is blind to Buhari’s massive failures and inabilities across the board. Nigerians are already sick of him.

  68. abduleez says:

    Nigeria aims to be self-sufficient in both rice and wheat production within three years, a document by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration seen by Reuters showed at the weekend, a massive undertaking given current production levels.

    • ozed says:

      Sounds very optimistic!!!
      We wont focus on expanding areas of strength like Cassava, sorghum, Soybean etc. Rice may be achieved but certainly not in 3 years!!! As for wheat?? Ha! Na pipe dream be that!!!

  69. Sir Kay says:

    lol, we are discussing rice and wheat now? Local Elections in India? Haha, people are bored it seems lol

  70. Sir Kay says:

    AMANI Africa 2nd Military Training

    Credit: SABC Digital News

  71. jimmy says:
    Facts about the MTN case:
    1. All other private Telecom operators complied except MTN
    2. MTN is being investigated by the J’ oburg STOCK EXCHANGE with issues related to this fine.
    3. In first world countries the fine issued to MTN ($5.1B) will not be considered excessive @ N200,000 per the 5.1 million unregistered customers, In America there would of been another punitive fine for failure to comply to FCC directives , what is even more galling is that MTN helped write this law in conjunction with the FGN,
    4 .In addition to this security violation . In an investigation article written by Premium times . MTN has been investigated for Tax fraud by setting up sham/ fraudulent / shell companies in the UAE dubai to be precise.
    5. MTN has the largest number of subscriber of the major telecom operators in Nigeria at an estimated 29 million subscribers
    6. The fine ( $5.1B) represents Two years profit after taxes according to BBC
    7. The FGN and MTN are expected to reach some form of Staggered payment, It does not mean the fine will be reduced , on the contrary some observers including ME believe they got of lightly.
    8 It is not payback MTN just needs to follow the law of the land, that is why they ponied up $90m + to renew their license less than one week after the fine.

  72. jimmy says:
    I have refused to comment/ speculate on the demise of bh with regards to the deadline for obvious reasons , however
    The increasing use of bicycles by bh points to a lack of their favorite transportation of choice the motorcycle.
    the increasing / desperate moves to steal food both in Cameroon and Nigeria points to the fact that increasingly tthey are running out of food
    . The people in the idp camps mentioned this specific location as being one of the locations where bh can be found.
    It is extremely important that Nigeria helps Cameroon and Niger, evidence is continually piling up that bh is fleeing Nigeria to these Countries, Joint patrols , raids, shared Intel and extradition treaties need to be set up now .

  73. abduleez says:

    @ Oga Jimmy, specifically MTN has over 62 million subscribers…so I support u when u say the fine was a light punishment.

  74. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, what do you think will be the fallout (as concerns boko haram) of the Sinai air crash, ISIS claiming it and the connections between Saudi and Qatar to both ISIS and boko haram?

    Ultimately, the goings on in Syria and Yemen will most likely neuter Saudi Arabia politically, financially, militarily and possibly religiously; which should dry up the sources of funding and weaponry for militant Wahhabism.

  75. Kola Adekola says:

    As for Nigeria’s population, I will advice Nigerians… “Go ye into the world and bloody multiply”.

    The more hands to work, the better; the more brains to harness, the better.

    Lets not allow inept governments to cloud our vision of those benefits. All we need is a government that recognises that a countries greatest resources are its manpower and brainpower and even the sky will not be our limit.

    • Augustine says:

      Shay na you go feed dem?

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Who is feeding the billions in China?
        The difference is that they are harnessing brain and manpower, while the average Nigerian cannot imagine life outside self-defeating, soul-destroying rentier oil economics.

        A population armed only with begging bowl for Abuja alms in their steely grip will always find life hard and corruption easy.

  76. jimmy says:

    Once it is confirmed that indeed there was an explosive device ( I am choosing my words very carefully) expect the highest level of passivity from Ivan , it will affect two countries specifically S’Arabia and Egypt
    S’Arabia will have to choose with their export of Whabbisim and if care is not taken getting bombed by proxy by Ivan who does not suffer fools gladly. They are already getting their asses kicked in the badlands of Houthi/ S’Arabia ( Areas where S’Arabia and Yemen meet)
    This is a gift from the GODS for Syria, for better for worse Assad will now be firmly entrenched as the President of Syria, look for things in Syria and Iraq to get a lot messier.

    • eyimola says:

      Egypt and Russia have good economic and military relationships and share the same geo political view of the world. Indeed the Egyptian President was in the UK last week, and he stressed the fact that Egypt expected Assad to be involved in the negotiations to fix the Syrian crisis.

  77. jimmy says:

    *high level of pissivity from IVAN *
    Meaning the Russians are going to be pissed.

    • Centenary says:

      Oga jimmy your words are too soft “Russia going to be pissed”,its going to be a whole lot worst than that

      There is something called pay back in the Russian dictionary,Russia don’t forget nor do they forgive,am sorry for Isis or dash or wat ever its called and their affiliates becos it was wrong decision making,its going to get a whole lot messier for them,British that has been quite so far are now saying once they have confirm that it was a bomb they will start full bomberment of isis,interesting times lies ahead

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Jimmy, your posts are not lining up under the topics you are replying. it could be a phone or tablet setting.

      “pissivity” Heheh! 🙂

      We might soon begin to see this “pissivity” especially as the siege on Kweiris has just this moment been lifted. Russia is likely to put the worlds worst shit in that airport to both support the Kurds in a drive along the Turkish border between Kobani and Afrin and enforce a no-fly zone. If the Kurds capture the entire length of the Turkish border between Afrin and Kobani, ISIS supply routes through Turkey will dry up; with Russian planes in Kweiris, Turkey dare not attack the Kurds.

      The other front might be a direct hit on Saudi Arabia or sharply accelerated action in Yemen (where Saudi is already losing), as well as in Southern Saudi where the people are oppressed.

      My prayer is for total success in all these fields, because boko haram is getting funding, a never ending stream of Toyata’s and weapons from Qatar, Saudi and possibly Turkey.

  78. rugged7 says:

    What’s going on in Nigeria with the Biafran conundrum??
    Heard there are ongoing protests somewhere in portharcourt?
    Nigeria has to be prepared to buy more weapons, tanks and aircraft.
    Because the way it is going now, the Nigerian army cannot fight a war on 4 fronts at the same time…

    • Deway says:

      Oga Rugged7, your words could make one believe that the skirmishes with bh miscreants is a full-fledged war front. I don’t think so.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga rugged7, tanks cannot solve problems like Biafra. Neither can Nigeria win a second civil war.

      We have boko haram, Fulani cattle rearers, Afenifere, Biafra, Niger Delta and God know what else. It all points to a fundamental failure of our federal system. Tanks can’t cure that.

      There are people who would argue that Nigeria is too diverse to exist as one or without deep problems, to dent that argument and prove that our failure is due to a fundamentally flawed federal structure rather than diversity, I’m going to post a small excerpt from an article on the demographics of India (capitalisation, mine). Enjoy:

      India is the second most populous country in the world, with over 1.271 BILLION PEOPLE (2015), more than a sixth of the world’s population. Already containing 17.5% of the world’s population, India is projected to be the world’s most populous country by 2025, surpassing China, its population reaching 1.6 billion by 2050.[5][6] Its population growth rate is 1.2%, ranking 94th in the world in 2013.[7] The Indian population had reached the billion mark by 1998.

      • lachit says:

        i support and agree Augustine advice, high population is a advantage when their r enough resources to provide food , education , justice , employment and growth for all.
        ur previous advice on having high population growth rate so that many of them could go abroad to earn money etc is flawed.
        europeans and other countries r not stupid r they?
        “The more hands to work, the better; the more brains to harness, the better”
        europeans etc nowdays no longer welcome unskilled labour they r allowing only highly trained proffesionals only.
        so a engineer doctor etc trained in ur country with ur taxpayers money goes abroad and settles down there. this is known as BRAIN DRAIN.
        infact u r lossing billions of dollars annually because of this, which cant compare with the paltry few billions these immigrants will remit annually.
        so who stands to loose in the long term.
        there will be shortage of engineers doctors etc inside the country, and the present and comming generations will suffer over and over again because u will be caught in a never ending cycle.
        do u know about the subhuman conditions many immigrants have to live in?

        the is a another china inside china , seeing is believing , u can try youtube.

        i will tell u the secret why india scapes along inspite of these diversive groups/ethicity etc.
        it is rather a dirty secret, nothing to boast of.
        indians r lazy people (exceptions will always be there), they r too lazy to revolt 😀
        majority hinduism has a binding efect inspite of certain flaws its effect on islam and christianity is to be seen to be believed.
        today is diwali in my neighbourhood houses from different religions r decked with decorative lightnings and candles and firecrackers r being let off with abandon. as a foreigner u will easily mistake them for hindu households. 😀
        too many festivals in india hindu islam christian sikh buddhist jains 20+ major 50 + minor festivals enjoyed by all people (except in fundamentalist areas ).
        visit india during eid and christmas then u will know.
        so people r too busy enjoying all the festivals with shopping and visiting friends family that they dont want to loose it by revolting etc. happy times r important 😀
        too mush ass fu**ing from islamic invaders and british in the past ages, the pain still exists, so they know united they will stand, divided they will again have to face ass fu**ing 😀
        it is better to kill each other then let an outsider come and kill u , less expensive and easily done , indians r very business minded and miser 😀
        a 20,000 year civilization provides a solid backbone inspite of having lost the a few discs of the backbone to the islamic and british invaders 😀 , still it wont go down easily, something that will bind the people inspite of all the differences and hatred that may be there.

        now it is ur turn to find all the anchor points in nigerian civilization, many will be good some may be bad but that is ur own , which nobody can take away from u, which defines the nigerian in u inspite of different backgrounds religions ethinicity etc.

        have faith sabe 😀


      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thanks Oga lachit, for an entertaining but deep post.

        …But where did you get the argument about sending people abroad? I never said any such thing, bro. Sending a countries manpower base abroad cannot build that country.
        What I said was; “The more hands to work, the better; the more brains to harness, the better”. This means there are more hands to put to work to build the country and more brains to harness to create the jobs. That’s how highly populated countries forge ahead.

        A country with a low population is weak by default. The odds are strongly that there will never ever be a world power (economic or military) with a low population.
        A high population is a blessing if harnessed, but in Nigeria’s case, we choose to operate a rentier system (based on oil) under which whole sections feel exploited; rather than harnessing the brains and sweat of our 170 million to build a great country.

        It is always oil, oil, oil. Nothing about the limitless wonders the human brain can invent and the wealth that can generate.

        Japan has almost zero natural resources, but they harness their available brainpower and build jobs for their manpower off from that. Look where that has got them, they are the worlds third largest economy, from an island that is basically a barren rock.

        You surely have a colourful way of describing what keeps India’s two thousand plus ethnic groups united. ;D
        Like India, parts of Nigeria have had long standing civilisations (e.g. Ife, Benin, Kano, Igbo-Ukwu etc), but since the British systematically tore them apart (with the exception of Igbo-Ukwu), we have found ways to look down on the things they represent instead of uniting around them.
        Just as each year we find ways to look down on the riches our diverse cultures represent, so each year we find new ways to amplify national disunity, to fight and degenerate, rather than develop and grow.

        A hateful scourge like boko haram that slaughters even babies would never have risen in a united country in which the people share true love as well as see each other as neighbours with a single vision and a single destiny.
        These things cannot be magically invoked by producing tanks on the streets of a 21st century democracy to stop civilian protests for Biafra – that stance will only worsen divisions. Instead a people who share true love, a single vision and a single destiny can be created by entrenching a new federal structure that is truly representative of every man woman and child, every culture and every religion; a federal structure that recognises and gives just reward to hard work, talent and ability. Nigeria’s present “federal structure” is a patronage system flowing from exploitative oil rents – any patronage system is inherently corrupt and an engine to generate hatred.

      • lachit says:

        actually i was referring to this.
        “As for Nigeria’s population, I will advice Nigerians… “Go ye into the world and bloody multiply”.”

        i interpreted it as u asking for population increase.
        if it meant something else i am sorry for my wrong interpretation.

        i wholly support ur idea to harness the brainpower and human resources of ur country.
        this is the way forward.

        but a few pointers
        population growth increases in geometric progression GP not AP (arithmethic progression)
        2 becomes 4 in one generation 4 becomes 16 in next generation. i have simpified it but actual growth is much more.

        suppose there r 2 people in a room, they will almost agree on all issues, now put 2 more people in there, there will be 1-2 points of dissagreements, now put in 10 more people , the points of conflicts will increase . now add in people of different religion , ethinicity , tribes the points of conflict will double geometrically.
        every human being is conditioned differently(due to different religion , ethinicity , tribes ) each with different level/way of thinking pulling outwards.
        the only way to even / wipe out the difference is through proper education which will stress nigerian identity rather than tribal identity, like nigerian Ife, nigerian Benin, nigerian Kano, nigerian Igbo-Ukwu etc not Ife, Benin, Kano, Igbo-Ukwu etc. 😀
        do nigeria have enough primary schools high schools proper trained teachers who will instill national identity on the present/future generations of impressionable young nigerians?.
        do u have proper universal syllabus which emphasis nigerians to be proud of nigerian ethos via embracing all ethinicity , tribes into the universal nigerial cultural melting pot?
        i dont have moral authority to comment on it .
        u all as nigerians will know and understand better.
        my point being u must get them young nigerians when they r young, so that u have the brainpower human resources all dicated for the well being of the country like a marching band 😀

        all this happens when ur population is manageable.

        look at my country india , its huge population is a ticking timebomb, when the cruch time comes and resources dry up economy fails u will get to see the fire works.
        and nobody cares.sickularist are to be blamed for it.i know the reason but i cannot post it here.nobody will understand, lets forget about india.

        uncontrolled growth like in cancer, population and comments(like mine) 😀 is very dangerous.

        plz remember i always respect all ur views because i get to learn and correct myself.
        i never mean to impose my views, because it takes 2 to tango and all to tango to a rocking dance party 😀


      • lachit says:

        @ Kola Adekola
        this post u wrote in reply to me is impressive.

        u guys should get to write editorials in nigerian newspapers.

        or better still learn hacking , hide ur tracks and post ur articles on major online news portals. 😀
        i am sure lot of people will be scraching their heads and start doing “he chopped now i am going to chop” 😀

      • lachit says:

        courtesy abduleezs
        “you chop, I chop”.
        funda 😀

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thanks Oga lachit.
        “Go ye into the world and bloody multiply” is a corruption of a popular bible passage. It was Gods command to Adam and Eve to go and populate the earth. Anyway, you must be a sinner! ;D

        Concerning population growth; 1% of any population is of genius level, or simply put; for every 100 people, a genius is born. Creating industries around very genius will provide much more than a 100 jobs per genius, indeed a lot of manpower (huge population) will be required when the geniuses in any population are properly harnessed.
        If recognised, the human brain is the ultimate national resource. The thrust of my argument is for Nigeria to harness brainpower, rather go after oil and the perdition (all to visible in todays Nigeria) that rentier economics brings.

        In order to harness our geniuses, we will need to create a truly representative system. One that recognises and rewards honest effort and talent and against which every Nigerian can proudly define their identity. As soon as this is done, there will be such strong unity of purpose and oneness of destiny that boko haram, as well agitation in the Niger Delta and Biafran regions will go away, as will corruption and issues with insecurity.

  79. lachit says:

    iranian “Baher” 23mm Sniper rifle
    lolzz what r they planning to kill ? – dinosaurs 😀

    still not a bad idea a well trained operator can take down helicopters, soft skinned vehicles etc

  80. lachit says:

    iranian baher 23mm sniper rifle
    lolzz what r they planning to kill ? – dinosaurs 😀

    still not a bad idea a well trained operator can take down helicopters, soft skinned vehicles etc

  81. lachit says:

    iranian baher 23mm sniper rifle
    lolzz what r they planning to kill ? – dinosaurs 😀

    • wont that tripod be a bit unweilding fro a sniper laying prone and there’s a lot of barrel after the tripod. that may create a balance issue

      • lachit says:

        it will not be used for general sniping,
        that is for other smaller calibre sniper rifles.

        this one will be most probbly used from well prepared and defanded positions by atleast a 3 member crew , a spotter a , a sniper and a helper

        the tripod stand can be lowered further depending on requirement.
        “there’s a lot of barrel after the tripod. that may create a balance issue”
        this rifle is in production , if that had beeen the issue then the test firing teams did not do the job correctly.
        all such issues r sorted out and identified by test teams in restricted but extensive operational usage.

      • Points noted, any specifics on the weapon’s characteristics and specs?

      • lachit says:

        It weighs 62 kilograms, has a range of four kilometers .
        take a look at these homemade 23mm rifle
        evil geniASSES at their best

  82. lachit says:

    still not a bad idea a well trained operator can take down helicopters, soft skinned vehicles etc easily

  83. i guess they have upped the ante

  84. abduleez says:

    Hehehe, “Indians r lazy people, they r too lazy to revolt”. I can actually say the same in relation to Nigeria. Nigeria and India have so many things in common.

    To me Nigerians too r just too lazy to revolt even under oppression. If u look down history lane Nigerians hardly revolt. They have this mentality of maybe when i get there(important, powerful & famous) I will probably too d same.. Thats y we have this popular phrase in Nigeria “you chop, I chop”. Thats d major cause of Nigeria’s corruption.

    Am very young though so I don’t have much account of what happened in the past. The only time I remember Nigerians revolt angrily was when the ex-president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan tried to removed fuel subsidy in January 2013(??) He greeted Nigerians happy new year, now u gonna pay #120 Naira per litre for fuel(PMS). Angry Nigerians locked down the entire country after the announcement; with millions turning up for protest in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. The country lost billions of $$$ dollars for only three days lock down. That was when i saw the POWER OF THE NIGERIAN SPIRIT, forcing the FG to reduce the fuel pump price.

    We that were still very young then felt the grip of fear that week. Thought Nigeria was gonna implode; the suburban streets were deserted, kids hardly moved out of their compounds- fear of being hit by stray bullet frm indisciplined policemen. Few Nigerians were killed during the demonstration- some shot by the police. Still no blinking of eyelids by Nigerians, something like “OPERATION UNRELENTING RESOLVE”. We were wondering who’s gonna blink first.
    Only that experience was dreadful, wonder what civil war gon’ be like so the FG better solve this issue of BIAFRA and secession before it gets out of hands.

    Nigerians at times r very funny, wonder y they can’t protest against law makers not representing them well, reduction of law makers allowances or protest against the government for unemployment rates in the country, rather we protest for things having lesser importance!!

    • lachit says:

      respect bro 😀
      100% ditto in india
      therefore sometimes,
      nowdays all the time
      i think what is point of even caring about these things , nobody in power seem to care .
      it is way better to get on with our own lives and do what we can in our small way.
      which is kinda difficult because if my personal life is a mess how can i solve/help others.
      hell man hell

      • lachit says:

        i think what is point of even caring about these things , nobody in power seem to care * including those who suffer

    • Ola says:

      Mr Abduleez. Yes, Nigerians seem to have the spirit of live and let live to some extent but Nigerians are anything but passive. From time Nigerians have never been tolerant of tyranny. Nigerians endure but to a certain extent. I have only been in and out of Nigeria on visits but I keenly follow history of the country. Going back to the early 20th century, do you remember Aba women riot? This was the most popular, but not the only riot then. Fast forward to the 60s, what led to the civil war? The ibos not willing to cope with the passivity of the government to the killing of Ibos in the North. Throughout the time of military rule in Nigeria, there have always been one protest or the other, so many industrial strike actions as labour unions protested against the government, student union protests…Remember before the fuel subsidy issue, there was a civil protest in the country when the past president was sick and no longer capable and his family members and security chief under some controversial circumstances decided to block out his deputy, Goodluck Jonathan? The problem I see with protests in Nigeria are these:
      1. people very easily settle for little, people quickly become complacent as soon as the immediate problem is lifted. Politicians and leaders capitalise on this to immediately appease the populace/quash them while they leave other societal problems to fester.
      2. Nigeria as a society is sometimes too hierarchical and sectional. Most of the protests in the country have been too ethnicised and dependent on one or two individuals who were then quickly targeted by the ruling government to silence the agitation of the people. Now there seems to be a change in the pattern of civil protest and movement in recent times as we can see in protests organised by the activist groups like SNG and BBOG.
      3. Protests tend to become violent too rapidly. Look at the scenario you presented above with police shooting rather quickly, or the secession protest of BIAFRA going on now and the heavy handedness of the police as we read in the news so far.
      I recently watched some facebook videos on Brekete family, the guy is doing a good job sensitising the people to demand for the right in a peaceful way, SNG and BBOG have demonstrated similar attitude in their protests too. Hopefully, we would see more peaceful protest where people see a common cause rather than ethnicity and religion, a protest in which the police protect and guide the protesters and the protesters use social pressure, rather than destruction of public property and violence with fatality to demand their rights in the country in the future.

    • The undoing of mass action in Naija tends to be tribal sentiment. No matter how u constructively criticise a man in power and call for removal, pple of similar tribal affiliation may interprete it as an attack on the tribe and oppose u, making it virtually impossible for the entire country to put up a united front

  85. mcshegz says:


    The Nigerian Contingent of the African Union Standby Force (ASF) consisting of 41 officers and soldiers arrived the country on Tuesday after a 2week intensive training in Peace-Keeping at the South African Army Combat Training Centre in Lohatlan.

    Receiving the contingent on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff, Commodore Uche Onyia explained that the ASF is a unifying and standing force that has the mandate to respond to insecurity and emergency situations in African continent. He emphasized that the establishment of the ASF would not collapse other existing intervention forces in different countries but rather intervene in cases of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and also monitor peacekeeping missions in the continent.

    Explaining the pivotal role the Nigerian military has played at fostering peace in the past, he described the training as a huge step towards achieving peace and security in Africa. He reaffirmed the country’s commitment to peace and making the continent conducive for all.

    • jimmy says:

      GOOD JOB
      OGA MCSHEGZ glad to see they came back in our of very own Charlies ( puffed chest)

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Good job sir. However these chaps did not go to South Africa “for training” but to participate in an exercise designed to test-run the African Union Standby Force.

  86. abduleez says:

    Thanks Oga Ola for educating me more on the past… I had forgotten some of them u mentioned, thanks bro.

    As Oga Lachit said whats d point bordering oneself of these issues when our leaders seem not to bloody care, unless maybe one day one/ more of us gets into power to effect systemic change… As for now we can only hope govt. listens which I doubt, unless Almighty GOD slap some sense and feelings for the poor on our leaders… LOL.. wondering how that slap gonna b like, make God just give me supervision over the slapping, some people will cry eehh!! Hehehe..LOL

    • Ola says:

      Welcome kin. I believe we need to talk about other issues apart form military, issues like the dynamics of the society. We need to know where we’re coming from to be able to better judge the present and prepare for the future. The umbrella question I see from the issue (thanks for bringing it up by the way) is this; how is the social dynamics of Nigeria bringing about social change in the country?

  87. sam says:

    seems our super tucanos have landed #VictorytoNigeria

  88. trigger says:

    After Mi-35 Deal, Pakistan Could Be Eyeing Russian Yak-130 Trainers
    Source : Our Bureau ~ Dated : Thursday, August 20, 2015 @ 02:11 PM
    Views : 2724 A- A A+

    Pakistan could be showing an interest in the Yak-130 trainer of Russia after concluding a deal to purchase four Mi-17 Hind helicopters.

    The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) does not have a modern combat trainer though it operates advanced aircraft such as the American F-16, and the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17.

    Industry sources told that Pakistan Air Force officials have been talking to executives from Rosoboronexport and Irkut, the maker of the Yak-130 in various arms trade shows, though no definite intention to buy has been received.

    The PAF does not have an advanced jet trainer to train its fighter pilots. It has a basic trainer, the propeller-driven Super Mushshak, which is a product of a Pakistani-Chinese partnership. For intermediate jet training it has the K-8 Karakorum and the Cessna T-17. Together with its Chinese partners, it manufactures the Super Mushak which is used as a basic trainer.

    The sources said that the PAF was interested in the Yak-120 for it unique feature of mimicking the flying characteristics of a number of fighter aircraft such as the F-16 and JF-17 which will make the task of transiting from a trainer to a fighter a lot easy for pilots.

    All these years, Rosoboronexport may have been cold to the idea of selling Pakistan advanced aircraft; firstly due to Russia’s position of being India’s dominant military equipment supplier and secondly for fear of its aircraft being falling into the hands of Chinese copycats.

    However, falling defense orders from India on the one hand together with turmoil in some middle-east countries such as Libya and Syria which were among Russia’s traditional customer base has forced it to hunt for alternate markets.

    A significant development in Islamabad-Moscow defense ties was the decision made late last year to deal directly with Russia for importing engines of the JF-17 fighter planes.

    Russian Klimov RD-93 engines sit in the JF-17 and a Chinese plan of replacing them with its home-developed engines has not met delivery schedules forcing Pakistan, which makes the JF-17 aircraft under license from China, to contact Russia directly for engines.

    India in the past has voiced its displeasure with Washington over the sale of F-16 fighters to Islamabad. It similarly showed concern when Moscow decided to enter talks with Pakistan to sell the Mi-17 choppers. However, Russia responded by starting that the helicopters would be used only for cargo lift.

    The Yak-130 planes have so far been sold to Algeria and a deal to sell them to Libya could not be fulfilled due to the death of Col. Qaddafi, the former strongman of Libya who was killed a bloody coup. Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines and Venezuela are reported to be potential customers of the advanced jet trainer aircraft.

    • Roy says:

      Dambazau is the minister of Interior.

      Monsur Dan Ali is the minister of defence.

      Quite surprised.

    • Augustine says:

      I told oga lachit that you cannot always predict how governments will sell arms, Russia is now arming Pakistan without regard for India’s complaints. Separating business from politics. I would love to see Israeli AESA radar, ECM pods, IRST, and 5th generation WVR and BVR missiles on JF-17 Thunder, it will turn the jet into an export market best seller.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Augustine, if the JF-17 Thunder which is a Pakistani plane that in turn is a Chinese redesign of a Russian MIG now gets Russian engines and Israeli AESA radar, then Nigeria would do well to avoid it.

        The present JF-17 Thunder concoction is already geopolitical nightmare; that must be why nobody is buying the plane, despite its being so cheap and capable. The recent arms embargo on Nigeria (particularly the Super Tucano) in the thick of our boko haram travails should be a lesson in our choice of weapons suppliers or their mix in any weapons system.

        If we are buying Chinese, let the product be 100% Chinese, same as for Russian, Israeli or Western purchases.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kola Adekola, weapons industry does not work like that. Pakistani F-7PG has Italian radar. Algerian Su-30 Flanker is loaded with French avionics.

        JF-17 Thunder has open architecture, if Russia makes noise about it’s engine, the Chinese engine can be purchased as replacement in future, plus the fact that MiG-29 engine/maintenance expertise/spare parts is available in hundreds all over the world, it’s almost like a T-72 tank. Private military companies in the USA own and fly MiG-29 jets with that engine.

        If Israel makes noise about it’s AESA radar and missiles in future, you can change to Chinese AESA radar and 5th generation missiles.

        The JF-17 Thunder open architecture allowing the use of both western and eastern engine/avionics/weaponry is actually an advantage NOT a disadvantage. That is the jet fighter to buy and nobody makes much threats/shakara about grounding your jets for political reasons, imagine NAF Jaguar jets had open architecture, do you think Britain would have wrecked them?

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Kola Adekola. I respect your hustle sir
        In actual fact one of the major reasons, if not the only legitimate reason DHQ will ever consider buying into the Pakistan/Chinese fighter jet program is exactly because of the explicit demand for collaborative local input and the adaptability of the fighter jet due to its open architecture which means that the Nigerian components on this bird can be ramped up as capabilities improve. This is how you develop an industry on the fly; we do not need to start from the bottom, that takes too much time. Private sector can then be tasked to compete for allocation of locally made components; missiles, avionics and electro-optics; the works
        To advocate for anything short of this will be failing to learn lessons; we have been betrayed by so called allies in the past because our interests suddenly differed greatly, what’s to say that we would never have to defend national interests against the other countries you mentioned ? Only a substantial Nigerian Military industry can assure us the capabilities and the legitimate force to continue to fight for our interests and that of Africa.
        We must look beyond the present to ensure that we take decisions that allow us to stand on our own two feet; we already have a good track record of independent economic policies, we have to quickly back that up with a functional military industry;
        Invite the private sector in an open and transparent bid process to deliver on key military technologies; watch them fall over themselves to deliver, that’s the power of competition it works.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thank you Oga Augustine and Oga mcshegz, I did not consider the J-17’s open architecture. It is indeed a big benefit.

  89. Augustine says:

    We recommended this here some weeks ago, thank God FG agrees with us….

    New ministry of defence permanent secretary is Ambassador Danjuma Sheni, if I may ask, what qualifies him, any knowledge of military stuff, does how know the meaning of ATGM and BVRAAM ?

    • Augustine says:

      I believe ministry of women affairs, ministry of environment, ministry of water resources and federal capital territory, can also be merged under some other ministries. They look useless in reality, what have they achieved in 10 years? Nothing much to show for it, anyway ZBB will cut down their allocation hopefully.

      FCT needs an Abuja mayor not a minister, the constitutional status of Abuja is a mayoralty in the Nigerian constitution as it is written.

      Women affairs can go under labour and employment, the minister is less busy, his ministry has no big work to do, so add ‘NATIONAL POVERTY REDUCTION AND JOB CREATION’ to the ministry’s function.

      Environment and water resources can go under transportation, the transport minister is less busy, he needs more work load. Part of his job is duplicated by aviation, works and housing ministers.

      We don’t need minister of state for aviation or water resources, I will rather have one for defence, a proven expert on modern military weapons/equipment/hardware who will focus on military capital procurement and counter-balance the ‘funny’ attitude and habits of the civilian staff at the MoD in military procurement, those guys at the top level in the secretariat are a bunch of incompetent and unpatriotic saboteurs who buy us garbage equipment in questionable deals.

      • Are James says:

        Core competence for ministers and permanent secretaries vary according to what prevailing issues are. The new minister of state for petroleum is a lawyer not petroleum engineer. Oil and gas law expert so expect a number of re negotiation activities with oil majors on the JVS and offshore PSCs, Oil black deals are also coming up for renegotiation so a lawyer makes sense.
        The new Power/Works/Housing and Transport ministerw would mainly have to butt heads with Senate /reps committees and hassle minister of finance and president for funds to complete power plants, lol coat housing, railways and airports, so the men they have put in those ministries are good,

        For the minister of defence it is fight for funds, negotiate foreign arms deals on behalf of CIC, revamp defence industry and nurture key partnerships with the private sector. Actual hands on technical or operational knowledge is a distinct disadvantage here but inter governmental and diplomacy skills are essential,

      • Are James says:

        *oil bloc*

  90. Augustine says:

    Profile on the new minister of defence….a trained artillery officer

    • jimmy says:

      oga Augustine
      Thanks for the write up , We at Beegs missed him on our radar,No worries we ( including you are getting up to speed on him.
      Based on what i have seen in the past , i am going to speculate and state Brig Gen (rtd) Monsur Dan Ali has some Military Intel Background.
      He will have his work cut out for him in the coming days he will have to meet with the NSA and as two ex mil one stars must work together to fashion the way forward for the Nigerian Armed forces
      God’s speed to him..

  91. jimmy says:

    Vindication for Oga Augustine

    • Akin Oges says:

      Very correct my Oga. “A closed mouth don’t get fed”. These goodwills are good coming (this late) now. However, lets get our acts together, and self-sustain to withstand times of challenges, only a fool is defined by goodwill. For the records, our valiant troops put the terrorists to flight and recovered our territories in the North East, incase revisionists are attempting to rewrite history. Thumbs up to the chaps out in the front-line, you are doing us proud. The Good Lord cloth you with permanent protection; you will all grow old and tell your war stories from rocky chairs. IJN. Amen. Oga Beeg, good job. Don’t be weary, no good deed go unrewarded, even if it tarries; please sustain Sir. Look back and see how your Blog is solidly shaping our DEFSEC. Good morning.

  92. trigger says:


    China-Pakistan fighter said to have found new buyer

    China Daily/ANN | Zhao Lei | Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015

    The FC-1 Fierce Dragon, or JF-17 Thunder, a fourth-generation fighter
    jet co-developed by China and Pakistan, has found a buyer following several years of speculation and promotion.

    The aircraft’s developers, Aviation Industry Corp of China and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, signed a contract with an unidentified buyer, AVIC said in a statement sent to China Daily on

    It did not elaborate on when the contract was signed or how many
    FC-1s are to be sold. The Pakistan Air Force is the only user of the
    lightweight, multi-purpose combat aircraft, with 60 in active service.
    “Now it has a new buyer. Moreover, several potential buyers have
    expressed to us their strong intention of introducing the aircraft, and
    they have performed comprehensive assessments of the plane,” Liu
    Yu, deputy head of AVIC’s military aircraft trade wing, was quoted in
    the statement as saying at a news conference in Dubai on Monday.
    About 1,100 exhibitors from more than 60 countries are attending the
    ongoing 14th Dubai Airshow, which opened on Sunday in the United
    Arab Emirates.
    “This plane is an ideal replacement for second-and third-generation
    fighter jets still in service with many militaries. The FC-1 has …
    good capabilities in air combat and air-to-ground strikes, and a high
    cost-performance ratio,” he said.
    This is the first time an AVIC official has confirmed the new FC-1
    Air Vice-Marshal Arshad Malik, vice-chairman of the Pakistan
    Aeronautical Complex, said at Monday’s news conference that the
    aircraft demonstrated strong combat capability through various drills.
    Forty FC-1s will be delivered to the Pakistan Air Force in the near
    future, he said.
    According to Western military observers, China and Pakistan have
    been actively promoting the FC-1 to the international market.
    However, no deals were made despite reports often emerging saying
    some militaries were close to inking a contract.
    Nevertheless, the China-Pakistan sales team remains optimistic as
    they still stick to the prediction that in next 20 years, at least 300
    FC-1s will be sold globally.

  93. zachary999 says:

    Certainly not us. We are getting more helicopters though. We are getting additional Mi-35m from Russia and pre-shipment inspection has already been completed.

  94. rugged7 says:

    Arrests over suspected Boko Haram ties underline Senegal’s emerging role as terrorist financing base, and reprisal risks

    • Are James says:

      There is an interesting new field;
      -Systems integration.
      If the engine power is available and nose cone space is good enough, a good Systems Integrator can make any plane do anything.
      Sensors could be added and made to talk in an integrated way to management systems that control detection and combat.
      The airframe is just a dumb conveyor for weaponry
      In the case of an opponent that is a high performance dogfighter, there are extremely fast missiles that will dogfight nicely against you and some medium range air missiles have long active phases and are very intelligent. Modern IRSTs that see up to 100km purely in IR with no detectable radar emissions. AESA radars that can fit into some old nose cones can confer partial stealth on some old aircraft.
      The meat of everything is sensor fusion , quick detection, giving missiles more range and making them faster.
      I am sure Kfir Block 60 would not have been a bad buy and Israeli companies are No. 1 in quick delivery to Nigeria as typified by the Falcon Eye System the NN just secretly bought

  95. mcshegz says:

    REUTERS: The United States and the European Union have “raised concerns” at the World Trade Organization about Nigeria’s central bank curbs on access to dollars, a WTO official said on Wednesday.

    “Other countries that had concerns about the curbs were Thailand, which was worried about agricultural shipments, Norway and Chile, which were concerned about fish, and Switzerland, Uruguay, Iceland and Malaysia, which were worried about the “systemic” impact.”

    This is what it means to be independent; people will hate you, criticize and report you, all because you dare to implement policies that put your citizens before any other party. Can anyone imagine, Norway and Chile selling Nigeria fish ? how , why, shouldn’t that be the other way around 😉
    This shows how we’ve been exporting jobs, and importing poverty; because that’s what happens when you import what you can produce locally.

    Abeg, let them continue to report us please, that means we are on the right track, its just strange that we always go through these cycles when oil prices plummet; we have to stick to the program come what may, CBN will continue to restrict access to frivolous import demands, say you be who ? asking to buy hard earned Nigerian oil Dollars to import toothpicks? some people deserve to be locked up i swear. hehehehe

    For the avoidance of doubt, the CBN does not have any statutory powers to ban the importation of any goods and services; however what the CBN can do, and is doing is to limit access to the inter-bank foreign exchange market after the recent official closure of the Retail Dutch Auction System and Wholesale Dutch Auction System RDAS/WDAS segment of the foreign exchange market. What this means is that any party, be it individual or company wishing to procure foreign exchange must do so at his/her preferred local bank. So if those bank are willing to sell you Forex for the importation of toothpicks and fried fish, well, then that’s their biz-wax

    Please, abeg, it seems these people are itching to slam Nigeria with another embargo, sometimes i wonder if that’s a blessing in disguise.
    Some people just think other countries were made to love Nigeria, they continue to spew this utter gibberish about international law and what not; international law is only enforced when it suits you, you dispose of it like imported tissue paper when it doesn’t. No country can love Nigeria more than Nigerians; i think its about time we understood this. gangsta 🙂
    Naija, I hail thee.

    • Centenary says:

      These talk of ending BH by december ending is becoming so annoying,I just can’t bear it any longer,it is impossible!!!,we don’t have generals but politicians in our military that is y we are still using missiles less frigates and fifty years old T 72 with an isolate 3rd gen jet with no air defence/AWAC

      • Are James says:

        Setting a target for a military is very good. There were publicised targets against Germeny in WW II and even Desert Storm 1 and 2. BH is a terrorist organisation as much as an insurgency that has seized territory. I believe they will be conventionally defeated before December ends. Terrorist calls inhabiting cities are another matter.

  96. jimmy says:

    oga Henry
    Please forgive me for barging in I beg no vex
    There are two BRAND NEW rifles in the NA inventory shown on your/ Bidexii’s web page. Please there was no definite answer to these three questions
    1) What kind of rifle is it Modified HK or AR
    2) The sniper rifle is it a Chinese copy cat ? i am referring to the JN-90 i have never seen it before
    3) Source of Origin.
    Please clarify because it is becoming very apparent now a shipment did arrive this summer Q2 bearing small arms/ mortars and some stuff we are yet to see.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Jimmy,

      -I believe the DMR is a HK-417, this is my personal opinion, until there is evidence to the contrary. HK-416 and HK-417 are designed on the AR platform.

      – the JN-90 is an anti-material sniper rifle. It’s from. Turkey, not a Chinese copy-cat. However, again, i do not believe the Anti-material rifle in that page is a JN-90.

  97. Sir Kay says:

    Boko Haram insurgency has claimed 90,000 officers so far – IG of Police

    “The Inspector General of Police, IGP Solomon Arase has disclosed that an estimated 90,000 police officers lost their lives since Boko Haram insurgency started four years ago.”

    Who is drunk here, the IG or whoever wrote that article. 90,000 cops? i doubt that

    • Are James says:

      The reporter is to blame here. I don’t think Boko has killed up to 90000 Nigerians in total.

    • mcshegz says:

      sepe’s in the system 😉

    • I had the same reaction when I heard. I would rather look for the Video before I lay blame. But that figure is outrageous.

    • asorockweb says:

      The 90,000 figure is NOT possible.

      To dissect the figure, one has to ask, how many cops were stationed in BH infected areas, and what were the casualty rates?

      90,000/4 = 22,500

      So the IG is saying he lost about 22,500 cops per year (avg.) in BH infected areas?

      In contrast, the US lost about 183,588 men in the European theater of operations in WWII.

      Our journalists are useless, a simple question for clarification would have fixed this.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I bet someone probably meant 900, though still high, its believable, not 90,000, aba

  98. mcshegz says:

    Looking sick AF

  99. mcshegz says:

    Ginja o, Ginja
    Morale high die.

  100. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy, how many times are we re-invading and re-capturing the same Sambisa forest? Does it have more than one sector? NA said it cleared the whole forest before May 29 elections. Abi?

    • I believe the claim that it was cleared previously was a lie for the benefit of the election. People on this blog expressed doubts about the claim.

    • Are James says:

      Let us face some hard truths. Very few armies in the world can take Sambisa in six weeks. The Nigerian Army is one such army, maybe the UK army also using special units trained to win via field craft and endurance instead of sophisticated weaponry.

      The only foray we heard of into main Sambisa was successful to a point but the troops retreated and there were recriminations and blames in DHQ, I believe there was even a blue-on-blue. There are numerous pictures and clips of operations around Sambisa but I don’t think we have attacked Boko emplacements and camps in main Sambisa except this one time.

      I am not an expert but my guess is the sequence would be to start first with detailed surveillance down to every square kilometre, followed by carpet bombing by F7NIs for a week, then at least 1000 initial troops to be dropped by G-222s para drops and 10 MI 171sh working round the clock. We need at 10 MI 35 helicopters breaking up ambushes round the clock and a further 8 Gazelles for quick insertions/ingress/egress of special forces. After the first 7 days then 2000 troops can make long road trips to secure objectives.
      The NA has never ever told anyone that they have conquered the whole of Sambisa. They have bypassed it many times to secure objectives , they have been in and out to do operations but there are places they have not ventured to inside main Sambisa.

  101. Augustine says:

    Oga trigger, how many times will Pakistan declare JF-17 Thunder sale to an invisible ghost buyer? Seems to me like propaganda until they name the buyer. I don’t think Nigeria will do it secretly since NAF has already publicly announced being near to signing a contract for purchase. We keep hearing of an unknown Asian buyer, why would Pakistan hide a genuine buyer’s identity if it is real, are they not supposed to use that to prove a point that they now have export sales for their jet? Funny indeed.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Are James, any 4th generation air superiority jet fighter purchased by NAF is welcome, we have told them what we believe Nigeria needs, but whatever they choose and buy is welcome….Kfir Block 60, JF-17 Thunder, J-10 Dragon, second hand F-16, F-18, Mirage 2000, MiG 29, Gripen, Su-27 Flanker, whatever and whatever, we will celebrate it’s arrival and induction into NAF service.

  102. Augustine says:

    Oga zacharry999 thanks for the update.

    I hope this time NAF will spend a token amount of just $500,000 for 50 second-hand guided air to surface missiles (ATGM, 40 thermobaric and 10 HEAT warheads) to arm the Russian order of 6 more Mi-35M Hinds for precision attacks…

    (1) It gives standoff range and safety for the helicopters and pilots from the danger of Boko Haram anti-aircraft guns even if the gun is a Dshk it is a heavy machine gun and dangerous to Nigerian helicopters, Dshk is used as anti-aircraft gun carried by tanks and IFVs. Boko Haram mounts them on Toyota Hilux and NAF has admitted publicly that Boko Haram still has anti-aircraft guns active, they hit a NAF Mi-35 Hind helicopter few months ago.

    (2) Also reduces collateral damage caused by unguided rockets use in civilian areas.

    (3) Then it reduces chances of ground target vehicle maneuvering and escaping after unguided rocket misses it, but a guided missile will lock on and keep following the target vehicle.

    (4) It saves cost of repairing helicopters damaged by hit by anti-aircraft guns when the pilot is forced to fly close to target to gain better accuracy for unguided rockets launch.

    (5) Life of the pilot is secured by standoff capabilities. Let’s stop glorifying bleeding and wounding of pilots who get struck by Boko Haram anti-aircraft bullets in their legs. It is shameful heroism in a modern world of guided standoff PGMs.

    NAF can afford a $ 20 million helicopter so why can’t it afford a cheap $ 10,000 second-hand 5 year shelf life ATGM for the same helicopter?

    Don’t know why Nigerian decision makers do not hear when you cry once, do we have to cry for years on proper procurement and arming our platforms with proper firepower?

    • Sir Kay says:

      For some reason i hate seeing our soldiers publicly doing push-ups while in uniform , i don’t understand what the point of that is, if they want to train/ work out i’m sure there is a place for that. I felt its degrading to make them do that publicly, its pointless.
      but hey, just my own opinion, it saw this too many times

      • rugged7 says:

        1st thank god they are not shooting in the air indiscriminately when they see their army chief. That would have been the norm in the past.
        I actually think they are better trained.
        As for the press-ups- Psych 101- Morale is critical in offensive operations.
        Anyway it can be raised, be it singing, clapping, dancing or push ups;
        I don’t see it as a problem

      • rugged7 says:

        My own problem is -why do i keep seeing all these hilux vans???

      • Are James says:

        personally after 20 pushups I develop the urge to sleep not to fight. hope our young soldiers are not like that.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Stun gun? Here i was thinking the police actually need something more lethal.
      What good is a stun gun when you are faced with criminals with heavy weapons and even dynamite.
      The sad thing about crime in our country is how criminals end up killing their victims even after robbing them of their possessions, which shouldn’t have been necessary , so if you are dealing with unruly civilian, sure, a stun gun is good, not with these hardened criminals .

  103. jimmy says:

    The NA entered parts of the Sambisa Forests and then due to IEDs withdrew, When the New COAS came on board he changed a lot of things form the previous COAS
    one of them is something you advocated leaving troops in significant Numbers recently liberated as you can see in Damboa, Baga, Damask , Bama ,Gwoza and Gamboru, this involved reorganization and establishing at least three Task forces along the way.
    My educated guess was they also withdrew in MAY 2015 due to inadequate supply of Mine clearing Equipment and rotation of men and Equipment in Q3 2015.
    From the Pictures being shown it does appear to me, bh is running out of MEN , EQUIPMENT AND TIME.
    This war cannot end unless the Main leaders are caught and prosecuted.

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