by Rafiu Ajakaye
Lagos, Nigeria

The arrest of secessionist Biafra activist Nnamdi Kanu on Oct. 19 has been followed by a wave of popular agitation in the southeastern region of Nigeria, which is largely populated by the Igbo tribe.

Since the beginning of November, thousands of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have shut down markets in the Aba, Abia State, following a three-day protest march on Nov. 6. Demonstrators called for the release of Kanu, whose broadcasts on his pirate Radio Biafra have rallied members of the Igbo tribe in southeastern Nigeria.

Ryan Cummings, chief Africa analyst for Red24, a crisis management
assistance firm, told Anadolu Agency on Monday that the agitation could well go out of control if the country does not handle it properly and within legal boundaries.

Long identified as a security threat by the Nigerian state,secessionist Biafra activist Nnamdi Kanu was picked up by the secret police on October 19 on his arrival from the U.K. Security agents are holding him for alleged offenses ranging from sedition, running of an illegal radio station, ethnic incitement and treasonable felony.If found guilty, Kanu risks the maximum penalty of a death sentence or a long jail term.

The 48-year old Kanu spearheads the movement to rally the country’s ethnic Igbo people to the idea of a separate Biafra republic, a reawakening of the secessionist bid that was crushed in the country’s 30-month civil war of 1967. But much more alarming is his sanctioning violence against ethnic Hausa Fulani people and to an extent the Yoruba. He posits that both tribes conspire to put down the Igbo people. Although Kanu had been granted bail,the government says he has yet to fulfill the conditions for release.He
remains in detention.

Analysts say mass unemployment, poverty and perceived injustice and political alienation of the Igbo from political power in Nigeria have helped to build an army of supporters for Kanu and his ideas. The Nigerian army last week issued a reviewed rule of engagement in which it threatened a crackdown on any activities that target stability in the country.It also warned officers against siding with the secessionists.

Cummings said that the Igbo agitation could turn into terrorist violence of the type perpetrated by the savage Boko Haram group. “There are indeed parallels which can be drawn here,” Cummings said. “The attempts to silence Kanu would seem to be outside the rule of law.This will only deepen anti-government sentiment among his support base and could have violent ramifications for a part of Nigeria which is still healing from the Biafran civil war,” he warned

Kanu has indeed said that he would achieve independence for Biafra even if it meant going to war. He was once caught soliciting for weapons to prosecute his struggle. For much of this year, Kanu has been traveling around the world galvanizing support for Biafran agitation. Last year however, he supported the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party ahead of 2015 general election.He campaigned for then incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the south, against opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari, a Hausa Fulani Muslim from the northern region.

The relationship between Nigeria and IPOB officially went sour after the election of Buhari this year.Kanu started using his Radio Biafra to
broadcast hate messages against the government of Buhari and to incite violence against other tribes.The Biafran conflict was the result of two military coups, the first January 15, 1966, which ousted the country’s first civilian leaders, and installed a pro-Igbo regime. In July 1966,a counter coup led by northern military officers ousted the Igbo group and killed top Igbo officers. This was followed by a pogrom against the Igbo.

On May 30, 1967, Igbo army officer Emeka Ojukwu declared the landmass comprising the entire old Eastern Region independent of Nigeria. The Nigerian state almost immediately declared war against the region in which 2 million Igbo died. The war came to an end on January 15, 1970 after the Biafran troops conceded defeat.

Since the return of the Nigerian democracy in 1999, no Igbo has been elected president. No Igbo has held strategic military positions like the chief of army staff until Jonathan picked Lt Gen Azubuike Ihejirika as the army chief in 2012.To be sure, in the current Buhari government, a number of Igbo politicians have now been appointed into key ministerial positions. But frustration from perceived disenfranchisement still abounds in the southeast.

Kanu’s secessionist movement seems to have benefited from this
frustration. While a large segment of the Igbo community appears lukewarm to the latest agitation, Kanu seems to have gained a good following across the region – at least as confirmed by the size of the protest.

Perreregno Brimah,a public affairs commentator, told Anadolu Agency on Friday that Kanu is a dangerous political activist whose antics he said threaten public peace. While Brimah concedes that Nigeria had mismanaged the Boko Haram crisis, he does not think that Kanu’s IPOB should be tolerated.”While people may think that,because in the past terrorism arose when we clamped down on agitation, I am not of this opinion,” he said.

Asking not to be named, a top security analyst and publisher of Nigeria’s most respected blog on security and military matters, BeegEaglesblog, told Anadolu Agency: “What is worrisome about these protests is the fervor and refusal to back down on the part of the agitators. This had not not been characteristic of pro-Biafra agitations until now,” he said. “The likelihood that the Southeast in particular could become a theatre of armed conflict in the not-too-distant future has never seemed so imminent since the end of the Nigerian Civil War in 1970,” he added.

But the security analyst said Nigeria cannot afford another insurgency at the moment, citing the Boko Haram crisis, ongoing containment of the militants in the oil rich Niger delta, and a struggling economy. “It might be expedient for Nigeria to seek non-coercive measures aimed at defusing the tense situation engendered by the agitation of the IPOB across parts of the Southeast and Niger Delta,” according to the analyst.

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  1. Ola says:

    Good job Beegeagle! The same opinion I shared with a friend. Nigeria needs to be careful here. The current president threatened blood flow if he did not win, yet he was not locked up. Just as Asari Dokubo was also allowed to be inciting hate in the society.
    It is high time the Nigerian police is made transparent, more potent and better coordinated with the judicial system. People like Kalu, Asari Dokubo and some other Northern elements inciting hate and societal unrest should all be investigated, arrested with a warrant by the police if overwhelming evidences of their treasonable acts are there and tried without delay in a competent court, all in a transparent manner. Nigeria cannot risk a war on two fronts, unfortunately police heavy handedness and sudden arrest and detention without trials could well lead to another situation in the South East if the trend is not stopped!

    • eyimola says:

      Please what war? Fact if the South East wants to secede, they will, and nobody will do anything to seriously stop them. In fact there appears to be a reasonable pro Biafra sentiment in many non Igbo parts of the country. The real security threat is the loss of lives as millions of people relocate in order not to be on the wrong side of the border (A bit like the partitioning of India)

      • Are James says:

        I don’t agree with you sir. No sitting president will fold his hands and watch succession . It is carefully inserted into the oath of office of President.

        The succession movement will not succeed for a lot of reasons. The region is already a hotbed and Boko Haram would love a move down south and they are not rational operators.
        Cameroon would also love to have a go …but more importantly there are civil structures on ground and a maturing democracy in the country. The governors who are CSOs of those will resist erosion of their authotity and we will see divisions within those states between pro and anti Biafra forces.

        The unfortunate way these things end is a war that lasts at least 15 years complete with ethnic cleansing and confiscation of properties.

        In that time, the central side has all cards to play from outright military clampdown to less violent but more destructive measures. Whatever happens it is going to set the region back a long time. Let us not even imagine what happens to the civilians caught up in that region.

      • rugged7 says:

        @ Are James…
        There will come a time when no sitting president can do anything about a secession. At the rate we are going.
        We keep sweeping injustice and inequity under the carpet and shouting “one Nigeria”.
        Nigeria’s foundations are intrinsically unstable.
        Everybody knows that but we all keep on pretending.
        Pray, why is it that every few years violence erupts -sharia, beauty pagent, akaluka, igbo pogroms,boko haram, niger delta, southern kaduna, middle belt, fulani herdsmen, OPC,NADECO, Biafra, Odi, Shite violence, ife/modakeke, aguleri/umuleri etc
        We have to correct these fundamental anomalies, otherwise, be it 1 year or 1000 years, just like yugoslavia and the soviet union, an implosion will occur…

  2. Kay says:

    Restructure the country. Time to set things right. If all that is done and there’s still talk of secession, then hopefully by then it can be done amicably. As for the current rable rouser in custody, he should be tried for his numerous speeches of hate, incitements and intents to carry weapons against the country.

    • rugged7 says:

      I agree, try him for treason
      But in the spirit of equity and “change”, also try those who have said worse things long before him.
      …. and have even carried weapons against the Nigerian state.
      From asari dokubo down in the south, to gani adams in the west, to buhari in the north-who said and i quote “a fight against boko haram, is a fight against the north”
      This blatant hypocrisy in Nigeria has to end someday.

      • rdokoye says:

        The reality is that many Nigerians don’t care, simply because they feel, if a Biafra conflict breaks out, it will not affect them. They make the mistake of drawing parallels between a rag-tag terrorist group and a secessionist movement. If there is armed conflict, most of the fighting will not be in the Eastern region.

        That aside, Nigeria has been in existence for decades, if it hasn’t happened already (issues of equality), then it likely never will.

      • eyimola says:

        Can you please post evidence of the statement you credited to the president? I have been asking for evidence of this now for a couple of years when it was first reported, without anyone being able to provide it.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Eyinmola, here you are (an article from (03 Jun 2013):

        Buhari: Military Offensive against Boko Haram, Anti-north –

        I won’t be surprised if ThisDay is bullied to scrub the article, so best save it for keepsake.

      • Kay says:

        while he seems to lack any military background or knowledge, his speeches were borderline distasteful and inciting. Entertaining calls of some of his followers to openly proclaim on air to kill others (possibly innocents) is how a movement gets to borderline terrorism by translating words to action. Calling or plotting for weapons to fight the state is treasonous.

        End of the day, sticking point is that there is an angst at the state of the country especially from the SE. If I had my way, let the ND get resource control and possible compromise with everyone else to make sure they get a fair deal. If not enough, then probably by the time all means are exhausted, there can be a very amicable political solution.
        By the time, we spend all the years fighting and destroying the bare bones on ground now, when exactly are we going to start on the path to a developed society.

      • Ola says:

        And here is where your president promised blood flow if 2015 elections goes awry.

      • Are James says:

        This promise of blood flow was in context. Let me tell you about the worst kind of marginalization in Nigeria – vote stealing. The ultimate disrespect of a people is when politicians right elections and impose the wrong candidates on the people. I rate it as worse than rape. The politician who steals votes will go on to steal money on a massive scale. Personally I supported this statement. There has to be consequences for actions. I don’t even think the man retracted the statement. During the last elections he simply amended it to cast your votes and wait around the polling booths and returning center to defend it.

      • Are James says:

        This promise of blood flow was in context. Let me tell you about the worst kind of marginalization in Nigeria – vote stealing. The ultimate disrespect of a people is when politicians right elections and impose the wrong candidates on the people. I rate it as worse than rape. The politician who steals votes will go on to steal money on a massive scale. Personally I supported this statement. There has to be consequences for actions. I don’t even think the man retracted the statement. During the last elections he simply amended it to cast your votes and wait around the polling booths and returning center to defend those votes.

    • ozed says:

      The call for self determination and in some cases outright secession in the East have never been far from the surface since the end of the Civil war. Unfortunately while the ending of the civil war was managed admirably, the assimilation of the ibos after the war has been terribly mismanaged.
      The Nigerian nation has chosen to pretend the war never happened, sweeping it under the carpet, thus the huge mound we now see under our national landscape today (hehehe).
      Luckily we are still far from a shooting war (and far may we remain from it), most of the protests have been relatively peaceful except where the law enforcement forces have attempted to put them down.

      In my view people must be allowed to air their views. No body (to the best of my knowledge) has been killed for wanting Basque separation or Catalonia separation in Spain. I dont see why those who want Biafra today should be viciously put down. If anything will drive the Ibos to war, i suspect that might just be it (whether they will succeed or not and the impact on the Nigerian state is a different question).

      For my Ibo brothers, allow me to say that the challenges to Nation building are the same everywhere whether in Nigeria or in Biafra. The sort of greedy selfish politicians (ibo and non-ibo) who have consigned the South East to where it is today will still exist in ‘Biafra’ post secession. If we had any special solutions for checkmating them in ‘the new Biafra’ shouldn’t we perhaps apply them today in Nigeria, and turn the South East into the economic core of Nigeria. I think that challenge is a far more tractable one than an outright secession.

      As to the future of the Nigerian state, with all the imbalances and structural inequities we have embodied in the Polity. If they are not addressed and swiftly too, this Union will collapse anyway with or without the efforts of ‘Biafrans’. All the Biafrans need to do is prepare themselves economically for self sustenance and apply the patience of the Vulture.

      All said, Nigeria has the potential to be one of the greatest Nations in the World, but to realize the potential all the parties must be fair to one another and imbibe the spirit of live and let live!!

      • Are James says:

        The only views you should not valid permitted to air is division of the country or secession. That is an act of levying war on Nigeria. It is an insult and an act of intellectual violence on those who plan to be in Nigeria. Many SE Nigerians have national ambitions. Some young people from there want to be president , minsters ando inventors solving our pecu liar problems and taking over the world from there. What this funny guy who was arrested was trying to unilaterally frustrate those ambitions because they share the same tribal background with him.
        We have the tyranny of the audacious playing before our eyes and if I were the President personally I would burry the guy so deep his parents would forget he was even conceived.

      • Are James says:

        *not be permitted to air*

      • Naijaseal says:

        @ozed, thank u for this succient answer. How and if a people decide to live together should not be above discussion. Those stating that we can not discuss our coexistence are wrong. Even the US, states like Texas often talk about seceding. This refusal to discuss basic things like our “federation” is why demagogues like Nnamdi Kanu thrive in Nigeria

        For the records, my stand is an equitable, just & fair Nigeria, where people will not be killed based on their ethnicity or religious belief

  3. eyimola says:

    Can anyone explain to me which ethnic group is oppressing or marginalising others in the Federation? Is there anything such as a cultural or political North? What will be the consequences of an Igbo secession when the are the most travelled group in the Federation? Should the country sit by and let Nnamdi Kanu raise money to buy arms as he has been recorded doing?
    Why does an Igbo secession have to lead to conflict?

    • ozed says:

      Good Questions my bro.
      In my view, secession need not lead to war!! The only reason it appears to point in that direction here is that i can assure you that once the Ibos are allowed to go peacefully (without the South South). Very soon you will hear the South South and South West pushing in the same direction.

      Should Nnamdi Kanu be allowed to buy arms? Certainly not. If there is proof of that he should be tried under the relevant laws and punished!!!

      How would Ibo secession work given the fact that Ibos are the most traveled group in the Union?? Secession does not mean perpetual enmity. Ibos live in and do business in Benin, Gabon, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea (as well as most other places where oxygen and H2O are in abundant supply), why should they not be welcome in the South West and North if they procure appropriate visas etc? In deed are you suggesting the fulani cattle rearers would no longer traverse the region to the lucrative markets in Umuahia, onithsa, PH etc. i don’t see that happening except the ibos decide to revert permanently to chicken meat i.e. no more suya, kilishi, dambo nama et al –very tough oo.

      Secession would be a sad eventuality because i really believe Nigeria has the potential to be far greater than the sum of its parts. However, nigeria’s progress will require hard work, and if the parties are too selfish to put in the required hard work, then the union should be peaceably set aside rather than hold everyone down. And if it did happen(i.e. secession) it should not be seen as the end of the World!! My two pence!

    • Are James says:

      There is the marginalization of an economic class. There is a marginalization of a demographic – the youths, but there is no tribally driven marginalization and there never will be.

  4. Kola Adekola says:

    I remember the period I kept posting that the major security threat to Nigeria is a lack of identity, born of a thorough lack of belonging for huge sections of our population. Right now, its sad to say, but our only bond is oil, not the value of the citizen; we lack a shared destiny.

    We are likely to lose both the South East and Niger Delta with the current approach. Nigeria had a national conference last year, we can start by holding a referendum on it. If people feel oppressed and maltreated, like prisoners in their own country, then no amount of coercion will stop them breaking free. This is a sad and painfully obvious fact. What if we had no oil?

    There is no part of Nigeria that cannot survive without oil, so let us not throw everything away, just because we think that dividing oil money in a fake federal system is the only way forward. Oil is a curse.
    The only way forward is investment in the citizen, their varied cultures and our huge population. It is incredible to realise that outside of oil, the average person in either Lagos or Delta state earns about 7 times the average person in Jigawa state… 7 times!!! All because of dividing oil. Today, we have at least 15 million almajiri’s in Kano state all because money still flows from oil when the future generation goes uneducated, abused and is not invested in.

    Brain power and population size should be our money pot, not oil.

  5. Omonon says:

    I saw this post on face book:
    Joe Igbokwe drops another Bombshell !


    “Yinka Odumakin, Iyiola Omisore, Olu Falae etc. are miserable election losers. They are yet to come to terms with this crushing defeat.
    Look at Chief Olu Falae telling the whole world that there would have been civil war if the kidnappers had killed him.
    MKO Abiola, Bola Ige, Kudirat Abiola, Elegbede, Suliat, Rewane, Omotosho, Onagoruwa, all died in the days of locust and Yoruba did not go to war.
    Ndi ala, ndi nzuzu. When they fail in national politics they go back to play ethnic politics and they resort to blackmail, primordial sentiments, ethnic preoccupation, intimidation, harassment and subterfuge.
    Oro pe si je!!
    Look at them. Look on their faces and see the mark of defeat.
    Ask Yinka Odumakin about Goodluck Jonathan’s Prado jeeps, the pounds and dollars he was distributing all over the Southwest that came to nothing. They did not know when the train left the station.
    In the East the same miserable losers are shouting for Biafra.
    Biafra my foot!
    Did these efulefus see or witness the civil war?
    I was booed in an Igbo church in Lagos when I told them Buhari has won the election. I told them that 11 states cannot defeat 25 states. I told them that two zones cannot defeat four zones but Goodluck Jonathan’s dollars and pounds looted from our national treasury beclouded their sense of reasoning. Now these shameless losers are shouting for Biafra.
    Other leaders from other zones in Nigeria wisely strategize for position but shameless Igbo leaders in Ohaneze, aka Ikenga, Ndigbo Lagos, and Igbo traders strategize for money.
    Look here, I am very angry with my Igbo leaders. They have no shame. Did they not see the hand writing on the wall? They should all leave Buhari alone to fix Nigeria. They all joined hands with PDP and looted to the bare bones with Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Patience Jonathan,” Says Joe Igbokwe.

  6. Kay says:

    By the way, the government should also handle this with tact and care. Use of violence (killing or murder), against protesters who have been peaceful is stupid, counterproductive and can escalate to other dimensions.

  7. jimmy says:

    I do not believe the individual has anything good to offer my IGBO BROTHERS AND SISTERS @ LARGE.
    Nigeria was in existence long before KANU came into EXISTENCE and will be in Existence long after he has left this world.
    KANU came to Los Angeles California not to talk about marginalization but to openly talk about buying weapons and Killing other Ethnic groups for no other reason than the fact that they are Yoruba or Hausa.
    There is a very big difference between Asari / Gani Adams and the rest of the other blow hards, When asked about the other regions the South / South in particular he hemmed and hawed . When asked about where the process of this Agitation is going by a lady in the audience again he hemmed and hawed.
    The South/ South have never hidden their disdain for this character of a person and yesterday rose as one to not only denounce him but to warn people who are agitating to stay out of predominantly South- South Areas.
    The Gov of River state Wike has issued the same warning,
    Final Conclusion IMHO
    He should not be released, he needs to be charged with Treason
    The people have their GOD – given right to Agitate for whatever they want to agitate – as long as they do not resort to violence- if they do it is written in the Constitution for all the MIGHT of the FGN to restore order.
    Whether KANU worked for GEJ and that GEJ lost is irrelevant. PMB is not GEJ .
    PMB is the only HOS to of participated in two wars ( Nigerian Civil War and Chad) and has said Biafra is not an issue
    For those who think there will be a peaceful secession dream on . For those who think the Nigerian Army now 2015 is the same as 2014 let me say this with dead certain clarity it is a completely different army no one should be under any illusion that if it come to a full scale war what will be the inevitable result – and this time there will be a Victor and a Vanquished.
    Nigeria will be one Nation indivisible under GOD.
    In other news a full scale invasion of Sambisa on MULTIPLE FRONTS HAS BEGUN.

    • Omonon says:

      Oga Jimmy, spot on!

      You speak like a true and responsible citizen.
      God bless you!


      • ozed says:

        When you truly love a Union, you invest to build it. That means compromise.
        we had a National Conference (which may have been flawed) but which clearly showed that most of the segments of the Country are unhappy with status quo.

        If we were wise we would be addressing these concerns, but no we are again sweeping it under the carpet.

        Take my word for it, if we leave these festering issues we will never truly be a nation. We will always be vulnerable to ruthless manipulators (maybe that is what Nnamdi Kanu is, i dont know). Sadly a lot of what i hear above sounds like we think we can build a great nation with the army holding unhappy groups at gun point. unfortunately that would not be a Nation, it would be a Slave colony!!!

  8. Centenary says:

    Oga Rugged7 God bless u for that,our foundation is unstable but we can correct it,British set us up to fail,they made sure that the nation was build on enthic and religious affiliation,how can such a nation stand if not for God,for us to last this long with all the troubles here and there,I do believe their is a bright future,after buhari’s term in office he should be brough to justice for his comments in 2011,all that has incited violence in Nigeria should be brought to book

  9. jimmy says:

    Four down Ninety -Six (96) to go amongst Nigeria’s most wanted

  10. jimmy says:

    Part 2
    Never thought I would stand up for a blow hard
    Asari Dokubo has lambasted the F.G., other Ethnic groups for not supporting GEJ has never openly gone abroad ( Los Angeles California 2015) to solicit weapons to kill other Ethnic groups ( Yoruba and Hausa, He actually has a wife who is from the North.
    Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion that is enshrined in the Nigerian constitution but like An America judge once said ” Freedom of. speech does not give an Individual the right to shout fire in a movie theater/ crowded area when there is no fire”
    When the agitators are asked what happens to those from the East who do not support believe in this succession a very derogatory Igbo word is used, this is the danger I see ,
    When the mythical map is drawn Calabar is always included infuriating people from that region who have no illusions about what will happen again the hemming and hawing begins.
    In 1966 There pogroms in the North of People from the East ( IBO)
    In 2015 IBOS are stretched across the width and breadth of Nigeria and have been accepted and are entrenched in virtually all LGAS outside the war area, are they all going to pack and move home.
    On this Blog it is no different blaming everything on the Nigerian Structure just because one party lost and another party won big—-ng .
    Nigeria is bigger than that and it is not on any wobbly structure , nor do we need to keep blaming the British- it is called life every Country goes through Hard times , bad leaders civil war, corruption, marginalization etc , etc, this was the History of the UK, USA and even Japan
    so why should Nigeria be any different? Eventually , Nigeria will like it or not have an IBO President it is just in the MATH minus the emotion , nothing will happen except disgruntled people will mumble .
    Restructuring/ Referendum are all great ideas and should not be trivialized especially by those who shout the loudest now but when the results and the consequences that do not favor them materialize. OIL as a commodity has seen it hey days ( $100/ barrel) for marginalization to be reduced across the entire Nigeria , diversification of the Economy ( AGRICULTURE, GOLD, BITUMEN, Good leaders at the LG, STATE GOVT & FED GOVT level must be done.

  11. Centenary says:

    This whole biafra stuff is getting tiring

    Some years ago I was discussing with one of my igbo friend about biafra and what he told me was shocking,in his word “do u think that if war came that I will not kill u”,I ask his dad what he thought and he was say all sort of rubbish,then I spoke wit another one and he said that we should all stop fooling ourselves that biafra is just what the SE politician are using to fool the youths,other is it not going to still be the same corrupt present SE politicians that are still going to rule biafra

    They are saying that they are being marginalized,but I keep on asking which marginalisation,cos if my memory serves my right in 2003 did ojukuw not contests for presidency?,he did,did the SE vote for him?,No,other parts of Nigeria even voted for him than they did,Are they not getting their fair share of FG revenue?,they certainly are,so what’s all the furse about

    Nigerians in general don’t know what to fight for,they should fight their politicians cos with or with out Nigeria their story will still remain the same because of corrupt leaders

    Nigeria is getting mature so please I am pleading with every one“GIVE NIGERIA A CHANCE”

  12. Kola Adekola says:

    If this Biafra thing kicks off bloodshed then we will see just how quickly the Niger Delta will join them, because THEY WILL.

    After that, we will learn how the SW is not happy for Lagos to become the new donkey, while everyone else just shares their tax and port money without lifting a finger to work – so the SW will join the secessionist agitation.

    After that, we will learn the true cost of the Jos/Middle Belt massacres on the one hand and boko harams ethnic cleansing of mainly Christian areas on the other. Without doubt, when it all hits the fan, the Middle Belt and Christian portions of the NE will start their own secession bids too.

    If we go to war over Biafra, Nigeria will unravel faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”. Though of course, there will be no shortage of super powers willing to arm factions and lose off a couple of cruise misiles – some “securing the oil”, others “fighting boko haram”, yet others fighting remove “a dictator”. If you think Syria is a mess just wait for Nigeria to absolutely play the fool to learn the true definition of the word “mess”.

    There is nothing joining Nigerians together in a single shared destiny. Without providing a shared destiny for the country, we will continue teetering on the precipice, maybe even falling into a dark chasm from which no nation can rise. The recent national conference offers us a way out; only an unwise person would dream of employing subjugation and coercion on those who do not (or cannot) identify with the phantom federalism which in turn, is simply a corrupt edifice to steal and divide oil money, while the country and the citizens rot away in despair.

    Any system of patronage is corrupt and will always attract demons and vampires to lord over it. That is why Nigeria can hardly ever produce a good leader. 90% who aspire to position only do so to occupy a higher rung in the oil patronage system. There is not a single developed country that shares out money centrally like Nigeria does, our “federalism” is a potent recipe for failure. Right now, we are staring in the abyss, a word is enough for the wise.

    Restructure the country to give true and equal representation to every woman, man, child, to every culture and section. Let hard word work, talent and self-application be our core values, NOT OIL.

    • Are James says:

      The prognosis is not good for Africa and the black man. Nigeria is fulfilling many functions; it is an economic region , it is also a protectorate for many ethnic nationalities and finally it is a defsec union and an arbitrer amongst ethnic groups.
      The scenario for breakup is as follows;
      The Niger Delta will break up into many warlord controlled areas, they will never join or be controlled by Biafra. There will be extremely bloodshed between Urhobo, Ijaw and Itsekiri.The militias of the Calabar areas will also regrow and control individual LGAs. In the north the Kanuri (thecBoko Haram seed tribe) will finally come out and proclaim a Republic. The Fulani , the tribe every other tribe unfairly accuse of being the marginalisers of other tribes in Nigeria will invade most other ethnic regions with highly mobile dastardly militias to secure grazing land and just for the he’ll of it.
      The SW tensions are Oyo confederacy against Ijebu/Ife/Ekiti confederacy, the fault lines are clear and there will also be violence.
      The middle belt will be the worst, there are just too many ethnic nationalities per square kilometer all armed.

      At the end of the day the cause of breakup would be lack of justice, indiscipline, lack of endurance and we would have to go back to those lessons to be prosperous and safe even in our ethnic enclaves. SO WHAT IS THE POINT.

  13. Kay says:

    Meanwhile, Dasuki has released a statement confirming the ’14 T72s’.

    • Deway says:

      None of these guys has any shame nor do they understand how to grow a strong military. 14 old rusty bare bonesT72s from 2013 – 2015, God have mercy, they have no shame.

      • Eeben says:

        When we were in Nigeria training the 72 Mobile Strike Force, we complained on a daily basis about the lack of equipment, weaponry, and equipment to the point that we were eventually told to shut up.
        We had 2 months to prepare our Nigerian colleagues (without equipment) and 1 month in which to conduct operations – with minimal equipment. What 7 Div had, they gave to us even though they themselves needed that equipment.
        What has now come out is the apparent embezzlement of funds earmarked for the NA. Not only is this a very sad revelation, it has also exposed the NA to serious dangers. But, perhaps this finally sheds light on why were never got the equipment we needed for the 72nd.

      • Deway says:

        Woow, you guys did a great job with the 72MSF. Just 3 months to train and deploy with very little resources, and little support from your employers. Thanks Oga Eeben.

  14. mcshegz says:

    VANGUARDNGR.COM: We have no reason to buy weapons outside Nigeria – Onu

    “Barely one week after their formal inauguration, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Wednesday, espoused his vision for the country, saying that Nigeria has no reason to buy weapons from other nations.”

    “When we needed weapons to fight insurgents in the North East, it was difficult, even with our own money. Why do we need to go outside to buy weapons? When we have able men and materials that can manufacture most of the military equipment that we need.”

    One will advice the minister to lead with a private sector led initiative and not try to rely solely on government and budgetary provisions, as this will only go so far. Implement policies that attract private investors, and be rest assured that regulated competition will provide the most possible bang for ones naira.


    PS: About the nascent Biafra movement; someone said, there’s no common vision holding Nigerians together; well, for now, Nigeria’s military is that binding and legitimate force, tasked with the unity and preservation of Nigerias territorial integrity; Oga’s nobody is going anywhere, but it will be fool-hardy to ignore the growing agitations; nipping the crisis in the bud is always preferable to war; responsible and reputable politicians in this region have categorically aligned themselves against this nascent Biafra group, they must continue to engage these youths and allay their fears about marginalization and most importantly provide jobs; noting that when thou imports tomato paste when thou has tomatoes, thou imports poverty; hence fanning the flames of the secession movement.

  15. doziex says:

    Oga PMB,

    Please Ignore all these distractions.

    All you have to do is fight corruption, AND RETURN OUR LOOTED MONEY.

    I mean all looted funds, down to the last kobo must be accounted for.

    This has to be done as quickly and as transparently as possible.

    For this is the only process that would serve as a catharsis for the millions of unemployed youths in Nigeria.

    With the current level of unemployment , any fool can incite bloodshed in Nigeria.

    The last administration, cancer or not, must account for , and return the stolen loot. Likewise, former military and civilian governments.

    Oga PMB, this is the agenda you ran on. So It is not up to you to pardon some, and prosecute some.
    All must be probed, and those found wanting must return their loot and be punished.

    Secondly, urgent attention MUST be paid to our security forces. I have said long ago on this blog, that Nigeria’s nation threatening difficulties would only multiply as time goes on.

    Our past leaders collectively invested in the growth of these problems, You must now at least invest in a security force capable of containing these problems.

    As for Kanu, if he incited violence, or secession, he should be tried for it.

    But the penalty must reflect the govt’s acknowledgement of the current climate of economic hardship, and the historical episodes of injustice the Ibo’s have suffered in several regions of our “one Nigeria”

    As for the crowd, let them emote, as long as the demonstrations ( void of threats ) remain peaceful.

  16. jimmy says:

    Spot on OGA DOZIEX
    We cried and shouted where are the WEAPONS?
    They are coming we are told
    How much will it costs?
    $1b but we will not disclose to you what we spent it on
    We know what you spent it
    the sums do not add up c, someone is stealing the money
    6X SU 25 AND 6x MI 35 do not costs $400m
    Where are the JF -17
    They are coming we are taking picture to prove to you MUMU people that we are serious
    infact we are going to buy 40 helicopters
    but you only bought two NAF260,NAF 261
    aha you can count.
    LT .COL Sambo your thieving days are over
    Soldiers in the Nigerian army/ navy and airforce are rejoicing
    It is expected that more people will be arrested.
    It is also expected that when Nigeria buys weapons, they will actually collect the weapons because they will pay for them.
    It is also expected that there will be no more P hoto sessions, they simply buy the helios and ship the dammn helios or Jets like OGA ZACHARY has said.

    • zachary999 says:

      Even the 2 Alpha jets, aircraft engines had to be sent from Nigeria to the US to ferry them back home ! What type of junk purchase is this ??

      • AOk says:

        @ Chief Zachary, are you saying they only bought the Alpha airframes with no engines? My goodness! How much did that scam cost us then.

  17. jimmy says:
    Un related it appears in addition to the Multi pronged invasion of Sambisa Forests there are ongoing very aggressive patrols.

    • Are James says:

      The invasion is most definitely on I’m Sambisa. Too many bombings in urban areas by Boko to be otherwise. Again the DSS is missing in action.

  18. Sir Kay says:

    We have no reason to buy weapons outside Nigeria – Onu

    “We export wood but we import tooth pick, we export crude oil and import petroleum products, we export cocoa but import chocolate, this can be very disturbing”.

    Isn’t that sad.

  19. Number one says:

    Who is behind Nnamdi Kanu ?,who are his sponsors ?.

    • rugged7 says:

      Have they found out those sponsoring boko haram yet??
      How about ombatse?
      Or fulani herdsmen?
      Or fuel scarcity?
      And what makes you feel the chap has a sponsor?
      The biafran issue has been on long b4 the chap and will be here long after the chap is dead.
      This biafra conundrum has it’s basis in injustice and inequity.
      Resolve that and the problem dies a natural death.

  20. zachary999 says:

    Oga Beegs, We need a tree to discuss this Dasuki procurement issue. We lost a lot of troops due to lack of equipment. He has provided some detail and we need to discuss and air our views.

    • rugged7 says:

      we are going back in time.
      Same old mistakes over and over again.
      THAT my friends, is the definition of foolishness

    • Breaks my heart to see this. the Military high command will no doubt deny or water this down. at the end of the day you are left wandering whether its mischievous journalism or military propaganda.there is a lot going on in the NE that we dont hear about. i ften dont know whether to believe the press or the military given the antecedents of both.
      deep inside me i hope this story is not true. they got thier hands on a T-72!!!!! supposedly later recoverd. the got thier hands on 60k rounds of AA? Jeez! where was the NAF?

      • Are James says:

        They are not denying it. It was Boko Haram’s day. I thinth we should not let up in Sambisa in spite of strategic distractions.

      • adickmish says:

        The same question i keep asking myself, Where is NAF. You can just send our Military to the field without air cover. it not done anywhere. Maybe there is no jet fuel. I lost my thought.

      • Deway says:

        Adetayo’s Blog, where was NAF you ask? 60,000 rounds of AA, a T72 MBT and a few artillery pieces means that battalion had enough resources to deal with the bokos without NAF. Question is: What happened?

  21. Henry says:

    Oga Beeg, we need a separate thread to discuss this weapons procurement debacle.

  22. Sir Kay says:

    And some loud mouth official said this group was pretty much done. Think again. I hope this isn’t true.
    Same excuse, not enough weapons, seriously? How much weapons did BH have to overpower you? How on earth could you lose a battle against these guys with over 60,000 rounds of ammo, trucks and a freaking tank? Lord. And that many number of troops?
    How many BH guys attacked?.
    Lots of holes in this and freaking annoying, not saying its easy, but still, damn
    Nigeria need to learn how propaganda works. And never declare victory when the battle isn’t yet won. stupid

    • Are James says:

      The airforce is missing both in terms of surveillance and quick reaction. I think we fell for a classic flanking maneuver with BH seemingly losing ground in Sambisa while they concentrate all forces towards an objective. It could also be a distraction to prevent / postpone the ongoing onslaught on Sambisa. Also I think half of BH soldiers (not suicide bombers) may actually be deployed in hiding within or near to dense civilian populations waiting for signals to launch mob attacks / sabotage on military installations

  23. Dario says:

    Just signing in to check whether the emperor is now naked.

    Not yet?

    Ok then.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Imagine that, 24 of these Su-35 for 2billion, and we can’t afford same? smh

    • Are James says:

      I had wanted to post this earlier, then got angry and did not. Russia would actually have taken $1bn for all then agreed to a phased payment of the remaining $1bn whilst providing technical support and training.

      • Like seriously. imagine we had taken the Billion dollar BH fund to Russia and been like we wanna buy stuff. we would hv gotten a lot. they literally told us “ask and you shall receive” at a point. but we chose top buy 2nd hand russian equipment from countries other than russia. I am not sure how arms deals work but i feel we could hve done far better than we did in the time that we had

  24. lachit says:

    i and abdulajeez were musing on something similiar (how to run/maintain/problems/solutions to a multi ethnic religious tribal etc country ) a few threads before and now this Biafra hotballs into prominence (kindof) .
    the solutions were also discussed which were simple and effective atleast according to me.
    talk about timing 😀 lolzzz

    • Are James says:

      Did I mention a drive with an Indian taxi driver from Kerala province in one of the Middke East countries a few weeks ago?. It started with pleasantries then I casually started commending India’s charismatic new leader. Well the drive became very “unsafe” from then on. In between trying to mouth derogatory expletives about Modi, controllibg the steering and keeping his anger fuelled speed of 100km/hour constant I had my heart in my mouth throughout the 40 minute drive. I see similarities between the charactervIndian leader and his Nigerian counterpart and the challenges they have to face.
      The point I am making is that leadership is the key. Mature , self sacrificing, integrity-infused leadership will weld together any disparate ideologies and religions no matter how violently exposed. Also the leaders are the ones who build and rebuild the institutions that countries need to provide balanced and fair conflict resolution that will last centuries.

    • lachit says:

      kerala OMG!!!
      it is home to increasing no of indias mullahs , isis suporters , degenerate religious nut jobs.
      just a few months back a fanatic had chopped a christian mans (a professor ) hands off because he had set a question paper which had 1 question related to the mohammed. and after that he was elected as a minister from the state, and when the court issued arrest warrent he absconded but a few days back he surrendered.
      most of people from kerala r employed in middle east countries where they r radicalized in a big way when they come back they start spreading hate terrorism isamic fundamentalism etc.
      women r most repressed in kerala almost like in afgan/iraq type inspite of 100% literacy.
      it is sad .
      in a country a significant no of people will always be dentrimental to the nations interest u cannot take all along with u. it is possible ony theoritically, not in real life.
      those have to side lined divided eliminted or subverted in any way possible using any means at any cost .

      next time u meet any indian behaving like the taxi driver please give him/her a very powerful blow at the back of the head at the occipital lobe region and then run away like hell 😀
      u will have my/indias eternal thanks for eliminting a potential terrorist or if not a degenerate religious nut job 😀
      plz do this ** humane service ** to ass hole fundamentalist indians residing in middle east only and spare those in other regions of the world 😀
      if u need any assistance on other methods to elimate them plz feel free to ask me it is my speciality 😀
      i will be very happy to help u 😀

    • Are James says:

      The commentary from the public in Punch is not looking good for Dasuki. Almost the same comments; A letter of acknowledgement of receipt is not actually inventorization of the Alpha jet aircraft, the prices are padded and 160, 000 naira for a uniform is exhorbitant. Even from his own letter this guy is guilty as hell. I think at least $2bn is missing.
      As for the NAF, i started getting suspicious when they started testing weaponised Pumas in public in Lagos. The systems themselves were too tame for a country like Nigeria to ba advertising. It was almost as if they wanted an auditable trail to show something to the public and cover up stuff.

    • rugged7 says:

      The Giant is bleeding from all sides, everybody is taking large bites out of Nigeria.
      I said it a long time ago, that Nigeria has to redouble efforts in arming itself.
      Now every tom dick and harry with an erection think they can screw us over…

    • Ola says:

      Well, Cameroon, a francophone did it and got away with it, why will Benin another francophone not try it? And with enough distraction inside Nigeria, isn’t it a good time for them?
      I do hope this is not true though, but if it is true, I hope NA will reply with lightening speed. Nigeria still has up to 80% of her soldiers not engaged in BH and Ilorin has a large base. 22 Armoured Brigade of Nigeria is based there right? There is also an airforce base there, I hope those guys will respond with lightening speed and overwhelming force to kick those invaders out. No negotiations at all anywhere and those arrested should be tried as POWs in military courts for coming to Nigeria to destabilise Nigerian citizens and hoist a foreign flag there. In my country, that is called an act of war and would not be tolerated!

  25. Ola says:

    On the main topic of this post, I still believe Nigeria needs to be diplomatic and transparent the way things are handled. No one should be above the law and it’s high time people inciting violence and unrest are made to face the wrath of the law. People like this Kalu, Dokubo, Arewa leaders, OPC leaders and those elements that have turned thuggery to popular trade in Nigeria should all be speedily investigate, arrested, made to make a first appearance in court within 24 hours of arrest and all fairly tried. When found guilty, they should get commensurate sentencing but no death sentence.
    On the issue of NA losing to BH again, it’s a very sad development. I thought things were changing already? Hopefully, this will not happen again. I wonder when NA will dot Sambisa with FOBs? Also, NAF needs to do some major work there. This is one of the reasons why I have been advocating for heavy fighters. If your airforce has fighters capable of large payloads, all you need do is pack them up with unguided bombs and rain them on areas where insurgents like BH operates. Alpha jet has a useful pay load of about 2 tons, Chengdu_J-7 is just a bit better with a useful payload of about 3.5 tons. How many sorties would these fly to make an effective impact against BH? Let us compare this to an SU-30 or SU-35 with useful payload of 8 tons. A significant parts of Sambisa forest where BH is most active should be carpet bombed. I suppose civilians are no longer in that area and BH vermins have probably killed all the animals for food. The vegetations will recover in times of peace. Decision makers need to think about all these things when doing procurement. Buy platforms that are enduring and rugged and can meet a variety of purposes. If you have 6 aircrafts that each has a pay load of 8 tons, that is 48 tons of armament haulage. It takes 24 alpha jets or 14 J-7 to match that!
    Secondly, Nigeria needs to look to countries with large arsenals and buy their nearly expiring bombs. These things are destroyed anyway if they are not sold or used. NAF needs to be able to keep up bombing pressure on BH and one cheap way is to buy bombs with short life span left. A bomb that will expire within a year will cost a fraction of a new one, meanwhile it is still very safe to fly and deliver. Win-win situation for Nigeria and the seller who avoids the cost of destroying those things. Nigeria needs to learn to throw everything into this war and for once puts an end to intense battles and move on to a point where internal security agencies like DSS and police would only be cleaning up and taking out terrorists cells while the FG focuses on rebuilding those areas.

    Here is Russia teaching some lessons we NAF and their decision makers can adapt and make use of

    • Are James says:

      Thank you ten times . All your suggestions are supported. I am thinking that only strong airforces and technology provide deterrent nowadays. You could argue that you eventually have to go in with ground troops but a few properly deployed suicide bombers can give inferior forces the edge so :-
      CAS aircraft with decent payload, standoff weapons that strike beyond landmines and buried ieds and as some people have suggested air to ground guided missiles.

      • lachit says:

        carpet bombing ?
        from what i gathered from this blog Sambisa forest covers a very area.

        carpet bombing is done where there are visible and large targets eg buildings infrastructure or large no of concentrated troops/vehicles.

        if this was the solution than dont u think NAF would have done it already?

        common sense tells that the BH is practising Guerrilla warfare.
        they r either well camofaulaged or they r hiding inside tunnels very mobile or operating in small teams etc impervious to strikes from NAF from above by dumb bombs (?) and rocket barrages.

        main funda:
        first get the military intelligence to determine what sort of tactics the BH r running then plan according to it and evolve adapt accordingly as the enemy will do the same.

        whats the point of carpet bombing if ur not sure of the cost effectiveness of it.
        it is a big advantage to the enemy if ur economic costs starts becoming unmanagable viv a vis its operational battlefield success.

        every aircraft comming back after each combat sorties goes through routine check/maintenance and spare replacement as deemed necessary .
        it cuts the operational tempo if u have limited no of strike aircrafts, so i dont think carpet bombing is the answer give the limited fixed winged platforms.

        better idea is for nigeria to ask for israeli help in the form of
        1.strap on guidance kits for its inventory of bumb bombs (low cost) a selection of earth penetrating guided bombs
        3.and inciderery based bombs (to burn down the foilage and deprive cover)
        4.including fuel air bombs. (to induce seconary damage to BH hiding inside tunnels via oxygen deprivation and high pressure blast waves)
        5.white phosphorus based bombs r also an advantage.(to bring/ suffocate BH out in to open from their hide outs)

        pull the 2 MPA aircrafts where ever they may be and task it to provide surviellance and target identification and battlefield damage assessment.
        get the CH 3 uav to provide closer surviellance and use it to provide additional fringe surviellance of priority targets.

        priority targets can be laser tagged by SF teams for 100% destruction from air by laser guided bombs.
        the SF teams can be positioned for closer realtime batllefield assement and hot wired to call in additional strikes if necessary to ensure complete destruction.
        escaping troops can also be engaged.

        i believe NAF missed a trick by not having guided bombs in its inventories (or does it have ?)

        let me tell u something bombs nearing their shelve lives fail to explode many times due to malfunctioning old fuzes , propellent leakage over time , explosive grains degradation due to old age etc.

        best idea invest in guided munitions .
        and the best bet is israel

        nigerian j-7 carries laser designation pods?
        if not then also it is possible using gps etc(ask the indian instructors at NDA) or ground lasing teams.
        i believe the israelis might be able to retrofit a laser targetting pod into the alphas which will light up the targets while the strike package will be carried by the j-7s


      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, I do admire the way you dream ideas and I do appreciate it that sometimes you make sense. But then, I’m a tard uncomfortable with you saying “common sense tells that the BH is practising Guerrilla warfare” Yes, I do know this, even an idiot knows BH are guerillas so I considered it before I posted my comment. When I talk I usually draw form my military experience as much as possible. I don’t know it all, but I have some experience to rely on when I talk and I appreciate it when that is considered in responses to me too.
        “carpet bombing is done where there are visible and large targets” I suppose you wrote a textbook on this already, right?
        Going back to the mode of operation of BH, haven’t you seen videos, aerial videos shot by NAF themselves showing BH fleeing? Or haven’t you seen many videos of BH where they flock? Or have you provided enough assets for NAF to be able to effectively carpet bomb BH and they turned it down? What is the most ideal way to deal with a bunch of renegades scattered about in an area?
        Yes, I do know the problems associated with explossive ordinances nearing the end of their shelf life. Whether new or old, only a fool would load ordinances to be directly used without a pre-check, that is why you have ground crew/aircraft men and loadmasters supporting the operations. The integrity of an ordinance depending on several factors from manufacturing process to transportation and storage condition, not just age. You might have heard about the USS Forrestal fire disaster from old, poorly stored bombs (fat boys). I do expect that NA officials are not that foolish to go buy ordinances that are nearing the end of their shelve lives and just bring them all home without checking their integrity first.
        In my opinion, this war could be fought cheaply by using smart, expensive ordinance only when needed. Otherwise, dumb bombs and rockets should be used as much as possible by NAF to soften BH targets before troops would move in to clean them up properly. Every military does it and I believe NAF is doing the same too, just that the intensity seems to be low, I may be wrong. I can tell you that several of the air strikes you would here that ISAF forces called in Afghanistan involved dumb bombs, smart, expensive, guided munitions are more surgical strikes in delicate operations requiring high precision.

      • lachit says:

        thank u for clearing it up.
        my response was under are james comment not under ur comment.
        i was trying to reply to him
        also i never went into details in the above posting

        i have not replied to any postings of urs in a long long long time.
        reason being practical experience always/will takes precidence over my theoritical dreams
        i too know that 😀
        i will stay out of ur way anyways
        plz ignore the cross posting from me
        sorry for wasting ur time

      • Ola says:

        Hi Lachit, I am absolutely fine with engaging with you. I do enjoy our banter actually and I am not warning you off my post. Personally, I believe I have limited knowledge on military tactics, focusing only on my expertise and experiences. When it comes to Nigeria, I know mainly what I read from our defence magazines, beegeagle’s posts and responses of fellow bloggers here. I do appreciate opposition and I enjoy when we can criticise one another’s ideas but I desire that we also talk with one another with mutual respect. There should be divergence of opinions and views, this has enriched the discussions on this blog a lot and we must keep doing it, opposing and arguing ideas albeit nicely to one another. By the way, I miss the weapons system drawings you used to post here back then, when are you bringing us some new designs again?

    • mmekaa says:

      thermobaric bombs dropping on sambisa forest would make a whole lot of i read the article on Russias bombing of isis all i could do was close my eyes and dream of what it would be like Nigeria had a quater of this kind of airpower and resolve to use it.

  26. Are James says:

    Buratai has denied that soldiers are missing. Things will get clearer soon.

  27. trigger says:

    This is hilarious…

    Tension in Kwara over Invasion of 16 Villages by Benin Republic
    Palpable tension has enveloped the border town of Okuta in Baruten
    Local Government Area of Kwara State over the alleged invasion of 16
    villages by the authorities of Benin Republic.
    Already, the authorities of the neighbouring country have gone ahead
    to construct Gerdarmes Office (Police station) in the affected Nigerian
    communities and also hoist their national flag at the affected Nigeria
    The development, according to THISDAY investigations, has
    disregarded the boundary delimitation of 1914 between Britain and
    France which the two countries had respected.
    The affected Nigerian villages, according to THISDAY checks, include
    Ogomne, Bwin, Gandasunon, Kpuru and Woru Wuren Kparu.
    Others are Ajuba,1, Ajuba 2, Saka Yeruman Kparu,Monta, Dotin
    Kparu,Halidun Kparu, Yakubun Kparu, Sonsi,Gunosani, Alhaji
    Kparu,Yodo Mankparu and Simen Kparu.
    It was learnt that the development has also led the Okuta Emirate
    Council to order the people of Yakparu axis to dismantle of the
    Beninoire flag hoisted at Nigerian villages and the flag is currently at
    the custody of the emirate council in the town.

    • Are James says:

      We will send MPOOL 19 to secure the villages or something . This is just a little distraction.

    • Capt Tobias says:

      This is far from hilarious, but very worrisome, the Benin are not stupid nor do they lack knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative figure and rating of the Nigerian Military, funny Chad pulls of it’s border area as agreed in the MNJTF, Niger and Cameroon are minding there own regions. (The big Picture, who is behind this ? )
      First Nigeria has to get it’s act together, first politically from issues like Biafra, etc and the outcomes of the complains from the National Conference, No matter the amount of military cohesion, A divided nation would not survive, Nigeria is a federation and should revert to being a true federal system with little tweaking and adjustment for comfort in regards to the revenue sharing to reflect fairness to all. We need to recognize we have a problem and fix it NOW

  28. drag_on says:

    Moral of Nigeria’s current problems. You can’t run a poorly structured country under democratic conditions.This is the first time since the very brief Shagari era that we are practising democracy under the unitary system of government created by the military(this system, naturally, fits the military structure).
    Nigeria was born by our forefathers as a Federal system.Their wisdom is plain to see.This system recognises differences and suggests all should be free to hold unto their destinies while negotiating a future together.That the military operated a unitary system does not mean democracy should,but we all know the reason for the status-quo don’t we? Yes,oil.The accursed oil. Perversely,no governor of a federated state wants to be federated because he would lose his monthly oil allocation.Better Nigeria goes to the dogs than to lose that.
    If we want a more accountable leadership at the centre,if we want an end to agitations,if we wanted a stronger more prosperous nation then we should return to a federal system of Government as was intended by our forbearer’s.
    Even if it has to be a time and region staggered process once a people know that they themselves are responsible for their situation and hold the solution in their hands then our nation will be pacified internally,and we can face our external aggressors.

    My 2kobo.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you for not going into abstractions about injustices and all that kind of talj.
      so to some issues relevant to the restructuring;

      -we don’t have good, sound and natural federation units so maybe we have to go back to regions. my state Osun State is not viable for instance.

      -if you dare tell people about going back to the old regional federation units now, you start about 60 small civil wars within the country. Nigerians are just stupidly wicked that way

      -there is no money for restructuring. administrative costs will be astronomical. in the twenties of trillions . we could still go agead and do it but we will starve to death.

      – the only way out is to set federalism as a goal with a target date. we need the national assembly to do their jobs . take the report of all national conferences including Jonathan’s suspiciously intended one and bring out 20 bullet points for us to vote about what kind of Federation we would like in a referendum . we should also vote on the start off dates that things will kick off. I think 2023 is a good enough date.

      -in the intervening time, the security services should be equipped to enfonce strict anti politicking laws that will be passed by the national assembly .

      – most current members of the political class should be banned from taking active roles even within their regions.

  29. Capt Tobias says:

    This is far from hilarious, but very worrisome, the Kwara invason., Benin are not stupid nor do they lack knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative figure and rating of the Nigerian Military, funny Chad pulls of it’s border area as agreed in the MNJTF, Niger and Cameroon are minding there own regions. (The big Picture, who is behind this ? )
    First Nigeria has to get it’s act together, first politically from issues like Biafra, etc and the outcomes of the complains from the National Conference, No matter the amount of military cohesion, A divided nation would not survive, Nigeria is a federation and should revert to being a true federal system with little tweaking and adjustment for comfort in regards to the revenue sharing to reflect fairness to all. We need to recognize we have a problem and fix it NOW

    • Are James says:

      Benin republic? . They have 20 WWII Russian tanks, 10 new MRAPs, Zero combat jets in an Airforce that flies civil aircraft. An army of less than 10000men.
      I think they should be allowed to take the villages .

  30. Utumex says:

    The Nigerian Air Force, NAF, on Thursday said the air component operation of “Operation Lafiya Dole” hit a “mass gathering” of Boko Haram terrorists at Wulge area of Borno State.

    The air component commander of the theatre operation, “Operation Lafiya Dole”, Isiaka Amao, said this while briefing journalists in Maiduguri on Thursday.

    “The air component struck a mass gathering of Boko Haram terrorists and their leaders at Wulge.

    “Report received after the strike was that it was a huge success as many terrorists were killed,” Mr. Amao said.

    He said NAF also sighted and neutralised terrorists’ vehicles in Kunshe town.

    The commander also said NAF destroyed Boko Haram’s logistics, vehicle workshop and a weapon storage facility after successful interdiction missions on their Sambisa forest hideout.

    Mr. Amao, an air commodore, said NAF also destroyed a bomb-making factory in the forest.

    “The air component has continued to intensify its air effort in support of the ground troops. In October, over 40 interdiction missions with over 80 per cent success were carried out.

    “Just to mention a few, we have in the month degraded the terrorists’ logistics in the Sambisa forest,” he said.

    Mr. Amao said the air force also destroyed two suspected terrorists’ camps in the forest.

    “The continued air strikes have significantly degraded the capabilities of the terrorists.

    “Likewise, two terrorist hideouts in Sambisa were destroyed,” he said.

    Mr. Amao, however, announced that NAF lost one of its pilots, Ebitimi Owei, during the month.

    “On a sad note, we lost a colleague, Flight Lt. Ebitimi Owei and a platform during one of the missions. May his gentle soul rest in peace,” he said.

    Mr. Amao said the death of Mr. Owei would not affect the morale of officers engaged in the operation.

    He said NAF also intercepted and destroyed a boat carrying fuel to the terrorists along Nigeria-Cameroon border.

    “Other armed missions were carried out in Geidam, Gamboru, Ngala, Mafa, Kirenowa and Banki towns, among others.

    “These missions were aimed at identifying and destroying opportunity targets and denying terrorists freedom of action,” the commander said.

  31. abduleez says:

    LOL…Benin republic invading Nigeria…hmm, if I were d President I would direct NAF to kindly help enlighten them more about border de-alienation: 10 bombs each on Benin, Chad and Cameroonian invaders who willfully strays into our borders. Seems some bitches ain’t know their places.
    Not as if we even have the equipments sef!!!

    My 2 kobo

  32. Augustine says:

    Nigeria should stop complaining about Chad dumping us on MJNTF, I have said it, go fence or trench your Nigerian borders along that hotbed of foreign invasion by Chadian rebels, Maitatsine insurgents, Sharia law riot invaders, Boko Haram terrorists, from 1960s to 2015 same problems from same border axis, yet we won’t build a fence or dig trenches on all motor navigable roads making up illegal entry routes for enemies and heavy weapons from 1960s till today.

    We just enjoy the art of complaining rather than solving our national problems.

    Trench and trap Boko Haram here, attack them they cannot escape across borders, trench and prevent the influx of vehicles carrying heavy guns and logistic supplies and cripple them with lack of heavy firepower AAA guns and supply of fuel, food, water, ammunition.

    Keep building Abuja with marble and glass houses, then leave your borders unprotected….keep complaining till eternity.

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