Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service commandos

Russian-trained Army SF commandos



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  1. Jst look at those Beautiful Scopes and did anybody notice yet Again another Camoflague Style for the Russian Trained Soldiers, has a Jungle feel to it.

  2. jimmy says:

    i believe this Rifle with the air vents ( holes) is the modified version of the HK416. OGA Henry you are correct thank you.
    I have yet to come across any picture or record detailing any other African Force/ Army using this type of specially designed Rifle, based on what I read on wiki and google it is only manufactured in Germany and requires the user ( Sniper) to have a high level of Marksmanship.
    OGA BEEGS I want to thank you for all your work,
    One aspect that has been under the radar that has not been discussed is apart from sending
    the NAF, NA, and NN quite a few of them were sent to ( in my logical deduction) to advanced Sniper School in Russia some of the pictures I have studied of BH ( KIA) have shown evidence of a single bullet wound either to the Head or to the side ( Liver Shot)
    When this nonsense is over these snipers must be retained at all costs and not allowed to peddle their wares in the Middle east rather they should be hired even after they retire to set up
    Nigeria’s School of advanced Snipers.

  3. Trigger says:

    –Nice.. the gun on the first two pictures looks like the M4 carbine.

    — the third looks looks like the new beryl rifle.

    –anybody notice that the infantry is probably now the most equipped and sophisticated force in our whole armed force.

    • Augustine says:

      Infantry weapons are very much cheaper than artillery guns, tanks, IFVs, guided missiles, jets, and warships….that is why we find it easy to buy lots of new infantry stuff.

    • buchi says:

      Yes Oga trigger there has been a massive improvement of ordinance per infantry soldier over the last 2yrs. From basic infantry to specialized unit .it has been painful yet commendable modification . However ,some basic assets are still missing in ensuring the total effectiveness on the spot mobilr comms set per soldier and possibly Intel on a time needed basis especially during engagement. And pls can someone give a name for that scope with the M4 carbine thinking it is a Thompson mosignet scope .
      And I forgot Paris just got its ass showing rred 150 dead now will they be more serious abt doin the right thing

  4. Augustine says:

    Wonderful photos, thanks Oga Beegeagle.

    Nigerian army, navy and air force regular infantry and SBS/QRF/SF are now better equipped than two years ago. Thanks to our forward thinking chiefs of staff.

    My we humble appeal to Genaral Buratai to please remember his promise as COAS to buy all necessary weapons and equipment for our new COIN brigade, some vital hardware are still very much needed to help our troops in battle to quickly end this Boko Haram war.

    These are light and cheap low cost equipment, easy to buy, easy to use, simple maintenance at almost no cost.

    1. Made in India RCL MK III recoilless rifle. One soldier will take out a deadly enemy target from safe distance 1.7 km away, a good way to easily and rapidly wipe out many Boko Haram Toyota mounted heavy machine guns and cannon or hardened fortifications when there is no air support from NAF aircraft or NA T-72 tanks. ,

    2. Made in China military grade hand held man portable long range Thermal Imagers for best night vision battlefield observation/enemy detection. Thermal imagers are technically far superior to night vision goggles.

    3. Made in Belarus/Ukraine Skif ATGM, they are essential in SF operations that require one single shot-no miss quick destruction of a hardened enemy target. They will also save SF from enemy tanks if they encounter such.

    4. Chinese made 12 guage pump action Winchester or Remington type shot gun, QBS-09 semi-automatic shotgun. One shot kill, assassin weapon, will pierce body armour easily.

    5. Chinese made 14.5 mm QJG 02 heavy machine gun. Mounted on SF Light utility or tactical vehicles to give long range effective anti-personnel firepower.

    6. Chinese made Hua Qing Minigun, 6 barrel rapid fire gun against massive enemy infantry when Nigerian SF are overwhelmed and heavily outnumbered.

    7. Green dot laser sights for assault rifles. Precision targeting for SF riflemen. Shoot and not miss target. Guaranteed hit.

    These are very cheap, low cost special forces essentials that do not cost much to buy, and yet they deliver fantastic battle engagement results in favour of the users.

  5. jimmy says:

    Sorry OGA Trigger
    Most M4 do not have tripod stands in Picture #5
    The US supplied rifles that have been verified as being used by the Nigerian Armed Forces are
    1. The M16 supplied to the NDLEA
    2. The M60 Machine Gun which was seen recently taught to the youth corpers in the run up to the election
    3 . The M40 sniper rifle which was last seen used by Nigerian Soldiers during the Ecomog wars in Liberia/ Sierra Leone.
    About that number 7 hmm maybe you do not need to ask for that.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    France has just closed its borders because of a horrible terrorist attack (which occurred close to the French President). Several people are dead, with a further 100 or so being held hostage.

    I wish the world would just unite to snuff out these terrorist bastards, whether boko haram, ISIS, or al-Qaeda.

    Godspeed to our gallant soldiers in their lonely battle against boko haram and a world of hypocrisy.

  7. Ola says:

    Thanks sir Beegs again for these beautiful pictures. If you ask me, I would say these rifles are the Beryl M762 (96C) with the foregrip (K-grip) removed, if you closely look at the picatinny rail, you may see it’s different. Meanwhile, the HK416 and it’s bigger variant 417 are beautiful pieces. They were designed to solve the problems their older brother had with sand and heat in Afghanistan. I’m glad we inducted these riffles before I called time (or someone else called the time 🙂 ). One of the privileges of all SFs is the choice of weapons at their disposal that other units don’t usually enjoy.

  8. The stature and reputation of or SFs. Is growing. We must equip them and train and re train them to make them so eFfective and deadly that at the sound of their names pple should quake. Also I this SF is tOo generic, its tym to give thEm monickers that befit their stature.

  9. I hope the DSS and POlice are adequates prepared for the next Face of the BH war. I hope we have already trained tactical police teams akin to swat. Every state mus have such units with aLl d necessaary equipment and snipers included. Particular attention should be give to states dt r more likely to be tArgets. I can just imagine hoe the bank robberies in Lagos this year would hv turned out if the police had well trained snipers!! Our security apparatus needs major overhauling and harmonisation. This BH saga shld be a wake up call that will sound for eternity in our psyche. The days of point and shoot are over in this world

  10. makanaky says:

    Hello bloggers, I have a terrible feeling that the next BH target might be to take hostages in a shopping mall in either Abuja, Lagos or Kano just to prove a point as they have been decimated.
    Our security operatives should please watch out..

    • peccavi says:

      They have already done similar in Kano etc, just we didn’t have live streaming media

    • jimmy says:

      BH has repeatedly tried (Thank God) and Human Intel to infiltrate Lagos. One of the unwritten stories of this war is how many of them have tried. Early 2014 an attempt was made.Since no one officially said anything I kept quiet. When the incoming GOC disclosed it recently I kept quiet. No one city is immune however Lagos and Kano has been especially costly for BH.
      Yes it can happen because a soft target whether it is in Paris,London or Lagos is a soft target. However where the SF are today in terms of equipment, logistics and response time is a totally different story.

    • jimmy says:

      Also do not forget the costly attack on the Prison in Abuja. The result? 20 dead including all escapees.

      • ozed says:

        In the intelligence world, its the failures that are public knowledge while the successes are never heard of and thus no celebrations.

        Almost sad but that’s the way it works.

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