Nigerian troops, a Toyota gun truck and REVA MRAPs in an operational area

14 November,2015

Military troops on counterinsurgency operation in the Northeast yesterday repelled a daring attack on its base in Borno’s Gwoza town by Boko Haram.

Sources said the insurgents launched attack on an army base in the town around 2.30am on Friday and made bold moves to take over the base but troops on alert engaged the insurgents in a shoot-out, killing no fewer than seven.

Media Coordinator, Operation Lafiya Dole (Counter-Insurgency Operation), Colonel Tukur Gusau, confirmed the incident at a news briefing yesterday, saying, the Islamic sect made a desperate, but costly attempt at an “army’s blocking position.”

“Boko Haram terrorists despite their obvious losses made a desperate but costly attempt to attack Nigerian Army’s blocking position early this morning in Gwoza. The encounter which started at about 5.00am today (Friday) lasted for almost two hours,” he stated.

He said troops were still pursuing some of the insurgents who fled into Sambisa, a major Boko Haram hideout, “with a view to eliminate all of them” as men of the Nigerian Air Force bombard their locations

He said some weapons and fighting vehicles were recovered from the insurgents. These include, Toyota Hilux vehicle, 11 AK-47 rifles, Shilka gun, rocket propelled grenade tube and six hand grenades. Others include, several rounds of Shilka gun and machine gun ammunition.

He maintained that Boko Haram’s ability to carry out violent attacks as “a coherent fighting force” has been “degraded over time” by troops through sustained onslaught, patrols and aerial bombardments. He described the attack as a failed attempt to project an image of strength, saying it was part of the last struggles of a dying evil.

Gwoza is located some 135 kms southeast of Maiduguri.


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  1. solorex says:

    Nigerian Army needs a base right inside this forest-period!
    This forest is the most bombed forest in Africa in the last decade, its vast and you can never flush the vermins out with bombs and rocket-we simply do not have enough fire power to decimate them enough for them to consider abandoning position and fleeing -we have been bombing for hundreds of days and the core is still in tact. We need more fire power-dozens of MLRS, and at least 200 sorties a week.
    In the absence of this fire power-we need to prop up the warrior spirit and invade-we will loose alot to collateral damage but this is the only feasible option now!

    • colloid says:

      ***He said troops were still pursuing some of the insurgents who fled into Sambisa*** This is one reason why we need extensive “eyes-in-the-sky”. More Drones and ISTAR platforms. Even without the troops pursuing them, UAVs could be used to track the fleeing “RAMs” till they get to their hideout(s). Two drones could be stationed at the hideout till Troops or SF launch a raid on the camp–with this, UCAVs should be deployed in case a RAM(or RAMs) wants to escape the onslaught.

      All these attacks by the RAMs are just the kick of a dying horse.

      ***These include, Toyota Hilux vehicle, 11 AK-47 rifles, Shilka gun, rocket propelled grenade tube and six hand grenades. Others include, several rounds of Shilka gun and machine gun ammunition.***
      some of these RAMs must have left with some injured or dead colleagues-in-death messengers. For seven RAMs to have died with 11 recovered AKs, death must had visited more than 4 other RAMs in the offensive.
      Indeed, A Good Terrorist Is A Dead Terrorist. The aim is that all terrorists everywhere MUST be a good terrorist and they SHOULD willingly convert to a good terrorist.

  2. TRIGGER says:


    A team of researchers from China is said to have created a material that could hide the world’s best war machines from the all-seeing eyes of
    the most powerful anti-stealth microwave radars… and they have
    made the technology publicly available.

    Similar materials have been available for some times but the one developed at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology is ten times thinner making it possible to use it to hide anything ranging from ships to planes. Some speculate that it could be even used to construct
    stealth fighter jets.

    The team described the material as “an ultra-thin broadband AFSS absorber with a stretching transformation (ST) pattern for use in ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) applications” in a paper released by the Journal of Applied Physics. It does sound like a mouthful but this is how it works: microwave radars
    broadcast signals and use arrays of antennas to detect them as they
    bounce off objects. This helps radars to see what is obscured by clouds,
    for instance. The new material is capable of absorbing some of these
    signals broadcast to make an object it covers appear smaller than it
    actually is.

    The Huazhong University’s material is made up of several layers and can
    be adjusted to absorb a range of frequencies. “A metal slab sits on top of a layer of thin metal honeycomb, and under that is an ‘active frequency selective surface material’ made of a.04 mm layer of copper resistors
    and capacitors. Underneath all that is a circuit board with semi- conducting diodes and more capacitors,” the Popular Mechanics
    magazine detailed. The research paper is available in its entirety online. In the age when stealth is considered to be one of key components needed to achieve military supremacy, any technological advances in this area will surely attract attention. “As radar detection equipment
    continues to improve, our thin absorbers with broad bandwidth and working in the UHF band will be widely useful,” the team wrote in the

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      I have a funny feeling that stealth technology in Aircrafts as it is, will end up like vehicular armour and personal body armour in the Army. Very effective against under-armed foes but easily neutralised by capable ones. Expect the first rate militaries to have counter stealth defenses in place in no time.

    • lachit says:

      read about it . it is all over the news (online).

      but there is a counter to it according to me. i was thinking and the best way to describe it without being technical ,
      understand how BLACK HOLES are detected (this ia analogy only for layman understanding)

      did any one get it ? 😀

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        Black-holes swallow all forms of energy directed at / around them. If everything disappears, then a black hole might be nearby.
        Master – slave configuration of 2 synchronized radar stations, Station A sends beams at Station B, if unexplained drop in Rads received, then a shielded aircraft / ship / tank is in the radar cone.

      • lachit says:

        respect 😀

        now how to implement it on a single fighter aircraft? 😀

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        Too bulky for single fighter usage. Will be implemented using surface based radars and or AWACS.
        Using modified old-school Ground Controlled Intercept tactics, active large radar sends out radar pulses, smaller non-transmitting synchronized radars pick up signals, analyse and vector in fighters or drones for the kill.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        It is based on tuned electronics, so the easiest method is to work out the frequencies needed to absorb a given radar wavelength, then simply jam them. 😉
        …Bird becomes visible.

  3. Sir Kay says:

    ICC lists 8 possible war crimes against Nigerian military, Boko Haram

    These useless people, what exactly is the ICC going to do to terrorists? Arrest them? idiots. Like these guys care about some stupid court

    • mmekaa says:

      dont mind the clowns.i guess they have to do something no matter how silly or idiotic it is.its all about justifying their huge budget and salaries.when the us is charged for their actions in iraq and afghanistan as well as syria and libya or saudi arabia for their actions in yemen,then i’ll probably start taking icc seriously

      • Are James says:

        My major issue is taking both sides as equal in the conflict. This is about as ridiculous as taking the US and Al Qaeda as equal in the context of the 9/11 attacks.
        The truth is one side is just the criminals and we have been trying to round them up for the past seven years. The criminals don’t know, recognize or obey Geneva convention and they never will. They also won’t ever make themselves available for ICC prosecution so the CIC is just acting a paper tiger here and trying for relevance. Even when we catch Boko terrorists , it is Nigerian law interpretation institutions that they face not ICC.

  4. trigger says:

    terrorism is everybody’s war.
    Frances just suffered a huge blow, people died. innocent civilians, men and women who are just like you and i.. people who are not in the position of power, people THAT did not participate in the rape of Africa. people that were not even born yet then.
    i know we all feel hatred and anger for the former masters of imperialism but i plead for restraint. let the mourning for the newly dead end before we begin our bashing and Tongue lashing.



    those that believed that France stole our resources, i ask you one question.


    they did nothing, they stood by and watched while they line their pockets with stolen money.


    France needs the worlds support now. SIMPLE!!


    France HAS PLEDGE MILITARY ASSISTANCE to a regional force engaged in the fight against Nigeria-based terror group Boko Haram. The
    announcement was made as Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari
    is in France for a three-day visit to talk about defence, security, trade
    and investments with his counterpart François Hollande.
    Col. Marc Humbert, the French defence attache HAS PRAISED the
    President Muhammadu Buhari-led government for its efforts to
    wipe out Boko Haram insurgency in the country.
    According to PM News, Humbert said this on Wednesday,
    September 2, when he visited the Nigerian Army Language Institute
    at Ovim in Isuikwuato, Abia state.
    He said that Nigeria and France HAS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP and that a
    project was underway to establish exchange programmes that will
    involve Nigerian soldiers and French military institutions.
    He DONATED some TEXT BOOKS to the institution and explained that
    the relationship between the two countries would help Nigeria in its
    current predicament.
    The French government has promised that it will HELP NIGERIA TRACE LOOTED FUNDS.
    French President Francois Hollande made the promise in Paris at a closed-door meeting he had with President Muhammadu Buhari in Paris on Monday.
    Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari CALLED ON FRANCE to provide more INTELLIGENCE AND AIR SUPPORT in the fight against the Boko Haram Islamist armed group when he met French leader François Hollande this week, he told RFI on Wednesday. A FRANCO-NIGERIAN high command is to be set up, RFI understands.

  5. Kola Adekola says:

    This article is quite interesting for the discussion of methods Israel employed to tackle suicide bombers:

  6. Roscoe says:

    Good job, the 7th div should nickname themselves. They have really become a fighting unit over the past year. What shall it be? The Boys of Borno, Adeoshuns Men, Or some Kanuri name meaning Seven…. What thinks the blog 🙂 Of course it is up to the men and women of the 7th to nick name themselves if they want to. I just love their evolution from a misfit unit composed of disparate brigades/battalions into a lethal body of men.

  7. jimmy says:

    Since I cannot log on to your web page (i have tried many times let me say this discreetly here)
    The AMANI Exercise was a show piece for the South Africans and their pride would be hurt anytime anything negative is said even if it is true.
    * it also highlights the danger that a lot of African countries are potentially in who really do not have a clue of what urban / close quarter/dirty street fighting is all about, God help them!!!, the AMANI Exercise represented war scenarios closer to the 70s and ww2 images of set pieces
    The wars that are being fought now do not bear any resemblance to this exercise, there was a clip of a S’african soldier who was in a badger and she was her taking her time firing her mortar round against the boko savages armed with a dshk she would of been shredded,.
    To me the simultaneous battles over three/ four locations at once in MAIDUGURI/ YOBE/ parts of ADAMAWA were not reflected, it looked more like set pieces from one grid location to the next
    Without giving Nigerian Military tactics away it would of been more effective if these forces had to fight using very unorthodox methods,…….. hint hint there should of been a lot more highly mobile special forces .

    • Henry says:

      “There egos hurt”….. While Nigerian troops learn nothing.

      They are trying to tell us that old, 70s tactics are relevant today, and we should be happy that we are learning 70s tactics when we face a modern day enemy.

      The fact is, the Nigerian contingent did not learn anything from Amani Africa, or are they telling us the Nigerian Air force which has over 2000 transport sorties in 7 months in both Strategic and Tactical lift operations is only now learning to perform tactical and strategic lifts?

      • jimmy says:

        A typical battalion of Battalion of Battle tested SF who fought in the NE would have laughed their asses of at this exercise , but to each his own oga Henry as they say Denial is not the name of a River in Africa. Lol.
        The danger that S’Africa faces is that they have yet to face a very bad Enemy in a coin Fight and when they do in an urban setting it will not be funny at all .God help them.

    • Augustine says:

      Thanks for speaking the truth on AMANI exercise Oga Jimmy. Only the truth will move Africa forward. Self deceit brings no progress.

  8. Sokoto says:

    HI everybody
    Do we need to create Nigerian Anti-Terrorists Agency (NATA) ? DSS is not enough ?
    but still the situation is like that for me is a Big YES, and also why since Pr Buhari take power we have no weapons acquisitions? I think that in war time is one of the best thing to do, and also we have other enemies witin the country and neighbors who are not very friendly and dont forget the presence of Frensh and Us Troops all around Nigeria…

  9. zachary999 says:

    ”So far the total extra budgetary interventions articulated by the committee is Six Hundred and Forty Three Billion, Eight Hundred and Seventeen Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Eight Hundred and Eighty Five Hundred Naira and Eighteen Kobo (N643,817,955,885.18).
    ”The foreign currency component is to the tune of Two Billion, One Hundred and Ninety Three Million, Eight Hundred and Fifteen Thousand US Dollars and Eighty Three Cents ($2,193,815,000.83).
    ”These amounts exclude grants from the State Governments and funds collected by the DSS and Police. It was observed that in spite of this huge financial intervention, very little was expended to support defense procurement.
    ”The committee also observed that of 513 contracts awarded at $8,356,525,184.32; N2,189,265,724,404.55 and €54,000.00; Fifty Three (53) were failed contracts amounting to $2,378,939,066.27 and N13,729,342,329.87 respectively.
    ”Interestingly, it was noted that the amount of foreign currency spent on failed contracts was more than double the $1bn loan that the National Assembly approved for borrowing to fight the insurgency in the North East.
    It further divulged that”The committee also discovered that payments to the tune of Three Billion, Eight Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (N3,850,000,000.00) were made to a single company by the former NSA without documented evidence of contractual agreements or fulfilment of tax obligations to the FGN.
    Further findings, according to the presidency, has revealed ”that between March 2012 and March 2015, the erstwhile NSA, Lt Col MS Dasuki (rtd) awarded fictitious and phantom contracts to the tune of N2,219,188,609.50, $1,671,742,613.58 and €9,905,477.00. The contracts which were said to be for the purchase of 4 Alpha Jets, 12 helicopters, bombs and ammunition were not executed and the equipment were never supplied to the Nigerian Air Force, neither are they in its inventory.
    The statement said that,”Even more disturbing was the discovery that out of these figures, 2 companies, were awarded contracts to the tune of N350,000,000.00, $1,661,670,469.71 and €9,905,477.00 alone. This was without prejudice to the consistent non-performance of the companies in the previous contracts awarded.
    ”Additionally, it was discovered that the former NSA directed the Central Bank of Nigeria to transfer the sum of $132,050,486.97 and €9,905,473.55 to the accounts of Societe D’equipmente Internationaux in West Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America for un-ascertained purposes, without any contract documents to explain the transactions.

    • Augustine says:

      I am speechless….did all this happen to our billion dollar war funds?

      • Augustine says:

        Of the total extra-budgetary defence/war intervention fund of $3.3 billion spent, the forex part of this case gives me extra concern, the $2.2 billion :

        “The Foreign currency component is to the tune of TWO BILLION DOLLARS ($2,193,815,000). It was observed that in spite of this huge financial intervention, VERY LITTLE was expended to support DEFENCE PROCUREMENT.”

    • rugged7 says:

      Bros, sorry, i don’t do trial on pages of a newspaper.
      Too much propaganda going on in Nigeria.
      You can’t tell which one is true and which is fake
      If they have anything on the chap, prove it in court and pin him to the wall.
      Otherwise, they should zip their mouths.

      • jimmy says:

        I believe they have a LOT on this guy.This guy if we are to believe his own Father in law was responsible in the last days of the administration for overseeing the entire procurement process,
        It is unprecedented and unheard of to surround an NSA’ S house for 72 straight hours defying a judge’s order unless you have exceptional extenuating circumstances
        It is also worth noting that some of the weapons that have been received as recent as June/August were predictably delayed.
        I cannot for the life of me understand that it is sheer coincidental that the quality and quantity of weapons increased significantly, once a change in the person Manning the post of NSA changed.
        It is regrettable we had to renegotiate the contract for second hand SU25 and MI35 because they were grossly inflated,other than the damming evidence that continues to pile up Lt Colonel Sambo Dasuki (Rtd) will go down in history as the greatest NSA .Nigeria has ever had.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Jimmy, i have become increasingly circumspect and skeptical.
        Let me be clear, if dasuki made gains from the death of our soldiers-that is blood money and he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
        BUT, trial on newspaper pages is ludicrous. And we have seen a lot of that recently- deziani, okonjo iweala, etc without anyone brought to book.
        You investigate someone and you don’t invite him to make statements?
        Then, weapons acquisition corruption from 2007 to 2011 and the only person u come up with is dasuki???
        Pre-dating when he became NSA…?
        What is wrong with that picture???

    • Roscoe says:

      This should be easy enough for the Government to prove, 2 billion USD cant wake up and disappear .

  10. zachary999 says:

    The blood money is just too much. There is absolutely anyone in the defence community who did not know that this was happening in the last 3 years.

    Just to put things in context with a simple example, Ethiopia bought 200 T-72 tanks for $100m from Russia.

    We had enough funds to fight this war and modernize our armed forces to combat readiness status. We have lost a great opportunity and window because for a long time with depressed oil prices , we would never get the kind of funding that this guys got.

    I recall everyone in this forum kept asking for the details of the $1bn loan ! It is only in Nigeria that defence procurements have billions of dollars signed on blank pages.

    In all this, what is the business of the NSA with defence procurement ? Apart from issuing end user certificate ?

    • Henry says:

      “If they don chop our money, they better vomit that money oh!!”

      This is beyond ridiculous. Weren’t the 12 Helicopters supposed to come from Belarus as part of a soft loan? I mean apart from (3) MI-35 Helicopters what did Nigeria actually get?

      • ozed says:

        If the man has done all of this, then he and all those remotely associated with this should be ‘beheaded’. However, we have seen too much propaganda with this govt to take any of this serious. Dont forget :

        1. the brouhaha about $20b missing according to the Emir,which became a major stick in the hands of APC for beating the last govt and today almost 6 months after a new anti corruption govt got into place we have heard zero!! Not even a repeat investigation has been ordered!!!
        2. The noise after the US trip about people selling almost 1 million barrels of oil daily and pocketing the money also ziltch today about it!!! in deed the funniest thing is that 6 months after the ‘saints’ took power, our earnings have actually not changed significantly leaving one to wonder if this govt is also selling and pocketing crude oil??
        3. So called wholesale withdrawals of cash from CBN on the eve of the last elections not only zero heard, but the same CBN governor is still sitting there!!!

        I guess the next few months will show us if these matters can stand up in court. However, if this allegation also goes the way of the ones above, then the aggrieved parties should really make legal claims of defamation of character against the Presidency!!!

    • Kay says:

      All we know is that the funds allocated did not match the equipment on ground. No ghost surely wrote the cheques for the missing change. Whoever is responsible should be charged as an accomplice to terrorism.
      Haul everyone in including Mr Eze.

      • ozed says:

        Are my fears coming to pass or what???

        In my admittedly uninformed view, there is certainly corruption in Nigeria’s defense procurement. In deed there has always been.
        The question is was the last administration the worst?? Quite possibly!

        However, we must do a diligent job in proving it!!! What is playing out is like i feared, we are so blinded by hatred and the drive for vengeance that we are not even doing a good job of something that is not so difficult to do.

        Why in the world would you conclude on an investigation without hearing from the man being indicted? Or has the panel actually finished their work?? Did someone who is blinded by fear and hate regarding the ex-NSA’s proposed health trip panic and order the panel to release an interim report to justify holding the man from traveling?

        If this is true then this govt just lost a little more credibility in my eyes.

      • Are James says:

        Why are you suddenly after more diligence in proof. There was a panel set up and they have discovered plenty. I think it is a no brainer. They are saying as much as $5.3bn was spent. How many tanks did we buy?. How many SU 30s are staffing Sambisa. I have had too many run ins with people expressing views that add up to selective pampering of people in high offices it is becoming exasperating. Human rights are being abused I’m the most inhuman manner in Nigeria everyday, why have you not concerned yourself with that but that of a favoured prince, ex army officer and ex NSA? . Does he bleed green blood?

    • Roscoe says:

      Deeply saddened, some of us tried to give the previous admin credit. This is a failure on many levels. It shows the need for full transparency in Military Procurement, corruption thrives in the shadows, in secrecy, why are we hiding procurements? From who? We are not getting any super weapons, just bread and butter conventional munitions.

  11. trigger says:

    Is China and Pakistan taking the world for a ride?


    Asian Thunder: China Signs Deal to Sell JF-17 Fighters
    China has reportedly confirmed that it has finalized a contract to export JF-17 fighter jets. An agreement on the sale of JF-17 Thunder fighter jets was announced by China during the 14th Dubai International Air Show, media reports said.
    The JF-17 Thunder is a lightweight single-seat multirole supersonic combat aircraft which is jointly developed by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the Chinese Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation.
    About 50 percent of the on-board equipment and avionics for the third
    generation fighter is manufactured in Pakistan at the Kamra plant, while the rest of its parts come from China. PAF to order 40 JF-17 Thunder
    Block-2 fighter jets. Twin seat JF-17-B prototype to fly next year.
    First export order signed.

    — Pakistan Defence (@defencepk) 15
    ноября 2015
    According to Pakistani Air Vice
    Marshal Arshad Malik, a total of 60
    JF-17 Thunder fighters have already been purchased by the Pakistan Air
    Force, which he said will procure 40 more such planes in the future.
    Number of countries show interest in buying Super Mushshak training aircraft and JF-17 Thunder fighter
    — Dr Barkat SOOMRO
    (@DrBarkatSoomro) 9 ноября 2015
    He said that the JF-17 Thunder
    fighters “will soon be deployed into combat.” Malik added that during the next few years, the JF-17 fighters will be equipped with advanced data links, electronic combat capability and new guided weapons.

    Wake-up call for India!

    There was no immediate word on which country had agreed to buy
    the JF-17 Thunder fighters, but earlier it had been reported that the air forces of Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Burma, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Uruguay and Sri Lanka had repeatedly expressed interest in buying the aircraft.
    After the modernization, the JF-17 will most likely make forays into the international market, where it will replace Cold War-era second
    generation fighter jets such as the
    Soviet-made MiG-21, the US-made F-5 and the French-made Mirage III and Mirage 5.

  12. Kola Adekola says:

    Fly the flag!!

    Nigerian professor solves 150 year old maths problem (Riemann Hypothesis)
    Has a maths problem, which has gone more than 150 years without a solution, finally been solved by Nigerian academic Dr. Opeyemi Enoch? The Riemann Hypothesis was first proposed by Bernhard Riemann in 1859. If it is confirmed that he is the first person to provide a solution, Dr. Enoch could scoop a million dollar prize. (The interview was conducted with Dr Enoch on the basis that his solution is correct and that he has won the prize.)

  13. Deway says:

    A complete mess we have at the office of NSA and MoD

  14. abdulrahman says: the embattled ex NSA has issued an official statement.we should not hasten to hang dasuki.

    • Are James says:

      If you read this carefully and with pencil and paper you will find that the sums don’t add up to $5.3bn which he did not deny. What I see him saying here is that he was not called to defend himself which is not surprising and that other people from the three services were involved…so he was just handling payments. If you add up everything the total sums involved are well below $900million so where is the change.

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